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 Portal Hopping Pt. 1 - 10

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Portal Hopping Pt. 1 - 10 Empty
PostSubject: Portal Hopping Pt. 1 - 10   Portal Hopping Pt. 1 - 10 EmptySun May 17, 2015 1:35 pm

((From MM Chat. Normally wouldn't post logs from another chat room but since our Origins characters made a guest appearance, decided to share.. it was a fun scene!))

Junko: *continues scratching and rubbing Rahzar's belly* So cute! Don't worry, baby, next time you'll get the little orange one, I promise

origins Mikey: *pops in randomly through portal* will noooooooooooooooot! *poofs away through another*

Donatello O.o Wow.. Mikey really.... grew

Donatello *curious about this portal*

oMikey: *pops back could have sworn he saw Donnie* hey dude!

oMikey:.... hehhee your so cute! *snugs this version of his geeky brother*

Donatello *had ventured oh so close to the portal when 'O'Mikey pops his head back in.. stumbles back yelping from being startled, and landing on his tail* >​.< ..Heh.. hey, Mikey. What are they feeding you over there? O.O *is suddenly snugged* ..and you smell... clean O.O

Mikey: pizza dude - covers most of the food groups  omg loookit nawwww *snags this Leo and hugs him too* hehhee you guys are so cute! nd of course I am clean can't be a boyfriend and be a smelly turtle

ocErica: *watching brotherly fluff with a giggle*

Donatello I see. O.O *but.. Mikey has a girlfriend? The world is doomed!At least he's clean.* Maybe you can give our Mikey a few pointers.  About bathing, I mean. He does NOT need a girlfriend. He can't even take care of a cat.

oMikey:... why does everyone keep saying that? we Mikey's are very paternal creatures *nuzzles his 'brothers' * Raph said it when I told him me and the lady were trying to make clones... and you do need a girlfriend - best thing ever!... and the bathing is easy and much more enjoyable than I thought.... *huggle squish - cause their sooooo cute*

oMikey:  I'm the small one from where I come from *poses to show off his manly self*

Donatello O.o *is squished-- would have a girlfriend if he had his way about it.. but this April is complicated!!*

'o'Raph: Yeah, best not to. He'll fart on you. *yeah, fell through the stupid portal, now eyeing it and wondering how the hell he even fit through. Blinks at younger looking Donnie* Yer nekkid.

oMikey: finally releases his brothers* Raph! loooook how cute they are! *grabs Donnie and shows him off*

oMikey: O,o.... they are too.... hehehe nudies*

Gold: O,O *gazing uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu​up at these turtles.... so far up he falls back onto his shell*

Donatello O.O *As if Mikey wasn't big enough!* Um, naked? O.o *suddenly feels like a toy being presented at show and tell*

Violet,Cyan and Gold: Don! *totally frightened by bigger turtles... they all scurry to hide behind Donnie's legs - peeking around at big turtles*

'o'Raph: Yeah, cute. Skinny, tho. needs more poptarts or somethin'.. *shrugs and tries to get back through the portal.. but nearly taken out as 'o'Shreds comes crashing through*

Donatello *blinks at Shredder* Megatron?

Mikey: *squuuuuuuuuuuuuuues* nawwwwwwww - so this is where that red clone keeps coming from  and yeah you got no human cloths on *points at random assortment he and Raph have*..... Shredder! *

ocErica: HOLy Crapola! *staring at chaos

oMikey: .... hey there is one of you in our verse to - currently nude and showering... *grins and kicks Shredder off Raph*

*portal opens and sucks Shredder through*

oMikey: O.o

'o'Raph: *siiiigh* Looks like we gotta deal with 'im in our world. *ugh* c'mon, Mikey..we stay here too long we're gonna end up accidentally steppin' on someone and squishin' their guts out their nose..*tugs him towards portal* We gotta go home, man.

oMikey: *is tugged away* nawwwwww but can't we keep em - their so cute! and small!

'o'Raph: Better not.. though... this world needs ta feed 'em better.. especially Donnie. No offense, bro.. jus'....I'll never complain about you lickin' the poptarts again. You need groceries.

Donatello O.o Gee.. thanks. -.-

oMikey: *grins and smiles* our Donnie is lean too - but very tall *is trying to pull back against Raph.... big bro is stronger though*

ocErica: *comes over to look at these bigger turtles* hi

'o'Raph: *grabs him and throws him back through, giving this world a salute and a small wave at Erica*

ocErica: ​ *waves back*

oMikey: Ahhhh! *sucked down portal*

'o'Raph: *kisses her forehead, because he's quite fond of their version back home* Keep 'im straight .

Master Splinter: *has thrown out that tea*

ocErica: *blushing so hard* I will *kisses cheek*

Erica Elena: *waves* say hi to Mr. oTurtle Leo for me

Portal Hopping Pt. 1 - 10 WRWIxHp
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Portal Hopping Pt. 1 - 10 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Portal Hopping Pt. 1 - 10   Portal Hopping Pt. 1 - 10 EmptyMon Aug 08, 2016 1:53 pm

PT. 2

((After being bitch-slapped by an emotional Love, Raphael disappears through one of Chatzy's magical portals and ends up in the Land of Misfit Toyz (Probably because he referred to himself as a used toy! Razz Erica, Mel and others search for him, but the portals harbor a deadly force known as the Dark Clones...[Missing first part]))

ocErica: I can't risk any one else - Mel! no! *kisses Shaya back and then chases after Mel*

Mel: *Goes through portal*

Shaya: No! *jumps through*

MMShaya: *takes hand, instant ease in her shoulders* thanks

Leatherhead: *resolves to bite Raph for making girls portal hop to find him*

*girls in middle earth and end up being chased by orcs*.... *but no Raphie*

Mel: *Runs* Oo

ShyGal: *is the elven armour?*

ocErica: *shoves the two ahead of her* go! - portal! *shoves them in*

ocErica: *dives in*

Shaya: *flomps*

Mel: *Falls through portal and races to next one jumping in* Cannonball!

ocErica: Mel! *curses kids and orcs - cannonballs in after her*

Mel: *Looks for Raph*

Shayajumps into a different portal*

ocErica: *fricking place is like a frozen hell....* I d d d ddddd dddon't think he is here!

Mel: Gotta find him *Keeps looking*

Shaya: *ballet class?*

Shaya: No likely *turns to find the portal out*

ocErica: *follows Mel - whom knows kid might get lucky!*

Mel: *Keeps looking seeing toys that look broken* A train with square wheels?

*drops on in on poor guy*

Mel: Raphie!

ocErica: *they are surrounded by.... clowns* most certainly not! runnnnn! *grabs Mel and runs*

Leatherhead: *watching portals popping in and out of no where, girls coming and going*

Mel: But Erica!

Shaya: *jumps out in ballet landing*

Leatherhead: O,o nice landing


Mel: That was a jack in the box!

Leatherhead: any luck?

ocErica: still looks like a clown!..... ahhhhhhhhhhh *next portal ends in a room with zombies* ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! *hugs Mel and runs!*

Mel: *Holds on* Raphie!

Shaya: not yet

GrownUpRandal: *Grins darkly - he's HUGE - ivory spikes jutting from his shell - two girls landed in his portal!* Helllllloooooooo *grins with a mouth full of sharp teeth*

Leatherhead: I'd like to say not go but if you must be careful Pretty One *snout kiss*

Mel: Randal?

GrownUpRandal: *bigger than his clone in full size... and darker... tongue moves across lips as he takes in the bloodied, signed girls* ooooh you know my name - that is good... then you'll scream it well.... *reaches bloody taloned fingers towards them*

Mel: Not Randal! *Screams*

ocErica: *dodges... screams.... throws Mel in portal*

GrownUpRandal: ooooh come back we just getting started... *follows*

Mel: *Is thrown into portal screams*

Shaya: *catches*

ocErica: *runs out* run! run!*

GrownUpRandal: *laughs darkly and swats aside the gator - chases girls*

Mel: Big bad turtle!

Mel: Raphie!

Leatherhead: *roars.... def going to bite Raph for this - but first this turtle!* ROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAR! *charges*

GrownUpRandal: *laughs and dodges gator grabs at Shaya*

Mel: *Screams*

GrownUpRandal: *loves the screams!* yes!

Mel: Help!

Leatherhead: *launches and lands on Randal*

GURandal: *roars and throws the gator off - grabs the girls.... and goes back to his portal* hehehe lets go play

Mel: *Screams and struggles* Raphie!

Leatherhead: *hit wall, rolls and races for portal - but it closes on him* NO!

Mel: Let go!

GURandal: Alll mine.... *licks the small girl - nips her* All Mine *nuzzles Shaya and Erica*

Mel: *Whimpers and shakes*

Shaya: Ch'te harra l'chu!

Shaya: (I'll beat your ass)

GURandal: remember my name is Randal - scream it... *bites girl hard*

Mel: *Cries*

Shaya: I'm not putting up with this again! *flying arms in anger*

ocErica: *desperate - tickles spot*

GURandal: *flops over!* ww ww aaaaaaat?

ocErica: run!

Mel: *Whimpers and shakes*

Shaya: *grabs Mel* GOOGOGOGOOGO

GURandal: No! escapes! - *grabs Erica*

Mel: Erica!

ocErica: goooooooooo! *trying to reach spot again*

Shaya: *runs away*

GURandal: *roars* no escapes! *chases*

Mel: *Holds on*

*portal sucks them through*

Shaya: C'est quoi ton ostie de problème? (what is your fucking problem?)

Shaya: MEDIC!

Mel: *Looks*

Shaya: I need help here!

GURandal: *roars... two of his toys got away!!!!*....

Leatherhead: *crawls over* Shaya!... Mel!

Mel: He has Erica!

Leatherhead: *hangs head* can't do nothing portal closed

Mel: We need to find her! *Gets loose and jumps into portal*

Leathehread: *not this time! - snatches her back* no! stay... I must tend to that bite*

Mel: But LH

Shaya: I need someone with Fighting skills over here!!!

Mel: Mikey!

Shaya: *angry Acadien*

Mikey: *is being summoned* yeah... whoa - you girls all look like you survived a night in silent hill

Mel: Big bad turtle!

Mikey: looks about - Raph?.... he aint here

Mikey: and he aint bad

Shaya: Mon tabarnak (that fucker) of a turtle got her.

Mel: No not Raphie big red turtle that was huge Randal!

Shaya: Evil grown up randal got erica, as a play thing. She was tryign to find Raph.

Mel: Yeah Raphie missing

Mikey: ooooh.... but Randal so cute .... tabarnak.... huh I am soooo keeping that word *bends to help LH patch Shaya and Mel up*

Mikey: Raph will come back*

Mel: Not that Randal! *Squirms*

Shaya: we are wasting time. Erica is in his hands bleeding. He is nasty and strong.

Shaya: Leatherhead. we need you.

Shaya: Mikey, look at her bite, make sure it doesn't get infected

Leatherhead: I know - but the portal is gone... *but nods will follow Shaya*

Mikey: *rudimentary first aider but does a good patch job*

Mel: We need Raphie to help too we find him Mikey *Squirms*

Shaya: Time for more portal jumping to find her or Raph

Mel: Yeah

Mel: *Struggles to go into portal*

Mel: Mikey we need to find Erica and Raphie

GURandal: *had fun and throws away broken toy*

Mel: Erica!

GURandal: *in broken toy place and dumps the broken toy*

Mel: *Goes through the portal no one is doing anything doesn't care she's hurt*

Mikey: *catches and hugs*

Mikey: we might be out of our league on this one

Mel: But Mikey

Mikey: *shakes head* no

Mel: Okay Mikey *Clings*

Raph: *sulking and snuggled with misfit toys, blinks when portal opens up and spits out a 'broken' Erica and some big ass Turtle* O.o what the.. *jumps up and rushes over to her, growling at the evil looking mutant*

Mikey: she'll be okay

GURandal: *batters Raph aside* who are you!? *growls back*

Mel; *Whimpers and cries*

Raph: *sais pulled, low grumble becoming louder* Yer worst nightmare.

GURandal: *steps on his toy two talons digging into skin* I think that is the other way around... boy *red eyes follow this younger turtle...*

GURandal: let me guess.... Raphael... *sniggers darkly*

Mikey: *huggles and not sure what he can do paces about*

Mel: *Clings to him hurt and scared*

Raph: *completely loses it when assfuck steps on Erica! Flies into him, not caring if this guy is bigger and maybe even more dangerous!*

Mikey: *snugs and churrs*

GURandal: yes! *loves a good fight - bites at smaller turtle* my name is Randal... when I pin you - I want you to scream it like she did!

Mel: *Snuggles close not feeling good*

Mikey: *worried takes Mel to Leatherhead*

Raph: *and the big guy's taunting works, goes into a violent frenzy, trying to block his massive jaws and slashes violently at the Turtle's ugly mug*

Mel: Mikey?

GURandal: *lets the sai cut his shoulders - his blood drips on Raph... he laughs... *yeeeeeeeeeessssssssss pain.... ssssssso good! *snaps those jaws at Raph's throat* of course at first she called your name - had to punish her... then she got it right *licks the rails of his blood on the smaller turtle talons slashing those arms*

Mikey: hmmm?

Leatherhead: *checking Mel over*

Mel: *Squirms bite getting infected* Let go DX

Leatherhead: No little one... *worried and sad and hurt from his run in with GURandal* stay still *giving her a shot of antibiotics*

Raph: *takes a few hits, but completely unfazed! Attempts to drive his sais deep into the asshole's shoulder!*

Mel: *Cries from the shot*

GURandal: *lets sai plunge in - howls in delight, revealing his length, hard... bloody and long - fanning* knocks the smaller turtle away. Grabs Sai and draws it out putting foot on Raph's plastron* remember... my name is Randal... scream it... *gives Raph's sai back to him through shoulder - a flesh wound, damaging nothing vital*

Leatherhead: sorry.... *nuzzles spot*

Raph: *bleeding and pinned, glares daggers at this larger Turtle, and sinks his teeth into that soft exposed fully fanned member! Takes a chunk clean right out of it.. will have to bleach mouth later*

Mel: *Snuggles and yawns*

GURandal: *may have saved his dick by jerking back - does not mean the chunk missing does not smart!* AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHrrrrrrrr​rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! * this time keeps that out of reach, pins and bites younger turtle .... everywhere he can reach!*

Raph: >​.< *tries to push him off, but getting mauled in the process*

GURandal: *rolls smaller turtle and shifts him to his knees - teeth biting into the younger males neck nape and holding*

Mel: Sleepy

Leatherhead: *takes Mel to nest*

Raph: >​.< Ahhhhh! *struggles and reaches back, trying to grab him. Drops to his plastron and attempts to death spin.. doesn't care if it may cause damage to his neck.. ain't gonna be this fucker's bitch!*

Mel: *Clings*

GURandal: *pins smaller turtle under him* shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh* muffled by neck in mouth*

GUCyan: *Randal! now! home! *the roar reverberates around them*

GURandal: *growls but releases and stands* nawwww.... Cy-

GUCyan: *snarls and snaps ignoring Raph* Noooooooow!

GURandal: *bigger than blue brother... but complies - and with a last kick moves way -*

Raph: *kicks Randal's feet from beneath him!!*

Mel: *Yawns starting to fall asleep*

GUCyan: *snarls and pins the smaller turtle -*

GURandal: *picks self up... and went to retaliate but Cyan roars at him... he huffs, snorts and leaves*

Raph: *growls and aims a kick at Cyan's midsection*

GUCyan: *pins Raph* at least you fight well... we will be back to take your world... *licks him and then - vanishes. Going home with his brothers*

Raph: *at least the asswipes are gone. Struggles to find his feet, a lil more injured than he realized, but at least he didn't get.. dominated..ugh! >​., Finally up on his feet nd makes his way over to Erica, kneeling beside her and carefully scoops her up*

ocErica: *movement jolts her - blinks* .... found you

Raph: *snugs oh so carefully as he picks her up* Yeah, you found me. *feels terrible that she got so injured doing so! nuzzles gently, wishing Donnie was here to fix her.. but is that REALLY what he wants? She seems to have a thing for his purple-clad brother* Anything broken?

ocErica: *blinks* yeah broken.... Raph...

Raph: *panics and looks for Donnie, jealousy no longer matters with her life on the line. Hell, maybe Donnie is more worthy of her, anyway. Yeah, Donnie is the better Turtle. Realizes Donnie is nowhere in sight because this is a different world* >​.< How can I make it better?

ocErica: *whines and lifts hand to plastron* I'm sorry Raph... not toy... would be ... yours... damn tired... *tired*

Raph: *nuzzles gently and takes her somewhere to try and 'fix' her*

*player takes pity on both sends them to Hogwarts to Madam Pomfrey*

--- *Madam Pomfrey had tried separate them - can't get big turtle to go away - so just works her magic - and dopes them up on sleeping drought and leaves them to heal*---
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Erica Martins

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Portal Hopping Pt. 1 - 10 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Portal Hopping Pt. 1 - 10   Portal Hopping Pt. 1 - 10 EmptyMon Aug 08, 2016 1:57 pm

Pt. 3

Previously on Portal Hopping;

*Madam Pomfrey had tried separate them - can't get big turtle to go away - so just works her magic - and dopes them up on sleeping drought and leaves them to heal*

Erica: *held off drinking her s - snugs poor battered Raph and finally drinks... passing out*


Mikey: *bounces in and dances*

Mel: *Watches from the couch*

Mikey: *scoops up Mel* what's up sugar fry?

Mel: Nothing *Looks at the ground*

Mikey: *nuzzles* you sure SBean?

Mel: I'm sure Mikey

Mikey: *churrrrs and huggles* okay, but you tell Mikey if something is up Very Happy

Mel: It might be from that big bad Randal

Mikey: nawwww *nuzzles* it's alrit, he's gone now

Mel: *Snuggles close* He was scary

Mikey: *hug* I have no doubt

Mel: And Erica isn't here Sad

Mel: He's scary

Mikko: so that's how you do it...*writes down these tips*

Mikko: *slaps evil Randal* I am your mother and you will listen to me! no more sucking the dick for free!

Mel: I wouldn't do that Mikko

MM Mikko: *sniffs* I'm so proud of my babies

Mel: He's scary DX

MM Mikko: *puts gold star stickers on all their heads*

Mel: He's scary DX

MM Mikko: Rocksteady should take the hint!

Rocky: I like it rough. >Smile

MM Mikko:good cuz that's how I'm going to give it to you! wait what?

MM Donnie: O.o *scratches Mikko off his back-up love interest list* Razz

Mel: *Is still scared and worried*

Bebop: I thought you wanted the Asian chick!

Rock: I flexible.

Mel: Erica?

Erica: yes? *eyes closed.... broom flying is scary!*

Mel: Land!

Erica: *falls off... all about two feet*

Mel: Where's Raphie?

Mel: Gotta find Raphie Sad *Is worried*

Erica: BigRed?! *goes looking with Mel - despite the fact last time she - ah best not revisit that nightmare*

Mel: *Looks for Raph and jumps into portal*

*random portal boogie monster throws Mel back*

Mel: Oo

GuRandal: *leaning on wall near portal... grining....*

Mel: You!

GuRandal: and you.... little toy....

Erica: O,O

Mel: Not a toy!

GuRandal: *grabs Mel by foot * you are to me... might have to rip you in half....

Erica: *grabs broom and whacks his with it*

Mel: Let go! *Screams and struggles*

GuRandal: didn't I break you already?! *throws Mel into Erica and stalks towards Mikko*

Mel: *Hits Erica*

Tokkita: Who's that crazy mutant?

Mikko: *holds up popcorn bucket* hungry?

GuRandal: for your liver *sees Tokita and grins* hungry?[/font]

Erica: *at least is soft for Mel to hit...*

Tokkita: No thanks I don't eat human and I'm not crazy

Mel; We need to get him out!

GuRandal: >Smile ooooo you wont need it for long .... *reaches taloned fingers, tears clothing*

Mikko: hey! that's the only shirt I own! *stands and slaps him*

Tokkita: Hey get away from her! *Tackles GuRandal*

GuRandal: *blinks... tosses smaller turtle aside -* I'll take you to Cyan -

Tokkita: *Lands bowling over Erica* DX

Mel: Stop!

GuRandal: hehehe or what? *grabs Mel - in a mock snug hold* hehhee

Mel: *Struggles* Let go!

GuRandal: *stalks and lifts Tokkita - standing on Erica*

Mikko: i still have my liver?

Tokkita: Let go you asshole! *Struggles*

Raph: X-( *comes flying out of nowhere and bulldozes into Randal!* Get off her!

Mikko: raph the hero

Mel: Raphie!

GuRandal: *had been king of the mountains - standing on the small turtle and girl, one in arm and reaching the other for Mikko* your back I can have it now Very Happy- ack! *is bulldozed*

Tokkita: *Struggles* Yo Raph he has morre than one girl!

GuRandal: *kicks off Raph and snarls* want a rematch?

Mel: Let go!

Mikey: *flies out of the side and kicks big turtle*

GuRandal:.... *swats angrily at that turtle sending him flying into Tokkita* pest!

Tokkita: *Is flattened* DX

Mel: Mikey!

GuRandal: *grabs Raph and throws him after his brother -*

Mikey: oaf! *terrible catcher*

Mel: Leave them alone!

Raph: *growwwls!* Touch my brother again, and I'm gonna rip yer shell from yer spine! shoves sais deep into Randal's shoulder and rips down before being thrown*

Tokkita: *Growls and attacks Randal pissed off*

GuRandal: *loves the pain - and the anger he gets from it! -* grrrrrrrrr like you could stop me *boots the broken again toy at them*

Tokkita: *Jumps onto Randal biting him*

GuRandal: *grabs little female turtle and throws slams her to ground* hehehe my alpha likes fighting females.... they bear the best sons*

Love: *comes in and looks around* the madness!

Tokkita: I won't be his or anyone's mate! *Hisses while on the ground*

Mel: Leave them alone bad turtle!

GuRandal: *licks her* yes.... oooooo a feline mutant.... hehhee *violently throws Tokkita at wall and stalks towards Love* >Smile here kitty kitty kitty

Tokkita: *Hits wall*

Mel: *Kicks Randal and stabs him with a knife she found*

Love: *no idea what's going on but likes the attention. leaps in his arms and purrs*

[b]GuRandal: *deeeeeeeeeeeep churr.... then bites the back of her neck, talons digging into her as he 'strokes' her*

Love: *snuggles* a little rough there. lets take it down a notch

Mel: *Keeps stabbing Randal's legs*

GuRandal: *snarls and squishes Love to him* there is no notches... *kicks away annoying child*

Love: *is squished* o...ok...

Mel: *Hits the ground* Love he will kill you!

Love: yeah I get that now

GuRandal: *laughs darkly* .... or you'll beg for death before it finds you.... *puts the feline on a bench belly down - pins her*

Love: I'm much better suited to be alive!

Mel: Let her go!

Tokkita: *Growls and attacks Randal again*

Raph: *charges again, coming from behind.. weapons aimed for the base of Randal's neck!*

Love: *closes her eyes and hopes for the best*

GuRandal: *misses the charge - barely saves his own neck by the fact he had leaned forward to grip the feline by her nape, large tail between her legs* ........ gggggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr​rrr *talons rip furr and skin as sai bites into his shell*

Love: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH what the hell!?

Tokkita: I will bite that damn tail off if you don't get off her!

Raph: *stabs the fuck out of him!*

GuRandal: *turns violenty and punches Raph*

Mel: Raphie!

