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 Random Chatty Pt. 31 - 40 (Blaze arm fractured/ healed - learned to walk/talk))

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PostSubject: Random Chatty Pt. 31 - 40 (Blaze arm fractured/ healed - learned to walk/talk))   Sun Aug 07, 2016 12:48 pm

pt. 31

Mikko: sexy Lois

[Bookmark] Espionata: ROH Mel: Dude don't take a drunk girl home that never ends well OO

[Bookmark] Candy: OEe: you don't waaaan dat... Mmm no good - no good

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebop: oh I'm sure you are amazing! I want very much. mmhmm.

[Bookmark] Candy: OEe: *shakes head, in fact shaking all over is cold* mm nnnuuuu miiistake -

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebop: *grabs her and rooooooollls her over with him* nah,

[Bookmark] Candy: OEe: *even a little blue skinned - world spins -* miiistake - in nnn love Blazzzze - Reeeeed -

[Bookmark] Mikko: maaaaaaaaaaan Bebop is all over Raph's drunk girl and he's ok with it. maybe he wants an open relationship

[Bookmark] Candy: [tongue] she's unconscious so probably not much fun

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebop: pffffffffffffffft *stands and poke poke Ee with his toe* well...silence is like a yes...*scoops her up and carries her off*

[Bookmark] Candy: ORocky: *follows*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebop: *goes to his house which he shares with his horny roommate and heads to his bedroom*


[Bookmark] Mikko: Kurt: *shakes his tail to the music*


[Bookmark] Mikko: and Bebop thinks Daryl is some heartless bastard that leaves poor kids to alone to be eaten

[Bookmark] Rogue: Daryl: -.- I know what pigs do to people.Yer gonna eat that lil girl. And Carl is a lil asskicker

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebop: Dude! I was human for FAR more years then I was a pig. gimmie a break!

[Bookmark] Rogue: Daryl: How the hell am I supposed to know that!

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebop: I say we eat the redneck first.

[Bookmark] Mikko: NC: *nods*

[Bookmark] Alysson: Lydia: *hands Darryl a stuffed lobster* There. To Help you be less grumpy~ :3

[Bookmark] Mikko: dawwwwwww

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol,aww

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Rogue: Daryl: *takes it, because it would be mean not to* Thanks, kid. *slaps Bebop with it* You ain't eatin' me, PorkChop!

[Bookmark] Alysson: I'm going to bed now, night night~ *hugs*

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: aw night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebop: hey! No hitting the guy holding a kid! Some of us care about our young ones safety

[Bookmark] Mikko: awww night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Alysson left the chat 25 days ago

[Bookmark] Rogue: Daryl: -.- You sayin' I don't? I don't trust you!

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Espionata: HH Mel: Okay then >​>​

[Bookmark] Candy joined the chat 25 days ago

[Bookmark] Kitteh: *hugs* How'd it go?

[Bookmark] Candy: Massiiiive bruising a cracked lower rib if I had not worn my gear properly - helmet and body armour would have been worse [wink]

[Bookmark] Candy: I'ma k

[Bookmark] Candy: Refused the pain mess for now - dont wanna be loopy

[Bookmark] Candy: Meds*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: *huggles* Soooo, what kind of restrictions on movement do you have?

[Bookmark] Mikko: Refused pain meds? you must be some sort of goddess

[Bookmark] Candy: I am swearing - and crying a bit so no [tongue] but the normal Panadols I took should dull it enough to get by

[Bookmark] Candy: For noow

[Bookmark] Mikko: awwwww go lay down! on very fluffy pillows!

[Bookmark] Espionata: Ouch

[Bookmark] Candy: [wink] will do - when get home -

[Bookmark] Candy: I'm off work for a bit [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: good!

[Bookmark] Candy: Yeah more time to annoy all you *waggles brows*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Gambit thinks Mel ran off to chase a puppy

[Bookmark] Candy: rohMikey: that would be me!

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol dawwwwww

[Bookmark] Candy: oMikey: [smile] yeah... We love fluff balls

[Bookmark] Espionata: HH Mel: When so for I've never run off Oo

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol, awww

[Bookmark] Mikko: maybe that's what RoH Mike needs. a rescue puppy!

[Bookmark] Rogue: that reminds me.. Norman Reedus wanted Daryl to have a dog in the show.. the writers told him no

[Bookmark] Candy: rohMikey&oMikey: or a kitty!!

[Bookmark] Mikko: *butt rubs RoH Mike*

[Bookmark] Espionata: Won't know till October

[Bookmark] Candy: rohMike: mm yeah rub it good! *tail wags*

[Bookmark] Mikko: *rub rub rub*

[Bookmark] Candy: oMikey: oh no - not with my new phew on your shoulders dude! *snags and puts on his shoulders instead* [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: nephew*

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *dont care! she'll rides!! -*

[Bookmark] Mikko: *keeps the rubbing going*

[Bookmark] Mikko: oh no! the Bebop gonna be coming out to kidnap the babeh!

[Bookmark] Candy: Shell*

[Bookmark] Candy: Lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: There's two more in Dons lab - but their way to young to play [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: dawwwwww

[Bookmark] Candy: Maaaaybe oDon will let folks in to see em [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: yes!

[Bookmark] Candy: Stole back a oEe she's in the lab too ...

[Bookmark] Mikko: Lois has gone crazy!

[Bookmark] Mikko: she's talking to herlsef!

[Bookmark] Mikko: gambit posted

[Bookmark] Candy: Kk

[Bookmark] Candy: I am not need to post?

[Bookmark] Espionata: Well crap Gambit is going down lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mike could help fight zombies

[Bookmark] Candy: K

[Bookmark] Kitteh: [smile]

[Bookmark] Mikko: EVERYBODY DANCE NOW!

[Bookmark] Candy joined the chat 25 days ago

[Bookmark] Mikko: wb sugar tits

[Bookmark] Espionata: wb

[Bookmark] Candy: roh&oMikey: *dance*

[Bookmark] Candy: Ty

[Bookmark] Kitteh: wb

[Bookmark] Mikko: all the Mikkos: *dance*

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *like best ride ever!*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: *workin' on posts*

[Bookmark] Espionata: yay

[Bookmark] Candy: Aprils: *boogey*

[Bookmark] Mikko: wooooooooo!

[Bookmark] Candy: oRock: *shakes it - breaks... Some furniture*

[Bookmark] Candy: LH is off swimming - doing gator things

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebop: *flips more tables*

[Bookmark] Candy: Lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: it's how he dances XD

[Bookmark] Candy: Ee's : *dance*

[Bookmark] Candy: except OEe

[Bookmark] Candy: She still out

[Bookmark] Mikko: awwwwwwwwww

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: I'm here just distracted

[Bookmark] Mikko: oh scoop scoop! no one is in the van with Lois.

[Bookmark] Candy: Not awake yet - was on assisted breathing and I've when oDon got to her -

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebop: MY LOVE!

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: if no one is in the van Lois won't stay there by herself.

[Bookmark] Mikko: she can run to the back of the line where Gwen and Pete are!

[Bookmark] Mikko: they are in Gwen's car

[Bookmark] Candy: IV - not I've

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: right now she's just gathering what she can as far as weapons

[Bookmark] Mikko: ALL THE WEAPONS!

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: no just her own

[Bookmark] Candy joined the chat 25 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata: wb

[Bookmark] Candy: Ty

[Bookmark] Mikko: wb

[Bookmark] Mikko: *spanks all*

[Bookmark] Mikko: shake it!

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: gonna head off in about 20 minutes

[Bookmark] Mikko: k

[Bookmark] Mikko: Gambit is the hero of the day!

[Bookmark] Espionata: kay

[Bookmark] Rogue: Wade: ..and now I have to carry your ass back to the van, too

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: night all *hugs*

[Bookmark] Rogue: Wade: I'm weighing up the situation here. We have Supes who's been gnawed on like a Thanksgiving Turkey... and my friend out cold

[Bookmark] Rogue: aws, night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Mikko: night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Gambit: I'm good. I'll be up in a minuet. just need to. recoop

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: Wade: -.-

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Espionata: HH Mel: And Mikko got bit

[Bookmark] Mikko: Gambit: don't make out with me while i'm oout!

[Bookmark] Mikko: Gambit: ok I mean, you can make out with me a little.

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: Wade: *sits on Gambit's face*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Gambit: it's like there's no difference between your ass and your face!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: ;p;

[Bookmark] Kitteh: kik'

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: Wade: I knoooow, right? They're both sexy as fuck.

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: Gambit: Not the word I would use!

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: gotta go in like 20 minutes [frown] have to do the work thing today

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Mikko: awwwwwww

[Bookmark] Rogue: but posted for Wade andabout to post for Pete. Wade's gonna want help cutting off Alien head [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: oooooh man

[Bookmark] Mikko: LOL damn Wade!

[Bookmark] Rogue: hehe

[Bookmark] Rogue: ifthatdoesn't work he'll try something else [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: for your sake Gambit, I hope it works [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: Gambit posted

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: damn Mel! you just wanna kill everyone

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: posted for Pete.. now gonna do a Wade again...

[Bookmark] Mikko: I'm starting to think Mel was the one that killed off her last group

[Bookmark] Rogue: will do my best to do some BB posts tonight. just got caught up with this game

[Bookmark] Espionata: She's being pragmatic

[Bookmark] Mikko: gwen posteed

[Bookmark] Mikko: least a zobmbie Mikko you can still chain up and have sex with [wink]

[Bookmark] Espionata: Who Mel will want to get rid because that's ingrained at this point

[Bookmark] Mikko: luckily we don't have to worry about that

[Bookmark] Mikko: dawwwwwww Wade so nice

[Bookmark] Rogue: don't tell him that [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: Gambit posted. he went to get Lois

[Bookmark] Rogue: daws

[Bookmark] Mikko: how is DP gonna find out about the Mikko? when he comes back to the car?

[Bookmark] Rogue: maybe when Gambit passed by with Lois he;ll look in and see her tied up and tell Wade? Was gonna have Pete do it, but he's not gonna leave Gwen

[Bookmark] Mikko: but Lois is in the front and Mikko is in the back he wouldn't pass Gwen's car

[Bookmark] Mikko: it's Lois/turetles/Mikko

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mel has been screaming it

[Bookmark] Mikko: maybe mel can run to DP and yell in his ear lool

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: yes Mel go tell DP his bitch is bit

[Bookmark] Kitteh was timed out 25 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: but be nice about it

[Bookmark] Rogue: he'll find out somehow .. probably after Lois gets there

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: HH Mel: Good lord the lot of you are deaf

[Bookmark] Kitteh joined the chat 25 days ago

[Bookmark] Mikko: wb

[Bookmark] Espionata: wb

[Bookmark] Kitteh: ty

[Bookmark] Rogue: Wade: Give me a break! I got skullfucked by Collosus once....

[Bookmark] Rogue: b

[Bookmark] Mikko: dawwww

[Bookmark] Rogue: okies. I have to head off. see you all tonight

[Bookmark] Rogue: *hugs*

[Bookmark] Espionata: HH Mel: Well Mikko has been bitten and once she dies she turns not long after so in order to stop that we stab her in the head when she dies

[Bookmark] Mikko: night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Rogue left the chat 25 days ago

Kitteh: *belated hugs*

[Bookmark] Mikko: well don't tell us, tell him in the game

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: BUT I MUST DO THE MONSTER MASH!

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol


[Bookmark] Espionata: HH Mel: No they just want to eat everyone

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: I'm a vegan zombie

[Bookmark] Espionata: HH Mel: And you're gonna be tied up most of the time

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: that's gonna be up to Wade

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: and I have a way with the deadpools

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: Wade might want some lovings

[Bookmark] Espionata: HH Mel: Eww

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: well the man is into some kinky shit

[Bookmark] Espionata: He is

[Bookmark] Mikko: and Mikko is wearing spiderman's outfit. sooooo that's double the kink!

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: ok I'm head off here. I need to get to bed. night all *hug hug hgu*

[Bookmark] Mikko left the chat 25 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Kitteh left the chat 25 days ago

[Bookmark] Candy joined the chat 25 days ago

[Bookmark] Candy: [frown]

[Bookmark] Espionata joined the chat 24 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko joined the chat 24 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Mikko: hih

[Bookmark] Espionata: What's up?

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl joined the chat 24 days ago

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: Back on desktop yay [big grin]

[Bookmark] Mikko: yay

[Bookmark] Espionata: yay

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: have so much more room now

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: still have to move around my other harddrive since it says its full

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: one of my small ones

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Alysson joined the chat 24 days ago

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: Hello

[Bookmark] Alysson: Hiiiii!

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: I'm gonna love my paycheck this week [smile] from holiday pay and doing over night shifts...

[Bookmark] Mikko: hihihihihih

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Espionata: Oh yeah

[Bookmark] Kitteh joined the chat 24 days ago

[Bookmark] Alysson: Hi!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Hi [smile]

[Bookmark] Mikko: hihi

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Rogue joined the chat 24 days ago

[Bookmark] Alysson: Hi!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Hiyas

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Rogue: hiyas

[Bookmark] Mikko: hey baby cheeks. been waiting for you. *lays out on bear skin rug*

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: Hello

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: working on posts\

[Bookmark] Mikko: wooooo!

[Bookmark] Candy joined the chat 24 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata: yay

[Bookmark] Alysson: Hi!

[Bookmark] Mikko: hihi

[Bookmark] Candy: hi

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Hi!

[Bookmark] Candy: hi

[Bookmark] Kitteh: [big grin]

[Bookmark] Rogue: hiyas

[Bookmark] Mikko: Gambit posted and Lead lois to supes

[Bookmark] Mikko: OMG I almost called him Batz so sorry

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: XD

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: Supes: ....yeah. Because we dress just a like.... [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: the D to the P posted

[Bookmark] Mikko: woo!

[Bookmark] Espionata: yay

[Bookmark] Espionata: Posted as soon as I did but it did nothing to mine lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: ok I had to laugh at Mel's post. it's so casual and matter of fact. "dude! ya girl is dead. come say bye."

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: *makes note to bite Mel first*

[Bookmark] Alysson: XD

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: She's just used it in Walking Dead it seems the kids are just accepting it's normal

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: posted

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol, Lois: 'you shoulda stayed in the van, yo!' [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: I know that was so harsh!

[Bookmark] Mikko: not a I love you. or crying

[Bookmark] Mikko: just bitch I told you so

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: maybe DP will be a little more worried about his love

[Bookmark] Rogue: gonna post for him, then Wade is gonna give Gambit the gun with instructions to blow Supe's brains out before he turns then rush off to NOT blow Mikko's out [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: Gambit: I can do that without a gun you know!

