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 Lexi Davis

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Lexi Davis
Purple Dragons

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PostSubject: Lexi Davis   Mon Sep 01, 2014 10:57 pm

Name: Alexis Davis
Nicknames: Lexi.  She hates to be called Alexis. Also called 'Sexy Lexi' by the Purple Dragons, and Lex.
Age: 21

Relationship status: Single

Affiliates: Purple Dragons

Physical Description:  

At 5'8", Lexi weighs roughly 120 lbs soaking wet. She has long black hair that is usually straight, unless she's feeling really fancy and decides to add a little bounce to her locks. That kind of effort is reserved for special occasions, but unfortunately those are few and far between. Her eyebrows are well 'sculpted', nails beautifully kept and well manicured. She has full lips that are usually glazed with some eye-catching color. She's thin, but not 'third-world-country-starving-kinda-boney' as most girls in her line of work are. She has curves in all the right places. Her natural eye color is baby blue, but she's fond of contacts. Having less than perfect vision, colored contacts are a subtle way of correcting her vision, and changing up her appearance, too. A double win. Not that there's anything wrong with the dorky look of glasses which she adorns during her 'off time', but men certainly find her more attractive with less accessories to distract from her features. Being a lover of the sun, her skin is usually bronzed, except for the later months of winter. She has never seen a tanning bed in her life and refuses to give into the alluring pull even when her color begins to fade. She's seen 'Final Destination 3' one too many times to feel comfortable in those potential death traps.

Being in her line of work, Lexi often wears dresses. Short enough to draw attention and distract her gang's 'victims', but still enough coverage to be classy. Black is also a plus. Even though it isn't her preferred attire, the woman feels confident in anything she wears.  While 'working', she can also be found wearing high heels that would prove hazardous to most.

While not in 'working mode', Lexi enjoys the comforts of jogging pants and tank tops. Jeans, shorts and sneakers are always nice, too. She also gives up the irritating contacts, adorning her glasses and becoming the 'nerdy-but-still-pretty' girl next door. This is certainly her preferred mode, but she rarely has these lazy days. The 'ultimate lazy day' is even more of a rarity and consists of comfy silky gowns, even if she has no one to show them off for. It's all about comfort.


Intelligent and quirky, Lexi isn't one to be underestimated. She's a real fireball and while her default mode is peaceful and laid back, when pushed, the brunette has something of a temper. She can go from classy to potty-mouth in 0.2 seconds. The young woman is confident without being conceded, but like any woman, she does appreciate a good compliment. She's very driven and headstrong. When she sets her mind on  something, giving up is never an option. She is extremely empathetic, compassionate and caring. She's also very loyal to her friends. The young woman doesn't have a very good poker face when it comes to her emotions and when hurt, she sees nothing wrong with letting that show. Even though she is extremely intelligent, Lexi has always been heart over mind, letting love and emotions control her.


Lexi had a very plush childhood and doesn't adorn the tale of abuse and neglect that most in her current situation would. Not physical, anyway. Her father was a highly respected lawyer and her mother an overworked doctor. Her parents were able to give her everything that a child could possibly want or need... except their time. While she had the luxuries of life, Lexi was brought up by over-paid nannies that would rather be home with their own children. She always felt unwanted due to the lack of interaction that she had with her mother and father. She would see them for an hour every night, in which time they had to squeeze in a late dinner, bath and bedtime. Everything was always rushed.

At the age of twelve, Lexi's uncle Lance moved into the city from Northampton. Being a mechanic, the man was amazed by the young girl's interest in machinery and cars. By the age of thirteen, she was assisting him with taking apart, cleaning and restoring engines. It was certainly handy to have someone of such small stature to perform oil changes and other maintenance  work on the vehicles around his shop. Turned out she was pretty good at doing paint customizations, too. She was always interested in seeing how things worked, and proved to be intelligent beyond her years. It was something that not even her parents had noticed since they were hardly around their own daughter. Of course, her amazing grades were an indication of that, but there was that one B- in math that would seem life-dooming by her father's reaction and the month long restriction that it resulted in.