Love: hey! don't touch him *tries to get up*

Tokkita: *Bites Randal's neck*

GuRandal: yessssssssssssssssssssss​ssss fight me! * roars - loves the fight! - throws Tokkita into Love - grabs Raph by his throat and begins to squeeze*

Mikey: *whacks bigger turtle on head with chucks*

Love: *gets up and pounces on Randal biting into his shoulder*

Tokkita: *Hits Love* DX

Mel: *Stabs Randal's legs again*

GuRandal: *roared in a way that shoooook the ground - grabbed Love and threw her away through a portal - grabs Mel and breaks her arm tossing her away*

GuRandal: *snarls and hits Mikey so hard away he bounces off a wall - shell cracked*

Mel: *Lands crying*

Tokkita: *Bites Randal's tail*

Ally: O.O MIKEY!!! *rushes to help him*

Raph: *Oh, that does it! Tears into the much larger turtle, shoving his sai deep into the fucker's eye and RIPPING DOWN!!*

Tokkita: *Trying to bite Randal's tail off*

GuRandal: *only just managed to save his skull - but the cut is deep..... this roar is of fury - grabs Tokkita and uses her like a club to smash Raph with*

Tokkita: *Hits Raph but struggles* Let go!

GuRandal: *blind fury - smashing smaller turtles together*

Mikey: ooooo.... just tape it up AngelCake - gotta get back in there...

Erica: *staggers over*

Mel: Tokkita! Raphie! *Grips broken arm*

Tokkita: Quit it fuckhead! *Struggles*


Tokkita: *Hits Mikey* DX

Mel: Just leave bad turtle!

GuRandal: *grabs toy by throat and shakes her*

Erica: *sees stars - pretty sparkling stars - tickles big turtle under chin*

GuRandal: Ack! *flops over*

Mel: Erica!

Mel: *Stabs Randal's tail with her good arm*

GuRandal: *flopped over right into portal -* grrrrrrrrrrrr! *sucked away*

*random flushing toilet noise*

Mel: He gone? *Is shaking*

Tokkita: He better be DX

Mikey: *picking self up from tangle...* Raph... Ally - yous okay?

Mel: Mikey *Goes to him gripping her arm*

Tokkita: DX

Ally: >​.< *had the wind knocked out of her, ut trying to play it off*

Raph: *angry because there's literally no stopping those fuckers*

Mikey: *takes off his bandana and Raph's dew rag and bends to look at Mel's arm - slowwwwwly his shell cracked*

Tokkita: *Tries to get up* When I get my hands on him I'm tearing that tail off!

Mel: Mikey you okay?

Mikey: yeeeah I'm okay - *nuzzles Ally and tends to Mel's arm* Raph you okay? AngelCake?[/b]

Mel: But your shell *Whimpers and squirms*

Raph: *tapes up his bro's shell, then ninja vanishes*

Mel: Raphie Sad

Ally: Yeah, I'm fine. *nuzzles him. would have fixed Mike's shell but Raph beat her to it.* Don't you need a little more than duct tape?

Tokkita: *Leaves to sulk*

Mikey: Sad brooo? *why do his brothers always vanish!* nah it'll heal *snugs*

Mel: *Clings to Mikey* Erica is hurt too

Mikey:... *looks about* she's gone

Mel: Why?

Mikey: I have no idea....

Mel: *Clings to him hurting*

Erica: *ninja vanish - approaches Raph sloooooooowly*

Mikey: *snugs and takes Ally and Mel to his room for some serious R&R*

Raph: *shell turned to the world, wounds dripping. Hears her.. glad she's okay. Can't help feeling like a failure.*

Ally: ^^

Mel: That was scary Mikey

Erica: *bit slow - bit bruised - but smiles and begins patching him up*

Mikey: yep - dude is huge, and powerful.... like a tank *snuggles and nuzzles*

Mel: And he hurts!

Mikey: *careful as he settles girls on his bed* yes... lets hope he wont be back for a while *looks sad, thinks his brother his mad at him or something... then brightens a little* so what movies girls?

Mel: Frozen!

Mikey: *chuckles and puts it on*

Mel: *Watches*

Mel: *Snuggles close to Mikey*

Raph: Sad finally shifts and looks at Erica* You shouldn't be worryin' over me, you know.

Erica: *maybe sore - but-* I will never ever turn my back on those whom need me... and whom I owe much *meets his gaze*

Mikey: *winces a little but snugs both girls to his plastron and churrrrs*

Mel: Mikey my arm hurts Sad

Mikey: yeah it will for a while *nuzzles and looks about for some painkillers - should have some in his room*

Raph: Sad You don't owe me nothin'. Ain't like I can protect you.. or my brothers... from them.

Mel: How come?

Erica: *pecks snout* I owe you a lot... and you will *fingers gentle over injuries - finally finishes patching*

Raph: *grins a lil at the peck*

Don: O.o

Don: What about it?

Mel: Hurts Mikey Sad

Mikey:.... DONNIE! *hollers*

Don: O.o What's going on?

Mel: A big mean turtle hurt everyone!

Erica: *grins back a little* there that smile ... thank you *hugs*

Raph: *slowly wraps arms around her and carefully hugs*

Mikey: we got our tails handed to us by a giant red turtle.... *kisses Ally and winks, scoops Mel and takes her to Don - her broken arm, his cracked shell*

Mel: He wouldn't leave

Don: Who was it?

Erica: *smiles - is trying to comfort him - hands lightly caressing the shell*

Mikey: Randal - adult sized and mean *places Mel on bed* he broke her arm

Mel: Yeah it hurt Sad

Don: *checks Mel's arm*

Mel: *Arm is broken* Hurts

Mel: Hurts big brother Sad

Don: I know.

Mel: That Randal was a asshole!

Don: *sighs* Language, please.

Mel: Sorry Sad

Don: *splints her arm*

Mel: When will it be better?

Mikey: *smiles* yeah girl leave it to the big turtles to throw about the big words.... it's hurt for a bit.... *is good taped up*

Don: It will take a while.

Mel: How come? *Whimpers*

Don: Because these kind of wounds take time to heal.

Mel: Okay big brother

Mikey: *nods nods*

Mel: *Clings to Mikey*

Mikey: *clings to Donnie*

Mel: *Snuggles close*

Mikey: *snugs*

Mel: *Yawns*

Mel: Hurts and sleepy Sad

Mikey: yeah *both still snugging Donnie*

Mel: *Snuggles close*

Erica: *hums*

Mel: *Yawns* Sleepy

Mikey: *nods and snugs Don tighter for a moment - then drags them all off to his room to watch frozen and snug on bed* Razz

Mel: *Snuggles close* Love you

Mel: *Starts to fall asleep*

Mikey: *two girls and poor Donnie dragged in with them all snugged - churrrrrrrrrrrrrrs*

Mel: *Falls asleep*

Don: *is feeling a little squished*

Mikey: *nuzzles bro and Ally and Mel*

Mel: *Snuggles in sleep*

Raph: *gently squeezes and churrs, trying to feel okay again*

Erica: *shifts and tucks self in snugs -* Raph? *from plastron - fingers lightly stroking carapace*

Raph: *finally manages an ounce of contentment. Churrs softly* Hmm?

Erica: *lifts head - nose brushing his chin* he.... the big red one... can't handle... *lifts one hand to stroke his spot* being stroked here

Raph: I'll keep that in mind for nect time.. *though, really don't wanna touch him! Churrs as she strokes his spot*

Erica: *hums in response to churrs, hand moving away from shell to knee, fingers stroking over thigh to a point half way* and in here... a stab to the femoral artery will bleed in seconds *shudders - GuRandal had given too much about their weaknesses when playing with her before*

Raph: *she's giving him plenty of ideas... for next time. Hope there will never be a need to bleed them out. Not that he minds killing them.. just doesn't want to chance them hurting someone else. Would be all for MM Donnie's plan, if he knew of it*

Erica: *quivers* he.... he told..... me - *amazing she heard anything and retained anything with all the screaming she'd done* Cyan's spot - is his snout

Raph: So I gotta get up all close and personal witn 'em.. >​.< Fine.. *whatever it takes*

Erica: and Violets... on the nape of his neck.... Gold his right ear hole - *curls up a little - fingers moving up Raph's sides* and ticklish... pain does not work Randal enjoys pain...

Raph: *churrrs and nuzzles, holding her close* I shoulda known pain would only excite him. -.- Sick fucker.

Erica: *mumbles a little and kisses cheek - eyes meeting his* always so strong and brave Smile

Raph: ^^ Yer worth all that. *nuzzles*

Erica: :">​ as are you *looks guilty* I am sorry .... I feel as though I brought him here -

Raph: How so? If anything, it's my fault. If I hadn't let my emotions take hold... I wouldn't have disappeared Sad

Erica: *ashamed* cause I was tooooo weak and told him about the portals... well at least how I got there.... *okay she had no idea what she had been screaming at that point*

Erica: *soft peck*

Mikey: *totally - keeps Donnie snugs to him and girls*

*player sneaks over to temp to put Erica away for night*

Raph: *growls and clings*

*player eeeeps and backs up*

*throws bunch o pillows and blankies in ninja vanish spot*

Raph: *makes a lil makeshift nest and tugs Erica down with him*

Erica: *snickers a little and eagerly snugs*

*player locks space - two away from night*

*locks Mikey's room*

Erica: *doesn't hog pillows when snugging*
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Portal Hopping Pt. 1 - 10 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Portal Hopping Pt. 1 - 10   Portal Hopping Pt. 1 - 10 EmptyMon Aug 08, 2016 1:58 pm

Pt. 4

Previously on Portal Hopping;

Raph: *makes a lil makeshift nest and tugs Erica down with him*

Erica: *snickers a little and eagerly snugs*

*player locks space - two away from night*

*locks Mikey's room*

Erica: *doesn't hog pillows when snugging*


Mikko: poor Donnie! he's not being pile driving into a tree

MMDonnie: O.o did you SERIOUSL have to go there? -.- I think I've already met that tree, thankyouverymuch! >​,<

Mel: *Giggles*

MM Mikko: I have babies in the car. see this is why they grow up they way they do!

MMDonnie: Okay, you win.

*shoves MM Donnie back through portal* Poor boy is becoming attached to this April...gotta play intervention before he has another infatuation Razz

MM Mikko: *may not live to dye hair red*

April: MMDon! *snugs*

Mel: Mikey

MMDonnie: Very Happy *snugs*

MM Mikko is about to get out the car and beat the crap out of Rock with her book bag

MM Donnie: Um, need I remind you.. I DIED LAST NIGHT! I think I deserve a snug or two. Besides, those portals haven't been closed off... yet.

MM Mikko: you died? WTF!? you just gonna leave me with four kids!?

MM Donnie: No, not there..I'm still alive... I think...

MM Mikko: oh good. stay alive!

Mel: *Hugs Mikey sort of*

Mikey: *snugs and churrs*

Mel: *Snuggles* Sad

Mikey: nawwww why are you baking a batch of frowned Mel?

Mel: Arm hurts Sad

Mikey: *churrrrrs and nuzzles* nawww maybe Don can give you something? * goes to find Don*

Mel: *Holds on* Sad

Lexi: -.-

Lexi: I'm finally happy.. please don't kill me. Sad

Ahhhhhh! *runs away from war hammer yielding oc

*tries to neuter Usagi*

Usagi: *O.o *nose twitch and quickly hops away!*

Mel: *Snuggles close to Mikey*

Angel: *races in and tackles Erica*

Erica: ack!! *tackled! Wrestles*

*fan girls run in to molest Usagi*

Angel&Erica: *muddy wrestling*

Mel: *Watches* I wanna play Mikey

Mikey: *grins and wishes Ally would join in - hehehe finds popcorn*

Mel: Mikey will you play?

Mikey: nah... But my bros are missing a good show Razz

Mel: Will you play with me then?

Angel: *tears Erica's shirt off*

Mikey: ..... We can build mud castles Very Happy

Raph: O.O *drools*

Erica: oy! *tearin Angels skirt*

Mel: No

Gabe: *grabs popcorn*

Mikey: nawwww... *offers Raph his popcorn*

Mel: Tag!

Angel: *throws shirt aside and rips Erica's leggins*

Angel: say it!

Mikey: heheh *doesnt want to miss show, but chases*

Raph: *takes, without pulling eyes from show*

Erica: never!*rolls and pins Angel slapping her purple panty covered ass*

Mel: *Runs* XD

Angel: ow! Grrrr! *wraps legs about Erica and twists, pinning smaller woman*

Erica: *giggles*

Mikey: *tosses Raph his phone* record that bro! *chases* ally ! Mud wrestling!

Mel: *Keeps running* XD

Mikey: *skips after her*

Erica: *Nipple twist!*

Mel: *Trips hitting a wall* DX

Raph: *still drooling, records*

Ally: Oooh.. yay!! *jumps into the mud pit and splashes them both!*

Mikey: *scoops up* nawwwww *nuzzles*

Mel: *Snuggles close*

Angel: ooooh! *had just snapped Erica bra strap - * ooooo *pounces on Ally*

Mikey: *huggling....* O,O yes! Go AngelCake! Kick their tushes! Don! Girls Mud wrestling come see!

Erica: *crash tackles both*

Mel: Why wrestle in mud?

Ally: Wooo! *rolls angel and attempts to pin her beneath her* I'm the queen of Dirrrrty.. you can't win this, sexy!

Mikey: I don't know *dont care - is sexy!* wooooo get em babe! *nudges Raph* Ally's going to win Razz

Angel: hehehehe girl I love dirrrrrrty! *rolls with hands all over Ally's shirt!*

Erica: *trys to pin both - snaps both their bra straps*

Mel: I don't get it Oo

Raph: Nah. Angel will.. *because she's a badass*

Ally: *giggles and rolls, not minding the wandering hands. Tries to flip her!*

Mikey: no way! Very Happy

Mel: It looks muddy Oo

Angel: *mock roars and tosses away Ally's shirt, double flips Ally over onto Erica... Both girls pinned she grins and smooches them*

Erica: ack! A a aaannmmmmmmm gel! *is on bottom!*

Mikey: *loooooks sexy.... definitely 'tight' now Razz *

Ally: *oblivious about being on top of Erica, returns Angel's smooch, hoping it'll be a distraction so she can flip the script!*

Mel: Oo

Angel: *giggles and smirks, nipping Ally and takes a boob off each girl in hands... Squueeeezes and flicks nipples - * say it girls!

Ally: Not gonna say it! *tickle attacks!*

Erica: *moans... Joins in.... Tickling both*

Angel: hey! *slips off thanks to mud and squirming... Growls and tickles back!*

Ally: *pounces and attempts to roll her!* C'mon, Erica.. help me! We can share the victory!

Erica: on it! *pounces!*

Mel: They need baths XD

Angel: *laughin so hard she is rolled.* oh no! *tries to keep going to get away from girls*

Mikey: yeaaaaaaaah >Smile

Ally: say it! *continues tickling Angel, straddling her to keep her pinned* Who's yer mama?

Mel: *Giggles needs a bath too*

Angel: *cackles and squirms* ne eeeee hheheheheheee ver!

Erica: *giggles and straddles Angel back to back with Ally - winks at Raph and tickles up Angel's thighs*

Mel: They're weird Oo

Angel: *wriggles trying to escape!*

Mikey: a little.... *not listening - totally turned on*

Mel: Mikey you okay?

Ally: *tickletickletickles!* Yer out numbered... say it!!

Raph: *lustdrunk grins at Erica, giving a supportive thumbs up and keeps filming*

Angel: nooooo-

Erica: *slips finger beneath panties*

Angel: Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu! *jerks* oooooooooooooooooooooooo​ooooooooooooooo kay - ! *wriths* yo ma mamma!

Erica: louder!

Angel: *nearly bucks the pair off!* MAAAAAAAAAMA!

Erica: *relents and giggles rolling off* good girl *smoochs Ally*

Mel: Oo

Erica: *licking finger and making way out of mud puddle* enjoy the show boys?


Ally: ^^ *smooches Erica* Good strategy

Mel: Mikey?

Erica: *grins - blushes and giggles* yes excellent plan Wink

Angel: *twitches and moans rolling to feet* hehhee next time you girls are going down Razz.... and next time I get a pelvic exam I am sooooo tagging you in Erica Wink *elbows Ally* seriously - those little fingers know exactly where to.... *trails off*

MetalHead: *comes along and om-nom-nom-noms!*

Erica: *hands hers over - knows MH is ruthless with undie collecting*

Mikey: *snags Ally and dashes for shower*

Mel: *Pouts* No one to play with

Angel: Very Happy I'll play wiht you - once I hose off and dress in something Wink

Mel: Okay

Ally: ^^ <3

Angel: and we have to watch that arm.... *is hosed off and dresses in a guys shirt and smiley face boxes*

Mel: How come?

Angel: cause its sore no? *touches Mel's sore arm carefully*

Mel: Oww DX

Erica: *hosing self off*

Gabe: *unfazed*... *wonders where that beautiful red head is*

MM Donnie: HANDS OFF!! Urm...I mean, thoughts.. *notices the guy is naked* >​.< *quickly covers eyes*

Erica: thanks for the loan Gabe *slipping into big shirt with 'F.B.I Federal Boobie Inspector' slogan*

Mel: Eww DX

Angel: *giggle sand hugs Mel*

Mel: He's naked Angel

April: *reading and walking - in danger of slipping in mud puddle*

partlyclothedGabe: *saves her* ^^

MM Donnie: there always has to be that ONE guy! -.-

April: ooooh thanks Gabe - *ruffles his hair - * ooooh MMDon your back! *pounces and snugs* how are you cutie?

MM Donnie: *snugs* ^^ Better now. Very Happy

Erica: *giggles and is wringing out her hair - pretends not to notice ends flick water at Raph*

Gabe: What, no hugs for thugs? *pouts* I saved you from mud!

April: good good ... anwwww *grabs and drags into snugs* there there pretty thuggy Razz - and you MMDon get to speak to your April? Wink

MM Donnie: Unfortunately, No. Sad *snugs, ignoring the fact that thug boy is too close*

Gabe: *snugs and gives her back side a light pat*

April: nawwwww - chin up, I'm sure things will work out Smile *hugs both*

Raph is sooooo going to pound Mikey when he sees all the cheek he is giving him all over the forum Razz

Ally: I will protect you!

Mikey: >Smile hehehe oh yeah bro wont pound me if I hug you right? *snugs*

Mel: Mikey

Raph: -.- yer gonna die.

MM Donnie: I sure hope so. Sad *baps Gabe's hand away as he tries to slip a card with his number down April's shirt* X-(

Mikey: am not!.... heheheh shoulda seen you ! *again imitates girly screaming and flailing run - falls over laughing!*

Raph: *pounces and pummels!*

Mikey: aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh! - *rolls at last moment and scoops some mud - splattering it across Raph's plastron* hehehe toooo slow Princess Raphie! *runs!*

Mel: Oh no Oo

Raph: *completely hulks out and charges Mikey!*

Mikey: ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh​hhhhh - Donnie save me! *races for lab to dive behind Donnie!*

Mel: >​>​ *Jumps into portal*

April: *giggles and politely accepts Gabes number -she'll give it to Casey Razz - pecks MMDon's cheek* mmmmm want me to tey talking to her?

Angel: *follows - pair end up in never ending ball pit!*

Mel: XD *Plays in ball pit*

Angel: *giggling and joins in!* barzinga!

Mel: *Giggles and keeps playing*

MM Donnie: Would you? ^^ I just.. need to know what I'm doing wrong. >​.< Or, if there's even a percentage of a chance...

Gabe: Wink *oblivious that she will give it to Casey.. thinks he has a shot!* ^^

April: .... I'll try - I don't know if your doing anything wrong... your a sweet gentle guy and sooo cute Smile *winks at Gabe - thinks he is cute*

Mel: *Falls into a portal through the ball pit* Oo

Mikey: *finds lab locked! - barely dodges Raph and runs to hide behind Erica .... grabbing Ally to snug her on the way!*

Erica: *had been combing her hair - now has giant turtle hiding behind her* O,o *hugging Ally*

MM Donnie: *blushes at the compliments* ..*dorky laugh* Thanks, April ^^

Ally: *snug fest!*

April: *giggles cause she loves the way the Don's laugh Very Happy* your welcome Smile

Raph: *don't wanna hurt girls, so reluctantly backs off* -.- *glares at Mike* hidin' behind girls.. pussy.

Erica: *smiles and tickles Raph's spot*

Mikey: *snug - snog fest! - totally worth it!*

Angel: O,o *girls land on cotton candy* awesome!

Mel: *Eats cotton candy and vibrates* XD

Angel: *sugar rushing herself!* oooooo - ahhhhhh! *they slip down another portal into a field of flowers*

Mel: *Zooms away from Angel going super speed*

Angel: *zooooooooooooooms after her!*

Mel: *Keeps running* XD

April: *pecks her snuggles buddies foreheads*

MM Donnie: *snugs* ^^ .... O.O *clicked the link* :">​ ..that's a bit too forward...

April: *giggles and tickles his side* some times thats what it takes Wink forwardness....

Mel: *Runs through a portal*

Angel: *buzzing and sugar high follows!*

Hank: *poses, in suit, tall man*

Mel: *Runs through where ever the portal put them*

Erica: *has not noticed her father - busy tickling Raph's spot to distract him from Mikey sneaking away with Ally* Razz

Angel: *skips - totally sugar buzzing.... they are in MLP land*

Raph: ^^ *flops!*

Erica: eeee! *giggles and gives the big guy a good plastron scratch whilst down* Razz

Mel: *Looks around*

Hank: *still posing*

Mikey: *sneaking Ally to his room*

Ally: Very Happy

Don: *happens to have pretty good luck with females here surprisingly*

Mikey: *passes tall Bishop agaent and pokes tongue at him - dashes away to room and proceeds to make Ally noisey!*

Hank: *glares*

Ally: *fills the chat with love noises!* ^^

Mel: *Falls out of portal onto Hank* Woah!

Hank: *catches reflexively* hello little girl... *carefully puts her down*

Angel: *flattens man as she falls out next*

Hank: oooaf! *picks self and dark young woman up*

Mel: Who are you?

Hank: I am Agent Martins, you? *offical straight backed man*

Mel: Erica's daddy?

Angel: *wow man doesn't look that old* hello sir

Hank: oooh you know my daughter? she here?

Mikey: *obnoxiously makes sure Ally is super loud! - sets tongue to work!*

Mel: Yeah why?

April: *to MMDon* and that could happen if you be forward.... *blushes at rowdy teen noises*

MM Donnie: :">​

April: *musing* Ally says he's actually quiet a eager lover -

Ally: O.O *squeals and squirms and bucks and SCREAMS HIS NAME!!* :-X

Hank: oooh - I have been away a while and it would be nice to catch up.... holy - *grumbles at noises - especially as a mutant is causing it!*

Angel: *blushes recalling she done that earlier because of Erica - giggles*

Mel: Erica! You're daddy is here!

MM Donnie: *blushing madly* ...*was thinking more along the lines of a kiss..*

Erica: *straddling Raph cause she was scratching his plastron - blinks and giggles hopping up lightly, leaving Raph with a quick peck*....*hurries over* Dad!

Mel: Landed on him XD

Hank: Smile thats alright

Erica: *hugs the tall man*

Hank: *snugs* been a long trip - can you make coffee?

Erica: *heads to make one*okay - come on all kitchen

Mel: Eww coffee DX

Erica: I'll make you hot chocolate Wink coming PrettyEyes - or you busy?

Don: I'm coming. Smile

Erica: Smile *pecks his chin* alright - Don my dad Hank - Dad this is Donatello

Mel: *Follows*

Hank: *keeps face polite -* hello

Don: *waves to the man* Pleased to meet you, sir. Your daughter is really a great person. Smile

Mel: *Yawns*

Hank: I know *proud grin* top of her biology class *brag*

Mel: Sleepy

Erica: *chuckles and makes drinks one armed hugs Mel*

Hank: you... friends with my daughter?

