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 Ezekiel Blat

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Ezekiel Blat
Purple Dragons

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PostSubject: Ezekiel Blat   Sat Dec 20, 2014 4:06 am

Name: Ezekiel Blat
Nickname: Eze, Zekie
Age: 29
Job: Gang leader
Tan skin, dark curly hair. Ezekiel is tony but not overly so. He wears loose fitting cloths. Usually in a tank top and a pair of jeans. If he's on a business venture he's dressed in a suit and tie though he hates wearing ties, he feels like he's being strangled.
Eze is hard headed, and devoted to his gang, the purple dragons. He is pretty easy going until it comes to business. He's leery of other people and only has a few friends in his life. Though not too quick to anger, Eze does have a temper on him that shows in moments of stress. He's not a very giving person and can be judgmental.
His gang is his family. He has his brother Gabriel, Lexi, Tiphanny. But he also has his little girl, Isabelle and an older woman named who is just called Mama that helps take care of her.

History...((Players note: This was not originally my OC. So history personality, and other things may differ. I hope that I do him justice))

Ezekiel grow up as an only child to a single mother. He never knew his father and really never cared. His mother worked hard to provide for him, though her career was less then desirable. On most night's she danced and Ezekiel would play with his toys at the back of the club with the other dancers. He had fun as a child, with the ladies giving in to his every whim. There were other nights, lots of nights, that he stood with a woman named Ethel. She wasn't the best choice to be babysitting, always leaving drugs around the house and bringing in men. But he knew not to ask questions and kept to himself. When something went wrong though Ethel took it out on him physically. He never told his mother and she never seemed to noticed the marks that was left behind on him. When Ezekiel was five Ethel gave birth to a baby girl named Mikko and he wasn't allowed at her house anymore.

Without a babysitter, and his mother always away, working or home getting her fix of what ever drug she was using at the time, Eze was left to occupy himself. Mostly he would watch TV. That was when they had one. Things had started to go missing due to his mother pawning everything they owned. So he ventured outside. At a young age he would walk down the streets into the city. He took money from his mother and found a corner shop that would sell him candy. No ever questioned why such a young child was out wondering the city by himself.

When he was twelve, His mother over dosed and passed away. Knowing that meant he would be put in the system, Ezekiel grabbed all the money he could find and ran away, his plan was to find work and save money and by a nice big house then settle down with a puppy. He had big dreams, sadly none of them would come true.

At the age of fifteen Ezekiel was introduced to the purple dragon gang. They offered him work and shelter. And if he didn't join they would have killed him. Not having too many options he agreed and took the oath to join the gang. It was also around this time he met, Mama. An older woman who took him in and cared for him.

Things went fine for a few years, nothing to eventful. He did earn money and was able to get a car and even take some night classes at a local university.

At nineteen he met a woman named Sally. To say it was love at first sight would be a lie. He was interested but she didn't seem to insterested in  him. But he persisted and finally got the girl of his dreams. They were together year in a half, within that time they had a little girl named Isabelle. unfortunately his happy romance wouldn't last. Sally was shot down by the rival gang, the turks. She passed away leaving him to care for his daughter alone.

Him and his child stayed living with Mama in her basement. He worked even harder in the gang to make more money to provide for his child.

Then at the age of twenty one Ezekiel cam across a scuffle. Two turks beating on some poor kid. He stepped in and probably saved the kid's life. His name was Gabriel , Eze bought him back to his home and Mama was quick to take in the boy. The two boys became inseparable, and against Ezekiel's advice, Gabriel joined the purple Dragons.

Ezekiel moved up in the gang and soon became Hun's right hand man. Though he himself lived a dangerous life, he was more worried for his blood brother, Gabriel. Gabe was prone to over do the drugs and booze and even sex. He was worried his best friend would get hurt, sick, or worse.


Through Gabe, Ezekiel met Lexi, Gabe's girlfriend who managed to, at lest a little, settle Gabe down. For a time anyway though it didn't last. And Tiphanny, the rock singer that obviously had the hots for Gabe even if Gabe himself didn't see it. They ended up become an unlikey team and would often be set out on jobs together. When The dragons struck a deal with the Foot, they had two more to their group, Two foot ninja, Lazarus and Mikko. little did he know Mikko's mother was the same woman who abused him when he was young. The foot were there to make sure they didn't get into too much trouble. It was annoying having a babysitter but also he felt an amount of safety knowing they were there.

*Gabe (and all of his little family)
*Hentai (the freaky kind)
*clear skies
*small puppies

*The turks
*drug dealers who sell to children
*any food that is green
*His crappy car
*Having little to no control over his life


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Ezekiel Blat
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