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 Portal Hopping Pt 01 - 10 (post rp chat room creation)

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PostSubject: Portal Hopping Pt 01 - 10 (post rp chat room creation)   Thu Jul 14, 2016 1:38 am

pt 01.

Previously on Portal Hopping:

Mel: *Waiting for her food*

guRaidon: yayas! *cheers cause it's their turn, balnaces two trays on her knees and heads to a table* Very Happy

Mel: *Giggles and puts trays on the table* You love food *Starts eating hers*

Mel: *Doesn't eat a whole lot of pasta*

guRaidon: mmmm *munches winks, kisses her cheek* no love you, just enjoy food Wink - a lot


Mel: I kinda snuck in here didn't ask Hank and Master Splinter wanted to see you so it's his fault >​>​

Angel: *still in bathtub under a blanket still snooooozing*

Mel: *Giggles* Probably in trouble now >​>​

Erica: *veeeeery tired from wonder about lost in halls - but hell had fun exploring, comes to check on Don too - grins at MS * hello PrettyEyes you look bit better [smile] hello Mel, his Sensei *little head bow*

Mel: Have fun getting lost?

Master Splinter hello young one, my your bump grows well *bow back, had been fussing with Donatellos blanket*

Don *smiles at Erica* Hello. I feel better.

Erica: *indeed bump is a bit bigger - grins at Donnie* glad to hear it - you took quiet a squishing fromt he big purple bastard - *pecks his forehead* and yes Mel I did, had a nap in a random hall way... ate mushrooms and eventually found my way here [big grin]

Don Mm, so I've been told.

Mel: You do realize there's a com system here right on the walls XD

Erica: yeah I know - but thought I'd try finding my own way [big grin] and look I suceeded - *rubs rubs Don's head* glad Kim is taking good care of you - *lifts his chart to read - can't help it nosey*

Mel: I just told Daddy you were lost in a giant cave system and not to worry you would come back when bored [big grin]

Don *churrs quietly*

Erica: thanks - this looks good Don *shows him his chart*

Angel: *comfy - buuuuuuuuuuuuut - finally waking*

Don *smiles at her* Yeah? *hasn't looked at it himself yet*

Mel: You should've seen his face XD

Erica: yep - looks like Kim went in to ensure ribs where good and no internal injuries to fix - *sits on bed beside him so he can read too - rubs her bump unconciously pointing out the note Kim made for the minor exploratory surgery* hehehe did it look like this Mel O.O *imitates worried dad look*

Mel: Pretty much

Master Splinter *shifts so he can read too even if a few bits just go over his head*

Don *smiles, nodding* These are good.

Angel: *staggers out of bathroom blinking sleepily - waves high at all andcarefully flops onto the other side of Donnie on his bed still not quiet awake*

Don *smiles and lightly shakes her, chuckling* Angel. Are you okay?

Erica: yeah - *giggles at Angel* and she's not given you tooo much pain meds - spaced widely apart... *smilin* looks like you wore her out D... *more giggles*

Don *blushes at that* Yes, know. *blushes even more*

Angel: *makes thumbs up gesture and snugs a leg smiling* mmmmm feel great [smile]

Erica: [wink] ah yes that an be tiring with you big young men - all that ninja stamina and strength *only a little teasing - still chuckling* [big grin] I bite when high [tongue]

Don *chuckles* Well... *shrugs*

Erica: I swear with your brother it seems he sets out to see how much I can take and how flexible I am - sometimes I leave the Spot and I'd be lucky to know my own name let alone what the heck I am doing out of bed

Angel: ooooh been there *giggling now - bit more awake*

Mel: Can't wait to try that

Master Splinter ha ha sounds like me boys take good care then [wink]

Erica: they do [tongue]

Angel: mmmm hmmmm

Master Splinter and your too young Mel - excellent I am glad [wink]

Erica: yeah too young and Raidon doesn't seem the type to rush that [wink] is a good kid

Don *didn't stop him* [wink]

Angel: don't complain bad guys mean Spike and Bones [tongue] stick with your good boy

Erica: *chuckles and playful tickle Don's cheek - and strokes Angel's hair*

Angel: ^____^

guKim: *pokes head in* oooohyour awake [smile] good good - *scurries over* how are you feeling D2?

Shaya *still in Kim's office*

Kitteh: [tongue] He meant the injured part. [wink]

Don *smiles at guKim* Much better.

guKim: nawwws then rest dear - cushions over there *points*

Mikey *already drooling on cushions*

Mel: Mikey is drooling on them DX

guKim: *smiles at Don and nods with a playing wink* I um...guess you must be feeling okay - didn't aggravate no injuries last night I take it as you were sleeping pretty well when I popped in to dope you up a little [wink]

Mikey *not all of them! but good luck finding out which ones are drool free*

Don *blushes again* Yeah.

guKim: [wink] its okay it makes me happy means your doing very well... and should be able to wonder about tomorrow and get plenty of exercise

Angel: ooooh I can help with that *muffled snug giggles*

Erica: *own giggles and looks at Mel* ooooh they aint that bad [tongue]

Mel: They're covered in Mikey drool

Don *smiles* Really? That soon, huh?

Master Splinter *gives Mel a blankie* there

guKim: *nods nods checking his chart now and them temp* yep if your up for... well... you should handle a little bit of strolling [wink] *giggles herself this time - well aware of how insatiable her hubby can be - pretty sure these young men are like that too*

Erica: *more little sniggers*

Angel: [big grin] that sounds good *little giggles*

Mel: *Throws pillow at Mikey*

Mikey *pillow bounces off his head - snorrrres barely pause as he mutters* duuuuuuuuuuuude * more snores*

Mel: He's out like a damn light *Decides to sleep ontop of him to avoid the drool has to crawl though bugging her knee*

Don Yes. I'd love to.

Angel: hehehe wish we had texters to draw on his face [tongue] - awwwww *kisses Dons cheek*

guKim: [smile] awesome - I think Don will be with you D2 as Raph is still hanging out with R2 [wink]

Angel:  [big grin] insert pizza here is a good one - and Erica Raph snores like that how do you sleep?

Erica: *smiles amid amused giggling on Don's other side* I find it soothing - so much so now when away it takes forever to drift off due to lack of snores

Mikey *no notice of extra weight - snores louder*

Don Okay.

Mel: *Puts a clothespin on Mikey's nose* ^^

Mikey *snoooooooooooore - choke on drool - FARTS - cloths peg goes flying - SNoooooooooooooores*

guKim: O,o forgot how weird the Mikey's are

Mel: *Smacked by the smell of the fart and gets sick on Mikey* DX

guKim: *motherly peck to the poor being snugged Donnie's forehead and winkies leaving him to his snugs.*

Angel: >​,>​ ewwwww

Erica: *waves hands to shooo smell away*

Mikey *still no notice -* ewwwwwww Masta Splineer Leo is drooling... *lifts hand sot wipe away 'drool'*

Don *sighs* -_-

Mel: *Crawls off groaning sick and dazed*

guolderkids: *scurry in on Kim's order with gas masks to grab Mel - run off with her, others clean up Mikey and grab cushions - one has hand powered fan to blow out smell*

Mel: Woah!

Mikey *now in a pile of clean cushions and car air freshner hanging off tail tip snooooring*

Angel: *chuckles* better Stretch? [big grin]

Don Yeah. *smiles, motioning Angel closer to him*

Erica: [wink] *shifts off the bed - stretching -*

Angel: *shifts upwards closer to Donnie - reaches and rubby rubs bump* thats bigger [tongue] *smooooches Don* and good [wink]

Erica: yeah [smug] ​ pretty cool huh? [big grin] *goodsnights the two and slips away closing the door to stilfe Mikey's snoooores - then joins him in cushion pile

guDamien: *carrying Mel away* hehehe better? I'll take you to Uncle Raph's quarters [tongue]

Mel: Yeah better and okay

Don *nuzzles Angel, smiling* I hope you didn't mind if I came back here.

Angel: of course not Stretch [big grin] though the tub was less certainly less comfy without you* [kiss]

Don *smiles* Sorry about that. *smooches her cheek*

guDamian: [big grin] yeah you shold be able to wash up and rest there

Angel: *cups a cheek to bring that smoooch to her own - smoooooching* mmmmm you are more than forgiven ... *kiss kiss* especially when doing such a good job recovering [wink]

Mel: Yeah I will

guDamian: good good - *gonna sooo hang with his dad and D2 tomorrow [tongue] - puts Mel down out side the Raph quarters* rest welll, sure Raidon will make sure you get to your lessons tomorrow [wink]

Mel: weekend

guDamian: is it? cool [big grin] usually lessons go all week here [tongue]

Mel: not where I'm from ^^ * falling asleep*

guDamian: go on go in and wash up and get some rest [wink] *hugs*

Don *grins and kisses her again*

Mel: can't really walk >​>​

guDamian: oh yeah - Rose! come give Mel a hand [big grin]

Mel: stupid dark turtles >​>​

Angel: mmmmmmmm *trails kisses all over his cheeks - then a big smooooch* hmmmm you look so bright eyed and perky [wink] - guess very excellent sexins will do that to ya? [big grin] *kiss kiss*

guRose: indeed *lips arm about Mel and pulls her arm about her shoulders* come on

Mel: thanks * with help sort of walks/hops in*

Don *chuckles* It would. *smooch-smooch*

Angel: *kisssy smoooch* looking forward to getting upand *nibbles smooooch* about tomorrow? [big grin] *snogs*

guRose: [wink] thats alright - Raidon wont be home til late *takes her to their bathroom*

Mel: so to surprise him I will sleep in his be [big grin]

guRose: I don't think so you have your bed in my space you sleep there [wink] gotta help you wash up *closes door behind them*

Mel: aww ruin my fun [tongue]

guRose: [wink] you'll live come on hehehe I'll wrap the brace and you can rinse off [wink]

Mel: I know *gets ready to rinse off*

guRose: [wink] hehe *wraps brace and leg* alright go for it [big grin]

Mel: * gets cleaned up* thanks

Don *returns them* Yeah.

Angel: *tickles that spot gently* did you get enough rest stud? *enjoys the gentle and deep smoochings*

Don Yes. *smooch smooch*

Angel: [big grin] *trails fingers over shoulders* I am glad - I know I certainly slept good [big grin] *kiss*

Don *kissssss* Good.


shhhhh.... this will only hurt a little...
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PostSubject: Re: Portal Hopping Pt 01 - 10 (post rp chat room creation)   Fri Aug 12, 2016 3:10 am

pt 02.

Rogue started the chat 12 minutes ago

Mikko: *spanks Raph* ooooooooh my turtle boys! threesome! wait Raph left

Mikko: *spanks Don*

Donatello O.o

Mikko: ^^ I'm going to rock yer world!

Melissa: Oo

Mikko: *spanks Mel* I'll rock your world too

Melissa: Stop it >​<

Spike: *come in and gropes Mel*

Mel: *Stabs Spike* Quit it!

Raphael joined the chat

Mikko: there's my raph! *gropes*

Raphael -.- *wiggles away* What do you think yer doin'..

Mikko: I think I'm going to rock yer world! or are you just into mutant cats?

Raphael In case you been livin' under a rock.. I'm with someone.

Mikko: I have been living under a rock a mossy rock

Melissa: How did you fit >​>​

Mikko: I flatten myself out

Melissa: Okay then Oo

Mikko: Gabe have his legs and cock working in here?

Raphael: yesh, he does. but Mikko chased him away, remember? Razz

Raphael: she wanted GU cock

Mikko: noooooo she just wanted to cause trouble

Melissa: Which is still scary DX

Mikko: well i want him now! *grabby hands*... *drives up to Gabe in fancy sports car* get in so i can suck ya cock while you drive fast!

Melissa: Oh brother >​>​

Gabriel joined the chat

Mikko: look I got his attention

Gabriel: Someone said the magic word.. Razz

Mikko: *opens door for him and moves over*

Gabriel: *sliiiiiiides in* ^^

Mikko: *waits for him to take off then takes off his pants*

Gabriel: Very Happy You done playin' with those mean Turtles..

Mikko: yes! It's all about you now! *sucky sucky*

Gabriel O.O *was gonna say somethin'.. but totally lost his train of thought..* ^^

Mikko: *sucks and licks and nibbles*

Donatello: lol

Gabriel: Very Happy

Mikko: *deep throats*

Mikko: i think I sucked Gabe up like a noodle - Gabe is a spicy noodle

Mikey joined the chat 20 seconds ago

Erica joined the chat

Mikey *has big bowl of popcorn*

Leo: *eats popcorn too*

Ally joined the chat 5 seconds ago

Ally *tackles Mikey!* ^^

Mikey Very Happy

Ally: ...I'm having to use Lexi's looks... weeeeird O.o

Mikey *is crash tackled - poporn bowl goes flying and lands on Leo's head - rolls and snogs*

Erica: *dodging the crash tackled pair of snoggers - light skips over to Red* hey hey Wink

Raphael Hey you. Wink *hugs*

Mikey I think the color looks great on you Very Happy

Erica: *snugs* Smile *little kisses all over snout and cheeks*

Ally Mmmm.... buuut green looks good on me too, eh? Wink

Gabriel I got Leo's color.. Razz HA!

Mikko: yeah I didn't suck you up like a noodle

Gabriel: Very Happy

Mikey >Smile my particular green is Sooooooooooo your shade *nibble nibble*

Raphael *happy churrrs*

Mikko: how long with Erica have a baby in her belly? Don't turtles lay their eggs pretty fast

Ally Mmmhmmmm... Wink *snugs*

Raphael O.O She can't lay an egg...

Mikko: she can if tries really hard

Erica: *hummmms snuggling - * six to seven months

Donatello: Are we continuing the RP we had going with guTurtle beating the hell out of Don and Mel? Or are we scraping that and starting over?

Mikko: I promised not to bring in the mean turtles

Donatello: Yeah, but this would be after that. Razz

Mikey *snuggly nuzzles fingers tracing all sorts of shapes on back* Mmmmmmm Hmmmm! indeed! *snogs*

Donatello: Don's kinda in limbo right now. Razz

Mikey: *mental image of Don limboing*

Melissa: So is Mel

Donatello *is floating around in suspended animation* >​.<

Mikko: kinky

Erica: *tickles that spot*

Mikey: so nice my pc thought it had to be posted twice *waggles eyebrows*

Mikey: hm supposed we just go on!

Donatello: lol

Melissa: lol

Tiphanny joined the chat

Tiphanny: *gets Don out of limbo*

Donatello *comes crashing down into his 'hospital' bed* >​.<

Mikey: ♫And my heart will go on and ooooooooooooooooooon!

Tiphanny: hospital bed? DOOOON!!!!!!! *snugs*

Donatello I'm okay. *hugs her*

Tiphanny: ^^ good *kisses him all over*

Donatello Smile

Mel: *Stuck in wheelchair sighs*

Tiphanny: *lays in bed with Don and sings to him*

Mel: Stupid dark turtles >​<

Ally *sinnnngs along* Neeeeeear... Faaaaaaar... wherever you are heeeeere in my heart and.. my heart will goooo oooooon annnnd oooooon!

Donatello *smiles, closing his eyes and listening to her voice*

Tiphanny: *lays her head on his chest*^^ I know yoooou i walked with you once upon a dream!

Donatello *is glad for the pain meds* ^^

Tiphanny: I heard Erica is going to lay an egg.

Donatello Hmm?

Mikey: nope live birth it up - poor Raph Razz

Tiphanny: are you stoned? did you eat that mushroom pizza Mikko made for Gabe?

Mikey: .... wait a minute he aint doing the pushin - poor Erica

Donatello *shakes his head* No.

Mel: More like ouch Oo

Tiphanny: ok good

Donatello I'm just...ready to get out of here. *eyes still closed*

Tiphanny: ok lets go then!

Donatello I can't. I haven't been officially released.

Tiphanny: i release you!

Mikey: Wink Kim says he may go but to be a good boy and take it easy Razz so gentle smexings only Wink

Mikey: hehhee naughty

Donatello *opens his eyes to look at her* It doesn't work that way.

Donatello: Ooooh, really?

Mikey: yep!

Mikey: hehehe

Donatello: Is he able to go home yet? That's what he wants to do.

Donatello: Except he LOVES the alcove bath. Wink

Donatello: He'll miss that. Razz

Tiphanny: I'll give you a sponge bath

guKim: you may *untucks him* Wink but come back if any pain and Erica will monitor your recovery Wink

Donatello *smiles at guKim* Thank you. For everything. *bows his head to her, very carefully sitting up*

Tiphanny: *helps Don*

 guKim: *treated him like one of her sons - smiles and bows back* just be careful okay? Very Happy

Donatello I will. *slowly gets up from the bed, holding onto Tiph* Thanks again. *smiles at guKim*

Tiphanny: *wraps arm around Don* lets get you out of here!

Mikko: night all *hugs*

Tiphanny left the chat

Donatello Where's Angel? *looks around for her as Tiph helps him out of the room and to a portal*

Donatello: Damn. >​.<

Mikko: sorry

guKim: *chuckles and nods*

Donatello: Night *hugs*

Mikko: I'll be back tomorrow!

Mikko left the chat

Donatello: Okay. Smile

Donatello: Maybe Don could hang out with Angel one more time. Wink

Mikey: onnnnly one more time? Razz

Donatello: In that world. Wink

Erica left the chat

Donatello: Angel could intercept him before he goes through the portal. Wink

Mikey: speak of the devil and she shall appear Very Happy

Angel o,O *had left to change er smelly slept in cloths and shower and stuffs now comes back to see Stretch up and all* hey sexy what you up to?

Raphael *dozed off standin' up.. tries to play it off* -.-

Donatello *stops in his tracks, letting go of Tiphanny and holding onto the wall instead* Hi. *smiles* Kim has released me. I can go home now.

Mikey: lol already in the lack of sleep phase huh?

Angel oooh thats great! - *snout kiss*... *moves with him*

Mikey: hehhee his lady went for a walkies, her Gran Gran said the best thing she can do to prepare for d day is walk as much as possible Razz she'll be back Wink

Raphael *drifting...drifting....out! Snores and faceplants wall*

Erica: oO *comes back just in time to see a face plant! - * Red? *hurries over*

Mikey *yes! caught it on tphone! hehehe*

Raphael *>​.< ruuubs snout and tries to play it off again* Hmm?

Erica: Smile come on - I here our bed calling *tugs on his hand - poor guy*

Mikey ^_____^ O:-)

Raphael *sooo not gonna argue with that! Has no idea that his bro is tryin' to hit the portal express*

Ally Very Happy *smooches Mikey* We should join them...

Mikey alright... hehehe watch this *shows her the recording of his big brother getting face friendly with the wall* hehhee *they line up behind Angel/ Don and Erica/ Raph*

Erica: *rubs snout gently where it met the wall* Smile

Mikey: is like those lines for the ladies bathroom Razz

Raphael: lol

Raphael *nuzzles and kisses her hand*

Ally *giggles madly* pssst. you should record him being all mushy with Erica

Raphael -.- I can hear you!

Donatello *smiles and holds onto her* Ready?

Angel *not hurrying Don for them - hehehe they can waits Very Happy

Mikey *was recording - now gives his best angel look* heard what? Very Happy *kisses Ally*

Donatello: And poor Raph. Razz

Erica: *would say something but his snout brushed her wrist and currently blushing up a storm nibbling her lip to not make happy loud moan*

Angel * I am ready - *kisses his cheek and nods thanks to guDamian currently operating the portal for them* thanks dude *slooooooowwwwly goes through with Don*

Ally O.o wow.. he has ears like a bat.. yet, you guys don't reeeeally have ears...*smoochiesmooches*

Raphael Because I'm Batman. *continues nuzzles*

guDamian: welcome Very Happy

Mikey Very Happy he says without his batman voice Razz *snoggy snoggs*

Mikey: guRaidon: Smile we'll go play when portal hoppers are home Razz

Erica: *whiimper* mmmmmmmm thats nice *smoooochies*

Angel: lol!!

Donatello *is still not very strong on his feet so takes it easy, waves to guDamien before stepping through the portal*

Angel: Wink safe with either variation *portals feel like a bad elevator ride - and quickly moves Don out of the way of the portal exit* to your bed or Lab Stretch?

