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 Portal Hopping Pt. 31 - 40

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Erica Martins

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PostSubject: Portal Hopping Pt. 31 - 40   Sat Dec 05, 2015 2:24 pm

Previously on Portal Hopping;

Lexi: Suuuure, Gabriel. *massive eyeroll*

Hank: *in his box* happy wife happy life!!

Rogue: daws MO is, too even though Leo is now sporting a 2k14.. wtf, lol

Erica: Wink hehehe and Damian looks a lot like his father Donmonly has hazel eyes and skins little paler in shade

Angel: *giggles and gives Don smooch* better help SlimStretch locate a empty portal
huh if GUGold's big bros are on their way


Mikko: so quiet

Espionata: hi

Espionata: It is

Mikko: so it's just us....DANCE OFF! someone else to join in the dancing - there is dog hair on my grapes!

Shaya: *Dances into the ring* You called?!

Mikko: yes it was too quiet

Shaya: * trows cat into mix* Go Purr-furrzo! I choose you

Mikko: O.O LETS BATTLE! *throws Mel* Go...small childo!

Mel: *Flips Mikko off* No *Leaves*

Shaya: The Childo ran away!

Mikko: awwwwwwwww

Shaya: Purr-Furrzo wins

Mikko: Purr-Furrzo is evolving

Kitteh: lol Purr-Furrzo?

Mikko: guys.'s a UFO caught on tape

Shaya *offers bag open* Cheetos?

Mikko: *dives in bag*

Leatherhead: O,O *rushes over* Cheetos!!! big grin

Kitteh: O.o Someone was hungry.

Kitteh: Annnnd LH runs everyone over for Cheetos. tongue

Shaya *shakes bag*

Erica: hehehe mutant Gator with a addiction to cheetos

Leatherhead: smile *takes a few and munches* - mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! ^__________^

Mikko: oh, well clearly you didn't see the pic of Raph in this thread yet, or else you would marry him

Mikko: Tiph was impressed

Rogue: apparently I won't see it because I can't find it

Mikko: what!? it's the last thing in Raph's thread

Rogue: oh, I thought you meant in chat. founds it! tongue

Erica: ... hehhee and this is where my oc would smugly say she don't mind being bitten ... but I think she still sleeping - lazy bones

Rogue: hehe

Kitteh: lol Leo looks less happy than Raph does. tongue

Erica: lol nawwwwww so cute

Mikey: Yes I am adorable huh?

Mel: Adorable?

Eze: ok so he saved Gabe....he didn't save me! did he? nope.

Lexi: -.- Don't make me neuter you.

Eze: you wouldn't do that. how would I give you kids then?

Erica: ^___^

Mikey: O,o .... pretty much

Mikko: Karai casually conversing with her arm snake. You do this a lot, Karai?

Karai: -.- At least someone listens.

Mikey: why not? I talk to my tail every now and then

Mel: Eww Mikey

Mikey: ? hey! Mickey 1 is not Ewwwww! big grin he's always happy * Mickey 1 wagging*

Kitteh: LOL!

Rogue: lol

Mikko: Miss Movie April says that she would marry Leo, sleep with Raph and Mike and kill Don.

Kitteh: O.o

Erica: O,O

Mel: Yes it is

Rogue: Whys kill Donnie? Why not just sleep with them all tongue

Erica: O.O

Mikey: is not! *to Mickey 1* don't listen to her - I know your very clean right now - I showered *smug*

Erica: O.O

Mel: Yeah because you have sex constantly DX

[color:3e72=0000FF]Mikko: nothing wrong with that

Mikey: of course - it's RES mating season - and it's fun tongue

Mikko: this is how Raph dies

Erica: >​,<

Erica: hehehe girl just so thought time to roast some pork tongue .... mmmmmmmmmm PORK!

Mikko: that does sound good

Erica: hehehe get some Pork on your Fork wink

Mel: I don't see how it is fun

Raph: -.- I ain't goin' out like that

Mel: No we're going out by evil giant turtles

Erica: good *snout peck - streeeeeeetching*

Mikko: we're going out either by zombies or aliens


Mel: That's not much better

Rogue: bwhahaha

Erica: hehehe internet has ruined me tongue

Rogue: me too! I totally got 'fuck me in the ass tonight' tongue

Erica: lol! me too!

Mikko: that's what I would have said...on TV!

Rogue: hehe

Erica: LMAO!

Mikko: awww you guys remember Keno in TMNT 2? the old movies? he's dying from kidney faliure


Rogue: oh noes Sad loved Keno

Erica: yeah that was discussed on MM Chatzy Sad

Rogue: bwhahaha.. nice meme

Mikko: he seems to be taking it well

Rogue: Keno was such a cutie

Mikko: indeed

Rogue: I played him in an old RP on one of BL's site..the char was so underrated

Rogue: hehe.. TC in a box cracks me up

Erica: Smile

Mikko: Mike has a fan

Mikko: I need to draw Love in a box.

Mikey: Very Happy

Mikko: Don's fans are kinky

Mel: *Sighs and takes out some stuff she "found"*

Mikko: ok ok last one

Erica: bwhahaha naughty boys


Erica: hehehe whom here is a Leo?

Mikko: my thoughts exactly

Mikko: I'M NOT!

Rogue: lol, scorpio here

Mikko: I'm a horse man


Mikko: yeah that's pretty much it

Erica HYPERLINK ""s/201...

Erica: hehehe don't read that one Raph Razz

Raph: O.o *flails!!*

Erica: bwhahaha I said don't read! Wink

Mel: Gross!

Erica: *tickles Red's spot* bad player >​,>​ *threatens with now empty coffee cup*

Erica HYPERLINK ""ds/2015/03/I...

Mikko: this one is for Rogue

Lexi: Just so you know.. if Laz dies, I riot. and I'm totally going to do that laz project thing on him

Mikko: Gabe! all these girls want to suck your dick

Rogue: Gabe would say ewww.. but when everyone's backs are turned...

Mikko: LOL

Gabe: Very Happy

Mel: This waiting is so boring

Leo: *grabs Mel*

Mel: Leo let go!

Leo: *sings* let it gooooooo! let it gooooooooooooooo *swings Mel around*

Mikey: O,o

Mel: Leo this isn't funny!

Leo: shhhhhh no tears now, only dreams

Mel: Leo you're crazy!

Leo: ain't we all

Mel: I'm not crazy

Leo: then why are you dancing with me?

Mel: You grabbed me!

Gabe: O.O *would still tap dat ass.. dying would be worth it!*


Rogue: -.-

Erica: Razz

Rogue: penguins be like.. 'wtf.. we ain't raptors, dawg!~'

Mikko: lol no they are more dangerous have you seen the inside of their mouths. it's like hell inside a beak

Mikey: ....

Mel: Christ I need some action or something DX

Erica: *is not! - doing some stretching at least!*

Mel: Mikey I'm bored

Mikey: uh huh -

Erica: *touchs hands to floor between feet ass in air -*

Erica: could always yoga with her

Mel: *Sighs* I almost wish those turtles would show up

Erica: hehehe they wills when all are here an ready to throw down! and get their claw on! and teeth on cause their will be plenty of biting

Espionata: Oh yeah

Rogue: lol

Erica:..... *pretzel pose -* biting.... >​,< now hungry and horny - thats it going to find some chocolate and drag BigRed back to bed *goes hunting for chocolate*

Mel: Oh brother >​>​

Rogue: hehe.. she's preggo Razz

Mikey: ooooh chocolate!

Erica: *growls and hugs it* mine! *makes 'I got my eye on you gesture' *

Mikey: O,o... *backs away... slowly - then runs*

Mel: You need to do that damn pregnancy test

Erica: ^^

Mel: Birth control does fail

Don: *wishes it would be his* -_-

Rogue: daws. Raph would be crushed Razz

Erica: hehehe no it'd be Red's she's been all his in here for a while Razz

Rogue: daws

Erica: *lightly tugs on Raph's hand* cum back to bed! *procedes to drag him off*

Raph: *not arguing with that! Follows happily*

Mel: Oh brother >​>​

Erica: kinda reminds me of that Big Bang Theoy scene where Penny drags Leonard to his room

Erica: Penny: Now come with me!

Erica: Leonard: why?

Rogue: lol

Erica: Penny: Cause we're gonna have SEX!

Don: *jealous*

Erica: Leonardo: Why ah okay!

Kitteh: lol

Erica: nawwwww Donnie!

Mikey: Very Happy nawww I think it's cute -

Mel: It drives me crazy DX

Angel: *there there pats Don's shoulder - and snogs him*

Don: *snogs Angel back*

Angel: *tugs off his tech gear* you ... up for fooling around Stretch? Very Happy

Don: I am. Smile *snogs again*[/font]

Hank: .... >​,<

Mel: *Gives Erica test kit* You need to use that >​>​

Angel: Mmmmm hmmm! *takes off some more gear* in your room or lab Sexy?

Erica: O,o what the heck?! I was in our room one moment just ready to snoooze it up with Red after a hot chocolate covered quickie and now I'm out here - paranormal activity!

Mikey: Very Happy the universe in chatzy's is weird Razz

Mel: That it is. Like you becoming pregnant >​>​

Don: My lab. *nuzzles her*

Erica: thats not weird - infact people do it all the time - and mutants are people... *smiles and takes test but is in no rush*

Angel: *kisses along his neck* mmmmmm! *backs towards lab taking Stretch with her*

Mel: And what if you are?

Erica: should probably give one to Ally too next time I see her - and what if I am? what do you mean?

Don: *goes with her, snogging her on the way*

(( Naughty Extract continued here: ))

Mel: Your dad would be pissed and you would go through something and have to give birth here and you unlike other teen moms unable to get the stuff you need

Erica: my dad and I will work things out and same goes for Raph and I... *is not very worried*

Mel: Erica there's more than that there's Hun and the Purple Dragons and whatever else the turtles fight. There's a lot of evil out there

Erica: Evil is everywhere Mel, as is good ...

Mel: I just see a lot more evil and it's not fun

Erica: If you look for the dark, thats all you'll ever see - Uncle Iroh from Avatar, one of my all time fave cartoons Smile

Mel: Never saw it

Erica: well if you get the chance - watch it - the series is awesome Wink

Mel: I don't watch tv

Erica: *rolls eyes* and you complain of boredom Wink

Mikey: oooooooh always loved that cartoon Very Happy

Mel: Of course I am 14

Erica: Very Happy I'm sixteen

Mel: So you're two years older big deal

Erica: *shrugs* not really - Wink

Mel: Of course you can drive Razz

Erica: I can and do as much as I can...

Mel: But you still have to listen to your dad I don't Razz

Erica: My dad does not own me - of course I listen, does not mean I agree, act on or do everything he asks

Hank: ^,^

Mel: Sure it doesn't >​>​

Mel: But you're lucky with your dad

Erica: I am indeed *hugs Dad*

Mel: I didn't get that lucky... Mikey wanna fight?

Mikey: Fight what?

Mel: Each other

Mikey: okay okay *will have to be very careful*

Mel: *Tackles him*

Mikey: hey! *goes with the tackle, rolling and pinning her carefully for a few moments then letting her up*

Mel: *Fights back*

Mikey: *growls playfully and blocks most blows... letting some land*

Mel: *Keeps fighting now in anger*

Mikey: *knocks her back a little, but ever mindful to not strike back too hard

Mel: *Growls in anger and fights harder*

Erica: *watching... has popcorn*

Mikey: * lets some blows glance of his plastron*

Mel: *Doesn't care if her knuckles get bloody*

Mikey: *does care and catchs those small hands in his own*

[color:3e72=666633]Mel: *Struggles* Hey!

Mikey: :d I don't mind a good sparring but try not to bruise up those hands too much - Don will not be happy if we have to interrupt post coital bliss to patch you up... though Erica can probably fix you Wink

Mel: So?

Mel: My hands are fine *They're a bit bloody*

Mikey: uh huh sure.... just cool it - Anger is.... self destructive

Mel: No it isn't

Mikey: is so - dad said so and dad is almost always right Wink

Mel: A dad isn't always right Mikey

Mikey: Mine is Razz

Erica: *giggles still watching*

Mel: Mine wasn't

Erica: Your dad sounds like a douche bag

Mel: He killed my sister and tried to do the same with me

Erica: thats awful

Mikey: dude needs a asswhoooping when he comes here again

Hank: agreed - I struck once in anger... I would never do anything worse >​,>​

Mel: That he does and he's the reason I got issues

Erica: *nods*

Mel: Got lucky someone stopped him before he could throw me off the Brooklyn Bridge

Hank: well maybe I'll shoot him next time I see him

Mel: If you want to

Hank: Very Happy

Mel: Adults really don't look out for me

Erica: they have here

Mel: Not really Erica having fun is way different then actually being looked out for

Erica: O,o and when some of have been other have been having your back, Leatherhead for one... Mikey when not with Ally, my father tried to help the other day

Mel: Doesn't mean it's always going to happen

Erica: no nothing ever guaranteed... *yawns...* mmmm tired...

Mel: And I know that all to well

Hank: go back to bed Marshmallow - *even if he wishes that bed did not include a giant mutant turtle*

Erica: yes.... night Daddy.... Mel... *drags self back to bed....*

Mel: *Sits on the couch* At least you know why I stay here

Hank: indeed...

Mikey: yep!

Mel: It's better than being in a foster home as well those suck

Hank: I bet

Mel: At least you're a good dad

Hank: I try to be Mel, sorry your dad was not.... I have made mistakes but I swear most of them are out of a desire to protect my daughter

Mel: They better be and if they're not I will hurt you

Hank: child I like your fire but you can't hurt me

Mel: And why not?

Hank: well I am a trained military man, and your an untrained small teen

Mel: I may be small but I'm fast

Hank: yeah? good ... your still a small untrained teen

Mel: Not that small >​<

Hank: hehee your like my daughter petite - only more lean and shorter given your younger and clearly not had steady meals]/b]

Mel: Yeah to the point puberty missed me Razz

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Erica Martins

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PostSubject: Re: Portal Hopping Pt. 31 - 40   Mon Aug 08, 2016 4:19 pm

Pt. 32

Previously on Portal Hopping:

Mel: I may be small but I'm fast

Hank: yeah? good ... your still a small untrained teen

Mel: Not that small >?<

Hank: hehee your like my daughter petite - only more lean and shorter given your younger and clearly not had steady meals]/b]

Mel: Yeah to the point puberty missed me Razz


Mikko: *smiles all dazed*

Mikey: *takes out nunchucks* not yet he hasn't...

Mel: *Runs* You're not catching me!

GUGold: *all claws and teeth - chasing Mel - enjoying it - snaps teeth at her ass* hehehe no fun catching you right away

Leo: *sighs and runs after them*

Mikey: *chases*

Mel: Get away! *Runs faster*

Leo: can't we just kill him this time?

GUGold: ooooh! hehehehee we playing tag?! * claws rake Mel's clothing - he skids to halt so Leo and Mikey crash into him*

Mikko: I drew an old old turtle OC. should I post it?

Erica: YES!

Mikko: ok ^^

Erica: share shares!

Mel: *Screams and runs into a wall trapped*

Mikey: I guess so! ACK! *big turtle turns back on them!*

Leo: O.O

GUGold: *lunges teeth snapping at Leo's neck slashing claws at Mikey*

Mikey: *barely dodges - claws leaving marks over his plastron*

Mel: Hey leave them alone! *Stabs GUGold*

GUGold: *other hand reaches and grabs Mel - throwing her hard away - claws leaving scratchs*

Kitteh: Don hopes Mikko will put him back once she's done playing with him. Razz

Erica: ACK! *luckily was there to catch her!*

Erica: hehehehe well Mikey and Leo are trying Wink

Mel: *Hits Erica* We gotta get him out of here before his brothers come now!

Erica: but GUGold wants to stretch his legs a little LOL

Kitteh: Don might join in a little bit. Wink His player has some work to do first.

Leo: k *attacks*

Erica: mmmmm yeah his brothers will show up....

Mel: And we're outnumbered. Hey Gold!

GUGold: >Very Happy come on fearless leader let out the inner beast and fight like an animal! *missed Leo's neck, teeth close on his shoulder - shakes him like a dog with a bone*

Mel: He's going to kill Leo!

Mikey: Yah! - Ahhh! *landed a good kick but is now squished to wall by big golden shell*

Spike: *sees a good fight and comes at Gold like a bat out of hell*

GuGold: *spies an extra body and turns - throwing Leo into him - grabs Mikey and slams him onto ground.* RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR - yeah! this is a good fight!

Mikey: *winded*

Spike: *gets up and grabs his blades then lunges*

Mel: Erica we gotta do something

Mikey: *rolls and check Leo* bro?

Erica: right.... - um tranqs!! Dad!we need tranqs!

Hank: *pops head out of box* huh?

Erica: lol that dang box

Mel: Big evil turtle is loose!

Spike: KILL THE BOX!!!!!!

GUGold: *roars at puny human male - and chargers like a bull - with jaws snapping*

Spike: *leaps over Gold and turns then trows knife at Gold's head*

Hank: >?,< my box!! *hugs it under one arm levelling tranq shooting ezy gun at Gold*

GUGold: *grabs Hank and throws him at Spike - leeting knife strike into his carapace lip - he'll get it later!*

Mel: Gold knock it off!


GUGold: *grins, and rushes at Mel again knocking Erica away* come here little girl! hehehe

Mel: *Is grabbed* Let go! *Struggles*

Hank: *crash lands - rolls and takes aim again shooting for the big turtles legs*

Leo: *runs after* SHE IS MY PRINCESS!!!!

Mikey: .... exactly! *chases!*

GUGold: *rips at Mel's cloths with claws - not caring his claws scratch here and there... snarls at Leo and Mikey as they close in* back for more?!

Mel: *Screams*

Kitteh: O.o

Erica: Very Happy hehehe insanity

Spike: *takes his shirt off cuz shit got serious*

Mel: Let go!

Spike: ooooh fuck it, just kill the kid she's annoying!

Erica: *looks at Spike*..... *reaches for Mel, taking her hands* Malcolm! put her down!

Mel: *Whimpers*

Spike: *laughs* yer name's Malcolm?

Mikey: *goes for the GU style - lunges for bigger turtles neck with his teeth!*

GUGold: *distracted by Erica - he let go of Mel... glances at Spike* yes my human name is Malcolm - rrrr! *suddenly annoying orange clad turtle is on him! - GUGold struggles, claws scraping over the small turtles shell trying to pull him off!*
[font=Trebuchet MS]

Mel: *Clings to Erica shaking*

Hank: yes! *three darts hit home - he gets to his feet hurrying over to Mel and Erica*

Mel: Is he going down?

GUGold: *slowing a little, shakes off Mikey throwing him at Leo - snarling striking at Hank, Erica and Mel*

Mel: *Screams*

Shaya: *blinks* He's out?!

Mikko: I did it! then we did it! ^^

Leatherhead: looks like it.... *had followed Shaya in - roars and tackles big gold turtle*

Mikey: *scrambles the hell out of the way!*

Mel: Mikko you're a fucking idiot!

Hank: *fires off another dart at GuGold*

Shaya: *full snark* Just great. Where is my Axe or chainsaw when I need it *turns to the girls, concerned* Are you two okay?

Mel: No he wants to rape me!

Spike: that makes two of us!

Erica: I'm... okay - though Mel needs some care

Shaya How can I help? Anything broken?

Mel: Fuck you asshole!

Erica: >?,< *grabs her dad's tranq gun and shoots Spike in foot* no! bad Spike!

Mel: Just scratched up and scared

Hank: O,o.... *empty hand... grabs random frying pan and whacks GUGold on head*

Spike: *falls asleep*

Mikko: he's kinda cute when he's sleeping, let draw dicks on his face!

Shaya Lets get you out of here *holds her hand out to Mel*

Leatherhead: *struggling to pin the big turtle..... jaws clamped on his arm - rolling... tail whacking him*

Mel: Mikko shut the fuck up!

GUGold: *bitting at Gators soft yellow scales, clawing... beginning to fade under tranqs....*

Mel: Can't Shaya until big evil turtle is gone

Shaya We can see him back in his cell. I'll protect you *takes out hacket* Lets go.

