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 Portal Hopping Pt. 11 - 20

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Hank Martins


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PostSubject: Portal Hopping Pt. 11 - 20   Mon Nov 09, 2015 8:02 am

Previously on Portal Hopping;

Don: *shakes his head, smiling* Not for that kind of play. *snogs*

Angel: MMMMMMM! *nips* fantastic! *snog snog*

Don: *snoooooooooooooogz!*

Angel: *growls softly, snogs snoggging...* then bedroom.. now! *takes his hand to lead this time*

Don: *goes with her, nearly slamming the door after they enter*


Mikko: love and leo posted in the mouse

Erica: wooot Smile

Erica: very sickly Mikey up shortly Razz

Kitteh: Awww

Espionata: Poor Mikey he needs help

Leo: well as soon as I can round up everyone we'll come get him.

Mel: Is bad turtle still here?

*GuGold stashed in lab fast asleep*

Mel: He's scary


Erica: bathroom hogger! Razz

Erica: *boogey boogey booegy*

Lexi: *finds poor big ass gold turtle stashed in closet, sleeping and tied up* Oh, you poor dear.. maybe I should cut you free? Turtles are misunderstood....

Mel: No don't!


GuGold: *give her best Mikey like look of innocent - big wide gold eyes and all*

Erica: *jiggy jiggy jiggy - butt wiggle*

Lexi: *MELTS and moooves forward with knife*

Mel: No he will eat you! *Goes in front of Lexi*

GuGold: *big batty eyes - wriggles, so close to being free! and first pounce on her!*

Love: *snuggles gold turtle* poor wittle thing!

Mel: He's a bad turtle!

GuGold: - *females everywhere! - CHURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRS*

Lexi: *stops as little five year old slips in between them* Oh? But he doesn't look so tough.. and he's adorable, look at those squishy wibble cheeks!

Mel: He tried to eat me!

Love: so did I

Lexi: Were you dressed as a minion? He probably thought you were a twinkie, dear..

Mel: But you stopped. No I wasn't!

Love: awwww let him go *uses claws to free turtle*

Mel: Love no!

GuGold: *snarls with a few snap and cut away beginnings forcing his weight and strength against the rest - snapping them* hehehhee thank you - *stretches flashing a wide sharp toothed grin*

Love: *smiles* no problem. *pats his head*

GuGold: >Smile soooo hungry *clawed hands rubbing Lov'es back, leans and nuzzles Lexi's shoulder... then tastes her with his tongue* hehehe yummy

Love: Purrrrrrrrrrr

Mel: Bad turtle no! *Hits him*

GuGold: *growls and swats Mel aside* go away - adult time Razz *nips at the two females - might be affectionate if not for the sharp teeth.. mmmm blood! licks!*

Love: heeeeeeey not so rough! we are fragile

Lexi: *was totally digging the tongue action, but motherfucker those teeth hurt! Swats him with rolled up newspaper* Easy, you big lug

Mel: No! You're a bad turtle! *Hits him again*

GuGold: *deep growl and throws Mel aside this time - grabbing Lexi and Love claws biting into skin - nips them more... lick lick!*

Love: oooooh I reconize this...Lexi he's going to eat us...probably slowly.

Lexi: O.o Okay, I want off now.. *bites his hand!*

Mel: *Is thrown* I warned you!

GuGold: *takes no notice - pins Love beneath Lexi and Lexi belly down beneath him - CHURRRRRRRRRRR growls*

Erica: Malcolm! enough! -

Love: we're like a sandwich!

Mel: They wouldn't listen Erica

Lexi: >?.< Motherfucking hell. Look, I don't have time to be raped.. sorry.. maybe next time

GuGold: *blinks, very few know his 'human name' - had just been lining up length and tail to do both girls - teeth biting into Lexi's shoulder.... blinks* Erica Smile

Erica: your brothers are missing us, we should go home Malcolm... *offers hand*

Mel: You're a bad turtle!

Love: he's not bad, just confused

Lexi: says you. *though, curious as to what being with a turtle would be like. Something tells her she wouldn't survive this guy*

GuGold: *tail wags, length with it* they are? ... do they need me? *takes her hand - nuzzles - and lets up Lexi and Love*

Erica: *nods -* come on... *leads him away*

Lexi: O.o Dude, XYZ.

Mel: I did tell you but you didn't listen!

Love: *hops up* I'm horny. *walks over to Don* Dooooooooooooooooooooooo?ooooon....

Lexi: I listened..she didn't *points at Love*

Don: Hello. Smile

Love: *sexes up Don*

Angel: >?<

Lexi: -.- *feeling hot and bothered, too. Shame her boyfriend is NEVER around*

Don: O.o Um...heh... *is being sexed up apparently*

Laz: I'm around. shhhhhhhhh I'm a secret agent

Erica: *leads him to the portal -* you first Malcolm

Lexi: Well do secret agents fuck?

Laz: yes, but only secretly

Lexi: Well, let's go make dirty lil secrets Wink

Mel: *Watches glaring at the giant yellow turtle*

Laz: ok! *drags her off to sex up*

GuGold: >Smile our you died.... *nuzzling nuzzling, lick lick... bites - truly meaning to be affectionate this time!*

Raph: -.- *Once Gold is close enough to portal, shoves his ass in!*

GuGold: hey! Ack! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh *sucked down*

Mel: Good bye to bad turtle

Lexi: ^^ *makin' lil Foot/Dragon hybrids!*

Erica: ooooooooow! gah those teeth of his are sharp! *blouse is ripped - but good thing - can use it on bloody shoulder*

Mel: He won't come back?

Erica: Thanks for the assist BigRed *smiles even though some tears on cheeks from the bite - is patching it up* oh one of them will be back some time...

Mel: Why?

Raph: *helps her patch up the owies*

Mel: Love and Lexi weren't listening

Erica: *chuckles and lets Raph take over - sides she can't reach the back of her shoulder - wipes her cheeks* I don't know - morbid fascination? new prey?   *soft smooch* thanks ;Wink

Mel: But gotta stop them Erica

Raph: *finishes her up and returns the kiss, a lil more than -soft-*

Erica: *makes an agreeable noise - though its lost in a moan - always such fire in Red's kisses - gives a light nip and returns the harder smoooooooch*

Mel: Grown ups don't listen >?< *Growls doesn't think being gross is that important*

Erica: *would tell Mel it's not gross - currently occupied Razz

Don: *had been locked out of his lab so didn't know about what went on inside it, is occupied with Angel* Wink

Raph: *tugs her away to ninja vanish spot*

Mel: *Sighs and goes to find a way to stop the evil clones herself because the grown ups won't* Mikey?

Erica: mmmmm! *chuckles slipping arms about those shoulders - totally not putting up a fight to return to ninja vanish spot*

Mikey: *currently locked away in his room with Ally*

Angel: Very Happy hehehe *loves the creativity of the lab fun*

Mel: Grown ups >?< *Looks around*

Ally: *makin' babehs!*

Angel: *not making clones - but a lot of noise yeah*

Leatherhead: what? *is grown up - behaving... sort of*

Mel: They're being gross when those bad turtles can come back LH

Don: *lots of grunting and churring* <3 <3 <3

Mikey: *obnoxiously noisey*

Leatherhead: but they are gone for now - *nuzzles Mel*

Mel: Yeah but they can back with those portals

Angel: *moaning, grunting and other assorted lovins noises*

April: *lands with MDon - in Ninja vanish spot* oooh hey Raph - Erica...

Raph: *was about to get down to business.. but then THAT happened* -.- ..hey Ape.. see you brought Slim back with you..

MMDonnie: -.- Seriously?

Erica: *could be frustrated, but... giggles a little* hi

April: yeah we were trying to escape... well never mind -

Mikey: *at least has to surface for food - dragging his Ally out with him*

Leatherhead: yeah they can - but we'll figure it out some time... how to stop them

Mel: Before we get eaten?

Don: *is pretty sure others can hear Angel* :">? *but is fairly quiet himself*

Angel: Wink *snogs to muffle herself - just for him*

MMDonnie: *gives a shy sort of wave, then blocks incoming donuts and other fatty snacks* -.-

April: *giggles and snags a donut* thanks Raph - *munches*... Very Happy we should um... go huh?

Don: *snogs back, grateful for that*

Angel: *glad for snogs or she might have shouted -*

Don: *cries out against her lips as he releases deep within her*

Erica: thanks.... *winks nibbling Raph's pulse*

Mel: Why do grown ups have to be gross?

Leatherhead: *shrugs* it's not as gross to them...

Angel: *sloooooooooooooow smooooooooch* love it when you do that Wink

Mel: Then why do it all the time?

Don: :">? Do what?

MMDonnie: O.O Yeah, it's time to go.. *quickly leaves ninja vanish spot, before jelly filling isn't the only stickiness dripping from him*

April: *scrambles out after him arms loaded with goodies - giggling*

Angel: *chuckles and tickles* cum Wink *belly rumble* ooooy sex is appetite building Razz

Don: *chuckles, pulling out of her then lays down next to her* Are you ready to get something to eat?

Leatherhead: I told you it's not gross to grown up Very Happy oh hello April... and LilDon

Angel: Very Happy yes I am - you sure know how to work a girl

Don: :">? *smiles* What would you like?

Angel: mmmm whatever you are having - as long as it ... cums with a coffee *slight pun, kisses snout*

Raph: *FINALLY! Now able to get down and dirrrty! Eagerly strip her of all clothes and gets to work*

Erica: *giggles - equally as eager, tugging off his 'cloths - dew rag last -*

Mel: But can't they do something else?

Don: *chuckles, blushing* Alright. *smooches then gets up*

April: *tugs LilDon over to Leatherhead and Mel*

Angel: *shifts to stand... mmmmm all that eager lovins... she might have a slight limp*

Don: *slips an arm around her, helping her stay upright* Maybe some clothes first?

Angel: maybe - though I am not afraid of parading about my birthday suit Wink *but slips back on her.... wait where did her panties go?! - never mind just the shirt then*

MH: ^^

Mel: *Is bored*

Don: -_- ... *will have a talk with that robot later*

Angel: *glad for the arm of support* come on Stretch I am covered... mostly Wink *pecks cheek*

Don: *smiles and leads her out of the room*

Angel: ooooooh look and your other you is here - he's soooo cute Wink guess it's universal huh? hello LilDon

MMDonnie: *joins LH, April and the little girl, still trying to clean glaze and jelly off of himself. Waves at the other two.. overhearing Angel* -.- Seriously? I'm not th at little. Actually, I'm the tallest of my brothers...

Raph: *calls out from love makin'* But yer still skinny!

Erica: *is not what she calls out -*

Mel: You're big

MMDonnie: *a shy wave back. Never had a chance to actually meet the larger him* Hello. ^^

Mel: I'm bored

April: nawwww *winks at MDon and hands him some baby wipes to clean off with*

Angel: *smiles and looks at her Don* well I'd call you SlimStretch then *making coffees*

Leatherhead: *snugs Mel and tickles her* too bad the other little girl isn't here to play today Razz

Mel: Yeah *Giggles and squirms*

Leatherhead: *tickles more*

Mel: *Squeals and squirms*

Leatherhead: *looking between Donnies - the urge to grab faces - cant! hugging and tickling Mel*

Mel: *Snuggles close* XD

MMDonnie: O.o *knows that look, covers his face!*

Leatherhead: *grins and moves away a little*

Mel: Why is that Donnie covering his face?

Master Splinter: o,O KUSO!! *dashes out of ninja vanish spot*

Erica: *past the point of noticing*

Hank: *pretends he doesn't know*

Mel: Will you play? *Looks at Hank*

MMDonnie: *splays fingers just enough to peek through. At least no Gator fingers reaching for his face... cautiously moves his hands* Um, no reason... It's just the other Leatherhead has a thing for my face... :">?

Hank:.... I have cards....

Don: *has regained consciousness* :">?

Mel: Cards?

Raph: *Rockin' Erica's world.. surely Hank is hearin' this* >Smile

Hank: oy vie *pulls out playing cards - *wishing he could drown that out - might have to shoot the turtle later.... with a tranq*

Mikey: Oh! he's trying to steal my thunder! *if it weren't for the fact he and Ally need refueling he'd soooo take Raph up on the challenge and out noise him!*

Mel: What can you do with cards?

Master Splinter: *having STRONG tea*

Erica: O,o * so much for being the quietest of the couples! - so not now!!*

MMDonnie: >?.< *covers his 'ears'. Apparently it's not safe ANYWHERE!*

Mel: Can't they stop?

Don: *sheepish grin to his smaller counterpart* Sorry about that. :">?

Angel: >Very Happy *annoying Hank* ah sweet music ... *actually is kinda muscial* nawww what are you doing SlimStretch? *hands Don a coffee and tugs hands away from ears*

Hank: >?,<

April: Oooooooh they'll stop - eventually...

Master Splinter: *found his ear muffs... All good... Smiles at this other Don.* hello son from another place.

Mel: It's gross

MMDonnie: My brain... is bleeding... *manages a little wave at this version of his father before curling into fetal position..then Angel brings coffee-- suddenly 'alive' again*

Mel: No I won't

Angel: nawwwww come on SlimStretch - it aint so bad Wink *gives Stretch his coffee too*

Don: You're sure about that. *sips his coffee*

Hank: *steals Master Splinters ear muffs*

Mel: I'm sure

Don: Thank you. *to Angel, giving her a grateful smile*

MMDonnie: O.o SlimStretch? That sounds painful.

Master Splinter: *steals them back!*

Hank: hey! I don't wanna hear what he is doing to my daughter! *tackles for them*

Angel: .... it's your nickname - see cause this tall handsome geek is Stretch Wink *pecks cheek* so your SlimStretch

Master Splinter: *pauses* ah .... Well... Too bad! *wrestles*

Hank: *sooooo glad he convinced her to go on pills*

Mel: Are they grown ups or little kids?

MMDonnie: *another skinny joke.. but at least she's not throwing donuts at him* ^^ Sure.

Don: :">? *smiles*

Master Splinter: *wins of course and sits on this human* well... Um suppose we should get to know each other them... I am Splinter, you met my sons?

Mel: I'm hungry

Hank: yes I have.... *grumbles* .... *wont tell Bishop about this Razz *Hank.

Angel: *snugs Don carefully as they both have coffees* so SlimStretch you got a lady?

