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 Portal Hopping Pt. 51 - 60

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April O'Neil

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PostSubject: Portal Hopping Pt. 51 - 60   Wed Jan 20, 2016 12:27 pm

Previously on Portal Hopping:

Rogue: gonna do one for me soonish.. but trying to catch up on some MM posts before I go

Kitteh: ^^

Rogue: stupid work.. messes up everything

Espionata: kay

Espionata: That it does


Shaya Hmm? Thinking?

Leatherhead *nods nods, smiles and offers cheetos* I am Very Happy

~~~~~~~ Laters ~~~~~~

Rogue: MERMEN!!! I can't find eyeball option... O.o looks like my merman is stuch with baby blues - stuck even

Kitteh: There's Donnie. ^^ Donnie's in the thread. Wink And his bros. Wink

Rogue: Raph isn't happy that he was pressured into being a mermaid and now there's mermen Razz

Kitteh: lol!

D: Razz

Espionata: lol

Erica: hehehehe yeah Mikey thought that was hilarious

Raph: -.- You guys suck.

Erica: he'd get out and pick on Raph - but Erica threatened him with being the bucket if he did so Razz

Erica: I suck? *puppy eyed pout*

Erica: hehehe she might suck.... something Razz

Raph: No. Not you. Everyone else does, tho.

Rogue: bwhahaha.. naughty

Shaya *works on Tatting project*

Erica: :* thank you

Don: Excuse me? Why am I to blame this time. -_-

Mikey: Very Happy

Erica: .... it was Mikey!

Raph: Why not?

Rogue: I think my cat is on druugs. time to have that talk. Razz he thinks my purse is the sexiest thing..ever!

Erica: lol!!!!

Espionata: lol

Kitteh: lol

Shaya: geez, lol

Don: Because I have made a concentrated effort to stay out of your way. >​ : (

Raph: You know what Sensei says about concentratin'... don't. Razz

Erica: *strips off and goes swimming!*

Raph: *joins- cuz it's what a turtle do*

Erica: *lazy swimming - though splashes at Raph playfully*

Raph: *carefully splashes.. don't wanna drown her*

Shaya Oh sweet-- ouch. *sticks finger with needle* kids.

Erica: *is splashed - sniggers - swims closer to kiss that snout*

Leatherhead: *watching Shaya* mmmmmm yep kids - *big ass lazy tail*

Shaya *Over to lay next to LH* Lighting is better here anyways. *leans on him* I like dancing with you. Thank you.

Leatherhead: I enjoy the dance too ^_^ *big smug gator grin*

Shaya Was I on Stitch 53, or 55? *mumbles about cross stitch count*

Leatherhead: ummmmm..... 53? *is not entirely certain though he has been watching quietly*

Erica: *stretchs out star fish style and - floats - eyes close* ^_^

Rogue: *workin' on Raph mermaaan*

Erica: *from floating* probably the other you where Gold came from... you should meet him some time Lover - Wink

TC: *sneaking about*

Master Splinter *wags rat tail... Cannon balls splashing Raph and Erica* hah! I win!! Very Happy

MetalHead: *busy eating all the undies left unattended by skinny dippers* ^^

Raph: O.O ..O.X.. -.-

Erica: *taken by total surprise! - ends up treading water spluttering and chuckling - splashes the rat back*

Master Splinter Very Happy *splashes back then swims over*how are you?

Raph: *watches as the metal menace trots off, full of Erica's last pair of undies* ..We're good...*a lil nervous since Erica is butt naked*

Leatherhead: *would go and splash them all gator style..... but .... ^_^

Erica: ooooh much better - hormones are not driving me crazy right now, annnnd whilst I have been queasy feeling haven't thrown up for a few days *to lazy feeling to be modest right now*

Master Splinter *taking no notice of nude girl... No that's a lie he looked but far to polite to say anything* ahhh that's good *literally looks like a drowned rat - grins at Raphael* annd how about you not to nervous? *has a hundred questions - but lazy swimming*

Angel: *gives MH her undies too - dives into water and swims swims!*

MH: ^^ *omnomnoms and sliiiides over to April, waiting on her to give up the goods* ^^

Master Splinter sooo what's going on in there? *gestures to girls still flat belly*

April: Very Happy oh alright but weeee sooo need them back sometime *strips off and gives the green underwear up*

Erica: the usual that happens this early, a lot of development Wink

Mikey: *the best motoroil he can find -* good job MH

MH: *barfs them at Mike's feet-- happy wags* ^^

Ally: O.O

Master Splinter mmmmmmmm indeed

Ally: Just so you know.. .I'm not wearing any, Mikey already has them all.. Razz

Mikey: I do huh *smug* hehehe *tugs Ally over and smoooooches* not sure what I am going to do with this pile but.... *gives MH his motoroil*

MH: *takes it to that pretty lil VW he's had his lasers on for weeks now*

April&Angel: *dunk Raph and swim off giggling*

Raph: O.O ..-.- *well, at least he's a turtle, so there's that. Will sooo pay 'em back!*

Master Splinter you'll need good doctors -

Erica: yeah - haven't really had a good moment to talk to Raph about that >​,>​ but we will

Angel: Mikey! coming? *splashes him*

Shaya *smiles and waves at the group*

Mikey: come on Donnie! Naked girls! Swimming! *cannonballs!!*

Don: *zooms out of room and strips along the way!* Razz

Leatherhead:...*big low growls* everyone's going all natural

April: *giggles and swims*

Angel: *stands up so Don can see she is indeed wet and nude* come on Stretch! Wink

Erica: *chuckles* hey Mikey... *splashes him for cannonball* hey PrettyEyes Wink

Shaya You trying to ask me something?

Mikey: hey cutie - bro spoiling you? *hugs*

Leatherhead: maybe Very Happy water looks good Wink

Master Splinter the water is good :->​

Erica: sure... *hugs Mikey back* Smile

Don: I'm coming... *fumbles with the belt on his outfit* I'm coming.

Angel: *chuckles and hops out to help... Little fingers deftly undoing the belt*

Mikey: good... hehehe I'll prank my bro if he is not being good

Shaya *Puts cross stitch project away* I wasn't making much progress anyways. *strips her clothes, all nerves*

Leatherhead: woooo beautiful! Wink gator ride? Or swim first?

Shaya Swim first *jumps in*

Erica: Wink don't make me puke on you... Hehehe *giggles and is splashed* wondered when you and Jaws would join us Shay Very Happy

Shaya thanks??

Leatherhead: *gets on all fours and does the gator dash - sliiiiiiiide into the water*

Erica: Very Happy hehehe howd the stitching go?

Mikey: *waiting to pounce and water wrestle Don...*

Don: *smiles* Thanks! *smooches then takes her hand*

Shaya Slow. Feels like a forever unending project

Erica: Smile awwww so this swim is a good idea then for a break huh? Very Happy

Angel: your welcome - *squeezes that hand and leads him into the nice not to cold waters* you make a sexy merman... Wink *another smoooch*

Don: *smooch* I do?

April: *splashes them* yes you do Wink *swim swim*

Angel: yep hey! *splashes back* hehehe *snog*

Erica: Very Happy yep - hey Pretty Eyes Smile *dunks Mikey*

Mikey: ack!! *could have fought back of course but let's it happen*

Leatherhead: *comes back up to surface of water swallowing a fish he caught* yesth a break... Much needed... *nuzzles, snout kiss to Shaya's temple*

Don: *smiles and gets into the water*

Angel: Very Happy *treads water*

Mikey: *splashes Don* hehe hi bro Razz

Don: *splashes his little brother back* Hi.

Mikey: hehehe *noogies!* fells like forever since I hung out wid you guys.. *clone making takes up most his time!*

Erica: nawwww *kisses their cheeks and swims away a little* Wink cute!

Angel&April: *water wrestle!!*

Don: And whose fault is that, Mikey? *smirks* You're constantly in your bedroom with Ally. *splashes him!*

Mikey: ack! Yeah - *smirky smirk* Hehehe gotta keep my girl satisfied Smile *splash splash - grins* sides she wants mini mikes! Wink

April: ooooh the hoorrrrorrr... Mini mikes Razz

Don: *splashes him again, sighing* Do you have any idea how to even raise a child?

Angel: we're all doomed! *over dramatic*

Mikey: Very Happy I'll be a natural... But we have a great dad... Surely we'll figure it out... *little splash back chuckling*

Erica: *swimming*.. Very Happy *gives Don a hug, hasn't hugged him for a little while* Gran Gran says no one really knows - its a learn by doing Wink

Don: *hugs her back* Smile

Mikey: yeah... Man don't envy you though... You gotta push it out first... hehehehe wonder if it will have our brothers size?

Angel: ooooh yeah... Ouch

April: O,o

Erica: *ignores... Mostly just gives Don a good huggin* Wink I'm sure it'll be fine... *mumbles...* still alright if I bring you a coffee sometimePretty Eyes? I will have to have tea

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Erica Martins

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PostSubject: Re: Portal Hopping Pt. 51 - 60   Mon Aug 08, 2016 4:45 pm

Pt. 52

Previously on Portal Hopping:

Mikey: yeah... Man don't envy you though... You gotta push it out first... hehehehe wonder if it will have our brothers size?

Angel: ooooh yeah... Ouch

April: O,o

Erica: *ignores... Mostly just gives Don a good huggin* Wink I'm sure it'll be fine... *mumbles...* still alright if I bring you a coffee sometimePretty Eyes? I will have to have tea

________________________________________________________________________________________ Watch Donnie's headgear. Razz

Shaya: I liked 1.25x best, but 1.5 made me laugh.

Erica: hehehee it's alivveeeeeeee!

Mikko: lool

Mikey: *stares at Donnie's head gear waiting for it to move*

Mikko: Don needs to control that

Kitteh: lol

Shaya Was it meant to do that? Dooonnie! Was it meant to move?

Erica: like MetalHead it now has a mind of it's own Razz .... could be a real problem if it includes underwear collecting

Kitteh: lol

Mikko: lol

Mikey: *looks at Shaya -* yeah I know it weirded me out too....

Shaya: lol I wonder what it does? Why does it need to move so much? Does your skateboard do that?

Mikko: everything Don owns is alive

Mikey: O,o it better not! *goes to check his skateboard was where he left it*

Kitteh: Oh, on the movie version of the MC Mikey thing, did you see Don's tech pack? lol Something sure has a mind of its own on there. Razz I guess it's an antenna or something.

Erica: hehehehehe now I'm watching that part - and I'm going to see it every time Razz

Bones: *grabs Mel's ass*

Mel: *Stabs him* Leave me alone!

Bones: someone take the knives away from this girl

Spike: yes I like to rape women then kill them and leave them for the rats...or love.

Love: my boys always looking out for me ^^

Mikko: then there is Jack. Jack is what some would call a recovering uh...person wearer. he likes to kill and wear the person's skin. but he don't do that anymore. he's reformed. and is on meds. so he's a good kid now...unless he's mad

Erica: O,O uuuuurrrrgh! - *had been alright up til then - goes find a bush to fertilize with popcorn puke*


Rogue: yeah Wink

Lexi: ...are you hungry for mermen tail? Razz You can eat Hun. No one will miss him.

merErica: O,o *goes to make sure her roe are hidden!!*

Erica: no thanks Sad as much as I want to *so hungry* but because raw seafood and ready-made foods such as sushi rolls have a high risk of listeria contamination it is recommended I avoid it *pouts*

Lexi: Yeah, I better eat my fill before I get knocked up.

Mikey: O,o why?

Erica: yeah you should Wink *coooould so use a coffee -*

Lexi: Well, at least you can still have lots of sex.. so there's that. Wink

Erica: *to Mikey* Listeria during pregnancy can cause miscarry, premature rupture of membranes, premature birth and very sick babies. *squirms - yeah there is that* true.... where is Raph? *looks about*

Raph: *pulls her into their secret spot*

Lexi:... and now I'm out here all alooone.. :/

Mikey: I'm here!

Lexi: ^^

Erica: eee! oooh! Very Happy good! let get that gear off Wink *snogs*

Lexi: *wants to officially meet the rest of the guys in game soon, and not just a 'fly-by'*

Raph: *strips 'em both*

Erica: *only just remembers to hang the dew rag outside the door - give bare backside a teasing wiggle on the way to bed*
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Erica Martins

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PostSubject: Re: Portal Hopping Pt. 51 - 60   Mon Aug 08, 2016 4:50 pm

Pt. 53

Previously on Portal Hopping:

Erica: eee! oooh! Very Happy good! let get that gear off Wink *snogs*

Lexi: *wants to officially meet the rest of the guys in game soon, and not just a 'fly-by'*

Raph: *strips 'em both*

Erica: *only just remembers to hang the dew rag outside the door - give bare backside a teasing wiggle on the way to bed*


Mikko: *slides up to Angel* how ya doing little mama let me whisper in yer ear.

Angel: then suck on it right? ... *quick snog*

Mikko: ^___^ I'll suck anything you want baaaaaby!I bet yer pussy taste like pepsi cola!

Mel: Hopefully no one will be trying to grab me today >​>​

Love: *snuggles with Mel and cleans her*

Mel: I'm not a kitten DX

[color:916a=990099]Love: yer my kitten

Mel: How am I your kitten?

Love: I have adopted you as my own, I will teach you everything I know

Mel: I won't eat humans

Erica: ...I hear we taste like pork... *reading* not sure if that's true...

Love: noooo you too young to hunt humans, we will start small with rabbits

Mel: What Oo

Love: you have to learn to hunt

Mel: Why do I need to hunt?

Love: so you can fend for yourself when I am gone

Mel: I have my brothers and Raidon

Love: fine. *sniff* i guess you don't need me then

Erica: mmmmmm *rubs her belly -* ick even the thought of cooked meat makes me feel queasy...

Mikko: what about uncooked meat

Mel: I do need you Love

Love: yay

Mel: Beside if my so called dad shows up you can eat him ^^

Love: ooooooh yum

Mel: He has a lot of muscle ^^

Love: good.

Mel: But I think he's still imprisoned in Raidon's world

Erica: ick ick!

Love: oh. that's ok i have some snacks. *pulls out fingers*

Erica: o,o *grabs a little bin and tosses up... Nothing cause she hasn't eaten

Mel: Oo

Love: Hands Mel one*

Mel: Be glad it's not the Saw movies Erica I get nightmares from those *Looks at finger and drops it* You can have it DX

Love: ok ^^

Mel: I will never eat human DX

Love: I'll cook us some gator then

Mel: Gator?

Love: yes

Mel I don't eat the meats you do DX

Love: crawfish? shrimp? crab? frog? anything?

Mel: You're talking to someone that didn't get a lot of food

Love: then we will start with some lobster pizza!

Mel: I will never eat human DX

Erica: uuuurggghh... *keeps head in bucket*

Mel: Erica chocolate?

Erica: *goes to empty and clean her bucket and brush teeth, comes back* no thank you Mel

Mel: Okay *Eats M&Ms*

Mikko: look Erica! pretty clown

Erica: 0,o!!! Clown! *arms self with bucket encase clown comes any closer... Or she has to puke again*

Mel: Morning sickness?

Erica: yeah... Wasn't doing too bad until Love offered finger food...