Raphael: night

Ally: *huuuuuugs!*

Ally *annnd liickliickliiickliiicks Mikey before her player has to goooo*

Mikey ^__________________________________________^

Donatello My bed will be fine for now

Mel: Well they're home >​>​

Angel *nods and heads that way* be glad to be in your own bed? *opens his door for him*

Donatello Yes. Very. *slowly wanders in and flops down on his bed, feeling tired after that small trip* I need to build up my strength again.

Angel bet the meds don't help Smile but you will Very Happy *smooches his cheeks having followed him after closing door*

Donatello *smooches then wraps his good arm around her*

guRaidon: Very Happy yep - *wheels her back to his folks quarters chuckling on the way* fun group Very Happy

Mel: I guess so

Angel *gentle with his injured arm tracing over the length with light finger tips - smooooching, lifting other fingers to tickle spot*

Donatello *squirms a little*

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Erica Martins

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PostSubject: Re: Portal Hopping Pt 01 - 10 (post rp chat room creation)   Fri Aug 12, 2016 11:40 am

pt 03.

Donatello: Hi

Tiphanny: cheating on me already!?

Donatello No.

Tiphanny: then who's the girl in pink? *huffs*

Donatello She's one of my lovers in this game.

Tiphanny: ONE of your lovers? ONE OF YOUR LOVERS!?

Donatello In this game, yes. Except, we haven't really been together much at all lately. Angel has been there for me since I got hurt. Even before that.


Donatello In one game, yes.

Donatello *doesn't really know how to explain this another way* >​.<

Tiphanny: *demon eyes* IN ALL GAMES YOU ARE MINE TO CONTROL!!!!!

Donatello O.O

Tiphanny: ^^ *smooches*

Shaya Leatherhead?

Donatello Are you better now? *apprehensive*

Leatherhead Wink hello *nuzzle nuzzle - been basking, nice and warm*

Donatello Smile *smoooches*

Shaya *nuzzles back* I want to waltz sometime today if you are up for it BigGuy.

Leatherhead mmmm hmmmm I am up for some fine dancing *happy rmbling*

Tiphanny: *makes out with Don*

Donatello *smoochy-smooches*

Raphael joined the chat 5 seconds ago

Shaya Can we start? *leans on the 'gator happy to be near him*

Raphael $%#!&*!!! -.-

Tiphanny: *grabs Raph's ass then runs away* that is a good entrence for Raph. coming in and cussing

Raphael *growls*

Raphael: Razz)

Raphael: he's mad at his player.. don't ask))

Donatello: lol

Shaya: aww

Tiphanny: ok boys! get out your dollar bills! *strips and dances*

Donatello O.o We don't have any money.

Tiphanny: Then give me what you have

Raphael -.-

Tiphanny: ok....well...I'll shake my ass for the fun of it and to get Raph in a better mood

Raphael ....I have a girlfriend. I ain't interested in yer jigglin' junk in yer trunk.

Tiphanny: oh. well...ok then! *jiggles it for Don*

Leatherhead *not paying no attention to anything but the sweet blond currently snugging... *
^_____^ yes we may... *offers hand wid a bow* may I have this dance?

Leatherhead: Lol mad at player huh? Been there should send in the E to help cool him off Wink

Tiphanny: the E lol

Leatherhead: Wink The E!

Leatherhead: The fire extinguisher Razz

Mel: Oh brother

Raphael: lol, yesh!))

Tiphanny: *licks Don* let us make babies!

Donatello *blinks* Whoa, wait a minute. I don't know you that well yet.

Tiphanny: oh. well I'm a girl with a va jay jay. lets do this!

Shaya I'd love to. *beams like she could hop excitedly if no one was around* I did ask to dance. * Takes his hands*

Raphael -.- Seriously?! You wanna make babies with a mutant you hardly know? You DO know it's gonna change yer life, right?

Tiphanny: honestly I don't think it's possible for a turtle and a human to have babies.

Raphael Yeah, that's what I thought, too. But my girl's pregnant. So it can happen. You need hefty bags if yer gonna do the deed.

Mel: It's happened

Raphael Condoms ain't gonna work. Just sayin'.

Donatello That's not what I meant. *smooches her*

Tiphanny: unless....she cheated on you! *smooches*

Donatello: lol

Donatello: Hefty bags. Razz

Donatello: That might be a bit of an overkill. Wink

Raphael: Razz

Raphael: what can he say.. he's at least confident in that dept. Razz

Tiphanny: lol

Donatello: lol

Tiphanny: when her baby comes out with blonde hair and bright blue eyes not looking like a turtle/human hybrid then you'll know the truth!

Donatello *still has a little bit of wonder if the child is least a little bit*

Leatherhead: Hehe sorry PrettyEyes nope

Mel: Erica has only been with Raphie

Tiphanny: we don't know that

Leatherhead: and funnily enough my oE only been with the turtles lol

Leatherhead: first Leo, the part time shares between D and R

Leatherhead: then R Razz

Donatello *keeps his mouth shut, will just keep the time with Erica and him to himself*

Leatherhead: lil terrapin tart

Tiphanny: lol

Leatherhead: lol Wink it was a while ago, she's been a very good R only girl

Raphael *just siiiighs at Tiph.. bummed his girl ain't here. Goes someplace away from EVERYONE to sulk.. or sleep. Whichever happens*

Leatherhead: lol

Leatherhead: nawww girls almost done with human things she'll be in shortly

Donatello: Awwwwws

Shaya: human things lol

Leatherhead: Hehehe yeah fending off curious questions about her bump, finishing school, preparing for higher education - that kind of thing Wink

Shaya: yupp

Shaya: if she asks, Shaya is more than willing to help out in almost any way

Raphael: daw

Leatherhead: Awwww girl will need it Wink

Leatherhead: She's handling it better at the mom cause not so sick Wink

Raphael *curled up underneath a fuckin' table because he's still not used to this room!* ZZZzzzZZZzzz...

Raphael: bah.. of course just as she pops in Razz

Erica: she has impeccable timing Razz

Tiphanny: lol

Erica: *squeeees cause the site of her big turtle all curled up under a table is adorable - lays down carefully on belly and wriggles forward to peck that snout*

Leatherhead *has carefully swept a happy Shaya into a waltz - using tail to clear space - as usual very sure footed for some one so big*

Espionata: lol

Raphael *Well, that certainly penetrated his subconscious. Pops one eye open, a smile stretching across his lips as he pulls her close, snugs and nuzzzzzzzles*

Donatello: lol

Erica: *is snugged, chuckles through a moan of delight at nuzzling, kiss kisses all over said nuzzling snout* miss me? Wink

Raphael Mmhmm.. where'd you go? *happy churrs*

Erica: school, a few hours with Gran Gran in the cafe Wink *tickles spot - looooves those churrs - smooooooch*

Erica: everything to keep a girl busy Razz

Raphael ^^ *churrs become deeper, foot thumps and shifts his head to the side, giving her better access. Manages to return the smooch, though her attentions to her spot is turning him onto mush*

Mikey *pops out of nowhere - NINJA - annnnnnd-*

Ally joined the chat

Ally: Very Happy /me trouble definitely travels in pairs!

Donatello: lol

Erica: *catches a glimps of Mikey - winks and waves at him and all others she hasn't hello'd because her big turtle was being - is still being adorable! - and puls the table cloths edges down to hide them from view and annoying lil brothers* Wink *lightly strokes all exposed pulse with finger tips before nibbling there*

Mikey it does! *was pounting when table cloth barred his view and chance to get more mushy moments in evidence -* ALLY! *scoops her up and spins - smoooching* hehehe

Mikey: *hehehe

Ally ^^ *giggles and snooogs*

Ally: daw, night *hugs*

Mikey: awwws night night *hugs*

Raphael *happy churrs become deeper and louder, foot thump-thump-thumping the floor as she works her magic. Snooogs, excited.. but trying to control it...* GranGran, eh.. she noticed the lump yet? *and wonders when they'll know the gender of said 'lump'..* An' long we gonna call 'im 'lump'.. *yeah, pretty sure it's a boy.. just has that feeling*

Raphael: and prolly long after this kid is born, Raph will call it LUMP Razz

Mikey: bwhahhaa just had that thought myself Razz

Mikey *lets them flop back onto pile of bean bags and cushions his shell first still snoggingly snogging* mmmmmm!

Ally *giggles and snooooogs away!* ....all this talk about lumps.. I want one!

Espionata: lol

Espionata: Well babies don't do much

Mikey mmm *kiss kiss* we.... *kiiiiissssssss* should be close to... a lump of our own *snoggies*

Shaya *Happily being swept away in their dance* Hmm *Hums ELLA FITZGERALD's "Someone To Watch Over Me"

Donatello *has grabbed a book to read, still in bed*

Erica: *excited shiver of her own - those churrs! trails soft nibbles up that pulse to those lips and chuckles-* Gran Gran knew at once I was pregnant - old mother intuition - and she's excited *smoooch* I'm sure once we know for certain he is a he we'll think of a suitable name *snooog*

Angel joined the chat

Leatherhead *rumbles along to her hums - always enjoys the dance! more so cause it is with Shaya*

Mikey: oooooooh Very Happy

Angel *good big tall cups of take out coffee in hands - steps carefully over snogging pair in cushions - sniggers seeing feet sticking out from under table cloth at once end, dodges dancing duo and hums briefly along - making it safely coffees intack to Don's room and slips in.* hey Stretch Wink

Donatello *looks up from his book* Hi, Angel. Smile

Angel it's a mad house out there *points with a finger back at the door* Smile look what I got *brings over the coffees* Smile how are you today? *sits beside him and smoooches a cheek*
Donatello *smiles* I feel a lot better. *nuzzles her* I haven't had much in the way of pain meds today.

Raphael *snugs and kisses* Mmm.. but does she know it's not gonna have five fingers and five toes....?

Ally *returns all his kisses and striiiips out of her shirt, inspecting her tummy* Who knows.. maybe there's someone in there already? Wink

Angel *happy purrrr and gives him the coffee* well it's not exactly pain meds but the coffee is still good Wink need me to rustle up E to give you something Wink *kisses those nuzzles*

Donatello *smiles* I think I'm good for now. *takes the cup from her* Thanks for the coffee. *smooches her cheek then takes a sip*

Erica: *traces fingers along the very edge of plastron - kissssing purrrrs* noooo she does not... would you like to meet her some time? *suppose he should met her grandmother eventually - not right now - farrrr tooo busy right now!*

Mikey *churrrrrs loudly honk honks those boobs and grins hands dropping to hips to draw her up and nuzzle the still flat belly* don't know you don't smell diff - we could always get a test and see Very Happy *smooochies*

Raphael ...yeah, sure. If you don't think she'll hit the floor. *manages through his vibrating churrs* Don't wanna kill an old lady..

Ally *giggles* You can smell babies? I guess I must not be, then. We have to try harder Razz

Erica: *giggles shifts kiss to lightly nip that 'spot'* nawww you are so sweet *more spot nibbles* I'm sure she'll be fine - she's a tough ol' gal

Shaya *waltz still going on*

Angel okay but you let me know if you change your mind *carefully nestles under good arm smiling and kisses him*

Leatherhead *slooooow a bit to kissss her carefully loving the closeness*

Donatello *smiles down at her, returning her kiss* I will.

Mikey hehehe it took a little while for E's scent to change but it has Very Happy it's still possible the bun is already bakin.... but yes lets just make sure?! *nibbles nibbles up to her boobies to bury face in them*

Ally *zomg.. and he goes in for the kill! mooooans* Mmm.. you mean, I need to pee on a stick? Razz

Raphael Surely she knows about mutants, since yer dad hates us so much.. *returns nips, trying to keep within the realm of playful.. *

Mikey *of course! booobs! churring and nuzzling and suckling those booobies!*

Erica: I do not know - she's my mum's mum - I am not sure where dad got it from *mooooans loooow enjoying nibbles*

Angel mmmmm haven't been left in here bored stiff have you? *cuddling - smooochies*

Donatello *smiles, shaking his head* Not really. *nuzzles, smoochies back*

Shaya *kisses him back, squeezing his clawed hand in affection*

Leatherhead thank you... *murmuring, happy rumbling - nuzzle nuzzles chin before more smooching* always a delight to dance with Very Happy

Angel mmmmm Wink good can't have such a good mind be bored out of its home huh? *purrrrs at nuzzles, deepens smooochies to shares the coffee flavor more*

Shaya Charmer. *shakes her head trying not to laugh at themselves* I'm dating one of the scariest beings on Earth, yet is the Biggest heart I've ever met. *nuzzles back*

Raphael Ah. Sos she don't hate mutants. Well that's a plus, since her great grandchild is gonna be one.. *blinks* So, you think its gonna look like you, or me? O.o

Ally *tries to muffle her moans.. who knew the talk of peeing on a stick could turn things hawt?!*

Leatherhead *purrrrrrrrrrrrrring rumbles, nuzzle nuzzle nuzzle, tail tip flip flopping madly in happy*

Mikey: to Mikey it is Razz

Mikey: then again she'd turn him on with any chatting Razz

Mikey *does not want her to muffle moans - gives those nipples light nippies*

Mikey: guRaidon: *sneakies up and hugs Mel from behind* hi hi Very Happy

Donatello *churrs softly, getting more into the kissing*

Erica: *nuzzles nose tip to snout chuckling* I have no idea, guess we'll just have to wait and see *finger tip scratchies over plastron* whom ever I know your great smile will be there Wink *smooch*

Angel *slips hand up to cup his cheek - moooooore smooochiing, purrrring at mingled flavors of Don and coffee*

Espionata: Mel: Hi Raidon ^^

Mikey: guRaidon: Very Happy finally finished work - how you Very Happy *snugs*

Espionata: Mel: Bored *Snuggles close*

Raphael *and of course, she knows how to make him melt* ^^ *snugs and smooches*


Donatello *slowly begins to grope her, churring even more, kisses!*

Mikey * 'good girl!' licks licks licks his way up throat to smoooch those lips*

Mikey: guRaidon: nawwwww seems nice and quiet here Very Happy

Espionata: Mel: It is

Erica: annnn those eyes.... mmmmm! *giggles deepening smooochies fingers still moving over that plastron*

Angel mmmmm hmmmm! *takes their cups - smooooching, places them safely aside- kissssing caresses up his sides snoooooggies*

Mikey: guRaidon: good - quiet is good - *somewhat finding it hard to ignore Mikey and Ally buuuuut doing a valiant attempt*

Espionata: Mel: Not when your stuck in a wheelchair Raidon

Raphael: gotta get goin'. night *Hugs*

Raphael left the chat 13 seconds ago

Ally *snooogs Mikey and poofies!*

Ally left the chat 7 seconds ago

Angel: Very Happy

Donatello Mmmm... *churrs and squirms a little, more snoggies*

Angel *chuckles, enjoys the squirming - caresses over his thighs, moooan*

Donatello *chuuuuuuuuuuuuurrs*

Angel enjoying that? Mmmm? *fingers trailing up the insides of those thighs* oooh lord those churrs sooo good Very Happy

Donatello *smiles* Always. *keeps churring, knowing where those fingers are going*

Angel *teases for a moment, caressing under the bottom lip of plastron edge* mmmm good to hear...

Donatello *gasps*

Angel: GuRaidon: yes even then Smile soooo tried any hobby stuff yet? Very Happy

Angel *cheeky grin, continues to tease, brushing close to his tail, sooooo close... Light nail scrap
just oh soooo close*

Mel: No but trying to convince Hank to give me crutches >​>​

Angel: guRaidon: your knee isn't strong enough and your ribs - so chair for now Wink

Mel: How long will that take?

Donatello *gasps again then lets out a groan*

Angel: guRaidon: weeks - so you pretty gal has to find a hobby to amuse yourself Wink

Espionata: Mel: Yet big brother is having sex >​>​

Angel *finally slowly traces down the center of his tail with finger tips one lightly slipping between the cloacal lips one the way down*

Angel: guRaidon: o,O and what does that have to do with you finding a hobby?

Espionata: Mel: Nothing but big brother is allowed to do stuff that I can't he can walk around but I can't >​<

Angel: guRaidon: You'll live - and you'll be walking again soon enough*

Espionata: Mel: I know Raidon it just sucks DX

Donatello: Don: You have to remember, Mel, I don't have a fractured knee. Wink did you know I was having "sex" anyway? O.o

Donatello *moans, spreading his legs for those fingers, churring*

Espionata: Mel: It's not that hard to guess what you're doing with Angel >​>​

Angel: Lol

Angel: she may just suckle the green lollipop Razz

Espionata: lol

Angel *ooooh likes that ! Leans down to trail nibbles along that tail just where her fingers had, tongue dipping into those cloacal lips*

Angel: ooor not Very Happy

Angel: guRaidon: oh relax Very Happy been there one myself, it ain't soo bad Very Happy

Donatello *gasps again, gripping onto the sheets, closes his eyes and groans, allowing himself to 'drop' for her, churring loudly*

Espionata: Mel: You have?

Angel: guRaidon: yeah a while again, just meant it was time to find a hobby

Espionata: Mel: I know it's just annoying

Angel *nips the tip firmly.... Hands moving up him,* oooh that was a a delicious response lover Wink

Angel: guRaidon: it doesn't have to be

Angel: guRaidon: I read a lot of books whilst in the chair Very Happy

Espionata: Mel: What kind of books?

Angel: guRaidon: whatever ones we have found Wink

Espionata: Mel: Got a lot more to choose from here

Donatello *opens one eye then the other, smiling* Mmmmmm...

Angel: guRaidon: may have to pinch some then Razz

Angel mmmmm hmmm! *gives him a gooood squeeeze stroking up*

Espionata: Mel: Might have to

Angel: guRaidon: yep, you read any of them?

Espionata: Mel: Nope

Donatello *chuuuuuuuuuuuurrs!*

Angel: guRaidon: dawwww well that's always a good hobby reading Smile

Espionata: Mel: I have no patience with that maybe playing video games >​>​

Angel mmmmooooore? *teasing that length now with light very gentle nail scraping downwards, firm embracing squeeeezing back up*

Angel: guRaidon: ahhhhh well try them then Very Happy

Espionata: Mel: Better than that tutoring stuff

Angel: Have to fade to blackies Very Happy gotta go out Very Happy

Angel: *hugs hugs*

Espionata: night

Donatello: Dawww night *hugs*

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PostSubject: Re: Portal Hopping Pt 01 - 10 (post rp chat room creation)   Fri Aug 12, 2016 1:50 pm

pt 04.

Mikko: *pets*

Shaya: *Wags butt for an imaginative tail*

Mikko: *scratches butt*

Mikko: *lays down in chat and ruuuuuuuuubs back on the floor, wiggle wiggle*

Mikko: *wiggles over to Don*

Mel: Oo

Donatello Oh, hello?

Mikko: hello! rub my belly!

Mel: You're not a cat

Mikko: cats don't like their bellies rubbed. i'm a puppy

Mel: Not all cats hate belly rubs

Donatello: My cat loves them. But she'll only let me do it.

Mikko: yes yes...RUB MY BELLY!

Espionata: aww

Mikko: no one is rubbing the belly

Donatello: OOC: *rubs da belleh*

Espionata: lol

Mikko: ^^ yay

Mikko: now that my belly is rubbed I will go back to wiggling *wiggle wiggle*

Espionata: lol

Donatello: Razz

Raphael joined the chat

Donatello: *waves* Very Happy

Mel: Hi Raphie

Mikko: *wiggles to Rogue* belly rubs!

Raphael O.o My evil writer is not here. -.- You only got me.

Mel: All of our players are evil Raphie

Mikko: *wiggles to Raph* rub belly?

Raphael Is it considered cheatin'... O.o

Mel: I'm not sure Oo

Mikko: noooooooo.

Raphael Donnie may do it. He's single. -.-

Tiphanny: he is not!

Mel: Isn't he with Angel?

Tiphanny: no he's with me ^^

Mel: He is?

Raphael All the girls love Donnie. *massive eyeroll*

Espionata: Mel: Then where were you when he got hurt by the evil purple turtle?

Mikko: Tiphanny: I was in my undies waiting for him to take me!