MMDonnie: *So, Angel and 'him' in this world? O.o Who would have thought! And then she asks the question that would have broken his heart a few night prior. Smiles brightly, exposing his trademark gap. Why oh why does this Domnnie not have one!* I do.. ^^

Mel: Lose a tooth Donnie?

Angel: *hides a squueeee at cute gap behind coffee* ooooooooooh who is it?

Erica: *belly rumbles - doesn't care - tooooo 'full' of endorphins and too limped noodled to move*

April: *winks at MDon and chuckles patting Mel's head*

Hank: HAH! *now has ear muffs to self - and his box*

MMDonnie: O.o ..*Okay, she's five.. shrug it off!* It's diastema, I'm not missing a tooth..I was mutated this way. :/ *smiles at Angel* April! ^^

Mel: Diaswhat?

April: *giggles*

Raph: *does her in all positions, putting both his tail and manhood to use..*

Angel: O,o... really - ?! wow .... coool - whats that April like? .... hehehhe more noise*

Don: *doesn't feel so bad anymore that he doesn't have Erica -- has Angel instead* ^^

MMDonnie: She's like an F5 key..^^ She's refreshing! ^^ And beautiful and smart...

Don: *though he still has to be shared with other females...*

Mel: What does that mean Donnie?

Angel: nawwwwwwwww - Smile

Erica: *wondering if Raph's trying to figure out how flexible she can be - not complainin!* mmmmmm - Fuuuuuuuuuuck! *well that one took her by surprise*

Vic: *glad that at least some guys have to be shared here* Very Happy

Angel: *giggles*

Raph: *trying to be careful..really...HARD..?.* -pun- Razz

MMDonnie: *had been in his own haze of April-ness, blinks at little girl* Huh?

Mel: What was the last thing you said mean?

MMDonnie: What, an F5 key?

Erica: *squirming and probably begging he doesn't stop - can't tell through pleasure haze*

April: Very Happy

Mel: You said it about April

April: *probably should be discussing plans to end the big turtles -*

MMDonnie: An F5 is a function key on a keyboard. It's used to refresh. Wink

Mel: Huh?

Raph: *pantin', moanin', churrin' up a storm. Loud animalish noises filtering out to treat the others*

Mel: Raphie is loud Oo

Don: *hears those noises and is torn between rolling his eyes or dragging Angel back into his room to drown them out* Wink

Erica: *not any quieter - or any more human sounding right now - especially not when the O hits - high notes*

MMDonnie: .......It's... complicated. *really not sure how to explain it to a five*

Mel: Why is it?

April: ummmm hows about we change subject - the dark turtles - *prod prods MDon*

Angel: *tempting* daaaa aaaaamn - *blinks at April - must behave for a bit Razz * what about them?

MMDonnie: *thanks for the save!* Yes, those guys. Have they been a problem lately?

Mel: One tried eat me!

Don: And one bit me.

MMDonnie: So what you're saying is, yes, they are a problem. Razz

April: A big problem - yes... you had a plan?

Don: Erica's mind just slipped down into the gutter again. Razz

MMDonnie: *nods* I do. But, seeing as these guys are closer in size to my brothers and self here, I may need the assistance of this world's Raph.. .IF he can stop throwing donuts at me long enough. -.-

Angel: *giggles*

Mel: Why does he throw donuts?

Don: I can talk to him about that.

Leatherhead: *nods* the one that was here, the gold one is about the same size our Raphael

Don: *didn't even know he was doing that in the first place*

April: Raph! quit doinking and get out here!

Don: But put yourself away first! >?.<

Mel: Raphie doing grown up stuff again?

Hank: .... *blissfully unawares of the more animalistic noises - has had ear muffs on*

Leatherhead: yeah ...

Angel: *nearly choked on coffee with sniggers*

Mel: They do it alot

Raph: >?.< *gotta.. finish...first...! Hits the big O and growls her name, doin' a lil cream fillin' of his own*

Erica: *cries out - dang! - shuddering - out of body experience*

Mel: They're loud Oo

April: Don't forget to put something on Erica

Raph: *takes 10 minutes to recover, meantime kissing and snuggling. Finally cleans up and waits for her to do the same before they join the others*

Erica: *tooooooooo blissed out to move fast, pulls a huge old shirt on and tries to stand - legs down work!*

Mel: They take forever

Angel: it does - *deliciously* Very Happy

Raph: *scoops her up* Need help? Wink

Erica: a little Wink *giggles and wriggles toes - arm about those shoulders, snugs -*

April: *chuckles*

Hank: *in box still with ear muffs on*

Don: *going back in that bedroom sounds better and better with every passing second*

Mel: Can't grown ups just cuddle instead?

Angel: in a moment Stretch - we have a mission to plan first Wink *kisses cheek*

Don: Smile

Angel: Wink hehe

Mel: *Yawns*

Angel: finally RedT - hey girlfriend

Mel: You two were loud

Raph: *carries her out and sits with theo thers, Erica nestled in his arms.* So... what we talkin' about?

Erica: heeeeey *yep totally relaxed, not moving anywhere, happy sigh waves at MDon*

Mel: The big bad turtle

Erica: *not sorry they were loud, fingers trace scars absently as she listens* oh the dark turtles...

Angel: *winks and gives her a cup of coffee - with them not competing no more - they get along really well - hands Raph hot chocolate*

Mel: *Yawns sleepy*

Leatherhead: *snugs*

Mel: *Snuggles close falling asleep*

Hank: *lowers ear muffs - safe now right.... smart enough to know not to approach for daughter right now*

MMDonnie: *gives a little wave back, hoping Raph doesn't pop off any more skinny jokes* I have a plan to eliminate the Dark Clones. Erica.. O.o *blinks* Leo's Erica.. I mean...OUR Erica >?.< mentioned that we would need to capture one of them to insure we get the other's attention.. *and glances over at Raph* That's where I'll need your help. We need to get them through a portal, preferably a world with no inhabitants, then have MetalHead come in and...blow it up...

Erica: ... mmmm my other me snagged a Leo? - good for her *listening*

Raph: O.o So what yer sayin' is... you need me to go on a suicide mission with you. -.-

Mel: *Snores in sleep*

Erica: *does not like the sound of that -*

MMDonnie: It sounds depressing when you say it like that, but... yes.. if complications arise that prevent us from leaving...

Raph: This is because I threw donuts at you, ain't it. -.-

MMDonnie: O.o *is he serious?* Well, Raphael, bullying is a real problem in social settings these days, suicide is on the rise..*total snark mode* No, it's not because you threw donuts at me! -.-

Erica: *shivers* then we better make sure there are no complications.... *worried for BigRed

Raph: *blinks- slightly amused- Donnie got bite*

MMDonnie: It's just.. you're bigger than us and more capable of handling these guys. The Gold one is almost your size, so we can target him. Your job will be transporting him through the portal. Easy enough, right? *and knows how to work Raph, even though he really tries not to. And doing so with this one could surely put him under!* Unless you're scared. B-)

Raph: *snugs Erica, sending a death glare at the lil runt* I ain't scared of nothin'. I'm in.

April: Gold shouldnt be too much of an issue if sedated

Lexi: And he's currently sleeping in Mikey's closet!! *yeah, came out of nowhere!*

MMDonnie: *phew. Glad that Raph agreed and nods at April.. then random girl informs him of Gold's whereabouts* O.o Why.. is he in Mikey's closet? *oh, the things his little brother keeps in there! Obviously no different in this world*

Erica: .... but then what? my BigRed gets him to this place with three bigger, meaner brothers on his tail? *is obviously concerned*

MMDonnie: MetalHead will be there. The plan is to deliver Gold into the target location, then ring the dinner bell, so to speak. Hopefully we will be out of there before his brothers show up. *but knows things rarely go as planned*

Raph: Or, we could just kill 'em all here an' be done with it.. -.-

MMDonnie: ...and put your loved ones in danger?

Angel: it will be a bloody fight if we did that - those guys are strong

April: do you have any sway on these turtles Erica?

Erica: *pondering* a little... they confuse me with their own - who died - *tickles Raphs spot*

April: maybe you should go too - if something goes wrong you could stall them a little

Raph: *forgets about death plot.. happy churrs* ^^ ... O.o *well that brought him back* No, she ain't gettin' involved

Erica: *touches nose tip to snout* if you are involved Red I already am.

Raph: >?.<

Erica: *throws about marshmallows*

Kitteh: 'Mush'mallows? Wink

Hank: darlin... perhaps... Raphael is right - you should, stay back

Erica: *throws about some Mushmallows too*

Erica: Red? *glances at her father - back to Raph*

Erica: MUSHMALLOWS! *rolls about in them*

Kitteh: Cream-filled ones?

Erica: *covered in Cu - uuuuh cream and mushmallows*

Raph: This is prolly the only time I'm gonna agree with yer father but.. you should stay back.. *rests his forehead against hers* You just got yer dad back. *still not fond of the guy, but anything to keep her safe*

Erica: *soft sigh eyes meeting his -* I love my dad - but I'd rather be back up - encase... and if it comes to it perish with you

Hank: *some what taken aback*

Erica: MUSH

Erica: MUSH!!!!!!!

Erica: feel it!

Angel: *supposed to be tough girl - becoming mush... covers squeeeeee with coffee and snugs to Don*

Don: Smile *snugs back*

Angel: *glad for this can hide her nawwwwwwwww so cute face*

Raph: *How is he supposed to keep her safe?? Could decline.. but then one of his bros would probably take up the task and he couldn't live with himself either way* >?.< I'm doin' this to keep you safe. If somethin' happens to me, you'll find yer way again.. I promise. *nuzzles* But..I'm gonna be okay.

MMDonnie: *feels like he just threw a box of kittens under a train* Sad *wishes there was another way*

Erica: *cups those cheeks* I .... *sniffles* will stay with you *snogs*

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PostSubject: Re: Portal Hopping Pt. 11 - 20   Mon Aug 08, 2016 2:10 pm

Pt. 12

Previously on Portal Hopping;

Raph: *How is he supposed to keep her safe?? Could decline.. but then one of his bros would probably take up the task and he couldn't live with himself either way* >?.< I'm doin' this to keep you safe. If somethin' happens to me, you'll find yer way again.. I promise. *nuzzles* But..I'm gonna be okay.

MMDonnie: *feels like he just threw a box of kittens under a train* Sad *wishes there was another way*

Erica: *cups those cheeks* I .... *sniffles* will stay with you *snogs*


Mel: *Bored*

Mikey *setting up little boxes with big red buttons on them in his brothers rooms* hehehee *sneaking out*

Mel: What are you doing Mikey?

Don: *will personally pummel him for that once he finds out!*

Mel: Mikey is being bad Oo

Mikey Very Happy nothing - hehehe *has set these boxes up everywhere - been to a random portal this morning* Very Happy Mel here - *gives her a little monkey* his name is Steve Wink

Steve: *voice box* Steeeeeve?

Mikey: Angel: *too fast asleep to notice*

Mel: Steve? Is he a pet?

Mikey: nah just a friend I made this morning Smile

Mel: From what?

Mikey not sure - I went out to go to the loo and fell in a portal - found him of a island made of food and a whole heap of those boxes - hehehe can't wait to see what they do Very Happy

Mel: Can we go into portals?

Shaya: Nope

Mikey nah they vanished - but they'll be back... *

Mel: Aww not fair

Mikey I know! you should have seen the food jungle! fantastic Very Happy

Mel: I'm hungry

Shaya: we are not condoning this.

Mikey oh no - no portals are bad Very Happy

Mel: How come Mikey?

Mikey cause of the dark turtles, we do not want to met more nasties like them Razz

Mel: But there's fun places too*

Shaya: I agreed with Mikey

Mikey no there all bad *winks at Shaya*

Mel: Aww but what about the portals that go to fun places?

Shaya: they are bad too. They have unknown dangers in them.

Mel: How are they bad?

Raph: -.- Whatever's in those boxes Mikey.. yer gonna eat 'em.

Mikey: Razz

Mel: You don't Mikey's presents Raphie?

Raph: I ain't stupid. Tiny boxes and a bunch of 'em? Could only be one thing. Eh.. a bunch of those one things.

Erica: *unfortunately curious - pushed the button.....* AHHHH! *thing explodes covering her and room in a layer on confetti!*

Mikey *falls over laughing* Sparkles!

MH: *vacuums with his mouth! Sprinkles on undies, yum!*

Mel: Oo

Erica: O,O *too stunned - with a party hat on and all -*

Mikey bwhahahahaaaaa - hahahahaa *gets to his feet encase he has to run for it*

Shaya: *giggles but still taps Mikey on the head with her clipboard* Goofball

Mel: *Opens more boxes by pressing the buttons* XD

Mikey *chuckles and playfully swats at the clipboard - sees what Mel is doing and O,o.... dives behind a chair as boxes all over the place explode!

Mel: That was fun XD *Covered everything in confetti*

Angel: O.O what the heck!! *awoken by exploding confetti! covered in it!*

Mel: Mikey did it!

Mikey I did not - no one saw me do it!

Erica: *trying not to giggle*

Mel: But you brought them here ^^

Shaya: *clipboard over her head to cover from the bursae of confetti*

Mikey *cackling*

Mel: See Mikey did it he's laughing

Mikey *and job well done - brothers and place and girls all covered in confetti and other party paraphernalia - quickly takes off - laughing madly as he does so*

Mel: *Goes to look for food*

Shaya: *looks around... no guys...? takes off sweater to shake the confetti and glitter*

Hank: *pops out of confetti covered box*

Shaya: *blush* --! *has the sweater off but frozen in her bra and too small lace tank top*

Hank: ..... *clears throat blushing himself - unable to look away*

Shaya: Uhh *shakes it once before turning her back to him*

Shaya: ... Sorry...

Mel: Hungry Mikey

Shaya: *puts the sweater back on*

Hank: no no.... it's love - I mean it's fine *oy vie - blushes*

Mel: Okay ^^

Raph: *comes outta nowhere and PUMMELS!*

Shaya: It's Shaya actually. Love is the Crazy Cat lady here.

Mel: Raphie Oo

Hank: *oh good she didn't know he was about to say it's a lovely look Very Happy * um yes sorry about that

Mikey ahhhhhhhh! *dodging - runs!* but confetti looks good on you bro! *running*

Mel: *Chases Mikey too* XD

Shaya: It's fine. I thought everyone left.

Raph: *pounces and rolls the lil twirp!*

Erica: *giggles - dancing causes the confetti to shake off! like a pretty snow flurry!*

Mel: I wanna play too!