Don: Yes. *smiles, nodding*

Mel: *Snuggles close*

Erica: *snug snug and pecks little girls cheek - and hands out drinks, straight black coffee for her dad, Don's coffee and Mel's hot chocolate*

Hank: oh... how'd yous meet? *seriously what has his girl been up too?*

Don: Well, sir, she actually helped me come out of my shell. *not literally -- shhhhhh!*

Mel: *Drinks her hot chocolate yawning crashing from the sugar rush* A portal got cotton candy

Hank: Ah yes.... she does have a way with people Smile

Don: *blinks, thinking that sounded wrong* Uh, I mean I was really shy and she helped me. *whew*

Hank: *had been forcing politeness... now smiles* oh oh yes I see, well that is good *not!*

Erica: *fights giggles and gently rocks Mel*

Don: Yeah... *awwwwwwkwarrrrrrrrrd!*.... *shuts up and sips his coffee*

Erica: *smiles and pats his shoulder* I'm glad I do - need to come out of your lab more Wink

Mel: Don't wanna sleep DX

Hank: lab? *interested* your a scientist?

Erica: then don't Wink *hugs anyways*

Mel: *Snuggles closer*

Don: *beams* Yes, I am, sir. One of the best. *sips more of his coffee*

Hank: oooooh *goes to say 'really?' but is cut off by his daughter*

Mel: Tired DX *Starts to fall asleep*

Erica: yeah! should see some of the stuff in that lab, most of it is beyond even the projects those snotty MIT students are up too! *yes she was thoroughly impressed with Lab Razz rocks Mel some more*

Don: *smiles a little*

Hank: *raises eyebrow here* ... sounds like such talents could be beneficial to the Earth Protection Force

Mel: *Falls asleep*

Erica: *smiles at Donnie* yeah he'd run circles around them *rubbing Mel's back*

Don: Really?

Mel: *Snores in sleep*

Erica: of course PrettyEyes Wink - excuse me *giggles and goes to tuck Mel in on couch - leaving Don with her Dad*

Don: Sooo, uhhhh...what do you do for a living?

Hank: *obviously needs to come home more* Smile I am a government agent for the Earth Protection Force

Don: Wow.

Tokkita: Who's the human?

Hank: you thought about .... extending you skills into such work?... another one? ... your sister? *mutants everywhere!*

Tokkita: No newly mutated by accident

Hank: mmmmmm *making mental notes of mutants* ooooh so no siblings? either of you? *for all the world a polite curious man*

Tokkita: I came from the wild so no Oo

Erica: *tucked in Mel and returns to kitchen lightly stroking Don's spot as she passes to clean up mess she made* night PrettyEyes Wink
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Portal Hopping Pt. 1 - 10 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Portal Hopping Pt. 1 - 10   Portal Hopping Pt. 1 - 10 EmptyMon Aug 08, 2016 1:59 pm

Pt. 5

Previously on Portal Hopping;

Tokkita: No newly mutated by accident

Hank: mmmmmm *making mental notes of mutants* ooooh so no siblings? either of you? *for all the world a polite curious man*

Tokkita: I came from the wild so no Oo

Erica: *tucked in Mel and returns to kitchen lightly stroking Don's spot as she passes to clean up mess she made* night PrettyEyes Wink


Mikko: *licks Kitteh's eye ball*

Kitteh: o.x

Randal: *tott runs over and tackles Mikko - lick lick lickity lick lick*

Mikko: *snugs turtle tot*

Randal: *lick lick lick - tail wagging - churring*

Mikko: *smooches his cheek*

Mel: *Sees Randal and hides behind Mikey* Oo

Randal: *happy happy - snuggs and churrs tail wagging about madly*

and sorry to whom enters the poke thread next a TAG ball is coming your way Razz

Mel: Is it safe Mikey?

Kitteh: Damn, Mikey. lol KN's getting hot and heavy. Razz

Rogue: Ally: Very Happy

Leo: it was not soppose to be that kind of party!

Rogue: methinks Casey is jerking off in bromance Razz

Rogue: Raph makes him all hot and stuff

Mikko: nah he's jerking off Raph

Erica: now thats some serious Bromancing

Raph: -.-

Erica: - and here I told myself no gutter today!

Kitteh: LOL

Rogue: gutter, errrday Razz

Erica: *desperately trying not to giggle*

Don: *smiles at Erica*

Erica: don't do that -

Erica: *loses it and starts snorting with laughter*

Erica: oy vie - it was the talk of cream

Erica: covered faces....

Raph: Not my fault Casey can't keep his hands to himself..

Mel: Oo

Erica: *had almost composed self - ..... falls back over laughing*

Erica: *player is also giggling madly*

Rogue: lol.. can't remember what episode I was watching this morning but I nearly fell out when Mikey said: "I've got April Durp all over my chucks!"

Kitteh: I can't remember the name of it. "The Kraang Agenda" or something like that.

Rogue: I'm sure Donnie wouldn't be happy about that, Mikey Razz

Kitteh: "The Alien Agenda"...that's it.

April: .... April what now?

Erica: watch our would be poke threaders TAG ball is oooooooooooff and away Razz

Mikko: how did the poke thread become a soccer game?

Erica: Erica brought a TAG ball in?


Mikko: oooooooh

Rogue: lol, awesome!

Raph: Wink

Erica: Razz yes and thanks to an backside himp bump it's now flying Razz so whom ever is in next it's .... comin your way Razz

Hank: O,O Erica! put on some pants!

Mel: *Gets naked because Erica is* XD

Erica: lol! hey! she has on undies - and socks... and a blouse

Don: *stares* ...... O.O

Raph: She's over dressed if you ask me..

Espionata: Mel: Take all of your clothes off XD

Mikko: All other girls: *GLARE*

Don: That wet blouse leaves little to the imagination.

Hank: thats my daughter your talking about.... >​,< and who are you? *glares at Don*

Don: *slinks away* -_-

Mel: *Glomps Erica* Hey MH Erica needs to get naked!

Erica: hi Dad *hugs Mel* hello nudie nudie Wink ....

Mel; Hi ^^

Hank: *grumbles*

Mel: Wanna take your clothes off?

Hank: no! my little girl must keep cloths on! and put more on!

Raph: ..she ain't so little Wink

Mel: How come?

Hank: .... again who are you? *taking off his suit jacket to cover his daughter and the little girl in*

Don: That's my brother Raphael.

Mel: Melissa but I like Mel ^^

Erica: *whispers* not whilst dad is here Wink

Mikko: *spanks Erica and grabs her ass* oh yeah!

Hank: I see.... well Raphael I am Hank Martins and my dau - O,O oy! no no oooooh yeahs!

Mikko: Mikko: I'm a girl, so it's cool.

Raph: *rolls toothpick between his lips, eyeing his 'agent' man.. figures he don't like mutants much, so decides to stress him a little* Yeah, I'm Raphael. Yer daughter's boyfriend. Congrats.

Mel: *Giggles*

Don: O.o

Hank: *looks like he might explode*

Raph: *job done* B-)

Mel: Uh Raphie?

Hank: .... boyfriend as in... friend whom is a boy right? *yeah that has to be it*

Love: yeah they are together, I totally seen the video!

Hank&Erica: theres a video?!

Don: *glares at Love*

Mel: Uhoh

Raph: Sure, 'dad'.. if you wanna put it like that. Wink I can call ya dad, right? We're family now. Razz

Hank: Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat​?! *faints*

Mel: Oo

Erica: I was hoping to take that sloooooooooooooooowly - *bends to roll her dad into recovery position and place jacket under head*

Don: Raph! >​.<

Mel: You're daddy is silly Erica XD

Shaya: okay what did I miss? *walks in file in hand*

Randal: *bends to look at human male*

Hank: *blinks - sees little red mutant turtle in his face - faints again*

Mel: *Gets clothes on* XD

Erica: *chuckles and nods and pecks Raph's then Don's cheeks and goes to make her dad a STRONG black coffee - might be able to find some brandy to add to it Razz

Mel: *Is bored*

Raph: -.- I an't tryin' to beat no record.. that's Mikko.

Mikko: yes I want to beat the record of most sex in a night.

Raph: Freak *bitter? naw, not HIM!!*

Mikko: I hope Gabe is ready!

Mel: *Hugs Raph* You could play a game instead ^^

Hank: *slowly recovering - does not enter that conversation - believes his daughter is still virgin*

Randal: *is sneaking up to pounce on Mel*

Mel: *Doesn't notice*

Randal: *crouchs like a cat - tail wagging, wriggles .... and pounces!* rrrrrr! *tackle*

Shaya: Excuse me Sir? *crouches down beside him* Are you alright?

Mel: *Is tackled* Hey!

Hank: *blinks* oh yes, yes I am fine... *he thinks* ah Hank Martins - *offers hand*

Shaya: Shaya Gallant.*takes hand and shakes*

Hank: *shake shake* Smile

Shaya: do you know where you are here and why? *thinks he is lost*

Mel: *Wrestles with Randal growling*

Mikko: *dances around naked*

Hank: I am here home on two day rest O,o *watches dance nude woman for a moment - .... omg he's married! - looks back at Shaya* and I am spending time with my daughter....

Mel: *Ends up rolling into Hank by accident* DX

Randal: hehehe *pounces again - wresltling fun!*

Mel: *Wrestles*

Shaya: What is your daughters name?

Hank: Erica Smile you friends with my daughter?.... *a human friend?! hopefully - and sooooo got to put that 'boyfriend' in his place....*

Shaya: yes. She is.

Raph: *griiiins at Hank* Have a nice nap.. dad? Wink

Mikko: *has dragged Love into her naked dancing*

Mel: He's your daddy Raphie?

Erica: *adds more brandy to dads Coffee*

Hank: *is a big man - but mutant is bigger - looks between Raph and Don and .... nude dancing ladies.... and Shaya* did I bump my head on the way down? *checks head*

Randal: *tackles and tickles Mel* heheheheeee!

Mel: *Squeals and squirms*

Mikko: *smooches Hank*

Hank: O.O mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm​mmmmmmmm! I'm married - which my daughter is not! *pointies at Raph.... blushing all over face*

Mel: *Giggles*

Mikko: *grins and dances away*

Hank: *stands up and straightens shirt and tie and offers hand to pull Shaya up*

Erica: *brings over strong coffee*

MM Donnie: *falls out of portal onto Hank* O.O

Hank: ahhhhhhhhhh! more of them!! *points at turtles!*

Mel: You're weird for a daddy Oo

MM Donnie: Heh.. sorry, sir.. >​.< We seem to be experiencing problems with portals and... *blinks, realizes this guy may not be trustworthy* ..

Mel: *Giggles*

Hank:... *smiles* that is alright.... I am Hank Martins *offers hand, forcibly being polite - might have just heard something vital... takes coffee with other hand* Erica why don't you make some for your friends so I can get to know them better? *nods to Raph and Dons and Shaya*

Randal: *sniggers and nuzzles, tags Mel*

Mel: *Tags him back and looks at Hank* Play?

Randal: nawwww *tags her and hops away*

Mel: *Gives chase*

Randal: *giggles and engages in chasey game*

Mel: *Chases Randal* Hey that man should play too!

MM Donnie: *well, at least the guy is okay... and didn't seem to catch the info about the portal? Phew!* Donatello. Um...the other Donatello... over there..*points to where portal opened, but long gone.. then remembers that they're not using the 'p' word. Still has not met the 'him' from this place yet*

Hank: *can't play - has to get to the bottom of this 'portal' rumor - something to report back to Bishop? - and observe his daughter - perhaps he should put her in a military boarding school for girls.... Oak Ridge? * oooooh.... well nice to meet yous.

Randal: no! *hehehehe and lets her tag him so he can chase*

Mel: *Runs away* XD

Erica: umm hot drinks! *has tray ladened with hot drinks*

MM Donnie: Nice to meet you, too. *helps this Erca with tray, then looks around* If you'll excuse me.. *looking for a certain red head*

Erica: ooooh thanks mDon.... *rubs head and hands out coffees -* for PrettyEyes.... and Shaya...* and hot chocolate* for PrettyShell *and catches children sitting them with plate of food and warm chocolates*

April: *passing by nose stuck in book again*

Randal: *had been chasing Mel - now has cup of warm yummy drink and .... at first is sus about the cut up vegie sticks and dip.... tries - likes and eagerly muches*

Mel: *Drinks the hot chocolate avoids the veggies like the plague eyeing them as if they will attack*

MM Donnie: ^^ *sees her.. but doesn't wanna disturb her.. gah! 'Accidentally' knocks an empty cup onto the floor..*

Mel: I want ice cream

Randal: *was his cup - checks it for more drink.... nope still empty - waves carrot stick at Mel with big glob of humus on it*

April: *blinks and looks up* ooooh hello MDon, hey - you know you and your Don here should bounce ideas of each other with these.... *sees unknown man*

Mel: That's not ice cream

Hank: *thinks he's being subtle about slipping arm about Erica's shoulders and drawing her close*

MM Donnie: :-X ..urm, I mean... that would be great!

April: Wink ... where is our Don? oh hey Raph - whose the new guy?

Mel: Erica I want ice cream

Erica: Smile sorry Mikey ate it all

Mel: Aww then cookies ^^

Randal: *happy to munch celery and carrot and cucumber - growing boy! - kicks his little feet happily as he eats*

Raph: Erica's dad. That makes him my father-in-law.. Wink *hoping April will play along. Sees the smaller donnie and gives him a box of twinkies, patpats his shoulder before going on his way*

MM Donnie: O.o ..-.-

Mel: I want cookies ^^

Hank: exxxx cuse me! *follows the big mutant giving his brandy laced coffee to mDon*

Mel: *Goes to find junk food*

April: ..... Very Happy and no one invited me to be maid of honor? *mock indignant* hhehehee our Raph keeps trying to feed you

Don: I'm here, April. *waves his hand*

MM Donnie: O.o *now holding twinkies and coffee.. has no idea that the coffee is laced, shrugs and takes a big sip, and gives the twinkies to Mel* ..I think he's trying to insult me...

April: ooooh Don! come here! ... hehehe nawww

Mel: I don't know *Takes twinkies and eats them now on a sugar rush* XD

Erica: *had excused herself to put on jeans - comes back out of room blinking at sight of Raph with her Dad - looking indignant following him*

Mel: *Grabs onto Erica* Tag!

Hank: your pulling my leg aren't you?

Don: *comes over to her* What is it?

Raph: *just smirks at Hank* You need somethin'?

Erica: hehehe better run then Wink

Mel: *Runs off*

April: *points eagerly at smaller Donnie* look whose back! Very Happy we were hoping to discuss the issue of ... portals with you Wink

Hank: just to know your joking right?

Erica: *chases*

Mel: *Keeps running* XD

Raph: ...would it be so bad if I ain't?

Hank: *tread carefully his instincts tell him* No

Hank: just um.... kinda... sudden *yeah thats the issue - nice cover 'Daddio'*

Raph: Good answer.

Hank: Well.... um yeah - I mean.... yes... it is very sudden - how old are you?

Erica: *scoops up Mel and tickles*

Mel: *Laughs and squirms*

Raph: Let's play a guessin' game... how old do you think I am? *pulls a sai, playfully twirling it about but looks intimidating-- choose wisely! Razz*

Hank: *is this boy trying to scare him?! - a Earth Protection Force... yeah okay it makes him nervous -* mmmmm late teens - seventeen... eighteen or nineteen - wouldn't put you over twenty

Erica: oooooh looks like their getting along - good *oblivious to talk - lets Mel go and pecks forehead* your turn! *pretends to run - but Mel can catch her Razz *

Mel: *Chases*

Raph: Dingdingding! Jus' turned 18, so not too old for her, no?

Hank: *vein in head pulses, jaw clenches - but forces himself to be calm* noooo I guess not... but your both ... young... *yeah keep playing it off as an age thing -*

Raph: So, what the problem, Pops?

Hank: *has to think this over carefully* just sudden is all - *like he's one to talk met his wife and married her within a month* how long have you known my girl? *yeah might have slipped - 'my girl' in there on purpose*

Erica: *pretends to stumble a little so Mel can catch up*

Mel: Tag! *Tags Erica*

Erica: hehehe awwww you got me! better run! *turn to chase her*

Raph: A couple'a months, now. *maybe he should tell the poor guy the truth.. that they're not really together.naaaaaah*

Randal: *runs too - having eaten all the food on the plate*

Hank: *eye twitch*

Mel: *Runs* XD

Hank: I see.... you know would have been nice to come to a ceremony of some sort - *hehhee maybe rubbing it in it's not official* I can't fault you there, I met her mother and married within the month - but... it was so right you know? had a big fancy wedding and all the relatives around *okay not that many in their family*

Erica: *chasing Mel and Randal*

Raph: -.- We'll have a ceremony....*okay, so maybe they can't even if Erica was his girl and they made that step* It'll be big. We'll invite all the mutants... and you.

Don: Oh...right.

Mel: *Keeps running*

Hank: mmmmm well I suppose, some celebrants are open minded. *beginning to cotton on* Very Happy you know wont look to closely at the mutant thing *although HE is - dang work keeping him away all the time!*

Raph: *asshole* Well, we know some open minded people. Sure they have friends. Gotta be hopeful and all, especially when it comes time to deliver yer grandchildren...

Don: *marriage...? jealousy taking over* >​ : (

Erica: *grins and pounces catchin the two and tickling them*

Mel: *Squeals and squirms*

Hank: *nearly has a coronary attack right there*.... grandkids?!

Raph: Yeah, you know.. those lil things that run around, shittin' themselves?

April: *elbows Donnie* relax, your brothers just trying to annoy him

Hank: *hand twitching towards hidden guns* .... surely.... not... I mean - huh... I'd love to be a grand dad... but .... surely no immediate plans right?

Raph: Plans, no.. it just kinda happened..

Hank: *maybe should send his daughter to a foreign country coventry?!* - O,o What? happened?!

Raph: Very Happy

Hank: *eyes drawn to Randal*..... no way!

Mel: *Looks at Hank and waves*

Hank: *sighs in relief - kids are far too old to be a couple of months.... * wait! she's not.... I mean - *forgets he was certain moments ago this youth is joking*

Mel: Your daddy is acting funny Oo

Don: *grunts from the elbow and nods, hoping April is right*

April: Wink *her elbowing must be getting harder*

Erica:..... looks kinda angry

Don: *will still have a talk with his brother later*

Mel: I wonder why Oo

Hank: oooookay okay now I know this is serious leg pulling

MM Donnie: *intrigued by all of the gear that this version of himself is wearing.. can only stare.. oh so tempted to touch!*

Raph: ..why would I pull yer leg? Ain't that supposed to be 'pull yer finger'? And no thanks.. Mikey's broken me of that.

Hank: no no I mean you almost got me with your joking.

Mel: *Goes to Hank* Why are you mad?

Raph: Jokin'? O.o Okay.. it's okay, I know it's a lot to take in.. but we're here for you. Razz

Hank: Erica!!

Raph: :->

Mel: Are you mad?

Erica: o,O

Hank: you are going to a convent! *grabs her wrist*

Mel: Why?

Raph: *steps in front of them* You ain't taken her to a ...whatever that is...

Hank: mutant I would move -

Erica: enough! *pulls free and stands between them*

Mel: *Tugs on Hank* No!

Raph: *glaaaares at Hank, but not gonna cause a scene with Erica nearby.. unless he pushes him to do so*

Erica: coooool it guys, *tickles Raphs spot*

Hank: but.... Erica..., their... Their...

Erica: wonderful men *smiles to include both Dons and even little Randal*

Mel: Turtles ^^

Raph: ...*despite being pissed off, foot thumps.. tries not to... go..down... churrrrrrs*

Hank: *backhands her*

Mel: *Screams now scared from seeing that*

Raph: *growls and moves past Erica, grabbing Hank and pinning him roughly against the wall! Fingers tangled in his suit, sai pressed against his throat* You lay a hand on her again... I'm gonna be the last thing you see!

Hank: *gasps, pressing gun into Raph's exposed side* hands off freak or we both go down

Mel: *Whimpers and shakes*

Erica: *never actually been struck before... * Dad, Raph! No! *forcibly trying to separate them *

Raph: *glares daggers at him, unfazed by the gun pressed against his side* Takin' you down will be worth it.. *but having Erica hurt in the chaos isn't...holds his gaze for a moment longer, letting his 'promise' sink in..and takes a step back* Yer lucky she cares about you

Hank: *shrugs his cloths straight,* same to you... Mutant. Erica we are going home... *stalks off*

Don: O.o

Mel: *Continues to shake scared*

Erica: no dad...

Hank: *glares and storms off*

Mel: Oo

April: ooooo you may regret that later*

Mikey: *bounces in hugs Mel and sits with the Dons and April* hey guys!

Raph: *fucktard.. at least he's gone! Now checks on Erica* You okay?

Mel: *Clings scared*

Erica: yeah... Fine ... *pecks cheek* thank you...

April: Very Happy then come join us! *pokes MDon* didn't you have a

MM Donnie: *soooo many distractions! And.. April smells niiice* :-X *blinks and comes back to reality when greeted by bigger Mikey, gives a shy wave and shifts his attention back to April--nods--* I do. If we're going for the more permanent approach, and I suggest that be saved as a last ditch effort. And with those guys, it may end up being Plan A. We would have to kidnap Gold and take him through to a dormant world... *and shifts a shy look at Big Raph.. they could certainly use his muscle... but how to ask someone to go on a suicide mission?*

Mikey: sooooooo ... What happened? *hugs Mel*

Mel: Erica's daddy got mad and hit her Sad

Mikey: *blinks at MDon's plan...* huh.... What's gold me like? *chuckles* you should see what our dad does to us when we are bad Razz

Raph: *snugs* any time. Sorry he's such an ass. *oblivious of death plan MDonnie has cooked up*

Mel: It was scary

MMDonnie: ...he's... nothing like you. He likes to hurt people... *will spare the gory details*

Erica: I should be sorry... Never seen that in him... *snugs*

Raph: you can't help how yer father is *snugs and churrs, giving her soft nuzzles*

Mel: *Yawns, Falls asleep*

Mikey: *snugs*

Erica: Sorry about that PrettyEyes *pecks cheek and strokes his spot*
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Portal Hopping Pt. 1 - 10 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Portal Hopping Pt. 1 - 10   Portal Hopping Pt. 1 - 10 EmptyMon Aug 08, 2016 2:00 pm

Pt. 6

Previously on Portal Hopping;

Erica: I should be sorry... Never seen that in him... *snugs*

Raph: you can't help how yer father is *snugs and churrs, giving her soft nuzzles*

Mel: *Yawns, Falls asleep*

Mikey: *snugs*

Erica: Sorry about that PrettyEyes *pecks cheek and strokes his spot*


Espionata: We will have Hank who's a good dad if not a bit predjudiced and then we have James who drinks heavily and is abusive and killed his oldest

Mikko: You killed your kid? That's fucked up. even i wouldn't do that.

Love: I bet he would like meeeeeeeeeeeeee

Espionata: Well under normal circumstances I'm sure he wouldn't have but he lost his wife from a shooting so he went off his rocker lol

James: I don't give a fuck *Drinks a shot*

Erica: Very Happy he might indeed Love Razz

Espionata: lol

Love: ^^

Hank: *sips strong black coffee*

James: *Is drinking shot after shot of vodka*

Love: *gives hank a lap dance*

Hank: *chokes on coffee*

James: That can't be real *Is drunk off his ass*

Hank: I assure you it is - .... *not sure what to do with this situation - been a while since he had a lapdance Razz*

Love: *ruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuubs all over Hank*

James: Who fucking knew

Hank: *kitties love petting right? - pets*

Love: Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr?rrrrrrrrrrrrr

Hank: *rub rub - pet pet... wonders if Bishop would have use for this cats pelt?*

James: Wait a minute how did I get here Oo

Love: *melts*

Hank: *sips coffee and continue pet pet petting*

Love: *sits in his lap and enjoys*

James: What I wanna know is where is that fuck up of a daughter disappeared to

Love: I ate her

Hank: *grunts in amusement and rubs Love's back*

James: Oo

Love: *grins and purrrrrrrs*

Hank: *rubs rub rub - tail stroke....*

Love: *licks him*

Hank: O.o... uh thank you *pet pet pet*

Love: *sexes him up*

James: Oo

Love: *points to James* yer next

James: Fuck no!

