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 Antoinette Spink

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Antoinette Spink


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PostSubject: Antoinette Spink   Tue Sep 16, 2014 10:31 pm

* Age
18. As far as you know.

* Nicknames
My full name is Antionette Henrietta Spink... Not Fink, Spink. Get it right.
You MAY call me Annie for short, or Toni, but I dare you to call me Toni Pony. Try it, see what happens...

* Affiliation
What does that even mean? I'm not affiliated with anything or anyone. Tch.

* Physical appearance
Ohgeeze, this is some freaky dating survey isn't it?

Uh, I'm about five feet, four inches tall... maybe a little taller since my 'accident' I don't know. I used to be Caucasian, but now I'm... I guess you'd call it dapple grey? Kind of light grey, a little mottled with white and off-white; most of my skin is covered in fine hair, a little thicker than human body hair. I guess I'm not as bad as the Wolfman but its still a little gross... Anyway it pales more to white from my wrists down, and ankles down. I have a white blaze now along the bridge of my nose to my forehead, and the end of my nose is kind of pinkish where the hair is thinnest.

My eyes are blue, and my pupils are all freaky and oval. God looking in the mirror is like looking at a goat. I'm horse faced now... no seriously, not like I have a long face, I'm really horse-faced... only a little different. My muzzle scoops pretty drastically, as in the bridge of my... nose? muzzle?... isn't completely flat, and I don't stick out quite as long as a real horse. Think My Little Pony, but... for real. Trust me, its not as cute as it looks in cartoons... Like my face is still trying to be human in places. For instance my eyes still point more forward, my ears are still on the sides of my head just... pointier. Like ridiculous anime elf ears or something. And they move now, which, let me say, is damn weird. They don't even move that much they just twitch now... I hate it.

Anyway... I guess the back of my head is still pretty human-y, and I still have my hair, only its blacker now and thicker and tickles my ears and makes them move and just... sucks. My neck is more or less the same, maybe a little longer and thicker... and some of my hair grows down the back of it, I guess thinning out toward my shoulder blades.

From there I'm pretty normal, for the most part. Well, except for the grey dappled skin and fur coat. You know the deal, two shoulders, two arms, a chest, a stomach, hips, two legs, yadda yadda. I'm pretty athletic I guess, maybe a bit more muscular than I used to be; flat stomach... I guess my butt is ok. Pretty leggy. And in case you're wondering, not that its any of your business, I'm a B-cup. Pervert. So, yes, for the most part I can and do still wear clothes. I prefer t-shirts and jeans.

It starts to get weird again when you get to my hands. Used to have five fingers... I LIKED five fingers. Now I have three... Well two I guess if you're one of those weirdos who doesn't count the thumb. They're thicker too, like two fingers on each hand melted together, and I don't even get to keep all my original damn knuckles. Just one knuckle each, and the whole second half of each finger (and thumb) gets harder, like... fingernails but not. I mean I can sort of still feel, like I normally did when something tapped the top of my nails only it covers more of my fingers now. That sucks too. And I have these stupid little tufts of hair growing out of the undersides of my wrist about an inch long... as if I wasn't hairy enough already, psh.

My feet are freakish too. I mean, for the most part my legs are pretty normal, maybe a little longer and I guess I'm not gonna complain about the extra muscle, but once you hit my ankles... My feet are way longer than they used to be... Like, two feet long, each and... Geeze I have a hard time saying it. I have hooves alright. Big, clunky, heavy hooves. YES, they clop. But like, they're not like a real horse's hooves, they're kind of like my face they're this weird... I don't know how to describe it. I don't look like a devil out of a history painting or anything, but... they're just not normal. They have tufts coming off the back too, like my wrists, and I pretty much walk on the tips of my toes all the time. I've tried putting my feet down flat like before but it's way uncomfortable and I look ridiculous enough already without waddling.