[Bookmark] Rogue: Wade: You hatin' on my Hello Kitty pistol?

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: Gambit: on no it's adorable!

[Bookmark] Espionata: Poor Superman

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: Lois won't like that much

[Bookmark] Mikko: much?

[Bookmark] Mikko: that woman needs to be a bit more frantic

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: well she does have a gun on her and knows how to use it

[Bookmark] Mikko: Lois has been secretly waiting for a reason to kill superman

[Bookmark] Rogue: and suddenly the Old Yeller song is running through my head

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: I finished watching From the New World and well it was an anime that showed humans were bastards lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: Loved that movie

[Bookmark] Mikko: you need an anime to tell you that?

[Bookmark] Espionata: The ending is so sad

[Bookmark] Mikko: awwwww

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: She doesn't want to kill she knows he'll heal. she'll kill the zombies and anyone who would try and kill him. or at least she'd injure them. being around superman so much she won't kill living people

[Bookmark] Espionata: Well the anime was about a world isn't a utopia like it was originally shown

[Bookmark] Rogue: brb. gotta take sleepy meds then will work on posts

[Bookmark] Espionata: kay

[Bookmark] Mikko: ok

[Bookmark] Espionata: Like there's these mutated naked mole rats that are pretty much slaves to the superpowered humans only at the end it's revealed those mole rats were mutated humans given mole rat dna because they didn't have powers so the people with powers would never be overthrown

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: they've had a zombie episode on Smallville. So from knowing that it won't effect him she'll defend off the zombies with him.

[Bookmark] Espionata: And he's also an alien

[Bookmark] Mikko: people were turned into naked mole rats?

[Bookmark] Mikko: there are no more zombies in the aires

[Bookmark] Mikko: area

[Bookmark] Mikko: Gambit was super gambit and vaprized them all

[Bookmark] Espionata: Yes in the anime I was watching there's a lot more to it though

[Bookmark] Mikko: which he did once in the comics, but in the comic it put him in a coma

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: Yahoo

[Bookmark] Mikko: oooooooooh

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: well not the for the coma part

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: for taking down the zombie part

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: Safe Lois's bullets

[Bookmark] Mikko: all the infected people need to pile up in one car. DP will drive. then they will have to be locked up in the mall somewhere

[Bookmark] Espionata: And in the end of the show the leader that was trying to gain freedom pretty much got a fate worse than death he was literally tortured and turned into a blob of flesh that couldn't die because of the powers used on him

[Bookmark] Espionata: Oh yeah

[Bookmark] Mikko: I thought I watched strange things

[Bookmark] Espionata: Yeah and I watched Akira lol

[Bookmark] Alysson: I'm going to bed, night night~ *hugs*

[Bookmark] Candy: night night *hugsU

[Bookmark] Candy: *

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Alysson left the chat 24 days ago

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: Night Alysson *hugs*

[Bookmark] Rogue: pooosted for Clark and DP

[Bookmark] Mikko: yay

[Bookmark] Mikko: !!!!!!!

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: yahoo

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko posted

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol, Mikko [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol zombie derp, mike?

[Bookmark] Rogue: Pete: O.O

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol Mikko: ^_^

[Bookmark] Rogue: h, Mikey post? *rushes off to read*

[Bookmark] Espionata: And Mel is frustrated

[Bookmark] Mikko: Gambit: *pats Mel's head* I told you. you are food for when we have none.

[Bookmark] Mikko: Kurt takes that as a compliment, Mike

[Bookmark] Rogue: posted in the naughty [wink]

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: yay [big grin]

[Bookmark] Mikko: ooooooooooooooh that's hawt!

[Bookmark] Rogue: *brow wiggle*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: dammit! I some hawtness!

[Bookmark] Rogue: daww. I'm sure she'll get some soon

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: ^_^

[Bookmark] Kitteh: [smile]

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: back

[Bookmark] Mikko: wb

[Bookmark] Rogue: wb

[Bookmark] Espionata: wb

[Bookmark] Mikko: Erica can warm Carl up. get all cozy. body heat!

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol, daw

[Bookmark] Rogue: Carl: [blushing] ​

[Bookmark] Mikko: dawwwww

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: those rough pats that I got on my face better be applied to my ass next time!

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: okies, have to do a double so . night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Mikko: night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Candy: night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Rogue left the chat 24 days ago

[Bookmark] Kitteh: NIght *hug*

[Bookmark] Mikko: ok I'ma go see about posting on other forums now

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Candy: ... only mm

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Mikko: MM and Origins

[Bookmark] Kitteh: [big grin]

[Bookmark] Candy: [wink]

[Bookmark] Mikko: now for the origins

[Bookmark] Mikko: I think I'm caught up! I would post in BB, but DP is suppose to be the one to catch Mikko. so I feel I must wait

[Bookmark] Mikko: although...mewahahahahah​a I have idea now. naughty idea

[Bookmark] Kitteh: [big grin]

[Bookmark] Candy: [smile]

[Bookmark] Mikko: posted lets see how DP reacts to that

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: night all *hugs*

[Bookmark] Mikko: night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: NIght *hugs*

[Bookmark] Candy: night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: I'm gonna head off here. *hugs* Night. [wink]

[Bookmark] Kitteh left the chat 24 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Candy: yeah me too *hugs hugs hugs* night all

[Bookmark] Mikko: night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Mikko: JUST THE TWO OF US!

[Bookmark] Espionata: yep

[Bookmark] Mikko: wanna make out?

[Bookmark] Espionata: No

[Bookmark] Mikko: damn

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mel want to talk to anyone in here?

[Bookmark] Espionata: No

[Bookmark] Mikko: well ok

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mel is a downer!

[Bookmark] Espionata: No she's not

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: *HUGS MEL*

[Bookmark] Espionata: ROH Mel: Oo

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: I love you man!

[Bookmark] Espionata: ROH Mel: You do?

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: of course! yer like my little sister!

[Bookmark] Espionata: ROH Mel: I am?

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: yes! we can do each other's hair and make up!

[Bookmark] Espionata: ROH Mel: No thanks >​>​

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: ok. ok. well. what do YOU like to do?

[Bookmark] Espionata: ROH Mel: Skating ^^

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: roller blades, skate board? hell yeah lets do that!

[Bookmark] Espionata: ROH Mel: Yeah ^^

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: *hands her a board and grabs her own then skates off*

[Bookmark] Espionata: ROH Mel: *Follows* XD

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: wanna sake on the roof tops?

[Bookmark] Espionata: ROH Mel: On the rooftops?

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: yeah!

[Bookmark] Espionata: ROH Mel: But isn't that crazy?

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: I do it all the time!

[Bookmark] Espionata: ROH Mel: And then you fall to your death

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: well I have been training for years to not fall to my death.

[Bookmark] Espionata: ROH Mel: While I haven't

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: then your training shall start!

[Bookmark] Espionata: ROH Mel: Training?

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: I go to a gym. that trains for parkor

[Bookmark] Espionata: ROH Mel: But I don't do that stuff

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PostSubject: Re: Random Chatty Pt. 31 - 40 (Blaze arm fractured/ healed - learned to walk/talk))   Fri Aug 12, 2016 1:27 am

pt 32.

Bookmark] Mikko: Gambit: Stop being a bitch, Clark! get yer ass up!

[Bookmark] Rogue: Clark: [angry] *glares red daggers at him*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Gambit: don't look at me in that tone of voice

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: Clark: *icy breaths him*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Gambit: O.O

[Bookmark] Rogue: Wade: LET IT GO... LET IT GOOOOO... I FOUNDS ELSA!!

[Bookmark] Mikko: lool

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: COME BACK TO ME ANNA!

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: brb. gotta take sleepy meds [frown]

[Bookmark] Mikko: awww ok

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Alysson: I'm going to bed, night night~ *hugs*

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Alysson left the chat 22 days ago

[Bookmark] Candy: night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Mikko: OLeo: *runs in because he's been away for too long* HEEEEEEY! WHAT UP! *spanks Mel*

[Bookmark] Espionata: ROH Mel: THe hell Oo

[Bookmark] Mikko: OLeo: *twerks* yeeeeeah*

[Bookmark] Rogue: back and working on DP post

[Bookmark] Candy: wb

[Bookmark] Mikko: hell yeah!

[Bookmark] Rogue O'Raph: -.- WTF.

[Bookmark] Rogue RoH'Raph:' I thought my Leo was a fucktard.

[Bookmark] Espionata: yay

[Bookmark] Candy: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: ROH Mel: He's insane Oo

[Bookmark] Mikko: OLeo: *kisses RoHRaph*

[Bookmark] Rogue RoH'Raph: O.O I'VE BEEN INFECTED!!! *RUNS*

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: roh&omikey: *peek around kitchen door... Nope and staying in here!*

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: OLeo: Vic. I think our pizza is cold. I'll have to grab us another one

[Bookmark] Mikko: HHMikko: WADE! I"m ready for that chimichanga!!!!

[Bookmark] Mikko: HHMikko: *no idea what that is*

[Bookmark] Espionata: ROH Mel: This Leo is weird >​>​

[Bookmark] Candy: OMikey: *from kitchen* you have no idea!

[Bookmark] Mikko: OLeo: Well I'm been hanging out with a vampire for a few months so we can assume she's drained me dry by now. so I have a right to be a lttle strange

[Bookmark] Mikko: OLeo: maybe I'M a vampire now!

[Bookmark] Candy: roh&oMikey: *sniggering*

[Bookmark] Mikko: lool

[Bookmark] Mikko: hush you two

[Bookmark] Candy: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: ROH Mel: Which means you can't burn to death [big grin]

[Bookmark] Mikko: OLeo: you are from a different world you don't know what I can't do

[Bookmark] Candy: o&rohMikey: *under kitchen table armed with fruitloops.... if their little charge doesn't eat them all - told to shush - stop sniggering and -* HAHAHAHAHA

[Bookmark] Mikko: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: I ... do not know why under the table - but it's Mikey's so

[Bookmark] Espionata: ROH Mel: How do you two fit?

[Bookmark] Candy: oMikey: of course

[Bookmark] Candy: rohMikey: yep

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *eats more fruitloops*

[Bookmark] Candy: no... no they dont

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol alien PETA

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: Mikeys demand a mutant branch too!

[Bookmark] Candy: gotta be inclusive PETA

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: Gambit posted

[Bookmark] Mikko: lool

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko demands one for Zombies too!

[Bookmark] Candy: zombie derp

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: TheMikeys: *flick fruitloops at anyone passing the kitchen door*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: *passes then slides under the table and tickle attacks*

[Bookmark] Candy: lol it is crowded under that table

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: rohMikey: *admist squirming away from tickling - farts*

[Bookmark] Espionata: ROH Mel: Don't light a match >​>​

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: Sorry Pete sex in the suite is TOTALLY happening

[Bookmark] Rogue: Pete: [crying]

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: I'll make you a new suite

[Bookmark] Kitteh: [smile]

[Bookmark] Candy: Mikey's: *roh grabs the little turtle, o the food and woman -* evacuate! *dash off to find new place to!*

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

[Bookmark] Candy: - shoot fruitloops at passing innocents -**

[Bookmark] Mikko: gweb posted

[Bookmark] Mikko: LOL Gweb!

[Bookmark] Mikko: thatt's her name now

[Bookmark] Mikko: Webs and Gweb together forever!

[Bookmark] Rogue: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: Pete: PLEASE DON'T SIN IN MY SUIT!!!!!

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: ok I shall take it off!

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: you have to untie me first!

[Bookmark] Candy: rohMikey: Gweb - she likes the sticky stuff [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: lool

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: Pete:.... is this a test? O.o

[Bookmark] Candy: oMikey: *sniggers - flicks popcorn at Pete*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: noooooo just untie me. ^_^

[Bookmark] Rogue: Pete: Oooh, popcorn! *catches- completely distracted bynumminess to remember what Mikko was asking*....huh?

[Bookmark] Mikko: Gwen: *unties Mikko*

[Bookmark] Candy: oMikey: always thought she preferred the trapdoor - *two maurauding mikes and a mini marauder 'hide' on couch -*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: *takes the suit off and hands it back to Pete is now all naked*

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: rohMike: ooooh *flicks fruitloop at naked boobie!*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: *loops bounce off*

[Bookmark] Candy: oMikey: .... *trying to get his to land and stay on a nipple*

[Bookmark] Candy: skills yo

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: *nipples are pierced*

[Bookmark] Rogue: lool

[Bookmark] Rogue: Pete: O.O Holy Shit! *covers eyes and sidesteps away*

[Bookmark] Candy: oMikey: *gets on to dangle on a peircing* scoorrrre!

[Bookmark] Mikko: lool

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *up ended fruitloop bo on himself - is now a bulging fruitloop box with a nappy and legs*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: *NAKED HUGS PETE*

[Bookmark] Candy: rohMikey: *gets one on other boobie nipple bling* wooooooooooo - awwwwww woman supposed to stay still!

[Bookmark] Candy: bothMikes: *pout*

[Bookmark] Mikko: LOL

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: *gives both Mike's naked hugs*

[Bookmark] Candy: box*

[Bookmark] Candy: oMikey: *flinches away*

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: rohMikey: *boob hugs! * yeeeeaaaah! *snuggles*

[Bookmark] Rogue: Ally: *tackles her long lost Mikey!* ^^

[Bookmark] Rogue: Pete: *runs off screaming*

[Bookmark] Candy: Fruitloopbox with green legs: *sliding across floor -*

[Bookmark] Candy: oMikey: O O

[Bookmark] Mikko: lool

[Bookmark] Kitteh: oDon: *craziness is back!* [smile] *but is welcomed by some normalcy*

[Bookmark] Rogue: so I was an hour and a half late for work this morning >​.< stupid car

[Bookmark] Mikko: awwwwwww

[Bookmark] Candy: awwwwwwww

[Bookmark] Rogue: hopefully I make it on time tomorrow :/

[Bookmark] Kitteh: *snugs*

[Bookmark] Candy: oAngel: go join your crazy bros Stretch [wink] *will stay in the bed*

[Bookmark] Rogue: the gauges don't work so had no idea I was out of gas. It dies at a busy highway but managed to coast itabout a quarter of a mile, forced a turn and barely made it into the parking lot of a store. LUCK!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: O.o Wow!

[Bookmark] Mikko: oh my!

[Bookmark] Candy: oMikey: *stunned - shaking - kinda afraid he'll hug Ally and she'll vanish*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Awwwws!