Love: ^^

Mel: Quite literally just don't watch the Saw movies they give you nightmares

Erica: well... Normally gore doesn't bother me... Clowns do but not gore.... Buuut just can't handle it right now

Mel: I can't watch horror movies they scare me

Mikko: Erica, I found something scaryer then a clown

Erica: creepy sure... Clowns are scarier

Mel: That damn serial killer clown is scary DX

Erica: that damned MacDonald's Clown is scary too

Mel: No Chuckie DX

Erica: *makes sure ain't no clowns in general area*

Mikko: for erica

Erica: !!!!!O,O!!!!! *throws bucket at it!!*

Mikey: *leaps out of no where with Clown mask on* Booooo!

Mel: *Screams in shock*

Erica: aaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh​h *grabs frying pan -* CLANG!

Mikey: *sees stars*

Mel; Mikey don't do that DX

Erica: *chases the mask that went flying and frying pans it! - just encase*

Mikey: worh it... Hehehehe though I think the clown mask is history...

Erica: *stops whacking, has reduced masked to powder.... A few last whacks to make sure*

Mel: Yes it is history

Mikey: Very Happy ah well plenty more where that came from, I read somewhere interacting with a phobia object helps... Smile *snugs*

Erica: lol finally boy had still been seeing stars Razz

Kitteh: lol Why?

Erica: oh Mikey put on a clown mask and jumped out at Erica and Mel - Mel screamed, Erica screamed and brained the 'clown' with a frying pan Razz yes it does - some days I wonder how I made it through the day .... seriously ...

Espionata: lol

Kitteh: lol

Donatello joined the chat

Donatello changed name to Rogue

Rogue: wtf

Kitteh: lol wb

Espionata: lol

Erica: Rogue's.... gone Rogue!

Rogue: Razz get booted, come back as Donnie Razz

Espionata: lol

Erica: lol and here I thought MDon was still trapped here - poor guy Razz

Rogue: lol, I think he is Razz

Erica: bwhahahahaaa

Rogue: go home portal, yer drunk

Erica: oh dear - then poor poor guy Smile

Rogue: I think he still has that dang T-rex, too Razz

Portal: *staggers away - spews up mini zombie clown horde*

Rogue: lolol..oh shit

Kitteh: lol

Erica: bwhahahaahahaaaa! oooh man so he's stuck and still playing Mum? Very Happy

Rogue: lol, yup. T-rex is geeked out by now Razz

Mel: Seriously and I thought the I-Zombie place was bad and we got Tigerclaw spotting us DX

Erica: *too horrified to scream - just goes on zombie clown squishing rampage with frying pan*

Mel: *Stabs zombies in head*

Mikey: *mario style* hehehe hey you get points for it!

Portal: *still spewing random shit - coughs up a very roughed up Angel*

Angel: >​,<

Portal: *sucks in all females in area - staggers away*

Mel: Hey! *Is sucked in*

Angel: I juuuuuuusssst got baaaaaaaaaack!

Mel: Fucking portal DX Where are we?

Don: O.o

Mikey: O,o ....

All the females: *having hot orgy inside portal of lust* Razz

Erica: hey! hands off! *smacks away random hands*

Angel: Oh yeah! better than the other place!

April: *as long as there aint tentacles we all good

Karai: O.o

Mikey: *shrugs* I'm sure they'll be fine *goes to watch tv

Lexi: ....*likes the 'D' but shrugs.. fuck it. Laz ain't puttin' out. Makes out with Ally and draaaags Erica in*

Mel: Why us?! I have a boyfriend!

Erica: Nooooo *squirming away*

Lexi: *lets her go* You taste like babypowder, anyway Razz

Rogue: *a bit tipsy.. who knows who her chars will make out with* Razz

Erica: really? O,o weird - I haven't used any yet....? not even to the point I'd be showin and thank you -

Rogue: and they'll hate me for it.. Razz

TentacleMonster: More females!!!! *shots out tentacles at new girls*

Angel: iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick!​!! *runs away from the one chasing her*

Lexi: O.O

April: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh​hhhhhh - shouldn't have said anything! *runs* April: *xena warrior princessw style fighting the tentacles over here! - cuts Mel free -* run! *drags her along*

MH: *follows April around, because he can 'see' her thongs..*

Mel: *Runs* If the evil turtles show up next this place has a bad sense of humor!

Angel: *grabs Lexi and Ally and drags them away -* come on Foot Princess *to Karai*

Erica: *follows MH*

April: *shrugs - at least the bot is with them - shakes thong covered ass* come on MH!

DrunkPortal: *spits girls back out* - - - *chokes a little on MH but manages to spit him out too*

MH: *blastyblastblasts portal!*
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Erica Martins

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PostSubject: Re: Portal Hopping Pt. 51 - 60   Mon Aug 08, 2016 4:50 pm

Pt. 54

Previously on Portal Hopping:

Angel: *grabs Lexi and Ally and drags them away -* come on Foot Princess *to Karai*

Erica: *follows MH*

April: *shrugs - at least the bot is with them - shakes thong covered ass* come on MH!

DrunkPortal: *spits girls back out* - - - *chokes a little on MH but manages to spit him out too*

MH: *blastyblastblasts portal!*


Master Splinter *has beeen meditating... sneakies out of his room to visit the loo and refill his pot of tea - happy jig and humming all the way*

Leo: I work out. you know, drink that protein shakes

April: *is tackled* oooh la la *snogs*

Mel: *Didn't sleep well last night* > <

Mikko: well next time tell him to take the cock out yer ass then you'll sleep better

Mikey: lol

D: no, it keeps the sounds from vibrating anusly Razz

Mikko: lol

Erica: Oo *no comment - goes to make grilled cheese sandwiches*

Mikey: bwhahahaa

D: -erica secretly tries that-

Mikko: so naughty

Mel: No it was nightmares!

Mikey: Razz well she has had tail up the poota - though they don't vibrate... close enough

Mikko: I would have nightmares too if there was something in my ass oh my

D: lol

Erica: only a couple of times - and one tail at a time! *flips first two sandwiches* whose hungry!

D: for dat booty? all the guy charries except for casey. he gets freckled booty every night

Mikey not this guy! *wagging tail - hugs Mel* whats with the batch of frownies?!

Mel: No thanks and it was from playing Five Nights at Freddy's!

Mikko: *falls asleep*

Mel: I can't do anything horror related it gives me nightmares Mikey *Hugs him back*

Erica: :"> no no - only one gets this booty in here now -

Leo: it's me

Mikey awwws you'll be right - *steals a fresh hot cheese toastie* mmmmmm

D: he doesn't have the turtle shells

Erica: *takes grilled cheese sandwich - munch munch* ^^

Shaya Can I have a sandwich?

Erica: *wiggles butt nibbling sandwich* help yourself - made plenty

Mel: So no morning sickness?

Erica: *shakes head munching munching and boogey boogey* not today - soooo far

Mikko: *naked dance*

Mel: Maybe that part is over and you will eat a lot

Hank: O,o *watching naked boobies*

Mikko: *shoves tits in Hank's face*

Mikey: me too! - hungry that is!

Hank: *shrugs and goes with it! - fondles those boobies*

Mikko: ^^ ok you got to pay for that.

Erica: I hope so - I've lost some weight with all the puking

Mel: And I thought I was skinny > >

Spike: *grabs Mel*

Mel: Let go! *Struggles*

Spike: no I'm taking you to the loooove cave

Mel: Love cave?

Spike: yes minus the love. lets go slut. *drags her off*

Mikey *tackles and runs away with Mel*

Mel: *Clings to Mikey* I'm not a slut!

Erica: Oo - *munch munch - butt wiggle*

Hank: *offers Mikko a joint*

Mikko: *sits in his lap and smokes* thanks.

Hank: Welcome:)

Erica: and you complain when I do that with Raph Dad Razz

Hank:... of course it's in Dad code

Mikko: I have a boyfriend so I can't go down on you. sorry

Mel: Older brothers do it too Erica

Hank: thats okay - share a beer though? *offers*

Mikko: sure! *sippy sips beer*

Erica: *grins at Shaya - brings over a grilled cheese to her* Smile

Erica: *gives Spike a sandwich*.... *and Mel* eat far too small

Spike: *eyes sandwich then sits and eats*

Mel: Aww but I'm not hungry DX

Erica: it's grilled cheese - hungry or not the grilled cheese calls! *gives one to Leo and D and Casey*

Mel: Fine *Eats it*


Erica: o,O *give Leo a glass of milk*

Leo: *drinks* ahhhhh better

Mikko: men tell me that all the time

Erica: *give April a cheese toastie too* glad to hear it Blue Wink *gives Mikko a toastie too and then goes to fridge hoping to find pickles – and yoghurt*

Shaya Any more sandwiches??

Erica: *pouts cause no yoghurt or pickles - .... brings Shaya anothercheese toastie* Hungry Shaya?

Shaya Very. A 13 hour shift with only two meals, not worth it at times

Erica: Smile aaaah - hows things with you and Jaws? Very Happy If you don't mind a bestie prying a little

Shaya well... We are good. Waltzing, reading... lovely normal boring stuff.

Erica: Very Happy doesn't sound boring - sounds.... romantic *giggles* he's such a giant softie

Shaya Very true. I feel like an old lady wanting romance instead of fooling around... it just sounds exhausting

Erica: oooh fooling around can be fun Wink and nothing old with romance - always thought my big leathery bestie had a inner romantic

Mikey *found old crunchy pizza slice - shrugs and eats*

Mikko: *makes out with Mike*

Mikey *runs away* I'm a Ally only turtleeeeeeeeeee! *hides*

April: O,o

Mikko: awwwwww......*makes out with Don*

Mel: While I get kidnapped by creeps to get raped by them a lot Oo

April: *huggies Shaya* Very Happy

Mel: Well I don't think it's fun!

Master Splinter *bounces over and hugs Erica*

Shaya ack! hey April.

April: hey bff - whats been a happenin?

Erica: oh! - hey MAster Splinter *hugs*

Shaya Work, the odd waltz. Normal things

April: Very Happy still hard to picture such a big guy being so elegant Wink

Master Splinter hello young one - how are you?

Erica: I am okay -

Bones: yeah well I want a roast beef sandwich

Erica: sorry only made cheese toasties

Bones: well you are useless

Erica: *shrugs* ... Red! *all but bounces over to peck a cheek*

Raph: *snugs*

Erica: *gives him her half eaten cheese toastie* Smile *huggles*

Raph: Here, you finish it.. *because she's eating for.. what.. a clutch now?! O.O*

Erica: Smile *munch munch - forget the toastie - smoooch*

Love: what would a kitten turtle look like?

Shaya Scary but cute love, scary but cute.

Ally: ZOMG, Mikey!! Why am I just now seeing that beautiful pizza proposal you gave me! ^^

Love :^^

Ally: *can'twait to introduce her brother to her booooooyfriend!* ^^

Spike: yeer too young to date!

Ally:, newsflash... I'm 18, bro Razz I could have babies even, if I wanted to Razz

Spike: I know! Too young! O.o

Ally: And I can almost drink booze... legally Razz

Spike: that I don't care about

Ally: I can ride my bike with no handlebars.. or some shit.. though, I don't have a bike.. so I'll just ride a Mike Very Happy

Spike: *dies*

Mikey Wink you love it AngelCake?

Ally: I do!! *tackle snogs* Yesh, I will be your Squishy! Very Happy

Erica: *all smiles - gives her turtle a fresh cheese toastie*

Mikey: *draggies Ally off to make with celebratory sexins*

Erica: *giggles, waving off the pair....* ... *sighs and cleans up her cheese toastie mess*

Hank: Marshmallow let me do that *takes over*

Erica: thanks *scratchie scratchie behind Loves ear*

Shaya well then.

Mikko: *dances around*

April: Very Happy bit like that huh Shay

TC: *stalking about - waiting*

Master Splinter Smile *has found cake*

Love: oooh TC! *swoons*

Shaya pardon April?

TC: *grins* Cubette - Love Wink

April: crazy Very Happy

Love: *grins*

Erica: Sad *ninja vanish*

Mikey: How to Catch a Mikey!

Mikey: 101 - leave pizza on rooftop

Raph: O.o *ninja vanishes with her*

Mikey: it's in the top ten fave pizza Razz

Erica: *poofed to Aprils - raiding fridge for yoghurt*

Shaya: ...

MetalHead: *snatches it up before Mikey, because there's no more undies* *spins and 'stares' at Casey, then projectile vomits an assortment of colorful undies at him*

TC: hehehe hello White mouse *liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiicks Shaya's cheek* - where did brown and white mouse go? Very Happy

Master Splinter: lol!!!! it's an undie shower!

D: tho sometimes he'll wear his underwear til they get dirty, switch them around for another few weeks and then wear them inside out. he's creative that way

D: casey: catches all the panties like eric on that 70s show

Angel: Casey! mine are purple! *dives in pile to fish hers out!*

April: O,o *joins in undie pile scramble to find hers*

Erica: *much happier - haz Raph and yoghurt - and! O,o - quickly gives her yoghurt to Raph to hold and scurries over to gather up her red underwears before MH eats them again!*

TC: *grins and sidles over - * hello brown and white mousey *liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii​cks Erica*

Raph: *holding yogart and still trying to figure out why donnie thought underwear eating would be a useful function on metalhead... shrugs*.... *throws cup at TC* Back off! X-(

Mikey: whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy did I picture the cup bouncing off a tiger head with a loud BOP! sound!

D: Razz

MH: *annnnnd goes about gobbling them back up. Always better second time around. Mikey owes him for this!*

Erica: *shudders and quickly hides a few pairs in her pockets before scurrying back to Raph*

TC: *bats cup away... then pounces on it - it skitters away.... TC follows like a big kitten*

Raph: *grabs large ass spray bottle in case TC comes back*

TC: *'caught' the cup and crushs it in jaws... drops it and crouchs waiting for it to move some more*

Master Splinter ..... >Smile *flicks cup away with tail*

TC: *chases*

Raph: ...and a cup is how the war was won... ooookay.

Erica: at least he's not bother me or Shaya Wink - thank you *wiping drool off with - * ick they aint mine! *drops whom evers bra they are* I think I need a shower coming handsome?

Karai:... you should see him with a laser light..

Angel: .... show us Very Happy

saki: -goes topless to raves- -with glow sticks and glow claws-

Mikey: O.O

Karai: *shrugs and pulls one out of her GI.. because you know, a girl never knows when she may need to entertain her pussy. Razz Makes little motions on the wall...*

TC: *waiting for very crushed cup to move again* I will get back to playing with white mousey and brown and white mouse laters Very Happy for now the cup.... O,o that light is back!!!! *wriggles butt then pounces*

Toothless: *chases TC and the light*

Angel: *choking on hysterical giggles* oh youtube this is soooo going on you

Karai: *makes the light go higher, because it gives her great pleasure to see him work so hard for it*

TC: O,O get back down here! *knows its just a light but sometimes the beast within just tooooo strong! hops up and down for it!!!*

Master Splinter: it's like Splinter with a maze - he loves a good maze Razz

MetalHead: O.O *laser challenge! Blasts the wall with his, because the Kunoichi's doesn't seem to work..*

Toothless: O.o!!!! >Smile *plasma blast!*

Raph: *well hell! was going to the shower with Erica, but there's no longer a wall* >​.<

TC: *tail stub on fire!*

Erica: O.O ummmmmmmm

Raph: Donnie really needs to control that bot.. >​.< and where'd the hell the Iguana come from...

