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 Portal Hopping Pt. 41 - 50

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Erica Martins

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PostSubject: Portal Hopping Pt. 41 - 50   Thu Dec 17, 2015 8:25 am

Previously on Portal Hopping:

guRaidon: *make out haze* well that was fun Very Happy

Mel: Yeah it was ^^

Don: *snogs Angel*

Angel *giggles and snooooggies*

(( naughty continued here: ))


Mikko: Angel and Don are like rabbits in the sack

Espionata: That they are lol Police are closing in on an escaped fugitive they already killed his accomplice because both men are extremely dangerous murderers

Mikko: *goes around smacking asses*

Shaya: *smacks the but back*

Erica: *dodges ass smacking*

Erica: *player smacks ass back*

Erica: o,o noooo not the baby!! *dashing away to loo to puke*

Mikko: Erica is speaking in tongues!

Erica: vyftfhgcdtrdjhlijvbm!!

Espionata: lol

Rogue: lol, that works Mikko

Erica: where as ocErica is speaking ceramic

Shaya: "This is so weird, are these the best boobs or plumpy pillows?"

Lexi: I'm not fucking you, Hun. -.-

Hun: You must! for the good of man kind!

Lexi: Just no.

Lexi: Because when I look t you, I imagine you have a big hairy ass and... no.

Mikko: Raph's girlfriend.

Hun: my ass is smoooooth

Erica: mum saw that... And fell out of her chair laughin

Lexi: I'm sure Mikko will breed with you

Erica: o.O I can assure you that does not happen.... Oh lord!! *back to the loo to puke!*

Mikko: I can't have kids, soooo that would be pointless. and the reason I can't have kids is because Hun's damn dragons damaged me!

Erica: just showed dad... He's still laughin

Mel: *Is done with her chores in the base for the day* >​>​

Leo: good lets go! *grabs Mel*

guRaidon: why not stay a bit L2 Smile

Mel: Let go! *Struggles* Leo!

Leo: to the bat cave!

Mel: What?! *Struggles*

guRaidon: *this Leo is insane!* the bat cave.... You'll suffocate down there *pulls Mel free carefully*

Leo: *also grabs Erica and runs off*

Erica: ahhh! *how the hell did she portal to a loo here?! - pukes on Leo*

Leo: O.O

Mel: And that's the Leo from my world Raidon

guRaidon: ... He he alright? *following Leo and Erica*

Erica: ooo sorry Leo.... But put me down... I'm going to hurl some more! *gagging*

Leo: *drops Erica*

Mel: I have no idea just that he's nuts!

Erica: ooomf! *finds bin and pukes more*

guRaidon: hhhhey Uncle Leo2 ... *approaching cautiously*

Leo: Leo2? Is there another Leo? there can only be one.

guRaidon: ... Our Leo passed away some years ago...

Mel: In other worlds there can be a Leo

Leo: so there is only one. good.

Mel: Are you serious Leo?

Leo: seriously sexy

Mel: He has lost it

guRaidon: o,O ooookay.... Come on L2 we'll go see my mum Kim -

Mikko: well after all that ecstasy I gave him it's no wonder

Erica: *hugs bin... Is portables back to loo where she started* oooh for fuck sake!

Leo: Who's kim? Is she hot?

Mel: Leo she's married to this world's Raph!

Mikko: that much puking might want to see a doctor

Leo: Raph is married? how did that happen? is she blind?

guRaidon: my mum... And Ew!

Mel: *Hits Leo* Knock it off!

guRaidon: >​,< *wants to punch this Leo... But dude is bigger than him....*

Leo: ow...why you hit so hard?

guRaidon: Very Happy she's been training... mum!! Crazy Leo! *dragging Leo over to tall brunette woman*

Mel: Oh be quiet and get off the drugs!

Leo: I'm not crazy!

guKim:.... *comes over and smiles* hello

Leo: *gropes*

Espionata: Mel and Leo are in the GUworld

Mikko: and I have no idea what that is

Mel: Leo! *Hits him again*

Espionata: The world where the evil clones live

Mikko: so kim married an evil clone?

Erica: Nope she's that worlds Raphs misses Razz

Mikko: @.@

guKim: *used to groping from patients, lightly pushes hands away and studies him* hmmmm high, Leo2 do you know what you took?

Erica: hehe hey that worlds Leo's misses is about somewhere

Mel: Who knows what drug Mikko gave him >​<

Leo: it had a picture of a cartoon rabbit on the pill

Mel: That Ecstasy Leo!

guKim: ecstacy mmmm, come with me Leo *leads him away*

Leo: wooooo going off with the pretty lady!

Mel: And it's sad that I know that shit >​<

guRaidon : >​,>​ that's my mum dude! - no its not, all teens our age should have basic knowledge...

Mel: But I shouldn't know what effects look like

guKim: *smiles,* well thank you Leo2 Smile come on lay down here... *pats infirmary bed*

guRaidon: yes you should Wink *hugs...*

Leo: *hops up and lays down*

Mel: *Hugs him back* Anything exciting today?

guKim: thank you Leo, here have some ice to suck on, you'll need fluid Wink

Erica: hehehe nawwwws good boy Smile

guRaidon: aside from crazy L2 no?... Should probably tell his brothers he is here....

Leo: *eats ice*

Mikko: where is everyone else? we have our little story going on here and Kitteh and rogue are gone THEY LEFT US< CHILDLESS AND ALONE

Mel: Probably should Raidon

Erica: hehehe Erica's passed out by the loo Razz and all others at home Very Happy hehehe

guKim: *tucks Leo under a sheet* have plenty of ice...

Erica: stuffs!!

Leo: purrrrrs and sleeps*

Gabe needs to respond to Mikko in the bromance thread

guKim: nawwww .... *pulls curtain around him for privacy and goes see more patients*

Mel: *Sighs* I'm bored Raidon

Erica: Wink hehe yep and pokies for Casey - hehe his last response in the date thread was last month

Mikko: wow

guRaidon: well we just it off chores - we should go and hang out with the others in the Mess Hall Wink

Mel: Okay ^^

Erica: Heheh Erica's dehydrated - Razz

Mel: *Heads to the mess hall with Raidon*

Erica: Erica's passed out in the loo...but the rest?

Mel: >​>​ *Opens portal and sucks Mikey to the base*

Hank:.... *checks to make sure it's not his box*..…. *nope all clear*.... *heads to bathroom to scoop up his daughter*

Mikey: ahhhhhhhh!! Nooooooo! .... Oh this ain't so bad Very Happy

Mel: Hi Mikey like the base?

Hank: *looks about... sneaks off....*

Espionata: Mel and Mikey are in the GUturtles world everyone else is at the lair lol

Erica: well Mikey is now with Leo and Mel in the guworld Wink

Erica: everyone else is here Wink

Mel: Missed you Mikey ^^

Shaya: ohh

Erica: and Hanks disappearing with Erica for a while Wink

Leatherhead: *player opens bag of cheetos*

Mel: Raidon this is one of my brothers Mikey ^^

Mikey: hey...Very Happy

guRaidon: hello, Very Happy

Mel: And Mikey Raidon is my boyfriend Razz

Leatherhead races out of no where - soft kiss to Shaya's cheek - then runs player over for cheetos*

Mikey: .... *gets all up in Raidons face* you behaving yourself? *growls*

Mel: Mikey?

guRaidon: o,O *snout to snout with M2* sure! I am... No more than snogging!*

Shaya *smiles up at him from her reading

Leatherhead *nuzzles Shaya now, happy gator, pretty Shay and Cheetos... Offers her some* Very Happy what are you reading Smile

Hank: *is back* .... *sits with LH and Shaya*

Shaya Just a simple mystery

Leatherhead oooo, is it good? Hello Hank? How is Erica?

Hank: *humphs* hi... And sick

Leatherhead she should see Donnie and I Wink

Shaya I'm leaving for the night Big Guy

Leatherhead: looks like another quiet one here Wink

Espionata: Yep lol

Leatherhead: Very Happy Erica's sick, Hanks grumpy, LH went away with Shaya Wink, Angel still with Don sleepin I guess and Mikey planting out with Mel in GUworld Razz busy busy... I might head off this one I think Wink *hugs* catch you tomorrow

Leatherhead: lol hanging not planting dang iPad lol

Espionata: night

Leatherhead: night night ... Well Arvo for me hehehe

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Erica Martins

Posts : 885
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Age : 19
Location : solitary confinemnet

PostSubject: Re: Portal Hopping Pt. 41 - 50   Mon Aug 08, 2016 4:33 pm

Pt. 42

Previously on Portal Hopping:

Leatherhead: Very Happy Erica's sick, Hanks grumpy, LH went away with Shaya Wink, Angel still with Don sleepin I guess and Mikey planting out with Mel in GUworld Razz busy busy... I might head off this one I think Wink *hugs* catch you tomorrow

Leatherhead: lol hanging not planting dang iPad lol

Espionata: night

Leatherhead: night night ... Well Arvo for me hehehe


Mikko: Spike is demanding money from Gabe in the zombie game

Gabe: -.- how the hell do I owe you money..

Spike: you bet I would die in prison. I DIDN'T! pay up

Gabe: .....who said it's over? You could still die.. IN a prison.. ever watched Walking Dead? Geeze, do you know nothin'?

Spike: nope not leaving this apartment, Tiph and I will repopulate the earth

Mel: While hopefully my old man didn't make it out

Espionata: To bad for Mel once he gets approved he did make it out Very Happy

Mel: *Flips her player off*

Laz: *dances around*

Mel: Oo

Laz: *grabs Mel* dance!

Lexi: *shoves $20's down his pants* ^^

Mel: Why?! *Struggles*

Laz: wooooo baby!

Erica: Smile and oc is much better too Wink

Erica: Smile all good

Mel: It's not like we're having sex >​>​

Mikey : Wink yep

Mel: Is this part of having a big brother? I don't get older brothers they freak out when their sisters get a boyfriend >​>​

Hank: must be like dad code >​,>​

Mel: Dad code?

Hank: yes Dad code

Mel: Dads do it too?

Hank: ... You mean resist the urge to shoot your daughters boyfriend? ... Yes

Mel: Dads do that Oo

Hank: yep ... I am pleased to say I have not yet fired my weapon... Drawn it yes...

Mel: That's weird and crazy Oo

Erica: Sad *sighs*

Mel: Erica?

Mikko: O.O

Erica: *pats Mel's head*

Mel: You okay?

Erica: much better thanks... You? Look like you have had a few round meals ...

Mel: Been hanging out with Raidon and his family ^^

Jack: uh....ok. please don't kill me.

Tiph: thanks Lexi. you are a true ride or die chick

Lexi: O.o What, you know I love you.. I just.. have this hawt piece of tail right now, and I can't get to you in time >​.<.... even if I didn't have this hawt piece of tail.. boy.. that came out wrong

Tiph: -_-

Lexi: I said I love you! You're supposed to say that shit back.

Tiph: I don't feel the love ... it's ok. I have TWO hawt pieces of tail in my place. I'll be fine

Lexi: *will hopefully be feeling the love soon-naughtybrowwiggle!*​ can't possibly be talking about Spike? Have you looked at him?

Tiph: uh....yeah. noooooooo....

Lexi: That's what I thought. Runfor your life!!

Tiph: but there are zombies out there

Lexi: Well...fuck. Kill Spike. It's the only way.

Mel:*Glomps GURaidon and kisses him* ^^

Erica: *ninja vanish*

Tiph: spike and I have history, he ain't gonna kill me. just don't tell no one.

Hank: I am!

Mel: Love you Raidon ^^

guRaidon: love you too Smile

Mel: *Snuggles close* To bad there isn't a way to mess with Mikey >​>​

guRaidon: More to the point I don't want too Razz though it was funny setting squirrels loose in his guest room Very Happy *snugs*

Hank *is cleaning his guns...*

Mikko: Hank! you had to get head in the middle of the store?

Mel: Oh I know of a way saying that we're getting married Very Happy

Hank O,O ... How did that picture get out!!

guRidon: he haha... Yeah no... Love ya girl but I soooo am not going for an ass kicking

Hank *had a cigar, and beer... Gun cleaning

Mel: Don't worry I will tell him without you nearby *Uses her puppy eyes* Besides he tortured me enough with his loud sex >​>​

guRaidon: nah we'll find other ways to prank him...

Mel: Like what? How can we prank Mikey?

guRaidon: mmmmmmmm *snugs pondering*

Mel: It has to be a good one because Mikey does pranks. Got any ideas?

guRaidon: none yet Very Happy

Mel: We will figure it out >​>​

guRaildon: Very Happy there is no rush, he's still trying to catch all those squirrels

Mel: Really?

Hank: have not seen the first one, but watched the second at the movies and loved it heheheh freaking funneh as hell *accidently fires a tranq dart at April*

April: ow!! *... Plucks dart out of butt...* zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Mel: *Trying to think of a good prank* We could hide his comic books everywhere

Hank: naawwwws my o'Erica sooo sad hehe

Espionata: aww

Kitteh: Awww, why?

Hank: Wink just depressed, being sick does that Razz

Kitteh: Awwws I can understand that. How far along is she again?

Hank: heheh barely weeks

Espionata: Yeah she will be like that for awhile or like my mom the whole nine months lol

Hank: Hehehe I go stir crazy when sick - hate being in bed!

Espionata: When I'm sick I get knocked the fuck out

Hank: Hehhee with my fractured collar bone, had I not the crazy Chatzy to distract me I might have been sad too Razz

Espionata: lol

Hank: Very Happy

Espionata: You've seen what happens to Mel when she's sick lol

Hank: heheh yes

Mel: Don't remind me >​>​

Hank: Yeah hehehe poor Angel's been oEricas sob shoulder Razz

Hank: Hehehehe reminded me of that scene from the avatar: the legend of aang Razz when their in the desert and Sokka has some cactus juice and then asks who lit Toph on fire Razz

Hank: and what are we doing out here in the middle of the ocean?

Espionata: That's what I was going for lol

Hank: it was hilarious Razz

Espionata: Yay

Hank *grins smug smug smug - of course does not like his daughter being sad... But has been taking advantage of the situation - sneaks away-*

Mel: What is he up to Oo Whatever to bad I can't do the me and Raidon are getiing married prank >​>​ Mikey would lose it if I told him me and Raidon were getting married

Angel you'll frighten the boy - just go for something else Wink

Mel: Just need a good prank Angel for all of that loud sex Mikey did

Mel: Still it's cool that Mikey is protective over me it feels nice

Angel Mel... that's not reason to prank him, he can has all the sex he likes as noisey as he likes... nooo focus on prancing him... Cause he is going to be prancing yous back Razz

Mel: Oh why not? Mikey gets loud while doing it to be loud to annoy everyone... is a young teen and doesn't think things through lol

Angel so? What is it with you and worrying about the sex the others are having? Loud or not? Smile just let that go... Razz cause putting squirrels in Mikey's guest room is soooo going to get good retaliation Wink
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Erica Martins

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PostSubject: Re: Portal Hopping Pt. 41 - 50   Mon Aug 08, 2016 4:33 pm

Pt. 43

Previously on Portal Hopping:

Angel Mel... that's not reason to prank him, he can has all the sex he likes as noisey as he likes... nooo focus on prancing him... Cause he is going to be prancing yous back Razz

Mel: Oh why not? Mikey gets loud while doing it to be loud to annoy everyone... is a young teen and doesn't think things through lol

Angel so? What is it with you and worrying about the sex the others are having? Loud or not? Smile just let that go... Razz cause putting squirrels in Mikey's guest room is soooo going to get good retaliation Wink


Mikko: *spanks*

Espionata: Oo

Mikko: woo!