Hank: *surprise sex! - ..... drags her off to make it private*

Shaya: *looks up from her file to hank and love* Finally, good. *looks back*

Mel: *Peeks into the kitchen before hiding* DX

Master Splinter: *joins those in kitchen - wants tea*

Love: TC! *leaps in his arms*

James: Giant rat Oo

TigerClaw: TC: *purrrrrrrrrrrrrrs purrs*

Mel: *Peeks out of hiding*

Master Splinter: *looks at James* Human drunk... hello *smiles and sips tea*

James: Hello

Master Splinter: *turns both ears to this man*

Mel: Mikey

James: What?

Master Splinter: could you use a coffee? *whiskers twitch*

James: Sure

Master Splinter: *makes a strong coffee* here...

James: *Drinks coffee*

Master Splinter: *wonders where the other three sons are - Leo's off training...*

Mikey: Mel! *scoop hug*

Mel: *Clings* There's a bad man here

James: *Looks around*

Mikey: *hugs - and raises eye ridge at James* really?... he looks drunk.

Mel: Drinks a lot then gets really mad Sad

James: *Is drunk but is getting angry when he doesn't see his daughter*

Hank: *had shower cause cat hair - is now clean*

Don: Master Splinter. Smile

Master Splinter: Hello Donatello - been a while, come sit *pats chair beside him*

TC: *lounging in sun light - cause he is a cat* Very Happy

Don: *does so* What's going on?

TC: *licking self*

Master Splinter: Well... not sure... meeting... uh James... and this man *points at Hank*

Don: *blinks* James? *looks at him then waves a little*

Hank: *has just noticed the rat...... uh maybe his daughters friendship with mutants might be a good thing - must tell Bishop*

James: And now giant turtles >?<

Master Splinter: *nods and smiles standing to make his son a coffee ... and a fresh tea* here

Shaya: uhh *puts file away*

Mel: *Remains hidden with Mikey*

Don: Thanks, Sensei.

Master Splinter: *smiles* coffee Shay - and nice to see you dear

Master Splinter: welcome Smile

Leatherhead: *shoves TC over and takes some sun for himself!*

Mikey: *shifts Mel to his shoulders and makes them hot chocolates*

James: *Spots Mikey and Mel* Give me my daughter!

Mel: *Flinches from the yell* Mikey

Mikey: Nope! hehehe! *skips away with Mel and hot chocolates*

Mel: Mikey don't make him mad

James: *Gives chase a pissed off drunk*

Hank: *will not say where he put his daughter*

Mikey: *laughs and hops on skateboard* come on dude - lets work off that alcohol huh? *rolls away*

Master Splinter: *sighs amused and grins at Don* your brother always insists on poking the bear... as it were

James: *Keeps chasing* Give her to me!

Mel: *Clings scared*

Mikey: *rolls just out of the dudes reach* thats the way - come on! get those human legs moving!

Don: *nods* You have no idea.

Hank: *smug - cause he sent his girl away today*

James: She's mine! *Chases*

Mel: Mikey!

Don: *noticed her absence* Where is Erica today?

Mikey: weeeeee! *they are going down a dark tunnel* hehhee and she's soooo cute!

James: She's a little bitch! *Chases*

Hank: uh.... she's studying *yep*

Mel: *Whimpers*

Don: Oh.

Mikey: >?,< well thats just rude - *leads James down different tunnels*

Hank: yeah, you know girl has to keep up with education and all

James: Give her to me she's been a bad girl! *Chases some more*

Don: *nods* Right. Do you think she can come by sometime tonight?

Mel: *Shakes*

Master Splinter: *listening interested*

TC: *grumbles but heck enough sunlight for the two of them!*

Hank: - I do not know?.... your good friends with my daughter?

Don: *nods* I am, sir. She's a great person.

Mikey: *shifts Mel to his plastron and wraps arms about her* duuuude I don't want to give you anything but a good workout - come on, little faster!

James: *Keeps chasing* and you're keeping me away from my daughter!

Hank: *mmmmm maybe he can use this against the intelligent turtle?* Yes, like her mother, very kind and open hearted.. Smile is she friends with all of you?

Mel: I don't like this

Mikey: I am not - I am giving you exercise - now come on dude... faster! must get that heart a pumpin!

James: *Chases even more grabbing Mikey* Give her to me now!

Mel: *Whimpers*

Shaya: *coffee in hand* Master splinter what is going on?

Mikey: *dude is drunk and keeps missing* now now - cool off dude...

Master Splinter: I am not sure, but how have you been young one Smile

James: I will cool off when you give me my daughter! *Keeps grabbing*

Mel: *Shrinks back*

Mikey: *jokes aside - is now annoyed - nictating eye lids sliding over his eyes and a growl rippling in his throat* I don't think I will until you no longer smell like a urinal

Don: I believe so.

James: And why not?!

Mel: Mikey?

Mikey: Very Happy because alcohol impairs judgement dude and I won't let you hurt her

Shaya: worried. Your family worries me; and the guests. If meditation is your sanity keeper, teach me.

James: That's not for you to decide

Mel: *Tries to look as small as possible*

Hank: mmmm *trying to gauge how close the friendships are - his daughter was rather vague and eluded talk* she asked me to apologize for my behavior the other day - your brother pushed all the right buttons, and I lost my cool

Don: *nods* I'm sorry about that, too. Raph's just...a little hard to control at times.

Mikey: *staying just out of Jame's reach - drawing them all down darker tunnels...* it is where a childs safety is in question

James: And she's not your child! *Keeps grabbing*

Mel: Mikey don't make him even madder

Hank: Thank you, not that I would object to mutant boyfriend *so would* but guess all fathers are protective

Mikey: *growls and shakes head* nope and don't worry Mel - we can loose him in these tunnels Razz

Mel; Hope so

James: *Chases*

Master Splinter: ... what did Raphael do? *must come here more often and exert control over his sons*

Mikey: *determined to wear the human male out - staying just out of reach and taunting him

James: *Is getting tired*

Mel: Mikey?

Don: *nods again, having a little hope when Hank said that he wouldn't mind if Erica had a mutant boyfriend* I understand. *just wishes Hank would trust him more because Don would never hurt his daughter*

Mikey: come on dude - I still got her *taunts to drive the man on - make him good and tired*

James: *Gets a burst of speed tackling Mikey made even more angry*

Mel: Mikey!

Hank: it's... nothing, a misunderstanding *and he made sure of it - one of the things keeping Erica away - a complete physical check up*

Mikey: *rolls and kicks man off* dude I have a shell - humans are so soft*

James: *Goes after Mikey again* Give me my daughter!

Mel: *Screams scared*

Raph: .. she is pregnant.

Don: O.O What?! It''s not possible! Not this soon, anyway.

Raph: you need ta start believin' in somethin' other than those science books, brainiac

Don: *has also been screwing her, so...who would be the father??*

Hank: *frowns* not this time young man - I am onto you... has been examined by the family doctor and is not pregnant

Raph: *pullin' April's Fools joke.. don't give a shit that it's not even April*

April: didn't do it Razz

Shaya: What?!

Don: *feels a bit of relief that she isn't pregnant right now*

Hank: oh yeah and I owe you an apology - Erica has made me promise to behave myself in here - *so does not like saying sorry to mutants - but he will cause his baby asked him to*

Don: Apology for what?

James: *Punches at Mikey's head*

Mel: Sad

bwhahahaa oy that could have been awkward - after all Leo had started it Razz - it's like an episode of Jerry Springer

Raph: *sniffs.. he smells like bullshit-- but won't cause a scene*

Mikey: *growls and kicks away James - hard*

Hank: for .... losing my temper and hitting her, and threatening your brother with a drawn weapon

James: *Is kicked away*

Mel: Mikey

Master Splinter: *had almost been excited for a moment then -* nawwww well... *not sure he believes the man either*

Don: Yeah, uh...okay, then. *wasn't really aware of all of this -- other than him hitting Erica and is still upset about that*... *don't even get him started on drawing a weapon on his brother*

Hank: Yes so she is away today - but has been examined and *glances with some smugness at the big red clad turtle* is in excellent health, no pregnancy and no other ... issues

James: *Heads back to the lair to wait*

Mel: Mikey that was scary

Raph: *middle finger salute*

Shaya:dang*excited for a moment*

Mikey: I know - *takes Mel for a fun ride*

Don: If at all possible, sir, I'd like to at least say "hi" to her today. Please?

Mel: *Holds on*

James: God damned mutant won't give me my daughter! *Growls*

Master Splinter: *also had been excited* good to hear she is well. My sons do take good care of their friends *and in here at least seemingly shared mate*

Raph: *makes gagging noises at Donnie's sugary sweetness*

Master Splinter: Michelangelo will not hurt your daughter I assure you.

Don: *eyes narrow at Raph*

Raph: *tired of sharin' 'mate' .. what the hell is that, anway*..*narrows back at Donnie*

James: He should give her back now!

Don: *have you forgotten about Love, Raph? You have her all to yourself in here* -_-

Hank: yes I have learned that .... *still silently fuming - but this could be useful to Bishop* and no Donatello - I doubt I could keep her away forever but for today she is busy -

Raph: *oblivious that he has anyone.. love, really? when did THAT happen*

Don: *disappointed, sighs* I understand.

Mel: Mikey I wanna go back

Don: *takes his coffee and slinks away to his lab, figures he might as well get some more of his own work done*

Hank: *thankfully cannot pick up on silent brother talk* yes I sent her away *and might be keeping her away*

Raph: *snorts in aggitation and disappears to ninja vanish spot*

Mikey: *rolls slowly back to lair*

Mel: *Snuggles close*

James: How do you handle it? *Looks at Hank*

Hank: *he doesn't!* just trust she'll be okay*

James: That turtle has my daughter >?<

Master Splinter: *highly disappointed that no grandkids in the making - but... should probably talk to his sons* If you two will excuse me

Don: *to James* He won't hurt her.

James: Doesn't matter he's keeping me from her

Master Splinter: *smiles at Don and makes a sign he will be there shortly - seeks out Raph and sits with him*

Don: *really doesn't need the birds and bees kind of talk* *nods to Splinter then disappears into his lab*Razz

TC: do you speak french Hank? if you do do not look into the games threads Wink *purr purr - lick lick*

Mel: *Looks around*

Raph: *and why does he get this feeling that he's not alone?* >?.< *was curled up in his lil 'nest' of blankets, shifts to look at his Father* Need a blanket? *gives him one that smells less -Erica'ish*

Master Splinter: thank you - *snugs* are you alright Raphael? *cosy little spot*

Raph: Yeah, peachy. *totally not*

Master Splinter: mmmm hmmm want to ... not talk about it? *very comfy tail patting sons shell*

Mikey: *rolling into the lair and looks about*

Mel: *Looks*

James: *Sees Mikey* Turtle

Mikey: Human *two can play this game!*

James: Give me my daughter

Mel: *Shrinks back*

Raph: Maybe I'm bein' selfish.. just thought there were things yer not supposed ta share.. *Not that Erica would pick him anyways*

Mikey: I am not stopping her returning - but if she doesn't want to I wont force her and protect her if you try to scare or force her

James: She doesn't have a choice

Mel: Mikey

Mikey: yes she does Smile

James: What makes you think she does?

Mel: Mikey he's gonna get mad

Master Splinter: ... mmmm ah I see... and in our many lives down there in the origins verse I would say no - do not share

Raph: Not doin' it in this crazy verse no more. *yeah, maybe he does adore her.. but never been good at sharin'.. not in his nature.. and even here, in this crazy chatzy thing. Maybe that's Leo and Donnie's bag*

Master Splinter: I would encourage you to have patience, and just ask her my son. *nuzzles* Don't be afraid to ask.

James: It's none of your business what I do with my daughter

Mel: *Looks at Mikey*

Hank: *has no clue - smugly thinks he's removed her from this spot for now*

Mikey: *looks down at Mel* up to you little one

Mel: No Mikey Sad

James: Melissa come here! *Growls*

Mel: *Flinches*

Master Splinter: *pats pats Raph*

Mikey: *snarls lowly* Mel - it's okay - if you want to go play in my room...

Mel: Okay *Runs to Mikey's room*

James: What the hell are you doing turtle? *Glares*

Raph: I've only saved her at every turn.. which means Donnie will win. That's how it goes.. ask any teenie bopper

Mikey: letting her choose - *growls and glares back*

Don: *didn't want Erica to have to choose between them* >?.<

James: She's a child she doesn't get to choose!

Mikey: when her safety is on the line she does >Sad

Master Splinter: Donatello - what say you my son? *tail drags him into ninja vanish spot*

James: She's perfectly safe with me!

Mikey: really?

Don: *is dragged* Huh? About what, Sensei?

James: Yes really

Master Splinter: about sharing here?

Don: I didn't mind it. Why? What did Raph tell you?

Master Splinter: I won't say - as long as you both as willing to let her make her wn mind - just both be clear with your intentions

James: Give my daughter

Don: I know. *nods* I didn't know there was a problem, though. I thought Raph was okay with it.

Mikey: no - if she wants to go with you I may let her - but will be watching to ensure you don't hurt her

Don: Maybe...maybe I should be the one to back off, then. I mean it was me who walked in on Erica and Raph when they know. *blushes a little at the memory then sighs, looking away* He had her first. *quietly

James: What makes you think I will hurt her?

Master Splinter: Smile that is kind my son - you boys really need to discuss things more openly you know?

Don: *nods* I know. And I intend to. But I thought he and I discussed this before *at least there will still be coffee talks with her*

Master Splinter: Smile fret not - we have many lives in origins to live yet - each one presenting a new opportunity Wink

Don: *nods* I know. *sighs sadly* I think...I think I need to be alone now. I'll talk to Raph in a little bit.

Mel: *Peeks out* Mikey?

Master Splinter: *nuzzles* have heart my children she does love you all - and you both immensely Wink

Don: *only nods*

Hank: *nope still not sharing where she is*

Mel: *Goes to Hank still scared* He's a bad man *Points at James*

Mikey: yep - I think you would *keeps between James and Mel*

James: What makes you think that?!

Master Splinter: *smiles - knows things can get complicated - but trusts his sons to work it out - and the girl to make it easier for them to do so*...*smiles and rubs Raph's head* don't loose hope - just lay it out there - you may be surprised with the results Wink *and knows when to leave him to think so excuses himself politely*

Don: *looks at his father, smiling just a little bit then goes to busy himself with some work in his lab*... *you won, Raph* Sad

Master Splinter: Wink that goes for you too - remember we have many origins lives yet ahead Very Happy

Raph: Thanks, Sensei. *Don't count on it, Brainiac-- the one best at messing everything up* ..*siiighs and goes to look for Angel.. maybe they can go bust some heads*

James: Give me my daughter she won't be harmed!

Mel: *Hides behind Hank*

Angel: I know where she is Razz

Hank: *damn it!*

Raph: O.o you do? Where?

Angel: yeah course - no one sneaks by my ninja ness

Hank: *glares - small girl behind him and Mikey between them and James*

James: *Looks at Hank* What are you glaring at?

Mel: *Shakes*

Angel: hehehe ooooooooooooooooooooo he gonna be mad his player had to go before I could spill beans - *goes to hug the tall geek* how are you doing Stretch?

Hank: that girl

Don: I can honestly say I've been better. You?

James: Whatever my daughter is behind you

Mel: No don't wanna go

Angel: not too bad - *snugs* though you'll be okay right? ooooh and check this out *hops back to show him the 'skull suit' she has on* check the technology out on this one

Mikey: then you don't have to... go sit with LH

Leatherhead: *a giant gator - no one would dare try pinching Mel from him - except maybe big turtles*

James: She does mutant she doesn't belong to you

Mel: *Goes to LH*

Mikey: No she doesn't but I care for her like a lil sis Wink

Leatherhead: *grins and offers Mel some pencils - he was coloring*

James: She doesn't belong here she belongs with me

Don: *smiles a little, looking over the suit* Nice.

Mel: *Starts to color*

Angel: *grins and models it* special military wear created with electronic weaving technology using optical fibers. By clinging tightly to the wearer's body, the suit provides protection and boosts strength. Recent models also come with a variety of sensors, shield the body from toxins - I .... stole it... but thought you might want it to... I don't know use to make something of the like for you and your brothers?

Don: *smiles, impressed* Perhaps.

James: *Goes past Mikey to Mel and LH*

Mel: *Doesn't look*

Leatherhead: *roars and stands over the small girl*

James: *Steps back* Give her to me

Mel: *Whimpers*

Angel: *chuckles and begins to shed the suit* it even has stealth capabilities * stands there in her purple underwear* here *holds it out to Donnie*

Don: *isn't sure about being in the same room with a semi-naked girl right now, keeps his eyes on the suit and takes it from her* Wow...this is great.

Angel: *knows where Don keeps his spare street garb so grabs a shirt and slips it on* it is Very Happy you should see how it enhances my strength - I can take on two men in it Very Happy

James: *Goes to grab Mel*

Mel: *Is frozen in fear*

Leatherhead: *snaps jaws close to James - rumbling*

Mikey: *gets between them* dude when your sober we could try again Razz

James: I'm sober now *Drinks so much doesn't get hangovers anymore*

Mel: Mikey LH

Mikey: *glares at James - and bends down* Mel you keep saying this man is bad - why is that?

Leatherhead: *shields them*

Mel: Because he gets really mad and hits a lot Sad

James: Liar

Mikey: mmmmmmm well then do you want to stay here with LH and I or go with *nods to James*

Mel: Stay here!

James: No she's coming with me

Don: Hmmm... *still looking over the suit* It shouldn't be too hard to come up with a similar design.

Angel: *nods and parks self on lab bench* I know right!? - when... when... I got a hold of it *looks down for a bit* I immediately though you could put it to good use

Mikey: Nope - sorry dude Melissa wants to stay here.

Don: *smiles* Thank you, Angel.

James: Well she can't she doesn't know anything

Mel: Don't wanna leave

Mikey: and you think you can take her with half a tonne of gator behind me?

Angel: hey your welcome Stretch - I am glad I could bring it home for you Wink it really is incredible work and I know you would do so much with it Wink

James: I'm her father so I can

Mel: *Shakes*

Mikey: *smirks and twirls his chucks* yeah and our dads our dad - whats your point Smile

Don: Mm-hmm.

Angel: did you want me to.... go - or put it back on and show you how it works whilst being worn? Smile

James: None of you are her family

Mel: Mikey don't make him mad

Mikey: he can get mad all he likes - won't change anything - you wish to stay here Smile

James: She's five years old she doesn't get that choice! *Goes to grab Mel*

Mel: *Whimpers*

Leatherhead: *lowers jaws - blocking grab but does not bite James - though the mouth is open to do so*

James: Don't even think about it or you will become boots!

Mel: *Backs away*

Leatherhead: >Smile try it human and you'll be a snack *curls tail around Mel*

James: And I can close your mouth and tape it shut Gators aren't that strong when it comes to opening their mouths

Mel: *Clings*

Don: *still misses Erica*

Leatherhead: Smile maybe but you'd have to get them closed first -

James: *Growls* You know she could be lying

Mel: Not lying

Angel: *smiles* your thinkin' about her huh?

Mikey: maybe - buuuuuuuuuut I prefer to be cautious and listen and be proven wrong than not listen like so many adults do and be proven right

James: She's just a little brat

Mel: Not a brat

Leatherhead: *scoops Mel up in his powerful jaws - gently and leaves -*

Mikey: Smile

James: *Goes to follow*

Mel: LH?

Don: Is it that obvious? *sighs* I should have known it was too good to be true.

Angel: a little bit yeah ... and it usually is - though I do know Sensei was right - she does love you three... a lot - I do know where her father took her though - he has no intention of letting her come back here

Mikey: *knocks James down* should try again another time Razz

Leatherhead: mmmmmm? *swimming swimming head held out of water*

James: *Is knocked down* You really think she gets a choice?

Mel: Where are we going?

Mikey: of course Very Happy

Leatherhead: *growls and opens mouth to shift Mel onto his back* my lair

Don: *sighs* Can I see her?

James: She's five to young to have choices

Mel: How come?

Angel: sure but I can't let her out - and we have to be careful, it's one of Bishops agents training facilities

Don: *nods* Lead the way. *gives her back her suit* ...After you're dressed. *looks away to give her some privacy*

Angel: *nods and slips it on* you both love her huh? * does up and pulls the hood on - it gives the suit it's name giving her face a skull like appearance* this way *voice slightly mechanical behind the hood and leads out*

Mikey: she's her own girl Smile I'd say she can make a choice

Leatherhead: well this way you are safe and not far from the turtles Wink *rumbles to make bubbles around him

James: You have no idea on how to be a parent

Mel: Okay LH

Mikey: I don't - don't have children yet, but I have an excellent father and can see a bad one when it passes my way

Leatherhead: *smiles and takes tunnels that let them have a few short slides for fun*

James: You have no clue then

Mel: *Giggles having fun*

Mikey: Very Happy hey dad is an awesome role model

Don: Yeah. *follows her*

James: *Shakes his head* She still shouldn't be here this is no place for a five year old

Angel: *leads on* wow - never knew it was... like that - I mean for her yes - but didn't know it about you... or Raph I guess... if he feels that way *pushes visor up so Don can hear her whisper and not the distorted version of the suit as they sneak away*

Mikey: it's not perfect no - but no place is Razz

James: She's not a mutant she's a human and doesn't belong here

Don: I honestly don't know how Raph feels about her. I just know he gets insanely jealous if anyone else is intimate with her.

Mikey: she's a being with feelings and she belongs where ever she is happy and feels safe *gestures* wanna sit?

Angel: .... sounds like any alpha male personality type - and like our Raph... *they sneak through by a tall fence* you worried he'll hurt her? *crouches and leaps over* hehehe and to think you guys clear that easily - I have to have a special suit on Razz

James: *Sits on the couch* She's still my daughter

Don: *keeps following her* I don't know.

Angel: *gestures for him to fall into the shadows - the suit bending light about it rendering her invisible* oh... down here, the dorms are down here... *leads to them* I was here for a short stint myself

Mikey: yep this is true - Wink *sits on couch arm away from James*

James: Then give her to me

Don: *goes with her, whispers* What for?

Angel: to learn Close Quarters Combat Wink I left though *she finds right window and pushes it up behind the bars that cover it* it's like a boot camp literally, but for Earth Protection Force not regular military - Erica!

Don: *nods and continues following her*

Mikey: nope sorry dude - she asked to stay here Smile she'll be safe as we can make it

James: And how are you going to give her a normal life?

Angel: *leads Donnie into the dorm - they sneak past rooms smaller then the average toilet - and have steel doors - but find Erica's cell ... she opens the barred panel*

Erica: *blinks and sits up, slowly - despite wanting to do it fast - soooooo sore from first day.*

Mikey: We're not - giving her an extraordinary one Razz

Angel: hey girl - *whispers cause she remembers how hard training is here*

James: And that includes school?

Erica: Angel? *hops off the cot and hurries to the open panel, fingers gripping bars to pull herself up and stand on tip toe - kinda short and the door panel is high*

Mikey: we home schooled Wink

James: You can home school a five year old?

Mikey: ooooh we started as soon as he began talking and walking - dad was all over it - teaching us english and japanese and ninjitsu

James: What about all the things a girl her age needs? You won't be able to give her those things

Don: Erica... *smiles*

Mikey: ..... how about not worrying what we can't give her - we manage - Wink

Angel: *smiles and steps aside so Don can access the panel*

Erica: O,o PrettyEyes - your here too? *grateful smile*

Don: *smiles* I'm here. What have you been up to? I missed you.