TC: _ _ _ _ _ & _ _ _ _ _ *trying to put it out.... oh big turtle has water spray - drags tail that way!*

D: -mondo looks around confused-

Raph: -.- *sprays the hell outta TC*

Erica: seems to be extra crazy here today - *had a hand out -*

Toothless: *puts snout in hand* ^,^

TC: Very Happy you know tigers loooooovw water Wink aaaaaaaaaaaaa *tail stub not on fire no more!* Very Happy

D: Two-Ton: -slips and falls on tail-

D: -tackles ms-

Leatherhead: *had been a lazy gator - rumbles now at TC and glares*

Master Splinter I didn't do it!!!! *is tackled*

Master Splinter: lol Very Happy

Mel: I'm not a mouse am I?

Shaya Mouse. It was a nickname once *glances at April* but it was ages ago!

TC: no you are cubette TC: nawwwww pretty one you will always be to be White Mouse Wink *ruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuubs against Shaya*

Leatherhead: *charges with a roar*

Erica: O,O

Shaya &freeze*

April: *chokes on coffee*

Mel: Uhoh Oo

D: Casey: -yawns-

Shaya Tha-thank you?? ACK! *tries to scuttle away*

TC: and RedMouse *ruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuubs on April dodging the gator*

April: O.o *sneezes!*

TC: annnnnnnnnd WhiteAndBrown Mouse *ruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuubs​ against Erica - careful to jump away quick* I will have to play extra rough with that one Razz

Leatherhead: .... *nuzzles nuzzles Shaya*

Shaya *pats Lh arms, content and less shaken by TC around*

Mel: TC likes to cause trouble

Erica: >​.< *bats big cat away with yogurt spoon*

Leatherhead: *ruuuuuumbles*

Shaya *wonders why only predators take notice of her... clearly acts like prey*

April: RedMouse, damn it...

Raph: Don't make me neuter you, kitten. -.-

Leatherhead: ^,^

TC: *groooowls at Raph* awwwwwww I only want to play Wink *licks big teeth*

Raph: -.- well go play with Metalhead!

Erica: o,o... *gentle tug on Raphs hand* ignore the bad kitty... we should go back to our Spot *less crazy in there... Usually*

Leatherhead: *snout kiss to Shaya - smiles at April* I won't let him play with yous;)

TC: :->​ could play hard enough to make her fertile again

D: Razz dat TC

Master Splinter: ha ha ha - Very Happy yeah play with MH and tail nub will end up on fire again

Espionata: lol

Mel: I don't think I will

Master Splinter: yesth that is TC - causing mischief and mayhem and indugling the cat within - he likes to scratchy Wink

Shaya: lol

Mikey: Ooooooooooo naughty naughty TC

D: i should take bradford up at some point and have him challenge tc Razz to a hunt >​D

Espionata: lol

Master Splinter: yes you should Very Happy he needs a challenge

Hank: *shrugs* then you just gotta be happy with the friends you have, their kinda like a family you choose for yourself

Erica: O.O *cat did not just say that!*

Shaya *blinks* No thank you.

Leatherhead: *watching TC closely... Come over here and he'll be eating tiger!*

D: sure, ms, i'll def keep him in consideration. you play tc on mm too, right? could take him there too if you'd like. you seem like you need help to get some chars off your hands over there, lol. it's busy work trying to npc a lot of chars

Mel: I guess so I just feel so different from the others which is stupid considering my brothers are mutants

TC: mwha ha ha here mousey mousey mousies - come out and play.... *claws extend* *lolls about - hehehe will get mousey mousey mousies when the big gator and big turtle are not about*

Mel: I've just been so depressed lately and it's drivine me nuts >​< Doesn't help that I'm starting to believe what my so called dad said when I know it's not true

Hank: even though you know some good friends?

Erica Zzzzzzzzzzzzz

TC: >Smile *creeeeeeping up on 'zzzzz' catcher*

Raph: -.- *throws MH at TC because if.. hey.. he can throw around shipping containers lie nothin' a robot should be a piece of cake!*

TC: *plowed into by robot*

Erica: *had been tempting to lead Red off to Spot, drifted off standing - still upright for the moment* zzzzzzzzzz

Master Splinter: lmao - the images - TC and MH in a tangle of bot and furr and Erica just napping on the go power nap?

Mikey: When ya gotta nap ya gotta nap Razz - And yes so she has the energy to snug, snog and do naughty things Razz

April: ^^ *hugs sleeping standing girl* hey Raphie Wink and she makes a good lean on! Very Happy

Mikey: if Mikey were about he'd put a mannequin with a clown face in front of her Razz
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PostSubject: Re: Portal Hopping Pt. 51 - 60   Mon Aug 08, 2016 4:51 pm

Pt. 55

Previously on Portal Hopping:

Erica: *had been tempting to lead Red off to Spot, drifted off standing - still upright for the moment* zzzzzzzzzz

Master Splinter: lmao - the images - TC and MH in a tangle of bot and furr and Erica just napping on the go power nap?

Mikey: When ya gotta nap ya gotta nap Razz - And yes so she has the energy to snug, snog and do naughty things Razz

April: ^^ *hugs sleeping standing girl* hey Raphie Wink and she makes a good lean on! Very Happy

Mikey: if Mikey were about he'd put a mannequin with a clown face in front of her Razz


Mikko: *tackles Mike*

Shy: Hey hon

Mikey *is tackled* accck!!

Mikey: Oh yay and found my characters... Hehe Mikey was tackled and sent into a mush coma Razz the others are all in the box!

Mikey: *tips out box*

Mel: So Mikey since I have a boyfriend I can date right?

Mikey sure... Just no nookying Razz

Mel: How would you know?

Mikko: Mike has spies everywhere

Mikey I can smell it... Or MH will tell me

Mel: MH?

Mikey MetalHead Very Happy

Mel: Why would he tell you?

Mikey Very Happy cause I give him undies and really good oil in exchange Smile we have a good thing going

Mel: But that only works if you force us to take him

Mikey Very Happy I'll still smell it

Mel: How would you smell it?

Mikey: Razz but dont worry Mike guRaidon is a good boy he won't go that far Razz

Mikey ... O,O you know smell? ... With your nose... Very Happy *nose ridge wiggles as he demonstrates sniffing*

Mel: You know my scent that well?

Mikey yes cause you always hug me Smile of course I do, and Aprils and Angels and Erica- which has changed now she's preggo... and I of course I know all my brothers scents, dads... Casey and Leatherhead....

Mikko: what about Ally?

Mikey: He was getting there Wink

Mel: So you would know when my scent changes

Mikey annnnd of course my sweet little strawberry shortcake Ally... Mmmmm looooooove her scent

Mikko: does she taste like a strawberry shortcake?

Mikey yes Mel I can and do Very Happy

Mel: So you would know when I hit the time of the month if I ever do Oo

Mikey mmmmmm she's sweet and nibble nibble worthy mmmmmmm Alllly!! *sniffs her out!*

Erica: *sniffs herself curiously... Can only smell lingering Raphness and her own b o* ... *shrugs and ... Yoga!*

Mel: Erica escaped Tigerclaw XD

D: casey was never pretty Razz

Mikko: casey is beautiful

Mikey: naaaaw April loves him regardless Wink

D: casey's a man with many missing teeth and bruises

D: a beauty contestant he is not

Mikko: lol

D: Razz

Mikey >Very Happy even if he snores like Raph and I?

Rogue: what you talkin' bout, willis.. he's still purdy Razz

D: Razz

Mikko: the hair is better, the face is not. but that would make sense with how much Casey loses his fights

April: yes he is

D: casey loses nothing!

Mikko: lol

Mikko: that's not what Raph says

Raph: *smirks*

D: raph lost to him, what's he talkin about? Razz

Mikko: oooooooh burn!

Erica: Smile I happen to enjoy BigRed's snoring Mikey ... Wanna yoga with me Mel?

Raph: Yeeeeah. In yer dreams, Spacey.

Mel: No it looks boring

Mikey Razz what about the time you two both lost that game of cards to dad?

D: i'm the ultimate burn! i cock-blocked all yall by bein with april Wink

April: :">​

Mikey oooooh might need aloe for that Razz

D: lol -is allergic to aloe irl-

Erica: it is yeah... but it feeeeels good Very Happy *tooooe touch*

D: yep. used to apply it to sunburns after swimming and it made me break out in itches

Raph: ....... -.-

Erica: *would shrug but can't ass in air hands flat on ground * be thankful for that Razz

Mel: Yeah it's not like a portal will show up puttting one here Razz

Mikey: Nope not todays no

Shy what has your night been like boys?

Mikey mwhahaha 'the face' worked in Bromance - knew it would! *finds Ally and gives her 'theface' *

D: casey: -smushes pie in the face-

Mikey lonely, and cramped, feel like half a me without my All - ack!! *face in pie! - licks*

Ally: Very Happy.. *annnnd watches as Mike gets creamed.. - runs finger over his snout and tastes* Mmm...cherry!

Leatherhed: cramped, cosy.. Warm... First time in a long time I have been overnight boxed in with my fellow characters... miiiiiissed you though lovely one *snout kiss to Shaya's forehead*

Angel: *bit grumpy* cramped! And she! *points at Erica* spooned me!

April: it wasn't so bad

Erica: I was missing Red alright Wink and at least I didn't steal all the pillows

Angel: that's cause I was the pillow!

Erica: O:-)

Mel: Mikey how did you get so serious when becoming a big brother?

Raph: *snugs Angel*

Don: O.o *two girls together...ohhhhhh yeah! MY two favorite girls* ^^

Raph: O.o *I mean ERICA!* ... *can go off and die now..*

Don: Does this mean you'll let me see Erica again, Raph? Wink

Raph: I ain't stoppin' you from lookin' at 'er.. that's silly.

Angel awwww thnks RedT Wink

Erica: :">​ *snogs/snugs*

Angel: I don't think thats what he meant - heyo SexyStretch Very Happy *less grumpy now about being used as a body pillow all night*

Mikey thats what big bros do - we be serious - *hard to say that with a face still half covered in pie and Ally helping him clean it off!*

Don: *slips his arm around Angel*

Mikey... serious - does not sound right Razz

Angel: ^_________________^ *hugs*

Ally: *lickitylickliiiiicks Mikey's face*

April: Very Happy awwwws all this hugging going around - *tackles Casey and snugs him*

Mikey: *snickers* ... *forget the pie Ally tastes better - ickitylickliiiiiiiiiiiii​iickes*

Don: *smooches Angel's cheek*

Mel: Whatever I'm gonna have some fun >​>​

April: sooooooooooo excited Raph? Erica? *certainly excited*

Hank: not too much fun!

Mikey: .... cause that usually means trouble

Angel: Very Happy you have been a busy boy Stretch, been a few long days since we have hung out Very Happy *snogs*

Raph: *snugs the right girl.. not that Angel snugs was a bad thing..just can't be a playa' Razz* Mmhmm.

Mel: I don't know what you're talking about Hank Razz

Erica: *chuckles and smooches, blinks at April* yes excited! *little squeee*

Don: Well, you know. A turtle's work is never done. *snogs back* Especially this turtle.

Hank: you do so Very Happy

Angel: aaaaaaaws you are over worked - *smooch smoooch*

Shaya: the life in this group

Mel: And what are you gonna do about it? Are you gonna by my foster parent :p

Don: *smooooooooches* Yeah. You're a very welcome break. Smile

Hank: O,o .... two daughters....

Shy two daughters? Oh my Hank. What luck to go through puberty again with Mel.

April: awwwwwwwwws Very Happy

Mel: Well are you?

Hank: meh whats one more Very Happy bring it on!

Shy co graduations to you both. Paperwork and interviews aside. Wonderful news!

Mel: I'm gonna make you prove that you mean it all the other foster homes just wanted the money

Erica: mmmmmmmm hmmmmm *snoggies*

Leatherhead: heheheh - I'd love to have daughters one day

April: O,o does the thought of D'Day frighten you a little Erica? and yay for sisters - I have one - and four adopted brothers Razz

Shy multiples sounds like a plan.

Mel: Besides you don't know my fun Razz

Leatherhead: Very Happy yeah a good one

Shy scaley sweet hearts .

Hank: *shrugs* y.... crap and both of you are dating mutant turtles - what the heck?!

Mikey Very Happy can't fight it dude - your going to like mutants whether you want to or not Razz *snoggies, licks lick lick lick, honks boobies*

Mel: Yep dating at 14 Razz

Angel: mmmmm a loooooooon break Wink *massages those shoulders*

Shy true. I'm not sure what else to call it. The mutant lovers club?

Erica: mmmmm I'm a happy MLC member then Razz * tickles tickles tickles Red spot* annnnd yes April of course it frightens me -

Mel: Wait am I gonna have to go back to school I dropped out

Hank: yep Smile

Don: Ohhhh... *drops his head forward* Yes. *eyes close* Mmmmmmmm...

Mikey: Mutant Lovers Club - bwhahaha

Mikey: Mikey might have to give out badges

Shy with extra tutoring for making up lost time missy!

Mel: No way I struggled enough as it was >​<

Shy exactly why you need the tutoring.

Mel: Besides it's not official that you're my foster parent Hank >​> I hate school​

Hank: home schooling!

Mel: Homeschooling?

Shy yes... It's important. *future stern mom*

Angel: awwwwwws good boy Stretch *rub rub rub, giggle - kiss that head and rub rub rub some more*

Leatherhead: *puuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrrrr​rrrrrrrrrrrr*

Mel: You know what's sad that's the only normal thing about me hating school >​>​

Shy *sigh* stop Melting my icy act. I want her to excel at life. *leans on LH for comfort* even our groups future mutant kids need an education and life goals.

Mel: I'm gonna be a ninja Very Happy So Hank you gonna make it official?

Don: *foot thumps*

Mikey: ooooh hahahahhaaha! Donnie's got the foot thumpies! Very Happy soooooooooooooooooooooo cute!

Shy: Cuuuuuutte!

Angel: *squuuuuuuuuuuuuueeeeee giggles - dang it he's making her all gushy girlie! - rubbie rub rub rubs*

Don: *chuuuuuuurrz and thumps foot again*

Mikey *churrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrs louder*

Don: *is not making the churring a competition -- it just feels goooooooooood*

Angel: :->​ * straddles those knees and massages down those arms* mmmmm hmmmm relaaaxing Stretch? Very Happy

Mel: Whatever I'm gonna go have fun

Don: Mm-hmmmm...

Hank: *still has to think about it*

Leatherhead: not too much fun Razz

Mel: What's to much fun?

Angel: goooooood to know Very Happy *finally moving hands down his sides - smooooch smooooch that cheek*

Mel: *Doesn't think Hank is serious and will go back on his word slinks off to cause trouble*

Don: *goofy grin at her, letting her do whatever she wants*

Erica: Smile *sighs - kiss kiss to snout* Love you *heads to their Spot*

Mikey: lol oh yeah thats going to sway him Razz causing troubles Razz

Leatherhead: >​,>​ *but big lazy lazy gatoe and with Shaya there not inclined to follow*

Angel: *only all good things! - giving this delightful delicious mutant man a good plastron rub down*

Mel: *Got into a fight*

Shy I'm going LH. I need the princess treatment from my scaley knight

Leatherhead: ooooo alright *scoops her up and carrys away for Queen treatment*

Raph: You too. *whisks her away to their spot*

Mel: *Comes back a bit beat up but is grinning* Well that was fun Very Happy

Ally: ^^ I'm soooo lucky

Lexi: ...maybe i should have hooked up with a Turtle..