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Rogue: yeah. My heart was racing. Almost got his about a year ago when the damnthing died in the middle of a four way intersection

[Bookmark] Kitteh: O.O

[Bookmark] Rogue: Ally: ^^ *smooches and strrrrroooookes his tail*

[Bookmark] Candy: >​< awwwwwwww scary

[Bookmark] Espionata: OO

[Bookmark] Rogue: yeah.gotta start trying to save for a car and a house.. I may have to start peddling drugs [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: but anyway. speaking of making money.. have to be up in four hours for another long shift [frown]

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Rogue: sosee ya'll latr tonight

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Candy: night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Rogue: ninight *hugs*

[Bookmark] Rogue left the chat 22 days ago

[Bookmark] Mikko: night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: *snugs* Night.

[Bookmark] Candy: oMikey: *leaves his roh self to take care of fruitloop box - ninja vanish*

[Bookmark] Candy: rohMikey: Oo - *lost fruitloop box! - goes looking*

[Bookmark] Mikko: OLeo: *still dancing*

[Bookmark] Espionata: ROH Mel: Oo

[Bookmark] Candy: rohMikey:.... okay nooooow I knnow what a dying wildebeest move looks like

[Bookmark] Espionata: Stupid mosquito >​<

[Bookmark] Candy: rohEe: *napping - and ofcourse has fruitloop stacks all over her*

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: fruitloopbox with green legs: *makes way past the dancing Leo -*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Leo: O.O

[Bookmark] Candy: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: oAngel: *so glad she and twins and oEe are in lab - away from crazies*

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don: *tries to catch the FruitLoopboxwithGreenLeg​s*

[Bookmark] Candy: lol!!

[Bookmark] Candy: Fruitoop box with green legs: *caught - legs still wriggling*

[Bookmark] Candy: the rest of him is inside the box [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: OLeo: *tackles the box*

[Bookmark] Candy: Fruitloop box with green legs: WAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH​HHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

[Bookmark] Mikko: OLeo: I WILL EAT YOU!

[Bookmark] Candy: oMikey: >​< *tackles Leo off!*

[Bookmark] Candy: rohMikey: *pulls box off the little turtle and gives him to oDon*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don: O.o No! Don't hurt him! *grabs the 'box' off the floor and holds him protectively* He's your nephew, for crying out loud!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Oops...

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebop: *ruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuns in and PUNCHS OLEO KNOCKING HIM OUT COLD*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Oleo: *out*

[Bookmark] Candy: oMikey: *drags his older brother to a corner... stacks fruitloops on him*

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: He IS a fruitloop!

[Bookmark] Mikko: yes!

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebop is baby body guard

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Dawww

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *already hurt - wails louder!*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebop: *steals Blaze and holds him close and snuggles*

[Bookmark] Candy: hence the fruitloop body deco

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don: *rocks him*'s okay.

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don: O.o No!

[Bookmark] Mikko: Be: *glares at Don*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don: *glares back*

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *all but screams now - left arm swelling*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebop: *looks at arm* he needs ice. you Purple one, get ice pack.

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don: *over the screaming - to Bebop* He needs medical attention!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don: *still glares* Give him to me.

[Bookmark] Candy: oMikey: *now stacking cheerios too*

[Bookmark] Candy: lol he says oLeo is a entire cereal range

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebop: *huffs and gives Blaze to Don*

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *certainly beating his own volume record*

[Bookmark] Candy: oAngel: ... Oo

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebop: fix him!

[Bookmark] Espionata: ROH Mel: He's loud DX

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebop: *pulls out a butterfly knife and goes after the knocked out OLeo, no one hurts hie babeh and lives!*

[Bookmark] Espionata: ROH Mel: *Sends flames to butterfly knife* Nice try >​>​

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebop: is not effected by other worlds effects*

[Bookmark] Espionata: ROH Mel: Oo

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don: *takes him to his room to check on Blaze*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebop: *STABY STABY STABY O LEO*

[Bookmark] Candy: oMikey: *knocks blade away* oy! no stabby!

[Bookmark] Candy: oMikey: we stacky *points to cereal boxes*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebop: awwwwwwwwww

[Bookmark] Candy: oMikey: no - stacky! [tongue] *hands him box of cereal*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebop: why do you have so many boxes of cereal?

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *wails entire way -*

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: oMikey: I ... um... not important

[Bookmark] Candy: rohMikey: *joins them*

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: oAngel: Oo *cant even cover ears!*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don: Blaze... *lays him on the bed and checks his arm* I know...

[Bookmark] Espionata: Surprised the twins aren't crying

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebop: *leaves the mikes and goes to don. watches the don*

[Bookmark] Candy: they are - but he's drowning them both out [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol Awwwww

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don's going to have some words with Leo later.

[Bookmark] Candy: oAngel: *can't ask what happened - and no time to be modest that Bebop is there, sooths squealing twins with the boobs!*

[Bookmark] Candy: lol the ceral Leo

[Bookmark] Candy: cereal*

[Bookmark] Candy: [wink]

[Bookmark] Candy: reminds me of an sout park ep - [tongue]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *just gets louder the more his left arm is touched.*

[Bookmark] Candy: "I'm cereal!"

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don: >​.< Okay! *takes him out of the bedroom and heads for the bathroom instead with the screaming child*

[Bookmark] Candy: lol better acoustics in there!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Yeah. Unfortunately.

[Bookmark] Candy: poor Don

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don: Where are his parents?! >​.<

[Bookmark] Candy: gonna go deaf [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebop: *follows.* maybe he needs something for pain. I have something.

[Bookmark] Candy: oMikey: our brother I don't know - his mother in your lab still out cold

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don: Like what?!

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebop: *pulls out baby liquid pain and sleep meds*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don: *just having to yell over the screams* -_-

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don: O.o Where did you get that?

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebop: I been shopping around for baby things!

[Bookmark] Candy: oMikey: whhhy?

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *at least goes quiet for some moments crying so hard*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebop: I have medication, and toys, and food, and bedding, and plushies, and cloths.

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don: Why have you been getting children's things? O.o *is relieved a bit actually*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebop: for Blaze.

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don: But...why? He's my brother's son.

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebop: pffffffffffffft yeah and where is he? I'm taking over!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don: You want us dead.

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don: Your boss wants us dead.

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don: So why are you helping him?

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebop: look man, I like the baby mama. and I like the kid. can ya just except it and chill?

[Bookmark] Candy: Mikey: he is a likble little fellow when not blowing ear drums out

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don: *swallows then nods* Alright. But I'll be watching.

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don: *holds out his hand for the meds*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebop: right. just fix him. *hands over meds*

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don: *takes it and sits Blaze on the counter briefly to get a small measuring cup and pours the appropriate dosage for his age in the cup*

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *at least stopped wailing - but soooo gives the three the big wet eyes look*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebop: *hands Blaze small stuffed bunny*

[Bookmark] Candy: Mikey: awwww big eyes!

[Bookmark] Candy: rohMikey: *oh yeah! nail poilshed flowers all over oLeo's shell*

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: his own Leo is far too light a sleeper and ko'ed a bro to do this too

[Bookmark] Candy: ... not that he wont try it [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: awwwww

[Bookmark] Candy: pretty pink and yellow flowers [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Mikko: OLeo is going to feel beautiful

[Bookmark] Candy: lol!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don: *gives Blaze the medicine*

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *snugged the stuffed toy - makes face at medicine but it went down! - wails a bit - pouts massively*

[Bookmark] Mikko: dawwwww

[Bookmark] Espionata: Poor baby

[Bookmark] Candy: Mikey: should you like - xray his arm or something Don? *pokes Bebop - gets face washer to clean the snotty teary little face*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebop: *POKESback*

[Bookmark] Candy: Angel: *in lab - settled Dylan and Dakota - is at lab door now -* it's quiet... too quiet...

[Bookmark] Candy: hehehe sit's not golden - its suspsicious

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don: Trust me, you'll feel much better, Blaze. And yes, Mikey. Now that I can hear myself think.

[Bookmark] Candy: Mikey: kudos little dude for being so loud you short circuited Don's massive brain

[Bookmark] Kitteh: LOL!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don: *shoots Mikey a look*

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *buries face in the stuff toy - muffled wail -*

[Bookmark] Candy: Mikey: *looks back -* what? [big grin]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don: For that, Motormouth, you'

[Bookmark] Kitteh: 're going to help me.

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebop: * gives Mike the I'm watching you motion*

[Bookmark] Candy: Mikey: OO I am? *grins at Bebop* dude o' bacon we are watching you

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don: Yes. Bring him to my lab.

[Bookmark] Espionata: The mosquito bit me on the ass DX

[Bookmark] Candy: loldamn insect

[Bookmark] Candy: bloody lil vampire! [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: kinky

[Bookmark] Espionata: yep

[Bookmark] Candy: Mikey: *scoops up the Blaze and goes to Dons Lab, squeeeeessss seeing the little twins*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don: *whirls on Mikey* Shhhhh!

[Bookmark] Mikko: heading off here, night all *hug hug*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Espionata: ROH Mel: *Peeks into the lab*

[Bookmark] Mikko left the chat 22 days ago

[Bookmark] Candy: night! *snugs*

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Candy: Mikey: *squee goes quiet*

[Bookmark] Candy: Angel: [smile] *waves at Mel, watches Mikey and Don.* not okay yet?

[Bookmark] Espionata: ROH Mel: At least the crying stopped

[Bookmark] Kitteh *checks the little guy's arm*

[Bookmark] Kitteh I'm not sure.

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *no just muffled cause he's snugging the stuffed bunny*

[Bookmark] Candy: Mikey: *hovering*

[Bookmark] Candy: lol just what ya need a hovering Mikey

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *left fingers very stiff and reluctant to move his arm, muffled wailing more when it's touched*

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: OEe: had been startled out of - well she didn't know or why she had to do a self-extubation on an endotracheal tube - gagging on it - but sits up blinking.*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don: Sorry.

[Bookmark] Candy: Mikey: need a hand ?

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don: *sighs* Well...he has a small fracture. *growls* I'm so going to hurt Leo for this. Attacking children... >​ : (

[Bookmark] Candy: Mikey: ... um what do I do?

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don: *to Mikey* Keep him calm while I go get the things I need to make a cast.

[Bookmark] Candy: Angel: *spies the mother is awake and sits with her*

[Bookmark] Candy: OEe: *not quiet back with it yet*

[Bookmark] Candy: Mikey: *nods* k Don *rub the little shell*

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *snugging the toy still. Gone to med sleepy land - hiccuping in that wy little ones do after crying hard*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don: *gets things ready for the cast*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: I'm gonna have to head out pretty soon. Soooooo sleepy.

[Bookmark] Candy: yes me too took a pain pill

[Bookmark] Candy: [wink]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: *speeding this up*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don: *after the pain med does its job in relaxing Blaze, casts his arm*

[Bookmark] Candy: Mikey: *helps out* now what?

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don: Now we just wait until he wakes up.

[Bookmark] Candy: Angel: give him to Erica [smile] shes awake *FINALLY*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don: *smiles and does just that* Um...he had a little accident. *gently puts Blaze in Erica's arms*

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica: *still a bit vague- but accepts Blaze* I... am not sure whats going - on ... but thank you *kisses Dons cheek* Pretty Eyes

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don: *smiles gently* You're welcome. Uhh, how are you feeling?

[Bookmark] Candy: Angel: *grins at Don* we have the best Doctor [wink]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don: *blushes at Angel's comment a little*

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica: *considers, snuggling the little turtle to her* hydrated? a little disorientated. But... awake?

[Bookmark] Candy: Angel: glad your awake finally - dont worry us again *winks at Don*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don: I'll get you some water. *goes to do that after cleaning up mess from Blaze*

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica: thanks Don [smile]

Kitteh: Don: *comes back with a glass of water for Erica, hands it to her*

[Bookmark] Candy: Erica: *takes and sips, shits her heavy boy more comfortably against her* thanks again. What happened?

[Bookmark] Candy: hehhee and leave em to catch up?

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Sure. [wink]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: *hugs* Night.

[Bookmark] Candy: *hugs*

[Bookmark] Candy: night ngiht you need sleepies

[Bookmark] Kitteh: I doooo

[Bookmark] Kitteh: G'night [wink]

[Bookmark] Candy: hehehe Aussie style!

[Bookmark] Candy: G'Night!

[Bookmark] Kitteh left the chat 22 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata joined the chat 21 days ago

[Bookmark] Mikko joined the chat 21 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Mikko: heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee​eeeey

[Bookmark] Espionata: What's up?

[Bookmark] Mikko: I;m tired!

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Mikko: I was dragged to the theater to see the secret life of pets

[Bookmark] Espionata: cool

[Bookmark] Mikko: not cool

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Mikko: indeed

[Bookmark] Espionata: Was it good?

[Bookmark] Mikko: it was ok

[Bookmark] Espionata: cool

[Bookmark] Espionata: Tales of Graces F is so much fun [big grin]

[Bookmark] Mikko: wooooo!

[Bookmark] Espionata: Yep I'm past the prolouge [big grin]

[Bookmark] Mikko: awesome

[Bookmark] Espionata: Yeah I love the battle system

[Bookmark] Mikko: pewpew

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl joined the chat 21 days ago

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: Hello *waves*

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Mikko: hihi

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: i'll be online tonight and tomorrow I wasn't going to be online tonight but then my other friend hurt his back while working today and I was super tired since I was still on my third shift hours of being up late and sleeping in late and getting up early for the showcase was very hard to stay awake

[Bookmark] Alysson joined the chat 21 days ago

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: Hello *waves*

[Bookmark] Alysson: Hiiiii!

[Bookmark] Mikko: hihi

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Alysson: There were TONS of spiders at McDonald's today. Like, an absurd amount of spiders. Every window had at least 2 largish spiders in them. One window had over five. It was not okay. o.o

[Bookmark] Espionata: OO


[Bookmark] Alysson: After we all finished with ice cream I bolted out the door...too scary!

[Bookmark] Espionata: That place has an infestation Oo

[Bookmark] Mikko: I would have bolted out the door before ordering

[Bookmark] Espionata: Oh yeah

[Bookmark] Alysson: I didn't notice until I was almost done eating. I think they were mostly outside, but a handful looked like they'd made their way in. (Luckily the table we were at wasn't by a window! *shudders*)

[Bookmark] Mikko: ooooh

[Bookmark] Alysson: I was like "Eeek, there's a spider in that window! And in that window! that window? I need out."

[Bookmark] Mikko: yep I would feel the same way

[Bookmark] Alysson: But we got my mom obsessed with Pokemon Go, so that made up for all the scary. X3

[Bookmark] Mikko: yay!

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: you need major bug spray for those

[Bookmark] Espionata: yay

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: I walked right into a spider web by the hose today before I watered flowers


[Bookmark] Espionata: eww

[Bookmark] Mikko: *spanks everyone*

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: haven't played the game

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: Ouchie *then dances*

[Bookmark] Mikko: I caught 5 pokemons today!