Mikko: *spanks Hank*

Hank *hops away rubbing ass cheeks* I didn't do it!!

Mel: Didn't do what?

Hank :->​ exactly I did nothing! Smile

Mel: Where's Erica then?

Hank last I checked with GranGran

Mel: But you put her somewhere else before

Hank yes and it could have ended horribly, won't do that again, she is with my mother in law, her grandmother Smile

Love: *bites Hank*

Mel: But why isn't she here?

Hank *has cat lady biting his ass* oooow! Hey! *baps with newspaper* bad kitty!!

Love: *hisses*

Shaya ohh my. Love, that isnt now you love-bite someone. :$

Hank relax she's fine fine today Smile

Mel: If you say so >​>​

Hank :->​

Hank: Hello Rogue. Ooo speaking of Bax I has a group of Ghosts coming to kidnap his butt for Bish Razz

Bax: there is no such thing as ghost

Mel: You so sure about that? There's zombies there can be ghosts

Bax: uh.....ok fair enough

Hank *gives Gabe and Mikey a beer.*

Mikey: thanks!

Gabe: ^^ I can see we're gonna be pals Razz

Mel: Mikey you can't drink you're not old enough

Mikey: *shrugs* I steal Raphs and Casey's beers all the time Smile

Hank right back at ya.. Cigar? *offers*

Mel: Yet you say I'm not old enough >​<

Mikey: well your not Razz

Mel: Neither are you so stop being a hypocrit

Gabe: Sure..*takes* got any weed?

Mel: *Tries to drink a beer if Mikey can she can too*

Mikey: *takes beer* no!

Mel: Then why is it that you can Mikey?

Hank *ignores kids, give Gabe a joint* usually don't smoke that but heck one hell of a week

Mikey: I'm sixteen, your fourteen Razz so there - have a soda *gives*

Mel: And legal age for beer is 21 yet your drinking that doesn't make sense

Mikey: *shrugs* live with it

Gabe: *lights it up!*

Mikey: yep Very Happy ... *makes sure no bros are around - chugs beer and belches*

Mikko: *walks in and on Gabe and Hank and strips down and gives them a dance*

Mel: *Sneaks beer and drinks it before Mikey can stop her* Razz

Hank 0,0 definitely good pot .... *snatches beer* you have soda!

Mel: Aww not fair >​<

Mikey: *nawwwws

Mikey: *sniggers* too bad, you have soda

Hank yes she was.. Great ass...*smacks Mikko's ass*

Mikko: ^^ *shakes it*

Mikey: nah that's Donnie, all responsible and stuff, I'm supposed to show you fun, Leo what happens when you do drugs and Raph how to kick ass

Mel: Then you can let me drink beer because apparently that's fun

Hank ... *hasnt had a good pot puff since high school* Its my beer girl and I said you have soda

Mikey: nope - no beer

Hank *offers Mikko his joint - totally enjoying the show*

Mel: *Pouts* Not fair Mikey

Mikko: *takes, puff puff pass*

Mikey: *takes his turn at pot -* too bad shorty, you have soda quiet whining

Ally: *comes out of nowhere and tackles Mikey.. since he's back in this world??*

Mel: I'm not short!

Leo: *kidnaps Mel*

Mikey: mmmmmm Ally! You beautiful goddess! *snugs and snogs*

Mel: Leo let go!

Shaya I smell pot. ;Wink Can I have some?

Leo: *brings her to his turtle cave and hands her a beer*

Hank *relaxes back in chair, feet on esky... Offers Shaya some* sure gorgeous*

Mel: Leo are you still high?

Shaya Oh Yes.

Leo: always

Mel: *Drinks beer anyway*

Leatherhead: *tips an entire beer down his gullet*

Mel: Why am I not surprised

Leo: *hands her drugs*

Mel: Leo I'm not nuts

Shaya *takes a long slow drag of the joint, handing it back before exhaling like a simmering smoke dragon*

Hank *soooo relaxed - * stars are pretty aren't they?

Mel: *Drinks a margaritta*

Leatherhead: ... *usually is very careful not to try drugs... But one puff won't hurt right? - has a go*

Shaya Yeah. What got you started tonight Hank?

Karai: Are we getting out of this lab or not?? -.-

Hank work... My daughter... Work... Smile

Mel: *Tries vodka but finds it way to strong* Yikes Oo

Mikko: yes karai chill

Shaya Work does tend to take a lot out of people. *feels the lungs burning without the high yet- soon*

Angel: Leo! ... Where the hell did you get all the alcohol?... Mel you might need to slow down... *pours Leo and her a shot*

Gabe: O.O *thinks Shaya is a Goddess* Marry me?

Hank it does... And the knowledge I am going to be a granddad...

Leatherhead: *growls at Gabe*

Shaya Pff. Hi Gabe.

Mel: *Is a bit tipsy and trips over Mikey* Hi ^^

Shaya I bet you will be the hottest Gran-dad.

Gabe: *stoned as fuck.. hears LH but doesn't register what's making that noise* Somone got a toy dog in their purse somwehre? O.o

Mikey: *no longer paying attention... Serious make out session with Ally here!*

Shaya My Guard 'gator. *giggles*

Ally: *starts shedding out of clothes! Oh yeah, it's been too long!*

Leatherhead: .... :->​ *is taken by surprise by a belch*

Mel: *Trips over Hank next* Oops Razz

Mikey: .... Mmmmm! *lets out a growl of his own and helps Ally out of cloths... Mmm! Yeah! Tongue first! Must make sure she wet!*

Mikko: *is no longer entertaining to the men so leaves*

Gabe: *smacks Mikko's ass*

Mikko: ^___^

Hank yeah I will be... my grand baby going to be green.... *sniggers* like Shrek's babies

Raph: -.-

Angel: mmmmmm

Mel: Hi Raphie ^^

Hank you!! *fires gun at Raph... It's a Nerf gun and the bullet sticks to his plastron*

Hank: lol

Espionata: lol

Mel: *Looks at Hank* Oo

April: ooooo *yep buzzin*

Hank: Mikey swapped all his weapons for toy ones Razz

Raph: O.o ..-.- Seriously? *pulls it off with a loud 'pop' and aims it at Hank's nose and lets it fly*

Rogue: lol, good call

Leatherhead: hehehehe *yep funny to a first time flier*

Mel: *Glomps Raph* Big brother Raphie ^^

Hank ricochet! *ducks.. To slow thing sticks to his forehead*

Hank: Hehe yes, Mikey just thought it'd be funny

Espionata: lol

Angel: want a stiff one RedT? *offers shot*

Hank: hehhee my lot are getting plastered... Aside from Erica

Hank: lol

Shaya *giggles* Unicorn

Hank: lol

Hank *neighs and poses.* finest horned stud

April: *turns on radio and boogies, high as a kite*

Leatherhead: *falls over giggling*

Shaya *joins April*


Hank: Woooo sexy!

April: Smile yeah!! *dances with*

Hank *might be playing with fire - but sidles over to dance with pretty ladies...*

Leatherhead: *growls deeply*

Hank: hehe annnnd cue high Gabe looking for puppy dog Smile

Angel: *shrugs and has both shots - elbowing Raph* heh whatcha been up too?


Raph: *awkward pats Mel and nods at Angel* Sure. Not much.. you?

Gabe: *STILL lookin' for that damn puppy*

Shaya * Keeps dancing as the high starts to climb*

Hank: Lol! Yes Shaya and April dancing!

Angel: *pours another two shots* not much - E been missing you Razz

Hank mmmm yeah! *dancing with two hot Sheila's!! *

Leatherhead: *snAaaaaaaaarl... Looms up behind Hank*

April: *glares sus at LH*

LH&Hank: *dance together to stop scary red haired sexy one glaring at them*

Shaya *swirls to April* Hey Flamin' hot momma. W'ats with da face?

April: making sure the boys behave them selves you sexy swam you * pecks her friends cheek*

Mel: *Kisses Mikey's cheek it's obvious she's tipsy she doesn't care she's naked*

Shaya Ohh, don't start with that. I could tease those two with you. I wouldn't *kisses her cheek back* dare these two to react.

Mikey: *is currently tongue deep inAlly and doesn't notice!*

Shaya *smirks* Still sounds fun.

Hank .... .... *freeze frame blinking at ladies*

LEatherhead: *blinks blinks*

April: >Smile *purrs and snogs Shaya*

Mel: Mikey Leo let me drink!

Angel: O,o *slops a little of her shot down herself watching* oooh thats hot - Streeetch! *waves to Don* Smile

Mikey: *can't hear, magical sot thighs and Ally's scent allthat matters*

Shaya *Kisses back, hand on her neck- still her hips doing small hip drops... music is infectious*

April: Mmmmm! *oooh yeah her friend tastes sooo good -! wiggle wiggle - snog!*

Hank *rubs eyes encase dreaming this*

Hank nope! ^,^

Leatherhead: *jaw drop - watching.... rumble rumble rumble*

Hank *pushes nude teen off*

Ally: *purrrrrin' like a kitten!!* ^^

Mel: Hey!

Shaya * Taps April- wanna keep dancing.*

Mikey: *oooooh soooo wet! - pulls tongue out with lurid noises - lickies lickies lickies all up that hot little bod -* Angel Cake - missed you *snogs and replaces tongue with turtle hood*

April: woooooooooo!! *draws back.... and dances* yummmmmmmmmmmy! now I think I know why guys
want to kiss us.... soooo soft Razz

Mel: Why don't you want cuddles Hank?

Hank not right now kiddo... * goes to fetch new beer, gives Gabe one and Raph one - lights new joint* mmmmmm well those ogre babies are cute...

Shaya Oh yeah. *twirls April around* Rough tough guys go for soft femmes. *need another puff* Any more for us Hank? ;Wink

Hank: Angel workin on getting drunk

Shaya You know what else sound great? Nachos. I have the munchies.

Hank I do.... *scurries back over to share joint* left my baby all sad and sick.... maybe I should take her a puff -

Hank: *player brings over big platter of nachos*

Mel: Why is Erica sad?

Shaya *takes another long drag. Pausing to hold her breath. Eyeing the food -Exhales* Would that make the baby high too?

Angel: hehehe come dance Mel! *drags Mel over oto dance*

Mel: *Dances* XD *But falls into a portal*

Hank .... mmmmmm probably though *another puff* my lil girl says...*ouffs out smoke ring* it's an embryo ... right now - *wiggles wiggles dancing*

Angel: ooooo .... O,O

Ally: *too love drunk to care that it's public sez! And wouldn't mind anyway, because that's how she rolls! Happy giggles and mooooans as he presents her with the added 'D' bonus!*

Raph: -.- yer grandkid will look nothin' like an ogre

Mikey: love you smexy hot little goddess! *fucks her gooooooooooooooooood*

Hank .... but it will be green - and dem green... and so cute! *offers Raph the joint he and Shya had already puffed from*

Ally: *pleasure screams, whole world knows she's gettin' done reeeeal good*

Raph: ...*already done the joint thing before.. it ended badly. Takes him up on the booze, tho*

Gabe: *takes joint! Now has two wedged between his lips*

Leatherhead: *steals one to puff*

Shaya I think that - Hey. *steals the other* Share man. *inhales before putting it back in his mouth*

Gabe: Awww, I'll share with you pretty thang. *buzzed and brave, smooches Shaya's cheek*

Hank *smiles and steals a shot from Angel* mmmm! hehehe green ogre babies with shells! and my little girl in tears - I should take Shrek to her to watch - might cheer her up *in a moment high and happy right now*

Leatherhead: *literally sucked in all the joint he stole... big lung.... the ashes fall away and he rolls over holding it in - enjoying the buzz*

Shaya ohh, was that my toll for a puff?

April: *dances*

Angel: mmmmmm Gabe you sexy beast *smoooches his other cheek - keeps dancin*

Mikey: *hiiiiiiiigh on love - flips Ally over mid thrust to do it turtle style! - holds her neck in his teeth and all!*

Ally: ZOMFG...Christian Gray..whooooo??? Fifty shades of greeeeeeeeen, babeh!!!

Gabe: *gives Angel's backside a light pinch* Wink Come for some Thug Lovin'?

Mikey: fuck fuck fuck *muffled by neck nape in his teeth grip - but is doing the fuck fuck fuckin! - tail curls to find that clit and give it good*

Angel: mmmmm sounds like fun... Very Happy

Leatherhead: *finally puffing out small rings - nuzzles Shaya's cheek*

Shaya *snuzzles back* Hey Big Guy. How you feelin'?

Leatherhead: mmmmmmm great Very Happy you?

Angel: *slaps Gabe's ass and squuuueeezes butt cheek*

Shaya Like flying.

Leatherhead: indeed! *snout smoooched to forehead* mmmm sooooo goood Very Happy

Shaya *hugs*

April: *dances dances*

Hank *is back in chair lounging -* :->​

Ally: FFFFFFUUUUUCK!! *hits an all new note and siiiings!*

Hank wooooooooooooo tap that hard!

Mel: At least the evil turtles aren't here I guess Razz

Don: *looks on*

Gabe: *tugs Angel off to, fuck it! Gets down and dirty right here! Presses her against the wall, lip locks and hands moooove over that delicious lil body of hers*

Hank *offers the tall turtle a beer and joint* and what you up to brainiac?

Angel: *trips Gabe and once on ground, pins and snogs him*

Don: *gently turns them down* No thanks. Um...just work as usual. *shrugs*

April: *smiles and hugs Donnie than Raph* ooooh my green bros - luv you guys Smile

Don: Um, Angel...are you drunk?