Don: *chuuuuuuuurrs then smooches again*

Mikey :->​ nah thats me - the luckiest turtle in da world

Angel: .... *snoggies!! hands moving over thighs*

Erica: *wooo hoooed at the whisking... now lounges back on big bed chuckling wriggling out of cloths* mmmm Angel's fun to hug - but missed you *flicks panties at Raph*

Mel: Guess Hank wasn't serious about it big surprise *Cleans her wounds*

April: hey! you have to give it more time - it's a big step for a single Dad Razz

Mel: I guess so

Mikey *absolutely - has the sexiest little firecracker AngelCake evers! * :->​ :->​.... *snogs her senseless*

Ally: *returns alllll the snoogies!!* ^^

Raph: *devious look and excited churrs, too focused on Erica to notice MH come out of nowhere and grab the undies*

Mikey: it's probably a debatable according to his brothers - buuuuut he certainly thinkies Razz

Lexi: *wishes Laz was all lovey dovey like all these Turtle boys* Sad

Mikey ^____________________________________________________^ *snoggies snoggies carrying Ally off to his room - accidently walks into Lab first... turns and corrects his path - snogglies the whole way*

April: awwwww why so glum beautiful? Very Happy

Lexi: Oh, you know.. boyfriend that moves your hand away when you reach for his crotch.. *shrugs-nevermind that he was driving at the time.. what's wrong with a lil adventure!*

Mel: *Sighs and leans against a wall*

Erica: *giggles and flicks bra away -... equally devious look* enjoying the view Rrrraph? *purrrr - well she certainly is*

Don: *eyes pop open and gasps softly before snogging and churring once more*

Kitteh: *is giggling madly at MH* Razz

Mikey: hehehehe Mikey has him well trained Razz

April: nawwwws guys can be confusing sometimes - *one arm hugs Lexi* I'm sure such a pretty woman though he loves ya Wink - wasssup Mel?

Mel: Just tired of false promises for the most part

April: o,O but he didn't promise you anything yet - relax - you'll know soon enough - now should I patch you up? Very Happy

Lexi: *one arm hugs back* Yeeeah. I know. He's incredible. Just.. you know how it is when you 'need' it.. timing is always off :/

Mel: Sure whatever

Raph: Mmhmm.. *moves up her body kisskissing... totally notices MH this time as he gobbles up the bra.. but at least the creeper scurries away*

April: *grins and drags Mel over to her and Lexi - squishing Lex in huggies for a moment* oooh don't I know it? Very Happy

Angel: Mmmmmmmm! *looooooooooves those churrs shifts a little closer on his knees deepening the kissing*

Mel: *Is dragged over*

Erica: *shiver - mooooan.... giggles watching MH go away* .... I may have to try buying less appetizing underwear.... though I doooo loooove Red against my skin >Smile *tugs off dew rag*

Rogue: Raph said Erica is NOT sleeping in the box tongiht Razz

Mikey: as if I could pull her away nows?

Mel: *Squirms as she's being patched up* >​<

April: well stop fighting so much Very Happy there are other ways to get a adrenaline high

Mel: But fighting is fun

Don *pulls Angel closer, deepens the kissing even more, gently gropes her*

April: so? most ad highs are Very Happy

Angel: oooooooommmm! *yeahs missed that touch - invites more shifting closer lightly nips his lip- *

Mel: It's one thing I got from my so called dad

Don: *pulls away, smiling* Should we take this somewhere more private?

April: nawwww - sometimes people change for the worst worst - at lest we nice people here Wink mostly

Mel: He was a cage fighter

Angel: *grins and leans forward to kiss softly, standing-* we should .... you definitely leave a girl wanting more... Wink

April: hey fighting itself is not bad - suppose you could try it competitively -

Mel: I am gonna be a ninja

Don: *smiles and stands up, taking her hand and leading her to his room*

Angel: *follows - slipping off underwears from under skirt and blouse on the way - leaves them for MetalHead - closes door behind her* Smile there now he wont burst in looking for them Wink

Don *chuckles and pulls her over to the bed, kissing her again*

Angel: *grins - chuckling, hands this time removing his gear carefully - kisssss passionate* mmmmm!

April: ninja huh? I started training with the guys and Splinter - it's a lot of hard work

Mel: I've been training with Raidon

April: boy is a busy beaver but seems to care for you a lot Wink

Mel: He does ^^

Don *gropes her some more, kissing her back*

April: thats good - and he is a decent boy Very Happy

Mel: He is I love him ^^

Angel: Mmmmmm *kiss kiss* christ I do *snog snog* adore your touch *finally removes last of his 'clothing' smooooooch*

Don *pulls her onto the bed then straddles her waist, kissing her some more as he moves his hand to her breast and squeeeeeezes*

April: Smile *ahhhhhh remembers those days of being young and in love* Very Happy good

Mel: Mikey is a bit protective over me when it comes to Raidon though >​>​

Angel: Mmmmmhmmm! *lifts her own hands to teassssse along his sides slowly suckles his tongue, enjoying the closenss*

April: Very Happy good - because only a short time ago you claimed it was gross;)

Mel: Still Mikey is supposed to be the fun one >​>​

April: soooo whats that got to do with it?

Mel: He's supposed to let me have fun Razz

April: you have plenty of fun with Raidon - you don't need more right now

Mel: True but it's fun to tease Mikey by saying that Very Happy

Don *chuuuuuuuuuurrs and pulls her closer* Need you...

Angel: *mooooooan - shifts her legs to wrap about him, cloooooseeeer* I need you Donatelllloooo
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PostSubject: Re: Portal Hopping Pt. 51 - 60   Mon Aug 08, 2016 4:52 pm

Pt. 56

Previously on Portal Hopping:

April: you have plenty of fun with Raidon - you don't need more right now

Mel: True but it's fun to tease Mikey by saying that Very Happy

Don *chuuuuuuuuuurrs and pulls her closer* Need you...

Angel: *mooooooan - shifts her legs to wrap about him, cloooooseeeer* I need you Donatelllloooo


Vic: So.. Leo's gonna save me? ^^

Mikko: leo is going to save her

Vic: Very Happy

Rogue: she kinda zones out when she's hungry/feeding.. so she's really unaware of how dangerous she can be.. but she does know that she's responsible for Phin, just has no memory of it

Mikko: dawwwwwwww

Espionata: aww

Rogue: and I forgot to add in her profile.. you won't turn into a vampire by simply being bitten by her and living.. you have to die with her blood in your system to get that perk Razz ..but another thing that no one knows, lol

Rogue: yet

Mikko: oooooooooooooooooooooooo​ooooooooooooh

Espionata: cool

Mikey: Razz

Vic: Like that will ever happen.....

Mel: *Glomps Mikey* XD

Erica: ... stuff happens, hi Vic Wink

Vic: Hello ^^

Leo: *smooches Vic's cheek*

Erica: *giggles - pinches Leo's cheek* Wink ladies turtle huh?

Leo: I try

Mel: While being crazy

Vic: O.O .. :">​

Leo: women love crazy you see the new Joker? Yeah I was online and women are flocking to his dick. I'm telling you, crazy is the way to go.

Spike: I agree with this statement

Vic: Who's the joker? O.o If he funny?

Mel: He's creepy looking

Leo: no he's scary and a clown and not real

Erica: *chuckles* ... Clown... *shudders*

Mikey: *snoooooore*

Mel: Mikey wake up!

Mikey: *snooooooore - mumble* Al is ze hhhoooooot *snoooooore* eeeeee

Ally: *giggles and tickles* I AM being eaten! O.o .. but in a good way Razz good timing, bro Razz

Mikey: *snooooooore - pulls Ally down to snuggs with him*

Mel: Oh brother *Pokes Mikey*

Ally: eeep! ^^ *snugs and cuddles*

Erica: *squuuue* so cute! ...

Mikey: *snuggles, CHURRRRRRRRRRS - no idea he's on couch... Turtle wood!!*

Erica: *scurries away snorting with laughter* less cute!

Ally: ..*goes dooooowndooooowndoooown on him*

Mikko: or more cute. look at Mike's tiny litttle thingie

Mel: Oh brother >​< *Is bored out of her mind*

Mikey: O,O *awake now!!..... Growls and squirms*oooh yeah no that's a wake up call! *pulls Ally around to sixty nine it up!*

Ally: O.O ..^^^ oooooh yeeeeeah... *let the noise making begin*

Mel: Not again >​>​

Lexi: *pouts* Everyone's making babies and I'm just over here like..what's up. I have a Dragon Beater in my home.. er.. Gabe's home

Gabe: ^^

Lexi:.. I don't know what you're ^^ about..

Laz: i will protect you!

Erica: hehehe done the makin... It's a bakin Smile.... Mmmmm bacon.... *goes to find some bacon*

Mel: And I'm bored

Ally: Mmmm.. my Spikeyboobooe... *says through a mouth full of Turtle cock*

Mel: Why Spike?

Spike: O.O My ears are BLEEDING!

Mikey: ..*traps those hips and puts tongue to work* Wink

Erica: *no bacon... sads*

Ally: *throws tampons in her bo's direction so he can you know.. plug up his ears. keeps on a suckin...squeeeeeeees at Mikey's tongue workouts!*

Mel: He will just try to rape me >​<

Lexi: ... O.O I want that life...

Spike: you want me to rape you? i can do that. but you can't rape the willing

Lexi: *grabs Laz and drags him off.. will rape him if she has to* Razz

Laz: ^^

Mel: No I don't want you to rape me!

Spike: I was talking to Lexi

Mikey: *howl of happy muffled by very busy tongue - turtle shake for ally,!*

Erica: mmmmm turtle shake....

Mel: Besides Mikey stops you all the time and you can't do it so I'm safe ^^

Spike: Mike is busy at the moment

Mel: I will stab you

TC: *stalks Shaya*

Master Splinter *sips tea* Very Happy

Mel: TC quit stalking

Shaya *senses something isn't right-- still reading her book*

TC: whhhhy stalking is fun Razz

Shaya *pulls bag next to her* Stalking huh?

Mel: Fun for a cat

TC: mw ha ha ha! yes stalking - loads of fun for the cat... >Smile *wiggles backside ready to pounce on White Mousey*

Mel: *Gives TC catnip*

Shaya *looks over* will that work like last time?

Mel: I don't know

Erica: *leans into Shaya and whispers* use your thumbs and stroke his nose ..... He'll literally melt into a big furr coat that purrrrrs Wink

Master Splinter: he will too Razz damn it

Shaya *whispers back* I also go cat grass in my bag.

Mel: Erica think your dad will be my foster parent?

Erica: Wink good girl... that's a big ask.... Only one whom can answer that is dad.... Mmmmm Very Happy at least you'll come with family... Gran Gran - got to get her to meet Raph sometime... And me and...*rubs her lower belly ... Sigh - thoughts traveling a million miles away*

Leatherhead: O.O ... Grrrrrrrrrrrrr!! >​,< *runs over, like all gators startling fast when he really wants to motor ... Annnnnnd belly flops on TC*

Mel: That's true your dad gets to deal with puberty again if he does become my foster parent and all the other issues I have

Erica: *gazing off into nothing tracing formless patterns over belly*

Mel: Erica?

Erica: *blank gaze at Mel* mmm?

Mel: You were looking at nothing

Erica: * still not really focused * uh huh

Mel: Erica you're still doing it

Shaya Let her be mel

Erica: m? *fingers tracing circles*

Mel: But she's not paying attention to anything I could eat a pickle in front of her and nothing would happen

Shaya Yupp, it's a happy pregnant lady thing

Mel: It is?

Shaya yes. Daydreaming about the future. what the baby will look like? what their personality will be like...

Erica: mm *vague -*

Raph: Wink

Mel: Or thinking about Raphie

Angel: *pokes Erica's nose*

Erica: *bliiiiiiiiiink -*

Angel: *snorts* well... That didn't work -

Mel: *Looks for Hank* *Sighs bored*

Angel: hehe

Mikey: *props clown stuffie up in front of Erica.*

Mel: Mikey I'm bored

Ally: *stilllll suckin' Mikey like a HOoover!*

Erica: *so spaced out just takes the stuffie and cradles it -*

Mel: Erica that's a clown!

Mikey: *hooooooooot damn! Yeah! - lifts Ally up to snog her senseless and pin her to a pantry wall - standing sexies!!!!*

Erica: mmm hmmm ...

Ally: OOOOH... HAWWWT DAMN!!! ^^

Raph: *slips up behind Erica and wraps arms around her.. happy churrs against the back of her neck*

Angel: he he leave it Mel, RedT will fix whatever malfunction the girl is having Wink Oooo whatever Shay said it was Very Happy

Mel: She's out of it... Yeah

Mikey: Malfunction... Hehehe Angel so nice Razz

Shaya: so nice.

Erica: mmm BigRed... *meeeeeeeeeeeelts - putting clown stuffie back resting arms on his, interlocking fingers...* ^.^

Mikey: Whilst Mikey's violating the health code of pantry

Espionata: lol

Mikey: *totally!!!* yyyeeeeeeah! *suckles a boobie and makes the everything on shelves rattle*

Mel: Really Mikey?! We need the food in there!

Leatherhead: *has momentarily turned TC into a rug* Very Happy sweeet....

Shaya What is sweet Big Guy *walks over to him*

Leatherhead: I stopped the kitty from stealing you Wink *nuzzles*

Angel: see told you he'd fix her - oooor join in the spacing out..... *sniggers*

Shaya That you did, my scaley knight.

Mel: Now maybe Mikey will stop >​>​

Mikey: *might have shown his lady a good tim e- but takes like five minutes to recover - and strut out the pantry* oh yeah I am good Very Happy - ooooh hello

Angel: beeeeet stretch has you beat Razz

Mikey: no... way Razz

Leatherhead: :->​ just glad you were prepared... and that I could help *snout kiss*

Mel: Mikey you need to clean that pantry that has food in there >​<

Mikey: later Very Happy - sooooo whats the haps haps my chaps?

Mel: I might be forced to do school stuff again

Mikey: really?! - huh always wanted to go to school - but given what we are and all .... but it'd have been so cool to hang with others our age

Mel: Mikey I don't want to go to school

Mikey: why not... be a nerd like Donnie Very Happy

Mel: I dropped out for a reason I struggled a lot in school

Angel: *throws balled up napkin at Mikey* don't make me kick your tail*

Don: Hey!

Mikey whhhaaaaaat its a good thing - isn't nerdism the new sexy to some ladies Wink *grins letting napkin hit him and melodramatically 'dies* I've been hit!!!!

Angel: it is :->​

Mel: Not the schools I was in it was the popular girls and the jocks that ruled everything

Angel: >​,>​ oh that happens everywhere - no excuse... and didn't Hank say you'd be home schooled?

Mel: He did but nothing has happened yet ... I think it was in sixth grade was when the teachers just gave up on me

Angel: *pats seat next to her for Don* well teachers can't do it alone they have what tenty other kids to help - you have to meet them half way

Mel: I did cut school a lot because to me it didn't what I did I would fail anyway

Don: *sits down next to Angel*

Angel: we had a giant mush fest D *points to passed out in snuggs E&R* they completely malfuctioned.... and LH flattened TC *points some more* Mikey violated every health code in the pantry with Ally -

Mikey Very Happy whom is now alseep and tucked into bed*

Angel:.... yeeeeah annnnnd LH and Shaya cuteness - there all caught up - what have you been up to Sexy? Wink

Mel: *Pokes Mikey* You know I should hide your comics for having sex in the pantry

Mikey no you shouldn't I can sex up ma special girl anywhere she wish Wink

Mel: Even where food is kept?