[Bookmark] Espionata: yay

[Bookmark] Mikko: hell yeah!

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: posted for Lois

[Bookmark] Mikko: yaaaaaaaay'

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: gonna be cleaning my room due to all my crafting I need to clean up all my crafts everywhere

[Bookmark] Mikko: I LOVE YOU TOO SUPERMAN!

[Bookmark] Espionata: kay

[Bookmark] Candy joined the chat 21 days ago

[Bookmark] Rogue joined the chat 21 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Rogue: hiyas

[Bookmark] Mikko: hey sexy booty

[Bookmark] Rogue: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: hey smutchkin

[Bookmark] Mikko: ^_^

[Bookmark] Candy: Hi hi hi hi

[Bookmark] Rogue: howdy

[Bookmark] Mikko: Booty rubs for all!

[Bookmark] Candy: Lol

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: i'm back sorry moved tower around and it cord that is plugged in for computer is touchy

[Bookmark] Mikko: bad touch!

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Espionata: the younger cats keep trying to prove they're dominate over each other but the young male won't do it with the older male lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: so was suppose to go with my mom today, do some shopping, get my eyebrow wax turn it into eyebrowS. maybe get my nails done. funs stuff! So mom comes over this morning starts talking to Megan while I'm getting ready. then I come out and mom goes. ok change of plans. Megan's coming too we're going to see the pet movie. I'm like, I don't want to see the pet movie. oh sure you do. I'm like noooooo not really. I'm like fine! ya'll go I'm staying home. Fuck you guys! so after lots of back and forth and arguing I'm forced to go see this pet movie that wasn't even that good. and that was all. fun day

[Bookmark] Alysson: I'm going to bed, night night~ *hugs*

[Bookmark] Mikko: night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Alysson left the chat 21 days ago

[Bookmark] Candy: Night! *hugs*

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Kitteh joined the chat 21 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Candy: Hi hi!

[Bookmark] Rogue: aww. yeah, my friend is wanting me to go see that with her and I'm like...meh.... it isn't DC or Marvel so... [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: hi

[Bookmark] Mikko: the best part of the movie is also the best part of the trailer. so if you seen the traier you already seen the best scene.

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: and that's when the white fluff ball dog is bitch slapping the hairless cat. DON'T LOOK AT HIM! LOOK AT ME! NO ONE CAN SAVE YOU!!!!!!!

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Candy: [smile]

[Bookmark] Mikko: the whole movie could have been shorten to a half hour and been great

[Bookmark] Mikko: and of coursse there was a stupid Minion short before the movie

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Hello1

[Bookmark] Kitteh: !

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: Hello *waves*

[Bookmark] Mikko: hihi

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: working on reading up on naughtyville section

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: pretty much making myself stay up late today since I work overnight on Monday

[Bookmark] Candy: Aww

[Bookmark] Candy: oMikey: *has pizza - not eating the pizza*

[Bookmark] Candy: rohMikey: more for him!*

[Bookmark] Candy: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: RoHMikko: *still nude because Pete stripped her from his suit so she wouldn't get man juice on it*

[Bookmark] Candy: rohMikey: would offer my bandana but... Wouldn't cover much - want my shorts?

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: posted in naughty section

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: oMikey: *snorts and chockes on orange crush*

[Bookmark] Candy: Chokes*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: *is out there filming Lois and Clark*

[Bookmark] Mikko: RoHMikko: *gives Mikey naked hugs*

[Bookmark] Candy: roh&oMikeys: *shrug- hug back*

[Bookmark] Mikko: RoHMikko: MY MIKEYS! EVERYONE ELSE BACK OFF! *growls*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: RohLeo: O.o

[Bookmark] Espionata: ROH Mel: I thought you loved Deadpool?

[Bookmark] Mikko: RoHMikko: Small child! stop questioning my love!

[Bookmark] Candy: oMikey: No! no! *squirms away and abandons pizza - flees current spot*

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol awwwwww

[Bookmark] Candy: rohMikey: *pizza, naked girl - hugs - more for him!* has all the Mikey you want [wink]

[Bookmark] Mikko: RoHMikko: *snugs*

[Bookmark] Candy: oMikey: *hides near a Leo - checks shell, no nail polish is therefore sane Leo*

[Bookmark] Candy: rohMikey: *snuggles* pizza ? *offers*

[Bookmark] Mikko: RoHMikko: yes! *eats*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: RohLeo: What's going on, Mikey? *to oMike*

[Bookmark] Rogue: Ally: *tackles and snuuuuuuugs her Mikey* ^^

[Bookmark] Rogue: and in a weird twist of events, Martha had picked up playing Pokemon go... wanders out to catch one, but finds a dickachu [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: oMikey: um nothing - acccc Lllllllllyyyyyy *snugs snugs snugs - going doooown*

[Bookmark] Mikko: lool

[Bookmark] Candy: Lool

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: rohMikey: *oh yeah - totally winning here!* ^,^

[Bookmark] Kitteh: RohLeo: *moves away from the two lovebirds.

[Bookmark] Kitteh: *

[Bookmark] Candy: Lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: Ally: *mmhmm...starts singing* It's going Dowwwwn! I'm yelling TIMBER. you better move... *and goes down on him*

[Bookmark] Mikko: OMikko: *snaps pics*

[Bookmark] Candy: rohEe: *sneakies out of kitchen eating cereal from box, some ones cocoa puffs* Oo

[Bookmark] Candy: oMikey: I foot got the lyrics - ah who cares?! *half sings - turns going down into sixty nine - yeaaaaah!!*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: RohLeo: Yeah, uh...have fun with that. *evacuates the area!*

[Bookmark] Espionata: ROH Mel: Oo

[Bookmark] Candy: OEe: *cant go nowhere - not even loo - Blaze not letting her go - but sooo hungry!*

[Bookmark] Candy: rohEe: *sneaks away with snack -*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: oDon: I can help with that.

[Bookmark] Kitteh: oDon: *to oEe*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: RohLeo: *follows his Ee*

[Bookmark] Candy: oEe: thanks just a banana would be great ... Or any fruit -

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebop: *rushes in with a whole fruit basket and lays it by OEe*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: oDon: *nods then covers his eyes as he passes Mikey and Ally, grabs some fruit from the kitchen then returns to oEe with it*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: oDon: >​ : ( *to Bebop*

[Bookmark] Candy: Lol well fruit galore!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: oAngel: *oh yeah! Has some too!!*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebop: *grins at Don*

[Bookmark] Candy: oEe: *pouts a little - sighs - smiles* thanks, both of you. *banana!!! Munches! - tries to entice Blaze to have some - *

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *whines - still sore and overall cranky, laying on mum so she can't escape!*

[Bookmark] Rogue Raph; *has nooo idea what's been going on. Got... abducted.*

[Bookmark] Candy: Bloody Martians

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebop: *smoooches OEe's cheek and rubs's Blaze's cheek and hands him new stuffed toy*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebop: so'k Raph I took ya place! mwahahahahaha!

[Bookmark] Candy: OEe : noooo

[Bookmark] Candy: OEe: but you have been a good friend

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebop: ^_^

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *cranky!!! Whines more!*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebop: O.O *stops touching*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: oDon: Our 'dear' brother decided to use your son as target practice. -_-

[Bookmark] Kitteh: 'dear' eldest brother**

[Bookmark] Candy: oEe: *stuffs half a banana in her mouth - probably ruining big puppy eyes look - reaching - come on Red hugs!!!*

[Bookmark] Mikko: OLeo: TWAS I WHO ABDUCTED RAPH!

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *whines*

[Bookmark] Mikko: is raph cumming back?

[Bookmark] Rogue Raph: ...*BEATS THE PIG SNOT OUT OF BEBOP!! And SNUUUUGS Erica* ^^

[Bookmark] Candy: Lol he with the rohMikey nail polish decorated Shell

[Bookmark] Espionata: ROH Mel: I swear this place is insane

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebop: O.X ok! not cool! I took care of ya kid!

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: bought the complete edition to Spore game since it was a better deal on amazon to buy it than on steam or origin '

[Bookmark] Espionata: cool

[Bookmark] Candy: OEe: *snuggles - finally!!! - smooches cheek* yes he did

[Bookmark] Kitteh: oDon: Leo, what has gotten into you?

[Bookmark] Candy: rohEe: yep insane *mmmm cocoa puffs - offers to rohMel*

[Bookmark] Candy: Brain worm !

[Bookmark] Mikko: OLeo: I've been very bored. and i think my girlfriend might have killed me by now.

[Bookmark] Rogue Raph: *snugs and smooches* Well I don't feel bad about that.... tryin' ta take my place... wtf

[Bookmark] Kitteh: oDon: So you attack your nephew...because you're BORED?! >​ : ( You're lucky you only fractured his arm. You could've seriously hurt him!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: oDon: Or worse!

[Bookmark] Mikko: OLeo: yes I was suppose to know the demon cereal was a child!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: oDon: What happened to the old Leo who always believed family meant everything to him?!

[Bookmark] Candy: uhhh got kraaanged [tongue]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: oDon: ....seriously, Leo?!!! You didn't know there was a child under there? >​.<

[Bookmark] Mikko: OLeo: he died, Don! He died! he'll come back in my next Origin post

[Bookmark] Mikko: OLeo: I've seen stranger things then demon cereal who knows what you work on in your lab. see really. this is your fault

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PostSubject: Re: Random Chatty Pt. 31 - 40 (Blaze arm fractured/ healed - learned to walk/talk))   Fri Aug 12, 2016 1:30 am

pt 42.

Candy: oAngel: *catchs Dons hand and tugs*

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: working on cleaning up my room so let me know when I need to reply again on forum since my room is a mess

[Bookmark] Candy: Lol top notch reincarnation?

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: tryng to stay busy

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: ROH Mel: *Takes cocoa puffs* This Leo needs a staitjacket OO

[Bookmark] Kitteh: oDon: MY FAULT?!?!?!?! *allows Angel to tug him away but he's furious at Leo right now!*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: oDon: Stay AWAY from MY nephew! Got it?!

[Bookmark] Candy: oEe: *snogs - tickles spot - shifts Blaze so both her turtles can snug her properly and she them*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: oDon: AND MY children!!

[Bookmark] Mikko: OLeo: Don's lost his mind. I think he needs to be locked up.

[Bookmark] Candy: oAngel: awww come here Don - your brother ain't all there -

[Bookmark] Espionata
Squealer's Speech & Last Moments (Shin Sekai Yori/From the New World)YouTube · 8:42 · 45K · 99%Squealer's final moments from Shin Sekai Yori Episode 25. No copyright infringement intended. All rights go to their respective owners. I do not own any of the content here. [Click to hide video thumbnail]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: oDon: *has half a mind to crack his staff against his brother's thick skull!* >​.<

[Bookmark] Espionata: These scenes in this show is beyond messed up Oo

[Bookmark] Espionata: ROH Mel: No it's you Leo that needs to be locked up

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *grabs bit of dew rag in good hand and clings!!!*

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: I made a full amount of $30.00 this week on sales for jewelry so almost made the amount back on my both space

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Yay!

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: wish they did better at advertising the showcase but when there are ten boths that had jewelry it was hard to sell

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: So I'll be selling online next until I get another both going

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: hopefully cheaper than a 50 dollar both

[Bookmark] Kitteh: O.o 50 dollars for a booth? Daaaaang, that seems a bit much.

[Bookmark] Candy: Yeah!

[Bookmark] Candy: oAngel: *snugs oDon*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: oDon: *gives up and goes with Angel, snuggling her* I'm sorry, Angel.

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: yah my first both I've ever had was 35 dollars

[Bookmark] Kitteh: That's waaaaay better than 50, though.

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: I don't think they should charge that much. cause they even were not providing chairs or tables at this thing you had to bring your own, and you had to pay for your food

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: which i think food should be free

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: for vendors

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Makes sense.

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: *nods* yah

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: I have my own table now, may get my own comfortable chair in the long run. my dad thought I didn't need a table but I'm like I wanna do more sell more might as well invest in one and use it. I can also use it in my apartment when I move out so it gets more use

[Bookmark] Candy: oAngel: why? *huggles* all sexy defending ours and lil Blaze, but your brother not himself, and case of mistaken identity and all - just an unfortunate accident *smooches*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: 50 dollars for a booth - and they don't even supply tables and chairs. WTF? So what exactly are you paying for?

[Bookmark] Kitteh: With this 50 dollars.

[Bookmark] Kitteh: I just doesn't add up to me.

[Bookmark] Kitteh: oDon: *sighs* I know. I just...there was no excuse for Leo doing that to Blaze. None whatsoever.

[Bookmark] Mikko: OLeo: *in kitchen* DOOOON! the toaster is possessed!

[Bookmark] Candy: Yeah ? Doesn't quiet seem right here either [big grin]

[Bookmark] Candy: Lol that toaster [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: ROH Mel: Or you broke the toaster

[Bookmark] Candy: oAngel: no... But at least both parents are - back

[Bookmark] Candy: oAngel: *snugs morrre*

[Bookmark] Mikko: OLeo: Never mind! Mel said she broke it!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: oDon: Yeah. *snugs, ignoring Leo*

[Bookmark] Rogue: I've been up since 4:30 AM and trunning on an hour of sleep.crashingg. >​.<

[Bookmark] Rogue: night

[Bookmark] Rogue: *hugs*

[Bookmark] Mikko: night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Rogue left the chat 21 days ago

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Poor Rogue. [frown]

[Bookmark] Espionata: ROH Mel: I didn't touch it!

[Bookmark] Candy: Awww night night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Candy: it was nargles
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PostSubject: Re: Random Chatty Pt. 31 - 40 (Blaze arm fractured/ healed - learned to walk/talk))   Fri Aug 12, 2016 1:35 am

pt 43.

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: *shuffles*

[Bookmark] Candy: OEe: *watches*

[Bookmark] Rogue joined the chat 17 days ago

[Bookmark] Mikko: hihihihihihi

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *sits with mum - humming to self*

[Bookmark] Candy: Hi hi

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: *shuffles to Rogue*

[Bookmark] Rogue: ^^

[Bookmark] Rogue: just got home and have a double tomorrow.. so I'm here.. but not 100%

[Bookmark] Mikko: *makes out with*

[Bookmark] Mikko: *heavy on the tongue action*

[Bookmark] Candy: Lol

[Bookmark] Candy: Kk

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Candy: OEe: *humming with Blaze - drawing on Blaze's arm cast*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebop: *sits next to them* I wanna draw! I shall draw magical things!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Back

[Bookmark] Mikko: wb

[Bookmark] Kitteh: ty

[Bookmark] Candy: OEe: *nods - finishes drawing accurate diagrams of the bones in Blazes arm under the cast and gives the paint pens to Bebop* okay but leave room for others *points at the Mikeys M&M was here!!*

[Bookmark] Candy: WB!!

