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 Pon De Replay

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Angel Bridge


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PostSubject: Pon De Replay   Sat Apr 18, 2015 11:22 am

She had barely been back days!

And even though she had jet lag from flying from Down Under, Angel had had been too busy to really relax - she had to go through the paperwork to claim the ownership of the apartment that had been hers and her grandmothers.

And then it was tidying and getting basic food stuffs.

But now - trust Mr. Casey Jones to get wind of her return to the States and home!

She grins at the invite to a karaoke night - in the Lair of some of their other good friends! Fantastic! She had loads of postcards and some gifts for them from her travels they would surely enjoy!

Not to mention it had been about twenty months since she had really seen them - aside from the odd skype call!

There was so much to catch up on no doubt.

So she pushed aside all thoughts of being tired and prepared herself for a long night of hanging with old close friends!


It would take her less than an hour to prepare and checking her fiesty, sexy do she heads out into the night with a stride that told others to back off unless they wanted a broken nose! Heading for a well known old trek down into the sewers.


shhhhh.... this will only hurt a little...
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Pon De Replay
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