Mikko: Love: *smooches Raph*

Raphael O.o ... you don't stop, so you. -.-

Mikko: Love: nope

Raphael: annnd about to post in TPH

Espionata: Mel: Really?

Mikko: wooooo

Mikko: Love: you have to go after what you want!

Raphael Do you even know what you want.. or.. WHO?

Mikko: Love: yes! yes i do!

Raphael Do tell.

Mikko: Love: well I wanted you, but you didn't seem to interested but Don did so i was going to get with Don but then BAM you were like lets go for a walk and get freaky, so I was like hell yeah lets do that, so now I'm with you and you can't get rid of me

Raphael O.o

Mikko: Love: ^^

Donatello O.o

Mikko: Love: to be fair, niether of you boys really out right said hey I want to be with you, sooooo it's all fair game really

Donatello Oh, I see how it is. -_-

Mikko: Love: oh don't be too upset. my player is bringing in some girl named serenity, this seren girl is suppose to get in trouble and meet Don....i don't know. player will be PMing Don's player about soonish

Donatello: Oooooh

Raphael: pffft.. all of the guys will have girlfriends in main game before Raph Razz

Raphael: Raph's gonna be busy... having unfortunate things happen to him

Mikko: ((after much thought I felt Love and Don were not a good match. but then I was like, oh fuck seren! she's a sweet heart and would be perfct for the sensitive Dnnie))

Mikko: oooh so excited

Raphael Yer exicted?? -.- I'm not.

Mikko: well of course I am, It's not happening to me ;P

Raphael: bahaha

Raphael It should be bad enough that two of my brothers ain't talkin' to me.

Mikko: Leo: I'm a little busy probably making my own mistakes

Raphael Yeah, sure. Girls are more important than yer bother. I see how it is. -.- Have fun with yer orgy.

Mikko: Leo: yeeeeeeah not really what I meant

Espionata: Mel: At least you get to do stuff

Mikko: Leo: yes I get to save a mutant from getting eaten by a vampire and save a vampire
from...what ever she was going through

Raphael: Vic: Very Happy

Mikko: Leo: the vampire and me will probably bone

Raphael: lol. confident much? Razz

Raphael: Karai: -.-

Mikko: lol

Mikko: Leo: Karai can join in

Mikko: Leo: no girl gets left behind

Espionata: Mel: While I get to do nothing

Mikko: Leo: would you like to join in the orgy?

Espionata: Mel: Orgy?

Mikko: Leo: I am lonely and not getting sex. my brain is mush

Espionata: Mel: Are taking drugs again?

Espionata: *you

Raphael -.- yer dick is gonna get you in trouble, Leo.

Mikko: Leo: well Mikko made me this mushroom tasted a little funny

Mikko changed name to Leonardo

Espionata: Mel: Leo she added drugs to that pizza it had shooms

Leonardo: Mmmmm well I need more of those

Leonardo is this how i make color?

Leonardo: yes!

Victoria joined the chat 8 seconds ago

Espionata: lol

Victoria: Very Happy

Leonardo BABY! *hugs Vic*

Espionata: Mel: No you don't there aren't any rehabs for mutants

Victoria: Why are my vapmire characters always drawn to Leo, lol)

Leonardo: lol

Victoria: Pepper on Mo..)

Leonardo I keep myself high so when Vic feeds off me, she gets a buzz

Victoria O.o *wasn't expecting the hug, but returns it* ^^ So, the Turtle that refused to dance
with me suddenly thaws? Wink

Raphael -.-

Leonardo I'm not use to pretty women wanting to dance with me

Leonardo we are making Raph uncomfortable

Espionata: Mel: I don't get it either Raphie

Victoria :">​ You think i'm pretty?

Leonardo yes! very pretty

Shaya was timed out

Raphael Pffft. I ain't uncomfortable... I just.. yeah, what Mel said. I don't get it. Yer a jerk, lEO.. and girls are flockin' at you

Victoria Very Happy I think you're pretty, too. And hush, red one.. or I shall eat you.

Leonardo girls do not flock to me. don't be jealous or I'll let her eat you

Espionata: Mel: Leo you're an ass

Leonardo what did i do this time?

Donatello Ugh...I hate to call my brothers names...usually, but she's right.

Victoria He saved me. He is not an ass. *snogs Leo* ^^

Espionata: Mel: You would let a vampire eat your brother

Leonardo *smooches back*

Espionata: Mel: You're not that good of a big brother Raphie is better than you

Victoria *blinks at Donnie* What, you think Leo's pretty, too?

Leonardo I can't help that I found love before you guys.

Raphael -.- It ain't love.. you barely know her!

Espionata: Mel: Yeah that's lust

Leonardo love at first sight is a real thing

Espionata: Mel: And that's a deadly sin >​>​

Leonardo: lol

Donatello Wait...what?

Espionata: The only reason I know about the seven deadly sins is Fullmetal Alchemist

Espionata: Mel: Lust is a deadly sin

Leonardo in full metal alchemist Lust was a hottie, so I don't mind being Lust

Donatello Well, apparently nearly every girl I fall for isn't right for me. >​.<

Victoria Very Happy You said that i was that means you think Leo is beautiful, too *has no idea that he was talking to the other 'she'*

Donatello That's...not who I meant.

Leonardo you will find a sweet girl who bakes cookies and gives you foot rubs, I know this from an inside sorce

Victoria Daw. *gives Donnie's chin a scratch* You just haven't met the right one yet. Wink

Espionata: Mel: She also killed a lot of people

Leonardo: ((player is also trying to figure out what else seren will bring to the sotry other then a love interst))

Victoria: lol... yeeeeah, that's reeeeally important)

Leonardo: yes)

Victoria: can't be creating a bunch of just shag budddies for the turtles :/)

Leonardo: no that would get boring and old fast. I'm thinking she will be an acual doctor and try to help the people possessed by aliens ))

Victoria: ooooh)

Leonardo wait who killed a lot of people? I thought Vic was only feeding off of the turtle boy...

Victoria: a doctor or a lab tech.. I think either would be interesting and give her a good opening)

Leonardo: I think so too)

Espionata: Mel: Lust did

Victoria: i really wish D was around more. Really needed Bishop for the upcoming plot

Leonardo oh yeah

Leonardo: yeeeeeeeeeeeeeah )

Victoria: guess he's busy with his forum

Donatello: Not really.

Leonardo *picks up Vic and takes her to the turtle cave*

Victoria O.o Very Happy 8snugs*

Espionata: Mel: Raphie Leo isn't thinking at all

Victoria I snugged you 8 times! Razz

Raphael -.- He NEVER thinks.

Leonardo *snugs back ten times*

Raphael This is why he shouldn't be leader. His brain is fried.

Espionata: Mel: It's the drugs Raphie

Victoria *hears everything* When I come out, I'm gonna eat you Red!

Leonardo *close cave door and sexes up Vic*

Espionata: Mel: And she's a vampire that eats mutants she's just using him

Victoria *completely rocks his world! Has a little taste of him in the process, but in complete
control..* Mmmm... *licks the bite wound on his neck* You taste sweet..

Leonardo I was made with sugar and spice

Espionata: Even though sugar and spice is what girls are made out of Razz

Leonardo and everything nice!

Victoria: lol

Victoria *liiicks and gives his lips a nip, gentle.. but enough to draw blood.. liiiicks*

Leonardo *loves it*

Donatello *gets up to use the little turtle's room*

Leonardo: Tiph: *is waiting in the little turtles room*

Espionata: Mel: *Sighs* Raphie Leo won't learn

Donatello *opens the door* O.o Oh, um...hello. I-I'll just wait out here until you're finished. *starts to close the door again*

Leonardo: Tiph: *pulls don in and makes out*

Donatello Whoa! *still a little unsteady on his feet, grabs the towel rack to keep from falling over* Tiphanny...are you alright?

Leonardo: Tiph: I'm about to be!

Victoria *full in every way a girl can be >Smile content and happy, snuuugs with Leo*

Victoria: Karai: -.- *should have killed her when she had the chance*

Donatello Okay...did you just decide to come in here, knowing I would be coming in sooner or later?

Leonardo: Tiph: yes

Leonardo *snuggles*

Donatello Great,'s another reason why I came in here first.

Leonardo: Tiph: ........oh! ok I'll wait outside. *leaves*

Victoria: lol

Donatello *smiles* I'll let you know when it's okay to come in. Thanks.

Leonardo: Tiph: ok!

Espionata: Mel: Okay then Oo

Donatello *waits until she's out of the room then heads over to the toilet, lifts the lid, annnnnnd does his business*

Raphael: MH: *lurking in the shower... makes LOUD alarm sound* ^^

Leonardo: lol

Espionata: lol

Espionata: Mel: *Jumps at the sound and falls out of her wheelchair* The fuck?!

Leonardo: why was Mel in the bathroom with Don?

Donatello *gasps and jumps* >​.< Don't. Do. That!

Leonardo and i'm the strange one

Espionata: The alarm was loud

Donatello *luckily was done aiming before the alarm then flushes, throwing open the curtain* Metalhead...

Raphael: lool

Donatello: Otherwise SOMEONE would be cleaning up the mess. Razz

Raphael: MH: Very Happy *was waiting for someone to come along and drop undies.. a lot of girls around here lately..*

Raphael: hehe

Espionata: lol

Donatello *is not wearing undies so better luck next time* -_-

Leonardo: lol

Espionata: Mel: Raphie what was that?

Raphael: MH: *tries to step out of the tub and faceplants toilet. Now wearing toilet seat around his head like a halo*

Leonardo: lol

Espionata: lol

Donatello *just rolls his eyes, shaking his head* Sometimes I don't know about you. *tries to free him of the 'halo' definitely no angel*

Raphael: lol

Raphael: MH: ^^ *happy robot rattley churrrs as Donnie removes halo, then follows him around like a lost duckling*

Donatello *turns to face him* Look, there's something in the kitchen sink I want to check out later. Would you like to check it out now and report back to me when you find what it is?

Raphael: MH: *nodnods and zoooooms away to the kitchen! With any luck, April lost her thongs down the drain again!*

Leonardo is content in the cave with his vampire.*

Leonardo: again? lol

Victoria ^^ Leeeeeoooo.. I think i'm pregnant. Very Happy

Raphael: yeah. she's a stange one, that April Razz

Donatello: lol

Leonardo no you arn't I can't produce kids. so who else you sleeping with?

Espionata: Mel: Stupid Metal Head >​< *Tries to get back into the wheelchair doesn't have crutches*

Espionata: Leo you can Raph sure did lol

Victoria ..I was a virgin... so it's yours, duh.

Leonardo I suspect this is a trap.

Donatello *watches him go* Tiphanny?

Leonardo: Tiph: I'm here!

Victoria Sad(

Leonardo don't cry, ok ok you're pregnant. we'll have a vampire turtle kid. that should be fun

Victoria: bahahaha

Victoria: Very Happy

Espionata: Mel: Big brother a little help your stupid robot with his sounds made me fall out of the stupid wheelchair >​<

Raphael How the hell you know yer pregnant? That takes WEEKS! -.-

Leonardo soooooooooooooooooo now we must get married!

Victoria I'm a vampire, I can sense these things.

Victoria: Very Happy

Espionata: Mel: There are women that feel the change Raphie

Leonardo: lol not in two minuets

Espionata: lol

Donatello: Yeah, that was awfully fast.

Leonardo guys I'm getting married!

Espionata: Mel: Really Leo?!

Leonardo yes!

Espionata: Mel: If I could I would knock some sense into your head!

Leonardo but you can't so yay

Raphael: lol

Victoria: Very Happy

Espionata: Mel: Only because I'm stuck on the floor and can't get up!

Victoria Fast, yes. But I'm more in tune with what's happening to my body than humans... but... I had no idea this could happen.. Vampires are supposed to be dead...

Victoria: bahahaha. wonder what a blood sucking turtle would look like Razz

Espionata: lol

Raphael You prolly just have gas. -.- It'll pass.

Leonardo if it's a boy we'll name him Lestat

Espionata: Mel: If your dead then stick yourself with a wooden stake then we will know if your alive or not

Victoria Lestat it is!

Victoria You want me to kill myself? Sad

Leonardo Mel! that is just rude! go to your room!

Espionata: Mel: You can just poke yourself with a wooden stake or grab a cross. And no Leo!
Leonardo she will do no such thing! she is my squishy!

Espionata: Mel: And that name sucks! Besides if I wanted to go to my room I can't!
Leonardo the name is good, you are an uncultured swine

Espionata: Mel: Then what does that name mean?! And really Leo you're gonna go there with me?!
Leonardo it the name of a very loved vampire character from New Orleans. but you wouldn't know anything about that.

Espionata: Mel: No I wouldn't because I'm in New York!

Leonardo don't you read books? watch movies? you have no class.

Espionata: Mel: Really Leo? You're an asshole! *Has tears in her eyes*

Leonardo no i'm not! I'm not an asshole! I'm trying to find a bit of happiness in life and you all are bringing me down!

Espionata: Mel: She's a vampire that goes after mutants! Think about that! And you are an asshole!

Leonardo you know what!? I'm going to hook up with the vampire and teach her how to control herself, I'm going to help the turtle boy and do all that while joining the foot clan! there, you happy?

Espionata: Mel: Leo that's the worst idea you could ever have! The Foot clan is evil!

Raphael *siiiighs- missing his Erica. Thinks Leo has lost it, but what's new*

Leonardo the foot clan is better now that shredder is gone

Leonardo: yeah were is erica?

Espionata: I don't know

Espionata: Mel: Leo the Shredder is never really gone

Leonardo by the time he comes back, the foot will have been taken over and we can take him out once and for all

Espionata: Mel: You're insane Leo!

Leonardo no, I'm a visionary

Espionata: Mel: You do realize that the Foot is completely loyal to the Shredder!

Leonardo I aim to change that

Espionata: Mel: And I say you're gonna get everyone killed!

Leonardo you have to break a few eggs to make an omlet

Victoria: Karai: You will not harm my father! X-(

Leonardo nooooo of course i wont. my brothers will

Victoria: Karai: Then I shall kill them.

Espionata: Mel: Way to be an asshole Leo! You're gonna sacrifice your brothers!

Leonardo no one is killing anyone.

Espionata: Mel: Oh just quit it Leo we know the truth!

Leonardo the truth is out there. I want to beilive

Espionata: Mel: What?!

Leonardo aliens

Espionata: Mel: You're high

Leonardo and you're short

Espionata: Mel: I know I am and I'm even shorter because I can't get up!

Victoria: lool

Raphael *returns to his place beneath the table, curls up and sulks*

Espionata: Mel: Raphie can I join you?

Raphael Yeah, whatever. Dunno if yer wheelchair can fit, tho

Espionata: Mel: Have to crawl fell out the damn thing because Donnie's robot *Crawls to Raph and
goes under the table* Stupid knee

Leonardo floor has not been cleaned

Espionata: Mel: And my knee is in a brace so be quiet Leo *Snuggles close to Raph*

Leonardo no one puts baby in the corner

Victoria: Karai: *sedates Leonardo* -.- It is for your own good.

Donatello *snugs Tiphanny, is feeling lonely*

Leonardo: Tiph: *snugs back*

Leonardo *sleeps*

Donatello *couldn't help Mel by himself, anyway -- still need to take it easy with how much he moves around*

Donatello Have you met Metalhead yet?

Espionata: Mel: Miss Erica Raphie?

Leonardo: Tiph: I have not

Raphael Yeah, I do. Sad

Donatello Well, you probably will if everything off.

Espionata: Mel: She will be back you know that *Snuggles closer*

Leonardo: Tiph: *takes everything off*

Raphael: MH: *diggiesdiggiesdiiiiggie​s around in sink...finds nothing!! LIES!!*

Raphael: MH: *can hear undies hitting the floor! ^^ Scurries off to insure that Tiph will never dress again!*

Donatello: LOL

Leonardo: lol

Donatello ...See? >​.<

Leonardo: Tiph: awwwwww he's cute

Donatello You may never get those back, I mean.

Leonardo: Tiph: that's ok.

Donatello Really?

Raphael: His facination with undies is ALL mikey's fault

Leonardo: Tiph: *pats MH*

Espionata: Mel: And I miss Raidon only I don't know if he will come back if the dark turtles get him he might get killed.

Donatello You can go now, Metalhead.

Raphael: MH: *happy stares*

Leonardo: Tiph: I want one!

Raphael: lol

Raphael: Donnie gonna lose his girl to his creation Razz

Raphael Raph: Nah, I think yer boy is safe. The GUs have a pretty good operation goin' for 'em

Donatello *smiles at Tiph* You can borrow him sometimes.

Espionata: Mel: I hope so Raphie just can't help but worry because we know those dark turtles are no joke

Leonardo: Tiph: Metalhead I want you to...sing me a song.

Donatello: Annnnnnd cue the loud and cheesy music. Razz

Raphael: lol

Raphael: MH: *bullhorn protrueds from 'mout' all covered in panties... plays Miss New Booty for her* ^^

Leonardo: Tiph: *dances*

Donatello *sighs, rolling his eyes at the robot*

Espionata: Mel: Donnie's robot again *Groans*

Raphael >​.< *covers his 'ears'*

Espionata: Mel: It's to loud! *Covers her eyes*

Leonardo: lol do you hear with your eyes?

Espionata: *ears

Raphael: hehe

Raphael: MH: *does the 'robot'as he plays that awesome romantic song for her!*

Espionata: Mel: Raphie make it stop!

Leonardo: Tiph: awwww so sweet

Donatello *is somewhat amused*

Leonardo: Tiph: he's adorable. and he dances! so smart.

Donatello Heh... *rubs the back of his neck, getting tired of standing*

Leonardo: Tiph: lets go sit down somewhere

Espionata: Mel: Think that robot stopped?

Raphael Yeah. *decides it's time to go look for his girl.. she's been gone too long*

Espionata: Mel: Raphie?

Donatello At this point, I would say probaby back to my bedrooom.

Donatello: probably say*

Leonardo: Tiph: lets head there then

Donatello *wraps a towel around her then leads her back to his room*

Leonardo: Tiph: goes to the bedroom then slips onto the bed*

Donatello I'm sorry about that.

Leonardo: Tiph: sorry about what?

Donatello Him. I honestly don't know what has gotten into him with this undergarment obsession. :">​

Leonardo: Tiph: oh I think it's cute

Raphael: MH: *luurking outside the bedroom door like a creeper* ^^

Leonardo: lol

Donatello *locks his bedroom door* -_-

Leonardo: Tiph: ready to get freaky?

Donatello *then carefully flops down on his bed*

Donatello Hmm?

Leonardo: Tiph: *kisses him all over*

Donatello *returns her kisses and gropes certain areas gently*

Leonardo: Tiph: ^^ gonna rock your world

Angel joined the chat 18 seconds ago

Angel changed name to Erica

Raphael *siiiighs and decides to go to sleep.. no Erica tonight * Sad

Raphael: lool, of course Razz

Erica: Razz

Erica: impeccable timing

Raphael: exactly Razz

Raphael *NM... totally not asleep*

Erica: Hehehe Angel almost came in, but went else where Razz

Raphael: daws

Erica: *had a awful day, school sucked... stripping off on the way to Spot giving MH her underwear*

Erica: hehehe she got in a fight Wink

Raphael: aw

Raphael *will kill someone!*

Leonardo: dawwwww

Erica: *naked, rubs bump, then bruised knuckles and finds Red just slipping down beside him makes her feel less grumpy* hey Smile

Victoria was timed out 12 seconds ago

Raphael *never been so good at hiding emotions, so it's pretty darn obvious that he's happy to see her.. and naked, hell yeah! Snugs and nuzzles* hey, beautiful..^^ *and quickly notices her knuckles* Uh oh, who do I have to kill.. X-(

Erica: *yep he makes it better, nuzzles make her purr, lifts hand to show them off* no one I socked the guy so hard I broke his nose Wink *smoooch*

Raphael A guy? *yeah, would tottally kill him!!* What'd he do to make you so angry?

Erica: Mmmm yeah just a long time bully of mine, he noted the bump and hassled me alllll day *stretches back beside him tugging dew rag tails* finally lost it when he pulled my bra strap so hard it snapped open, turned around and just like you showed me socked him, lifted him off his feet!