Lexi's uncle took the girl under his wing, spending much needed time with her and teaching her everything he knew about gadgets and automobiles. The man affectionately gave her the nickname 'Gadget' because of her interests. That interest was something that her parents frowned upon. There would be no future for her working on cars. Obviously they weren't seeing the bigger picture and didn't realize that her interests could be sculpted into a high-paying career. If they had anything to do with it, their daughter would follow in their footsteps and join them in their success.

Lexi grew close to her uncle Lance. Every day after school she would head over to his garage where she would become covered in grease and earn a few cuts and bruises, but she was happy...

At the age of 16, Lexi experienced her first tragedy. Her uncle was working underneath a car when the overhead light that he had hooked to its undercarriage became dislodged and shattered onto the ground, directly into leaked gasoline. The accident happened so rapidly and the man was engulfed in a blaze in a matter of seconds. Panicked, Lexi grabbed the fire extinguisher and attempted to put him out, but the blaze had spread so rapidly that despite her quick actions, she was unable to save him. Suffering 3rd degree burns all over his body, Lance died a few hours later in the ICU of the hospital that she would one day serve an internship at. Lexi's whole world came crumbling down that day. Witnessing the accident resulted in deep depression and PTSD, something she still suffers from to this day.

After the accident, Lexi refused to visit her uncle's garage. She decided to push away her love for mechanics, deciding that it needed to be laid to rest with the man that had encouraged her gift. It just hurt too much to continue without him since it was their thing.

It was painful putting that chapter of her life behind her, but Lexi carried on and tried to indulge in the life that a teenager should live. She finished high school and immediately started college, deciding against her previous plans to become and engineer. Instead, she would pursue a career as a pediatrician since she loves children and is a natural with them.

At the age of 18, she was living the ideal teenage dream. A popular cheerleader that dated the most popular football player. It was like something out of one of those cheesy teeny-bop movies, and while most girls would love it, Lexi felt jaded and numb. It felt as if she was living someone else's life and in fact, she was. Her boyfriend Blake just happened to be the son of her father's best friend, so the two were 'set up'. The boy was an aspiring lawyer, so that earned brownie points with her old man.

Lexi attended parties with her boyfriend, even though Blake's friends weren't her crowd.  She tried to be the supportive girlfriend. On the last night she would ever spend with Blake, she met -him-. Gabriel Juvanni. A hood rat that had been called to the party to deliver some dope. There was an instant attraction to the curly haired bad boy, and even though they hit it off and he swooned her with his kind gestures, Lexi knew he was off limits. He was from the wrong side of the tracks and bad news. Still, there was undeniable feelings towards him.

Later that night,  Blake and his best friend tried to force Lexi into a threesome. She was to be Blake's birthday present to his 'bro'. Intoxicated and high, Blake didn't take so kindly to Lexi's decision to decline. The jocks tried to rape her, but Gabriel came to her rescue. An unlikely hero.

Knowing how her parents would react, Lexi attempted to be just friends with the thug, but that lasted all but a week. All of the friendly cuddling eventually led to something more, and soon started their relationship. She accepted that he was a Purple Dragon, and while it would cramp her family image, Lexi didn't care. She loved the guy, and that's all that mattered. Unfortunately that would have to be enough because after her parents came home and found their daughter having sex with what they considered 'white trash', her father harshly disowned her. Her uncle was the respectable Chief Sterns, after all. They couldn't shame his name.