Mikko: I just got him out! don't put him back in...

Mel: *Gets up and punches Mikko hard in the face* You fucking idiotic bitch! You don't think about anyone but yourself and what you can fuck!

Shaya: ...

Mikko: that's not nice. *aims gun at Mel's head*

Mikey: Come on Leo - gotta help Leatherhead - *jumps into rumble to help pin this Raph-sized golden turtle*

Shaya: Ladies! That ain't fair. Put the gun down.

Leo: *hops in the pile*

Shaya I know I just showed up but us humans can talk this out.

Mikko: she hit me!

Mel: You started this whole mess!

Mikko: actually who ever locked him up did, if he was never locked up then I would have never let him out

GUGold: *pinned under Leo, Mikey and Leatherhead - wriggling, bites and claws at them...*

Mel: He was locked up for a reason! You don't really think about anything!

Erica: *reachs into pile - maybe earning a few scratches - and tickle tickle tickles that spot under Gold's right ear hole*

Shaya Both are right. umm, Mikko you do this guy likes to rape preteens. That is a good reason not to let him out.

GUGold: Ack! *goes limp*

Mikko: but he's soooooo good in the sack

Shaya Then go in the 'tank' with him. Don't let him out

Mel: That's all you care about yourself and getting fucked! *Has tears in her eyes*

Mikko: I don't like small spaces

Mikey: phew..... now what...? *is as bloodied as Leo and Leatherhead*

Leo: *stands* lets take his head off

Mel: Mikko! How are you this stupid and self absorbed?!

Shaya *rubs Mels back* Shhh hon. Tough Mikko.You can fuck whomever you wish who consents but endanger a kid. It doesn't fly in my books.

Erica: .... *pukes on GUGold*

Mikko: how was I suppose to know!? ... that's gross

Shaya I'm going to check on the boys. They may need an Acadien Turtle Topper Twist. So help me if he is still standing.

Mel: Wasn't it obvious?! *Punches Mikko again*

Mikko: stop hitting me! *punches back*

Leatherhead: hmmmm we need him somewhat alive to lure his bigger brothers.... maybe .... could you paralyse him Leonardo?

Mel: Not until you admit that you caused this mess! *Fights back*

Mikey: *annnnnnd had scrambled well away - now chuckles* hehehe

[i]Shaya *walks to the boys* How can I help?

Leatherhead: *smiles at Shaya and nods , shifting away from the tranqed turtle* I think a few of us need stitches *has a few deep bites and gashes*

Mikey: *tryign to drag big Gold turtle too the lab to put him back in his tank.... moving him a little*

Shaya I better get the first aid kit Geez. *pales but jogs to get the kits*

Kitteh: Has his tank been cleaned out since last night? Razz

Erica: nope Very Happy

Mel: *Keeps beating on Mikko beyond pissed off*

Erica: .... put Malcolm in tank first Leatherhead....

Leatherhead: oh yeah better huh? *helps Mikey drag the gold turtle back happy to lock him away again*

Mikey: yeah! *happy jig*

Mikko: *shoots Mel*

Mel: *Gets shot and falls to the ground*

Mikko: victory!

Shaya *places first aid kit near the tank and 'helps' the guys drag in towards the tank*

Mel: You deserve to be locked up and used by that turtle!

Mikko: that does sound like fun

Erica: O.o *crawls over and checks gunshot* Mel! enough! - let me treat this.... Leo? are you badly hurt? Mikko?... Dad?

Hank: No no I'm fine - *put Spike in his own box - then goes to help those putting the big turtle back away*

Mel: Really Mikko?! You caused this mess! *Screams as tears go down her cheeks*

Leo: no I'm good

Mikko: I'm gooooooooood

Erica: ... Smile glad to hear it Blue... but you might want to get those bites disinfected just encase, those guys eat raw and decaying flesh

Leo: ew..ok I'll get em checked out

Erica: Smile good *straddles Mel's waist to pin her and treat the gun shot wound* oooh you might want to bite down on this .... *gives her a book* gonna sting a bit

Mel: *Bites down on book*

thanks Shay, Hank... Mikey *finally closes tank and sighs* lets get ourselves patched up Smile[/i:3f2a">
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Erica Martins

Posts : 885
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Age : 19
Location : solitary confinemnet

PostSubject: Re: Portal Hopping Pt. 31 - 40   Mon Aug 08, 2016 4:20 pm

Pt. 33

Previously on Portal Hopping:

Erica: *hummming*

Angel: *grins - they have good food, fire and some musical humming... smores time!*

Mel: *Falls asleep*

Shaya Leatherhead, Mel and I are heading to bed. *kisses his snout* Night Big Guy

Leatherhead: Smile will do *purrrrrrr* rest well *snout peck*


Erica: *frying bacon*

Mel: Bacon?

Erica: *player gives others bacon*

Erica: *munches bacon*

Mel: Hungry?

Erica: *nods munch munch*

Erica: *player eats her own bacon*

Mikko: kinky

Erica: Hehe

Erica: Eating Bebop bacon Razz

Mikko: that could be bad for you

Erica: am not! *finishes her snack, cleans up mess* ... *tackles player for her curly whirly chocolate*

Erica: aaacccck! Nooooo! *tries to get away!*

Mel: Erica you can't take some elses food >​>​

Erica: :->​ can so I win! *munch munch*

Mel: *Takes some chocolate*

Erica: *tackles, steals and runs away* mine!

Mel: *Gives chase*

Mikey: alright chasey! *chases*

Mel: She has chocolate!

Mikey:... Then let's get it!

Erica: no! My choco !! *running away*

Mikko: *escapes her box and runs over to Gold*

Mel: *Tackles Mikko* No!

Mikko: AH!

GUGold: *farts*

Mel: You're not letting him loose again!

Mikko: ok ok I'll go let the purple one out

Erica: hehe oh that's okay it's the tot one *gives Mikko box*

Mel: As long as they're the kid versions

Mikko: *squeeeeeeeee opens box and snuggles*

Mel: *Leans against cage*

TotViolet: *happy cheers and snuggles, tail wags.. Licks*

Mikko: ^^ *kisses cheek*

Erica: *hiding behind ...someone... Eats chocy* ^,^

TotViolet: *tot churring - * hello! *nuzzle nuzzle*

Mikko: *does a little dance*

Mel: You're not getting out Gold

TotViolet: weeeeeeeee!!

GUGold: *shrugs*

Mel: You're gonna die instead

Mikko: *lets out ALL THE TURTLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!​!!!!!*

Mel: Oo

Mikey:.... I am already out!

Mikko: yer out again!

TotCyan: *runs and glomps Leo's leg*

TotGold: *gives Erica puppy eyes*

Leo: *scoops him up and nuzzles*

Erica: awwwwww *gives him the last of her chocolate* sooo cute!

TotRandal: *runs and glomps Leo's other leg*

TotViolet: *the remote he'd been playing with goes flying - hits GUGold's cage release pad... Blows it up causing it to lock again*

Mikko: awwww why you do that?

Mel: Uhoh Oo

GUGold: Fock!! *had almost got out too!!

Love: Dooooooooon

Mel: We're lucky he can't get out and don't ask me to break it the lock either

Don: *from some undisclosed location* Hmmm?

Love: *tackles him* MY BABY!!!!

Erica: *gives Leo TotGold too *

Leo: *snuggles*

Don: O.O Um...hello. *is pinned underneath her*

TotViolet: *jumps into snug with his brothers and Leo*

Love: *KISSES and liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiicks*

Don: Mm... *slowly returns the kiss*

Mel: Oh brother >​>​

Love: *sexes Don up*

Mel: *Glares at GUGold*

Don: *wonders what he did to deserve this -- though he's not complaining at all*

GUGold: *middle finger salute*

Bones: *grabs Mel and runs*

Erica: *tackles Bones!* no! Bad boy!

Mel: *Struggles and stabs him*

Bones: noooooooooo *punches everyone*

Mel: Let go!

Bones: no I need your liver

Mel: No! *Stabs him more*

Erica: ow! *slaps with shoe*

Bones: you can't kill that which is already dead!

Mel: Oh yeah? *Stabs him in the head*

Mikey: *pulls girls off Bones and runs away!*

GUGold: liver!! I am hungry!

Bones: I need that! I have to feed the hungry turtle!

Mel: I'm not food!

Mikey: order a pizza!!

Bones: we all have potential to be food

Erica: mmmm pizza!

Mikey: *dances*

Ally: *tackle pounces Mikey* ^^

Mikey: Ally!! *snogs*

Erica: ... *smiles and joins in turtle tackling - though doesn't quiet work with Red - ends up simply glomping*

Ally: *lickysnogs* ^^

Raph: *snugs*

Mikey: woooot! ,! *snoggly lickies and hands boobie honkin*

Erica: *snuggies* mmmm

Rogue: O.O

Erica: O,O

Mikko: O.O

Erica: !!!!!O.O!!!!!

Kitteh: lol

Mikko: O.O.O.O.O.O.O

Erica: Bwhahah

Rogue: *portal opens, pack of baby raptors drop through and head for Donnie's lab*

Mel: Uhoh Oo

Mikko: dun dund uuuuuuuuuuuuuun

Rogue: hey, at least they're babehs Razz

Mikko: lol yes

Mikey: Raph freeze up or something? *pokies*

Erica: *vanish*

Rogue: Raph went into a mush coma Razz

Rogue: Pack of baby Raptors: *rippin' shit up!!*

Chris P: *jumps out of nowhere and holds his hands out* I'M THE ALPHA !!!!

Mel: What the fuck Oo

GUGold: yeah!... Now come close enough for me to eat ya! *trying to reach through bars*

Mel: *Stabs GUGold's hand*

Rogue: O.O *tackles and violates*

Mikko: *Pushes Mel aside and goes to GUGold*


Erica: lol!

Espionata: lol

Mel: Don't let him out!

Erica: *poofs back*

Lexi: I love how Eze ignores me about the oxygen -.-

Eze: didn't hear you?

Lexi: Oh boy.. time for a hearing aid? Razz

Gabe: Yeah, he's been needin' one of those forever Razz Too much skull fuckin'

Erica: *almost made smart ass remark about her dad needing one - goes to bed instead*

Mel: *Leans against the cage*

Mikko: *lets GUGold out*

Mel: Mikko!


GUGold: YAY! *dashes out! Grabs Erica* come let's go home!!

Mel: *Gives chase*

GUGold: *grabs Mel too... And Gabe*

Mel: Let go! *Struggles* Mikko you fucking idiot!

Mikko: hey! you can't have Gabe! *chases*

Gabe: O.O *stabbitystabstabs!!!*

GUGold: *pauses to smooch Mikko* thank you! ... *drops Mikko and Grab - takes his two females and portals out*

Mikko: ^^ he's a nice guy

Mel: *Struggles* Let go!

Hank: noooo! *tries to jump through portal... Slams into wall as it vanishes*

James: Let them go

Mel: Let us go you asshole!

GUGold: nope! ... *all three vanish*

Mikko: Fuck Raph! I can take him on!

Mel: *Struggles more* We're in trouble

Erica: *tickles spot*

GUGold: ack! *flops over in random place* ^,^

Mel: *Gets loose* Where are we?

Erica: umm.... Dead island? Run! *grabs Mel and runs*

Mel: *Runs* Mikko is dead!

Mikko: no i'm not

GUGold: hey! Come back! *chases, catches and continues* going home! *next portal*

Mel: Not again! *Struggles*

Erica: *throws up on GUGold... Again....*

GUGold:.... *puts Mel down* ....

Mel: Let Erica go!

Mel: Where are we anyway?!/color]

GUGold... Home!! *lush beautiful scenery - a giant city in the distance* Very Happy *grabs Mel and skips off*

Mel: *Struggles* What?!

GUGold: BROS - I'm Home!!!! *dumps Mel off in dungeons* home home home!

Mel: Really? *Picks locks*

GuDamian: *pokes Mel* what you doing here?

Mel: Another girl named Mikko set GUGold loose and he grabbed me and Erica!

GuDamian: you mean one of our rulers are home?! Damn!... Come on I'll take you home ...

Mel: Not leaving without Erica! *Goes to find her*

GuDamian: *tackles* no! You don't know this place - and she'll live... *grabs his portal hopper and shoves Mel in, hopping in with her*

Mel: I can handle the damn shadows *Goes back through disapearing in the shadows to look for Erica*

GuDamian: it more than that! >​,>​ *grabs Mel nd drags her home again* they won't kill her ... But us yes! *closes portal this time*

Mel: *Hits Damian* You asshole!

GuDamian: *dead pan* really? You hit a turtle on the plastron ... Bet it hurt you more than me Razz

Mel: *Growls at him* She's pregnant and we need to get her now!

GuDamian: she'll be okay *growls back

Mikko: *naked dancing!*

Mel: I'm going back there and getting her out and Mikko is coming with me because she caused this mess!

GuDamian: *stares at naked dancing lady* :">​

Mel: *Grabs portal thing and opens portal going through*

GuDamian: no! *moves away from Mel* ... *snatches and closes * no!!

Mikko: how did I get here I didn't go through a portal!

Mel: We could've gotten her out by now I'm not some weak little girl!

GuDamian: yes you are and you can't take them! They won't hurt her too badly... She'll be fine - hey Da.. Don! Smile

Leo: awwwwww Raph loves us! I knew it!

Mel: You're really gonna insult a girl like that?! Fuck you!

Mikey: can you Feeeeeel the bro love toooooniiiight!

Leo: it's so touching

GuDamian: ... Only one being stupid! Let it go for now! *sees Leo.... Stares*

Leo: .......*stares back*

Mel: No wonder you world isn't free you're to chicken to even to do anything!

GuDamian: we can't do anything... yet... *pokes this Leo* hi

Leo: hi?

GuDamian: ... Hi Smile ... *excited teen... Hugs*

Mel: Because you won't! I'm getting Erica back wether you like it or not! She's Raphie's mate!

Leo: O.O *hugs back and pat pats*

GuDamian: *from hugs* leave it Mel, they won't kill her, and you'll die... Just... She'll be okay

Leo: *lets go* sooooo who are you?

Mel: You don't know that! We need to get her now we were right there! You're a selfish coward!

GuDamian: *smiles up at Leo.. Shuffles his feet* Damian Uncl... Uh Leonardo.

Leo: cool. *hands him pizza*

GuDamian: *frowns at Mel* I do know that - uh thanks Uncle Smile *munches* too bad GuLuke didn't come along he'd have like to meet you... Where's Da .. don?

Mel: So change it! It's your fault she's still there!

GuDamian: >​,>​ it's suicide.... She'll be fine Mel... *goes to find Don*

Mel: *Follows and grabs him punching him in the face* Quit being a coward and do something!

GuDamian: *blocks her strike and frowns shoving her away* stop it - it has nothing to do with cowardice - its being smart...

Mel: Really? Because using the shadows and sneaking isn't smart? Ninjas use shadows and so do I

GuDamian: no its not - and you need more than that to get about in the city - just drop it for now -

Mel: *Growls in anger*

GuDamian: *ignores*

Mel: This shouldn't have happened

Erica: *portal opens, Erica slips out -*

Erica: Smile

GuDamian: Razz see told you she'll be fine -

Mel: And if she wasn't?!

GuDamian: - gah your annoying! - if she wasn't there would be nothing we could do. >​,>​

Erica: thanks for the concern Mel... but I am okay - just need a wash

Mel: Because you're a coward just admit it

GuDamian: and you over estimate your abilities - your not a ninja or a trained warrior - there would have been squat you could have done again brains not cowardice - we have to fight carefully

Mel: I would've at least tried to do something sneaking around gives you more of an idea on the layout

Erica: >​,< enough... meh head ache

Mel: Fine but you won't see me helping him anytime soon or even trusting him

GuDamian: nope wouldn't work - and thats not nice considering I saved your ass from being mutant mulch - but whatever... *can't find Don - decides to head home - has a few little missions to complete*

Mel: Whatever you just took the easy way out

Erica: >​,< Mel stop it - love your concern but he's right you would have been killed - or worse ... at least be glad for that yeah?

Mel: Whatever but Mikko caused this

Erica: *coffee!!!* let it go Mel ... *sip sip*

Mel: *Growls still pissed off*

Erica:... *offers chocolate* .... *kinda feeling down - sigh*

Mel: *Takes chocolate* You okay?

Erica: yeah - I'm okay - you? did you get hurt?

Mel: I'm fine pissed off but fine. I bet they will be mad when they find out I broke a lock

Erica: doubt it, someone will just fix it *sipping coffee*

Mel: You know if we could get every one out in the dungeons and they fight back those turtles are toast

Erica: there not enough in there to take them and their followers down -

Mel: No but enough to be a huge problem

Erica: Mel, no - that wont work ... *sighs* stop worrying about it for now -so quiet here tonight...

Mel: It is quiet

[i]Erica: .... well might as well have an early one too *sighs - hugs Mel* thanks for worrying

Mel: Yeah

]Erica: *smiles - another snug... and hurries away - avoiding Spot... going home home*

Mel: She avoided the spot Oo

Erica: Very Happy yeah she's.... a little unsure right now - it'll be all good

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PostSubject: Re: Portal Hopping Pt. 31 - 40   Mon Aug 08, 2016 4:21 pm

Pt. 34

Previously on Portal Hopping:

Erica: .... well might as well have an early one too *sighs - hugs Mel* thanks for worrying

Mel: Yeah

]Erica: *smiles - another snug... and hurries away - avoiding Spot... going home home*

Mel: She avoided the spot Oo

Erica: Very Happy yeah she's.... a little unsure right now - it'll be all good


Mikko: *smooches Hank*

Hank o,o *snogs back* ... And hello

Shaya *blinks*

Hank Wink hi Shaya

Shaya Hello Hank. ;Wink Nice to see you outside your box for once. Razz

Hank nice to get out of it for a while Smile

Mel: You need to clean that box out

Mikko: I like to move it move it!

Hank Erica has the box today I am sure she'll clean it Wink

Mel: Oh brother

Mikko: *spanks Hank*

Shaya That is great to hear... Oh my

Hank *hops away rubbing ass*

Mel: OO

Mikko: *tosses everyone pills*

Erica: *has cleaned boxes and Spot - dodges pills*

Mikko: first pill is free, you want more you gotta pay

Hank: Skittles! *eats some*

Mikko: oh my

Mel: Oh boy Oo

Hank: lol *has pills caught in his hair...* ... *sees everything in technique color*

Leatherhead: *smiles seeing Shaya* hello

Shaya Hello Big Guy.

Mel: Players are insane >​>​

Leatherhead: Very Happy *snout to nose tip smooch*

Mel: No idear=#FF9933]Erica: *goes to make coff - tea* anyone want one? Smile

Mel: No

Bones: *gropes Mel*

Hank: *punches Bones* too young buddie!

Bones: people are so mean in here! anyway I was just getting a feel, have to make sure they're real before I cut them off

Kitteh: O.o

Hank: >​,< don't make me shoot you, no cutting here ... coffee!

Leatherhead: hot chocolate!

Mikko: I want vodka!

Erica: *brings over Vodka, Choco and Coffee* anyone else? Smile

Mikko: ooooh *takes*

Shaya What ever you are having honey

Mel: Why am I always the target for groping?

Mikko: you have the biggest tits?

Hank don't know Wink

Mel: I don't have any!

Mikko: you are a girl right? then you have something

Erica: Wink *brings Shaya tea - cause she's having tea.. Looks at Bones* coffee? Tea?

Bones: tea

Mel: Not really other than being a girl I was malnurished so puberty skipped me >​>​

Erica: Smile *brings more tea - one for Leo too, takes a Coffee to Don - gives Mel hot chocolate*

Leo:thank you!

Bones: *sips*

Mel: *Drinks hot chocolate*

Erica: ^^ *sipping lemon honey tea... Munching dry crackers*

Shaya Thank you Erica Smile

Leatherhead: *squee hot chocy!*

Mikey: *has hot choco* wooooo hooooo!

Mel: *Glares at Bones* You better quick going after me

James: *Enters*

Mel: *Is bored*

Mikko: yer always bored how about I let out some big scary turtles for you

Hank: lol don't look at Erica - she's just trying to keep crackers and tea down Razz

Hank: Razz bad turtles spending bro time together

Mel: Mikey can we do something?

