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 Player Directory

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PostSubject: Player Directory    Mon Feb 23, 2015 12:34 pm

Who's Who
(Player Directory)

Note:: I will try to update this as profiles are approved. However, if your name and character has not been added within three days of your profile's approval, please leave a post here with your forum name, name of your character(s) and I will add you ASAP!  


* Michelangelo Hamato (Canon/ 16/ M)
* April O'Neil (Canon /23/ F)
* Erica Martins (Original/16/ F)
* Leatherhead (Canon/ 20 /M)


* Melissa Andreas (Original/14/F)


* Donatello Hamato (Canon/16/M)


* Leonardo Hamato (Canon/18/ M)
* Casey Jones (Canon/ 22/ M)
* Hunter Mason (Canon/ 31/ M)
* Baxter Stockman (Canon/ 42/ M)
* Rocksteady (Canon/ 30 / M ::Pending::)
* Mikko Mckinnon (Original/25/F)
* Lazarus King (Original/31/M)
* Ezekiel Blat (Original/29/M)
* Loventrice Dixon (Original/28/F)
* Tipphany Johnson (Original/32/F)


* Master Splinter (Canon/ 44/ M)


* Raphael Hamato (Canon/ 17/ M)
* Oroku Karai (Canon/ 17/ F)
* Gabriel Juvanni (Original/ 22/ M)
* Lexi Davis (Original/ 21/ F)
* Ally Black (Original/ 17/ F)


* Shaya Gallant (Original/ 23/ F)

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Player Directory
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