Mikey hell to the yeah - ready snacks*

Mel: Mikey that's gross!

Mikey issssssss not - the foods are in packets and stuff is all good - nothing got sprayed on anything it shouldn't have

Angel: *snorts and snickers*

Mel: Yeah right I fell for that once never again!

Mikey .... even from me - come on you know I wouldn't do that

Mel: You don't do those kind of evil pranks?

Mikey thats not evil - thats just disgusting .... I will eat mouldy pizza... but but not share that stuff with any but Ally Wink

Mel: It's any wonder why I'm not demented with all that I went through Oo *Hugs Mikey*

Angel: *chuckling - hugs hugs and kisses Don's cheek*

Don: Smile *nuzzles and returns her kiss to the cheek*

Angel: still nice and relaxed Stretch - oooor need a refresher massage? Wink

Mikey *hugs* Very Happy you got to remember shorty - bettetr hings from here on out Razz right?

Mel: That's true and don't call me shorty Mikey you're short too

Mikey taller than you Razz

Mel: How tall are you?

Mikey shortest of my brothers but taller than you Wink *tickle hugs*

Mel: *Giggles and squirms* I'm 4'7" how tall are you then?

Mikey you know what I have no idea - Donnnnie!? how tall am I??

Mel: You don't know?

Don: *rolls his eyes then sighs* 6'1" (author just made that up Razz )

Mikey: (thank you I blanked!!)

Espionata: lol

Mikey no - I was hoping I grew more

Mel: That's really tall you're almost as tall as my so called dad

Angel: *chuckles* naaaaaws poor big bro Don Wink *rubbies that head*

Mikey: .... the top head people!

Mel: While I'm really small

Mikey: Wink she'll rub either of course but right nows it's just snuggies Razz

Mikey: hehehee

Don: *leans into her touch, closing his eyes*

Mel: I'm gonna get taller Mikey

Mikey awwwwws he knows its our way of brudder luvins -

Angel: *chuckles and places lots of soft kisses all over his cheeks* yeah annoying him with pranks and questions and always things to fix.... poor Don *rubby rubbies rubbies*

Mel: *Hugs Mikey* Love you

Don: *churrs softly*

Mikey awwwws love you too Wink *hugs*

Angel: I should take you back to my place so you can try out the jacuzzi.... comin? *smooooooooooooooooooooc​h*

Mel: I am gonna get bigger Mikey but probably not much still don't call me shorty

Don *blinks then smiles* Sure. *smooches her back*

Angel: Wink mmmmmm bubbles and heat and water - turtles enjoy all those right? *snogs and stands taking a hand to lead him away*

Mikey oooo sounds like fun you two *waves them off nd grins at Mel* but you are shorty Very Happy

Mel: Quit calling me shorty as it is I look younger than 14 >​< That's why Erica and the others want me to get my weight up so I can start to grow again

Don: Yes. As long as it isn't too hot. *goes with her*

Angel: it will be perfect - mostly cause your there Wink *leads him away*

Mel: *Yawns*

Mikey they care it's sweet Very Happy

Mel: It is but I can't cook tried and I managed to burn toast to a cinder

Mikey the others feed you and I can show you - should have seen some of my first tries

Mel: Okay Mikey *Snuggles closer sleepy*

Mikey come on off to your bed Wink

Mel: Aww but Mikey DX

Mikey no butts - go - I must taken my lady away to bed and tuck her in and ....

Mel: I don't need a bedtime >​<

Don: *still following her*

Mikey Very Happy come on

Mel: Try and make me Razz

Angel: *at her place grins* lets get your gear off - damn love this part.... not as much as what follows but this is fun... *

Don *chuckles and lets her undress him* Then it's my turn.

Angel: oooo yes *piece by piece kiss, kiss and touches nods eagerly - slips of his bandana last smoooooch* yoooour turn

Mikey *snugs*

Mel: *Can't escape Mikey and is falling asleep against her will*
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PostSubject: Re: Portal Hopping Pt. 51 - 60   Mon Aug 08, 2016 4:53 pm

Pt. 57

Previously on Portal Hopping:

Don *chuckles and lets her undress him* Then it's my turn.

Angel: oooo yes *piece by piece kiss, kiss and touches nods eagerly - slips of his bandana last smoooooch* yoooour turn

Mikey *snugs*

Mel: *Can't escape Mikey and is falling asleep against her will*


Ally: thanks for being so willing to let me be zombie food, bro. -.-

Master Splinter *sneakies up behind Ally* hello

Spike: hey! anyone would have done the same in my place

Jack: we didn't!

Mel: That's messed up Oo

Ally: ^^ Hiiiii... dad Wink

Master Splinter Very Happy hello daughter, my son treating you well?

Ally: Oh, you could say that Wink

Master Splinter excellent :->​

Ally: Very Happy

Master Splinter: *pats Splinter on the back* that I did.

Mikko: *licks Mike*

Mel: Mikey! *Glomps him*

Mikey O,o.... Very Happy luck I showered! - ack! *glomped*

Erica: hi

Mel: Your dad still on a mission?

Master Splinter ah hello daughter, your looking well. Wink

Erica: our father - read the paperwork, your officially under his and Gran Gran's guardianship Wink - hello *blush* Dad, I feel pretty good Very Happy - good se - uh snuggling will do that Wink

Mel: I am Oo

Erica: yep - well to the family *pounces and snugs* Razz

Master Splinter glad other it... Morning sickness still an issue?

Mel: *Is snuggled* So we're sisters?

Erica: yes... and as per sisterhood you can steal my cloths - though I draw the line at socks, undies and bras.... the last two of which I think the bot ate them all anyways so thats a moot point... *totally commando under legging and blouse*

MH: Very Happy

Erica: no... but the smell of cooking oil will set me off -

Mel: Your clothes are to big for me

Mikey and spicy foods too *wafts smell of spicy noodles towards Erica*

Erica: *shrugs* still so you know I am fine with it - *sniff....* O,o... *scurries to bin*

Raph: *pummels Mikey*

Mel: Mikey! *Throws noodles at him*

Mikey Ahhhhh! *runs - dives behind Ally* save me!

Ally: O.o *thros spork at Raph's face*

Mel: Well you guys quit it?!

Master Splinter for that you can decide his haashi hour Raphael *caches noodles and spork* thank you! *has some noodles*

Mel: What's the haashi?

Raph: He gets t hang upside down.... by his tail! >Smile

Mikey hehehe *snugs* thanks babe *nuzzly nuzzle nuzzle - missed the part about haashi*

Mel: That sounds painful Raphie Oo

Erica: *surfaces from bin*

Mel: And Raphie we are kinda related because Erica is now my big sister Very Happy

Mel: *Glomps Raph* XD

Master Splinter fair enough Wink *noodles by awesome!*

Shaya Any more noodles?

Erica: *hurries away from noodle smell*

Master Splinter yes my dear, *gets Shaya some noodles* Smile

Shaya Great, I'm starving.

Mel: Erica?

Raph: I AM Batman. -.-

Erica: hehehe definitely have the voice down Wink - yes Mel?

Mel: Raphie Batman doesn't get as mad as you... You okay?

Erica: I am alright - *smiles at Mel - then up at Raph*

Lexi: I just wanna go.. make babies.. is that too much to ask? Fuck you, aliens. Can we say bad timing?

Laz: maybe I should find work before makeing babies?

Mel: Besides the things I'm scared of are things that I should be scared of like James >​<

Lexi: You're missing the point.. Razz

Laz: nah I got the point. and I'm gonna give it to you all night loooong

Lexi: Very Happy

Mel: Oh brother >​>​

Mikey *snorts* ha ha good one .... come on Ally lets go to my room so I can give you - the point Razz *drags her off*

Ally: *giggles and follows him ..away..* Very Happy

Lexi: Fine. I've always wanted to do it in a hay loft Razz and in the pond... Against a tree...

Erica: ooooo Water sex is fun Wink

Lexi: O:-)

Mel: While I can't have that fun yet I'm to young >​>​

Erica: be careful of the tree though - splinters in your back side and all

Lexi: Oh. I'll keep that in mind

Mel: I don't wanna know and so far MH hasn't stolen my undies Very Happy

Erica: yeah make sure it's a smooth trunk tree Wink and your no where near poison ivy or ant hills ....

Mikko: Baxter: the labs have come in. *hands them out*

Mel: Or clowns like the Joker he might just show up Razz

Lexi: Okay.. maybe no sexin's near trees, then Razz hay loft and pond seem safe...

April: O,o

Mel: Erica think Hank will like Raidon?

Erica: no - he's still getting used to Raph *pecks that snout* but hey he hasn't drawn a real gun on him for a while so theres that - and actually shares a beer with him ... and used his real name... its a start water sex is fun but it's not safe Wink bacterial infections for one...

Ally: Seee?? Everyoene should be lookin' for some lovinz

Mel: He better get used to Raidon then he doesn't get a choice there

Erica: exactly Wink some mornings thanks to Red I'm lucky I can recall my name let alone what the heck I am getting out of bed for, he will - just give it time...

Mel: It feels weird to have a dad though

Mikey *hehehe agreeees so gives Ally some more lovinz!*

James: *Enters the lair*

Lexi: I'm just going to pretend that water sex is perfectly safe.... Razz

Raph: -.- It is. Turtles do it all the time.. Razz

Erica: it is for most the part Wink sure yous will be fine - Razz

D: Casey: >​_>​

Mel: And look who's back again Erica James

James: What >​>​

Erica: heh I rather enjoy water sex Very Happy.... alright any kind is awesome - oh hello Casey Very Happy hi James

Mel: *Keeps close to Erica*

James: I came to pick my daughter up

Raph: What's that face for, Casey. You a virgin? Razz

D: Casey: Me? Naw, but no concrete proof in here that says you ain't. Razz

Erica: *giggles* well give me enough baking time and there will be proof Wink and no James.

James: Why not?

Raph: Yeah.. what she said. >Smile

Master Splinter: Lol!!

Mel: You have no rights to me

Erica: Smile *kiss kiss*

Angel: Wink

James: You don't get a choice *Grabs Mel's arm*

Mel: Yeah I do let go! *Struggles*

Don: *smooches Angel's cheek*

Angel: mmmmmmmmm hello Sexy *snogs*

April: hey! *shoves James away* not no more Wink

Raph: -.- *grabs James and slings his ass through a portal*

James; *Is thrown into a portal*

Don: *smiles* Hi. *snogs back* What's going on?

Mel: Thanks April Raphie

Raph: With any luck he'll be eaten by that T-Rex toothpick D was luggin around.

Erica: O,o nice throw .... hehehehe

Angel: oooh nothing just informing Spacey yous are definitely aint virgins no more Razz

Mel: Hope so still got the bruises from when he got me last time

Don: O.o *blushes* I see...

Mel: *Hugs Raph*

Angel: and a little about her pregnancy *chuckles and snugs Don - smoochie smooches*

Mikey: toothpick D lol

MDonnie: I heard that!!

Mikey: be the perfect moment for more D sass Razz

April: nnnu! cute D *hugs*

MDonnie: :-X *hugs*

April: how are you *hugs hugs*?

Shaya awww cutie is back

Erica: *ooookay might be the hormones but slightly jealous - hugs too* Hi MDonnie Wink

Mikey: bwhahahaa ooooo

Mel: Erica so what are you gonna do now that you're my sister?

Shaya Hi Mdonnie.

Don: *smooches Angel back, smiles* And...? How are things going?

MDonnie: Oh, you know... Traveling through all seven thousand and ninety nine portals in a relentless and tiresome quest to find the appropriate habitat for an infant coelurosaurian theropod.. because, you know.. I have no idea where he followed me home from .. O.o But other than that, I'm fine! Anyone have any coffee?? @.@ *returns all hugs*

Erica: Smile tell you again my room is all access, you can borrow my cloths - even if they are too big, save for socks and my delicates.... which have all been eaten by MetalHead - and say oy! thats enough hug time! *tickles Mel to get her to let go of Raph* oooooh cooffee - Sad soooooo jonsing for a coffee, but not allowed

Mel: Aww but Raphie is my brother

April: nawwwwww *hugs* you poor man, I'll get you a coffee - hehehe

MDonnie: Very Happy I know I was obsessed with all incarnations of you for a reason.. *blinks* Wait, did I say that out loud?? :">​ It's been a long week... *follows*

Angel: *grins, licks Don flavor off her lips* everything is fine - hows about your projects Stretch? mmmm are we following for a coffee? *points*

Erica: - well it may be hormones but I will continue to tickle you! - hot chocolate Red?

Mel: Might be Oo

Baby-T: *bounces along, causing the earth to shake.. because he's bigger and apparently thinks he's a bunny*

Raph: *earth shakes* What the... O.o ...uh, sure..

April: *tries not to spill things - or freak out about a bigger Rex* nawwww and yes you did say that alloud - things okay between you Ape and you in? if you don't mind a alternate version asking - we have some exciting news here

Leatherhead: O,o *BabyT is much bigger now!*

Mel: Big dinosaur Oo

Shaya Hello big baby. *tempted to pet the dinosaur*

Erica: O.o - .... glad I am not scooping up his droppings.... *shivers* come on then - *tugs lightly on Raph's hand and Mel to lead them after April and MDon*

Don: Coffee would be great.

Mel: *Follows*

MDonnie: *blushes like mad, but at least she plays it off.. phew. Then the question about 'his' April just has to come up* I'm.. not sure. Things were going GREAT before I had to leave, but unfortunately the T Phones can only reach so far. Sad Maybe she's not too upset... and oh, exciting news? Have the Dark Clones been terminated?

Angel: agreed *tickles his spot and follows the mob going for a coffee -*

Baby T: *Liiiiicks Shaya's hand and flops for belly rub* ^^

Rogue: hehe.. yesh. MDonnie fails and raising baby dinos Razz

April: no... Gold was actually rescued by one of his brothers -

MDonnie: Oh, har har. -.- I don't recall signing up for this.

April: *gives MDon his coffee and gestures to Erica* no but I'm going to be an aunty *squuueeeeees*

Mikey: bwhahahaa my charries would all say they have plenty of fine print they did not read before signing Razz it was in there!

Rogue: lol

Mikey: I swear >Smile

Shaya *pets the over sized reptile.* Hello big Babes.

Raph: I ain't signed nothin'

Erica: you know I don't recall signing nothing either *shrugs and goes to make him his hot chocolate - blushing at April's excitment*

Mikey: we'll blame Mikey for that one Raph - he signed for the tmnt Razz

MDonnie: Oh? O.o So it is possible...

Raph: -.- *pummels*

Mikey hey! they said free pizza! *dodging*

April: oh it is Wink

Erica: *gives Red his hot chocy and smiles at MDon* it is I mean Leatherhead - our Leatherhead has done a little research into the mutant/ mammal hybridization and we knew fertilization was possible... we were not sure about implantation - guess we are now

Don: *churrs softly then pulls her along with him*

Mel: While depending Hank won't let me have fun >​>​

Angel: your telling us - *interlocks their fingers as they join the others* Erica think we could get a coffee

April: you have plenty of fun Mel, you don't need that fun yet

Mikey: mwhahhaaa no he is not

Erica: oh sure! *makes coffee for Angel and Don - bringing them over smiling at them*

MDonnie: Interesting. ^^ I would love to stick around to observe developmental stages and the progression.. but I'm afraid I must find Baby T a new home, then return to my own. There's someone very special that I'm missing back there. :">

Mel: Not with school >​<

Erica: *smiles* we got a little paper work off the GUworlds you and raph about the development if you would like to read it sometime - they have been through all this before - I have been waiting to red it - with Red sometime

Mel: The GUworlds is fun because of Raidon ^^

Leatherhead: *smiles at MDon* you can my research too to read if you like some time

MDonnie: ^^ I would like that..*and blinks at Rocksteady* Oh, great... should have closed that portal... *owes him for dismembering MH*

Erica: O,o *at rhino* ... ummmmm hello?