Hank ahhhh you are always busy busy - sure not a beer? I have light *pats spare seat*

Angel: *stands and comes over to Donnie - pecks his cheek* a little buzzed yes you hwat beast

Shaya *giggles about the group*

Leatherhead: mmmmmmm Smile quiet fun - should take a selfie - my bestie is missing the fun

Gabe: ...*was just about to rid her of those dang close but.. did she seriously jus' leave him hangin'??*

Mikey: creeeeeme de la creeeeeeeeeeeeeem! *creamin up seriously over heres!*

MOErica: *fallin out of portal ontop of some handsome dude... snogs*

Gabe: *woman swap, hey.. tis cool! Continues where he left off with Angel*

MOErica: *forget introductions - gets hot and heavy with this smexy man*

Hank *fires another nerf bullet at Raph - still has one stuck to his head*

Leatherhead: would you pose with me? *grins and hold up camera to take selfie*

Shaya *poses as a sailor Scout* Say Selfie~

Leatherhead: Selfiiiiiiiie! *gator grins - clickies picture*

April: how is the preggo one? *sits on Hanks lap*

Shaya: * teal and blue plants scatter the dome shaped area. The light were a sun would be there is a hum og\f a glow*

Mel: What is this place Oo

Shaya Selfiiie~ *kisses LH, happy to be near*

Hank Smile fine.... for now, had to be treated in hospital for dehydration - but fine now

Leatherhead: *sends piccie giggling* ooooh thats a good one - *ssnugs this gorgeous lady - cheek smooch*

Gabe: *ain't too late for Angel to join in if she wantsto Razz Liplocked with other Erica, helping her out of those clothes*

Mel: I'm not Alice Oo *Goes to the mushroom*

MOErica: whats... *snogs* your.... name?.... *kiss kiss , pulls off his shirt* so I know what to cry out... *smoooooooooch*

Hank: hehehe my dark angel is tempted Razz

Ally: *reeling from one killer orgasm drunken loveshick giggles, trying to catch her breath as she snugsnugsnugs Mikey*

Mikey: *happy snug snug snug - ooooh soooo gooooood..... ninja, breath is caught - nuzzle nuzzle.... tail wagging, turtlehood half soft - wags with it*

Hank: hehehee theres an image for yas Razz

Gabe: MmmGabe..*clothes now off, tongue flicks over a nipple, giving a naughty lil look* An' you, love?

Rogue: lol, dang mikey

Hank: Razz

MOErica: .... mmmm Gabe - *nips his lip and tugs off pants whimper* Erica...

Shaya *sits on the floor* I want someone to play with my hair.

Hank: oooooo Hank is so smug right now

Leatherhead: *lightly combs Shaya's hair*

Hank: hehehehe

Erica: *had been watching from distance -* ... *goes to make tea - wants a coffee* *sipping tea* Sad(

Mel: Okay then Oo *Goes through a portal and is back at the lair* Erica

Erica: O,o where the heck did you come from ?! ... tea?

Mel: I was at Wonderland Oo

Erica: ahhh - was it fun? *sniffles* tea?

Mel: It was weird. You okay?

Erica: oooh - well from what I have read and watched it is supposed to be weird.... tea? .... and yeah fine *is not*

Mel: No you're not fine

Erica: ... no not really... *drags self over to LH*

Mel: *Follows* How come?

Leatherhead: *fingers combing Shaya's head - smiles at his friend a low rumble*

Hank because I am right - huh baby? *relllllaxed*

Shaya *shoulder bumps Erica*

Mel: Right about what? *Glares at Hank*

Erica: *smiles at Mel and lightly pats Shaya's shoulder- very lightly.... knows the pretty older woman is ery sensitive around the shoulders - leans against LH and buries face against soft belly scales*

Hank ooooh just something -

Mel: Tell me Hank

Shaya *rubs Erica's back*

Leatherhead: *rumbles soft and low - hands still gently combing Shaya's hair - big head curling to rest against his best friends back*

Hank nah - I don't think I will Smile

Mel: *Hits him* Tell me now Hank! You did something to Erica!

Leatherhead: *arms close about his friend and Shaya huggling and snuggling both ladies*

Hank *lightly smacks Mel back on the butt* girl! you don't need to know! - *takes beers else where - fishing*

Mel: Mikey!

Shaya *tries not to purr the odd time he found a good spot- lean away letting him hold his friend* Be the Bestie. I'm going to check on - where did he go?

Leatherhead: Smile *snout smoooch to cheek*

Erica: *hugs and sighs* it's alright - don't worry about it Mel... *hugs Mel and Shaya and backs away, goes back to the tea she left*

Mel: *Looks for Mikey*

Shaya Need anything Erica? *falling off her high*

Angel: *giggles* know what she needs - Wink but he aint here *snog to Don's snout and skips to kitchen - should have coffee after all her alcohol*

Leatherhead: *nuzzle nuzzles Shaya and nods* should we join them for tea and coffee?

Mikey: *sleeping off great smexing with his sleeping angelCake*

Shaya Yes. tea. but i dont wanna move yet.

Erica: no no... *sooo unsure and sad she's not even sure she wants her tea no more - but sits back down to stir sip it* Smile I'm good

Leatherhead: thats alright - I will move for the both of us Wink *very careful, scoops Shaya up and follows grinning at Mel* nawwwww whatcha gonna do about it? Very Happy

Shaya eep! *blush* th-thanks

Don *follows Angel*

Mel: I don't know yet

Angel: *smiles at Donnie and goes to make coffees* you'll think of something surely Very Happy - though you might need a coffee too after sneaking some alcohol ... *gives her, Don and herself a coffee*

Leatherhead: Your welcome *proud as a peacock getting to carry beautiful lady into kitchen, carefully sets her down and makes tea*

Mel: Why?

Erica: *sniffles but smiles watchin them*

Don I didn't have any alcohol.

Mel: Hi big brother *Glomps Donnie*

Angel: no.... but I thought you might like a coffee anyways - Smile and cause Mel coffee is what you have after drinking - *shoos Mel off and to a seat -* I didn't make it too hot

Don: *gives Mel a brief hug then goes to the table* I certainly wouldn't say "no" to that. *smiles at Angel*

Mel: As long as Mikey won't find out *Drinks coffee after putting a lot of milk and sugar in it*

Angel: Wink good boy - *kisses his forehead and stands beside him* though fun party

Erica: Smile *wipes nose on jumper sleeve - eyes still wet* it looked like it

Mel: Erica what's wrong?

Erica: *first plausible thing that comes to mind* hormones - seriously watched Bambi this morning with GranGran and still choked up over Bambi's mothers death

Mel: If you say so but your dad has something to do with it >​>​

Angel: *wont say anything here - sworn to secrecy*

Erica: .... no no - he's been great - *even if yeah his truths have hurt* I think I am getting a taste of how dad was whilst mum was pregnant with me Wink *wipes cheeks chuckling a little at that*

Mel: I don't know Erica I don't trust him remember he took you away from here

Erica: he made a mistake.

Mel: Still he's telling you something otherwise you wouldn't be so sad. And don't tell me it's hormones or Bambi

Erica: it's just hormones - I'm over sensitive and haven' been well, *pecks Mel's forehead* thanks for worrying though

Shaya Is that all?

Erica: yeah Smile *kisses Shaya's cheek* you and LH are sooo cute *squ - sniff eeeeeeeee!*

Mel: Still don't like it

Shaya Yeah. Worried ol' sister is all

Erica: ... I know and thank you - Smile but its alright *soooo is not - but staying positive!*

Leatherhead: *brings Shaya her tea*

Mel: You know you don't have to smile all the time the ones that do are usually hiding something

Shaya Thanks big guy. *zoned out holding the tea for grounding*

Erica: usually yeah

Leatherhead: You are welcome - Wink *sits beside her with his own tea*

Mel: Which means you're hiding something

Erica: .... and smiling actually improves mood, because you are thinking of the smile and using muscles that than trigger happy chemicals in the brain Smile *yep diverting topic*

Shaya Drop it Mel.If she wants it to be secret, she can keep it.

Mel: *Growls in annoyance* I just don't like it

Erica: Thank you Shaya - and it's not secret per say - I just feel.... bad for feeling sad and silly and crazy and sick... *huffs* see hormones

Mel: Why would you feel bad?

Hank: And this is where a Ronald Weasley pops out of no where and says one person can't feel all that - they'll explode

Hank: hehehe

Erica: cause I know I shouldn't.... argh nevermind - just.... lets smile and pretend its all fine *smiles*

Shaya You will be alright hon. emotions are not logical, neither are our reactions to horomones

Mel: If you say so

Erica: I know - it'll be alright *she hopes* not logical at all

Shaya *kisses Erica's forehead* You can always visit me to chat. Anything, big or little, sad or happy. Okay honey?

Erica: thank you *hugs* I just miss Red... it's just hormones

Leatherhead: *growls a little but smiles and nuzz nuzzles his two ladies*

April: *sits beside Shaya still high* he was here today - buuuut didn't seem worried or asked about you are all Wink *thats helpful right?* Smile

Erica: ... yeah - well... his player is busy and tired and he's busy - and stuff... *sniffs* I um should go.... *hugs Shaya, LH - hurries away... pauses to hug Mel*

April: bye bye! *beams and takes girls tea* mmmmm *sips*
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PostSubject: Re: Portal Hopping Pt. 41 - 50   Mon Aug 08, 2016 4:34 pm

Pt. 44

Previously on Portal Hopping:

April: *sits beside Shaya still high* he was here today - buuuut didn't seem worried or asked about you are all Wink *thats helpful right?* Smile

Erica: ... yeah - well... his player is busy and tired and he's busy - and stuff... *sniffs* I um should go.... *hugs Shaya, LH - hurries away... pauses to hug Mel*

April: bye bye! *beams and takes girls tea* mmmmm *sips*


Shaya I'm fine... taking it slow this morning :">​

Mikey oooh? rough night with the gator? *only lightly teasing - knows LH is a giant softy*

Shaya Yeah, more of that I fell asleep while falling out of my high. I feel burnt out.

Mikey ooooh yeah I didn't have enough to make me high or drunk - Wink but I hear it can be brutal need a coffee or something pretty lady? Very Happy - and LH being a good gator for you?

Shaya Made me forget you two most of the night. Yeah. Coffee and potassium vitamin.

Mikey he he yeah sorry about that - I love AngelCake so much and we've not had a chance to catch up the last couple of days that I forgot all others were about

Shaya I like your friend a lot. He is good, gentle and so kind.

Mikey *nods nods and prepares coffee* and I am soooo pranking my red clad brother when I see him next - just got to think of a good one - here you are Wink *gives her a tall large mug o coffee and the vitamins* me too - at first he looks like something off jurassic park... but he's fun and kind

Shaya i feel like he is one of the most gentle man I've ever met. He is one of the few minds out there who listens to me and can follow my train of thought. *takes the coffee burning her tongue to swallow the pill* He is also an Alligator.

Mikey I'm a turtle Wink ... I know us mutants sometimes get lost in instincts huh? Smile - and yeah he really is a big old softy - like Pete's Dragon or Toothless Very Happy *sits beside her sipping his own tea*

Shaya "Hey mom it's me,i wanted you to know I have a boyfriend now. He is over 8 feet talk and is the smartest man i know. He is also an alligator living in the sewers". *sets the mug down to thump her head on her lap* I'd be taken to a loonie bin. That and if uncle Jerome found out he would be hunting him down for 'gator steak.

Mikey Wink actually lying flat and straight from snout to tail tip he is seventeen feet long ... *looks at the woman with concern... hey hey its okay - I mean... that gator is crazy about you.... does it really bother you how your family will act towards him?... thats sweet to worry

Shaya He is the gentle giant. *lifts head* I decided to put you all a giant secret from the world. This includes my tight-knit family. - Crazy about me, yeah. I love him being so kind... still have days when I want to be 'caveman style' thrown over his shoulder to his lair. *hides face* Trying to hide that last month was near impossible.

Mikey *chuckles and lightly strokes her hair* nawww and I am sure - actually I know having had to share a overnight room with him I know there is times he wants to just grab you up and take you back to his nest for smexins .... though like myself... Raph... Leo and Don we have to go slow and find out what your bodies can handle... we are strong - any moment we are not careful could spell serious injury .... or death

Mikey >Smile but once he knows what you can take - watch out Razz

Shaya The other girls don't care. I can't stop *points to her head* this.

Mikey not true... Erica? she used to talk out loud to us in the overnight space Wink and sometimes in her sleep - hehehe seems the brain just wont stop,you'll probably have to ask her how she shuts the pink matter up and just goes with it Very Happy

Shaya *giggles* Yeah, he just growled most the night. Poor Guy. I like teasing him, plus April in her university days made up some fun stories at time. -True. Erica does tend to enjoy the sciences and rational thinking. She is also a highly emotional being from what I've seen in her.

Mikey Very Happy all teens are emotional - isn't it like part of our job as teenagers? - hehehehe yeah I get that - I growl too when I get all jealous over AngelCakes Very Happy -

Shaya Yeah. *sips the coffee in her hand* I remember that.

Mikey oh good - for a moment I though you would say no and being emotional is just me and Erica Wink hehhee glad to know it is all of us - *sips his own drink and beams* may sound weird but moments like that when you confirm that even myself and my brothers are just normal hormonal teens at times is nice - makes me feel normal ...

Shaya I was a normal Shy teen hon. all I wanted someone to read with and just forget the highs and lows of horomones.

Mikey .... like Donnie? he seems to avoid the over emotional side of being a teen by focusing on building and repairing and work and stuff that goes over my head Very Happy - thats cool and normally I would say Leo too by meditating but in here Leo has been crazy as all heck - me and Raph though - even if one pretend otherwise - we let emotions have us... me loudly and rudely... Raph for most the part can hide it - but has outbursts

Shaya i use to have outbrusts... Not fun. Walls were broken.

Mikey nawwwws - really?... guess Raph feels that way too huh?.... for me... I love destroying my walls - I feel like a butterfly each time, you know? changed? more vibrant and colorful ... then again Mikey lives outside the box Razz

Shaya: true

~*~*~*~*~* Laters *~*~*~*~*~

Mel: Mikey *Glomps but regrets it is a bit hungover* Hi Mikey *Tries to look all chipper but has a bit of a hangover*

Mikey tsk tsk *hugs*

Mel: What?

Mikey this is why you no drink, feel sick? Very Happy

Mel: Yeah I do Leo let me!

Mikey gotta kick Leo's tail for letting you huh?

Mel: Yep *Snuggles close*

Leo: I didn't tell her to drink til she was sick

Mikey hehehe still... dr pranked stein is makin a house call on you bro Razz

Leo: isn't it better that she drink while safe with us, rather then go out and get wasted?

Mel: Is it?

Kitteh: Love's kiss rendered Don completely speechless. Razz

Mikko: lol

Espionata: lol

Mikko: Love has no concept of first kisses are suppose to be special

Mel: My head hurts Mikey

Kitteh: Awwwww

Leo: *puts cold towel on Mel's head and hands her asprin*

Mel: *Takes the asprin* Not high today Leo?

Mikko: name one Mikko!

Rogue: Laz is always super excited about everything. always thinks you have a mouse for him Razz


Mel: *Snuggles with Mikey* At least no evil turtles are coming ^^

Mikey no one today Wink

Mel: But still never know Razz

Mikey: Yes he does - none today Razz

Lexi: *smooches Mikko's cheek* I know you helped save us, too. But.. I'm trying to tap that.. Razz

Mel: *Pouts* Aww should hide them in the base next time >​>​

Mikey how about leaving them where they are?

Mel: Okay Mikey you're hard to mess with

Mikey hehehe

Mel: I'm sore Mikey

Mikey then stop going out looking for fights

Mel: Aww how come?

