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 Portal Hopping Pt. 21 - 30

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PostSubject: Portal Hopping Pt. 21 - 30   Sat Nov 14, 2015 11:31 am

Previously on Portal Hopping;

Leatherhead: I would love to! *lowers self onto his belly,* hop on Smile

Mikey: yep couch is all ours Razz *totally*

Shaya: *climbs on trying to ignore the tender tootsies*

Mel: *Starts to fall asleep*

Mikey: *already snoooooozing*


Erica: *slips back into chat - and into ninja vanish spot, stripping off all but red panties and snuggling into Red with the barest touch of lips to his -* Gerich veleth nîn, Raph. *goes to sleep*

~*~*~*~*~*~ Some Time Later ~*~*~*~*~*~

Kitteh: Bwahahahahahahahahaha!!

Kitteh: *ROFLMAO*

Espionata: Oo

Kitteh: I'm reading Mikey's boobie song. LOL!

Espionata: lol

Erica: Lol oh ER Don Razz

Erica: you cutie

Don: ^^

Mel: Big brother loves Erica >?>?

Don: *or has a mega-crush on her at least* Wink

Mel: But you love Angel too

Don: *has many loves/crushes in here*

Mel: Does love have to so confusing and weird Oo

Rogue: bwhahaha.. all the everyone dating everyone makes my head spin, too Razz

Erica: Razz she is currently snoooozing off a long night causing mischief with Dad

Erica: Wink at least Raph be nice and warm, mammal body heat and all Razz

Erica: hehehe cause love is weird and confusing

Rogue: hehe, yesh

Erica: bwhahaha eit now girl is fast asleep with ass in the air as usual Razz

Mel: And can't grown ups pick one person?

Don: I do pick only one in individual games, Mel. Wink

Mel: You do?

Don: Yes. In the main game, at least for now, it's Love. In Karaoke Night, it's Tiphany. In Turtle ER, it's Erica. Wink

Mel: That's confusing Oo

Erica: I almost teased Don about the older ladies then, but recalled Erica's a year younger

Raph: *to Don* Don't get attached to 'er in Turtle ER.. Leo snagged 'er up before we had a chance -.-

Mel: Really Raphie?

Don: What?! So he gets her in two stories? -_-

Raph: -.- yeah.

Erica: One ER sort of bleed over into KN

Rogue: which.. confuses me, lol. because Lexi and laz are apparently an item? lol.. but they're not even in turtle er.. O.o

Mel: I don't have anyone big brother

Don: *blinks at Mel*'re too young to have that kind of 'someone', Mel.

Mel: Not in the games big brother

Don: Oh, heh...right.

Erica: *would say something if she wasn't butt up in the air, hugging one of Raphs arms in stead of a pillow snooooozing*

Mel: *Giggles* I don't get why though

Erica: and technically in ER thread Leo and Erica don't yet exist

Erica: as a couple

Don: That means I still have a chance! ^^

Erica: Nawww Don -

Mel: So I don't get anyone?

Don: Technically, you're still a minor, so you wouldn't be able to get with any of us.

Mel: Why not?

Don: We're approaching twenty, remember? We're legally adults at that age.

Erica: That's the only reason Perhaps Perhaps Perhaps thread exists, give Leo and Erica a little relationship plotting just so it's not flat out auto shipping in KN Razz

Rogue: buuut with KN being an extension of ER.. they kinda do.. Razz This is like before we know Luke and Leia are siblings Razz

Kitteh: lol

Erica: Razz

Erica: a little yes

Don: *le sigh*

Erica: but E is still fair game in e main game and Zombie game Razz

Mel: And in the games I'm 14 without grown ups looking after me big brother

Erica: I'd throw her out and say have at it but um sooo not game to try poking her away from The ninja vanish spot Razz

Don: And here I'm not really close to doing anything really intimate with a girl in the KN thread. -_- Leo and Mikey are practically ready to bed their partners. And Raph...? Who knows?

Erica: Mikey's doing naughty things under the table Razz

Erica: not sure what Leo was thinking Wink

Erica: Though ER Don will have her close for the night, they has to share Razz

Don: Very Happy

Mel: *Sighs* Guess in the games I'm a baby to everyone >?<

Erica: And Don the bed is a single blow up mattress Razz so she'll be snugged in close Razz

Mel: Why?

Don: ^_______________________?________________________?___________^ Why what, Mel?

Mel: Why in the games am I the baby that gets no one X-(

Angel: cause your fourteen? and younger than most of the girls and guys there.

Don: She's right.

Mel: That's stupid in the games Mikey is two years older than me and girls my age have sex

Kitteh: he? I thought he was 18.

Espionata: He's younger than Donnie

Erica: Hehehe yep Mikey is sixteen ... Leo turns nineteen soon Razz

Erica: and he is being very naughty under the table Razz

Mel: *Growls* It's not fair!

Erica: *finally up and mobile - sort of - still icky feeling but - coffee!!!!*making coffee -* anyone else having one?! Smile

Mel: No Not a baby >?>?

Angel: no but still younger than most of us

Mel: So?

Angel: well your just too young too most of us

Mel: Not for Mikey in the games. I don't follow rules anyway. Still not fair >?>?

Angel: ah maybe when your older

Mel: What?!

Angel: you know? older? Sixteen - seventeen

Mel: But Mikey is only two years older

Angel: Very Happy and that would be alright for dating I guess, my first date was about fifteen - still didn't actually sleep with anyone until seventeen

Mel: Just want love not to sleep with people DX

Angel: Wink

Erica: *slips away to take Don a coffee and snacks to nibble - always to busy the poor guy*

Don: *working, working*

Erica: *knocks on lab door*

Don: *jumps a little at the knock but recovers quickly* Who-who is it?

Erica: *pokes head a little about door* just me Wink got you a snack and coffee

Don: Oh, thanks. *smiles at her* You can come in if you want.

Erica: Smile *uses butt to push the door open and comes in* I worry so sometimes - always to busy, you need food Wink *places tray down on table careful not to knock anything*

Don: *smiles gently* I eat enough.

Erica: *chuckles and nods -* glad to hear it - a growing man needs his food Wink *shifts coffee and plate with fresh grilled cheese toasties onto his desk lifts her cup and puts tray down out of the way,* doesn't mean I wont worry though, always so busy you are Wink

Don: I know. But someone has to do it *reaches for her* But I wouldn't mind one of your distractions every once in a while.

Erica: *takes and holds his reaching hand with her free one* Smile I am sorry I myself have been too busy to spend time with you PrettyEyes - been meaning to Wink and good, gotta give that great mind a break every now and then Razz

Don: Hmm...yes. *traces a small pattern on the back of her hand, glancing at it then back up at her* Are you happy?[/color]

Erica: *sipping her coffee, smile gentle and warm as she glances down at their hands - meeting his eyes,* I am happy - how... how about you? *worries*

Don: *glances down at their hands again* I'm not going to lie -- I really miss you. *meets her eyes again* I miss being with you. *sighs, letting her hand go* But you're with Raph...and I have to stop pretending that you and I have anything between us anymore. *hurt by his own words*

Erica: ... I know you said you forgive me for - but I am still sorry *wishes he was not so hurt, can see it on his face, eyes water a little* sorry PrettyEyes... *brushes his hand with hers* we can still have friendship though ... if you like... *suddenly shy*

Don: *smiles, nodding* I'd love that. And it's not your fault, anyway. *smooches her cheek then steps away* I'm happy you're happy.

Erica: *sniffs a little and doesn't bother hiding how pleased she is he does not turn away her friendship, blushes at smooch* again more than I deserve Smile you are awesome.... I am happy.... how does it go with you and Angel? and the others *giggles a little* you still a shared turtle man here yeah?

Don: Yeah. And by the rules here, I should be able to have you, too, but... *shrugs then changes the subject a little* It's going well. *smiles* Angel is really great. I just had no idea she that for me. I mean, how she and I became intimate in the first place. I-um...needed a little help to take care of a certain problem and she just offered to help me.

Erica: *small rueful smile, blushing... and subtly wipes her eyes smiling and nodding* oooh hehehe of course she would - uh help Very Happy - and at the risk of sounding like a five year old she does like like you Wink

Don: I know. *smiles, gently reaching up to brush away her tears* I just want to make sure you're taken care of.

Erica: Very Happy thank you - and I am... just as I must know you are being cared for - Wink *takes his hand* thank you - for everything... and being my friend

Don: Anytime. *reaches for some food, sharing it with her*

Erica: *nibbles, sighing pleasantly,* I do make good grilled cheese Very Happy - can I tell you a secret? *waggles eyebrows playfully*

Don: *smiles* Shoot.

Erica: hehe Angel knows she has to share, and she don't mind but - *leans in a whispers in stage whisper* she gets jealous Wink - and don't tell her I told - girl is scary sometimes Razz

Don: Oh? *smiles*

Erica: *nods and giggles* she does... And tells me... Wink but shhhh don't tell her I told you okay? Very Happy

Don: *nods* Your secret is safe with me. But just so she knows, I'm with her more than anyone else. Wink

Erica: oooooh I will point that out... Subtly Wink promise *soft giggles* should see her talk of you, all bushy and gushy... And don't tell her I said that Wink *blushes, in those 'girly moments' just as blushy and gushy herself* night PrettyEyes Wink *pecks cheek and slips away*


shhhhh.... this will only hurt a little...
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PostSubject: Re: Portal Hopping Pt. 21 - 30   Mon Aug 08, 2016 4:07 pm

Pt. 22

Previously on Portal Hopping;

Don: Oh? *smiles*

Erica: *nods and giggles* she does... And tells me... Wink but shhhh don't tell her I told you okay? Very Happy

Don: *nods* Your secret is safe with me. But just so she knows, I'm with her more than anyone else. Wink

Erica: oooooh I will point that out... Subtly Wink promise *soft giggles* should see her talk of you, all bushy and gushy... And don't tell her I said that Wink *blushes, in those 'girly moments' just as blushy and gushy herself* night PrettyEyes Wink *pecks cheek and slips away*


Master Splinter: *humming*

Mel; *Bored*

Shaya: *hums while baking in the kitchen*

Master Splinter: *watching Shaya* what are you baking Miss? *curious*

Mel: Cookies?

Shaya I'm making oatcakes. I missed making them for Teatime

Mel: Oatcakes?

Shaya Cookies could be the next thing I could make. *playful smile* I would need some help with making them

Mel: Okay ^^

Shaya Yes. A mildly sweet cake made of butter, oats, flour, sugar and salt.

Master Splinter: *ears perk up, he heard Cake! - * mmm sounds delicious Smile

Mel: Oh Oo

Shaya Be a minute more until I can take them out.

Mel: Okay

Shaya Want to help mix the Batter for cookies while I measure it out honey?

Mel: Yeah ^^

Shaya: hey hon

Shaya *goes to gather up additional things, like eggs and chocolate*

Mel: Mikey we're gonna have cookies ^^

Shaya *measuring out ingredients*

Mikey: ooooh I know! *sits at table eagerly*

Mel: *Mixes them* XD Thanks ^^

Master Splinter: *watching almost as eagerly as Mikey*

Shaya *takes Oatcakes out of the open to cool* Any one want Oatcakes?

Mel: Raphie want some?

Raph: Oatcakes.. wut's that? Horse food?

Master Splinter: good food Raphael - and manners!

Mel: But there's sugar in them

Raph: Manners? What.. was a legit question, Sensei.. *takes one and sniffs it skeptically*

Shaya It is made of Butter, Flour, Oats, Sugar and a pinch of salt. *leaves a plate of them heaped up on a plate* try one

Mikey: * makes neigh sound elbowing his brother. Munching one already* mmmmmmm these good ! Thanks Shaya Wink

Mel: Raphie it won't bite *Avoids veggies so shouldn't talk*

Shaya *hands Mel another few cups of measured out ingredients.

Raph: -.- *Returns his bro's elbowing. Shrugs and shoves the whole thing into his mouth* ...Not bad.

Mikey: *wonders where Ally got to, should take her some*

Mel: *Mixes the cookie dough*

Mel: At least it's not veggies Raphie

Mikey: *grins and lightly punches Raphs shoulder* Razz

Ally: *tackles Mikey from behind!* ^^

Master Splinter: Smile they are good *munching*

Mikey: ack! *tail over tea kettle

Shaya thank you.

Mel: Mikey Oo

Mikey: hey AngelCake! Was just gonna find you and bring my beautiful Mate some of theses! *offers her the one in his hand* they good Wink

Shaya How is the cookies dough Mel?

Mel: *Is having a real tough time mixing it* It's stuck

Master Splinter: hello Ally *smiles* how are you and Erica Raphael?

Shaya Need help?

Mel: Yes

Shaya *helps mix the dough bit before giving it back for her to do the rest*

Hank: may I has one? *asking Shaya as he joins those in kitchen - sits in chair between Raph and Splinter, distinctly nervous about being between two mutants*

Mel: *Keeps mixing*

Ally: ^^ Hiuas, Daddy-o *winks at Splinter.. yeah.. he's totally gonna be her father-in-law someday!* ^^ *annnd takes a bite of Mikey's cake* Mmmmmm..

Raph: *wonders where Erica has gotten off to*

Shaya Certainly! Enjoy the oatcakes for now. Mel's cookies will be a bit more. Ready to scoop them onto a baking sheet hon?

Mikey: mmmm is right Wink Shaya made em! Getting the recipe off her Wink

Mel: Yeah!

Hank: thanks *tries one*

Erica: *sneaks over, places take out tall cup of hot chocolate before Raph, pecks his cheek*

Raph: ^^ *snugs* Thanks, babe. Where ya been?

Master Splinter: *happily munching * yes must get recipe Mikey! Wink

Ally: ^^ We could just kidnap Shaya and have her cook for us and stuff Razz

Mikey: Wink hehe then a giant Alligator would hunt me down Razz *smooooches - to share flavor and added Ally taste*

Mel: You can just ask Mikey

Erica: ooooh about, school, time with Gran Gran.. *tickles spot, happily snugging* missing you Wink

Raph: ^^ *happy foot thumps*

Kitteh: lol Better not let Mikey see that, Raph. Otherwise you'll never hear the end of it. Razz

Mel: Raphie is a puppy XD

Shaya I can share my hobby, I enjoy cooking with others. *places dough balls on the baking sheet*

Mel: Mmm cookies ^^

TigerClaw: Lol toooo late Razz

Mikey: *....* >Smile *tphone films Raph being a softie*

Shaya *places in oven* 12 mintes

Erica: *smoooch on snout, sees ...* ooooh! *snags one and nibbles, belly growling* mmmmm yummy

Mikey: *pretends not doing anything, snogs Ally*

Master Splinter: *amused shakes head at Michelangelo*

Mel: *Glomps Raph* XD

Don: *is just staying out of it, helps himself to an Oatcake*

Hank: *trying not to frown,* you thinking of colleges out of New York Marshmallow?

Mel: What's college?

Shaya Big people school, they have to pay for it, some time for many many years after they are done with it.

Mel: Sounds boring

Erica: no, New York is fine... *smiles at Raph letting up on the spot tickling, chuckling and smooching his cheek, and waves at Don* hey PrettyEyes Smile

Raph: *tugs her down into his lap and nuzzles, oblivious to Mikey being.. well.. Mikey*

Ally: *snooooogs Mikey, chuckling quietly at his cheekiness*

Mel: *Growls in annoyance*

Mikey: *whispers to Ally* I'll hook it up to lair tv soon Wink ... *smmmmooooochie smoooch - chucjling*

Hank: there's plenty of seats

Erica: dad... *warningly*

Hank: *huffs*

Erica: *gets comfortable, tracing edges of plastron with fingers,* Very Happy *snout smoooch*

Hank: just sayin.... *grumps*

Master Splinter: *smiles happily* I think it's sweet

Mel: Can't grown ups stop being gross for a second?

Angel: *finally out of bed* that's not gross Razz *hugs Dons shoulders from behind, kissing his cheek*

Shaya rarely Mel. *puts a plate of cookies on the table*

Mel: Why? *Eats cookies*

Leatherhead: *smelled something delicious*

Leatherhead: *smiles, yep there's Shaya Wink * hello

Hank: O,O *seriously large mutant gator - lovely blond was not kidding, guy is huge!*

Erica: *from snugs* hi Jaws

Mel: *Giggles at Hank* Scared?

Leatherhead: hello Bomb, ^,^ *snout to her nose tip brief touch of greeting,*

Hank: *tries look innocent* am not!

Shaya Pardon? Come for sweets?

Mel: Are too! XD

Leatherhead: No... *snout touch to Shayas cheek* came to see you, sweets are a bonus though Wink *tries one* mmmm! Yum!

Shaya Silly Gator.

Erica: Leatherhead: Wink

Raph: *only slighly aware of LH and hank.. happy churrs and snugs. She's been away too long!*

Erica: *chuckles at her leathery best buds obvious crush - shifts in lap to straddle Raph nuzzling nose tip to snout*

Angel: *rubs Don's head* are not Razz

Mel: I'm bored

Shaya A very common thing for a youngsters *sigh* straight to grandmother-hood I go

Mel: *Tugs on Mikey* Mikey

Hank: *distinctly uncomfortable, giant gator, rat and turtles... His daughter ....*

Don: Smile

Shaya Can I get some help with clean up?

Mel: *Tugs on Hank* Wanna play?

Master Splinter: *happy happy, smiles at Hank* its good to see the youths happy *okay maybe teasing the other 'dad' *

MH: *helps with the 'clean up'* Very Happy

Mel: *Growls in anger*

Hank: *looks at Mel*... I - *feels its a bad idea to glare at Splinter* I... Guess so... * bloody mutants!* so... Um... *suppose he should try getting along with Splinter... A little* you... raised four boys alone huh?

Shaya ehh ehh little one. no rawring like a pissy cat

Mel: But no one will play with me!

Shaya that ain't the way to ask

Mel: It is when I'm being ignored

TC: *pounces on Mel * cub! *licks!*

Master Splinter: :->?

Mel: *Giggles and squirms*

Master Splinter: I did, such fine young men they are growing into.. Should be proud of yourself, raised a kind compassionate young woman yourself Wink takes a special some one to see past the mutant Wink *yep rubbing it in, winks at Ally and Angel and Shaya too*

TC: *nuzzles* what are you up too cub?

Mel: Nothing

Angel: yeah I am special huh? *makes coffees giving one to Don and sips hers standing beside him*

Don: *takes it from her* Thanks. *then slips his arm around her, pulling her close*

Hank: *cant help being proud*

Mel: *Is tired of being good goes off to cause trouble will get attention then*

Hank: well, yes... There is that ... *smiles at his daughter...* though they grow up too fast *huffs*

Don: *has his lab door locked -- Sorry Mel, no sneaking in there this time* Wink

TC: *follows - always up for some mischief*

Mel: *Finds Mikey's comics and hides them all over the place along with his action figures and drawings and games*

Master Splinter: oh I agree - and usually before we are ready for them too *sighs and pats Hanks hand* still be exciting to one day be grand dads right? *okay really teasing now*...*grins towards Mikey and Ally here*

Mel: *Found some stuff that Donnie left out and hides it too placing some in Mikey's room and completely messes up Mikey's room*

Ally: *snuuuugs Mikey, because she can't get down and dirrrrty here..Razz* And I'm workin' on makin' you a grand-daddy! Very Happy *yeah, been evesdropping on Splinty and Hank's convo*

Shaya thanks for the help Splinter.

Hank: um... Sure.... Wooo grandad hood can.... Wait... Right Erica?

Mikey: *dazed from snogs, has no idea what Mel has done, grins loopily*

Mel: *Draws on Mikey's walls in crayon*

Erica: Mm? *startled - honestly forgotten all were here, busy tracing scars* ?

April: no! Naughty! *takes crayons*

Angel: your welcome Stretch :* *slips onto his lap, chuckling at conversation*

Mel: No it's not!

April: is so! No more going in guys rooms unless they say you can! *goes to Lock up ber green bros rooms*

Mel: Is not and you're not my Mommy!