Oh, yeah, I guess I should add I have a god damn freaking TAIL now too. Its not really much of a tail. Maybe a two foot extension of my spine and some more wiry thick black hair coming off the end... I guess you could say sort of like a donkey's tail, just... more? And I hate this damn thing. It MOVES, man. And I keep sitting on it all the time. Its worse than the freaking ears.

So... there I am. Take a picture already, it'll last longer.

* Personality
My brother always described me as 'prickly'... ok look I'm not mean or anything ok? I guess some people think that I am because I'm honest and I don't believe in sugar coating things. And I've always had an easier time being alone but... I mean I like people... sort of. Some people. I guess. Just not all people or... even most people.

I don't know if I'd really make a great impression on anyone at this point in my life since I guess I'd have to agree with David for once (he's my stupid bro, fyi). I AM prickly lately; irritable and sensitive... Don't tell anyone I told you that though. I'm still adjusting to the way things are, and the way things have to be, and rebelling against all that I'm having to give up. So... deal with it.

I guess right now my biggest fear is being stuck like this my whole life. I mean... I don't really see how I'm not  going to, but I guess I haven't entirely given up the idea of finding a way to return to my old self yet. And its not just for the weird looks I get from 'normal' people, or not recognizing myself yet in the mirror... maybe its more than that.

People are mad at me now you know? People I don't even know, who don't even know ME, and they're angry with me just for how I look! That's just so... unfair! First off, yeah, because I TOTALLY decided to look this way (not!), -just- to spite those freaks... right.

I LIKED who I was ok?... mostly. Now I can't get a date unless its with some beastality-freak, apparently I'm an affront to God or something and a blot on humanity as a whole... Like all this happened on purpose just to piss people off. I'm all for making a statement and saying what you feel even if its not pretty but come on... So how in the world am I supposed to have a real life? Settle down? Meet a nice guy? Have a family?

Its more than just my ass always being sore from my stupid tail or having trouble working the buttons on the tv remote or having a big nose its just... Life suddenly got shut off for me. And I know I'm supposed to be adult about it and I know I'm supposed to just buck up or something and figure out what my life will be from this point but I can't help just still being... pissed all to fuck.

Holy shit where the hell did...? Why the hell am I telling you all this? You some kinda shrink?

* Species
Hell if I know. USED to be human; now I'm some weird... horse... girl... thing.

* Strengths and weaknesses
Strengths and-? I dunno, does being able to roll my tongue count? What the heck kind of question is...? oh fine.

Uhhh lets see... I guess since my 'accident' I can smell better than before. Don't ask me how well exactly. I mean I don't think I have super bloodhound powers or anything I just... notice smells more. Trust me, its not as awesome as you might think, bad smells are -really- bad now and weird stuff smells good to me... like effing grass. Oh-hoh, the implications there just depress me.

Hearing is a tad better too I guess, though I guess not as good as my sense of smell.

I guess when I get a solid bead on how to walk on these freakish ballerina feet of mine I can run faster too, but I don't know if you could count it any better than a really really althetic human sprinter. Look I'm not super-horse-woman ok?

BEFORE I was turned into this freak, I guess I was an ok singer. I mean nothing I wanted to try to make a living at or anything but I could keep up with a sing along and not make anyone's ears bleed anyway. I don't really like sing in front of people without music though, its just awkward. I guess everyone sounds ok to themselves when they're alone in the shower though...

geeze what else? I guess that's it. Damn my answer sounds lame; but then I'm not really in a very positive 'this is what I can do yay' state of mind right now.

As if its not obvious?

I look like a weird mish-mash of a horse and a human... like... something totally wrong happened one day in someone's barn. It makes socialization a biiiit difficult. I used to get insulted when people wouldn't meet my eyes, now they won't stop -staring- at my fucking face!

I can't stand the smell of raw meat or blood. I'll admit I was a total carnivore before, favorite things in the world were meat lover's pizza and a good burger or hotdog; now, they make me all twitchy and anxious and nauseous. Freaking. Pissed.

I also apparently really love vegetables which I hate mostly because I had to trade a good rare ste- uh... never mind, getting sick thinking about it.