Erica: hehehe Razz

Erica: takes a lot to pissed her off

Raphael: dawwws

Raphael: well he deserved it!

Raphael That a girl. If he bothers you again, i'll deal with him... *nuzzles*

Donatello Smile I would like that very much. Only...I have to be careful I don't re-injure myself.

Erica: *shivers and moans in delight* I feel better already, promise you can kick his ass if he's brave enough to come near me again Wink *smoooches*

Leonardo changed name to Tiphanny

Tiphanny: *kisses*

Donatello *snoggies*

Tiphanny: *nibbles his neck*

Donatello *churrs and gropes some more*

Raphael *nuzzles ans snugs and chuuuuurs happily. Missed her so friggin' much. Wow, how the right person can make you feel things you felt would never experience* Heh.. he'll be sorry he messed with you. but, I'm sure he already is. Wink

Tiphanny: Mmmmm *pulls off towel and goes down on him*

Donatello *gasps, watching her*

Erica: *giggling, playing nips between kisses to that nuzzling* yes...he rue the day he first stole my crayon... And if not he will Wink Mmmm.... Love you *missed him too, stress of the day all gone now in snugs and churrs and nuzzles*

Tiphanny: *liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiicks*​

Raphael *returns it alll.. snuggling and cuddling and kisses all over* Love you, too

Tiphanny: night all *hugs*

Tiphanny left the chat

Erica: *kiss, kiss, slips off dew rag* Mmmm ... Let's get the rest off your gear off yeah? *enjoying
the nakey! Shifts and nibbles Adams apple hands expertly undoing belt*

Erica: Oooh hahaha poor Don left all excited Razz

Erica: and Angel ran away, don't know if I can find her but I shall lookies

Raphael: night *hugs*

Raphael left the chat 13 seconds ago

Donatello: *belated hugs*

Erica: Wink

Donatello Oh, don't worry about me. It seems to be the story of my life recently. -_-

Erica: how's Don doing? Razz

Erica: Hehee poor guy Angel might be feeling a bit jealous, she'll be in shortly

Donatello: lol He's sulking.

Donatello: He does miss Angel. Wink

Erica: Awwwwwws Wink yep she jealous hehhee

Erica: I poked her

Erica: Wink

Erica changed name to Angel

Angel: Hehe *drags Angel in*

Angel *bats players hands away grousing and growling at her*

Angel *but is pleased to see him none the less* hi Stretch Wink

Donatello Hi. Smile

Angel joined the chat 11 seconds ago

Angel how are you today

Donatello Missing you. *smooches*

Angel ... Smile missed you too *smooches his forehead*

Donatello What have you been up to?

Angel telling arsholes how I want my inherited home renovated, Very Happy - you? Need owie meds?

Donatello *lightly shakes his head* I need something more. And nothing to do with pain. Well...not really, anyway.

Angel mmm ... Ooooh things a bit hard Stretch?

Angel: Hehehe

Angel: pun

Angel *shifts closer*

Donatello *nods* Yeah.

Angel mmmmm *Chuckles, rubs hands briefly so warm, massages his thighs first, slooowly working up* better fix that then huh?

Donatello *churrs, watching her hands*

Angel *rubbing over the muscle nail tracing veins* you got up and about today sexy? *leans to kiss that snout her scent strong and heated*

Donatello Mmm... *nods* Yes. *snogs*

Angel good, you and I both know getting uuuuup *maybe a play on words whilst stroking his tail*
will be good for yoooou mmmmm that's good snogs *kissing kissing*

Donatello *moans, tail stiffening* Yeah.

Donatello *snoggies some more*

Angel mmmmmm hands today or a more intimate massage? *waggles brows playing as her hands
move over his tail given the stiffened appendage a squeeeeze*

Donatello Ahh... Mo-more intimate massage sounds good.

(( naughties continued here : ))

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PostSubject: Re: Portal Hopping Pt 01 - 10 (post rp chat room creation)   Sat Aug 13, 2016 11:56 am

pt 05.

Shaya: hello?

Erica: *looks at the lovely blond girlfriend of her best buddie* hello Smile

Mel: *Still stuck on the floor* Hi

Erica: *looks down at her sister and winks* hi Very Happy

Mel: Metal Head was the cause of this >​>​

Erica: *chuckles and leans down a little to help her up and over to a chair*

Mel: *Is helped up* Hung out with Raphie though

Erica: *chuckles and rubs their bump lovingly* ah thank you - I am growing very busy with the end of the year approaching, I may have to cut back my hours in the Cafe with GranGran - especially as the Lump grows

Mel: He let me cuddle with him Erica

Erica: *raises her eyebrow* yeah? thats nice

Erica: hello Mikko

Mikko: I'm here! I'm queer! get use to it!

Mel: He missed you

Leonardo: Ok now I'm here!

Erica: :">​ I missed him too - always when I am away

Erica: *smiles and waves* hello Leo Wink

Leonardo *puts arm around Mel* You know Mel, now that you are of age in here. you are kinda hot. hows about we smooch?

Erica: *chuckles* she has a turtle boyfriend Razz - hey look Leo *shows off bump*

Mel: *Punches Leo right in the mouth* How's that for a smooch?!

Leonardo that was rude, I'm trying to pay you a compliment. *turns to Erica* man you have to lay off the tacos

Erica: *sighs* oy there was no need for that Mel - hehhe no silly Blue one! I'm pregnant Wink

Mel: To me there was

Leonardo Baby! *ruuuuuuubs baby belly*

Erica: *chuckling* yes baby bump Leo, your nephew - pretty sure its a boy...

Mel: What if it's a girl?

Leonardo in Japan if it's a girl you drown it.

Erica: *giggles and smiles* it could be - *growls and hands rest over bump protectively* never! - will never!

Leonardo I didn't say you would do that, just that that is the Japanese way

Mel: That's messed up!

Erica: mmmmm no I would not Wink *pecks Leo's cheek and pats Mel's head* yes it is messed up - mmmmm mummy never do that to you Lump *unconciously already talking to it!*

Mel: And if you try Leo I will kill you!

Erica: Mel! he didn't say he would - geeze sis chill will you? *sits in chair beside her* alll that stress can be bad for you

Mel: Sorry but just a bit sensitive when it comes to murder

Leonardo I killed a bug once

Leonardo his name was marven

Mel: You know what I mean Leo

Erica: *rolls eyes playfully* well yes we all are in fact - *gives Leo an 'oooooookay then' sort of look and grins* well I'm having a tea - whom wants tea? oooh Hello PrettyEyes Wink

Leonardo *kisses Don*

Erica: O,o ? ..... *makes that a coffee for Don too!*

Mel: Oo

Angel mmmm! O,o *stretching dressed in a torn up paint fleck dress - smiles - knuckles Leo's shoulder* hey LionTurtle Razz hey Mel - oooh Erica can I get a coffee?

Mel: Hi Angel

Shaya *stumbles in* How long have I been in there?

Erica: not sure cutie - coffee? *is making tea and coffee*

Angel probably as long as I have been up - or a bit longer Razz hey Shaya

Shaya Please! I have been in Kim's office for a while.

Leatherhead *gives shelf a good shaking to get the water off - been swimming*

Shaya I really got to stop binge reading...

Erica: *grins and nods adding another coffee to those being made* ooooh her office is sooo cool - dragging Red off to make use of one of their sonography machines after he has met my GranGran Very Happy *gives Leo a tea, Shaya, Angel and Don a coffee, chocolate for Mel, has to refill kettle before starting on hot drinks for her and Red - smiling*

Angel thanks Very Happy *sips -* oh thats good - and nothing wrong with a good binge read Very Happy

Leonardo *baths in tea*

Leatherhead mmmm hmmmm I agree - one of my favourite pass times, hello Lovely *snout nuzzle to Shaya's cheek*

Erica: O,o - well it's good for the skin I guess Wink *giggling at Leo*

Mel: Leo is high again

Shaya Hello Handsome. *Snuzzle with a head boop*

Leatherhead *happy happy gator rumble -* learn a lot reading?

Angel O,o oooh - high on what?

Leonardo high on life!

Erica: good answer Wink *happy little dance of her own waiting for the boiling kettle*

Angel ooooh gotcha Very Happy *chuckling*

Leonardo I'm also high on a mix of vodka, sunny D and lortab.

Mel: So you're drunk Leo

Erica: ooooh not so good answer Razz *still happy lil jig*

Leonardo I also think I might be pregnant

Leatherhead O,O

Erica: *snort chokes on her fresh tea - barely misses spraying it over Angel and Mel*

Shaya Whhhhy?

Mel: No Victoria might be pregnant you're a guy!

Shaya Why would you think that?

Angel *giggling into her coffee - she has to fob off DIY work more often and hang out here*

Leonardo My period was late! And I'm craving pickles!

Angel *almost sloshes coffee on herself turning her snortles into polite coughs*

Leatherhead ........

Mel: You're a guy and a turtle! Turtles don't get periods! *Hits him again*

Leonardo *breaks down in tears* WHY WOULD YOU HIT A PREGNANT WOMAN!?

Erica: *sniffs the tea she made curiously - seriously had she used the wrong leaves?*

Mel: You're a male! *Punches him hard in the face*

Angel *has to leave table*

Leonardo O.O *punches Mel back*

Raphael ....What the fuck..

Leatherhead Mel - that is enough - *tail intercepts punch from turtle* stop hitting >​,<

Leonardo honestly I'm feeling so attacked right now, why would you do that you know it makes me uncomfortable!

Erica: *waves at Raph - still sniffing the tea leaves curiously - stopped sipping her own*

Raphael -.- *sprays Leo with a cold ass hose!*

Angel *takes Don his coffee to his room*

Leonardo O.o oh. my. god! MY HAIR! you bastard! I just got it permed! you know you can't get it wet!

Raphael *smirks* I get a lot of things wet.. *sprays him again*

Mel: You don't have hair!

Erica: O,O .....

Leonardo I can taste colors.....

Leonardo I bet Mel taste like pumpkin

Raphael -.- *well hell, that ain't working.. TACKLES and administers pressure points!*

Erica: !!!O.O!!! *tips out her tea - just encase - and edges around Leo towards Raph* o,o

Leonardo *dies*

Raphael -.- You ain't dead, numbnuts.. *pulls out a roll of duct tape and 'hot-ties' Leo with it*

Leonardo heeeeeeeeeey! I still have more little candies to eat! only my Victoria can save me now!

Erica: ...... you'll be right - *rubs Raph's head - reaching down to pat pat Leo's head carefully - and quickly encase he tries to bite* mmm maybe GU world and abit of rehab will be good for you Leo
Angel *glad shes out of that craziness*

Mel: Yeah can we take him now?

Victoria *comes in swinging a wooden sword!* Hand off my baby daddy!

Leonardo SWEETIE!

Raphael -.- Perfect.. two crazies for the price of one... *pulls Erica out of the line.. in case it's contagious*

Donatello *smiles up at Angel when she enters the room* Hi.

Erica: *is in hold and pulled aside - but waves and grins* Vic? you too? are we going to be bump buddies? *slips an arm about those shoulders - kisses his cheek* hey BigRed

Victoria ^^ Buttercup!! *tries to hew through the tape to free him, but gets a mouth full of nasty oopy gunk that plasters her fangs together* O.O ..*and nodnods at Erica* Yes! There is life in there.. and no Raphael ,it is NOT gas!

Mel: Raphie a little help *Is still stuck stupid knee*

Leonardo I can't dance taped up like this.

Angel *grins and toes door mostly closed* hey you, sleep well? and how is the owies? - and don't go out there, there is craziness all over the place - its catching Very Happy *sits beside him and gives him his coffee*

Raphael *snugs and just rolls eyes at victoria, has to protect pregnant girlfriend and not sure why Mel needs help?* ...It's gas. Leo

Leonardo bitch better have my money!

Raphael Leo's too crazy to breed

Donatello *takes the coffee from her* Thank you. *takes a sip then looks at her* Dare I ask what is going on out there?

Raphie I don't want to be near the crazy mutant and vampire!

Leatherhead *grabs Mel and brings her closer to him and Shaya - tail curls around them both*

Erica: *safe as houses here and squeeees happily -* nawwww thats great!.. *if thats what it is wonders if it means Ally is not far behind?* mmmmm

Mel: Thanks LH

Angel ... I think you need to examine your eldest brothers head Razz or get him serious intervention... *kisses a cheek* thats the crazy going on out there - safer in here Wink

Mel: Erica we should bring Leo to the GU world and leave him there until he's clean and sober

Victoria *can't free Leo, so rolls him about on the floor... straight into Donnie's bedroom* Help? Sad

Donatello What is Leo doing?

Victoria *BIIIIG helpless vamp eyes*

Leonardo *is rolled*

Donatello *blinks* Huh? *sees Leo and Vic come into his room* What the...? *is trying to get up from the bed as fast as his healing body will allow*

Angel *huffs -* I came in here to get away from the crazy! - >​,>​ *cuts Leo free*

Leonardo Raph's lost his mind! he tied me up and started killing people!

Angel stay stretch Wink .... O,o

Leonardo *is free! grabs Vic and runs off*

Victoria Raphael secreted stickiness of doom from a roll and trapped his poor brother with it.. *yeah, totally didn't have duct tape in her time*

Victoria O.o *managed a goodbye wave before being vamp-napped*

Leonardo *sets Vic on his shoulders and dances*

Angel *closes door behind them* see?! crazy *gestures*

Victoria ^^ *hops down and dances with.. she's only been waiting for this for like...FOREVER!*

Leonardo spins Vic around and catches her in his arms*

Raphael Leo.. if yer SERIOUSLY gonna be a father, you need to get yer head on straight, first. Somethins seriously wrong with you!

Donatello *sighs, slowly lowering himself to the bed* Yeah...

Mel: Considering he might drown his kid if it's a girl

Leonardo but Mikko and Gabe keep giving me these yummy candies and brownies. and did you know there is CAKE FLAVOR VODKA!

Mel: Leo you can't be a dad when you act like this! I got the scars to prove no one is a good parent when drunk!

Erica: *never mind bump buddies - feels like it's time to retreat to - maybe take him to meet her
GranGran* I think yous may need to call in the Gu's, Leo needs some serious rehab ... *lightly tugs on his hand*

Angel *shakes head* yeah indeed.... *sits back down beside him*

Mel: *Opens the portal* Yeah no kidding

Leonardo it's the weekend! I can have a little fun if I want. I'M THE LAW!

Mel: No it's Monday night now come on Leo

Leonardo it is? HA! my player thought it was saturday she gave me wrong info.

Mel: Yes now go through the portal and I need help if I'm not using the wheelchair

Leonardo I'm dancing with my bride

Leatherhead *decided to just stay here tail about Shaya and share a book with her*

Mel: You can dance later Leo otherwise you can't be a dad at all and I will make sure of that

Leonardo you'll never take us alive! death will do us part, our crimes will be a work of art!

Leatherhead: >​,>​ Mel aint strong nough to force anything she's forced to do Razz

Leatherhead *decides to take himself and Shaya away from craziness*

Leonardo *spins Vic and smooches her*

Donatello *leans over and nuzzles Angel*

Angel *chuckles and tickles his spot nuzzling back -* mmmmmmmm

Mel: Leo is seriously pissing me off

Angel: GranGran: you my dear get pissy far too much and toooo often -

Victoria *Makes out with!* You know, I was watching this movie about sparkly vampires, and this one got herself knocked up.. and it tore the mom open from the inside out O.o

Mel: Gee I wonder why with the high and drunk turtle

Erica: *from Raph's side - was still trying to coax him away* - GranGran! *tugs tugs on Raph's hand and head over to hug this older woman - whoooom is just like her just much older and a bit taller and more dark of skin*

Angel: GranGran: *shrugs* still no excuse, you need to relax my dear - too much stress for one so young - *hugs Mel... then is hugged so hugs Erica*

Donatello *churrs softly*

Mel: Whatever

Angel mmmm - really needed last night..... didn't know how tense I was *kisses*

Leonardo O.O that sounds horrible. no more movies for you

Angel: GranGran: you know I am right Very Happy - now wheres the father of my great grand baby?!

Mel: *Grumbles* I miss Raidon

guRaidon: on other side of the portal that was open - sticks his head through unsure as to why it's open* oh hello Smile

Mel: Hey Raidon Leo needs rahab badly he's gonna be a dad

Donatello *kisses* I'm glad I could help. Although I needed it just as much as you.

Victoria Very Happy *licks Leo*

Raphael O.o *not so sure about meeting lil old ladies, but goes along.. knowing it'll have to happen eventually. Give a sheepish wave at her* Hey

Angel ooooh yeah I could tell - Very Happy left soooo tense Very Happy *kisses again giggling - relaxed, happy, enjoying the company and coffee - and the lack of crazy*

Donatello *happily snuggles* ^^

GranGran: *suppose she should shocked -* o,o holy crow your a big boy - *slightly teasing to her grandaughter* be prepared to be torn a little on delivery I think Wink *and hugs the big turtle* hey - I am Ida, but you can call me GranGran

Angel ooooooo this is nice *it is - so cooozy*

Donatello *sips his coffee*

Erica: *chuckles a little -* thanks for the warning GranGran - *smiles proudly showing off her big red clad turtle to her grandmother*

Leonardo *smiles and kisses*

Mel: Missed you Raidon

Angel *kisses him to share the sips of coffee they'd just taken*

Raphael O.O *can't believe the old woman gave her THAT warning >​.< Too graphic! But, returns hug and give a little halfway smile.. wondering what she 'really' thinks about all this* Nice yo meet you, grangran

GranGran: mmmm - quiet lovely eyes -

Donatello *returns her kiss, smiling*

Erica: *nods* yeah *smiles up at Raph* he does

Leonardo GUYS! right elbow...has never been touched by my right hand O.O

Raphael *soooo not used to praises, other than Erica... cheeks flush a little* Heh.. thanks..

Mel: And Raphie is the best big brother

GranGran: *ignores that one - busy studying this big turtle* no wonder my Bomb been so tight lipped about you Wink mmm and polite too - you are welcome - and here I thought I'd seen everything in my days

Angel *chuckles deepning the kissing to total tonsil hockey stroking spot with fingers*

Erica: *giggles very softly - a hand brushing a flushed cheek - other rubs the Lump*

GranGran: so you two talked about names? made any plans for D'Day? I demand to be there!

Donatello *churrs churrs, kiss kiss*

Mel: I don't *Shudders*

Erica: No, but we will Wink annnnnd in regards to d day I simply refuse to do it on my back

Raphael O.O D Day??'.. we dunno if it's gonna be a boy or girl yet...

guRaidon: Very Happy *huggles*

Mel: *Snuggles close* Love you ^^

GranGran: DeliveryDay dear, or BDay if you prefer... *rubs bump too*

Angel oooo mmm you taste sooo dang good Stretch Wink

guRaidon: mmmm love you too - soooo whats goin on here? L2 seems crazier than usual

Mel: He's high and drunk all the time and needs rehab. Plus his vampire girlfriend is pregnant with his kid

Donatello *chuckles a little* I'm not the only one.

Erica: *chuckles* we'll have that first scan soon - *squeee excited* sooon Red! hehehe Soon! and then think of names

Angel Very Happy *gentle caress over his injured arm and side* how is all this feeling today - not toooo painful? *snogs*

GranGran: *smiles at them* nawwww so much love right here *yep does not matter too much to her he is a mutant - her granddaughter is happy - and he looks happy*

guRaidon: O,o oy vie - well thats exciting right more lil hybrids? Very Happy *hugs*

Mel: But he's not dad material with him being high and drunk all the time *Hugs him back*

Leonardo *boogie woogies with Vic*

guRaidon: *chuckles watching boogeying*

Raphael *Yeah, he's pretty happy alright.. and relieved that Grangran is so accepting*

Donatello Mmm, better. *smiles*

Erica: *happy as a tornado in a trailer park right now - draws one of his big hands to their bump - she has thought of Deliver Day - will talk to him about it some other time... kisses his snout with a wink*

GranGran: Smile nawwwww well welcome to our small family - has my son in law been good to you.... I know he is not a mutant fan

Angel glad to hear that - *light rubbing over the shoulder* hate seeing you hurt so *kiss kiss*

Raph: Heh.. thanks. And.. he's gettin' better.