Mikey - your complaining about being sore Very Happy

Erica: *sneaks away to Spot*

Raph: *joins Erica* Wink

Erica: Smile hello stranger *snout peck*

Raph: Hey you. *snugs and churrs* Feelin' better?
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PostSubject: Re: Portal Hopping Pt. 41 - 50   Mon Aug 08, 2016 4:35 pm

Pt. 45

Previously on Portal Hopping:

Mikey - your complaining about being sore Very Happy

Erica: *sneaks away to Spot*

Raph: *joins Erica* Wink

Erica: Smile hello stranger *snout peck*

Raph: Hey you. *snugs and churrs* Feelin' better?


Mel: No action today >​>​

Spike: I'll give you some action *kidnaps*

Mel: Let go! *Struggles and stabs*

Shaya: We coulod- HEY!

Spike: *stabs back*

Mel: *Gets stabbed but keeps stabbing* Let me go!

Shaya: stabbing montage.

Mikey: *had pizza... Tackles Spike and Mel, pizza slices go everywhere*

Leatherhead *snatches a couple as they fall* mmmm pepperoni

Kitteh: lol

Mel; *Lands on the ground bleeding from being stabbed*

Spike: *girly scream and drops the Kitteh and Mel*

Kitteh: Ouch! *rubs butt*

Leatherhead: o,O

Mel: You scream like a girl

Mikko: *shares pizza*

Mel: Mikey that asshole Spike stabbed me DX

Love: *noms on LH's tail*

Leatherhead *wags tail... Is patching up Mel*

Mel: Ow that hurts LH DX

Mikey: *finding all the pizza that went flying before... Eating as he goes*

Erica: thats just makes it worse! - no clowns!

Lexi: *gives Laz a BJ* Very Happy

Laz: fuck yeah!

Mikko: *gives Gabe some bad ass swords and heads out to save tiph* WOO! *runs into the horde swinging her blade*

Hank: *shakes slapped butt*

Mikko: woooo! shake it baaaaaabeh

Mel: *Looking for GURaidon in the base*

Erica: *hid her butt from slapping by sitting ... Shakes head at embarrassing dad...*

Hank: *wiggle wiggle wiggle*
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Erica Martins

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PostSubject: Re: Portal Hopping Pt. 41 - 50   Mon Aug 08, 2016 4:36 pm

Pt. 46

Previously on Portal Hopping:

Hank: *shakes slapped butt*

Mikko: woooo! shake it baaaaaabeh

Mel: *Looking for GURaidon in the base*

Erica: *hid her butt from slapping by sitting ... Shakes head at embarrassing dad...*

Hank: *wiggle wiggle wiggle*


Espionata: You have insominia of the exteme Oo

Mikko: yes i do

Erica: awwww Very Happy

Espionata: While if I want to I can literally sleep anywhere

Mikko: lucky

Espionata: Except when I have my laptop on my lap Razz

Erica: Hehe sounds like Erica - wherever she falls asleep she stays there

Espionata: lol

Erica: *points* see asleep on kitchen table with yoghurt... Can't take her anywheres Razz

Erica: where as I spent all last night in the loo with a bucket... Lol

Espionata: She gave you her morning sickness Razz

Erica: Hehe got sympathy sickies huh? Bad oc - in this case sharing is not caring Wink

Espionata: No it's not

Erica: *curled up in seat yoghurt spoon in hair, tub cradled in hands... *Zzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzz

Mel: *Trying to practice in the base despite the stitches she has from being stabbed*

Erica: Huh hmmm a yoghurt craving is usually the sign of calcium deficiency.... Or sooo I have learned

guRaidon: *not letting Mel push herself.*

Espionata: Some women will crave anything and I mean literally anything

Mel: I'm fine Raidon

Erica: yes extreme forms of pica can be dangerous to health of teeth... Ice is one

Espionata: I will eat ice when it's really hot

Erica: teeth are weakened in pregnancy, see the developing blastocyst, embryo, fetus is supplied nutrients not from what the mother eats herself entirely but also taken from her body, this suppresses her immune system, weakens bones and teeth... yes that's normal ice in hot weather helps cool and hydrate

Espionata: Pregnancy takes a lot on the body

Mikko: *dies*

Erica: in pregnancy a craving for ice may be a sign of iron deficiency annnnd damages the teeth...

Espionata: Ouch

Erica: *gives Mikko mouth to mouth*

Mel: It's that damn Spike he keeps trying to grab me and rape me DX

Spike: lies!

Mel: You're the one that stabbed me!

Erica: Yes pregnancy is rough on the body, can leave life long issues... Like my mother, hormones completely thrown out of order, she has to be extra cautious about food and portion sizes... And can no longer use hormonal birth control without gaining massive amounts of weight

Spike: you have no proof

guRaidon: *growls at Spike*
Erica: lol almost spelled that spork

Mel: The stitches that I got aren't proof enough? And you're covered from where I stabbed you trying to escape until Mikey scared you

Spike: nothing scares me

Erica: Erica is only weeks in so the cravings are not too bad, it's the morning sickness kicking her ass and emotions all over the place Very Happy

Mel: What do you call screaming like a girl when Mikey showed up?

Mikko: oh lord help me not die tonight. I'm so tired. and sick. and thirsty

Erica: *waves spoon at Spike still asleep* don't make me smack you... Clowwwwn ... Zzzzzzzzz

Erica: drink!

Spike: I scream like a man!

Mikko: I have been

Erica: Haz some saltine crackers!

Espionata: lol

Erica: salt help body maintain fluid!

Erica: Lemonade is good!

Mikko: oh god no food! I ate my body weight in sushi today

Mel: That was a girly scream >​>​

[bMikey: hehe oh please you screamed like Leo... And his screams have been more girly that mine lately Wink[/b]

Leo: heeeeeeeey

Mikey: *chuckles lifting tub of yoghurt from Erica, carefully* well they have been...*puts yoghurt away and elbows Leo* been like.... *imitates very girl scream* see?

Leo: *tackles Mike to the ground*

Mikey: aaaaaahhhhhh! *yep girly scream of his own* Leo! *tries to wrestle him off*

Mel: You're the best ^^

guRaidon: :->​ knew it

Leo: take it like a man! *tickles*

Mel: *Giggles* I wanna be with you forever ^^

Mikey: nnn noooo! Have me meerr mercy! *tries to get away... Laughing hysterically*

Leo: mercy is for the weak

guRaidon: we're too young to think about forevers Wink lets go swimming, the others are

Mel: Okay ^^

Mikey: *tickles back* mwhahaha hahaha - but I am the weeeee ak ! Aaahhhh haha - Donnie help!!

Mel: *Changes into a bikini*

guRaidon: *grins, leads her off to swim*

Shaya bikini time?

Leatherhead: *nods nods* bikini time Smile had been curled up around his besties seat whilst she slept, now smiles eagerly at Shaya*

Mikey: *freee* hehe thanks for no help Don Razz *gets in his coconut boobies and grass skirt* it's a luuuuoiii!![/font]

Mel: *Gets into the water* XD

guRaidon: hehehe *cannon balls!*

Kitteh: lol

Shaya *poofs from sweater to green bikini*

Leatherhead: seeexy Wink... *puts huge hat on his friends head to keep her shaded* ready to swim? *gestures for Shaya to lead the way tail wagging*

Erica: hehehe Erica's having a siesta

Mikey: *found a ukulele * ohhhh the hubba hubba hula is the hula- *dance and song going*

guRaidon: yes it is Very Happy looooves swimming *swim under her so she's on his shell... Takes for ride*

Shaya Thanks... :">​ *Walks over to the water* Not so bad yourself

Leatherhead: Smile *follows grinning* thanks *biiiiig gator grin*

guRaidon: *swims them in a giant lazy circle*

Mel: *Holds on happily* This is the best ^^

Mikey: *grass skirt a shakey, ukulele twanging* ♫Oh the Hubba Hubba Hula Is a hula that ya do-ah When ya meet a girl-a who ya gonna luv-a-luv a lot!! ♪

Kitteh: lol What is that from, Erica? It seems very familiar.

Shaya: lol

Erica: Hehe yes! Sometimes there is just a bit more after credits - and it ensures all of my cousins are there Wink not lost in the rush to get out Wink especially when it's those ten and under

Erica: American Dragon Wink

Kitteh: lol! That's right.

Espionata: American Dragon loved that show

Erica: and yep its the 'Jake takes the Cake' ep and the song is the only thing that sooths the gremlins Wink

Kitteh: Me, too! ^^

Erica: and my entire family loves the show, we downloaded it and watch it sometimes Very Happy too bad there was only two seasons

Mel: Can we go faster?

guRaidon: sure *swims faster*

Mel: *Kisses him happily*

Mikey: ♪And if she thinks, bubba, you'll a--gree to luv-a-luv her true-ah Say "I do" and mebbe you'll-ah Hubba Hula on the spot.♫ *hula hula-ing*

Erica: zzzzzzz zzzzzzz *under a very wide sombrero hat curled up in little fold out chair fast asleep*

Erica: hehe almost envy my OC'S ability to sleep wherever she drifts off Razz

Espionata: lol

Erica: hehe yes Mikey in coconut boobies and a grass skirt hula hula-ing Razz

Espionata: lol

Mel: Raidon Mikey is insane OO

guRaidon: Very Happy he's funneh

Mel: He's also my adoptive big brother Very Happy

Shaya Sandcastles?

Leatherhead: never done that ... Smile

Shaya pile damp sand into piles then dig out a castle from the hill of earth Smile

Leatherhead: *does so, making clumsy sand castle* hah! Very Happy *shows it off*

Erica: zzzzzzz *wiggles... Falls out of seat, fold up chair goes with her... Continues snooozing* zzzzzzzzzzz

Mel: *Snuggles close to GURaidon* ^^

Shaya This will do. *makes the moat and final tower in a victorian castle sloppy from sand*

Leatherhead: *watches closely copying, smiling* for a kids activity much more enjoyable than expected.

Shaya there are yearly competitions for the best made ones. Some people make dragons and full cities

Leatherhead: really?! Very Happy how very artistic ... Must seen some of these on line

Mel: To bad you can't have sandball fights Razz

Mikey: *makes sand sculpture - a bad one*

guRaidon: *lazy from sun basking* wee could join in sand castling

Mel: No thanks *Snuggles close*

Mikey: *makes mermaid tail on sleeping Erica* >Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Portal Hopping Pt. 41 - 50   Mon Aug 08, 2016 4:37 pm

Pt. 47

Previously on Portal Hopping:

Mel: To bad you can't have sandball fights Razz

Mikey: *makes sand sculpture - a bad one*

guRaidon: *lazy from sun basking* wee could join in sand castling

Mel: No thanks *Snuggles close*

Mikey: *makes mermaid tail on sleeping Erica* Smile


Mikey: mmmm! *munching chic mint biscuits*

Mel: *Eating chocolate*

Erica: ^^ *haz yoghurt, is happy*

Mel: My chocolate! *Growls*

Mikey: o,O... Girls are crazy.... cept my AngelCake ^,^

Mel: We're not crazy! *Starts to cry puberty starting to hit and it hits hard*

Erica: *dips a pickle in yoghurt* mmmmm

Mikey: ahhh! No no no don't cry

Mel: Why should I stop Sad(

Erica: Sad miss Red *but has pickles and yoghurt so belly in happy*

Angel: *lounging beside Erica - giggles and gives Mel a hot chocolate*

Mikey: *ran away*

Mel: *Drinks it* Mikey doesn't love me! *Doesn't know what's going and her emotions are out control*

Angel: Wink he does he's just a guy

Mel: A guy over what?

Erica: Smile just a guy... Haven't seen Pretty Eyes for a while

Mel: I don't like it

Shaya Chocolate

Mel: Been crazy all day

Angel: It's puberty - always crazy Wink

Mel: Never happened before Oo

Shaya Any more to share?

Leatherhead: *brings ladies a tray of biscuits and chocolates and tea and hot chocies* ^,^

Mel: Puberty is fucked up DX

Angel: yeah it is Wink

Mel: And I'm getting hit by it now >​<

Shaya And will have to get use to it for a while

Mel: This sucks ass DX

Erica: *shrugs* we all go through it *double dipping her pick...licking of the yogurt ... Triple dipping!*

Mel: Guess so scared Mikey Sad

Angel: *missing Stretch* hehe meh he'll be back Wink he's pretty cool about girly stuff Very Happy

Mel: Hope so

Leatherhead: *snout kiss to Shaya's temple.*

Shaya Thank you Big Guy. Always so thoughtful *turning to Kiss his snout*

Leatherhead: ^,^ I do try for my very special lady

Erica: naaaaw sooo ... Cute..... *sniffs*

Mel: Yeah cute >​>​

Erica: *sniffle, sniffle*

Angel: *chuckles and brings pickle tub closer*

Shaya :">​ Yeah. My giant 'Gator of fluff. Smile Anyways. Girl time. What am I missing? Are you okay Erica?

Mel: Me hitting puberty >​<

Shaya Which it as it should and right on schedule too. some people don't hit puberty until 15!

Mel: I wouldn't be sad if I missed it

Erica: I'm okay, just missing my big red clad turtle - Smile

Shaya That also means if you are starting your periods now, you will be this tall as an adult *Takes a hot chocolate and biscuit*

Angel: how's the morning sickness? Smile

Mel: But I'm only 4'7"!

Leatherhead: *curls up around the seated girls so they can use him as a back rest*

Erica: ... Well I can keep down water melon, yogurt and pickles so far, everything else just ... Nope... Nawww so you'll be petite Smile

Shaya Guys like cute short girls hon. Specially tall men. You can reach the bottom cupboards and he can reach the top ones.

Angel: Wink hehe love me a tall man

Shaya Yeah. I know from experience.

Mel: Still being this short sucks because I'm cute >​<

Shaya Cute is a good thing. Why does it suck Sweetie?

Erica: what's wrong with being cute? *sniff sniff, still sloooowly dipping her chomped pickle and licking yoghurt off*

Angel: *is a tall girl* mmmmm *rests back against Gator* thanks LH Wink

Mel: Because my growth was stunted and being small and cute not a lot of people take that seriously >​<

Shaya *tall ish, but compared to LH... not at all* Which then you prove them wrong

Erica: exactly Smile

Mel: I guess so everyone is taller than me just hope to grow a few more inches DX

April: *joining in girl chat...*

Angel: *shuffles butt so April can sit beside her and Shaya* hey Ape

Mel: A dwarf seriously Oo

April: nah you'd have to be shorter... Oooh goodies! *has a biccie* geez us ladies well looked after

Shaya: My friend at 4'8.5 is all tough shell, fluffy heart.

Leatherhead: *soft happy rumble*

Shaya: more leo in personality, yeah. hehe meh he'll be back Wink he's pretty cool about girly stuff Very Happy Oh Honey, it is fine. Shorter people tend to live longer, more ambitious and tend to be great at things

Mel: At least I'm putting on some weight now >​> I am quick >​>​

Erica: there stop being so gloomy about your height, plenty of positive to focus on. *sniff sniff*

Shaya Hankie? *offers tissues*

Mel: I guess so being a teen doesn't help Razz

Angel: hehe

April: enjoy it whilst you can, adulthood is worse Wink bills and jobs and bills

Shaya Shhhh *enjoys hot chocolate and a warm back rest*

Erica: thanks *takes tissues and blows nose...* sorry hormones making me weepy

Leatherhead: *in gator heaven, warm warm warm humans resting against him, head alongside Shaya's leg*

Mel: Depends where my adulthood takes me Razz

Angel: Very Happy this it true

Shaya *scratches his head* Mel, What do you WANT to do when your an adult?