Don: *will have to thank April later*

Master Splinter: *grins at Ally* thank you young one - whenever you are ready Wink *actually excited by that - grins at Angel and Don, Erica and Raph*

Don: *smiles at his father, caressing Angel's arm as she sits on his lap*

April: never said I was! *glares* but that's not a nice thing to do, if your bored entertain yourself with the toys! *double checks rooms are locked and door so Mel can't go running about sewers*

Shaya No. But us Big Sistsers have to make sure you don't get into TOO much trouble.

Angel: *smooooch to forehead and grins* sorry Sensei.... I am not ready to be a mum for a while yet ;)

Leatherhead: *nods nods* agreed Wink

Mel: So what?! Was getting ignored!

Erica: hmmm, *half listening... Doesnt mean her happy Raph snugged brin can think of an answer*

MH: *barfs up dirty dishes and undies for Mel to play with* ^^

Mel: *Glares at MH growling*

Shaya you will get ME into trouble sometimes Big Guy.

Master Splinter: that is alright Angel Wink

Don: *smiles* I'm not quite ready for that, either. That's why I wanted to make sure I didn' know. *at first*

Master Splinter: *pats pats Don's hand* I understand Smile

MH: * 'Growls' back.* ^^

Don: *blushes brightly at that -- could he really be having THAT kind of conversation with his father?!* :">?

Mel: *Screams at MH as loud as she can pissed off*

Shaya *worried mom face* Mel??

MH: *Bull Horn protrudes from mouth, honks as loud as he can, the wind blowing her away*

Master Splinter: *beams.* and what of - *almost jumps out of furr!*

Mel: *Is knocked to the ground now more mad growling in anger*

MH: *scurries over and locks her in that 'time out' crate that he often gets shoved in to* ^^

Mel: Let me out! *Hits crate*

MH: *robotic chuckling. 'dusts' hands and walks away. Best babysitter EVER!*

Erica: *nearly fell off Raph's lap in fright at bullhorn, now gazing wide eyed watching* well... Okay then Razz... *shivers and snugs back down still having missed most of the talk*

Mel: *Hits crate me and yells loudly*

Shaya Mel? *hurries into living room* hon?

Mikey: excuse me! *yep that dazed from snogging thought the bull horn was himself farting*

Mel: Let me out! *Hits crate*

Angel: *chuckles and snugs Don* yeah not for a while huh? *blushes herself... Sniggering at Mikey*

Ally: O.o ..^^ *snugs, used to his loud butt whistles by now*

Don: *nods* Yeah... *still blushing*

Mel: *Tries to break crate making as much noise as possible* I want out!

Master Splinter: dont be shy to speak of these things my sons... *pretty sure Raph has totally zoned out* ... *chuckles at

Michelangelo* well a girl that can put up with that makes her extra special Razz

Shaya *finds the crate* There you are. Give me one sec to find the lock *inspects the crate*

Mel: MH put me in here!

Shaya MetalHead?

MH: Very Happy

Mel: Yes!

Shaya give me a moment. *tries to open the cage and tests the door*

Angel: Very Happy as of you were not cute already Stretch Wink

Mikey: Very Happy sorry AngelCake! *snuggles and smooooches*

Mel: I want out

Hank: *daughter has not answered!* uh Marshmallow, you are not in a hurry to make a grand dad of me are you? *pokes*

Don: Hai, Sensei. *bows his head then turns to Angel, smiling and blushing* Thanks? *nuzzles her a little*

MH: *treats everyone to disco music- has no idea that he's done baaad*

April: *has coffee joins those at table... Boogey ing to music*

Ally: *snugs and smoochies* Awss, it's okay.. at least it didn't smell like dead animals this time! ^^

Shaya got it? Try the door hon.

Erica: *blinks and vaguely swats at poking* mmmmmm? *yep sooooooooo not paying attention ... *

Mel: *Gets out and goes after MH pissed off*

Mikey: Very Happy nooo I let that one out in Dons lab last night Razz

Mikey: *rolls under table so they can smooooch more!*

Shaya *dances to the music since Mel is going to go 'play'*

MH: *sees angry screamer threat thing charging at him.. fires a warning laser shot a few inches at her feet*

Master Splinter: poor Donatello....

Mel: *Almost gets hit and screams*

Ally: *happily rolls with...oh boyz.. more finger..f...urn.. foood!* Very Happy

TC: O,o *grabs cub and runs*

Mel: *Tired herself out and yawns*

Shaya Bed time Mel?

Mel: No >?>?

Angel: :* well you are. *snogs and hugs , sips her coffee giggling...* I think Erica and Raph have forgotten there are others around them Razz.... And Mikey and Ally just don't care

Shaya I'll read to you about a brave little flying squirel and his silly friend moose.

Mikey: *snooooooging - definitely hands everywhere - nope don't care!*

Mel: No

Shaya *picks her up* come on hon.

Hank: *grumps about teens*

Don:*smiles* Well, did you have any ideas for us, Angel?

Mel: *Snuggles close* Why?

Angel: Very Happy for now? Just learning every delightful thing there is to know about each other... More... Fun... *smoooch*

Don: *smooch* In another room, I hope, for the latter?

Angel: you bet your sexy tail in another room for the funz *chuckles light soft smoooches, tickling spot*

Don:*chuckles* Good.

Erica: *vaguely from her own snugged spot* ooooooo cute...

Erica: Razz I don't think the brain is working right now for Erica all Red's fault Razz

Angel: with you sexy one it will be very good... *chuckles at Erica* thanks I agree, he is adorable Razz

Leatherhead: *following Shaya and Mel*

Mel: LH? Why bedtime?

Shaya helps you grow into a ninja or whatever you wish to be

Leatherhead: *nods nods nods.* it will Smile

Mel: Okay >?<

Raph: *carries Erica away to Ninja Vanish spot for private 'cuddles'* Wink

Shaya *tucks Mel into spare bed*

Hank: >?,>?

Erica: ooooh! *startled by sudden movements - sniggers and waves bye bye to others -*

*player cleaned Ninja Vanish spot - all spring time fresh... Gonna have to scent mark it up anew!*

Mel: *Falls asleep*
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PostSubject: Re: Portal Hopping Pt. 21 - 30   Mon Aug 08, 2016 4:08 pm

Pt. 23

Previously on Portal Hopping;

Shaya *tucks Mel into spare bed*

Hank: >?,>?

Erica: ooooh! *startled by sudden movements - sniggers and waves bye bye to others -*

*player cleaned Ninja Vanish spot - all spring time fresh... Gonna have to scent mark it up anew!*

Mel: *Falls asleep*


Previously on Portal Hopping;

Shaya *tucks Mel into spare bed*

Hank: >?,>?

Erica: ooooh! *startled by sudden movements - sniggers and waves bye bye to others -*

*player cleaned Ninja Vanish spot - all spring time fresh... Gonna have to scent mark it up anew!*

Mel: *Falls asleep*


Leatherhead: *chuckles* kids....

Erica: *hangs dew rag outside ninja vanish spot*

Erica: Hehe can't forget that Razz

Raph: *rocks her world, over and over again* >Smile

Rogue: lol.. the caution flag Razz

Leatherhead: *snores loudly*

Mikko: sexy pierced turtles

Mikey: O,O ... >Smile probably a bit of piercing below the belt too Razz

Erica: hard core Razz


Erica: okay ew Razz

Mikko: as if their tongues needed enhancement

Raph: O.O No.. jus' fuckin'... NO! >?.<

Shaya: Mental image*covers eyes-- makes it worse* Nooo *flutters arms to get image out of head* all of you out of me head *little dance while blushing*

Kitteh: lol What's up with Raph's tongue? O.o

Kitteh: Is he part-snake? Razz

Erica: lol Shaya! your making my ewwwwwwww turn back into giggles

Mikko: he split it~

Rogue: lol. some people are radical enough to split their tongues like that.. guess they figured that raph would be the bro to go for that Razz

Erica: the piercing are kinda cool - not the tonguing each other Razz

Kitteh: Ewwwwww! >?.<

Kitteh: WHY?!

Rogue: yeeeeah.. that's what Raph is freaking about, lol

Mikko: lol

Rogue: there was a guy on a tv show called taboo that did that, and had horn implants put into his forehead, and had scales
tattooed all over his body

Erica: Yeah Erica was sort of giggling at all that... then got turned on and off faster than a light switch Razz -

Kitteh: O.o

Raph: *still in freak out mode* ..what?

Mikko: I saw that

Erica: hehehe me too!

Leo: *makes out with Raph*

Don: O.o

Mikey: *gag-vomits and runs away*

Erica: ewwwwwwwwww

Raph: O.O *SHOVES HIM THE FUCK OFF!!* what the hell's wrong with you??!

Kitteh: Too much sake. Razz

Shaya: *hides in cowl sweater stunned-- what just happened?*

Leo: my player is suffering from Con crud so she's not right in the head right now

Rogue: you got lucky, Leo. He wanted to punch you. Razz

Mikko: and Leo would have had it coming

Raph: *fuck this shit. Goes back to Ninja Vanish spot* -.-

Erica: *staying over here!*

Love: *makes out with Don*

Leatherhead: o..O what the heck is going on?

Don: O.o ... ^^ *smooches back*

Erica: *sneeeeeeeeeeeaking away from corner - slooooooooooooowly -*

Mystery girl: *makes out with LH*

Leatherhead: *turned on and freaked out all at once*

Hank: *stays in box*

Shaya *blinks* uhhhhhh

Don: O.O Ohhh, nooooo you don't. -_-

Leatherhead: *runs and hides behind Shaya*

Angel: *puts hand up* I do! Razz

Shaya Big Guy are you okay? *glancing back a bit concerned*

Don: :">?

Leatherhead: *nods* I think so.... *never had that happen before!*

Erica: *hah! so far so good! - away from all the crazy! sneeeeeeeeaaaaaaking*

Shaya I'm guessing any physical contact would be unwanted right now?

Mel: Erica! *Gives chase*

Leatherhead: not from you no Wink

Erica: Wahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa? I didn't do it! *hands up - dang it! half way to Ninja Vanish spot!*

Mikey: nnnnnuuuuuuuuuuuuuu Puppy Mikey!

Shaya May I kiss you Big Guy? *turns around in his clawhold*

Erica: nah - was sorta hopin to play with Raaaa AHHHHHHHHH! - *gets sucked down portal with Mel*

Mel: Woah!

Mel: Where are we?

Erica: *Mel and Erica - have to run away from a giant flaming boulder - adventures Indiana Jones style!*

Erica: hehehe darts and unfriendly locals and boobie traps Razz

Leatherhead: *had been grinning like a giant gator fool for some moments - clears throat* uh yes... yes you may... please? :">?

Mel: *Runs screaming*

Erica: *runs - can't be bothered screaming! -* why did you have to say portal! - all I wanted to do was go back to beeeeeeeeeee aaaaaaaaaaaaaah! *both fall down hole*

Mel: *Falls down hole* Because I'm bored

Erica: >?,< *they land in big gooopy mess on unidentifiable.... and stuff she probably doesn't want to know what it is!* couldn't you just color in like other kids! - *crawling out of sludge and dragging Mel with her*

Mel: Coloring is boring *Follows*

Erica: is not - it's normal and.... develops fine motor skills and.... ahhhhh! *grabs Mel and runs, GUGold on their tails!*

Mel: *Holds on screaming*

GUGold: *skipping -* he he he Widdle piggies wanna play play play, alll day day day!! *skip skip*

Mel: Go away! *Remembers she still has some Mario power ups and gives Erica a fire flower*

Ally: ;0

Mikey: Very Happy

Ally: Wink I can do quicky ^^

Mikey: yeah reunion ...

Ally: My bro is gonna be sooo proud of me! I finally found an awesome guy! Very Happy

Erica: seeeeeeeeee this is what happens when you go portal diving! a crazy turtle chases you - Malcolm! bad boy!

Ally: Why does reunion remind me of onion dip? O.o

Mel: Use the fire flower!

GuGold: *whines and wags tail chasing on all fours* but I'm a good boy! - eat all my bones and all! *spits out something caught in teeth*

Mel: No you're bad and crazy!

Erica: *whatever it is splats on her face - shudder.... groans* ew ew ew -!! >?,< and what fire flower!? SIT Malcolm!

GuGold: *sits*

Erica: *runs away with Mel*

Mel: He's a big bad dog! *Sticks her tongue at him using the fire flower shooting fire balls at him*

Mikey: Very Happy I can make onion dip Razz.... or .... special dip *waggles eyeridges*

Ally: Very Happy I like 'special' Wink

GUGold: *has sat long enough... AH tail on fire! - hops about... then after dragging his tail on the ground -* _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ & _ _ _ _ * to put fire out... chases again*

Mikey: Very Happy hehehe promise it's good for you Razz

Mel: *Keeps firing fire balls at him* He's not stopping!

Erica: Malcolm! go play with your brothers! ahh! *skiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiid?s to stop on edge of cliff*

Ally: You're good for me.. Wink *snogs like whoa*

Erica: now theres a mental image a giant golden turtle scraping his tail on the ground! lol

Kitteh: lol

Mikey: *making out!*

Espionata: lol

Mel; We're stuck!

Angel: *watching all this on the big screen cause for some reason it's playing*..... run! *throws popcorn at screen*

GUGold: *skiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiids to halt - toooo late. sends them and himself flying!!!* Ahhhhhhhhhhh! .. weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee?eeeeee! *arms out like a sky diver!*

Mel: *Screams*

Shaya It has been too long *Holds LH face, smiling at him. The Big brave gentle giant who cares for her. Bringing him down for a kiss*

Erica: *far to horrified to scream! - throws shoe at turtle enjoying himself!*

Mel: We're falling!

GUGold: towards water! *gets into 'dive' position*

Erica: *random giant sea beast opens jaws waiting for them to fall in*

GuGold: AHHHHHHHHHHH! *NOW flailing in panic*

Mel: *Screams even louder*

Erica: *tries to climb up GUGold to escape!* Fuck Gravity!

Mel: *Holds on* I don't wanna be eaten!

GUGold: *turns in mid air so girls go first!*

Erica: *climbs up him again*

Erica: *portal opens and 'catchs' them*

Erica: *portal dumps them in Ninja Vanish Spot*

GUGold: O,o *sitting on Raph*

Erica: O,o *on GUGold's shoulders*

Raph: O.O WTF!! *pinches his tail to get him off!*

Rogue: and omg.. just realized how naughty that sounds Razz

Raph: -.- Not funny.

Espionata: lol

GUGold: eeeeeeeeeouch! *tail wags and he jumps off!* dude! hands off the tail! - go feel up your own brothers

Erica: Malcolm! down! put us Down!

Raph: Shut it, Mikey reject. -.- Go home before I send you there in separate boxes.

GUGold: *plucks them off him and puts them down.... tongue hanging out* Wink

Mel: We're not food!

GuGold: Razz not scare of you - hah! and they say I'm the runt! *well okay he's probably the same size as this Raph- maybe an inch bigger*

Mel: *Screams at him as loud as she can*

GUGold: you are - a tiny crunch lil snack - .... *would stick fingers in ear holes but they have talons on them - not a good idea*

Erica: *on floor, flat on floor*

GUGold: yes I would - mmmmmmmm *leaves Ninja Vanish Spot - sees this worlds Mikey and grins.... heading over*

Raph: *helps Erica up and with a frustrated sigh.. slips up behind Gold and does the 'spot' thing that Erica told him about- hates that he has to touch him*

GUGold: Hey mmmeeeee of this world, wanna share - aaaaaaaaack! *flops over*

Erica: *follows - walking like a drunk cause legs shaking and all from the loooooooooong fall*

Mel: *Giggles* Raphie stopped you Razz

Mikey: *had hugged Ally to himself protectively and about to punch this big gold him - now blinks* oh thanks Raph Very Happy... now what do we do with him?

Shaya * looks over annoyed* Seriously? Every time I get comfortable here, HE *points at GUGold* shows up.

Raph: ..where's that really small and skinny Donnie at.. Geek had a plan....

Leatherhead: *had been lost in smooooooooooooching - now blinks and looks down at huge turtle*

Mikey: Don't Dons always have a plan?

Erica: *gasping for breaths*

Mel: Why not set him on fire Raphie?

Don: I don't really know anything about dimensional travel, though. *has never even thought of trying it before*

Raph: -.- Because then his brothers will come for revenge. We gotta do this the right way.. *nods at Mikey..and at Don*

Don: *the idea intrigues him though*

Raph: *shrugs and ties him up.. will stuff him away until D2 makes an appearance*

Don: Why not hold him captive until we figure something out? I have a container we can use.

Raph: Where's April? Maybe if we can her to flash her boobs, he'll cum.....come, I mean. Razz Yeah, sure.

Don: O.o For the love of...whatever. There are kids in here! >?.<

Shaya *laughs until tears flood her eyes and out of breath*

Raph: Hey, I'm usin' strategy here. It's rarely rated PG.

Mel: Still you stopped the bad turtle *Glomps Raph* Thank you Raphie ^^

Raph: *pats* No problem.

Shaya *quiets down* that is one way to stop him

Mel: *Snuggles close to Raph* ^^

April: 0,o

GUGold: *half back...* mmm MamErica... You should be ruling our world.... *hugs Erica*

Erica: *squished*... *pats head awkwardly* sorry Malcolm... Kinda .... Dead in your world

Shaya What do we do now?

Leatherhead: *looks at Raph and Don and Mikey* get him into containment?

GUGold: *nuzzle nuzzle, scent marking*

Don: *nods* Yes. *heads to his lab*

Erica: *directing nuzzling away from face!... Presses spot*

GUGold: *flops*

Leatherhead: *nods and lifts the big gold turtle - carrying him away to containment - having to shake him a few times to get him to drop Erica*

Erica: *is dropped and lands on ass* ooomf! *covered in drool from licks ....... stands up sloooooooooowly - and makes the 'fuck this gesture'* Screw this - I'm having a bath!! *points towards bathroom - and stalks off* *strips along the way and gives MH her underwear - she'll get em back laters*

Mel: Erica is mad

Raph: *eagerly follows*

MH: *gladly accepts her offering!*

Erica: *slips off dew rag once he is in bathroom with her and hang it on door knob outside - but washing this droool off first**okay drool off - gives Raph a sudsy boobie wiggle* getting wet BigRed/color]

Raph *slips in with her, pulling her close* Oh, you know it... >Smile *nips her shoulder*

Erica: Very Happy mmmmm *nips his cheek back - snogs*

Angel: I have no idea Very Happy but no more portals! we only want one big boy until we're ready to lead his brothers to their destruction*

Mel: I'm bored Angel

Angel: your always bored - and it got you locked in a grate the other day Razz and chased by an insane Gold Giant Turtle today - seriously.... he looks like someone found a giant golden nugget and sculpted a turtle from it!

Mel: So? Aren't you bored?

Angel: nope Razz

Mel: How come?

Angel: cause - I'm watching tv - got the dang thing all to myself? and when Stretch has a moment will sneak up on him Razz

Don: Oh, really. *smirks*

Mel: But I wanna play *Glomps Donnie* Play with me please ^^

Angel: *sniggers and winks* Oh really really! *waggles eyebrows*

Don: *sighs, smiling at Angel then looks at Mel* What do you want to play?

Mel: Tag

Don: You do realize, Mel, you can slip into places a lot smaller than we can.

Mel: Yeah why?

Don: Well, how would it be fair, hm?

Mel: But I don't go into those places

Don: You don't?

Mel: No Mikey plays tag with me and I don't go into those places with him

Don: *nods* Alright. *looks at Angel* Are you going to join us?

Erica: *blow job in progress! - she did tell him to roar nice and loud Razz *

Kitteh: lol

Angel: sure! but yous better motor - cause I will catch yous Razz

Mel: *Runs* XD

Erica: Razz girl is gettin' her some daily dietary protein Wink

Espionata: lol

Don: *takes off in another direction*

Angel: Very Happy *chases - catchs the scrawny runt first and now for Stretch!* hehehe I'ma get you!