Erica: *snuggled, content - closes eyes for a second -* zzzzzzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZ​ZZzzzzzzzzzzz *yep power nap!*

GranGran: ah - good, he is a grandfather to be he better be good *lowers her voice so as not to distirb nap*

guRaidon: me either - but makes a good show Razz *hug hug*

Mel: I guess so Oo

Donatello *smiles* I'm... *kiss* ...fine. *kiss kiss*

Angel *smooooch* good.... how fine.... are you? *kissing deepens - totally lovin the closeness*

Donatello I'm perfect with you here. *nuzzle-kiss*

Raphael O.o *scoops her up so she don't hit the floor- cradles in arms* Yeah, I think he realizes that he's gonna have a grandchild, like it or not.. and he's gonna be a mutant... *yeah, totally just called it a he, though he has no idea*

Angel awwwwwww *girly squeeee cause that was lovely* you are quiet perfect even without me Wink but glad I make it more so *straddles his legs carefully always mindful of his owies -*

guRaidon: Very Happy at least it broke your boredom for a bit huh? Very Happy

Mel: Yeah it did

GranGran: Whatever our individual faults may be as people Hank has been a good husband to my daughter and a good father, he will be a good grandfather - Wink ahhhh a boy - you have that feeling too?

Donatello *smiles* Maybe. But, yes, you do. *takes both of her hands in his own*

Erica: *totally out of it like a ragdol*

Angel: but watch out when powernap is done she'll prob want to drag him off to break in the new rooms Spot Razz

Angel: mwahahahaa!

Shaya joined the chat

Donatello: Hi

Angel *chuckles, grinning nuzzling their nose tips together- hands caught in his* hehehe maybe almost perfect and a little more so with each other huh? *kiss to that snout tip*

Angel: WB!

Donatello Mmm...yes. *nuzzles-kiss again*

Mel: *Sighs*

Angel yeaaaaaaaah *arms around him hands lightly paly over his shell - kisssing*

guRaidon: whats with the sigh? Wink

Erica: *blinks - slowly waking*

Mel: Just tired of being unable to do the stuff I got to do before I got hurt

Donatello *slips his hands behind her back, lightly caressing it with his fingertips*

GranGran: *chuckles and pats the big shoulder* I have seen you - I think I will go make a start on those washable diapers I was going to make up - and now I know to be mindful of shell and tail Wink nice to meet you -

Angel *shivers and meeeeeeeeelts - never knew what Erica meant when she said that feels great - does now!* ooooo! *fingers lightly scrap over shell enjoying him... them... kissing*

Erica: *brain finally understands she must have dozed off and is now cradled - smiles up at Raph, and her GranGran...* thank you... both of you...

Donatello *smiles, kissing her again and again, keeping his fingers moving on her lower back, underneath her shirt*

Raphael ^^ *nuzzles, and gives thanks to Grangran for doing diapers and stuff* ...huh.. diapers.. O.o I forgot babies need those...

Donatello: lol

Donatello: Seriously, Raph? Razz

Angel mmmmmm - ooooooooh thats nice.... *murmuring - kissssssing her own fingers teasing under the lip of his carapace*

Angel: and loads - especially when so new - tiny bellies process things fast Razz

Mel: I bet you didn't have any so you left your mess all over the floor

Angel: and it's cool Hank - as much of a protest he might make will probably gleefully change diaper as much as he can Razz

Erica: *chuckles and purrrrrs - those churrrs!* mmmmm so did I to be honest *yep totally forgot* guess thats what GranGrans are for huh? reminding us new to be parents of those kinds of things... we should check out our new Spot *nods towards it*

Donatello *chuuuuuuuurrs* Good.

Raphael *annnnd heads in that direction* Eh.. I ain't never changed a diaper before... I hear it'll change yer life...

Angel it isssssss *mewls all but mush - aroused - moaaans as though churrs vibrate so*

Shaya Kids *has been reading this entire time in the corner*

Erica: *slipping off his dew rag to hang on the door knob - giggles* one of many changes we will have - together Wink *pecks under that chin over that spot*

Angel: musssssssh'

Angel: feeeel the mussssssssssh!

Angel: *throws about mush*

Espionata: lol

Mel: *Giggles*

guRaidon: whom me? no of course not - mum and dad had been living wild when I was born so used small pieces of pelts they had Very Happy *hugs*

Leatherhead: *reading with her* yeah... kids Very Happy

Mel: No Raphie

Angel: hehhee cha cha cha changes! hehehe first one finding out the gender - or genders Razz

Victoria *goes with! waves at the others ^^*

Angel: awwwwws Very Happy

Raphael *happy churrrrs, nuzzles and snugs.. really missed her last night* babies shit.. I mean, poop a lot? *yeah, a lil worried about that*

Erica: *always misses him whenever away - mmmm barely notices clean big Spot, or the massive bed - only him and his churrrrrs, the happy....... a hand dropping to rub Lump with a giggle* I hear they do, pretty much for some months all they do is grow, sleep, eat, poo

Donatello *smiles* What are you thinking right now?

Shaya *blinks a bit surprised* How long have we been reading? *doesn't question how quiet he is anymore* What ARE you reading?

Mel: Raphie is gonna be a good dad

Angel I am thinking we should not leave your bed Wink

Leatherhead: Very Happy *snout kiss to those lips* I was readingyour pretty face as you read, so absorbed Wink

Shaya HE- I-Uhh. hmm. *Stunned to put it mildly

Angel: ooooooooooh Leatherhead is soooo charming Razz

Leatherhead: ^,^ *rumbles of happy*

Raphael *nuzzles kisses against her neck, one hand slipping down to caress the one resting on her tummy* for the first few months, they're kinda like Mikey Razz

Shaya Thanks *kisses him back* Are you sure no one other than me has the chance to swoon thanks to you. Dang romantic 'gator *Not hiding behind her book trying not to swoon and be charmed to mush*

guRaidon: he will be - my Dad said it completely changed him Wink

Mikey: Oy! I heard that! *eating cheetos, drinking orange soda and looooooooooounging in cushions with Ally - has not needed to do poopies yet though*

Mel: But it didn't get rid of his temper?

Raphael: lol

guRaidon: *sniggers* you should see dad first thing in the morning - it's like a bear from hybernation - used to be the best thing jumping on him

Ally: :d *snuuuugs and glad he no go poopies! mighty comfy*

Mel: *Giggles* That sounds funny

Erica: *loooow pleased whimper - soooo not going anywhere tonight or tomorrow gooseflesh where he caresses - smiles through a shiver* pretty much, though maybe less noise.... mostly - sure there will be plenty of crying

guRaidon: oh it's great - remember one time I was eight and my little twins sibs four and we all pounced on him at dawn - and he mocked a giant grumpy roar and chased us all over the then few tunnels we had Very Happy at least I think it was a mock roar....

Mel: I bet you ran fast XD

Mikey: Very Happy *yep waaaaaaaaaaaay to comfy - feeds his love a cheeto - by putting it in his mouth than snogging her*

guRaidon: welll..... it sure seemed fast to me then Smile I distinctly remember squealing as much as my lil sis and cackling like a lunatic and our Dad chasing us - catching and tickling us until we were gasping for breath then taking us back to mum for 'punishment' which was smoooochies all over our faces

Mel: I wouldn't have minded that punishment when I was little

Donatello *chuckles* And do what instead, hmm?

Raphael *Sliiides a hand beneath her shirt to caress her tummy, nuzzle-kisses* Yeah, can't be any worse than Mikey....*draws lil patterns on her tummy as he kisses her*

Ally: *cheezy-snogs!* ^^

Angel snog .... make some more lovins.... snog you some more - the more we use your muscles the better after all ;0 *snogs*

Angel: lol!

Mikey: *verrrrrry cheesy snogglies!*

Erica: mmmmmmm! *eyes close momentarily enjoying the soft caressing, opening again to find his - smiling, returning those kissing nuzzles* it wont be.... mmmmm squeeeee our lump is growing *giggle squeees yeah still proud and excited fingers caress over his arms - bump is bigger*

guRaidon: yeah it was pretty awesome - mum says Dad has learned over the years to reign in his temper better - still loses it sometimes... but takes a lot more to push the buttons then it used to*

Mel: One being you getting in trouble with the dark turtles

Angel: awwwwwwws oRand oE sooooooooooo cute. the feels!

Angel: the feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee​ls!!! *locks up diabetics cause the sweetness here might kill em all*

Espionata: lol

Raphael: lol

Raphael: night guys *hugs*

Raphael left the chat

Angel: Wink

Shaya: belated night rogue

Angel: lol crazy chatzys everywhere

Espionata: lol

Donatello: *belated hugs to Raph*

Donatello *chuckles, smooch smooch!* I'm all for that.

Angel *chuckling herself - wriggling free of her top - moooore for those hands of his to touch!
morrrrre!* mmmmmm so am I... up for that - *smooooooching*

Donatello *kisses...nuzzles...gropes!*

Angel *totally returning gropies mooooans delightedly*

Donatello *gropes some more, chuuuuuuuuuuuurrs*

Angel: She will! We'll be here cheering her on to ensure she does Razz

Angel ddd Dddooonnnmmmm! *gropies turning her on, moaaaannnns wriggles off the bottom cloths, neeeeding him - her hands gentle over his tail*

Donatello *moans and kisses her deeply, still groping* Hmm?

Angel *her turn to squirm in answer to his touch, her own on him, barely getting enough of his Don flavor* mmmm! Needmm yoooummm

Angel: lol through mumble kissing... Those two Razz

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PostSubject: Re: Portal Hopping Pt 01 - 10 (post rp chat room creation)   Sun Aug 14, 2016 1:59 am

pt 06.

Donatello: Hello

Leonardo keep it in your shell, Don!

Mel: Oo

Donatello O.o Excuse me?

Leonardo it's Angel, man. you can't be sleeping with her.

Donatello And why not?

Leonardo it can ruin a friendship.

Donatello It can, but that doesn't mean it will. Angel and I have a real connection.

Leonardo then I wish you good luck, Mel and I have a connection too. *grabs Mel and pulls her close*

Mel: Leo I have a boyfriend! *Struggles*

Leonardo yes your boyfriend's name is Leo

Mel: No his name is Raidon!

Leonardo she hit her head. she's confused.

Mel: I'm not confused!

Donatello Leo, let her go.

Leonardo awwwww man. *lets her go*

Mel: *Hits the ground* Still can't walk Leo

Leonardo *picks her up again*

Mel: There's a reason I'm stuck with a wheelchair

Leonardo the only chair you are stuck in is the chair of your mind

Mel: Leo my knee is fractured and in a brace and my ribs are healing from being bruised I'm not allowed crutches yet

Leonardo *uses his magic healing powers to heal Mel*

Mel: Leo that's not how life works

Leonardo no you don'yt understand I actually have magic healing powers!

Donatello: Dawwww, actually, Splinter healed himself that way. Wink

Donatello: In the 2012 series. Wink

Mel: No you don't

Leonardo fine, I don't. *drops her again*

Mel: *Hits her injured knee from the drop* Fucking hell Leo! That fucking hurt

Leonardo was going to heal you. but you didn't want it

Mel: You didn't have to drop me! *Rubs her knee*

Leonardo it was to teach you a lesson

Mel: Leo are you insane?! What fucking lesson?!

Leonardo a lesson that you don't question me!

Mel: No Leo I can sure as hell question you!

Leonardo *picks her back up again* you wanna be dropped again?

Donatello Leo!

Leonardo what?

Donatello Stop.

Mel: Leo stop it! You're gonna damage my knee even more!

Donatello She's hurt.

Leonardo I can heal your knee but you are an idiot

Donatello *groans* >​.< *facepalms* You're sooooo not helping matters.

Shaya LEONARDO! Don't you dare.

Leonardo *lets Mel go again, like a cat pushing a glass of water off a table*

Donatello: lol!

Mel: *Whacks her knee from the landing again* Leo you fucking asshole!

Leonardo my job here is done! I'm off to save others!

Shaya *Ready to kick his ass, but needs to inspect the possible damage in *... *Sighs* Are you OK Mel honey?

Mel: I fucking hope so he droppd me on my knee twice

Shaya Let's get you back in your chair and check it out. *offers her shoulder and arms* Hug me and I'll lift you back in your chair.

Mel: Okay *Grabs on*

Shaya *lifts and picks up Mel in a hug* In just a moment I'll place you in your chair. okay?

Mel: Okay. Why did Leo have to do that?

Shaya Because he is on the wrong dose of something *places Mel in her wheel chair* There

Mel: Odds are street drugs and thanks

Donatello *will definitely have to check Leo over at some point*

Shaya Lets see what he did. *crouches down to see Mel's knee* I have to take off the brace.

Mel: Alright Shay don't have much of a choice

Shaya okay. *opens it up for inspection* I don't see further damage... Might as well inspect the range of your mobility while it is out in the open. Are you okay with that hon?

Mel: Got lucky then... Fine with that might get crutches sooner

Shaya Donatello, remind me to give him a stern talking to. Humans are delicate compared to mutant turtles. *sigh* After reading so much on it, i doubt I'll be able to ignore it.

Mel: If not you I will chew him out got no problem with that

Shaya Mel Honey, I need you to try and lift your ankle ss high as it can go without hurting and moving your foot left and right.

Mel: *Does so but can't help but wince when trying to move it the normal full range but can move it almost halfway up like she should*

Shaya This is good to see. Let's put the brace back on .

Mel: Okay stupid knee humans are so fragile how the hell did we survive everything? Stupid Leo got real lucky this time but next time he tries to grab me I'm punching him

Angel: *pops out of no where to hug Don from behind* hello! Wink

Donatello Hello. Smile

Angel: *kiss to his cheek* I miss the crazy Leo this time? Smile

Erica: *comes out of the Spot... Don't know her name yet, coffee first!* *uuuuh Tea*

Mel: Hi Erica

Donatello Yes. Fortunately.

Shaya *place brace back* We survive from our brains and cunning

Mel: Which is pure luck that we had those. Can I use crutches yet?

Shaya If you feel up to it. I think a few more days in your chair will help the swelling go down

Angel: sounds serious - worryingly serious Wink

Erica: *sipping tea, blinks owlishly over cup waves at all*

Donatello *nods* It is. I really need to check him over and soon. Something is clearly not right.

Erica: i think taking him to gu for rehab might be the way, violence may damage him more...

Angel: not right at all Sad *is worried*

Mel: We better do it really soon he almost made my injured knee get worse

Erica: *waves a hand* cant until he is here - sits in pile of cushions and bean bags*

Mel: At least I will be on crutches soon

Angel: yeah we'll try next timehe's about *lightly tugs on Don's good hand to join her as she sits with Erica*

Donatello *sits with them*

Mel: So have fun last night Erica?

Erica: *grins and touches Don's plastron* how are you doing? ... :">​ a lot of fun...

Angel: *snickers* all that noise certainly suggest a wild two person party Razz

Mel: *Giggles* Where is Hank lately?

Erica: :">​ :">​ * still checking over Don - glad for topic change* he is working

Mel: He works alot

Donatello *smiles* I'm good.

Erica: yes he does, sometime he can be gone for months at a time

Erica: nawwww gladto heâr it PrettyEyes Smile Kim did a good job setting yourrins then... and pain bas been manageable?

Donatello *nods* Yeah. *smiles*

Angel: Very Happy been ensuring his endorphin level stays up with smexy action, thats good for pain right?

Erica: so do I Mel but Dad is a hard worker Wink and important man in his work... *giggles and grins at Dona and Angel* yes orgasm have the same chemical release inthe brain as some drugs and can be a good pain reliever *chuckles*

Mel: I also miss Raidon

Donatello *blushes a little*

Erica: there is also two other neurohormones prolactin which plays roles in mating and lactation and immune system... and oxytocin that stimulatebonding after intimacy and childbirth

Mel: Erica don't need to know that stuff DX

Angel: Very Happy ooooh... you saying I boost his immune response by getting freaky?... and of course you miss Raidon, he's a pretty chilled young man

Donatello Very Happy

Mel: And I love him

Donatello I'm sure he'll be back to visit soon.

Shaya Not just that but human females can pick up neruopheromones without the aid of a pheromone bulb in our noses.

Erica: yes you do Angel andhe you *giggles and pecks a blushing cheek* yep

Erica: *nods at Shaya smiling*

Mel: Can I go see Raidon?

Erica: you talking about the vomeronasal organ Shaya?

Shaya: I think so, It's been years since looking up the medical terms

Erica: *nods nods*

Angel: *Don probably knows what their talking about but most of this sails over her head* he'll probably come to you Mel Smile boy has been popping in often

Mel: Probably

Erica: (( hehe its also know as the Jacobsons organ ))

Erica: mmmm boyworks too huh ? is probably busy

Mel: Probably is

Angel: Very Happy * snugs Don* sooo hows the bump today? and you?

Erica: *pats spot on her other side for Shaya to join them* fine, no sickness... Very Happy quiet a bit of prolactin, oxytocin and endorphins on the loose in my brain right now, so all good

Erica: (( yes boy is a workin, LH is a swimming his turf hehe boys busy busy))

Shaya *sits with them, happy to listen in * IO'm glad you are so happy sweetie

Erica: *grins at Shaya* very happy, Raphael seems so happy, our Lump grows Very Happy

Mel: He's gonna be a great dad

Angel: happy is an understatement you tamed the wild turtle... well almost tamed Wink

Shaya Very true.

Angel: *chuckling - snug snug*

Erica: he will be yes *giggles* thats nice Mel

Mel: Raph is really a softy

Erica: ((don't say that too loud - he'll deny it Razz))

Shaya: So what has been going on lately since i was cooped up, by my own will, in Kim's office studying and reading?

Angel: well Leo's erratic behavior has really began to concern us all Very Happy other than that not much Wink

Erica: *nods nods* there must bee sooo much Kim has learned over the years as medic for mutants and people - Very Happy

Erica: (( hehehe oc annoyed at me - found a winx club fairy maker hehehe so she's getting Winxed Razz ))

Erica: *throws balled up tissue at Player*

Mel: Not Winx Club DX

Erica: (( ))

Erica: (( hehehe yeah the games are funny fill ins made a few Erica versions - will has to share in her oc Q&A Razz and on MM ))

Erica: *rolls eyes - but admittedly amused*

Angel: urgh theres even a few of me! think one made its way onto Don's Q&A Razz - bad player

Erica: (( *evil cackle* ))

Erica: *giggling* don't temp fate - your player will do it Razz *rubbing bump - has finished her tea - pouts*

Mel: No she's not that evil

Erica: (( annnnd all three of my girls be like - lucky you Razz ))

Mel: Where is Mikey?

Mikey: *sleeping with Ally in the back of the pile of cushions and sleeping bags, Ally between him and wall his shell pointing out their way*

Angel: can't you tell by the snores? *points from snugs with Don*

Mel: *Throws a pillow at Mikey* Wake up!

Erica: *amused* Raphael does that too when we sleep - his shell is usually to the door

Mikey: *ignores - sleeps on*

Mel: Okay then Mikey I'm gonna drink all of your Orange Crush!

Mikey: *sleeps on*

Erica: (( hehehe Leatherhead is a giant softie ))

Mel: He's out *Goes to make some pizza*

Erica: *giggles* yeah he is

Angel: >Smile we should draw on his shell Very Happy

Shaya: ((Shaya's weakness for big softies with brains))

Erica: (( nawwwwwww - hehhee he's being a giant cuddle bum for Love Razz he really does not know much of whats going on but trying ))

Mel: *Makes a nice pepperoni pizza with extra cheese* Yum and no Mikey to share it with ^^

Mikey: *actually ignores pizza smell - stays with his gal and sleeps on*

Erica: *smiles gently* most likely he is fine, just being beside her is more important that pizza Wink I'd do the same myself but I had to get up and move a little and get a drink Very Happy was made veeeeeeery thirsty

Mel: You gotta eat too Razz *Eats pizza happily*

Erica: :">​ I had plenty of protein

Angel: *snorts with giggles at that!*

Erica: :">​ :">​ waaaat I'm toooooo full to eat - just need a drink *goes to make another tea*

Angel: *full on belly laughs* Very Happy

Shaya *eye roll*

Mel: Wait until that baby sits on your bladder then you will regret the tea Razz

Erica: (( Angel's rotfl her ao Wink ))

Espionata: lol

Mel: *Finishes off her pizza* Yummy ^^

Erica: *comes back with fresh tea* oh yeah when I will need to pee all the time Razz far too early for that yet plenty of space in there...