Mel: I don't know yet

Angel: I'm nineteen and don't know

Erica: *hums*

Leatherhead: ^.^

Shaya Am I the only one who knew what I wanted to be?

Erica: well I am working to establish myself in the performance arts, as my training in mutant medical is unofficial.

Leatherhead: *purrrs*

Mel: In the future I might live with Raidon in his world

Erica: Smile that's nice, the community always needs more willing able working hands Wink

Shaya Never been.

Mikey: *brought back potato chips and stuffs for the ladies* oh it's a nice place for a hidden underground base Shaya Smile ooog a girl gab fest - count me in!

Angel: *sniggers*

Mel: *Tackles Mikey* Mikey!

April: *giggles*

Mikey: Smile *hugs and sits with the ladies*

Leatherhead: Smile

Mel: *Snuggles close* ^^

Shaya more welcome to join in .

Mikey: thanks Smile *has brought goodies, potatoe and corn chips and juice for the girls to shares* hehehe all these fine smellin girls Wink *one arm hugs Mel and reachs out slowly to Erica* when will you start showing? Mmmm one or two of you girls are ovulating... It smells incredible

Mel: I smell? What Oo

Shaya The boys feed us so well. Clearly for their own satisfaction.

Erica: *chuckles and let's Mikey stroke her still flat belly* well that depends on the growth of the fetus or fetuses...

Mel: Mikey how do I smell?

Mikey: yes you smell, everyone smells, us turtles and Leatherhead can pick up scents - and even variations... *strokes her belly and smiles tail wagging... Looks at Mel* Shaya, or Angel or April are ovulating - cant tell which from here... Hehee and no Shaya, must make sure our ladies are fed and happy Wink would pamper my own princess but AngelCakes has been so very busy lately *pouts*

Leatherhead: *agreeable growling rumble* smells good...

Mel: Guess I'm not yet Razz

Shaya I'd bet from where you are..

Leatherhead: ^__________^ indeed

Mikey: *sniffs* no not yet Mel

Mel: And hopefully never >​>​

Erica: what we smell as body odor from one another Mel - BO... our mutant friends and... *blushes* lovers pick up other things in our scents...

Mikey: oh if your starting puberty it will happen, and Raidon will have to work extra hard to be a good boy Razz

Mel: Must be the animal part of them. It will?

Mikey: yep... Like arousal, ovulating... and Raph's scent lingering on Erica. It drove me and Leatherhead to fight more than once

Mel: Will it affect Raidon?

Mikey: of course, if he has the mutant turtle sense of smell...

Mel: Oh boy that's going to crazy to watch Oo

April: I doubt he will do anything, he's a good boy -

Mikey: he better be Wink

Mel: With you being all protective over me Mikey he doesn't have a choice Oo

Angel: mmmmm *sipping a coffee*

Mikey: exactly .... Very Happy you don't need to do anything more than making out for now Wink

April: yep

Angel: sides thought you thought all that was gross Razz

Shaya *smirks* About that huh?

Erica: hehehe dad said the same when I was fourteen.. And fifteen... And after my sixteenth birthday... Hehe can't say that now

Mel: Don't remind me >​>​

Angel: about you being a pain in the butt when we did things you thought where gross? Very Happy heheee *has some chippies*

Mikey: night night *hugs* ha! yeah - now you do some of that gross stuff with Raidon

Mel: *Growls at them* It was different then >​<

Don: *walks in and slips an arm around Angel, smooching her cheek* And what are we discussing right now, hm?

Angel: *puuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrs* there you are Stretch Smile haven't seen you for a bit - how girl stuff, puberty, pregnancy, hormones... teasing Mel about finally doing gross stuff with Raidon Razz

Erica: *giggles* hello Pretty Eyes

Mel: Yeah hitting puberty >​<

Mikey: though nothing more than heavy petting - *makes I got my eyes on you gesture to Mel*

April: ha ha Smile cause the gross stuff is fun huh? Very Happy

Leatherhead: *snuggling snooozing Shaya - still curled about the girls and Mikey like a big gator bean bag*

Mel: You're gonna be acting like a really protective big brother aren't you?

Don: Hmm... *smiles glances at everyone else then to Mel* I think everyone else has already filled you in.

Angel: *snogs that handsome turtle man* and what has been keeping you so busy oh Smexy one?

April: oh not relaly we have discussed height so far

Erica: and smell! *dips a bbq flavored chip into her yoghurt...* O,o mmmmm Smile *happily munches*

Don: *smooches back* Oh, the usual. Maintenance, experiments, fixing things my brothers have been so careless about. -_-

Mikey: hey! I have been good! and careful *surprisingly has been* ... *mostly*

Mel: Yes and I do have a boyfriend big brother

Angel: nahhhh you are so over worked ... Mikey you better stop breaking things or I will tell Ally not to give you any

Mikey; O.O it can't go down like that!

Don: That's wonderful to hear, Mel. I'm happy for you.

Angel: and same to your big turtle Erica Wink

Don: It's not just Mikey, Angel. Raph's really 'good' about it, too. -_-

Mel: But Mikey is being all protective when it comes to it >​>​

Don: Good for him. *is glad his little brother is being serious for once*

Erica: Wink I'll see what I can do - but it will be hard. I swear if I am not eating all the yogurt or moping about sobbing my eyes out I am hornier than a herd of buffalo -

Mel: Really?

Kitteh: lol

Mikey: Very Happy April's right though Raidon is a good boy

April: ... *giggles* first trimester pregnancy huh?

Angel: *offers Donnie a coffee* it's all part of being a lil sis - or a big sis - you should have seen the hard time these guys gave Casey when he asked April out Razz *smoooches that cheek* mmmm would you like a massage some time Stretch?

Mel: Really?

Don: *takes the coffee and sips it* I'd love that, Angel. Thanks.

Erica: yes *smiles at Don and Angel* my ass is being royally kicked right now *dips sweet chill chippie into her yogurt this time*

Angel: *chuckles - and pressing a kiss to his cheek shifts to straddle him so her hands can start on those shoulders whilst still warm from holding her coffee cup* no worries Wink

Mel: *Stifles yawn*

April: oh yes, my tough guy is never one for words... and it was stuttering and mumbling... and being surrounded by four very big turtles and their father is not easy - but he's a trooper and managed Wink

Mel: And their little sister so yikes Razz

Mikey: *snugs Mel* hehehe yes - thats was funny watching him try to ask her out with all us there arms folded and all asking where he was taking our April - and what time he'll have her home Wink hehhee I gotta bust raidon's chops more Razz

Mel: Is that a brother thing?

Hank: *reading book Shaya gave him* and a father thing...

Mel: Don't have a dad that does that

Hank: you have a sperm doner - Fatherhood is a lot more than that

Mel: It is? I don't remember the good times

Erica: *leans back against Leatherhead* yeah... it is... *tracing absent mindedly small shapes over her lower belly, finally for the moment full and content... and for once not weeping!*

Hank: well yeah - but do you hve good memories of your sperm doner?*

Angel: Wink mmmmmm shall I take you away Stretch to continue this massage?

Mel: All I know now is what my sister told me before our mom died we were a normal family but I barely remember them I was five when everything changed

April: lose does change everything

Mikey: yeah

Don *smooches Angel* Yes.

Mel: That it does and for five years I was always scared hungry and in pain until my sister's murder and someone saw what was happening

Hank: Sad

Angel: *lets smooch linger for a bit then draws back grinning* alright then sexy one - your lab or room? and a hug for the preggo one Razz *hugs Erica*

Erica: hehehe thanks, have fun Wink *hugs and kisses cheek*

Mel: It could be worse I could be on drugs or doing all sorts of shit more dangerous than fighting and pickpocketing

Mikey: still doesn't excuse it - you have no need to do so around us and especially at the base Wink

Angel: *hops to her feet to follow where ever Donnie leads*

Mel: True guess I'm a klepto and an adrenaline junkie

Mikey: we'll work on that Razz

Mel: Like I have a choice with you guys as my brothers

Don: *leads her to his room*

Angel: *follows - taking of Don's bandana and hanging it on door knob - closing door behind them*

Mel: So I can't go above ground without you watching me Mikey?

Mikey: I aint going to be around all the time no - but Raidon will know to behave >Smile

Don: *pulls Angel over to the bed and sits down on the edge, smiling up at her*

Mel: Yeah he will and I have to learn too >​>​ *Did steal some small stuff from a warehouse and hid it where she used to hide*

Angel: mmmmm been missing you Stretch Wink *slips feet out of heels she had on, slooooowly un does shorts and with a wriggle lets them fall - hands finding his shoulders once more resuming the massage*

Don: *moves his hands to her sides, lightly caressing them*

Mikey: *rolls onto shell and stretches-* pppppppppppppppphhhhhhhh​hhhhhhhhhhtttttttttttttt​tttttttttt!

Mel: Mikey DX

Kitteh: OOCDon: MIkey! What have you been eating?! >​.< *holds snout and grabs a can of air freshener*

Erica: most herbivores have a good gasey symphony

Kitteh: lol

Erica: lol!!!!

Mikey: brussel sprouts? ppphhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh​hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh​hhhhhhhhhhhht!.... ooooooooooooooooooooh yeah thats better!

Leatherhead: O.o *grabs Shaya and Erica and takes them away*

April: *evacuates*

Mel: *Passes out*

Kitteh: OOCDon: *sprays air freshener all over the room* Next time, take it outside, please? >​.<

Angel: *oblivious thankfully - shivers in delight at Donnie's touch has on only a brightly patterned tight tank top* mmmmm - focuses upon those tight shoulders - smooooches*

Mikey: oooooh sooo much better - wondered what that sore gut was

Leatherhead: *sneaks back for Mel and takes her away too*

Mikey: *sniff sniff* - *passes out*


Don: *smooches back, churring softly*

Angel: *moooans - hands warm moving over him - thumbs brushing his spot as hs woks close to the nape of his neck*

Don *smiles softly, nuzzling and kissing wherever he can reach*

Angel: workin out some... tension? *loooves the nuzzling, and his kisses, trails her own over the shoulders she still works on relaxing* ... ....mmmmmm agreeeeeeed *captures those coffee lips for snoggies hands now finally removing tech to get at where she has missed*

Don: know it. *kisses*
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PostSubject: Re: Portal Hopping Pt. 41 - 50   Mon Aug 08, 2016 4:38 pm

Pt. 48

Previously on Portal Hopping:

Don *smiles softly, nuzzling and kissing wherever he can reach*

Angel: workin out some... tension? *loooves the nuzzling, and his kisses, trails her own over the shoulders she still works on relaxing* ... ....mmmmmm agreeeeeeed *captures those coffee lips for snoggies hands now finally removing tech to get at where she has missed*

Don: know it. *kisses*


Lexi: Eze?? ^^ Mama approves of Laz.. so... IN YOUR FACE!! Razz

Eze: she approves of everyone

Lexi: Pfffft. Not everyone. Laz got the boob hug, so he's good. Razz

Laz: my life flashed in front of my eyes and it was made of boobs

Mikko: *strips and dances around*

Gabe: *puuuuulls Mikko onto his lap* Wink

Mikko: ^^ *make out*

Mel: You two love to make out Oo

Mikko: it's fun!

Lexi: *drags Laz off somewhere to make babehs!*

Laz: ^^

Mikko: Gabe, I want a baby

Gabe: ...O.O

Mikko: we're going to have to have a lot of sex to try and make that happen

Gabe: ^^ I'm cool with that.

Lexi: Very Happy So I no longer have to shake my ass on stage?

Master Splinter *shakes his tail*

Love: *chases tail*

Master Splinter *ninja - dodges whilst shakin it*

Love: *chases*

Shaya *shakes her head*

Spike: *streaks through chat*

Mel: Eww!

Erica: *scout salute* I solemnly swear I am up to no good!

Rogue: Razz

Erica: *half chokes on tea - thanks Spike*

Rogue: Erica is probably the only one here that replies in a timely fashion Razz And reads everything...

Rogue: so Erica!

Mikko: yaaaaaaaaay

Rogue: you up for some torture? >Smile

Mikko: *tosses flowers on Erica's head*

Erica: hehehe better not type tht too loud Razz r I will be tackled for gyoza's

Erica: ... Wait what... What have I done?

Mikko: you got the job!

Erica: *has flowers in hair*

Espionata: You get to be a mod Razz

Erica: YAY!!

Rogue: That is, if you're up for it Wink

Erica: ... Oh that's it we're all done for >Smile

Erica: *points chop stick at oc* quiet you

Mel: Oh no Oo

Erica: O:-)

Shaya >​.>​ Better than some of our Players...

Mel: This is true Oo

Kitteh: Very Happy I figured that was who would get the job. Wink Congrats!

Erica: *pose* Mischief managed! I shall be Head Girl for you Rogue

Mikey: Allllllllly!!

Rogue: So as you know, some of the duties is reading profiles.. offering constructive criticisms where needed, approving or denying.. helping new chars find a place to fit in.. etc. Helping keep the peace.. welcoming people.. offering ideas and game suggestions ..etc

Rogue: all I ask is that threads, posts and profiles NOT be deleted

Mikey: *eaten all gyoza's - now looking for his AllyBite*

Ally: ^^ *tackle pouncy hugs Mikey* Very Happy

Kitteh: Yesh. Rule number one!

Erica: *nods nods*

Mikko: now go approve spike

Rogue: lol, is Spike done?

Mikko: kinda? no sample post yet

Espionata: Had accounts deleted though thankfully the posts were there Oo

Erica: no deleties! Make newbies at home

Erica: mediate

Mikko: and the third rule is approve all of Mikko's characters

Erica: practice plotting and other mischievous - approve all Mikkos

Erica: ... Wait what?

Mikko: lol

Erica: ... *giggles*

Kitteh: lol She's trying to trick you. Razz

Mikey: there you are! *on shell and snogging*

Erica: Smile aaawwww.... Ooooh ! Red! *goes to find him*

Mikey: *been missing Ally, catching up on exchanging saliva - cant help*

Mikko: ewwwww

Kitteh: lol

Angel: *watching Mikey and Ally* can't tell if their kissing or he's feeding her those gyoza's *teasing*

April: *sniggers* ohhh gross!

