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 Spike W.I.P.

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Timothy Black


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PostSubject: Spike W.I.P.   Fri May 22, 2015 9:09 pm

((first bit done by Rogue, thanks Rogue!))

Name: Timothy "Spike" Black
Nicknames: Timmy (hates it!) Tim (loathes it!) Psycho (eh, if the shoe fits..) Spike (Preferred)
Age: 24

.:::~Physical Description~:::.

Timothy Black, better known as Spike, is lanky in build and stands at around 5'7". He is lightly muscled and his chest, arms, neck, knuckles and back are covered in tattoos. The left side of his bottom lip and tongue are both pierced. At the age of 21, he had cranial implants that would house a row of platinum plated spikes, but after an accident resulted in having one broken out (taking a part of his skull with it) he allowed to sockets to 'heal over'. Now his metal spikes are replaced by a more natural spiked Mohawk.  His hair is dark brown, nearly black and his skin is a normal Caucasian complexion.

Spike's attire of choice is wifebeaters (because they show off his tattoos) and baggy jeans that usually hang just below his buttocks. He usually wears a pair of army boots, because those things are hard as shit and good for kicking someone while they're down.


Timothy was born into a high class family. His mother, Mary, is a doctor and his father, Bobby, a successful lawyer. He was given everything he ever wanted as a child, which spoiled him. Unbeknownst to him, Spike is the older of twins, but his brother, Tommy, was put up for adoption at birth. Even though the family could afford the expenses of raising two children, his father had no desire to do so. It was the family's dirty little secret that caused problems between his parents. Mary was reluctant, but being submissive, she gave into her husband's wants and put one of her son's up for an anonymous adoption.

Tim had everything he ever wanted... except popularity at school. Being so thin made him a target for the jocks. This caused a resentment toward their type, and he would often do things to threaten their 'status'. His tormentor's cars would often get 'keyed' or the tires would mysteriously become slashed. He also made a habit of stealing whatever he could from them. Through trial and error, he learned how to remove car radios and speakers for nothing more than revenge. He discovered that there was a thrill in doing these things, and being bad became his 'drug'. His habits manifested into street crime which landed him in trouble.

At the age of 18, his father had enough of bailing him out and kicked him out of their home. He was old enough to make it on his own, and having a son that stayed in trouble with the law was doing little good for his reputation.

Establishing a life for himself, Spike took in his younger half-sister, Ally when she was cast onto the streets by her mother.

During their childhood, Timothy treated Ally in the usual big brotherly sense. He would decapitate her dolls and dismember them, and do other boyish things to annoy her. But underneath that tough exterior, he had a soft spot for the girl. His protectiveness really came out when she was tossed onto the streets, and had nowhere else to go. Timothy was 19 when he became the unoffical Guardien of his then 14 year old sister. He took her in, allowing her to stay at his apartment. The two hardly saw each other due to Tim's involvement with his gang, The Turks.

At the age of 24, Spike landed himself into some trouble that resulted in his imprisonment.


~~Mother and Father~~
His relastionship with his mother wasn't the greatest. When he was a just a kid he caused her hell. He was always getting into something. He hated his father, and only tolerated his mother.  Though both did anything to help him, for a while anyway

Sister and one of the only women spike gives a damn about. They have a good relastionship all things considering. Though he could be a bit nicer sometimes.

~~Gabriel and Ezekiel~~
Hates them, for no other reason then they exist on the same planet as him.

The other only woman Spike wouldn't kill. Hurt maybe, but not kill. She saved his ass from being killed when after one of her shows, Spike was caught stealing drugs from a gang member. She smoothed the sistuation over and they hooked up for the night. after that, Tiphanny would bail Spike out of trouble a few more times.

~~Jack(handsome Jack)~~
Fellow inmate, bonded over crimes, though Jack regreats his crimes, Spike is always there to try to show him the bright side of things. Also protected Spike from being raped.


To say Spike got into a little bit of trouble is an understatment. He was just lucky to not get the death penelty and the only reason for that was the judge found him a bit insane and thought it unethical to kill a crazy man.

Spike was in Prison for a number of things. Murder and rape being two of them. Spike himself addmitted to at least five murders though police suspect there is more. There were no girls coming forth to yell Rape because they were all dead, but evidence pointed to at least two rape cases.

Setting fire to the school house anfter locking the kids in the building didn't help his case any either. In fact, no judge wanted to fool with him. There was no way he would even get a plea bargen. So three life sentence is what he got. He would die in prison.

Being the tall scrawny lanky kid, and without his signiture metal mohawk, he was easy pickings for the bigger men in the prison yard. He got his ass handed to him more then once, and it wasn't until Jack steaped in that he finally got a break. Though Jack couldn't be around all the time. Ally would visit offten, sometimes he was beat up, some times he was drugged up. But it was clear that prison was fucking with his mind more and more.

.:::~Turks and Dragons~:::.

Spike joined the Purple dragons as a young teenager. He didn't take if very seriosuly and no one in the gang really liked him. He developed a piticuler hatread for two of the men, Gabreil and Ezekiel. Mostly Gabe. Ezekiel wasn't around much for Spike to have proper hatrad for him.

