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 Aaliyah "Ally" Black

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Ally Black
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PostSubject: Aaliyah "Ally" Black   Tue Dec 30, 2014 2:59 am

Name: Aaliyah (Ally) Black
Nicknames: Ally (Pronounced Alley') Alley Cat, Shorty.
Age: 18
Relationship Status: Single.
Affiliates: The Turks (Not a member, but brother is in gang. Guilty by association.)

:::~Physical Appearance~:::

Standing at 5'4" and weighing around 115 lbs soaking wet,  Ally is what most would consider a 'shorty', hence the nickname, but dynamite often comes in small packages. She is Caucasian  with blonde hair that is usually braided, pulled into pig tails, dread locked or streaked with some outrageous color. Her skin is a natural tone for her race. She has big blue eyes that can go from innocent to devious with the drop of a hat. Her ears are hosts to numerous piercings, as well as other places on her body. Her right eyebrow, nostril, navel and tongue are all pierced. She has no tattoos to date, but that is something that will surely change.

Ally is a firm believer in showing skin. The more, the better. Short skirts, short shorts and revealing shirts are among her favorite attire, and knee high boots look great with anything. Heels and pumps are also favorites. Jogging pants are only okay for lounging around in the privacy of wherever she is calling home at any given moment.. but even then she would prefer not to have the restrictions of concealing clothes. She was blessed with an attractive body and feels it is a shame to cover it.


Witty and often sarcastic, Ally has a strong personality and will that some may be intimidated by. She a free spirit in every sense of the word, which makes it difficult for her to be tied in one place, or to one person. She lives life in the fast lane, not really caring about the dangers that her choices bring. You only live once, so she's determined to live life to the fullest and not let anything, or anyone hold her back. The young woman is often careless and takes foolish risks, but this is not a result of her level of intelligence. She's actually very smart, just doesn't always make the best, or the most healthy decisions.

Ally has a very high sex drive, and is often driven by her lust, and need for physical satisfaction.  A recipe for disaster. She has difficulty committing to anyone, partly a result of her unstable upbringing and the allegations that circled her, even at a young age.

While she may seem quick to shrug things off, Ally is prone to depression and this is often at its worse when left to her own devices. Because of this, she chooses to be around people and can seem clingy and often desperate. She is loyal to those that have stuck it out long enough to become close, but unfortunately those people are few and far between. Most people have trouble committing to a friendship with her because of her wild-child ways.


Being the project of a broken home and an unloving mother, Ally learned early on that she could only depend on herself. Her mother was unhappy during the early years of her marriage. Her unfaithfulness led to an unwanted pregnancy that shredded any hopes of saving her already troubled marriage. Not long after Ally's birth, her mother separated from her husband, and then began the series of brief relationships that the 'bastard-child'  was exposed to.

Ally's mother often left the little girl home alone while she worked and went out to party at bars. Whenever her mother was around, she was usually too pilled up or drunk to take care of her daughter, depriving her of the teachings that would mold her into a more stable young woman. As she grew older, Ally looked forward to the rare occasions when she got to spend time with her biological father, stepmother, and half-brother. She always cried when her short visits were over, knowing the neglect that she would be going back into

At the age of 11, The sexual abuse began at the hands of her mother's boyfriends, but she kept quiet about it, knowing that she would get the blame due to her abuser's success in making her believe it was her fault. Things got out of control when one of her abusers spread lies on Ally, telling her mother that the girl had seduced him. She was 14 at the time. Her mother attacked her, drawing a knife with the intentions of killing her, but Ally got away.

Not wanting to jeopardize her father's marriage by turning to him, Ally tried to survive on her own, but it was difficult, given her young age. When things looked completely hopeless, help came in the unlikely form of her half-brother.

During their childhood, Timothy treated her in the usual big brotherly sense. He would decapitate her dolls and dismember them, and do other boyish things to annoy her. But underneath that tough exterior, he had a soft spot for the girl. His protectiveness really came out when she was tossed onto the streets, and had nowhere else to go. Timothy was 18 when his sister was thrown out like a piece of trash. He took her in, allowing her to stay at his apartment. The two hardly saw each other due to Tim's involvement with his gang, The Turks.

Soon after Ally turned 18, Tim, also known as 'Spike' was sent to prison for murdering several women. This devastated Ally and sent her into a deep depression.  Being the only family that had anything to do with her, the young woman felt as if her whole world had been turned upside down. To this day, she believes her brother is innocent and continues to try and find proof, even though all of the evidence proves that he committed the crimes. Denial at its finest.

Without her brother around to keep up his rent, Ally was evicted and once again found herself on the streets. Finding a job is difficult for her since she was forced to drop out of school. She hopes that after she turns 21, she can become a stripper and earn a decent income. For now, she struggles to put a roof over her head and often has to depend on men to give her a place to stay. Of course, they always want something in return.

