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 Portal Hopping Pt 61 - 70 (guGold killed - guViolet de-mutated)

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April O'Neil

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PostSubject: Portal Hopping Pt 61 - 70 (guGold killed - guViolet de-mutated)   Tue Jul 12, 2016 12:09 pm

Previously on Portal Hopping:

Mel: Good idea Oo

guRaidon: the cute! @,@ *gets them out of there* weird and weird!

Mel: Hopefully this world is safe Oo

guRaidon: eeeew a swamp Razz *grabs Mel and wades through thick waters*

Mel: It stinks DX


Mikko: I am a unicorn princess trying to find my home planet trapped in the body of a drugged out woman. what was I saying? my player keeps sniffing poppers. oh yes. unicorn princess from mars

Spike: *runs around stabbing babies*

Mel: You're a sick fuck Oo

Spike: some would call me an artist

Shaya Come back here! *chases in vampire hunter suit*

Mel: And they're sick too >​<

Spike: *grabs Mel and runs away*

Jigs: *bites Spike's ass*

Mel: *Struggles* Let go! *Stabs him*

Spike: MY BEAUTIFUL ASS!!!!! *dies*

Jigs: *shakes him like a rag doll*

Mel: Seriously why me >​< *Goes back into the lair*

Shaya *out of breath* Seriously

Mikko: lol *Chucky hops around Jigs learning the street life*

Shaya I come back- from a convention - and have to- not chase anyone-

Jack: *steps in and pats Mel head* there there. no more tears, just dreams.

Mel: And who the hell are you?

Jack: I'm handsome Jack. I don't exist yet as my player hasn't made my profile, but I'm going to be the guy all the girls are going to fall for

Mel: I don't think so

Jack: oh. well....damn you harsh.

Mel: Well I have a boyfriend

Jack: well good for you!

Mel: Besides I wouldn't be with you anyway I'm 14 Razz

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Erica Martins

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PostSubject: Re: Portal Hopping Pt 61 - 70 (guGold killed - guViolet de-mutated)   Mon Aug 08, 2016 5:01 pm

Pt. 62

Previously on Portal Hopping:

Mel: I don't think so

Jack: oh. well....damn you harsh.

Mel: Well I have a boyfriend

Jack: well good for you!

Mel: Besides I wouldn't be with you anyway I'm 14 Razz


Lexi: *snugs Laz* ^^

laz: *snugs* one day we'll have a little one that wants to pop caps

Lexi: Can't wait ^^

Ally: MIKEY!! *tackle pouces!*

Mikey ahhhhhhhhh! Ally! *catches and snogs*

Ally: *snooooogs~!* ^^

Erica: *skids to stop barely in front of Raph -* hi you! *smoooch*

Mikey maaaaaaaaan hate being away! *snuggly snogs - then nuzzles ! Must smother her in Mikey stink!!*

Mel: *Giggles*

Raph: Hey you. Wink *wraps arms around her and lifts her off her feet, returning smoochies*

Leo: you may be getting smooches, but I'm getting laid

Raph: -.-

Mel: Yet Raphie is the one that's gonna be a dad Razz

Shaya LH?

Mikko: I wanna get laid

Erica: *dazed by smoochies* oooh! that's what I was going *smooochies* to show off - just distracted by smooch *kiss kiss* ... And hug... And loooord you smell good! *moooans*

Leatherhead: *happy growls tail still pinning player* Lovely Shay ^________^ *snout smooch*

Mel: *Sighs* While the dark turtles are causing trouble again everyone else is being all crazy Razz

Shaya *Quick kiss back*

Mel: Hate being bored already played video games >​>​

Leatherhead: oooh right Wink sorry player - *scoops up to snug lifting tail off of player*

Don: I would never do something like that. >​.<

Mel: Oo

Shaya: *nods*

Erica: oooh that me will be fine... Somehow ....

Don: *gives Erica a BIG hug!*

Erica: Very Happy oooh hugs all round! *hugs* - promise that other me is fine... But look! Red! *points excitedly at belly, all the prouder cause she has a very slight bump* looook!

Shaya *hugs*

Raph: *grins even though he's still worried about what this is going to do to her* Lil guy is growin', eh? It don't.. hurt.. does it?

Mel: I hear it only hurts when the baby kicks the ribs

Erica: yes! He grows! though not sure it's a boy yet... No no no pain... And I won't feel movement for sometime yet... Raph! *excited snog* he grows!

Raph: *snugs and smooches*

Don: *siiiiiighs*

Mikey *looks up from snoggies* wooooo and us not far behind!

Ally: Very Happy

Angel: Wink little jealous Stretch? *hugs*

Mel: *Sighs and leans against a wall bored*

Don: *looks at Angel, hugging her back* I would be lying if I said I wasn't.

Erica: *again dazed by smoooching -* Mmmmm!

Angel: Very Happy you are adorable sexy man *smoooch*

Don: *smooches back* Smile

Shaya: awww

Raph: *keeps on a snoggin'*

Erica: *thoroughly forgets everything... Mumbles* mmmm smell and taaaast good! *snooooggles*

Mel: Everyone is getting romance today

Angel: hehhee it will be your *kiss kiss* turn some day Stretch .. *smoooch*

Mikey: Hehehe well my lovey dovey where away Razz

Leatherhead: *chuckling still hugging Shaya, moves over to Don and Angel: we may have to build our own sonography machine...

Shaya *happily hugging the alligator*

April: hehe naaaaw it's cute, especially with that one bragging... *points at Erica* Very Happy

Hank: *lightly knuckles Mel's shoulder...*

Mel: Hey Hank

Ally: woot! beast smexin's

Don: Yes. *smoochsmooches Angel*

Angel: Very Happy *snogglies* mmmm you and Leatherhead can build one?

Shaya *snickers into scales* I've missed this group

Leatherhead: yes, then - the first scan...

Don: *still wishes she had Erica in ER* Sad *soooooooo not fair* >​.<

Erica: *squuuueeeeeees into snogging*

Leatherhead: *chuckles and noddies, smoooch* yes I did too for the day away...

Don: *not able to do much though* Sad

Leatherhead: of course we can Angel

Angel: awwwwws *kisses that cheek*

Mel: I'm so bored Hank DX

Hank: mmmm - nothing like the first scan... *day dreams for a moment then grins.* well good cause I gotta show you how to use a knife properly Wink

Mel: You are?

Erica: *has to break kisses to squuueeee alloud* oooh the first scan! We'll hear a heart beat!

Raph: -.- *still overly annoyed with Leo* That's excitin'...*as long as they don't hear ribs breaking* >​.<

Erica: nnnaaaawww why the frownie? *kiss kiss*

Raph: O.o *did it show??* Pfft.. I ain't frownin'.. just my lips doin' stupid shit.. *smooches* see, they're workin' again Wink

Mel: *Giggles* Raphie is gonna be a good dad

Erica: *would point out she watches him a lot annnnd knows - but distracted again* mmmmm I *kiss* think their *kissss kiss* quiet talented *smoooch*

Raph: *happy churrs and scoops her up, taking her away to their naughty place*

Hank: did not need to hear that!! >​,<

Mel: *Giggles* Be glad I'm to young for that But I'm not to young to make out Razz

Hank: mmm! Yes too young! Come on knife lessons *drags her off*

Erica: *vaguely waves bye bye to others - loves those churrs!*

Angel: *giggles*

April: *snorts*

Leatherhead: *chuckles*

Don: *snogs Angel*

Angel: mmmmm *snog snog* an uncle to be....*smooochies* excited?

Don: Yeah. *nuzzles her then takes her hand* In more ways than one. :">​

Angel: *waggles eyebrows and flirty hip wriggle* oooh I see Very Happy wanna do something about the other excitement?

Don: *slips an arm around her* Yes.

Angel: *knows he can smell-* your not the only one excited Wink *hugs around his shoulders, smoooch*

Don: *smoochsmooches then picks her up and carries her to his room*

Angel: mmm! Yeah! *takes his bandana off to hang on door knob*

(( Don&Angel cont: ))
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Erica Martins

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PostSubject: Re: Portal Hopping Pt 61 - 70 (guGold killed - guViolet de-mutated)   Mon Aug 08, 2016 5:02 pm

Pt. 63

Previously on Portal Hopping:

Angel: *waggles eyebrows and flirty hip wriggle* oooh I see Very Happy wanna do something about the other excitement?

Don: *slips an arm around her* Yes.

Angel: *knows he can smell-* your not the only one excited Wink *hugs around his shoulders, smoooch*

Don: *smoochsmooches then picks her up and carries her to his room*

Angel: mmm! Yeah! *takes his bandana off to hang on door knob*


Don: You might as well show yourself, little brother. You're not going to catch me off-guard this time.

Mel: *Giggles* Like when he puts whoopie cushons on your chair

Don: ...Don't remind me. -_-

Mel: Sorry Very Happy

Bella: *runs around with her little fake pink pistol popping caps in everyone asses*

Gabe: ^^ That's my God daughter *ruffles her hair*

Eze: what's that suppose to mean? we're still bros, and secret lovers on the side.

Mel: *Did some school stuff today* >​>​


Erica: Very Happy then dance Wink

Leo: I AM ONLY ONE TURTLE! I can't be everywhere

Don: Please be gentle. :/

Raph: Naw. yer jus' lazy as fuck. -.-

Leo: fucking isn't a lazy thing to do

Raph: .......... like you'd know.

Don: I'm the only one not getting laid in a story. >​.<

Love: that's cuz you left too soon

Mel: Oh brother >​>​

Don: Like I had a choice? I was practically pushed out the door. -_-

Erica: *giggles* mmmmmm

Love: well you could always come back

Don: I will when I have the chance.

Love: ^^

Don: *wishes something can happen between himself and Erica in a
already going* Wink

Erica: fucking is good cardio Wink

Mel: I still think this tutoring stuff isn't for me

Hank: really, you say that now I'm right here!

Don: *snogs Erica in ER* ^___________^

Erica: mmmm coffee flavor! *drawing on her bump*

ER-Don: Smile *smooch* As much as I'd like to do more, I don't think it's very appropriate (or professional) when my brother is lying right next to us. -_-

Mel: So can I see Raidon?

Tiph: no one is lying next to us *winks*

Raph: -.- So I should just stay coma-tose for the sake of everyone else???!? Why didn't you jus' KILL Me..*dramatic much*

Hank: today yes,

Spike: I can kill ya

Don: Smile I know. But, you want to take it slow.

Tiph: yeah, slow...until you kiss me then it's all over

Mel: Yay!

ErErica: nothing is going to happen sorry don - and you Spike stay away from my patient!!

Don: Really?

Tiph: yep

ER-Don: I know. :/

Erica: ooooo other me is laying down the law! *flicks texter lid at Raph* Wink

Don: That's all it takes? *might be glad he's sitting in that chair even more then*

Tiph: depends on how good you kiss

ErErica: Wink *kisses Don's cheek*

Erica: *looks at Don - had flicked popcorn at Raph* did you? Very Happy

Raph: -.-

Erica: heheh I won't have that for a bit...

Don: Did I what?

April: until you have to push it out Razz

Mel: I don't have that yet Very Happy

Angel: mmm yeah and look at the size of Raph! Girl soooo don't envy you Razz

Don: Maybe I did considering I'm the only turtle who hasn't had a use for it yet. -_-

Mel: Giving birth hurts that much Oo

Erica: you'll get there Wink *makes rude gesture at Angel and Angel*

Mel: I will?

Angel: hehehe been having too much sex with RedT he's rubbing off on ya

Erica: no PrettyEyes Wink

Don: I know. *is a teenager and has needs* -_- It's hard to be patient sometimes.

April: hehhee

Erica: Smile - *hugs Don* Very Happy *then shuffles over to Raph*

Don: *hugs Erica then sits down with some coffee*

April&Angel: *sit down to snug Don and haz some coffee*

Raph: ... that 'lil' Raph, yeah... With that skinny Donnie that needs a cheeseburger and donuts

Don: *smiles at the girls* Hi.

Love: Raaaaaaaph I'm trying very hard to get your cock in KN

Raph: O.o

MmDonnie: -.- I heard that.

Don: See?! >​.<

Shaya Hi Donnie *Not sure when she got here*

Erica: heh I could go for some RedBoa Wink

Hank: >​,< again right here!

Erica: nawwww love you too Daddy *pecks his nose*

Hank: Very Happy *completely distracted*

Shaya April... what have I missed? I got poofed by my player.

Mel *Giggles* Maybe I can get some too from Raidon Very Happy

Erica: ha not old enough - Red!

Raph: *tugs her away to naughty spot*

Hank: yeah not old enough

Mel: *Pouts* Not fair >​<

Erica: wooooo yes give me RedBoa! Razz

Gabe: Very Happy I'm good! O:-)

Erica: *hanging dew rag on door* cause Raph's a kick ass dad! Razz *closes door and snogs hers* love you

Don: *is a bit horny himself -- if that wasn't obvious before now* Razz

Raph: *chuuuuuurrs..and gets down to business* Love you, too

Angel: *tugs on his purple bandana* more sexins?

Don: O.o I would never do that to a girl I love. *is determined to be faithful dang it! no robot sex for him*

April: naaaaaaaaaw Wink

Mel: *Uses the puppy eyes on Hank* Can I go have some fun?

Shaya *blinks* cute. purple themed cuties.

Don: *smiles* Well, to tell you the truth, I need it, yes.

Hank: yeah Smile

Angel: *leans in to nip his skin below his earhole* me toooo *purrrrrrs*

April: ain't they?

Don: *churrrrrrrrrrrrs*

Shaya Do they still know we are here?

Leatherhead: nope Smile

Mel: Cool I know just the fun Very Happy

Shaya Well I certainly didn't notice you Big Guy.

Angel: *tugs off bandana* sooo let's follow RedT and E's example? :* :*

Leatherhead: Smile I snuck in *is wet from swimming*

Mel: Aww not fair It's not like I was gonna go get into a fight >​>​

April: Hank - you looking forward to being a Granddaddy?

Mel: *Enters the base* Freedom ^^

Leatherhead: *happy growls and hugs Shaya*

Don: Smile Yes. *snoogs*

Hank: I am looking forward to meeting my shelled shrek grand baby

Angel: *stands and enticingly wriggles her hips* come on then... Wink

Don: *eagerly follows*

guRaidon: Mel! Babe ! *hugs* how are you? Lessons start huh? Very Happy

Angel: Wink *leads the way, hangs up his bandana*

Mel: Yeah they started and I hate them *Hugs him back*

Don: *takes her hand and pulls her into his room, closing the door behind them*

(( Don&Angel cont: ))

Casey: -throws up in bucket- -can hear them in the next room-

Ally: Very Happy

April: we should give these young people a taste of their medicine and show em how it's done Casey Razz

Erica: gets noisey*

Hank: >​,< time to go! *box vanish*

Mel: Raidon are the dark turtles causing trouble yet?