Mel: Now this boring >​>​

Master Splinter good time to exercise your mind dear! *still tail shaking*

Raph: *reaches out and snags Erica, pulling her into their lil spot*

Mel: I don't think so >​>​


Don: *smooch!*

Love: ^^ *SMOOCH*

Erica: ack! *immensely relieved* oh thank goodness, was stuck with mini MH's armed with sporks all wanting my underwears Very Happy *snogs*

Raph: O.o mini MH? ..scary.. *snoogs back*

Erica: Mmmmmmhmmmm! *snogging so gestures to indicate these bots were about knee high and that there were lots!*

Shaya Why are they everywhere? *side steps a bot*

Mikey: *dazed and still snogging! ... Honks boobies!* Ally ... Been gone too long must smother you in Mikey smell again! *pins and nuzzles to scent mark her up!*

Leatherhead: *shrugs... Accidently crushes a couple following Shaya*

Shaya Lets make a game of it. See how many we can evade? *twirls around a few*

Mel: What portal did these come from Oo

Leatherhead: *as graceful as a bull in a chine shop*

Ally: ^^ I knows! *drags him off to make babehs!*

Don: *pets Love and smooches some more*

Love: purrrrrrrr *sexes up*

Mikey: yes! Sweaty sex Mikey smell!! *dragged bout two steps, scoops her up eagerly and runs away to room* lSeaTurtles prepare for deployment!!

Rogue: bwhahaha!

ScoopGirl: sounds like Mikey's getting down and dirty Smile

Mikko: bow chicka bow wow

Don: *gives Love what she wants*

Love: bow chika bow wow

Shaya *sigh* teens

Ally: Woot! *giggles madly as she's whisked away to naughty place*

Erica: *breaks snogging briefly -* Oooh! And I was going to show you something Red - leans over bed edge-*

Leatherhead:... Indeed... Making me randy listening to it all *squishes a couple more bots*

Shaya Sensitive senses in a hormonal lair, I'd bet so. Or anyone is fertile at the moment>​.>​

Raph: Oh? *Watchin' dat ass*

Leatherhead: *nods nods... * yes... *Shaya smells fantastic!*

Erica: *knows and wriggles butt as she drags a box out* Well I remembered Mikey stuck Casey heads all over your boobie rags... I went and replaced the issues and got some new ones Wink *finally! Puts box on bed* :->​

Lexi; ..but I am! Laz, post! I could give you a quicky Razz

Mikey: *making sure Ally is noisey as heck ... Also is noisey as heck*

Don: *smiles at Love, nuzzling her* Feel better now?

Love: mmmhmm

Don *nuzzle-nuzzly*

Love: *nuzzles and smooches*

Shaya: so much love in this group

Master Splinter: ... Ha! Oooh that's pretty cool ocErica and will make a congratulatory post in Origins soon Razz

Master Splinter: I think I have mostly caught up - finding somewhere in zombies to stick TC

Kitteh: lol Don got distracted with the kiss. Otherwise he might have talked to Leatherhead about Love's eating habits. Wink

Master Splinter: Razz Sorry Mikko MS does NOT approve of Love in that game lol

Kitteh: Actually, it was more all of Love's affection towards him. a teenager, after all. Razz

Master Splinter: MS has been there Razz he knows, he just thinks its a bad idea

Rogue: I'm sure Love will be causing more drama sooon Wink

Laz: Karai you don't know where the lab is? they why did you take the lead!?

Erica: oooh yeah am thinking of how Leatherhead will handle that... He is extremely protective of his friend

Mikko: love will be

Karai: Because everyone else was too busy flirting. -.-

Laz: i am not flirting

Karai: Then what do you call what you are doing?

Laz: giving thanks to the woman who saved me

Lexi: ^^

Mikko: *gets touchy feely with Gabe*

Gabe: ^^

Angel: OOhhhh Casey did not just snatch the gun off me - I wasn't even shooting! and whispering >​,<

Casey: I was making sure it stayed that way

Angel: >​,< no you snatched it when we could need it - I am sooooo smacking you with your own bat when we get to the lair

April: ooooh no you didn't *Mikey imitation*

Mikey: *mid pleasure and love sound* I'm sitting ringside to see that!

Casey: you shoot and allert all the others to where we are

Angel: it's a last resort - I am not a stupid teen whom will shoot indiscriminately *grabs squeaky bat and whacks him*

Casey: -_-

Angel: >​,< waaat you think I am stupid!? *squeaky whacking going on!*

Casey: no, stop hitting me!

Angel: good! *pops squeaky bat* still kicking you butt when we get to lair! *goes to get coffee*

April: oooo you made her mad - *kisses Casey's cheek*

Casey: *makes out with April*

April: *drags him off for naughties*

Shaya: erica your characters are missing everyone huh?Razz

Erica: um April's sexin Casey's brains out -

Erica: Angels in kitchen cooling down over coffee before she starts kicking asses and takin names

Erica: Erica's wondering in her boobs or the boobie mags she found for Raph have stunned him

Erica: Mikey's putting Ally into a sex coma and probably knocking her up Razz

Erica: Leatherhead is following Shaya about like a big lost Gator cause she smells so good and he's reading and smashing bots whilst at it Razz multitasking

Erica: Hank is still my snuggle bunny and reading

Erica: annnnd all my version of the gu's up to no good, Raidon teaching Mel to surf, the dark clones still celebrating being back together - destroying a world as they go and gu tmnt using the time to find an empty portal to blow the big mother fudgers to kingdom come Very Happy

Erica: .... it's like the worst blurb for a tmnt ep ever!

Hank: *has cigar - a beer and nose in Pregnancy for protective Granddads* *from pages* mmm hmmmmm remind me to use that excuse

Shaya: Smile

Master Splinter *looks over Hanks shoulder to read...* go back to chapter one please?

Shaya *happy just dancing around the bots, the odd intentional bump into LH before going again*

Leatherhead: *.... has been watching her more than reading - probably read the same chapter title five times and still has not registered what it said... squishes a few more bots*

Hank: *sigh* alright but keep up - *goes back to chapter one*

Shaya I'm glad you two enjoy the book so far.

Rogue: ugh.. gotta head off, guys. Sad Will catch up posting soon, promise

Rogue: night *hugs*

Rogue left the chat

Erica: ooooooooooooooooooo

Hank: most of it I already know - Very Happy I did have a pregnant wife once

Master Splinter ditto - but good read Wink

Erica: *might be hormones* - grrrrr .... *goes to join Angel for Coff - uuuuuurgh!!! tea*

Shaya Any more requests for books?

Leatherhead: mmmm hmmmm *is enjoying her delightful form and smell more* ... *snout kiss to her forehead*

Shaya *sits down kicking a bot away* I missed doing that.

Leatherhead: Very Happy *sits with* you looked lovely - *nuzzle nuzzle* and smell great!

Erica: and Angel could use some hot angry sex Razz

Erica: though right now probably safer to dtay away lol

Erica: *sipping tea*

Angel: *sipping coffee*

Shaya I use to dance as a teen. Now I'm happy remembering the euphoria.

Leatherhead: Smile it is a beautiful artform I can only waltz Very Happy - but do enjoy it Smile

Shaya You Waltz?! Show me *gets into a modified stance for his height- beaming

Leatherhead: *nods* Erica taught me ... *been crushing bots on purpose, can be extremely graceful when focused - focusing now Razz * alright - may I have this dance? *offers hand and a little bow big gator grin in place*

Shaya Most certainly. Very Happy

Leatherhead: **proud elated goofy grin - tugs her lightly to him one her small hand is in his and places his other hand carefully on her to hold her - .... and waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaltz!*

Don: *goes to find his girl*

Angel: *somewhat calmer now - half coffee gone*

Erica: Sad( I'll um.... go *ninja vanish*

Angel: later girl friend Smile *is much cheerier now*

Shaya *waltz* You know this dance was considered sinful for the lavish turns and close bodies?

Leatherhead: no i did not know that - really? *intrigued - and really enjoying the dancing*

Erica: yeah hehehe girl a bit angry and hurt her gesture to the big red clad turtle went completely unnoticed by the big red clad turtle, add hormones Razz and its Weepyville Wink *sniggers* she'll be fine again once she fines yogurt and pickles

Shaya Oh yes, the Austrian dance was said to have so many turns it could make a couple dizzy with euphoria. *Dances closer* Plus most dances were complex in the higher society so it took years to learn , while the waltz could be taught in days, or a ballroom dance or three Razz Lastly this was the closest people could get to having sex on the dance floor at the time. not like I had to look that up and ask a friend in ballroom for a project or anything

Leatherhead: *absorbing this new information - blushing a little -* it is... quite a exciting, intoxicatingly dizzying dance...

Don *takes Angel's hand and leads her somewhere so he can properly get her to relax* Wink

Shaya: dance in ballroom is so raunchy... dance in general has past with how close can we get and how passionate someone is.

Angel: Very Happy *follows Donnie gratefully -def needs to relax*

Shaya Very true. I'm surprised you know this dance style. Truly delightful to know I have a dance partner if I ask nicely. I was taught basic ballet, tap and jazz. I took to them like a swan to a lake

Leatherhead: Smile only the waltz I never learned any others *proud he can do that at least and nods* I would be delighted to dance with you lovely one

Shaya I was hoping we could Waltz out of here. I'm delightfully dizzy but -

Leatherhead: *growls lowly and kisses.... waltzy out towards exit*

Shaya *giggles between kisses, while exiting the chatzy with an alligator in swing*

Leatherhead: *they exit left of stage to round of roboting mini MH applause*
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PostSubject: Re: Portal Hopping Pt. 41 - 50   Mon Aug 08, 2016 4:39 pm

Pt. 49

Previously on Portal Hopping:

Leatherhead: Smile only the waltz I never learned any others *proud he can do that at least and nods* I would be delighted to dance with you lovely one

Shaya I was hoping we could Waltz out of here. I'm delightfully dizzy but -

Leatherhead: *growls lowly and kisses.... waltzy out towards exit*

Shaya *giggles between kisses, while exiting the chatzy with an alligator in swing*

Leatherhead: *they exit left of stage to round of roboting mini MH applause*


Erica: everything comes down to poo♫ *humms song - scratchie scratch scratch just behind Leatherhead's jaw closer muscle bulge*

Leatherhead: ^_______________________​________^ - *flops over onto back - rumbling happily like an old car*

Shaya *smirks at the friends* I wondered where that was

Lexi: *grabs Mikko's face and frenches her*

Mikko: ^^

Erica: Wink *sidles over to Shaya - offers pickle... and yoghurt - whispers* just behind the bulges made by his jaw closure muscles... either side now is the perfect time to pounce and rub those belly scales Wink

Shaya Heck yes. *pounce and scratch belly scales*

Lexi: Laz, pull the car over so I can shift your gears.. Wink

Laz: ummmm...ok!

Leatherhead: *GATOR HEAVEN! back legs kicks and he rumbles so loud now poor Shaya's pratically vibrating on top of him*

Mikko: *sits on LH* ^^

Erica: * munching yoghurt dipped pickle - giggles leaving LH to belly rubs*

Shaya I'm Gl-l-l-lad y-you li-ik-ike it. *kisses his chest scar while giving bellyrubs*

Leatherhead: *rumble rumble - tail flip flopping - turning into a big puddle of gator mush right there!*

Erica: *right now rather offended that her player is running off with her yogurt*....

Erica: Mwhahahahaa! *runs*

Rogue: lol, aw

Random Big Hairy Spider: *had taken control over Spot bed*

Erica: ..... Mikey put it there

Mikko: O.O

Kitteh: lol! The return of RBHS!

Erica: hehehe yeah Mikey found her in the loo and thought she and Raph should be reaquainted Razz

Erica: fudge! so many today

Rogue: lool

Erica left the chat 8 seconds ago

Mikey joined the chat 6 seconds ago

Mikey mwhahahaa!

Mikey >Smile dats right fear the Mikster!

Casey: remember to put a rubber on it, Mike!

Ally: MIKEY!! *tackle pounces*

Shaya *stops lavishing Lh in kisses and belly rubs* There, I'm done. *flops on floor*

Erica: uuurgh throwing up so much you actually have esophageal tears that cause blood in the vomit - that freaks you out big time... if you have no idea what is happening

Leatherhead: *limp, happy Gaotr - love heart pooping in air all around him*

Mel: Boring >​<

Mikey ALLY!!!! you beutiful muffin! *nibble nibble, snugs snogs*

MO Daisy: *portal hoppin' crashes in and lands on Mikko* Eeeep.. .my bad.. *blinks* ZOMG, you look exactly like my sister!!! O.O

Love: *grabs Mel and baths her*

Ally: Very Happy

Mikko: O.O *makes out with blonde*

Mel: Love not a cat DX

Hank: humph of throwing up so much you become so severely dehydrated you pass out by the loo

MO Daisy: *makes out with and grabs Mikko's hand* Come! We must go now! Our world is dying...DYING!

Mikko: oh my. *runs off with Daisy*

Mikey Smile how be you AngelCake? ehhehe *nuzzle nuzzle nuzzle* and never Casey! must raise my own group of marauders to prank the crap out of their uncles! and Grandfather!

Ally: *snuuuugs* I'm peachy now that you're here ^^

Mikey *waggles eyeridges* awwwwwwwwwws *move love heart poppies!* ^-^ I feels the same way babe! especially when I aint seen you for a while. *snoggies!!!!*

Hank: :->​

Erica: X-( *throws shoe at her dad - and stumps off to track down player and take back her yogurt!*

Ally: *snogs and drags him off to naughty place!*

Hank: *little flat shoe smacks him in face* oy! don't make me ground you!

Mikey woooooooooo! *happily a dragged off somewhere for naughties*... * maaaaaakes sure there noisy!!*

Mel: *Looks for something to do*

Erica: ah ha! - nooooooooooooooo *almost had player cornered... ready to pounce annnnnnnnnd - frickin portal!*

Mel: *Follows Erica* XD

Leatherhead: oooh dude must not have been doing his husbandly duty

Hank: :->​ I was a great hubby .... might be again one day

Mel: Where are we Erica Oo

Erica: I have no idea ! *doesn't care really - not a happy camper right now*

Mikey: hehhee girl still somewhat cross at Red - and Hank - and me for stealing her yoghurt Wink

Espionata: Aww

Mel: Cool it Erica your hormones have gone nuts *Looks around*

Kitteh: Oooooh, NOT a good thing to say to a pregnant lady, Mel. O.o She's gonna get slugged for that one. Razz

Love: baby! can i eat it?

Erica: *yep nevermind their surrounded by shadowy figers in a dark place and she has one shoe - rounds on Mel* are you calling me CRAZY?!

Espionata: lol

Mikey: not quiet

Mel: Erica! *Slaps her* Now is not the time!

Mikko: lol

Mikko: if i had a baby turtle growing in me I would be crazy too

Mikko: now are you going to give a live birth or lay an egg?

Erica: O,o *distracted* how the hell did you get here Love? - ack! *is slapped* what the heck was that for!

Espionata: lol

Shaya: especially being slapped

Mel: Try to keep your emotions under control there's shadowy things here

Raph: O.o I didn't steal yogurt.. not enough meat in it for me..

Erica: >​,< no eating my baby!!!!!!!!!!! *okay it's a very early fetus right now!* and they can bite my white ass!