Leatherhead: I will bring it too you in Mverse sometime

Mel: Giant rhino >​>​

Shaya uhh hello, Russian I presume?

MRocksteady: *chillin' with shades and a margarita.. toes in the sand..yeah, beach party!* You! *points at Erica* It rubs the lotion on the skin!

Mel: You can just stay away rhino!

Erica: Likewise - only after we have read it *knows Raph still worries - sooooo has been waiting to read the notes with him sometime that April got for them*.... urgh always hated that movie Razz

Baby-T: *dog style burries Rocky in the sand* ^^

Erica: *soooooo curious about the mutant rhino - but just looks from beside Raph sipping tea -*

April: Very Happy its very exciting, I'm sure other me over there understands you've just been busy MDon Wink

MDonnie: I sure hope so. I think we finally got past al lof our misunderstandings... *and hopes MCasey didn't tear that all down while he was away* >​.<

Don: *sits down with Angel, smiling back at Erica* Thanks.

Mel: That rhino doesn't look very nice and he's creepy looking

MRock: *still buried, hot sand feels gooood*

Erica: your welcome PrettyEyes - *still watching the rhino curiously*

Angel: yeah thanks Very Happy *sips her fresh coffee - loves sitting on Stretch's lap - does so* Smile

April: I am sure it's fine - *hugs and rubs his head soothingly*

Mel: *Snuggles close to Raph in a cuddling mood and Mikey isn't there nor is Raidon*

Erica: Mel.... don't make me tickle torture you Very Happy

Mel: Why? I just wanna cuddle

Erica: annnnd you did Wink hehehe now hug April *tickles*

Mel: But I never get to cuddle with Raphie

Erica: *rude hand gesture*

[color#663300]Mel: I don't drink coffee[/color]

[color:#FF9933]Mikey: - tsk tsk Red's rubbing off on you[/color]

Mel: I just know Hank won't be happy when I get into fights >​>​

Erica: O,o you kidding Dad will show you how to CQC and kick ass...

Mel: Really?

[color#FF9933]Erica: he tried to show me.... *sheepish* but I never got it -[/color]

Mel: But him and you are gonna make sure I eat so I can gain weight and grow though >​>​

Erica: mmmmm yes *hums*

Mel: Figures I just don't eat a whole lot

Erica: you'll be fine - *hummmmmmmmmming....*

Mel: Think I will be taller than you?

Erica: I do not know - *pecks Mel's forehead* don't worry lilSis.... mmmmmmm coming to bed BigRed? *enticing hip wriggle as she begins to head back to Spot* ♫Caress me with your, breath. All my love, for you, melts,♪

Raph: Mmhmm.. *follows*

Mel: *Sighs* No Mikey for cuddles

April: hey my cuddles are pretty good - just ask MDon Razz

Mel: I know

Erica: *hangs dew rag outside the door of their Spot -* mmmmm hmmmmm Wink

[b]MmDonnie: Very Happy Aprils have the best hugs. :-X

Mel: That's because you have a crush on her Donnie

April: his point still stands Wink

MmDonnie: I do not! :">​ *okay, it's pretty obvious!*

Mel: Blush says otherwise

April: awwwws *pecks that green head*

MmDonnie: O.O *headspins* :-X

Mel: *Hugs MDonnie* Snap out of it

Raph: *rocks Erica's world*

Mel: Mikey?

Angel: hehehe awwwws he's somewheres Razz

Mikey *making sure his Ally still tucked away*

Angel: *lightly scratchie scratchie all over Don's shell*

Mel: Yeah he is

guRaidon: *finally!* Mel ;D

Mel: Raidon! *Glomps him*

guRaidon: hiyo cutie *smooch to forehead and hugs* how you been?

Mel: Hank became my guardian

guRaidon: oh? really - huh don't know much about the guy but he seems okay for someone not a fan of mutants Wink well good *huggles*

Mel: *Snuggles close* Yeah but he hasn't really met you yet

guRaidon: not really no - Very Happy sure he will Wink *huggly snuggles* oh hey D2 and.... Angel?

Angel: hey

Mel: He kinda has to now with him being my guardian >​>​

guRaidon: yeah I guess Very Happy

Mel: But he's on a mission *Snuggles close* Even if he doesn't like you he's not gonna stop me from seeing you

guRaidon: well no - but I'll win him over

Mel: How?

guRaidon: like I know - something will come up Very Happy

Mel: Like what?

guRaidon: *shrugs* want to come back to the base for a while? Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Portal Hopping Pt. 51 - 60   Mon Aug 08, 2016 4:54 pm

Pt. 58

Previously on Portal Hopping:

guRaidon: well no - but I'll win him over

Mel: How?

guRaidon: like I know - something will come up Very Happy

Mel: Like what?

guRaidon: *shrugs* want to come back to the base for a while? Very Happy


Rogue: MDonnie says he really enjoyed O'April's boobs last night Wink

MmDonnie: O.O I DID NOT!!! :">​

Mikey :Dyou did so Razz

April: dawwww as long as you were comfy Razz

Mikey: hehehe between Angel and April - probably Very Happy

Rogue: lol

MmDonnie: ...okay, in my defense... I was trapped! ...

Mikey >Smile between chocolate and vanilla boobies right?

Kitteh: LOL

April: Mikey! *baps him with pillow*

Mel: Mikey!

Angel: Mango! *joins in pillow bapping*

MmDonnie: I am NOT having this conversation. >​.<

ahhhhhh - save me! *melodramatic*

Mel: Your fault Mikey XD

April: *gives Mel a pillow* here get him!

MmDonnie: *shy smile at Shaya, and steps away- nearly colliding with the wall.. rebounds and goes to find a place to hide* :">​

Mel: *Whacks Mikey with pillow* XD

April: awwwwwws he's adorable aint he?

Mel: I wonder if Hank is here >​>​

Mikey: going dowwwwwn! *under a hail of pillows yep*

Hank: *is here - patching himself up from mission but here*

Mel: *Giggles* That was fun XD *Sees Hank* Hi

*pretends he's been pillowed to 'death' - waiting for his princess to come give him the kiss of life!' *

Ally: *gives him mouth to mouth* Very Happy

Angel: *to MDon -* just don't hide in the Spot Smile its the door with a red rag hanging on the knob*

Mel: *Glomps Hank* XD

Angel: Stretchs lab's probably the best hide out

Mikey: *equally dramatic revival! - snugs Ally!* I liiiiiiiiiiiiiiive! - ooooh my hero! * 'swooons' and snoggies some more*

Hank: ackth! ooooh hello Smile *hugs*

Mel: Hi ^^ *Snuggles close*

: *hummmmms 'love is in the air' *

: O.o *and what do you know.. almost ended up in spot with red dew rag, but caught the warning just in time... and the noises issuing from the other side of that door* Um.. thanks.. *wonders if any spot around here is truly safe..*

Mikey: *player to MDon - whisper* nope not even the pantry.

Mel: *Looks at Hank* So you're my guardian now?

Angel: Very Happy to be honest they probably would not have noticed you in there - but better safe than sorry Razz

MmDonnie: O.o Yeah, forgive me if I decide against testing that theory.

April: Wink forgiven, not only can Red be a bit territorial - but lately with hormones so has she Razz *pats his shoulder* come on lets grab a coffee - no need to hide Wink

Angel: oooooh o down for that

Hank: yes I am Wink you and Erica seem to get along fine -

Mel: We do get along so what are you gonna do now as a guardian?

MmDonnie: ^^ Okay!

Rogue: Nevermind the T-rex tagalong, lol

Hank: same thing I do as a Dad

Mikey: bwhahaha and the ground shake shake shakin it off

Mel: And what do you do as a dad?

Shaya: Make a cup for me April?

Erica: *definitely has been territorial - her BigRed!*

April: sure Wink .... um.... did you give your.... big toothy baby a name? *points to rex- he hasn't eaten them thats a plus* sure Shaya Very Happy

*looks at the T-rex, tempted to pet it again*

Hank: dad stuff? *maybe deliberately being mysterious - grins*

Mel: I don't know what dad stuff is

MmDonnie: *does he really want to admit to what he named the 'little' guy?* ..*cough*Grimlock*cough*​

April: nawwwwwwws from transformers - thats cute Smile

MmDonnie: Well, you know.. since Mikey wasn't around to name him... :">​

Shaya: It's a wonderful name.

April: *gives MDon a coffee, then Shaya and Angel - sips her own*

Shaya: Thanks *takes a sip* What plans do you have Young Donnie?

Mel: So are you gonna meet Raidon?

Hank: what is it with you girls and these reptiles?! seriously.... alright I'll meet him

Mel: Raidon is nice we could go to his world ^^Please Hank *Uses the puppy eyes*[\color]

Grim: *sits on Hank*

Hank: ooooooooooooooooooaaaaam​mmmph!fffffff *so squished he farts*


April: *giggles* awwww poor Hank

Angel: >Smile

MmDonnie: *sipping coffee, sleep deprived because of.. you know..oblivious to his pet's captive*

Mikey: ! AngelCake some more *snogs*

Mel: Bad dinosaur get off!

Ally: *sucks his face!* Very Happy

: Mikey would say something about how fast Raph can climb when faced with a roach - but currently sucking face*

Grim: ^^ *tail wags*

Mel: *Throws a bone to Mikey's room* Fetch!

Grim: *head cocks and gives her a WTF look.. clearly that bone was meatless...*

Mel: *Throws a meat covered bone into Mikey's room*

Grim: *but it went by too fast! eye sight is shit.. so yeah.. it NEVER HAPPENED!* ^^

Hank: !!!>​,

Mel: *Tugs on the dinosaur* Donnie get your dinosaur! *To MDonnie*

Angel: *smirk smirk* well their certainly noisey Razz

Grim: *back-flops for belly rub*

April: awwwws *rubs belly*

Hank: !!>​,

Mel: But it's on Hank

Angel: O,o well one of them Very Happy - hehehe cute - *joins in belly rubs*

Mel: *Tries to tug Hank loose*

Grim: *finally roooolls off pancake man*

Mel: Now we can see Raidon Hank ^^

Hank: *can finally breath - well wheeeeeeze*

Mel: *Tugs on Hank* Hank?

Hank: *muttering about reptiles*

Mel: *Shakes him* Hey!

Grim: *liiiiicks Hank* ^^

Shaya: *pets Grimlock*

Hank: O,o *dino droool facial!*

Mel: Hank let's go see Raidon ^^

Angel: hehehe probably no thte only one getting a reptile facial today Hank Razz

Hank: -,-

Mel: *Giggles and opens a portal to the base dragging Hank along*

Grim: *tail thumps and liiiicks Shaya* ^^

Mel: *Drags Hank into the base* See this place is cool ^Looking for GuRaidon bringing Hank with her* ^^

Erica: *finally drags herself to have a tea*

good morning Sleeping beauty.

Erica: *giggles* not sure about the sleeping or beauty part - but is certainly was.... *shivers* gooooood

Hank: *being dragged along - mutants everywhere! .... there's people too but Mutants!*

Shaya: Well, you get the beauty part down pat. *hands her a mug of tea*

Mel: There's lots of stuff to do here Hank ^^

Erica: :">​ I'll take your word for it ... hey Angel, April Smile Thanks *sips*

Hank: clearly >​,>​

Mel: We can go snowboarding train or help find a world to put those evil turtles in to blow them up

Hank: sounds like noble work...

Mel: Well this world is where the evil turtles rule the base is full of refugees Hank

Leatherhead: *lazy gator*

*joins the ladies and gator*

Hank: mmmm these dark turtles are going to be a problem huh?

Angel: Very Happy joining us Stretch?! *wherever he is today*

Mel: That's putting it mildly

*leans against Lh as normal* Hey Big Guy.

Don: *is around*

Leatherhead: Hello Lovely Wink *nuzzle nuzzle*

Angel: *not quiet what she meant -* theres coffee and the offer of snugs with at least three ladies on offer - and no Mikey farts *points coffee stirring spoon at Mikey threateningly*

Mikey: *tucks tail up*

Mel: *Looking for GURaidon still with Hank*

Angel: wait make that four laides - I'm sure LH wont mind sharing a snug Razz

Leatherhead: *rumbles*

I do enjoy the odd hug.

Angel: see four ladies *trying to tempt the purple clad turtle to join them* not sure this bait is working Razz

Don: *comes out of 'hiding'*

April: theres the tall man - hello Don Smile *gives him a coffee* workin again? *sits beside Erica and Shaya smiling at her friend and the gator before looking at the girl* you are
going to need care during this time, officially asked LH and Don yet?

Mel: Can't find Raidon >​<

Hank: Its a big place - we'll keep looking*

Angel: *pats spot between her and Erica* come on Stretch Smile

Mel: Yeah *Keeps looking*

Erica: Smile not really - when Raph is ready we'll both ask Wink going to need you and Shaya too Very Happy

Shaya: I got the New York unveristy library at my fingertips. If I can't find the information the boys need right away, I'd be sure to work doubly hard to track things down.

April: I think we're going to need something on midwifery Wink

Mel: Maybe he's in the mess hall

guRaidon: *on his way there, filthy and tired from portal hopping, a little injured, ran into traveling gudarkclone offspring*

Mel: *Sees him* Raidon!

.... *grins and reaches over to stroke a thumb over the girls still flat belly*

guRaidon: O,o - Mel? - oh hey Very Happy *had a bad few days but happy to see her* Hi

Hank: *follows*

Mel: What happened to you? And why didn't you ask me to come along?

Don: *takes the coffee* You know it. -_- *sips coffee* Mmm...thanks, April.

April: nawww Don - good thing we asked you out here to take a break then huh? Very Happy

Angel: *carefully pulls him down to sit between her and Erica* a good coffee break Wink

Shaya: When is it a bad coffee break?

Erica: *chuckles and rubs Mikey's hand - pecks Don's cheek* hi PrettyEyes... *pouts a little* still jealous I can't have coffee for a bit longer Razz

Leatherhead: *chuckles*

April: mmmm I've had none but good ones - you Shaya? Wink

Shaya: Exactly

: agreed... thought he best ones are with you Wink

April: dawws

Don: *sits down between the girls* Thanks. And don't worry, Erica. It won't be that much longer.

Erica: Wink yeah *hugs him*

Don: *hugs her back* How have you been doing, anyway?

[color:330d=990099]Angel: hehehe though when that comes you face birth Razz nervous about it? *hugs Don*

*hugs Angel* Not really. I think it would be a great experience. *smiles*

Erica: Smile not too bad lately, the sickness seems to have calmed down - and Raph keeps getting me yogurt and pickles - *snugs* .... heheh it will be great, and I am terrified... and excited and both can't wait for it and hope it does not come for aaaages.... *sheepish*

Angel: *hugs them both -* awwwwws

Mel: *Hugs Raidon*

Mikey: and your not crazy right now - thats a plus, seriously at times thought you had been eating out of Leo's crazy bowl Very Happy

Shaya: I can understand that

April: you can't go to a hospital - that makes it a little scary right? *pats giant gators head and one arm hugs Shaya*

Erica: maybe but I trust Leatherhead and PrettyEyes in the event something goes wrong

Mikey: nawwwwws and Don has two girlie snug Very Happy nice and warm there?