Mikey: like what?

Mel: I don't know

Mikey: hmmmmmm Dancin! *puts on music and boogies*

Mel: Dancing>​

Mikey: yeah! Make it a party!

Mel: I guess so

Mikey: *drags Mikko and Leo and Mel onto dance floor* come on guys! *dance dance*

Hank *shrugs and boogies*

Mikko: *way too fucked up to dance but does it anyway* *undresses*

Leatherhead: *gator groovin*

Mikey: *turtle two step*

Hank *mambo*

Mel: OO

Shaya *swing glide*

Mikey: *tail shakin*

Mel: Why dance?

Hank *sneaks away*

Mel: Erica is sick

Rogue: I'm guessin' Raphie is partly to blame? Razz

Raph: O.O

Leatherhead: yep Razz

Mikko: he's always to blame

Raph: -.- Not funny.

Leatherhead *wagging tail tip - found cheetos - happy gator*

Kitteh: Don wants to make sure he's also not to blame at first. Wink

Leatherhead: sorry Pretty Eyes nope Razz

Kitteh: Don's disappointed. Razz

Leatherhead *offers cheetos to others*

Mel: Raphie you're gonna be a dad

Don: *hugs LH's player back* Smile

Mikey: Whats not funny bro ? *has some cheetos*

Leatherhead: *snug snug*

Leatherhead ^^

Mel: I don't know

Hank: >​,<

Ally: *tackles!!!!*

Mikey MC Mikey *beat boxing* ... *is tackled!!* ... ^___________________________^ sugar bum! *lick licks!*

Mel: Oh brother DX

Ally: Very Happy *licklicklicklicks him from his head to his tooooes*

Mikey ooooooo that feels good! *churrrrrrrrrrrrrrr churrrrrrrrrrrrrr - chases lips for kisses! -*

Mel: Knock it off DX

Mikey knock up? - I am working on it Razz

Mel: Not what I meant

Mikey .... close enough Razz *snogs Ally*

Don: *has a looooong way to catch up before Angel would get to that point -- and he's perfectly fine with it*

Angel: *thumbs up* Wink

Don: *definitely wants kids someday* Wink

Ally: Very Happy I have the best one!

Mikey O:-)

Erica: *had been sneaking back in - freezes - exclamation point above her head* ! - I didn't do it!

Mel: *Giggles*

Lexi: *wants to be preggo* Sad

Mel: You need to tell Raph

Laz: I'll make it happen!

Mel: *Is glad she can't get pregnant is still a kid*

Lexi: Very Happy

Mikey: *pokes Ally, Mikey and oc* see whats yous started! *pokes Raph*

Erica: *waves away pokies - smooch Red's snout*

Raph: *smooches, has nooo idea what's going on*

Lexi: *goes dooooown on Laz* Very Happy

Laz: O.O ^.^

Mikey o.O oh hells no you aint out noising us! *goes dooooooooown on Ally*

Mikey: Razz

Mel: Mikey DX

Ally: O.O ZOMG!! *moans ans screams his name*

Rogue: lol, that tongue tho Razz

Erica: *snooooooooooog -* coming to Spot? *ignores the noisey noise*

Mikey: hehehe yes! the almighty Turtle Tongue!

Don: .... -_-

Raph: Mmmhmm.. ^^ *scoops her up and whisks her away*

Mel: *Glomps Donnie* Hi big brother ^^

Angel: ... hehhe they are noisey huh?

Mikey: annnnnnnnnd meanwhile Angels internally agreeing - yep that turtle tongue!!

Don: *puts an arm around Mel* Hello. *then to Angel* Yeah, no kidding. -_-

Mel: To noisy

Angel: Very Happy nawwwww a little yeah - but I don't mind Wink *to Donnie*

Don: :">​

Erica: *chuckles - snugs - cleaned their Spot today* :*

Mel: I do >​<

Angel: Very Happy one sure fire way for a dude to know he's doing something right huh? *teaaasing a little*

Mel: Or to keep you awake >​>​

Don: :">​ *then nods*

Angel: *smooches cheek* so cute when you blush Wink hehehe yeah I suppose it might keep you awake Wink though for the participants of good sexin it will put them to sleep Razz

Mel: Don't need to know that DX

Angel: too bad - you do now Razz

Mel: Don't remind me >​<

Erica: *hangs dew rag on door as usual - *

Angel: hey - knowledge is power! ... and education is key... and all that jazz Razz

Mel: I do know this stuff I am 14

Mikey *jizzing right now*

Angel: hehehe *rolls eyes* exactly at 14 you need to know more!

Mikey *is going!!!! by cummmmmmmmmmmmming*

Don: At your age, it's important to know about the basics.

Mel: Not really the school I went too had a lot of teen pregnancies and the foster homes I walked on my foster siblings DX

Ally: *also a cummin'! Screaming and moaning loud enough to wake the dead!!*

Angel: *nods nods* and then some

Mikey *joining in and cream fillin! *

Don't mind all the strange noises coming from every which way. Razz

Mel: Isn't it a good thing that I don't wanna have sex? I thought 14 was to young for it anyway

Shaya *wakes up from nap* Ugg. Teens.

Don: *nods* It is. Abstinence is the way to go until you're ready.

Leatherhead: *lounging about - not all that bothered by the racket*

Angel: It is - but education is best regardless Razz

Don: Yes, and since Mel doesn't have any parents to talk to her about these things, I guess we'll have to do it...when she's ready.

Mel: I already know what sex is and how to use protection. One of the things I actually learned at school. Besides hearing it from my brothers would be so much worse DX

Don: Who you get from really shouldn't matter. As long as you get it from someone.

Angel: Razz

Mel: It's not like I can get pregnant anyway look at how thin and small I am I don't even get the monthly >​>​

Don: And that someone has to know what they're talking about.

Angel: Agreed Very Happy

Mel: I know big brother *Snuggles close to him*

Don: Even someone with your body type can get pregnant eventually. But, yes, you need to have your menstral cycle, first. *hugs her back*

Mel: Hasn't happened yet probably don't weigh enough

Don: How much do you weigh...if you don't mind me asking?

Angel: ooooh you poor thing - though I had my first at thirteen

Leatherhead: *smiles at Shaya* good nap?

Mel: 75 pounds

Don: *blinks* At fourteen?, you can't be that light. *frowns*

Mel: I'm 4'7"

Angel: o,O

Don: *nods* You really need to put more weight on you. That is not healthy at all.

Angel: eat more of Shaya and Erica's cooking when they cook girl!

Mel: My dad was an abusive asshole I didn't get taken out of there until I was ten after he murdered my sister. I was a lot smaller then

Don: *sighs*

Mel: I'm trying to grow big brother

Angel: the same could be said for you Stretch when your firend brings a coffee *points at coffee long since gone cold* you will - girls usually don't stop gorwing until early twenties - I think... so good food here, exercise and should be right Wink

Mel: I got lucky for the most part but then I got sick of the foster homes some of them can be just as bad as my dad was. They were where I learned how to pick locks

Erica: R rrr - oh no *dashes back to loo in undies to give the porcelain god some tips*

Angel: thats a helpful trick - I learned it whilst trying to join the PD's ... Very Happy

Mel: *Snuggles closer to Donnie* Explains my issues with adults for the most part. The fighting I picked up from my dad sort of

Raph; *blinks* O.o ..*follows but hovers outside the door* uh, okay?

Erica: *hugs bowl* mm fine - though I question whom ever called it morning sickness - lasts all fricken day... *cleans self up - flushes loo and shakily stands.*

Mel: *Snuggles closer to Donnie feeling cold*

~~ *some dissappearances Razz* ~~

Erica: Sad(

Don: *motions Erica over to him*

Mel: Erica? Remains cuddled up with Donnie*

Erica: *whips eyes -* Smile *its a fake smile but it will do - joins them* hi guys - Mel... every time I see you I want to feed you cookies

Mel: Why?

Don: *slowly stands up after making sure he doesn't dump Mel on the floor* Is there anything I can do?

Erica: cause you need feeding.... Smile nah it's okay PrettyEyes - thank you *fixes smile in place*

Don: *comes over anyway and gives Erica a hug*

Mel: Not sure if cookies will help

Erica: *snugs - hummms cause it feels nice - chuckles* of course they will, yummy, gooey... *and she has learned some really nice pumpkin recipe ones*

Angel: ... cookies... oooorrrr Cookie Dough... always works Razz

Mel: *Giggles and sneezes*

Angel: *give her a tissue* bless you Very Happy

Mel: Thanks *Sneezes again* Ow DX

Don: *enjoys having her close, smooches her cheek*

Mel: You love her big brother

Don: *nods* I do.

Mel: But she's with Raphie

Don: I know. And that's why we can never be a couple. But I still can do a few things without crossing the boundaries.

Mel: I guess so never was in love with anyone

Don: Someday it will happen for you.

Mel: No thanks that jock turtle from the other world tried to hit on me and I didn't like it

Don: Just give it time. I'm sure you will like it when you're ready.

Mel: I don't know being called sweetcheeks is pushing it

Don: *shrugs* I wouldn't let that stop you from falling for someone. Just...tell them you don't like it. If they stop, that's great. If they don't, decide if it's something you can put up with occasionally. I would hardly consider being called a pet name a deal-breaker... But that's entirely up to you.

Mel: Yeah I know just not old enough I guess doesn't help that I look younger than 14

Don: *nods*

Mel: And I'm not used to a lot of love yet

Don: And that's perfectly fine.

Mel: Even though I should be able to trust people

Erica: :">​ *snugs snugs and kisses cheek -*

Don: You trust us, don't you? *smiles at Erica*

Angel: nawwwwwwwwwwww *yep squeeeeing* don't force trust Mel - Very Happy it'll happen Wink same with love ;D

Erica: *actual smile - even if eyes still watery*

Mel: Yeah I trust you guys I think with you guys it's easier because only humans have hurt me for years and you guys haven't

Don: Then that's definitely a good start. *nods*

Mikey *strutts over - cause he just left a very satisfied Ally fast asleep* wasssup peeps? Very Happy

Mel: Nothing I think *Sneezes again* Fucking hell DX

Don: Hello, Mikey.

Mikey oooo hugs? I love hugs - *snugs - which includes Don* hey Bro Razz

Angel: hehehe Mikey - you smug bastard Razz *flicks his bandana tails*

Don: Do I have to soundproof your bedroom, little brother? -_-

Mel: Yeah it is loud DX

Mikey ... that would be great - thanks Very Happy and definitely Razz Ally has a magnificent set of lungs on her

Angel: *giggles*

Erica: *reluctant chuckle*

Don: *clears his throat* We've noticed.

Mel: It gave me a headache DX

Mikey Very Happy yeah... would say I am sorry about that - but I aint.... knowing I make her make those noises is all sorts of feel goods for me - mmmmm wonder if Ally's scent will change like this when she's knock up - hehhee though sorry for head aches Mel

Don: .... *sighs*

Mel: *Groans and leans against Donnie*

Mikey Very Happy hehhee thats a sigh of exasperation right Don? *nuzzle nuzzle nuzzle all those in his hugs*

Don: *perhaps feeling a bit sexually frustrated right now? ...Yep* Um, Mikey. I think you could really use a bath. -_-

Mel: Yeah big brother looks annoyed

Mikey ooooh right - forgot our better senses of smell.... hehehe right on it! *snugs and - snugs Angel... runs away to bathroom*

Angel: *more giggling - winkies at Don*

Don: *looks at Angel and shakes his head*

Mel: Huh?

Erica: *snickers/ sniffs - drawing back a little* he's... certainly enthusiastic... thank you PrettyEyes... Smile I'll make some fresh tea's and coffees and cookies...

Angel: Very Happy hehehe I only smell Mikey - a fairly clean Mikey - does he really smell that bad?

Mel: Not hungry *Should eat though*

Don: *nods to Angel* Yes, he does.

Angel: *sniggers*

Don *smiles at Erica* And thank you.

Mel: *Giggles* He can really stink but couldn't really smell him right now thank god DX

Don: Um, actually he had a certain kind of smell this time. :">​

Mel: And by the blush not a good one?

Erica: Smile and Ally's scent too huh *kisses cheek once more -* love you too PrettyEyes *smiles at Mel* you don't have to be hungry for cookies - thats the best thing about them... *goes to make fresh coffees and cookies and a tea for herself*

Angel: hehehe mmmmmm well good from Mikey's point of view no doubt Razz and Ally's if she could smell it - not so much his brothers Razz

Mel: Well not hungry for anything kinda haven't been all day >​>​

Mikey *skips back over toweling self off - 'naked' as the term applies for them * hehe and tada! I smell good now!

Don: *gives his brother a small smile* Yes, you do.

Mikey Very Happy woooot!

Erica: *cookies and hot drinks -* all done! Smile

Mel: *Giggles*

Mikey yay! *skips over to have fresh hot cookies* come on guys

Angel: alright alright Razz *hugs Don* you okay Stretch?

Mel: Big brother?

Don: *nods* I'm fine.

Mel: Okay *Hugs him*

Angel: Smile nawwws then lets go haz some cookies Razz

Don *hugs Mel back then stands up* Can I have a quick word with you, Angel. *then to Mel* Go on ahead, Mel. We'll be there very soon.

Angel: sure sure Very Happy *hangs back*

Mel: Okay *Goes into the kitchen but avoids the food*

Don: *takes Angel's hand then pulls her to him, giving her a big smooch on her lips* When Mel goes to bed, we need some alone time. *winks a little then snogs her again*

Angel: Mmmmmm hmmmm - beeen hanging out all day just to have alone time with you Wink *smooooooooooooching back*

Mikey *munching cookies*

Mel: Hungry?

Mikey yep Smile action works up an appetite Wink come on girl if your sick you need to munchies too Razz

Don: Smile With everything going on today, it's taken everything in me to not take you somewhere and having my way with you. *smooches again*

Erica: not really.... *trying dry crackers and tea again*

Angel: it has been an exciting day huh? Very Happy *smmmoooch snog, arms slipping about his neck and shell to pull him closer* in more ways then one I agree...

Mel: I'm not hungry either

Don: :">​ *gives her one more smooch then lets her go* We should get back to the others. *reluctantly*

Angel: *purrrrrrrrrs and lets go... mostly, takes his hand* for noooow Wink

Erica:... I... I think I need to spend a little time with my Gran Gran actually -

Mel: Why?

Don: *smiles, giving her hand a squeeze then leads her out of the room*

Angel: *beams -* always such a smexy smile Stretch Wink - ooooh lemme at em - *snags cookies and coffees*

Mikey *sips sips - 'little' finger out and all*

Mel: *Would normally go after the food but stays away*

Erica: *sad sigh* Smile just for a day - *maybe more*

Mel: Okay

Erica: yeaaaah - Smile see you guys soon *hugs all - takes her tea and crackers -*

Angel: catch ya girlfriend Wink

Mikey *waves cheerily*

Mel: Okay bye *Leans against the wall*

Don: Goodbye, Erica. *waves*

Erica: Wink *ninja poofs*

Mikey *hums TMNT theme song - cookie monster style cookie devouring - looks at Mel* you want some chicken noodle soup?

Mel: No

Don: *sighs* I feel so bad for her.

Mel: How come?

Don: She seems pretty miserable. I'm pretty sure I know why.

Mel: Because of Raphie?

Don: In a sense.

Angel: she'll perk up -

Mel: Why?

Mikey *quirks eyeridge*

Don: *clearly knows something they don't* I know she will. *sips some coffee*

Mel: Okay big brother *Looks tired but won't admit it*

Mikey hehehe *grabs Mel and hugs her* I swear if you don't eat a good meal after a sleep I will funnel my special Pizza shake down your throat Very Happy

Mel: Why? I'm not hungry at all

Don: Mel, you have to eat.

Mikey cause you don't eat enough! - I say so and your looking peaky... Razz

Mel: I know but I'm not hungry can barely smell anything anyway >​<

Angel: *waits until Don is comfy and then hogs his lap*

Don: Why don't you try some soup?

Mel: Why?

Mikey well good then you wont taste my PiShake -

Angel: urrrrgh Razz

Mel: You're what? And should I be scared of it?

Don: *wishes Mel would stop asking him so many questions and just TRY something* >​.< Personally, I'd go with the soup.

Mikey pizza shake - PiShake and no... tastes fine to me -

Mel: Angel's reaction says otherwise >​>​

Angel: then take the soup - or toast .... mmmm a cheese toastie

Mel: *Groans and rubs her head* Food right now doesn't sound good

Angel: not dairy though - dairy product curdle in the gut when your not feeling well Very Happy

Mikey hehehe

Mel: Ugh thanks for making my stomach turn DX

Angel: *smoooooooooooches Don's cheek* sorry Mel Razz

Mel: Whatever *Sits on the cool floor*

Mikey come on sickly teen girl! *scoops her up and drags off* Mikey take good care of you! *takes her to couch*

Mel: What? Mikey I will be fine DX

Don *sighs then looks at Angel*

Angel: ? whats on your mind Stretch? Smile *snugs* ... I think Mikey's playing mother hen - Mel should be fine Wink

Don: *nuzzles her* Do you think we're alone now?

Angel: ... if we sneak to your room we will be

Mel: *Struggles* DX

Don: *nods, smiling, picks up Angel and carries her back to his room*

Mel: Mikey I'm fine >​<

Mikey *snugs snugs* Very Happy

Angel: woo! - sometimes I forget how strong you guys are *snogs*

Mel: It's to hot for snuggles *Starts to pull her clothes off*

Mikey o.O leave your panties on Wink *goes grabs a fan*

Mel: I am *Groans and curls up into ball*

Mikey good girl Wink I'd give you medicine but you've had nothing to eat -

Mel: Why not?

Mikey shouldn't have medicine on an empty belly thats why Wink - want some lemonade? Very Happy

Mel: Yes

Mikey woooot! *gives her lemonade -* I got some crackers - wants some with me? *munch munch*

Don: *snogs back and gently deposits her on the bed*

((naughty continued here: ))

Mel: *Sips at lemonade* No

Mel: *Yawns*

Mikey *munch, munch - boring news channel... switches to movie channel*

Mel: Tired

Mikey yeah me too Very Happy

Mel: Don't wanna move

Mikey uh huh agreed!

Mel: *Curls up in tight ball and falls asleep shivering*

Mikey awwwww *takes Mel to bed to sleep off the chills*

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PostSubject: Re: Portal Hopping Pt. 31 - 40   Mon Aug 08, 2016 4:22 pm

Pt. 35

Previously on Portal Hopping:

Mikey yeah me too Very Happy

Mel: Don't wanna move

Mikey uh huh agreed!

Mel: *Curls up in tight ball and falls asleep shivering*

Mikey awwwww *takes Mel to bed to sleep off the chills*


Leonardo: BAM! I'm large and in charge!

Mel: Really?

Leonardo yes! *picks up Rogue and spins her around*

Rogue: O.o

Leonardo I'm gonna get sum! sorry fantiziing about raph

Rogue: lol

Raph: What the fuck, Leo.

Leonardo what? I can think a fellow mutant turtle is hot?

Don: *wonders why he is the only one not getting any 'attention' in a story* >​.<

Leonardo: Love is giving you attention

Kitteh: Don's still a story-virgin. Razz

Rogue: lol, awwww. I'm sure Donnie will have his cherry popped soon Razz

Karai: *also a story virgin.. and an everywhere.. will never tell*

Leonardo I knew it!

Mel: *Is a virgin as well*

Spike: I can fix that, Mel.

Karai: *had no idea that Leonardo could read minds?*

Mel: Fuck you!

Leonardo our minds are one

Spike: yeah that's what I mean

Karai: ...Very Happy

Mel: I am 14!

Spike: so?

Ally: ...I lost mine at 12. But, it wasn't my choice.

Mikko: lost mine at 4!

Mel: I'm not old enough for sex nor do I want it!

Spike: see? bitches here have sex at young ages just means yer growing up. look, hoe. it don't matter if you say yes or no I wasn't really asking for permission.

Mel: So you would rape me?! You're fucking sick!