Mel: *Is grabbed* Aww DX

Angel: hehehe come on I need help catching Stretch - dude is fast when he wants to be Razz

Don: *is clear on the other side of the lair* Razz

Mel: Okay *Gives chase*

Angel: Very Happy we will get you handsome! Razz

Don: *has nice long legs to move quickly*

Angel: *also flashing long legs chasing the damned slippery turtle*

Erica: hehehhee

Mel: *Keeps chasing is fast despite being small*

Raph: *ROOOOOARS loud enough to wake the dead, fingers tangling in her hair*

Don: *yelps in surprise at the sound* Jeez, Raph! >?.< *runs!*

Erica: Random Zombies: *middle finger salutes galore*

Erica: Ghosts: Dammit kids! theses days! *floats off else where*

Mel: Oo *Keeps chasing*

Angel: alright who set the lion loose?

Erica: RandomLion: *shrugs - wasn't him! - goes else where*

Angel: ... O,o what the heck... it's like a jumanji game.... *pounces and barely misses Don*

Erica: *currently cannot say anything! - GULP!*

Don: *dodges* Whoa!

Mel: *Pounces and grabs Donnie's leg* XD

Don: *leaps out of her reach* Remember, ladies...I'm a ninja.

Mel: Aww *Gives chase*

Angel: Razz and we're a pair of lionesses - O,o *skids to halt as some go past* well fuck me

Kitteh: Though I can totally picture how this Don would really run. Knees up high and whooping. Razz

Erica: whoopwhoopwhoopwhoopwhoopwhoop!

Mel: Kitties ^^

Erica: all that turtle soup I don't think Erica needs dinner

Espionata: lol

Rogue: lool

Raph: Wink

Erica: feeding her has been soooo cheap lately Razz

Rogue: bwhahahaha

Kitteh: lol

Angel: .... *trying to sneak up on Don*

Mel: *Trips over a forgotten nunchuck and is sent tumbling into Angel* Woah!

Don: *still wishes he could be with Erica sometimes*

Erica: *pants a little to catch her breath* soooooo full

Erica: ooooooooooooooo

Don: *is about to let Angel catch him* Wink

Angel: *goes Dooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooooooooooooown!!*

Mel: Ow Sad

Angel: nawwww you'll be alright - shake it off Razz *kisses forehead and hops up to resume chasing that smexy turtle with the adorably hilarious run*

Mel: *Tries to get up but can't* >?<

Don: *had stopped running to make sure the girls were okay* .... *then is off again*

Erica: >Smile *nips head of RedBoa and giggling hops out of shower* Tag BigRed! *snags too small towel and dashes away for Ninja Vanish Spot*

Erica: Razz

Erica: people running everywhere !

Erica: *runs about too!*

Espionata: lol

Mel: Angel!

Angel: I will be back! *chases - giggling - Donnie*

Leatherhead: *scoops up Mel* Smile what did you do?

Mel:Tripped over nunchuck

Leatherhead: Smile *nods* and where does it hurt?

Mel: Here *Points to ankle* >?<

Leatherhead: ah probably twisted it *checks*

Mel: *Did* It hurt >?<

Erica: bwhahahaa why oh why do I laugh at the thought of a box of tampons bouncing off Raph? thats just not nice - but I read that line and start snorting away

Erica: my oc will kick me later for finding that so amusing

Espionata: lol

Erica: and nawwwwwwwwwwwwww Donnie Razz I may have to chase and hug you for being so cute!

Rogue: bwhahahaha.. was going for that effect, lol. because couldn't have all of that post being sad Razz

Erica: hehehehe - yes well it brought the image of Raph with a dead panned look and a box of tampons hitting him - exploding the damn things everywhere .... maybe one dangling on him...

Erica: *dashes out of Ninja Vanish Spot - still in too small towel and kicks her player in the backside for laughing so hard - dashes back to Ninja Vanish Spot*

Erica: Ow! .... *rubbing backside but still sniggering*

Kitteh: lol

Don: *slows down for Angel* Wink

Raph: *thought they were funky lookin' plugs for nose bleeds- quickly learned otherwise.. yeah, he read the insert*

Kitteh: LOL

Espionata: XD

Angel: *to Erica in passing* nice ass! *almost runs into Don*

Erica: Lmao!! The images'

Don: *puts on one more burst of speed then slows again*

Mel: *Pouts* I can't play

Rogue: lol, yaay!

Erica: Raph with 'nose bleed plugs in - horrified expression reading the insert*

April: we'll they do make excellent nose bleed plugs... That's what they are designed for, catching blood

Angel: hey! *chases and tries to glomp*

Don: *lets her, grinning* You got me. *smooches her over his shoulder*

Erica: *geek mode, towel like a toga, red bra on* technically it's not just blood... It's mucus and tissue too, and maybe an ovum and or early blastocyst if fertilization has occurred but no implantation

Mel: Hey I can't play!

Angel: ^,^ wooooot! *snogs*

Raph: O.o that English?? And it sounds nasty! *covers her mouth* Razz

Erica: some girls and women.. Me included have pain sooo bad at this time it's akin to labor pa- mmmmm! Smile *licks his hand*

Mel: That doesn't sound like fun Oo

Raph: *replaces hand with lips, kisses her like whoa*

Erica: *would say its not but can't* Mmmm hmmmm! *forgets everything, snogs*

Erica: lol shutting her up is easy

Rogue: trying to figure out where ally will be during the zombie chaos Razz

Erica: *draws back mumbles something and resumes snogging*

Ally: *sooo not gonna be someone's lunch.. unless it's the orgasmic way* Very Happy

Leatherhead: *wrapping Mel's foot* it is not gross... Only to the very young

Randal: *blinks up at bigger clone and ... Girl... Makes smooochie face*

Mel: Well I am five

Don: Now that you caught me, what happens now?

Angel: >Smile drag you back to your room and do naughty things to ya... If you want to Wink *almost said lab but so not giving that big gold Mikey a show!*

Ally: MIKEY!! Come home!!! Very Happy

Mikey: *rolls to his feet after tumbling out of portal* Ally! I am here!!

Erica: mmmmmm! *dazed happy flops to floor*

Mel: Mikey

MMDonnie: Eeeep! *lands on top of Mikey*

Leatherhead: hehe no walkin on that ankle!

Mikey: ack! Hehe hehe nice landin Razz

April: oh hey MDon!

Erica: *waves vaguely from floor*

MMDonnie: Um.. thanks. :">? *quickly spots April* Oh, hiiiiii... :-X

Mel: Aww how come?

April: naaaaw hello, *hugs* take it our Mikey went to brag that we caught a dark one?

Leatherhead: cause its sore? Smile

Don: *smiles* And what about Mel? Did she find something else to do?

Angel: Wink she's with LH... Ooooh look other you... *snogs this one dragging him over*

Don: *goes with her*

Mel: *Pouts and yawns*

Angel: *just encase they needs to hear plans, still intends to drag him off to room!*

Leatherhead: *snugs*

Mel: *Falls asleep*

MMDonnie: *returns April's hug* ^^ Yeah, he told me that you guys managed to grab Gold. And considering that things are relatively quiet here, I take it his brothers have yet to make an appearance?

Erica: from floor* it will take them a while... Cyan often sends them out alone to scout and seek... Cyan.... Usually gives them a time frame and place to look... And only when that time is exceeded he comes looking for them

April: *huggles* so we just waiting for... Or we could send them a message? Maybe ... Into their portal?

Don: *still happily going with Angel, snogging her on the way there*

Angel: *snoooggging... Flops over with Erica*

Erica: Sad *locked out of Ninja Vanish - again!-* frick... well night Angel, Night PrettyEyes - *gets up sloooowly to head to overnight room*

Kitteh: Awwww

Kitteh: Don sends her hugs. Wink

Erica: Razz you snoooze you looose ;0 she'd hang back - buuuuuuuuut figures he'd want a little fun with Angel Wink

Kitteh: Razz If Don had a chance to be with Erica, he'd want to include her

Erica: nawwwwwwwwwwws... she def still loves the green off him - but right now more as a really really good friend

Kitteh: Mm-hmm. Smile

Erica: hehehe

Kitteh: Don still doesn't think it's fair that Raph has her all to himself. Wink

Erica: girls flattered by that Razz though as puzzled as I am how she got the attention of the brothers in the first place Razz Chatzy is crrrrrray cray

Kitteh: She's a hot female and they're definitely teenage boys. Razz

Erica: mmmmm should wrap her in yellow police tape with 'dangerous curves ahead' on it Razz oh dang soooo many piccies to finish I really should not start any others Razz

Kitteh: Razz What's on your mind now?

Erica: but that has fun written all over it Very Happy - well theres Raph with his nose bleed blockers and now yellow police taped Erica Razz yes and still got to color in the three way on the stairs well the after image.... cum everywhere and two turtles and a very decorated Leai Erica Razz oooops spelt that wrong Razz

Kitteh: Daaaang, just how much did Raph lose? lol! That was before Don showed up. Razz

Erica: lol well human guys expel about 20 to 30 mls in a few seconds of release

Kitteh: Of course he added to it, though. Razz

Erica: horses up to a cup ....if frustrated enough

Kitteh: Wow.

Erica: not sure where the guys would fall in that range but somewhere, *shrugs* but yes Erica thoroughly excited Raph a bit before Don ... cummed and added to it Razz

Kitteh: *ahem* From what I've seen, turtles release copious amounts as well. Razz

Erica: lol sooooo Erica was ... covered in it and drawing stars and hearts in it...

Kitteh: lol Pretty much. Razz

Erica: ... huh guess thats why she's not hungry tonight - tooooo full

Kitteh: Wink

Erica: hehe yeah poooor Donnie - cocked blocked by older brother. Angel to the rescue! *hero music* but yeah turtles do expel a bit.... huh might have something to do with the extended time of their... orgasm... don't know how people worked that one out - prob don't want to know Razz

Kitteh: lol! That could be a big influence. Razz I've heard things about that, too. Wink

Erica: hehehe ... I figure our boys prob wont go sooooo long as their wild cousins in the orgasm - maybe longer than humans though Razz dang lucky bastards. I can soooo hear human guys sayin - and their girls, for if their still thrusting away could mean multi release for their partners Razz when the boys figure that out - watch out ladies, yous wont walk right for a fortnight! Razz and THIS is why my brain is a permanent Gutterville resident Razz

Kitteh: Bwahahahaha!

Erica: Very Happy well the dudes already seem insatiable Razz in chatzy anyways Very Happy

Kitteh: I always figured they could go for up to three orgasms before they're finished for a while. Wink I dunno, it just seems plausible to me. Razz *shrugs*

Erica: bwhahahaaa Very Happy

Kitteh: One is hardly enough. Wink

Erica: bwhahaha the private site boys would agree - they usually go for the marathons with their ladies Razz especially around the time the girls are ovulating - then there competition and even fights and lots of smexy action

Kitteh: And I also think that they can't 'deflate' without an orgasm. Meaning if they get interrupted and lose the mood, they won't lose the erection. Razz

Erica: well that could be awkward

Kitteh: And embarrassing.

Erica: and probably not - I mean normal turtles sometimes have dramas tucking away the phallus if out for too long

Kitteh: Huh?

Erica: hehehe I was thinking of Squirtle

Kitteh: And what did he do?

Erica: sometimes he used to let his penis (phallus) hang out - fanning it and what not and sometimes took him a while to .... put it away Razz

Kitteh: Yeah, they like to do that in water.

Erica: hehehe

Kitteh: Did he ever...explode without a female present?

Erica: your right - the dudes probably will have to take care of things at a certain point Razz he used to use the rock in his tank that he suns on

Kitteh: lol

Erica: .... and sometimes try to mate his yabby tank buddy - that never went down well Razz

Kitteh: What's that?

Erica: Very Happy um... like fresh water lobsters but smaller

Kitteh: What happened when he tried?

Erica: hehehe the yabby would dart into his fake log and try pinching Squirtle with his pinchers Razz

Erica: both males Razz

Kitteh: And if his lil' buddy got in the way...ouch!

Erica: Squirtle was never deterred, just did the log instead - lol well if came close a couple of times Razz hehehe turtle boys are quiet determined when it comes to that - and move fairly quick too Razz

Erica: Mikey's proving to be no exception to that Razz he wants, he going to have - or more over, he can smell she wants, and is determined to give

Kitteh: lol Both my Don and Leo take their time getting their partners into the mood. Wink

Erica: good boys - hehehe though Ally's always in the mood thankfully

Kitteh: She is. lol

Erica: MMErica appreciates that Wink

MMLeo: Very Happy

Erica: bwhahahaa what the hell all my Erica's in chatzys lost their v's to Leo's here Mikko's crazy Leo

Kitteh: Yesh.

Erica: and over in M yours LOL

Kitteh: Who is much more sane...and gentle. Wink

Erica: thankfully Razz

Kitteh: Alllll thanks to MH's love potion. lol

Erica: hehehe funnily enough she recalls a far bit of it Razz - and happily Razz

MMErica: Wink *cheek smoooch*

Kitteh: I believe Leo does, too. That's why he knows she's okay with what he did.

Erica: and here Erica totally was given a crash course in mutant turtle sex - MikkoLeo style Razz

MM-Leo: *blushes a little then smooches back*

Erica: oooh MErica moooore than fine with it - literally looooooooooves the memory Wink and was not too painful Razz

Kitteh: I'm trying to remember who Don lost his to. It probably was Love in chat. Razz

MMErica: *giggles - wonders how they got to this chatzy verse - but not toooo interested... snogging*

Erica: hehhee

MM-Leo: *takes her somewhere private to continue their activities* Wink

MMERica: *follows - happy to fill this space up with noise*

Erica: oy vie my ericas in chatzy are totally terrapin tarts Razz

Angel: *drags Don off to his room to - have funz*

Don: ^^ *goes with*

Erica: Razz Mikey's challenging his brothers in April's naughty thread to give a size comparison to himself Razz hehehe and in that instance Erica was happy to comply - Wink girl is a bit of a reptophile Razz hehehe yeah watch out mutants Razz

Kitteh: Of course Mikey had to go THERE. lol

Erica: of course Razz He modelled for April Razz and is challenging his bros to give up the size Razz

Kitteh: Don won't go for it.

Erica of course could probably tell all - but wont, leaving it to the boys to do so Razz Leatherhead didn't think he would - but he did

Kitteh: He doesn't need to prove anything. Wink Just his partner will be the only one to know that information. Razz

Erica: Erica will not say anything Razz and both she and Angel say no he does not have to prove nothing Razz

Kitteh: Razz The only way Don would do it is for educational purposes, but since Mikey already did that, there's no need. Razz I think Don is the longest of them. Wink But skinniest of them.

Erica: oooooooooh

Kitteh: Raph's would probably be the thickest and almost as long as Don's. Wink

Erica: right yeah more realtive to their height and builds

Kitteh: Mike's would be a bit short and very thick.

Erica: relative

Kitteh: And Leo...well, his would probably be average.

Erica: hehee short for turtle terms maybe Razz

Kitteh: Razz I still think they're all way larger than a human. Wink

Erica: well yeah Razz I think I put in measurements didn't have colors at the time so didn't color it, hehehe and Mikey's the 'baby' in that regard Razz average - Razz hehehe Leo the average guy Wink bwhahahaa my tmnt Erica's never actually been in bed with a human guy before in the game threads - here in chatzy well it started in Leo's bed - went from there Razz

Kitteh: I think I better get to sleep now. lol *hugs* What an interesting conversation this has been. Razz

Erica: it is always *hugs*

Kitteh: See you. ^^ *hugs again*
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PostSubject: Re: Portal Hopping Pt. 21 - 30   Mon Aug 08, 2016 4:08 pm

Pt. 24

Previously on Portal Hopping;

hehehe Leo the average guy Wink bwhahahaa my tmnt Erica's never actually been in bed with a human guy before in the game threads - here in chatzy well it started in Leo's bed - went from there Razz

Kitteh: I think I better get to sleep now. lol *hugs* What an interesting conversation this has been. Razz

Erica: it is always *hugs*

Kitteh: See you. ^^ *hugs again*


Mikko: ROGUE! the zombies! they bit Laz!

Rogue: I know >​., I was sad, please tell me they got his arm -.-

Kitteh: Hi!

Mikko: no they got his hand, it'll be taken care of

Rogue: ah, even better Razz, he's gonna be all comic Rick, eh Wink

Mikko: I think I'm going to stick Love with LH, and i don't know what to do with Tiph yet in there lol yes

Rogue: I'm about to post in that. was waiting to speak with you to find out where the bite is before doing so

Espionata: lol

Mikko: ooooh ok. it's his left hand

Leatherhead: hmmmmm?

Love: *snuggles with LH*

Leatherhead: *lazy gator basking in sun*

Erica: *player throws the rest of her characters out in the sun to get wome vitamin d too!*

Love: *lays on top of LH*

Lexi: After this whole Zombie bullshit.. I'm going to need some sun. Sad

Erica: *player grabs Lexi and tosses her amongst her characters* Razz

Lexi: ^^ *strips!*

Mel: *Is hanging on Raph like a gecko* >​>

Mikey: O.o *covers eyes* I didn't look! *did so but wont admit to that!*

Erica: lol

Rogue: lol, naughty Mikey

Mikko: lol

Erica: Wink hehehe but trying to be a good boy for Al Razz

Lexi: O.O I totally didn't realize there were guys out here.. *quickly hides behind bush* :">​

Rogue: dawwws

Ally: *flying tackle glomps her snuggle bunneh* ^^

Mikko: *strips and bounces around the chat room*

Leatherhead: *peaks one eye open .... happy rumble... keeps lounging*

Rogue: Sooo..anyone wanna place bets if Gabe was bitten or mutilated or not? Razz

Gabe: -.- Not funny.

Mikko: I bet 50 he has no cock anymore. Zombies like the meaty parts of the body

Espionata: He was eaten!

Rogue: I was going for the whole TWD TBC bit.. Razz

Mikko: he best not have been bitten! I'm risking my ass here!

Mikey: *blissful snuggle bunneh!!!! - snug snug, nuzzle... chuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurrrrrrr​rrrrrrrrrrrs*

Raph: *wonders why he's the only Turtle in this mess* -.-

Mikko: I'm thinking of where to put Leo

Mel: And why it's winter?

Raph: Because the game masters wanted to make sure that we suffer plenty. -.-

Mikko: mwahahahahahahahahahaha

Mel: Why?

Raph: I hope Donnie has a plan to keep the heat goin'.. cuz I have a feelin' power is gonna go soon...

Rogue: there's a thing called camp fires, Raph Razz

Mikey: boooooooooody heat Razz *snugs Ally*

Ally: Very Happy *snugs*

Leo: we will build a fire and roast mellows

Mel: And I'm freezing

Mikko: I say we use Mel for bait!

Raph: I'm sure a fire will attract those things.. may as well ring a dinner bell. -.-

Mel: We have to leave the city and I'm not bait >​<

Mikko: leave the city? why? This is awesome! it's like mad max with zombies! *makes V8 hand signal*

Erica: lol roast marshmalows Razz

Mel: Do you wanna be food?

Rogue: they can go to Hershel's farm!!

Rogue: I mean, Casey's Razz

Shaya: Hey you two *lays near Love and LH*

Mikko: that didn't really end well

Rogue: and I'm sure it won't for our characters, either Razz

Mikko: I DO know where Eze is! so I'll post for him in a bit

April: I am soooo voting getting out of the city! Very Happy

Mel: Wanna leave the city Raphie?

Leatherhead: hey Shay Smile *shifts closer to her*

Erica: *had been thrown out into sun with others - hogging pillow - streeeeeeeeeeeetches*

Shaya Hello Love, Comfy? You comfy BigGuy?

Leatherhead: I am very comfy Wink you Pretty one?