Lexi was forced out of her parent's home and out of their lives. Gabe was there to pick up the pieces once again and moved her in with him. The two were inseparable and she often accompanied her lover on his 'jobs' and hung out with him at the Purple Dragon's headquarters. Sex'capades in Hun's office were always fun and they 'tainted' the gang lord's desk on several occasions. Since Lexi was a constant around headquarters, the boys eventually taught her how to shoot and put her to work, using her beauty to distract the shop owners of places they would discreetly rob; taking from their wear houses and delivery vans.  Unlike most of the gang, the young woman doesn't wear any distinguishing marks, sport outrageous hair nor does she mutilate herself with outlandish piercings or tattoos. No, she is certainly the less obvious, and there is a reason for that. You can't very well send a thug chick in to distract unsuspecting males while her thug-boys rob him blind. It would be too obvious.  Lexi hated her position as a decoy. She is compassionate and caring after all, and only agreed to do it if the victim's would lose their items without being harmed. Her gun training was reserved for emergency situations. She is a damn good aim, but fortunately she has never had to pull the trigger on a person. Whenever Lexi isn't aiding as a decoy, she is usually driving the 'get away' car.

Even though Lexi was the love of Gabe's life, the thug had a problem with commitment. One night after becoming extremely intoxicated and doped up, he made the mistake of cheating with some blonde bimbo that he had hooked up with at a night club. Lexi came home early and caught the two in the act. Her world was shattered, and even though Gabriel apologized profusely, Lexi made the painful decision to call it quits. It didn't take her long to find her own place and at the age of 20, she was completely on her own for the first time. Her new place was nothing spectacular. A small two bedroom home that her waitressing job barely paid the rent for. But being the determined person that she was, Lexi made it work.

After Gabriel, Lexi found it hard to be in another relationship. Gabriel was the love of her life and she couldn't see moving on from that. Though she wanted to stay single, she had caught the eye of Dice, a thug from the Dragons' rival gang. Hearing that Lexi was back on the market, the psycho made his move. Once again the authorities and restraining orders did little good. Despite the break up with Gabriel, the two salvaged a friendship and after hearing that Dice was stalking her, The Dragons offered her their protection. But there would be a price. She would once again be serving as their decoy.

By day, Lexi is either engrossed in her daily classes or working her internship at a local hospital. A career in the medical field is her dream, but unfortunately it takes money to pursue that and make it a reality. But Lexi is determined. Even if it means placing herself in less that pleasant situations to help aid her down that road, she's willing to go at it head strong.

Soon after turning 21, Lexi landed a job at AJ's, a local strip bar a few blocks from her home. She dances there on weekends, but unlike most of the girls that bare it all,  she never strips down past her bikini. Still, she has earned a small local fan base. It could be because of her beautiful features, or perhaps her talent with the blazing fans that she dances with, twirling them with such beauty and expertise. It was an art form crafted from her earlier hobby of baton twirling. Never did she think that such a useless past time one some day help pay the bills. After losing her uncle to fire, flames were something of a phobia of hers. Wanting to overcome it, she incorporated inferno into her craft.


* Snuggling- master cuddler right here!

* Sex-- but even her addiction isn't enough to cause her to be promiscuous.

* Rap music- Eminem is boss!

* Rock Music

* Insightful documentaries

* ER: The Television series

* Untold Stories from the ER (TV show)

* Bad boys with big hearts.

* Nerdy guys. Best conversationalists ever!

* Science

* Cheeseburgers-- if you think all she eats is salad, think again. Life is short, why waste it eating bland shit?

* Exercising -- because she must keep those cheeseburgers worked off.

* Puppies--who doesn't love little round balls of fluff with cold wet noses?

* Her pink 'Hello Kitty' pistol. A gift from the Purple Dragons.

* Horror movies


* Shallow assholes that judge her without giving her a chance.

* The Turks-- especially Dice.

* Cellophane on CDs and DVDs. That shit was crafted by the devil.

* Unrelenting perverts.

* Being a decoy.

* Maggots

* Justin Bieber.