guRaidon: *hugs back eyeing Hank, but smoooch to Mel's cheek* how are you?

Mel: Good dragged Hank here so you two could meet

Hank: um hi - Hank Martins *can't believe he has to be nice to yet more mutants!!!*

*smiles* This is comfortable... too comfortable, by now someone tries to act out.

: its awesome Very Happy

April: agreed

Mel: And my guardian

Angel: *from one side of the three way snugs for Don* got any plans for the Delivery?

Don: Well...let's hope it's a natural birth *nuzzles both girls*.

Erica: ooooh that feels nice.... it will be close to as natural as can be Wink *from other side of snuggies* well... not really but I am not going to be flat on my back thats for sure - squatting is really the best position for that, it opens the pelvic floor and gravity helps instead of me doing all the work

guRaidon: hey thats great - *glares at Hank* better be good to her - I still owe her father a dad style ass kicking

April: huh.... really? *did not know that*

Mel: He is Erica's dad

Angel: it is nice Stretch is a expert cuddle muffin Wink

Shaya: the boys better catch the baby or egg when it drops Razz ...oops, did I say that? *sips coffee as a decoy*

Don: Yes, I read that once, too. Water births are good, too.

Erica: *nods*especially good for you guys being turtles and all Wink *lays head on plastron big happy sigh* yes Raph better be there to catch

[/b]Mikey: .... Very Happy hey we're ninjas we're good at catching Very Happy[/b]

Angel: Smile *lays head on other side of plastron* see best cuddle muffin Wink

Don*blushes, smiling*

Mel: Although James won't leave me alone Raidon

Hank: yeah - might have to shoot him if he comes near you again

Mikey: O,o Raph is a big guy though... what ever is in there may be big too -

Mel: You would shoot him?

Erica: *half a shrug* it should be fine, I was a tiny new born so it could go either way... Smile

Leatherhead: Yes you did Lovely *nuzzles Shaya's knee*[_\font]

guRaidon: in agreement there >​,>​

Angel: awwwws you are blushing Stretch *kisses his cheek*

Mel: Thanks Raidon thanks Hank

Don: *smiles* I can't help it.

Erica: Smile it's lovely *her fingers trace her lower belly* mmmm

Shaya: I'm trying not to be sassy while

Angel: agreed - ooooh bring on the sass girl Wink

April: you hoping for a boy - girl?.... you and Raph talked about names? *giggles and looks at Shaya* sass is good

Erica: mmmm *blushes and chuckles* might be the hormones but we have not done much talking lately *blushes darker*

[b]Mikey: >Smile its the animal magnetism - you can't fight it girl Razz

: *sniggers*

April: *giggles*

Angel: *snorts and chuckles* sounds about right Wink

Erica: :">​ :">​ :">​ :">​ .... though to answer your questions April... no, no names yet... and I am not really hoping for either as long as it's healthy.

Don: *chuckles* That's a good way to look at it, Erica.

guRaidon: no junk food here sorry Mel Wink but Aunty makes great stews come on Wink

Mel: Aww besides I think Hank wants me to eat healthy food anyway and he can make me now >​>​

Erica: Smile thanks - hehhee I don't even have a bump yet

Mikey: hey it'll be healthy - we are in the peak of ninja fitness Razz and you are fit too Wink thats gotta count...'

April: Very Happy that will change

guRaidon: hehe as long as it's food and warms my belly right now - had a run in with Cyan's eldest son - he kicked my ass, but I got out of there before he killed me - man we hvae got to end these guys

Mel: Maybe I can scout out there sometime and find out what they're planning

Angel: *grins at Don and smoooched those lips* Mikey's right - awwwws hehehee bet its a boy

Hank: no

guRaidon: no your not trained for that Mel.

Mel: Aww but I can do something I survived on the streets of New York

Hank: it's not the same thing

guRaidon: and your not trained for it Mel - forget it

Mel: But I never get to do anything to help you guys

guRaidon: mostly because you aint trained to - and we have been trying to not draw attention back to the portal where Gold was imprisoned - there will be retribution there of some type, we just hope it is delayed and the longer we don't draw them here the better

Don: *smooches Angel back, smiling*

Mel: Even if I can get in there undetected?

Don: I'm glad to know my brother is taking really good care of you.

Hank: >​,>​ your not trained to

Mel: I will bring someone with me if that will help?

guRaidon: you won't be undetected because your not trained Mel.

Erica: he does - *sheepish* if we can keep ourselves focused we might be able to discuss things and come see you and LH properly about... being my doctors ... Very Happy as I am glad Angel makes sure you are care for Pretty Eyes *snugs*

Mel: *Sighs* Hate it when I'm useless

Don: *chuckles* Yeah. *smiles at Angel*

Angel: of course.... mmmmm can't let handsome over work himself all the time Wink *smooch smooch*

Don: *returns her kisses*

Erica: Smile *is glad* good Very Happy - I know Raph feels it might be awkward, but he also knows you and LH are the best for the and that both of you will make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible so I think we'll see yous both sometime

: *rumbles* I'll agree of course Wink

April: awwww good girl Angel, always worry for Don when he's so busy all the time

Don: *smiles sheepishly*

Erica: *chuckles and pecks his cheek drawing back from the hugs* That makes me glad to hear - I too worry and have not been in the best of health up til now to check Wink

Angel: don't worry ladies Stretch is being routinely dragged from his lab and relaxed Wink in the best possible ways as often as I can Very Happy and more ause it's sooo much fun Smile *and she loves the brainiac*

he he all these ladies lookin out for him Don's should be fine Very Happy would make me jealous if I didn't have my own Angel Cake Wink

Mel: *Cuddles close to Raidon*

guRaidon: *cuddles* mmm

Mel: You're the best ^^

Mikey: ooooh this is exciting - *grabs and snugs Erica* hehehe the big prat is a lucky bugger

Don: *smiles* And I really appreciate the help. *blushes again*

Erica: Smile as we do all the work you put in here PrettyEyes - love you... *rubs his head and stands* I should get back to bed *yawns* mmmm so tired Smile night all *waves and heads back to Spot*

Don: Goodnight, Erica.

Angel: yeah love youSexy *smooooch* Wink awwwws and yeah RedT is a lucky guy, hope he knows it *hugs Don*Night girlfriend *waves*

We coo and fawn over you boys. *scratches Lh's Neck scales* Night erica

Don: *hugs Angel* And what about us, hmm?

Leatherhead: Very Happy and I love it! *rumbles*

April: :d ooooh:D

Angel: mmmm I could use soooome lovins you beautiful man you *happy siiigh, his hugs rule!*[/i]

Don: *smooches her again* Then we should find a room of our own then, huh? *smiles*

Mikey: Wink how could yous not - we are smexy and all that *hugs April and Shaya chuckling*

Angel: mmmmm your room is more htan satisfactory - and probably has a fair few of my underwears already stillt here.... what MH hasn't eaten Wink hehehe girl should be tired - the work out she got today and no I do cause yous are my lilbros Wink *hugs Mikey*

guRaidon: *snugs and yawns... busy busy day*

Hank: *sooooo not telling anyone at work about this!*

Mel: I don't wanna sleep

Shaya: Big Guy. Can we go home now? I work back in the sewer in a few hours.

Leatherhead: *smiles and scoops her up carefully* of course - night you all *snugs genlty and snout smooochies*

Angel: awwwwwws he's such a gentle gator - Wink come on Stretch - your room?

guRaidon: I do, man I need a good long one - and right here on the Mess Hall couch snugging you seemes a good spot *relaxes*

Don: *smiles and takes Angel's hand* Yes. Goodnight, everyone. *waves* Smile

Hank: *sits back in the chair and has a cigar - thinking*

Angel: *lifts hand to kiss knuckles and follows* night night Wink

Leatherhead: *takes Shaya back to his nest*

April: *chuckles and squuues at cuteness - hurries to go join her big lug in bed*
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PostSubject: Re: Portal Hopping Pt. 51 - 60   Mon Aug 08, 2016 4:55 pm

Pt. 59

Previously on Portal Hopping:

Don: *smiles and takes Angel's hand* Yes. Goodnight, everyone. *waves* Smile

Hank: *sits back in the chair and has a cigar - thinking*

Angel: *lifts hand to kiss knuckles and follows* night night Wink

Leatherhead: *takes Shaya back to his nest*

April: *chuckles and squuues at cuteness - hurries to go join her big lug in bed*


Erica: *reading a book leaning on LH hand protectively resting over still flat belly*

[Mel: So Hank like Raidon?

Shaya: *sits next to Erica* What 'you reading?

Hank: I think he is okay - *for a mutant*

Leatherhead: *so content his mouth opens wiiiiide as he lazes about next to his ladies*

Mel: So don't mind me dating at 14?

Erica: Cryptid Zoology... Very Happy

Hank: oooh I mind, I mind a great deal, but the boy assures me he won't take it too far, says Mikey warned him off too... Wink

Mel: No he won't and why do you mind it?

Shaya: Ahh. A cheat sheet for the hidden animals of the world.

Erica: Hank: cause I ain't used to viewing mutants as anything but freaks and or enemies... Of course never been unnecessarily cruel to them but still...

Mel: And I thought it was gonna be because I'm to young for dating Oo

Erica: *nods* just some light heading whilst waiting for BigRed Wink and hanging with my buddie... *giggles at big content gator chair* he is sooo much happier with you

Hank: well... Yeah you kind of are, but I if I forbid it you'd just do it anyway like Erica ... I prefer you are open bout it rather than sneaking about behind my back

Leatherhead: *sounds like an old car as he happy rumbles*

Mel: You got that right old man Razz

Hank: *grunts, chuckles and head locks carefully, noogie* come on home ward bound, ya can date the green dude as long as he behaves*

Mel: Fine *Opens the portal and brings them back to the lair* Hope you know what your getting into with taking me in >​>​

Hank: mostly Wink

Mel: Mostly?

Hank: well your a different person to your new sister, though strangely both of you stubborn, have a knack for being trouble magnets... So yeah mostly Very Happy

Mel: Well trouble finds me me not the other way around :DAnd unlike Erica I am a thief and get into fights >​>

Hank: hi Shaya... uh Leatherhead... Marshmallow... Very Happy *leads Mel to them and sits*

*perks up* hey Hank.

Mel: *Follows* Hi ^^

Hank: Wink how are you Shay?

Erica: hey Mel *snugs into Hank*

Hank: *big goofy dad grin*

Shaya: I'm good. This is my first day off. I'm planning what I want to do. any suggestions? Wink

: *a few naughty ones flash through his mind* >Smile

Hank: *even bigger goofy dad grin* my days off are usually spent camping with my ladies Wink

Grim: *sits on Hank* ^^

Hank: ack!

Erica: *chuckles and scratchie scratchie scratchie along the edge of the baby Rex's lower jaw*

Mel: *Tries to lure Grim away with a huge beef roast*

Grim: *tries to do that churr thing.. shakes the earth instead*

Erica: awwwws *more scratchies*

Grim: *foot thumps and roooolls onto back for belly rubs.. oblivious to roast
since he just ate that Rhino guy*


Gabe: *takes them all*

no Gabe you must share!

Shaya: oh man Hand me one! I want my fuzzy haze

Gabe: Nah.. that stuff is like looove. And Exe says I shouldn't share the love.. so I ain't whorin' Wink *decides to 'whore' with thr pretty blonde. Give Shaya a couple* Wink

Erica mmm? *belly rubs!!*

Mikko: *pouts because Gabe isn't sharing with her, should have kept her hair blonde*

Erica: *starts from under side of jaw, over neck and down over belly* aaaaws MDons good little Dino?

Gabe: *pulls Mikko in and snugs*

Hank: *from squished spot* he's bigger than you!

Mikko: *snugs back but notices he still ain't sharing the weed*

Grim: *happy tail wag, taking anything out standing too close.. happy rumbles*

Gabe: *shoves it in her mouth.. use your imagination Razz*

Erica: no weed for me thanks ... Minor details dad

: *happy happy rumbles, watches Dino and his best buddy, Gabe, Mikko and Shaya out one open eye*

Mikko: Mmmm doughnut

Spike: *kidnaps Mel again*

Shaya: Thanks Gabe. got a light? ... do i still have one? *dig in messenger bag* I do~ *lights it up*

Mel: Hey let go! *Struggles stabbing him*

Erica: hey! *chases Spike* put her down! No bad Spike!

Spike: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA *runs....while getting stabbed*

[color:5a6b=663300]Mel: Let me go you asshole! *Stabs more*

Mikey: *sighs well can't let a preggo girl potentially get harmed by the numbskull, or Mel * tackles and grabs Mel and runs* bwhahahaaaaa!

Mel: Thanks Mikey

Spike: what just happen? *runs after them* SHE'S MY BITCH!

Raph: *Iswaiting in the 'rape' cave* >Smile *shoves a sai up spike's ass*

Mikey: Ooooh noooos

Mikko: lool why is Raph in the rape cave?

Mikey: bwhahaha they all in the rape cave lol portals: portals everywhere

MmDonnie: O.o *clicks heels together* There's no place like home...

Erica: not me I am staying out here

LeadPortal: *has blue glow* ain't nobody got time for day! *poofs away*

Other Portals: *ninja vanish*

MmDonnie: Sad

April: awwwws *hugs* maybe we can borrow Dons portal hopper? Wink

Mikey: hehehe glad I m not cleaning that sai Razz

Shaya: *enjoying the start of the high* here we go.

MmDonnie: *lop-sided goofy grin at April* I...I'm not in a hurry ^^

Mikko: I have no high, because Gabe refuses to give me drugs, well you know what, maybe i wont give YOU any more drugs

April: Wink you can't fool me - you wanna see your Ape and bros there Smile *head rubbies*

Gabe: ...I gave it to you, baby Razz But you ate a donut instead.. O.o

Mikko: it was a weed doughnut *sexes Gabe up*

Mikko: *sexes Don up*

: Mmhmmm.. My April....*blinks* I mean...our April...April.. >​.< The other you! Not that I don't love you, too.. O.O I mean, LIKE! >​.< ..*tucks head in shell*

Mikey: *chuckles and punches Raph's shoulder - come on dude let's get out of the cave... It's creepy in here - *follows Mel looking about for Ally*

MmDonnie: *annnd apparently gets violated* O.O

Raph: *nods and follows out of the cave* Dunno how I ended up there.. but that was worth it.

Ally: *flying tackles Mike* ^^

Mel: *Hugs Raph* Thanks Raphie ^^

[b]Mikey: portals bro... Strange things... Ack!! Oooh AngleCake! *snuggle glomped huggles* hey smexy!!

Raph: Wink Don't mention it.

Erica: Smile glad to see your okay Mel *smooooch to Raph cheek* Wink

Raph: ^^

Mel: *Snuggles close to Raph*

[color:5a6b=0000FF]Mikko: *lays down and goes to sleep*

Shaya: *enjoys the extra sensation from the high* Soooo scaly. *giggles*

Erica: :* *tickles 'the spot' *=#663300]Leatherhead: ^______________________​_____^

Scales having scars, but like, not so soft as skin. so cool ^u^

Leatherhead: *on back and enjoying this immensely* ^_______________^

Mel: Mikey can I play some video games?