Mikey ahhhhhh! *is rolled* nooooooooooooo! hehehe come on it's so pretty!

Rogue: lol, Leo notices the pretty GIRL in Flirting with the Enemy, but not his kin Razz typical male

Espionata: lol

Rogue: Karai is mentally facepalming right now Razz

ShyGal: lol

Hank: Smile well not sure what everyone else is doing - but... huh no still here

Mikey: bwhahahaa yeah I giggled at that too - it's like Leo look another turtle!!!! and he's like whoa babe! *eye ridge waggle*

Rogue: hehe.. he's all like.. 'lets save the helpless vampire who wants to rip my throat out!' Razz

Mel: Can I play?

Mikey: Razz hehehe yeah she might eat him but hey she's puuuurty

Vic: ^^ The power of the V. Wink

Rogue: bwhahaha

Rogue: good April impression there Razz

Mikey: Very Happy it came to me

April: *face palming* oy vie

Mikey: *desperate to escape grabs Random Big Hairy Spider and waves it in Raph's face*

RandomBigHairySpider: O,o ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! *voice no one can hear*

Mel: Spider! *Screams*

Raph: O.O AHHHHHHHHHHH!!! *slaps at him and runs!*

Mel: Raphie!

Mikey: Clown: *honks nose*

Erica: *screams and runs - dives into ninja vanish spot*

Shaya: * adjusts sweater once more before walking into the mayhem* Wah?

Mel: A clown too Oo

Erica: *hiding in ninja vanish spot away from clown*

Mel: Mikey food now?

Shaya: We didn't order you Clown. Sorry, no job here. Thanks anyways

Clown: *sad face... goes away*

Hank: have to agree with my daughter on that one - clowns are freaky*

Mel: But it's not the bad turtles

Mikey *chases his brother with big hairy spider*

Erica: *coming out of ninja vanish spot - slowly... clown not in sight... -* ack!

Mikey *runs over oc - spider getting squished in chase*

Raph: O.O *running for his life!! - then realizes Spider is dead..*

Mikey *fleeeeeeeeeees - leaveing dust cloud shaped Mikey behind*

Erica: *almost found her feet again -* ACK! ..... *flattened again!*...*bruised from being struck down twice by a whirlwind of turtle - hobbles off to shower - who knows where those feet have been!!* frick!

Mikey *hiding*

Erica: *indeed - just said screw this - I'm going back to bed - goes*

Raph: *ninja stealth-joins!*

Erica: *smiles - finally some sanity* it's crazy out there, lets just stay here

Mikey *can come out of hiding? - no brothers trying to pummel him?* Very Happy hehe dodge a bullet

Raph: Yeah, it is. And that shoulds like a plan to me. *snugs*

Erica: *is snugged, snuggles, big relieved sigh - much better - fingers tickle spot*

Raph: ^^ *Churrrrs happily*

Erica: *hums alternating between spot tickles and tracing scars - much better in here* ^,^

Raph: *much better, indeed! Hands slip beneath her shirt, caressing her back... sloooow gentle massage*

Erica: *delighted shiver and moan - goes limp like a jelly fish - mmmmm melts* mmmmmmmmmm

Don: ^_^

Angel: nawww so cute when your tail wags Razz

Don: :">?

Angel: Wink well you are Very Happy *tugs said cuteness*

Don: *yelps a little* :">? :">? :">?

Angel: Smile *snout peck*

Don: *smooches!*

Angel: MMMMM - *ooooh thats a good response! - snogging... chuckles moooooooan - grips bandana tails to deepen kissing*

Don: *churrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrs!*

Angel: *that does it! rolls and brings him with her! snogging*
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PostSubject: Re: Portal Hopping Pt. 11 - 20   Mon Aug 08, 2016 2:11 pm

Pt. 13

Previously on Portal Hopping;

Angel: Smile *snout peck*

Don: *smooches!*

Angel: MMMMM - *ooooh thats a good response! - snogging... chuckles moooooooan - grips bandana tails to deepen kissing*

Don: *churrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrs!*

Angel: *that does it! rolls and brings him with her! snogging*


Shaya: *skips into the lair, sing song voice* I got the grant, I got the grant~

Mikey: *follows skipping and sing songing* She got the grant! she got the grant... wait whose Grant? and why do you want him?

Mel: Who's Grant?

Shaya: *Over Bubbly* It means I have money to work on my own study!

Mikey: ooooh! cooooooool! this calls for celebratory cake! *skips off to kitchen to make it!*

Shaya: Grant will be there but that is beside the point!

Mikko: what ya studding? I'm studding Mike's ass.

Shaya: I got the grant! *dances with/ around Mel* I got the grant!

Mel: *Giggles and dances*

Mikey: *hears this and tucks his tail up out of sight!*

Shaya: *chose to ignore Mikko*

Mikko: everyone ignores me. *SOBS*

Mel: *Goes into the kitchen* Mikey ^^

Hank: *pops out of box and gives her tissue*

Mikko: *takes*

Hank: Smile

Mikey: Mel! quick lick this bowl! *hands mixing bowl to her*

Mel: *Licks bowl& Yummy ^^

Mikey: ^,^ *making cake!*

Shaya: I'm so happy! *contrast to the snarky usual self*

Mel: *Bowl is licked clean* ^^

Mikey: did not! banana cake mix!!!

April: Me toooo! - wait why are you happy Shaya?! Very Happy

MMMikko: I AM MAMAMIKKO! vroom vroom

Shaya: I got the grant~ I got the study!

Mel: I'm gonna die?!

Mikey: no no Mel, it's just banana cake mix, no dying....

Mel: I'm not gonna die?

April: YEAH! *hugs and spins her bestie* knew you would! WOOOOOOOOOOOT!

Mikey: nope *takes bowl back, cleans and mixes mixes*

Erica: *dance dance*

Mikko: *dances with*

Randal: *joins in and boogey ooogie ooogies*

Mel: *Giggles*

Mikey: *banana cake - fresh hot and fluffy!*

Mel: Hungry

Mikey: CAKE! EVERYONE CAKE! *cuts a slice for Mel*

Mikko: *comes running in*

Mel: Thanks Mikey ^^

Erica: *also hurries in - hasn't eaten a lot the last couple of days - starving!*

Mikey: *cutting up Cake*

Mel: *Eats cake* ^^

Love: *bounces around*

Love: *licks LH*

Leatherhead: *nuzzles*

Erica: *munch munch* mmmm! so hungry!
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PostSubject: Re: Portal Hopping Pt. 11 - 20   Mon Aug 08, 2016 2:12 pm

Pt. 14

Previously on Portal Hopping;

Mel: *Eats cake* ^^

Love: *bounces around*

Love: *licks LH*

Leatherhead: *nuzzles*

Erica: *munch munch* mmmm! so hungry!


Erica: *pops out of random portal dressed like a very dusty xena warrior princess and gives Mel the crown she stole off the enemy lord*

Mel: Where did you get that?

Erica: ummmm, never you mind - you can have it Wink *very dirty oc*

Mel: Okay and you need a bath XD *Falls into portal that appears beneath her* Woah!

Erica: *catches and pulls Mel back* yeah I kinda do - but hey I just lead a force of three hundred arches to victory I'm allowed to be filthy Razz

Mel: Thanks ^^

Erica: Wink your welcome *snugs Mel and then puts her down*

Mel: No bad turtles ^^

Erica: none that I saw Very Happy *hungry hungry -*

Mel: I want cookies ^^

Erica: okay.... *goes to make cookies - loads cause she's hungry*

Mel: Where's Mikey?

Erica: I am not sure - I was pulled away from bed this morning - didn't see him on the way past

Love: I ate him

Mel: I'm gonna look for him *Looks for Mikey*

Shaya: * still glowing from Grant money bliss* HEY~

Erica: *grins at Shaya - dishing up hot cookies* I hear congrats are in order Wink

Mel: *Is looking for Mikey*

Mikey: *sneaking behind Mel - looking too*

Mel: *Sees a portal and goes in thinking Mikey is on the otherside of it*

Mikey: *sneaks in with her*

Mel: *Looks around*

Mikey: *whispers* I think this place is boring - lets go back and have cookies

Shaya: Did you hear the news Erica? *beams*

Mel: Why?

Erica: *shakes head and grins* I heard there was news - tell me, tell me

Mel: Mikey where did you come from?

Mikey: Very Happy I was following you Razz

Leo: I will go as I please!

Shaya:Got grant money to work on my own assignment for NYU!

Mel: Then why didn't you come out before the portal?

Erica: *squeees and goes to glomp - then realizes still in very dirty armor* uh.... thats great! *takes her hands instead*

Mikey: *shrugs* thought it will be somewhere interesting Wink *grabs Mel and goes back home*

Mel: *Holds on* XD Why can't we explore?

Shaya: *cups her hands around Ericas* I can spend time here more often

Mikey: cause there is cookies back home!

Mel: But Mikey I wanna explore

Love: *pops in with zombie child* these things are in here, Mel!

Mel: What's that Oo

Mikey: ewwwwwwwwww!

Love: It's a zombie child!

Mel: A what?

Erica: yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! do we do the girl jumping up and down and squealing thing? Very Happy

Mikey:.... well put it back, no doubt it's zombie parents are looking for it!

Love: A ZOMBIE CHILD! *shoves it in Mel's arms*

Shaya: certainly! *laughs and yells starting the first of many jumps*

Mel: Eww *Drops it*

Erica: *jumping up and down making armor toga clank and jangle -* wooooo!

Mel: *Goes to explore*

Shaya: *stops jumping*

Mikko: Zombie child: *bites at Mel's legs*

Mel: *Screams and runs*

Mikey: no! bad zombie! - bad! *chase - catches... then runs as horde of zombies chase them* ahhhhhhhhhhhh!

Mikko: Zombie Child: *slowly chases*

Erica: *last jump -* hehhee that was fun Very Happy so what are you studying here?

Mel: *Runs faster screaming*

Mikey: *slow mo run away*

Mel: *Runs into another portal scared*

Shaya: the samples LH got me matched different cultures in Europe!

Mikey: *chases - sloooooooooooowly after Mel*

Mel: *Looks around away from the zombies* Lost them

Erica: O,o that far afield - *eats a cookie*

Mikey: *snatches Mel and hops through another portal - landing on Leo as they come out* wooooooooot this more like it! - thanks bro Very Happy

Mel: XD

Shaya: Where is Big Guy anyway?

Mel: I'm bored Mikey

Erica: not sure - have to find my Big guy too -

Leatherhead: *lounging about in sunlight cause it feels so gooooooooood* Razz

Raph: *curled up, sleeping in ninja vanish spot*

Mikey: well lets get some of those cookies then work on that okay?

Mel: Okay ^^

Shaya: I could just kiss him!

Erica: oooo that would stir him Wink - I must shower first! *sneaks another cookie than dashes off to do so - armor clanking the whole way*

Shaya: *searches for the big alligator* Leatherhead?

Erica: *short hot shower - hehehehe - sneaks into Ninja Vanish Nest and fighting a squeeee - leans down to tickle Raph's spot*

Leatherhead: *sits up* Shaya?

Shaya: *spots him* There you are

Leatherhead: I am ^_^ *tail even wags a bit*

Mel: *Eats cookies* Let's go exploring ^^

Shaya: *leans in* Thank you for the mold samples. I got money and research to backup my findings*kisses him soundly*!

Leatherhead: ^_____________^ knew you would - mmmmmmmmm! *awesome day just got more so! - snout snogging!*

Shaya: *scratches under jaw* ^.u^ *few last pecks*

Mikey: okay - *grabs loads of cookies to explore with* lead on!

Mel: *Runs into a portal* XD

Leatherhead: *happy rumbles, eyes close - tail tip wagging* I am happy for you - a grant is a wonderful thing

Shaya: Yes. It means I can spend more time down here. By you.

Leatherhead: :">? well that makes me a very happy gator *gentle hug*

Mikey: *follows*

Mel: This place looks like fun ^^ *It's kinda dark*

Erica: *remembers something she forgot and hurries away*

Shaya: explore your spacial area. Work, take lunch breaks with you :-X , visit after :">? hours...

Mikey: *in long dark hallway* yeahhhh nothing creepy about this at all

Mel: *Runs down the hall* There might be ghosts!

Leatherhead: :">? :-X >Very Happy< I do like the promise of ALL that -

Mikey: *jogs behind her* maybe - *shudders*

Mel: Scared Mikey?

Shaya: yeah?

Mikey: nah just slightly creeped out Razz

Mel: Okay *Runs faster* XD

Leatherhead: yes, your company I most certainly enjoy, no matter what we are doing - though after hours does sound enticing *nuzzles*

Mel: *Runs ahead of Mikey* XD

Mikey: *chasing - and scoops her up last minute when something races at them down the hallways* ahhhhhhhh

Mel: What is that? *Holds on*

Mikey: slender man! *probably isn't but its dark - runs*

Mel: Who?

Mikey: *jumps down random portal hole to escape - they end up running away from giant bugs*

Mel: Bugs! Raphie's nightmare!

Mikey: we wont tell him! *oh will they? >Smile - dashes off through*

Erica: *stirring coffee - gazing off into blue yonder lost in thoughts*

Mel: *Holds on*

Mikey: *slids down another portal - they land on a roller coaster*

Mel: Weee!

Mikey: woooooooooooooo!

Mel: This is fun!

Mikey: Agreed~ finally a fun portal! *drags Mel off to try other rides of this theme park portal - and get face painting - and balloon hats*

Mel: *Zooms off to go on rides she's to small for*

Mikey: *catches her and drags her off to more fun rides -*

Mel: Mikey?

Mikey: No! your not tall enough - so lets go on these ones!

Mel: Aww but Mikey I am too

Mikey: am not! - Very Happy *home portal sucks them back home*

Mel: Aww home already? *Yawns*

Mikey: nawwwww - *but at least they got balloon hats and face paintings - hugs*

Mel: *Snuggles close* Not sleepy DX

Mikey: *snugs and snugs some more*

Mel: *Falls asleep*

Mikey: *takes Mel to tuck her in bed*

Mel: *Snores in sleep*

Mikey: *also snores*

Erica: Razz

Kitteh: *pokes Mikey* Razz

Mikey: no.... don wanna be a guinea pig *mumbles*

Erica: *slowly sips coffee - teasing player*

Don: *perks up* Coffee?

Erica: yep she pinched my coffee Razz

Erica: *offers to Don* want one?