~*~Sample Post~*~

Another night, another 'job'. But this particular task wouldn't earn Lexi any money. Not tonight. Instead, her current situation would guarantee her safety from the Turks. The young woman had the misfortune of becoming the object of a certain Turk's desire. Even though she and Gabriel had broken up a while back, the Dragons had offered their protection if she would reprise her role as their decoy. Tonight, she wasn't distracting some poor pervert with her sexy curves. No. Tonight she was behind the wheel of the stolen black Civic, waiting anxiously while Gabe, Ezekiel and a few other Dragons were inside a jewelry shop, picking the beautifully lit displace cases clean of all their 'bling'. At this time of night, the cash registers had no money in them, but that was fine with the gang. The loot would bring in a lot of cash for sure. Lexi certainly preferred it this way. At least no one got hurt. Not physically, anyway. Financially was certainly another story.

'Come on, guys....' Lexi breathed inwardly, glancing in the rearview behind her. Of course the authorities were oblivious. She had deactivated the alarms, after all. A talent picked up during her years as a curious little 'Gadget', as her uncle Lance had affectionately called her. Lexi was more than just a pretty face. There was brains behind the beauty. Though, some would question her level of intelligence considering the situation she was currently in. Even though she hated the type of 'payment' that her protection required, at least it gave her the opportunity to keep an eye on her boys. Obviously she still cared a great deal about the thugs that had become like family.

Soon the ski masked wearing thugs were rushing toward the car and jumped into the back seat. Lexi quickly sped off, sirens heard in the distance. Obviously someone had grown suspicious and had called the authorities, but they were too far away. They were home free. Those happy thoughts were quickly shattered when a streak of green and red flashed over the hood of the Civic and something slammed hard against the roof...

"Oh my god.. I hit someone...." Lexi panicked, swerving slightly but quickly regained control.

"Fuck it, Lex.. drive!" Gabriel shouted from the back seat. If they had just murdered someone, they certainly didn't need that tacked onto their robbery charges. Lexi obviously understood that, despite her compassionate pull to help whoever they had just ran down...

Her concerns were quickly shifted when two metal prongs pierced through the roof and began ripping through the metal like a can opener. Scared out of her mind, Lexi lost control of the car and it collided head on with a parked vehicle that had been hidden in the narrow alley that she had attempted to escape through. It would be the last thing she remembered before waking up on the rough gravel of a roof. As her eyes fluttered open, her gaze was flooded with the color green. Her eyes traveled up the creature's body, taking him in, inch by reptilian inch. Then it hit her. A huge ass turtle was hovering over her! He must have been over six feet tall, but then again, she was grounded. Perhaps he only seemed bigger than he actually was. She needed to think that in order to make him less intimidating, but that did little to stifle the overwhelming fear that quickly invaded her.  The two sharp sais that had been used to rip open their vehicle hung from his belt. A red dew rag type bandanna adorned the creature's skull, and those muscles were enough to squash any attempt that her mind had previously made to consider him less intimidating. This creature was scary as fuck!

Suddenly the turtle knelt down, even though in reality the action had been performed slowly as to not freak her out. But her mind was playing everything too fast. As quickly as her bruised body would allow, Lexi scooted back until she was pressed against the lip of the ledge, chest rising and falling in a chaotic rhythm. Her boys were dead.. they were all dead and this.. turtle-man had come to finish her off..

"Easy. We're twenty stories up. A fall from this distance and... splat. They'll be scrapin' you off the sidewalk with a putty knife." The reptile warned, speaking in a deep gruff tone. She watched as the creature wedged a toothpick between his lips and casually rolled it between his teeth. Lexi was still trying to process the fact that the creature had talked...

"Who...who are you?"  She questioned, just as a sharp pain reverberated in her head. She reached up to rub the lump against her temple, the worst of her injuries. Obviously she had taken a nasty hit during the wreck and had lost consciousness.  She had no way of knowing that this reptile had assessed her injuries, and decided that a hospital wasn't immediately needed, therefore he deemed it okay to put the fear in her.

"The Easter Bunny..." The reptile replied dryly. "Don't worry. Yer head ain't broken. But I wonder about yet brain. Why would anyone be so stupid to help those guys out.." It wasn't a direct question. There was only accusation in the reptile's deep tone. "And don't tell me yer a part of their group. Yer no more thug than Justin Bieber." The creature huffed.

