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 Mizune Junko

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Mizune Junko
Foot Clan

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PostSubject: Mizune Junko   Tue Sep 16, 2014 5:46 am

Name: Mizune Junko

Age: 21

Species: Human

Affiliation: The Foot

Occupation: Kunoichi

Appearance: Don't let her innocent appearance fool you for one bit. Despite her delicate features, she's quite devastating in battle. Her slender and lithe body makes her more flexible, increasing her speed and dexterity. She has a classic beauty about her and if she had been born in Feudal era Japan, would've fit quite in with the geisha. Her eyes are black, almond shaped, which is typical among those of Japanese ethnicity, and pale white skin.

Personality: Junko is not an easy person to approach. She is very aloof and stand offish. The reason for this is her line of work makes it difficult for her to form any close relationships, so she keeps others at a distance. Some might dismiss this as part of her Japanese heritage. The Japanese are well known for being reserved and keep to themselves. This has more to do with how she was raised. Being a street rat had hardened her which is why she puts on a tough exterior. Underneath, though, is a vulnerable young woman who yearns to be loved, but her mistrust in others makes it difficult for her to open her heart out to anyone.

Although she doesn't like to brag, Junko does consider herself a master kunoichi, a fact that has been proven time and time again. Her body and mind is her weapon. She knows when to use both and the results is usually catastrophic, but only if the person is gullible enough to fall for her bag of tricks. It is said that her morals are skewed, but not completely. She has a soft spot for family and can be really compassionate towards those who are outcasts much like herself.

She has a strong disdain towards the opposite sex, believing that they are a bunch of gullible idiots. This trait seemed to have vanished after her first meeting with Shredder, the only man she would ever respect. She also developed some kind of odd friendship with action star Chris Bradford, although it didn't start out as a friendship at first.

Physical Abilities/Skills

Master Kunoichi: Junko has been trained in the art of deception. It can be as subtle as lying but also exploiting your enemy's weakness. Sometimes is through their emotions. Men cannot help but fall for an attractive woman. Others can't resist a woman in trouble. Whatever weakness the enemy possess, she would exploit it. Either by using her body for manipulation, or with her mind.

Agility: Being blessed with a light body has helped increased her speed. She uses this to her advantage by utilizing this in combination with hand to hand combat.

Weaknesses: Aside from her emotional vulnerability, she can't go up against a person who is twice as strong as she is. She can barely lift heavy objects.

Weapons: Mizune considers herself eclectic when it comes to weapons, but her favorite is the naginata. She would occasionally use a katana, but only as a last resort, since she finds the weapon to be quite overrated. Kunoichi are also well known for hiding small weapons from smoke bombs, shurikun and whatever else she can think of.


Mizune Junko spend most of her life in Japan, although as a child of the streets. She refused to stay at one of the local instituitions, finding them cramped and stifling. She decided to hit the streets, struggling to feed herself whenever she can. She made the mistake of trying to pick up a fragile old woman named Mami, only to discover she wasn't as fragile as she looked. As it turned out, the old woman is a master of ninjitsu. She also learned the old woman is a caregiver for a group of orphan girls who were plucked from the streets. In exchange for giving them a roof over their heads, the old woman trains them in ninjitsu and the ways of the kunoichi. Through her teachings, they learned that their bodies, as well as their minds, are the ultimate weapons. Their job is to get close to the enemy long enough to deliver the final blow.

Junko found herself, on several occasions, disagreeing with her views. She had no interest in killing anyone who is weaker then her, but according to Mami, men were of the weaker species. She  must never allow herself to get close to any of her targets. Doing so is a sign of weakness. She must never show weakness to her enemy. Disagreeing with her is an act of disobedience. She had seen a ruthless side to her sensei after someone dared disobeyed her orders. One student nearly lost a hand after she tried to defy her.

Usually she would try to ditch classes just to get away from the crazy old hag. Often times she would reflect herself and the decision that she made. The old woman gave her a home, food to eat, got her out of the streets. She refuse to go back to that life. She had no choice but to go along with the old woman's twisted plan.

Of course, the old woman didn't take these girls in with the kindness of her heart. She was molding the girls into her own personal army of female ninjas. Her goal is for her clan to become one of the most feared in the world. She wants to prove to the men of this world to never underestimate the power of her gender. The moment Junko came of age, the Old Mami send her to New York to work with a small branch which consists mostly of the older girls. Many of them disguised themselves as ordinary citizens with full time jobs or working odd jobs. Few were college students. In the case of Junko, her role is to masquerade herself as a college student.