Don: Sure. Smile

Erica: Smile Enjoy it I pinched it from my player Wink *gives him one*

Erica: *mutters*

Erica: Razz

Don: O.o

Erica: *chuckles and holds out take out tall cup* don't worry she'll live Wink

Don: Really?

Erica: of course

Erica: *has found iced coffee* ^_^

Erica: *giggles* see Wink

Don: *smiles and takes it, taking a sip* Thank you.

Erica: Smile welcome Pretty Eyes - what have you been up too?

Don: Oh, I've been around. Smile

Erica: *chuckles* mmm hmmm - building anything new in the lab?

Don: Not at the moment.

Erica: oh Smile *sips*

Erica: I ... um - should go *finishes her coffee - pecks Don's cheek -* see you soon Pretty Eyes Wink
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Erica Martins

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PostSubject: Re: Portal Hopping Pt. 11 - 20   Mon Aug 08, 2016 2:13 pm

Pt. 15

Previously on Portal Hopping;

Don: Oh, I've been around. Smile

Erica: *chuckles* mmm hmmm - building anything new in the lab?

Don: Not at the moment.

Erica: oh Smile *sips*

Erica: I ... um - should go *finishes her coffee - pecks Don's cheek -* see you soon Pretty Eyes Wink


Shaya: Love, what type of fur do you have?

Love: the fluffy kind! medium lenth

Shaya: May I pet you? Would that be degrading?

Love: I LOVE being petted! *sits and waits*

Shaya: *pets love cautiously*

Love: *purrrrrrs*

Shaya: *scratching her back and shoulders*

Love: oooooh yeeeeeeeaaaahhhhhh

Mel: Love you like being a kitty lol

Love: yes I do ^^

Shaya: I like my hair combed.

Love: me tooooooo

Mel: So you like mice?

Love: yes!

Shaya: Take turns?

Love: ok! *grabs brush*

Erica: *points - Mikey on couch still snoring, Leatherhead on floor, Angel&April cuddling on recliner, Hank sprawled half in and out of box, Erica on floor near wall.*

Mel: *Pounces on Mikey* XD

Mikey: *snorrrreeeees!*

Mel: Mikey wake up!

Mikey: mmmmm no *tries to snorrre*

Mel: Okay I will just color and hide your comics ^^ *Decides to be bad to see what she can push*

Mikey: *hugs*

Love: *grabs Mel and picks her up then cleans her*

Mel: *Squirms* Had a bath DX

Love: no wonder you are so tasty

Mel: *Squirms more* Not food

Love: I'm not going to eat you. *lets her go*

Mel: *Giggles and goes to hide Mikey's comics bored*

Mikey: *catches and tickles*

Mel: *Giggles and squirms* Woke you up

Love: don't tickle her too much she will pee on you

Mikey: *puts Mel on shoulders* hehehe

Mel: No I won't XD

Mikey: *skips, making horsey noises to kitchen to make food *

Mel: *Holds on* XD Hungry want pancakes

Mikey: hmmmm .... Erica! Make crepes!

Mikko: waffles!

Erica: *mumbles, picking self off floor to go make crepes* mmmmm

Mel: Hungry

Mikko: *tosses pizza at everyone*

Mikey: *sits Mel with her crepe,* these pancakes are awesome, you put whatever you want in them Wink whatcha want on yours Mel *eats pizza*?

Mel: Chocolate chips!

Mikey: *sprinkles choc chips on and folds the crepe grinning* eat up!

Erica: *pizza on head - cooking stack of crepes*

Mel: *Eats it happily* Yummy ^^

Mikko: *prances around*

Shaya: *stops petting Love* Oh they are waking up Smile

Love: good now we can play with their men parts

Mikey: *chokes a bit on Pizza*

Leatherhead: *scratching his belly, slooowly waking up*

Shaya: umm...

Mel: Mikey?

Love: course it was probably easier to do that while they were asleep

Hank: *is up...* coffee!... *hurries to get a coffee*

Shaya: I would rather them awake and consenting?

Mikey: *looks a Mel* yeah?

Mel: *Holds up crepe to Hank* Crepe? *Looks at Mikey* You okay and can we explore again?

Love: maybe...I think Hank is one of those that likes to get woken up in the middle of a blow job though

Shaya: odd kink. Can't judge. i know communication and consent are key

Mikey: o,O yeah fine fine... *tucks tail out of sight* and sure

Mel: Okay *Finishes breakfast and runs into a portal* XD

Shaya: I'm old fashion that way.

Hank: ooooh thanks, *takes crepe - stuffs a pizza slice in his and with coffee...* mmmmhmmm!

Erica: *still not quiet awake - sits in chair, head on table - resumes snoooozing*

Shaya: anyways. I'm going to help wake up a certain sleepy reptile. ;Wink

Love: ok ^^

Leatherhead: *streeeeeeeeeeeeetching - mouth wide open*

Mel: Come on Mikey! *Runs into portal*

Mikey: hey! - *chases*

Mel: *Looks around is in a dark spooky place*

Shaya: Big guy, it's time to get up.

Mikey: very dark... *uses shell cell for light*

Mel: And creepy *Goes further in*

Leatherhead: *eyes open, nictating eyelids slid away slowly* hey

Mikey: agreed... *creeps along - both get jumped at by big scary face*

Shaya: Morning sleepy 'gator *rubs snout while leaning eye level in front of him* Sleep well?

Mel: *Screams and runs further in*

Leatherhead: *grins and hugs, bringing her onto his warm soft yellow belly scales* I did Very Happy you?

Mikey: *girly scream and runs with her*

Mel: You scream like a girl *Runs* XD

Erica: *sleepily* pretty dress Pretty Eyes...

Mikey: *grabs Mel - still girly hollering- running from shadow figure*

Shaya: * is squeezed to the alligator* I did when I got there. *plays with the belly scale ridges* Hot New York nights in a small apartment...

Mel: *Holds on* What are we running from?!

Leatherhead: Very Happy mmmm you should come to my Den when it's that uncomfortable Wink I keep it constantly comfy *snug, nuzzles*

Mikey: * runs and slams door!* something shadowy?! *leans on door as its banged on* I was not looking behind

Mel: It wants in!

Mikey: hey!! Occupied!!

Erica: *still sleepy* hehe milk shake

Mel: It's not leaving

Shaya: But that means being hot with you.

Mikey: *climbs out the window*

Mel: *Holds on* It's following us!

Mikko: *humps Gabe*

Leatherhead: Very Happy it does *snout kiss to cheek*

Gabe: ^^

Mikey: *getting chased through spooky corn feild*

Bones: *hovers over Erica with knife*

Mel: What is that thing?!

Mikey: A shadow?! *or that's what it looks like!*

Angel: oh I wouldn't *to Bones*

Mel: It won't stop!

Raph: *slams Bones against the wall* X-(

Erica: *snoooozing*

Bones: O.O

Angel: told you Razz

Bones: I know magic! I can turn you into an even uglier frog!

Mel: Mikey it's still chasing us!

Mikey: *jumps in portal giving middle finger salute to shadow*

Hank: o,O

Mel: Now where are we? *Flips it off too copying Mikey*

Raph: -.- *knocks him out*

Bones: X.X

Mikko: how do you flip someone off with only three fingers, isn't that just pointing?

Angel: ooooooh that's going to leave that which is known as a mark

Mikey: o,o hey Mikko how'd you end up here?

Mikko: I'm magic too

Mel: *Giggles*

Mikey: ooooh ... Cool Smile sooo what's this portal like

Mikko: there is a lot of cheese

Mel: Boring

Mikko: and giant MUTANT RATS!!!!!!

Mikey: oO that is not master Splinter! *grabs Mikkos hand and still carrying Mel - runs*

Mikko: *runs with*

Erica: *blinks -* Smile ooooh hello BigRed *yawn*

Angel: Very Happy

Mel: *Holds on* Giants rats!

Mikey: hopefully they don't want turtle soup! *running away with girls*

Mel: That sounds yucky

Mikko: I think they just eat the cheese

Mikey: probably.... Let's jump in this portal Wink *jumps in*

Mel: Wee!

Mikko: *leap*

Raph: *snugs* Hey you. Wink

Love: hey! you! *talking to Raph* better pay me some attention. I know where Bones hangs out, and I might not want to tell you

Erica: Smile *huggles* missed you *smooch*

Mikey: *lands in water first*

Mikko: *splashes around then realizes she can stand in it, stands*

Mel: Mikey I can't swim

Raph: *hugs and smooches* Missed ya, too. *and blinks at Love* You gotta me kiddin' me. -.- *shrugs* Well, if you don't talk-- *Pulls his sais and twirls them* There's more than one way to skin a cat.. >Smile

Love: you wouldn't kill me, or skin me.

Raph: You don't know me very well...

Love: I know you don't go around killing others for information, you have a code of honor

Erica: *still not totally awake - reaches and pats Love* such a pretty pelt

Raph: *bluffing, of course.. but doesn't hint at that fact* Do I look like Lame-o-nardo?

Love: I do not fear you, or death. you want info and I want attention. your choice

Mikey: *puts Mel on shoulders and stands*

Mel: *Holds* What's this place?

Raph: -.- However, Pussy.

Erica: *horde of piranha comes at them!*

Love: don't know why I should say anything, you kill Bones and there goes most of meals

Mikey: bad! *runs!*


Mel: *Holds on* Woah!

Erica: Smile pretty kitty... *streeeeeetches*

Love: purrrrrrrr

Mikey: *lifts girls onto beach* so close to sleepin with fishes!

Mel: I don't like fish

Mikko: least it isn't mermaids

Mel: Mermaids like Ariel?

Mikko: no like evil mermaids that kill sailors

Mikey: Smile that's a pretty cartoon... o,O

Mel: Mermaids kill people?

Hank: *ties up Bones and puts him in box*

Mikko: the real ones do

Bones: *still knocked out*

Mel: They're real?!

Mikko: yeah!

Mel: I wanna see them!

Mikko: they will eat you

Mel: Aww *Gets down and goes into another portal can't play in the water with the bad fish*

Mikey: hey! *scoops up Mikko and chases!*

Mel: *Runs through portal which is creepy* Not again

EvilErica: *chases Mel*

Mel: Bad Erica! *Runs*

EvilErica: *giggles darkly and chases*

Mel: *Keeps running* Mikey!

Mikey: *chasing them - carrying Mikko*

Erica: *hums, content to snug*

Mel: *Trips and falls*

EvilErica: *cackles, pounces... And pair vanish in a puff of inky darkness*

Mel: *Screams*

Mikey: o,O

Mel: *Struggles* Let go!

EvilErica: *licks Mel* noooooo

Mel: Stop!

EvilErica: *hops out of Portal near Love dumping Mel on the kitty* >Smile

Love: yay licks! *licks Mel*

Mel: *Squirms*

Love: hold still.

Mel: Where's Mikey?

EvilErica: *sidles up to Leo*


Mel: Bad Erica! *Hits her*

EvilErica: *giggles and vanishes - appearing before Leo again* Razz


Mel: *Runs into portal to loook for Mikey*

EvilErica: *glomps and drags Leo away*

Mel: *Looks for Mikey in creepy place* Mikey!

Mikey: *almost runs over Mel exiting* hey! * puts Mikko down*

Mel: Mikey ^^

Ally: *also looking for Mikey. Like player, has no earthly idea what's going on or where he is* Razz

Mel: Let's explore! *Goes exploring going into another portal*

Leo: Nooooooooooooooooooooooo?oooooooooooooooooooooooo?oooooo

Mikey: *grabs and catches Mel* no we should go back .... That evil one is hanging about Wink

Mel: But Mikey what if there's good versions of the bad turtles here they can help

Erica: need a hand BlueBeau? *safe from insanity in snugs*

Mel: *Struggles to get down*

Mikey: no home! *drags her home*

Mel: But Mikey I don't wanna! *Struggles more*

Mikey: too bad! *they fall out of portal landing on EvilErica unintentionally saving Leo* ooooh hey bro


Mel: *Struggles more* No! *Screams as loud as she can*

Mikey: >?.< - *joins in! Is louder*

Mel: *Screams even louder*

Mikey: *tickles*

Mel: *Screams more now mad*

EvilErica: *slides over to Erica -pokes*

Mikey: *shrugs and ignores*

Mel: *Runs through another portal*

EvilErica: *chases and steals Mel*

Mel: *Struggles* Let go! *Hits*

Erica: well that was creepy... *tickles Red's spot*

EvilErica: I ain't human, hitting ain't going to work child... *nips*

Mel: Let go! *Struggles more*

EvilErica: *bites hard and dumps her home*

Mel: *Hits the ground*

Erica: *sighs* and moves away - stretching kinks and aches from sleeping on floor out*

Mikey: *scoops and hugs*

Mel: *Holds on* That Erica bit me!

Erica: *sloooow yoga stretching*

Mel: I bet there's good big turtles there Mikey let's find them!

Mikey: no! Sides portals are gone for today *thank goodness*

Mel: Why not?

Mikey: ... Cause portals are gone....

Erica: *player begins putting her mob away again*

Mel: Aww but Mikey

Mikey: Very Happy *grabs Ally and runs away to room* no Mel!

Hank: *back in box*

Mel: But Mikey *Pouts* Not fair! *Is bored*Mikey wanna play

Mikey is away in his room with AllyBear Razz

Mel: There's no one to play with

Erica: *kisses Raphs snout and hurries away*

Angel: go play with Don Wink

Mel: Where is he?

Angel: in his lab, just knock first Razz

Don: O.o *hiding*

Mel: *Goes to look for Donnie knocking on his door*

Don: *very busy* >?.<

Mel: Big brother wanna play?

Don: Not really, no.

Mel: Why not?

Don: I'm busy, Mel.

Mel: Aww but big brother

Master Splinter: *curious - sticks head around door - what are you up too my son?

Don: I'm working on a repair project.

Master Splinter: oh I see - how have you been? *has no idea what half the stuff in Lab does*

Mel: Can I help? *Goes in*

Don: I've been alright. No! You may not.

Mel: How come?

Don: Because it's dangerous.

Mel: I will be careful

Master Splinter: *hugs Mel* no child no touch unless Donatello says so Smile

Don: *gives his father a grateful smile*

Mel: But I won't break anything

Don: *sternly* I said "no".

Master Splinter: *mel can't escape* sooo how have things with... Angel been going?

Don: *smiles* They've been great.

Mel: *Looks at the floor with tears in her eyes* Yes big brother

Master Splinter: awesome, and you and your brother sorted things?