[Bookmark] Espionata: wb

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebop: *nods and draws small tribal "tattoo" of turtle *

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *hums - content today*

[Bookmark] Candy: OEe: *smiles - resumes humming too*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebop: *boops Blazes cheek with his nose*

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *giggles -*

[Bookmark] Candy: OEe: he's still to nervous to leave my side

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebop: well I suppose if I was tiny and was jumped by an insane man I would be scared too.

[Bookmark] Candy: OEe: *nods* yes - quiet a painful scare

[Bookmark] Mikko: oh man DP's on the forum. Mel is so dead

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebop: well I'm here now! and I shall defeat all the monsters! *playfully punches the air around Blaze* pew pew

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: brb. time for sleepy meds [frown]

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: awww ok

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Espionata: Yeah Mikko deserved that kick [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko did the posty post

[Bookmark] Rogue: daw

[Bookmark] Rogue: so gambit gonna peep in on the other two love birds? [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: nah. he was. but nah leave their first time be without peeps

[Bookmark] Rogue: scoop is working 3rd again but she said she'll post tomorrow.

[Bookmark] Mikko: ooooooh

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol.. oh man. not sure how I'm gonna keep wade from peeping in. because he'll wanna make sure they're okay and Gwen can drive.. or Lois if she's not protesting being placed in another vehicle

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol oooooh didn't think about that

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: Supes: *bribes someone to get rid of all the kryptonite before Bruce officially joins the forum* [whew]

[Bookmark] Espionata: Never have sex when there's lots of people nearby lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol mwahahahahahahaha, it's stock piled in the back of the mall

[Bookmark] Rogue: Supes: -.-

[Bookmark] Mikko: I predict that Batz will be ready to go by saturday. sooner hopefully. but at lest by saturday

[Bookmark] Rogue: yaaay

[Bookmark] Espionata: yay

[Bookmark] Mikko: then I'll bring in SG!

[Bookmark] Mikko: we don't actually have a villain do we? I mean other then zombies and CDC. like a marvel or DC type villain

[Bookmark] Rogue: nu [frown]

[Bookmark] Rogue: was thinking about NPCing Doomsday in HH... buuuut then everyone would be dead [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: ok I'll think on this looooooooooooong and haaaaaaaaaaaaaard like I like my men!

[Bookmark] Rogue: lool

[Bookmark] Mikko: I'll bring in a baddie. don't know who yet

[Bookmark] Mikko: it'll be a suprise.

[Bookmark] Rogue: ^^

[Bookmark] Espionata: yay

[Bookmark] Rogue: oooh! We have Negan!!!

[Bookmark] Rogue: that counts [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: It does lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: we kinda have Negan if I ever do his profile

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko had her sappy moment. it was filled with cartoon unicorns and cats and cupids no one else could see. lots of love!

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol, aw

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Kitteh: [smile]

[Bookmark] Mikko: Gwen posted things might have to move to the naughty

[Bookmark] Candy joined the chat 17 days ago

[Bookmark] Mikko: wb

[Bookmark] Candy: ty

[Bookmark] Kitteh: wb

[Bookmark] Candy: ty

[Bookmark] Espionata: wb

[Bookmark] Candy: ty ttytytyt

[Bookmark] Candy: we has a Bishie - whom will wait until all think their safe and unleash what he' been working on

[Bookmark] Candy: ... when he had access to Splinter [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: dun dun duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun!

[Bookmark] Mikko: panic! chaos!

[Bookmark] Espionata: uhoh

[Bookmark] Candy: mmm hmmm

[Bookmark] Espionata: When Toad comes back he should do some shit to Mel he likes to target her [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: well will take years for the generations of the hybrids born at the Atlanta compound to be mature and show any of the promise they have

[Bookmark] Mikko: Toad will eat her

[Bookmark] Espionata: No killing her [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: no kill just eat

[Bookmark] Espionata: No eat either lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: wooooooooooooo Clark! so sexy!

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: *in the back of the van* hey, Supes. I read your smut. it was hawt. *smiles*

[Bookmark] Rogue: [wink]

[Bookmark] Rogue: ool

[Bookmark] Rogue: Supes: ..........O.o

[Bookmark] Rogue: this would be a fine time to pop in and be like.. if you're well enough to fuck.. you're well enough to join the Justice League [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: for Batz*

[Bookmark] Mikko: lool

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: can you imagine being puppeted like that in the middle of a heated sex scene things are going awesome then the players are like, that's all for tonight. night. and you and your lover are like nooooooooooooooooo!

[Bookmark] Mikko: we give all our charactres blue balls! mwahahahahahahaha

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: lool, dun dun duuun

[Bookmark] Rogue: and gonna have to do that to pete. [frown] because his player has to be up in like 6 hours and work a double

[Bookmark] Rogue: so I shallsee you all tonight *hugs*

[Bookmark] Mikko: night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Rogue: I meant 5 hours... I have 5 hours *cries*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: *hugs* Night.

[Bookmark] Candy: night night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Rogue: *snugs and poofs*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: *snugs* Sleep well!

[Bookmark] Rogue left the chat 17 days ago

[Bookmark] Candy: mmm mmm

[Bookmark] Mikko: CHA CHA! *spanks*

[Bookmark] Candy: eeep

[Bookmark] Mikko: ^_^

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *good hand catches Bebops snout - hangs on to pull himself to his feet -*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebop: *scoops Blaze up and stands him on his legs* hey little killer!

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: [big grin] *cheers and - bouncy bouncy bouncy bouncy*

[Bookmark] Candy: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebop: *keeps a hold on him but lets him bounce then puts his glasses on the kid*

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: eeeee - uh? *stops with o face cause glasses make world look funny - then laughs and resumes bouncy -*

[Bookmark] Candy: OEe: ^^ awwww

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: [big grin]

[Bookmark] Candy: he's exercising the legs [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebop: they look good on ya! This kid has a lot of energy. it'll be usefull for his new present! *stands up, picking up Blaze and carries him to his own POWER WHEELS MOTOR BIKE! Sits him on it but stays close and hands him the keys* here little thug. you put the keys here and press the button. and off we go. *bike starts moving slow*

[Bookmark] Candy: OEe: he looks so much like Raph *films the bouncing boy - now on bike*

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *at first squeals in protest - waving good hand at mum - but she's following.... not sure what to make of bike... then chrees - yay! fun!!*

[Bookmark] Candy: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: OEe: is that safe?

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebop: yes, it can go faster, but it's on slowest setting. it's a power wheel. you never had one as kid?

[Bookmark] Espionata: ROH Mel: Her dad is Solid Snake so I think so >​>​

[Bookmark] Candy: OEe: [big grin]

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebop: your dad is a card board box?

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: mmmmmmmmmmm! mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm1 *imitating the noise the bike is making!*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebop: *helps him steer it so he doesn't crash then makes it go a liiiittle faster*

[Bookmark] Candy: OEe: or lives in a carboard box... so close enough

[Bookmark] Candy: Hank: *accidently got himself shipped somewhere - wont be back for a while*

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol awwww
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PostSubject: Re: Random Chatty Pt. 31 - 40 (Blaze arm fractured/ healed - learned to walk/talk))   Fri Aug 12, 2016 1:39 am

pt 44.

Candy: [wink]

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *having a blast!*

[Bookmark] Candy: OEe: *has to follow causeBlaze wont let her go anywhere! - but cute so not complaining*

[Bookmark] Mikko: dawwwww

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebop: how about I take you and mom for a ride on the real thing?

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Candy: OEe: Oo - oooh don't know would that be safe?

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *happy happy - hanging on with one hand still mmmm mmmming and chewing on cast edge*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebop: you worry too much. It'll be safe. *shuts off Blaze's bike and picks him up. hands them helmets lets Blaze keep the glasses on, then brings them to his three wheeler* hop on! Blaze'll ride in front

[Bookmark] Candy: OEe: okay okay - yes I worry - *but climbs on - Blaze complaining around his cast about no moree mmmm mmmm!*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebop: *gets on and sets Blaze in front of him so he can hold on to him* You hold on to me nice and tight back there! *and off they gooooooooo zoom zoom*

[Bookmark] Candy: lol!

[Bookmark] Mikko: ^^

[Bookmark] Candy: oRock: *rides after them on a ridiculously under sized motocycle*

[Bookmark] Candy: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: hehehe the M&M stole his normal one and repaced it with a clown sized one [tongue]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: baaaaaaad Mikeys!

[Bookmark] Candy: [big grin] hehehe yes! their giving his a paint job

[Bookmark] Mikko: awwwwww

[Bookmark] Candy: bright pink with unicorns

[Bookmark] Candy: OEe: ... woooooooo!

[Bookmark] Mikko: well DP will love it

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

[Bookmark] Candy: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebop: see not so bad! *drives them around needs to go somewhere nice...think think think. space museum! heads there*

[Bookmark] Candy: oRock: *motoring along*

[Bookmark] Candy: lol see the stars! [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: yes!

[Bookmark] Candy joined the chat 17 days ago

[Bookmark] Mikko: wb

[Bookmark] Candy: Oo hehehe chat had a brain fart

[Bookmark] Candy: ty

[Bookmark] Candy: OEe: ummmm that was fun [smile]

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *still excited waving his cast and good arm about*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebop: and more fun to be had! Now we will star gaze? have to break into the museum first. Gonna teach Blaze how to commit his first felon!

[Bookmark] Candy: OEe: well thats not a good idea -

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebop: there you go worrying again

[Bookmark] Candy: OEe: yes - a lot of it

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebop: *lightly bounces Blaze* Does Blaze think it's a bad idea?

[Bookmark] Candy: OEe: he really has no capacity to judge such things

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *makin happy chirping gurgling noises - waving drool covered cast about*

[Bookmark] Candy: lol though if he's carried off she'd have to go [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebop: *gasps!* how dare you! This is the smartest kid I know! *hugs Blaze*

[Bookmark] Candy: OEe: he is bright for his age yes

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *being hugged - yay!*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebop: ok we wont break into the building. I'll wait till he's at lest 10.

[Bookmark] Candy: OEe: mmm pizza sounds good

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebop: pizza it is! *puts Blaze on his shoulders and offers Ee his arm*

[Bookmark] Candy: OEe: [wink] lead on *takes arm*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebop: *brings them to the best pizza shop in the city! and buys them all pizza and drinks*

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *at first refuses - but when bebop eats - steals a piece... now happy to munch*

[Bookmark] Candy: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: OEe: *likes vegetarian pizza best*

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebop: *is sitting in park in soft grass and eating. sticks piece of pepperoni on Blaze's nose*

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *tries to catch pepperoni - is sort of imitating a fish face doing so*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebop: *laughs and helps him out* cute. he got all his looks from his mother.

[Bookmark] Candy: OEe: *does best fish face*

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *liiiikes pepperoni - big grin - munchies*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebop: ....*takes chance, kisses her fish face!*SMOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO​OOOOOOCH!*

[Bookmark] Candy: OEe: OO *pulls back, blushes* ... not quiet what I was going for [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebop: ^_^ well puckered lips should not go un kissed!

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: OEe: usually - but these lips should

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebop: no, your lips exspecially should not go unkissed

[Bookmark] Candy: OEe: [wink] that is reserved only for BigRed *ruffles his mohawk playfully*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebop: awwwwwwww *pouts*

[Bookmark] Candy: OEe: *hugs*

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *chewing hard on crust - happy happy*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebop: *huuuuugs*

[Bookmark] Espionata: ROH Mel: *Playing catch with her own fireball*

[Bookmark] Candy: hehhee such a good thing the mmclones can't breath fire [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: they might join in [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebop: *nice and full. lays down in the grass on his back*

[Bookmark] Candy: OEe: *smiles, but remains seated - helps Blaze to his feet*

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: ROH Mel: You guys having fun?

[Bookmark] Candy: OEe: fun enough -

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *wobbles unsteady - but definitely enjoys it - bobing up and down in place*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebop: we were. then you showed up. *looks over at Blaze and claps* look at little killer! soon he'll be walking!

[Bookmark] Espionata: ROH Mel: She has a boyfriend you know >​>​

[Bookmark] Candy: OEe: he knows *would clap but hands are busy

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *bob bob bob - fuuun - giggling*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebop: oh no! she's with a man who isn't her boyfriend! burn the witch!

[Bookmark] Espionata: ROH Mel: No but it's obvious you want to be with her >​>​

[Bookmark] Candy: OEe: extra hot - sometimes hang out with Pretty Eyes too [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebop: *sits up* you been spying on me?

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: oDon: [big grin]

[Bookmark] Espionata: ROH Mel: Nope it's not hard to miss with how you act

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebop: how am I acting? How long have you been watching us?

[Bookmark] Candy: OEe: *pats spot for ODon* [smile]

[Bookmark] Espionata: ROH Mel: Watched nothing I do hang out at the lair too and it's been known since the beginning

[Bookmark] Candy: rohEe: see drinks and knows things *may have been watching GoT too much - sits with Oee and sneaks garlic bread*

[Bookmark] Candy: she*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebop: you don't even go here!

[Bookmark] Candy: bwhahaha

[Bookmark] Candy: rohEe: neither do I! *but having garlic bread anyways*

[Bookmark] Espionata: ROH Mel: And I'm sure the other Erica from where I'm from is imaginary >​>​

[Bookmark] Kitteh: oDon: Thanks. *sits*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebop: *grabs everyone and closes the circle tighter so that Mel can't see or hear them*Go away child!

[Bookmark] Mikko: Spike: *tackles Mel!*

[Bookmark] Espionata: ROH Mel: Hey get off! *Throws fireballs at him*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Spike: I'm from RoH! I'm a mutant too! I have the power to KICK YER ASS!

[Bookmark] Espionata: ROH Mel: Doesn't make you fireproof! *Sets him on fire*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: we are all immune to mutant powers here!

[Bookmark] Candy: OEe: *being hugged - chuckles and offer ODon a slice of pizza* hows the twins?

[Bookmark] Espionata: ROH Mel: Then get this creep off me!

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: grins seeing Don - bobs about on his feet all the more energetically -*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Spike: *vanishes into the wind*

[Bookmark] Candy: rohEe: *- chokes mid squeeeee - a dude just vanished!*

[Bookmark] Candy: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebop: *takes the glasses off Blaze so he can see where he's going*

[Bookmark] Mikko: that's his power. he can. turn into the wind

[Bookmark] Espionata: ROH Mel: Who is that creep?