Grim: *hears all the noise and takes it as a challenge.. ROOOOOARS!* ^^

Leatherhead: *staying out of this one!*

guRaidon: well they have been looking harder for the base yes

Raph: if you were gonna say 'Donnie's junk'.. think I woulda puked Razz

Shaya *pats LH* We are past hugging now; this is extend cuddling. Can I get comfy? My arms are a bit numb.

Don: :">​

Mel: Think they will find it?

Erica: *no comment there* Wink

Leatherhead: *rolls so belly is up * yes *draws her closer*

Mikey: *dramatic* my lollipop!

Shaya *content sigh* Cuddles it is.

Angel: *can only get the head in, has to strooooke the rest with her hands... Hummmms to cause vibration*

guRaidon: not yet but we have to stay inside Wink

Leatherhead: *cuddles... Smoooochies*

Mel: So we gotta hide from them

Erica: *the picture she'd drawn on her bump before very smudged now* Smile

MetalHead: *rushes in and steals Angel's undies...then rushes out again*

Erica: Wink hehe all the protein a girl needs, and good for hair and skin *smooooochies Red thoroughly amused*

Raph: *snugs and smooches*

Mel: *Yawns*

Erica: *chuckles - smooooooooooochies - fingers tickle spot*

Don: *no roaring this time but still had a really powerful orgasm* Razz

guRaidon: *grins and lifts Mel - to take her home* Wink

Mel: *Holds on* Not that sleepy >​>​

Raph: *churrrs happily*

guRaidon: yeah? but your Hank says back when tired - we can watch something there Wink

Erica: ^,^ so doo love those churrrsss *time to get more! plastron rubbies!*

Mel: Okay
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Erica Martins

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PostSubject: Re: Portal Hopping Pt 61 - 70 (guGold killed - guViolet de-mutated)   Mon Aug 08, 2016 5:03 pm

Pt. 64

Previously on Portal Hopping:

Mel: *Holds on* Not that sleepy >​>​

Raph: *churrrs happily*

guRaidon: yeah? but your Hank says back when tired - we can watch something there Wink

Erica: ^,^ so doo love those churrrsss *time to get more! plastron rubbies!*

Mel: Okay


Erica: Mac and cheese! *hungry like a wolf!*

Mel: Erica I'm hungry

Erica: mmmm me too... *gringes as Mac and cheese smell almost upsets her belly* for salad I think... *goes to make some*

Mel: Man at least I get to eat whatever I want >​>​

Erica: Wink welcome to my family - loved my private tutoring though Wink

Mel: While I hate it

Erica: *making salad* why? The tutors are good - Very Happy though the work is challenging

Mel: Hating school is a normal kid thing and it's hard and boring

Erica: but you not in school, private tutoring is better Wink and so what if it's normal kid thing? Be different from other kids - whooom wants salad!

Mel: I am different from other kids I know mutant turtles and they're my brothers Razz I want ice cream *Takes out a small container of cookie dough ice cream and starts eating from it ice cream is almost gone anyway*

Erica: then stop using being normal as an excuse Wink find something you enjoy with the tutors and lessons and use that to get through... Mmmm crunchy! *munch munch munch*

Mel: It's only been two days Erica so can't yet

Mikey so make Leo get more! Very Happy

Leo: just eat that ice cream cat of yours

Mel: What?

Mikey noooo not ice cream kitty!

Mel: Erica Mikey has a cat made out of ice cream Oo

Erica: oooh I must see! *hurries to find it*

Mel: I'm in a lair that has mutant turtles and we have portal machines going to different worlds but I find the ice cream cat to be weird Oo

Leo: sometimes Mike puts whipped cream on her

Mel: Her?

Erica: this is cooool! *head in freezer, nightie riding up as she looks*

Mikey yes her Wink she's a sweetie

Mel: She's alive?

Mikey *great view of red panties here!* you found some underwear Erica?

Erica: *is ice cream nose licked* def is... Neither solid nor liquid and alive!! Oooo - *hears Mikey. And looks at him freezer frost in hair* yeah found a pile barfed up in a corner

Mikey and the cherry Leo, I always add the cherry Wink

Leo: yes yes you do

Mel: You know Mikey I find to be really weird Oo

Erica: hehe that's awesome Smile mmmm could use some cherries... *rubs little bump*

Mikey sorry all out Wink hehe you get used to weird here

Mel: Like I have a choice

Erica: *chuckles flicking random popcorn piece at Leo - and one at Mikey*

Mikey *lunges catchs and munches* mmmm thanks!

Mel: So morning sickness is gone?

Erica: *shrugs* for most the part - still comes back

Mel: That sucks

Mikey but... We gonna be uncles!! How awesome is that!? Hehe Uncle Mikey! Very Happy Uncle Leo!

Erica: *winks at Mel, giggles giving Mikey a noogey*

Leo: O.O will she lay an egg?

Mel: I don't think so Leo humans don't lay eggs

Leo: but she's not having a human

Erica: *giggles and shakes head* eggs are just a evolutionary forerunner of pouches and placental...guGold when he was here informed us his various forced female partners had live births Wink

Mel: Who by the way he and and his brothers are looking for the base

Mikko: where is Gold? I need some lovings

Mikey *grins* soon Ally will be your bump buddy -

Mel: Mikko Gold is evil

Mikko:but sexy

Mikey *touchs bump* look Leo - a bump! Wink and yeah he is a evil sicko...

Mel: And hopefully he won't show up here


Erica: though very small... Will grow

Mikko: *goes looking for him* *summons GUGold with magic*

Mel: Mikko that better not work!

Mikko: it better work

guGold: *poofs into existence covered in blood from his latest hunt... Even his cock which he draws away into his tail.* ooooh hello.... >Smile *drops the teen he'd just been eating ... He's still alive*

Mikko: GOLD! *hops in arms*

Mel: Oh fuck! Mikey Mikko summoned Gold!

guGold: *licks with bloody tongue*

Mel: Gold why don't you just fuck off?!

Mikko: ^^ *smooches*

Erica: *drops to floor to try help the teen boy... But he's dying...*

guGold: *growls into smoooching his sharp teeth brushing her tongue*.. *xfondles her boobies*

Mikko: *giggles and sexes him up*

Mel: *Stabs GUGold* Let her go!

guGold: *curses and swats away Mel, hard! - gives Mikko a hard fuckin... Does not care it's public*

Mikko: weeeeeeeeeee

Gabe: Sad you cheatin' on me? ...okay. Razz *Goes to find some hooker*

Erica: *cradles the dead teen, had been trying to stemm the blood loss... But now it's all over her*

Mel: *Is knocked away and hits the ground hard* We will kill you fucker!

Gabe: because hookers are funneh.

Shaya *drops her day bag and runs over to help Erica.* What the hell is going on?! * uses her sweater to help stop bleeding* Him! He happened! *points at Gold*

guGold: *cums, growling... Pulling away... He's hungry again*

Mikko: *stands and brushes herself off* good job, go eat. *walks away*

Gabe: -.- *throws his beer at Gold, nailing him in the head*

Mikko: O.O

guGold: ooow!! *grins and prowls towards Gabe*

Mikko: nooooo you can't eat Gabe!

guGold: *steps on the teen he'd half eaten already crushing his skull with a splatter*

Gabe: -.- That's just nasty. *pops a cap in his ass*

Mel: *Throws another rock at GuGold* Come on stupid turtle you're not scary!

guGold: *knocks Erica and Shaya over ... Is shot in the tail!* rooooooar! * lunges and pIns Gabe*

Mikko: oh my.

Shaya AHH! *retracts from the dead teenager- landing on her back*

Spike: yeah kill em!

Mel: *Goes over and stabs GUGold again*

Erica: *covered in blood brains and still hold twitching headless body* o,o

Gabe: *knees him in the gut and punches him in the face* I don't swing yer way.. and brush yer fuckin' teeth man.. >​.<

guGold: *reaaaaly whacks Mel this time talons raking flesh, diggs other claws into Gabes shoulder* that's okay I'm flexible

knDon: >​.< *has been found out by his father*

Mikey *tackles Gold*

Mel: *Cries out in pain and hits the ground in pain*

guGold: *growls and rolls pinning Mikey, biting him, clawing*

Mikey *fighting back!*any time you wanna help bros!

Mel: *Tries to get up in pain clothes bloodied and torn* Fuck you Gold!

Leo: *jumps on Gold*

Mikko: *tosses Gold a cow to eat*

Raph: *flies at Gold, buring both fucking sais into his neck!!!* Enough of you!

Mel: *Tries not to whimper in pain as she tries to stand up* Hopefully you guys kill him!

Mikko: awwww don't kill him, he's just lost and misunderstood

guGold: *pinned fighting... Bleeeeding... Losing strength.. And grip around Mikey's neck... *

Mikey *gasps bleeding from neck himself, grabs Gold's head and twists violently*

Mikko: O.O

guGold: +.+ *dies*

Mikko: nooooooooooooooooooooooo​ooooooooooooooooooo

Raph: LET GO OF MY BROTHER!!! *stabs the fuck outta him!!!*..see you in hell.

Love: awww raph, yer not going to hell. *makes out with*

Erica: *shaking, comes over,* Hey! * shoves Love* my turtle in here kitty

Love: awwwwww

Ally: Mikey!!! My widdle turtle dove... *rushes to him and tries to fix all the owies*

Erica: *growls... Is covered in blood and brains*

Love: I fight for no man. he either wants to be with me or doesn't *goes over to eat the dead kid*

[color#0000FF]Mikko: *sobs*[/color]

Erica: oh I'll fight *rubs Raphs head* you okay Red? - Leo?

Leo: I'm good.

Mikey: *totally milking his owies* Angel Cake... one is dead Wink

Mikko: *hugs dead gold*

Erica: good - Raph?

Raph: Yeah...I'm fine. At least one is down.. three to go..

Mel: I'm hurt

Ally: *smoochies all over*

Love: my kitten! *licks Mel*

Mel: * cries in pain* Mikko caused this

Love: we will kill her later. *patches Mel up*

Erica: *almost hugs him... Then draws back she's covered in gore* yeah three to go...

Mel: * whimpers* Hank won't be happy about this

Love: he's never around when you need him

Leatherhead: *missed a partly, joins Shaya* O,o you okay?!

Mel: I need to tell Raidon

Raph: *blinks at Erica* Urm.. I think you need a shower...

Erica: yeah... Joining me? *sniffles*

Raph: *hugs-- don't really mind the gore because comforting her is more important* Sure, babe. *scoops her up and carries her off*

Gabe: Yeeeeah. I'm like, fine and shit. -.- *goes off to find some hot chick to make him feel better. last friggin' time he sticks his neck ot for a girl*

Mel: * Opens portal and goes through still covered in blood and clothes torn* Raidon!

Erica: *manages a watery smile,* thanks... I just... Might need help getting these off... *fighting nausea annnnd does not want to touch cloths with dead kids brains all over them*

Mikey *tottaly getting brownie point smooochies*

(( Mikey&Ally cont: ))

Raph: *again, don't mind the gore too much.. peels nasty clothes off her as hey wait for the water to warm up.. smooches*[/b]

Tiph: he's hot

Don: O.O

Erica: *smmmmoooooooochies* mmmmmmmm you sure your okay?

guRaidon: ?! >​,< Mel you ... What? *drops his papers and scrambles over*

Mel: Gold is dead * Winces in pain*

Raph: Mmhmm.. I'm fine. Mike got the worst of it, but Blondie is...'fixin' him up

Erica: good *caresses spot and smiles stepping under water* ohhhh hehe I bet she is * chuckles* yooou are going to be a awesome dad Wink

Raph: ^^ Gonna try my best.

Mel: Christ that turtle got me good

Love: well you shouldn't have been trying to fight him

Shaya Well then.....

guRaidon: *smiles at Love* come Mel, to my mum

Leatherhead: *snuggles* what happened Shaya?

Erica: Very Happy *tugs him in with her, more smoooches*

Mel: Well Mikko summoned him and okay Raidon

guRaidon: *hugs, carrying Mel to infirmary*

Raph: *no time to remove gear, just goes in with.. snugs and gentle smooches* okay now?

Shaya I'll be fine. Does anyone need first aid or can I clean up?

Leatherhead: *purrrrs* I think most are good Wink *cuddles*

Erica: Wink *intentional so she can wash the blood off gear, stripping him in snuggggles - * you always make me feel better *genuine smile -*

Raph: *churrrs and nuzzles* Yeah, you do that for me, too.. guess that's why we work, eh?

Mel: Raidon think the other dark turtles will want revenge?

Shaya *goes to clean up from the brain matter, blood, guts and other bodily substances* Be back

guRaidon: Yes *patching her cause mum is busy*

Mel: That's just great more trouble * Winces*

Erica: *Hummmms at those churrs snugs* yes... *giggles drawing his hand to their bump* love you Wink[/font]

Mel: Although no one seemed to notice that I got injured and came here other than Love

guRaidon: most likely they just busy Wink your fine... Bruised and Battered but fine Wink *kiss kiss*

Leatherhead: *waits anxiously*

Mel: Yeah busy getting sex * kisses back*

Shaya *comes back in sheer tank top and shorts* :">​ I wish I had spare clothes.

Raph: *carefully places his massive hand on her stomach* Love you, too

Leatherhead: you could wear a sack and look great... Feel better?

guRaidon: yeah well victory and all that Wink

Shaya Only because you are here Big Guy.

[font-Comic Sans MSErica: Smile mmmm *fingers rest between his* I feel it might be a boy you know?[/font]

Leatherhead: *happy rumble* snoooog*

Mel: Still doesn't help with my insecurities

guRaidon: no but you are okay *snogs*

Mel: for the most part * kisses back*

Shaya *hesitant but basks in the love held in the kiss*

Leatherhead: *tail tip flip flops - gentle hugs*

Angel: ddddaaaaaaaaaaaamn! I sleep off good sex and miss a party! *pokes dead gold turtle*

Raph: Yeah, I think it's a boy, too.. *or twins O.o*

Mel: Hank won't be happy that I got hurt

Raph: *Ally&Mikey Noise* >​.< Damn those two

guRaidon: no.. I am not either but he's dead three left *hugs*

Mel: Had to do something

Erica: *pays not attention to Mikey/Ally noise, or anything but Raph and bump* do we want to find out the gender? *kiss kiss

random zombies, ghosts and other misc undead/dead: *middle finger salute*

Angel: yo Stretch! Come here Smile

Mel: Shows I can do something

guRaidon: Wink yes... *hugs* damn there's going to be blood over his death

Raph: Um.. do we? I mean, it may make things easier.. unless you wanna be surprised

Mel: I can always scout out there to find stuff out

Erica: Mmmmm *takes scrubber to get it all soapy and start over those big shoulders - kiss* mmm *kiss* let's find out Wink *excited grin kiss kiss*

guRaidon: ahhh no, told you already your not trained for that

Mel: Raidon I have to do something

guRaidon: but not that *hugs*

Mel: Then what? * Hugs back*

Leatherhead: *moooore snoggies*

Shaya *kisses back, losing focus on the world outside their embrace*

Don: O.o What is it, Angel?

