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  "Our Business is Life Itself."

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Raphael Hamato

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PostSubject: Re: "Our Business is Life Itself."   Wed Dec 28, 2016 10:20 pm

Raph gave a small nod, knowing he had to heal... and in order to do that, he needed to stop bashing himself against the glass. He needed to stop the self-harming. Because it wasn't just himself that depended on it. They would have to fight their way out of this, and if Leo and Mikey were unable to assist... it would only be the two of them battling. He wasn't sure of the female Turtle's capabilities, and he did not want Erica risking herself anymore than she had already...

When his brother hugged him, that ounce of price was quickly forgotten and he sunk into it, wrapping both arms around his bro.

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Baxter Stockman


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PostSubject: Re: "Our Business is Life Itself."   Thu Jan 05, 2017 9:55 pm

Baxter, Karai and patent had finally made it to the his lab and had wheeled the young turtle into one of the operating rooms. He tried to shoo Karai out but she wouldn't budge so he relented and tossed her a sterile, blue gown to put on, along with matching color booties to slip over her shoes and a hair net. He put on the same gear.

His team and himself scrubbed down and then got to work on the turtle.

He had lost so much blood, that he had to start the transfusion as he worked. Gloved hands cutting and stitching with precise precision.

In the middle of the procedure a call came through on the intercom. A woman was there to speak business with Baxter. When asked what the business was, the man on the other end informed the doctor that it was a privet matter. After telling the man that he would be a few hours, and if the woman wanted to wait he would talk to her, the intercom hung up.

Baxter then went back to work. The sound of classical music softly played in the background as he gave orders to his team.
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Erica Martins

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PostSubject: Re: "Our Business is Life Itself."   Sun Jan 08, 2017 3:11 pm

"well... I do try to be." a blush and grin horrid clown memories repressed once more. And... one that were not so horrible, more sad then horrible. But still had left a life long scar. " sisters also watch out for each other." a grin here letting their shoulders brush in a gentle bump.

Listening to the question.

She smiles. "I ... I do..." she had fears surrounding having a child. What if what happened to her mother and new born sister happened to her? To her little one? What if it all went fine but afterwards he partner left? Became bored of them? Or displeased with her body after irrevocable changes that would happen?

Would her love be enough if it was just them?

But she smiles at Venus, " most girls imagine little ones, all pink cheeked... So cute... I never once envisaged my own being... entirely human. and I always felt in dreams of a small girl, it was manifestations or wishful thinking of what my little sister would have been like had she lived and grew. Like a pretty little fairy, all blond gold curls and blue blue, oooh so heart breaking,y blue eyes... I've never been able to picture my own in imaginations... hear laughter? Yes... But until last night... never pictured what they could possibly look like." she giggles, "but I do... I would like to be... and hope to be worthy of be a mother someday."
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PostSubject: Re: "Our Business is Life Itself."   

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"Our Business is Life Itself."
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