Angel: *grins at Shaya - giggling finally under control* well brings a whole new meaning to turtle soup huh?

Erica: *almost chokes on fresh tea mid gulp - sniggers*

Erica: (( lol turtle soup Razz ))

Espionata: lol

Mel: Eww

Shaya *shakes her head in amusement*

Angel: *waggles eyebrows - feeling quiet playful now* pillow talk is fun Very Happy

Erica: ppppphhhht we no need Mikey for pillow talk - there's Don and us ladies Very Happy

Angel: hehehe hows it going with LH Shaya?

Erica: *listens smiling*

Shaya Good. I miss him like crazy at times. I blame the hormones and the constant contact until recently.

Erica: *nods* I know the feeling when away ... Very Happy you make him very happy

Shaya I do find it funny. you ladies like a more public approach to your affairs... mine a bit more subdued.

Mel: I think we all miss our boyfriends

Shaya: .me I find him so, perfect. A scaley knight of a little girls twisted dreams.

Erica: *traces the Lumps bump with finger tips and chuckles* it feels so right ... can't hide it Wink

Donatello: Razz

Angel: ooooooh I know that feeling - even if I must share Wink *kisses Don's cheek*

Shaya Sharing sounds rather strainious

Erica: LH will probably become more open in his approach the closer you become and the more comfortable he becomes around everyone Wink

Mel: Leo iis starting to try to make me one of his girlfriends and I don't like it

Angel: yeaaaah hopefully we can get the guy some help Wink

Erica: (( hehehe crazy crazy))

Donatello I'll make sure he does.

Mel: Will he listen to you big brother?

Erica: maybe... otherwise we may indeed need to take a more direct route and that will need all of you, Raph, Mikey and you PrettyEyes to get him to gu to help him.

Angel: *shrugs* probably Wink dude needs serious detoxing

Mel: And to stay away from Mikko and her Purple Dragon friends

Erica: *noddies nods* oh for sure Razz

Angel: Razz

Mel: Hey I don't give anyone street drugs

Erica: *shrugs* or summon big turtles

Mel: Nope I would never summon those creeps

Angel: good to hear Smile

Mel: They kill others and I really don't want to be raped

Erica: (( hehehe there added three maker stuffs to Hello Everyone Razz ))

Erica: mmmm I am going back to bed with my big turtle boy - if I drink any more I'll be up and down all night to visit the loo *winks and waves at the others* uh huh Mel - it's there somewhere can't fight it Razz

April: *has had a coffee - also heads off*

Angel *waves awya the other ladies* hehehe down to the usual suspects again Wink

Donatello Yes.

Angel Wink *giggles* you poor guy - keep getting stuck in the girlie chatter Wink didn't bore you too much did we?

Donatello *smiles* No, you were fine.

Angel as are you *snogs* though we made you blush a bit

Donatello *chuckles* Yeah. *returns her kisses*

Angel *gives him a few more* you were quiet - what have you been a thinking?

Donatello *shrugs* About Leo, mostly.

Angel *nods* yeah that is a big worry - *sighs* I'm sure we'll do our best to help him

Angel: (( a big worry - dude is nuttier than a squirrels lunch box ))

Donatello *nods* I know we will.

Donatello: lol!

Angel: (( hehehe irony - think a Leo was the one to say that in the new cartoons Razz ))

Angel Smile *smmoooch* cum - uh coming back to bed Stretch?

Angel: (ooops Razz )

Angel: ( and I has to go too Sad hate these loooong days )

Donatello: Awwwws night *hugs*

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PostSubject: Re: Portal Hopping Pt 01 - 10 (post rp chat room creation)   Sun Aug 14, 2016 2:09 am

pt 07.

Donatello *is just chilling in his room*

Mel: *Is hanging out in the living area*

Shaya Hello? *Walks in with Civie clothes.*

Mel: Hi Shay

Shaya Mel, what do you think? *twirls showing a grey pencil skirt and rose blouse*

Erica: mmm sexy Wink

Mel: It looks nice

Leatherhead: *drools*

Shaya Thanks honey. *an extra twirl for fun* I thought since the lot of us are calming down the craziness, I can let my hair down... *realizes hair is still up in pony tail*

Mel: While I shorts and a tank top >​>​

Shaya They fit you well. Active wear. ... would you like to change your outfit?

Angel *apple bottom jeans and very see through shirt - bright purple bras* hehehe girls yous are looking fine Wink

Shaya Thank you. *beams* I tried today. you seem to wear rather, provocative clothing. Looks rather comfortable, and edgy.

Mel: You're lucky that MH isn't here XD

Angel Wink I have a great figure - I love to flaunt it *knocks on Don's door*

Shaya Very true .

Shaya: ((Is LH here or just player dangling the poor boy))

Erica: (( he's a droooling Razz ))

Leatherhead: *not looking at other girls* um... ahem you all look great Smile - *but only eyes for Shaya - big gator gring*

Shaya Thank you Big Guy. I'm glad i brought my bag. It had my office clothes in it.

Mel: Mikey still asleep?

Shaya Most likely. He is a busy guy.

Donatello Come in.

Mel: More like lazy Razz

Erica: *giggles and nods - in jeggings and a red tank top herself as she loaths hiding her smooth baby bump whilst relaxing*

Angel: (( yess... yes he is Very Happy ))

Angel *comes in - smiling - hand bag full of new books for him* hello Handsome Wink

Leatherhead: mmmmm *nuzzles as he comes closer* hoe was work?

Mel: You know ever since you guys met the turtles you're always wearing one of their colors

Shaya Well. I got to write reports soon. * Snuzzles back* I won't be here much. I'll be writing up what we found last month.

Erica: *rubs belly* mmmmm Very Happy yeah - and red is taking over a lot of my cloths choices lately Very Happy

Leatherhead: *noddies grinning* we found a lot - hope it was useful... *arms slips about her small waist in huggles - one big happy gator*

Shaya As much as I love to keep coming down here, and almost living here in the sewers. I need to start analyzing samples in the office, and creating the extensive report for the CEO..

Leatherhead: We can always skype or vid chats if you you are too busy Lovely *snout peck to forehead*

Shaya Oh OF course it was helpful. I think you helped presurive a section of tunnels from demolition.

Mel: Does the baby move yet?

Shaya You have skype? *looks curiously at him*

Erica: *nods* I am sure it does - being just over a month... oh my gosh a month..... *and already has a nice smallish bump*.... I won't feel the movements my self yet... Kim did warn me though the gestation length is not as long as humans so guess I will feel it sooner than expected...

Leatherhead: *nods nods chuckling* Erica and I set it up Very Happy

Mel: Probably at least when the baby is born at seven months it won't be to early

Erica: *smiles* Kim said six to seven months ... almost a half way point between the turtle egg incubation and human placental gestation...

Mel: Guess so the baby won't be huge

Donatello Hi. Smile How are you, Angel?

Erica: *shakes head* just because gestation is a bit shorter is no guarantee this hybrid will be a small neonate... Kim's papers show Raidon was eight pounds - Oo thats like three kilos I think...

Mel: That's big Oo

Angel I am doing great! *kicks off her heels on way to bed, and socks - sits and shows him her books collection* found these at home, I prob wont read em, Grandma's books, thought you might like em though when your restin it up Wink *kisses cheek*

Erica: *giggles* yes but his siblings where small seven and seven point six pounds -

Mel: Well they are twins

Erica: yeah Very Happy

Shaya I'd like that a lot Big Guy. *Cuddles*

Mel: But I'm sure it hury

Erica: soooo *shrugs her shoulders* it could go either way, he may take after Daddy and be a big neonate... or take after Mummy and be a small one Razz *shifts uncomfortably* oh yes I am certain its going to hurt like the dickens

Leatherhead: Wink me too - like to be of help... uh if there is some paper about and a pencil I could write down the skype user name Very Happy

Angel: (( lol probably Jaws or Dragon- (number of teeth) and ))

Mel: They say passing a kidney stone is just like giving birth pain wise

Erica: *nods* I have heard that too - though I doubt it.... most likely they are similar

Shaya uhhh.... let me check my bag * digs in the messenger bag* Is a pencil mandatory? will ball-point pen work?

Mel: At least I can't get pregnant

Donatello *smiles* Thank you. I think I might try doing a little in my lab today.

Erica: *takes calm breaths - yeah okay she freaks out every now and then knowing every day brought D'Day closer - wishes Red were up and about - but calms herself... no need to fret yet* yeah lucky Wink

Mel: I don't know how lucky that is

Angel Very Happy *places the old handbag and books on the beside table and nods* sound slike fun, have a project in mind? or just finishing some old ones?

Donatello I have some I need to finish.

Angel ah I see Very Happy *stands and holds out a hand -*

Donatello *takes it and stands up, smooches her cheek*

Erica: *ponders - glad for the moment not to think about... about...* um well it could be lucky for the moment .... maybe not so much in some years time

Mel: You sure about that?

Erica: *shakes head* no I don't know what you feel I can only speculate and or guess.... guess

Angel *chuckles and smoooches back* hows the pain levels today? Smile *takes a hand*

Donatello Not much at all today.

Mel: I'm getting crutches soon ^^

Angel thats a relief Smile though you guys are all very strong when it comes to that. *walks with him to lab*

Leatherhead: no no a pen in fine Very Happy *looks in bag as she rummages - curious, just what do ladies pack in these bags?*

Donatello *smiles* Yeah. *heads inside and waits for Angel then closes the door behind them*

Shaya *so many things, half her room in there....* Blue pen it is. *offers him her writing pad and pen*

Leathehead: *wow that must weigh a bit - would love to stick his nose in and be nosey - but accepts pen and paper jotting down jaws_74 which is his skype username*

Shaya Thanks

Shaya *takes the pen and hands him another ripped sheet with "Bog

Angel *grins and closes door behind them - most things in here are way above her head* Very Happy

Shaya "username: Bog_Bloom"

Leatherhead: *takes with a snout kiss to her lips smiling* thank you Very Happy

Erica: *nods* Yeah I guess it's almost time for that uh huh Very Happy

Mel: Yeah ribs are healing quickly faster than my knee

Donatello *smiles at Angel* Welcome to my lab.

Angel Very Happy thank you - loooooks great *snout kiss*

Donatello Thanks. *grins and smooches her back*

Angel mmmmm welcome... I mean I can do a little work on my car... but all this in here... awesome Very Happy

Erica: *nods thoughtfully* yeah - ribs usually take weeks and weeks depending on how bad the break

Mel: Mine were bruised

Donatello *chuckles* Thank you.

Angel Wink so anyway I can help - and that includes just shutting up and watching ;D

Erica: ooooooh yeah, Smile than you shoul dbe able to use crutches soon yes Very Happy

Donatello *smiles* First I need to do some lair maintenance.

Angel alright - Very Happy *stands at the ready to help - if she can*

Mel: Yeah I will be able to do more stuff ^^

Erica: *smiles and yawns a little* yes I guess you will

Mel: But the brace will be worn for a while

Erica: *nods nods* yes it will Very Happy

Mel: It's more annoying than anything

Donatello *turns to look at her* Come here. *motions her closer*


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PostSubject: Re: Portal Hopping Pt 01 - 10 (post rp chat room creation)   Sun Aug 14, 2016 2:27 am

pt 08.

Leonardo I'm coming out! i want the world to know, got to let it show!

Mel: What?

Leonardo I'm here! I'm queer! get use to it!

Mel: Leo no one cares

Leonardo oh. but I'm coming out the closet. this is an important moment for me

Mel: Leo you're not gay because of all of the girls you go after

Leonardo *sighs and nods* yeah, that was a cover.

Mel: It was? Are you still high?

Leonardo no not today, all sober.

Mel: You better be sober not gonna pick me up and drop me are you?

Donatello joined the chat

Leonardo course not, that would be insane

Mel: Good because while high you did that Leo!

Leonardo well I'm sure I had a good reason

Mel: No it was to teach me a lesson because I wouldn't let you "heal" me! You could've damaged my knee more!

Leonardo why wouldn't you let me heal you? I can do that you know? Master Splinter taught me.

Mel: Because you were high! And I can't trust you when you're high as a fucking satelite!

Leonardo I see....understandable.

Mel: Leo you need rehab you could've seriously hurt me and you need to stay away from Mikkio

Leonardo I don't need rehab and I don't need to stay away from mikko, I need to stay away from her candies and mushroom pizza

Mel: You do need to stop eating that stuff

Leonardo yes yes. now back to business. this wonderfully fabulous turtle would like to heal you. I can do that. for real. for real real.

Mel: No thanks Leo I'm still young so I can heal the old fashioned way

Leonardo gotcha. now to find me a hot boy toy to make all my dreams come true

Mel: Don't know any sorry and you're gonna be a dad

Leonardo wait what? a dad? how can I be a dad, I'm a mutant turtle I can't make babies! Don said so!

Mel: Nope you're becoming one with that vampire Victoria

Leonardo ooooh yes, Vic! She is my Vampire queen.

Mel: Who likes mutant blood

Leonardo well I'm a mutant with blood, so I guess it works out

Donatello: lol

Mel: If you say so Oo

Leonardo *hands out doritos*

Mel: *Eats doritos*

Leonardo now I will sing you the song of my people.

Mel: No Leo


Mel: *Covers her ears* Leo stop!

Leonardo *stops* i thought it was beautiful

Mel: It wasn't you're high again

Leonardo no I'm not

Mel: You sure what do you call yourself then?

Leonardo i call myself Leonardo.

Mel: Okay then because when high you call yourself the law

Leonardo oh I am the law. well was. Don is the law now.

Donatello I am? O.o

Mel: Please don't get high anymore though

Leonardo yes you are. so says the master law

Mel: Okay then Oo

Leonardo when you wish upon a star! makes no diffrence who you are!

Mel: You can't sing Leo

Leonardo so? doesn't mean I can't enjoy myelf anyway

Mel: True

Leonardo *starts singing again*

Mel: *Groans and covers her ears*

Leonardo I'm not that bad

Donatello: *puts Leo in a soundproof room* -_-

Leonardo soooo not cool

Donatello Neither is your drunk singing. >​.<

Leonardo not drunk!

Mel: And he says he's not high either big brother

Leonardo I'm sober!

Donatello Obviously you have OD'd on something.

Leonardo can't I just be enjoying life?

Donatello This isn't you, Leo. >​.< Not even on your worst days.

Mel: This isn't even him big brother?

Leonardo you all suck!

Donatello *sighs* -_-

Mel: No we don't

Leonardo *sits down and folds his arms*

Donatello *walks over to him* What is it, Leo. What is your problem this time?

Leonardo you people thinking I'm high!

Donatello So what are you, then?

Mel: Because that's what happens with you

Leonardo I'm sober and full of life!

Mel: Are you sure you're not withdrawing?

Leonardo it is impossable for me to be drunk or high right now

Mel: No it's not Leo

Leonardo yes, because my player is sober so I am sober

Mel: Doesn't work that way Leo

Leonardo yes it does

Donatello: The player is over-tired, though. Wink

Leonardo the player is hearing voices and seeing bugs everywhere, she also thought her dog had two heads for a moment and freaksed out

Mel: That player needs meds

Leonardo she got meds and just took them!

Mel: Good

Leonardo not good! that means I'll have to leave soon and my vampire queen is not here yet!

Mel: Aww that's sad >​>​

Leonardo very sad

Mel: Not to me

Leonardo well what if you couldn't see your boyfriend?

Mel: You're not my boyfriend

Leonardo O.O I didn't say I was! I was talking about your turtle boy. not me!

Mel: While high you did

Leonardo well I'm not high now am I. i might be tomorrow though it is friday and you know what that means!

Mel: Whatever but what about my boyfriend?

Donatello >​.<

Leonardo I SAID if you were listening to me. that you would be sad if you couldn't see him because you had to leave before he came on

Mel: Well I don't

Leonardo not the point....are you high?

Mel: No!

Leonardo you are acting like it

Mel: What?!

Leonardo I'm trying to talk to you, and you keep fazing out

Mel: No I'm not!

Leonardo seems like it to me.

Mel: How am I high?!

Leonardo I have no idea how. but you clearly are

Mel: Leo I don't do drugs!

Leonardo well maybe Don slipped something in your drink

Donatello I did not, Leo. >​.<


Mel: No he didn't Leo you gave me food though!


Leonardo I gave you a chip

Mel: Which can be covered in drugs!

Leonardo well it wasn't

Mel: You're high!

Leonardo see this is what I'm talking abut. I already told you I was sober but you are too stoned to understand that

Mel: What?!

Leonardo I'm talking to you and telling you things and your drunk brain is not getting it

Mel: Leo I don't drink and I'm to young to drink!

Leonardo kids drink. and join gangs. are you in a gang?

Mel: No I'm not!

Leonardo you know what my biggest pet peeve is, Mel? YOU KNOW WHAT IT IS!? hard spankings after having a jello bath

Mel: What?!

Leonardo my player is haveing a odd effect to the meds and has been laughing herself to tears for the past 20 mins

Donatello: O.o

Leonardo: everything is so funny!

Mel: Oo

Leonardo what was I saying? jello baths! makes you smell good, and taste better.

Mel: Leo you're high

Leonardo no. I . Am. NOT!

Mel: Yes you are

Leonardo I can't talk to you like this!you are out of control! OUT OF CONTROL! get yourself sobered up missy

Mel: Leo I'm not drunk or high!

Leonardo nor am I

Mel: But you're acting weird

Leonardo no I'm not

Mel: Yes you are

Leonardo you wanna take this outside?

Mel: Why?

Leonardo because it's nice out.

Mel: No

Leonardo k

Mel: Still not high

Leonardo lies

Mel: Big brother Leo is still acting weird

Donatello I know. To get to the bottom of this, I might have to sedate him.

Mel: Good idea and try to make me seem like I'm high was annoyng

Donatello Yes. I'm not sure what all that was about.

Mel: He was high on something but I don't know what

Donatello Me, either. We'll get to the bottom of this, Mel, I promise.

Mel: I hope so big brother because he could really hurt someone

Donatello *nods*

Mel: So you feeling better yet?

Donatello Yes, much better. How about yourself?

Mel: Getting better will be on crutches soon

Donatello Glad to hear it. Smile

Mel: Thanks. So can Leo really heal?

Donatello If he adapts the abilities of the current television show, yes. Wink

Mel: So right now not really

Donatello *smiles and shakes his head* Not that I'm aware of.

Mel: Yeah not gonna let him try

Donatello Well, I don't think it would hurt anything if he did try. Nothing would happen.

Mel: Not when he's high big brother he could do something then

Donatello I suppose...

Mel: Can't risk more damage

Donatello *nods*

Mel: So far no revenge by the dark turtles

Donatello I'm glad. An attack right now is the absolutely last thing we need.

Mel: It is two of us are down from injuries

Donatello: With my brother and Erica expecting, Leo not in any condition to be a leader, you and I still just would be a disaster.

Mel: It would be we might need help

Donatello Well, our counterparts in that other world will.

Mel: They will

Donatello And I'm sure some of their children will, too.

Mel: I know they will but hopefully the dark turtles just drop dead but that's way to easy

Donatello I think that's asking for too much. *nods in agreement*

Donatello *sighs* But I'm not dissecting any more of them. That one was enough. MORE than enough. *makes a face*

Mel: Glad I wasn't a part of that *Shudders*

Donatello Yeah. So am I. With your weak stomach, I don't think you would have made it to...get rid of things properly. *blushes a little* I barely did. :">​

Mel: Hey Mikey's stink would make anyone sick >​>​

Donatello Point taken.

Mel: Besides I'm not good with science stuff

Donatello I meant just watching.

Mel: Oh probably not bad enough when I saw the plastron on the floor

Donatello *blinks* What? You saw that?

Mel: Yep Erica put it there

Donatello *nods* I see.