Raph: ^^ Okay. Maybe Donnie can turn Metalhead into a ..sono.. whatever.. machine..

MH: *dafuq you say!* O.o

Angel: *points* look one dark clone dead* pokes Gold*

Erica: *smooochies - squeeees tossing scrubber away - uses hands* we'll see em!

Raph: O.o 'em..?? as in...more than one? O.O

Mel: Raidon we should tell your dad

Erica: *shrugs* I don't know Very Happy there's no twins in my family, buut turtles usually have clutches *tickles spot* your still worried huh? *snout smoooch*

Don: O.o How did that happen?

guRaidon: yes we should... Come on... Very Happy

Leatherhead: mmmm hmmmm *gently caresses her back, careful of shoulders*

Angel: not sure I went to pee ... And found him out here.... *amazed* he's certainly a big turtle... We missed the party Sexy Wink

Don: Party?

Angel: fight? Brawl? Attack? *gestures Don over to the massive golden dead guy* what do we do with the body?

Mel: * Tries to get up but is sore* Stupid dark turtle >​<

Don: Well, I would sure like to know how this whole thing went down. Because the way it looks right now, we're going to have three very angry brothers at our doorstep very soon. :/

Raph: ^^ ... O.o Clutches?? *faints*

guRaidon: *picks her up* Wink onward! *sets off*

Mel: *holds on* thanks

Erica: eeep! *lands on top* Raph?! Oooh dear....

Raph: *sloowly opens one eye* ..Twenty kids.. I dunno... wow...

Erica: *giggles* I doubt that will happen - I am not putting this body through twenty kids - but twins is likely *kisses* you okay?

(( Mikey& Ally cont from: ))

Mikey *lazily to Donnie from snugs* the big Gold turtle attacked - I tried to fight him, he pinned me, Leo pinned him, Raph cut his throat and I broke his neck Very Happy

Shaya *runs her hands down his shoulder, chest to his sides. small patterns on his skin and some in her mind play against his scales- tries not to make a noise or jarring motion when he gets close her shoulders. Still very happy being with him*

Angel: daaaaang - we in trouble now

Ally: ^^ My babeh's a heeeeero..

Mikey ^,^ kneeeeeeeeew it!! *smooochies*

Leatherhead: *avoids shoulders - draws gentle shapes down her back*

Mel : think your dad will be happy?

Erica: Smile *put her turtle to bed - encase of head injury from fainting - joins Angel and Donnie* whoa - even dead he looks big and dangerous

guRaidon: happy one is dead - buuuuut worried cause others will be on the war path.

Mel: yeah couldn't get them all at once

Angel: yeah no kidding - hehe heard a crash before is our bathroom still standing? Razz

Erica: yeah yeah - both bathroom and Raphael survived the moment - hi Pretty Eyes Very Happy

Don: Hi, Erica Smile

Erica: *hugs him* thank you for being concerned about tmba me Wink

Angel: Very Happy nawwwwws *giggles*

Mel: I think I might miss my lessons >​>​

guRaidon: nah I'll get you back in time - and mum will send you home with pain meds - *looking for his father*

Mel: worth a shot * looks around*

guRaidon: hey! that dude - Hank said if no lessons then no me time! and I'd miss that Wink

Mel: I know but I would think injuries would be different

Erica: *touches the big gold shell* should take this opportunity to see what makes them tick....

guRaidon: guess it depends on how much they bother you tomorrow

Mel: true where is your dad?

guRaidon: around somewhere Very Happy *still looking*

Mel: that he is. In his office?

guRaidon: you mean the great hall, dad does'nt want a office - says then people will know where to find and annoy him

Mel: * giggles* he is the leader

guRaidon: half leader, Uncle Don is too.... and he like wise prefers his lab to a office Very Happy

Mel: not surprised don't you have a phone or something to call your dad with?

Don:*hugs her back* No problem. I won't let anyone hurt you. Yes... *isn't sure he even wants to touch the specimen at this point*

Angel: *rubs head* he is such a caring guy huh?

Erica: yes ^,^ *kisses a cheek* mmm Don Raph... kinda mention you may be able to modify MetalHead a little to have a sonography addition to his capabilities - man - Mikey think you can roll Gold over?

Angel: really you want to look under his shell?

guRaidon: Wink hey dad! *spies him heading up a hall*

Mel: Raph!

Mikey *would rather not -* alright.... * grunts, tries... turtle is heavier than Raph - just! - pulls and gets him over* damn how much does Raph weigh?

Don: *comes to Mikey's aid*

Mikey * had almost been flattened by big turtle -* thanks Don... wow... think we will grow this big?

Don: A sonograph? Well, I never even thought about something like that for him. *considers it* I really doubt it, Mikey.

Erica: Smile please PrettyEyes - I will need scans... *rubs her bum bending to look closely at the big dead turtle*

Mikey phew - I mean we big enough as it is! Wink

Don *deadpans* ...yes *rolls his eyes at Mikey then looks at Erica* I'll see what I can do.

Mel: * waits for GuRaph*

Mikey exactly! *hugs his bro and Angel chuckling* ooooh Angel you smell like Donnie Razz

Angel: I like a healthy coating of Don thanks Razz

Erica: Thank you - Leatherhead can help -

Angel: ooooh wow you have grown a bump - look at dat O,o *reaches to rub it* wow though sooooo small right now Wink

guRaph: yeah? oh hey kids Very Happy

Mel: back in my world Gold was killed Raph so be on the lookout for trouble

guRaph: O,o Malcolm.... Gold is dead?

Mel: yeah he is got the wounds from while trying to help kill him

Erica: *proud of bump* yeah it grows! *showing itty bitty bump off to Don and Angel proudly - *

guRaph: oooooh - I am glad.... but - you guys.... we will need to be on call should his brothers - and they will - attack for this...

Don *smiles at Erica*

Mel: I know so better warn my brothers

Mikey hehehe it's cool Uncle Don to be - rub it! *his big hand rubs the itty bitty bump*

Angel: it was pretty cool

guRaph: mmmm Raidon get them portal hoppers - we need to be ready to act, a fight is coming and it's going down hard

Erica: Pretty Eyes!

Angel: Stretch!

Mikey .... yo D! Very Happy

Mel: while I have to go home

guRaidon: I'll take you and the hoppers *hugs* on it dad

Don: O.o I'm here.

Angel: ooooh you alright? *kisses cheek*

Mel: okay ^^

Don: I'm fine. Where were we?

Erica: hehe *kisses other cheek* well I was being bump touched - wanna touch? *offers itty bitty bump* - and then I was thinking to peel this turtles plastron off and learn all there is to learn about mutant turtles - the medical knowledge may be crucial... hopefully doesn't gross me out like the reckless gore this guy did earlier

guRaidon: *scoops her up - knuckle bumps his dad and skips off

Don *lightly rests his hand on her bump, smiling*

Mel: * Opens portal for the lair*

Erica: Smile I know it's small and theres still a great chance it could be lost - but soooooooo proud *lightly rests hands on his*

Angel: is cool Very Happy cant wait til its big enough for us to feel it moving

guRaidon: *has pouch full off hoppers and Mel in arms - steps through*

Mikey :d yeah Uncles Mikey Leo and Don Very Happy - best Uncles anywhere Razz

Don *smiles at Erica* And how are you feeling now? *nods to Mikey*

Mel: Mikey!

Erica: excited? scared? - both. all? - I hope I'm a good mum.... and at least can sort of keep down the nausea

Mikey hehe imagine Raph changing a diaper? *falls over laughing waving at Mel* hey!

guRaidon: hi all ...

Don Good. *smiles* I was hoping the nausea would let up in your second trimester. Hello. *to Raidon*

Mel: we need to be on the look out the dark turtles will want revenge

Erica: Smile me too, it was getting dangerous - I was extremely low blood pressured and dehydration threatening all the time - and soooo emotional because sick ... sorry about that - *hugs*

Mikey yeah no kidding Mel Very Happy as Angel said we in troooooooooooouble now

Don *blinks then hugs her back*

Angel: definitely - so if your going to hack this guy up better do it nawwws

Mel: * growls* not only that but you guys didn't notice I was gone! * has tears in her eyes*

Erica: *squeeze* just - thanks for always being there PrettyEyes - def owe you like ten or more coffees for everything *draws back nodding at Angel* yeah I should -... uh you joining me in the autopsy Don?

Mikey well Love was seeing to you - so as concerned as I was I though you'd be okay, Love is weird but treats you like a cub

Don: I suppose so. *there are some aspects he's certainly not looking forward to though*

Erica: you don't have to PrettyEyes - only if you are sure Smile and yes as Mikey says Mel I though you were okay with Love - glad you are okay Smile

Angel: and I was in bed - sorry gal

Don: I think it might be a good opportunity. *nods*

Erica: Smile yeah me too.... um you have tools we could use?

Don: They're in my lab. *goes to get them*

Mel: that doesn't matter you're one of my big brothers and you're supposed to look after me! * tears go down her cheeks*

guRaidon: oh come on Mel - you know if they thought you were unsafe with Love you'd have them mother henning you Wink *hugs and pulls her over -* whats happening here? *nods to the big dead turtle*

Don *comes back with the tools*

Erica: *hugs Mel* am glad you are okay - and sorry at that point I was still in shock from watching a head explode in front of me *and all over her* I would have been useless to you - thanks Pretty Eyes *pulls over a table for him to put them on*

Angel: *hangs back a little.... the big turtle already a bit pale thanks to blood loss*

Mel: I'm just sensitive with family stuff haven't had one in so long that it's way to easy for me to think that I'm being left alone again

Erica: Wink you'll get used to it

Mel: yeah I will but I need help with that I can't do it alone

Erica: *sighs and slips into hasmat suit her player gives her, duct tapes up the sleeves and around her ankles seleting a small circular saw once googles are in place and carefully begins to cut around the golden plastron*

Mikey *shifts uncomfortably watching though fascinated*

Mel: * sighs tired*

guRaidon: *hugging... watching also fascinated*

Mel: * falling asleep*

Don *also gears up and dives into the project*

Erica: wooooooooooooooooow look at the muscle attachments! no wonder you guys are strong! *oh yeah never mind the ick factor - learning time!!!!*

Don Heh...

Erica: Sorry Don - you want me to do this? I can take down my notes for you ... *is green herself but must know everything!*

Don No. I...I think I'm okay. *not really but is a trooper...and morbidly curious himself*

Erica: *touchs his hand* let me know - I... am finding it hard - as I carry one within.... but must know*

Angel: *knows a little bit about muscles - but not to the level they do*

Don *nods, giving her a gentle smile*

Erica: Smile We may need this to save you... a brother -... mmm Raph ... our... little ones... *finally plastron plastron section off, exposing muscles tot he entirety*

Angel: maybe .... *pokes a bit of plastron like its a giant spider and might bite*

Don *makes a face but keeps going* I know.

Erica: *smiles and nuzzles a shoulder* the curse of being the family medic huh?

Don Yeah. *sighs, looking through their findings*

Angel: hehehe yeah but if he looks too green I am dragging him off to the bathroom for a wash and then to bed for forget this sex Razz

Erica: *giggles* noted.... *waggles eyebrows playfully at them both helping him cut away one side of the muscle layer so they can see into the cavity -* oh wow......

Don *is not normally this squeamish when it comes to innards, but seeing it's like THEIR own innards...a hasty trip to the bathroom might end up happening...or to the trash bin* -_-

Angel: *finds bin*

Erica: *leveas innards for the moment to peel skin off a arm carefully - exposing muscle, bones and vessel structures* it's all very human like in placement and structure *swallows - can avoid the bin for now*

Don Mm... *is definitely looking pale but continues*

Angel: .... okay thats it - I am facing the other way *turns around holds out bucket - encase*

Don *glances at the bin then Angel, giving her a small smile, hoping he won't need that*

Erica: *exposes the hands - momentarily noting which tendons connected to which muscles to move which fingers or wrist and hand...* so.... mutation has not simply fused two fingers away to make three - they never developed - theres still residual small bones of them... *shudders*

Don Hm... *getting more pale -- that bin is starting to sound like a good idea now*

Erica: *shivers and peels skin away from shoulders and neck then half of Golds face exposing his deadly jaw of sharp teeth and thick muscles for bone crushing*

Don *okay...has had enough, grabs the bin and takes it with him in a mad dash for the bathroom* >​.<

Erica: *nods - shudders, not sure if she can make it - but going to! must - she might need it! will do it for her little one... ones?*

Angel: *right there with him* easy Stretch Smile you did good *rubs shell*

Don: *had thrown down his helmet/mask and dropped the bin as he makes it to the toilet to empty the contents of his stomach in there instead* Ugh! >​.<

Angel: *rubbs shell* some water?

Don *nods slowly as he sits down on the floor, leaning against the wall next to the toilet* I don't...I don't know how she does it. *feels embarrassed now*

Angel: you'll have to ask her - I have no idea and I consider myself a tough girl *brings him some water*

Don: *takes it and drinks it slowly* Thanks.

Angel: Smile *strokes spot* but I think she might throw up too at some point she was already green*

Don Heh... *leans into her touch, lowering the lid on the toilet, low churrs*

Erica: *still green - gagging but must go on! must know! - is noting everything down -*

Don Maybe you should take that bin back out to her. I'll be out in a minute.

Angel: *kiss kiss kiss over his head* feel better? - Mikey! take the bin out!

Mikey *dashes in - pale himself- grabs bin and dashes out*

Don *nods* Yeah. I think I do. I just...not sure I can do that anymore.

Angel: then don't Wink I am sure Erica will make sure you have the notes

Erica: thaaaanks Mikey *gags... heaves.... shudders but continues -*

Don *smiles at her then slowly gets to his feet* I need to clean up quick...then we can go to bed. Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Portal Hopping Pt 61 - 70 (guGold killed - guViolet de-mutated)   Mon Aug 08, 2016 5:04 pm

Pt. 65

Previously on Portal Hopping:

Mikey *dashes in - pale himself- grabs bin and dashes out*

Don *nods* Yeah. I think I do. I just...not sure I can do that anymore.

Angel: then don't Wink I am sure Erica will make sure you have the notes

Erica: thaaaanks Mikey *gags... heaves.... shudders but continues -*

Don *smiles at her then slowly gets to his feet* I need to clean up quick...then we can go to bed. Smile


Mel: Okay who left a cut open dark turtle in the middle of the floor? *Is drugged up on painkillers from her injuries and rarely takes them so is a bit high*

Erica: don't touch anything I just did a detailed autopsy of Gold! *tired, pale but learned a lot...*

Mel: Well it's one way to make sure he's dead you're not getting up after that

Erica: I needed to learn about mutant turtles inner workings, as I am pregnant with one... Let me clean up.... Leatherhead help?