James: She needs to go home

Angel: *keeps an eye out*

Erica: ooooh *sniffles but grins and holds up a finger to signal one moment and draws over her trunk to stand on it* I ... dad sent me here... I missed you too Smile

Angel: *cringes, she knows what the first day is like in this place - brutal*

Don: Why did he do this to you?

Erica: *sighs* for my own good he said - and my fitness and school marks pass muster apparently... * these bars too narrow to reach through and touch either of them*

Mikey: she is home - this lair, Leatherheads - are homes to her if she chooses

Erica: because I refused to tell him, and Bishop all I have learned about yous... about Leatherhead... the portals... the little clones... the other mutants, Love, TC...

Don: I heard you had a doctor appointment. Um...did we hurt you at all?

James: And what if when she gets older that she decides to leave and go back to humanity? She won't be able to fit in

Mikey: course she will - we do alright socially even if we don't know many humans... April and Casey are awesome

Erica: I am fine - dad.... got suspicious and wanted to make sure my pills had not failed... and I had a full work up whilst there - but... I am fine I swear - passed with flying colors

James: You have no idea what you're doing

Erica: Mikey: nope - but it's never stopped me

James: You do realize she's not your child?

Mikey: yes.... I know and have been trying to make my own with my mate - but that could take a while Very Happy - but she trusts me Wink

James: Trusts you to be fun so she can be a troublemaker there's more to raising a child than just being fun

Don: *smiles, nodding* Good. I wish there was a way to get you out of here. This seems like a prison.

Mikey: Very Happy I am fun - and she gets disciplined if out of line - we all do , dad still does it to us Razz

James: What kind of discipline?

Erica: *smiles sadly* well I am not a walk in like some... I have been legally placed under the ward here.

Angel: *had been a walk in* oooooooo

Don: Is there anything I can do?

Angel: *shakes her head* not right now

Erica: I ... don't know - have not seen much of this place yet... just the training field

Don: How long are you supposed to be kept here?

James: How will you discipline her?

Mikey: well dad usually put us in the haashi when we do wrong... Very Happy

James: The haashi?

Erica: Dad didn't say - just said we'll see each other around whilst he is working....

Angel: *does a check to ensure no one else is awake or listening or coming their way*

Don: *frowns* That doesn't sound too promising.

Erica: no.... but ... it's preferable to what ever would have happened if I told all I knew - and .... Bishop used it

James: What is the haashi?

Mikey: where we are punished by being forced to push our bodies to their limits. It is hard and not desirable

James: And you will do that to her?

Mikey: only if she forces it to happen - the punishments change as we age and become stronger... it's meant to hurt be tough... and build strength of mind and focus

James: And you say my punishments are bad?

Mikey: well it's not get drunk and smash each other - it's meant to build us and character

James: Sure it is she will be scared of you like she's scared of me

Mikey: Smile doubt it

Don: Like what?

Angel: Bishop, blueh

Erica: I don't know... but I couldn't risk you PrettyEyes or BigRed or BlueBeau... or the others

Angel: but wont your dad just tell em?

Erica: no cause I didn't tell him anything either - that why I am here... for my own good

Don: We need to get you out of here.

Erica: *rests forehead against bars* maybe

Angel: it's impossible - I only got out by fleeing my first assignment - and that was in Russia! - they think Natasha KIA

Erica: Not if it puts yous at risk - no way

Don: I'll find a way.

Angel: *checks her visor again* Don we must go

Erica: it'll be okay PrettyEyes - maybe a portal will let me out some time? *waves fingers through the bars*

Angel: *grasps fingers* maybe Smile love you girl - see you soon Wink Come on Donnie *moves away*

Don: *sighs* We'll come back for you. I promise. *blows her a kiss then heaves with Angel*

Kitteh: leaves** lol

Erica: hehehe ooooooo

Kitteh: Wtf? Those two weren't even close together! O.o

Erica: *blows kiss back and waves*

Erica: hehehehe I know and thats funneh Razz

Kitteh: Razz

Angel: *leads away* Raph's going to want to come see her here too huh? *has to sneak them out* what do you think we can do?'

Erica: hehehe boot camp - and that was funny Very Happy

Don: *tries to get a glimpse of the setup of the place* I'll think of something.

Erica: nearly choked on my dinner reading that - and thought whoa Don - not the best time for that Razz

Kitteh: LOL

Angel: Wink well maybe the suit will help ...

Kitteh: Seriously...they are three keys apart. O.o

Kitteh: Maybe Don's trying to tell me something. Wink

Erica: bwhahahaha

Erica: subliminal messaging? Razz

Kitteh: Don IS a bit horny. Wink He misses Erica.

Erica: guess Angel would go for it Wink

Kitteh: lol

Erica: poor guy cock blocked by a jealous bro and a way over protective dad Razz

Don: -_- Don't remind me.

Erica: *pats pats* sorry

Angel: Smile I was planning on seeing you in the main game anyways to bring you a similar suit and annouce I am home Razz

Don: It's just when I thought I was finally with someone and they didn't run away screaming, something goes awry and ruins it. Although, actually it is my fault for falling for her in the first place when she was clearly with my brother already. *shrugs* -_-

Erica: she'd hug you right now but she's on lock down Razz

Kitteh: Dawwww

Angel: *rubs his head* nawwww thats the way it goes sometimes Stretch... come on - *get them out of their fast*

Don: Even WHEN she gets out, Raph will have her. *follows her*

Angel: thats if she - yeah no she'll get out ... will he? *sneaking them away quick* and I get to tell you the same thing I told KN Raph - just means some other sexy bombshell will have a chance at snagging your tail Razz
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Portal Hopping Pt. 1 - 10 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Portal Hopping Pt. 1 - 10   Portal Hopping Pt. 1 - 10 EmptyMon Aug 08, 2016 2:02 pm

Pt. 7

Previously on Portal Hopping;

Erica: she'd hug you right now but she's on lock down Razz

Kitteh: Dawwww

Angel: *rubs his head* nawwww thats the way it goes sometimes Stretch... come on - *get them out of their fast*

Don: Even WHEN she gets out, Raph will have her. *follows her*

Angel: thats if she - yeah no she'll get out ... will he? *sneaking them away quick* and I get to tell you the same thing I told KN Raph - just means some other sexy bombshell will have a chance at snagging your tail Razz


Mikey ewwwwwwww

Espionata: Eww

Mikey dude needs to lay off the pizzas

Mikko: indeed

Mikey and join a gym Razz

Mikko: and put some cloths on?

Mikey yes indeed - definitely

Kitteh: Omg...dude's not even wearing underwear, is he?

Erica: Very Happy

Mikko: nope

Erica: not its all hanging free Razz

Kitteh: He's a Peter Griffin! Razz

Mikko: lol

Mikko: worse then that

Mel: *Looks around nervous*

Mikey at least ours can be tucked away...

Mikko: like a little present

Don: Yeah, no kidding.

Mikey and far more impressive Razz

Mel: Mikey is he here?

Don: *wonders if Erica will be around today*

Mikey *tosses balled up paper at Don - bouncing it off his shell* hehehehe

Mel: Good he's scary

James: *Slips in*

Mikey *scoops Mel to sit on his plastron - is lounging on couch* hehehe *throws another balled up paper ball at Don*

Love: *dances around ass in the air*

Mel: *Snuggles close* I don't like him Mikey

James: *Is drinking a beer*

Love: *smacks James* no beer for you!

Mikey *grins* I don't know... Was fun annoying him Razz *churrs and nuzzles... Gives Mel his textures so she can draw on his plastron*

James: Why not?

Mel: *Draws happily*

Leatherhead: *lounging in sun... Watching butt shaking with interest*

Hank: :->?

Don: *tries to ignore his little brother's antics*

Love: you drink too much. no more.

James: It's one beer cat >?<

Love: one for now. *leaves and slides over to Don*

Mikey *grins and knows... Throws another ball at Don * oooooh tech shot - five points!

James: *Goes to Mikey* You have my daughter

Mel: *Shrinks back*

Don: *growls, getting really annoyed now*

Hank: :->? :->?

Mikey: Smile hehehe *Don won't do nothing with Mel on him Razz * hehehe *tosses another ball*

Don: *want to bet, Mikey?*

Love: *pulls Don away and sexes him up*

Don: O.o

James: Give me my daughter turtle

Mel: No!

Mikey woooo go Don!

Mel: Mikey he won't leave

James: *Grabs at Mel*

Mikey *lazily swats away the man* meh! Come on dude ! Chill! Lazy day!

James: I'm taking her home turtle

Hank: *grins and relaxes - still looking smug*

Mel: Don't wanna

Mikey *growls* names Michelangelo - and I said no! *waiting for another Brother to throw paper balls at*

James: And why not?

Mel: *Shakes*

Leo: *rushes James and knocks him down*

Mikey: cause it's lazy day! *throws paper ball at him,* forehead! Hehehe fifty points!

James: *Is knocked down* Hey!

Mel: Leo?

Mikey woooo full front take down! Hundred points! *throws a ball at Leo*

Hank: another turtle!

Leo: *catches ball and throws it back* SCORE!

James: *Gets up and looks at Hank* I could use some help they want to keep my daughter down here

Mel: I wanna stay

Hank: I sent mine to military Razz

Mikey *ball bounces off head* oy! Hehehe *throws another*

James: Obviously mine is to young and thinks she has a choice

Leo: *throws beach ball at Mike's head*

Hank: :->?

Mel: This is my home

Mikey *snorts and laughs, and whacks ball back at Leo* Razz be faster bro!

Leo: *steals one of Don's bo staffs and bats it back*

Mikey *hugs Mel and uses chuck to hit ball back* bring it on bro!

Mel: So I get to stay Mikey?

Leo: *swings again missing the ball and hitting James in the head*

James: *Growls angry*

Don: Hey!

Mikey *laughing at that*

Ally: *snugs Mikey! She missed him last night!*

Hank: :->?

Mikey *happy squeal - yep girlie one... Snugs Ally and licks her*

Ally: ^^ <3

James: *Goes to grab Mel with Mikey distracted*

Mel: *Runs*

Mikey *snogs Ally, pinning James to wall*

Ally: *tugs Mikey off to a private place.. because she wants him all to herself for once, dangit!*

Mikey *is dragged off happily!*

Leatherhead: Mel.... Come here Wink

Mel: *Goes to LH*

James: *Is pinned*

Mikey: *thoroughly making up for lost time *

Mel: LH that man won't leave

Ally: ^^ *snuggles and kisses and stroookes his vute widdle tail*

Mikey: *beast mode activated! - puts tongue to work!*

Hank: if your daughter was fourteen and over James I'd say send her to the academy where I sent mine Razz

Ally: *purrs and screams and moans*

James: No what she needs is some good old fashioned discipline even if she's scared of me

Tiphanny: *comes running in* AND THE HATERS GONNA HATE HATE HATE HATE AND THE something something....*ruuns off*

Mikko: naked Tiph for Don
Mikko: heres a better pic

Hank: I only struck my daughter once..l will never again, this way she is finishing education, and away from turtles

James: I strike my daughter a lot

Mel: And I hate you!

Love: I'll strike you a lot!

James: You better not cat

Love: *scratches him across the face*

Hank: >?,< I did and a giant red wearing turtle almost slit my throat.. *glances about to make sure he ain't here*

James: *Whacks Love* Well she's my daughter and I don't care if it hurts or scares her

Mel: You're not a daddy!

Love: oh I know you just did not! *takes off jewels then guts him*

James: DX

Mel: Love?

Love: ^^ yes?

Leatherhead: *happy growl*

Mel: Why did you do that?

Love: he had it coming

Mel: For hitting you?

Love: no one hits me

Hank: *has to agree, as mad as he is his daughter has been sleeping with Turtles he really did not mean to smack his daughter and only did it once* ... *still smug*

Mel: But you scratched him

Love: he said he hits you

Mel: Yeah he does Sad

Love: and now he wont

Mel: Good now I can stay here ^^

Hank: *pets Love* I only struck my own once in her whole life

Love: purrrrrrrs then you are forgiven...this time

Mel: *Looks at Hank* You mean that?

Hank: Smile thanks... I sent her away instead, no more nookying around here *rubs rubs*

Mel: So not all grown ups hit?

Love: ^^ *happy kitty*

Hank: *smiles and pat pats*

Mel: So you won't hit ever again?

Hank: not my daughter or my mother n law or if I am fortunate again to have a wife once more or her Smile

Mel: He hit me a lot when Mama died

Don: Sad *wants Erica back*

Hank: *smirks at Don*

Don: Why are you doing this?

Hank: Smile for her own good, girl has schooling to finish and a career to make, not be here ... Just looking out for her future

Mel: Doesn't feel like it. Are you gonna make me leave too?

Don: * won't last much longer anyway since she will be with Raph* -_- And what does she want to do? Did she want this...or was this what you wanted?

Hank: >?,< that mutant.... Ah I am sure she will be happy there, eventually.

Love: of course he is! *can read minds* Raph can't stand to be with another mutant. he has a human fetish

Mel: *Hits Hank* Let Erica come back!

Love: looks like I have to gut hank too

Hank: hey she is fine! and she will enjoy it eventually .... *smug smug*

Mel: *Uses puppy eyes* But we miss her Sad

Love: *runs her nails across Hanks face* I know many ways to torture a man

Hank: * ducks away from claws* she must stay away...

Don: Why? We're not going to hurt her.

Love: *bites*

Don: Why don't you believe me?

Mel: *Cries* But we miss her

Hank: ah! *knocks cat away drawing his gun* it's better this way mutant...

Don: My name is Donatello, and better for whom?

Mikko: *puts gun to the back of Hank's head* drop it.

Mel: Please we want her back

Don: *don't say I never did anything for your, Raph*

Hank: *feels gun and lowers his own* I recall your name and better for her

Don: Don't you think she's old enough to make her own decisions?

Mel: Grown ups say that but don't mean it!

Mikko: ok now bring your kid home

Hank: yes she is... And no... Whom ever you are

Don: Then why are you really doing this?

Mikko: *cocks the gun* if yer dead she'll have to come back to identify the body

Mel: Mikko no

Hank: *close quarters combat! Strikes Mikko and snatches her gun unloading it and dropping it aside* ... *looks at Don* for her....

Don: *is getting really fed up with Hank not letting Erica think for herself* I don't believe you.

Mel: *Uses a portal to find Erica*

Don: Did it ever occur to you that maybe she would be safer with us than she is wherever you sent her? than where she is wherever

Mikko: bitch I'm a ninja. you can't do that. *kicks his ass*

Don: *didn't want this to resort to violence* >?.<

Hank: O,o * has not fought a ninja for a long time, swaps blows with her, his mostly defensive*

Mel: *Looks for Erica using portals*

Leo: *tosses Mikko his sword*

Mikko: *swings weapon*

Hank: oh she seems safe alright! *dodging away from Mikko*..... Ahhh! *runs away*

Leatherhead: *misses his best friend too* .... *pouty*

Angel: Mel! *chases her....* oh hey Leo! *hugs him on the way past*

Leo: O.O *hugs*

Don: You have her in a prison. How is that safer than with us?

Mel: *Jumps into portal*

Angel: nice to see you Wink *lets go and chases Mel*

Mel: *Looks around*

Hank: *sticks head out from spot where he is crouched with his guns out* it's a boot camp for the best! She will thrive! And it's good for her!

Raph: *enough of this bullshit! Slips up behind Hanks and -pressure points!*

Hank: ACK! *flops over*

Mel: *Jumps into another portal* Erica!

Angel: did you not learn the hard way portals are bad!? *chasing Mel*

Raph: *big cocky grin and looks at Angel* You said you knew where Erica's at.. show me.

Mel: *Goes through another portal*

Angel: *grabs Mel and looks at Raph* okay... Mel stay here with... LH *hands her over*

Mel: Why?

Angel: *changes into skull suit* alright follow me!

Raph: *follows*

Hank: *cant move*

Angel: *grins and leads away*

Mel: *Glares at Hank* You're as bad as the bad man

Hank: *still can't move! Drooling!*

James: *Comes back and takes Mel*

Mel: Hey!

Leatherhead: *snatches back* grrrrrrr

Mel: LH

James: Let her go!

Leatherhead: *growls*

Victoria: *sucks James dry!*

Angel: *leads Raph to high fenced compound... They have o be extra stealthy as its day time and people moving about*

James: *Isn't a mutant* DX

Mel: He won't leave me alone Sad

Victoria: *does not care. His blood taste like ass... but gotta get rid of him somehow. will vomit it up later*

Raph: *still following, keeping to shadows as much as possible.. but will just go all psycho on 'em if he has to*

Angel: chill big guy, we can't spring her, just visit Razz

Mel: LH can't you eat him?

Leatherhead: I do not make a habit of eating humans

Mel: How come?

Raph: I didn't come here just to visit.. we're gettin' 'er out

Leatherhead: it's a bad habit Razz

Mel: Okay *Snuggles close* I wanna stay here

Angel: only if you want her dead - just visit.... Come on this way... *leads him away to the cross country tracks where new cadets are running the course with heavy packs*

Mel: Mikey?

Angel: *they did not find her, buut managed to get some pics off security locks for Don*

Mikey: hmm?

Mel: So I get to stay here and do what I want?

Mikey: not do what you want but you can stay Wink

Mel: How come I can't do what I want?

Mikey: cause that's just the way it is sometime Razz

Mel: Not fair >?<

Angel: *goes looking for Don* oy Stretch! Where are you?

Mikey: nope but that's just the way it is Razz

Mel: So I have to eat veggies?

Don: I'm here.

Angel: hi! Smile no news didn't see Erica today - but got some piccies for you Wink

Mel: I don't wanna eat veggies! *Throws a tantrum*

Mikey: o,o yeah? Well I didn't offer any! *chuckles and let's her wear herself out*

Mel: *Wears herself out and pants* I'm hungry

Don: Oh? What happened to her dad?

Mikey: me too!

Angel: I am not sure - he left here though.... Soon as he could move ... *gives him her phone* yeah some pics of the security systems - don't kno wid it helps...

Mel: I want cookies *Should be eating healthy stuff hasn't*

Don: *takes the phone and glances through the pictures* Hmmm..

Angel: only the fences - Raph and I didn't go in - people out side today Wink

Mel: Mikey I want cookies *Shouldn't be eating cookies has been living on them lately*

Mikey: nope sorry Mel - none on us today Very Happy

Mel: Then ice cream

Mikey: nope none on us Very Happy

Mel: Then what?

Mikey: mmmm I could warm us up some mac and cheese Very Happy

Mel: Okay ^^

Mikey: Wink *picks her up and takes to kitchen

Mel: *Holds on*

Mel: Hungry ^^

Mikey: I know - making mac Very Happy

Mel: So do I have to go to school?

Don: *sighs* We have to get her out of there, Angel. I know she doesn't want to be there.

Master Splinter: what is this my son ?

Mikey: well.... you should - maybe April and Casey can help Wink

Mel: No way I like playing more ^^

Mikey: Razz so do I but too bad

Mel: But Mikey

Mikey: nope - must learn!

Mel: How come?

Angel: well her father can pull her out - but he wont .... she could always fake death like I did under my false name Razz but that could back fire Razz

TC: cause cubs must learn Razz

Mel: I don't wanna

TC: got to Smile .

Mel: Why?

TC: cause you make friends and get to finger paint and stuff Razz

Mel: No way bad man is out there. Hungry Mikey

Don: O.o Fake her death?

Master Splinter: *so out of the loop*

Angel: Very Happy thats how I got out - but I was on my first field excursion Razz

Don: ...I don't know. *frowns, not liking that idea*

Master Splinter: what are you two planning?

Mikey: *places bowl of mac down for Mel to have - it's nice a warm and not too hot*

Don: We need to get Erica out of that prison her father put her in.

Mel: *Eats the mac and cheese happily* ^^

Angel: Well I'm alive Smile they just think Natasha - as I was known as there - isn't Very Happy she went down in a grenade attack as far as they know Razz if Erica is as good as I was they ship her off on her first field trip soon as too - where ever civil unrest is

Don: *doesn't like this at all* She doesn't belong out there.

Master Splinter: where?

Mikey: *smiles and - shock horror! - cleans up his mess*

Mel: *Giggles* Ice cream now? *Is done eating*

Angel: its ..... sweet sweet you care so much Stretch....

Mikey: fine Smile I may have a little left *cleans and refills bowl with some ice cream*

Mel: Thank you Mikey *Eats ice cream* ^^

Mikey: Very Happy your welcome Very Happy

Mel: *Hugs him* Love you ^^

Mikey: nawww lovs you too *snug*

Mel: Can we play?

Mikey: yeah sure - what are we going to play though Very Happy

Mel: Tag!

Mikey: then you better run Very Happy

Don: I do. I care very much about her. And seeing her thrown into danger like that...

Mel: *Runs* XD

Mikey: *chases*

MMErica: *had been running away from sexy bathtub scene - slips out of portal and looks around*

Angel: nawwwwwwwww.... *light peck to Don's cheek and nods* and girl aint as tough as I am - *sees other Erica* O,o

Mel: *Keeps running accidently crashing into Mikey's video game collection* DX

Mikey: ooooh dear.... *picks Mel up and checks her over*

Mel: Oops ^^;

Don: *also sees another Erica* O.o

Mikey: yeah - *nuzzles*

MMErica: *smiles and waves*

Mel: *Snuggles close tired*

Angel: oooooooooo that was unexpected - *drags Don over* your the other one right?

MMErica: other one?

Don: *is dragged* You're...Erica, right?

MMErica: O,o whoa *much bigger then the Don she is used to* yes I am.

Don: *can't help but stare*

Angel: *walks around her* huh a bit darker skin tone than ours - guess you don't spend so much time under ground with a mutant gator

Mel: *Yawns*

MMErica: *blushes a little at staring* ;Wink and no

Mikey: aaaaa *snugs and churrs - watching his brother, Angel and other Erica*

Mel: Don't wanna sleep

Mikey: *grins and parks them on couch* then don't Razz we watch Amazing World of Gumball

Mel: That show is weird Oo I like My Little Pony ^^

Master Splinter: *watching*

Mikey: *chuckles* its on next

Mel: Okay with Rainbow Dash ^^

MMErica: *feels a bit self concious and wishes she'd worn more than her sports crop top and capoeira shorts

TC: meh I prefer my ITJ one *lounging about icking self clean - cause he's a cat and all*

Mel: *Starts to fall asleep*

Mikey: *chur chur*

Mel: *Falls asleep*

Mikey: *smiles and takes her to his room where Ally is tucked away already and tucks her in too - with them both*

Mel: *Snores in sleep*

Angel: oooooh I need to check something! *sooooooooooooooooooooo subtly*

MMErica: *blinks watching Angel - disappear*

Don: O.o *watches Angel run off then looks back at mmErica* Hi... Smile *shyly*

MMErica: *sweet smile - flicking hair off her shoulder* hello - Donatello.

Don: Yep, that's me. *nods, smiling* Where did you come from?

MMErica: a portal - was running away from a .... porno set I think and fell down it Smile *blush blush - bit more out doorsy then their Erica so a bit browner* wow - you are.... taller than our Donatello there Smile

Don: *nods* Yeah. So I've been told. You're...not afraid of me, are you? *wants to make sure*

MMErica: Smile you guys sure eat your brussel sprouts here, your all bigger than ours - though smaller than the nasty visitors *blinks* no I am not afraid Smile you Donatellos are sweet and kind

Don: *smiles, glad to hear that* Thanks.

MMErica: your welcome - though it's true, Smile *almost touches some random tech stuff on him - reminds herself of manners and lowers hand* ... all this looks impressive - what is it?