Mikey: sure sure *toooo busy snoggy Ally*

Erica: *chuckles nawwwws at the snoggly lovin display*

Ally: ^^ *total sucky face* ^^

Mel: Kay ^^ *Goes to play Dead Space a horror game*

Mikey: *all over that! loves tonsil hockey wid Ally! - or anything with her - just loves her!*

Erica: Smile *chuckles and lightly touches Red's snout - turning to head back to LH and Shaya*. *pause to look over shoulder* coming Raph? Smile

Shaya: *belly rubs LH*

Hank: *wriggling out from under Grim*

: oooooooooooooooooooooooo​ooh gator heaven!!!! *tail tip flippy flops*

Ally: ^^ <3

Mikey: The feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeels! the feel* *whispers* be everywhere!

MmDonnie: *missing his April even more* Sad

April: awwwwws cheer up Wink at least it's more snug time with me yeah?

MmDonnie: :">​ Very Happy

Angel: ... your such a mother hen Wink hey SlimStretch *hugs*

Erica: *hugs MDon* she misses you too no doubt Wink

: O.o SlimStretch? You've been hanging around Raph too much. Razz *Hugs Angel and this Erica..hardly knows his Erica.. er.. his world's Erica..headspins*

Angel: other way around - we know I am the bad influence in this party Wink aint that right RedT? Very Happy *giggles and lets go*

Erica: *chuckling, lets go*

: Razz Yup. *gives MDonnie a box of twinkies*

MmDonnie: ........ -.-

Angel: O,o twinkies! - may I has one please Smile

: Sure. You can have the whole box.. *hands them over. Can never look at them the same way again after Mikey customized a box full into Minions and devoured them with horrific sound effects*

Erica: *playing tug on that red dew rag* Wink nice to know you care - he'll fill out a little when he's ready *usually does not mind twinties - buuuut really can't stomach much beyond yogurt and pickles*

Angel: mmmm! *munch munch* thanks SlimStretch -

Erica: :Sad

Mel: Erica?

Erica: *siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh* yeah Mel?

Mel: You okay?

Erica: yeaaaah - no... I don't know Sad .... I'm a go... do something - *points vaguely and goes the opposite way*

Don: Erica?

Erica: mmm? PrettyEyes? Smile hi

Don: Hi. *smiles back* Would you like to come with me?

Erica: oooh sure Smile... *wonders over* been working on some exciting new things in your lab?

*smiles* You could say that. *offers his hand to her* I hope my brother doesn't mind if I borrow you for a little bit.

Erica: *chuckles and squeezes hand* he probably will mind, but we have been very good he needn't worry sooo much - lead the way...

Shaya: Don't humour me, I'll drag your leathery hide back to the nest *kisses back very content* If you keep kissing me I'll switch from this high to another sexy high. Wink

Leatherhead: pleeeeeease do - your touch in that manner is something I crave *playing growl as he nuzzles nuzzles nuzzles*

okay lets go. *grabs his arms trying to drag him along* See you later kids! *still pulling him with her body weight*

* soooo no argument there! - growls in joy and ;gets dragged long' though is eagerly scurrying so is he really being 'dragged'? *

: *snigger snigger*

Erica: *from beside Don and despite many worried thoughts and feelings and anxiety and other crazy no doubt hormonally induced emotions - giggles*. Erica: *staring blanky at nothing in particularly twirling a little hair around her finger - worrying*Erica: I'll - ju.... just make coffee... uh! and tea - yeah! coffe - tea - *still lost in thoughts - goes to make coffee... and tea!!*

Hank: - ooooh coffeee for me Marshmallow!

Erica: *brings back hot drinks*

[i]April: thanks!

Angel: ooooooooooooooh yeah thats good stuff

Hank: woooooooo

[color:5a6b=6600FF]Don: *smiles* Thank you, Erica. Now would you like to come with me? Smile

Mikey: yay! hot chocy! *grins*

Erica: welcome ... sure Smile *holds out his coffee - sips her tea*

*takes it then takes her hand with his free one, leads her to his lab*

Erica: sorry - just realised I hadn't had a coffee with you for a while - well hot drink Razz *squeezes fingers and follows*

April: girl makes a good coffee - maybe we should steal her and take her to someplace that does not mind polygamy and same sex marriage and marry her Razz

Angel: okay - sure Wink

Don: *smiles* I really do appreciate it.

Erica: I'm glad Smile oooooh you have been busy *can see a few new projects*

Don: *smiles and leads her to his computer chair* Yeah. I've been spending quite a bit of time in here lately.

Erica: *nods not sure what soooome of the stuff is as her engineering knowledge is... poor - but follows gazing about eagerly - then at him* oh? everything okay with you and your ladies?

Don:*nods* Yeah. They're great. *smiles then offers her the seat* Sit, please?

Erica: *relieved sigh* good good Smile can't have such PrettyEyes being lonely... and working all the time -* nods and parks her butt* sure - thanks.

Don: *stands behind her in the chair and sets his cup aside, gently grabbing her shoulders and massaging them* No problem. *smiles*

Erica: oooooooooo.... *body relaxes - tilts head back to smile up at him* mmm you know how to make a girl relax - *well in body - mind still doing a hundred different worried thoughts*

Don: *smiles softly* Thanks. *gently moves down her arms* I was hoping it would work.

Erica: *hums and closes eyes* of course - your a very comforting person and so light and considerate a touch *reopens eyes to smile at him* sooooo hows has it been with your girls ? Very Happy fun?

Don: *smiles* You could say that. *moves further down her arms* And you and Raph?

Erica: *giggles a little* mmmmm that does sound good - my own brief encounters with Angel... were very great. Rrrraph *name alone evokes a deep blush and soft groan* okay - definitely exciting

Don: *chuckles softly* I will admit I do miss our time together, though. *keeps going*

Erica: miss you too - a lot Donnie.

Mikey: hehhee and Erica is much calmer - thanks Don Very Happy

Kitteh: Thanks. Smile *hugs*

Mikey: she keeps letting hormones mind fuck with her Wink

Don: *smooches Erica's cheek then continues the massage*
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PostSubject: Re: Portal Hopping Pt. 51 - 60   Mon Aug 08, 2016 4:56 pm

Pt. 60

Previously on Portal Hopping:

Don: *chuckles softly* I will admit I do miss our time together, though. *keeps going*

Erica: miss you too - a lot Donnie.

Mikey: hehhee and Erica is much calmer - thanks Don Very Happy

Kitteh: Thanks. Smile *hugs*

Mikey: she keeps letting hormones mind fuck with her Wink

Don: *smooches Erica's cheek then continues the massage*


Leo: *grabs Erica and dances*

Mel: *Gets out of the holding area* Freedom!

Erica: *had been hurrying to the loo.... Eeeeps and is danced* ooooh hey Blue... Your chipper today Smile

April: *cuts in to dance with Leo* ... *whispers* and yes the undies are blue... From Victoria's secret ;


*tackles Leo*

Leo: *catches*

Spike: Bitch I'm a boss!

Erica: *chuckling, goes loo to do what she was gonna*

Mel: No you're not Spike

Spike: you are right. I'm THE boss

*dances wid his bro* nice catch Razz

Mel: No you're not the boss

Angel: ^________________^ no that's me SpikeyPoo - BigBoss

Spike: she called my spiky poo! that means she wants the D! *tackles Angel*

Mel; No she doesn't!

Angel: *rolls and pins* Very Happy

Spike: well she's getting it anyway!

Angel: am not! *wrestle*

Spike: *throws punches*

Erica: ahhh much better *and teeth clean*

Mel: Leave Angel alone!

Angel: whoa! *good at close quarters combat but still dude is stronger*

Mel: *Goes to stab Spike*

: *shifts and flattens Spike with his tail*

Spike: you all suck! *is flaten*

: nawww poor SpikeyPoo, gets no respect huh? *noogies*

Spike: *bites*

Erica: Smile oh hi Spike

Angel: *only pulled hand out of reach in time* oO... Bad boy! Gentle!

Erica: hi Jaws *jaw scratchies for her big gator buddy* hi Mel, Mikey, Angel... What's this about blue undies?

[color:f127=999999]Bones: *tackles angel from behind*

April: Ijoined team Leo Razz

Angel: ack! Hey!

Mel: *Stabs Bones*

Jack: *peeks in chat then runs away*

Erica: oooh I was thinking of getting a badge from each Wink

Leo: team Leo is best team

Hank: *stops Mel,* your not doing that right anyways, your more likely to cut yourself, try quick strikes.. I'll show you later... *lightly pulls her away, then tugs Bones off Angel*

[color:f127=663300]Mel: Okay Hank Oo

Bones: *glares*

Erica: *chuckles and rubs Leo's head* I'll get a badge Wink

Hank: Smile *ignores the enfemminate mans glare and nods taking Mel away* and you need a better knife, a switch blade sucks...

Mel: Really?

Angel: I'm getting me a purple badge Razz

Spike: purple badge to the eye

Angel: awwwws Don wouldn't do that Wink

Mikko: Don is an animal, we don't know what he would do

Mel: What kind of knife should I use?

Erica: oh! Their not animals... *snugs Mikey*

Mikey: ^________________^ nope - we mutants! All levels of awesomeness !! *hugs*

Bella: *hugs Mike*

Mikey: oooh hello Isabella Wink *lifts and snugs*

Erica: nawwww @.@ so cute

Bella: you are my favwite turtle

Erica: *more cutesy induce squeees... Can resume dancing now... Does so*

Hank: mmmm I have to show you how to properly use one first before giving you one Wink[/b]

Mel: Okay old man >​>​ *Yawns bored*

Spike: *kidnaps Mel*

Erica: none for me thanks

[color=#663300Mel: *Stabs Spike* Again?![/color]

: I thought your knives were taken from you!

Mel: No they weren't!

spike: *takes to rape cave anyway*

Mel: Let go!

: *chains Mel up in the cave*

Mel: *Struggles* No!

guRaidon: >Smile *in rape cave... Steals and runs away*

Mel: Raidon! *Clings*

Erica: mmmm ♫my favorite shade of greeeeen♪ *humming humming sing*

Lexi: Eze is hawt when he's angry ..O.O

Eze: I'm hawt all the time

Erica: or maybe not

*dressed up as fairy - playing with Isabella*

Bella: *having the time of her life*

Erica: Smile watches Mikey and Isabella play*

Mikey: *knows some fairy dances-*

Bella: *dances around Mike with her pink fairy wings bouncing around*

Mikey: *probably looks ridiculous in with the pink tutti and wings flouncing about but doesn't care, having a blast playing*[//b]

Erica: *watching.... Chuckle... Siiiiiiiigh* Sad - * apparates *


Don: *in his room with Angel*

Mel: *Goes to Donnie's room* Big brother me and Raidon gotta talk to you

guRaidon: *grabs her before she goes in - can smell - * Very Happy we'll wait out here Razz

Mel: Why?

guRaidon: Smile better this way

Mel: You smell something?

guRaidon: well a female - and if being around my dad has taught me anyting -
its knock and wait Razz unless your dying or the community is being invaded

Mel: Oh okay

Don: Hmmmm... *rolls over, looking at the door* Who is it?

guRaidon: it's Raidon D2 and Mel *calls, waiting*

Angel oooo nice boy *mumbles*

Mel: *Waits but is worried about the evil clones*

Don: *glances at Angel then back to the door* I'll be there in a moment. *gets up from the bed and goes to answer the door, making sure it's only open enough for him to talk through it* What is it?

Mel: The evil clones are back at their world and planning on causing trouble and getting revenge big brother

guRaidon: *blushes a bit - damn having a good sense of smell* well um, yeah, we just thought we'd better warn you our dark turtles are home - and on the war path - just a heads up you know ...

Angel *only half listening - streeeeeeeeeeeeeeetching languidly - nude nude nude*

Don: Thanks.

ugRaidon: Wink your welcome... we'll um... um... leave you too warn your brothers Very Happy *takes Mel's hand to drag her away*

Mel: Yeah while you have sex with Angel

guRaidon: Mel! - thats none of our business Razz come on *drags her off*

Mel: What? It was obvious *Is dragged off*

Don: *bows his head to Raidon then blushes at Mel, shooting her a small glare* ......Right. *sighs then closes his door again, turning to Angel*

guRaidon: yeaah but still none of your business and you don't say anything Wink come on need to bounce in other turtle realms and give them heads up Very Happy

Mel: Okay Raidon

Angel *unconcerned* for a son of another Raph he is a polite young fellow - must get it from his mother... *smiles at Don patting the spot he left*

Don: *smiles* Yeah. *comes over and sits down on the bed, leaning over and kisses her*

Angel *grins smooooooching* like your other yous boy - very well raised... *nibbles on those lips* bet your own will be too one day Wink

guRaidon: yeah the dark clones found a universe with themselves - only nicer... and those turtles are dead.... impaled out side the metropolis - very gorey.... >​,>​ gotta warn others

Don: *smiles, returning her kisses* I hope so.

[color:f127=663300]Mel: That's not good Oo

Angel I know so - with such a kind dedicated father Wink *tickles his spot* be very cute too Razz *kiss kis kissssssssss*

guRaidon: nope *hopping portals - end up in grey and black world* wow - always knew dark greys were my color*

Don: *churrs, kissing her again* Just like their mother? *smiles*

Mel: It looks an old movie Oo

Angel *playing eye brow waggle* of *kiss kiss*course Wink .... got a mate *kiss kiss* in mind? *tickles fingers along his sides*

guRaidon: yeeeeeeep

Don: *chuckles* Yeah, I do.

Mel: So there are turtles here?

[colro=#990099]Angel ooooooo - *smoooooooooooch* bet she's beautiful - *snoooooogglies*

Don: *snogs* Mm...very beautiful.

guRaidon: I don't know I just picked at random - been very busy since the big
turtles got home warning and portal hopping and training -

Mel: Yeah so we better look *Looks around*

Angel like you then Very Happy *shifts to invite her lover on top briefly suckling on his tongue* reckon she'll be *snog kiss* a good mother

Don:*smiles and snogs* Mm-hmm. *snooooogs - moves on top of her*

(( Don&Angel cont here:

guRaidon: *mmoves along with Mel blinking - everything was weird in black and white*

Mel: This looks so weird *Keeps looking*

guRaidon: O,o *definitely weird, going through a door and finding dancing people.... weird weird * weeeeeeeeeeird!

Mel: Let's get out of here Oo

guRaidon: *had been stunned by dancers - and almost temped to join - backs out after Mel* .... ooookay warning hypnotic dancing*

Mel: *Backs out* Yeah really creepy open a portal quick

guRaidon: no arguing with that! *slips arm about her waist and opens portal - jumping in with her*

Mel: *Goes through portal* Good a place with color

guRaidon: woooot I am sexy color me again Very Happy *follows looking about

Mel: *Looks around* And it's not creepy here

guRaidon: .... I don't know samurai knee high ducks are pretty freaky - lets go!

[color:f127=663300]Mel: Good idea Oo

guRaidon: the cute! @,@ *gets them out of there* weird and weird!

Mel: Hopefully this world is safe Oo

guRaidon: eeeew a swamp Razz *grabs Mel and wades through thick waters*

Mel: It stinks DX
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PostSubject: Re: Portal Hopping Pt. 51 - 60   

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Portal Hopping Pt. 51 - 60
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