Mel: Whatever don't care about that stuff more concerned with the dark turtles getting revenge

Erica: hey Red Wink *cleaning up big turtle she took apart with Leatherhead*

Raph: O.o *tosses his cookies*

Erica: o,O sorry.... *hurriedly leaves Leatherhead to it and brings over some water* learned a lot though, should be better able to treat you your brothers and our little one... Ones?

Raph: >​.< Well I do hope you never have to gut me..

Erica: nawwww Red I would not

Shaya I hope not

Erica: no! A dead evil turtle is one thing provided necessary medical knowledge *sniffs,* I wouldn't do it for kicks!

Raph: O.o wait.. are you cryin'? Don't do that! >​.< *hugs*

Erica: *from hugs* no... Jus a lil dusty

Raph: *phew*

Erica: *sighs and kisses Raph's cheek* Smile *belly growls* o,O better silence those gremlins... Wonder if we haz yogurt? Oooh and pickles?! *smoochies to Raph cheek - hurries to kitchen*

Mel: I don't get why I'm jealous ... just about everything hell Erica has a family I really don't I just feel alone

Hank: you do so, and school Razz *hugs* ... *stinks from work* I'm shower and try that again Razz >Smile *pounces and hugs Erica whilst stinky...*

Shaya *smiles at the family silliness*

Erica: ewwwww! *baps him with spoon* go wash smelly man! Very Happy

Mel: At times it doesn't feel like it * has tears in her eyes*

Hank: no must cover my girls in my stank! *grabs them both and snugs, nuzzling both with chin that's got pickles from not shaving*

Leatherhead: *chuckles*

Mel: Get off!

Hank: alright Very Happy - *lets go* Wink must shower! *scurries off*

Shaya Cute family moment huh Big Guy?

Erica: *giggling... Goes back to fridge searching* now I stink lol - hungry Red?! *half inside fridge*

Leatherhead: indeed Razz looked like fun Very Happy

Mel: I don't know the meaning of family

Hank: *clean - has on tightie whites and a singlet drying his hair* you will Very Happy

Mel: Put on some pants!

Erica: *happy as a clam - made some cheese toasties (for Red - can't really stomache cooked foods right now) haz yogurt and pickles* coming Raph? *heading to The Spot*

Hank: ? I'm working on it - *spies a bright pink colorful wrap around skirt - meh it'll do - puts it on like a pro* there better Very Happy

Raph: Mmhmm... *follows- would scoop her up, but may cause her to drop all that food O.o* Need me to carry somethin'?

Erica: mmm *grins and offers him, his toasties* :* all for you Wink

Hank: what? - what about us? Very Happy *can't find brush - so just messes his hair up* get lots of rest baby ... *hugs Erica carefully - kneels kisses small bump then stands and moves over to site with Shaya and Leatherhead*

Leatherhead: *snigger* nice skirt*

Hank: thanks Very Happy

Mel: just in general * growls in jealousy*

Mikey Oo? stop grumping Mel Very Happy

Mel: why?

Mikey guess you new dad is sort of an ass but he's also cool Razz

Mel: that's putting it mildly on the ass side of things

Raph: Aww, thanks.. *tugs her in bed for cuddles and yummies*

Erica: *chuckling - snuggling - and munching pickles dipped in yogurt* Smile

Hank: thanks honey Very Happy

Mel: let's just face it I have no place anywhere * does feel like that*

Shaya hey Hank. nice shade of pink

Mikey really? even though straight from work that man just called you one of his gals and hugged you?

Hank: thanks Shaya - I think it suits me Very Happy

Shaya It wasn;t what I expected you to wear is all

Hank: Very Happy well it fits *smiles* sooo what has been going on whilst I was at work?

Mel: one of the dark turtles was killed got injured from that

Leatherhead: *rolls onto back bringing Shaya onto his belly for snugs*

Hank: Ack! *slips sideways at Gators move*

Erica: ^^ *snugs and slips free - skipping to take her empties to a bin, wash her spoon, Raphs plate... then gather all her notes on the dissected turtle, coffees and toasties for Angel and Don wondering if she'd find them in lab or room - try Lab*

Shaya *snuggles right back, slowly drifting to sleep*

Leatherhead: *nuzzle nuzzles and snugs snout smooch*

Shaya I'm tired, your comfy. *yawn* You are my pillow for the night. Smile

Leatherhead: I am not arguing Very Happy

Erica: *left the stack of papers on Donnie's desk carefully so nothing is knocked around, then takes tray to knock on his room door*

Angel: *snorts - jerks half awake - glares at door*

Don: Hmmmm?

Erica: *pokes head in* may I pop in for a moment?

Angel: *waves hand - doesn't mind in the slightest*

Don *rolls over, opening his eyes* Okay...

Erica: *giggles and slips inside -* just bringing you both some refreshment and food - I left my notes on your desk Don Smile

Angel: ooooh thanks girlfriend was wondering if I should drag Stretch out for refueling Razz - now I don't have to Very Happy

Don *slowly sits up and rubs his eyes* Thanks, Erica. So, you finished, huh? Did you, um...have any interruptions?

Erica: *smiles and sits carefull on bed edge* quiet a few... *sheepish* I think I even passed out once

Angel: O,o

Don: *smiles* Well, you did better than I did*sighs* I'm sorry about that. Normally I'm not that squeamish...

Erica: *chuckles and cups his cheek* I shouldn't have asked you to join in - it was too close... I'm sorry - *pecks his forehead and gestures* come on love birds yous need food Very Happy and coffee

Angel: *chuckles* alright alright I'll eat... leave your big guy in bed huh?

Erica: yes fed and tucked in - looooooooove those snores

Don *smiles* Thank you for everything, Erica.

Angel: yeah girlfriend - thanks

Erica: Smile naaaaaaaaaaw thank yous - for being cool and always here - especially when I go emotionally crazy *sheepish again*

Don *smiles* Well, it hasn't been that bad. But we always will be here for you. And my brother and even your son or daughter.

Angel: *giggles munching on a toastie* even if you have been crazy Razz

Erica: *chuckles* exactly - thank yous *hugs them carefully them reaches to give them their coffees* oooor more than one... Raph and I both think there is a son growing in any case *rubs bump* I should go - Wink night you two

Angel: night Very Happy

Erica: *slips away - back to The Spot cuddling back into Raph and going to sleep*
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PostSubject: Re: Portal Hopping Pt 61 - 70 (guGold killed - guViolet de-mutated)   Mon Aug 08, 2016 5:05 pm

Pt. 66

Previously on Portal Hopping:

Angel: *giggles munching on a toastie* even if you have been crazy Razz

Erica: *chuckles* exactly - thank yous *hugs them carefully them reaches to give them their coffees* oooor more than one... Raph and I both think there is a son growing in any case *rubs bump* I should go - Wink night you two

Angel: night Very Happy

Erica: *slips away - back to The Spot cuddling back into Raph and going to sleep*


Leo: I am taking a much needed nap

Mel: Really Leo?

Leo: really

Mel: When there's a zombie outbreak?

Mel: By the way Erica disected the dark turtle that was killed here

Mikko: Nooooooooooooooooooooooo​ooooooooooooooooooo

Mel: Mikko! *Tackles her*

Shaya What are you two doing"

Mel: She's the one that summoned that turtle and because of that the others will have revenge

Mikko: ACK!

Shaya Mikko, seriously? You could have waited until he came back to fuck him.

Mikko: what now?

Mel: You have unleashed fucking hell on us! There was a plan to kill all the dark turtles at once but now we had to kill one and be on the look out for revenge! *Punches her*

Mikko: stop hitting me!

Mel: Why should I?! You caused this mess!

Mikko: I did nothing! I simply wanted cuddles

Mel: From a crazy turtle that rapes and kills and eats humans?!

Mikko: so does Love but no one is scared of her

Mel: Love acts sane and doesn't do it all the time nor does she try to hurt people just because it's fun!

Mikko: you don't know that

Mel: Well she's not here so I can't ask her! But that turtle proved he was gonna do it no matter what!

Mikko: *hides behind Don* Mel as lost her mind

Shaya Mikko if you wanted cuddles, or even sexy cuddles you could have asked almost any one in the group. I'm sure Hank is a lonely soul too.

Don O.o What's going on?

Mikko: I wanted giant evil turtle cuddles...maybe next time I'll summon the purple one

Mel: Are you fucking insane or stupid?!

Mikko: i live dangerously

Shaya Not a great idea hon.

Mel: So did I but I wasn't stupid or crazy enough to think that going after gangs was a good idea!

Mikko: ugh! you all are no fun.

Mel: You don't get it Mikko did you take drugs and get your brain fried?!

Mikko: yes

Mel: Mikko then you just become that stupid

Shaya I am a bore. I know this. Comes with the nervous bookworm persona

Spike: *grabs Mel* lets cuddle!

Mel: *Struggles* Let go!

spike: nope *doesn't run off with Mel just takes her right there*

Mel: Stop it! *Stabs him and screams*

Spike: your stabbing does nothing! *punches her*

Mel: *Is punched* Let me go! *Cries struggling*

Love: *tackles Spike to the ground and eats him*

Mel: *Curls up on the ground sobbing*

Love: kitten! *curls up around Mel and snuggles*

Mel: He got me this time! *Cries harder*

Love: *pets* there there. I ate him he can't hurt you no more *squeezes*

Mel: *Clings sobbing* I've been hurt by a lot of different ways but not by that!

Love: you will be hurt no more! I'm bringing you to Bishop so he can mutate you into a powerful mutant.

Mel: What?!

Love: yeah! like me! ^^

Mel: No way Love!

Love: don't you want to be like me?

Mel: That won't stop people from raping me! And I don't wanna be an experiment!

Mikey *yawns* it will if you are stronger and faster and come with weaponry like claws or teeth and or armor Sad *scoops up both her and Love and hugs*

Love: ok ok no mutating. ^^ *snuggles*

Mel: *Clings to Mikey sobbing*

Ally: Very Happy I like creme...

Erica: *yawns stretches * it is good stuff huh Ally?

Mikey *pulls Ally into snugs wid him, Mel and Love*

Mel: Spike just did it right here!

Ally: Very Happy Yesh! *snuuuugs her turtle*

Mikey *churrs nuzzling nuzzles nuzzles his Ally, and Mel, pats pat Love*

Mel: *Continues to cling and cry feeling violated*

Love: purrrrrrr

Mel: It hurt Mikey *Continues to cling to Mikey*

Erica: Master Splinter! Very Happy check this out! *shows off tiny bump*

Mikey *snugs snuggles*

Master Splinter *amused - Shen used to do the same - gently touches* growth is good - you look well

Erica: yeah well managing to actually eat anything that's not cooked Wink

Shaya Not cooked recently at least

Master Splinter Ah I see - hello Shaya Smile - Raphael been taking care of you? *looks about - oh there's Ally and Mikey* ^^

Shaya Hello Master Splinter.

Erica: of course Wink heyo Shaya

Ally: I'm trying to make you a granddaddy Very Happy

Master Splinter you'll succeed in here *still rubbing Ericas bump* Very Happy

Vic: *eats Tiph's face to relieve Don* ^^

Ally: But finger food it you know... just a warm up Wink

Don O.O Why did you do that? >​.<

Vic: ...because she was trying to eat you?

Don She wasn't trying to eat me. It was only kissing.

Vic: ...*fangs dripping with blood* Oops? Sad(

April: bit of a cradle robber Wink she's almost twice your age Smile

Don: She is? O.o I thought she was in her twenties.

Karai: -.- I knew this was a bad idea. *mumbles-get him alone and some redhead steals the show*

Mel: *Snuggles close to Mikey her spirit feeling broken*

April: it says 33 under her avatar Razz

Erica: hi Karai Smile

Vic: Very Happy ...and I'm only 16 Wink ...never mind that bothersome 300+ years I was in stasis.. that matters not

Don: Then I guess looks can be deceiving... :/

Erica: hi Vic

April: they can indeed *hugs*

Angel: boy like him the older girls Razz I'm 19 Wink

Vic: *waaaves at Erica and gives her a sniff. She almost smells human... alllllmost. Has that faint hint of mutant* ...Oh my

Don *sighs* I won't know until I ask her her age...and I'm not about to do that.

Master Splinter mmmm a woman that age should know better - bloody cougars Razz one part crashed *tail point at Mikey* your next Wink

Erica: Smile look Vic! *shows of bump to her and Karai...*

Mel: *Curls up tighter and grabs her switchblade looking at it*

Vic: *squees, because she has a soft spot for babies and baby bumps and thinks it ubber adorable* ....May I?

Karai: *Just eyes the bump.. slightly curious, but would never let it show.*

Erica: *nods - proud as a peacock* sure Very Happy

Leatherhead: *chuckling, shaking water off, he went swimming*

Vic: Very Happy *presses her hand lightly against Erica's lil bump.... so warm! And her heightened senses can even detect the faint movements within.. it is pretty clear that this child is not human. Surprised, though really shouldn't be..stranger things have happened. She was living proof* I will not tell you the gender because you may want to be surprise.. so I shall refer to as 'it' with no disrespect. But.. it is healthy! ^^

Master Splinter *watches Vic and Erica and Karai - pleased to see such pride*

Erica: Smile Raph and I were going to find out gender on the first scan Very Happy *all the prouder gestures Karai closer - don't be shy* so don't tell me unless he's here Razz

Mel: * Looks at the blade knows how sharp it is*

Shaya Hey Big Guy.

Mikey *takes knife and throws it away - smoooches Ally's cheek*

Mel: Mikey!

Master Splinter awes - not even how many are in there? Very Happy

Leatherhead: hello SweetOne *snout smooch*

Mikey no Mikey me! *nuzzles nuzzles*

Mel: Why? *Tears in her eyes*

Erica: no no.... Only if Red is here too Wink *is happy regardless ... even if worried for Mel... Will have to hug her shortly*

Vic: My lips are sealed. You two should find out in your own way, when the time is right. Wink *may have been out of it for 300 years, but knows this is something sacred*

Erica: Smile thanks... Think I left him in bed ... heh will go back soon *likes this girl - vamp? - hugs*

Mel: Why Mikey?

Mikey cause no! - hehehe

Shaya SweetOne. *giggles* has Erica got you on her nicknaming gimmick?

Vic: ^^ *snugs* Aww, someone who isn't afraid to touch me.