Don: *wouldn't mind if she did* It's my tech pack.

MMErica: ooooh - sweet - you build it all like our Don does? may I? *makes gesture to touch*

Don: *smiles, nodding* Sure.

MMErica: thanks Smile *fingers play over something she is not sure what on his plastron strap - occasionally brushing his skin* fascinating Smile *has to step closer and on tiptoes to see more*

Don: *feels a slight shiver at her touch -- not at all a bad feeling though*

MMErica: *smiles - blushes a little* sorry - are you ticklish? *another stroke of fingers*
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Portal Hopping Pt. 1 - 10 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Portal Hopping Pt. 1 - 10   Portal Hopping Pt. 1 - 10 EmptyMon Aug 08, 2016 2:03 pm

P.t 8

Previously on Portal Hopping;

MMErica: ooooh - sweet - you build it all like our Don does? may I? *makes gesture to touch*

Don: *smiles, nodding* Sure.

MMErica: thanks Smile *fingers play over something she is not sure what on his plastron strap - occasionally brushing his skin* fascinating Smile *has to step closer and on tiptoes to see more*

Don: *feels a slight shiver at her touch -- not at all a bad feeling though*

MMErica: *smiles - blushes a little* sorry - are you ticklish? *another stroke of fingers*


Shaya: I got my shoes and ready to Search

April: Awesome! *is also ready* we must find answers - crazy is crazy and chatzy has been crazy Razz

Shaya: What have I missed? mmErica flirting with Donnie...

April: yeah well we met Erica's dad - you did too - he don't like mutants - at all, took our Erica away and James Mel's father has been about

Shaya: Dad infestation

April: it has been - even Splinter has been about and Raph's done sharing our Erica - I think he's making her his mate - whenever we get her back Razz and portal hopping - big mean turtles - I think you saw em briefly Razz

Shaya: Is she safe? Don't make me go Momma bear. Razz

April: I don't know - Raphw as teasing her father Hank and it made him worried, he had her examined by a doctor and - we have not seen her since

Shaya: I've been busy. I miss everyone.

April: *hugs* love that you care - and LH been missing you Razz

Shaya: Okay. Still worried

April: I know - but Angel, Don and Raph might bring her back Wink

April: also rumours Leo might actually be gay - though not sure how substantiated that is... a mutant vampire girl has been about Smile aaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnd I met mmDon whom is all sorts of adorable and totally head over shell for the April over there - he keeps comign to me for advice on it Razz

Shaya: how cute! Leo is gay? The vampire girl Vicky?

April: yeah Wink it's been shenanigans all over - well not sure, that might have been a joke but whichever - as long as he is happy :)and indeed nawwwwwwwwwww it is so cute - he blushes and looks all shy and stuff - hehehe he really needs to just come out and tell that April Razz if she doesn't already know Very Happy

Shaya: I wonder too. From what I've seen he doesn't hide it well

April: oh he's hopeless - I know he may even carry that crush over here to me too - but she's his number one Wink

Shaya: i think if he has acrush he should say something. If not she may have to hit him over the head and tell him her feelings.

April: thats what I keep sayin Very Happy

Shaya: sounds like she isn't around often enough either.

April: yeah but he understands human life does that Wink

Shaya: Does he know how much that April cares for him? IDK.

April: of course Very Happy but he has told me he's too scared to push it.... you know does'nt want to ruin the friendship Wink

Shaya: That nerd!

April: I know right!! Smile some guys you just want to snog them senseless! Razz

Shaya: I finally got one of those! Which I can see why you Snog Casey senseless.

April: I do - he is pretty awesome - oooooh and tell me about it! *girl talk!* give me the goss - is he a great smooocher?

Shaya: Well, he is a passionate person. You know I'm a sucker for tall, smart guys. I got one.

April: ooooooooooooooooo give me more Wink and he is good to you Very Happy

Shaya: So far, he has been amazing. He has been so respectful. He has let me lead so far. The kissing needs more practice *blush* height difference and all.

April: wow - how much taller ? and bah as long as you enjoy it there will be plenty of practice Very Happy

Shaya: He is a giant. Well over a foot. *blush* :">?

April: oooooooooooooooo *shivers and blushes* bet it's fun though Razz

Shaya: I thought I would play the field for a bit but... I found him instead.

April: oy do I know that feeling? like Casey - we seem an odd fit... but I love the dude

Shaya:I'm worried that we don't fit. He is so wonderful so far.

April: nawwww girl you know if you'll fit - could always throw questions at me in my naughty question thread Razz or just throw them at me here Very Happy if you wish too Wink

Shaya: oh my. APRIL!

April: ? what ? Razz

Shaya: How do you put up with this pack of people most days?

April: Very Happy I love em - well most of em.... Wink even if they are insane at times Razz


Mikey: absolutely! Very Happy

Mel: Oo

Randal: ooooh Liar Liar pants on fire!! *dance too*

Mikko: *tickles the little one*

Mel: Randal XD

Randal: *squeaks and squirms cackling*

Bax: I see everyone thinks so highly of me -_- WORSHIP ME!!!!!!!

Mikey: bwhahahaa you nimrod Casey Razz

Kitteh: He was gullible.

Leo: am not!

Mikey: are too! Razz

Kitteh: No, Leo -- you just threatened April when she found out about you guys. Razz

Kitteh: Not cool, dude.

Espionata: lol

Leo: she looked threatening

April: *best scary face* you bet I did Razz

Mikey: no she was hot and made my shell tighten Wink

Leo: AH! see!?

April: *turns Leo's bandana so his eyes are covered by cloth* Razz yes evil evil Wink

Lwo: heeeeeeeeey!

Mikko: his name is Lwo now

Mikko: respect it

Mikey: cause he gets LOW?

Mel: Huh?

Mikko: low low low low low

Erica: hehehe

Erica: *lets rest of her characters out of rooms*

Mel: *Has made a mess with Mikey's game collection trying to find one to play but can't read*

Mikey: *put away all adult and violent games*

Mel: *Can't find anything to play*

Mikey: *theres plenty of games*

Mel: Mikey there's nothing to play

Erica: *throws skittles about*

Erica: Randal: *chases Skittles*

Erica: *throws underwear about*

Mikko: Raph! you followed me home!

Mel: Where's Erica

Raph: -.- Did not.

Mikko: *smooches his cheek*

Raph: -.-

Mel: I want her back

Hank: :->?

Don: *glares at Hank*

Mikko: *gets naked*

Mel: *Kicks Hank and hits him* Bring Erica back asshole!

Don: O.o Mel!

Hank: *smug smug smug - ignores lil girl*

Mel: What?

Mikko: *bounces boobs * weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Hank: O,o *boobies!*.... Um... *looks at feet*

Mikey: *covers eyes before he stares*

Randal: Milk!? *points*

Mikko: no milk. *rubs all over Gabe*

Mel: Eww

Don: Please, sir. Where is she?

Mel: Big brother he's just an asshole he won't tell

Randal: *does not understand and watches*

Hank: *ignores - stunned by boobies*

Don: Language, Mel. You're five.

Mel: Aww but big brother

Don: No "buts". Don't say those words, okay? And don't hit him, either.

James: This is why you hit her she listens then >?>?

Mel: Aww how come?

Mikey: >Very Happy soooooo it will work if I hit you?

Don: *eyes narrow at James* I don't know who you are, but we do not hit others at her age.

James: Her father that's who And no it won't

Randal: *skittles' - and puts on some bras pretending it's muscles*

Mel: He's a bad man

Hank: *cleaning his weapons*

James: I don't know why you don't want me to have my daughter

Mel: You're a bad man

Mikko: *runs around high on something*

Shaya: *startled coughing

Mikko: does Hank run around inside boxes?

Erica: bwhahaha

Espionata: lol

Randal: *chases dressed in assortment of underwear and eating skittles he found*

Mikko: lol

Erica: lol! Yes - yes he does! Very Happy

Espionata: lol

Hank: *smug - then blushes cause nude woman running about*

Angel: *has been naughty* O:-)

James: *Goes to grab Mel to take her home*

Mel: No! *Runs*

Don: *waves his hand in front of Hank's face* I asked you a question.

Hank: ooooh yes... Um I guess she's at the camp

Don: And when is some coming back?

Raph: X-( *shoves Hank against the wall* And yer gonna go get her out now, right???

Leatherhead: *rumbles* I might actually feel like eating a human.... If doing so wouldn't cause indigestion Razz *hugs Mel*

Love: I'll eat him!

Hank: ack! *breath wheezes out -* no

Mel: *Snuggles close*

James: You better not eat me!

LH: *ignores and goes to sit with Shaya*

Mel: This is better ^^

James: *Growls in anger*

Mikko: Mikey needs A dance on!

Mikey: *finds a postage stamp...* too small!

Hank: *raises hands and squirts Raph in snout bear spray*

Raph: O.o *fingers gripping the punk's neck, sneezes mutant goo all over his face*

Hank: *twists away and going into soldier mode disappears*

Mikko: HANK'S IN THE BOX!!!!!! it'll have a big exclamation point on top of it

James: *Grabs Mel when LH is distracted*

Mel: DX

LH: *slaps dude away with tail*

James: *Is slapped away but doesn't let Mel go*

Mel: Let go!

Mikey: *steals her and skips away*

Mel: *Holds on*

James: *Gives chase* Give me my daughter!

Hank: *pops out of random box - peanuts on head*

Lexi: *tickles Laz*

Laz: noooooooo tickles!

Lexi: >Smile *tickles him mercilessly*

Laz: EEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeee?eeeeeeeeeeeek! *wiggles out of his cloths*

Lexi: Hawt damn! O.O :-X *drags him off to naughtyville*

Laz: *bow chicka bow wow*

Hank: *staying out of reach of big turtles* Razz

James: *Chasing Mikey* Give her to me!

Mel: Mikey bad man is an asshole

Mikey: *singing show tunes and skipping away*

James: Give the little brat to me turtle!

Mel: He won't stop Mikey

Angel: *sneaking about*

Raph: *tackle hugs her*

Angel: ack! RedT! Very Happy I was sneaking away to see .... *whispers* E

Raph: Then I'll sneak with ya.

James: *Attacks Mikey*

Mel: No!

Mikey: *dodges and hop, skips and jumps away*

Angel: Wink can't do that hugging *snugs and lets go -* hehehe Razz

James: *Keeps attacking*

Mel: Why won't he stop?

Mikey: *dodges behind Donnie*

James: Fight like a man!

Mel: Go away!

Mikey: if I did that dude I'd break you - sides I'm a mutant Razz

Angel: *sneaking sneaking*

James: Yet you're man enough to kidnap a five year old!

Mel: Sad

Love: *pounces on Angel*

Angel: Ack! *seriously!* Love we sneaking out to see E

Love: is that a drug?

Angel: *looks about for Hank* no Erica Razz you know E?

Love: oooooooh ok *sneaks with*

Angel: *now has a cat and turtle tag a long*

Leo: *sneaks with*

Angel: *oh for the love of - LOVE!* fine but silent - ninjas.... *leads them away

Mikey: *growls and puts Mel down near Leatherhead stepping towards James with chucks out* yeah then lets do it

James: *Attacks Mikey*

Mel: Oh no

Mikey: *is ninja - kicks foolish man aside* You know I'd let her go home if I wasn't worried about her safety

Kitteh: lol

James: That's rich coming from a mutant who kidnapped her! *Attacks again*

Mel: Mikey is mad Oo

Angel: *leads leads* annnnnnnnd *at compound and makes her group duck into bushes*

Mikko: group: *ducks in bushes*

Angel: ah there she is *points out E in cadet uniform*

Erica: E!

Erica: ET!

Erica: phone home!

Love: lets rush her!

Don: *wanted to come along* >?.<

Raph: *slams into the gates!*

*player - dumps Donnie in bushes with group*

Raph: *wishes that fuckin' Rhino was here to smash 'em down*

*alarms sound and bullets start pinging their way*

Don: ^^ *goes with them*

MH: *trots along an bombs the hell out of the gates, firing rounds at those stupid enough to shoot at them*

*random cadets!* FREEDOM! *all race for opening*

Love: FREEDOM!!!!!!!

Erica: I could so image Love doing that Razz crowd of cadets racing past so she joins them shouting with them Razz

Kitteh: lol

Erica: LOVE? *had been racing out - now skids to a stop and stares - *

Raph: *snatches Erica up and shields her from gunfire.. rushes to safety. For once, thankful for that damn klutzy robot*

MH: ^^ *lights some asses up!*

James: *Keeps attacking Mikey* Give me my daughter!

Angel: lets book! *chases after Raph*

Erica: Red?! *was certain she'd been imagining the sight of Love! - hangs on*

*higher ups try capturing Don and Leo*

Mikko: group: *run out*

*and that dang robot*

Mikey: *lazily fighting back - doe snot really want to hurt James - but certainly leaving some bruises*

Don: *defends himself with his stick*


Erica: LMAO his stick!

Kitteh: LOL Razz

Erica: sorry -

Don: >?.< Not like that.

Mikko: bow chicka bow wow

Erica: hehehhee

Erica: yeah my mind immediately wnet Don! sooooo no tthe time! Razz

Rogue: lool, poor Donnie

Erica: I think I am a permanent resident of Gutterville

Don: -_- You sickos!

*commandos shooting tranqs at Don*

Don: Behind closed doors is the only way you see THAT stick. -_-

James: *Keeps fighting* I will tell someone about you turtles!

Don: *deflects what he can with his bo staff*

Mikey: Very Happy and no one will believe.... like fairies Razz

James: I will tell everyone and I will have proof! *Fights even though he isn't doing much*

Mel: No you can't tell!

Mikey: what proof? *steals dudes phone*

James: *Growls and keeps attacking*

*numbers slowly overwhelming Donnie*

Mel: Mikey he won't stop Sad

Don: *needs to get out of there* A little help, guys? -_-

Love: *saves Don*

Angel: *jumps in to help* hey MetalHead - some help here - they all have undies!

Mikey: *ties James up and sits on a random box*

Hank: *inside box*

James: *Struggles* Give me my daughter turtle!

Mel: No!

Erica: hehhehe why did I have the mental image of Metal Head totally trashing the compound to get at everyones undies? spewing up stomach fulls in colorful confetti - and Leo having found the tanks and giggling as he blows up buildings.... bmy imagination is weird Razz

MH: *oooh, dessert! charges in, bombing and cannon fire and rounds blasting to save his creator... and snack on the fallens and injured and still standings undies! Wedgie time~*

Erica: *closed eyes - has no idea how things are going*

Mikey: *farts*

James: DX

Mel: Eww Mikey DX

Mikey: Very Happy

Hank: *suffocating in box*

Kitteh: lol

Kitteh: Noxious fumes! Razz

Angel: *running away with Donnie from chaos*

Erica: Up the Pong!!

Don: *is a little worse for wear but still able to get away*

James: Gross >?<

Mel: Mikey that stinks

Angel: *hops they'll find Raph - for now - stops them* Don are you badly hurt? *checks him over*

Don: I'm fine. *cuts and bruises all over but otherwise okay*

Angel: *ignores him and checks him over*

Mikey: hehhee pepperoni Razz

Don: I'm...I'm fine. Really.

Angel: *sighs - hand been totally feeling him up checking all over - realizes this and looks apologetic* sorry about that - just worried is all, Smile glad your okay Stretch...

Kitteh: Does Angel have a crush on him? Wink

James: You can't take care of a child

Mel: No they're taking good of me!

Erica: mmmmmmmmmmm I have no idea - girl is a mystery to me -

Don: It's okay. Can we go now? And is Erica alright?

Erica: but hey she was worried Smile

Kitteh: Wink

Angel: I have no idea - RedT took off with her *totally is making moves on Stretch Razz - shhhhhhhhhh don't tell player*

Don: Did everyone make it out okay?

Angel: ummmm Leo was making off in a tank - I think he'll be okay....

*random tank in distance rolling away*

Don: *blinks* A tank??

Angel: and MH is busy bearing the butts of every one and then airing the dirty laundry for the world to see... and yes a tank - Love ran away with the cadets

Erica: *blinks* BigRed?

Mikey: yep of course - aside from stinking you out Razz

Raph: *finally gets Erica to safety and checks her over* You okay? *was in a panic and has no ideas that his brothers tagged along*

MH: ^^ *buuuuurp*

Erica: Razz underwear shower!!!

Rogue: hehe

Espionata: lol

Erica: forget the song it's raining men - it's raining panties! *boxers, briefs and thongs - bras too*

James: You take care of a child try when she doesn't listen

Rogue: bwhahahha

Mel: I don't have to listen to anyone

Erica: I.... *squeaks a little as big hands check her over - she does have bruises from training* fine!... *catches hands* I'm fine...

Mikey: hehehe she tried a tantrum - didn't help things much, she wore herself out Razz

James: Try to get her to eat veggies

Mel: No veggies

Mikey: *culinary expert - Mel had no idea she ate pumpkin in her make and cheese*

Mel: Mikey I'm hungry

Mikey: yeah? well I am too - gah!

James: Good luck with the brat

Raph: *realizes that his wandering hands are probably painful and quickly stops his efforts and... smooches*

Hank: *out cold in box*

Erica: Mmmmm! *snogs - hands letting his go and resting on shoulders*

Angel: yep a tank *random boom and light in distance shows where tank went* ..... he'll be fine

Don: *nods*

Mel: I want cookies

Erica: Razz hehehe and my imaginary Leo tank driver is sticking his head out of the opening every now and then with one of those helmets on and singing ?Well we all know frogs go (boom) la-de-da-de-da?

Mikey: *shakes head* aint got none Very Happy

Mel: But I want cookies

Angel: sooooooooooo.... we should probably go home right every one will end up their eventually.... right?

Don: Yeah.

Angel: nawwwww Smile you did great out there - and should be proud of MetalHead. *leading Don back home - wondering where the bot got to*

MH: *follows happily, cannons still smoking and a pair of pink undies hanging from his jaws* ^^\

Raph: *snugs carefully and churrs*

Mel: I want cookies Mikey

Angel: *oh there he is - pats bots head*

James: Have fun turtle >?>? *Is tied up*

Don: *smiles* You did good, Metalhead.

Mikey: nope - Very Happy though we can try some spaghetti Razz

Mel: Okay Mikey

Erica: *it's been a rough few days - and knows she owes plenty of thank yous and snugs... trails pecks over Raph's cheeks and snout* ... did you get hurt?... *hands now checking him over*

Mikey: *pats James head* stay there dude, we'll get you some too Smile

Angel: indeed - he's really come along - what upgrades have you been giving him... and this undie fetish is really strange..... *

James: Whatever but spaghetti doesn't sound that healthy

Mel: He's a bad man Mikey

Mikey: it is not! *though his spag bog is Wink shhhhhhhh tell no one*

Don: I have no idea where he came up with that. But I can assure you, it's not my doing.

Mel: Hungry

James: What do you put in it?

MH: ^^ *metallic gear grinding chuuuuuur*

Angel: *giggles and lightly punches Don's shoulder playfully* Mikey did that didn't he?

Don: *rubs his shoulder, already covered with bruises* I'm afraid so.

Angel: *have her playful punches become that hard?* sorry Stretch *pecks shoulder - sniffs* mmmmm I can smell food - *belly rumbles*

Don: *smiles at Angel* I guess you could say we worked up an appetite.

Angel: that we did Wink *tugs on his bandana and leads the way to where Mikey is cooking - yummy spaghetti bog!*

Mikey: hey Bro - Angel Very Happy how'd it go?

Erica: *has assured herself Raph is in once piece - snugs*

Mel: Mikey I'm hungry

Mikey: I know - and it's coming Very Happy

Mel: Okay *Pouts*

James: *Is still tied up*

Hank: *still passed out from noxious fumes in box*

Don: We succeeded.

Mikey: *pumps fist and dishes up yummy pasta* good Smile and yous aint hurt right? Very Happy

Angel: *takes hers* thanks Mike, and we're fine *FiiiiiiiIIIIINE* Wink

Mikey: *gives Mel her's which he set aside for some moments to cool first*

Mel: *Eats her spaghetti happily* ^^

James: She's eating Oo

MH: *comes in, 'we are the champions' booming from loud speaker*

Mel: *Eats all of her pasta face covered with sauce*

Mikey: see yummy huh? *cackles and nuzzles Mel's forehead - he gets food on face all the time -*

Mel: Yeah ^^

James: Surprised you got the little brat to eat

Randal: *plants face in bowl to eat his*

Raph: *snugs Erica* You hungry? Or.. I could whisk you away for some TLC....

Mel: Want cookies now ^^

Mikey: Wink well okay since you ate all your pasta - I might have two each for you two.... *goes to get cookies*

Erica: *blushes* TLC sounds really good - *soft kiss* missed you BigRed

Mel: Yay! *Is happy avoided veggies*

James: Surprised the brat is behaving

Raph: *gently nuzzles and churrs contently* Missed you, too...*takes her away to a private place*

Mel: Cookies ^^

Mikey: *chuckles and cleans up* come on Don - angel yet... you two are tall and thin *

Ally: *tackles Mikey from behind* Very Happy

Mel: *Giggles* Mikey cookies

Erica: *happy to get out of concentration camp - follows* thank you * takes hand*

Mikey: *gives her two and Randal two*.... AngelCake! *turns and snogs*

Ally: Very Happy *snoggysnogsnogs and LICKS*

Mel: *Bites into cookie and winces* Huh? *Wiggles tooth* Mikey!

Mikey: *snogging snogging*

Mel: Mikey! My tooth is all wiggly!

Angel: *gestures* eat up Stretch Smile .... oooooh girl give me a look!

Mel: *Wiggles tooth* Why is it moving?

Angel: oooooh girl your going to get some serious cha- ching for that! oy Don look at this - Very Happy and its wobbly so another tooth can grow in it's place Wink

Don: Thanks. *eats*

Mel: How come? *Wiggles tooth it's bugging her*

Angel: hehehe cause another one is growing, your big girl tooth Smile

Mel: It's annoying >?<

Angel: yeaaaah they tend to be Razz

Mel: When will it stop?

Angel: when it falls out

Mel: When will it do that?

Angel: when it's ready

Mel: Not fair *Yawns*

Randal: *already asleep head in bowl and sleep munching the last crumbs of his last cookie*

Mikey: *nawwwwwws and excuses self to tuck little red clone away in Raph's room - then returns to Ally as Leatherhead snugs Mel*

Mel: *Snuggles close sleepy*

LH: *snug snug*

Mel: *Falls asleep*

James: Figures >?>?

Leatherhead: *big red not using his room right now - so joins lil red clone with Mel in there*

Mikey: *winks at Don and Angel - DRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA?AAAAAAAAAAGS Ally away to his room for lovins*

Ally: Hells to da yeeeah! *pounces him once in the bedroom* It's nasssssty time!

Mikey: *sweeeet smexy music!*

Erica: *TLC'd out - fast asleep*

Don: *goes to find Erica*

Angel: ooooh I wouldn't Wink

Victoria: *sliiiiides over to Donnie* ^^

Angel: >?,<

Don: O.o Hello again.

Victoria: Hello. ^^

Erica: *snugged down in nest - sleeping off hard days and TLC*

Don: Um...who are you again?

Victoria: Aw, forgotten my name already? *gives his bandanna tails a little tug* I'm Victoria, the gal that wanted a dance from a cute turtle boy. Wink Promise I won't suck you, unless you want me to ...Razz

Don: *blinks* What...?

Victoria: O.o.. Have you never heard of 'dancing' before?? What world am I in?

Angel: he's danced with Erica Wink

Don: No, no...that's not what I meant. It's the other thing you said.