She has been aware of the Foot Clan's activities for quite some time. It is not like she was interested in joining their group, she just didn't care. She was busy helping the girls with the small smuggling ring that they create for themselves. The Lotus Clan have been assisting the Foot in illegal activities. Of course she had send word that a ninja clan is still active in modern times, much to Mami's shock and dismay. The Foot Clan became an unexpected rival. The new goal? Infiltrate the Foot and see who is in command, then take him out.

Likes: J-Rock, video games, Pocky, family, reading, Japanese horror films (although she likes sci fi and fantasy, too. Yes, she's a nerd), cats, snakes

Dislikes: Men, Old Mami, herself, rap, sushi, Technology, Rules

Sample Post:

The young girl gritted her teeth, swallowing the gasp of pain that tried to escape from her mouth. She landed, hard, on her back, which knocked the wind out of her. The girl she parred with had delivered a right hook to her chest, which send her flying several feet. She landed, hard, on the ground, skidding several feet away, skinning her arm. She hissed in pain and glared at the girl, who is still in a fighting stance. Now she wanted revenge. She hates to loose in a fight. She struck out her leg, wrapping it around the other girl's, and pulls, making her fall on her back. Now they were on even ground.

She clenched her teeth, scowling at the girl laying on the ground, "Well?" She challenged (in Japanese), "aren't you going to finnish it?" It was quite obvious she was taunting her. The other  girls that were circling around them have been watching the fight, eagerly waiting for the victor. Many of the girls were quite intimidated by Junko, who is a skilled fighter with a sharp tongue, and an even sharper right hook, and as her hair, which was done in a J-Rock fashion, spiked. Of course she knew she was going to get in trouble, not that she cared. She always got in trouble. She wasn't afraid of the old bat.

"Thats right, Junko, continue to lie to yourself..." She thought to herself. Although she won't admit it to herself, she's terrified of the old bitch.

A sharp voice cut through the room, causing the girls to leap back, gasping. They stepped back to make room for the person who owned the voice. A  woman in her 60s with hard features stepped into the middle of the fight and it was a good thing, too. The girl was getting ready to finnish the fight they had started. She grabbed Junko by the arm and begin to pull her away by the ear. The  girls watch apprehensively as they helped the other get back onto her feet. The girl Junko was fighting with was grinning maliciously.

"Ow, ow, ow!" Junko yelped as she was led outside. The evening was cool and there was a slight breeze. Perhaps Old Mami thought the cold air would calm her down, but it didn't lessen her temper. She released her ear. Oh, great. Here comes the lecture.

"So you've been fighting, again. After I told you not too. I had taken you in, give you the food off my plate, and this is the thanks you give me? Why do you insist on defying everything I say? Well? Aren't you going to say something?" The old woman growled, glaring at the girl. Most of the girls would be shaken by the look she just gave them. She tilted her head, regarding the old woman coldly, refusing to be intimidated by her.

"If that is the way its going to be, then enjoy sleeping outdoors tonight." The woman huffed and marched back into the building, tossing her a blanket and a pillow. Junko's mouth drop open in protest.

"There is no way that I'm going to..." The door closed with a snap. Her chest started heaving and growling to herself, bundled up the blanket, made a makeshift bed next to the tree and tried to go to sleep. Its not like it wasn't her fault. Besides, it was the bitch who was egging her on. She wanted to prove that she was better then her in a fight and got more then she bargained for, thats for sure.

Someday she was going to get out of this hell hole that she had dugged for herself. She had no clue what she was thinking. The training did help some. It made her stronger and faster. The problem is sharing a room with all of those giggly, prissy girls. Its not like she had anything in common with them, they were just too...obsessed with themselves and the way they look. Who the hell
cares of what some loser guy thinks? She usually laughs at the idea that men could actually fall themselves all over a woman. Although she doesn't believe in using your body to get what you want, she does admit it has some advantage. It just proves that men are complete morons.

With that peaceful thought, she closed her eyes and fell asleep.

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PostSubject: Re: Mizune Junko   Tue Sep 16, 2014 10:49 am

This profile rocks socks!! ^^ Junko is an interesting character and I can't wait to see her in action! You've don a great job! It makes me want to know more about Mami and why she holds such a distaste of men. Guess she got tired of the 'men being the stronger sex' mumbo.

Approved! All that is missing is a play by. If you have someone in mind or need for me to help you find her a face, would be glad to help! Smile

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Mizune Junko
Foot Clan

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PostSubject: Re: Mizune Junko   Tue Sep 16, 2014 8:23 pm

Perhaps one of these days I will reveal that in the plot. And I think I already found her face, so thanks for the offer.
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PostSubject: Re: Mizune Junko   

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Mizune Junko
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