Spike: I'm as heathy as an ox. *lunges at Mel*

Mel: *Screams and runs behind Raph* Raphie!

Raph: -.- *punches Spike*

Spike: *passes out*

Mel: Seriously why is he allowed here?

Leonardo *dances*

Karai: *trips him* Razz

Leonardo heeeeeeeeeeeey!

Karai: Wink Friends do not let friends embarrass themselves. You are welcome.

Leonardo *grabs Karai and dances with her* I like your boobs

Karai: ...that is.. sweet.. *dances with him... why not?!*

Leonardo *smiles and kisses her forehead*

Mel: Now Leo is being gross >​>​

Karai; :">​ ... *kisses him like whoa*

Love: *kisses Mel's forehead*

Leonardo O.O ^^ *kisses*

Mel: Love DX

Love: ^^

Mel: What was that for?

Love: to prove that it wasn't gross

Mel: Figures >​>​

Don: *lurking around*


Leonardo: Hey, Gabe! happy father's day!

Gabe: O.o ..but I'm not...

Jake: Very Happy


Bones rawr

Mel: Not Bones DX

Bones *chases Mel*

Mel: *Runs screaming*

Ally: *trips him* Very Happy

Bones RUDE!

Ally: Yep. Wink

Erica: *runs Bones over - eager to see Red*

Raph: *also runs him over, snugs Erica, standing on top of him*

Mikey: *runs Bones over too*

Bones: LOOOOOOOL ok my REaLLY morbid mind went somewhere else with that Erica. going to run bones over till there is blood everywhere

Mel: *Hasn't eaten yet today and tries to hide from Mikey hasn't eaten for two days* >​>​

Erica: Raph! Very Happy

Erica: lol!! Sorry

Gabe: At least someone else is the new Kenny. -.-

Bones: lol

Espionata: lol

Erica: Razz

Erica: *snugs... Snug...* got.... *snog* some.... good... news *snog snog snog* Red

Gabe: I just want a beer. Why Lexi gotta be so mean. Razz

Raph: *returns it allllll* ..Good news, huh?

Mel: Phew safe from Mikey >​>​

Bones: got to head off now. see you all tomorrow night. maybe tomorrow I'll finsih up spike and he can join in the games night *hugs*

Erica: Very Happy yes! *holds up positive pregnancy test - used like ten of them, but just keeping one* we're pregnant!

Erica: nawwww and just as big news is shared Razz


Erica: night night *hugs*

Bones: oh I'm staying for this reaction

Raph: ...*takes about fifty seconds and he's staring at the damn piss stick like it's an alien..and then it registers..* O.O What the fuck!!


Raph: *color becomes five shades lighter..*

Bones: lol

Bones: ok now I must go. night *hugs*

Mel: Raphie?

Erica: *hops back startled*

Raph: A million things rushing through his mind right now.. but how is this possible?!? Needs to faint.. but too worried..* You feelin' okay??! It's not.. gonna shred you from the inside, is it? >​.<

Mel: Poor Raphie *Leans against a wall thinking she's safe from Mikey*

Erica: Smile no no I'll be fi i i - ooooh ! *annnnd bak to the loo to puke again*

Mikey: woooot *doing cheerleader style peppy happy dance

Hank: +.+ *passed out*

Raph: Sad *follows.. lurks outside the door at first, but finally goes in to hold her hair back, because he's brave like that*

Rogue: lol.. dundun duuun

Rogue: too bad splinty's not here Razz

Erica: Razz rat dance of joy Razz

Mel: *Giggles and sits on the ground hot*

Erica: *cleans self up - flushes- * thank you - nawww you look so worried BigRed

Raph: I just... want you to be okay..

Mikey: *scoops Mel up - hugs* you feel hot! - good news - *dances his way over towards Lab*

Erica: *would snog him - but not with ick mouth! - instead just snugs* I won't promise it'll be perfect - but I am okay right now - noooooo I am ecstatic! *little cheer*

Mel: What? *Holds on*

Raph: *still worried as fuck, but don't wanna be a buzz kill-- just snugs her*

Mikey: your running a fevah! nawwww -

Mel: This sucks DX

Erica: *brings Raph's gaze to hers - tickles spot* dawwww Raaaaph you still look so worried

Mikey yeah it happens to the best of us Very Happy - wonder if Donnie's got some medicine - did you eat?...

Raph: Yeah.. it's just... no one's done this before, you know? But.. yer gonna be okay..*and hopes he's right-- smooches*

Don: *in his lab*

Erica: not her -Mmm! *hooopes she don't taste too offensive - snogs*

Erica: hehheee definitely brave - kissing ick mouth!

Raph: *lives in a sewer and has eaten Mikey's inventions.. this is nothin'...*

Mikey: *knocks on lab door* brooooo you in there?

Erica: Razz hehehee oh yeah Mikey's pizza!

Erica: he likes a lil hot sauce on his pizza - oh yes he do ?:

Erica: and lint and dead bugs and mould too Wink

Rogue: hehe

Mel: Mikey I will be fine

Erica: *giggles - uses dew rag tails to tilt Red's head back enough to nip his adams apple -* mmmmm

Hank: *finaaaaaaaaally picking himself up*

Raph: *happy churrs* ^^

Mikey: yeah? good - then Don will confirm it and it's all good Very Happy

Mel: And he will be mad because I haven't eaten for two days >​>​

Don: What do you want, Mikey?

Erica: Very Happy *squeees a little - another playing nip to his spot* excited yet?

Mikey: hey Don - girl needs a check up - all feverish .... you busy? Very Happy

Raph: Yeah, babe.. Was excited when you told me, too... just.. you know...*snogs*

Mel: Please be busy DX

Hank: *worried*

Erica: *mumbles into snoggin* mmmm was .... worried.... too.... *closes bathroom door* but... not so.... now *snooooooogggies*

Erica: tonsil hockey!

Mel: *Tries to get down*

Don: *opens the door* Mel?

Mel: Hi big brother ^^;

Mikey: *hugs -* had some lemonade at least? - oh hey Dr D - got a sick patient for you Razz

Don: *nods* Thank you, Mikey. *moves out of the way so she can enter* Head over to my table, please?

Mel: Yeah I did *Goes to the table*

Mikey: Very Happy *bouncing about - excited -*

Raph: *still kissing her, hands slip down to give her ass a good squeeze, then back up to embrace her* ...I guess, considerin' you can't go to a human doctor.. Donnie will have tocheck you over, huh... *how fucking awkward that's gonna be.. and not to mention how jealous it'll make him, considering that his brother has been with her*

Kitteh: lol Dawwww

Don promises to behave. Wink

Erica: nawwwwwwwws

Espionata: lol

Erica: hehhee Angel will snoggg his brains out - even if he does not behave Razz

Erica: ... though he might want his brains

Don doesn't know why Raph would be jealous. Don's the one that's jealous of him.

Erica: ...

Mel: *Sits on the table shivering* Stupid immune system >​<

Kitteh: lol

Erica: *squeakies at butt squeezin - slips arms about those shoulders* yes - and Leatherhead - in such great hands Smile *hands trace the edges of carapace*

Raph: *Oh, Leatherhead! Forgot about that guy* ..You should prolly see him, then.. *since she and the giant Gator have always been just friends..*

Erica: nawwww *snogs* I am sure both will want to be on hand - and take part - we can ask - sooon - ish ... *tooo busy snogging her turtle man right now - all but trembling with happy excitement*

Erica: Razz

Erica: bwahahahaa

Mikey: *hovers happily about Don and Mel - big grinn*

Hank: *waaaaaaaaaaaiting outside bathroom door*

Don: *checks her over*

Mel: What? *Curls up on table* *Caught the ever annoying flu bug*

Erica: hehehe was just going to ask Razz

Espionata: lol

Raph: *returns all the snogs and hugs and squeezes.. scared and nervous and happy, hoping he can live up to the whole daddy thing*

Don *sighs* You have the flu. You need to lay low for the rest of the day. Try to get something in your stomach.

Mel: Even when food doesn't look good big brother?

Don Yes. Just eat something non-greasy and light.

Mel: Okay big brother *Shivers*

Don: Also put some cold compresses on your forehead.

Mel: If I could move but I don't wanna

Erica: Very Happy *tickles tickles spot - chuckling* hopefully the sickness does not last the entire time Wink can barely eat anything but watermelon

Mel: I'm hot DX

Raph: *happy churrs but trying not to 'flop'.. not a lot of room to do that in here without crushing the sink and tub and stuff* Then maybe we should head out and try to find somethin' you can keep down.. yer eatin' for two now.. *blinks* Or more?? O.O ..*because Turtles have clutches.. what the hell's gonna pop out?!*

Don: That's what the cold compress is for. *looks at his brother* MIkey? A damp washcloth, please? Cold water.

Mel: I know *Groans* DX

Mikey: *snaps to attention* yes Doctor Nurse Mikey on it! *races off... could have just got one from Don's lab sink cupboard and sink... but finds a cloth, wets it and comes back*

Erica: lol hehhee mental image of Raph taking out the bathroom in happy flops Razz

Mel: That was fast Oo

Erica: possibly more *more snoggies* mmmm well I am willing to try something - so hungry *belly rumbles* annnnd share news... *squeeees little happy jig* soooo excited -

Erica: Nurse Mikey Very Happy

Rogue: lol. yeeeah, the sinkwouldn't stand a chance Razz

Master Splinter: Ha haha ha! Oooh just thought that in my head!

Raph: *glad she's willing to try something.. but not sure what to think about her possibly carrying more than one.. what if they ALL have his temper?* >​.< *hugs* Let's get you some food.. *takes her hand to lead her out, but collides with Hank*

Hank: ack! *falls on ass* -.. baby! *scrambles to feet* you okay?

Mel: *Curls up in ball shivering* Don't feel good DX

Erica: Agreed! * very perky for someone whose had very little to eat and just yesterday was a blabbering mess* Very Happy I'm fine Dad Very Happy

Don: I know. But you need to just lay low, and you'll feel better soon enough. *takes the rag from MIkey* Thanks. *puts it against her forehead*

Raph: *Not really sure what to say to Hank.. has no idea if he even knows what's going on..*

Mel: Thanks big brother *Squirms from the cool rag*

Mikey: seeee - I'ma great nurse!

Hank: *glances from one to the other* ..... I'm going to be a grand dad aint I?

Erica: he aint stupid

Raph: *just looks at Erica.. will let her answer that one*

Mel: *Yawns*

Erica: *squeeeeeeeees does another little jig - and tackle glomps Hank* YESTH!

Hank: Ack! *goes down in hugs*

Master Splinter *hears!!!! Scurries over staring up at Raphael* ...grandfather? Me?! *tail waggy wiggly*

Hank: *torn between excitment and the desire to shot Raph - decides to go with the first* honey.... I... you - nawwwwww - if your happy baby I am * snugs snugs*

Raph: *was not expectin' the mutant hater to take it so well..and then his father appears...eeeep* Yeah, yer gonna be a grand dad.. *smiles, because how cool it is to see his dad this excited about it*

Master Splinter *pounces and hugs* oooh this is good news! Very Happy knew either you or Mikey would make it happen here Very Happy

Mel: *Starts to fall asleep shivering*

Mikey: nawwwws - anything else Nurse Mikey can do Don?

Hank: *glances at Raph - yeah may not entirely be cool with it - but for her he'll be good-* what does GranGran say?

Raph: *hugs his ol man* ..yeah, since it's possible.. sure Mike won't be far behind

Erica: *pecks Hank's cheek and stands back up -* GranGran is fine with it Dad - *belly rumbling* mmmm

Master Splinter yes... Yes! Possible and happening here Very Happy *lets go and slaps Hanks shoulder with tail* nice to see the families growing again no?

Hank: Yes... yes... nice... Very Happy

Erica: Smile exciiii - *yawns* tinnnn zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz​ *yep goes to sleep leaning against Red*

Hank: o,O

Master Splinter ... *sniggers*

Raph: O.O ..O.o ..Is this normal preggo behavior?

Kitteh: And a very distant third issssssssss Donatello! Razz

Espionata: lol

Angel: ^_______________________​_____^

Don: Just get her to bed, Mikey.

Mikey: Alright bro! Very Happy *scoops Mel up and snugs* and make you some soup -... not pizza shake though Very Happy

Mel: Sleepy Mikey

Mikey: hehehe *skips away to put Mel in spare bed*

Mel: *Starts to fall asleep*

Hank:... yeah... *chuckles and pokes Erica's side*

Erica: *snorts and wakes* My spork! -

Raph: *slips an arm around her just in case she goes 'out' again* O.o

Erica: mmmmmm *snugs -*

Mikey:... oooooh group hugs? *readies himself to glomp tackle*

Raph: *sees Mikey.. wonder if he knows..*

Mikey: *does not - comes a charging to glomp them*

Hank: hey! *is plowed out of the way*

Raph: Careful, Mikey! Yer gonna be an Aunt. Uncle.

Mikey: *skids to halt arms out - inches from rough bear hug* .... an Aunty?..... O,O...... seriously?.......

Erica: *nods nods - chuckling*

Mikey: AHHHHHHHHHHH this is awesome! *glomp huggies - carefully*

Master Splinter better double check Ally Michelangelo... Wink

Ally: Very Happy

Mikey: Ally! ... hehehe AngelCake! guess what?! *frantically points at Erica's belly* I'ma going to be an Aunty

Leatherhead: *perks up and comes over*

Erica: *beams and hugs LH*

Ally: *giggles.. dunno if she should tell him he'll actually be an 'uncle'* Dawww, that's awesome! That means we could totally spawn!

Leatherhead: *as ever is gentle and snugs back* ... congrats Bomb - *grins and thumps Raph's shoulder in a friendly way* and you Raph Wink

Mikey: Ohhhh it's a ahappening Razz - *grabs Ally and happy dances with her*

Raph: Heh.. thanks.

Ally: *happy dances with* ^^

Erica: *giggles and wriggles free of LH to smooooch Raph's snout* you'll be one of my 'doctors' no Jaws?

Leatherhead: *nods nods* yes......

Mikey: Very Happy *dance dance - finds couch - SNOGS*

Ally: *straddles him on the couch and SNOOOGS*

April: *steals Erica for snuggles - half carrying her away to kitchen* ooooooooooh I'm going to be the best Aunty ever!!!!

Erica: o,O

Mikey: hehehe ! *snog snog and smooooooooches*

Raph: *follows and starts pulling EVERYTHING from the fridge, placing it all on the table for Erica*

Hank: *picks self up and stares at LH* you sure you are .... qualified?

Leatherhead: Qualified - no.... capable... yes.

Ally: *lips locked with Mikey's, starts wiggling out of her clothes.. got competition!*

Angel: *pokes head into Lab* hey Stretch you sexy man Wink

Mikey: >Smile haven't done it on the couch yet - should be fun! *helps her out of cloths*

Erica: Smile .... oooooooh! *goes for the jelly first...* thank you for the buffet Red Smile * watching Raph*

April:.... mmmmm *actually found honey chicken in the food -* did Mikey cook most of this?

Hank:... *not sure if he is reassured*.... so
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PostSubject: Re: Portal Hopping Pt. 31 - 40   Mon Aug 08, 2016 4:22 pm

Pt. 36

Previously on Portal Hopping:

Mikey: >Smile haven't done it on the couch yet - should be fun! *helps her out of cloths*

Erica: Smile .... oooooooh! *goes for the jelly first...* thank you for the buffet Red Smile * watching Raph*

April:.... mmmmm *actually found honey chicken in the food -* did Mikey cook most of this?

Hank:... *not sure if he is reassured*.... so


Erica: Hehe kk.... *player pokes Mikey*

Mikey: *pokes back*

Erica: Hehhee pokies! *pokes other players*

Mikko: *tackles*

Kitteh: *pokety-pokes!*

Erica: Ack!! *is pokety- poked and tackled!*

Mikey: scorrrre! *cheers*

Mel: Oo

Erica: @@ soooo cuuuuute!

Mel: *Laying on the back of the couch*

Mikey: *lounging on couch reading comics*

Mikko: we must kill him!

[color:e3f3=666633]Mel: Who?

Mikko: shredder

Karai: Do not make me kill you. -.-

Mel: Who's the Shredder?

Mikko: *tosses Mel in with shredder* him

Mel: *Hides behind Mikey* I hope you catch my flu Mikko!

Mikey: *growls and protective crouches in front of Mel*

Mel: Mikey?

Erica: *streeeething*

Erica: he ninja poofed

Erica: .... having stolen Dracos wand and all - crafty bastard

Rogue: lol.. ooh. I don't think anyone would wanna go up against zombie shrredder Razz

Rogue: he nearly killed his own daugther. he don't play Razz

Rogue: well. not really HIS daughter.. but she don't know that Razz

Mikey: ... ewwwwwwwww! *grabs Mel and ninja poofs away - oooor is that wizard poofs away?*

Mikey: *poofs into existence back in chatzy lair* Very Happy well - that was fun.... and Shredder has got to stop wearing that tin suite so much he smells like old cheese filled gym socks... that were worn by the whole team! *puts Mel down*

Mel: *Giggles*

Erica: .... *shudders middle of a pose -* uuuuurgh! thats an image! *has to hold position and breath through urge to vomit*

Mel: *Clings to Mikey*

Erica: like this morning - its freezing cold, and I rock up at work - see pretty boy in old trackies and their soooo old you can see the sun light streaming through -

Espionata: lol

Mikko: why would you show me that!?

Rogue: show you what? The circle of life? And why leash laws are important? Razz

Erica: great view and all - and I immediately put my foot in my mouth by saying "You really need all that ventilation down there?"

Mikko: very important

Leatherhead: *has eaten a few strays himself*

Mikey: *hugs* nawwwwww we left stinky Shredder behind :)vwonder if the suit rattles when he farts?

Erica: O,o.... uuuuuuuuuuurgh! *seriously!? - trying to yoga here!*

Mikey: bet it'd smell worse than a mushroom farm

Erica: ..... *can ignore it!*

Mikey: ooooooooor worse than cat poop drying in the sun!

Erica: *........ breeeeeath.......*

Mikko: Mike has a lot of experiences with smells it seems

Mel: Just still don't feel good >​>​

Mikey: >Smile *does - rates his own farts* worse than a dead skunk!

Erica: O.O *thats it! - scrambles away to looo gagging the entire way*

Kitteh: Awwwww! Poor Erica.

Mikey: heheheheee! *snugs Mel* Very Happy .... when girls farts - they smell like hotdogs

Kitteh: lol

Angel: .... do I even want to know how you know that?

Mikko: lool

Espionata: lol

Mel: Thanks for making my stomach hurt DX *Groans holding belly*

Mikey: Smile you could always share porcelain wishing well space with E Wink

Mel: Not helping DX

Kitteh: lol That's comforting, Mikey. Razz

Mel: *Ends up puking on Mikey*

Mikey: I know I am the king of comfort O:-) ....... :O ahhh! I'm melting! *melodramatic 'melting' action going on*

Kitteh: lol

Angel:..... what is wrong with you? *backing away from mess Mikey*

Mel: Sorry Mikey DX

Angel: dont apologise to him - he sooooo asked for that Razz

Mel: True

Leatherhead: *comes over - picks both up - takes Mel to bathroom - drags Mikey away to 'swim it off'*

Mel: *Goes to get cleaned up* Erica?

Erica: .... *cleaned self - up - and just when she managed to keep down food! - curse Mikey to some boogey swamp in Hades!* ... mmm? oh - showers free Smile

Mikko: sorry Lexi. I'll pay you for your services

Lexi: >​.< I'm going to need a good lay after this.

Mel: Mikey made me puke >​< *Takes shower*

Erica: join the club - two members so far >​,<

Mikko: I'm sure Gabe can hook you up

Erica: hehehe hook you up with a hook up Razz

Mel: *Comes out* Well I have the flu >​<

Erica: ooooh *pats her back* thats terrible... need some fresh cloths? can borrow some of mine Very Happy even if they be a bit big

Mikey: Ahhhhhhhhh! *swimming away from crazy gator!*

Leatherhead: *amused rumble - chasing Mikey in water, snapping jaws every now and then to make him swim faster*

Mel: Yeah thanks

Angel: Very Happy Mikey made Erica and Mel throw up by describing bad smells - Leatherhead's getting them some pay back Wink

Mel: I haven't eaten for three days DX

Erica: come on then - *takes Mel to Spot to find her some cloths* nawwws - I ate.... not sure how much I digested but I ate! Smile and you need to eat mmmmm

Mel: Eat what? *Puts on some pajamas*

Erica:.... ummmmm *rubs belly* not sure - what do you feel like? a salad?