Victoria: Oh, you mean...*annnd goes down on him..but there's only a cute tail to tease.. for now*

Erica: *nightmares*

Don: *gasps!* O.O

Raph: *snugs and smooches them all away*

Angel: *amused* Vic stroke his cloaca lips with your fingers Razz

Erica: *grateful soft moan - smoooooching*

(( Naughty Extract continued here: ))

Angel: you were great *smooch* Very Happy sooooo Stretch - feel up to more company for the night? Wink

Don: Company? *smooched back*

Angel: me - would you mind sharing some bed space Wink *strokes his shoulders and kisses more*

Don: *returns her kisses and nods* Yeah. I'd love you to stay with me.

Angel: then consider me staying you sexy geek you - *nuzzles*

Don: *smiles, nodding again* Okay. *slowly pulls out of her then takes her hand, leading her to his bed*

Angel: *follows*

Don: *lays down with her*

Angel: *grins and snogs*

Don: *returns, hands are everywhere*
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Portal Hopping Pt. 1 - 10 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Portal Hopping Pt. 1 - 10   Portal Hopping Pt. 1 - 10 EmptyMon Aug 08, 2016 2:04 pm

Pt. 9

Previously on Portal Hopping;

Don: *smiles, nodding again* Okay. *slowly pulls out of her then takes her hand, leading her to his bed*

Angel: *follows*

Don: *lays down with her*

Angel: *grins and snogs*

Don: *returns, hands are everywhere*


Shaya: worries in the background

Leatherhead: *also keeping an eye on things*

James: Set me loose >?< I just want to be loose

Mel: No!

Shaya: Big Guy. We are protecting the little one

Leatherhead: *nods nods* we could set her dad free - in a bit Razz

James: I've been like this all day and night!

Mel: So? *Out of boredom has mixed up Mikey's game collection has mixed up the discs and cases*

Erica: *humming, making cookies*

Mel: Cookies! Missed you ^^

Don: *might be still lying with Angel somewhere*

Erica: *smiles and hugs* missed you too

Mel: Your daddy isn't very nice

Love: *cleans Mel, lick lick lick*

Mel: Hey! *Squirms*

Love: you need to be clean!

Mel: I had a bath

James: She's not yours cat

Love: *finishes up and lets her go* yes she is.

James: She's not a kitten

Mel: I am Love's ^^

Love: *snugs Mel* she's my kitten

Mel: *Snuggles close*

James: And you mutants are taking away a normal life for her

Love: and what would be normal?

Shaya: More enriching with diversity

James: Does she go to school and get to be with normal human children? No she doesn't

Mel: This is my home

Love: most human children are mean. she will be home schooled. Don can teach her everything she needs to know

James: She will never be normal she needs to come home with me

Mel: Don't wanna be normal

Love: oh yes, home with you, where she will be beaten and starved

James: That's what she tells you

Mel: It's true

Love: *picks Mel up and walks away*

Mel: *Holds on*

Vic: *pouts*

Angel: a lil? totally made some delicious noise Wink

Hank: *sidles up to his daughter*

Don: :">?

Mel: *Glares and growls at Hank*

Angel: Stretch is a good nick name for him Smile *pecks snout... Ooooh cookies*

Don: Smile

Hank: *ignores Mel drops to knees and hugs Erica about waist - tightly -*

Angel: nawwwwwww *has cookies*

Mel: I'm hungry

Love: *hands Mel best sandwich in the world*

Mel: *Eats sandwitch*

James: *Tries to get loose*

Mikko: Leo is off sucking Karai's dick right now

Karai: O.o I do not have one of those..

Erica: *not really one to hold a grudge - and may be angry at her father but ... wraps arms about his shoulders and rubs his head*

Mel: *Finishes sandwitch* Yummy ^^

Karai: I thought Leonardo was 'sucking my dick' ..but he has not posted. Tisk, silly Turtle. You do not get nookie without dinner and a movie..*knows what 'nookie' means, woot! Has been catching up on slang since returning to States*

Hank: *totally snugging*

Erica: *never seen her Dad this emotional - wonders where BigRed got to*

Mel: *Pouts bored*

Raph: *just.. stands in the distance. Hates the guy for what he did, but if Erica is okay with the gator tears and hugs, he won't interrupt. He doesn't seem like a threat right now*

Hank: *feels their being watched - does not care - finally stands, wiping his face -* le composé a été détruit - je pensais que vous étiez perdu ... bébé ... Je suis désolé . *okay so some things were private Razz *

Mel: What does that mean?

Love: what compound? he said some compound was destroyed...he thought she was lost

Hank: *damn it!...*

Mel: Oh

Karai: O:-)

Erica: *not as good at languages, takes her a moment -* grâce à l'amour , Leo , Raph , MetalHead , Angel et Don Je vais bien

Mel: Huh?

Shaya: *excited*

Love: she said people saved her and she's fine

Angel: heard my name! Razz

Hank: people! private!

Shaya: you speak french Love?

Mel: Oh okay ^^

Love: of course! Louisiana is full of French speakers

Mel: *Glomps Erica*

Hank: *sighs and shrugs - taking his daughters chin raising eyes to his* Guimauve, pouvez-vous me pardonner?

Love: awwwwwwwww *whispers to Mel* He called her Marshmellow

Erica: *hand pats Mel's head -* Je peux pardonner .... mais je ne vais pas oublier

Mel: Don't know those words

Love: I don't think you should forgive

Hank: *can live with that* Thank you, *pecks her forehead - glancing at the others then back* Ah im, ú erin veleth lîn? *hah! different language*

Mel: Love you know those words?

Shaya: Vous parlez Français? Est-il votre langue maternelle?

Love: he said...uh....something in Swidish?

Erica: *is a very forgiving kinda girl - smiles at Love and Mel - hugs Hank - has to really think this time* Gerich veleth nîn, ada.

Love: I actually speak caujin french. but it's close to regular french

Mel: Aww

Karai: Not 'bad'... there is nothing wrong with adventure.

Hank: *smiles and draws away looking at Shaya* non ... je l'ai appris sur la cession

Erica: *smiles and slips up to Raph*

Raph: ^^ *snugs*

Mel: I'm bored

James: Untie me and I can make you not bored >?>?

Love: *slaps James*

James: What was that for DX

Mel: Love?

Love: I had a moment

Shaya: Désolé. Je ne voulais pas dire d'être grossier. Il était la langue maternelle de ma grand-mère. (Sorry. I was not meaning to be rude. It was my grandmother's mother language.)

Love: I say we mutate James! what would you like to be, James?

Erica: *snugs and pecks just near ear hole* Gerich veleth nîn BigRed

James: What?! No!

Mel: A moment?

Love: maybe we can turn you into a frog...then I can cook your legs

Shaya: Non non no Love!

Love: awwwwww

Hank: *to Shaya* Cela est très bien , il a été un moment depuis que je suis en France - avez-vous été ? (That is fine, it has been a while since I have been to France - have you been?)

Bones: Watashi wa saik? no gengo o motte imasu

Mel: Bones go away!

James: No way >?<

Bones: *grabs Mel* you will be my new project

Shaya: I'm Acadian. I'm a Canadian. I've never been, loved to see me grandmother's wine village.

Hank: I see Smile it is a beautiful place - well what I saw off it, I was working at the time

Mel: Let go! *Struggles*

James: *Is still tied up and wouldn't do anything anyway*

Love: *attacks Bones and rips out his eyes*

Bones: screams and drops Mel*

Mel: *Is dropped* Love!

Love: *scoops her up and jogs off*

Raph: O.o *has no idea what she just said, but decides it's awesome. Churs and snugs*

Mel: *Holds on*

Shaya: too bad.

Erica: *had been snugging - blinks...* Red?

Raph: Mmhmm?

Erica: *startled*.... portal?

April: I am home!

Rogue: Leo: Playing? Ain't nobody got time fo that! Razz

Erica: Razz

Mel: Portals are fun to jump in ^^

Leo: damn skippy

Raph: Yeah, I got sucked through for like two seconds. Somethin' about Donnie needin' to teach me how to use google to understand you. -.-

Erica: Wink *tickles his spot*

Mel: Bored there's nothing to do >?<

Love: *hands Mel a voodoo doll* here go torture someone

Mel: Hmm Oo *Tortures Mikey by accident*

Love: O.O

Mikey: *tickle tortured!* HAHAHAHAHAHAHA HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA?AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA *rolls about laughing his tail off - almost*

April: oh I could translate Wink *googles*

Mel: *Runs with the doll making it fly* XD

Mikey: *flying*

Mel: Mikey how are you flying?

Mikey: super turtle!

Love: here you are suppose to stab it with these pins *hands her pins*

Mel: I am? *Pokes dolls with pins*

James: Yes that makes such a good toy

Mikey: ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Mel: Mikey?

Love: *takes it away from her then fixes it so it effects James,hands it back* ok try now

Mikey: *lays there panting*

Mel: *Tries it*

James: *Curses up a storm getting more and more pissed off*

Mel: Mikey you okay?


Erica: *translates a little - none verbally - smooooooooooooooooooches?*

James: *Breaks free of the rope and control of the doll before he starts beating on Mel beyond angry*

Mel: *Screams and cries*

Love: *jumps on James and bites into his neck*

Mikey: >?,< *has no idea waht happened - gathers Mel to him*

Ally: X-( *snatches doll away, saving her poor snuggle bunny*

Raph: *flops!*

James: *Falls to the ground*

Mel: Mikey! *Clings sobbing*

Love: *eats him*

Mikey: *gives Mel to Leatherhead with a snug* AngelCake! *snugs*

Leatherhead: *snugs*

James: *Is eaten*

Mel: That hurt Sad

Love: *licks her lips and walks to LH*

Mel: Love

Love: yes?

Mel: He gone?

Love: yes forever

Erica: *giggles and just about to kneel - portal opens and she is flattened by a little girl and four small clones from MM*

Mel: Good

Shaya: *near Mel and LH*

Leatherhead: *happy gator*

Love: *licks LH*

Mel: Erica?

Erica: *groans*

Leo: I'm not scared of nothing!

MMElena: oh! Sissy! *hugs this worlds Erica - then sees Mel - another five year old girl -... then spies* Mr. Turtle!!!!!!! *tackle glomps Leo*

Karai: Prove it. >Smile

Leo: uh....hi? *hugs*

Mel: Who's that?

MMElena: wow - you much bigger here Mr. Turtle Smile *five year old hero worship glomping snugs*

Mel: That's Leo

Erica: *flat beside Raph* my other universes me's little sister....

Leo: thanks? *grins and picks her up *

Clones: *stay seated on Erica*

Mel: I wanna play

Leo: *also picks up Mel*

MMElena: weeee! *giggles and glompies around neck - grins at other girl* you friends wid Mr. Turtle like me?... oh - Mr. StrongTurtle! *waves at Raph*

Mel: *Snuggles close* They're my big brothers ^^

Shaya: so cute~ *little kid wanting*

Erica: *has met Randal before - now being curiously sniffled by three other little turtles -

MMElena: can we play tea party?

Mel: That's a girly game

Leo: sure we can play that

Shaya: *cute excited squeaks*

Leatherhead: *chuckles* is cute no? Wink *to Shaya*

Erica: *being mobbed by little turtles -*

Mel: I wanna wrestle

Leo: why don't you go wrestle with the boys?

MMElena:.... Smile *snugs some more*

Mel: Okay Leo

Gold: *little tail wagging - lick lick lick lick lick*

Leo: *lets Mel go and sits Elena on a cute little pink chair by a little pink table with some cookies and juice*

Mel: *Tackles the clones* XD

MMElena: yay! - *ooooh proper table etiquette time! - straight back* tea Mr. Turtle? Smile *okay so its juice but pretend right?*

Shaya: I want one! *quiet light up face*

Crimson&Cyan: *tackled - growl and eagerly wrestle this girl whose a little older than them*

Violet: *waddles over to Shaya and looks up* May I have a cookie please? *yep lilPurple has good manners Razz*

Gold: *beams and snugs*

Mel: *Wrestles* XD

Erica: *pats little golden turtle's head*

Leo: *holds his little cup out* yes please *is sitting on floor so as not to break little chair*

MMElena: * pours - slooooooooooowly, tongue out in concentration - must not spill!*

Gold: *sees -* Daaaaaaaaaaaon! *scrmables away and races at him - giggling, tackle leg glomp!*

Crimson: *tries to pin both Mel and Liam*

Mel: *Gets pinned is small for her size*

Erica: *chuckles and now clone free - leans on BigRed, comfy - tracing lazy patterns on his plastron*

Leo: *grins and bows* thank you.

Cyan: *tackles Randal off - so they all can wrestle more*

Mel: *Tries to pin them* XD

MMElena: *smiles and gives him cookie* you named Leonardo too like other Mr. Turtle?

Crimson: *almost pinned - tickles*

Mel: *Giggles and squirms*

Leo: *sips juice and takes cookie* that's right. and what's your name?

Shaya: I don't have any sweetie

Violet: *pouts but nods* ooooh... um *shuffles feet* I'm Duncan *big turlte tot grin*

Cyan: *pounces and tickles Randal and Mel*

Mel: *Squeals and squirms*

MMElena: *little curtsey* Nice to meet you, I'm Elena. Very Happy

Leo: it's nice to meet you. you have wonderful manners

Mel: Elena wanna wrestle?

Shaya: Hello Violet.

MMElena: *looks shy* I don't know how

Mel: It easy XD

Violet: *very articulate for a three year old* What is your name?

Gold: *little gold clone gazing adoringly up at Donnie - has been following him about*

Mel: *Tackles Elena* XD

MMElena: *squeals and is tackled*

Crimson&Cyan:.... *pause... then grin and join in*

Mel: See easy XD

Don: ...Hello. *sees he's being watched*

Shaya: *crouches down* My name is Shaya.

Violet: Sha'ya? - *shy* very pretty name

Leatherhead: *chuckles*

Mel: *Wrestles with Elena and Crimson and Cyan* XD

Gold: *grins and holds up arms* hello! *looks like a mini golden Mikey - does little hops on spot to emphasis 'pick me up! gesture' *

MMElena: *is not very good at it - keeps getting pinned*

Erica: *thinks the little ones are adorable but -* come on BigRed *smoooch and hops up to lead away to ninja vanish spot*

Mel: *Is just playing happily but is small but fast*

Crimson&Cyan: *pin and tickle girls*

Shaya:*tries so hard to hold in the squeals* Yes, Shaya.

Violet: :">? may I touch your hair? looks pretty.

Shaya: yes sweetie*sits down and leans towards him*

Mel: *Squeals and laughs*

Violet: *squuuueee and sits - little tail wagging, strokes her hair* ooooh soft Smile

MMElena: *laughing and trying to fight the boys off*

Crimson&Cyan: *lick lick* girls it! *both scamper*

Mel: *Gives chase*

MMElena: ewwwww *wipes cheek and chases* do we have to lick em?

Mel: No! *Chases*

Erica: *sighs* excuse me *hurries away*

Shaya: *giggles* Thank you.

Raph: *follows like lil lost puppy*

Crimson: na na you no catch us! -

Cyan: *cackling and running*

MMElena: ooooh.... good - *giggles and chases with Mel*

Mel: *Keeps chasing tackling Randal* XD

Erica: *blushes - had ducked into loo briefly - comes out and almost runs into Red*... Smile *pecks snout*

Shaya: You don't want to play with your brothers?

Don: *blinks then sighs, will never get a chance to talk to Erica again at this rate* -_-

Violet: yeah, but laters your pretty and I wanted to talk to you

Gold: *pouts and hops about Don's feet some more - arms up* Daaaon! Daaaon!

Don: *turns his attention back to Gold* Oh. Sorry. *picks him up*

Shaya: *smiles more* aww what a sweetie!

Crimson: *is tackled and growls happily - wrestle!*

MMElena: *tags Cyan* hah!

Cyan: hehehe boys it!

Mel: *Runs* XD

Violet: Very Happy *pats her knee and beams -* you nice.... what is ... allig ators name? *stumbled a little over big word*

Raph: *oops, had he known she was going to the bathroom.. would have backed off. --returns smooch*

Don: *glances at Erica* Erica?

Gold: *yay! - snuggled*

Shaya: The Alli-gat-or name is Lea-ther-head

Erica: *chuckles - actually flattered Raph tagged along - though glad he didn't talk to her on the loo - hates that!* coming PrettyEyes... *smiles and takes hand to tag him over*

Leatherhead: *happy rumble*

Violet: Alli gat orrrr *sounds out slowly as she had - then smiles* Lea therrr head? *pats big gators knee*

Mel: *Keeps running* XD

Crimson: *chases*

Cyan: *skips after the girls*

MMElena: *running with Mel squealing and dodging boys trying to catch them*

Mel: *Continues to run but crashes into the coffee table* DX

MMElena: *runs into it too*

Crimson&Cyan: *skid to stop*

Mel: *Knocked herself out*

Shaya: *rushes over to check for bleeding or a bump* Mel, sweetie?

Violet: *follows*

Angel: *watching Don and Erica and -* oh hey RedT Wink

Shaya: *checks for breathing and pulse*

Leatherhead: *follows*

Mel: *Comes to* DX

Shaya: *easy there sweetie*

April: Raph I translated whoooooooooooa! *falls down portal*

Mel: *Tries to sit up crying*

Shaya: aww there there *rubs her back* Scary huh?

Mel: Yeah Sad

Violet: *pats pats shoulder* there there

Shaya: Just a bit a shock is all. * keeps rubbing her back, smiles at Duncan*

Mel: *Calms down*

Shaya: Good girl. *kiss top of her head* Go play. * stops rubbing her back*

Mel: *Tries to stand up* Dizzy XD

Raph: *blinks* April? O.o

Shaya: don't stand just yet then.

Erica: O,o.... those dang portals

Don: *shyly* Hi.

Mel: Okay *Pouts*

Leatherhead: *concerned, peering at children*

Shaya: Maybe play with Violet for a bit. *checks her eyes for a concussion*

Erica: Hi - *hugs gently and... briefly* thank you - I know you and Metalhead were... a part of the rescue effort

Mel: *Just gave herself a nasty bump in the head* Play what?

Don: *smiles* Yeah. *smooches her cheek* Look. Can we talk?

Shaya: *tries not to act too much like a mom...*

MMElena: *smiles* you okay?

Shaya: braid hair, thumb wars, uhhh[/i]

Mel: Yeah ^^

Mikey: or play doe! *sets out play does and legos and fun car toys*

Shaya: you could always colour. I left some from the last time I was here.

Leatherhead: *smiles and curls up around toys and kids*

Mikey: I'll get em! *goes to find em and hurries back*

Mel: *Plays with legos building that kitty from the Lego Movie*

Hank: *had been called back to work*

Mel: *Builds the batmobile* XD

Angel: *should not be enjoying this but - leans over to watch Erica, Don and RedT*

Mel: Mikey I'm hungry

Raph: -.- Guess I need to leave you two alone, eh? *takes Angel's hand and tugs her away*

Angel: .... nawwww can't we listen RedT? *like she could refuse being tugged away - skips along* sooooooooooooo oh the translations - you want them?

Raph: Sure. I dunno how to do that stuff...

Shaya: *slide her back to the Alligator* I love kids *pulls legs up so her chin rests on her knees*

Erica: Thank you Raph.... *watches him and Angel go - looks up at Donnie*

Leatherhead: *nods* me too

Angel: what stuff? *giggles and hands him the paper*

Raph: Translatin' ...*takes the paper* thanks.

Mel: I'm hungry

Angel: ooooooooooooooh.... sooooo RedT - you love that girl or what? *blunt as ever - and seeing if she can totally make more moves on Stretch*

Mel: *Goes to find food*

Raph: I dunno..maybe..*yeah, okay. Tough guy act* There's somethin' there, tho. But, I know Donnie likes her, too. So she's gotta decide. Don't want him to get hurt, but can't deny it sucks seein' her with him. :/

Angel: *kicks feet watching her buddy* hehehe come on tough guy your talkin to me - ya can't give me maybes

Raph: -.- You tryin' to make me all mushy?

Mel: Mikey?

Angel: *huge grin and sniggers* yep - *bats eyelashes* gonna deny a lady?

Mikey: *cooking up burgers!*

Raph: Okay, fine.. yeah. Obviously I do. You happy now? -.-

Ally: *slips up behind Mikey* Bow chica wow wow! Very Happy

Angel: immensely Razz

Mel: I'm hungry ^^

Mikey: *grins and snogs* AngelCake - ready for some food? *delicous self made burger patties a frying* and soon Mel Smile

Shaya: Give me a few minutes and I'll make Fish cakes. Thanks Mikey *another time another dish*

Mikey: Wink you could make some with me Very Happy *nuzzling Ally*

Mel: Okay Mikey *Pouts*

Angel: and your not happy RedT?

Mel: I want pickles!

Raph: No. Because I dunno what she wants.. and she likes him too. I ain't never been good at sharin'.

Angel: nope - but you'd let me sneak in and snag you bro yeah?

Raph: What? O.o o.O You and Donnie?

Angel: shhhhhhhhhh not so loud RedT - if Stretch will let me that is *flicks popcorn at him*

Mikey: *dishing up burgers*

Ally: *happliy helps!*

Don: *sets down Malcolm with the other kids* Go play. *then takes Erica's hand* First I wanted to welcome you home. *smiles shyly*

Mel: I want mustard!

Raph: *never saw that one coming* Um, okay..

Erica: *smiles* thank you it is good to be home *thumb brushes his knuckles - she blushes*

Mikey: Wink *squirts on some mustard*

Erica: the sauce not the self made stuff!*

Espionata: lol

Mel: And pickles!

Angel: *blushes* yeah I know

Raph: *hugs her* Whatever makes you happy.

Mel: Hungry Mikey

Angel: Very Happy we'll see RedT - Wink *snugs and rubs head*

Raph: *churrs*

Mikey: *puts her burger together and gives it too her*

Don: *smiles* Second...I wanted to talk to you...about us.

Mel: Thanks Mikey *Eats burger happily avoided veggies again*

Shaya: *kisses LH, smiles and leans on him again*

Erica: I - know..... *nods and smiles, encouraging him to continue*

Angel: hehehe her dad, but I think he got a scare today *light punch to shoulder*

Mel: *Finishes burger and yawns*

Don: Master Splinter and I talked... *huffs* Raph wants you all to himself. He gets insanely jealous when you and I are together. *frowns* I'm...I'm wondering if...if I should...stop. *looks up at her sadly* I walked in on your and Raph originally. Maybe...maybe you belong together. *is painful to talk about this*

Erica: *knows it hurts and places hands on his plastron* I swore I would not hurt you on purpose PrettyEyes and I have, I'm sorry... I have to be the one to stop. *pecks his cheek, has her own pain and sniffles a little* can you forgive me?

Angel: *eats burger*

Mel: Mikey what's haashi?

Mikey: mh?

Mel: What's the haashi? Is it food?

Mikey: nah - though food items have been used Razz

Angel: >Smile your soooooooo going to torment her dad huh? Razz

Raph: *snorts* Yup.

Mel: Huh? *Yawns tired*

Mikey: Very Happy *picks her up for snugs*

Mel: *Falls asleep*

Mikey: nawwww *.... >Smile * stashes all sleeping kids in Splinter room*

Angel: hehehe good - *tickles his snout*

Don: *nods* Of course I do.

Erica: Smile thats more than I deserve Donnie - *hugs* I'm still sorry though, .... so you'll still share a coffee with me right? *and there was always another life time*

Angel:.... should we join them yet?

Raph: I dunno.

Don: *hugs her back* That's what I'm planning on. *nuzzles her* And you can still hang out in my lab with me if you want.

