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 Muddied Waters (tag Bonesteel)

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Erica Martins

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PostSubject: Re: Muddied Waters (tag Bonesteel)   Fri Aug 26, 2016 3:38 pm

Ida first squeed, "Excellent than I shall surprise you." then sighed - caving. "why are men always so stubborn?" She asks rhetorically of no one in particular - her tone a mock severity, the grin in place showing she as maybe exasperated but not offended the new man did not accept her offer of first aid. She places two drinks in front of each man, a fortifying large hot coffee.

And square half glass of Dissaronno loaded with ice cubes and lime cubes. Between the two men would be Erica here she placed two small espressos. Normally it would not be Erica's choice of coffee, she liked it hot, sweet and blond - but Ida knew she needed the pick me up. She spoke as she then began working on food for the four of them."This is why I love cuisine as my career - no la mia passione - oh there is the slight danger I may cut off a finger... but nothing that looks like that - or the injuries this one has come home with." she points at Hank whom winks sipping his stiff spirited drink first. She was beginning her cooking, starting with onions and garlic knowing the smells would tease the men as she worked glancing over her shoulder at them - or Simon specifically adding the beef she selected for the two men. Erica she knew at this time and so tired would not wish for something too heavy. Something saucy, pasta.

Hank chuckled, he was fairly adept at reading other people, all Ghosts were. "Don't worry - we are not gonna grill you about coming home with my daughter. She's done this before. And honestly never really seen her take an interest in a guy before... in that way - beginning to think she may swing for the gals." He muses between sips. Guessing more than actually knowing his fellow humvee enthusiast might be a tad nervous about that score still. Completely at his own leisure here. No where else as he just Hank. He hoped his easy going demeanor put the other at ease too.

He could see he and Simon were going to be treated to beef and vegetables, no doubt some delicious savory sauce too. "So what kind of work you do for the Baxter Stockman? and how'd it bring you into contact with Ee - figured as in intern she'd mostly be doing the crappy lab work and endless reports and cleaning." his tone hinting at some disapproval of the scientists. Bishop liked to keep tabs on that crazy dude. Opening up talk between himself and his new buddy.
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Simon Bonesteel

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PostSubject: Re: Muddied Waters (tag Bonesteel)   Mon Oct 17, 2016 2:09 pm

Simon graciously took the coffee and sipped it slowly, savoring the warmth and the sweet taste that would hopefully get him through another night. He was certainly enjoying the company, even though still a little tense, and the smell of the generous woman's cooking was certainly a tease. His stomach grumbled, and he hoped that no one had heard.

It was a relief when Hank put his fears at ease, informing that he knew and didn't have such suspicions. It was certainly a relief, and the gruff man even managed a hint of a grin and a small chuckle at that. Then the girl's father mentioned that he suspected that his little girl swung for the other team. 'Try other species'.. The hunter thought in amusement, but feeling a closeness to Erica that not even he himself fully understood, Simon decided to keep it their little secret. Of course if it ever posed a danger to Erica, he would be quick to tell Hank, for Erica's own protection, but at it was, he felt that the Turtle was secure and would eventually be nothing but smears on slides beneath a microscope.

Hearing Hank's question and the obvious detest for Stockman, Simon swallowed his coffee, wondering if the truth would be acceptable, but he saw no reason to hide it in favor of acceptance. Even though he did like this family...

"I'm just hired muscle for him, basically. A hunter..." He admitted, taking another drink of his coffee. "Baxter paid me to hunt down some mutant Turtles...two down....two to go...."

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Erica Martins

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PostSubject: Re: Muddied Waters (tag Bonesteel)   Sun Jan 08, 2017 3:06 pm

Ida did not need to hear, she could just tell bellies were rumbling as she sorts the vegetables at last for grilling, well the carrot, pumpkin, corn cob, red pepper to sear and soften and crisp along edges. Her back to the men as they spoke hearing bits and pieces turning back to place between them a plate of cheesy crusted bread slices to share to tide them over until the main was ready. Choosing not to say more than "well one has to pay bills right?" to Simon in response to his words, voice and demeanor no more disapproving or approving than it had been before.

Maybe that's what drew the man to Erica?

Ida knew her granddaughter did not imagine a monster, a beast, a creature that deserved no rights whenever the talk of the mysterious New York mutants came into the cafe. And it happened regularly enough. Many patrons that came in we're rescued or helped by these mysterious beings.

