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 Mizune's Musings (Journal)

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Mizune Junko
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PostSubject: Mizune's Musings (Journal)   Mon Feb 16, 2015 12:44 am

October 29, 2014

I don't see the point of having one of these things. Never would've imagined that I needed one. But I heard its healthy to vent your emotions rather then keep them bottled up. Here goes nothing.

It worked...I can't believe my scheme actually worked! Bradford and I managed to drag him all the way to the Tower. Shredder was not pleased that we didn't tell him about the plan sooner, but was willing to overlook it, for the time being. If this plan didn't work then I'm out of the Tower, for good. My job was riding on this and to my great shock, here comes Mikko, ready to rescue her man. Ugh, just the thought of it makes me physically ill.

Gabriel's torture was completely brutal. I seem to have been the only person who looked away. This is their idea of entertainment? How can they stand to watch this? Even worse, they were enjoying it. Then Mikko came in, guns blazing, but those damned bullets left a hole in Bradford's chest. I will never forgive her for this. Yes, I know, its unusual for me to feel this way about anybody. I never was the kind of person who breaks down. Its been awhile since I last cried.

After the whole fiasco was over, I dragged Bradford to the infirmary. Shredder was completely livid. He took everything out on him, which didn't seem fair. This whole thing was my idea after all. I was planning to visit Bradford since no one seem to have a give a damn. To make matters worse, some woman named Kitsune arrived. The way Shredder looked at was the same look I want him to give me! Rumor has it that Kitsune is also a witch and completely under Saki's spell. That explains a lot. Heh, somebody should grab a bucket and mop, he left his drool all over the carpet.

Another rumor I heard is Saki's dilapidating mental health. Is that the reason why Kitsune is here? Hmm...this is something I can look into. And maybe even use to my advantage.
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Mizune's Musings (Journal)
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