Erica: *gone back to zzzz's -*

Shaya very comfy Leatherhead pillow *rests her head on him, scratching his side scales*

Mel: *Pounces Erica* XD

Shaya I'm on a very*

Leatherhead: *in heaven! little fingers feeeeeeel so good -* Mmmmm good to hear Very Happy *tail tip flip flops*

Erica: *startled from snooozes - grasps pillow in shock staring at Mel* O,O

Mel: Time to get up ^^

Erica: *pouts* but I still t t t iiiiiiii *yawns and streeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee​eeeeeeeths* mmmmmmmmmm!

Mel: Why?

Stockman: I'll be cutting more then that

Rogue: and.. Gabe's not bitten.. Razz

Mikko: Mikko thinks he is, she just asumed no one could live through all those zombies

Rogue: He got ripped open on the edge of the vent

Gabe: Wink cuz she ain't met someone as awesome as me Wink

[/color=#0000FF]Mikko: ^^[/color]

Mikko: that's why i didn't have Mikko just cut his head off

Rogue: he took em out daryl style Razz until they became too many, lol.. then he went all Beth Razz

Erica: it was just a long night is all*

Mikko: *sexes up Gabe since they all gonna die soon anyway*

Gabe: Total Zombie perk. Wink

Tiph: I can do that! someone find me!

Gabe: Peeps can't keep their paws off me. Wink

Angel: so can Razz

Mikko: *sexes up Angel too*

Gabe: *winks at Angel* That's because you haven't met me, Beautiful. Wink

Shaya *eyeroll* kids

Erica: *chuckles and rolls onto belly to enjoy soaking up sun* what about us?

Angel: Ack! .... ooooo *totally get into sexin with Mikko*

Leatherhead: *agreeing rumble, grins at Shaya*

Mel: I'm bored

Mikko: Bones has entered

[Trebuchet MS]Bones: I can make you unbored[/font]

Mel: No go away

Erica: *sits up - hah between Mel and Bones*

Gabe: -.- Great. So glad you cold join us, psycho.

[Trebuchet MS]Bones: the pleasure is all mine[/font]

Erica: .... *scoops up Mel and . sliiiiiiiiiinks away*

Mel: He's an a crazy asshole Erica

Erica: yeah... thats why we'll just... go over here....

Mel: Yeah

Leo: *sees news on TV assumes Mike is playing video game*

Erica: *sighs and away from Bones - she thinks... double checks - and puts Mel down* Smile

Mel: We're safe ^^

Erica: yep Smile - I think ... for now....

Lexi: Laz didn't like the pretty pink bra I tied on his arm so he cut it off.. Razz

Mel: But he won't leave.

Lexi: I am?? O.o

Laz: well your bra is on me. sooooooo yes?

Lexi:, sweetheart, that's not my bra Razz But if you want.. *shrugs and slides hers off to tie around the other arm* Wink

MH: O.O *Why oh WHY am I not in this game?!*

Laz: *blood bra....reaches out with intact hand and squeezes boob*

Lexi: *is porbably about to die, and Laz won't remember any of this so... rocks his world*
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PostSubject: Re: Portal Hopping Pt. 21 - 30   Mon Aug 08, 2016 4:09 pm

Pt. 25

Previously on Portal Hopping;

Leatherhead: O,o

Shaya huh?

Don: ^_____^ *returns it*

Shaya *waves* you look content Honey eyes.

Don I am. Smile


Shaya: Is Hank in his box?

Hank: *zzzzzzz floating out of box*

Erica: yep Very Happy

Shaya: *taps on the box*

Hank: *sits up packaging 'peanuts' in his hair* hmm? *this grunt means 'Morn/ whadda ya want?' *

Shaya: *puts handmade pillow under his head* Thanks for being so kind to the gang.

Mel: *Glomps Mikey* XD

Hank: *blinks blinks - and smiles* anything for such a pretty lady - and my daughter Wink

Shaya: Anything you say~. Don't give me ideas sir. I could take up the offer and go for a spin *Cocky attitude from presenting all day, still in corporate sexy outfit*

Hank: *hops out of box - puts it away and ruffles hair to get the foam peanuts out*

Shaya: I had planned to let you sleep on something other than pellets. *picking a broken foam peanut piece off his shoulder* Seeing as I woke you. Care to join me for coffee or something hot?

Hank: I'd love to and no thank you that is alright - I stay in my box to be on call for my boss.

Erica: *had left new 'spot' aka was her room, now their room - is distracted from what she had intended to go do by the offer of coffee.... scurries over to join them*

Mel: *Bored* >​<

Shaya: You can stay in your box. I thought something to rest your head on and maybe a blanket would keep you warm on the floor. *notices Erica, happy to see her, a bit embarrassed about being playful flirting* I'll get the drinks going, come when you are ready.*clicks away in small strides to start the coffee machine and kettle*

Hank: well thats thoughtful, syure sure would love that Very Happy *follows* so, uh you look great... I mean business like - uh I mean, sharp! I me... uh *fumbling - been many years since he really tried this flirting business*

Erica: *giggles as her dad flirts - or what passes as his bad attempts to - and smiles at Shaya, should make sure Don gets a coffee waves at Mel*

Shaya: Thank you. I wanted our pitch was an easy transition. Not quite the show stopping reaction I was hoping for. *exhale before turning to him, pivot on her heel with practiced ease, 180' turn on a single ball* What would you like?

Mel: I'm bored

Hank: *never quiet understood how women can walk in heel s- but she looks freaking fantastic -* uuuh strong black no sugar.... whats your pitch about?

Mikey: neither can I!

Mel: Heels look like they hurt Oo

Erica: *this is why she normally wears flats*

Shaya: Dr. Fallow wanted more funding for the threatened insect species he found in a piece marsh land. Sadly, I have the most practice at presenting our findings to the department. I was taken to a corporate meeting, to do his slideshow.

Hank: oooooh, well I am sure you were successful Wink you seem very intelligent *and pretty*

Erica: *makes a coffee for Don and slips away to take it to him - knocking on lab door*

Shaya: I hope so. My job is part of his.

Mel: I'm bored Erica

Erica: uh huh - well Mikey is now out of his room, he might play Smile *waits patiently smiling at Mel -*

Shaya: *adjusts pencil skirt before stretching for mugs* Tar black coffee, got it.

Mel: Okay ^^ *Goes to find Mikey and if not will bug GUGold again*

Hank: yes please! Smile

Shaya: I go for a splash of milk myself. *damn skirt been meant to stay close to the top of the knee, not mid thigh* so why the box?

GUGold: *in his 'fish tank' watching this worlds Donatello work about his lab*

Mel: Hey ugly!

Mikey: *hanging about*

Don: *glances over at GUGold*

GUGold: *gives sharp toothy grin*

Mel: Wanna be a cool toy?

Mikey: *grabs Mel and skips away from big nasty version of his adorable little clone*

Don: *gets up from his chair and goes over to GUGold, studying him for a moment*

Mel: Mikey?

GUGold: *about the same standing height as this Donatello, flexes his muscles under his golden skin slitted pupil eyes following Don*

Don: *sighs heavily* What am I meant to do with you...?

Hank: ah *pretending he was not perving* yeah... I guess I sort of got used to soldier rations - black on the run fire boiled coffee

Erica: *knocks on lab door again poking head around door*

GUGold: just continue to stand there in awe of my awesomeness? *grins again showing his sharp canines*

Don: *rolls his eyes* You are very much like my brother. *turns towards the door* Hello.

Shaya: Use to the soldier life then. * sets up for making BLTs* Clearly, food is in order too.

Mel: Mikey he's in that big thingy he's not scary

Hank: yeah - always a soldier *watching her curiously* yes please hungry like a wolf here

Mikey: meh we'll find something else to pick on Very Happy

GUGold: well in my own he is my original Razz

Mel: Like what?

Erica: hey Pretty Eyes - brought you a cooffee ... hello Malcolm *joins Don and holds out his coffee*

Don: *smiles, taking the coffee* Thank you.

GUGold: *watches them* I like to put a little blood in my coffee

Mikey: ummmmmmm *points at the 'Minions' running about* them?

Shaya: Thought so. *giggles* the last time someone said that I took them into the kitchen, much like this.

Mel: They're boring

Shaya: I somehow feed the groups I hangout with. My lost calling as a cook.

Mikey: Very Happy hey their carrying bombs and fruit around can't be that boring

Mel: I guess so

Hank: well thats, very nice of you - some one should treat you to a cooked meal though Wink

Erica: O,o *decides to ignore that -* your welcome Don - studying him? *nods*

Shaya: *not going to comment on feeding the lone wolf in front of her* Yeah, sounds nice. Are you offering? *wait no, stop!*

Hank: *soldier up!* um yes, would be nice to make something yes Very Happy

Don: Mm. *nods, sipping his coffee, watching GUGold*

Shaya: *cooking bacon while trying not to be nervous and hide in her blouse(more boobs to face than sweater to mouth)* How about later in the week. if you are not on duty or anything.

GUGold: *lifts hands and places them against the glass, testing the strength of his containment*

Mel: *Sighs and stifles yawn*

Don: Don't get any ideas.

Erica: the teeth are startling, their like hyena teeth in position *watches the big turtle*

GuGold: *narrows his eyes and licks his lips - * Oh I have ideas - probably not good ones >Smile

Mikey: *being wrestled for a banana he tried to steal*

Mel: *Giggles and throws bombs all over the place* XD

Hank: *smiles and grins* I believe I am free a few evenings yeah - got a dish you would like to have?

Erica: oooooooooooooooooo Leatherhead wants to eat him

Mel: *Bombs accidently land in kitchen*

Shaya: I'm not picky. *flips nearly done bacon* I don't know what you CAN make. Skilled soldiers may know how to cook for themselves but what about for others?

Erica: *bombs filled with cream and custard and jelly and hundreds and thousands explode everywhere!!*

Mel: Mikey did it!

Shaya: ack! *covers bacon before causing a grease fire*

Hank: well.... I do know how to cook wild game Wink - nah I can do some really good grill though

Don: That's what I'm afraid of.

Hank: *blinks blinks - covered in cream and jams and sprinkles*

Shaya: Frambler! (annoying guy referring to mikey)

GUGold: You should see how my teeth crush bone.... fresh bones... *

Mel: *Giggles*

Mikey: Frambler - I like that!

Mel: You got a huge mess to clean Mikey ^^

Shaya: I would call tu, err, you something else but I won't

Erica: what the heck were you cloned with?

Don: *sips his coffee, still studying his brother's clone*

Mikey: thanks Very Happy

Shaya: satin covered in cream, jam, sprinkles and glitter? *sigh*

GUGold: uhhhh - *has to think very hard on this - science is not his forte* well we were designed by our worlds Bishop to be the next line of soldiers - hehhee didn't work too well, he's dead now - and I don't know... thought I heard Duncan mention old DNA but don't know what -

Mel: Yeah Mikey was throwing bombs ^^

Mikey: was not!

Hank: *offers Shaya his hanky*

Mel: Was to!

Mikey: *innocent grin*

Shaya: Thanks for the offer *cleans off face and glasses*but the shirt won't survive. *takes blouse off underneath is a tank top and underbust corset* I was trying to make lunch! *annoyed a bit flushed*

Hank: *blush blush - coush nervously* shame

Mel: Besides I'm to cute and innocent to do it Very Happy

Shaya: the exact reason why the both of you are cleaning up.

Mel: Why?

Shaya: the amount of cleaning needed to be done. Everyone needs to pitch in. *annoyed but not upset french mutters.*

Erica: *watches the two* think you and your brothers will mature to this size when fully grown Pretty Eyes?

Hank: yeah I'll help Wink

Mel: But I'm sleepy *Yawns*

Mikey: Alright! *licks up a bit of the mess*[/font]

Mikey: then we better hurry

Shaya: *tosses rags at people*

Mel: Why?

Mikey: so we can watch tv and chillax? *licks more mess up - bugger the rag!*

Don: I...I don't know.

Mel: *Only cleans up a little bit before curling up on not messy floor and falls asleep*

Shaya: I'll be cleaning turtle drool and old jam for days *breathing, and counting down* Dix, neuf, huit... *sighs at Mel cutenss* put her to bed. I'll clean up *tosses blouse in sink* Sorry Hank

GUGold: probably not our originals did not

Erica: so you and your brothers... Breed with humans?

Shaya: I guess your coffee got a free cream topping.

GUGold: and other mutants Razz I have nine surviving offspring

Hank: *grins, helping Shaya clean*

Shaya: *sigh* kids

Hank: yeah kids - and then they grow up *grumbles*

Erica: *nods,* I have more questions - but am very tired... been so tired a lot lately - going to bed *pecks Don's cheek* night you two Wink *hurries away to their room*

Shaya: True enough. Enjoy what you can for now. *looks at him with a smile* She is still Daddies little girl.
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PostSubject: Re: Portal Hopping Pt. 21 - 30   Mon Aug 08, 2016 4:10 pm

Pt. 26
Previously on Portal Hopping;

Hank: *grins, helping Shaya clean*

Shaya: *sigh* kids

Hank: yeah kids - and then they grow up *grumbles*

Erica: *nods,* I have more questions - but am very tired... been so tired a lot lately - going to bed *pecks Don's cheek* night you two Wink *hurries away to their room*

Shaya: True enough. Enjoy what you can for now. *looks at him with a smile* She is still Daddies little girl.


Hank: Very Happy I..... don't hate the mutant - but I sometimes want to wring his neck for reminding me she's not so little girl no more... *chuckles scrubbing a mess*

Shaya Yeah. I'm lucky, mine are in another country. *plop jam and cream into a trash can* I don't think a French Canadian fisherman would appreciate the people i hangout with on a regular basis.

Hank: Smile ooooh - probably... though he might be intrigued by the size of your gator friend - and he is big for a gator

Shaya He, well, good question. Either try to kill him or try to treat him as a pet or side show. What is your story Hank?

Hank: - mmmm to be honest - I sometimes wish too as well - *smiles* but I wont because she asked me not to - my story? - not anything interesting, foster home kid, military as soon as I was older enough, married my girlfriend a month into dating, we worked side by side for years, she left work to have our daughter, passed away five years ago...

Shaya A month. I'm sorry. rude of me.

Hank: yeah... It felt right... You know? Smile ... So whats your story?

Shaya I'm Canadian, dual citizen. Perfect family life as a kid, bad bullies as a teen. Few scars. Moved here for university, never left. Bumped into Mikey through April. kind of fell for the alligator. No sure what we are. Never get around to chat much less kiss around this group. I'm a envriomental specialist by trade. I met Leatherhead on a fungi spore collection trip.

Hank: ooooh interesting life Very Happy and ... You'll know... One morning I woke and... Knew I was going to marry Erica's mother

Shaya sounds so romantic.

Hank: Wink it was - we married at work, on a mission had one of our fellow unit members do the ceremony, exchanged our dog tags instead of rings and were man and wife happily for years

Shaya What was she like?

Hank: a lot like Our daughter...look wise, if taller and darker skinned and kind, very open hearted and always found our work difficult, but dedicated and loyal. Wink you miss your old' man? and my daughter referred to the red one... As her mate - is that kinda almost what you and the gator are?

Shaya The man with a million projects on the go. Yes. He swore never to make me a fishingwoman, but have skills to do so and more if i wanted to

Hank: good father than? Sounds like a guy I could get along with

Shaya Good man, good father, loud chatter. He was worse when he had an audience. Many stories to tell.

Hank: Very Happy must be a habit of all dads that Razz I seem to get excited with a crowd and embarrass my girl too Wink

Shaya Yeah a father thing. Not the only thing I noticed from you

Hank: Smile sorry on behalf of those types of dads everywhere, oh? *curious* what else do you notice?... Though as I said before your very intelligent Wink

Shaya Other than the hot dad thing going? *snickers for a moment before honest in her tone* You are fierce with passion and dedication. I'm surprised no one has taken strong side glances at you.

Hank: hot dad? *cant help puffing out chest* thanks.... and... To be honest I probably been so work busy... And here trying to... Get used to the idea my daughter is sleeping with a mutant ... That I would not have noticed Wink though you call my attention when near

Shaya espically when this happens. *points to her corset clad torso* Can't miss the over sized sweater loving scientist.

Hank: Smile I won't deny I have been perving, but no you get my attention because your very bright and smart

Shaya I specialize at looking at details all day. :">​ th-thank you. also perving? being hip with the times? Razz

Hank: and honest Wink hehe hip and honest Very Happy

Shaya something wonderful to hear *spots cleans a bit more* May you should cook next time.

Hank: I snagged some bacon Wink tasted great and I will Very Happy

Shaya I wondered about it. I was worried about an explosive grease burn

Hank: well we managed to avoid that Smile thankfully quick think by you Wink

Shaya What can I do to help you around here? You are always around, looking out for Erica.

Hank: though she has told me not to be fussed, apparently Raphael keeps an eye out

Shaya He does. The boys here are protective. I don't know but Donatello with Angel, mikey and allie-girl, the dang lungs on her, Leo... no idea. I got a alligator who has the odd gal rush to him. Practiced Calm about him.

Hank: not sure whether I am happy about that or not, but yes please

Shaya yes please?

Hank: just help keep an eye out Wink Practiced calm?.... Ooooh yeah, Erica finally told me about her friendship with him, and now I know where some of her injuries came from... I thought it was bullies at school

Shaya He... he just told me. I knew something was wrong when they spoke about things. Like he was still guilty and she was still worried about it.

Hank: yeah, she kept him secret from us , me and her gran gran - and now I know why she came home with a broken arm at twelve, clawed when ten, scratches and filthy ... *sigh* but they seem close friends regardless

Shaya I wondered too.

Hank: I am angry... Yet proud I raised some one so kind and forgiving... She forgave me for sending her to that base in effort to keep her away from the turtles here Wink

Shaya Look Hank, I know you are trying to protect her. I admire that. She has a big heart. This group will protect it. I call them kids for a reason. They are crazy big kids.

Hank: they are huh? Very Happy and yeah I won't make that mistake again... And am trying to slowly... Build something with Raphael .. might take a while considering I drew a gun on him... Smile what's it like being close to a mutant?

Shaya me? umm. Well. Depends on the mutant, like depending on the person. Getting to know them is a challenge, a few have some mental walls to work on. Others are scared about hurting people they care for and some are wanting to escape their lives through distraction

Hank: so like getting to know people huh? Smile

Shaya exactly. Being close to one doesnt mean anything compare dto another. Heck the boys are fighting against mutants trying to hurt humans most times!

Hank: ah... Not yet used to seeing my daughters boyfriend as anything but a beast, and thats admirable... Leatherhead too?

Shaya He does too. He sounds like he works on the quieter side of things and fights when he is called

Hank: ah like our Units tacticians... mmm yes... I was thinking of maybe trying to have a quiet beer with Raphael one of these days Razz the good stuff

Shaya you should.

Hank: I should? Really think so?

*~*~*~*~* Some Time Later *~*~*~*~*

Mikko: *burst into song* IS THIS LOVE! THAT I'M FEELING!?...............​......nope just gas

Kitteh: lol

Erica: lol be the perfect set up fo rMikey to fart right now - but all my characters are doing a ninja on me again Razz

Kitteh: Is Mikey around? Razz

Kitteh: lol

Kitteh: Awwww

Mel: *Is bored*

Mikko: so sad

Erica: yes I let them out of their rooms and 'poof'!

Leo: *runs in* I have a dick in a box!

Kitteh: Awwww

Kitteh: O.o

Kitteh: lol

Mikko: lol

Erica: LMAO!

Leo: It's Raph's dick! it's in this box!

Erica: O.O what now?!

Erica: oh there she is... thats one character found Razz

Leo: I was jealous of his massiveness so I chopped it off! now I'm the biggest!

Kitteh: O.o Dude...that's just messed up.

Erica: ... why am I laughing so hard?

Don: *has second longest* Razz

Leo: *twitches* I'm not...crazy...

Erica: quick Donnie hide it!

Erica: oooooh kay your not crazy

Don: O.o Hide what? *isn't even exposed right now*

Espionata: lol

Erica: I don't know just hide it!