Don: Basically. *nods* I backed off.

Mel: *Tries to hug Donnie should be able to hug at least*

Master Splinter: *nods* that is noble, as long as your brother is as good to her as you are to Angel Wink

Don: *gives her a hug* I hope he is. Erica seems to be happy.

Mel: *Snuggles close*

Master Splinter: Smile I raised you's to be good men, hmmm you and her still friends?

Don: *nods* Yes. We're very close. But we keep our distance in... *glances at Mel then back at MS* ...THAT way.

Master Splinter: *smiles* ooh I know that might be hard, but as long as you both happy

Mel: Doing yucky grown up stuff?

Master Splinter: nawww its not icky to grown ups Wink

Mel: To me it is

Don: When you're older, Mel, you'll think differently.

Mel: No way *Snuggles closer*

Master Splinter: indeed all my sons clearly grew out of girl cooties Razz

Don: Smile

Mel: But they're boys

Don: And what's wrong with boys?

Master Splinter: that they are Razz

Mel: Boys have cooties not girls Razz

Don: *chuckles* Cooties aren't even real.

Mel: They're not?

Don: Boys and girls are very different, but as you grow older, you will find a very special one.

Mel: I don't think so

Don: Only now you don't. It happens to everyone sooner or later.

Mel: If you say so Oo

Don: We all mature differently.

Mel: Grown up say girls grow up faster than boys and that's silly

Master Splinter: it's all downtown individuals Mel Very Happy

Mel: I guess so *Yawns*

Master Splinter: nawwww Smile I am having a tea - joining me with a coffee Donatello? Razz

Don: I see no harm in that. Smile

Mel: Sleepy

Master Splinter: Very Happy indeed not *leads him out of Lab - side you need to eat - too much work Wink

Don: Yeah... *puts Mel to bed first*

Master Splinter: *makes tea and coffee*

Mel: Night big brother *Falls asleep*

Don: Goodnight. *tucks her in and leaves the room after shutting the light off*

Master Spljnter: *puts drinks on table*

Don: *smiles at his father* Thank you, Sensei.

Master Splinter: *nods* your welcome, should spend more time with you boys been chasing spiritual quests lately *sips*
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PostSubject: Re: Portal Hopping Pt. 11 - 20   Mon Aug 08, 2016 2:14 pm

Pt. 16

Previously on Portal Hopping;

Mel: Night big brother *Falls asleep*

Don: Goodnight. *tucks her in and leaves the room after shutting the light off*

Master Spljnter: *puts drinks on table*

Don: *smiles at his father* Thank you, Sensei.

Master Splinter: *nods* your welcome, should spend more time with you boys been chasing spiritual quests lately *sips*


Erica: *hums*

Mel: Mikey Mikey wanna watch zombie movies ^^ *Goes into Mikey's room* Mikey


Love: Donnie!

Mel: I'm bored

Love: donniedonniedonniedonnie?

Love: Doooooooonnnnniiiiiieeeeeeeeee

Shaya: *napping by LH, groans at Loves constant yipping* hmm

Love: *grabs Mel and cleans her*

Leatherhead: *happy rumbles, tail tip flopping*

Mel: Don't need a bath DX

Love: yes you do

Erica: *humming, walking back and forth thinking*

Mel: Had one last night

Love: I will groom you until you are shinny

Shaya: *slaps LH for being 'loud' with just her hand weight* SHHhh... sleepy

Mel: But Love I'm clean >?<

Love: *lets her go and looks for Don*

Mel: There's no one to play with

Love: *leaps on Don*

Leatherhead: *nuzzles Shaya apologetically and goes quiet *

MH: *metallic 'churrrrrz- sounds more like titanic sinking*

Erica: *sees Metal Head and hurries other way*

MH: *chases!*

Erica: noooo their old granny panties! *running *

Mel: MH wants your undies again?

Erica: *sees Red and scrambles up his shell out of reach* yep!

Mel: He doesn't take my undies XD

Raph: O.o ...-.- *grabs MetalHead and shifts him in the other direction, throwing a ball and hoping he'll go after* Donnie, yer robot has issues.

Mel: The robot is broken Raphie

Erica: * kisses top of Raphs head* thanks Smile

Love: Donnie does your robot have adult attachments?

Raph: ^^ No prob. *snugs*

Don: What?

MH: *plows past everyone for DE BALL!!!*

Love: I asked....Do you wanna make kittens!?

Erica: ^,^ *snuggs and snogs*

Don: I can't make kittens. :/

Love: I know. but trying is the fun part!

Mel: The pet store has kittens ^^

Don: ...Heh.

Angel: *sniggers*

MH: *tries to eat Love's tail*

Mel: MH no!

Love: O.O *hisses and punches MH*

Hank: *back from work* oy do you have to do that ?

Erica: *giggles and stop snogging -* hey Dad... And yep Razz

Hank: teenagers....

Raph: *nope, not stoppin'*

Mel: I want cuddles

Love: *cuddles Mel*

Mel: *Snuggles close*

Erica: ooooh ! *wriggles free and hurries away*

Raph: O.o ..-.-

Mel: Raphie wanna play?

Raph: Eh, I don't play. Maybe you should ask those lil Turtle clones

Mel: They're not here Raphie

Love: Raph don't like to play. that's why he never gets any booty

Mel: WHy not?

Erica: *scurries back with big tin of cadbury drinking chocolate powder*

Mel: Chocolate!

Love: *grabs Mel* none for you. that's sex chocolate for adults

Mel: But it's chocolate

Erica: o,O it's tempting.... But no I was just giving him the tin - brought it so He can have some hot chocolates... Not sure if Cadbury does a body chocolate range

Mel: I want some!

Raph: *either way, chocolate is good*

Erica: *smiles, big eyed smile* want me to make you a hot chocolate Red? The whole tin is yours Razz

Mel: I want some too

Raph: Heh, sure ^^

Erica: alright ! *pecks cheek* come on then... *leads off to kitchen* if folks want one or a coffee better sing out now!

Mel: I want one! *Follows*

Hank: *follows*

Shaya: *sleepy hand up in the air*

Mel: Grown ups are lazy Oo

Erica: ? Kiss me... Close your eyes... Wouldn't it be nice if the world were Cadbury? You could surf inside a chocolate tube....?

Mel: Where's Mikey?

Mikko: *dies*

Mikey: *in bedroom with Ally - FAR to sexed up and lazy to move*

Mel: Mikey has gotten boring

Ally: ^^ <3 *oh, Mikey's DEFINITELY NOT boring* ^^

Love: Don is though.

Mel: Got no one to play with

Love: me neither

Mel: And grown ups just wanna do that icky stuff

Love: I want to do the icky stuff

Mel: Why?

Love: because it's fuuuuuuun

Mel: Fun?

Love: yes

Mikey: *churrrr churrrr - happy turtle*

Mel: It sounds gross

Erica: *takes Shaya her coffee* ?Ride your board across the wave forever Get wiped out and never get a bruise And if a shark came up and tried to bite you... You could say 'I'm chocolate - I invite you'

Love: well tell you what, go play with Bones and see for yourself

Shaya: *takes mug* 'anks

Mel: I don't wanna play with Bones

Shaya: *sips the contents and puts it down beside her* thirty mins *rolls closer to LH*

Love: Don will never come and sweep me off my feet! IT'S BECAUSE I'M UGLY!!!

Mel: He loves Angel

Erica: Your welcome Wink * goes to give Raph his hot chocolate, singing.* ?I can read your lips ... on your fingertips ...happiness in your eyes

Love: what!?!?! *sobs*

Mel: You love big brother?

Love: well...I like him.

Mel: As a friend?

Love: noooooooo I like him more...but he...loves...ANGEL!!!! *sobs* I'm just going to go back to Bishop....

Don: Don't...

Vic: *pouts, never got that dance from Purple-- blue flat out turned her down.. why do men hate her so!*

Mel: Why?

Don: *dammit! I'm not the bad guy here. >?.<*

Love: i thought Japanese men had cat girl fetishes... BECAUSE NO ONE LOVES ME!!!!!!

Don: I do...I think. *in one game, at least*

Love: then you need to tell me!

Mel: Aren't you acting nuts Love?

Don: I have a better idea. *pulls Love to him and smooches the daylights out of her*

Love: ^^ *purrrrrrs is happy kitty*

Mel: Big brother is gonna be in trouble Oo

Vic: O.o *POUTS!*

Leo: chill vampire woman, I'm coming to rescue you

Don: Why am I going to be in trouble?

Love: *nuzzles and snuggles Don*

Mel: Because of Angel

Don: On this site, we all have multiple partners. Wink

Vic: *shrugs* In that case.. *shoves Love aside and snogs the hell out of Don*

Mel: How come Oo

Don: O.O *is suddenly the center of attention...and is okay with it* ^^ *smooches*

Erica: *giggles*

Mikko: Gabe is mine in EVERY game. I will kill a bitch!

Mikey: *locks bedroom - AngelCake all his!!*

Vic: ^^ *snooogs happily and flashes him a big toothy grin* Thank you. ^^ My first kiss in 300 years

Mel: *Pouts* I don't get all of that attention and I don't mean the yucky kind >?<

Ally: *will get 'property of Mikey tattooed on her ass* ^^

Mel: Bones is scary

Don: *looks at Mel* We, as adults, have certain needs that must be taken care of. Otherwise we might be a bit cranky.

Mikey: *like wise has Ally's Stud tattooed on tail*

Love: getting tattooed would be pointless for me. all the fur and all

Erica: *would be cranky seeing as locked out of ninja vanish nest for two nights, buuuuuut currently has coffee buzz going*

Mel: And I don't?

Ally: because he totally IS ^^

Mikey: ^_____^ dats right Wink

Mel: *Feels left out*

Erica: *mmmm ponders tattoos*...*wanders away lost in thoughts*

Mel: *Goes to wander off feeling left out*

Don: *goes over to Mel and hugs her* You'll understand once you're much older*

Angel: *skips by and snogs Donnie on the way past - ruffling Mel's hair*

Don: O.o...:">?

Mel: *Snuggles close* You always say that

Don: Because it's true.

Mel: Still feels like grown ups ignore unless I'm in trouble

Angel: :* Smile *to Donnie* *lightly punches Raph's shoulder* whatcha up to RedT?

Don: How do you figure that? Mikey plays with you pretty often.

Raph: *headlocks and noogies* Oh, nothin' much. You know, hot chocolate and 'stuff'

Mel: Other than Mikey and LH no one else plays the other kids aren't here all the time

Angel: ack!!! *playfully fights back - or tries to -* hehehe what sorta 'stuff' Razz

Erica: >Smile *giggles mischievously and hands Don a Coffee - kisses Mel's head*

Mel: Oo

Raph: *finally releases and flashes a wink* You know.. takin' care of 'needs'

Angel: ah I get it - O,o but how - Erica's been camping on the floor the last couple of nights - been locked out - oh wait no don't tell me

Mel: *Snuggles closer to Donnie*

Master Splinter: *snoozing in chair - wakes suddenly* to the Haashi!

Mel: What's the Haashi?

Raph O.o *slinks away*

Master Splinter: *stretches - goes back to napping*

TC: >Very Happy hey white and brown mouse

Mel: *Sighs* I wanna play or cuddle

MMElena: *falls out of portal*

Erica: hello Tiger Claw - oh look big ball of yarn! *points*

TC: *perks up* where?!

Mel Hi

Erica: *dashes away whilst big cat is looking else where*

Ally: *goes for round 5,000!* Very Happy

Mikey: *grins and wakes up for that!!*

Raph: *steps between TC and Erica* X-( *growwwwls*

TC: *growls back - but is looking for big ball of yarn!* cubs!! *pounces and licks Mel and Elena*

Mel: Hey!

MMElena: big kitty! *giggles -* hi Mel

Erica: *giggles and tugs Raph away* hehehe lets go whilst he is busy - *may be intimidating to others but Raph's growls excite her.*

TC: *distracted completely by 'cubs'* you two seen a giant ball of yarn anywhere?

Raph: Wink *tugs her away to ninja vanish spot*

Mel: No

Erica: *goes with* missed the nest - sleeping on the floor is not comfy *eagerly flops down amongst pillows and blankies*

MMElena: hehehe big kitty *pats pats and grins at Mel*

Mel: Really big kitty

TC: *purrs* want to play hide and seek little ones?

Mel: Yeah

MMElena: yes!

Erica: *scrubs out the 'Mikey' in the 'Mikey was here' scribbled on Raph's shell and put 'Erica' there instead* thats better *goes back to lounging in pillowy, blankety nest -*

TC: then running cubs - I will count * covers eyes with paws*

Raph: nuzzles and snugs- has no idea what was written on his shell before, or now..*

Mel: *Goes to hide* XD

MMElena: *giggling madly - hides behind lab door* I'm not here!!!

Erica: *forget tickling spot - gives it a good lick*

Mel: *Hides in Donnie's Lab thinks it's a great hiding place*

TC: ready or not here I come!

Mel: *Tries not to giggle*

TC: oooh how will I ever find them?! *dramatics as he looks - could simply sniff them out*

MMElena: *giggling and hiding*

Mel: *Trying to remain quiet while grinning*

TC: *sneaking - making a show if looking everywhere before approaching lab * must be in here*

Mel: *Remains hidden in the lab*

Angel: *watching - surprised Don hasn't chased them away with his bo staff yet* Razz

TC: *pounces catching both cubs* he he he finally caught you's! *lick lick*

Mel: *Squeals and laughs*

MMElena: *squirms giggling madly*

TC: *lets the girls up and grins* my turn to hide?

Mel: Yep

MMElena: *nods*

TC: *then cover those eyes and I'll hide Wink

Mel: *Covers her eyes*

MMElena: *copies and giggles*

TC: *chuckles and sneaks off to hide in bathtub*

Mel: *Counts*

Angel: *chuckles watches - wondering where Don got to*

MMElena: *counting - and then grins* ready! hehehe

Mel: Ready *Goes to look for TC*

MMElena: *skips along with Mel searching*

Mel: Where does a big kitty hide?

TC: *sniggers*

MMElena: *checks a room* not sure - we'll find him Razz

Mel: *Looks* Yeah we will ^^ *Looks in the tub& TC!

MMElena: *giggles madly* TC!