Shaya Something light for your tummies ladies?

Mel: No big brother says something light

Erica: yes please Shaya

Mikko: *spanks everyone*

Shaya *Drives into the kitchen....* Vrooom! *dives into the kitchen to cook*

Mel: Oo

Hank: *should not admit he enojyed the spanking* ^_^

Erica: *follows*

Mikko: hey Raph. I know you don't know me in the zombie game, but can I come live with you?

Raph: have to ask Sensei...

Lexi: I need to cum, too... I mean, go..

Mikko: Don didn't ask to bring Love home. The tower is full of single men, Lexi. pick one.

Lexi: Well, the one I would choose is clinging to life, so..

Mikko: Laz? you don't want him. He's small.

Laz: -_-

Lexi: ...why do I not believe that?

Mikey: *puffed from being swim chased by Leatherhead Razz

Mel: Is Mikey back yet? *Sits at the table*

Leatherhead: *happily sunning self belly up!*

Mikey: *creepies into kitchen* Very Happy better ladies Very Happy[/font]

Mel: No DX

Shaya Soup on! *comes out with a tray of soup and fresh bread*

Rogue: daws.. al the flirting in turtle ER and Erica somehow ended up with Leo Razz

Mel: Thanks

Erica: hehhee bastard is crafty as Mikey Razz

Shaya Anyone want a Chicken rice soup?

Mel: I guess if Mikey or big brother find out I haven't eaten for three days I'm in trouble >​>​

]Erica: *hand that had been waving over Red eagerly - is joined by the other* oooooo me! please! - yes eat Mel! soup! soup is good!

Mikey: hehhee

Mel: I probably lost weight which I shouldn't lose >​>​

Erica: alpha turtle snuck his way in - like a ninja!!

Kitteh: Don: Sad Why does Leo get her? I had her first.

Erica: nawwwwwwwwwws

Shaya That's why you get thirds Mel. *hads her a bowl of soup and spoon*

Erica: *sniffs* mmmmmm smells great!

Mikey: *hopeful tail wags Very Happy *

Shaya *hands Erica and Mikey soup from the tray

Mikey: yay! Very Happy *blows on his*

Rogue: dawwws, poor Donnie

Mel: *Eats a little* Aww big brother

Rogue Raph: Well if it makes you feel any better, Donnie.. he snuck in before I could even say 'hiiii' and bat my eyes at 'er -.-

Kitteh: Don: *sighs* No,'s fine. I'll get her as my mate...someday. Maybe... Sad

Shaya poor Handsome turtles.

Erica: *licking spoon* - there will be other me's to call dibs on .... this is good...

Erica: *player dangles izombie Erica around* hehhee kinda reminds me of fishin

Mel: *Hugs Donnie*

Ally: *bounces in and hops around Mikey, singing* IiiiiiiiiiIIIIiiiiIIIIII​iii'm Hooked on a feeeeeeling, I'm high on beeelieving, that you're in looooove with meeeeeeeeee! ^^

Don: *hugs Mel back* How are you feeling?

Mel: I ate a little soup >​>​

Don: Good, that's good.

Erica: and Don I says yes! someday in a game thread somewheres you shall has the lady Razz

Shaya: Smile

Kitteh: Don: Smile

Erica: and Raphie boy if he throws his dew rag in the ring -

Mel: Yeah even though Mikey made me sick from being gross DX

Kitteh: Right now, though, Don could flirt with her as much as he wants. Razz

Rogue: lol.. oh, Raph is determined to have her somewhere, too.. since just the craziness that is chatzy isn't good enough Razz

Mikey: oooh! I would never! *hehhee might get pummelled for making Erica puke*

Kitteh: Though he doesn't have the courage to do too much. Girls make him nervous. Wink

Mikey: *hurriedly gulps his soup down and swallows his bread - just encase*

Mel: Having the flu sucks >​< *Has lost weight*

Erica: *licking bowl clean -*

Erica: and yes flirt away Donnie! Very Happy

Kitteh: Oh, and Don says to Raph at least he has Erica in chat. He's missing her a lot.

Ally: O.o .. Sad *waves hand in front of Mikey* Am I dead you and you don't hear me??

Rogue: Angel not doin' the job? Razz

Kitteh: Don says it's a different kind of feeling with Angel. A very good feeling, of course.

Mikey:......... Very Happy *grabs and runs away with Ally* down on one knee* ♫ips as sweet as candy Its taste is on my mind Girl, you got me thirsty For another cup o' wine!! *serenade!*[/font]

Angel: *smug* I create feelings in others they themselves don't understand....

Don: Yes you do. Smile[/font]

Mel: *Groans leaning against Donnie trying to keep the food down*

Don: *pats Mel* You should be over this very soon.

Hank: *sneakies into spot briefly*............*aft​er a little bit sneakies out and dives back in box*

Mel: Hope so this sucks DX

Leatherhead: *smiles and hurries over to Shaya* hello!

Erica: and finally the fact the lovely blond is here distracts him from day dreams of cheetos and laying baout in the sun

Kitteh: Oh, and since Raph got Erica pregnant, he's feeling a bit jealous of him. Wink Even though he's not really ready for kids yet.

Rogue: daw. Does he know?

Kitteh: Would Don admit any of this to Raph? Nope. Razz

Erica: Donnie's always know Razz

Rogue: lool

Kitteh: He sort of does.

Shaya Hey Big Guy. Soup? ... Kiss?

Rogue: can't say that Raph was ready, either.. but as he once told Hank, shit happens Razz

Leatherhead: mmmm kiss? *big hopeful gator grin*

Kitteh: Too bad turtles don't have protection. Razz

Rogue: lol. Raph would need a swimming pool sized condom Razz

Raph: -.-

Kitteh: A Hefty lawn trash bag might work. Wink

Shaya *Leans upward* please~

Rogue: hehe.. yup

Don: O.O Just HOW big is he?! *isn't anywhere near that size*[/f]

Erica: don't need it right now - *cleaned her bowl - sidles up to Raph - could SO say something on this matter but doesn't*

Erica: hehehe and to think she knows all their sizes - Razz

Mel: *Grips stomach and runs to the bathroom* DX

Kitteh: She's been with all of them except Mikey. Wink

Leatherhead: Very Happy *slips arms about her slim waist and smooooooch - very carefully given he has to flex the lips' of his snout*

Erica: yep - heheheh though she has seen Mikey's sketched one Razz

Kitteh: And Mikey's the 'baby'. Razz

Erica: and Leatherhead's Razz

Mel: *Comes out after emptying her stomach* This really sucks DX

[b]Don: Have you tried saltine crackers?

Mel: No big brother

Raph: *snugs Erica* Feelin' better?

Don: Why don't you try those? They're light and not greasy.

Mel: Okay at least I can drink stuff DX

Don: Really?

Mel: Yeah mostly water

Don: *nods* That's good.

Erica: *nods nods, snuggles -* I do, what about you Red? *knows he was, probably still is worried*

Don: Keep doing that. You need to stay hydrated.

Mel: I will just feel like crap and my stomach isn't helping DX

Rogue: *Portal 'barfs' up a baby T-Rex and M Donnie, both running from a Spinosaurus.. another portal opens up and they disappear just as quickly*

Don: I know. Have you rested today?

Erica: O.O

Mikey: *still on one knee serenading Ally!* O,O

Raph: Yeah.. I'm okay.. *and cut short when the earth shakes and craziness happens* O.o... that can't be good..

Mel: Slept on and off all day

Don: *isn't sure what he saw*

Rogue: yeah. A lesson for the chars here. When you think you have it bad, remember.. you could be M Donnie Razz

Erica: O.o

Shaya *swooning in his arms, barely noticing the tray on her arm*

Don: *nods* Good. Well, keep going with the fluids and try to eat something. Those crackers are probably your best bet.

Hank: *pops head out of box - covered in saw dust shavings* what was that?!

Erica: hehehe Erica will take him up on that challenge when D'Day comes around Razz

Mel: Hope so *Snuggles close to Donnie* DX

Ally: *snogs Mikey but pauses as... Dinos come through?!* ZOMG.. I want the lil one!!

Erica: no matter how bad things get - you could imagine trying to push something as large as a watermelo out through an opening as round as an orange

Rogue: hehe

Espionata: lol

Rogue: Spinosaurus has nothin' on child birth Razz

Rogue: and, becoming the overnight 'daddy' to a baby T-rex Razz

Rogue: though that last part can't be all bad ^^

Erica: *not at all phased by players words*

Angel&April: *on the other hand are!* seriously!!

Don: *lightly pats Mel's shoulder* Why don't you go lie down again?

Leatherhead: *ooooooooooooh woooooooow! cheetos have nothing on this flavor!*

Mikey: I'll get you one.... *but for now - SNOGS*

Mel: Already did can't sleep now

April: *hugs Mel*

Ally: Very Happy <3

*random portal*

Don: You don't need to sleep right away. Just...lie down and rest. You could watch some TV in the living room.

Mel: And portals are opening now big brother Oo

Erica: J.D.: You'll fart, poop, pee, and scream, with an audience, all of whom are staring intently at your vagina - which, by the way, has an 80 per cent chance of tearing!

Kitteh: O.o Wtf?

Erica: *portal opens again and sucks away J.D.* some random birth imagary for ya

Mel: What was that?! *Clings to Donnie*

Angel: ........ *stuff of nightmares!*....... education?

April:...... *drags Mel away to couch - must watch senseless violence on tv to get that out of her head*

Don: *has no clue, just...staring*

Mel: And it made my stomach hurt DX

Erica: O,o..... *gags.... but forces self to swallow and breaaaath - not only does she not want to puke on Red.... buuuuuuut she just had delicious soup! - doesn't want to waste it*

April: thats why we are watching.... something!

Don *gives April a grateful smile*

Shaya *scratches his jaw. -How skilled can he get? Oh no, air supply*

[color:e3f3=666633]Mel: *Gags when Erica does*

Raph: O.o *ninja skill yanks the table cloth out and holds it underneath Erica's mouth*

Leatherhead: *rumbles.... and slowly breaks the kiss and tilts head - mmmmmmmm those fingers!*

[b]Don: *looks at Erica* Are you okay?

[color:e3f3=FF9933]Erica: *eyes watering.... muffled... thanks* Mmmmm hmmmm *nods at Donnie - is manging to keep soup doooown*

Don: *still looks at her with concern* Do you need anything?

[color:e3f3=666633]Mel: *Runs to bathroom again*

Erica: hehehe >Smile and some times if bub is 'stuck' there may even be need for an episiotomy, when a lady's perineum is cut to .... help things along - as if tearing wasn't bad enough?!

Espionata: Ouch

Rogue: Raph would pass out if he had to watch Razz\

Kitteh: Yikes.

Shaya: had a friend have that done

Erica: >​,< *has nothing to throw at player to shut her up!* - *snuggles into Raph and tries to block out imagary - of course she 'knows'! but it's different now facing the possibilities!* give my player a whack with your bo staff to shush her Pretty Eyes

Mel: *Comes out of the bathroom leaning against the wall* That sucked even more DX

Erica: hehehehe my Dad says he did faint!

Espionata: My mom had c-sections

Kitteh: So did my mom.

Erica: >Smile not mine ......... sorry Mum Razz

Kitteh: So you were a lil' turkey when you came out? Wink

Erica: yesth! I was!

Kitteh: Dawwwww

Erica: where as Havanah was the biggest of us all at birth a whopping ten and a half pounds

Kitteh: O.o Wow!

Erica: .... he's still a big boy Razz

Rogue: *portal opens up once again and plops out baby T-Rex and M Donnie, quickly closes up before Spino can come through-- whew! T-rex trots over to the table, tail wags and waits expectantly for someone to drop a scrap*

Espionata: Wow

Rogue: ouch

Erica: LMAO!

Mel: I'm delirious Oo *Is dizzy too*

Kitteh: M Donnie still have it bad? Razz

Erica: O,O

Rogue: hehe, shell no Razz

Erica: hehehe big boy like his daddy my cousin Very Happy ....

Don: *blinks* Um...well, hello there.

Erica: yesth my aunt was def lucky on that score - no shell! Very Happy though he still managed to cause internal bleeding - she had to have two lots of blood .... poor woman

Rogue: Baby T: *head plops on table, nearly taking it down.. don't realize his own size. Cute growl-roar-whimpers*

Mel: *Clings to Donnie* Big brother dinosaur!

Don: *jumps up from the table* Whoa!

April: *grabs Mel again and drags her back behind Donnie away from dino*..... seems friendly

Mel: At least it's real but I don't think the dancing flowers are Oo

Erica:.... *holds out some bread to the dino.... oh yeah never mind the teeth!*

Don *watches the dino carefully, the scientist in him can't help but be fascinated by the little--big guy* Erica...wait.

MmDonnie: *finally composes himself and pushes up from the floor. Covered in leaves and mud and other natural camouflage* Heh, sorry.. he's just hungry.. we've been running for days. Sad *sees that the others seem frightened.* He won't hurt you. *though, he can't really guarantee that. He is a predator after all!*

Baby-T: *O.O quickly snaps up bread, barely missing Erica's fingers!*

Don *breathes out a sigh of relief when it doesn't take Erica's hand*

Erica: ... Ack! oy! gentle! *lightly baps the rex's nose* ooooh MDonnie hi Smile

Rogue Raph: O.o -.- *baps Rexie with rolled up news paper* Bad Dino.

[color:e3f3=6600FF]Don: O.O Raph...that's not a good idea.

April: *pats Mel's head* cause they like her.... *drags Mel over to MDonnie* you look like you could use a wash and feed yourself Smile

Baby-T: *O.O Dramatic ROOOOOOARS in Raph's face, covering him with spittle. Snaps at his beak!* Sad

Kitteh: lol Dawwwwww I wanna hug it. Razz But I won't because of the ROWS of teeth! Wink

Espionata: lol

Rogue: hehe

Leatherhead:.... *gets between them and ROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOARS back - snapping his jaws*

Erica: *lifts shirt to wipe spittle off Raph*

Raph: *now a complete nasty mess* What the hell you been eatin'.. dead shit? -.-

Baby T: *ROOOOOOOOOARS back! Thinks this is a game!*

Erica: probably has - wonder if it enjoys under the chin scratchies like Jaws?.... ooooo! *smell finally registers and she goes green - gags - but fights it!*

Kitteh: Dawwwww! I thought the spittle might have done her in. Wink

Leatherhead: *blinks - and makes a different rumbling noise*

Erica: oooooooo this morning .... *gags...* sickness is kicking *heaves.... not going to be able to fight it!* my ass!

MmDonnie: Well, actually.. yes. He just made use of a dead stegosaurus this morning. Unfortunately no one makes dino food in a can.. :/ *and smiles at Eric, joining them at the table*

April: ... I think you need to come lay down Mel... *drags girl away*

Kitteh: Awwww, I'd love to see this acted out between T-Rex and LH. ^^

Baby T: *head tilts and imitates LH's noise, then rolls onto his back for belly rubs.. yeah, Donnie has spoled him*

Erica:..... ooooooo! *yep dead stegosaurus did it! she makes it as far as kitchen pin -*

Leatherhead: Smile *growls gently and - gives belly rubs!!! lord know he LOVES that too!*

Don: *is pretty much frozen in place, still staring* ..... *does think the lil' guy is cute* Huh. *smiles*

Rogue: poor lil guy never knew his mommy.. so he'll be one confused lil dino, lol

April:.... oy vie *drags Mel away to spare room* yep - we'll live

Erica: nawwwwwwws

Kitteh: Mikey will want to keep him. Wink

Espionata: lol

Mikey: Ally! - I found him!.... he's sooooo cute! *joins LH in belly rubs*

Mel: No we won't the bed will eat you

April: then let it and go to sleep

Ally: *joins in the belly rubz!* ^^

Mel: Not tired

Erica: *shaking and shivering - staggers to sink to rinse mouth*

Baby-T: *happy foot thumps* ^^

Raph: *rushes after Erica to make sure she's okay* Sad

April: well then we'll use it as a safe spot from the fire and all - if it eats us at least it'll be relatively painless right?

Angel: *watches craziness-* girlfriend - you alright?

Mel: But you're an ice cube *Leaves the spare room*

Don: *still keeps his distance but watches the scene with the T-Rex...then looks over at Erica and goes over to her* Maybe you should get her out of here, Raph.

Erica: *stands-* yeah .... I'm okay - Very Happy though again I have to say I hope this does not last the entire pregnancy

Angel: O,o

April: *tackles Mel* then I'm nice and cool - your running a fevah!

Mikey: *rubs rubs Belly - snogs Ally*
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PostSubject: Re: Portal Hopping Pt. 31 - 40   Mon Aug 08, 2016 4:23 pm

Pt. 37

Previously on Portal Hopping:

guDamian: dad says not by much ...

guRaph: my mate Kim can help with that... She's been our medic for fifteen years... And delivered most of our children, with Don here

Don: *smiles* Thank you.

April: thanks... Yeah our Raphs freaking out... Even if doing a good job hiding it

Don: *knows he has a long way to go to even be close to having kids*


Mel: *Wakes up wondering where she is* Oo Where am I?*Looks around* Big brother? *Looks around* How did I end up here? Fuck it *Goes to raid the fridge of the base* Starving DX

guRandomMessHallStaff member: *directs Mel to a seat, gives her a tray of good food*

Mel: So where am I? *Eats the food*

Love: *licks Don*

Erica: FYI - my new bed ... isth AWESOME!

Mikko: wooooo *jumps on it*

Erica: *tackles Mikko and snugs on it* it's like sleeping on a cloud!

Don: *from an undisclosed location* Smile

Mikko: ^^ *snugs*

Erica: hehehehe Love did some portal hopping too huh?

Mel: *Finds Donnie* Big brother ^^

Mikko: Love goes where Don goes

guRaidon: *sidles up to love with his own tray of food - been working* how are you feelin? Very Happy

Mel: Better and how did I get here?

Love: hi? I'm ok. O.O

Vic: *licks Leo*

Leo: *grabs and KISSES*

Vic: O.o ..^^ Kissykissy*

Karai: -.-

Leo: ^^

Don: *snogs Love in his hiding place*

Mel: Why am I here?

Love: ^____^ purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr​rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr​r

guRaidon: I'm guessin Damian's portal hopper he gave your worlds Donatello... and I assume you came to see me *waggles eye ridges* after the snogging we did Razz

Mel: What?!

guRaidon: yeah I know ... it was pretty awesome - took you mum cause you were a little crazy sounding.

Don: *stroooooooookes her* Very Happy

Love: *melts*

Mel: I'm not crazy!

Erica: *has NOT been a lazy bones - has clean Spot and even managed to make bed - done some homework... now hungry*

Erica: hehehe sounds like me in the morning - work and homework and last on the list - FOOD!

guRaidon: well you certainly were for a bit last night Wink I mean you had a fever.

Don: *snogs Love again* Hi.

Love: *snogs* hey sexy.

Don: When did you get here?

Love: just now. now lets make kittens!

Don: O.o ...What?

Love: babies. kittens...wee little ones.

Erica: hehe ♫Always look on the briiiiiiii iii ght side of life - do do dooo dod oooo

Don: I...I don't know how safe that would be, Love.

guRaidon: yes - yes you did Very Happy

Love: wont know til we try

Don: ....Okay... *still isn't sure*

Shaya: *snoring at the coffee table with papers all over it*

Love: *kisses*

Don: *kisses her back* Are you sure...?