I have this stupid... I guess you'd call it an accent now when I talk? I mean its not like a dialect thing its just my mouth is shaped different. You know like when people who just got their tongue pierced talk funny? No I don't have a sloppy spit-lisp but I just don't -sound- like myself anymore. I guess its not really a disadvantage because I can still communicate but I really really don't like it.

I'm still getting used to this stupid muzzle, and it makes it really hard to see things just in front of my nose and anything chin level and lower.

I'm also still getting used to walking with my new feet.

I see absolutely NO practical use for my goddamn tail. As far as I can tell, it just gets in the way and makes wearing pants frustrating. I either have to wear them uncomfortably low and risk them falling down OR cut holes in the back, and a few times they've caused splits down the back of my pants. As if I'm not enough of a walking embarrassment already.

Manual dexterity - sucks. When you lose two fingers and a knuckle from each of the remaining fingers, yeah... Wanna try it? Tape two fingers on each hand together real good with like duct tape or something, dip them in glue and let it harden. THEN try filling out this stupid application or tying your shoes or undoing your freaking pants to take a wiz. Good luck.

I don't know if this counts either but... I'm more... skittish than I'm used to being. Sudden noises scare me and I hate being in closed in spaces with no obvious way out or escape. Its like I always have this feeling something is going to jump out at me when I least expect it.

* History
Awwwcrap this is the part I have to tell my damn life's story? I HATE these kinds of questions... they're usually followed by the even MORE irritating 'where do you see yourself in 'x' years' crap. Like I'm supposed to know?

Ok ok ok...

I was born, obvously, to Margerie and Dennis Spink 19 years ago, as if you hadn't already figured that out. Three years later, my brother was born, and my mom died. I don't really remember much about my mom other than what we had in pictures and photoalbums.

My dad did his best to raise us... I guess that's what ever kid who has crappy parents is supposed to say. But he wasn't really around, he kind of threw himself into his work I guess. He was some kind of spooky scientist, experimental science or something... I never found it interesting enough to pay attention to the specifics. Actually I kind of hated it, because it was always more important than my brother and me.

So we were kind of raised by each other and baby sitters and nannys and the usual crap. A rotating door of people in and out of my life, nobody and nothing constant except my brother and dad, lost in his work.

I guess I was the 'rebellious' one, and my brother was the clown. I was usually moody, and everything was a joke to him. We didn't really get along on the surface but when we were younger I guess we were tight. We kind of drifted appart once we started high school. Gradually we couldn't stand each other; he was always playing pranks on me with his friends just to watch me get mad and I hated he never took anything seriously. He was popular, I was a loner, blah blah blah, usual sob story right?

I guess I had some troubled years; tried some stupid shit, but unlike most idiots I outgrew it. I never saw what the big deal was with smoking and drugs and drinking and acting like a damn idiot for all of it and then dying later in life all rotted up and painful anyway. Did come away with a sweet tattoo from it once; lower left hip. Well... I USED to like it, now it makes me look like some freak my little pony. (its nothing imaginative either, just a jolly roger.)

I'm not really too sure what David got up to during those years, as I generally tried to avoid him as much as possible since we couldn't seem to be in the same room without him pulling some joke or other and me trying to throttle him.
We moved the year after I graduated to a big old fix-er-upper and my dad built himself some kind of dumb lab or something in the cellar and started working from home... you know, trying to 'be around more' and be a real dad. That was a joke, he was still just as obsessed as always just right under our noses instead of out at some stuffy office. If I don't sound like I was too impressed with the whole situation, its because I wasn't. David seemed to like it though, but then he could always fit in anywhere.

The only silver lining I could find was one of our neighbors had family who was in the business of breeding horses and offered riding lessons. One of the few perks to having a dad who's never there and makes good money is you can usually guilt anything you want out of them, so I swung some lessons.

