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 Tour of the TMNT Exhibit at the Children's Museum in Indianapolis

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PostSubject: Tour of the TMNT Exhibit at the Children's Museum in Indianapolis   Mon Mar 28, 2016 9:32 pm

From September 26th, 2015 to April 10th, 2016, there is a TMNT exhibit in downtown Indianapolis, Indiana.  Although it caters mostly to the new show, there are some things that focus on the history of TMNT itself - including a TMNT trivia game that you will see later.  I decided to make this as a tour of sorts with having the pics separated into groups to give you a feel of the place.  I will warn you, I have a lot of pictures.  But, I feel they are all necessary to capture everything going on in this lovely exhibit.  This whole thing was contained in a single, large room, so I will try to keep things in order as I walked through the place.  

Enjoy the tour, guys! Smile

((I don't know why, but some of the pics are on their sides.  I apologize ahead of time if you need a neck massage or an adjustment from your local chiropractor. Razz ))

These pics are before you get into the exhibit or just inside the entrance of it.

The banner of the attraction hanging outside the museum on the side of the building.

This is a HUGE poster applied to the back wall in the lobby of the museum.

The entrance of the TMNT exhibit.

These guys are there to greet you the moment you walk into the exhibit room.

These are two signs to your right as you enter the room.

This is a light projected onto the floor just inside the room that looks like a manhole cover.

Moving to the left, these pics show a brief history of the Turtles.

TMNT Collections

Close-ups of these.

Between the collections panels is Movie Raphael.  Since the sign might be hard to read, I'll retype what it says.

"Turning comic book/cartoon turtles into believable live-action characters isn't easy.  In the 1990's, costumes like this one were made out of latex foam, hand-sculpted and painted.

Actor Matt Hill wore this costume to play Raphael in the third Turtles movie.  The arms, head, legs, and body are all separate pieces; the shell and kneepads hide the seams!

Raphael costume - TMNT III: Turtles in Time (1993)"

More collections and close-ups

This wraps up the entrance part of the exhibit.  The next post will be continuing on the left side of the room.

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PostSubject: Re: Tour of the TMNT Exhibit at the Children's Museum in Indianapolis   Wed Mar 30, 2016 1:21 am

Instead of continuing on the left side of the room, I thought I would show you some individual Turtle statues first.  These guys are soooo cool, but were very difficult to photograph because of inconsistent lighting conditions.  It was very rare to catch them in the regular light.  Every half-hour or so, the current show's theme song would play and the guys were turned all sorts of colors with strobe lights and other flashes of light.  Really cool, but not easy to capture in pics.

Leading off is Leonardo, of course! Very Happy

Next is Raphael

Then comes Donatello

...and finally Michelangelo!

I wasn't originally going to include these, but they were requested.  These are with Turtles in various lighting and effects.  Most of these are of Donnie because it took me forever to get a decent pic that didn't have weird lighting.  He decided he liked being different colors and became my primary model to showcase that, instead. Razz 

During the theme song, when the Turtles were being introduced by name, the corresponding colors were on that particular Turtle.  I only have Leo and Raph, but Don's still stealing the 'regular' spotlight. Wink

"Leonardo's, the leader in blue.  Does anything it takes to get his ninjas through!"

"Raphael's got the most attitude on the team!"

This was a neat effect.  It looks like a shuriken.  It was spinning, too.

This was a swirling pattern - kinda cool.

I think I have Don in every color BUT his own!

Here are a few more:

Leo looks great in green!

Front view of Raph

Raph in red!

Okay, so now that the guys have been properly introduced, now we can move on to the left side of the room again.  'Til next time!
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PostSubject: Re: Tour of the TMNT Exhibit at the Children's Museum in Indianapolis   Thu Apr 21, 2016 8:57 pm

So now moving to the left side of the room again.  I apologize once more for a lot of the pics being on their sides.

These are the real weapons like the Turtles use.  Since the descriptions are a bit difficult to read, I'll retype them for you.

"Katana swords are the weapon of the honorable samurai. Leo, the leader, chose katanas as his weapon to fit his own heroic ambitions."
"Nunchucks were developed by peasants for whom sharp weapons were forbidden.  Mikey's crazy acrobatic style makes these whirling sticks a perfect fighting companion."
"The Bo staff is used for blocks, strikes, and sweep attacks.  Donnie likes to keep his enemies - and sometimes his brothers! - at a distance when fighting."
"Sai are a traditional Okinawan weapon for close hand-to-hand fighting.  Raphael doesn't shy away from a brawl, with his sai or his fist."

On the other side of the 'weapons wall' is the dojo.  I thought the use of decorative rugs for the dojo exhibit was a neat idea considering how ornate the carpeting is for the actual dojo floor.  

The mirror on the left is for you to see yourself as a ninja.  There are robes and belts in the box in front of the mirror.

They look like this once you put them on.  I don't know if they were only sizes for kids or if there were some for adults, too.  I never saw any adults wear them.

A close-up of the first of many character profile signs that can be found inside this exhibit - Raph!  His can be found in the dojo.

On the right side of the dojo is this wall with a doorway and another small room beyond it.

Splinter's wall on the front side of the small room.

This is a close-up of Splinter's profile.

There are several electronic games around inside the exhibit.  This one was in front of the dojo.  There is another one just like it on the other side of the pillar behind the first one. 

This game closely resembles the "Fruit Ninja" one on phones or the "Skewer in the Sewer" game on the Nick site.  Basically in this one, you slice and dice the pizza but you want to avoid the mutagen canisters.

The game in action! It threw other pizza ingredients like mushrooms and pepperoni, also.