TC: *catchs up the two and snugs in bathrub* cubs got me!
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PostSubject: Re: Portal Hopping Pt. 11 - 20   Mon Aug 08, 2016 2:15 pm

Pt. 17

Previously on Portal Hopping;

TC: *sniggers*

MMElena: *checks a room* not sure - we'll find him Razz

Mel: *Looks* Yeah we will ^^ *Looks in the tub& TC!

MMElena: *giggles madly* TC!

TC: *catchs up the two and snugs in bathrub* cubs got me!


Love: Dooooooooooooooooooooooo?ooon

Don: Yes?

Love: ^^ you noticed me! *hops in his arms and somothers him in kisses*

Mel: Quit the kissing >?<

Love: but I like the kissing

Don: O.o *catches her then kisses her back* Of course I did.

Love: wanna go someplace privet and bow chikcka bow wow?

Mel: What?

Love: sex, Mel. I want to have sex with Don. with his male parts.

Mel: Sex?

Don: Uh... *glances at Mel* Okay... *smiles back at Love* Uh...heh-heh... Ix-nay on the ex-say, Love.

Love: ^^ she asked.

Don: She's five.

Mel: Huh?

Love: true....*hands Mel a porno* watch this and learn.

Mel: Why?

Don: O.o Love! >?.< *confiscates the porno*

Mel: What's wrong with that movie big brother?

Love: I changed my mind. I don't want kittens. but I still want the sex. *starts to drag Don off*

Mel: What's sex? *Follows*

Erica: *catchs Mel* you don't need to know Razz

Don: It's very much adult. Definitely not a movie for kids. *is dragged off* Whoa!

Erica: Wink

Mel: How come?

Erica: stop worrying, you'll know when older *snugs*

Mel: Always when I'm older

Shaya: very true. But you can enjoy playgrounds, theme parks and messes more than an adult can

Mel: Guess so

Erica: yes! You are at the age of learning through play! Enjoy it!!

Mel: Not a baby either I don't take naps Very Happy

Shaya: *pouts at erica and mel* But I LIKE naps.

Mel: They're boring

Mikko: sleep is not boring! it's magical

Erica: *giggles, has found herself needing naps these days*

Shaya: I didn't like naps until I was an adult.

Mel: Sleep is boring

Erica: *puts Mel down* Smile

Mel: Where's Mikey? *Looks for Mikey*

Erica: *sighs and slips away*

Mikey: *using Dons laptop* :p

Mel: Mikey! *Glomps*

Mikey: hey! *hugs* whom ever has blond hair and blue eyes, dark hair and green eyes Razz

Mikko: It's me and Lexi. how Mike got the pic I have no idea.

Mel: What are you doing?

Mikko: I was minding my own buisness in the shower and lexi started to molest me. Gabe was in the other room right outside. He could have joined in

Mikey: *had been porn web browsing, now with her on his lap is on web sites with games* Very Happy playing *is ninja*

Mel: Really? Can I play?

Mikey: sure... you use these buttons *shows her* and your monster truck will flatten those cars*

Mel: Okay *Presses the buttons* Cool! But nothing blows up

Mikey: the cars do! That's enough boom Wink

Mel: But they have to explode with a big boom!

Leatherhead: *lounging, Mikey is using him as a seat* hehehe try the zombie shooting game *points*

Mikey: oh yeah... Razz

Mel: Zombie game?

Mikey: yeah Stupid Zombies *points*

Mel: *Plays the game* Cool!

Leatherhead: *chuckles*

Mikey: *grins*

Mel: *Keeps playing happily* Big brother doesn't mind you playing with his stuff?

Mikey: he does - but I swore to take care of it! *chuckles and points at screen* quick! Zombies!

Don: *most certainly does!*

Love: *licks Don*

Don: *snogs*

Love: ^^

Mel: *Plays the game and sees an ad with kitten pictures and goes to click on it has no idea about ads that carry viruses* Kitty

Mikey: *laptop acts weird - gives it to LH to fix*

Mel: Is it broken?

Leatherhead: *fixes and give back* it's fine just don't click adds*

Mikey: *chuckles*

Mel: How come *Sees naked pictures* Oo

Shaya: Jack of all trades, eh?

Mikey: oooo... *blinks and goes back to game sights*

Mel: What was that Mikey?

Leatherhead: *smiles at Shaya patting spot beside him, seeing as Mikey and Mel have his lap* yes

Mikey: boobs... wet boobies *finds plants versus zombies*

Mel: Why? Mikey I wanna explore

Mikko: *tosses water on Rogue* wet t-shirt contest!

Mikko: *tosse water on Ally and Lexi too* woooooo lets see who can get the boys up at attention first!

Erica: hehehe my oc ran away Razz

Mikko: noooooo tell her to come back!

Mikko: *splashes water on Mel too*

Mel: Hey!

Mikey: o,o.... *wet Ally.... Boobs*

Erica: hehehe and I don't know where Erica went Razz

Mikko: looks like Ally is going to be the winner

Mel: Mikey

Lexi: Yeeah. Becasue apparently Laz doesn't give a shit anymore. *storms off, ripping off the wet t-shirt as she goes and disappears.. out of sight and out of mind*

Ally: *griiins and smooches mike* ^^

Mikey: *snogs*

Mel: Mikey! *Growls and kicks his leg*

Mikey: sorry Mel, stay or explore with LH or Erica where ever she went Razz *snugs gives her to LH and grabs Ally, runs to pantry cause it's closer!*

Shaya: hey Mel sweetie.

Ally: Hells yeah! >Smile

Mel: *Pouts* I wanna explore now

Shaya: Long as I come with.

Leatherhead: sounds like a trio Wink *big croc grin*

Mel: Then portals ^^

Mikey: *all sorts of cream fillin going on in pantry*

Mel: *Runs into a portal* XD

Ally: ^^ *ish is heaven*

Mikey: *looooooves her cream!*

Shaya: *grabs LH hand and follows Mel*

Mel: *Ended up in a spooky area* Cool ^^

Leatherhead: *nuzzles Shay and follows Mel*

Erica: *no shoes, torn cloths, bit of skirt on fire- *

Mel: *Explores spooky place*

Shaya: *concerned* Halloween town?

Leatherhead: *definitly on full gator alert*

Mel: What's that place? *Wanders away from Shay and LH*

Shaya: *spooked * n-no!

Leatherhead: *faster! Snaps jaws catching her shirt in them, tugs her back*

Shaya: *hold Mel close*

Erica: *pulling leaves from hair*

Shaya: let's leave. I got a creepy feeling here

Mel: Aww how come?

Leatherhead: *close to his ladies* yes indeed * leads them towards portal*

Mel: But nothing has happened *Follows*

Shaya: good. No way to find something in here.

Mel: But it's not that scary

Leatherhead: yeeet* growls walking along with them*

Mel: Yet?

Shaya: Lets find somewhere else to play

Mel: Fine *Goes into portal*

Spike: Why the fuck wasn't I invited to Karaoke night!? I'M A FUCKING DELIGHT TO BE AROUND!

Leatherhead: *follows - snatching Mel out of way of real croc jaws*

Mel: Woah!

Erica: o.O *so spooked she throws her leaves and twigs from hair at him*

Shaya: EEP!

Mel: Where are we now?

Shaya: Swamp. And there are alligators.

Mel: Cool

Shaya: Why am I being smelled LH?

Mel: They want lunch. They look hungry

Leatherhead: *chass off smaller gators and carries girls on back, swimming*

Mel: They're hungry LH

Leatherhead: *loud big male gator rumble, scaring away some* yes well your not food

Mel: No I'm not

Shaya: I rather not be

Leathhead: *large for a gator so keeps others at bay easily*

Erica: whoa! *sucked down portal*

Mel: This is boring

Shaya: *points* looka portal!

Mel: Let's go!

Leatherhead: *glad it was boring - didn't have to fight other gators to portect them - gator fights get brutal - swins over and slides into next portal*

Mel: Where are we?

Mikey: *been hogging the pantry*

Leatherhead: *slowly and carefully puts Shaya and Mel on their feet - and then shifts away a little to give himself a shake to get the water off* not sure *sniff sniff*

Mel: * Looks around*

Shaya: Uhh. Mel how did you get home last time?

Mel: Portals why?

Leatherhead: *they are in a hot hot hot scrubby bushland -*

Mel: It's hot

Leatherhead: *reptile - loves a bit of heat - shifts to create shade over the ladies* and there are lions... stay close

Shaya: Lions? *looks around*

Leatherhead: *nods and points* so far no interest in us - but lets find a portal and hope it stays that way Razz

Mel: Yeah *Looks around*

Shaya: there at only 300 left in the wild

Leatherhead: *nods and is sticking close to them* well as long as they stay over there the numbers will remain Very Happy

Mel: They're pretty ^^

Leatherhead: yeah rather majestic Very Happy *they are being followed by elephant*

Mel: That animal is huge!

Leatherhead: huh? *they found portal - elephant shoves them through and follows*

Shaya: A bull elephant. Don't run.

Leatherhead: *feels small himself now* good idea...

Mel: Now where are we? *Got pushed in by elephant*

Elephant: *following*

Mel: It's following us

Leatherhead: ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm *trying not to be too distracted by pachyderm...* cyber space? *look like it*

Mel: Cool!

Shaya: oooh! *happy squee*

Elephant: *loud happy rumble*

Leatherhead: *smiles and explores - this is pretty cool - should see if he can take stuff back to Don*

Mel: The elephant likes it too ^^

Don: * ^^ *

Shaya: Ohh look at the internal hardrive!

Erica: *player directs portal to suck Donnie down to join them - he lands on Elephants back*

Leatherhead: *in geek paradise* aweeeeeesome!

Elephant: *trunk snug Mel -does not mind extra body on it*

Mel: The elephant likes me ^^

Shaya: wonderful! I feel like I'm in a 90's computer commercial

Elephant: ^,^ *snugs* - *and lifts her to join Donnie on his back*

Leatherhead: wooooooooow a computer virus look! *points - excited*

Mel: *Giggles* And big brother is here too

Don: O.o Whoa! *grabs onto Elephant* What's going on?

Shaya: Portal hopping for a while. Found a computer?

Leatherhead: - O,o.... ^,^ oh hello Donnie glad you could join us - look Cyber Space *gestures - loving the geek out with Shaya*

Mel: Big brother isn't it cool?

Don: *smiles* Yeah. *nods*

Leatherhead: one portal hoping experience that is awesome

Mel: *Hugs Donnie* Can we keep the elephant?

Shaya: *jumps in Cyber space over LH head* Very Happy *giggles*

Don: *smiles a little at Mel* You know we can't, Mel. Where on earth would we keep him?

Mel: How come?

Elephant: *poking trunk at pretty lights*

Leatherhead: yes we may need to take him to Casey's farm or try to return him home Razz

Don: He's too big, Mel. This isn't some pet we can just keep in the lair.

Mel: But that's not fair Sad

Shaya: *kisses LH head before twirling and landing near by, moon jumping style*

Elephant: *lifts trunk and tickles Don and Mel with it*

Leatherhead: *chuckles, happy gator rumble and jumps with her*

Don: How is it fair keeping him in the sewers? He could get really sick in those kind of conditions. You have to think of what's best for him, and not just what you want. *pats his trunk, smiling*

Mel: I know big brother *Clings to him upset*

Shaya: I can make you a mini elephant stuffed animal instead!

Don: *pats her back gently*

Mel: Okay *Snuggles closer sniffling*

Leatherhead: Smile hehehe yes! oooh look Portal! *points - and some what pouts as he's enjoying cyber space*

Shaya: One more jump! *jumps and bumps the elephants shoulder almost jumping over it*

Elephant: flaps ear and catches her - placing her up with Don and Mel*

Leatherhead: *chuckles and bounces towards portal*

Mel: Where are we going now?

Shaya: look! a Circus!

Mel: A circus?

Leatherhead:... good thing my bud aint here *sees clowns*

Shaya: Yeah! Acrobats, clowns, elephant tricks....

Elephant: *loud trumpeting hello to other elephant ladies he can see - elephant eye brow waggle*

Mel: I think he wants to stay here

Leatherhead: *chuckles - can guess why*

Shaya: *bumps LH* Can we stay for a show?

Leatherhead: ooooh yes please - always wanted to see one! *and no one here seems to note or care he is a mutant gator Very Happy *....*or about Don being a mutant turtle*

Mel: What's the show?

Elephant: *lowers Don and Mel to floor - so he can rumble off to flirt with the big curvy beauties he can see!!!*

Shaya: *takes to the bleachers two steps at a time to the middle row* up here!

Mel: *Is a bit nervous around all the people clings to Donnie*

Leatherhead: - *hurries after Shaya*

Mel: Big brother I don't like this place

Leatherhead: why not Mel? come on could be a good show Very Happy *gestures for her and Don to join him and Shaya

Mel: To many people

Leatherhead: yeah but they can't bother you with me and Don and Shaya Wink

Mel: I guess so *Yawns*

Shaya:*smiles like a kid*

Leatherhead: *grins gestures for her and Don to join them*...*Shaya's grin making his own bigger*

Mel: Sleepy LH

Leatherhead: *scurries back down to grab Don and Mel and draaaaaaaaaaag them up to the seats*

Mel: LH sleepy

Leatherhead: *snugs*

Mel: *Snuggles close*

Leatherhead: *rumbles lowly*

Mel: *Starts to fall asleep*

Leatherhead: *enjoying his first circus show and huggling*

Mel: *Is asleep*

Shaya: *smiles as the show winds down*

Mel: *Continues to sleep*

Shaya:Lets try to get home you two

Mel: *Whimpers in sleep*

Leatherhead: and Don Wink *elbows turtle awake - gently - doens't want to hurt him* Razz *big snout nuzzling*

Don: O.o *had no idea he had been sleeping*

Leatherhead: *no idea either - hence gentle* come on lets find a portal home*

Mel: *Squirms in sleep*

Don: How do you usually get back?

Shaya: *takes Don with her* trail and error

Don: I see.

Leatherhead: *huggling Mel* and a whole lot of luck...

Mel: *Settles down*

Shaya: Lady first right? *leads the boys to a portal*

Leatherhead: *smiles and rumbles taking one of Shaya's hands* together - coming Don?

Don: Yes. *goes with*

*player intervenes and sends them home*
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PostSubject: Re: Portal Hopping Pt. 11 - 20   Mon Aug 08, 2016 2:15 pm

Pt. 18

Previously on Portal Hopping;

Mel: *Settles down*

Shaya: Lady first right? *leads the boys to a portal*

Leatherhead: *smiles and rumbles taking one of Shaya's hands* together - coming Don?

