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 Big Girls Don't Cry

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Oroku Karai

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PostSubject: Big Girls Don't Cry   Sun Apr 26, 2015 4:33 am

Nov. 4th
8:09 PM
Foot Tower Garden

The garden seemed colder than usual, even for this time of year. The air was heavy and Karai knew that there must be a reason for how uneasy she was feeling. Her father had requested her company and she feared that it had something to do with her hesitation back at the hall when Gabriel was being slaughtered. Had someone noticed the disgust on her features as the Dragon was being ripped to shreds? Had she been judged for not ending Mikko when she had the opportunity? Surely her father must be disappointed in her.

Normally Karai was all business but tonight she was not sporting her usual Foot GI. No, even when things may seem grim, time spent with her father was always a special occasion because it happened so rarely. Even if she was about to be scolded, at least she had his attention and did not have to share him with anyone else. Tonight was all hers. The young woman was dressed in a black kimono that hugged against her perfect form. She moved through the pathways, destined for the koi pond where she knew her father would be waiting. Sure enough, he was already there, preoccupied with feeding the fish that showed no fear of him. Like her, her father was also dressed casual. He rarely adorned his metal armor in what he considered his sacred place. This was not a place for his alter ego. Just Oroku Saki, the man behind the madness.

"Good evening, my daughter." Saki greeted, slowly turning to look at the young woman that was now sitting beside him on the brick wall of the pond. She reminded him so much of Shen that sometimes looking at her was painful, but Karai was his most prized possession and a constant reminder that he had won. He had stripped everything from Yoshi. "You look beautiful, as always."

The moonlight cast a glow over the scars on his face and Karai wanted nothing more than to caress them, as if such a gesture could ease them away. Such forms of affection were something that she never experienced, but venturing into adulthood, the pull to be a 'human being' became stronger every day.

His compliment earned a slight smile. "Thank you, Father. I know you did not request my audience just to flatter me.." She commented, gently nudging with her words. As much as she enjoyed the casualness of the moment, anticipation of whatever awaited burned inside of her.

Saki shook his head, fingers skimming the top of the water as a huge golden fish brushed against him in almost an affectionate manner. It amazed her how simple creatures had come to adore him when the city at large feared his mere name. "You are wise beyond your years, Karai. This is why I know I will not regret my decision..." There was a firmness in his tone, warning her that he was about to lay a heavy burden upon her young shoulders. "I have business to attend to in Japan. My jet leaves in one hour." He told her, meeting the young Kunoichi's gaze as she processed this news, and felt her heart constrict. She had just returned from a lengthy trip and had been so overjoyed by the notion of spending much needed time with him-- and now he was leaving. Being one to hide her emotions, Karai was failing miserably right now. The sadness was obvious in her almond brown eyes but she gave a nod, forcing herself to accept this. She had to, because there would be no begging, no crying. Rules that she had learned at an early age. Only acceptance despite the amount of pain it would cause.

Saki reached over and cupped her chin, gently shifting her downcast gaze to meet his. He knew that she was disappointed, but this was an opportunity that he could not miss out on. There would be time for father/daughter bonding once the city was theirs.   "I know this disappoints you, young one. But this deal will give you a better future."

'What is so important that you must leave now?' She wanted to ask, but knew that questions about his business were never welcomed. If he wanted her to know, he would have told her. Once again, she would be left in the dark on this.

"I do not know how long I will be away, so I am leaving you in charge of the Foot until I return." He told her, and managed a faint grin at the look of surprise that shifted her glum features. "I know you will make me proud." Because even though Karai had disappointed him back at the hall when he was making an example of the Dragon, he knew that she would not let him down when it came to something of this magnitude. The elders had chosen her to lead the Japanese branch of Foot Soldiers, so she was more than ready.

Processing this enormous order, Karai swallowed thickly and gave a small bow. "I will not fail you, Father." She promised with undeniable sincerity.

"I have faith in you, Karai." He nodded and met her gaze, intensity burning in his deep eyes. "And I am trusting that you will eliminate those Turtles while I am away." He told her, and would have Tiger Claw assist her with that task. "I am counting on you, my daughter."

As much as Karai wanted to argue that the Turtles were not the creatures that he thought, she knew that her father remained firm on his beliefs. Disagreeing would only make the situation worse. "Yes, Father." With that, she found herself wrapped in her father's embrace, the one place she wanted to be more than anything in this world. Because it was the only good experience in life-- her only permitted affection and being a young woman, she was starved for it. This would certainly be a lonely existence.

Returning the embrace, she was left with an emptiness when it finally had to end and her father stood up, then pressed a kiss against the top of her head. "Take care of yourself, Karai. I will return as soon as I can." With that, he disappeared down the path, leaving Karai alone with the fish that continued to circle, expecting food even though she was paying them no mind. Her heart felt heavy, as if a wall had come crashing down and pulverized the sensitive muscle.

"Goodbye, Father."

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Big Girls Don't Cry
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