Mel: Huh?

Leo: I also found a big toe in the back yard.

Mikey: *staying in hiding*

Erica:.... O,o thats.... interesting

Don: *doesn't want to know* -_-

Leo: I pulled it out of the I think something is after me

Mel: Leo is crazy!

Erica: *nods nods, backing away*

Don: Is it safe to say 'instant karma'?

Leo: we have to eat it! quickly!

Mikko: oh come on. have none of you read scary stories to tell in the dark? The toe in the's a classic

Don: ....Pass. -_- *moves away from him*

Kitteh: Uhhhh...nope. Razz

Mel: *Clings to Donnie* Leo is scary!

Mikko: a little boy finds a toe in the ground, digs it up then the mother cooks it they eat it and then something kills the boy for taking it's toe

Espionata: Oo

Erica: nope most scary camp fire stories here involve the MinMin Lights and Bunyips

Erica: O,O

Shaya: ...

Don: *holds her* For once...I have to agree.

Mikko: bunyips sound adorable

Erica: Oh no thanks Leo I had a salad - *maybe should not have left 'Spot' this morning?*

Leo: you should be scared! for i have looked into the abyss!

Mel: Leo you scaring me! *Clings more to Donnie shaking*

Erica: ooooh?

Leo: *turns into a demon and flies off cackling*

Don: Leo, I think you better go lie down... O.O

Mel: *Screams scared*

Leo: least I didn't turn into a car, Donnie!

Don: *is very thankful for that*

Erica: - maybe I should have skipped the mushrooms in the salad....

Mikko: lool

Mel: *Is crying scared*

Erica: hehhee magic mushroomsThe bunyip, or kianpraty, is a large mythical creature from Aboriginal mythology, said to lurk in swamps, billabongs, creeks, riverbeds, and waterholes. The origin of the word bunyip has been traced to the Wemba-Wemba or Wergaia language of Aboriginal people of South-Eastern Australia. However, the bunyip appears to have formed part of traditional Aboriginal beliefs and stories throughout Australia, although its name varied according to tribal nomenclature. In his 2001 book, writer Robert Holden identified at least nine regional variations for the creature known as the bunyip across Aboriginal Australia Various written accounts of bunyips were made by Europeans in the early and mid-19th century, as settlement spread across the country.

Shaya: ohhhh

Mikko: but what does it do? what does it look like?

Kitteh: I've heard the name, but never saw a pic of the creature.

Don: It's okay, Mel. He's gone.

Mel: Hope so Sad(

Shaya: I looked up what it looks like. Why do I always do this when I'm alone in the dark, freaky!

Erica: bunyip is usually translated by Aboriginal Australians today as "devil" or "evil spirit" though this translation may not accurately represent the role of the bunyip in pre-contact Aboriginal mythology or its possible origins before written accounts were made.

Mikko: it's adorable

Erica: The bunyip might be nothing more than a cultural memory of extinct mega fauna - but what it does and what it looks like varies from tribe to tribe

Erica: lol

Mikko: not so adorable

Erica: ick!

Kitteh: Aww, it's not so bad.

Erica: *still a bit shell shocked - looks at Don* you ever assessed your brother's mental health Pretty Eyes?

Erica: lol it's either Leo is insane or the mushrooms in her salad where not normal Razz

Mel: He's scary *Is gonna have nightmares*


Espionata: Nice

Erica: Razz

Don: *will have a talk with his brother later*

Erica: *more worried than scared*

Mel: Big brother?

Don: Hmm?

Mel: Why is Leo scary?

GUGold: hehehe seems insane - luckily our Cyan is not - and our Leonardo is dead *amused*

Mel: You shut up!

GUGold: *chuckles, pacing his 'tank' - hates it, anxious with being away from his brothers -* he went down fighting... protecting his brothers - trying to save our worlds Mikey - Cyan delivered the killing blow to him

Don: *glances at GUGold then back at Mel* I have no idea.

Mel: And you're a bad turtle *Glares at GUGold snuggles closer to Donnie* Well make him stop it

GUGold: hehehe very, very bad... *growls, tense, didn't sleep at all, can't eat, barely drinks... pacing like a caged tiger*

Mel: Need to go to the bathroom?

GUGold: no

Mel: You mad about something

GUGold: *shakes head*

Mel: Then what?

Kitteh: lol

Erica: giggling gurt *pokies* hehehe whats the laugh out loud for Kitteh ?

Mel: *Pokes the cage GUGold is in and draws on it with markers*

Kitteh: Mel's question about the bathroom. Razz

Don: O.o No! *takes the markers from her*

Erica: hehehe

Espionata: lol

Mel: Why big brother?

Erica: I image GUGold would do his own version of the pee pee dance if that was the case Razz

Don: Markers AND crayons are for drawing on paper ONLY. Got that?

Espionata: lol

Erica: *places hand on the glass watching -*

Espionata: Mel: But I was just making the cage cooler

Kitteh: Dude's been in there for how many days? He hasn't gone pee since he's been in there?

Shaya: my question too

GUGold: *stops his pacing briefly to touch snout to the spot where her hand is - then huffs and stalks again -*

Don: Paper. Only.

Erica: Razz I imagine no one is keen to let him out to go Razz

Mel: Why?

Don: Because I said so...and this is MY lab. My rules.

Erica: And his brothers are currently scouring other dimensions for him Razz - they going to be pissed when they find him here Wink

Mel: Sorry big brother Sad

Don: Just don't do it again, okay?

Kitteh: I think Don has that part covered. Razz

GUGold: could always let her in here - I'll let her draw on the inside -

Mel: I won't big brother just wanted to make the cage look cooler and annoy bad turtle

Don: Well, it annoys me, too.

Erica: hehehe Don's always have something up their - was going to say sleeves

Espionata: lol

Mel: I'm sorry Sad(

Erica: but seeing as they don't wear much clothing - and all I might just leave that hanging Razz

Erica: *absent mindedly using her shirt to rub some of the crayon off... studying.*

GUGold: *taloned fingers flex, tail wags slowly - is very bored and anxious*

Shaya: May I come in? *in doorway waiting quiet onthe other side*

GUGold: ooooh yes please, let her in here.... we'll - well I'll have fun

Mel: You're a bad turtle you don't get toys or cookies!

Don: *glares at GUGold* Yes, you may come in, Shaya. But stay away from him.

Shaya: Shaya: *snorts* Yes. Poor choices tend to not give people sweet things. *walks in* Any news yet?

GUGold: *glares back at this Donatello* you know in our world Cyan silence you permanently.... your alive but mute....

Mel: *Smacks cage* And you're bad go to time out!

Shaya *crouches by the cage but not too close*

Don: Well, that's not here. *glares back at the turtle in the cage*

GUGold: not yet.... *grins and tests the strength of the containment once more - actually making it shudder -*

Erica: *a little startled but remains where she is*

Mel: Stop that! Go to time out!

Don: Quit it! You're NOT coming out. Not one of us will let you out.

Shaya True.

GUGold: When I get out of here I'm going to eat the little one - and tear your females apart!

Mel: I'm not food!

Erica: Malcolm...

Don: And that's why you're locked up in the first place.

GUGold: *grins showing all his teeth at Mel* to me your nothing more than a snack - *glances at Erica - keeps pacing*

Mel: Why eat me?

Shaya Sorry. *puts head on knee* I can understand the hating humans, why other mutants? You can understand where they are coming from. Yes some are rather unique mindsets, much like you. Any empathy towards them? *pretty sure she took a muscle relaxer before showing up today, not flinching*

GUGold: Don't hate humans any more than Lions hates wildebeasts - their prey and sport and some females... breeders

Mel: You're crazy

GUGold: other mutants either bow to the inevitable and live under Cyan's rule - or defy us and be little more than prey, sport and breeders like humans -

Shaya *listens*

Mel: *Hits cage* And you're just doing what he says!

GUGold: He is my brother - and my Alpha - of course I do

Mel: To do bad things?

GUGold: yes and rule our world as mutants should ...

Mel: Why not live with humans without doing that?

Shaya Either way we are ladies are prey or breeders. huh.

GUGold: yeeeesssssssss

Mel: And I'm food? I am a girl and I will grow >​<

GUGold: you wont need your legs when your older

Mel: Why not?

Shaya: Mel. *warning mom voice*

Mel: What?

GUGold: you just don't Razz - mmmm you Blondie - your look like the kind of ladies Cyan prefers to breed

Shaya you don't ask questions you dont want the proper answer to.

Mel: Tell me

Shaya Let say walking or running won't be an option to have honey.

Mel: But I like doing those things

Shaya That is why we stay far away from him and his cage. okay?

Mel: He can't get out

GUGold: >Smile the best part is when mates try to fight back - so weak and helpless.... wriggling and writhing.... sometimes - I prefer mine around fourteen to sixteen... sometimes their too small and I have to used my talons to make sure the fit is just right

Mel: You're crazy

GUGold: >Smile

Shaya He is a male with a preference for weakness. Odd, thought you would go for plump curvy ones. *blinks*

GUGold: to eat? yes

Mel: *Smacks cage* You have to stop bad turtle!

Shaya Cyan prefers blondes? Or is Blondie mynickname?

GUGold: hehehe fat ones jiggle when I thrust inside them - wiggle wiggle, jiggle.... once split one open from chin to pussy to watch - all that fat wiggle and jiggle - blood pooling... hehehe Cyans prefers blonds - most of his harem females are blond or fair

Mel: That's gross!

Erica: *not usually squeamish - but literally turns green... hurries to Don's labs bin and -*

Shaya That's what I thought. *a bit paler than normal* Entertainment with dinner. When you see him, *gets up and stretches* I prefer a conversation before dying. Might as well know the alpha before dying anyways.

GUGold: *growwwwwwwwwls* oh he'd not kill you - just fuck you until your pregnant

Mel: Yet I get eaten?

GUGold: Very Happy your legs - you dont need them for breeding when old enough Razz

Mel: But I need legs to grow

Erica: *had enough of GUGold for now - and leaves lab*

Mel: *Yawns*

Erica: *pokes head around door* coming you two?

Mel: Yeah *Leaves sleepy*

Shaya *relaxes from the stretch* Coming. *sigh* I know my place when his brothers show up. *walks away*

Kitteh: O.o Damn.

Mel: My legs get eaten Oo

Erica: as far away from them a possible - oooh I feel sick

Mel: *Yawns sleepy*

Shaya Not the first time I've heard stuff like that. Only this time. He could actually did to

Don: *glares hard at the container then leaves without a word*

Mel: Big brother tired

Erica: *shivers,* he could and would if given the chance...*slighty feverish*

Don: *is thinking about gagging that turtle* >​.<

Mel: *Curls up on floor and falls asleep*

Kitteh: Don's half-tempted to see what would happen if he were to have sex in front of GUGold. lol Tormenting the guy could be a lot of fun. Wink

Espionata: lol

Erica: Lol

Erica: Angel would be down for that Razz

Erica: Erica's not feeling too good

Espionata: lol

Kitteh: lol Dawwww. Angel would be down with that, hm?

Don: *moves up behind Erica* Can I get you anything?

Erica: yeah shes not shy Wink

Angel: no I am not Wink

Erica: ... water?

Erica: Very Happy

Don: *goes to get her some*

Erica: nawwwwwwwwwwwww

Angel: *lifts Erica over shoulder in fire man hold* hehe if you throw up girl yous licking it up Razz

Shaya *head on knee and exhale bad thoughts* Sorry hon

Erica: thats not helpful.... its okay been feeling sick all day - should have stayed in bed Wink

Angel: yes - told you too when you left this morning Smile

Shaya Water sounds great

Erica: Razz I am having some now Very Happy

Don: *comes back with some water for everyone*

Kitteh: Oooooh, she's not preggers is she?
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PostSubject: Re: Portal Hopping Pt. 21 - 30   Mon Aug 08, 2016 4:11 pm

Pt. 27

Previously on Portal Hopping:

Angel: yes - told you too when you left this morning Smile

Shaya Water sounds great

Erica: Razz I am having some now Very Happy

Don: *comes back with some water for everyone*

Kitteh: Oooooh, she's not preggers is she?


Erica: no no - just a twenty four hour bug Razz

~*~*~*~*~* Laters *~*~*~*~*~

Erica: *feels much better today - dance dance*

Mel: *Bored again*


Erica: yes for what? Very Happy

Mikko: for humping your leg!

Erica: *player throws mushmallows around*

Mikko: *eats*

Erica: mushmallows! *eats some... Lays down and makes mushmallow angel*

Shaya: *makes a mallow sculpture*

Erica: *giggles and throws mushmallows at Mel and Leo and Mikko and Shaya*

Erica: hehehe mushmallow fight!

Mel: Oo

Mikko: it's raining fluff!

Shaya: *tosses some up in the air*Mallow Fluffs!

Mikko: eat the children first!

Mikey: hehehe *joins in mushmallow fight.. Throws some at Leo and Erica and Mel

Mel: *Gets buried* DX

Mikko: eat your way out!

Leo: *slips on a dress* I am miss America!

Mel: Leo Oo

Leo: what? Don't you think I'm beautiful?

Mel: Boys don't wear dresses

Leo: well that's very close minded of you. Boys can wear whatever they want. so can girls.

Mel: But it looks weird Leo

Leo: I think I look pretty

Mel: You look weird

Leo: you look ugly!

Mel: Leo I'm five you're a grown up >​>​

Leo: yep and as a grown up i can wear a dress

Mel: Still looks weird

Leo: you look weird.

Mel: No I don't!

Leo: yes you do. you look like a weird little elf

Mel: Elf? I don't have pointy ears

Shaya: Hey now Miss america! She is a cite elf ranger!

Leo: *pulls out sword* I can fix that ^^ see someone likes my dress

Mel: Leo you can't use swords on kids!

Leo: I am above the law!

Mel: No you're not Leo! You're crazy and stupid!

Leo: yeah well I have toe soup and you don't

Mel: Leo stop it!

Leo: *picks Mel up and swings her around*

Shaya: *blinks*

Mel: *Screams in fear*

Leo: weeeeeeeeeeeee

Mel: Leo stop!

Leo: k *lets go*

Mel: *Is sent flying into the couch* DX


Mel: *Whimpers*

Leo: *goes back over to Mel* wanna go again?

Mel: No!

Leo: awwwwwww want ice cream?

Mel: No

Leo: want a puppy?

Mel: No

Leo: *puts Mel in a dress*

Mel: Hey! *Takes dress off*

Leo: awwwwww

Mel: Hate dresses

Shaya: *tries not to encourage Leo, but Mel in a dress? vCUTE!*

Leo: *flies away*

Mel: Oo

Shaya: That boy needs meds ... or counselling.... both.

Mel: He's scary

Erica: *had hid whilst crazy Leo about, comes out of hiding -*

Mel: Mikey! *Was scared by Leo*

Mikey: shhhh! Hiding in Hanks box!

Hank: >​,< it does work if you give it away!

Mel: But Leo was scary!

Mikey: *pulls Mel in box with him and Hank*

Hank: *glares at turtle for making things squished*

Erica: bugger Chris I want the Raptors

Mel: *Clings to Mikey* He threw me to the couch hard

Mikko: all the raptors

Erica: Might need the oc to help me tame them - girl does alright with big 'scary' things Razz Yes! Give me Raptors

Rogue: I loooved it, seriously. my only complaint ..and it's not a big one, the dinos looked more realistic in the first film

Rogue: lol.. is it bad that I kept thinking of Erica/Raph during some scenes? Razz

Mikey: shhhh if you be quiet he won't get us in here *snugs*

Erica: .... Really ? Hehehe which scenes? Lol that's interesting Razz

Rogue: the t-rex certainly was the same.. but the raptors looked different

Mel: *Snuggles* He flew alway

Mikko: blue was new. but I heard the others were reused, could be wrong though

Mikey:.... Flew....? Well shhhh and we'll be safe in the magic box

Rogue: when Chris' character put his hand on Blue and she just kinda melted Wink

Hank:.... As long as you don't fart

Rogue: fuming two seconds before that and alll.. Razz

Mel: Mikey you're not stinky right?

Erica: Wink oh hehee I get it *sniggers* hehehe yes I kept thinking of her as April too =

Erica: :">​

Mikey: nope I am daisy fresh!

Hank: *all three of them squished in his box...*

Mel: *Starts to play and box starts to get ripped by accident*

Erica: hehehe yes Erica says no rush! And if she sees him in a clown get up again she'll use a shovel instead of her fist Razz

Hank: my box! *stands up, a box with legs sticking out the bottom and runs off*

Mel: Oo

Mikey: o,O that was random...

Erica: *peeks out of hiding... No clowns bout... Safe - wonders where BigRed got to*

Erica: O,O what the heck random old Sims just died in my Sims home! two!

Mikko: his time had come

Erica: and instead of freaking out like everyone else, or crying Erica Sim goes and makes friends with the GrimReaper ... girl is weird

Mel: Mikey Hank is crazy

Mikko: sounds like something she would do

Erica: Yeah their standing about whilst the others mourn and chit chatting Razz

Mikko: lol

Erica: Well I better make sure it's good friend then Razz

Hank: *from undisclosed location inside duct tape repaired box* am not!!

Erica: will make a post for him heading off to retrieve Baxter after Bishop posts Razz

Rogue: I reeeeally want a white's tree frog

Erica: Wonder what would happening SimErica flirts with GrimReaper... *tries it*

Mel: Mikey think Leo is nuts?

Leo: I HAVE nuts! wanna see?

Mikey: oh in here he's - ahhhh! ... Walnuts?

Mel: No

Leo: no pecans

Erica: hehe ooooh GrimReaper liked that Razz

Raph: -.- Yep.. I nicknamed you right.. LAME-o-Nardo

Shaya: uug

Mikey: ... Awwww - can I has them?

Leo: don't hate, masturbate

Erica: hehe yes... be very worried if Leo was trying to show off those kinds of nuts P

Mel: He's crazy Raphie

Erica: .... *almost geek rambled about the benefits of masturbation -* .... Hi BigRed *snout peck*

Erica: lol ooooh as GrimReaper if single! Heh why not Razz ... Single! Yay! Well flirt flirt .... Is there a ask about family social option?

Erica: Sim me is game... taking the saying Flirting with Death to a whole new level

Mikko: Karai was so cute

Karai: -.-

Erica: nnnuuuuu adorable!

Leo: so adorable. *pinches Karai's cheek*

Mikko: the sims are strange and scary

Erica: *giggles*

Karai: *growls and nips*

Leo: kinky

Mel: Grown ups >​>​

Erica: ahhhh!! What the heck ... Tell me Sim me don't look like that!

Erica: Nope, she looks normal...

Mikey: hey! I ain't doing nothing

Erica: *relieved sigh*

Mel: Leo is

Mikey: yes well he crazy right now - might need a new Leader Razz

Mel: I pick Raphie!

Don: It won't be you, Mikey.

Raph: ....I tried that once. :/

Mikey: ... I was going to say Don Razz

Mel: You did Raphie?

Erica: nawww *tickles Raph's spot*

Erica: annnnd everyone else goes to bed - SimErica and GrimReaper still on couch chatting Razz

Raph: *churr-flops, forgetting bad memories brought on by leadership fail*

~*~*~*~*~* Most Go To Bed! *~*~*~*~*~

Erica: *had put her big ' Bad' turtle to bed - sedated Leo and put him to bed... smiles at Don and Mikey*

Don: Smile

Kitteh: How's ol' GUGold tonight? Behaving himself? Wink

Mel: *Goes to look* Hey bad turtle!

Mikey: hehe I know I would make a terrible leader Razz

Don: You just don't take things seriously enough.

Erica: probably with horrific descriptions of what his Duncan does in his lab

Don: *doesn't really want to know* >​.<

Mikey: Life's too short and brutal to take seriously

Don: *sighs* You're missing the point.

Erica: hehehe clones and viruses and weapons of mass destruction lol

Erica: *bounces over* thanks for the water last night, I really needed it Wink

Mel: *Hits the cage*Razz

Erica: and experiments on live humans

Don: *smiles* No problem. Are you feeling better?