He was right. Whoever this turtle-man was, he guessed her situation. She wasn't a part of their group, just a tool. And maybe that's the reason that he didn't leave her to whatever fate had befallen her boys. Now the question was burning inside her. The woman was afraid to ask, but she had always pushed past her fears. Now would be no different. "Are they... are they okay?" She finally asked, tears burning at the backs of her eyes. Seeing the emotions that threatened to spill forth caused the turtle to sigh.

"Define okay. Alive, yeah. That nice lil wreck you had trapped 'em in the car. They're all prolly sportin' hand-cuffs right now."

A huge weight had been lifted from Lexi's chest. They were alive, and if they were trapped, surely they could find a way out of the wreckage before the authorities showed up, and that's exactly what had happened, with the aid of their Foot 'body guards'. Still, she wasn't entirely  sure why she had been carried away from the wreckage and not left to her boys' fate. Because they weren't her crowd.' She remembered him saying.

"I think yer stupid, but figured a good verbal warnin' could straighten you out. I sensed yer reluctance long before yer boys came outta that shop."  Yeah, he had been watching the crime and waited for the right moment to strike. 'Right' meaning the precise instance that it would cause the most chaos, because Raphael liked to have a little fun. The mutant had picked up on the woman's chemistry and knew the crime was something she was uncomfortable with. He could smell her fear. The giant reptile finally reached a large, three fingered hand down to her, offering a tug up.

The young woman hesitated at first, but finally placed her hand in his, feeling the coolness and the rough texture of his callused hands as his fingers encircled her hand, then gently pulled her to her feet. She was unsteady at first, but quickly found her footing. It had just now registered that the creature had insulted her. "I'm not stupid... I just... have my reasons."

The reptile rolled his topaz colored eyes at that. "Yeahyeah, protection. It ain't that hard to figure out. Protection, and yet yer speedin' away from cops. How long do you think yer luck will last?" He let that hang in the air for a moment. Surely it was something that she had to consider, and obviously she had lost faith in the authorities. "This could be yer one chance to get out. Don't waste it. You keep doin' this shit and next time we meet, I'm gonna let the authorities handle you." He rolled the toothpick between his teeth, finally allowing it to settle in the right corner of his lips. "I hear they don't have granola bars in prison, so get yer shit together..." He leaned in, his intense stare holding her gaze. "Leave them. I'll be keepin' a watch out. Because these are my streets."

He would be keeping a watch out? Was he.. offering her protection? Before she could question the mutant any further, he moved over to the ledge of the building, perching there like a statue. Something had caught his attention. Someone needed his help and this lesson was over.

"Listen, I'd love to stay an' chat... but not really. The rest is up to you.." The reptile nodded in the direction of the small 'building' that would open up into a stairwell, because he certainly didn't feel that she should be taking the narrow fire escape. "Get to a hospital and get yerself checked out.' He gave another nod in the stairwell's direction. "I trust you can get yerself down. I'm not an elevator, and I've done my good deed for tonight."[/color] Sure, Raphael could have assisted her down, but even though the woman wasn't screaming in his face, he inwardly worried that his touch, no matter how good intentioned they were, would repulse her. He did have esteem issues, after all. "Don't make me regret it..." In a flash, the turtle disappeared as he dropped over the ledge like a crazy suicidal fool. Lexi rushed to see where he had gone, but there was no sign of the mutant.

"Who are you??!" She called out, feeling desperate and hating the fact that she knew nothing about this creature, but a reply would never come...

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PostSubject: Re: Lexi Davis   Mon Sep 01, 2014 11:04 pm

awesome profile I really like the sample post too! but hate Dice? come on. tongue I hope this time around Mikko and Lexi become friends!

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Lexi Davis
Purple Dragons

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PostSubject: Re: Lexi Davis   Mon Sep 01, 2014 11:06 pm

Aw, thanks! And maybe they can be! ^^

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Lexi Davis
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