Mel: But I'm sure you learned a lot wish it wasn't through disection though

Donatello *nods* Yeah. And Erica's notes helped a lot.

Mel: Hopefully it will help you with your brohers

Donatello I'm sure it will.

Mel: Especially when you're gonna be an uncle

Donatello *smiles* Yeah.

Mel: That's gonna be fun ^^

Donatello You think so? Smile

Donatello I still can't believe it's happening. I didn't think our bodies were compatible with a human enough to be able to reproduce.

Mel: Probably the mutation you guys became so much like humans

Donatello I guess so.

Mel: But I know nothing about that stuff

Donatello It just makes me wonder just how much...semen is needed in order for that to happen. It seems like not that much with Raph and Erica. I guess everyone is different.

Mel: Probably I don't know

Donatello *mostly just curious how much more coupling with Angel is needed to make their own*

Mel: I wonder if you guys could get girls pregnant that have a tough time getting pregnant probably no

Donatello I don't know.

Mel: And I don't think a woman would want to ask unless suddenly mutants are common place

Donatello Yeah.

Mel: But humans are stupid and would just want to experiment on you or worse

Donatello Don't remind me. -_-

Mel: I bet a lot of them won't but Stockman would lord knows he tries it with humans me being one of them

Donatello *sighs* Yeah.

Mel: How he gets in here is beyond me

Donatello I don't know. :/

Mel: Maybe Mikko let's him in

Donatello I sure hope not.

Mel: I wouldn't be surprised she summoned two dark turtles because she wanted to bang them

Donatello I don't understand her.

Mel: I don't either he brain is fried from drugs

Donatello Yeah.

Mel: Guess those drug psas do mean something

Donatello Of course they do.

Mel: I was just never interested and saw what the drugs did

Donatello -_- Why?

Mel: Part of being on the streets and depending the foster siblings

Donatello They're dangerous.

Mel: Yeah they are and they can get you killed and I didn't want to die

Donatello Right. And for some, it doesn't take much.

Donatello: some drugs, it doesn't take much to become fatal.*

Mel: No it doesn't which is scary

Donatello I sure hope none of my brothers start taking these.

Donatello Master Splinter drilled those PSAs into our minds.

Mel: Leo might with Mikko

Donatello He shouldn't. He knows better.

Mel: True but once drugs enter the picture they can make anyone do stupid stuff

Donatello Yes, I know. -_-

Mel: So Leo really needs to be stopped and so does Mikko

Donatello Mm.

Mel: Don't know how though

Donatello I'll keep an eye on them.

Mel: So will I

Donatello It's all we can do for now.

Mel: That's right at least Mikey isn't causing trouble

Donatello Yes, and that's what worries me.

Mel: It does?

Donatello Yeah. When he's quiet like this, it usually means he's up to something big.

Mel: Like what?

Donatello Something that will get him into a lot of trouble.

Mel: What kind of trouble?

Donatello At this rate, I think he and Ally will become parents much before they're ready. They might think they are, but I don't think they're prepared enough. Having a child is a big responsibility. I really hope Raph is ready.

Mel: Raph can learn from Splinter and talk to Hank and his counterpart and for the most part so can Mikey but it won't be easy

Donatello: Mikey isn't old enough to be a father.

Mel: Doesn't stop a lot of teens

Donatello I know, but with Mikey's maturity level, that has me worried.

Mel: Maybe it will make him grow up I don't know

Donatello We can only hope.

Mel: Yep lord knows I shouldn't have any kids

Donatello You said you shouldn't. Did you want to eventually?

Mel: I don't know I don't want history to repeat itself and with my anger and my issues I don't know if I should

Donatello Well, you have plenty of time. Things could change drastically in a few years. *smiles*

Espionata: Mel: Things could that's for sure just don't want to mess any kids that I might have

Donatello Well, don't decide anything yet. Like I said, you have plenty of time.

Mel: I know you would be a great dad

Donatello *smiles* You think so?

Mel: I do you're already an awesome big brother

Donatello Thank you, Mel. Smile

Mel: Never had a brother as nice as you ^^

Donatello Awww *goes to hug her gently* You're a great little sister, too.

Mel: Thanks *Hugs him back* Usually I'm the troublemaking bratty little sister

Donatello Well, you have your moments.

Mel: Yeah but I think more than most sisters had to keep myself sane somehow and it's more a
defensive thing to see if people would give up on me but I know you guys won't

Donatello *smiles*

Donatello I think it would be really hard at this point. You have grown on all of us.

Mel: If you said that to me when I first met I wouldn't have believed it but now I do. So now I just get to be a normal little sister well not completely normal Very Happy

Donatello *chuckles*

Mel: And once this knee is healed oh the trouble I will cause to get it out of my system mostly to Mikey

Donatello As long as you don't target me again like you did when we first met.

Mel: I won't but I make no promises with Leo he's been driving me nuts and I would be crazy to go after Raph

Donatello *nods*

Mel: With Mikey he won't get mad Very Happy

Donatello That's not entirely true.

Mel: It's not?

Donatello *shakes his head* No.

Mel: Mikey gets mad Oo

Donatello Yes.

Mel: I shouldn't be surprised but I am

Donatello It's mostly because he considers himself the ultimate prankster. If someone pranks him, don't be surprised to be in a prank war of sorts.

Mel: Depending that could be fun

Donatello Well, have fun.

Mel: Oh I will but it will have to wait

Donatello Of course. After you heal.

Mel: Which won't be for awhile

Donatello Right. *nods*

Donatello Even I'm not completely healed yet. I can't do any heavy lifting for a while.

Mel: At least I'm off the pain meds he pain is mangable

Donatello That's good. So am I.

Mel: But right now I'm sleepy

Donatello *smiles* It is getting late.

Mel: It is

Donatello How much help did you need getting into bed?

Mel: I need help for balance mostly so I don't bug my knee

Donatello *nods* Alright. As long as I don't have to lift you. *offers her his good arm*

Mel: You don't *Grabs on getting out of the wheelchair leaning on him to keep her weight off her

Donatello *helps her as much as he can*

Mel: Thanks once I get crutches I won't need help *Gets to her bed*

Donatello Well, someone should still be close in case you lose your balance.

Mel: True *Climbs onto the bed with a little difficulty* But I got onto my bed ^^

Donatello Congratulations. Do you need to be tucked in?

Mel: No I'm good

Donatello *nods* Okay. Goodnight, Mel.

Mel: Night

Donatello *turns and walks out of the room, heading to the bathroom for a bit of a soak in the tub*

Donatello: Night

Espionata: night

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PostSubject: Re: Portal Hopping Pt 01 - 10 (post rp chat room creation)   Sun Aug 14, 2016 2:51 am

pt 09.

Mel: Not Leo again >​>​

Leonardo again it is I!

Mel: You high again?

Leonardo yes, but only high, had nothing to drink

Mel: So?

Leonardo so I'm not drunk

Mel: Your still high


Mel: No it's not

Leonardo that's because you don't believe

Mel: No it's because you're high!

Leonardo that's a song too! I was going to clean my room, but then I got high. oooooooooh was going the scrub the floors too, but then I got high!

Mel: Leo stop!

Leonardo you don't like my singing?

Mel: No I don't

Leonardo oh. well what do you like?

Mel: You not being high

Leonardo I see. well i can't help you there.

Mel: Why not?

Leonardo because i don't want to

Mel: Well you shouldn't get high drugs can kill you!

Leonardo not the ones I take

Mel: And which ones are those?

Leonardo the kind that you get from a doctor

Mel: Really? What are they?

Leonardo I can't pronounce them

Mel: You can't pronounce them?

Leonardo no

Mel: How did you get them?

Leonardo I know a doctor.

Mel: Who is that?

Leonardo It's a girl, I can't give you a name because she could get in trouble.

Mel: Really? You have a drug dealer

Leonardo she is not a drug dealer, she gives me medication for my issues

Mel: What issues? You have Donnie to talk to

Leonardo and Don is wonderful but sometimnes you needs meds

Mel: Leo you need to talk to Donnie

Leonardo what I need is to take these pills ad drive down the freeway

Donatello: O.o

Mel: No you don't

Leonardo ok. well I'll just go to my room and listen to evenesince

Mel: Okay then Oo


Mel: No singing!



Mel: *Throws one of the wooden weapons at Leo's door*

Leonardo *comes out his room* I'M NOT WEARING ANY PANTS!

Donatello: O.o Leo, you never wear any pants. *well actually they all do in this version but whatever*

Leonardo I'm free balling!

Mel: You don't even need pants Oo

Leonardo I do if the dick is out!

Mel: Well it's not

Leonardo *drops down* and now it is!

Mel: Leo! *Covers her eyes*

Donatello >​.< *comes up to his brother, taking his arm* Leo, please come with me.

Leonardo look at it swing! *shakes hips*

Leonardo *goes with Don*

Donatello *takes him to his brother's room and sits him down on the bed after closing the door* What is going on with you?

Leonardo nothing

Donatello I'm not buying that, Leo. Something is going on and I want to know what it is.

Leonardo could be the drugs

Donatello What drugs?

Leonardo the ones Erica gave me

Mel: Ugh DX

Donatello Drugs for what?

Leonardo anxiety

Erica: *bliiiiiinks, had come out Spot, having slept all day yesterday - growing a hybrid was exhausting!! * Erica gave whom what?

Raphael joined the chat

Donatello *frowns* What?

Leonardo yes Erica gave me powerful drugs so that i can be myself

Mel: Leo is blaming you for giving him drugs

Leonardo she's drugging Raph too

Mel: And last night he kept saying I was high Oo

Donatello Uh, if she's giving those so you can be yourself, they're clearly not working. -_-

Raphael -.- *smacks Leo*

Leonardo O.O ow they are working. I'm a free range turtle, Don! can't no one hold me down! unless you are my vampire queen ^^

Erica: *decides she cant deal with that crazy without a coffee....* Sorry Do. I haven't given him anything... *uuurrrrgh! Can't have coffee,... Pouts*

Donatello Hey, guys. I thought I was alone in here with him. O.o

Espionata: Mel: Tired Erica?

Leonardo no one is ever alone

Donatello And you definitely shouldn't be, Leo.

Erica: Mmmm hmmm... *though she slept all yesterday!! - smiles and sidles over to Raph.*

Leonardo I know! where is my vampire queen!

Donatello I don't know.

Victoria joined the chat

Mel: Hi Raphie ^^

Victoria ^^ I am here, my love. You call, I have come... 10 points to whomever can tell me which anne rice vamp movie that's from! Razz *yeeeah. been watching vampire movies hardcore to try and learn how she's suppoosed to act. Sad *

Victoria ...and no, it's not GAS Raphael!

Erica: *giggles and hugs Vic* Smile

Victoria *hugshugs Erica and Leo annnnd, sticks her tongue out at Raph*

Mel: Vampires >​>​

Raphael -.- *middle finger salute* ...It IS gas. Razz

Leonardo *grabs Vic and spins her around* uh...interview with the vampire?

Victoria *giggles as she's spun around, and smoochies* No Razz

Donatello *moves out of the way* Hello, Victoria.

Leonardo *smooches* then I have no idea.

Mel: Yeah a vampire turtle hybrid would be scary if she's pregnant

Victoria *waves at Donnie and flashes Mel a toothy grin* Then be afraid. >Smile

Leonardo our child will be lovely!

Erica: *also dodges out of the way... Rubs bump... Is hungry ... Not sure what she wants though... Playful nip to middle finger salute* I don't fear you Vic Wink *headingto kitchen*

Mel: Oh I am >​> *Follows Erica*

Angel: what the heck kinda crazy is this?! *follows Erica and Mel*

Mel: You don't wanna know Angel

Angel: O,o hi Stretch! redT! BlueJay! *waves following* oooh okay Smile

Raphael * Just follows quietly. As if Leo acting batshit crazy isn't bad enough, but he's spawning with a bloodsucker?* ..*annnd waves at Angel* Hey, you. Wink

Angel: *pops head about door way* Viccy! *waves

Mel: Raphie we need to do something with Leo

Erica: *smiles up at Raph, then bends to half disappear in fridge to dig about for something she feels like munching*

Angel: Very Happy hey indeed - maybe you should knock him out?

Mel: Yes please he almost injured my knee more Raphie

Victoria O.o why is everyone being so mean to my Prince?

Mel: Because he's an asshole who's high all the time

Leonardo because they are jealous of our loooove

Mel: No we're not

Leonardo plus, Mel is always high

Mel: How am I high?!

Leonardo probably all those drugs you have been snorting up your nose

Mel: What?!

Leonardo yep. you need help

Mel: I don't do drugs!

Leonardo ooooh I get it. you don't do drugs, drugs do you

Erica: *makes her turtle a meaty gravy roll - gets fruit salad for herself* Red... Come eat Wink

Mel: No they don't!

Angel: fruit for me too Erica Wink

Leonardo you will never be a ninja with that aittude

Mel: I can't be a ninja right now!

Erica: *nods making some for Angel* what do you feel like Leo? Mel? Pretty Eyes?*

Leonardo not with that kind of thinking

Mel: My knee is healing Leo and I'm not hungry

Leonardo oh pizza! with pineapple and olives

Leonardo you know I can heal that knee for you

Mel: No you can't

Leonardo yes I can

Mel: No you can't and I don't want you to

Leonardo why wouldn't you want to be healed? I know. it's because you like getting high off pain meds

Mel: Leo I'm off the pain meds!

Erica: ... *makes Leo's pizza* Smile here BlueBoy

Leonardo don't believe it oooh pizza! *shares with Vic*

Raphael *just... tries to block out all the Leo craziness, catching the mouth watering scent of something extra delicious. Joins at the table and pecks her cheek before diving in* Mmm.. thanks babe.. *yeah, talking through a mouth full* But, maybe you need some meat... R2 ain't gonna grow on Tortoise chow*

Mel: This is what Leo has been doing last night Erica accusing me of being high >​<

Erica: *give Angel her fruit salad, then Mel some too* eat... *smiles at Raph rubbing his head picking at her fruit* can't really stomach meat right now Wink

Mel: Why Erica? I'm not hungry

Erica: *chuckles* it's fruit Mel which is yummy Very Happy... PrettyEyes hungry? *makes him a meaty Garvey roll too*

Mel: Not hungry Razz

Leonardo she's too high to be hungry

Mel: Leo watch it *Growls and glares at him* I'm not high

Leonardo *feeds Vic a pineapple piece*

Erica: Very Happy

Mel: If something isn't done soon Erica Injured knee or not I'm gonna lose it on Leo

Hank: *poofs out of random box and shoots Leo with tranq*

Leonardo *passes out mid chew*

Mel: Daddy Oo

Angel: thanks Erica, Stretch! Come eat! Smile

Hank: Very Happy *hugs his girls, thumps Raphs shoulder in almost a friendly way,* can I get a roll Marshmellow?

Mel: Thanks Leo has been driving me crazy and two nights ago be glad you weren't here

Erica: *places fruit bowl down and munching a chunk of water melon makes another roll for Hank*
Donatello *comes out to eat*

Leonardo *wakes up and takes Vic's hands* You're packed and you're stacked especially in the back, sister wanna thank yer mother for a butt like that.

Mel: Hi big brother Oh my god what are you on Leo?

Hank: o.o that should have kept him down for ages...*sits beside Raph and digs into his own roll*

Angel: here Stretch Smile *gives Don his roll* eat smexy Wink

Mel: He keeps saying I'm high Daddy and it's annoying >​<

Erica: Ignore him, *chuckles and give Vic a Baggie of LH Apositive*

Mel: I will but if he grabs me all bets are off

Hank: *tranqed him all the time*

Mel: Daddy can I have crutches?

Hank: *points at box* in there.... *finishes Roll and moves to get them*

Mel: Thanks will be glad to be out of this wheelchair

Raphael *stops mid bite, wondering if Hank if finally warming up to him* O.o

Victoria O.o *has noooo idea what Leo just said to her, but griiiins and goes with!*

Mel: Raphie Hank does like you

Raphael ...Maaaaybe. *or, maybe the guy finally realizes that he's kinda stuck with him* >Smile

Hank: *brings crutches to Mel* ... *shrugs* I don't mind Raph no... Honey could Ai have another?

Erica: *had almost wriggled her way onto Red lap, sighs, pouts mid munch around a grape, hops back up to make another roll* still hungry RedHot? *peck to her cheek*

Mel: *Giggles and takes crutches trying to get up with them*

Raphael *was just about to pull her into his lap when she suddenly springs up again -.- Yeah.. butstarvin' for some warmth. Wink

Erica: *gives her dad and Red another roll, and finally slips onto that lap and eats a kiwi fruit - peel and all*

Raphael: lol. who has time to peel 'em, after all Razz

Hank: Very Happy slowly Mel - mmmm thanks honey Very Happy

Erica: exactly!

Raphael *slips arms around her waist, pulling her against him and nuzzle-churrs against the back of her neck*

Mel: I am *Almost loses balance not used to crutches*

Erica: *happy moans... Oooh those churrrs!!!... Excited shiver, kisses to share kiwi sweetness*

Hank: *yeah much more okay with it, doesn't bother telling youths there's other chairs and they should be able to eat their own food*

Mel: Daddy likes you Raphie ^^

Hank: Razz go on keep practicing your crutches

Mel: Wanna help me Daddy? *Uses puppy eyes*

Hank: I will make sure to catch but you need to practice Wink

Mel: Aww okay *Practices with the crutches losing her balance* Woah!

Raphael: lol.. but where's the fun in other chairs Razz

Espionata: lol

Raphael *churrrs and kisses, licking his lips and playfully flicking hers with a flirty, naughty wink* .. So, lil Minion takin' it easy on you today? *yup, kiddo already has a dozen names*

Donatello: lol

Erica: *playing growl nips his snout* R2 has been very good no sickies... *snogs*

Erica: lol

Espionata: lol

Hank: *catches* Very Happy

Mel: Thanks Daddy ^^

Raphael: night guys. Raph says he's looking forward to a looooong night of cuddles Wink

Raphael: see ya'll tonight

Raphael left the chat 15 seconds ago

Erica: Lol

Angel: *burst into mad giggles as Erica drags Red off to bed and cuddles*

Erica: there!

Donatello: Razz

Hank: teeeen parents to be Razz

Angel: I'm just amused how easily he goes with her, big guy usually is not into mush Razz *sits on Don's lap* have plenty to eat?

Mel: Yep *Giggles and hugs Hank*

Hank: *snugs*

Donatello Yes, thank you. *smooches her cheek*

Angel: good to hear, all that healing needs good food Razz

Donatello Mm-hmm. Smile

Angel: Very Happy *kisses* soooo how are you feeling?

Mel: I'm healing fast ^^

Donatello Not too bad. Smile

Angel awwww good D Very Happy *snogs*

Donatello *snogs back, holding her close*

Hank: teeeens ... Good Mel, moving about will help

Mel: Yeah it will and I'm off pain meds

Hank: awesome....nice to know healing goes well whilst I have been working... Always working

Mel: Yeah you need a vacation

Hank: my line of works does not have vacations save family emergencies and injuries, not a normal job but it's paying for your tutors Razz

Mel: I guess but I miss you

Hank: well uI would not be being a proper father if me being away did not make you miss me none Smile *hugs*

Mel: *Hugs him back* True you're the best dad ^^

Hank: I try :->​

Mel: Well you're like a thousand times better than James Very Happy

Hank: *hugs* of course Razz - thoughnot perfect of course Very Happy

Angel *been consumed in smooochies and snugs* mmmm thats cause preggo girl keeps eating it all!..... mmmmm craving a few good bits myself Razz

Mel: Yeah and I keep wanting some

Angel: lol Erica would soooo say she's not sorry R2 wanted chocolate Razz

Espionata: lol

Angel: Razz

Angel figures - choco hogger

Mel: There should be ice cream

Angel :">​ I ate it all aside from IceCreamKitty - I had such a need for it last night Very Happy sorry Mel

Donatello: Razz

Mel: And shouldn't ice cream kitty be turned back to a normal kitty

Mikey: Nooooooo! *yeah that woke him up from his three days snooooooooze and sex coma fest with Ally - blocks way to freeze* ICK is happy Very Happy

Mel: Hi Mikey

Mikey: Very Happy hi hi *smells strongly probably to Don - not so much the girls*

Mel: You were asleep for awhile Oo

Mikey: sex coma Razz yes

Mel: Well now you need to know that Leo needs rehab

Mikey: ooooh knew that already - dudes been crazier than an entire psyche ward - must be the pressure of leadership.... he's cracked

Mel: No it's drugs

Mikey: really?..... he need immediate incubation than!