I'm not like, gaga over horses like you think of girls being ok? But I guess they're ok and it got me out of my house. One of the stable boys was pretty cute too so that was a plus. I didn't become an expert or anything but I learned how to get up and down off a horse without killing myself, how to brush 'em and put their tack on and stuff like that, but I probably don't know too much more about horses or any other animal than you do; now I'm sort of wishing I paid more attention or asked more questions. Hind sight eh?

Anyway... that's kind of how I ended up the way I am now... Horse lessons, my dad 'working from home'... and my... brother. Don't mind the sound of teeth grinding, that always happens when I talk about him lately.

One day David and I had a really BIG fight. I'd borrowed his cd player or something without his permission and it got smashed. It was a total accident, I mean I didn't take it -just- to smash it but it happened anyway somehow and he was pissed. So of course he got me back the best way he knew how; he planned a really big prank. Well, I guess it was meant to be a prank... I'm not laughing.

I'm still not really sure what in the hell really happened, my memories from that time are a little fuzzy, but I'm pretty sure I was at the ranch, brushing down my horse and getting ready for a ride when my brother walked in... I think we had a conversation and then he pulled out some doohicky I'd never seen before. It looked like something out of fucking Star Trek, probably from dad's stupid lab and the next thing I know I'm waking up at home and dad's there by my bed and my brother isn't smiling like himself and I feel weirder than I've ever felt in my life... and kind of freaked out my dad AND my brother are in my room.

Men need to learn how to freaking KNOCK.

Anyway... I guess I'd been out for a few days going through the weirdest, worst 'puberty' you can ever imagine, because when I woke up I'd started to change. I was most of the way there, which is to say, the way I am now, but it still took a day or two for it to complete. At least, I -think- I'm finished changing.

Trust me, it was NOT cool, it was NOT fun, and I was and am NOT happy. Besides looking like the only other option I had in life was to join a circus, all kinds of chaotic weirdness happened... Sometimes I still have trouble sorting it out. Lets see...

The horse I was supposed to ride dissappeared and was never seen again and the neighbors tried to sue us for stealing or killing it or something. Dad took me to his headquarters a few times, the scariest spookiest hospital from hell, and I had to get poked and prodded and all kinds of tests for who knows what done on me... He SAID to find a cure and get me back to normal but who knows what was really going on you know?

I mean what the hell dad!? What are you doing in your freaking basement all day that you're making human-mutating-animal-ray-guns!?

Then somehow it got out, I'm -still- certain that it was my loudmouth brother bragging or something, and it got crazier. Everything you'd expect... People showing up and defacing our property and claiming I'm a devil or a freak, all kinds of doctors and supposedly official people showing up wanting to take me away or run tests or take blood and junk, reporters, cameras, people trying to sneak videos of me and interviews... The worst of it was the furry-freaks who started sending me the sickets fan letters and stuff. I didn't even know there was such a thing as pony play before this... Messed up shit. And what is WITH people who think being this way is 'cool'? I mean seriously what happened to these people?

It got real unbearable, and I was really seriously, I mean I'm not even kidding, I was probably going to murder my brother somehow so... I left. I'm not quite sure how I managed to slip away from everyone watching me but I managed it. I stole my dad's car, with a bag with some clothes and supplies... well not really supplies just any food and things I thought I might need, I wasn't really packing with a clear head I'm not really sure now what's in the stupid thing. Anyway I just took whatever of my junk I could easily grab and left. Just started driving and never looked back.

* Occupation
What like I'm really supposed to have a job looking like this? You're kidding, right? Unemployed with a capital UN.

* Likes and Dislikes
~Favorite foods used to be meat lovers pizza and... well anything with dead cow on it but now... Well I haven't figured that out yet. Don't... Don't tell anyone but I kind of have a little thing for sugar cubes lately, though.

-I didn't used to be big on vegitables... I haven't had the guts to really test out if that's changed yet.

~Favorite drink; diet soda hands down. Well... before anyway. Haven't filled that void as of yet.

-I hate alchohol; not because of any moral crap understand, I just never liked how it smells, then or now. I don't get it why would ANYONE put something that smells that rank down their throats and its not medicine?

