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 James Andreas

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James Andreas


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PostSubject: James Andreas   Tue Jun 16, 2015 10:48 pm

Full Name: James Andreas

Nickname: Doesn’t have one

Age: 42

Species: Human

Gender: Male

Eye color: Brown

Hair color: Brown

Height: 6’4”

Weight: 245

Appearance: .James likes to think himself as a handsome man in his early 40’s. He keeps up his strong tan and muscular body as much as he can in prison despite what they get for food giving himself a bit of a beer belly. His hair is buzzed and is covered in tattoos from his time in prison and his face is clean shaven. He wears normal orange prison garb with his id number.

Occupation: Prisoner/ ex-cage fighter

Affiliations: Himself

Personality:. James is completely narcissistic and a sociopath charming to everyone he meets. In the outside world he appears to be a normal man that enjoys a good drink and a social life. However behind closed doors that persona is nothing but an act he’s an evil and abusive man to his only living daughter even behind prison walls.

Despite that it doesn’t stop him from trying to be as charming and manipulative as possible trying to convince even just one prison guard to help him escape from prison. He will put up any front possible to get back out onto the streets to find his daughter and kill her before living life on the run.
He’s also has a temper but it’s mainly brought out by his drinking otherwise he has a long fuse. But once that fuse is lit he becomes a wild animal and won’t stop his anger until he wants it to end and when drinking it doesn’t end.

Unique Traits/Skills: As a former cage fighter he knows his way around a fight and uses it to his advantage if he gets caught up in a prison brawl. But while in prison he uses his charming personality to keep out of solitary or to diffuse a fight.

Strengths: Physically James is really strong especially in fights and charismatic when he wants to be. He can be really manipulative to anyone that can’t see through him.

Weaknesses: Alcohol and his temper together as well as his personality disorders.

History: As a kid James had a normal childhood and didn’t cause trouble until he hit his teen years that’s when he started to get into fights. To put a stop into the street fighting before someone was hurt or worse his parents decided to make the fights constructive by signing him for cage fighting which the teen excelled at. When he was 18 he met his future wife Lisa while he was working on becoming a professional cage fighter while she was going to become a police officer.

When they were both 22 they got married and a year later they had a daughter named Heather Andreas. For the next four years they focused on their happy family life and careers until the next year they had a surprise baby Melissa Andreas. Both girls were dearly loved by both parents until one fateful day five years later when Lisa lost her life while doing her job as a cop. To cope James started to drink heavily and threw himself into his job until an injury ended his career. With that he drank even more and lost his temper on his daughters becoming abusive to them no matter what they did.

He saw his children as nothing more but as painful reminders and burdens of his previous life that he could never have back. Nothing was perfect anymore so he decided to get a perfect life again by killing his children so he could start over. Five years after his wife’s death he took his daughters to the Brooklyn bridge late at night and tossed Heather other the edge ending her life. Thankfully someone was driving by before he could do the same to his younger daughter and stopped him before calling the police. James was arrested and charged with first degree murder and attempted first degree murder as well as child abuse.

He was convicted of all charges and sentenced to life in prison without parole which made him secretly vow that he would escape and return to finish the job. After that he would go on the run to enjoy life like he deserves.

Sample Post: James was working out in his cell keeping his body for the most part in shape. He had to keep it in shape just in case one of the other male prisoners found out what his crimes were and he had to fight for his life. All they knew was that he was in prison until he died and not why but it was for something evil like murder. He had already served five years of his life sentence and he was beyond done with it. The man wasn’t about to commit suicide no he was gonna charm a female prison guard to escape the prison. It was going to take some time to pull that off but he was going to succeed like he did everything else.

Once he was free he was going to hunt down his surviving daughter and kill her cutting all ties of his old life. Once that happens he would be free to go where ever he wanted on the run for a life of excitement and thrills. But in order to do that he needed to pull off his first plan and so far it was slowly working. He had one female prison guard in his sights one that he could easily manipulate and use until he got what he wanted out of her. James had been talking to her for the past few weeks and already had her trapped in his clutches she had believed every lie told to her and they were planning on an escape where no one would be of the wiser.
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Erica Martins

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PostSubject: Re: James Andreas   Mon Jul 06, 2015 8:33 am

Both a delightfully troubling and good read Very Happy - looking forward to James causing havoc on the the forum, go forth and do so!

Aaaaaaahhh - prooooooooooooved!

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James Andreas
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