Love: mmmmhmmmm

Don: *kisses her again*

Love: *kisses and crawls on top of him and kisses more!!!!!*

Don: *gently gropes her, returning her kisses*

April: *has arm loads of papers - returns home and joins Shaya* hey! Smile hehehe awwwwws *places her stacks in a spare spot and lightly nudges her friend*

Don: *lets the kitty sleep*

Erica: poor o'Don been stuck in guverse lol - though he might have enjoyed his time learning how guDon and guRaph run an entire community of humans and mutants in hiding - hehhe especially guRaph's way of handling inner community disputes when he's had enough of the complaints for the day - gives the complainers fish and lets them slap it out Razz

Erica: diplomacy - just got smelly

Mel: Well maybe you are somewhat cute >​<

guRaidon: damn right I am... Very Happy very cute yourself *flirty flirt flirtison*

Shaya huh? *half awake, squinting* April?

April: hey you - need a fresh hot coffee?

Mel: I am 14

guRaidon: and I'm fifteen Smile

Mel: So where is your dad?

guRaidon: this time of day he's just about told those people requesting his audience to go suck lemons - and or fight it out with fish.... and is probably having lunch with Mum why?

Mel: Just wanted to know while mine is hopefully not here

Erica: *wonders where Red got to - joins Shaya and April at table*

Shaya Please~

April: Very Happy coming right up - whatcha studying? *gestures to all her paper work... sees Erica and points to the pile she herself brang* Erica when you feel up to it go through that lot - coffee?

Raph: ZZZzzzZZzzz..

Erica: will do... um no tea please

Mel: Okay I admit it I got a crush on you Raidon >​<

Shaya paper work. Dr. Fallow Wants a revamp of the paper. So much back up research!

April: *places fresh coffe down and gives Erica her tea* I see... anything I can help with? Erica take these, their all yours - oh and a portal hopper from the guRaph

Mel: You know since I'm here I can sneak into those evil turtles' lair and maybe find a weakness >​>​

Erica: Thanks April... oh really?... *takes the portal hopper... put in pocket, scoops up the giant stack of papers April points out... and juggling these and her tea - searchs... finds and sits next to sleeping Raph.*

Erica: bwhahahaha I bet his shell makes a good lean on too whilst reading Razz

guRaidon: I don't think so - your not a trained ninja or warrior.... annnnd the city is dangerous.

Shaya What did you give her April?

April: information, looooooads of it Wink

Shaya ahhh * sounds like she gets it, she doesn't , too tired* Coffee? *holds the hot cup in hands and gives April a dopey smile*

James: *Fell through a portal and ended up in the GUClones lair by accident* Oo

April: hehe *makes another coffee* well she's a nerd like us, and pregnant with her first - she'll need all the infomation she can get her hands on... hopefully it will help ease both hers and Raph's worries a little Smile- so how can I help you with all this paper work?

Erica: ooooooo the GUClones? man he aint going to like that Razz

Espionata: Nope but he will be offering his help lol

GUGold: toy! *points at James* lets play puny human.... *stalking over to the man*

James: Now why would I be a toy? *Backs away*

Mel: *Sighs* I'm sick of being hurt and not be able to get revenge afterwards >​<

Don: *goes exploring this version of his family's lair*

GUGold: cause your a puny human and thats what your for Very Happy *growls* run run.... *crouchs tail wiggle ready to pounce!*

James: I won't run and I can be more than just some toy I know you want females

guRaph: Hey other world Don *is passing with nose ridge buried in a stack of papers - which he just about ready to set fire too - loaths this part of trying to keep a community afloat*

Don: *stops in his tracks* Oh. Hello. *waves to him*

GUGold:... >Smile males are just fine too - now RUN! *lunges with teeth bared - talons out*

James: *Grabs GUGold and struggles to hold him back* But I know how to lure those turtles out so you can catch them

guRaph: .... Smile here hold these for me *passes this Don the papers* enjoy your stay last night? my brother has been frantic all morning in his lab designing tech packs *thats what leaders do - delegate*

GuGold: *outweighs this man and flattens him* I can get this information from you when I catch you! *lifts the man up and tosses him back to his feet* now run!

Don: *takes them* Yeah, it's been great. And he has?

James: When I can just tell you here and now and be a spy for you? You're not that smart are you?

Shaya: I'm laughing at GuGold. Both parts Murderous and playful.

Kitteh: Razz

guRaph: *wonders if he gives this younger Don the broken pen he'll fill out some paperwork? - gives him the pen* yes he has - mind you his lab he is always in bustling about - but... having you here is almost... like having our other brothers back for a while... it's nice... *leads this Donnie down hallways*

GUGold: Your the one arguing with a turtle that is far stronger than you - and you have nothing to tell us... we already are aware we can draw these other owrlds turtles by stealing their females... we might do so - or just go for a full on attack... *trips James and stands on his shoulder, holding him down, talons on his toes digging into flesh, drawing blood*

James: *Winces* But wouldn't like more access to more females?

guRaidon: you have to accept your short comings and find ways to compensate Smile

Mel: What my sneakiness and speed?

GUGold: *shifts weight in his stance, forcing the mans shoulder to pop clean out of its socket* I have access to any partners I choose here - we rule this place...

guRaidon: yeah but it won't be enough for wht your thinking

James: *Yells in pain* You could rule more

Mel: No but have to try I'm bit of an adrenaline junkie >​>​

GUGold: oooh we intend to - find other clones of us... other originals, bend those young enough to follow Cyan, kill those that wont... you should have ran when you had the chance

Don: *smiles, following him* I'm glad I could help.

guRaidon: so? there are other ways to get a thrill hit... could always go snowboarding down the mountain top Razz

James: But I want to help you do that

Mel: Maybe. So think your dad would like us being together?

Don: *took the pen* ... *is wondering what this world's Raph wants him to do*

Shaya: Psst Rogue... Can I gain access to the naughty pages?

guRaph: *hides smirk at that* ah thanks, we just filling out tunnel stability reports... just make notes of anything you see that needs repairs - - or if you note any funny smells... leaking... that kidnd of stuff -*finally can give his own hands a break! freaking stupid maintenance reports*

GUGold: >Smile you'll help plenty by being a snack.... * licks his sharp teeth*

Don: Oh, uh...okay. Let's see...

guRaidon: stop worrying about that - lets go find some boards and shred some snow .... and find better gear to keep warm

James: No I wouldn't I can easily lure my daughter to you she hates me and wants revenge on all of us

Mel: Okay

guRaph: least favorite part of leading - down right pain in the fuckin tail - *and a great way to show Don more of the enormous base...* you and your brothers are how old again? *kinda zoned in an out in the talk previously*

Don: *jots a few notes down* We're all in our mid to late teens.

guRaph: about the same age as my eldest boy then Wink maybe a little older - Knucklehead he is *opens a door to let Don through, follows*

guRaidon: come on *leads Mel off to go snow boarding*

Don: *goes through the door* What is his name?

Shaya: knucklehead is his name or an adjective for his sons actions?

Mel: *Follows him* This is a cool place

Erica: lol both if you ask guRaph Razz

Rogue: be back soon, guys.. multi tasking >​.<

guRaph: Raidon... then there is Raj my second eldest son and Rose my daughter - fifteen, thirteen and eleven respectively...

Don: *smiles* It sounds like a wonderful family. *looks around the room a little*

GUGold: >​,>​ your spawn is of no consequence to us human mmmmm that pinkie of yours looks yummy

James: Oh but she knows the plan to get rid of all of you

guRaph: *chuckles* Its great - *their in the bases memorial hall, the chamber filled with urns - some statues here and there* come on I'll show you Leo and Mikey... well... ours...

GUGold: *laughs leaning down to bite that pinkie* she is a tiny underfed human - no threat to us

Don: *nods, still looking around* Sure.

GUGold: and I caught her once - can do so again Very Happy

James: I can make her talk she's scared of me

guRaph: *nods, leading this Don to statues of his deceased brothers with urns between their feet*

Don: *stops in front of the statue of Leo* Oh... *reaches up to touch the statue of his eldest brother in this world* My condolences.

guRaph: thanks - even now half a decade on its still hard to knpw two of our team have gone *the statues are carved wood, but the bandanas are the originals, a little torn and faded*

GUGold: *takes that finger - his sharp teeth slicing through flesh - jaws crushing the bone* all will learn to be afraid of us....

Don *nods, turning to guRaph* I'm sorry...I really am. I...I can only imagine how it feels. I really don't know what I would do if I lost one of my brothers. Especially so early in life.

James: *Cries out in pain*

Shaya: ouch

guRaph: *nods, and in true Raph fashon grumbles about dust making his eyes watery* yeah it was hard - I think... if Don and I had not families to care for, a war still raging around us, mutants and humans needing sanctuary... and not to mention our brothers mates and children to care for we might have just died right along with them with grief. *their worlds Erica's little statue few back in another row*

GUGold: *pins James and gives him a show of chewing that finger to mush - noisily crunching little bones* my brother Cyan is sneaking about listening in - he knows there is a plot afoot...

guRaidon: it will have to -

Don: *sighs then looks over at Mikey's statue, frowning deeply* He...he looks so young. *swallows thickly to hold back some emotion of his own then looks at Raph* did it happen? *hopes he's not overstepping any boundaries with this question* Um...yo-you don't have to answer if you don't want to.

guRaph: *considers telling this Donnie no* .... in the last battle - our Mikey in fighting Cyan - was fatally wounded... all holes and blood and... *shudders* Leo went to help - and the bastard killed them both... ripping out Don's throat... youve seen his scars... he barely survived - we've been in hiding since, licking our wounds waiting to strike back

Don: *listens to all of this with horror then puts on a determined expression* What kind of help do you need to accomplish this?

Kitteh: How did GUGold get out?

Espionata: Mikko

guRaph: the plan that other Donnie went over... the one with the TRex tagalong - you think it will work? can your Raph handle Gold? *gives his brothers statues a shoulder pat and steps along the row, pointing at the woman one next to it* my Don's mate, we lost her in the same battle...

Erica: Yep Mikko let the bugger loose and this time he went home - Razz

Don: I hope so. *then looks at the statue of the woman* She was very pretty. You all suffered a very terrible lost in this battle. *turns to look at Raph again* We'll help you avenge them. We have one of those monsters locked up in my lab.

guRaph: *looks tired for a moment, and a lot older than what he is for a few moments* yes, it never occured to us to reach out to other universes for help... thank you - it will be well over due... she was a fierce fiesty little woman yes Wink *he chuckles and leads Don on through the others lost in the battle... towards their Splinter... next to April and Erica's*

Don: *gasps when he sees Splinter's statue* No...

guRaph: .... Yes.... he was their first kill ....

Baby T: *will eats the Clones when all growed up* ^^

Erica: *reading*

Mel: *Gets on hers and ends up sliding down the mountain* Woah!

Don: *lightly touches the statue with his fingertips*

guRaidon: *shoots after her on his*

Mel: *Keeps going doesn't know how to stop* Yikes!

GuRaidon: *catches her* hehe *balances her board on his and directs them both*

Mel: Oops ^^ *Holds on*

guRaph: we were blind sided by the attack on Splinter. Oh sure... We had... Hints of darkness in them... though she always tempered it.. *nods to their Erica's statue* then ... I do not know what happened to her... and Cyan took charge of his brothers, stopped listening to Leo and... Then one night they attacked dad... we were on patrol... Came back and found... *shivers* ... *nod to Aprils statue* She went next....

Mel: That was fun even if it was by accident XD

Erica: hehehe those gorey scenes - straight from horror movies Razz

Espionata: Ouch

guRaidon: ain't over yet Razz *they go faster*

Mel: Faster!

guRaidon: *crouches around Mel, shifts their center of gravity so they accelerate... Knows this trek like the back of his hand*

Mel: This is so much fun!

Rogue: Holy! O.O

guRaidon: wooooooooooooooo hooooooooo!

Mel: *Laughs* And no trouble!

Shaya: wow

Kitteh: Daaaaaaang!

Don: It's all so horrible. *shakes his head*

guRaph : *nods* it was, but I only tell you to warn you of what they are like...

Mel: *Giggles* Probably shouldn't be out here recovering from the flu

guRaidon: that's what the suits are for. *drops them down through a ice cave,*

Don *nods* I understand.

Mel: Wow this looks cool

guRaph: *points to the Erica statue* can't say what happened to her, but the clones witnessed it, and they never spoke of it... But whatever happened... It broke whatever small shred of humanity they had... *sighs* have they killed anyone in your worlds yet?

guRaidon: and it's an entrance into the base Wink *brings them to a halt and lifts her carefully off his board* Very Happy

Don *shakes his head* Not that I know of.

Mel: Wow that is cool *Enters the base*

guRaph: *relieved* good... *leads Don out of the memorial area* ... got any questions for me Don?

guRaidon: *puts board and pulls off his snow suit to put them away in a little alcove* yeah there's plenty of boarding spots on the mountain side Razz

Mel: *Takes off the snow suit and puts it and the board away* That's good but depending on the brother I will be trouble Mikey is a mother hen >​>​

Don *follows him, shaking his head* Not at the moment. I'm sorry if my questions in there were too personal. But I thank you for warning me about these creatures.

guRaidon: nawww Uncle Mikey was awesome... He found and marked and set up all the boarding, biking and riding, walking trails around the mountain Very Happy

Mel: Mikey from my world is my adoptive brother and has been protecting me Raidon

guRaph: nothing is too personal, I mean.., you are a brother from another world maybe... But a brother Very Happy - Don and I can't let what happened here spread like a cancer.... Want to meet all our children? - Very Happy they'll be about some where

Don *nods* Sure. *needs a little something to take the darkness of the conversation away*

guRaph: well you've met Raidon and Damian right? - *checks a portal hopper* Leo's eldest daughter is not far from here... *leads Don off*

Don: *nods again* Okay. And yes. They both seem like great boys.

guRaph: yeah.. all our fears of not being good fathers turned out groundless

Don: *smiles* That's great news. As you know, the Raph from my world is expecting his first child.

guRaph: *leads this Don to the communications room over to a tall young green skinned teen * all our daughters don't have a shell or plastron.. Don meet Sam Sam, Don from another world

Don: *waves to her* Hi, Sam. *smiles*
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PostSubject: Re: Portal Hopping Pt. 31 - 40   Mon Aug 08, 2016 4:24 pm

Pt. 38

Previously on Portal Hopping:

guRaph: yeah.. all our fears of not being good fathers turned out groundless

Don: *smiles* That's great news. As you know, the Raph from my world is expecting his first child.

guRaph: *leads this Don to the communications room over to a tall young green skinned teen * all our daughters don't have a shell or plastron.. Don meet Sam Sam, Don from another world

Don: *waves to her* Hi, Sam. *smiles*


Mel: *Stifles yawn* Not tired >​>​

guRaidon: if your yawning you are - you may have to stay in my sisters room Smile come on

Mel: Your sister?

Erica: hehehe how is Shaya doing with her paper work? April helping?

Shaya: lol

Espionata: lol

Shaya: More coffee, poor thing has been up far too long.

guRaidon: yes Rose - *takes Mel to the room and knocks poking head in* Rose?

Shaya: or a nap with an alligator

Erica: lol!!!

Erica: I'd suggest the nap - ack!

Mel: I could sleep with you

Erica: *is ran over by eager to snuggle gator*

guRaidon: no - sorry Mel but you'll have to stay with another girl Wink

Mel: Why? *Uses puppy eyes*

guRose: *opens her door and looks at them curiously* hello?

guRaidon: because it's better you sleep in with my sis - Rose, can Mel bunk with you? Very Happy

Mel: But I sleep with my brothers all the time

guRose: ... *grins* sure sure - I used to as a child - don't no more, come in

Shaya: aww

guRaidon: their your brothers - I am not Wink come on, you'll be fine - can swap girly storyes... do the pillow fight thing... *is bapped by his sister with a pillow*

Mel: But Raidon* Uses the puppy eyes again* I'm not remotely girly!

April: *giggles and smiles at Leatherhead* hello -

Leatherhead: *looking eagerly at Shaya - glances at all their paper work* whoa... you ladies been busy Smile

guRose: neither am I - he's just foolin - come on... *drags Mel and Raidon into her small room* he'll be next door in his own room anyways...

Shaya Big Guy. Take me away from my paperwork *Flops on floor* I'm toast.

Mel: Okay *Is small so is easy to drag*

Leatherhead: *catchs her mid flop and draws her gently to his broad chest for snugs* ahhh I see, it looks like a lot - maybe a massage too will help?

guRaidon: Smile *follows girls in*

Shaya My knots have knots. my back is a sailors dream of swirling rope braids.*angry sigh* even in my shoulders. Darn things.

guRose: *pulls down a fold up and away cot for Mel and makes it* come on Mel get comfy Wink mum and dad work late so they wont come home to our quarters here for a few hours -

Mel: Who is your dad?

Shaya: momma is kim, right?

Leatherhead: then a hot bath soak? and a massage?

Erica: yes guKim and guRaph have three - youngest Rose whose eleven but tall for her age Wink

April: *chuckling at gators eagerness - putting away papers just how she knows her friends would like it done - putting their dishes in the sink*

Espionata: How tall is she?

Erica: Mel's height Razz

Shaya Thanks April.

Espionata: Wow and she's 11 lol Mel is short lol

Erica: hehehe yep - her brothers are too Razz

April: no worries - you just go enjoy a break Very Happy *winks*

Erica: *still absorb in her own readings - probably not going to bed tonight

Shaya *wants to attempt more work.* I want to work on it more but I can't get enough energy to care. *goofy grin* Whisk me away LH.

Erica: and crap one of those doubled responses to Kitteh's Don was actually supposed to be guRaph responding about O'Raph's first child Razz hehee

Leatherhead: gladly Smile *nuzzles and with a flick of his gator tail whisks her away*

Espionata: lol

Mel: Sleep with me Raidon please

Erica: hehehe Erica's studying hard Razz

Shaya: lol

guRaidon: I'll hang out here for a bit sure Smile *sits on Mel's makeshift bed smiling and pats spot next to him*

Mel: *Curls up on his lap* ^^

Erica: yep girl is a nerd - and it's her first pregnancy Razz

Shaya: Shaya is so pampered by Leatherhead. Darn cuties. She seeing nothing but passion, intelligence, and a gentle soul in him*

Erica: ooooh he loves pampering her Very Happy and he is huh? to many so scary at first glance - but really just a green Toothless Razz

Shaya: I need to start how they met in the sewers soon, if you don't mind.

guRose: *cuddles up to her big brothers other side*

Erica: nope I am happy for that to go forward Very Happy in the main game or a free forum thread?

guRaidon: *silently huffs being a snuggle bunneh - but heck it's nice. so hugs them both*

Shaya: uhh free forum.

Mel: Love you ^^ *Snuggles close yawning*

guRaidon: o.o.... um love you too ^,^

Mel: *Falls asleep*

"guRaph: *leads this Don to the communications room over to a tall young green skinned teen * all our daughters don't have a shell or plastron.. Don meet Sam Sam, Don from another world" this was actually supposed to be **guRaph: Smile yesth I believe your April gathered some information about hybrid pregnancy- how is your Raph and his lady handling the news? when I found out I... fainted...

~*~*~*~*~* Later *~*~*~*~*~

Mel: *Is exploring the base*

Erica: *dance dance*

Shaya *very happy chemist.*

Erica: *offers hands to Shaya* what's got your cheeks all aglow Shaya?

Mel: Man this place is huge Oo

Shaya *takes her hands* I got pampered like a princess yesterday and Today I got a package from home.

Mel: *Got lost big time* Now where am I in this base>​

Shaya >Very Happy< Very Happy Can I open it with you? I'm so excited!

Erica: *tugs Shaya closer - nods * Jaws treating you right? and yes!!

Kitteh: Jaws? lol

Erica: >Very Happy<

Erica: Wink hehe yep - her pet name for Leatherhead - he calls her Bomb Wink

Kitteh: lol That sounds like a rock band. Razz Jaws & Bomb.

Erica: Annnnd Is Don still at guBase? Lol

Kitteh: Yeah, I guess so.

Erica: Lol!! They released hit singles Tooth to Tooth

Kitteh: lol!

Erica: The Cannon Ball

Espionata: lol

Erica: and Let's Make A Splash !!

