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 Leo's Journal

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Leonardo Hamato

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PostSubject: Leo's Journal    Sun Sep 27, 2015 2:37 pm

Dear Diary.

That's how you start this right? I read somewhere that keeping a journal of some sort was good for mental well being. So I thought I would try it. Have to make sure hide this well from Mikey though.

Anyway, I guess I can start by admitting that I messed up. It started with Master splinter grounding us for helping a mutant. I stood up to our father instead of sumitting to the punishment. I had never done that before, Raph has, maybe even Mike once. But I never had. So I'm sure that my brothers were shocked by my defiance. I just didn't think the punishment was fair. I still don't I will stand by that. I guess I could have went about things differently though. Not only that. But I think we're way too old to be getting grounded.

Plus! I'm suppose to be the leader of this group, but that seems to only be when splinter deems it fit for me to do so. Other then that he takes over. That was fine when we were young, we needed a father to help us grow and teach us about life. But now it's time we go out and learn things for ourselves. I don't want to say we don't need Splinter anymore, I'll always need my father and I know the others feel the same way. But it's time he let is go. Let me lead. If one of my brothers does something that I think was uncalled for, then I should be the one to handle it, not him.

Well no one else shared these thoughts and I was stripped the leader title. It was giving to Raph. Raph! Maybe I was too hard on my brother, but I'll be honest, I did not have faith that he could handle it. and I was right. That mutant we were helping, Seems Don got attached to her. He wanted to continue to help her, and I agreed. It's not like mutants are running around the city by the thousands, we have to help our kind. Raph didn't want us around her. So we went behind his back. He found out and instead of dealing it like a grown up. He ran off crying.

And I knew that would happen! Raph can't handle things. He's too emotional. And the moment something doesn't go his way he runs away.

I think he's at April's place. I would have looked for him already, especially sense his birthday had come up. But i have been busy.

While all this drama has been going on, the city has been in distress. Oh and, Don's been given the title of leader now, which I also think is laughable. Anyway, Something is going on in the city and no one seems to care. I ran into Karai. Shredder's daughter. Her and I decided we needed to figure out what was happening to the city. It's sad when the only other person willing to help is your enemy.

We made our way into some government building. we didn't find out what was going on in the city, but we did find another mutant and a vampire. I know I didn't believe it at first either. a vampire. we saved them of course, brought them to the foot tower.

And with all this going on, my head is a swimming mess. I never thought I would be the one so distracted by females. But there are three of them that I really like. like a lot. maybe too much.

There's Lexi. she's this beautiful human that's She's so pretty, and sweet. And she smells sooooo good.

Then there's Karai. I see a kindred spirit in her. She's also really pretty. and such a great fighter. battling her is a lot of fun, even when we're trying to kill each other.

And that vampire I told you about, yeah she's just, a whole other kind of beautiful. She's other worldly. She also feeds off of mutants. So there is a down side. But her lips and eyes and fair skin. even the way she speaks just gives me chills.

I know there are more important things then women. but I am a young man who has been pretty lonely.

but before I worry about who I will and wont hook up with I need to make sure that Raph is ok. Not sure what i'm going to say to him when I see him. sorry would be the first thing. I'm sure it'll all come to me when I see him.
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Leo's Journal
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