Mikey I already have my strut down for when it is our turn Razz *nips Ally's shoulder*

Ally: *purrrrrs* Very Happy

Leatherhead: yes she has Very Happy and it suits - your very caring Wink *hugs*

Erica: *smiles* No not afraid Wink *snugs*

Mel: *Goes to the kitchen*...*Falls to the ground sobbing feeling horrible*

TC: you should be lil mouse

Erica: not of Vic, or you no more Wink *reachs and thumbs stroke his nose in a love heart shape motion*

TC: *flops over on back purrrrr purrrrr*

Erica: *giggles, kisses Vic's cheek and winkies sneaking back to The Spot to resume snugs*

Mikey ^__________^ *snuggles Ally - smoooochies*

Master Splinter Smile *sits on TC*

Mel: *Doesn't get why everyone is so happy right when she got traumatized by Spike and it makes her feel worse curls up under the table*

Shaya *smiles and snugs the Big alligator*

Leatherhead: *happy gator rumbles, smooochie*

Master Splinter exciting huh Karai? Smile i'ma be a grand daddy Very Happy ... *drags Mel over with tail to snug*

Mel: Hey! *Struggles*

Karai: *has never been around babies.. thinks of them in the same light as screaming, pooping, smelly five headed aliens*

Ally: *snogs like whoa!*

Raph: *snugs*

Erica: tickles his spot, cuddles - smooooch*

Mel: Why are you guys so happy?

Mikey *from snogs that cause him to flop over in dazed happies* mmmmm! Us soooooommmm!

Master Splinter I am happy, going to be a grand dad - *hugs Mel* not happy you were hurt - Smile

Mel: To me it seems to be a bit messed up to be happy with what Spike did. Yeah great Erica is having a good pregnancy but I just went through hell and it seems like people are more interested in making out *Tears go down her cheeks feels hurt*

Hank: *has stolen a time turner - darts out of no where grabs Mel* we'll fix it before it happens! Come! *time turner poofies*

Angel: well that was random...

Mel: *Is grabbed* That won't stop the memories!

Angel: Don I think I should have stayed in bed.... *but is up now might as well make coffee to deal with the crazy

Hank: um yes it will cause it won't have happened now stay here I'ma kill the son of a bitch before he hurts one of my girls... Then I have to take you back with renewed past, take this back to the witch I stole it off and get back to work! Stay!

Mel: *Shakes her head* Is that a way to fix problems?! Then why couldn't you do the same and turn back time before my mom was killed!

Hank: cause that's part of your character history take it up with your writer - this happened here in Chatzy, I'ma fix it here in Chatzy >​,>​ stay!! *dissappears momentarily*

Mel: Why do I even bother? Either they try to make it seem like it never happened or they just don't understand it

Hank: *knocks Past Spike out whilst cuddling past Mel, knocks her out too, the shots the bastard in the head.

Don: Huh?

Mel: * can only wait*

Hank: do you want it to have happened !? >​,>​ stop whining, let's go, we fixed something that should not have happened now back to the present and I must get back to work! *grabs her and goes back*

Angel: here Stretch have a coffee Very Happy

Mel: And this got rid of the memories how this isn't Men in Black!

Hank: *raises eyebrow, if it didn't happen there ain't no memories* dont tempt me to rob them too gotta go

Mel: * doesn't know what the fuck just happened*

Don *takes the coffee, sitting with her* What's going on?

Angel: *sips hers* the usual crazy Smile

Hank: I got to go back to work, listen to your tutors Mel and when I am not here stay close to Mikey, Leatherhead or Erica Wink see you *box vanish!*

Angel: o,O *watchs man in box run away* see usual crazy....

Mel: I don't even know are you sure he's daddy material Erica?

Master Splinter hello Angel, Donatello - are you also trying to make me more grand babies? *curious old rat* and sorry for spoiling your fun in KN Razz *is not*

Shaya: Tipsy old rat ruining his teen boys fun
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PostSubject: Re: Portal Hopping Pt 61 - 70 (guGold killed - guViolet de-mutated)   Mon Aug 08, 2016 5:06 pm

Pt. 67

Previousy on Portal Hopping:

Hank: I got to go back to work, listen to your tutors Mel and when I am not here stay close to Mikey, Leatherhead or Erica Wink see you *box vanish!*

Angel: o,O *watchs man in box run away* see usual crazy....

Mel: I don't even know are you sure he's daddy material Erica?

Master Splinter hello Angel, Donatello - are you also trying to make me more grand babies? *curious old rat* and sorry for spoiling your fun in KN Razz *is not*

Shaya: Tipsy old rat ruining his teen boys fun


Mikko: MIKEY!

Mikey MIKEY! Yeeeeea- wait I'm Mikey!!

Mikko: *makes out with Mike*

Mikey *runs away* Nooooo I am a AllyTurtle only! Snog Donnie! *hides behind said brother*

Erica: *yawns*

Mikey *shakes that tail!!*

Mikko: *grabs tail*

Erica: *shakes ass -*

Spike: *tackles Mel*

Erica: *socks Spike in the nose* off of her!

Mikey *tackles Spike off*

Spike: you put a sock on my nose?

Erica: Smile maybe...

Mel: Why me?! Spike leave me alone! *Stabs him*

Spike: *tackles Erica*

Mel: *Stabs Spike again*

Erica: *punches this itme*>​,< *shoving Spike off*

Spike: * vanishes*

Erica: *grrrrrrrrrrr* coward! I kick your ass next time!! you, my sister stop stabbing senselessly *takes knife and shows her* aim for the major arteries - wrists thigh throat, all will bleed out in second, man can't rape you if no blood *gives knife back - rubs knuckles... Bit bruised*

Mel: Thanks but he won't stop It's getting really scary

Spike: *comes back in and dances*

Mikey *herds girls away*

Mel: Why won't he stop Mikey? *Is herded away*

Erica: *forgets Spike, protected by Mikey - shakes her ass*

Mikey *shrugs* dudes weird Razz *on guard! - serious face!*

Erica: *covers boobs* no thanks! Very Happy *shake shake shakes that booty*

Mikko: I'm so sexy

Erica: yeeeeeah ya are Wink *giggles*

Mikko: ^^ *makes out with Erica*

Erica: *dodges* no no no! As sexy as you are only one gets the snoggies here!

Mikko: *sighs* Gabe is never in chat

Bella: *runs up to Rogue and pats her head then starts singing purple pills in her adorable little voice*

Erica: nawwwww - I'm sure he'll be back Very Happy *pats Mikkos shoulder* ...

Mikko: *strips*

Mikey *pouties* annnnd Ally?

Gabe: I WAS in chat, until you fucked a frog. -.- So.. I'm not needed here.

Mikko: he was a turtle.

Ally: I'm here!

Erica: o.O.... *backs up... Pats Mikey's head* yes of course

Mikko: give it time, Gabe. your player will hook you up with another girl for the sake of drama

Mikey oooh you were right!! Ally! *knocks Erica over in rush to snoggle toff his princess!!*

Ally: Very Happy

Erica: ack!!

Mikey mmmmmmm mmm ! There you are my precious! *gollum voice - snoggly cuddles*

Erica: *from floor* naaaaw cute

Bella and Mikko: These chicks don't even know the name of my band! but they all on me like they wanna hold hands!

Erica: >Smile I always swallow Razz annnnd supposedly good for hair and skin.... *gets up*

Hank: *very busy building box fort*

(( going to stop coloring cause it takes too long))

Espionata: The female kitten has gone nuts lol

Love: I have not

Espionata: Not you Love lol

Erica: that's debatable Razz hi Love

Love: ^^

Lexi: Eze's a good catch. He would make some gal very lucky

Eze: you saying you want me, Lexi?

Lexi: *ruffles his hair* i'm saying that if I wasn't madly in love with Laz.. Wink

Eze: *shoots Laz* there no more Laz

Erica: O,o

Lexi: O.O *SOBS!*

Eze: there there. he wasn't good for you anyway

Zombie Laz: *goes after Eze*

Erica: *goes to see if she can patch - oooooh forget that! - runs away!*

Lexi: ....^^

Watch: *the zombie - staggers over - grunts out hi to zombie Laz in zombienese*

Mel: Erica zombies are talking to eachother Oo

Lexi: ...*wonders if she has to get bitten to ever have sex with him again without it being.. weird*

Erica: intriguing.... *stays out of reach but sits to listen*

Hank: *in box fort -*

Laz: *does the thriller dance*

Watch: *joins in - hand falls off - but keeps dancing*

Erica: ...... Very Happy *joins in* ...*in the back - out of reach of teeth*

Mel: Hank get out of the box fort XD

Hank: nooooooo *pokes head out of a spot* come join me

Mel: Why?

Hank: cause my box fort is awesome *and full of cats cause cats like boxes too*

Mel: It is?

Erica: O,o - riiiiiiiiiiight going to shower *didn't want to think of it - invariably looks at her own in mirror*

Lexi: You guys are all worried about nipples and shit and I'm over here like.. my boyfriend's a zombie. Sad ...I don't want to find another man!! *cries*

Laz: yeah but I'm like, a functional zombie

Erica: *gives Lexi a wet hug*

Lexi: *huuuugs*

Watch: O,O his fellow Zombie can speak humanese!*

Laz: *hugs*

Erica: no biting! *snug snug* his player can revive him *hugs hugs*

TC: mmmm *perves*

Mel: Shouldn't we get rid of the zombies? Or give them to the dark turtles?

Erica: *wriggles out of hug and dashes back to enjoy shower*

Mikko: oh yes the dark turtles I was suppose to be summing the purple one

Hank: noooooo! he'll destroy my box fort Very Happy

Raph: *joins*

Mel: Why do you want to summon them Mikko?!

Erica: *snogs*

Raph: >Smile

Mikko: because we need a llittle madness in here!

Mel: Didn't you learn last time?!

Mikko: nothing happen to me last time

Mel: We could've been killed!

Mikko: you could have been killed, I would have been fine

Mel: If you try I will slit your throat!

Mikko: you will not, shorty can't even reach my throat

Erica: ... >Smile read my mind

Mel: You would be surprised Mikko

Mikko: nothing surprises me anymore

Mel: And don't call me shorty!

Mikko: *pat pat then starts summing turtles*

Mikey: *summons go wrong - small clones appear*

Mel: Mikko you better stop!

ikko: awwwwwww so small *snuggles*

Gold: *squeals happily - is snuggled*

MDonnie won't be too thrilled when he learns GUGold was killed...

Mel: I wanna see Raidon

Erica: *tucked her big turtle in bed - shivering from smexins still - skips out of The Spot*

Mel: I wanna see Radion

Master Splinter: oooooh shower sex often good Razz

Erica: have you done your lessons today?

Angel: your perky Wink

Mel: What do you think >​>​

Erica: ... thats why I asked Smile you either did and you can go see lover boy - or you did not and have to miss out... oooo little clones! nnnuuuuuu so cute!

Violet: *has found Don's lab -* O,O whooooooa! *quickly toddles in - soooo many shinnies! and buttons!*

Mel: Like I had a choice

Master Splinter: Hello Shaya Very Happy how are you?

Erica: Very Happy thats great! so you can go sees him Very Happy I think Dad has the portal hoppers

Mel: *Goes to Hank* Hank

Crimson: *found way into TheSpot - climbs onto big bed with difficulty - climbs over very big turtle.... sungs on his pillow and goes sleepies too*
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PostSubject: Re: Portal Hopping Pt 61 - 70 (guGold killed - guViolet de-mutated)   Mon Aug 08, 2016 5:07 pm

Pt. 68

Previously on Portal Hopping:

Mel: Like I had a choice

Master Splinter: Hello Shaya Very Happy how are you?

Erica: Very Happy thats great! so you can go sees him Very Happy I think Dad has the portal hoppers

Mel: *Goes to Hank* Hank

Crimson: *found way into TheSpot - climbs onto big bed with difficulty - climbs over very big turtle.... sungs on his pillow and goes sleepies too*


Mikko: *smooches Mike*

Mikey *runs away* I told you

Mikko: Mama does not like Ally's neck and head to be cold

Mikey I'ma Ally only turtle boy!

Mel: Mikey ^^

Ally: Very Happy My guy is full of hawtness

Mikko: my guy hordes women's cloths

Gabe: O:-) I can't help it they be leavin' their shit

Mel: *Glomps Mikey* XD

Leo: O.O

Mel: *Snuggles close*

Mikey: Wink

Leo: I am trying to help and you want to explode my brain?

Mel: So anything interesting today?

Mel: So no evil turtles?

Mel: Anyone that would summon them would be Mikko like the drug fried stupid person she is

Mikey ... no Ally!!! *happy careful tackle glomps*

Ally: *pounces and liiicks* ^^

mikko: I'ma summon the purtple one

Mikey ^______________________________________________________________________^ *lickie licks licks*

Shaya Seriously? After last time Mikko?

Ally: Unless Mikey wants to go for another round Wink

Mel: No Mikko!

Mikko: last time was with the crazy one, now I'm summoning a different one

Mel: They're all crazy!

Mikko: no not the purple one

Erica: *tumbles out of portal mud were cloths once was - leaves and stuff in hair* .... wasn't me! *innocent face*

Mel: Mikko they rule Raidon's world and they go and kill other world turtles!

Mikko: what's the purple's one name?

Erica: Violet - though his human name is Duncan - why?

Gabe: -.- I'm takin' back seat to Turtles again, eh?

Mel: Erica Mikko wants to summon him

Mikko: Gabe stop being such a bitch

Mikko: *calls on Duncan then laughs at the name*

Erica: awwwww *would offer Gabe consoling huggles but is all muddy and leafy and nude - not appropriate right now!* mmmm where'd Red get to?

Gabe: O.o Bitch? O.o Whtever. Have fun with yer Turtles. *shoulda known better than try to be faithful to one girl. Walks out*

Mikey *vague gesture from Ally snogs*

Ally: Very Happy *snooogs*

Spike: HA! bitch!

Raph: O.o Erica? What happened to you...

Mel: Mikko stop!

guViolet: *appears - was in the middle of trying out a new weapon - is forcing a 'not willing volunteer' to swallow* O,o...

Mikko: nothing seems to be happening. I lost my magic. oh there he is! yay

Mel: Oh no Mikko you moron!

Erica: Raph! ^,^ oh you know jungling it up - portals and things - but I am okay Smile *hurries away from big purple turle to Raph, fast!!!*

guViolet: - *drops the human that is dissolving into a puddle of goop screaming in pain - huh new toy works! - glares at others* whom summoned me?!

Mel: She did! *Points to Mikko*

Miikoo: Meeeeeeee

Mel: How are we gonna kill this guy?!

guViolet: *lost interest in the group - curling his upper lip and drawing scents in.... his golden brother was here -!! - hears what Mel says* X-(

Mikko: yeah I was helping yer brother out and then Mel killed him!

Mel: What?!

Mel: Me kill a six foot plus turtle you know how impossible that is?!

Mikko: hey I seen it. I was Gold's looooover and you killed him. *sobs*

Mikey *rolled to take Ally out of the line of fire - grabs Mel and shields her to glaring back at this bigger meaner Don reject* it was me! I killed him - >​,<

Shaya HEY! You two, quit acting out. *Sigh*

Mel: Mikey what are we gonna do?

Shaya At least this one could be walked to... I think. *Steps back unsure if to be terrorized from the goo or to ask how the heck he created the powerful fluid*

guViolet: actually Gold was six foot two inches and weighed almost - grrrrrrrr not important *almost went geek - lunges for Mikey - seemingly in a rage - but its a calculated strike ready fro the smaller turtles reactions*

Mikko: no one is going to eat me

Mel: *Glares and tries to slip behind guViolet unnoticed*

Mikey *realises too late his dodge left brings him right into the bigger turtles grips* fuck

Hank: *grabs Mel* you can't fight him *drags her off*

Don *comes at him from the side with his Bo* Back off!

