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 Ten fun facts

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Mikko McKinnon
Original Character

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PostSubject: Ten fun facts   Mon Apr 11, 2016 3:25 pm

I was going to post this in the OC section, but then thought it would be cool for the tmnt to get in on this too. So basically You need to post ten facts about yourself (in character) and make them something that others wouldn't know about. something that hasn't been mentioned in game or in a profile. Let us get to know each other a little better! Mikko shall go first.

1) I am allergic to bananas
2)The first time I trained with Lazarus he broke my nose.
3)I practice witch craft in my spare time
4)My favorite kind of music is old school rap. Like Eazy-E and Grandmaster Flash!
5)My favorite moves are horror. most know that. but what they don't know. Is I'm very scared of werewolves and anything about dolls coming to life and after watching movies like that I sleep with a night light.
6)I have always wanted a pet fox
7)I once tried to get in Rocksteady's pants, then Bebops. yeah. I am a curious girl. no I never did either of them.
Cool My favorite part of being a ninja was the killing of people! least favorite was having to follow crazy orders.
9)I believe I'm being haunted by the ghost of Tomas Jefferson.
10)I would like to see all the turtles in maid dresses with slave collars on their necks. yaaaaaaaa baby!

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Michelangelo Hamato

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PostSubject: Re: Ten fun facts   Wed Jun 29, 2016 6:35 am

   I love watching musicals.

   Of all things cooking I love cake making the most. That is right not pizza but cake.

   Of all the games I like to play, Tetris is my favorite.

   Give me oldie goldies for music any days - or anything I can properly shake a tail to.

   I only watch horror movies old or new to not be a whimp in front of my bros - they freak me out man! give me     movies to laugh at or high speed action please!

   I am a Cat man - uh a Cat-Turtle.

   Little kids are awesome.

   Halloween is my favorite day of the year.

   I read more than comics - anything fantasy or crime - shhhh do not tell my brothers.

   Best days are spent out at the farm Smile sun baaaaaaking. Oh Yeah.

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Ten fun facts
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