After being raped by a group of thugs, Ally sought Gabriel out for comfort. Despite the bad blood between The Purple Dragon member and her brother, Ally has had a crush on him ever since she met him at the age of fourteen. She has made several attempts to hook up with him, but despite Juvanni's promiscuous ways, he seems uninterested. The thug uses the excuse that she is too young for him and that he respects their friendship, but Ally feels that it has something to do with the fact that she is the sister of his enemy.


*Hot boys and wild sex
*Gabriel Juvanni
* Kittens
*Mary Jane
* knee high boots and short skirts
*The Turks
* The Purple Dragons
*Fifty Shades of Gray
* Large mutated Turtles
* Rap music


*  Preps and stuck-ups
* Hang-overs
* Her mother
* Disney princesses (besides Elsa.. because home-girl proved that you don't need no man to save you)
* Prison's visiting hours
* the ending of LOST
* Brain freeze

:::~Sample Post~:::

October 25th, 2013

One year ago...

She knew that she shouldn't be here. Just stepping inside the front door could cause an all out gang war, but tonight, Ally Black had no choice. Her brother, who was an active member of the Turks, was locked away downtown for indecent exposure yet again, and unfortunately his apartment was locked up as securely as his cell. There was no place to stay, and after getting beaten by her current boyfriend, Ally needed comfort. That led her to Gabriel's place. She was well aware that Gabe was a Purple Dragon, and an enemy of her brother, but the thug had always been nice to her. He had given her a place to crash on several occasions, and tonight would be no different.

Still, being here was torture for the young blonde. Not because Gabriel was an enemy of her brother, but because she had a debilitating crush on the curly-haired thug. Those luscious lips and toned arms made her weak, and the fact that he was so giving. It didn't matter that the boy had a reputation of being a man-whore. Those girls knew what they were getting into. Still, Ally thought that she could be the one to make a difference. They were cut from the same mold, after all. And tonight, she would find out just how true that was.

The teenager was curled up on the couch, dressed in one of Gabe's oversized t-shirts, because her own clothes were stained with blood and grime. She adorned the bruises of her assault, and fresh tears streaked her cheeks, even though she was trying her best to keep her emotions quiet. The room was dark, save for the glow emitting from the television. She had wanted Gabriel to stay up and indulge in a movie marathon with her, needing the company even though she didn't want to trouble him with her problems.  Unfortunately there was no controlling the tears.

Gabriel was sitting close, but still gave the girl her space. He knew that she was hurting, even though she was trying her best to muffle the sobs. One thing Gabe couldn't stand was to see a girl cry. Maybe that's why he never stuck around to see the aftermath of his one night stands, and that was also why he was careful to make sure that he was always on the same page as his 'partners'.

The curly-haired thug reached over and placed a reassuring hand on Ally's bare leg, giving it a gentle squeeze. The young blonde took this as an invite and pushed herself up, relocating close to the man. She snuggled against his side, resting her head against his bare chest. The sound of his beating heart lulled her. It was soothing.

Gabe wrapped an arm around her, the movie no longer holding his attention. He was worried about his friend, but his earlier advice for her to go to the hospital had fallen on deaf ears. Maybe one more try....

"Babe, I really think you should go to the hospital. Make sure nothin's broken. They can give you somethin' for the pain..." He advised, but knew it would do little good.  

Ally sniffled, faintly shaking her head before she looked up at him, meeting his gaze. "I've spent too much time in hospitals. Besides, they won't help me. They'll only make it worse. I don't want to talk to the cops." She wiped at her tears. "This is just life for people like me. I just have to deal with it. And.. hospitals scare me.."

"Because you've spent so much time in 'em?" Gabriel asked softly, receiving a weak nod in response.

"I pretty much spent my childhood at Children's.." Gabriel admitted. It was something that only Ezekiel and Lexi knew about him, because it was personal. But Ally needed to know that she wasn't alone. His early abuse was why the thug now had an overwhelming phobia of hospitals.

"Because of your parents?" Ally asked, curious about Gabriel's past. The thug was so secretive about everything.

Gabriel responded with a nod, gently rubbing her shoulder in a soothing manner. It was something that he never liked talking about, but she needed to know that she wasn't alone. "My..'dad' mostly. My mom just let it happen." He told her.  "He would come home late at night, drunk as fuck. I'd be sleepin', but he'd come in my room and yank me outta bed to have a punchin' bag. But sometimes... it wouldn't end there.." The thug trailed off. The sexual abuse was something that made him uncomfortable to talk about, and already he had said too much. Ally had picked up on that.

"He.. raped you?" She asked, but instantly regretted it. She could see the sadness in his features as the memories tormented him. Her arms wrapped around him in a tight hug when he responded with a faint nod. He had gone through something that no child should ever have to go through. Just like her. No father should ever do that to their child. But it had happened to both of them.

It explained a lot about Gabriel. Why he was so distant when it came to relationships, and why being called a 'faggot' got under his skin. It was her brother's favorite nickname for him, not that Spike had any way of knowing  of Gabriel's past.

"We're fighting the same demons, Gabe. But...that just means we're not alone in this..."
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Aaliyah "Ally" Black
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