Mel: But Daddy! I gotta do something! *Squirms loose* He won't kill Mikey!

Mikko: hey hey! I didn't bring you here to fight.

guViolet: *the calculate move brought Mikey into his fist - is hit with the staff - glares at this worlds his original* and did you - you have a part in my brothers demise?! *

Don I only dissected him to find out how you guys tick! *keeps the staff between him and the beast, gripping it tightly*

Mikey *picking himself up - tests jaw*

Shaya And there goes our chance to reason with a fellow mutant.

Mikko: *sighs*

Shaya Do you know how to un-summon a turtle?

Mikko: no. but I was hoping the purple one would talk things out but noooo everyone has to attack him

guViolet:*thats stops him for a few moments - nictating membrans sliding up - snarling, long tail smacking against Donnie's right ankle*

Don Whoa! *can't jump in time and lands hard on his shell, groans*

Shaya My thoughts exactly. Mind you Mikko, I thought you were trying to sex this one up; again.

Mikey *rolls to his feet -

Mikko: sex is always nice. but I would like to get to know these turtles better

Mikko: you noticed my boyfriend walks out on me the moment I don't pay attention to him.

Hank: >​,>​ you realise your doing nothing but pissing him off Mel?

Don *slowly gets to his feet*

guViolet: *knocks those feet out from under this Don again* maybe I should do to you what our Cyan did to our Don? >Very Happy *stands on his plastron - hard*

Shaya Can you blame him? He wants all of your hottie goodness. Jealous and hurt from your flings hon.

Don *tries getting up but can't* ...... *eyes wide*

Shaya Also the guys need help. * worried looking over*

Mikko: maybe. he's probably having flings too, Eze told me he's never faithful, and that i shouldn't hold my breath.

Don: Metalhead! Where are yoooooooou?

guViolet: *grins* or force feed you one of these new toys* presses weight down on Don -*

Mikko: *goes up to Violet and taps his shoulder* could you not do that?

Don *squeezes eyes shut, can hardly breathe*

Metalhead: O.o *bulldozes into Violet, cannons at the ready.. and BLASTS!!*

Shaya: looks like an attack dog pile there

Mikko: *was in line of fire, gets blown up* X.X

Raph: *Was about to jump Violet, but MH beat him to it*

Shaya *goes to Mikko* Mikko? Hon, Speak to me!

Mikko: I got blown up!

Don Guys... *is getting the life crushed out of him* >​.<

Shaya Can you move? *happy she can talk*

guViolet: *roars - is literally blasted off Don - is on one piece - for now - bleeding though... grabs Mel and throws her away, tosses small emp grenade at MetalHead*

Mikko: yes. *gets up*

Mel: *Hits the grown hard and struggles to get up* We're gonna kill you!

MH: X-( *catshes with ease and rushes Violet again, shoving it into his mouth!*

Don *coughs, struggling for breath, definitely can't get up right now*

Erica: O,o - *helps Mel up* you should stay with Dad*

guViolet: >​,< *spits it out*

Erica: Duncan! - I dissected Malcolm!

Mikko: I need to even the playing field. I have to summon the others!

Shaya Are you kidding?!

Mikko: maybe

Raph *kneels down beside Don* You okay, bro? Anything broken?

Mel: Mikko don't! *Holds onto Erica* But gotta do something

MH: *baaaarfs retromutagen on Violet*

Mikko: this robot has all kinda tricks

Don I...think he might have...cracked some ribs. *pants, gulping in what air he can get*

guViolet: *grabs MH by the head - was just trying to rip off his head - though frozen staring at this Erica* your alive... why? ... *- now is shrinking....*


Mel: That retro stuff the dark turtle is changing *Leans heavily on Erica*

Raph: *glares at Love* Don't touch 'im.. shit's broken... *mildly freaking out, has no idea what to do* SENSEI!!! >​.<

Love: *stops touching*

Don *groans in pain* >​.<

Erica: *watching fascinated as Duncan shrinks* Duncan?

Mel: We can bring big brother to Raidon's world his mom is a medic

Mikko: O.o he's getting tinny!

Jake: *wanders in and watches, waiting for one huuuuge turtle to shrink.. always wanted a pet turtle!* ^^

Shaya What's going on? *slides up beside Erica and Mel*

guViolet: arrrrgh my cells are reverting.... to their original state.... *groans* Erica... *hugs*

Jake: *in his widdle five year old voice* Hurry up alweady, I ain't got all day!

Mel: He's becoming a normal turtle I think *Groans in pain*

Erica: *glad he is shrinking - pats his head* it'll be over soon - *soon holding small wriggling hatchling box turtle* um.... here? *holds it out to Jake*

Mikko: baby! *hugs jake and kidnaps him*

Erica: Mel... Don....! *drags Mel and Shaya over to Raph and Don*

Jake: O.o We fogot tuwtle!

Don *is about to pass out from the pain*

Mikko: *runs back and get the turtle and hands it to him* there ya go!

Mel: *Is dragged over* Hi Raphie big brother *Is struggling not to pass out*

Erica: BigRed *kisses cheek* use portal hopper to summon guKim - Pretty Eyes - how bad is it? *sees he's just about out of it* on second thought Red can you carry your brother - we'll go there - Dad! bring Mel!

Don *eyes closed* H...hurts... *still struggling to breathe, coughs weakly*

Mel: Can I pass out now?

Mikey *rubs jaw but is fine other wise* woooot two down - Leo two down!!! one to go! *grabs Ally and happy jigs - though worried for Don so puts her on shoulder and carries over to he group*

Raph: Yeah, I can do that.. *but wonders how he's supposed to pick him up without causing more pain! >​.< broken ribs are a bitch. But does so, as carefully as he can, though a lil bumpy as he drapes him over a shoulder*

Erica: Try to hang in there Donnie -

Hank: *scoops up Mel*

Mel: *Passes out*

Ally: Why can't everyone just get along?? Everyone needs Maryjane in their lives*

Mikko: I agree with Ally

Erica: I would say Leatherhead but he is away hunting - so follow me *uses portal hopper* come on

Don *gasps in pain, is deadweight right now for Raph* >​.<

Mikey *follows with Ally still over a shoulder* those turtles are not interested in playing nice thats why - they want to rule Razz

guKim: *suddenly has an influx of other world visitors* ooooh dear what happened?!

Shaya Violet visited.

Mel: *Groans while unconscious*

Don *had passed out shortly after Raph picked him up*

guKim: oooooh dear - D2? Donnie2? mmmm does not look good - Raphael... holy crap your a lot bigger than My Raph - place himon the empty bed, Erica - your with me... *gestures to go prepare*

Hank: what do I do?

guKim: take her to an empty bed some one will be there shortly

Mikey hey Kim - *snuggling his Ally following with Shaya*

Raph: *does as he's instructed.. has a curious MH all up his shell* -.-

Shaya Anything I can do Ma'm? I got First Emergency training.

guKim: yes can always use more hands, and call me Kim please Wink ma'am makes me sound old - though after three kids and fifteen years of marriage I guess I am Razz can you help Mel please - I have to focus on D2

MH: *pouts as only a robot can*

Mel: *Starts to come to*

guKim: you Erica - scrub up and dress - then join me here please - thank you Raph2 Smile *smiles up at this bigger younger other world version of her hubby*

Shaya *scurries to Mel's side checking her breathing and pulse*

Erica: *nods nods and with a snout peck to her big red turtle hurries off to do as told*

Mikey: hehehe bland flavor paper undies Razz

Mel: *Pulse and breathing are mostly normal if not a bit fast*

guRose: *giggles and gives MH had made underpants - tie die colors*

Shaya *starts from the top of Mel's head checking for blood, indents or other physical problems; and continues downwards* Hank, did you see how she landed?

guRaph: *bursts into infirmary with loads of papers in one arm, sai in other hand, pencil he had been using tucked into tatted old bandana -* Kim! Don sent a alert - there was a power surge like a lot of people game through a portal hop - Holy fuck! *skids to a halt seeing D2 and what must be D2's brother Raph* O,o

Hank: I tried >​,< - Mel honey *tries to gently shake her awake*

Mel: *Got some bruised ribs from her landing and a screwed up knee and comes to groaning* Fuck

Raph: O.o *eyes his other self* You guys need wheaties.

guRaph: my son said you were huge - maybe you should lay off the wheaties - *puts sai away* everything alright Kim?

guKim: *lightly smacks him up side the head* be nice - and we're fine her love... just getting these ribs set and loading D2 up on pain meds

guRaph: yes dear

Shaya For what we have, I need her to lay a bit elevated and an ice pack for now.

Hank: *nods nods and does as told*

Mel: Fuck this hurts

Raph: -.- I ain't never touched Wheaties.

Erica: *giggles from Don's other side - back dressed in scrubs - clean and helping*

Shaya Would anyone know where to find a cold pack, a blanket and a knee brace?

guRaph: *snorts and lightly punches his shoulder* yeah yeah sure... hold on I'll get them!

MH: *rolling around on the floor like a cat in the nice pile of paper undies*

Mel: So two down two to go on the dark turtles lucky us as long as Mikko keeps her mouth shut >​< *Winces in pain*

guMH: *small sleeker version - - joins*

guKim: honey please see the able bodied people out of the infirmary - I will buzz when Donatello2 is in recovery and awake Wink

guRaph: oh right sure - *kisses her cheek and gestures* alright all those whom are not providing care or in need of care... out! *begins shuffling them out the wooden doors*

Shaya I'm not a doctor but I think her ribs took some bruising, will hurt for a week, and a messed up knee.

Mel: Great still could've been worse

guKim: *to Shaya* I'll check her in a moment - Erica - I have this you can go with you Raph Wink thank you

Erica: *nods* glad I could help - *rubs Don's cheek - then hurries after the two Raph's and the group - sliding up beside Raph* Smile

Mikey nawwww *pouts - hopes Don will be okay soon - trails behind group*

Mel: When can I leave?

Shaya Mel I need you to hold Hank's hand, with will sting in 3,2 *puts brace on knee* 1.

HAnk: *takes hand - has had to do this to himself before-*

Mel: *Holds Hank's hand* Oo

Jake: *off somewhere, giving Violet all kinds of snugs and candy ..BFFL!*

Raph: *siiighs, wishing he could stay with his brother.. snugs Erica*

Jake: Very Happy

guRaph: *leading mob to mess hall - where he dumps paperwork on his neice Sam -* well um, for those of you whom have never been here - welcome to our base - Moria *rolls eyes - cause fifteen years does not take away the nerdism of the name*

Erica: *snugs- whispers* Kim needed room to work on Donnie - she'll call back *yeah she is beginning to learn to interpret her Raph's sighs*

guRaph: *smirks* hehe just like my Kim Wink

Shaya Sorry honey. I dont want to give you anything in case I'm wrong.

Don *is still out*

guKim: *using a sonography machine to make sure Don's vital organs are okay* I should have an inhaler for pain meds Shaya

Erica: Wink how long have you and Kim been together?

Shaya oh. okay. *goes to find the inhaler*

guRaph: sixteen years but married fifteen - Raidon was born when we had a small ceremony here when the base was first found Smile

Mel: How long am I stuck with this brace?

Shaya *walks back* a while.

Mel: A while?

Shaya I would have brought you to a proper hospital. The three of us are Human. We could find a way to pay for the costs.

Shaya Yes, a while. If you think you are going to take that off early.

Shaya *hands her the inhaler* You are sadly mistaken. I won't see a teen grow up with a easily fixed limp.

Mel: How long is a while and how am I gonna walk with this stupid thing? *Looks at inhaler*

guKim: *hums - all organs seem fine -*

Mikey *plunks down beside his brother - grins at others - puts Ally beside him - is worried - but gonna eat whilst here!*

Ally: *sits in his lap and snugs*

Erica: *can't eat too worried - rubs belly nestling against Raph* whom was your celebrant? *intrigued*

Shaya I'm not sure hon. It could take a while. It's a brace, is suppose to limit your movement. *looks at Hank for help*

Mikey *snuggles, nip nip nip gently across shoulder nuzzles - munch munch something chewy - offers to Ally* ^_^

Hank: a few months at least yeah?

Mel: Then how am I supposed to walk Daddy?

Raph: ...cele-what? O.o

guRaph: a local shaman - Very Happy back then offical as we could get Wink

Shaya You won't for a bit yet atleast hon.

Ally: *Has noo idea what Mike is offering her, but takes and munchies*

Mel: Then what am I supposed to do? *Tries to get up*

Erica: *little smothers giggle tickles Raph's spot* a person whom conduct formal ceremonies in communities

Shaya Rest and relax *puts her hand on her shoulder to lean her back down*. Now get that Puff into you and you will feel a bit better, eh?

guRaidon: thats what I am for! - *leans over to peck forehead* what happened?

Mikey *has no idea what the meat is either but it's soft and buttery and chewy*

Mel: Dark turtle and he got demutated *Takes the meds* Man that tastes gross

Mikey *smilies at Ally and nudges plate closer so she can help herself before he eats it all - cause he will - to the buxomy blond serving them* whats this?

guSam: *looks up from paper work her uncle Raph gave her and chuckles* it's camel meat M2 Wink

Mikey o,O.... *shrugs and eats* it's good

Shaya: does camel meat actually taste like that?

Mikey: it is actually pretty tasty Razz

Mikey: soft and buttery

Mel: I got thrown by him got some hits in though before he did >​>​

guKim: yes he did! *has totally put him under anesthesia* >​,<

guRaph: *checks his shellcell* hmmmm Kim has not messages, must still be working on your brother - um... did yous want the tour or to go somewhere quiet? please say tour so I get to fob off leading duties Wink

Mikey *has already had a tour but Ally didn't - looks at her*

Mel: *Tries to get up hates sitting still*

guRaidon: sit still! *scoops up carefully*

Shaya Hey people *waves to the group* Mel is okay. Donnie is still in Kim's capable hands.

guKim: get used to it *from behind curtains where she is finishing up - stitching closed the wound she made under Don2's arm pit to get into his chest cavity behind his natural armor -* alright big guy - *uses a dental glue on the cracks in his plastron* should be coming around soon ... *cleans hands and waits watching*
Mikey awesome Shaya Smile *has a sleeping Ally over his shoulder*

Mel: Like I have a choice *Growls annoyed*

Don *inhales sharply* Ah! *then bolts up...or at least tries to until the pain becomes too intense and flops back down, uses his good arm to cover his eyes from the brightness* Where am I?