Inside the little room to the right of the dojo, you have this display to the left.  It showcases how the mutagen changed the Turtles.  These are the first of several 'scenes' where the displays use actual store-bought figures to represent the scene.  I thought this was a nice touch.

There was this sliding door that moved back and forth between the two displays to feature the "before and after" effect.

There was glass which gave off horrible reflections while trying to photograph these - sorry about that.

Close-ups of these two displays.  I don't believe they used TMNT figures in the first one, but I think it's still cute with the non-mutated turtles.

The Cheese Phone!  This is to the other side of the doorway in that small room.  I don't have close-ups of the two signs/profiles of the villains, so I'll re-type what each one is down below:

Know Your Enemy - The Kraaang

Species: Kraang

Brain-like aliens using robot bodies to disguise their true forms.

Additional Info:
The Kraang brought mutagenic ooze to Earth; with this weapon, they hope to conquer our civilization.

When Fighting the Kraang:
These alien brains work together as a unified team.  To fight them effectively, coordinate your efforts - use creative strategies to outwit them!

Know Your Enemy - Shredder

Real name: Oroku Saki

Special abilities:
Skilled martial artist, criminal mastermind

Additional Info:
Shredder, once like a brother to Splinter, has chosen to use his ninja powers for evil.  His mind is filled with hatred.

When fighting Shredder:
Stay calm.  His impulsiveness is his weakness.  Watch for opportunities then strike!

I wasn't originally going to include these, but if I'm giving a complete layout of the exhibit, I felt they should also be in this tour.

When you leave the small room, which has only three walls, there are these two small activities to the right.  They probably look similar to toys you played with when you were really young.  I did think it was a nice touch of having cushions to sit/kneel on while doing these because of the ancient Japanese tradition of sitting on something similar to these cushions at the dinner table.

The "Cheese Maze".

A buiding game called, "Tower Puzzle Challenge".

In front of the front wall (with Splinter) of the small room, is this teamwork activity.  Since the TMNT is all about working together as a unit, a major part of the exhibit focuses on that.

The instructions.

This is how it works.

Look who is helping out with this game.  It's 'Raph'! Wink

This concludes the left side of the exhibit.  The next post will focus on the back of the room.  Until next time!
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PostSubject: Re: Tour of the TMNT Exhibit at the Children's Museum in Indianapolis   Tue Mar 14, 2017 9:49 pm

((Sorry for the extremely long delay on getting this next post up.  Real-life got in the way and I only have these pics on my laptop.))

This is the back of the room.  A lot is going on in this area and some of it will be explained in greater detail in a future post.

The "Training Tunnel".  This is one that will explained more later.  A lot of different activities happen in this space at the same time.  

When this space is in use for these activities, the area is barricaded off so the only way to enter the area is through the "tunnel".

Donatello's Lab

This is a view of the entire lab here.  There are several small activities in this space.

In the front, there are several pieces of a puzzle.  You put the pieces in the correct places and something happens.  I did not witness what happens when the puzzle is complete, however I pretty much ended up capturing both in pictures, after all.

Here is what the sign says:

Complete the circuits to finish Donnie's project
Donatello is working on some new machines, but only has enough parts to do one at a time.

Use the electric circuit pieces to complete each puzzle and see what happens!

The Shredder picture lights up, apparently.  I wish I had this at a better angle, but as I mentioned before, I didn't think I even had pictures of the two puzzle results until I looked through my photos. Wink

The fan turns on?  This is a guess, but that's what it looks like it does.  I was SO CLOSE to getting this one (during activation) in a photo!

This was a badly-timed photo because it already gives away what happens, but I'll explain it anyway.  Just ignore the screen on the wall. Razz  This is the 'back' of Don's lab and this activity has a computer with three buttons on it.  You have a sheet lying next to it with different combinations.  If you guess the right combination, then that image appears.

This is what it looks like before solving the combination.  ((*psst!* It's the first combination that works. Wink ))

Ta-da!  Honestly, I have NO idea what he's building. scratch

A close-up of whatever he's working on.  Still another great use for the action figures in these displays.

Next to Don's lab while moving to the right, there is a life-sized replica of the "Pizza Thrower" toy from the 80s.

Here is a sign about it.

Here are your targets.

Wide view of what you're aiming for.


What the machine looks like.

A pic from the shooter's point of view.


Fire!  Notice the orange 'pizza' disc close to hitting Bebop?

To the left of the "Pizza Thrower" (on the side closest to Don's Lab) is this little display.  It has another one of those action figure displays and also you'll see Casey's journal underneath (the back cover).

A closer look at the action figure display.  Have I mentioned how much I just love these displays? Very Happy

A close-up of the display.  I probably own everything in this particular scene. Wink

The front cover of Casey's journal replica.  The journal's pages (and cover) are made of cloth, so no tearing. Wink  This is probably my favorite of the 'books' in the exhibit.  Casey's description of characters in the pages of his journal are hilarious!

Pages 1 and 2

Pages 3 and 4

Pages 5 and 6

On the back side of the "Pizza Thrower" there is a small activity with a maze - pretty self-explanatory.

One view of this puzzle.

Another angle of the same puzzle.

Next to the "Pizza Thrower" there are a couple of the more physical activities to do - stuff to climb on/in.

I haven't quite figured out what this is for other than just a stairway to climb.  At the top on the left is a window to look out of.

A sewer pipe crawl space.

Another angle of the crawl space.

This concludes the back of the room.  The next post will cover the right side of the room.  Until next time - which will be MUCH sooner! Wink
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PostSubject: Re: Tour of the TMNT Exhibit at the Children's Museum in Indianapolis   

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Tour of the TMNT Exhibit at the Children's Museum in Indianapolis
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