[Bookmark] Candy: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: uh his mutant name job

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *protests - wves casted hand about after the glasses - other hand hanging on hard to mum! very unsteady and wobbly and unbanaced of feet!*

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebop: *gives them back to him*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: oDon: *takes it* They're great.

[Bookmark] Espionata: ROH Mel: I come here to get away from people like him >​>​

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *yay! cast arm still up in air - resumes bobbing and gurgling happily*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: oDon: Thank you. *munches*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: he is the wind beneth your wings

[Bookmark] Candy: OEe: welcome... Angel doing better? I have to check on her stitches some time too *one hand still holding Blaze up on his feet as he does his little dance and bob - giggles* he likes Bebops glasses

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebop: they're his now. I'll get another pair.

[Bookmark] Candy: OEe: thank you *kisses cheek -*

[Bookmark] Espionata: ROH Mel: Who ever he is he will get his ass kicked if he tries that again and I thought that Deadpool was insane

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebop: ^_^

[Bookmark] Mikko: OMikko: Who's deadpool?

[Bookmark] Mikko: OMikko: sounds like where I dump the bodies.

[Bookmark] Espionata: ROH Mel: He's known as the merc with the mouth is a mutant only completely batshit crazy

[Bookmark] Mikko: OMikko: sounds sexy! why is it specifide that he has a mouth? does he not have anything else?

[Bookmark] Espionata: ROH Mel: Because he never shuts up

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *bobs bobs bobs -*

[Bookmark] Mikko: OMikko: ooooooh. ok. well. sounds like you! you too must get along well!

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebop: *holds his hands out for Blaze* lets see ya walk

[Bookmark] Espionata: ROH Mel: Actually no I don't

[Bookmark] Kitteh: ODon: Mm-hmm...thanks to you. [smile]

[Bookmark] Mikko: RoHMikko: he's awesome and hot and sexy and is zombie friendly! *grabs Mel* Mel is food not friend!

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *looks at hand - bobs bobs bobs some more - lets go of mum - reachs but no stepping and over balances*

[Bookmark] Espionata: ROH Mel: I'm not food!

[Bookmark] Candy: OEe: thats goo - and you - she's barely had to worry about a thing, such an attentive Pretty Eyes always on hand [wink] *steadies Balze so he can catch Bebop's hand and continue his bobbing*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebop: *is ready to catch him*

[Bookmark] Mikko: RoHMikko: food for Supes and I when we turn!

[Bookmark] Candy: [big grin] lol

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *has new hold - bobs and wriggles happily*

[Bookmark] Espionata: ROH Mel: How about no

[Bookmark] Candy: OEe: *to Don -* he'll walk soon

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebop: yaaaaaay!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: oDon: Really? [big grin] Has it been that long already?

[Bookmark] Mikko: OMikko: O.O uh...good luck in your world!

[Bookmark] Espionata: ROH Mel: Yeah that version of you is insane and treats the walkers like they're a game

[Bookmark] Candy: OEe: [smile] no - by human standards no, but yous are turtles, guess the early mobility comes from there... be aware of that foryou two [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *singing and bobbing away - happy little turtle right now*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebop: *sings along*

[Bookmark] Mikko: OMikko: awwwww you think I'm sane? that's so sweet. Well, I'm a ninja, and was living in very strict environment so, I had to be all grown up and in order and all that.

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *random vowels and noises counts as his singing - but happy for a duo and hang on whilst working his legs!*

[Bookmark] Candy: annnd now must sigh off [big grin] damn it *hugs hugs*

[Bookmark] Candy left the chat 17 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata: ROH Mel: Well hang out with the other you for a while you will see what I mean [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: Night

[Bookmark] Mikko: awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww​w night

[Bookmark] Mikko: OMikko: I slept with a warthog and rhino. at once. so that's sane, right?

[Bookmark] Espionata: ROH Mel: Do you try to run into unstable buildings trying to get to a mutant that caused the unstableness when he's immortal?

[Bookmark] Mikko: OMikko: that situation has not come up. sooooo depends. is this mutant, a lover or partner of some kind?

[Bookmark] Espionata: ROH Mel: It's someone you don't even know for 24 hours

[Bookmark] Mikko: OMikko: that's doesn't answer the question. if it's someone who i'm partnered with them I'm bound to them, I would go in and help. other then that. no they're on their own. Like wise if this mutant was a team member I would also help them.

[Bookmark] Espionata: ROH Mel: Well in her case it's an obsession >​>​

[Bookmark] Mikko: OMikko: you also couldn't compare the us in this situation. she might run in and get herself killed. while I have training in getting in, taking care of what needs to be done and getting out under the most stressful of situations.

[Bookmark] Mikko: OMikko: but if the only thing that makes her insane is her love for a man, that's not that crazy.

[Bookmark] Espionata: ROH Mel: She treats the world as if it was Left 4 Dead Oo

[Bookmark] Mikko: RoHMikko: Resident Evil!!!!!! Get yer games right!

[Bookmark] Mikko: OMikko: I rather think of the world as mortal kombat

[Bookmark] Espionata: ROH Mel: At least you wouldn't get bit because you to busy posing in a superhero costume when there's a herd of walkers in the area >​>​

[Bookmark] Mikko: OMikko: walkers? like those things old people use?

[Bookmark] Espionata: ROH Mel: No what we call zombies

Mikko: OMikko: oooh right, cuz they walk. so what are the living called? runners? HA! I'm so funny.

[Bookmark] Espionata: ROH Mel: No just the living

[Bookmark] Mikko: OMikko: that's boring.

[Bookmark] Espionata: ROH Mel: *Shrugs*

[Bookmark] Mikko: OMikko: should leave the poor zombies alone

[Bookmark] Espionata: ROH Mel: No way they try to eat us DX

[Bookmark] Mikko: OMikko: eat them first!

[Bookmark] Espionata: ROH Mel: No way

[Bookmark] Espionata: need sleep night

[Bookmark] Espionata: need sleep night

[Bookmark] Kitteh: [smile]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: night

[Bookmark] Mikko: night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Mikko: well!

[Bookmark] Mikko: it comes down to us!

[Bookmark] Mikko: to save the world!

[Bookmark] Mikko: Leo wouldn't have happen to post on MM ummmmm?

[Bookmark] Kitteh: I'm off, too. *hugs* I'll still be on FB for a while, though.

[Bookmark] Kitteh: not yet.

[Bookmark] Mikko: awwwwwwwww. I think I'ma go to bedz. see yooooou tomorrow!

[Bookmark] Mikko: night *huuuuugs*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: *hugs*

[Bookmark] Mikko left the chat 17 days ago

[Bookmark] Kitteh left the chat 17 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata joined the chat 16 days ago

[Bookmark] Mikko joined the chat 16 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Mikko: HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEY little buddy!

[Bookmark] Espionata: What's up?

[Bookmark] Mikko: hungry

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Mikko: indeed

[Bookmark] Alysson joined the chat 16 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata: Get food lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Alysson: Hiiiii!

[Bookmark] Alysson: I started Ezra's profile! :3

[Bookmark] Espionata: yay

[Bookmark] Espionata: I saw Lilo from Lilo and Stitch OO

[Bookmark] Alysson: XD Yeah

[Bookmark] Alysson: I got confused when I saw that

[Bookmark] Espionata: Well it's panafandom so it's to be expected but still lol

[Bookmark] Alysson: What do you think of Ezra's backstory? It was kind of a spur-of-the-moment idea I had, so suggestions to improve it would be appreciated. :3

[Bookmark] Mikko: I'M BACK!

[Bookmark] Mikko: wait I never told you I was leaving

[Bookmark] Alysson: Hi! [smile]

[Bookmark] Mikko: oops

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: HIHI!

[Bookmark] Mikko: I went and got snacks!

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko thinks it's a shame that DP didn't cut off Mel's head [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: Figures lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: maaaaaaaybe after everythnig has calmed down the two girls can make up and work things out

[Bookmark] Espionata: Yeah huge maybe there lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: Gambit: *smacks Mel over the head* stop being so mean to everyone

[Bookmark] Espionata: ROH Mel: Then tell Mikko to not do a scare tactic

[Bookmark] Mikko: Gambit: *slaps Mikko over the head* stop that shit!

[Bookmark] Alysson: I added more to his profile, if you want to go and see :3

[Bookmark] Mikko: yes! yes! I do!

[Bookmark] Espionata: ROH Mel: Although it was funny to beat Deadpool up with his own arm XD

[Bookmark] Alysson: ^_^

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebop: To late to appologize boy!

[Bookmark] Alysson: Lydia: Ezra's lookin' for me~ Ezra's lookin' for me~ *dances with Shelby*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebop: I don't trust that boy

[Bookmark] Alysson: Lydia: Why not~?

[Bookmark] Espionata: ROH Mel: Sounds like you became a big brother Bebop [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebop: he abandoned you. you stick with me.

[Bookmark] Espionata: ROH Mel: *Playing catch with one of her fireballs*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Gambit: *smacks Mel over the head* no magic tricks in the chat

[Bookmark] Espionata: ROH Mel: Oh why not? I am a mutant

[Bookmark] Mikko: Gambit: not a mutant unless you have a mutant profile

[Bookmark] Alysson: Lydia: True true...but maybe he has a very good reason! Like - maybe he was just going to the store to buy me candy and he got very lost! That's a possibility. I don't think he'd ABANDON me, right? :3

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl joined the chat 16 days ago

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: Hello

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebop: *sighs* maybe not.

[Bookmark] Alysson: Hi!

[Bookmark] Mikko: hihi

[Bookmark] Espionata: ROH Mel: My player is working on it [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Mikko: I couldn't come up with a power for Mikko so i gave up. I MIGHT bring Love in as my mutant OC

[Bookmark] Alysson: I almost made Lydia a mutant, but I couldn't come up with a power either.

[Bookmark] Mikko: they have all been done before! *sobs*

[Bookmark] Mikko: one way around it is to make an OC that's not a mutant but some alien other demntion thing

[Bookmark] Espionata: Which is why I picked fire it's not used as often like being phsyic is

[Bookmark] Alysson: Lydia: I know!!!! I'm a sailor senshi! 'Moon Prism Power MAKEUP!' *pretends to transform*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebop: beautiful! *puts plastic crown on Lydia's head*

[Bookmark] Mikko: fire has been done to death!

[Bookmark] Mikko: all the major elements have

[Bookmark] Alysson: I used to play around with this version of Lydia that was part-angel, but then I got worried that she sounded too Mary-sueish. She wasn't reeeaaaally a Mary-Sue, at least I don't think. I'm just paranoid that it'd be too weird or op. :/

[Bookmark] Mikko: my favorite powers are powers over shadows

[Bookmark] Mikko: yeah having an OC with powers you always have that worry

[Bookmark] Espionata: Still fire is cool lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: and it's crazy to worry about that. cuz you see a show or something with that idea and it's so cool, but lord forbid you have that idea

[Bookmark] Mikko: the thing I worry about with having powers that a canon has is you don't want to be more powerful then the canon

[Bookmark] Mikko: so you have to balance your power

[Bookmark] Espionata: Like for instance Mel can't control how hot her fire is yet so she may accidently let loose a blue flame which is really hot

[Bookmark] Mikko: AND! on RoH there is no story going on where mutant OCs are invited to be in.

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: Not sure Lois will want to be in near Pete right now... Being as well they are you know...

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: gonna work on post

[Bookmark] Alysson: ,so wait, you're going to use two different versions of Mel?

[Bookmark] Mikko: no stop in the name of love!

[Bookmark] Mikko: Gambit is bringing them to the turtle van

[Bookmark] Mikko: not to Pete

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: ok making sure before I post

[Bookmark] Espionata: Yes I am [big grin]

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: cause when i read the first part i had to reread it

[Bookmark] Mikko: yeah that was my mess up

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: gotcha ok working on posts

[Bookmark] Mikko: yay

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: posted

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: sadly working third shift through the weekend not sure about next week yet either

[Bookmark] Kitteh joined the chat 16 days ago

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: *sighs* hate doing third shift

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: Hello

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww hi

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: brb

[Bookmark] Mikko: hihi

[Bookmark] Alysson: Hi!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Hello

[Bookmark] Kitteh: You need to talk to someone, Scoop. No one should be forced to do third shift all the time. I think you've put in enough time lately to be exempt from doing it anymore for a while.

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: oh i know i'll be calling tomorrow to find out what's going on since they do the scheduling then

[Bookmark] Mikko: posted for Gambit

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: i think everyone should do it that is full time at least the new girl isn't even full time so they either need to make her full time or higher in someone full time

[Bookmark] Mikko: he still thinks Raph's the turtle's leader

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: lol

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: that won't go over well even though Raph would like it

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: and monday i've got to stay awake for my other appointment which had to be moved to monday instead of today for the gyn.

[Bookmark] Mikko: awwwww

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: and if they do have me start days on tuesday I'll be like can I have a personal day to recover from all the third shifts one day won't cut it for me

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: or just call in

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: I also heard they are changing our policy to a new point system to make it easier and less stressful from what I heard. even though I'm down to two points right now so I'm safe

[Bookmark] Rogue joined the chat 16 days ago

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Hiyas

[Bookmark] Rogue: hi

[Bookmark] Rogue: I made it home without dying O.o

[Bookmark] Rogue: the roads were sooo bad

[Bookmark] Mikko: OMG YOU LIVE!!!!!!!! *TACKLES*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: O.o

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Mikko: *smoochy smoochy*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Flooding or something?

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: yahoo [big grin]

[Bookmark] Espionata: erk brb on another computer the charge port on laptop is a bit busted so laptop isn't charging [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: yeah. I went to walmart to get a new PC monitor and never made it in. by the time I decided to leave, the parking lot had already accumilated a couple of inches of rain

[Bookmark] Kitteh: O.o

[Bookmark] Rogue: so after setting there for 40 minutes.. because I really need a new monitor, I had to accept defeat and slooooowly drive home. [frown]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: It was like that with me and Target today.

[Bookmark] Mikko: awwwwwwwwwwww *snugs*

[Bookmark] Espionata joined the chat 16 days ago

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Awwww *hugs*

[Bookmark] Espionata: back

[Bookmark] Mikko: wb

[Bookmark] Rogue: I just hate it so much because I was so looking forward to getting a new monitor. sucked to get there, have funds on my credit card and have to drive away. [frown]

[Bookmark] Rogue: this smonitor is pushing 13 years old

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Oooooh.

