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 Kitsune the Fox Spirit

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Foot Clan

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PostSubject: Kitsune the Fox Spirit   Sun Dec 07, 2014 2:43 am

Name: Kitsune

Age: Immortal

Occupation: Mystic/Advisor

Playby: Saori Hara

Appearance: Very much like the creature of legend she appears as a large, nine tailed fox. It is rare for these supernatural creatures to approach an immortal and when they do there is an aura of mysticism and power. She shapeshifts into the form of a beautiful young woman with long, dark hair that reaches at her waist, narrow cheekbones and almond shaped, brown eyes. Draped in long,
Japanese robes that reach below her ankles. Her demeanor is usually serene, even innocent, but one shouldn't be fooled by outward appearanc

Personality: Do not be fooled by her benevolent appearance. The kitsune are regarded as tricksters. In ancient feudal era Japan they were well known to make fools of the proud and foolish.  Kitsune fits the role like a glove. She uses her knowledge of magic and the dark arts to manipulate others as well as events. Despite her appearance, there is wisdom in her words as well her  actions. In her eyes, she doesn't consider herself to be a master of manipulation. The humans are a crude species who are so proud and arrogant, that they cannot see what is in front of their noses. It is their own fault that they fall for her tricks.

Depending on whom they are close too, the kitsune can be passionate lovers. Kitsune is all of this. Seductive, charming, and mysterious. Many suitors were captivated by her beauty, drawn to her aura of power. Sadly relationships don't last long when you are an immortal. Her most recent suitor is Oroku Saki, a wannabe conquerer. Many times she tried to soothe his anger through words of wisdom as well as patience. She had become his tutor in the mystic arts. Most of her knowledge is said to be forbidden. Kitsunes rarely share their knowledge unless it is something they call  out too.

Haughtyness aside, it is not wise to provoke the fox spirit. To do so would cause unfortunate things to happen to them.


The Kitsune are immortal. No one knows how long Kitsune has been around other then she has been observing the Foot Clan for eons, going back as far as Feudal Era Japan. One boy caught her eye. He recently lost his brother to a man named Hamato Yoshi. His name is Oroku Saki. For many years she watched this boy's anger grow until it completely consumed him. In need of guidance, Kitsune
appeared before Oroku Saki one night. She understood his goals completely. In exchange for immortality she would help guide him.

The mythical kitsune had been known to being curious. One night she accidently stumbled across a ceremony that teaches the dark arts. Fascinated as well as curious, Kitsune begin to study the forbidden art of magic. She never understood why it was locked away or labeled dangerous and dark. Humans were such strange creatures. She gained a vast knowledge of the magic arts within decades after discovering it, but is reluctant to share the knowledge other then her pupil, Oroku Saki.

Karai left Japan to help attend to her father, leaving no one to run the Japanese branch. Oroku Saki appointed the role of leadership to Kitsune. For awhile the Foot clan disagreed with this. Many were wary of Saki's decision to allow Kitsune leadership. They didn't want to face the wrath of both Kitsune and Oroku Saki, so they agreed to let Kitsune take control over the Foot Clan, for now. Some of the members were also starting to question Saki's sanity. Most members of the Foot were convinced that he isn't mentally stable enough to lead the clan.

Although she and Saki are overseas, Kitsune could sense trouble brewing in New York City. Little does she know that she has a rival in a young woman who also desires for power. Kitsune would not let a little girl or mutant turtles stand in her way between herself and her master's goals.


Kitsune is not a martial artist. Instead she uses magic to outsmart her opponents. Depending on the spell, they can be defense or offense. She has a plethora of spells, many of them would be considered 'forbidden' by mortals. Raising the dead, healing, immortality, mind control, summonings, transformation, regeneration. Knowledge of historical events as well as herbs, spices. She doesn't see herself as a prophet but can look into the future if she wanted and change around it if she so desires. As a fox her hearing is keen and sensitive.


*Japanese Tradition

*Traditional Music

*Cherry Blossom Perfume

*Respect and Loyalty




*Those who stand in the way between herself and her master


*Falling for her own trap

*Disrespect and Disloyalty

Sample Post:

A breeze brushed lightly against the leaves. Night has fallen. Everything is quiet. There is no point turning this way. Samurai had been known to cross this path. Usually they will turn their heads to catch a glimpse of something brushing against the plants only to discover nothing there. They will blink twice and continue walking along. Some would believe it is an animal. But Kitsune is no ordinary animal. For awhile she had been watching the samurai walk past this path and not once had they noticed her. It is amazing how humans can turn a blind eye away from the obvious. Not Oroku Saki, the boy she had kept her eye on. No, this boy is sharp. He had been aware of her prescense for quite some time.

The fox spirit had been observing the Foot Clan for years. Not one had captured her interest until she overheard bits and pieces of a conversation involving the Oroku family. She had been watching this family closely and can sense alot of potential in Oroku Nagi. In blind rage he had killed his rival's wife...and he too, lost his life to his rival. Kitsune shook her head. Foolish boy. The  younger son, Oroku Saki, vowed vengeance. While she could sympathize with the boy, Kitsune grew concern, every day, that he is going to become exactly like his brother. This boy needed proper guidance. Revenge maybe petty, but there is other ways to obtain it without having to loose your life to it. Oroku Saki had such unlimited potential and yet he is going about it the wrong way.

She decided she will take this boy under her wing. Often she would reveal herself to the boy. Impressively, he had managed to spot her at the corner of his eye. He knew something was there. Unlike the samurai they didn't turn a blind eye.

"Young one...your lesson has only begun."And with those words, she kept a close watch over the young Oroku Saki until the day he became a man. She approached him in her true form for the first time. That event is forever secured in her memory. Nothing will come between them now. And nothing will stand in the way of their goals.

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PostSubject: Re: Kitsune the Fox Spirit   Sun Dec 07, 2014 10:42 pm

Hey, M! This profile looks good to go! The only thing I have doubts on is the history you've given her, it seems to be just set in one specific plane of her following Saki around since childhood. Not a huge problem, it's interesting for sure, but it just seems to lack something. Like, more background about her instead of Saki. But given that her character is limited when it comes to info I can let this slide for now. Maybe add in stuff as you go or the site progresses to flesh it out more.

Outside of that, I have no real problems with this app. Approved! Very Happy
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Kitsune the Fox Spirit
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