Erica: Razz

Kitteh: KA-BOOM! Razz

Shaya: Jaws and the Bomb

Mel: *Growls in annoyance at being lost*

Erica: let's see if I can recall names? guLeo and his lady had .... Eight, Sam, Frank, Andy, Jenny, Gus, Angel, Lilo and Lenny

Shaya of course. *laughs* who knew I had to meet a mutant to find a proper guy.

Erica: hehe probably a small time jump Wink bwhahaha yes number one hit single... KA-Boooooom!! going platinum with that one!

Erica: he is a sweetie... Smile so proud *giggles*

Kitteh: So, you tell me who he's met already. Wink

Erica: suppose by now he's had breakfast with all the mob, guRaph and Kim's three, Damian and Danielle and guMikeys two girls.... I think their names are Talia and Sarah Wink and guLeo mob Razz probably the craziest meal he's had Wink

Erica: Wink he has the portal hopper to head home when he wishes Razz

Mel: *Comes across a hall that splits in every direction* Seriously that doesn't help >​<

Don: *still at the table* It's been a pleasure to meet all of you. *smiles*

guDamian: Wink *is helping pack up * it's like a circus huh? Very Happy *has a cousin riding on his shell*

Don *smiles* Maybe a little. *stands up* I should be going now, but I'll come back soon. Thank you for the meal and hospitality. *bows to the entire table*

Mel: *Somehow ends up outside* What kind of maze is this place?!

Erica: * annnnd goes down in a pile of kid hugs*

Shaya You are the cutie honey. *squeeezes her arms once before dragging a box into the room*

Mel: *Is hopelessly lost* D:<

guRaidon someone *grabs Mel and takes her back to the other teens*

Don Whoa! *then falls backwards into his chair again, chuckles and pats children on the back, trying to stand back up* Okay, okay. *smiles*

Mel: Hi >​>​

Erica: hehehe they call him UncleD2 or D2 Wink

Erica: thanks *skips over to help*

Shaya *drags it to the couch* First Let's find a knife or scissors....something to open this!

guDon&guRaph: *shoo the mob away*

Mel: Lots of people Oo

Don: *stands up then gives each of them a hug in return* Thanks for the warm reception, you guys.

Mel: I can't imagine having all of these relatives Oo

guRaph: *punches his shoulder playfully* come back often Wink luck to tyour Raph Wink

Mel: We're going home big brother?

Erica: Raph! *scurries over :* * borrowing a sai * slips one free and rejoins Shaya - * this do?

Don: Thanks. And I will. *heads for the kitchen's exit* Bye, everyone! *waves then looks at Mel* You can stay if you want. I'll come back in a couple days to see how things are going.

Mel: Sure leave me I am trouble >​>​

Don: *blinks* What?

Mel: Nothing big brother

Shaya Uhh yes. *looks a bit worried for using a weapon for a package opener*

guRaidon: nawwww not staying Mel?

Don I thought you might like to stay with Raph's son.

Mel: Still this world isn't my home *Is all confused by her feelings*

Shaya *opens the box anyways* OHHH!

guRaidon: Very Happy it can be Wink wanna hang out? I can take you home laters

Erica: *chuckling, returns Sai - and hurries back* what is it?!

Mel: Okay Raidon *Hugs Donnie* See you later big brother love you ^^

Don *smiles, hugging Mel* Have fun, Mel.

Mel: I will ^^

guRaidon: Wink come on I have portal hopper to do, let's suit you up and go Wink

Mel: Okay ^^ *Goes to him*

Shaya It's a few things. A letter bundle *tucks it in her coat pocket*, *pulls out a kilogram bag of Canadian candy bars* OHHH!

Don: *turns on the hopper and goes through the portal*

Mel: So where are we going?

Erica:... 0.o drooooools*

guRaidon: Smile we only look around the portals... No interaction with locals, no wondering off... we are looking for an empty one

Mikey: *sees Don* where you been bro? Very Happy

Mel: Okay not even if there's an amusement park?

Don: Hello, Mikey. I was visiting some friends.

guRaidon: even then, we working not playin Wink *makes sure her suits on tight, leads her off

Mikey: oooo - good time?

Don: *nods* Mm-hmm.

Erica: *tears eyes away from treats* Welcome back PrettyEyes Smile

Mikey: that's good Very Happy * hugs Don... then skips over to stereo to turn on and break dance to*

Mel: Fine >​>​ *Follows him*

Don: *hugs Mikey then smiles at Erica* Thanks. *smiles* How are you feeling?

guRaidon: work first, play after Razz *takes her hand*

Mel: *Takes his* We're lucky I don't have a dad so we can be together Razz

Erica: Very Happy great! I feel great... Very Happy *despite being up all night reading info brought by April * you?

Don *nods* I'm fine. *smiles*

Erica: Smile did you enjoy your time?

Shaya Hey Donatello. How was the trip? ... Maple Syrup Candy? *offer hard candy in the mixed bag of goodies*

guRaidon: Wink it ain't all bad, we get to have fun hopping Smile and you can choose the portals to try... *gives her the Hopper*

Don *nods, smiling again* I did. And the children love me. *takes a piece* Thank you. *pops one into his mouth*

Mel: Okay *Chooses random portal and goes through*

Erica: oooooh yes please! actually keeping food down ! *smiles* of course they do... Your so sweet

Don: *smiles brightly*

Shaya Children?

guRaidon: ahhhh giant pink pachyderms!!

Mel: The fuck Oo

Kitteh: lol Like Dumbo's drunken dream. Razz

Erica: *grins* I... Hope to speak to you and Leatherhead with Raph some time Smile *has a little of Shaya's offered sweets... Even if she wants to tackle and has them all!!*

Don: Yeah? About what?

Erica: Wink

guRaidon: o,O... Next one?

Mel: Yeah *Goes through another random portal*

guRaidon: ooooh this is nice.... *on a beach with Minions...* maybe we could stay for one quick slid and fruit punch?

Kitteh: lol

Mel: Yeah that sounds like a good idea

guRaidon: *clicks off the tech tracking stuff* alright let's play!!

Erica: Lol he was good for all of one portal!

Erica: it's a good chat Wink

Espionata: lol

Mel: Yeah! *Runs into the water*

Shaya *listens to Erica and Donnie's conversation, not fully distracted by the package. -Gingerbeer, Sweet!*

Erica: gingerbread? *big eyes* ooooh lord all that smells so good*

Erica: Lol!

guRaidon: *strips off as he goes CannonBall!!*

Don *chuckles*

Shaya Better Gingerbeer. Sweet ginger juice in Soda pop form.

Mel: *Takes off the suit only wearing her undergarments as she jumps in* XD

Shaya Want a ginger ale honey? *offers a ginger ale can to Erica*

Erica: thanks! *takes and sip.. Pleasantly surprised... Ooooh that's good

Mel: Think your parents will find out about this? *Is swimming*

guRaidon: who case if they do? A couple hours working the paddles is worth this! Very Happy *

Mel: The paddles?

guRaidon: yeah.. * lazy swim * one of the water ways freezes over with ice and paddles are used to break it... Hard work...

Mel: Sounds like it *Swims happily* At least no troube here XD

Erica: *sips sips* mmm this is good Very Happy

Mel: *Swims to Raidon and kisses him*

Raph: *slips up behind Erica and snugs*

Erica: hey handsome ^.^ *tilts head back, stands on tiptoe and presses kiss to chin*

guRaidon: *treads water for both of them - snoggies*

Raph: *happy churrs*

Shaya: *hugs*

Mel: This is great Raidon ^^

Erica: Smile *turns so she can snug properly*

Shaya *nibbles on coffee crisp (candy bar of wafer cookie, coffee toffee, and chocolate)

Mel: Think we might find trouble?

guRaidon: nah - cause we aint looking for it - just peeking in portals and skipping through - except this one... these little guys know how to party Razz

Raph: *carefully squeezes*

Mel: That doesn't mean anything I would go through portals and run into trouble anyway and I wasn't looking for it Razz

guRaidon: No I mean if it looks like trouble or not doesn't matter because aside fromt his one we aint stayin long enough to get mingled.... Razz though we ar definitely coming back tot his place with the cousins to have some more coconut drinks Razz
*drags them both back out of the water*

Mel: Oh yeah we are *Gets out of the water and dries off*

Erica: *has to resume tiptoe to nuzzle nose tip to snout* and what have you been up to BigRed? Very Happy

Raph:, took one hell of a cat nap. O.o

Mel: *Puts on the suit* Ready to go?

guRaidon: *gives self a all over shake - and puts back on portal hopping gear* Very Happy I am Wink

Mel; Let's go ^^ *Goes through portal&

Leatherhead: *does like him some quality basking time*

Don *is off doing...something*

Mel: Where are we now?

Erica: *giggles and smoooches* uh huh - feel well rested? *tickles spot - extra chipper today - kept down food.*

guRaidon: .... *sniffs and holds nose* have no idea but smells bad!

Erica: hehehe its the Bog of Eternal Stench!

Mel: It does DX It's worse than Mikey

Angel: *pops head around lab door* hey! your back! wooot -

Raph: *happy churrs and nuzzles* Mmhmm. You? You seem... nonvomitty

Mel: *Goes through another portal*

Don: *smiles at Angel* Hi, Angel.

Kitteh: Bog of Eternal Stench! LOL! Somebody has seen The Labyrinth. Razz

Erica: *looooves those churrs... and nuzzling, eyes close -* mmmm yes... I asked GranGran for some advice... she suggested ginger - *shows off little baggie of thinly slices ginger* have not puked all day *smug about that*

Erica: Very Happy yes and got that dang song stuck in my head

Erica: ♫dance magic dance!

Mel: Now where is this place?

Angel: *skips in and hugs - snout smoooch* have fun?

Don Yesh. That movie gives you quite the earworms. Razz

guRaidon: *taking deep breaths - sometimes having a sensitive nose really sucks eggs... rotten eggs!

Don: *smooches her back* I did. *smiles* They're all wonderful people. And such a big family.

guRaidon: *jumps and lasers fire al around them -* um... some where we aint supposed to be?! *grabs and runs* quick next portal!

Mel: *Goes through the next portal* Yikes!

Angel: Very Happy big family? thts great! - Wink get along with your ... brothers there?

guRaidon: cooool..... *pac man!*.... not cool! *runs away from chomping yellow thing*

Mel: We're not ghosts! *Runs through another portal*

Don: Yeah. At least those that were still alive...

Angel: ... still alive?... oh... thats sad Stretch *hugs* but good you got along with them Smile

Don: *smiles a little, hugging her back* Yeah. Their kids were very nice.

guRaidon: though if he had anything to say about it we would have been.... ooooh .... fairies....

Angel: *chuckles and rubs his shell* bet you were a hit with the kids Wink

Mel: Yeah now where are we?

Don *chuckles* I seemed to be.

guRaidon: in the middle of a desert? - mmmmm might make a note of this one as a possibility for blowing up our rulers....

Don I don't think they wanted me to leave.

Angel: nawwwws *smooch* we would have missed you terribly if they kept you Wink

Mel: Yeah but what if there are people here? Still got a lot of places to see and can we put my dad here?

guRaidon: well we mark it as a possibility - and then an adult team of portal hoppers will scout the place*

Mel: Okay

Don: *slips his arms around her and snogs* So would I.

Mel: *Goes through another portal*

Angel: *returns the embrace chuckling - deepening the kissing - murmuring* I... mmm... glad you.... had.... fun though *kissy kissity kiss*

Don: Yes. *smoochy-smooches*

guRaidon: mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm - seems kinda dark here....

Mel: It is let's look around *Looks around the area*

Angel: *chuckles into snogging some more fingers stroke spot - ignoring the big grumpy Gold turtle whose back in his fish bowl*

guRaidon: *flicks on flash light, though he doesn't really need it as much as Mel would... growls... *places smells bad...*

Mel: What is this place?

Don *churrs softly*

guRaidon: .... a giant bee hive? O,o *grabs Mel as they are chased by giant bees*

Mel: *Opens portal and races through*

Angel: *moans, tickles spot* bet.... you other ... you .... is ...a good dad.... *snog snogs...*

guRaidon: phew! *... not phew! floor is disappearing under their feet!...* run! *more running*

Mel: *Runs* Yikes!

guRaidon: *running!*

Mel: *Opens another portal* Phew DX

guRaidon: heheh soooo getting my mornings exercise Razz

Mel: Yeah but where are we now?

guRaidon: someplace cold *in a snow flurry and knee deep in snow* buut seems empty.... will mark is as another possible

Mel: Yeah let's leave brr *Goes through another portal*

Don Mmm... *snoggies* Hmm. *nuzzles and snogs some more*

Angel: mmmmmm - missssssed you *soooooo freakin turned on by the snogging, nuzzling and mooooore smoochies*

guRaidon: on the plus side mastered the art of snotsicles.... *follows*

Don: *rubs her back, snogging some more*

Mel: Where are we now?

guRaidon: you know I have no idea? - hehehe I wish the portal hoppers could give us a name Razz but this place smells yummy Very Happy *inside giant meat ball*

Mel: It does ^^ Still can't stay here *Goes through another portal*

guRaidon: *had been tempted to bite the wall.... shrugs and follows*

Mel: Is this place good?

guRaidon: noooope *their in a crowded shopping center and a crowd has stopped and stared at them* Very Happy... hehehhee

Mel: Oops *Hops through portal* This one?

guRaidon: *waves ta ta! - hopping through* one more and then we go home for the day... Very Happy

Mel: Now where are we? What's this place?

guRaidon: *ridiculously squished into a armoured car with Mel - * um... ah! some sort of death race! - shooot back! *floors the go pedal.... marked 'go pedal'

Mel: *Uses the weapons* This is insane!

guRaidon: *driving like a lunatic!* yes it is!!!

Mel: We need a portal!

guRaidon: then open one! Very Happy *actually enjoying the break neck speeed and tumbling action of the racing*

Mel: *Opens portal and gets flung through* Woah!

guRaidon: woooooo! that was fun... going to have to ask Uncle D if he can set up a safer version for us to play somewhere!

Mel: Yeah where are we now?

Don: *doesn't even care if they have an audience this time, moves between her legs and stroooooookes her with his fingers*

(( naughty continued: ))

guRaidon: go on click back through the portals we been in today and find us home base we'll report what we have explored and get some food and then go hang out for a bit

Mel: Okay *Does so and gets them back to base*

guRaidon:... and some random grassy plain Very Happy

Mel: Phew made it back

guRaidon: Very Happy we always do as long as we remember to just look and leave with minmum interaction as possible

Mel: Yeah so we have to report back?

guRaidon: yep - this way Smile *leads off towards communication room* Sam will take our reports Wink

Mel: *Follows* Okay Raidon

guRaidon: portal hopping always makes me hungry Very Happy

Mel: But we really don't do much

guRaidon: we're not supposed to - just seek, let the adult trained teams then go through behind us and search each of the ones we marked of interest... our work is to get home safely Wink

Mel: Kinda boring Razz

guRaidon: I don't know we had a good party and got to race about in a cool car Razz wasn't all bad... and I wont forget the pink pachyderms

Mel: True but what's having a dad like?

guRaidon: like having big brothers that also tell you embarassing childhood and hood stories and spank you if you are naughty....

Mel: Really? My dad tried to kill me

guRaidon: yep Smile ... awwww thats not cool babe

Mel: I don't have parents and I do want them but not a lot of people want a damaged teen

guRaidon: huh we have a small adoption center within the community - but no adoptees at this present time.... but I guess like finding friends and love it's just a matter of patience and finding some one you get along with Wink is there no adults in your home nice to you?

Mel: Only a few but they're to close to my age and Erica's dad is pretty nice I don't know back in my world I get into fights and I'm a thief so that's a lot for an adult to deal with

guRaidon: ooooh well I guess people just as cautious Smile but at least some folks are nice right?

Mel: Yeah not really used to that

guRaidon: it takes time to get used to

Mel: It does I took off from my last foster home because I didn't like it

guRaidon: why didn't you like it? *leading towards the Mess Hall - will give reports later*

Mel: They cared more about the money than about the kids I can't remember the number of times I had to break the lock on the fridge

guRaidon: ah I see, well at least with some nice folks about you don't have too right?

Mel: No I don't thankfully but I still deal with the pain

guRaidon: we all deal with something...

Mel: Yeah we do it's the reason I'm so small and thin puberty missed me

guRaidon: you don't have to remain small, your with nice people, surely they are feeding you? Very Happy *is leading her to Mess Hall now for feeding*

Mel: No I don't but I don't know how much I will grow now *Follows*

guRaidon: *shrugs* well you may not grow much but at least you'll feel healthier right? Very Happy oooo beef curry and rice tonight Razz come on lets get some Very Happy

Mel: True big brother wasn't to happy to hear about my size and okay

guRaidon: Wink I bet, but then again you may be just a petite person - *dishes up two wooden bowls full*

Mel: I must be when your sister is my size >​>​

guRaidon:... she's tall for her age Wink

Mel: Even with that she's three years younger than me >​>​

guRaidon: that does not mean much some are tall some aren't don't focus on it so much, just eat good food whilst you can and you'll either grow or you wont... Wink but be full filling Razz

Mel: I guess so you can't be that tall Razz

guRaidon: hey I am five foot eight - and still got years of growth Razz

Mel: Aww not fair >​>​

guRaidon: your fourteen you have years of growth left in you too

Mel: Your dad must be huge then Oo

guRaidon: ? no he's about six foot, maybe an inch shy of it why?

Mel: He's shorter than my Raphie then but not by much

guRaidon: yeah rumour has it your worlds Raph is as a big guy Very Happy

Mel: He is but he's not the cuddly guy

guRaidon: neither is my dad - well to us yeah Razz heard he was a real hard ass until he met mother Razz

Mel: Not surprised but you like to cuddle ^^ *Yawns*

guRaidon: Very Happy let's go chill with Rose again Wink *he'll do reports when she's asleep-8

Mel: Okay Raidon

guRaidon: *grins and leads her back to her temp bed in Roses room*

Mel: *Follows sleepy*

guRaidon: *tucks Mel in*

Mel: Night Raidon *Falls asleep*
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PostSubject: Re: Portal Hopping Pt. 31 - 40   Mon Aug 08, 2016 4:27 pm

Pt. 39

Previously on Potral Hopping:

Mel: Okay Raidon

guRaidon: *grins and leads her back to her temp bed in Roses room*

Mel: *Follows sleepy*

guRaidon: *tucks Mel in*

Mel: Night Raidon *Falls asleep*


Love: *lays on top of Don* ^^

Don: O.o ^_^ *wraps arms around Love*

Love: purrrrrrrrr

Don: *pets Love*

Angel: *ninja vanish*

Mel: *Is eating breakfast in the base* ^^

Don: Leo, why don't you lead the others home? I'll come back in a bit. *wants to stay with Love for a while longer*

Love: *falls asleep*

Mikko: dawwwwwwwww

Shaya: awww lol

Don: *especially since Love isn't trying to eat him anymore* ^_^

Master Splinter: I'm like awww but MS is more Hmphhhh hehehe Razz

Kitteh: MS doesn't approve? Wink

Master Splinter: Nope Razz

Master Splinter: Hehe MS also nudging Don to not forget to chatty chat with LH about his new roomies old habit of eating humans seeing as his friend is human lol Wink

Erica: oooooh yeah LH would appreciate that - then he can be on vigil whenever the girls are both about in his Den Razz

Love: ^^ I do not know what you are talking about

Master Splinter: Hehe yeah sorry Don but MS don't trust Love Wink

Master Splinter: I am here for a bit got to catch up everywhere Razz

Don: *figured that* -_-

Master Splinter: tries to eat my boy, history of eating humans, is quiet a but older than my sons, has been a part of why there is currently a rift in the family... yeah I'm keep close eye on her ...

Master Splinter: Yeah me is sort of like 'cute' but MS just thinks the mutant cat is a little bit too manipulative Razz

Erica: protective daddy Razz

Master Splinter: Yes well he's not going to forbid anything, but is going to caution

Kitteh: Dawww

Master Splinter: though Don should already be on guard himself Razz

Erica: *last time she tried firing a pistol on a firing range she ended up nearly taking off her left big toe - had to have a bandaid*

Erica: Razz yeah I just found my paperworks regarding the laws that I got when I went to do my firearms safety course and proper storage course and got the license.