[Bookmark] Rogue: it's like one of the first flat screens they came out with, lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: it's been awesome

[Bookmark] Mikko: [frown] *smooooooooooches with some tongue to make you feel better*

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Rogue: until I lost my speakers.. and now I can't listen to music

[Bookmark] Rogue: ^^

[Bookmark] Rogue: anyway.. guessing there's new posts? *runs to see.. even if she may not be able to post tonight* [frown]

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: sounds like my first flat screen tv with the big backing

[Bookmark] Mikko: there is!

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: yep bought it for 80 dollars back in 2000

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: Sylvania TV

[Bookmark] Candy joined the chat 16 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: Hello

[Bookmark] Alysson: Hi!

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: this is what my tv looks like its old:

[Bookmark] Kitteh: hi

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: I'll be working on naughty section tonight to

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: trying to stay up as late as I can

[Bookmark] Candy: Hi

[Bookmark] Mikko: hihihihihih

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: poked yah on facebook kitteh [smile]

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko [kiss] climbs on Candy's head*

[Bookmark] Mikko: and makes a kissy face!

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: trying to avoid going downstairs my parents are watching the presidential thing right now

[Bookmark] Candy joined the chat 16 days ago

[Bookmark] Kitteh: So are mine. -_-

[Bookmark] Mikko: wb

[Bookmark] Kitteh: wb

[Bookmark] Mikko: not mine!

[Bookmark] Candy: Thanks

[Bookmark] Kitteh: I'm having to listen to Doofus himself in the background -_-

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mr. Drumf!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: yep

[Bookmark] Alysson: I'm going to bed, night night~ *hugs*

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Alysson left the chat 16 days ago

[Bookmark] Mikko: night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Espionata: Wee the charger port og my laptop is just loose so it will be a quick fix [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: gooooooood

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: im back

[Bookmark] Mikko: wb

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: trying to figure out how to use pickmonkey to make an overlay for my twitch account one thing I want to start doing soon probably when my parents are gone so i have less interruptions

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Hate to say it, but this is one of his best speeches.

[Bookmark] Mikko: wpw

[Bookmark] Mikko: wow

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: that's good

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: need to warm up my food again

ScoopGirl: brb

[Bookmark] Rogue: omg.. that harley/joker kiss you posted Mikko ^^ <3

[Bookmark] Espionata: Need a smaller flathead screw driver [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: ^_^

[Bookmark] Mikko: can't wait to see it on the big screen

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: back

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: saw a preview tonight at ghostbusters

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: it looks so good

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: probably won't see it opening weekend but will see it

[Bookmark] Rogue: It'sgonna come out on a thursday here. sadly I cant go to that one, but will be at the one the following friday

[Bookmark] Candy joined the chat 16 days ago

[Bookmark] Kitteh: wb

[Bookmark] Mikko: wb

[Bookmark] Mikko: TAKE ME WITH YOU

[Bookmark] Candy: Thanks

[Bookmark] Kitteh: *snug snug*

[Bookmark] Candy: *snug*

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Mikko: *GROUP SNUGS*

[Bookmark] Rogue: lool. Gambit is gonna give Raph a bigger head [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: RoH'Raph: Hear that, Leo...I'm theleader. [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: no one has corrected him yet

[Bookmark] Rogue: bahahaha

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: and raph certainly won't [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: Raph is definitely the Loki of this outfit [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: RohLeo: Hmph!

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: poor Leo

[Bookmark] Mikko: Gambit: *shoves Mel on Leo's lap* take care of that, have fun *closes the door and runs* DRIVE, WADE! DRIVE!

[Bookmark] Rogue: lool

[Bookmark] Rogue: brb. late taking sleepy meds. [frown]

[Bookmark] Mikko: ok

[Bookmark] Espionata: ROH Mel: >​<

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: kk

[Bookmark] Candy: OEe: *scoops up ze Blaze. Vacates immediate area*

[Bookmark] Candy: Out of ground zero [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebop: she left me! *sobs*

[Bookmark] Rogue: gonna try to do at least a RoH Raph post if nothing else.. because I think I can do that quickly. time is slipping away from me fast tonight. [frown] didn't help that I've only been home for like an hour

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Posted for Leo

[Bookmark] Rogue: and will leave tomorrow morning and won't see this place for another15 hours

[Bookmark] Mikko: *huggggs*

[Bookmark] Mikko: *nuzzles and kissssses*

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Mikko: it's ok I'm sure leaving Dp in silent awe is fine [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: Gambit: wow something shut DP up. Mikko needs to do that more often

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl:

[Bookmark] Kitteh: RohLeo: O.o ....what the?

[Bookmark] Espionata: ROH Mel: Sure blame me for everything >​<

[Bookmark] Kitteh: RohLeo: *sighs* You have to work on your temper.

[Bookmark] Kitteh: RohLeo: I tell my brother the same thing.

[Bookmark] Mikko: Gambit: you mean your leader?

[Bookmark] Espionata: ROH Mel: I only have one when people are being stupid and I'm treated as some stupid kid

[Bookmark] Kitteh: RohLeo: ...what?

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: fixed post

[Bookmark] Kitteh: RohLeo: My leader...?

[Bookmark] Mikko: Gambit: yeah

[Bookmark] Candy joined the chat 16 days ago

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebop: SHE CAME BACK TO ME!

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: i think the rain is gonna miss us but i want more rain

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: i think you'll get most of it kitteh

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Nope. Most of it is going west of us.

[Bookmark] Kitteh: did I just watch?

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: not sure could been a ghost

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: ah that's good about the rain though

[Bookmark] Kitteh:

[Bookmark] Mikko: you didn't see Don Vs Raph on FB? I posted it to you guys? It was done by the dude who did ZIM!

[Bookmark] Mikko: loved it!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: I haven't been on Facebook today.

[Bookmark] Espionata: ROH Mel: Like you're any better Raph >​>​

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Eh, it's just not how I like to see my Turtles, that's all. [tongue] Entertaining, for sure. Just...not really my cup of tea.

[Bookmark] Mikko: well it was just a one shot promise

[Bookmark] Rogue: Raph: Never said I was eny better. I just know not to go batshit crazy when the world is already fucked.

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: was that a shot?

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: I think that was a shot

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: I'm watching you *makes I'm watching you motion*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: *hands Raph a doughnut*

[Bookmark] Rogue: Raph: *omnomnoms*

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: awwwwww that's a good turtle *pets*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: RohLeo: Raph...has gotten a bit better. He has a ways to go, but at least he's trying.

[Bookmark] Espionata: ROH Mel: Well excuse me for surviving alone for a few months >​>​

[Bookmark] Kitteh: I will say it's interesting to see others' takes on the Turtles, though. [smile] I can appreciate it a bit more now that I know the story behind it.

[Bookmark] Mikko: woo!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: I knew that name looked familiar but I couldn't place it.

[Bookmark] Mikko: I keep up on the comic con week so I can get all the exclusives on comics and toys! and cry myself to sleep because I'm not there

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Soooo, what's next? Mark Mothersbaugh? [tongue]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Awwwwww

[Bookmark] Kitteh: *hugs*

[Bookmark] Mikko: *HUGS*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: You know who he is?

[Bookmark] Mikko: and Blizzcon is next! *SOBS*

[Bookmark] Mikko: um no

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Rugrats, for one. [wink]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: He's done others, too.

[Bookmark] Espionata: Comic Con will be showing Killing Joke DX

[Bookmark] Mikko: I KNOW! *flips a table*

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol Raph. I can picture him huddled in the corner of the van

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: How should Mel and Mikko make up [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: make out session

[Bookmark] Espionata: Not that [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: I'm sure something will happen. maybe Mikko will save her from Toad

[Bookmark] Espionata: Maybe hell why not have Toad show up now [big grin]

[Bookmark] Mikko: nah wait for the mall

[Bookmark] Mikko: and for Mikko to not be sick

[Bookmark] Espionata: kay

[Bookmark] Rogue: posted for Wade

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl
What Girls Like in Boys & Break Up AdviceYouTube · 11:26 · 8K · 99%A random life update vlog answering some of your questions! Sorry about the bad camera, my good one was out of juice! Let me know what you would like to watch next x _ Check out my INSTAGRAM @deligracy, SNAPCHAT: deligracy and keep updated on TWITTER @deligracy TWITCH LIVE STREAMING LIVE STREAM SCHEDULE HERE: Thank you for watching! — Want more videos? Subscribe here! LIVE STREAMING SCHEDULE here: POSTAL MAIL/ FAN MAIL Deligracy PO BOX 238 Red Hill VIC, AUSTRALIA 3937 SPECS AND FAQs: BUSINESS ENQUIRIES ONLY: INSTAGRAM: @deligracy TWITTER: @deligracy Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound: [Click to hide video thumbnail]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Whoa...just watched the mini ep again. Eric Bauza did Donnie's voice. Uhhh...never would've guessed that.

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: would love to go to comic con if i could afford it i'd go


[Bookmark] Rogue: I sooo wanna go to Comic Con!!

[Bookmark] Mikko: that's it! next year we're all going to comic con!

[Bookmark] Rogue: but sadly the only place I'm going is work. [frown] and I gotta go. have to be up in 3 hours

[Bookmark] Rogue: yesh!

[Bookmark] Mikko: awwwwww night *hug hug*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Awwwwws

[Bookmark] Rogue: night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Rogue left the chat 16 days ago

[Bookmark] Kitteh: *hugs* Night!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: I'm going to the Nascar race this weekend. Gonna be HOT and HUMID. >​.<

[Bookmark] Kitteh: ...and chance for storms. -_-

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl joined the chat 16 days ago

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: im back

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: darn computer did something funky

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Kitteh: wb

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: thanks [big grin]

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: does some funky fuzzy screen time out and I can't get back without restarting

[Bookmark] Espionata: Weird

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: yah very

[Bookmark] Kitteh: I'm gonna head off here. I'll still be on messenger. *hugs* NIght.

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Mikko: night*hugs*

[Bookmark] Mikko: I'm off too. night night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Mikko left the chat 16 days ago

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: i'm heading off as well night all *hugs* i'll let you all know when Im on next but let me know when to post

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Kitteh left the chat 16 days ago

[Bookmark] Candy joined the chat 16 days ago

[Bookmark] Candy left the chat 16 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata joined the chat 15 days ago

[Bookmark] Mikko joined the chat 15 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Espionata: Wee have to replace the charger port to my laptop lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: hihi

[Bookmark] Mikko: awwwwww

[Bookmark] Espionata: Thankfully it's a cheap part lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: It will be here in a week or less

[Bookmark] Mikko: yay!

[Bookmark] Espionata: Still ugh [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: Kitty attacking my foot lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: batman is finished!

[Bookmark] Espionata: Yay

[Bookmark] Mikko: yes! so happy!

[Bookmark] Mikko: Batman's sample post discribes the mall they are going to

[Bookmark] Espionata: cool

[Bookmark] Mikko: yesssssssssssssss

[Bookmark] Kitteh joined the chat 15 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Kitteh: yo

[Bookmark] Mikko: hihi

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Hi

[Bookmark] Mikko: how are you?

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Hot. >​.<

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Otherwise pretty good. You?

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Espionata: Have to replace the charger port on my laptop it broke after years of use lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: pretty good

[Bookmark] Alysson joined the chat 15 days ago

[Bookmark] Mikko: hihihihihi

[Bookmark] Alysson: Hiiiii!

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Candy joined the chat 15 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Mikko: hihihihihihihi

[Bookmark] Candy: Hi hi

[Bookmark] Alysson: Hi!

[Bookmark] Mikko: *smooooches all*

[Bookmark] Candy: Lool *snogs*

[Bookmark] Espionata: In a heatwave DX

[Bookmark] Mikko: yaaaaay!!!!

[Bookmark] Mikko: thats a good song

[Bookmark] Espionata: But I used nair so yay can go without sleeves lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: Love nair never get razor burn or cuts and it lasts longer

[Bookmark] Mikko: that was a strange sentence

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: And you're not strange [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: I don't have sleeves on my legs

[Bookmark] Espionata: I have sleeves on arms [tongue]

[Bookmark] Alysson: I got a new phone today! ^o^

[Bookmark] Espionata: And pant legs are like sleeves lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: yay

[Bookmark] Mikko: you play the pokemons?

[Bookmark] Kitteh:

[Bookmark] Espionata: yay Usagi

[Bookmark] Mikko: ooooooooooh

[Bookmark] Alysson: For half a second I thought that was a Sailor Moon thing. XD I don't remember Usagi's character very well, but exciting!

[Bookmark] Mikko: dawwwww

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Candy joined the chat 15 days ago

[Bookmark] Mikko: wb

[Bookmark] Candy: Ty

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Hi

[Bookmark] Candy: [big grin]

[Bookmark] Mikko: *climbs on Candy's head*

[Bookmark] Candy: Hehehe [wink]

[Bookmark] Mikko: i'm king of the world!!!!

[Bookmark] Candy: Lol short - not much a king of the hill spot [wink]

[Bookmark] Mikko: awwwwwww

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: catching poooookemoooon!

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: tomorrow I might have the whole house to myself alllllllllllllllllllll day

[Bookmark] Mikko: gonna be a party!

[Bookmark] Mikko: yer all invited

[Bookmark] Espionata: yay

[Bookmark] Mikko: ^_^
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PostSubject: Re: Random Chatty Pt. 31 - 40 (Blaze arm fractured/ healed - learned to walk/talk))   Fri Aug 12, 2016 1:45 am

pt. 45

[Bookmark] Candy: OEe: *scoops up ze Blaze. Vacates immediate area*

[Bookmark] Candy: Out of ground zero [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebop: she left me! *sobs*


[Bookmark] Mikko: *huggggs*

[Bookmark] Mikko: *nuzzles and kissssses*

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Mikko: it's ok I'm sure leaving Dp in silent awe is fine [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: Gambit: wow something shut DP up. Mikko needs to do that more often

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl:

[Bookmark] Kitteh: RohLeo: O.o ....what the?

[Bookmark] Espionata: ROH Mel: Sure blame me for everything >​<

[Bookmark] Kitteh: RohLeo: *sighs* You have to work on your temper.

[Bookmark] Kitteh: RohLeo: I tell my brother the same thing.

[Bookmark] Mikko: Gambit: you mean your leader?

[Bookmark] Espionata: ROH Mel: I only have one when people are being stupid and I'm treated as some stupid kid

[Bookmark] Kitteh: RohLeo: ...what?

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: fixed post

[Bookmark] Kitteh: RohLeo: My leader...?

[Bookmark] Mikko: Gambit: yeah

[Bookmark] Candy joined the chat 16 days ago

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebop: SHE CAME BACK TO ME!


[Bookmark] Espionata: ROH Mel: Like you're any better Raph >​>​

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Eh, it's just not how I like to see my Turtles, that's all. [tongue] Entertaining, for sure. Just...not really my cup of tea.