Angel Oo *sniggers*

Mel: That's intervention Mikey because he dropped me on the ground while high to teach me a lesson and he's been accusing me of being high ever since

Mikey: Really? *look worriedly at Don* think we can help him Donnie? *little brother big blue eyed worried gaze*

Mel: Yeah it's gotten worse

Hank: oy vie

Mikey: Ooooh *covers mouth in horror. usually not serious a guy at all but can be when worried over brothers*

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PostSubject: Re: Portal Hopping Pt 01 - 10 (post rp chat room creation)   Sun Aug 14, 2016 3:22 am

pt 10.

Erica: Wink me I am up! *perky*

Angel: *needs a coffee, is tense.... Eyes Erica like she has two heads and tentacles!* why you so bouncy? *grump*

Mel: *Found some chocolate*

Erica: Oh you know awesome snugs annnnd se-

Angel: *covers her mouth*

Erica: *licks hand*

Mel: Surprised Mikey isn't up

Mikey: *snooooorrrrrres*

Mel: He's asleep again

Mel: *Eats chocolate before Erica grabs it*

Erica: *wrestling with Angel, pouts at Mel*

Angel: *pinned the preggo girl... Sits on her thighs annnnnd..... Tickles!!*

Mel: Hey I barely get any Erica

Donatello *comes in during the 'match'* O.o

Mel: Hi big brother ^^ *Up and on crutches*

Erica: oO he hahahahahhaahahahaaaaaaa​aa hahaha ,! Annnnnngeeeel! *trying to squirm free and tickle back* he he llllp!

Angel: *winks at Stretch, wriggling herself as Erica tries to tickle back - honks a boob!* mwhahaha!

Donatello Hello, Mel and congratulations. Smile *watches the two girls on the floor*

Erica: enjoying the view Don? Razz

Donatello *nods* As long as no one gets hurt.

Erica: oO .... *snorting with giggles, slaps Angels ass in retaliation of boob honking, still trying to wriggle free*

Mel: *Giggles* Yeah unless you count getting tickled to death as getting hurt XD

Angel: oooh! *ass smacked, both pink cheeked and bed shirts all akimbo messy haired... But let's up the tickling so Erica can breath, rubs bump, panting....* well... That... Was... Fun....*pant pant pant -*

Erica: *gasps for breath, mooooaning and giggling still, pant pant....*

Donatello *chuckles then helps Angel to her feet first then Erica*

Donatello Good job, you two.

Mel: Yeah that was fun to watch XD

Angel: Very Happy that was fun, girl has great boobs.... Must be a boy those puppies are growing *kisses Dons lips*

Donatello *kisses her back then smiles* Is that so, hm?

Mel: By the way Erica there's more chocolate but it's hidden Very Happy

Erica: *giggling and looks down her shirt at her boobs* guess they are a bit bigger yeah... Really? *friendly chek peck to Don* thanks...

Donatello Smile

Mel: And you can't find it Very Happy

Angel: *snogs ... Kisses Erica too on the mouth* yes the R2 is a boy Razz .... Nawww Mel why'd you hide the chocolate, you know the turtles can sniff it out right?

Mel: But Mikey is asleep

Erica: Donnie's here Wink

Donatello: For now. Razz

Mel: But I hid it so Erica wouldn't eat it all again

Donatello *blinks* Perhaps, but I don't really want to get involved.

Angel: >​,< she's pregnant, preggos get first dibs and allowed to eat it all *hugs Stretch*

Donatello *hugs back*

Erica: *melodramatic pout* fine, sure Red will get me chocolate if I am desperate Wink

Mel: No they don't

Donatello *whispers in Angel's ear* You're not pregnant, are you?

Angel: they do so Mel... Oo *whispers back* ... Not that I know of... but not due to bleed for at least week yet

Erica: yep Very Happy

Donatello *nods, smiling* I was just wondering if you were including yourself in what you just told Mel about pregnant women. *hugs her again*

Mel: Nope besides it's my chocolate

Angel: *snugs* Wink you and I has to make sure the girl gets her craving fixes when Reds sleeping or away Razz ... *chuckles kissing him and whispering* if I were pregnant You'd be the first to know Wink

Donatello *snoggies, nodding again* I would be honored. *nuzzles her*

Mel: Well I don't want to share my chocolate >​>​

Erica: >​,>​ than don't, different when it's your chocolate Razz

Shaya Chocolate?

Erica: soooo you only wanted to tease me about chocolate that is hidden and yours?

Angel: *puuuurrrrs! Do these guys know how good the nuzzling feels?!* I would be honored... A little you growing inside Wink *snogs*

Mel: Part of being a sister Razz

Shaya I wanted to know. *Not really looking up from sorting out files and paperwork.

Donatello *smiles* I think baby fever is catching. *nuzzles nuzzles*

Erica: *shakes head* not really, but unless your chocolate has pickles in it and or yogurt....

Donatello: lol

Angel: *chuckles* blame Red for that Razz

Mel: No it doesn't Erica Oo

Angel: *yep meeeeeelting into shiver nuzzled gooop!*

Erica: *real sad pout this time* awwwww

Donatello *snogs*

Mel: You know there's some in the fridge

Angel: *smmmmmoooooooooooching*​ have... *snoggggs* you caught.... *smoooching* baby fever?

April: >​,>​ yeah just brought loads and cold meat, Red left list on fridge door Smile *sits with Shaya*

Donatello I think I have. *smooch smooch!*

LH: *snooooring curled up in pillows and cushions and bean bags*

Angel: *giggling in smooooches!* oooh....! Very Happy *playing tug on bandana tails* doing the making is fun... *snogs more*

April: what are you doing Mel?... And you Shaya?

Mel: Raiding fridge

Shaya Hmm? *not paying any attention* Paper sorting

April: for what?

Erica: joins Mel* mmmm suppose I better eat some meat so Raph doesn't fret.... *buuut soooo doesn't feel like it!*

Donatello *chuckles* It is. *smooch smooch smooch!*

Mel: He's just worried

Shaya Hmm.

Mel: *Making sandwitch*

Shaya Sorry. I've been sorting out reliant data thus far gathers without the samples or equipment to mess up. i wanted to make step by step followings for the saftey for part of LH's tunnels from further construction.

Angel: *giggling... nibbles playingly on those smoooching lips* mmm hmmmm and feeeeels sooo good Wink

April: ooooh need a hand or you got it Shaya? Very Happy

LH: *moves closer to April and Shaya's chairs and curls up around them - resumes napping*

Erica: yeaaaah my HotRed worry wart - *fond giggles - pulled apart a chicken drumstick to throw meat in the yogurt tub with slices pickles*

Donatello: That doesn't even sound good.

Erica: Razz

Mel: Weird food combination. *Puts Italian dressing on her sandwitch*

Donatello Mmmmm-hm. *nuzzles and kisses*

Erica: .... what? sliced pickles in honey buzz yogurt and chicken? *has a scoop - mooooans* oooooh tis good!

Erica: lol

Mel: *Eats sandwitch* If you say so Oo

Shaya I'm fine. I got most of it done. *annoyed sigh* This is my last day for 2 weeks I won't be here. *glares at her Player* (It's the Germany trip, Gone for 12 days or so. Shaya gets to be stuck in the human world and I get to explore it)

Donatello: Awwwwwws

Shaya I want to spend as time with you all before I get bogged down for a while.

Erica: Very Happy

LH: *nuzzles her knee as he sits up*

Mel: *Finishes sandwitch* Yummy ^^ *Goes to invade the freezer for ice cream*

Angel: *purrrs shivers - undoes that bandana slipping it off kissing deepens...murmurs* mmmm want food... coofffeeee? *snogs* ooooor do we... go have a little fun *kissss* makin?

Erica: makin bacon

Shaya: bacon pancakes?

Mel: *Finds ice cream and Ice Cream Kitty* That is still weird Oo

Erica: makin bacon pancakes!


Erica: Hi Leo Wink

Leonardo hello!

Mel: Hi Leo

Leonardo mel mel!

Mel: You high again? *Eating ice cream*

Leonardo what's it to you?

Donatello: Hi, there.

Leonardo Don! *kisses*

Mel: Just want to know so I'd know if you accuse me of being high

Leonardo only people who are high eat ice cream

Donatello *takes a break from snogging Angel* The only thing high about ice cream is its sugar content, Leo. -_-

Mel: What? I'm not high Leo!

Leonardo and what does sugar and insane women add up to? sugar HIGH!

Mel: How am I insane?

Leonardo I figure all women are insane

Erica: Oo backing away toward Spot ... probably good idea to go back to Raph now*

Angel: ooor not - *chuckles* hi Leo

Leonardo Angel! *kisses*

Mel: No we're not Leo *Finishes ice cream*

Donatello: Damn, I missed that post. lol Sorry!

Angel: mmmmmmm!

Erica: Wink

Leonardo ^^ *smooches Mel*

Erica: (giggles so hard right)

Erica: *backs away faster!*

Mel: *Punches Leo* Stop!

Leonardo *smooches Shaya*

Donatello *better not even think about trying that with me, Leo* -_-

Leonardo who didn't get a kiss?

Leonardo I already kissed you. *points up*

Donatello *damn* >​.<

Leonardo: lol

Erica: *yes! almost to Spot!*

Erica: lol

Leonardo I'm just full of love today!

Espionata: lol

Mel: Don't kiss me again!

Donatello *moves over to Angel again, taking her hand*

Angel:.... huh Erica was right you do taste minty Leo... Oo

Leonardo it's the mint leaves in the tea

Angel: Wink *smooochies to Dons cheek*

Leonardo *doesn't see his vampire queen, pouts*

Donatello Smile Whatever you would like to do next.

Donatello: Awwwws

Mel: *Glares at Leo annoyed*

Leonardo changed name to Love

Love Leo had no reason to be here so I am here!

Love now Don can have that threesome

Mel: Hi Love

Love kitten! *cleans mel*

Mel: *Squirms* Why are you doing this?

Love to clean you

Mel: I clean myself >​>​

Love not well enough

Mel: Really?

Erica: *has escaped into Spot and resumes snugging and sleeping*

Love yes really. now where is Don? I need to clean him too

Mel: With Angel

Love *skips over to Don and licks him*

Donatello O.o

Mel: Sure Erica escaped >​>​

Angel: >​,<

Love *liiiiiicks and licks angel*

Love *goes back and licks Mel*

Angel: ... thanks?

Love welcome!

Mel: I don't need a bath

Love k *hops back over to Don and jumps in his lap*

Angel: uhhh... I'ma gotta go ... be back... *sliiiiiides away*

Mel: Wish Raidon was here

Love: I can bring spike in!

Mel: Why Spike?

Love: he's lonely

Mel: How is he lonely?

Mel: Miss Raidon

Mikey: *up! has to pee like racehorse!*

Mel: Hi Mikey

Mikey: Hey Very Happy *darts past to loo*

Mel: That's what happens when you sleep for days *Giggles*

Donatello: lol

Mel: Guess he really had to go Oo

Donatello *misses Angel* Sad

Mel: What's wrong big brother?

Donatello Hmm? Oh, nothing. I've just been doing some thinking.

Mel: Thinking about what?

Donatello About the future.

Mel: About having kids?

Mikey *huge relieved sigh*

Mikey hi Very Happy

Mel: Hi Mikey

Mikey waaaaaasssssssssup bro? *punches his good shoulder playfully, grins at Mel* looks like you are mobil Very Happy hi

Mel: I am and it feels great just getting used to crutches still

Donatello Mm. *nods to Mel then glares slightly at his brother* Looks like you need to lay off the sweets, little brother.

Donatello *rubs his shoulder carefully*

Mikey moi? I am in great shape what you on about *makes muscles*

Mel: He means you're hyper

Mikey never! *rubs plastron* am hungry though

Mel: Well April restocked the fridge

Mikey Yay!!!

Mel: *Giggles*

Mikey Very Happy - so whats with the frownie Don? something up?

Mel: It's about the future Mikey

Mikey Oo.... is Donnie now so smart he can see the future! - knew it! it was only a matter of time Razz

Donatello *rolls his eyes*

Mel: No it's about having family not seeing the future

Mikey oooooooh *not quiet as exciting - buuuut okay* soooooooooo come on share your thoughts - I am a great listener!

Mel: That you are Razz

Donatello What do you want me to say, Mikey?

Mikey uuuuum .... nothing Very Happy *awwwwwkward* Very Happy

Espionata: lol

Mel: If I could glomp you Mikey I would

Donatello Really? *is pretty sure Mikey won't let it go that easily*

Mikey yeah *usually presses it buuuuuut not lately*

Donatello Hmm. *wonders what's gotten into his brother lately*

Mel: *Hugs Mikey*

Mikey *hugs - is actually quiet*

Mel: Mikey?

Mikey: (( bwhahhahaa its going around, Mikey being still and quiet for days Razz, Leo insane... one of my Erica's so shy right now... hehehe the crazy! ))

Mikey: (( the crazy! lol ))

Mikey mmmmmmmmmmm? yeah Smile

Mel: You okay?

Mikey yeah fine Very Happy why you ask?

Mel: You're awfully quiet

Mikey Very Happy

Mikey: (( lol MS would probably freak out of think he's sick or up to something ... Razz ))

Espionata: lol

Angel: back in the hihouze! Very Happy

Espionata: lol

Mel: Are you sick Mikey?

Mikey nope Smile... feel great!

Mel: Then why are you so quiet?

Angel: O,o Mikster quiet..... thats weird

Mel: I know

Mikey ^_____________________^ *innocent look*

Angel: ..... did you fart silently?

Mikey *chuckles and shakes head*

Mel: What did you do?

Mikey noooooooooothing Very Happy


Mel: I don't believe that

Mikey Very Happy *skips away*

Mel: Okay then Oo

Angel Oo well thats interesting lol

Mel: Wish we could find out what he did

Donatello *smiles at Angel* Welcome back.

Angel yeah .... Wink hello handsome thanks

Donatello And yes, he is acting more weird than usual.

Mel: No Raidon Sad

Angel its the Ally - I mean he actually bathes for her.... *giggles and hugs* dont you have a hopper to go see him ? Very Happy

Mel: Yeah

Donatello *pulls Angel close*

Angel *grins and cuddles*

Mel: *Uses the hopper to see Raidon*

Donatello *nuzzles Angel* Smile

guRaidon: Mel!

Angel Smile sorry Stretch had to duck out briefly

Donatello It's fine. Smile *smooches her cheek* Where were we?

Mel: Hi Raidon ^^

Angel *giggles* something naughty?
Donatello Perhaps. *smooch smooch*

guRaidon: Wink hey cutie *hugs with one arm, bit busted up*

Mel: What happened to you?

Angel mmmm? *smooochie mock dissappointed look* just perhaps? mmmmm should give you massage Wink

guRaidon: ran into guCrimsons son Ruddy. We fought

Donatello Mmm, I could definitely go for first. Wink

Mel: Did you give him worse then what he did to you?

guRaidon: about the same Wink

Mel: Okay because if I see him he's gonna get it

Angel *playful eyebrow waggle* mmmm want the warm up rub down now *smooooch*

Donatello Mm-hmm.

Angel *backs towards his room* my hands all warm Wink

Donatello Not only your hands. Wink

Mel: At least I'm on crutches now

Angel you would be correct *smooch - leading*

Donatello *smooches back, going with her*

guRaidon: oO must never go near Ruddy hes as evil as his father... and I see Very Happy used to them yet?

Mel: Still not completely used to them and I won't Raidon

Angel *into his room hangin up his bandana* mmmm *smooooches*

Donatello *wraps his arms around her, smooching her*

guRaidon: thank you, dont ever try taking them on... not the girls or guys...Very Happy ooo well you can practice on the way to the Mess Hall

Angel *wraps arms about shoulders, careful of the injured side... just encase still sore, deepens kissing*

Mel: But if they end up in my world in the lair I have to do something not just gonna sit back and hide not in my nature. Food ^^

Donatello *lightly tugs on her clothing, returning her kisses*

guRaidon: I wont let them through >​,< *leading her on -*

Mel: Not with Mikko there she likes to summon them *Follows*

Angel *happy groans helps him remove her cloths...* *snooooooggling*

guRaidon: Oo really - is that why two of Cyans bros are missing - he is furious*

Mel: Yep she summoned them for sex

guRaidon: wait no I know there dead - mmmman must have bumped my head harder than I thought Very Happy guRaidon: OO really? insane

Mel: Yes she's crazy from drugs frying her brain

*guRaidon: really O,o

Mel: Yep and now Leo is high all the time because of her and he keeps saying that I'm high all the time and one time picked me and dropped me to teach me a lesson

guRaidon: >​,< - injured or not next time he does give the hopper a buzz and I'll take him on Razz

Donatello *gropes her occasionally between snogs*

Mel: I will got lucky that he didn't injure me even further

guRaidon: grrrr - he may be an ... Uncle of another universe but I will hit him

Angel *begins removing his gear caressssing him back*

Mel: Oh trust me he gets hit by me when he tries to kiss me

guRaidon: your human and small I doubt it hurts him much - but good for you standing up for yourself Wink

Donatello *churrs, groping some more*

Mel: Not about to let Leo do anything to me Raidon once I'm better I'm gonna prank him so much

guRaidon: Wink well that coul dbe fun

Mel: It will be Very Happy

Angel oooh that feels good Wink *begins massaging those shoulders from his nape of neck, stroking his spot*

guRaidon: yeah better get pictures

Mel: I will *Almost loses her balance* Oops

Donatello *chuuuuuuuuuurrs*

guRaidon: *catches and straightens her* Very Happy good Wink We'll add them to the wall of laughs Razz

Mel: Thanks Raidon still lose my balance

Angel mmmm feel goood Streeetch? *nibbles down his pulse hands working over those shoulders slooooowly*

guRaidon: Very Happy you'll get the hang of it Wink

Mel: Yeah I will but at least I'm out of that wheelchair

Angel: (( Very Happy ))

Donatello *churrs even more* Mmm...much.

guRaidon: yes exactly Very Happy hehehe want to see the wall of laughs?

Mel: Sure

Angel Very Happy *hands move over those shoulders and arms* mmmmmmmm gooood

guRaidon: *leads her away to the hall with pinned up photos of community members caught in funny positions*

Mel: *Laughs so hard she almost falls over*

guRaidon: Very Happy theres my dad covered in goosefeathers Wink

Mel: *Laughs even harder*

guRaidon: hehehe and UncleDon behind chases by rogue mini MH's

Mel: *Almost falls over from her laughing*

guRaidon: Very Happy and me covered in bats Razz

Mel: *Does fall over this time*

guRaidon: *cuddling goes down with her* Razz

Mel: Oops Very Happy

guRaidon: hehehe Wink thats what this hall if for - cheering folks up Very Happy

Mel: I guess Very Happy

Donatello That feels great.

guRaidon: Very Happy it's great for it so much here - my brother Ross runing naked Very Happy Uncle Mikey when he was alive dressed up like a run away nanny

Mel: *Giggles* That had to be funny

Angel *licks his throat suckling on adams apple hands tickling up his sides* mmmm ! it does....

Donatello *moans, closing his eyes*

guRaidon: it was hilarious and Uncle Leo stuck in a kiddie pool Very Happy

Mel: *Giggles more but yawns*

Angel *moooooans herself enjoying the way Don relaxes.... hands moving over his thighs as she kneels slowly - kisses that tail*

guRaidon: Wink *hugs her*

Mel: Guess I'm tired

guRaidon: *snugs* come on then to my fmailies room Wink *scoops her up*

Mel: *Holds on* OKay

guRaidon: *carries her to where she normally stays when here, in his sisters room* Very Happy

Mel: Thanks Raidon ^^
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PostSubject: Re: Portal Hopping Pt 01 - 10 (post rp chat room creation)   

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Portal Hopping Pt 01 - 10 (post rp chat room creation)
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