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 Operation Rescue: Hideout.

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PostSubject: Operation Rescue: Hideout.   Sun Mar 27, 2016 8:23 am

Finding a location was not the hardest thing, something of an old pair of what might have been two side by side stores that was was momentarily boarded up.

Leatherhead was distinctly not very comfortable with the arrangement. It was not his lair after all, but... It was a corner opposit the labs respectable public relations friendly looking neat lab front and one of the building was a story equal to the lab so they had a great view. And Leatherhead knew from his earlier explorations of the network beneath the lab it was a great place to operate from. As long a those that where mutants stayed mostly out of sight.

He was not expecting any one yet, he was now just composing a text message to Leonardo describing the place, location and the best way of entry to this boarded up sealed building which was through the first floor alley facing window and very small balcony.

Leatherhead had not done much in the way of cleaning. Mostly thanks to only jut having found the place and then realizing the way light from outside flooded in made a great basking patch. But he had found tables he placed together and discovered the power box, not a big challenge for a mutant like himself. And sending Leo the message and then one to Slash he resumes the basking. His great jaws even opening wide relaxed and enjoying the moment.

One other thing he had done was retrieve the brain thing, it was now in a larger aquarium like tank on what might have been a floating bench. It had water and some Cheetos to munch and was out of the direct sun.

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PostSubject: Re: Operation Rescue: Hideout.   Sun Mar 27, 2016 8:32 am

It took the bigger turtle a while to decipher Leatherheads message. His reading and comprehension skills not exactly the greatest only having been a mutant recently... But he finally worked it out and slowly made his way through the sewers and storms and empty subways to where he could avoid the land lubbers above.

It would take some time before he got there though....

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PostSubject: Re: Operation Rescue: Hideout.   Wed Apr 06, 2016 11:11 am

Mikey had not enjoyed taking Ally to her brothers, he had had half a mind to storm in and let the dude know he was all sorts of an ass and introduce him to the chucks Messy and Messier! - however kind light playful encouragement and Ally's request to not have her meet her brother just yet given he just broke out of the hot house and it was their time to catch up...

The turtle in orange backed off with a bitter taste in his mouth, but did as she asked and obsessively ever since monitored his t phone every two hours to see if Ally texted him.

Leo had left them with instructions he, Casey and Splinter keep Angel and April under watch and safe. Angel opted to stay with April until they found a base of operations to work with.

Especially on high alert as after taking Ally to her brothers and returning to a sleeping group Mikey had scented a male scent all over the apartment that was not familiar at all! Though oddly had a faint faint trace of Erica under a overwhelming smell of strong cigarette or ... Cigar smells.

Mikey had not told anyone of this. Though noted April's resulting upset later that evidence she and her friend had found whilst out having girl time had. Vanished. Whomever it had been, was A grade ninja esque!

He would bring it up with Leo when he saw him next. Now however he was hopping rooftops to find this place Leatherhead found. Scope it out and let his brother in blue know more about it before heading off to bring Angel and April there with Casey and Splinter.

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PostSubject: Re: Operation Rescue: Hideout.   

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Operation Rescue: Hideout.
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