Mikey: bwhaaaa - I think she needs a warhammer and some clowns to chase

Mel: Erica you better hope they're not the evil turtles >​>​

Mikko: Erica is the poster child of why you shouldn't get knocked up

Mikey: bwhahahaaaa - hormones, strang foods, puking

Mikey: hehehe oh she aint mad at him for yoghurt thats me Very Happy

Espionata: lol

Erica: those evil turtles..... I should give them a piece of my mind - *glares at random shadowy thingie trying to get close to her*

RandomShadowyThingie: *yelps like kicked dog and goes away*

Rogue: hehe

Erica: yeah thats what I thought - lets go! *heads random direction cause has no idea where to go*

Mel: *Follows* Just our luck my portal thing I forgot it at the lair >​<

Rogue: hehe.. I can see Ally being a totaly psycho while preggo Razz

Mikey: lol! Mikey will pamper the crap out of her Razz

Rogue: Lexi... would probably just throw stuff and cry a lot Razz

Rogue: lol, aw

Shaya: aww

Mikko: Laz: what now?

Rogue: hehe.. better be prepared, Laz Razz

Mikko: Laz: *gets bullet vest on and lots of ice cream* ok ready!

Mikey: hehehe yeah Red kinda didn't respond to Erica in here when she showed him what she was going to - add hormones and the girl is not sure she wants to fuck him or give him silent treatment Razz

Rogue: bwhahahha

Mikey: lol!

Mikey: Laz is prepared

Mikko: yes he is!

Rogue: lol, aw

Raph: O.o WHat'd I miss??

Mel: Where is a portal when we need one Erica?

Mikey I will be the best - I'll rub feet and prepare all sorts of food and hold hair with puking - and all! :->​

Ally: Very Happy

Mikko: awwwwwwww

Erica: where? I'll tell you where - at the Portal annual mardi gras cause they aint here!

Raph: *all sorts of confused*

Mikko: Hun: I'ma kill all you fuckers!

Mel: Sheesh calm down your hormones don't control you Oo

RandomDemons: *pop out of earth and trap the two girls* Our world little demon

Mikey: hehehe oh yeah hang on Raph *gives him the yogurt she stole*

Mel: What the everloving fuck?!

Lexi: you're not gonna kill anyone, Hun. *rolls eyes* We're your best.

Erica: O,o you calling me Ugly?! *of all the things to be worried about surrounded by icky demons with weapons*

Mel: Erica focus!

Hun: >​.>​ maybe

Raph: *scoops Erica up and carries her away from madness*

Lexi: Besides, if I'm knocked up, I'll be a better decoy.. because everyone wants to help a pregnant chick :/ *totally plans on taking a leave IF and WHEN that happens*

Hun: nope you start a family you are no use to me.

Erica: This is not over random demon thingie! *makes 'I'm watching you gesture!'*

Mel: Sure leave me here!

Erica: mmmmmmm *snugs cause it's nice*

guRaidon: *hero music - darts in slays demons and grabs her chasing after bigger turtle and Erica*

Lexi: That mean you're letting me go?

Hun: with a bullet to the head, yeah

Lexi: :/

Raph: *takes her back to their spot to snug.. and spoon feeds her yogurt*

Mel: *Holds on* Woah!

guRaidon: what the heck Mel? remember no portal hopping without a hopper Wink

Mel: Forgot it when I went after Erica

Laz: *gives Lexi babies*

Mikey: bwhahahaa yes Random Big Hairy Spider laying all over the nudies mags Erica had tried to show Raph she had found to replace the ones Mikey ruined by sticking Casey's mug shots on top of the womens heads lol - girl wen tto a loooooot of effort finding them

Lexi: Awwww, that's sweet love.. but who's kids are these?? O.o

Laz: dunno found them at chucky cheese

Lexi: O.O I think that's called kidnapping... we better return them..

Laz: I don't think there was a return policy

Erica: O,o *swallows yoghurt* Red - how'd... what?.... do you have a portal hopper? *one moment facing off with a demon in some random portal now back in their Spot? - or is Mel right and she's crazy.... did she dream that?*

Raph: O.o I dunno....

Lexi: Maybe they're like redbox. If we return them before 9... *hussles*

Erica: *suddenly doesn't care - snogs*

Raph: *snoooogs*

Laz: *gets back to CC and pushes kids through mail slot* there all better.

Lexi: O.o ..well whatever works...

Elena: hey! mister! I'm stuck!

Rogue: bwhahaha


Laz: *pushes*

Jake: *clings to Laz' leg* ^^ *lives at the Cheeze, yo*

Erica: *pauses - cause knows if she tickles his spot and he lands beside that spider - all hell will break loose - makes a 'one moment' signal and puts spider out the window*

Laz: I think we gotta keep this one

Raph: *oblivious to spider.. thank the maker!*

Lexi: ..okay. But we're still making our own, right?

Elena: ack! *falls through mail slot - and rolls back out the doggy door*

Laz: of course

Erica: Smile *now can tickle that spot - resumes snogging and does so*

Laz: oh look this one returned to us, got to keep her too. *picks up kids*

Lexi: ...looks like we're gonna be like Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt.. O.O

Elena: yay! I am a good one! I go to bed on time and eat my vegies annnnd brush my teeth!

Laz: well i do look like him

Laz: no more veggies for you! lets go get ice cream!

Lexi: O.o are you kidding me?

Angel: *sooooo glad she's been faarrrrrrrrrr to realxed to be apart of the crazy today*

Lexi: You're sexier Wink

Elena: YAY! ice cream!

Don: *happily next to Angel's side today* ^^

Angel: *snugs and snogs him*

Don: *snogs back* Hi.

Angel: mmmmmm hi Stretch *snout smoooooch*

Don: How did you sleep?

Erica: *sigh - moves to their bed to gather the stack of replacement mags placing them back in their box - slipping it back under the side BigRed usually takes and sits on the bed, patting spot beside her*

Angel: Sleep? Very Happy - I think I was in a sex coma Wink - thank you.... mmmmm still so relaxed I don't think I am leaving the bed right now.... and how did you sleep?

Don: I slept great. *smooches* I guess I did my job too well, huh? *teases*

Angel: *chuckling, shifts to straddle him* indeed Donatello you did Wink *deepening kisses*

Erica: .................. *leaves spot*

Don: *smiles up at her and returns every snog*

Angel: mmmmmm - hope you are not in a rush to leave bed Wink *teasing wriggle of hips*

Hank: know how you feel, except in this case I think them keep you away from her is warranted Razz

James: Warranted?

Erica: .... Dad .... *very very very sad*

Hank: *suddenly not so smug about being right - hugs his daughter* yes warranted - I'm a top secret agent I know of your past and what you did - your a walking advertisement for forced sterilization

James: You know my past?

Erica: *it's not hormones this time - sobs quietly*

Hank: yes of course - Mel's reactions to you mad me curious so I investigated - probably a good thing that turtle boyfriend of hers keeps you away Razz

Don: *shakes his head* Not at all. Why? *grins*

(( Don& Angel will continue here: )

Hank: *rubs rubs his daughters back*

James: She's also a teenager
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PostSubject: Re: Portal Hopping Pt. 41 - 50   Mon Aug 08, 2016 4:39 pm

Pt. 50

Previously on Portal Hopping:

Hank: yes of course - Mel's reactions to you mad me curious so I investigated - probably a good thing that turtle boyfriend of hers keeps you away Razz

Don: *shakes his head* Not at all. Why? *grins*

(( Don& Angel will continue here: )

Hank: *rubs rubs his daughters back*

James: She's also a teenager


Mikko: Mike makes a beautiful mermaid

Mikey: knew it!

Espionata: James: *Enters the lair all smug*

Espionata: James: *Is all smug and drinks a beer*

Leatherhead *gator blush* I may have been shakin my tail

D: >​.>​

Shaya joined the chat

Leatherhead: .... figures hehehe

D: casey: -bites tail-

Leatherhead: WB Shay!

Leatherhead O,o

Espionata: James: *Drinking beer all smug*

Shaya Shaking your tail?

Leatherhead I was Very Happy *shakes again never mind the dude hanging there*

Shaya: ahh

Espionata: James: Some ninjas and older brothers those turtles were can't keep a 14 year old safe

D: -gives you all the D-

Leatherhead *shakes his D*

Mikko: bow chika bow wow

Leatherhead: ..... and that could have been read very naughty

D: o.o

Leatherhead: and just was Razz

Leatherhead: Mikey: oh no you didn't

Rogue: Lexi: -.- Fuck you.

Espionata: James: Mutant where's your so-called little sister >​>​

Mikko: seeee she wants to fuck me now.

Mikko: this is for Erica

Rogue: bwhahahaha!!

Rogue: let's just throw our shopping bag at him.. that'll teach im! Razz

Rogue: clown better ruuuuun

Mikko: I would have tried to hop over the railing and probably died

Leatherhead: Erica: O.O *back from campin - CLOWN!* rrrrrrrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaa​aah! *takckles him right on the escalator!*

Rogue: okies, gonna try the posting thing now

Espionata: James: *All smug*

Leatherhead: uuum last I checked Mel was with guRaidon and family - O,o whats james on about ?

Leatherhead: mwhahhaaa hahhaaa *reading* Splinty do AccaDacca! priceless Razz

D: -is that clown-


Espionata: He managed to sneak in and get her while she was snowboarding lol

Leatherhead: >​,>​

Rogue: oh, Erica! I gave Bishop to D, so you guys can do some hank/bishy plotting and you may need to bring him up to speed on some things Wink

Espionata: GURaidon is gonna be pissed lol

Leatherhead: Erica: *Clown is down! steals squeaky red nose and runs away with it as a victory trophy*

D: >​.>​

Leatherhead: okie dokie Wink

Leatherhead: sorry D ocErica has a phobia of clowns

Leatherhead: and must beeeee getting tooo much ooooze from Red - in stead of running away she tends to go on the offensive around them

Leatherhead: hehehe take the evil clowns out Razz

Rogue: lol, aws

Mikko: I hope I hope that when i fall asleep I have dreams of Splinter singing AC/DC

Leatherhead: me too!

Leatherhead: thats pretty awesome Razz

D: Razz

D: really? no midnight oil? Razz

Leatherhead: and nice and noisy - Mikey is sooooo taken advantage of that

Leatherhead: the night is young - *pokes Casey*

Espionata: Mel: *Is chained up to a wall somewhere all beaten up thanks to her so-called dad finding her portal hopper and then finding her* This fucking sucks >​<

Leatherhead: Wink hehehe yeah

D: Razz

Leatherhead: Erica: *victory jig - squeakin clown nose now and then*

Rogue: bwhahaha.. Splinter singing AC/DC// epic

Leatherhead: hehehe I wonder what LH and Hank's mermaids selves are going to look like

Espionata: James: You do have a clown nose >​>​

Mikko: I really wish you could make mermen

Leatherhead: Erica: Very Happy cause I earned it -

Rogue: well that's racist Razz

Rogue: I mean.. sexist Razz

Leatherhead: Erica: *squeak squeak*

Leatherhead: hehehe

Rogue: or perhaps it is both

Leatherhead: Mikey didn't even notice - though he did think having his own boobies was a good idea - though he still prefers Ally's Razz

Mikko: both!

Mikko: Eze: how do you know there's a lake, Lexi? have you been to my secret location?

Espionata: James: *Looks at Mel's portal hopper* This thing is really useful

Rogue: Lexi: Because I know all little grasshopper >Smile

Rogue: Lexi: I do. Like there's currently a naughty Turtle and a devious blonde spawning beneath the table. But I'm polite so.... I'll never tell Razz

Leatherhead: Erica: .... uh huh....

Leatherhead: Mikey: >Very Happy thanks for that!

Rogue: Lexi: You owe me.

Espionata: James: Mutant you're not that smart are you?

Leatherhead: Erica:.... I'm not a mutant ... and everyone else is over there *points*

Espionata: James: I was talking to the turtle

Leatherhead: Mikey: *looks nervous* owe you what?

Leatherhead: Erica: *points again* and their over there - you either got to yell or go over and say that....

Leatherhead: hehehe yes Mikey be nervous... very nervous

Shaya: back

Leatherhead: WeBa

Espionata: James: Whatever *Tosses the portal hopper in his hand going to Mikey*

Shaya: What have I missed?

Leatherhead: Mikey: oh you again you giant douche >​,< *glares at James*

Rogue: Lexi: Your comic collection. >Smile

Leatherhead: Erica stealing Clown D's red nose - and seems fairly sane today Razz

Espionata: James: Yes me again and missing something?

Leatherhead: Mikey: O,O nooooooooo - anything but that!.... and anything x rated cause thats all for Ally

Espionata: James: A comic book collection is more important to you than anything else?

Rogue: Lexi: Aw, okay. Just prank Eze so hardcore that he shits himself. We'll call it even. Razz

Leatherhead: Mikey: no that would be Ally, my Dad, Bros, Klunk - food... and then comics - and done *takes Lexi's hand to 'seal the deal' shake

Leatherhead: Mikey:.... Rrrrrrrrrr! *pounces on James with a roar and steals portal hopper!*

Leatherhead: Erica: nawwwwwwwwww thats so sweet -

Espionata: James: Hey! *Fights back*

Rogue: Lexi: *shakes* ^^ And if you're feeling super spunky... put Hun on that prank list. I owe that fat bastard

Shaya *blinks* Geez. *shakes head and goes for a coffee in the kitchen

Leatherhead: Mikey: *seriously?! dude may fight well but he aint no ninja - or turtle* hahaha! - and your on Lexi - I'll find a way to get it on youtube! - *runs away with the portal hopper*

Leatherhead *follows Shaya* hehehe Wink how are you?

Rogue: Lexi: Very Happy

Espionata: James: *Gives chase* Well you're to late in taking it mutant!

Leatherhead: Erica: *pouts cause she can't have coffee right now - trips James*

Leatherhead: Mikey: heheheh! *spies Ally and scoops her up on the way past -* hehehheheee! *evil cackle*

Espionata: James: *Is tripped* Well he is my daughter is far away from here

Leatherhead: Erica: *sniggers* and those hoppers can take you directly to someone as I am sure you are aware.... *maybe she needs one to find her big turtle? - goes to check Spot first*

Espionata: James: No I'm not *Glares at Mikey* My daughter is mine mutant!

Rogue: Ally: Very Happy

Shaya Being late to the usually insanity down here. Seriously need coffee and 'gator love.

Leatherhead: Mikey: *ran tooooo far away to hear James* hey smexy lady oMine Very Happy *nuzzle nuzzles - churrrrrrrrrrrrrrrs*

Espionata: Mel: *Can't get loose where she is*

Kitteh: Can a make a request?

Leatherhead: yes you cans!

Kitteh: When you guys do RPG threads in the naughty section, can you please label them both ways? Link them to the parent thread and vice-versa? I know Mike and Ally's is from KN, but it doesn't say so from the naughty end. And Leo and Erica's -- also KN?