Don: Yes. *goes with*

*player intervenes and sends them home*


Leatherhead: *waggles eyeridges playfully*

Shaya: Tempting Big Guy. Another round of trail and trembles sounds ... *breathes* Wonderful.

Leatherhead: *nods smiling wider - a shiver of his own* yes... you were incredible -

Shaya: We would need more practice to do... umm... *blush while still walking closer to him*

Leatherhead: *snout nuzzle to her neck crook* yessssth - delightfully so

Shaya:I'm not opposed to doing it again, rather blistful actually

Leatherhead: *rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrumble?* yes - and still makes me weak kneed when thinking about it and you

Shaya: What exactly makes you weak? *want to know to continue doing it-- smirk*

Leatherhead: *big grin growl* the warm feel of you ontop of me - and warmth.... taste.... touch - mmmmm touch... *growls deeper* scent

Shaya: oh. my. big guy.

Leatherhead: *snout nuzzling over her shoulders*

Shaya: shoulders!*tender skin there, wince*

Leatherhead: *very gentle -* I know... *moves to neck*

Shaya: Nest?

Leatherhead: *moaaaaaaans* definitely nest

Shaya: carry me, you are faster

Leatherhead: *scoops her up gently and - scurries away to nest*

~*~*~*~*~ Some Time Later ~*~*~*~*~

Mikey: *streaks chatzy* woooooooo hooooooooooo

Spike: *also streaks chatzy*

Ally: O.o Bubby!! ^^

Spike: *humps all the ladies*

Mel: Oo *Screams*

Lexi: *mace windu's his ass*

Mikey: X-( oy! not Angel Cakes dude! - mine! *snatchs and snugs*

Spike: says ladies. not whores, Lexi! I WOULD NOT HUMP MY OWN SISTER

Leatherhead: *snugs Mel*

Mikey: exactly!! - *still hugs - cause you know - snugs and all*

Lexi: Who you calling whore, bitch?! *snips his nuts off*

Ally: ^^ *snuggies!*

Spike: *dies*

Mel: *Snuggles close to LH*

Angel: *had not really taken much notice*

April: *glad she was stuck in the bathroom by a stuck door*

Shaya: *what did she just walk into?*

Mel: Mikey

April: *gives Shaya a coffee*

Mel: *Glomps Mikey* XD

Casey: *tackles April*

April: ack!! Very Happy *is tackled!* Casey! *snogs*

Casey: *smooches*

Mel: Mikey wanna play?

Mikey: *still snugly snuggling snuggs Ally* play what? Very Happy

April: *snogging*

Mel: Ninjas! I wanna play ninjas! *Grabs one of his weapons that's laying on the floor*

Ally: *still snugglysnoggin' Mikey..his lips are sooo tied up at the moment!*

Mel: *Pouts and goes to play ninja by herself taking the spare nunchuck with her*

Shaya: *day dreaming*

Mel: *Tries to spin the nunchuck* XD

Shaya: *looks around* uhh *realize her day dreaming in the middle of the room will get her no where*

Mel: *Is playing with a nunchuck*

Shaya: How goes the chucking thing?

Mel: Fun XD *Isn't supposed to play with it*

Shaya: *watches Mel* Has Mikey been teaching you?

Mel: No he doesn't know I have it

Shaya: Then don't play with it. put it down.

Mel: No *Continues to play with the nunchuck*

Shaya:You are going to hit yourself. *worried mom face*

Mel: No I won't *Keeps playing*

Mikey: *zooooms through taking his chucks back - does a dash about the lair grabbing all weapons and runs to stash away in Don's lab*

Mel: Mikey! *Chases*

Mikey: *exits lab* what? Very Happy

Mel: Mikey I was playing with that

Ally: pranking and being able to contain myself when know... two different thangz Razz

Mikey: Very Happy well Laz is singing so that helps Razz

Mel: Mikey I wanna play

Mikey: cool - just not with the weapons Very Happy

Mel: How come?

Mikey: *hmmmms* what do you wanna play?*

Mel: Ninjas!

Mikey: okay Very Happy

Mel: *Fights with Mikey* XD

Mikey: *has to be very gentle in 'fighting back'*

Mel: *Keeps fighting happily*

Mikey: *pretends to lose*

Angel: *giggles watching*

Mel: I win XD

Mikey: yes! I am defeated! *melodramatic style defeat!*

Shaya: Cute.

Mel: *Giggles and hugs Mikey*

Angel: *grins and hands Shaya a coffee* yes it is!

Mikey: *tickles whilst snugging*

Mel: *Squeals and squirms*

Ally: Very Happy

Mel: *Struggles8 XD

*portal dumps all back home*

Raph: *flops to the floor, cursing the damn portal* Can't that ride be a lil more gentle??

Mel: Raphie Oo

Erica: *blinks....* - nawwwww *was enjoying snugging the little ones whilst all snugged to Raph - peels off drool patch cover boobie shirt* you okay Red? *smiles at Mel* hi Mel

Mel: Where were you?

Raph: Yeah.. I'm fine. -.- Stupid' I was sleepin' good.

Mel: *Glomps Raph* Hi Raphie ^^

Erica: *smiles and kisses snout*

Shaya: welcome back you two.

Erica: Thanks Shaya - *snugs Mel* ... sooo hungry - hungry Red?

Mel: Food!

Erica: *smiles and smoooooches Raph - then hops up with Mel in arms and nods* yes food - Wink coming BigRed?

Mel: *Snuggles close* XD

Raph: Yeah, sure.. *tags along*

Erica: *places Mel in seat and smiles up at Raph -* need a massage ? *her muscles are certainly a little stiff*

Mel: What's a massage?

Raph; Mmmm... massage...but you prolly need one more, eh? Wink *slips up behind and sliiiiides his hands up her body, to her shoulders.. working out the stiff muscles there*

Erica: *rendered incapable of answering Mel - or the cheeky response that came to mind for Raph - moooooooooooooooaans and all but melts -* mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

Mel: So it feels good?

Angel: *snorts almost choking on Coffee -* thats a massage... Razz - yeah generally Wink I think I should order pizza - *orders*

Mel: Can I have one Raphie?

Raph: ...It's an adult thing.. yer five. Can't be stressed enough to need one..*continues working his magic*

Mel: How come?

Hank: *walked in.... walks back out* teenagers!

Angel: *snorting with laughter*

Erica: ooooooooooh *rests head on cupboard in front and leans on it cause bones quickly becoming mush*

Shaya: *walks away*

Hank: teenagers? *follows pretty blond*

Shaya: *sigh* teens. hormonal kids. Or stupid devleoping adults.

Mel: Not fair!

Hank: >?,< your telling me.... * though his daughter recently told him to back off - so is behaving - sort of even if he don't like it*

Shaya: Seriously, If I wasnt working in the 'neighbourhood' I wouldn't be down here so often

Mel: Raphie I'm not a baby!

Angel: compare to them yep! - now come on lets go get this pizza Wink *scoops up Mel*

Hank: Very Happy .... don't you like that gator boy?

Mel: No I'm not Angel >?<

Shaya: I work in his backyard, so to say. I see him lots during the day.

Hank: *wonders where the giant walking purse is -* mmmm he's pretty smart huh? and you

ShyGal: Shaya: I just want to be around others. Most people are... * so many words left unsaid *

Hank: *nods* so where does the gator usually hang out?

Erica: *totally a blob of jelly! if she wasn't between Raph and the cupboard she'd be a collapsed puddle of happy feel good mush on the floor!*

Shaya: his territory. Visits these guys

Hank: o,o huh - so like normal gators he has an established territory?

Raph: *sloooowly peels Erica's shirt off to have better access to all the lovely parts that his fingers need to touch*

Erica: *tilts head back to look up at Raph - flushed and glowy -* mmmmmmmmmmm *tip toes to kiss him - slightly amazed toes still work*

Shaya:yeah. I met him that way. bumped into the territory when I was looking for invasive species.

Hank: oooooooooh I see, I don't really have much time to get to know him, whats the big guy like?

Raph: Wink *grabs her back-side and lifts her up, sitting her on the counter to make her more within kissing reach.*

Erica: mmm! *shifts knees and draws Raph closer* mmmmmmmm excellent massage Rrrred *smoooooch*

Shaya: Big Guy is kind of a constant shock for me. He is highly intellegent, kind to the kids, passionate about his friends well being. He is one of the most kind souls I've met that can read people well.

Hank: ?? *still sturggles to see mutants as anything but beasts - but trying... seriously* oooooh - you two... sound close Wink

Don: *Hank really shouldn't have to worry about him with his daughter but -le sigh- Raph really needs to learn how to share* -_-

Angel: Stretch - Pizza! *still has Mel*

Mel: Big brother you sad?

Shaya: ... :">? yeah close. Found a kindred spirit. Still stuns me when he asks relative questions about my work (main reason she took him the first time)

Hank: *slowly walks with Shaya towards pizza party gathering* huh - *seriously the mutants seem to attract the girls around here - his daughter included! >?,< *

Shaya: huh?

Hank: I mena - thats nice... I mean I always found my wifes day fascinating... thats how you know a guy really likes you - everything about you fascinates him.... that and he follows you from room to room at home... used to do that to my wife all the time - she got cranky once and asked why - told her I just liked being close to her ... *babbling - why does this lovely blond make him nervous?!*

Mel: Hank is acting weird

Shaya: ahh. Boy got it bad huh? *memories flashing behind her eyes* hard to explain to my family my .... ugg *what was he to her? what were they?*

Hank: *nods nods* yeah I did, miss my wife.... so what are you and... the gator?

Shaya: boyfriend is not right *not yet* we were partly intimate before. Now we hang out, most of the time with the turtles with each other, flirt once and while. I work in his area a big chunk of my day. I know he is there once and a while. I won't stop him if his instincts kick in for him to find some else. I'm content staying like this. As f*cked up as that sounds. *dark chuckle* never could get a boyfriend in New York. Maybe now I do but...

Erica: *staggers out of kitchen* hey.... *post make out haze* mmm pizza

Mel: Hungry?

Hank: *nods* Partly intimate?... Like *grumps* my daughter? And the red one?

Erica: *vaguely* Raph dad. Hey Mel, hey Shaya... Hey Angel... And yes very hungry... Is Pretty Eyes joining us?

April: *grins at Shaya...* if you pursue intimacy with him, you'll be mates Wink

Shaya: less so. The odd flirt. Mostly watching Mel and the gang.

Mel: *Eats pizza happily*

Shaya: April! :">? * thought of before, not aloud*

April: *hugs*

Hank: mates.... huh ? Odd term but guess it works... Wait does that mean my daughter is a mate?

Angel: yep Razz

Angel: *eating pizza*

April: *chuckles and gestures* havin some Shay?

Mel: *Yawns*

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PostSubject: Re: Portal Hopping Pt. 11 - 20   Mon Aug 08, 2016 2:16 pm

Pt. 19

Previously on Portal Hopping;

Hank: mates.... huh ? Odd term but guess it works... Wait does that mean my daughter is a mate?

Angel: yep Razz

Angel: *eating pizza*

April: *chuckles and gestures* havin some Shay?

Mel: *Yawns*


Erica: Wink see Erica is insane!

Espionata: Mel thinks the whole thing is a bad joke lol

Erica: Bwhahaha well Erica would too, if she was trying not to freak out!

Espionata: Poor Erica Mel can snark for them lol

Erica: girls could definitely use a hand! Razz but hey their half way!

Erica: yes Snark! Love snark!

Rogue: lol...awws

Erica: hehe yeah our girls are being funneh

Rogue: maaaybe I'll be able to toss Raph in there soon.. though he's not too happy about the whole crazy people deal Razz

Espionata: Yeah they're hanging out on an electric cable lol

Espionata: Toss Raph in there it couldn't be any worse than being on a cable lol

Erica: Power cable sloth style shimmying from one building to the other Razz

Erica: curses not being able to jump the gaps huh? Razz

Rogue: bwhahahaha

Raph: -.- *facepalms*

Espionata: In Mel's defense she told Erica it was crazy lol

Erica: Very Happy girls gotta do what a girl has to do Razz

Erica: hehe yes insane

Espionata: Mel isn't happy

Erica: I'm the one being ridden like a pony ... And your not happy? .... Gotta pee!

Erica: *player too*

Erica: *both take off*

Raph: What'u gonna do when it breaks?

Erica: *from loo having beat her player* you calling me fat?!

Espionata: Mel has only gotten thinner from being out there Razz

Espionata: And she's freezing

Raph: O.o.. no. Just sayin'... it could happen. Faulty wirin' and all...

Erica: *player finally boots oc from loo and takes her place*

Erica: *relieved* Smile I know... *skips over and smoooch to snout* let's hope it's good moorings and wiring.... most cables are designed to withstand a fair bit of pressure from wind gusts....

Raph: ^^ *heard none of what she just said* ..*snogs*

Mel: Raphie you gotta save us!

Raph: An' hell on earth just HAD to happen durin' winter.. >?.< You know what that does to us??

Erica: *had been babbling something about wind speeds and weights and stuff... Now snogging*...*dreamily* yeah reptiles and cold...

Mel: It's scary

Raph: *distracted by kissykissy again* ...but.. lucky for you girls.. *smoochsmooch* ..I've been runnin' pumpin.....

April: guess I better be home huh? Razz

Erica: mmmmm blood pumpin.... *smooooooch*

April: *hero pose* all them crazies out there and all, I was waiting for a green bro to come steal me away to the lair Razz

Rogue: just so ya'll know.. Raph's prolly gonna laugh at the sight of erica and mel Razz

Erica: I did cause it looked funneh in my mind

Erica: even with the looming threat of zombies below and now some falling off the roof trying to get them Razz

Rogue: lol, yeah.. looks funneh in my mind, too

Erica: thats alright plenty of snow to ball at throw at him Razz

Rogue: Raph's gonna be like WTF Razz

Erica: Which a frightened Erica might do

Espionata: While Mel will try not to fall asleep lol

Erica: yes well now is not the time for naps!

Espionata: No it's not but hypothermia is a nasty son of a bitch

Kitteh: Zzzzzzz... What? O.o

Erica: Razz

Espionata: Mel is getting hypothermia her clothes aren't that good for winter lol

Erica: lol

Erica: oh dear

Espionata: They're old and lost their warmth a long time ago lol

Espionata: Mel is on the roof but can't do much else

Erica: hehehe well she made it that far!