Erica: I am Smile much better thank you, *pecks cheek* how have you been PrettyEyes?

Mikey: *grins and nods* I am Wink *taps fingers on cage*

GUGold: You in our world lost your fun... though you did crack a joke about being Holey as death took you.... *growls*

Don: I've been pretty good. *eyes narrow at his brother's 'clone'* She didn't ask you.

Mel: Do I live there?

Erica: and how have your ladies been treating you? Smile *ignoring GUGold*

GUGold: not you... Him *points at Mikey* our him, lost all that fun and cheer, and good humor by the time his death came for him... But managed to make a last ditch joke at the end with his last breaths

Don: Well, I haven't seen much of them lately. But that's okay. I've been pretty busy, myself. did he die? *is afraid to ask*

Erica: *nods nods* ooooh Yeah so has Angel has not even been in the overnight room much Smile

Don: *shakes his head* No.

Mel: You just didn't find me yet Razz

GUGold: Very Happy our Mikey died in the last great battle and riddled with holes, insides hanging out and his lasts words was that he was Holey and reminding us to laugh and grow fat

Don: I'm sorry to hear that. *makes a face, not wanting to hear any more*

Mel: That's not a nice death

GUGold: you Mel are probably with all other children, in our internment programs ... Some human children And mutant children are in training for their future careers in our metropolis... yes in the same battle our Leonardo went down in... Our Raphael and Donatello have been in hiding every since... Defeated... Broken... *grins at Don*

Erica: *pats Don's shoulder* it will not be the fate of us here

Mikey: Sad ooooh.... *gonna have night mares about dying on a body, blood and gore strewn battle field*

Mel: Your what?

Erica: Metropolis, it is a futuristic, cultured and utopian city.... Hard to think you guys would have such a thing...

Mel: What's that program thingy?

GUGold: by the time of the last battle the human population had Ben decimated, from millions to... A few hundred thousand... GUViolet was responsible for most, unleashing deadly engineered viruses designed to prey on the particularly weak humans.... And mutant populations down... So Cyan took over... a city and what's left aside from rebels live there.

Mel: But kids like me are trapped with you

GUGold: it's schooling to make sure the young are useful... Very Happy yes most human children are eaten Razz

Mel: Not food!

Mikey: *still shaken hearing about another Mikey's demise... Heads over to Don and hugs him*

Erica: *rubs Mikey's head smiling*

Don: *blinks then hugs his brother back*

Mikey: *happier now*

Mel: Sides I can take stuff and hide in the dark so I can't get eaten Razz

GUGold: *chuckles - wondering if there would be more questions for him, looks from Don to Mikey and Shaya and Mel and Erica*

Mikey: *lets Don go feeling better*

Mel: You know you eat kids you will be real lonely

GUGold: no I will have my brothers *feels anxious being away for so long*

Mel: Your brothers haven't gotten yet maybe they don't like you

GUGold: Very Happy oh they'll be here - not sure yous will like that when it happens

Mikey: *if their as protective as his big brothers can get - they wont like it at all*

Mel: Why not?

Erica: we just wont... what will happen to me?

GUGold: Very Happy well.... you should be in our world - replace our long dead Erica

Mel: And me?

GUGold: food

Mel: Not food! I'm not food I'm a kid!

Erica: *blush blush*

Don: *still misses her*

Erica: :">​

Mel: *Yawns*

Mikey: *scoops and huggles*

Mel: *Falls asleep*

Erica: dammit Donnie every time you say that I wanna tackle glomp you :Pn*gives in and tackle glomps and snugs*

Don: *snug, snugs* ^^

Erica: *huggles*

Erica: *chuckles and joins hug*

Angel: *sees this and shrugs and joins in* whats with the snuggle fest?

Don: *smiles at Angel* She just started hugging me. *shrugs but certainly not complaining*

Angel: hehehe you were being adorable somehow weren't you?

Erica: *from somewhere in hug* yep

Erica: *player* yeah

Don: *is just beaming*

April: *dashes over and joins in*

Mikey; *snigger*

Don: ^___________^ *snugs all*

Angel: this is nice and squishy - and hello Stretch - sorry I have been so busy *smooch*

April: it is *chuckles*

Erica: *loves hugs - huggles*

Erica: *player is also a cuddle bear - snugs*

Erica: *giggles but draws back with a soft kiss to all their cheeks* I should go and get some rest with Red... I'll bring you a coffee and some notes Leatherhead and Shaya and I were working on PrettyEyes Wink we can have a nerd out over them.

April: *grins -* I should head back to overnight room too *hurries away*

Erica: *player lets go to throw about more Muchmallows about*

Don: *smiles, nodding* Thanks. Goodnight, Erica. And April. *slips his arm around Angel and pulls her closer to him*

Angel: Very Happy *hugs back tightly* what have you been up too tall one? your lab buddy aint annoying you too much is he? *referring to GUGold*

Erica: *winks and blows them both a kiss skipping away to new 'Spot' - their room sliding inside*

Don: I can pretty much tune him out now.

Angel: oh... like Mikey? *smooch* nice to know Smile

Mikey: hey! *indignant*

Angel: *tuned him out* >Smile we should go have a little fun Wink

Don: Very Happy I'd love that.
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PostSubject: Re: Portal Hopping Pt. 21 - 30   Mon Aug 08, 2016 4:12 pm

Pt. 28

Previously on Portal Hopping;

Don: I can pretty much tune him out now.

Angel: oh... like Mikey? *smooch* nice to know Smile

Mikey: hey! *indignant*

Angel: *tuned him out* >Smile we should go have a little fun Wink

Don: Very Happy I'd love that.


Bones: *comes in and kidnaps Mel*

Erica: *sees this and tackles Bones*

Bones: O.O *is tackled*......*kidnaps both girls*

Erica: hey! - where are we going?

Mel: Let go!

Bones: we are going to horror land!

Mel: No! *Struggles*

Bones: yes!

Mel: *Screams*

Raph: *shoves a sai up Bones' ass*

Bones: kinky *passes Girls to Spike*

Spike: *runs*

Mel: Raphie! *Struggles more*

Erica: *kicks Spike in balls hard as she can*

Ally: Be nice to my brother! He needs his package to make me an aunt someday Razz

Spike: O.O no

Ally: Very Happy Yes!

Spike: yer an aunt on Mask, that ain't enough?

Mel: Let go!

Spike: cant ley you go

Ally: But.. people dont know about Masked anymore.. Sad I'm fading there... so spawn here! Razz

Mel: Why not?!

Spike: fine I'll have a devil spawn for you. But I'm not paying child support! *drags Lexi away to make baby*

Erica: *wriggles free and snatches Mel, putting her down* go back to Mikey Mel Wink

Lexi: O.o ..i have a boyfriend.. *slaps*

Spike: *punches* don't care

Laz: *beheads Spike*

Mel: Okay

Erica: *well that was enough excitement for now, sidles back over to Raph pecks cheek in thanks*

Raph: ^^

Mel: *Hugs Raph* Thanks Raphie

Lexi: *snugs Laz*

Ally: Very Happy Hells yeah, I'm gonna be an aunt!

Mikey: Very Happy making him an uncle sounds more fun Razz

Mel: *Pokes the cage GUGold is in likes annoying him*

Ally: Yes!! O.O LEXI???

Lexi: O.o.. Do you see any stretch marks on this bod?

Mel: Hey ugly!

Erica: Smile *kisses Red's Adams apple and looks at Lexi...* nope Wink but not all women have them

Love: just don't get mutated, Erica, or Raph wont like you anymore

Lexi: Good point.. but I am childless... for now

Laz: for now...

Erica: my mother had only a few, GranGran none... They are caused by tearing of the dermis, which over time may diminish, but will not disappear completely. Stretch marks are often the result of the rapid stretching of the skin associated with rapid growth or rapid weight changes....

Raph: *purrrs*

Lexi: Yeah.. but considering that depend on my body since I'm a 'dancer'.. for now.. I would be the unlucky one to get them. But, I do hope to be the host to an incredible human being someday. *winks at Laz*

Erica: *lightly scratches his plastron*

Mel; *Hits the cage growling*

Hank: *smiles* ah... seeeing your mothers belly grow as you did Erica made me all sorts of proud - *looks worried* but your still not planning on children for years right Marshmallow?

GUGold: *snorring*

Mel: He's asleep >​>​ *Uses a loud horn sound on Mikey's phone*

GUGold: *ignores, farts LOUDLY in response *

Mel: Oo

Mikko: *walks in in her undies* hellooooo boys

Mel: Eww Mikko DX

Gabe: *pinches Mikko's backside*

Mikko: *pounces on Gabe and sexes him up*

Gabe: ^^

Kitteh: Ohhhhhhhh, MH! Razz

Mikko: MH can not have my undies!

Rogue: hehehe

Kitteh: Who's gonna stop him? Wink

Mikko: me!

Kitteh: Have fun being pantiless, then. Razz

MH: *stalking Mikko and waiting for the perfect time..and POUNCES! Grabs hold of backside of panties with mouth andand pullllllls*

Erica: no immediate plans Dad... *too busy lightly giving BigRed a good plastron rubbing*

Mikko: ahhhhhhhhh! yer gonna rip the silk!

Mel: *Is bored and keeps hitting the cage*

Raph: *happy churrs.. mumbling something to Hank about no plans.. but shit happens..* Razz

Leo: I want babies!!!!

Mel: Leo is scary

Karai: *gives Leo a puppy*

Leo: not what I meant but thank you

Erica: *player gives Leo a tot clone* there Razz

Karai: You are welcome.

Leo: *drops puppy and takes clone* BABY!

Hank: ... Um... Yes... It does... Baby what's the failure rate of the iud? *worried worried*

totCyan: *big blue wide eyed look at Leo... Smiles*

Leo: *smiles and hugs*

totCyan: *little churrs and snugs, nuzzling, lil tail wagging*

Raph: *still purring like a happy kitten*, if yer grandkid is a mutant.. means you gotta like us.. Razz

Mel: *Sighs bored*

Leo: *picks puppy back up then skips away with his kid and puppy*

Erica: *tickles spot* less than zero point eight percent dad...

Shaya: Does this starty GUCyan being crazy thanks to OLeo crazy?

Erica: Leo feeling all paternal huh?

Mikko: awwwwww I want babies. but I can not have them.

Mikey: looks like both my big bros are -... Ally quick lets go make clones! *grabs her and drags her off to room*

Mel: Grown ups >​<

Hank: *would he love a mutant grand baby?* I suppose, but do try not to rush it, I mean your only eighteen, she's sixteen - no hurry!

totCyan: weeee! *liking this ride!*

TotsGold,VioletandCrimso​n: *hurry after Leo cause he has their brother!*

Leo: more babies! come on everyone we're going to the park!

Jake: *clings to Mikko's leg*

Mikko: ^_______________________​________________________​^ *picks up and snuggles*

Mel: Leo is nuts

Tots: yay!! -

Jake: ^^ *honks her boobies*

Shaya: uhh *unsure to be worried or happy for the group* More kids to worry about *turning grey*

Mikko: O.O *honks his nose*

Ally: *makin' all sorts of animal noises*

Erica: hmmm though your clone Red is adorable Wink *squuueeeee as she resumes plastron rubbing*

Mel: Boys >​<

Jake: ^^

Hank: O,O

Shaya: I'm going to look like a grandma before I have kids.

Love: Don has abandon me

Leatherhead: what about them Mel? Smile

Mel: They're weird

Hun: *picks Mel up by her feet and holds her upside down*

Leatherhead: *swats Huns feet out from under him with Tail and snatches Mel away... Grooooowls*

Mel: Hey! DX

Mikey: *forgets end goal - having too much sexy fun! - loud rutting mutant turtle*

Hun: *falls* ow mah butt

Mel: Thanks LH

Erica: *not really listening to noise no more, dedicating fingers to pampering Red with a very good plastron rubbing* mmmm wonder if I'd make a good mother?

Leatherhead: your welcome Wink *puts her down carefully*

Shaya: *hugs Mel* You okay honey?

Mel: I get grabbed alot Oo I'm fine ^^

Shaya you are pick-up-and-run-sized. That is why we worry

Mel: Not fair >​<

Shaya Give you a few years to be less so.

Leatherhead: Smile yes when you was fourteen years old sized it was harder for them to run off with you Wink

Mel: Still was small LH

Leatherhead: *nods* yes you are and were but then not so small Wink

Mel: Guess so >​>​

Hank: *hoping to dissuade any cluckiness in his daughter - and Raphael* yeah the clone is cute I guess... but pregnancy is not so cute... I mean there's the usual they show ya on movies and tv, the bloating, the cravings, the sickness... but lets not discount extra body hair growth, insane hormonal fluctuations - seriously your mother in the first trimester would go from crazy horny to tears at least six times a morning!

Mel: *Glomps Hank* XD

Shaya: *pats Hank's shoulder* psst, not helping your case sweetie

Raph: *snugs and nuzzles* Mmm.. yeah, you'd be a good one.. *and winks at Hank* I don't mind hairy mammals and.. horny works for me..

Erica: *is quiet amused by this - she is a biology nerd - she is fully aware of what pregnancy does and develops and the effects it has on the body* funny I can do the horny thing without the extra hormones Razz

Hank: *oh he's sure it will!* and Leaking - ack! *hugs Mel back* leaking from eveywhere! Leaking ... from everywhere! seriously! from the nipples, downstairs or their eyes, pregnant women constant source of fluid exiting their body.

Shaya: I'd be more worried about the complications than the side effects. The miracle of it still weighs a heavy burned.

Mel: She's a grown up Hank XD

Raph: You sure know a lot about preggo women.. sure yer not one? O.o

Shaya Who me???

Hank: *smug for a moment* I went beyond my part of just giving sperm to the making of my child thank you - I read all the books with my wife and even took the time off work to be almost at her side completely during the whole pregnancy ...

Leatherhead: *equally amused by chatter*

Shaya Nope. *Still studying the material*

Mel: Want a kid Hank Razz

Erica: Wink how did you handle my birth dad?

Hank: .... *sheepish* I fainted

Mel: *Giggles* I can't ask about mine

Hank: what about the shell!

Erica: *pecks snout - chuckling, snugg snuggles hands now lightly rubbing Red's shell*

Shaya: good question.

Mel: *Tugs on Hank* Come one let's play

Hank: mmmmm?

Leatherhead: *hadn't actually thought of that*

Shaya: The female may also have to pass an egg. We don't know.

Raph: ...shells are kinda soft at birth... *okay, that worries him too.. humans aren't supposed to deal with shells and can't lay eggs.. ugh..* Sad

Mel: Please

Erica: *looks up at Raph and smiles*

Leatherhead: could always as GUGold, he has fathered on humans.... *not willing by the stories he heard*

Mel: I ask! *Runs to the cage to ask

Shaya I'd use Father loosely

Hank: I mean you were tiny at birth Erica - six pounds.... and had a little toruble breathing - and come to think of it your mother did not struggle, you were relatively quick and easy -.... but I hear it's not the case for many woman

Leatherhead: yeah forcible insemination would be more appropriate huh?

Mel: Hey big Gold!

Shaya *nods* Yes, Thank you. *turns towards Don's Lab* I'm gonna watch Mel, Anyone care for another round of fear and bad memories?*

Erica: are you curious BigRed? *nods towards lab where everyone is heading*

Leatherhead: *nods and follows Shaya* welcome

Raph: Depends on what's goin' on in the lab.

Mel: Big Gold

Erica: *chuckles and smoooches snout* nothing - just asking the big gold turtle questions

Hank: oy I am trying to discourage you not incite your curiosity! *hmphs dramatically*

Raph: Like he'll answer? *shrugs* Lead the way.

Erica: *chuckles and lets Hank go in first - tickles spot* well you seemed... sad... or worried - and previously GUGold did mentions he has nine surviving offspring

Mel: Big Gold! *Hits cage*

GUGold: *had been ignoring Donatello, and Mel when she pops in - now the pretty blond was back... and Erica - and others - stands up and watches them all* Very Happy

Mel: Big Gold quit ignoring me! You have kids right?

GUGold: *looks down at Mel grinning to show all his sharp teeth* yesssssssss

Mel: And they're with humans?

GUGold: *shrugs* yeah?

Mel: How do they give birth then?

GUGold: the same way most human females do O,o

Mel: Don't the babies have shells?

GUGold: only my five sons - my four daughters have neither carapace or plastron

Mel: Really?

Shaya: *sits down again* One concern down, another hundred and some to go

GUGold: *what the heck is with these questions? - just nods* .... >Smile why do you wanna know - *looks at Shaya* looking to have mutant turtlings are you?

Leatherhead: *growls*

Mel: Just wanna know ^^

Shaya I would like to have mutant reptile hatch-lings. Turtles are not the right grouping I'd go for.

Hank: *grumbles -* we wanted to know about the how your... wives? handled giving birth to a shell.... *okay maybe curious himself now*

GUGold: Haaaaankie paaaaankie - Razz and as far as I have my females managed it fine

Leatherhead: ^^ *happy grumble*

Mel: Did it hurt?

GUGold: ooooh it hurt them in the most delightful ways - the births - and I ate one whilst she was in labour.... that offspring never made it

Mel: What?!

GUGold: mmmmmmm would have been a son - shell all wrinkled and soft like all his brothers until after birth when it takes shape and smooths out - *chuckles* ooooh she was struggling, had been for many hours - and looked soooo tender and frail...

Mel: That's scary

Shaya This is why we don't want you around him, his stories are mean and scary.

Mel: But they're words

Erica: *missed some of that - lost in geekiness - drags Raph in and over to GUGold's 'cage' * soooooooo the carapace of a mutant turtle neonate is soft?! - like like butterfly wings?! how long does drying take?

Raph: *this guy is a freak.. but listens, keeping Erica protectively close to him*

GUGold: *churrs tail wagging* yes... soooooo very soft .... and it takes hours to dry -

Hank: damn it!

Mel: You love your kids?

GUGold:.... *shrugs - really has not an ounce of interest in his offspring until they do more than gurgle, sleep, poop and eat* I make sure they get fed *thats about as far as his paternal role goes - after all thats what male harem members are for

Mel: That's not love

Shaya ahh

GUGold: *shrugs*

Mel: You don't know what love is

GUGold: shrugs, my children have harmen males to see to their needs as far as male role models go >​,>​

Mel: But they need Daddy

Erica: *still geeking out - happy snugging against Raph - mind far away*

Hank: *damn it*

Mel: Gold you don't know what love is

GUGold: *ignores - tired of their company, missing his brothers - knows by now they look for him - flops onto his plastron in his tank to wait - ignores them*

Leatherhead: *a little bit excited* this is interesting

Raph: *smug grin at Hank* So there you have it. I can make you an old man. Razz

Hank:.... no rush, no rush!

Mel: Raphie you will love your kids right?

Raph: Yeah, of course.

Mel: Good because Gold doesn't Sad

Erica: *looks up at Raph - chuckling* bet you'd be a fun dad Wink

Mel: Wanna practice with me ^^

Shaya Thank you Gold.
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PostSubject: Re: Portal Hopping Pt. 21 - 30   Mon Aug 08, 2016 4:12 pm

Pt. 29

Previously on Portal Hopping;

Raph: Yeah, of course.

Mel: Good because Gold doesn't Sad

Erica: *looks up at Raph - chuckling* bet you'd be a fun dad Wink

Mel: Wanna practice with me ^^

Shaya Thank you Gold.


Shaya * up and stretches* theory was right LH

Leatherhead: *smiles and nuzzles* yes .... this certainly puts my research in the matter further ahead -

Hank: *takes deep breath and opens mouth to resort back to making pregnancy out to be really gross -*

Raph: ^^

Mel: *Tugs on Raph's hand* If you wanna be a daddy you gotta practice ^^

Raph: O.o ..I'm not good at practicin' ...I learn by doin'..