Mel: We're in the bas of Raidon's world big brother

guKim: in Moria's infirmary - hello D2 *smiles* your brothers were very worried - try not to move to much please* turns down the light* Raidon get her out of here, Don needs quiet please

Don *slowly removes his arm and carefully opens his eyes* How did I get here?

guRaidon: sure mum *snugs Mel and carries her out*

guKim: your brother Raphael brought you here Wink here inhale this *gives him a pain med inhaler*

Mikey Smile hi hi

Don *does as he's told, still having a million questions running through his mind*

Mikey O,o Don's awake!?

Mel: Yeah he is

Mikey *rushes away - and into infirmary -* Don! your okay! *goes to flop across his chest and hug!*

guKim: oy! *gets between them* shhhhh! and no hugging! >​,<

Mikey *sheepish - whispers* sorrrrry - hey Don!

guKim: is the meds kicking in D2? *smiles at him knows he's probably full of questions - most Don's are* you can ask away once the pain eases up a little Wink

Don*grunts in pain, barely finished the treatment when a blur of orange lands on top of him* H...hi, Mikey. *clears his throat* Not yet... Can I have some water, please?

guKim: sure, *fetchs the poor turtle some water*

guRaidon: *brings over food for Shaya and Mel* here yous are Smile

Mel: *Sighs and tries to move her knee but can't* You really can't bend with this thing Oo *Eats some food*

Erica: *slips in quietly and over to Donnie, Mikey and Kim* your awake Smile hi Pretty Eyes

Mikey where's Raph?

Erica: wore himself out worrying Wink resting

Shaya Thats the point. I'm going to find a quiet place to eat. Thanks Raidon.

Don *waves to Erica with a smile*

Shaya: *walks down the hall, tray in hand*

Mikey *backs off his brother*

Erica: *leans over to peck Don's forehead* Raph will be glad you came around Smile *takes chart to read it*

Don *smiles again, nodding, still waiting for the water*

guKim: *comes back with water in tall wood cup and a straw * slow sips, the anesthesia might make you nauseous

Mel: These next few months are gonna suck

Don *takes it from her and controls himself from gulping it down, takes a few sips then tries speaking again* I... *clears throat* I'm glad you're here, Erica. *smiles even more* *also said a quick "thank you" to Kim*

Erica: Wink I am glad too ... *glad to see him smile* nawww Pretty Eyes your going to be sore for a while, but looks good, *shows him his chart* I will tell Angel where you are, she will worry *points over to where she left Raph sleeping* he refused to stay away even with offer of tour and a penthouse guest room Wink

Mikey I'm staying here too, and you'll have to tell Leo Wink

guRaidon: they will be challenging yes *gets drinks*

Don *smiles again* Thanks, everyone.

Mel: Yeah they will be this is the worst I've been injured

Don *drinks slowly again*

guKim: mmmm your welcome D2 Wink

Erica: *chuckles as Mikey goes and turtle piles on Raph snugging Ally, fast asleep in seconds* I will let those at home know tomoorow, no doubt Leo will want to be here too... *rub rubs rubby Don's head gently* so brave taking on the big guy Wink

Mel: So you staying here Daddy?

Hank: yep Very Happy *eating*

guRaidon: *nods* yeah it's gonna be a loooong few months for you

Don Smile I had to. He was going to hurt Mikey. *sips the water again*

Erica: :* still brave *rubs his head again smiling proud at him, rubs bump*

Don *closes eyes and churrs softly, loving the attention to THAT head*

Mel: So I can't do anything?

guRaidon: nope you can't Very Happy

guKim: *chuckles* always loved that sound - though the first time I heard it I burst out laughing, oooh Raph was so mad Razz

Mel: What can I do then? Bad enough I got bruised ribs too

Don *opens his eyes again, blushing at Kim*

Erica: *giggles and tickles his spot - rub rub rubs* Very Happy it is pretty cool huh?

Don *churrs stronger, can't help himself*

guRaidon: be entertained by watching movies? reading books? gaining a bit of weight whilst down and unwell, best thing to do is recuperate

Mel: Yeah because I'm so small and thin can't forget my age is when the metabolism is fast

guKim: Wink yes it is.... you read my notes on the hybrid pregnancy?

Erica: no will do with Red some time *giggling and nuzzles her nose tip to his snout* glad your looking much happier now Pretty Eyes Very Happy

guKim: you should soon - the gestation seems to split itself between the gestational incubation of the turtle eggs and the normal human placental gestation -

Erica: O,O but RES turtles incubate for around sixty to eight days! - humans gestate at about 280 days - *lightly undoes Don's bandana so he can rest his head back without knot annoying him - places it on the bedside table*

guKim: yes it means about six to seven months

Erica: *sways a little - lightheaded*

guKim: I can do the scan if you wish -

Erica: no no - just worry about Pretty Eyes tonight - though when Red is up - oh hell yeah *still a little shocked - leans over to kiss that forehead again* rest Donnie, I'll get Leo and Angel tomorrow Very Happy *tucks in the blankies on her side of the bed and with a last rub rub to his head heads back over to the turtle pile and snugs down with Raph*

Don Thank you... *closes his eyes and rests for a while*
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PostSubject: Re: Portal Hopping Pt 61 - 70 (guGold killed - guViolet de-mutated)   Mon Aug 08, 2016 5:08 pm

Pt. 69

Previously on Portal Hopping:

guKim: I can do the scan if you wish -

Erica: no no - just worry about Pretty Eyes tonight - though when Red is up - oh hell yeah *still a little shocked - leans over to kiss that forehead again* rest Donnie, I'll get Leo and Angel tomorrow Very Happy *tucks in the blankies on her side of the bed and with a last rub rub to his head heads back over to the turtle pile and snugs down with Raph*

Don Thank you... *closes his eyes and rests for a while*


Ally: *tackles Mikey!* ^^

Mikey *is tackled with a joyous yell!* wooooooot! AngelCake!!!

Ally: *snugglysnograsberries!*​

Mikey *as they had all slept in a pile of cushions near an injured Donnie the snugglysnograsberries sounds like a collections of whoopie cushions, moans, sucking and assorted happy sounds*

Erica: *trying to snooze in pile of cushions thanks! - baps them with cushion!*

Mikey *rolls in cushion pile to 'protect' Ally from bopping and throw soft stuff... Still make out sounds!I

Don *is resting much more peacefully than he was last night*

Ally: Weeeeell, since Splinter passed the no 'hanky panky' rule.. maybe he should clean it up? I mean, because if we could have.. you know... there would be nothing to clean up Razz

guKim: *fondly rolls eyes at making out couple,* hello sleepy heads Razz *goes to wake Don to eat something and drink*

Mikey hah! Yeah you suggest that to him - if Ai say something he might make me lick it up or something o,O

Raph: Like it matters? Since when did you start carin' about what you put in yer mouth, Mikey -.-

Mel: Mikey that's gross!

Mikey since I share this mouth and tongue with mah special princess!! Can't go making her sick Wink

Ally: ^^ That's romantic!

Erica: *climbed over Raph to avoid pillows and cushions and being rolled on, giggles sleepily* yeah could be a mood killer if there is any splinters

Mel: That's why you brush your teeth Mikey

Mikey hey I brush! More often lately so my gal tastes all this clean minty freshness and not Mikey burp breath!!

Ally: Very Happy

Erica: *sniggering into the horde of cushions and pillows she's hoggin*

Mikey: hehe get it? Could be a mood killer if there's any Splinters? Very Happy pun

Raph: *not mindin' al the pillows- snugs Erica*

Erica: mmmm that's good snugs *very snugged - leaves kisses all over his snout*

Don *slowly wakes up with some gentle prodding from guKim*

Mikko: *puts pillow under her shirt* hey Gabe we're having a baby!

Gabe: O.o

Mikko: Gabe can't be screwed...yet
guKim: Wink hey Don2... How are you? *all motherly, fussing over his blankets and drip line and pillows*

Don *looks at guKim* Hi. *smiles a little* How long was I out?

guKim: most of the night and day - must be hungry Smile

Don *nods a little* Yeah. A little.

guRaidon: *zoooms past with wheel chair, bumps it carefully into Mel so she falls into it and grins* gotcha !! Wink

Mel: *Falls into wheelchair* Hi Raidon ^^

Mikko: *does a little dance* *then sits in Mel's lap*

guRaidon: hi *wheels her away* Very Happy

Mel: Get off! Why do I need a wheelchair?

Angel: *dragged Leo by his bandana tails through a portal to come see his injured bro* Stretch! * let's go and hurries over*

Leo: O.O

guKim: Smile good we have a soup today Wink *brings tray over smiles at the tall dark young woman* here eat.. And fresh coffee

guRaidon: cause your injured and all Smile hi... Uh Mikko Wink *pushes them along*

Mel: I guess so but it's just more sitting

Mikko: weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee​eee

Don *smiles at Angel and Leo* Hey. *takes the tray*

Leo: *pat pat Don*

Mikko: no! weeeeeeeeeeeeee

guRaidon: hold on ! *they zoom down a little hallway* woooo! Hehehe ladies * wheels on into the noisie busy mess hall*

Angel: *helps hold tray* what happened?

Mikey *rolls with Ally over shoulder to go see his now awake bro* hey Don Very Happy told you we'd stay here all night Wink

Ally: *waaaaaves at Donnie from over Mike's shoulder* I hope our sex noises didn't wake you...*no, they weren't having sex.. just making the noises!* Razz

Don I got in a fight with a beastlier version of myself.

Jake: *meanwhile on theird rock from the sun, lil guy busy playing with normal version of Violet!* ^^

Don *nods and smiles softly at Ally and Mikey then raises an eye ridge* What...?

Mikko: I have no idea how I got here!

Mikey we were making out - big time, noisie and ll Razz

Mel: And you need to quit summoning the dark turtles!

Ally: Very Happy

Mel: Big brother was almost killed!

Angel: oh... Damn... *kisses his cheek*

Don *rolls his eyes at Mikey then smiles at Angel* I'm glad you're here. Um...can you help me sit up a little? *can't really eat his soup laying down*

Angel: oh right! *takes tray holding it*

Leo: ok lets take everyone back home where it's normal

Mikey *puts Ally down carefully then reaches to grab Don carefully by his shell and sit him up*

Mikko: good! I wonder if the red one is nice

guKim: no! He needs rest! Must stay! *is fluffing pillows for Don*

Mel: None of them are nice Mikko where we are is a secret base!

Don *groans a little but hides most of his discomfort, gives his brother a grateful smile* Thanks. *reaches for the soup*

Mikey *helps shift Don onto pillows in sitting up position* Smile there better?

Mikko: ooooh so calling the others here would be a bad idea huh?

Don Yes, thank you, little brother.

Angel: *places tray back over knees carefully*

Don *picks up a spoon and slowly begins to eat, feeling pretty weird having everyone there watching him eat-- awwwwwwkwarrrrrrd*

Erica: *pokes Raph* you should go say hi to your brother too Wink

guKim: as long as its quick, let them man eat! *shoos away Mikey and Ally and Leo ... Leaves Angel cause she's politely looking away at her toes*

Raph: *gently pokes back* So he can have one more set of eyes watchin' 'im as he tries to eat? Razz

Mikey *is shoooed*

Leo: I will not be shooed away by the likes of you!

Erica: *chuckles* yeah... Maybe after Razz * licks snout playfully* you hungry?

Mel: Mikko!

Raph: *buuut peeps up from pillow pile and waves at his brother*

Mikko: nom om om

guRaidon: o,O if your that hungry we have food *gestures*

Don *waves back to Raph, resumes eating*

Mikko: Ahhhhhhhhhh *opens mouth*

Mikey shoves Leo away* bro be nice she's caring for Don Wink

guRaidon: *stuffs chicken kebab in there*

Mikko: ^^ om om om

Leo: I am the law! and..ok i'll go. *walks off*

Mikey o,O

Raph: -.- Someone needs to check Leo's head while we're here.

Mel: *Eats her food* Now will you stop Mikko?

Mikko: no

Erica: *stands - stretches* mmmmmm yeah

Mel: Why not?

Mikko: I like to cause a bit o chaos

Don *eats as much as he can then lays back against the pillows fully, feeling much better* Mmmm...

guRaidon: noooot that chaos... There is people here that could be hurt...

Mel: Not here! This place is full of refugees!

Mikko: *starts summoning again*

Angel: *shifts tray away and kisses cheek* better?

Don *nods* Much. *smiles* Thanks.

Mel: Mikko!

guRaidon: >​,>​ *throws her through portal* do it over there!*

Mikko: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh​hhhhh!

Mel: She doesn't think at all

Mel: Surprised Daddy isn't here

guKim: how's the pain? need a little more medication?

Don *nods to guKim* Yeah. I think it's time.

Erica: *bends down to leave a kiss on Raph's forehead* mmmm we might be able to use the sonography machine here Wink *annnnnd has to scurry off to loo!*

guKim: *nods and gives him some meds* don't want to dope you up too much, this stuff we make ourselves, can get you quiet high

Shaya What is it made of? *curious scientist poof*

Mel: *Sighs as she eats her food*

guKim: dilluted poison from a local frog species Wink

Shaya Oh... So it thins the blood then?

Don Hmm... *takes the meds*

guKim: no no, I am not sure of similiar species on your home world buuuut we have a small frog species here in the mountains lower swamps that secrete the poison onto their skin, it has a anestheasic affect... in this dilluted form it just blocks pain receptors, too much though can lead to hallucinations Smile

Ally: O.O I'm so looking for these frogs! *wants to lick one*

Shaya Ahh. Do you have any journals or documents? I'd love to learn. *

Mikey heheh you could just lick me! *flops back down with Raph* bro ! They have a sono, sona... Something machine here Wink

guKim: oh sure I have everything I have learned over the past fifteen years in my office * gestures to it, again fussing over Dons pillows and blankets*

Angel: *chuckling a little as Stretch is pampered*

Raph: You don't say. Wonder what would happen if I piss in it...

Ally: Very Happy *licks Mikey*

Mikey *chuckles, groooooans and licks back* ... Oo *stares at his brother* probably explode? But why - you don't want the first scan?

Raph: Oh...THAT. I thought it was a fancy steam machine or somethin'...

guKim: you may go browse Shaya if you like, in fact I am due for a break, I could show you - *takes tray* rest Don2 Wink I will be back

guRaidon: not sure about Hank: he was with the trainees earlier... *gently pushes her back in wheel chair* stay
Mikey yeah Raph, THAT! Very Happy *snog snog Ally*

Mel: But I wanna get up been sitting all day and why is he with the trainees?

Shaya oh my gosh YESSS! *coughs* Umm, please. :">​

Don *isn't used to this much attention* Thanks. *leans back against the pillows* So, Angel. How is it going?

Erica: *back! Much relieved* Wink yeah I was up earlier today learning how to use it - whenever you want to give it a whirl BigRed *kneels back down beside Raph.*

Angel: Hehe, very motherly isn't she? Razz *crosses legs and grins at Don* very good, now I can see your in good care Smile had me worried

guRaidon: too bad your knee needs to heal get used to sitting - Wink I think he wanted to see what training we do Smile

Mel: Can't I use crutches? Well he is an agent

guRaidon: not yet and yeah I guess it's hard wired in him Wink *wheeling away to training floors*

Don *smiles* I'm in very good care now. GuKim has been absolutely great.