Maybe being around Erica would make it harder for the man to hunt. Maybe not at first. But over time. She knew his daughter had that effect on Hank himself. Oooor a sense of family, looking at the two men now they could almost pass for brothers. Instead of pursuing those thoughts openly, out loud she adopted a pondering look, a teasing grin half hidden in Simons direction.

" You know as I do Hank my grand daughter, your daughter will never love some one...  We would deem normal." and she was okay with that, she had accepted long ago Erica was different in that sense.

"buut I did see a red ... I think it is a bandana or dew rag with the family trinkets on it -" she ignores Hanks reaction here, " She has chosen as our great great great so long ago pirate ancestor Martin woman did, and most others have there after." amused.

"ah... Like us Ghosts are hired muscle for the Earth Protection Force." he tossed the label out casually, not many heard of the Ghosts. But it was possible, Simon had given his line of dangerous work. "though we have never been sent after the mutants of this city." oh no chasing alien and other entities, destroying terrorist threats. Any job 'normal' groups could not handle. But he said it openly because he knew Ida would say nothing. He had not lied to the woman whom took him in as family. Erica was the only one as yet entirely unawares of his real job. But considering the agencies interest in her intelligence that might not last long. The whole idea with Baxter was to test run her abilities to work in a lab. First of many tests.

He nods at Ida, he knew and agreed, his daughter would indeed not just pick some Joe. In fact not even well off Joes or any of the sons his Ghosts had. And out of them that remained, three had grown boy being groomed to one day take the places of their parents as Ghosts. Erica was supposed to one day step into the void left by Trixie. But she was not ready yet. And Hank wondered if she ever would be, he knew her best friend... Was one of the mutants this city held. A great monstrous sized mutant gator.

He even went as far to try keeping the beasts existence hidden from his own Ghosts. Plausible deniability for them if it ever came to time he had to save the critters life.

He would. Would not be the first time he had saved 'somethings' life in the last eleven years because of his daughter. He wondered, unawares Ida thought the same thing, if the same would eventually happen to Simon. "well whom ever she chooses... I'll be okay with it." would he though?... Would he?

His ponderings were halted when Ida mentioned the trinkets and a red cloth, he choked on the piece of cheesey bread he had just bitten into. "ppfff fit t t, waa a aat!?" he wheezes, looking between Ida and Simon, particularly the hunter. "reee a ally? - you know whom?!" voice somewhere between incredulous sounding and bemused, as well as curious. Not angry.

Maybe a tad indignant. Erica was only seventeen after all!

Erica had just come most the way down the stairs, washed, a little more revived, her stuff outside waiting for her to stuff into the little Volkswagen and go back to Raphael. Black leggings and a little tunic and flats all over swim wear. Raphael's dew rag safely tucked around her head like a head band.

Thinking over her talk with his brother Leonardo. Having told him where the lab was, where to find the spot his brothers were captured. And given him as much as she could as far as information went. Maybe one would be sent to keep Simon busy. Maybe not. She sighs she hung between wanting the man punished for his treatment of Raphael and yet caring that he would get hurt. Would Raphael understand such a thing?

Two to go...

Well she had a feeling given a warning Leo or Mikey would not be easy captures and even harder to hurt. And somehow she was going to have to convince Simon to protect them all once out, not hunt them. Especially as she knew there could be little ones soon enough. The key was Slash she felt but she was not yet sure how.

She listens to the talk, smiling a bit with a silent chuckle of her own hearing her father splutter. But his words....

She loved him. And would have to bind him to his words she knew for her turtle and his family's safety just as she was going to have to bind Simon also. So peculiar both men total strangers, and dangerous men in their own rights, but they could be powerful allies.

She noted Simon had not eagerly spilled the beans, but she might end up imprisoned with Raph when she returned to the labs, it was important when she left Simon with her father and grandmother to do as he saw fit with what remained of his night she made it clear he did not have to keep that secret. It would be best after all if her dad and grandmother knew. And if she did not say it, at least Simon knew he could, or if she did say it, he would know he could speak freely about Raphael all he liked to her family.

There was the possibility should they gain freedom that the very large would one day meet her parent, her grand parent. Though of course she could not and would not force such a thing on him. Ever. But she waited just a bit longer to hear a bit more.
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PostSubject: Re: Muddied Waters (tag Bonesteel)   

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Muddied Waters (tag Bonesteel)
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