Leatherhead: no PPP - and will fixies shrtly ;P

Kitteh: Thanks. Smile

Leatherhead: sure sure - I usually add a quote or link to the parent thread and vice versa to the parent thread

Espionata: lol

Kitteh: Quotes don't always help. Wink

Kitteh: Links or at least the title of the thread is much better Wink

Leatherhead: .... but I can add something to the subject line sure Razz

Leatherhead: in a mo posting for a HS Leatherhead

Leatherhead: now that he got mermaided Razz

Kitteh: lol

Rogue: *doing the mermaid thing, too*

Espionata: James: *Goes to Mikey* You know for a turtle that claims to love my daughter like an older brother you don't seem to be worried that she's missing

Leatherhead not much happened Shaya - and I am with you on the coffee Wink

Espionata: lol

Leatherhead: Mikey: *annoyed with the guy now - doesn't get annoyed very often - punches him*

Kitteh: I think Leo and Erica are about to disappear for some alone time pretty soon, too. Wink

Kitteh: in KN

Leatherhead: Erica: *siiiiiiiiiigh* Shaya can I ask for a tea? *plonks down at the table*

Espionata: James: *Gets punched* Hey it's the truth!

Leatherhead: not too soon she had to make sure her patient is okie dokie first! Razz

Rogue: Vic: *would eat James' soul, but he's so not her type*

Rogue Raph: -.- *kills Leo*

Leatherhead: Mikey: >​,>​ *dude still talking?! - carries Ally away*

Leatherhead: lol!

Leatherhead: oy!

Leatherhead: no fraticide!

Leatherhead: .... is that the word?

Rogue: lol

Rogue Raph: Please jus' let me hurt 'im....

Leatherhead *chuckles and makes tea and coffee*

Espionata: lol

Leatherhead: nawwwws

Espionata: James: So you don't care that I have her chained up somehere?! Some brother you are I told her none of you
would come for her!

Kitteh Don: Hey! What makes you think you can have Erica in every single thread, Raph?

Shaya Thanks Big Guy.

Rogue Raph: ... who said I have her in every single thread?

Rogue Raph: besides, Leo already claimed her in that and KN because it's the same damn thing

Leatherhead: Hank: *reminds himself to tell his game self to send his daughter to a nun house*

Rogue Raph: So.. whatever. -.- I don't care.

Espionata: lol

Leatherhead: lol

Shaya: lol

Leatherhead: Erica: *missed most of the conversation getting tea -* O,O

Leatherhead: hehehe boys boys - there's other thread Erica's to claim - and no fraticide!

Leatherhead: oooooooooh I approved James Rogue Wink

Kitteh Don: And that's my point. If you had your way, you WOULD have her in every single thread. So, why are you so upset that Leo got her in one or two then?

Leatherhead: Mikey: annnnnnnnnnnnnd I should take my mate out of this and go fetch my sis - *does so*

Leatherhead: hehhee lil bro getting his tail out of the line of fire

Rogue Raph: *glares at Don* TWO. Automatically..without anyone havin' a chance.. that's my beef. And no.. I never said I wanted ANYONE in EVERY single thread...why the fuck we gotta have girls up our asses anyway?! *well, don't mean it.. just irritated and deailing with it in Raph fashion* That's all you and the others think about. so . whatever. Be BurgerKing, have it yer way.

Leatherhead: Angel: *finds popcorn*

Espionata: Mel: *Tries to get loose but can't* Sad

Rogue Raph: Take Love and Erica and Angel and whoever else yer porkin'.. whatever!!!

Rogue: Ally: *glad she has one guy* Very Happy

Kitteh >​ : ( What's gotten into you, Raph? Why are you so angry? *feels he really struck a nerve inside his brother -- oh boy -_- *

Shaya *groans* seriously? Hon, you are a popular gal here. Boys fighting over you and everything

Kitteh Don: *can't blame Raph for being upset about Leo taking Erica without anyone else having a chance -- it was HIS chance in ER and Leo stole her from him!*

Rogue: lol.. yeah. that's what he's upset about. Razz

Rogue: no warning.. just insto ship

Rogue Raph: I'm not angry. The world is perfect.. everyone's gettin' exactly what they wanted.. so why would I be anything less than peachy.

Leatherhead: Erica: ...... got me buggered why - um.... *remark stung a little but hey Raphs irritated she's certain he didn't mean it - approaches slowly* Raph?

Espionata: Mel: *Keeps trying to get loose* I hate this Sad

Rogue: Ally: *pouts* why can't there be blonde mermaids!!

Leatherhead: *giggles* yeah I had to throw in PPP just to give the ship something more than just ER and KN - Razz

Leatherhead: nawwwwwwwwwws

Rogue Raph: Yeah? -.- *trying to cool off, but why do people try to make him out as the greedy one?!?*

Leatherhead *shrugs - really as clueless as his friend*

Kitteh: Posted in ER, Erica.

Leatherhead: Erica: *soft kiss to that snout - and takes a hand - lightly tugs* come with me

Leatherhead: okie dokie Very Happy

Kitteh Don: Just remember, Raph. You have her in the best way here. She's carrying your child, right?

Leatherhead: think I got Hank to do

Leatherhead: kidnapping Baxter

Espionata: Mel: Mikey Raidon Sad

Leatherhead: Mikey: *hiding out in his room with Ally - sent Raidon on his way though*

Espionata: Mel: *Is starting to believe James' lies again even though she shouldn't* Sad

Kitteh Don: .... *sighs and heads to his lab*

Leatherhead: Hanks mermaid form a coming up

Leatherhead: hehehe awwwwws

Espionata: lol

Espionata: Mel: No one is coming Sad(

Leatherhead: guRaidon: of course I was - *gentle kiss to forehead* but just got the news from M2 *gets her down and
scoops her up*

Espionata: Mel: *Clings to him sobbing hurt phsyically and scared*

Leatherhead: guRaidon: *takes her home*

Espionata: Mel: It hurts Raidon

Leatherhead: Angel: *had been prepared to tranq - follows D and leans against the lab door - watching.*

Shaya: I'm laughing at Lh and Shayas colour schemes, It was not intentional

Leatherhead: hehehehe

Shaya joined the chat 12 seconds ago

Kitteh: lol Prepared to tranq who?

Leatherhead: Don and Raph - James Razz

Leatherhead: Angel: >Smile *fires tranq at Jame and gets him in the left butt cheek*

Espionata: James: *Is knocked out*

Leatherhead: and it could have been Mikey too but he grab Ally and ran away Razz

Espionata: Mel: He won't stop Raidon Sad(

Shaya *sips coffee people watching*

Leatherhead: guRaidon: you were told not go out alone Wink - come on mom has to fix you up

Espionata: Mel: He found me while snowboarding he took my portal hopper

Leatherhead *watching Shaya* interesting show?

Shaya Usually is. Part of the reason I show up.

Leatherhead: Erica: *awwwwwwwwkward.....*

Leatherhead Very Happy there is always something interesting happening yes

Leatherhead: guRaidon: again your were told not to snow board alone - and Mikey has that hopper now...

Rogue Raph: *siiiighs and follows*

Rogue: Ally: Makin' babehs!!*

Espionata: Mel: So it's my fault?!

Espionata: Bad choice of words Raidon

Shaya Are you a happy 'Gator right now?

Leatherhead: Erica: *leads Raph away - they can go back to Spot another time - treat him to something she found on camp - a hot spring! she can't hop in too hot for her - but smiles and gestures* try that out BigRed Wink

Leatherhead: Mikey: yesth! we are!!! *definitely a pro at this now!*

Leatherhead I am - your here, my friend is sane today - your here happy happy

Leatherhead: guraidon: no no of course not *hugs - kisses temple* come on

Espionata: Mel: *Just cries harder*

Leatherhead: hehehe hot springs - even if it weren't perfect big turtle bathing temp and too hot its still not something
preggo s can not do Razz

Shaya: pregnacy sounds awful the more i know about it

Leatherhead: Wink

Rogue Raph: *cannonballs!*

Leatherhead: hehehe it can be Wink

Leatherhead: Erica: *eeeeps and chuckles dodging the splash - then finds a spring warmed rock to lay on her belly on to watch*

Rogue: Lexi: *envious of that hot spring.....*

Leatherhead: guRaidon: *hugs hugs - shushing shushing and rocking rocking, smiling and helping his mom treat Mel*

Leatherhead: Razz oErica so spoils Red sometimes

Rogue: lol.. yesh she does

Espionata: Mel: *Whimpers in pain and can't help but flinch at times the beating took her back to her younger years*

Leatherhead: Wink lucky oRed

Espionata: lol

Kitteh: Razz

Leatherhead: guRaidon: *does not mind just continues to help his mom patch her up and soooth her

Leatherhead: hehehe

Espionata: Mel: *Starts to calm down*

Leatherhead: Raph cannoballing reminds me of a beer add

Leatherhead: hehehe

Kitteh: *is making Donnie-boy a mermaid* Razz

Leatherhead: it opens onto a big beauitful bathroom and a sexy lady letting a silky robe flutter onto the floor, she slips in the massive bubble filled tub - its serene and perfect and foamy - and her partner cannonballs the tub!

Leatherhead: and the scene changes to the look of child like glee on his face as he opens his beer and then sees her face

Leatherhead: which is like -.- and he's like .... "what?"

Leatherhead: and something about beer Razz

Rogue: workin' on karai mermaid

Kitteh Don: *motions Angel to him*

Leatherhead: bwhahhaa DonMaid!

Rogue: why does this have to be fun.. I should be posting!! I don'ts have long Sad

Kitteh: I'm having trouble deciding what color to make his hair.

Espionata: lol

Leatherhead: lucky for Red though this spring is all his Razz

Leatherhead: Angel: *smiles and puts the EZY gun she stole from Hank on the lab desk and makes her way over to Don - kissing his cheek* peck for your thoughts?

Leatherhead: cause it likes to tease

Espionata: Mel: Thanks Raidon Sad

Rogue: think I've done all my ladies...raph would kill me if I made him into one Razz

Leatherhead: hehehhee not Mikey - he was like lets do it!

Rogue: hehe

Espionata: lol

Leatherhead: hehhee and Leatherheads like For Science!

Leatherhead: and Hank's like I'll shoot you when I get out of my box

Rogue Raph: *pops head up from water and glares at player* Don't.Even. -.-

Leatherhead: Erica: *giggles and surprises him with a snog, careful to NOT fall in*

Leatherhead: hehehe hows Donnie taking the transofrmation Kitteh?

Leatherhead: lol

Leatherhead: guRaidon: Wink just sorry I wasn't there - or Sam or Damian - any one of us could have helped

Leatherhead: guRaidon: *snuggles*

Espionata: Mel: No that's okay *Snuggles close*

Rogue: hmmm... is that all of my girls?! but, I wanna make moooooore!

Rogue: they needs mermen!

Leatherhead: Razz

Leatherhead: there wasa note saying merman will become availiable soon

Leatherhead: hehehhee and here the ghost unit thought extracting Baxter would have been harder

Leatherhead: .... hehehe Hanks actually a little disappointed Razz

Rogue: I could always do my other ladies from other sites Razz I still have daisy and marley and Rayne to go..

Rogue: lol

Leatherhead: they just got to scoooooooooop him up

Espionata: lol

Rogue: Bax will probably jump into their arms at this point Razz

Leatherhead: if I did that I'd been here all night

Leatherhead: so many versions of Erica

Rogue: Lexi: You're rescuing a pissy..just so you know

Rogue: dw

Leatherhead: my mo one going through a face lift

Leatherhead: she's going blond Razz

Rogue: Gabriel said he's game for being a mermaid.. so that's what I'ma gonna do ^^

Rogue: ooooh

Espionata: lol

Rogue: Gabe: ...but they ain't got stoner eyes as an option...

Leatherhead: Erica: hehhee blond - not sure that would suit me.... or maybe red? *uses Raph's dew rag to see what red
would look like as her hair color*

Leatherhead: lol!

Leatherhead: go with the closest

Kitteh: Okay, I think she/he's done.

Leatherhead: woooooooooooot Razz

Kitteh: Posted

Leatherhead: wooooooooooooooooooooooo​o hooooooo!

Rogue: don't question gabe about the random sea shell.. or wht he found down there to smoke Razz

Leatherhead: LOL!

Rogue: daws, donnie's is cute ^^

Leatherhead: whatever it is - is it good?

Leatherhead: Very Happy

Rogue: Gabe: damn straight!

Rogue: Gabe: And I got my own boobs!

Leatherhead: hehehhe

Kitteh: ^^

Kitteh: Don: :">​

Leatherhead: mwhahahaha yeah Mikey says he loves that bit too Razz

Espionata: Mel: Can't we do anything about that man Raidon?

Leatherhead: Erica: *giggles - what is it with guys and boobies? wonders if hers will grow?... mmmmm*

Leatherhead: guRaidon: >Smile sure - but your player might just ressurrect him

Leatherhead: hehehe just putting up Hankmermaid

Espionata: Mel: Can't we have your dad scare him then? Hopefully he will leaveme alone then

Leatherhead: guRaidon: not sure that would work

Leatherhead: Erica: *gather up her turtles gear hanging them on a low hanging tree branch -*

Leatherhead: hehhee

Leatherhead: Angel: Smile awwwwws cute mermaid Don Wink

Leatherhead: hehehe all these pretty mermaids Razz

Kitteh: Don: :">​ Thanks. It wasn't easy.

Leatherhead: bwhahahaha thats three turtle boy mermaids Razz

Leatherhead: Angel: Very Happy *hugs*

Espionata: Mel: We should try it at least your dad is a Raph

Leatherhead: guRaidon: maybe - we can ask, for now though you rest

Espionata: Mel: We can ask now I'm fine

Leatherhead: guRaidon: no, not until mum says we can go

Espionata: Mel: Can we go now?

Leatherhead: hehehhee if Mikey was there he would sooooooo call Raph a chicken for not being mermaided Razz

Leatherhead: and do the wings and clucking and stuff

Leatherhead: Razz

Espionata: lol

Rogue Raph: -.-

Leatherhead: Wink

Leatherhead: oh he so would - and stuff

Leatherhead: Erica: good thing he aint here then - or I will throw up on him -

Kitteh: Raph will probably go kicking and screaming. Razz

Leatherhead: ooooooooooooooooo

Leatherhead: bwhahahaa

Rogue: Raph said he hates you guys Razz

Rogue: and 10 points to whoever can read the bubbles Razz

Espionata: lol

Leatherhead: Erica: awwwwwwwwwwwws I think your a very pretty mermaid

Espionata: Mel: *Tries to get up*

Leatherhead: April: FML!!! ten points! ten points to RavenClaw!

Rogue: lol

Leatherhead: hehehe Erica's being all mershy .... girl you aint got no excuse now

Rogue: hehe

Leatherhead: Erica: fine :">​

Espionata: loll

Rogue: Very Happy

Leatherhead: annnnd dones Razz now to post


Leatherhead: awwwwwwwwwwwwws cool!

Shaya: cute

Espionata: cool

Kitteh: Thanks. Smile That would be moi.

Rogue: cuuute!

Leatherhead: Erica: *goes to sleep*

Leatherhead: yes cute cute Very Happy

Rogue: gonna do one for me soonish.. but trying to catch up on some MM posts before I go

Kitteh: ^^

Rogue: stupid work.. messes up everything

Espionata: kay

Espionata: That it does

Espionata: Mel: *Yawns*
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Portal Hopping Pt. 41 - 50
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