Mel: *Pouts* Aww Sad

Erica: *giggles* usually a very quick learner too *leading back towards their new spot - ignoring her father aside from a peck on the cheek*

Hank: Smile.... *sighs* .... just not yet right?! *calling after them* |

Erica: no plans - *grins cheekily* but if it happens....

Mel: *Sighs and looks at the ground*

Erica: oy vie - *sticks Hank in his box before he freaks out* Razz

Leatherhead: Very Happy *huggles - tail tip flopping*

Mel: *Snuggles close* Hi LH

Leatherhead: *snugs* Very Happy

Mel: *Clings to him*

Raph: *safely inside their spot, gets to work at making Hanks an old Man* Razz

Erica: *eagerly participates*

Vic: .. considering that I have been fed mutant blood for a long time now.. that makes me part mutant, right? I could pop out mutant babies anytime. No conditioning needed >Smile... Not that I'm ready for children. You know, expreiencing this new world and guys have Camaros!

Mel: LH I miss my mama

Leatherhead: nawwww snugs*

Mel: I can't see her anymore

Erica: and if Red wants babes Erica's game Razz

Rogue: posts will happen later on when I'm not boggled down with house hunting and Jurassic World and trying to pack and clean all at the same time *head spins*

Rogue: dawwwws

Leatherhead: why Mel?

Mel: She's dead

Leatherhead: sorry to hear that ... but Love sort of treats you like a kitten sometimes right?

Mel: Yeah she does

Leatherhead: *nods and snug snugs* yea, not the same I know but.... at least it's something right?

Mel: It is *Snuggles close*

Shaya Aunty Shaya will be here for you Mel- sweetie *kisses the top of her head before a big hug*

Mel: Yeah ^^

~*~*~*~*~*Some Time Later *~*~*~*~*~

Erica: it's raining men! ? *dance dance*

Mikko: *dances too*

Erica: Very Happy ? hallelujah! *dances with Mikko* ?Humidity is rising, Barometer's getting low
According to our sources, The street's the place to go! *underwear boogey!?

Love: *bust out some dance moves*

Erica: *sings out loud* Very Happy *dances with Love too!*

Mel: Oo

Erica: ? Cause' tonight for the first time, Just about half past ten, For the first time in history, It's gonna start raining men!? *shakes that ass*

Mel: *Bored* >?>?

Erica: Very Happy *finally dressed - sneaked Red's dew rag* Razz

Mel: Nothing happens here DX

Raph: *oblivious- snoooores*

Leo: *grabs Mel and swings her around*

Mel: Hey!

[color-#0000FF]Leo: weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee?eeeeeee round and round![/color]

Mel: Put me down!

Leo: never! I'll have Baxter sew us together!

Mel: What?!

Bonesteel: *shoots Leo with a tranq*

Leo: *drops to the floor*

Mel: *Lands on the floor* Who are you?

Bonesteel: Probably the only person NOT intersted in stealing you. *grabs Le by the toes and draaaags him off*

Mikko: wow he's strong

Mel: Huh Oo

Leatherhead: *growls and steals Leo from Bonesteel*

Shaya: *blinks*

Mikey: *sneaks over to draw on Raphs shell*

Love: I don't think I like that man. he seems....up to something

Bonesteel: O.O *and tags LH with two tranqs*

Mel: He's weird

Love: AHHHHHH! *runs away*

Raph: *shifts and grabs Mike, still sleeping and thinking he's Erica.. SNUGS*

Erica: hey! *baps Bonesteel with her dads box!* no!

Mikey: O,o..... >Smile *draws on face*

Mel: Raphie is hugging Mikey XD

Erica: 'insert pizza here?'

Bonesteel: What the bloody hell! Look lil lady, these creatures pose a threat.. but don't worry your pretty little head, you can come visit them at the zoo anytime

Erica: *growls* my best friend is no threat! *grabs her flat shoe* back off or I'll make you eat my shoe!

Love: ***peeks out*

Mel: And they're my brothers ^^

Bonesteel: ..-.- *not so sure how he's going to get both into his landrover..shrugs and decides to leave LH behind.*

Mel: *Hits Bonesteel* Let Leo go!

Love: only losers drive landrovers!

Erica: your taking neither! *standing between him and the two sedated ones*

Bonesteel: O.o *a mutant cat?? Tags her, too!*

Love: *dodges* I will eat your soul! but first...let me take a selfie!

Mikey: *ever so carefully 'making up' Raphs face*

Bonesteel: *fires off more shots at Love while she's doing that 'girl thing

Mel: *Hits Bonesteel and tries to take tranq gun away*

Love: *goes down* you better not stick anything in my asssssssss *passes out*

Bonesteel: *tranqs mel* ... *and anyone else that comes too close!*

Erica: *is close -*

Mikko: Nakedly dances around*

Mel: *Passes out*

Bonesteel: *with everyone darted and on their asses, manages to get Leo to his truck but can't lift him. -.- FML! ..just.. drives away without his bounty*

Mel: *Starts to come to wicked groggy and dizzy* DX

Gabe: Well damn. I woulda helped for five bucks.. Razz

Mikko: hey, those turtles did save you.

Mel: *Gets up* Mikey

Erica: zzzzzzz

Mikey: *trying to wriggle out of bear hug now he's done Raphs makeup*

Rogue: lol. He's joking... he woulda taken the five and ran. Razz that kinda labor is worth more than five Razz

Mel: *Falls over Raph* DX

Leatherhead: *snores and rolls - snuggling Leo*

Leo: *snuggles*

Mel: Dizzy DX

Mikey: .... *finally wriggled away from Raph... Sneaking to get picture of Leo and LH snugging

Mikko: no sane woman would be with Laz

[Verdana]Laz: -_-[/font]

Mikko: I think the world ending is a perfect time to bow chicka bow wow

Gabe: gotta repopulate Wink

Angel: >?,<

April: ....

Erica: zzzzzzzzz

Mel: Why?

Mikey: *goes to lab... To computer to print out his latest pics* ... *then sticks up these pictures everywhere- Raph in 'make up' and LH and Leo spoooning - Leo being the lilspoon*

Mel: *Follows Mikey and hits the cage* XD

GUGold: *pacing like caged tiger*

Mel: Hey Gold!

Erica: *finally coming about... sort of...*

Mel: *Hits cage more*

GUGold: *ignores -*

Mel: You know I'm a 14 year old stuck in a five year olds body because of my player

Gabe: *gives GUGold a joint*

Erica: *throwing up in bin*

GUGold: ... thanks Very Happy I might not eat you when I get out *smokes*[/font]

Mel: Might not?

[color=#FF0000Gabe: Well that's good to know. I'm sure I don't taste good anyway. Sucks bein' in the pen.. I knows.[/color][/font]

GUGold: *shrugs* lil humans and old ones have the best meat - all tender - *grins* and yes it does...

Mel: Well your brothers suck at finding you

Gabe: Well I'm neither so yeah.. Razz Best to stick at what tastes good. *gives him a beer*

Mel: Still not food

GUGold: Very Happy your age range has the best organs - thanks - *guzzles it down* wanna toss a female in here too?

Mel: How about no?

Erica: *goes to have a shower - and brush teeth*

Gabe: O.o wouldn't like my organs. Razz And sorry, I can hook you up with booze and weed.. but no girls. Razz

GUGold: sure I would, kidneys and liver and heart..... brains taste buttery ... and damn

Erica: yes no girls! *has on towel, drying hair with smaller towel*

[color:be10=FF0000]Gabe: O.o Damn, man. I give you shit and you still wanna eat me? That's fucked up. *shrugs and sliiides away from the cage, spotting Erica* Hey pretty lady. ^^

[color:be10=FFFF00]GUGold: Smile I'll be nice enough to kill you first!

Erica: Wink hello ...

Mel: Oh brother Gold you don't get to eat people *Is finally 14 again player got bored thank god* Still short though >?<

Erica: *portal opens and drops a turtle - about fourteen at Mel's feet - he's from GU verse -*

Mel: Who are you?

Gabe: *remembers that she's like ..what.. 15? Well damn..Gives her a rose and a peck on the cheek and slides away*

Erica: :">? *chuckles* thanks... *sneakies back to Spot - sees Raph's face and giggles, uses damp hair towel to clean it off*

Gabe: *siiighs* No one here old enough to flirt with.. and my new 'friend' wants to eat my heart.. -.-

guDamian: *hops up to his feet -* hi!... I'm Damian... um is there a Donatello or Raphael here?

Angel: hehehe at least he said he'll make you dead first - from what I hear he usually likes em alive Smile

Mel: Somewhere

guDamian: *nods politely* will you escort me please?

Gabe: *jawdrops and winks at Angel*

Angel: Wink wassssup handsome?

Don: *is in his lab -- what else is new?*

Mel: *Takes him to the lab* Big brother someone came through a portal and wants to see you

Gabe: Did Heaven's portal open up and drop you through?

Don: *turns to look at this new...turtle?* Hello.

Mel: Don't know what he wants

guDamian: *had followed* hi... Da - uh Donatello? *holds out hand*

Angel: Wink yes, hung up my slightly tarnished halo and all

Mel: He's your Dad Oo

Don: *smiles politely at the turtle* Helloooowhat?! *eyes wide, looking at Mel*

guDamian: *blushes* no, but my worlds Don is... oh! *spots GUGold* yous do have him ! ....

Mel: Well he chased me and Erica!

GUGold:.... *growls* Damian....

Gabe: ^^ So rumor has it yer a Dragon.. me too.. seems we have a lot in common. Wink We could have a lot of fun together.. you got naughty written all over that pretty lil face of yours.

Mel: *Hits cage* Be quiet and you're lucky I can't stab you

Don: *blinks, finally getting his voice to work, nods slowly* Uh-huh... *then clears his throat* You' son in another world?

[color:be10=Sans-serif]Angel: I was a dragon Wink though no tat - *sidles up close to Gabe* what kind of mischief were you hoping to get into?[/font]

guDamian: *looks shy and awkward* yes I am... Uncle Raph sent me ahead to alert other verses that our... rulers are on the war path looking for ... him *nods to GUGold*

Gabe: Anything yer up to, sweetheart. Wink

Mel: *Hits cage* They won't win!

guDamian: and my cousins too Smile

Erica: *finally cleaned off Raph and .... goes hunting for underwear - might have to track down MH for some*

Angel: >Smile *snogs*

Don: *nods* I'm already aware of that. *shoots a glare at GUGold* Huh? *turns back to Damien* Your brothers had children, too? *very interested -- gives him hope that maybe he will be able to reproduce someday*

Kitteh: MH is naughty. Razz

guDamian:... you mean my Uncles? yes - I have a twin sister but she stayed home with Dad - we designed these portal hoppers *holds one out to Don* she and dad are monitoring our cousins movements through other universes...

Erica: hehehe yes Erica is ferreting about under their bed with ass up int he air looking for any underwears the robot might have missed hehehe

Mel: You know Gold you won't win Razz

Erica: great view for Red though Razz

[b]Don: *takes the device, looking at it* Wow. *smiles* I'm very impressed.

Gabe: O.O *was so not expecting that! Snogs back like whoa!*

Angel: *giggles and drags the handsome guy off somewhere to do naughty things to*

[color:be10=FF0000]Raph: *pops an eye open and smacks dat ass* >Smile

Mel: So that's why portals take us to weird places

Gabe: * $#%^!! Never thought he had a shot with her, soooo not complainin' ^^*

guDamian: *grins* thanks - Smile Uncle Raph thought we'd better get ahead of our rulers and warn other verses -

Espionata: Mel: I can't believe they rule anything

Erica: *surprised yelp muffled under bed -* Raph!

Don: *smiles brightly* Thank you for that.

Raph: *chuckles and pulls her into bed*

GUGold: *snarls*

Mel: *Glares at Gold* Not five anymore you don't scare me

guDamian: Very Happy your welcome - wow... how old are you here Don? - if you don't mind me asking...

Erica: *chuckles and tugs on that tail in retaliation*

Angel: hehehe *finds creative uses for detachable shower nozzle* >Smile

Don: *smiles* I'm 18 now. *isn't really ashamed at all though it still seems awkward talking to 'himself' in the first place*

Gabe: *who needs a shower nozzle? Goes dooown on her, because that dang nozzle doesn't know all the tricks that his tongue can do* Wink

Raph: *round five thousand of making Hank a grandfather* Razz

guDamian: ooooh my dad is like thirty six back home, I'm fifteen

Erica: Bwhaha it's wonder Erica leaves the bedroom at all Razz

Rogue: lol. I'm just wondering how she still walks Razz

Erica: hehe can't hardly tell its RES turtle mating season lol

Mel: *Glares at GUGold*

Don: * >?.< *

Hank: *smugly thinks Erica is still on contraceptives*

guDamian: *blinks* something wrong Don? *looking about this lab interested*

Kitteh: That was oos, lol He's still extremely jealous that Raph gets Erica all to himself. Razz

Erica: hehehe must be all that dancing and yoga - girl is fairly fit Razz

Erica: nawwwwwwwwwww Don! *player glomps him*

Don: *smiles* It's nice to meet you, Damian.

Mel: You can't break out nor have you tried you're really dumb or weak or both XD

Angel: *makes all sorts of noises - hands expertly jerking off Gabe*

GUGold: *grins nodding to the cracks* I'll get out Razz

Mel: Still haven't broken it Razz

guDamian: *smiles* nice to meet you too - Dad wanted to come but he and Uncle Raph have duties back home to take care of -

GUGold: *growls* no not yet

Don: *smiles* I understand. So, what is your sister's name?

Erica: hehehe the bed might break

Erica: *all sorts of noises -*

Erica: Bed: *breaks*

Mel: That's because you can't Razz

guDamian: yeah they have a hidden sanctuary of people to care for, oh my sis's name is Danielle - Smile

GUGold: not from lack of trying - damned box is tough

Mel: Good and I'm not food Razz

Don: Oh. *nods, smiling* And how is my...version in your world? Does he do anything...maybe...famous?

GUGold: ... no your older for more fun activities

guDamian: oooooooh - well he designed most of our vehicles and weaponry ... and the MetalHead forces

Mel: I don't get the time of the month

GUGold: hehhee so?

Mel: And I'm not interested

GUGold: >Smile like most of my ... younger females... partners - your wont get the choice - *when he gets out of this freaking box!* Damian!!! we'll eventually find and destroy your base!

Don: Metalhead forces?

Mel: Yes I will because you will die

MH: *trots over and barfs underwear at Damian's feet* Very Happy

guDamian: *shivers - but ignores GUGold -* yep MetalHeads... lots of them.... *pats MetalHead's head.... and blushes - underwears?!*

Don: *grimaces then sighs, patting MH's head* Sorry about that. :">?

guDamian: *picked up a bright purple lacey panty - reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally blushing now* um it's okay... *drops said panty as if it's a spider* whom is your leader here?

MH: *waves arm in air- totally leader!*

Mel: You won't be able to catch me Gold haven't so far Very Happy

Don: *also blushing while looking at the pile of lingerie on the floor* Oh, um...Leo.

Erica: MH Very Happy

Gabe: *all sorts of naughty noises coming from the bathroom- treatin Angel to hardcore Thug Lovin'* Wink

Raph: *equally as loud.. howare the others focusing out there??*

guDamian: *nods* my Uncle Leo lead before he died. *is aware of ... noises... and blushes even harder* my Aunty leads us at home - with help from Dad and Uncle Raph

Angel: *competitively driven thuginlovin - LOUD*

Erica: *reminding all of good set of lungs*

Hank: >?,< *goes to find ear muffs*

Mel: I swear there's more important stuff than doing that all the time >?<

GUGold:.... but thats so much fun Very Happy

Don: *can hear everything but has learned to tune it out by now* I'm sorry to hear that.

guDamian: *nods and smiles sadly* yeah we lost mum in that battle too ...

Don: Oh. *frowns* That's terrible.

Phoenix: *ZOMG.. someone around his age! Happy tail wags and hovers*

guDamian: *nods sadly - and clears throat - spies Phoenix* um hello? Smile - and yeah Dad's not quiet over the loss yet - miss her too a lot

Mel: How is it fun?

GUGold: fun for me >Smile

Phin: *signs a 'hello' because he cannot talk, then remembers not everyone can understand that*

guDamian: *smiles and signs back - tells this one about a cousin whom is deaf*

Rogue: and Phin on the other hand has never been around his own kind, spent a lot of time in isolation

Phin: ^^ *snugs Damian*

Mel: Of course it is but you won't be able to do it anymore

guDamian: *churrs and friendly nuzzles Phin - signs his name for him* ... *looks at Don* um another brother of yours? *curious*

Mel: I don't think so but I'm their sister sort of Razz

Don: No, he's actually a nephew(? from another world?).

Phin: *startles a little at the churr, never heard that noise before but it doesn't seem threatening. Snugs and signs his name back*

guDamian: oooh just visiting - like me? *signs 'nice to meet you Phin'*

Erica: ooooh hehehe guRaph's boy Razz

Erica: he's a fiesty bugger

Rogue: hehe.. his backstory here will be revealed soon. Wink But he's actually not related to the guys here.. well, not by blood, anyway. Ooze on the other hand..

Erica: it's the ooooooooooooze

Erica: hehehe Erica's getting oooooooooooooooozed!!!

Mel: *Taps cage bored*

Hank: >?,< *just caught that as he found ear muffs - grabs pillow and baps player with it*

Erica: ACK!

Rogue: Bishop captured him in LA where he was living with his surrogate mom

Rogue: he's been.. a blood bank of sorts

Erica: nawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

Rogue: lool at Erica getting oozed Razz

Hank: >?< *baps Rogue with pillow too*

Mel: Christ this waiting is boring

Rogue: he can read minds and has telekinesis, but rarely uses it unless threatened. It weakens him.. so gotta use wisely. Besides, he has morals Razz

Rogue: eep *is bapped*

Don: No, he's actually not related to us.

Phin: O.O *stares wide eyed at Don.. he looks so cool with all of those things handing off him!*

guDamian: oh I see, Smile the more the merrier right? - my cousin Raidon is suppose to be here with me but we got separated in the portal wormhole - bet he was playing with the hopper

Mel: I would to if I was bored

Don: *smiles at Phin* Yes, he's a joy to be around. *pause* Oh? Do you have trackers that can follow you guys through different dimensions?

Espionata: What is this private site Razz

Phin: *wants to touch things, but knows he's not supposed to*

guDamian: *nods and points to PortalHopper -* they have trackers just press that and it will make the nearest portal hopper beep and the coordinates will appear on the small screen

*guRaidon finally exits portal and yells in horror -*

Mel: What's with him?

Erica: *so sexed up can't even yelp in surprise as young turtle appears in room - just waves at him vaguely*

Erica: perfectly place for him to come out Razz

Raph: *oblivious.. just keeps goin'..*

guRaidon: O,o Fock! .... >Smile great tits! *dashes from room slamming door behind him* and still scarred for life!....

Mel: Run into Raphie and Erica Razz

Phin: *another one??!!! Can't wait to tell his 'mom' about this, if he ever finds her.. *

guRaidon: *shrugs off experience - probably a good thing big turtle did not hear his comment! - grins* hey Damian ... whoa! this worlds Don is tall! - yo! *grins at Mel*

Mel: Hi get lost Razz

guDamian: yeah, and has cool stuff - *gestures to tech pack Don is wearing -* Donatello my cousin Raidon, Raidon, this worlds Donatello - they have Gold - *points*

guRaidon: and you'll come find me right ? *waggles eye ridges*

Mel: Sorry not interested

Don: *waves to this new person* Hi.

guRaidon: *rolls his eyes at Mel and -* oh hey Uncle Don of this world - nice lab

Mel: Boys >?<

Don: Thank you. And...who is your father? *can't help but ask*

guDamian: Uncle Raph

guRaidon: Very Happy

Hank: >?,<

Don: *smiles, nodding* I can see the resemblance. *although he seems to act more like Mikey...*

Phin: *loving all the geek stuff, but it's been enough excitement for one day. Finds a quiet corner of the lab and curls up in a 'turtle ball' for a nap.. not really realizing that the makeshift bed is a pile of undies*

guRaidon: *flexes muslces and gives guDamian a ightly shoulder shove - looking at Phin* whose dat? .... and why is he sleeping on underwear?

guDamian: cause their soft Razz and his name is Pheonix

Mel: And you show off you're the jock type >?>?

guRaidon: *makes rude hand gesture at Mel* more jock than you can handle

Mel: Fuck you! *Flips him off and pickpockets him*

guRaidon: *doesn't wear cloths - raises eyeridges* if you wanna make out I'm sure we can find a closet

guDamian: Raidon!