Mel: Not yet? *Is wheeled to the training room*

Don *then sighs* I know I won't be able to leave here for a while, though.

Angel: *grins and reaches out to tickle his spot*

Don *churrs softly*

GuKim: Very Happy come on then Very Happy love that your excited Very Happy * drags Shaya with her to office*

Raph: um.. well.. if you wanna

Ally: *tickle-snugs Mikey* Um, why do they call everyone GU here Getty Up?

Shaya *Very happy enviro-specialist.*

Angel: *kissssss* Wink I hope I get to help with the sponge bath... No screw that - I'll give you the sponge bath Razz

Mikey for Get Umbrige Wink

Don *kisses back then chuckles* Really?

Mikey *churr churrrrrs - snuggly kisses*

Angel: yep *snoggies*

Erica: :">​ only if you want to too :*

Don *snogs and nuzzles gently* Okay. *smiles*

Angel: *purrrrrs* mmm hmmm promise to be gentle Wink

Don I don't doubt that. *grins a little*

guRaidon: Very Happy yes not yet, sit sit Very Happy

Mel: Why not?

ER Raph: Need what?!

Raph: Yeah, of course I wanna find out...

Mikey: Very Happy sponger bath ERRaph Razz sponge bath Razz

Don I'll look forward to it. *chuckles a little again*

Erica: *smiles, smooches, hops back up to her feet* well come on then -

ER Raph: annnd somehow, that asswipe wins.. -.-

Angel: so do I *giggles, winks and snogs again*

Don*doesn't mind the snoggies and returns them to her*

Angel: *careful not to lean on him , fingers caress carefully over his arms and shoulders*

Don *enjoys the soft touches very much, churrs softly again*

Angel: like that huh? *tracing fingers over his*

Don Yeah. I love your touch. *smiles*

Angel: *smiiiiiles tracing fingers very lightly back up his arms to those shoulders*

Don *enjoys the soft touches very much, churrs softly again*

Don *closes his eyes, smiling* Mmmm...
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PostSubject: Re: Portal Hopping Pt 61 - 70 (guGold killed - guViolet de-mutated)   Mon Aug 08, 2016 5:09 pm

Pt. 70

Previously on Portal Hopping:

Angel: like that huh? *tracing fingers over his*

Don Yeah. I love your touch. *smiles*

Angel: *smiiiiiles tracing fingers very lightly back up his arms to those shoulders*

Don *enjoys the soft touches very much, churrs softly again*

Don *closes his eyes, smiling* Mmmm...


Mel: *Is so bored is doing her turtoring work* This is just sad DX

Erica: *waves over at her, is preparing for higher education still has tutors*

Mel: I'm so bored Erica I'm done with this weeks work DX

Erica: *just gestures finishing the last of a long thesis* me too! Very Happy

Hank: when yous are done we'll return to GU world and yous can relax *smoking a cigar as he too finishes reports*

Mel: At least you're not stuck with elementry school work and I'm done Daddy

Erica: Smile work will be more interesting the more you advance.

Hank: Wink alright alright lemme sign these and we'll go... *signs away*

Mel: Okay Daddy *Waits*

Hank: and what are you girls getting up to?

Mel: I can't really get into trouble Daddy

Erica: *winks* a few things... *helps Mel back into wheel chair*

Mel: Being hurt like this sucks *Is helped into wheel chair*

Erica: yeah, it can, but others live like this soyou'll manage too

Mel: I don't have a choice right now Erica I just wanna see Raidon

Erica: but you have the choice to make the experience miserable *hums*

Mel: I know DX *Opens the portal*

Erica: not just for yourself but all those around you too Wink *takes her to Raidon, hugs, hugs Hank and hurries away for now, things to do and all*

Hank: kids have fun, but not too much fun Razz

Ally: *pounces!* ^^

Mikey *dramatically pretends to go down glomp style so he cans snog!*

Ally: ^^ *snoooooogs~!*

Mel: Raidon ^^

Mikey Very Happy wassssss *kissy smooch snog* upppp! CandyBum? *nibbles*

Mikey: hehe guRaph probably dragged Raph about showing him what goes into leading an entire base of human and mutant refugees Razz

Raph: @.@

guRaidon: Wink later! *steals her by running away with wheelchair*

Mel: Where are we going? *Holds onto wheelchair*

Raph: HA! Guess his Leo went crazy, too..

guRaph: that and he died in the last great battle with the clones

Raph: Well shit. -.- Now I feel like a jerk.

guRaph: so did our Mikey -

Ally: O.O .. Sad *huggly squeeeeezes her Mikey*

Mel: So what are we gonna do Raidon?

Mikey *is squuuuuuezed!!! Lovin it*

guRaph: *light knuckle to shoulder* don't, you didn't know, should have been the first place I took you, the graveyard

guRaidon: Very Happy gonna find best tunnels to roll down?

Raph: Yeah.. that woulda been helpfull... though, morbid.

Mel: Come on Raidon we need to go really fast!

Ally: *snugglysqueezes-snoggy-​licks!* You shall not die like this world's Mikey! I shall protect you with my boobs!

guRaph: yeah - come on we might as well get it done

Raph: *shruuuugs and follows*

Erica: *might be lost int he tunnels - but thats cool - great acoustics!*

Mikey *stares at boobs* they are pretty magical! *burys face in them!*

Don *awakens and reaches for Angel's hand, giving it a gentle squeeze*

guRose: O,o *scurries away from this spot!*

guRaidon: *knows these tunnels likt he back of his hand - finds a smooth ride!* wooooooooo! *they zoom down one*

Mel: Weee! *Holds on screaming in delight ignoring the ache to her ribs*

guRaph: *leading down through the tunnels, being stopped here and there by community members -* oh and be warned my two sons both expressed interest in wrestling you Razz

Angel; *wakes with a start* bloody chocolate orca!! - wait... what? *blinks... and smiles* oh - Don! *smiles and squeezes hand back - leans over to kiss his cheek*

guRaidon: *pulls them up chuckling* alright thats enough of that - *wheeling down a random tunnel*

Raph *snorts* Okkay. i promise to go easy...*yeeeeah**

Mel: How come? I was having fun *Breathing a bit hard*

Mikey: Wink chocolate orca ate her gummy bear

Rogue: Ally: ^^ *giggles and snugs annnndrips her shirt off* >Smile

guRaph: try to - especially Ross - boy thinks he's tough but he's only eleven. *sniggers*

Mikey: horrifying everyone in the infirmary Razz

Kitteh Don's gotten pretty good at ignoring those two. Razz

Mikey woooooooo! *uses teeth to tear away bra and resumes boobie nuzzling!*

Angel: Smile hey how are you feeling *also good at ignoring those two!*

Ally: ZOMG.. that's so fucking hawt!! ^^ *goes doooown*

don A little sore... *is trying to block out those two but it's becoming extremely difficult with the noise level, shoots them a glare* Do you mind?

Raph: *glad he's NOT there, because it's too distracting to ignore..* 11, eh? Then.. he's safe. How old are you?

Mel: Why did we stop?

guRaph: *finally reaching the foot of the mountain base and the tunnel that leads to the wide cavernous graveyard - sideways glance at younger self* thirty three, Raidon's fifteen this year and Ross... or as he is usually known as Raj - Ross is just what his mother and I call him and his twin Rose are eleven

Mikey sorry *muffled by magic boobs!* Doonnnie - *lifts Ally and carry's away to Kim's office*

guKim: O,o well.... glad I am too busy to need that space....

Don *sighs, shaking his head at them in disgust*

Angel: *sniggers and rolls eyes - rubs Don's spot* noisie pair huh?

Don That's putting it mildly... *closes his eyes and churrs softly, smiling*

Angel: there there, they gone now Wink - should I get Kim to give you some more meds? *rub rub rubs*

Don Yeah. *opens his eyes again* I might also take you up on that offer to give me a sponge bath, too. If you're up for it, that is.

guRaidon: cause I thought a nice base stroll was just as good

Mel: Okay Raidon love you ^^

Ally: *totally rockin' his world in the office* Mmmm.. I've always wanted to do it in an office! ^^

Angel: Very Happy ooooh definitely up for it, been looking forward to it ... hold on *smoooches* will get the bath ready and poke Kim

Raph: *feelin' a lil heavy about the graveyeard, especially knowing that this world's brothers are dead.. except Donnie* Wow... you been busy, eh? Can't imagine havin' that many.. one was a shocker...

Erica: *some random tunnel - skipping along*

Don *smiles* Thanks. *returns her kiss and waits patiently*

Mel: Hi Erica!

guKim: *pokes head into Don's private space, he was moved to a room once it opened up...* Very Happy hi there D2 - how are you?

Don A little sore, actually. *shifts on the bed a little, trying to sit up a little more*

guKim: hang on Don *hand against his shoulder* hold on *summons their Don to help*

guDon: *in tattered lab coat, and has on his goggles when he gets there, puffing cause he ran - sidles over - smiles at this younger Don in greeting then helps him shift into a more seated position*

Mel: What else is there for fun?

guRaidon: well we can go help somewhere - your arms still work - *waves at Erica* have fun searching Wink

Mel: Help with what?

Don *gets into a better position with their help* Thanks.

guDon: *signs 'welcome'*

Don *bows his head respectfully to his counterpart in this world*

Angel: *finally found all - sees Kim and the other Don* hi and hi Smile

guDon: Very Happy *bows head back*

Mikey: yep - sorry D2 but all gear was removed by Kimmy whilst treating Very Happy

guRaidon: we'll help my Aunty Shaz in the kitchens - she head cook, was Uncle Mikey's mate Wink ... though probably being a glutton for punishment - woman hits hard with that ladle of hers

Mel: She does?

guKim: ooooh Angel, Don and I will help get done into the small bathing alcove there - you found the towels good Smile

guDon: *makes funny noise as he chuckles amused waggling eyeridges playfully - oooo sponge bathing*

guRaidon: she does

Don *gives guDon a look then blushes a little*

guRaidon: Very Happy

uDon: *chuff chuff again and helps Don to his feet - slowly - guiding him to the 'bathroom' the private rooms offer*

Angel: Smile ooooh thanks for that and yeah I found them, and the wash cloths *places pile close following*

Don *goes with very slowly, legs a bit weak for being bedridden for two full days* When do I get some meds?

guKim: *rolls her eyes a little at the silent teasing from one Don to the other - but to Angel* there should be a button in there to press if you need help or to help him back to bed... *smiles at Don* after you have had something to eat Wink

Don *nods to guKim* Okay.

guDon: Very Happy *goes slow - shows Don where he can hold the railings here and there if he need a bit of help keeping balance*

guRaidon: of course it is... Aunty Shaz

Don *nods in understanding then grasps the closest railing*

guShaz: Raid'n *accented voice, is a buxomy blond little woman - pinches Raidon's cheek, ladle hanging from her belt* haz you come to help?

guRaidon: Shaz, my girlfriend Mel - Mel Aunty Shaz *blushes*

Mel: Hi *Waves*

guKim: *smiles and pats the younger Don's cheek* wont be long

guDon: *another cheeky sort of grin and look, but ducks out with Kim leaving Angel and Don to it*

Don *smiles back and nods again* Thanks.

Angel: your older self is a cheeky bugger *oooohs as she takes everything but underwears and joins Don turning on the water*

Don Yeah... *smirks a little when she joins him almost naked, not minding in the least*

Kitteh: What does this alcove thing look like, exactly?

Angel: if he could talk I bet he'd have said something like oooh lala or bow chica bow bow -

Don *chuckles* Perhaps. *pulls her close with his good arm and kisses her softly, enjoying her closeness and the feel of her bare skin against him**

Mikey: mmmmmmm if I can recall the 'private rooms' cut into the stone and rock had little alcove - or a small room that has no door on it and these little rooms have a loo and a 'tub' at the end where Don is now

Mel: So what do we need to do?

guShaz: ooooh - Very Happy that is zzzoooo cute - puppies love... come come! you make bread! - *takes teens with her - has a bouncy stride and loud cheery voice*

guRaidon: *nods and does as told*

Kitteh: So would he be standing or sitting in this thing?

Kitteh: Are there benches?

Mikey: or the ladle will find his head Razz

Mel: How do you make bread?

Kitteh: *down-whistle from Erica's last post* lol I read that as "or the ladie will find his head". Razz I thought you were referring to Don and Angel at first.

Mikey: standing - though he can use the hand holds to sit down Wink

Mikey: lol!!!

Mikey: hehhee noooo only gentle washing for D2

Kitteh: Unless his body has other ideas. Wink

Angel: *purrrrrs smoooching a hand reaching to caress his spot, the other liftin the shower nozzle - amazed by all the hand built things -* for a base carved out of a mountain it's pretty cool - mmmmm *enjoying the closeness herself!*

Don *churrs* It's beautiful.

Angel: mmmm your beautiful Wink *nice warm water washing down Don, guiding nozzle over him, smoooch*

Don *returns her kisses* And so are you. *still holding onto one of the railings*

Espionata: Mel: *Tries to knead the dough into rolls* This is different

Angel: *draws back long enough to strip rest of cloths off - feels nicer to be bare and close... nibbles along a shoulder stepping closer again* Smile thank you *smiles* the tub is filling a bit, want to sit down and relax bet the warmth will help a little with the achies *prob going to use her hands more than sponge*

Don Mmm, yes. I would love that. *knows she completely naked now...and body is starting to respond a little*

Angel: Very Happy *moooooooans happily getting hands all sudsy to begins, very carefully over injuries - soaping Don up* then sit Stretch and chiiiilllaz... mmmmm this feels nice *enjoying 'cleaning'*

Don *slowly and carefully sits down, watching her intently*

Angel: *smiles, excited shiver under his intense gaze naked flash goose pimpling, nipples hard - slowly kneels down - smoooch* mmmmmm *moves hands over his legs as she joins him washing, caressssssssing*

Don *churrs, smooching her back and gently reaches up to grope her boobs, can't help himself*

(( Con&Angel cont: ))

guRaidon: *belly rumbles* you bet it does Very Happy

Mel: *Giggles* Hungry?

guRaidon: I am yeah - you? Very Happy *shuffles them along line up for tray of food*

Mel: I am

Mel: *Waiting for her food*

guRaidon: yayas! *cheers cause it's their turn, balnaces two trays on her knees and heads to a table* Very Happy

Mel: *Giggles and puts trays on the table* You love food *Starts eating hers*

Mel: *Doesn't eat a whole lot of pasta*

guRaidon: mmmm *munches winks, kisses her cheek* no love you, just enjoy food Wink - a lot
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PostSubject: Re: Portal Hopping Pt 61 - 70 (guGold killed - guViolet de-mutated)   

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Portal Hopping Pt 61 - 70 (guGold killed - guViolet de-mutated)
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