~Favorite color is red.

~Favorite color -combo- (yes, there's a difference), hot pink and black.

-I really hate vomit-green and vomit-yellow. But who doesn't right?

~My favorite singgers are Sara Brellies, and Adam Young... I used to be really into Avil Lavine too.

-Not too into rap... Well it depends on the subject matter of the specific rap I guess.

~I still like wearing clothes. Because of my tail and the akwardness with my hands lately I don't... I don't really wear underpants anymore but I still wear jeans if I can help it. If you laugh at the big nasty holes cut in the back for my dumb tail or the few pairs with ugly stitches up the ass, I'll slug you. YOU try living with a tail.

~I also like fitted t shirts... I'm not really big on fashion. Before I was mostly too lazy, and now... well like I'm really going to make myself more of a joke by going all out on my clothing. But hell if I'm gonna walk around naked just 'coz I have an animal face now. I may have excess body hair at this point but its not like it really keeps me that much warmer.

-I don't wear shoes or socks anymore for obvious reasons. Not like that's a particularly large sacrifice but I guess I still kind of hate it... I guess because I didn't choose to I just have to. I don't like not having a choice.

I guess that covers the favorites/non-favorites part of this... uhhh...

Look are we done here? Yes?
Good I'm outie. Psh.

* RP sample post ( Remember to keep it three paragraphs or more.)

It all felt like a bad dream. The worst, really. Which was strange, because all she could remember was her brother coming around the corner and being shocked to see him out on the ranch since he hadn't ridden down with her friend and herself and then... the worst pain/nausea combo she'd ever felt bar non. Then it just went black. Yet something about that blackness was more frightening than almost anything she could think of.

Even before she opened her eyes slowly and painfully, she knew something was wrong. They felt... strange. Too far apart... but that couldn't be right? Could it? Groaning she reached up with one hand - was she wearing some kind of glove? that didn't feel right either - and touched her face. The back of her hand ran into her nose sooner than she expected to causing her to yelp mostly in surprise and her eyes flew open wider, then crossed as she gazed down... her... muzzle?

For a long moment she just stared. She could see the fur, the grain of it, the white blaze fading to grey on either side, the velvety pink at the far end, the tops of the wide flaring nostrils. She knew what it was, but it didn't compute. That was a horse's face... but that was wrong.

If she seemed calm it was an illusion. It was pure shock. Then, all at once, the incredible, the impossible reality began to sink in and her heart began to race just as time began to speed up again. Flailing to sit upright, scooting back in her bed until her back met headboard and wall, (when had she gone to bed? She didn't remember coming home let alone crawling into bed), she whimpered pitifully as her hands patted and stroked and pinched at her face. It... it had to be a mask, right? But no...

"Nooooo.... no no no nooo..."

Her voice was a pleading moan, begging the air for this not to be true. She could feel every pat and pinch... Her nerves. Her skin. Damnit! Her FUR!

Trying hard not to panic, or puke, she flung her covers aside to look down at herself, struggling with frustration to see past her long face. She patted at her own body, pulled her clothes aside and crushed to find still more mottled grey fur covering her arms, her chest, her stomach.

She jumped nearly out of her skin as she heard a small knock against her door frame and looked up to see her Father standing there with a strange, hopeful and sad look on his face.

"Oh good, you're awake. Ho-how... How you feeling kiddo?"

For a brief, blessed moment femenine teenage outrage at her Father's intrusion overruled her shock and dismay as she clawed at her blanket pulling it up over her body and clutching at it under her jaw.

"DAMN DAD! Don't just barge in here!" She barked automatically, then blinked and swallowed. She could feel herself shaking. "Dad... what the fuck happened to me?"
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PostSubject: Re: Antoinette Spink   Fri Sep 19, 2014 10:03 pm

Aww, Annie sounds so adorably angry, lol. Great profile with a lot of detail ^^ I think it's ready to go, so approved! Have a Hee-Haw time!

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Antoinette Spink
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