Mel: Fuck no!

Erica: hehhee oc like seriously limping now!

Mel: Not interested in the least... Mikey! We got some tough guy here!

Erica: *has to make sure she and Raph did not scar their brief visitor too much - limpies over to see*

Mikey: *had been actually quiet - stunned - seeing his 'nephews' from another world is amazing and cool!*

guRaidon: whatever babe

Mel: Don't call me babe

guDamian: .... >?,< we should um... go home - I really only came to give you Da - uh sorry Donatello the portal Hopper and warn you that the big turtles are coming for him.... *nods to GUGold* we have more portals to skip through and warn folks of dangers

Erica: oooh hey Mel - your're ... bigger again Wink and hey - you *to guRaidon* sorry about - ... Very Happy before - but thank you for the compliment :*>? *pecks cheek*

guRaidon: bah it's alright *awkward blushing*

Mel: And he hits on me and calls me babe he does it again I will hurt him and my player got bored

Erica: >?,>? yeah I wouldn't you wont hurt him too much

Mel: I sure as hell can try

Don: Thanks again. Smile It was nice meeting you two.

guRaidon: hehehe you could try sweet cakes - but I have girl cousins and a sister - not scared to get rough with girls Razz - sure think UncleNerd of this place Wink we'll visit again

Shaya Hello there *waves*

guDamian: it was fun meeting you too Da - uh sorry! Don Smile *waves and shoves his cousin - smiles and blushing at the blond pretty lady*

Shaya There are more cuties here.

Erica: *boys activate their portal hoppers and jump through the opened wormholes*

Shaya Bye~

color=#666633]Mel: Jocks just as annoying when I actually went to school

Erica: Very Happy well if you have questions about him - or want to talk about being a mutant reptiles girlfriend then dont be shy Wink I mean - you can ask questions about Raph and I too if you like Wink
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PostSubject: Re: Portal Hopping Pt. 21 - 30   Mon Aug 08, 2016 4:13 pm

Pt. 30

Previously on Portal Hopping;

Erica: are you kidding?! I love that you have opened up to me about it - I mean he is my best friend, and your my very good friend Smile and yes whilst he lusts he does really care for you... I feel so dainty and precious in Raph's hands - I know the feeling

Shaya Smile I am never sure others reactions. I feel like I explaining helps me set up the next steps of the plan. :">? I'm glad he has you as a friend.

Erica: and so do you - Wink - have me as a friend - and sometimes talking it out does help yes Smile if you have uestions for me you can ask

Shaya I have questions for him more than honey. It's not a thing I like to make so public. I do like the odd fling but He seems to be a constant comfort.[/font]

Erica: Very Happy well if you have questions about him - or want to talk about being a mutant reptiles girlfriend then dont be shy Wink I mean - you can ask questions about Raph and I too if you like Wink


Mikey: *waves picture he took of Leatherhead spooning Leo under Leo's snout* Very Happy whom knew you liked being the little spoon!?

Leatherhead: *lounging in sun light a similar picture stuck to his snout, dangling cause his mouth is open*

Leo: it was the dress. that's what really makes that picture pop

Mikey: 0,o... I guess.... You certainly are a spring color guy....

Mel: Leo you are crazy

Erica: *staggers away to kitchen to get coffee... And food... Sooo hungry!*

Leo: they grow so fast. who's dippers will I change now?

Mel: At five I didn't use diapers Oo

Leo: oh...then were did they all come from?

Mel: I have no idea

Mikey: hehehe I think all here are none diaper wearing .... Razz

Erica: *from kitchen* no idea!

Leo: oh well.....*scoops Mel up anyway and swings her around*

totCyan: *goes to the 'big toilet' like a big boy even if always scared he'll fall in!* ... *shrugs*

Mel: Leo put me down!

totCyan: *brings picture over to Leo and holds it up,* I draw Leddahad! *so proud!*

Leo: it's perfect going to stick it on the fridge. *does so*

Erica: *smiles* hey Leo, hello Cyan... LilCyan

totCyan: *tail wags, following Leo and beaming... Belly growls*

Mel: Yeah not evil Cyan >?>?

Leo: time for food! *scoops up the tot and plops him at the table then gives him mac and cheese*

totCyan: yay! *cheers - and lets Leo feed him for a bit but then tries to do it himself... Getting it all over him and Leo*

Erica: *giggles and gives Leo a damp cloth to wipe them both off*

Leo: maybe you should have hot dogs instead[/font]

Mel: *Snickers* You having fun Leo?

Leo: yes!

totCyan: Eooo! *happy chew chew chew on Mac and cheese - picks pasta off Leo's nose ridge and eats it*

Mel: I wouldn't >?>?

Mikko: we are strong! no one can tell us we're wrong! serching our hearts for so looooooong! both of us knowing! love is a battlefield! *guitar solo*

Erica: *found yoghurt in fridge, eating and dance dance*

Mel: Erica those evil turtles are coming

Erica: *shrugs -*

Mikko: *comes in and dances* there are no bad turtles, only bad owners

totCyan: *waves from table at Mikko with cheesey sauce covered hands.... Licks Leo's cheek*

Mikko: baby! *runs over and cleans the turtle up then picks him up and snuggles*

totCyan: hi! *beams*

Mel: Except for the one in that cage

Mikko: hello cutie *kisses his cheek* there is one in a cage? why? let him out!

Mel: No!

Mikko: why? poor little turtle.

Mel: He's giant and gold and wants to eat people. He's not a poor little turtle

Mikko: turtles don't eat people.

Mel: This one dooes and his brothers are coming

Mikko: well maybe if you let the guy out the others wouldn't come

Mel: Mikko they would still come here to take girls to have sex with so we will have their babies and die

Mikko: sounds like something from the movie alien. well they would be out of luck with me, can't have babies.

Mel: They still would have sex with you until you die

Mikko: death by sex doesn't sound so bad

Mel: You're insane

Erica: mmmm *licks spoon*

Hank: *assumed that sushi he order was good - paying for it now!*

Mel: Bad food?

Erica: *pats her dads shoulder*

Hank: yeah... Damned sushi

Mel: Eww raw fish

Erica: *perks up at mention of dancing... But can only butt wiggle - busy eating entire yoghurt tub*

Leo: *grabs Erica's ass*

Raph: *growls and tackles Leo* X-(

Leo: AH! what the hell!? I was just flirting with my girlfriend!

Gabe: So is pretty nurse lady sayin' she's gonna kill me? O.o

Erica: eeek! *coughing a little cause she choked on yoghurt being butt grabbed!*

Mikey: lol you and she aint been together forever here dude

Mikko: lol Gabe what? no she...what did she say? I was high when I wrote that

Erica: Bucking futons!

Erica: ....

Mikko: oh no she just said she ain't blowing him

Erica: *glares at Ipad*

Rogue: that she isn't paid enough for happy endings Razz

Mikko: I'll blow you, Gabe!

Rogue: I can't decide if he's gonna flip his shit or just go with it Razz

Gabe: ^^

Mel: Mikey my player brought in the asshole that tried to kill me!

Gabe: *wonders where that pretty lil fox is he had fun with last night*

Leo: I thought you said forever!

Mikey: that's what players do!

Mel: Well I don't like it!

Erica: *swallows mouth ful of yoghurt and rubs Raphs head*

Raph: *purrrrs*

Watch: *dances, bits falling off him*

Jigs: *snatches an arm and ruuuuns!*

Erica: Lol debating whether to play Watch the zombie

Leo: *tackles Raph away*

[b]Mikey: hey! Bros enough.... Let's hug this out! *hugs*

Watch: o,o *groans and chases*

Leo: no hugs! I must kill the competition

Mel: Oh brother >?>?

Erica: o,O

Mikey: awww *is not letting go!!

Raph: -.- Don't make me hurt you, Leo...I'm warnin' you....

Leo: like you could hurt me.

Raph: You know damn well I can.

Erica: *steps between them* enough

Leo: no you can't. And I would hate to have to hurt you in front of my girl

Mel: Leo Erica is with Raphie

Leo: can't be. Erica and I are on a date.

Mikey: 0.o that's not here dude

Leo: what!? love is in the air man[/font]

Love: no I'm not.

Erica: our games selves are on a date yes, in here we have not been we for a long time

Erica: cat dander!!

Leo: BECAUSE YOU LEFT ME!!!!!!! *runs off*

Love: O.O I want a date...

Mel: Oh brother >?>?

Raph: Stop actin' like a five year old, Leo

Kitteh: Uh-oh...

Mel: Raph that's an insult to five year olds lol

Leo: *is gone. will drown himself...though it might take a really long time to do*

Vic: *grabs Leo by the tail* ^^

Leo: *girly scream*

Karai: -.-

Mel: Raphie Leo is insane

Mikey: hehehehe a little yeah.

Vic: Why so blue? I mean, other than your bandana.. maybe life would be better if you took girls up on their offers when they asked you to dance.

Erica: *sighs-*

Leo: cuz you want to eat me...

Erica: Leo protein - blueberry flavor!

Mikko: lol

Vic: O.o I don't eat mutants.. I suck them. Okay, so there was that one time that I took a few chunks out of Project Phoenix, but I was a newborn then.. urm.. newly awoken or something like that..

Erica: *little shaken - wipes cheeks* you okay Red?

Leo: O.O I would like to not be sucked. and I feel bad for this phoenix guy.

Raph: *still flustered, but one arms hugs Erica* Yeah. You?

Leo: but you can go eat my brother!

Vic: No reason to worry.. I'm not hungry so you're safe. And he's... fine.. *okay so maybe he isn't.. but he'll be okay!* ..are you trying to get rid of me? Sad

Leo: noooooo not at all. you just freak me out.

Erica: *nods* yeah... *snugs, has some more yoghurt*

Mikko: yogurt will fix all things!

Erica: she's hungry Razz

Vic:'s the teeth, isn't it? Sad

Mikey: no no, eat me! I taste like mango!

Rogue: lol

Leo:'s...the eyes

Mikey: go eat Donnie! I hear he's a yummy bubblegum flavor!

Love: nooooo only I can eat Don!

Vic: Sad If I rip them out, will you like me then?

Mikey: orrrrrrr was that coffee? *ponders*

Mel: *Sighs* Even at 14 I get ignored >?>?

Leo: O.o nono don't do that! I'll get use to it

Erica: *smooooch... And staying in hold throws empty yoghurt tub in bin... Keeps spoon cause she still hungry... Looks in fridge again*

Vic: *so he's forcing himself to 'get used to her'? Just.. wlaks off* Sad

Erica: Hehehe yep Erica totally ignoring Mel - lol sorry she is running on empty belly Razz

Leo: hey wait! *grabs her arm* I meant, I'm willing to work it out. uh...wanna dance? *smiles*

Erica: Nawwwww Wink

Hank: careful Marshmallow - make sure anything you eat is good... Hello... Raph *actually used his name*[/font]

Mikko: *hands Erica all the sweets*

Vic: *wipes at bloody tears because vampires can't even cry normally, but smiles at his offer* really want to? ^^

[b]Leo: yes. *pulls her close*

Erica:... Thanks! Oh loooord soooo hungry! *eats sweets and looks for more*

Mel: *Glares at Hank*

Raph: O.o ..uh, hey.. *yeah, not used to that*

Rogue: lool.. is she preggo? Razz

Mikey:.... Hehehe you hungry Mel?

Mel: No

Kitteh: I asked her that the other night. Razz

Vic: ^^ *moves closer, body pressed against his..* So, you lead the way.. I've been asleep for a long time, so not sure I'm up to date on current dancing

Erica: maaaaybe, but girl can't survive on blowjob soup alone

Leo: *starts to slowly dance, not sure how to dance either*

Mikko: ew

Erica: and all that rigorous mating works up an appetite Wink

Rogue: hehe

Mikko: XD

Hank: *offers a beer, still off color himself*

Mel: *Growls at Hank*

Mikko: mel has lost her mind

Vic: *goes with his movements, accidentally stepping on his foot once or twice so decides to lose the heels* Eeep, sorry.. :">?

Leo: it's fine. *smiles and swings her around the dance floor*

Mikko: did Hank touch you?

Erica: *from inside fridge* it will take a lot more sex before conception.... *has found a sandwich... Sniffs and shrugs... Munchs*

Hank: what!! I would never! Not to a child!! ...

Mikko: then why is Mel so angry at you?

Mel: He's a man and drinks and the asshole of a dad that I have is in prison

Mikko: you have issues.

Hank:... It's light beer

Spike: *kidnaps Mel*

Mel: You would too if you got abused and saw your sister get thrown off a bridge and I was almost killed the same way! *Struggles* let go!

Hank: ... Hey!! *tackles Spike!*

Spike: no! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH *on the ground on top of Mel* this will work...

[b]Hank: what!!? *yanks Spike off her*

Mel: *Stabs Spike* Get away fucker!

Spike: Ah! hands off! *is stabbed....again*

Mikey: hehe lots of sex is fun... Hehe where's Ally? *goes looking*

Spike: hands off my sister, freak!

Hank: *drags Mel back to kitchen*

Mel: Thanks >?>?

Mikey: ooooh that's not very nice - and too late I put hands all over her Wink

Spike: *attacks Mike*

Ally: *tackles her brother* Hands off your brother in law!

Mikey: ahhh! Ooooh AngelCakes !! ^,^ *hug*

Ally: ^^ Hey snugglemuffin! *snugs*

Mikko: it's a shame Lexi is putting so much effort into a man that's going to die

Lexi: O.O .. Sad(

Spike: you are not allowed to date until you are 50! and not to a turtle!

Mikko: The way I see it, Laz is useless. Even if they keep hi alive he would hold them back if they had to run or fight

Hank: I said the same thing....

Rogue: aws, not useless! look at Hershel!

Mikko: this is true

Mel: Oh brother >?>?

James: *Enters*

Erica: *smiles and tickles Red's spot*

Love: new person! *ruuuuuuuuubs all over James*

James: Giant cat Oo

Ally: -.- You're my brother and I love you.. but you can't tell me who I can and can't date.

Mel: Oh great asshole is here >?>?

Raph: *happy churrrrrs*

Spike: YES I CAN!

Mikey: Very Happy *smoooches Ally*

Hank: *offers Raph a beer... And James*

Mel: Don't give him that!

James: I can drink whatever I want *Takes beer*

Ally: *smoochies and tickles!*

Raph: *quirks an eyeridge, but takes.. wondering if he poisoned it..* um, thanks.. O.o

Hank: welcome -

Erica: ... awwwwwwkward Razz

Rogue: hehehe

Mel: *Growls* Mikey get rid of the new guy

James: Why should I leave?

[b]Mikey: *flopped over churring and waggy tailed thanks to AngelCake - aint doing nothing!*

Erica: *finally beginning to feel full - cleans up her mess*

Mel: Because you're an asshole

James: And I'm your father have some respect

Hank: I have only hit my daughter once - what did you do *to James*

Mel: He did much worse!

James: *Shrugs* Nothing to bad

[color:e422=663300]Master Splinter: *sits beside Raph* oooh more dads to talk to Smile

Raph: ..yeah. *sniffs the beer Hank gave him* ....

Erica: *chuckles and takes it - sips* it's fine Red *pecks cheek*

Master Splinter: what did I miss? Very Happy

Hanks: ... have a beer

Mel: Fucker shouldn't drink

James: Watch your language

Master Splinter: ....

Hank: so... you both here single dads?

Master Splinter: Very Happy yes, raised my four alone I did Smile

Mel: He's not a dad!

James: Widower

Hank: Sad oh me too - still miss my wife

Mel: Don't feel sorry for him he's evil

James: I am not evil

Raph: *well, figures Hank would react to his lil girl drinking a poisoned beer. Shrugs and sips* Guess we'll go out like Romeo and Juliet? Wink

Erica: *sniggers and lightly flicks his snout - taking a seat on his lap* Forgive me, father.—Ah, dear Raphael, Why art thou yet so fair? Shall I believe - That unsubstantial death is amorous... and blah blah blah been years since I did that play in school Wink *smooch

Hank: >?< again... there are other seats

Mel: Hank that man is pure evil! He already killed my sister!

James: That's ridiculous

Hank: - *frowns at this man*

Mel: No remorse no wonder they call you a sociopath

James: I'm not a sociopath

Master Splinter: *frowns at James too*

Raph: *jusst.. snogs. Knows nothin' of that play other than their love was epic and they killed themselves*

Hank: >?,>? oy vie do you have to do that here?

Erica: *giggling into snogging and makes vague gesture to her father*

Master Splinter: *flicks tail* its cute...

Raph: *still snoggin'.. just gives a thumbs up. Yeah, he totally has to* Razz

Hank: *groans* teenagers

Master Splinter: yep...

Mel: *Growls* That needs to end doing it all the time is fucking annoying!

Mikey: *from somewhere under table* is not! - and no - no end need lots to make these clones!

Hank: .... >?,<

Mel: In a world where people don't accept mutants yeah that's real fucking smart!

Master Splinter: Very Happy awww being a grand dad will be awesome! *excited*

Hank: oy! your supposed to back me up! no need to rush....

Rogue: lol.. between Mike and Raph Splinter will be that soon Razz

Erica: *sooooooooooooo not listening no more - snoooooooogging back*

Erica: bwhahahaaaaa

Mel: You guys are honestly being stupid do you really think that having kids is a good idea?!

Master Splinter: yay! *excited cheer*

Mikey:.... yes! the ninja turtle species is critically endangered - theres only four! must save the species! *grabs Ally and runs off to room*

Erica: *falls over laughing*

Raph: *stops long enough to wrap a hundred layers of duct take around Mel's mouth, then resumes tongue wrestling*

Ally: ^^ *waves byebye to the others.. this will take a while* ^^

Mel: *Lets out the loudest scream* You guys aren't listening!

Leatherhead: *considers* I better get to work then - only one of the mutant gator species ....

Master Splinter: *scratches chin thoughtfully*

Mel: And as usual ignore the youngest kid they know fucking nothing!

Raph: How the hell are you talkin' with duct tape on yer mouth.. -.- maybe this ain't a place for lil kids if it bothers you so much..

Erica: *dazed -* Mel... it'll be okay.... mmmmm but we should probably take this back to our Spot Wink *though prob aint walking any time soon*

Mel: I'm not a little kid! I'm telling the fucking truth do you really want your kids to be caught and experimented on because that's exactly what will happen!

Leatherhead: *growls*

Raph: *ignores the potty mouth lil shit and goes back to his spot with Erica to resume in peace!*

Hank:.... no! I would not let that happen! *takes himself by surprise*

Rogue: lol, daw

Mel: Fine ignore everyone else has! *Goes into Donnie's lab pissed off*

Master Splinter: - good to know.. We need to hang out more Wink

Hank: though you don't need to rush! ... and I am not mentioning this to my boss *looks around to make sure Bishop aint there!*

Mel; *Leans against the cage fuming*

Erica: *had simply waved away others giggling -*

Erica: hehehe and Erica says don't tell Hank but soooo not on her covered contraceptively right now Razz

Mel: Hey Gold

GUGold: *frowns.... then grins* hehehe hey let me out - we could play

Mel: No. Besides why would I let you out?

GUGold: Very Happy because I'm a fun guy ?

Mel: You would try to kill everyone

GUGold: only some!

Gabe: *takes his organs and runs* O.o

GUGold: come back Happy Meal!
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Portal Hopping Pt. 21 - 30
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