Angel: *shrugs* me either.... *damn why were't them two tough guys better at mush ?!*

Erica: as much as i can - always something fascinating in there Wink *pecks snout and hums at nuzzles, pulls back a little* we... should... join the others *wiping some stray tears away*

Raph *awkward glance at Angel* and Donnie..*yeah, still can't get over that. Headlocks and noogies*

Angel: ack!!! hey! *fights back - it's a lost cause - but she tries* hehehe and it's not me and him... yet... I gotta lay more Angel grooves down first Razz *sniggering*

Shaya: *leaning on LH* We keep being left alone here

Leatherhead: *smiles and happy rumbles snout touching her knee* I don't mind - it is peaceful and calm with you and I find I get less agitated around the young males if I am away from the action Razz

Shaya: Yeah. This *points to head* usually has a party going on without me. like, "Kiss the damn fool", " Go flirt with them", " hug Erica", or "Lets see if X, Y, and Z samples react well with S Sample".

Leatherhead: Very Happy it happens to the best of us then Very Happy

Angel: *giggles and lounges*

Shaya: you know the amount of times I want to kiss you but I second guess myself is astounding.

Leatherhead: Smile *soft snout bump* that is alright - I let you set the pace gentle one

Shaya: Being around you is enough to... *noticed Angel, nods* ... *sigh*

Angel: oh ummmm excuse me... *ducks into where Don and Erica are*

Leatherhead: as it is with me, whatever we do *content gator*

Erica: *sniffs* hi Angel

Shaya: See you have freaking instincts, humans try to hide them.

Leatherhead: Mmmmhmmm *snout to temple* yes... in a way that make it easier and harder ... sometimes the instinct becomes too much and we are driven -

Shaya: Damn giant 'gator. *flicks jaws then immediately kisses the same spot*

Leatherhead: Wink *chuckles and very gently nuzzles fingers*

Shaya: Brilliant and kind. How do you put up with it? *shiver*

Leatherhead: with patience - and with the help of understanding from those we love - that sometimes the beasts within are... undeniable

Shaya: Also the most will power of any man I've ever met.

Leatherhead: *deep rumble* thank you *and it takes alot of will power around her!...*

Don: *brushes her tears away with his finger, smiling a little* Yeah. *smooches her cheek then lets her go* Hey, Angel.

Erica: *giggles and winks - moving away to go to 'the nest'* night you two Very Happy

Angel: Very Happy hey Stretch - night girlfriend Wink *watches her go* you okay?

Leatherhead: *tail flooping happily*

Don: *sighs* Not really.

Angel: no guess not.... you will be though right? *pats seat next to her*

Don: *nods* I think so. *sits down next to her* Um...about last night...

Angel: Smile yeah? that was some good lovin - your a natural Wink

Shaya: Season is almost over, right?

Leatherhead: yes - though that does not ease it much -

Shaya: Excuse me?

Leatherhead: it dulls the need but the urge still rises when our greater senses of smell.... pick up willing signals....

Shaya: Sorry! it happens, a lot more than i like to admit

Leatherhead: Very Happy it is intoxicating - and delicious

Shaya: sorry :">?

Leatherhead: *smiles big smile and nuzzles* it is okay - I enjoy every moment of it Smile

Don: *blushes* Really? Thank you. Smile

Angel: yes you were... *blushes a little and pecks cheek* thank you - would like to... join you again tonight

Don: *smiles* You do? And here I thought I would be asking you if you had any regrets. *blushes*

Angel: not a regret whatsoever and yes - if you don't mind the company and a bit of fun Wink

Don: *kisses and nuzzles her* Sure.

Angel: Wink then lead the way Stretch *kisses*

Don: *takes her hand and leads her to his room, closing the door behind them* Wink
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Portal Hopping Pt. 1 - 10 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Portal Hopping Pt. 1 - 10   Portal Hopping Pt. 1 - 10 EmptyMon Aug 08, 2016 2:05 pm

Pt. 10

Previously on Portal Hopping;

Don: *smiles* You do? And here I thought I would be asking you if you had any regrets. *blushes*

Angel: not a regret whatsoever and yes - if you don't mind the company and a bit of fun Wink

Don: *kisses and nuzzles her* Sure.

Angel: Wink then lead the way Stretch *kisses*

Don: *takes her hand and leads her to his room, closing the door behind them* Wink


Love: *shakes her tail*

Mel: Oo

Gabe: *sneezes!*

Love: *ruuuuuuubs on Gabe*

Mel: Doesn't like kitties?

Mikey: *sneak sneak*

Gabe: *makes cross with fingers and runs away!*

Mel: *Giggles*

Erica: *geek glasses on, iPad out - muttering and typing*

Karai: -.-

Shaya: what you up to hon?

Erica: a composition on the larynx, *type type, space space*

Mel: A what? *Is bored*

Mikey: *shakes it off!*

Mel: Oo

Mikey: *grins and shakes that tail*

Ally: Woot! Shake ya tailfeatherz!

Mel: You're weird Mikey XD

Erica: *typing tying* a recurrent laryngeal nerve, *muttering muttering* or r l n is a branch of the vagus nerve that supplies all the intrinsic muscles of the larynx - *spacing spacing - smacks into something solid and falls on her back side*

Mel: Erica?

Shaya: Need an assistant hon?

Mikey: am not! - Wink *busts out some break dancing for AngelCakes Razz

Mel: Are too XD

Ally: Very Happy

Mikey: *grins and pounces - snogging Ally*

Mel: Eww!

Ally: Hellz to the yeeeah! *snogglywoggly*

Erica: *reaching a vague hand up for something to grab and pull herself back to her feet -* thats okay Shaya

Raph: *tugs her up* Wink Why you on the floor? O.o

Mel: Erica walked into the wall Raphie

Love: *sits on the floor, all alone*

Victoria: *sits on Love's lap* Razz Sooo, you eat humans.. I eat mutants... this could be beautiful Wink

Erica: ooooh there you are BigRed - missed you *pecks cheek - and straightens her glasses* thanks Smile .... oooh! *type type* recurrent laryngeal nerves supply sensation to the larynx below the vocal cords, gives cardiac branches to the deep cardiac plexus -

Mel: Erica is acting funny Raphie

Love: O.O uh...yeah ^^

Raph: O.o I dunno what you just said..

Vic: Very Happy

Mel: Erica wanna play?

Erica: mmm? *had been focused - blinks up at him* something nerdy no doubt... Very Happy *smoooooooch* huh no thanks Mel, if thats alright.... but I believe my other worlds me sister is still about

Mel: Aww okay

Victoria: *plays with Love's tail, wrapping it around her neck like a scarf* Sooo, I can't very well suck you dry because well..honestly your fur would get in the way.. so.. know any yummy guys? Wink

MMElena: *skips out of Splinters room*

Mel: Hi

Love: sorry.

Raph: Ah.. okay, Erica'tello. Razz *smooches* What's with the geek'out?

Vic: Well darn. Guess I;ll jst have to suck on a human. Though, they're blood is likke candy.. not really good for me.

Erica: *snickers a little - snugs* :">? oh... just homework - I can finish it laters *tickles spot*

Don: *emerges from the bedroom, yawning*

Raph: ^^ *belly flops*

Angel: *nope not coming out yet! - rolls back over and goes back to snoozy land*

Erica: *chuckles and straddles shell to give it a good light fingers scratching*

Mel: *Bored*

MMElena: Very Happy wanna play tag? *full of energy*

Love: ah. well there's this guy named Casey you could eat him

Mel: Okay you're it! *Runs*

MMElena: hehehe! I'm get you! *chases!*

Love: OR! you can eat Rocksteady he's a mutant

Mel: *Keeps running*

Victoria: You mean, Jason Vorhees? O.o I think he's been dead for awhile.. no thanks. even candy expires...

Love: Rocky is a rhino. his friend is a pig. they're pretty tough though so I don't know.

Vic: Oooh, a rhino, huh? I think I want that with a side order of something spicy... I'll pass on the pig

Shaya: hey

Raph: *twitches and churrrrs happily*

Rock: I let you suck me. >Smile

Erica: *moves slowly over the shell - giggling at churrrrs* :-X

Mel: *Accidently falls into a portal* Woah

MMElena: *had been chasing - squeals and trys to avoid the portal but skids and falls in after all*

Mel: Where are we?

MMElena: *shrugs and takes Mels hands* I dunno.... lets sneak about and see?

Mel: Kay *Looks around*

Hank: hello Shaya - *hmphs at daughter and big red clad turtle - but he swore to behave* Marshmallow Wink

Mel: Is anyone here?!

MMElena: *girlies on Minion beach - minions everywhere*

Mel: What are those things?

MMElena: I dunno... but hehehe look slide! *drags new friend off towards it!*

Mel: *Is dragged along* Elena those holes will show up again

MMElena: *skipping* yep!

Hank: *had seen little girls -* huh maybe I should remarry and have more kids*

Mel: Not all them go to nice places one has a big mean scary turtle

Shaya: *sleeping on couch since the night before* Why does my neck ache? *rubs back of her neck*

MMElena:.... like the big mean scary gold one? *shivers - but hey they sliding!* weeeeeeeeeeeeee

Hank: Smile can I help?

Mel: Yes *Slides down*

Leatherhead: *growls*... let me see...

Shaya:uh, sure?

Erica: *totally missed talk of possible siblings and a step mother - too busy dedicating fingers to BigRed's carapace, now two thirds down*

Raph: *purrrrrs like a kitten*

Mel: *Looks around* Place is big

Leatherhead: Smile *has to be mindful of claws, but is gentle big fingers on her neck, shoulder crook*

Erica: *chuckling, fingers brushing under the edge of carapace at times* enjoying that Red?

Raph: ^^ Mmmhmmm...*tugs her down for snugs*

Erica: *giggles end in a surprised squeak... grins and snugs - pecking snout*

Shaya: *closing eyes* right along the spine

Mel: *Trips into another portal* Yikes!

MMElena: aaack! *falls down with her - landing in Super Mario bros land*

Vic: *tugs Love up to dance with her*

Love: *dances*

Leatherhead: Smile alightie *fingers move slowly moving over nape of neck and beginning of spine*

Mel: Hey get the flowers and stuff we can have fun with everyone XD *Runs for the powerups*

MMElena: do we have to bounce on the turtles?! *doesn't want to - she likes turtles!*

Mel: No we don't

Shaya: right there. *tries to lean forward but causes tightness*

Mel: *Grabs the power ups she can and puts them in her pocket*We can fly with some of this stuff ^^

MMElena: really? cooooool - sorry Mr. GreenTurtle10!

Leatherhead: *slips free arm about her to steady Shaya fingers moving carefully over cervical vertebra*

Mel: They're used to it *Reaches for another power up but portal sucks in her in* Aww not again DX

MMElena: I guess soo.... ahhhhhh!

Mel: Now where are we?

Shaya: *content sigh* yes

Erica: *giggles -wooooooooo her best bud has some mooooooooooooooooves Razz * - Smile *lightly and playfully nips Raph's cheek*

Mel: tries to help but has no idea what she has in her hand lol

Leatherhead: Mmmmmmmm *low rumble more felt that heard, focusing*

Mel: *Looks around* Not Super Mario

MMElena: *looking about this dark dark place*

Mel: This place is really dark

MMElena: yep - *there in a theme park ghost ride* and scary!

Mel: As long as bad turtle isn't here not that scary *Is shaking*

GUGold: hehehhe *sneaking up behind little girls* yum yum yum!

MMElena: ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! *runs!

Mel: *Runs and screams*

GuGold: hehehehe *skips after them -*

Mel: *Remembers the fire flower and uses it throwing fire balls at GuGold while running away*

Raph: *churrs happily, running his fingers lightly over her sides*

GUGold: *some gets on his tail and he hops about chasing them* ahhhh hot hothothothothothot

Erica: *squirms - moaning and giggling at same time -*

Hank: oy! coulds yous not whilst I am right here!

Mel: Not working! *Runs*

MMElena: hehehe though that dance funneh! portal! *leaps for it!*

Mel: *Leaps through the portal* Did we lose him?

MMElena: *looks behind - big Gold turtle still chasing them!*

Mel: *Runs but trips over rock* DX

Angel: *finally surfaced -* Smile *all good feelings!*

GUGold: *pounces and grabs them yanking the little girls apart and holding them - * hehehe hello snacks Very Happy

Mel: *Struggles* Let go!

GUGold: hehehe *licks lips and opens mouth to go for the first bite - after all they dont need their legs now - portal opens and sucks them through*

Mel: *Screams*

Don: ^^

Angel: Wink *smoooooooooch* hello Streeeee eeeek! *leaps aside just in time to avoid being squished by giant Gold turtle and girls*

Mel: Help!

GUGold: *is about as big as this worlds Raph - is puzzled - then shrugs and opens mouth again to bite off those little legs*

MMElena: *screaming*

Mel: *Screams even louder*

Shaya: Let go of the kids!

Leatherhead: *snarls and slaps this turtle with tail - catching the girls and snugging them*

Mel: *Clings* He chased us and wants to eat us!

GUGold: *is stunned and crashes into Donnie*

Shaya: *goes to grab her bag*

GuGold: ooooh hey -... not Violet.... *bites Donnie in what he thinks is somewhat affection - but with all his sharp teeth its not*

Mel: Big brother!

Leatherhead: *tugging girls and Shaya away - Raph and Don should be able to handle this one*

Mel: LH?

Don: Ow! Get of me! *tries to move his leg away from him*

Raph: -.- *moment over! It's that fuck tard again! Gently helps Erica to her feet and sends her away with LH.. then plows into GUGold! Can't believe hes about to do this, but tickles his spot!*

Mel: Big brother Raphie!

GuGold: *grins* hehhee * had tugs Donnie back under him to go for the throat - * ACK!!!!!! *falls over twitching*

Leatherhead: *guarding the girls, nuzzling them....*

Raph: O.o Well son of a snapper.. it worked! *quickly sets about tying him up, glancing over at his brother* You okay? An' yer welcome...

Mel: He was in a dark scary place Raphie me and Elena were going into portals!

GuGold: *big puddle of churrrrrrrrrrrrrring gold turtle*

Angel: *pokes the turtle* reakin oath - he's as big as you RedT

Raph: -.- This is why you stay away from portals! You bring things like this back!

Mel: It was an accident fell into them

Raph: ... you callin' me an oath?

Mel: *Starts to cry*

Angel: *chuckles* Razz no.... Stretch! you alright ?

Erica: *studying the hog tied turtle*

Shaya: Just don't go in them again, or near them

Leatherhead: *nuzzling little girls to sooothing them*

Mel: But it was a accident Sad

GuGold: *haze is fading, beginning to growl and struggle, sharp claws trying to find the bonds and rip them*

Shaya: better next time hon.

Don: I'm good. *thinks*

Mel: But we got stuff from Super Mario too

Angel: nawww thanks for savin his tail RedT *rubs head*.... are all those turtles this big? *smiles at Donnie* might want that looked at... those theeth of his look sharp

MMElena: *whimpering - looks at Raph* thank you Mr. StrongTurtle *sniffle sniffle*

Mel: Raphie we sorry Sad

Raph: *no time to reply to the others.. big ass is waking up, tickles spot again* -.- This wasn't in my contract.

GuGold: *snarling and growling, wriggling - writhing.... * Releasssssssssse - aaaaaaaaaaaaack! *back to being a big churring puddle*

Don: *sighs* Yeah...

Erica: *chuckles and pressing a soft kiss to Raph's chin steps past to sedate the big golden turtle*

Mel: Not as big as that bad red turtle

Angel: Shaya honey you any good at.... stitching *gestures to Don's wounds*

Shaya: okay. question for Donatello. What would an emergency sedative do to a turtle his *nods to churring puddle* size or bigger?

Raph: I could sedate him... forever. >Smile

GuGold: *in haze sees Erica - but she looks like their long gone Erica - so he does not struggle - is sedated* Mummm Eeeeee *deeeeeeeeeeeep snoooooooooooooooooooooo?ooooooooooore*

Mel: Raphie can I kick him?

Raph: No. He's tied up.. jus' let him be.

Shaya:*pissed off momma tone* No MEL

Mel: But he chased us and tried to eat us

Erica: *puzzled - then remembers* ooooh thats right, the me in their world was like their mother slash big sister.... *shivers and steps back towards Raph* your not hurt BigRed?

Mel: *Hugs Raph* Raphie you helped a lot ^^

Don: might knock him out...but not for very long.

Raph: Nah, I'm fine. *sits on Gold*

Shaya: lets get you stitched up.

Erica: ooooh PrettyEyes that needs to be sterilized and stitched, these guys eat carrion and are not the biggest fans of dental hygiene.... and good *smoooches Raph and would join him, but steps over to help Shaya with Donnie's wound*

Angel: *sits beside Raph* he's a big boy - like you RedT Wink

Mel: I set his tail on fire Raphie ^^

Don: *limps over to the table then sits down*

Erica: *sets about patching Don up* those turtles Angel are actually mid thirties and he is the smallest of them.... they have offspring as old as you guys *give Don a careful hug* there... need a bit of pain relief?

Mel: They're stupid >?<

Don: *returns the hug, wishing there was more to it, nods* Yeah, I think so.

Erica: *nods and prepares it - lightly poking the area -* it will go numb soon Wink *pecks snout and moves away - back to the big turtle, Raph and Angel*... hmmmm *bends to pry open those jaws and have a look*

Mel: Erica we should kill him ^^

Erica: *excited - looks up at Raph and Angel* ooooooooh fascinatin! *scurries away to gather some stuff*

Angel: your girlfriends a geek Razz *slips off shell and struts over to Don* how are ya Stretch? Smile

Raph: ...yeah. *makes him wonder why Erica chose him over Donnie.. maybe opposites do attract? Not complainin'*

Mel: Raphie can we kill bad turtle?

Raph: O.o Yer five! You shouldn't ask stuff like that...

MMElena: *wants to go to her home! - snuggling LH*

Mel: He tried eat us Raphie and you kill stuff in games

Erica: *scurries back - big eyes round with excited curiosity -* BigRed can you him onto his shell? *puppy eyes look, soft smooch* please?

Raph: Sure. Plastron down, I'm guessin'... *and does so*

Mel: Can we hurt him please?

Raph: -.- Go watch Spongebob, shoo!

Mel: Why?

Erica: *shakes head* unless he forces it we do not need to resort to that Mel.... *grins -* thank you - PrettyEyes you want any samples? *jams open the big Gold turtles mouth and pulls that tongue out to the side -* dang.... teeth are all serated, even the molars!

Raph: ...O.o If you wanted tongue, babe.. I coulda given it to you.. >Smile

Mel: Did he take a shark's teeth?

Erica: >Smile mmmmmm *lets go of wicked looking little instruments and leans over to snog Raph*

Raph: *snoooogs*

Mel: Eww >?>?

Erica: *giggles and uses dew rag ends to tilt Red's head back - nips his adams apple* is not ewwww

Mel: Yes it is

Don: Okay, I guess. *smiles a little at Angel* Thanks.

April: *takes over examining* .... huh the teeth and jaws are like hyenas - these are teeth and jaws meant to eat everything... including bones Razz

Angel: your welcome... *smiles and pecks cheek -*

Raph: *churrrrs, her actions turning him on.... gotta keep it together... not here... not here* ..

Mel: Being gross with bad turtle on floor

Mel: Grown ups aren't that smart >?>?

Don: Smile

Erica: *blows on wet spot - cooooooling it *

Mel: Grown ups >?>?

Angel: coffee Stretch? *rubs his head*

April: *geek out! Geek out! Does not feel bad poking and prodding this big turtle!*

MMElena: Smile *does not think it gross*

Mel: *Goes to kick the evil turtle*

MMElena: why Mel? *stands back watching*

Mel: It's gross

Don: *nods* Yeah. Please?

Angel: I could def use one! *is a bit messier in making coffee but hey they get done!... Finally has here and gives Don his * Wink

Don: *takes it* Thanks. *sips it*

Angel: sooo what do we all do with the big gold one? Smile *sips and winkies*

Don: I don't even know. But he needs to stay locked up if he has those...tendencies. -_- *rubs his sore leg a little, avoiding the actual point of entry*

Angel: got anything in lab to keep him caged? If he is as strong as you guys... You okay?

Elena: I don't wanna kick him

Don: Yeah. I'm just a little sore.

Mel: *Kicks the evil turtle anyway* He wanted to eat us

Angel: *frowns* need a bit more medication? *concerned*

MMElena: *shivers* yeah... Can't we go play? * wants to be far away from big turtle... Though she likes Mr StrongTurtle*

Mel: No *Yawns tired*

Leatherhead: I can help store him in lab Very Happy

MMElena: ... Go watch cartoons?

Mel: You can I'm sleepy

MMElena: me too ... Erica!! *wails*

Erica: mm?!

Espionata: Mel: Sleepy

Raph: We could just stuff 'im in Mikey's closet and board it up.. *shrugs* Or, leave 'im on the Zoo's doorsteps with a pacifier in his mouth..

Erica: >Smile *giggles scooping up girls* I know where to pierce his throat to render him unable to talk Razz

Mel: *Snuggles close sleepy*

MMElena: *snugs head on a shoulder hugging this version of her big sissy*

Mel: Raphie cuddle too?

Phoenix: *lil 14 year old MUTE turtle signs that isn't nice!*

Erica: *huggles - rocking the little girls*

Mel: *Falls asleep*

MMElena: *asleep*

Erica: *not sure what was signed but nods and winks* I wouldn't... Aaaaa Red lookit how cute ! * takes girls way to put to bed*

Erica: *clucky!* .... *leaves girls tucked in... Returns to BigRed* :*

Phin: O.O *one look at big red clad turtle and the one he's sitting on, quickly sprints off in opposite direction*

Raph: Oookay, then. Kids. -.- ...*shrugs and makes out with Erica on top of ol' ugly*

Erica: Mmmmmmm!! *does not refuse - snogs*

Erica: mmmmmmmm we should go to the ninja vanish nest - *licks finger and teases spot with it* you will need a safety word BigRed Wink *wriggles away to lead off to ninja vanish spot*

Erica: hehehe whelp at least Raph's Q&A is clear of roachs go pound Mikey for letting them loose Razz

Rogue: lool.. oh, he definitely will! say ya prayers, Mikey! Razz

Mikey: *from room* uh oh

Erica: *player putting away her mob - Hank in his box*

Erica: hehehe Angel and Erica - well thats up to the boys Razz

Don: *claims Angel* Wink

Angel: ooooooooh thank goodness - your much better a sleeping partner - and more than that crazy mob

Don: :">?

Angel: *waggles eyebrows and snogs* it's true!

Raph: *clinging to Erica, growling at her player*

Raph doesn't know it, but he's about to go to his crate for the night Razz

Raph: *growls louder!*

Erica: then she'll just have to go with him Razz

Rogue: I may need a tranq gun..

Erica: *player eeeeeeeeps and runs away*

Rogue: lol, I'm sure he'll have no objections!

Phin: O.O *will soon have to sleep in a box with... HIM* ..*pales-- as much as a 'white' turtle can!*

Erica: ooooooooooooo that could put a damper on things Razz

Erica: poor kid Very Happy

Rogue: lol, not so sure I can catch that one to put him up Razz

Erica: I don't mind where we snoooze Wink *snuggles*

Erica: or not snoooooooooze Razz

Raph: -.- I ain't goin' in that box. Gabe keeps smokin' up the place. We 'snooze' here.

Gabe: O:-)

Erica: *whispers in ear hole - stealing the dew rag* oooor in ninja vanish spot Wink

Don: *may or may not snooze right away with Angel in his bed* Wink

Raph: *takes her away to their spot*

Angel: *knows Don is a bit sore - and grins* you too sore to play Stretch?

Erica: *giggles and snogs*

Don: *shakes his head, smiling* Not for that kind of play. *snogs*

Angel: MMMMMMM! *nips* fantastic! *snog snog*

Don: *snoooooooooooooogz!*

Angel: *growls softly, snogs snoggging...* then bedroom.. now! *takes his hand to lead this time*

Don: *goes with her, nearly slamming the door after they enter*
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Portal Hopping Pt. 1 - 10
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