Espionata: She did but barely lol

Erica: :->? see we aint helpless little lambs *short victory jig for at least making it that far*

April: *nice and snug and warm in her apartment*

Espionata: While Mel is suffering from hypothermia and Erica is dangling

TigerClaw: Razz saw that Razz Mikey is Soooo naughty

Master Splinter: *grumbles*

Rogue: poor Splinty Razz

TigerClaw: He he he Finger F...Food Razz clever

Ally: Very Happy

Rogue: lol, yesh! loved the title

Erica: hhehehe well it's only fingers -.... for now Razz

Rogue: bwhahaha

Mikey: :->? :->:->?

Erica: *giggles madly*

Mel: Mikey is bad

Mikey: O:-)

Ally: *squishysquishies Mikey's cheeks* ^^

Angel: >Smile

Erica: does Raph wanna be locked away in the ninja vanish spot? :p

Erica: Erica's feeling feisty

TigerClaw: Poor Raph Razz

Rogue: lol, you know he would Razz

Rogue: and I'm sure MM Donnie is still sleeping off all that snogging Razz

Erica: *gives Red a cheeky over the shoulder grin and takes off her shirt - tossing it away and heading to ninja vanish spot - stripping off as she goes*

TC: *tempted to follow ...*

Mel: TC!

Master Splinter: *shirt lands on him* .... Teens *sips tea*

TC: cub ! Very Happy

Raph: *brow wiggles and eagerly follows* >Smile

Erica: * flicks bras and undies off at MH - will collect them later from him*

TC: *stares*

Mel: *Pets TC*

MH: *inhales!*

TC: *purrrs and licks*

Mel: Nice tiger ^^

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Erica Martins

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PostSubject: Re: Portal Hopping Pt. 11 - 20   Mon Aug 08, 2016 2:17 pm

Pt. 20

Previously on Portal Hopping;

TC: *stares*

Mel: *Pets TC*

MH: *inhales!*

TC: *purrrs and licks*

Mel: Nice tiger ^^


Erica: *snuck into kitchen raiding it for chocolate*

Mel: Erica?

Erica: >?,>? do not *a little grumpy -* hi Mel

Mel: What's wrong?

Shaya: *dressed up and tired looking* I'm back

Erica: *looking in fridge* nothing Mel, just tired *and feeling gross -*

Mel: Why?

Shaya: Anyone home?

Mel: In the kitchen!

Erica: grown up stuff Mel - thats why.... *found chocolate*

Mel: The icky kind?

Shaya: *walks in with clicking heels* hey you two.

Erica: *through mouth ful of chocolate custard* mmm! *waves spoon*

Shaya: *stifles a giggle* hi hon. Icky kind of chocolate? Never.

Mel: Erica you have to share

Erica: ^^ no chocolates fine....

Shaya: I can see that. rough day hon?

Erica: *hugs container to self*

Mel: Erica

Shaya: We can make some Mel. If Erica and see if there is any milk or butter in that fridge

Erica: you are adorable Mel - but I need this chocolate *craving will be satisfied!*

Mel: WHy?

Erica: cause I need it! *looks at Shaya* there is milk and butter in the fridge

Mikey: *ballerina style leap into kitchen* HELLO!

Mel: Mikey! *Glomps*

Mikey: *snugs*

Mel: *Snuggles close* Erica is acting funny

Mikey: *shrugs and huggles - thanks to Ally knows why* it happens Very Happy

Mel: How come?

Shaya: I'll take that as a no for making more.

Mikey:... ask one of the girls Razz

Erica: ....*puppy eyed pout at Shaya* oh please.... I'm all out *shows empty bowl*

Mel: Why?

Shaya: Okay. Long as I get half of it. *starts making quick custard from scratch* Long day to put up with people when in heels.

Mikey: cause its lady stuff -

Mel: Boys don't have that problem?

Erica: deal - thanks Shaya

Shaya: No worries hon. My need for chocolate will be sooner rather than later.

Mikey: nope *lifts Mel onto shoulders*

Erica: *nods and even though still a bit grumpy and icky feeling - smiles*

Mel: How come?

Shaya: give me your bowl Erica. *offers some warm custard yet to chill*

Erica: Smile *holds it out eagerly* I'll wash up

Shaya: *slides some out of the bowl into hers, and put the rest in the back of the fridge* Give it an hour minimum

Erica: *hot custard will do!* mmmm

Mikey: *shrugs again* just cause - ask April Razz

Mel: *Pouts* So that means I will get it too?!

Shaya: yes but it wont bother you for a while yet hon.

Mikey: *nods -*

Shaya: *walks over to the couch* These need to come off....*sits down and unbuckles the first clasp* Since like yesterday

Mel: How come?

Mikey: *follows Shaya - with Mel on shoulders* cause your a girl Razz

Mel: Not fair

Erica: *cleans kitchen*

Shaya: Remind me never to keep these on all day and into the sewer. Not worth it. *takes off the first shoe*

Mikey: not fair nope - hehehe and I'm sure LH with be happy to rub your feet if their sore

Mel: They don't look comfy

Shaya: make you look like you can handle pain and kick someones arse with it.

Angel: Very Happy I enjoy wearing heels

Shaya: they aren't part of my normal style.Lab work is static free rubber shoes, and in the water it is rain boots. Heels are... unconventional

Mel: And make you look funny

Angel: oooh yeah con't recommend them for that kind of foot travelling - and nah my heels make my legs look great Wink

Mikey: *will NOT say what just popped into his head then-*

Erica: something about heels making legs look longer and going up to (insert crude innuendo here) Razz

Shaya: Heels remind me of my dancing days. *does a quick tap dance step with the heeled foot*

Shaya: if I could get a basin of cold water to put these puppies in.

Mel: Mikey play?

Mikey: sure Mel Very Happy

Leatherhead: *pops out of no where with basin of cold water* Smile

Mel: Wanna explore portals?

Mikey: not any about today - we may have to make fun here somehow

Mel: Aww okay

Shaya: thanks big guy. *starts taking off the second one* Been here all this time?

Leatherhead: - no was returning when I heard your request Wink *places basin down*

Shaya: *takes off the second one* Thanks all the same. What did you do today? I got try get more support of the microbial department of waterworks NewYork

Leatherhead: basked mostly, swam my tunnels - basked some more *shifts basin closer* yes - how would you get more support from them?

Mikey: *tickles Mel*

Mel: *Laughs and squirms*

Hank: *sidles into kitchen to have a coffee with Erica*

Ally: *tackles Mikey* Very Happy *liiicks*

Mikey: ACK! hehehee! *shivers happily - churrs and nips Ally playfully back on her cheek - still tickling Mel* hey AngelCake!

Ally: Hiiiiiii ^^ *smooches*

Mel: *Giggles and snuggles close to Mikey*

Mikey: MMmmmmm! *snogs - pauses* mmmm you taste extra sweet today! *resumes snogging - for more Ally Flavor!*

Erica: hey Dad *still somewhat grumpies*

Shaya: usually it is the department managers job, or the top supervisor of the department. since we were understaffed. I filled in a bit. mostly it was presentatiosn of what we found so far, what is means to common folk.*puts feet in basin* This shows them what we do, what we will use the money for and what will help them better the science community and themselves. All really self centered.

Mel: Mikey DX

Hank: Marshmallow - *pecks forehead and gives her a coffee and two tylonel* Wink

Mikey: *snuggs Mel one armed, other slips about Ally* Waaaammmm? *muffles by snogs 'what?'*

Mel: Stop being gross

Leatherhead: *nods big head shifting closer, contemplating...* sounds like it - hmmm is there anything I can help with?

Mikey: can never be gross with my smexy lil AllyBite *although they can get a bit freaky Razz *

Mel: It's gross to me

Erica: thanks for that *very grateful*

Hank: *looks about* wheres... um?

Mikey: Very Happy nevah! *huggles*

Mel: Grown ups >?<

Raph: *backin' off to give Erica time with her dad..even though messin' with him is too much fun* Razz

Shaya: other than you listening to me complain about having it so good. Nothing is sweeter.

Erica: Raphael, Dad, don't be shy to use his name *lord knows she does! -*

Leatherhead: ^_____________________^ *rumbles happily -* I'd be happy to listen any time

Hank: *smiles and hugs* fine, Raphael - happy?

Erica: *chuckles* yes thank you, *kisses cheek and snugs*

Shaya: you Big softie.

Leatherhead: Smile I enjoy listening to your voice and find your days and work fascinating - ... yesth a bit of a softie *big giant softie*

Hank: ^_^ *hugs*

Mel: I'm bored

Erica: *finishes Coffee -* come on Dad - lets go out for a while *drags him out of kitchen - lets go and hurries over to smooch Raph's cheek* see you in the nest BigRed *hurries back and drags her dad off*

Hank: gah! *being dragged away with his coffee - admittedly not putting up much of a fight* okay! - geeeez! just like you mother... but if we end up in trouble you know the drill, GranGran is not to be told!

Mel: Mikey is being gross again

Ally: *snoggluwogglynuzzlylick?s!*

Raph: *manages a quick peck before Erica is gone again... gooooes to nest*

Mel: Raphie wanna play?

Mikey: *would say he is not - but he is sooo! SnugglyWugglyNuzzling lickies back!*

Mel: *Growls annoyed*

Mikey: *lays there for a moment in a haze of post make out bliss* we could go annoy Donnie Razz

Don: *no!* >?.<

Mikey: Very Happy

Mel: Big brother! *Runs to Donnie* Wanna play?

Don: *wisheshewaswithAngel, wisheshewaswithAngel, wisheshewaswithAngel...r?ight now* -_-

Mel: Big brother?

Erica: *player wands fairy wand and Angel appears*

Angel: O,o what tha....?

Don: O.o Angel! Uh...hi. *smiles* When did you get here? *hears Mel and sighs* What do you want, Mel?

Mel: Wanna play?

Angel: just now Stretch *cheek peck*

Mikey: *skipped after Mel - grins at Don*

Don: Smile *then sighs again* Play what? *isn't liking the look his brother is giving him right now*

Mikey: O:-)

Mel: Tag!

Don: *not really*

Mikey: *mock indignant look - really really!*

Angel: hows about hide and seek? you and Mikey hide -

Mel: But you won't look for us

Angel: I will I will Very Happy

Mel: Nice try not believing you

Angel: no no I will I will - I am sure Stretch wont mind me playing for a bit Razz

Mel: But what about him?

Angel: Whadda say Stretch? joining us? Wink

Mel: Please *Uses puppy eyes*

Mikey: *uses puppy eyed pout too*

Don: Uh...sure. *he guesses*

Mel: Yay!

Don: *then catches Angel's meaning and nods, smiling* Alright, Mel. We'll play.

Mel: You better play big brother or I will hide your stuff

Angel: *smoooch* then go hide - and I'll find ya's Wink

Mel: *Goes to hide*

Don: Oh, no you won't! >?.< *glances at Angel*

Mel: Will to! *Hides in Donnie's room*

Mikey: *runs to hide*

Don: If you do, you'll be forever forbidden from BOTH my room and my lab. >? : (

Mel: Why?

Don: Because I don't like other people touching my things without my permission. *may be a little OCD about it, yep*

Mel: Then just play with me

Angel: *waiting for them all to hide - except - whispers to Don* you don't have to hide if you don't want to Stretch Wink I can just say I already found you.

Mikey: Mel! ya supposed to be hiding *from undisclosed location*

Don: *has never been good at this game, nods and smiles at Angel, smooching her cheek* Thanks.

Mel: *Hides in Donnie's room under his bed*

Angel: Wink your welcome - though you are helping me find them crafty pair of lil buggers Razz *takes his hand*

Mikey: *from whereever* reaaady!

Leatherhead: *grins at Shaya* don't feel like joining the crazy mob?

Mel: Ready!

Don: *if he must...* Okay.

Angel: you okay? seem distractedly lately - *genuinely concerned - leads him with her to look*

Don: *nods* I'm fine. *goes with her*

Mel: *Tries not to giggle*

Angel: *looks and grins at him* you missing... E?

Shaya: Oh no they will find me and my prune feet. *laughs* I'm good Big Guy, just tired.

Don: *glances at her* Well...maybe a little.

Mel; *Giggles*

Angel: *slaps Mikey's shell* found ya! *looks sympathetically at Don* nawwww need to have a good ol geek out with her in the lab huh?

Mikey: awww

Mel: *Tries not to giggle and yawn*

Leatherhead: Smile I am happy to hear that - need a towel? I can get one Smile

Shaya: please.

Leatherhead: *nods and snout very gently touches her nose* will be right back

Don: *smiles at Angel* You could say that. *helps Angel look for the others* I also

Shaya: Wonderful Mutant aa always. :-X

Angel: *chuckles* I am sure she misses hanging out with you too Donnie - *winks and waggles her hips as she bends to look under his bed - * aha found you Mel - and we can go have a little fun if you like :D

Leatherhead: *brought back two towels, folds one in half and with tail gently lifts Shaya's knees to slip Basin away and put the towel down, offers her the other towel* Smile

Mel: Hi ^^ *Crawls out and hugs Donnie*

Mikey: *zooooooooms through and snugs* hehhe we got founded Razz *tickles Mel*

Don: *blinks and returns Mel's hug, smiling at Angel*

Mel: Yeah *Yawns*

Shaya: Smile *dries off* Thanks. *relaxed*

Angel: you know I'm right, E might have to keep her distance... in that regard but she misses just being in your company - *smooch*

Leatherhead: *tail tip flops in happiness* your welcome*

Mikey: *steals Mel and snugs*

Mel: *Snuggles close yawning*

Don: She does?

Mikey: *slips away - chuuuuuuuuuurrrrrring*

Angel: *smiles* of course Smile *hugs*

Mel: Mikey?

Mikey: yeah? Smile

Mel: Where are we going?

Mikey: couch! *hogs said couch*

Don: *hugs her back* Thank you. *smooches her back*

Shaya; I don't wantto put those nasty thing back on. Can you carry me to your place, LH?

Mel: Okay *Snuggles closer*

Angel: *purrrrrs* it's okay to miss her D, promise - now did you want to go back to your lab? or stay here in your room? *smooooch - waggles eye brows*

Leatherhead: I would love to! *lowers self onto his belly,* hop on Smile

Mikey: yep couch is all ours Razz *totally*

Shaya: *climbs on trying to ignore the tender tootsies*

Mel: *Starts to fall asleep*

Mikey: *already snoooooozing*
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Portal Hopping Pt. 11 - 20
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