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 Loventrice Dixon

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Loventrice Dixon


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PostSubject: Loventrice Dixon   Tue Sep 02, 2014 10:52 pm


Nickname: Toxic, Love

Sex: female

Race: Human to Mutant

Human appearance : Long black hair, gray eyes, thin and pale. never without make up and covered in tattoos.

Mutant appearance: cat with purple and black stripes. Glowing green eyes, fur covering her body. paints a white skull on her face and has her ears and nose pierced.

:History and Life:

Loventrice was born on Halloween night under a full moon. She was a healthy baby at five pounds and a head full of thick black hair. She was born in New Orleans, Louisiana at eight o'clock at night. Her mother was the owner of a plantation and her father was the plantations gardener. Friends often looked down on her mother for hooking up with such man and having his child. This went on for some years until her mother gave Love to her father and kicked them both out the plantation. Her father never fought for money and they never saw her mother again.

Love grew up learning about her fathers voodoo religion and practices. She would help light candles and as she grew she would help with sacrifices . She was home schooled but didn't pay much attention to her studies. She was more interested in her religion which she obsessed over.

When she was 18, she got a job as a bartender in the French Quarter. And she stripped on the side for extra money. Soon she had saved enough to leave Louisiana and go live it big in New York.

at 21 she was saying goodbye to her father and friends and headed up north. She had hopes of opening her own bar and serving celebrities and governors. But once she arrived to the state it quickly proved to be harder then she thought.

She got herself a small apartment and started work as a bartender right away. But she had no car and didn't know the city well, things felt very overwhelming. It was nothing like the small swamp that she use to live in.

Though things were big and scary she was happy. She had a home and a job and she was looking at buildings to start up her own bar. She was also thinking about getting a second job at the local strip club, but everywhere she went seemed very shady. She just needed more money! unfortunately things would not be happy for long...


By word of mouth, Love found out that some researchers were looking for Human lab rats for some secret test. This wouldn't have normally interested her but then she heard what it would pay. 50,000 and she only had to work for a month. Love knew this would be a great start to getting her own bar, so she got more information and the next day she went to the research lab.

The first thing she noticed walking in was there were no windows in the building. She spoke to a woman behind a desk then was lead upstairs into a medical room. There was no one else there. No one else that seemed to be participating in this. Love started to think it was a bad idea, that maybe they were harvesting organs or something. But before she could run out a man came in.

He introduced himself as John Bishop..  He was dressed in a lab coat and dark sun glasses everything still seemed off. He had her sign a piece of paper then gave her a shot. She passed out.

When she woke she found herself on a hospital bed with an IV in her hand and wires all over her body. There were no doctors around so she started calling for help. Finally a nurse came in. She didn't say a word but checked the machines. Finally the lady looked at Love with a cold stare. "We will start in a moment." Was all she said then left.

Love at this point was panicking was the money worth it? was there even money at all? She had questions no one was giving her answers to. Then Bishop came back and everything with black.

Love didn't know how long she had been out, but when she woke up she couldn't move. She was strapped to a table. She also felt itchy all over. looking at her hand she saw it wasn't her hand at all. Her body had change. She had fur all over her! freaked out she struggled against the straps. First her left arm was freed then her right. She then sat up and got a good look at herself.

She wasn't human anymore she felt her face, her ears. she had changed. They had changed her. She undid the straps that were on her legs just as Bishop came back in. Angry and scared she attacked him. I heavy fight broke out but she managed to get away but ripping the man's throat out. On her way out she spotted another female mutant, she resembled an ant and she looked frighten and alone. Love couldn't just leave the girl there so she picked the lock of the girl's cage with a scaple she found on the floor and grabbed the girl's hand and ran out of the building with her.


Love and her friend Maddy live in a water tower high above the streets. Love takes care of her friend, hunting for food and water, blankets and medicine.She would like to find more mutants like them, maybe others have a better place to live and they could take Love and Maddy in, if anything there was safety in numbers. The most important thing though was to stay away from Bishop. Love had thought she killed the man, but learned later that that wasn't the case.

Maddie/sushi/boys/catnip/shiny things/other mutants

Bishop/loud noises/bossy people/people/children/bright lights


Love is caring, giving, and has lots of compassion for fellow mutants. She is also very spiritual and believes in ghost, demons and mutliple gods. She's into voodoo and spell casting which she uses to help those in need. (Or use to, she now has a new found hatred of humans) Love also has a twisted sense of humor and will often laugh at a humans misfortune. When it comes to friends she's obsessivily protective. All in all however she's a happy and playful kitty that just wants to have fun.

Sample post

The air was cold. And it looked like it was going to rain. Love looked up to the sky, back home she was able to see all the stars. Here in the city there was too much light pollution. Not a star to be had. She did see that it was a full moon though. She would have to find some shelter soon, the last thing she needed was to get her fur all wet. No one liked the smell of wet cat, not even herself.
She glanced back down on the street. From so high above the city on the cobblestone roof top everything seemed so small on the streets. She watched the people running here and there, ducking into restaurants and clubs. The sound of music filled the other wise quiet night. Love's tail swayed back and forth to the beat of some drums. How she missed the drums from back home. Dancing around a fire pit, serpents held high above her head, an offering to the gods. But she wasn't home anymore. She was in New York, the place where she was suppose to get her big break. She would open her bar and people would flock from all over to visit. But that wasn't to happen. The spirits and gods had other plans for her.

Now she was stuck in the city that didn't want her. A freak, albeit a beautiful one, least she thought so. She trapped in this mutated body. A fuzzy feline. Living on the streets. Stealing food from the back of cafes.

She did find shelter though, in the cemeteries . the tombs that held numerous bodies was also a great place to hide from the elements. No one bothered her there. And those that did come around, usually teens looking for a thrill, were easily scared away.

Love wanted more though. She wanted to belong somewhere. To have a bed to sleep in maybe even a man to hold, she didn't think she was asking for much, just every woman wanted. To find love, exceptence.

The rain started to fall.

"Damn." Love cussed and headed down to the street. Sometimes she wished she was clothed. it would be warmer.

"damn mvua hii. Mei miungu kutuma mtu kuniokoa kutokana na mambo haya."

Love stuck to the shadows as much as she could. She didn't feel like hearing people's curses and hate towards her. She made her way to the cemetery and after pulling the cement doors open to one of the tombs, closed the door behind her and walked down the stairs.

"Maiti wangu kusamehe intrusion yangu, mimi tu unataka kwa ajili ya mahali kavu kulala." She said softly to the bodies that laid to rest in the tomb. She bowed her head slightly in respect for the corps and finally sat in a corner of the room, leaning against a brick wall. She would be safe and dry for another night.
before the mutation

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PostSubject: Re: Loventrice Dixon   Mon Sep 15, 2014 11:34 am

You did a really good job with this profile! Very Happy I Like the toned down version of Love a lot better. ^^ Everything looks great! Though, I do have a bit of a suggestion for anyone with mutant characters. It would be interesting if you included a pre-mutation picture of your character. Not a requirement, just something to give readers more than just a written description. Also, one more suggestion.. in the future add translation for what she's saying, since some of us may not speak the language or have a translator. Wink

Anyway, profile is ready to roll out! Welcome to Origins! *gives Love catnip and yarn play with*

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Loventrice Dixon
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