Erica: lol yeah Erica and fire arms don't mix Very Happy - actually her with any weapon thats not her own shoe, a war hammer and or frying pan don't mix

Espionata: lol

Erica: Razz

Erica: .... and probably a scaple - pretty sure the girl knows where to cut to make you bleed out in seconds - but other than that girl is about as dangerous as an empty box

Espionata: lol

Kitteh: lol

Erica: hehehe yeah, she played with a sword once - it ended up buried in the ground up to the hilt and she couldn't pull it out Razz

Erica: Very Happy

Espionata: lol

Mel: *Sighs* Sad

Kitteh: Sooooooo, did Don wear Angel out last night? Razz

Angel: no - she's tempted to 'rouse' him some more

Kitteh: lol So where are they? Wink still in bed with his sweetie? Wink

Angel: yes lounging about like a pair of lazy lizards Razz

guSam: *sneaks up on Mel* boo

Mel: *Jumps heartracing isn't normally jumpy* Don't do that!

Don *sleeping next to his sweetie* Wink

guSam: girl you were asked to stay with and help out Danielle today with her chores - what you up to?

Mel: Hiding

Angel *has been awake for a little while - watching him sleep ... tickles snout* Smile *internally squeeeing cause of cutness*

Don: *snorts, wiggling said snout, shifts a little in bed*

guSam: from what *yeah she's a little bit of a serious susan like her dad Leo* theres nothing in or around the Base that is of danger to us and all of us must do our assigned chores to ensure community health and safety.

Angel *giggles and traces the shape of his mouth with a finger tip*

Mel: Nightmares been seeing my dad all day since I woke up

Don: *sucks his 'lips' in a little then smiles, starting to wake up but hasn't opened eyes yet*

guSam: we all have night mares - if you need to talk to an adult about them we have councillors, Aunty Paula in the kitchens is good to talk to about those things

Angel *smile widens and she shifts closer to gently smoooch that smile of his*

Don I honestly have never heard them called that before.

Mel: I don't know

Don: *smooches back, slowly opening his eyes*

guSam: well you missed the chores - but don't do it again ... next time talk to some one - I'd say Raidon but he is out on wood collection today, sides your dad can't get in here - and been put on 'to watch for' status

Mel: I guess so normally I can take out my fears and anger in a street fight but not this time

Angel Mmmmmm whom needs a coffee with such a tasty smoooch as a wake up? *another smoooch chuckling*

guSam: there is weapons practicing ranges if you wish to do that next time... come on Very Happy *leads Mel away from just lurking about in shadows*

Mel: *Is taken out and is trying to stop shaking*

guSam: *hugs*

Mel: *Hugs her back*

guSam: *shifts hug to one arm around shoulders so they can walk along*

Mel: *Walks with her now scared of being in trouble*

Don: *smooches her again, smiling* Hello.

guSam: Wink you won't be punished but please, whilst your here remember to take part in our chores as well as the fun - the work is our way to help our Uncles Raph and Don and Aunties keep this place going - and our population healthy and fed.

Mel: Okay Sam

Angel hi hi you sexy man - sleep well? *snogs.... happily streeeeetching slowly*

Don *snogs back, nodding* Yeah. How about you. *runs his hand down the length of her torso*

Angel *back arcs into that touch, gooseflesh rising... delighted by the stroke of those fingers* it was a fantastic sleep - mmmm but good sex will do that Wink *eyes meet his smiling*

Mel: *Freezes as she thinks she saw a glimpse of her dad*

guSam: *tugs her along* didn't you hear me? he can't get in here - he wont even find the place... and if by some dumb luck he does he'll be apprehended as he is on the 'to watch for' alert

Mel: Sorry it's part the emotional stuff can't help that

guSam: sure you can... it takes time sure but you can over come it...

Don *chuckles* Yes it does. *snogs her again*

Mel: A lot of time that's for sure

guSam: best way is to keep busy and not think on it

Angel *hand returns the stroke over his torso, fingers tracing along his side-* and freakin fantastic sex... makes rest all the sweeter Wink *sucks lightly upon his tongue* Mmmmhmmm

Mel: Kinda hard not to when the nightmares come.

Don: Mmm... *churrs, deepening the kiss*

Kitteh: Sooooooo how much did Gold enjoy round after round last night? Razz

Angel: Hehehe he is still all self sexed coma out Razz

Kitteh: lol That good, huh?

guSam: it is hard but not impossible. *taking Mel to Mess Hall*

Mel: Hope it's not impossible *Follows*

Angel *moooooans and shifts to straddle Don hands both stroking his sides now*

Don *smiles up at her*

Angel *puuurrrrrs ... hands rest of his plastron...* mmmmm such a delighting lover you are Wink not tooo tired for a little encore?

Don *smiles, shaking his head* Not at all. *snogs and lets his hands wander over her body*

Angel *moans and where she had been supporting herself over him now lets herself rest lightly against him in this straddled position, eyes closing for a few moments of enjoyment at the touch then resuming her own explorations* ... Hmmm good... suppose you can smell that I am aroused?

Don *nods* Oh, yes. *slides a hand down over her butt* Hmmm...

Angel *wriggles said butt a little back against that hand* what can I say you sure know how to please a girl... And leave her wanting more Wink *hands caress his thighs

Don Much more. *caresses butt then gives a gentle squeeze*

*** Fade to black ***
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PostSubject: Re: Portal Hopping Pt. 31 - 40   Mon Aug 08, 2016 4:28 pm

Pt. 40

Previously on Portal Hopping:

Don *nods* Oh, yes. *slides a hand down over her butt* Hmmm...

Angel *wriggles said butt a little back against that hand* what can I say you sure know how to please a girl... And leave her wanting more Wink *hands caress his thighs

Don Much more. *caresses butt then gives a gentle squeeze*

*** Fade to black ***


Mikko: what is going on in here?

Kitteh: What's going on where?

Mikko: in here? rubbing butts

Kitteh: lol

Mikko: :p

Kitteh: Since Donnie can't have Erica in here, Angel stepped in. Razz

Mikko: dawwwwwwww

Kitteh: And he also has Love. Wink In the chat, anyway.

Love: ^^

Erica: Lol butt rubbing!

Kitteh: Razz

Erica: *waggles eyebrows* yep Angel rode Donnie like the green stallion he is

Don: :">​

Espionata: lol

Love: Sad

Erica: aaaaaws

Mel: *Trying out the training room in the base*

Don: *pets Love* I'm here.

Love: ^^ Purrrrrrrrrr

Erica: Very Happy

Mel: *Beating on a punching bag*

Mikko: what did that bag ever do to you?

Don: *smooches Love*

Love: *smooooooooooches*

Mikey: hairball!

Love: *rubs all over Mike and sheds all over him*

Mikey: kitty! *pats pats*

Love: ^^

Erica: *sleeping in a golf cart that's slowly driving around in circles*

Mikko: *tosses drugs in the air*

Mikey: yay celery!

Erica: zzzzZzzz *drugs bounce off golf cart roof*

Mikey: >Smile *using Erica as Nerf gun target*

Mel: *Keeps beating on the punching bag letting out her anger and fear*

Mel: *Wore herself out at the punching bag*

Mikko: weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee​eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee​eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee​eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee​eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Erica: .... You riding the golf cart? Hehe

Mikko: I'm riding DON!

Kitteh: lol

Erica: lol!

Kitteh: Don: ^_______________________​_^

Erica: Damn he is getting some action !

Mikko: lol

Espionata: lol

Kitteh: Razz

Erica: Boy probably glad of all that ninja training now Razz

Erica: glad for the stamina to go go go

Erica: hehehehgot heheeh like an energizer bunneh

Kitteh: lol

Kitteh: Indeed.

Mikey: *out of Nerf bullets* hehehe any chaffing Don? Razz

Don: O.o Mikey! >​.< :">​ :">​ :">​

Mikey: *found marshmallow shooter... Hehehe* what? Just concerned boy... Chaffing can be a bitch

Mel: *Leans against a wall panting hands a bit torn up from the punching bag* That felt good

Don: It's highly inappropriate to be talking about that right now. :">​

Love: *rubs lotion on Don's dick* there all better

Don: O.o ...Thanks. :">​

Mikey: no its not, it's just us and Love .... haven't seen Leo... ? hehehe gotta learn to tuck it away after the action Don

Don: Dammit, Mikey! >​.< Shut up!

Love: *drags Don off to a more privet room*

Mikey: ? Whaaaaaat? we guys... We're supposed to gloat over sex? Ain't we? o,O hehehe

Don: Maybe you can, but not me! *is dragged away*

Mikey: Chaffing!! oooh come on...

Don: *is glad to be away from his VERY NOSY brother*

Mikey: you know you wanna! *steps in front of golf cart and sticks Clown dress mannequin in seat beside a very marshmallow Nerf bullet covered Erica*

Mikko: Mike is just sad Ally isn't here

Erica: yes he is

Kitteh: That visual is just too much! lol!

Erica: and missing his bros... None of them hang with him here no more Razz *

Mikko: awwwwwwww

Don: *probably would if Mikey would stop embarrassing him* -_-

Erica: this player says just embarrass him back!!

Kitteh: He doesn't have the ammo for it. Razz

Mel: *Walks down the base halls looking around*

Erica: hehehe oh man the visual of a sleeping girl covered in Nerf bullets and marshmallows driving a golf cart around in circles with a clown mannequin passenger!! Bwhahahaha

Espionata: lol

Mikko: XD

Mikey: *watching... Thinking of more....*

Don: *snogs Love*

Love: ^^ *smooches*

Espionata: Mikey's teddy bear?

Don: Thanks for the save back there.

Love: anything for the love of my life!

Don: *blinks* Love of your life? But...what about my brother?

Love: what one? the red one? He is also the love of my life ^^

Don: *smiles a little* That's what I thought. *nuzzles and kisses*

Love: *snogs and purrrrs*

Mikey: Sad *pouty pouty pouty*

Mel: *Looks for GURaidon*

Lexi: ^^

Laz: Lexi....I want you to know....*dies*

Mikey: this is worse than Bridget Jones Diary! *wails*

Ally: *tackle glomps and snuuuuugs her Mikester* Very Happy

Mikey: *is tackled!!!!* AngelCake!!!!! *snugs snug... rools them out of the way of the golfcart going around in circles*...*snog*

Ally: *snooooooogs and tickles!* ^^

Mikey: *squirms - giggling, snogging.... hands cup and squeeze that hot little ass*

Ally: *giggles and snogs and naughty brow wiggles.. scratches his spot and stokes that cute widdle tail of his*

Love: *plays with Don's tail*

Don: *chuuuuuuuuuurrs and snogs*

Erica: hehehe now the golfcart has drugs on the roof, a clown dressed mannequin in the passenger seat, giant pink dice hanging from the inside, Erica still fast asleep at the wheel making it go around in circles.... covered in nerf bullets and marshmallows and noisey tail of cans attached to the end Razz

Mikko: how does that happen

Kitteh: lol Mikey's been busy. Razz

Mikey: *simultaneously CHUUUUUUUUURS FLOPS - Tail stiffening*

Erica: hehehe he might get an ass kicking if it was ever found out HE put the sleeping girl in the cart and turned it on hehehe

Mikko: lol

Kitteh: Yeah. Raph will kick his ass. Razz

Mikko: but why is she still asleep did Mike drug her?

Erica: heeee might have been mucking about with Hank's tranq gun and accidently fired it Razz

Mikko: lool

Kitteh: LOL!

Espionata: lol

Erica: heheheh Mikey says SHHHHHHHHHHH don't tell Raph Wink

Mikey: *CHUUUUURRRR - rolls and pins Ally - proceeds to nip nip nip her all over

Mel: Raidon where are you >​<

Gabe: Very Happy

Mikko: *fills gabe full of pills*

Gabe: *best sleep EVER*

Mikko: ok all guest must leave the home of the Gabe. I have to do some serious dick sucking

Mel: Great I'm already obsessed with a guy >​>​


Erica: bwhahaha

Mikey: Raph's mug shot Razz

Raph: -.-

Lexi: *gives Laz a BJ to.. you know.. get the blood a goin'* Wink

Mikey: Very Happy

Laz: ^^

Kitteh: One of the comments from that video: Janet Martucci I feel bad for the black and white mellower goat fellow, This crazy little cutie must have gotten into the coffee filters in the compost.

Erica: though only one head will have dibs on the blood supply

Kitteh: lool

Mikko: lol

Mikey: O:-)

Mikko: I don't know what's going on here

Erica: O,o

Mikey: O,o

Kitteh: O.o Damn. Out in the open like that?

Erica: *Golfcart bumps over random shoe - trundle off out the door, big pink dice dangling, mannequin clown passenger grinning, tranqed out covered in marshmallows and nerf gun bullets Erica sleeping, random drugs bouncing all over roof noisey can tail rattling and a horde of goats chasing it*

Mikko: I don't know

Mikey: O:-)

Gabe: Man, thanks Lex. That may have been my only chance to see Karai's boobs...

Mikko: lol XD bad Gabe baaaaaad

Mikey: ... BOOBS!! *pervs on Ally's*

Hun: yer as good as dead. I'm taking over.

Kitteh: Erica, your description of the latest golf cart adventure just cracked me up about the goats. lool!

Erica: Wink it's off to lord knows where Very Happy the goats want the marshmallows Razz

Rogue: lol, daww

Ally: *doesn't mind the craziness.. snugs and snogs and liiicks*

Mikey: >Smile *CHUUUUR CHUUUURRRRs LICky lick licks lickies*

Mikko: *flashes Gabe her tatas*

Gabe: *buries his face in 'em*

Mikko: wooooo!

Mikey: *buries face a little lower than Ally's awesome boobies and LICKy LICK LICKS LICKIES!*

Angel: better than tv

Mikko: not in chat you two! take to the naughtyness

April: there is always naughtiness here Wink

Ally: * Looooves it when he goes dooooooown*

Mikey: *is goooooooooooing Dooooooown!*

Mel: *Sighs and keeps exploring the base*

Crazy Leo: *grabs Mel and starts running*

Mel: *Struggles* Let go!

crazy leo: no! we will head to the moon!

Gabe: *happily lickin' and suckin' on boobies,, who cares about zombies!*

Mikko: ^_____^

Mel: Are you nuts?! *Struggles more*

crazy leo: yes!

Mel: Let me go! *Struggles*

crazy leo: your struggling only makes my cock harder!

Mel: What?!

crazy leo: you heard me.

guRaidon: *punches this other turtle in the jaw- snatching Mel* Dude! - bad!

Mel: I'm 14! *Clings to Raidon* He's crazy!

crazy leo: fine have her. *goes after Erica*

Kitteh: O.o

Erica: bwhahahaa - so there is a golf cart somehow portal hopping - with drugs bouncing on the roof, a clown dressed mannequin in the passenger seat, giant pink dice dangling, cans trailing, Erica covered in nerf gun bullets and marshmallows being chased by a horde of goats and Leo?

Kitteh: lol

Mikko: yes

Kitteh: Keeps getting looooonger and looooooonger. Razz

Mikko: I think Raph needs to get his woman under control

Espionata: lol

guRaidon: *wtf?* mmmmm *watching weirdest procession ever*

Erica: although it was Mikey that sent a tranqed out Erica on the adventure in the first place Razz

Mel: I think Mikey is the cause of that Oo

Erica: Very Happy I keep picturing the cart slowling down at odd moments as it passes through dark tunnels, and Leo and the goats almost catching up - then it rolls back into the sun and goes faster Razz .... man laughing so hard right now

Lexi: sex....INEEDIT!! -.-

Angel: I know I do

Mel: *Hands are still torn up from punching bag* Thanks for saving me from Leo >​>​

Ally: My man is awesome. I get it on a regular basis! ^^

April: ... Casey! *grabs his hand and drags him off*

Mikey: >Very Happy I am pretty awesome huh?

Casey: *goofy grin gets dragged off*

Ally: Mmhmmm ^^

Lexi: *ubber jealous*

April: *drags Casey to room and rocks his world*

Mel: *Kisses Raidon* ^^

Kitteh: Dawwwws -- I think Don gives Angel attention on a regular basis, too. Razz

Mikey: *does Ally right there*

Ally: O.O *fills the air with her love noises*

Angel: mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Mikko: loooooooove is in the air!

Erica: oh he does Very Happy and she loves it Wink

Lexi: Why can't I get any?? Sad ...I neeeeed to maaaaate!

Laz: *sexes her up*

guRaidon: *snogs*

Lexi: *fucks his brains out!*

Mel: Love you ^^

Erica: golf cart still portal hopping - with drugs bouncing on the roof, a clown dressed mannequin in the passenger seat, giant pink dice dangling, cans trailing, Erica covered in nerf gun bullets and marshmallows being chased by a horde of goats and Leo covered in ice cream with a horde of minions chasing him

Eze: *hands Gabe Bella and drags Lexi off*

Lexi: O.o ..^^

Mikko: Hun will take advantage of Karai. MWAHAHAHAHAHA that wont happen

Karai: O.o

golf cart: *bumps into and takes Karai with it*

Karai: O.O

Raph: *crashes into it, like he did that truck in the movie!*

Mel: Raidon I wanna be a ninja

golfcart: *is crashed, toppled over, mannequin on top of Erica - goats eating all the marshmallows and drugs finally - stringed cans trip over the Leo - whom is quickly pounced on my the minions and licked clean of ice cream - pink dice bouncing away*

Erica: annnnnd the portal hopping cart ride comes to an end Razz


Eze: did you just call me beta? how dare you!

Minions: *clean Leo off - and all run away laughing, having taking all his gear with them*

Leo: pfffffffffffft

Gabe: Razz

Mikko: *changes into her ninja uniform in front of the boys*

Lexi: If we fuck.. you become Alpha Wink

Eze: woo!

Gabe: *drags Mikko off to private place*

Mikko: ^_____^

Hun: you horror movies the couple having sex is the first to go!

Lexi: We'll have safe sex Razz *not*

Erica: *finally coming around - nose to nose with the clown mannequin* O.O

Mikey:..... *alright breath back - time for round .... whatever number he was up to Razz*

Ally: *sexes him up all over again*

Raph: *snugs Erica*

Lexi: *flashes a cutsie innocent sort of look at Laz and Eze* .. you know, I've always been curious about threesomes....

Mel: Raidon?

Eze: that ain't happening

Laz: ok!

guRaidon: wait - savouring the moment.... *snogs*

Mel: *Kisses back*

Lexi: Awww, why not?

Eze: maybe if it was with another girl

Gabe: O.o why were you never up to one when we were together. -.- Not that it would be two guys...

Erica: just had the weirdest dream.... hey Red! Smile *snuggles - smooch*

Mikko: you can invite all the girls you want, Gabe! but I get first ride

Lexi: pffft. Two guys.. two dicks.. that should be.. fun

Gabe: ^^

Eze: for you, not for the guys

Lexi: -.-

Mel: *Snuggles close*

Eze: what about another girl with a strap on?

Mikey: >Smile *has a tail for that! - plugs up Ally nice and good now*

Ally: O.O *oooooh hawt damn!!!* ^^ *screeeeams his name!*

Lexi: ...Just pretend Laz is a hawt girl Razz Then we both win... Mah.. okay then. *just fucks Laz instead*

Erica: - O,o all this smexy action.... *drags Raph off to Spot*

Laz: WOO!

Raph: *happily goes with.. and.... breeeeeds!*

Don: *still has a long way to go before they get to that point*

Love: *sexes up Don*

Mikey: O,O - >​,< *oh no a brother soooo aint out noising him! - totally dedicates self to making Ally noisey as possible - joining in*

Ally: *screeeeeeams and moans and gliggles and pants* OHFUCKYEAHRIGHTTHEREHARD​ER!!

Angel: well this has been an interesting Chatzy day, wild golfcarts, porn better than redtube....

Mel: *Snuggles with Raidon* ^^

guRaidon: *make out haze* well that was fun Very Happy

Mel: Yeah it was ^^

Don: *snogs Angel*

Angel *giggles and snooooggies*

(( naughty continued here: ))
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Portal Hopping Pt. 31 - 40
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