He would pick fights with Gabe that never ended well for him. Hun would send him on bullshit missions that he would sometimes fail at. Not because he wasn't caple of doing the job, he just didn't give a shit about it. about any of it. Aask why he even joined a gang, he'll tell you it was because he was bored.

The Dragons were pussys in Spike's eyes, so he joined the enemy, the Turks. The Turks were more ruthless and blood thirsty. The dragons were all about order and money and shipments and payments. The Turks just wanted to cause choaus. He stuck with the turks until he ended up in prison for life.

tiphanny came close. It lasted a week, he got bored with her, the fact that he was second place to Gabe on her list of guys didn't sit well with him either.

He has a thing for Lexi, but also wants to see her insides become outsides in the most horrible way possible.

~the writings of edger allen poe

~everything else in the world


Rude, crass, evil, Would be called a son of a bitch but would hate to insult his poor mother like that. Spike is down right evil and he doesn't even have to try. Though he does show kindness, or what he would consider kindness to his sister, Jack and sometimes Tiph, even with them he isn't above snapping. He's unpredictable and down right scary. A murderer and rapist, he does take joy and pleasure of seeing other people suffer.

Though Spike is a smart man, sometimes he does not have the common sense to back down from a fight he can't win. Namely with Gabriel or Ezekiel. Spike mostly picks on women as they are usually weaker and more easily intimidated.


I was another wild night at the Hot spot club. Spike was often found there causing trouble. Why he was still allowed inside the place was unknown to most that worked there. He harassed the girls and picked fights with the guys, until he got drunk and mellowed out. Maybe that's why he was allowed in. he always spent tons on booze. After a few shots, his tips to the girls weren't bad either.

This night there was some live entertainment. A girl named Tiphanny would be singing with her band. Live music meant that there was a cover charge for the night, and usually Spike would skip out on that, but knowing that Tiphanny was a Dragon peeked his interest. The Hot Spot wasn't a place where Dragons usually came. So the girl had some guts, he had to give her that. He payed the five dollar cover charge and took a seat at the back of the place and started to order his first round of drinks. Of course the girls that worked there pulled straws to see who would serve the still sober lunitic. Sadly it was Jill that pulled the short straw.

She walked over to Spike and as assertive as she could be asked what he wanted. Spike gave his order and when she turned to leave he reached out and grabbed her ass, Not an unusual move, Jill was just glad that this time it was only her ass he grabbed.

Soon Tiphanny came on stage. He reconized the woman. She often hung out with Gabe and Ezekiel, and Lexi. Oh Lexi. What he wouldn't give to get in her pants. Problem was, she was always around those faggots and he had no clue where she lived. He would have to follow her home one of these days.

He got his drinks and downed them one by one as Tiph sang her songs. She had an interesting voice. Spike wasn't sure if he liked it or not. but she clearly had fans. It made him wonder why she even joined the gang if she had this talent. Why not go to cali and start a singing career? What ever.

As the night went on, Spike was wasted. He becme more flirty and oddly, a bit nicer, but not any less perverted. Drinks started to bore him, he needed more to stimulate him. Or knock him out. that's when he spotted another Dragon in the club. One that was known for having drugs. Sure he was in a different gang, but this wasn't personal, it was business. drug dealers didn't care who you were, as long as you had the money. The thing was, Spike didn't plan on paying.

Tiphanny's time on stage was over and she was replaced with some guy singing bad music covers.

Spike approched the drug dealer. It was going smooth until Spike had drugs in hand and decided to make a run for it. But as smart as spike thought he was, he didn't take into account that if a Dragon was preforming and a dragon was there selling drugs, that would mean other dragons were in the building and they quickly caught Spike outside of the club.

There was about to be a beat down. Spike didn't stand a chance. even one on one he would have lost. He was never a good fighter. A female voice was heard in the distence then came closer. It was Tiphanny. She seen what happen and not wanting shit to go down stopped them.

After her fellow dragons explained what had happen she payed for the drugs and pulled Spike away from the others. Of course the looks she got was not pleasent, she didn't care, she also didn't know who Spike was. All she seen was a guy who fucked with the wrong people and needed help.

Spike dud have a few bruses on his face, but it could have been worse.

Tiphanny took him to her house. There would be more times that she came in to save him, even after learning who he was. There was something about the man that seemed like a lost puppy and she had to help.

Spike showed his thanks in his own way. He didn't beat her, or rape her or kill her. Some would say that was normal, for Spike that meant he liked you and had some respect for you. Of course he learned about her crush with Gabe and that pissed him off. He tried to convince her to leave Gabe alone, that he wasn't worth it. But she never would listen. luckily for all involved the boys where never at Tiph's place when Spike was there.

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PostSubject: Re: Spike W.I.P.   Sat Jul 11, 2015 9:13 pm

Certainly a wonderful awful kinda profile read Smile good job, there are a few typos but only here and there. Very Happy Awesome read.


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Spike W.I.P.
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