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 I dream a little dream

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PostSubject: I dream a little dream   Fri Sep 25, 2015 9:02 pm

hey all. I had the most fucked up dream today. so it lead me to make this thread. so we can all share our fucked up dreams. I think sharing our dreams will bring us closer together.

This story will be titled the demon chicken!

Because I haven't been feeling well I slept all day, and this is what transpired...In my dreamI was at my parents house with a bunch of female friends, none of these people I knew in real life, but they seemed cool. All the girls were playing an Iphone game called Dead Baby. (oh it get worse) In the game, your phone would buzz indicating that a dead baby was somewhere in the room, you would then scan the room with your phone's screen to find the baby. once found our job was to calm and sooth the child. You could also take pictures of it and save them in your phone.

One of my friends was on the computer and seen an article about the game, it said that if you keep the pictures in your phone you could summon some kind of evil demon. So that friend was like "girls! stop saving your pictures!" No one listened of course and we soon here my mother running up the stairs and coming into the bedroom.

She said some evil thing was in the kitchen and we had to stay in the bedroom until it left. My dad and brother weren't home yet so we hoped it left before they got back. I had the bright idea to call the cops, but no ones phones were working anymore.

(memory fuzzy here)

Soon my dad came home and we hear a scream and banging and he was dead. it was sad.

Then the demon got into our bedroom and killed a few of the girls, it then went after my mother. the demon looked like a bloody chicken with a bird skull. so I was like oh hell no and grabbed the demon chicken by the neck and ripped it's head off. I then took head and body down stairs and cut the thing into pieces. it laughed at me. saying that it could put it's self back together, or if something ate it then that animal would turn into the demon. just then brother came home and asked me what I was doing. I told him I was killing a demon chicken. He said cool then helped me throw the pieces away.

That's when I woke up in the dream. I'm in bed looking around, no friends or anything. I make myway downstairs to see everyone out in the front yard. I go out there and find my mom who I tell about the dream. She says she had the same dream too. Everyone is out there, all the friends, mom, brother, dad, and some dogs. I ask what's going on next door as I see a bunch of cops. (my aunt lives next door) Mom says ooooh There's a bomb in your aunt's house. I was all oh ok.

Then everything got really dark, and all the people that were outside turned gray and had hollow eyes that were bleeding black down their face and they all turned to look at my mom and me. I woke up for real.

(20 min later I go back to sleep)

Now the dream takes place at some random home. we're having a party! there is food and drink and all is good and Gabe is there! yay! I feel the need to tell Gabe about my demon chicken dream and how I think it wasn't a dream at all. He tells me to chill hands me a joint and I do just that. Until...Some woman comes up to me telling me the chicken I tossed in the trash was still good. i asked her if she ate it she said she had (ew) and I flip out! I run inside where there is a cop watching a video of the first dream!

Then the woman follows me all hollowed eyed and creepy so I run out the back door...Into a classroom. The teacher looks at me and tells me to sit down. so I do. The class is watching a film on some african tribe. and my two of my best friends from high school are there! Liz and Andie. So I drive my desk over by them (yes I drive it) and we start talking and get yelled at for talking. but we hush the teacher and make plans for them to come over to the house because it's my birthday! After that they leave before Class is over. I wait till the bell rings. I walk out the class then I'm on the bus. (nothing happens on the bus)

Soon I get off the bus at the end of my street and think great, now I have to walk the mile home. But then this niiiiice black car pulls up to me. I look in the window it's Gabe! But this time I don't know him. So he tells me to get in that he's some girl's boyfriend and I'm like, ok! So I get in his car and he's playing old 90's music. then he drives off but not to the house. He hands me some drugs tells me happy birthday then we start making out while he's driving! After that he takes me home. Sure enough there is some girl there that had been waiting for us to get back.

So I walk through the front door and there are stuffed animals everywhere. each one has a tag that says love Gabe. and I think, his girlfriend can't be to happy about this. So we make out again in the kitchen. I mean I had to thank the guy!

So then I'm all oh I have to change! I run up to my room and change into a sexy dress then I put on make up and it looks horrible. mom calls up asking if I needed Gabe to help dress me. I tell her no but he can help undress me. So Gabe and the girl come into my room. Gabe says my make up is horrible and makes me wash it off, After he then starts to put the make up on for me. The girlfriend tells me that he's great with make up and does her's all the time.

Don't remember too much after that. I know the girlfriend wanted to sleep with me and for some reason Gabe wasn't having that. But anyway, I woke up for reals again and when I went back to sleep the dream never continued. So there you go! the demon chicken dream!

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I dream a little dream
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