[Bookmark] Mikko: well it was just a one shot promise

[Bookmark] Rogue: Raph: Never said I was eny better. I just know not to go batshit crazy when the world is already fucked.

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: was that a shot?

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: I think that was a shot

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: I'm watching you *makes I'm watching you motion*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: *hands Raph a doughnut*

[Bookmark] Rogue: Raph: *omnomnoms*

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: awwwwww that's a good turtle *pets*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: RohLeo: Raph...has gotten a bit better. He has a ways to go, but at least he's trying.

[Bookmark] Espionata: ROH Mel: Well excuse me for surviving alone for a few months >​>​


[Bookmark] Mikko: Bruce posted in BB

[Bookmark] Mikko: he's flirting with the Erica

[Bookmark] Alysson: I'm going to bed, night night~ *hugs*

[Bookmark] Mikko: night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: RohLeo: >​ : (

[Bookmark] Alysson left the chat 15 days ago

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Mikko: you can't get mad at guy when they don't know she's taken

[Bookmark] Candy: [wink]

[Bookmark] Espionata: Deer ticks now have a new disease that they can spread which can cause Meningitis

[Bookmark] Mikko: ewwwwww

[Bookmark] Espionata: Yeah but right now it's only been found in Mass but it's spreading DX

[Bookmark] Espionata: As of Lyme wasn't bad enough DX

[Bookmark] Mikko: keep ya ticks! we have enough with the West Nile

[Bookmark] Rogue: Clark: ...and suddenly Bruce Wayne is a craddle robber. [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: Clark: ....maybe not so suddenly...

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bruce: I didn't say I was going to sleep with her! I just said she sang well! maybe I want to sign her to a record label!

[Bookmark] Mikko: lool

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bruce: I have a record label right? I DO NOW! make it so!

[Bookmark] Rogue: Clark: other words, you want to sleep with her.

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bruce: I'm not the one in such need of sex that I'm ripping the doors off of cars to join lovers.

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: Clark: O.o Stop stalking me! It's creepy.

[Bookmark] Candy: Lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bruce: *makes i'm watching you motion*

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: Girl will just think he is being nice and find a way to put her foot in her mouth

[Bookmark] Rogue: daw

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol dawwwww

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: Got Stitch putting his furry butt in face - sorry Red [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: and Kurt is like oh dear god it's kitty please don't let her have seen me kissing a naked deadpool!

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: Lol she did

[Bookmark] Mikko: Kurt: GAH! *poofs away forever*

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: he'll respond to her after DP responds to him

[Bookmark] Candy: She don't mind

[Bookmark] Mikko: dawwwwwww

[Bookmark] Candy joined the chat 15 days ago

[Bookmark] Mikko: wb

[Bookmark] Candy: Ty

[Bookmark] Mikko: *spanks*

[Bookmark] Candy: rohMikey: and I not locked a window ... A few windows... But for good reasons!

[Bookmark] Candy: oMikey: seeing if the food behind makes the glass taste like it? I've done that

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: what?

[Bookmark] Espionata: ROH Mel: Oo

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: *climbs on RohMike's head*

[Bookmark] Rogue: posted for clarksadly the only post I can do tonight [frown]

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Rogue: I gotta lay down and try to get sleepy. running off no sleep and another double tomorrow. Will be on messenger for another 15 minutes though, if I don't conk out

[Bookmark] Mikko: awww that's ok. *snuuuuuuuugs* is your chest feeling better?

[Bookmark] Rogue: it still hurts. BP is still high but better than what it was

[Bookmark] Mikko: that's good *smooooches*

[Bookmark] Mikko: go lay down!

[Bookmark] Mikko: *hugs*

[Bookmark] Rogue: *smoochsmooches* see ya'll tomorrow night *hu8gs*

[Bookmark] Rogue left the chat 15 days ago

[Bookmark] Candy: oMikey: mmm like pizza place windows... Always taste like pizza

[Bookmark] Espionata: ROH Mel: You're weird

[Bookmark] Kitteh: *belated hugs*

[Bookmark] Candy: M&M: always knew I was special ! *grin at each other*

[Bookmark] Candy: RohEe: *sidles over to rohLeo, smooches his cheek*

[Bookmark] Mikko: RoHMikko: *licks pizza place window*

[Bookmark] Candy: Lol

[Bookmark] Candy: My Mikey's are a bad influence

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: RohLeo: *smiles and slips an arm around Erica* Hello.

[Bookmark] Candy: rohEe: *grins, hugs* allo allo

[Bookmark] Kitteh: RohLeo: What's going on?

[Bookmark] Candy: rohEe: hugs [smile] *snugs*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Kurt: *pounces on the two*

[Bookmark] Candy: Lol group hug!!

[Bookmark] Mikko: yay!

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: rohEe: hello Kurt

[Bookmark] Mikko: Kurt: ello!

[Bookmark] Candy: Stitch: *hand stands and waves butt about*

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *copies but can't hand start so more of just bent over, shakey the nappy to the air!!*

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: RohLeo: O.o

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: rohEe: ooooh he is so cutttte! *scoops and snuggles... Yep up side down but whatever*

[Bookmark] Candy: Stitch: *climbs rohLeo* and Fluffy!

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *happy squeals, up side down is fun!*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Love: KITTY! *grabs Stitch and snugs*

[Bookmark] Candy: Stitch: ... Kitty!? *licks*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Love: *licks back*

[Bookmark] Espionata: ROH Mel: Is that an alien dog Oo

[Bookmark] Candy: Lilo: Alien yes.

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol dawwww

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *waves at rohLeo from his up side down snuggled spot, cast smacking against rohEe's belly*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: RohLeo: Uh...nice alien. *pets Stitch*

[Bookmark] Candy: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: Stitch: *purring snugging Love, grins at Leo* turtle!

[Bookmark] Mikko: Love: *is loving the little alien*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: dawwww

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Mikko: Love: I shall love you and feed you and get you shinny things!

[Bookmark] Candy: Lol

[Bookmark] Candy: Stitch: coffee and coconut cake!!

[Bookmark] Mikko: Love: that sounds horrible but ok!

[Bookmark] Candy: Stitch: is good!

[Bookmark] Candy: Lilio: *amused, that would make her bud happy*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Love: I will make you anything you want!

[Bookmark] Candy: Lilo: he likes sandcastles [wink]

[Bookmark] Mikko: Love: That I can do! *whisk Stitch away to the sand and starts to build sandcastles*

[Bookmark] Candy: Lol!

[Bookmark] Candy: oEe: *napping*

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: [big grin]

[Bookmark] Mikko: Love: builds taaaaaaaaaaaall towers*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: [smile]

[Bookmark] Candy: Stitch: *builds a castle about the towers - Swears in alien when Lockheed flaps over makes self at home on top of towers*

[Bookmark] Candy: Lol the dragon on the castle, fitting

[Bookmark] Candy: oAngel: *using oEe as bean bag, also napping*

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: Love: O.O ^_____________^ A DRAGON!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHH *grabs it*

[Bookmark] Candy: Lockheed: hey! *dodges, hides in tower* my castle!

[Bookmark] Mikko: Love: no our castle!

[Bookmark] Candy: Stitch: *pokes head out of other tower*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Love: Stitch. eat him.

[Bookmark] Candy: Lol

[Bookmark] Candy: Stitch: no! Ick!

[Bookmark] Mikko: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: Love: awwwww ok. *smooooooooooooooooooooo​oooooooooches Stitch's nose*

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: Lockheed: phhhhhhbbbt *from his tower*

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: Hehehe the castle lords

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: [wink]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: I think I'm gonna head off here. *hugs* I'll be on FB for a bit longer, though.

[Bookmark] Kitteh left the chat 15 days ago

[Bookmark] Mikko: I'm off too! night night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Mikko left the chat 15 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata joined the chat 14 days ago

[Bookmark] Mikko joined the chat 14 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Mikko: *licks you*

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: I brought Love in but I have to change her sample post

[Bookmark] Espionata: cool

[Bookmark] Espionata: I'm playing Tales of Graces F

[Bookmark] Mikko: I had her sample post put her in HH and then I went off and did something and THEN remembered we couldn't have non human OCs in HH so I was nuuuuu I have to fix it!

[Bookmark] Mikko: kick some ass!

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

Espionata: Watching a cutscene

[Bookmark] Mikko: I'm watching YOU

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: You are wearing a blue shirt! and sweat pants!

[Bookmark] Espionata: Close a tanktop and pajama pants

[Bookmark] Mikko: oooooooooooh

[Bookmark] Espionata: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: Have you noticed in JRPGS that using inns are kinda pointless lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: for like, sleeping and getting health?

[Bookmark] Espionata: Yeah but I usually have alot of healing items and in Tales of Xilla each level up you heal both hp and tp if you have that skill equipped plus other skills that do healing certain amounts lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: I always use the inns

[Bookmark] Espionata: I rarely do I like saving money for new equipment [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mainly because once I come across a place that has everything I go for it

[Bookmark] Alysson joined the chat 14 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Alysson: Hiiiii!

[Bookmark] Mikko: hihhihiiihi

[Bookmark] Alysson: I thiiiiiink Ezra's profile is done (not including a pic, which I have yet to find)! Unless of course I'm missing something...but I don't think I am!

[Bookmark] Mikko: *goes to seeeeee*

[Bookmark] Mikko: just need a sample post

[Bookmark] Alysson: Oh gosh darn it! I knew I was forgetting something... Give me a few minutes.

[Bookmark] Mikko: dawwwww *pats*

[Bookmark] Alysson: Okay!! *sighs* Sample post has been written!

[Bookmark] Mikko: yay *goes to seeeeeee*

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol such an optimistic family

[Bookmark] Mikko: approved I shall move him to the approve section

[Bookmark] Alysson: Yay!

[Bookmark] Mikko: done and dooooone!

[Bookmark] Mikko: and Bruce posted for the mall shelter so if the brother wants to be hanging out there that's cool.

[Bookmark] Mikko: just an idea

[Bookmark] Alysson: Okay! ^_^

[Bookmark] Mikko: ^^

[Bookmark] Candy joined the chat 14 days ago

[Bookmark] Mikko: hihihihihihihi

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Candy: hi

[Bookmark] Mikko: oh Candy you so fine, you so fine you blow my mind! hey, Candy!

[Bookmark] Mikko: wait...that was Mickey

[Bookmark] Candy: [smile]

[Bookmark] Mikko: you still so fine

[Bookmark] Candy: yay

[Bookmark] Mikko: ^^

[Bookmark] Alysson: Hi!

[Bookmark] Mikko: *dances *

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: [big grin]

[Bookmark] Mikko: the dogs are staring at me and it's creeping me out@

[Bookmark] Mikko: !

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: [big grin] maake faces at them? [big grin]

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: they licked me

[Bookmark] Alysson: Posted!

[Bookmark] Candy: ehehehehe

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol I wonder what he's going to say when Lydia come in with her piggy friend

[Bookmark] Rogue joined the chat 14 days ago

[Bookmark] Alysson: Hi!

[Bookmark] Rogue: hiyas

[Bookmark] Mikko: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH *hulks out on Spiderman*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Comic con has released their trailers for all their movies but not the spiderman trailer they premered at SDCC

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Alysson: I'm going to bed, night night~ *hugs*

[Bookmark] Mikko: night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Mikko: brb

[Bookmark] Alysson left the chat 14 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata: kay

[Bookmark] Mikko: ok

[Bookmark] Espionata: wb

[Bookmark] Rogue: grandfather just had another seizure

[Bookmark] Rogue left the chat 14 days ago

[Bookmark] Mikko: poor Rogue and granddad

[Bookmark] Espionata: yikes

[Bookmark] Mikko: yeah

[Bookmark] Candy: might as well go too - *sigh* *hugs* see ya

[Bookmark] Mikko: bye *hugs*

[Bookmark] Mikko: and then there were two! ONLY TWO TO SAVE THE WORLD!

[Bookmark] Espionata: YEAH

[Bookmark] Mikko: WOO!

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: now I'm hungry

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: *chews on you*

[Bookmark] Espionata: Oo

[Bookmark] Mikko: mwahahahahahahaha

[Bookmark] Espionata: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: I got cheese!

[Bookmark] Espionata: yay

[Bookmark] Mikko: I'm heading off for the night. niiight *hug*

[Bookmark] Mikko left the chat 14 days ago

[Bookmark] Candy joined the chat 14 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata joined the chat 13 days ago

[Bookmark] Mikko joined the chat 13 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Mikko: hihi

[Bookmark] Espionata: Playing Tales of Xilla lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: yay!

[Bookmark] Espionata: Got stuck on Graces F with a boss that completely wrecks me [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: It

[Bookmark] Espionata: It's at the glacier so it's that boss I lost three times

[Bookmark] Mikko: awwwwww

[Bookmark] Espionata: Yeah it's a tough fight even with my two healers

[Bookmark] Mikko: you have one job, healers!

[Bookmark] Espionata: More like the boss keeps going after them lol

[Bookmark] Espionata
Tales of Graces F Boss Battle: KurtYouTube · 8:30 · 4K · 100%*SPOILERS*Played By:Shadowkirby2007, This is my PS3 Gameplay Footage. Uhh..The Hardest Boss so far..Kurt is totally broken.Tiger..Dragon..Tiger..Dragon..Hornet Spam..Enjoy Very Happy First Playthrough Difficulty: Evil Character Levels: Asbel:52 Sophie:52 Cheria:52 Malik:50 [Click to hide video thumbnail]

[Bookmark] Mikko: booooo

[Bookmark] Espionata: It's that one

[Bookmark] Mikko: ooooh

[Bookmark] Espionata: Yeah apparently I'm underleveled OO

[Bookmark] Espionata: I have an all divide though

[Bookmark] Mikko: go level!

[Bookmark] Espionata: My characters are in the low 30's >​>​

[Bookmark] Espionata: Recommended is low 50's OO

[Bookmark] Espionata: Which shouldn't be possible I played less than I did in Xilla and my characters in Xilla are in the high 50's

[Bookmark] Mikko: you need the levels

[Bookmark] Espionata: Shouldn't have to level grin DX

[Bookmark] Espionata: *grind

[Bookmark] Kitteh joined the chat 13 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata: ji

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Mikko: hihihi

[Bookmark] Mikko: where you want me to send you the log, kitteh?

[Bookmark] Mikko: from last night

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Hello. And sure.

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Freaking netbook.

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Mikko: yes! but WHERE should I send the log?

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Don on Origins is fine [smile]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Or..on FB.

[Bookmark] Mikko: ok

[Bookmark] Mikko: Love sent Don the log in Origins

[Bookmark] Kitteh: ty

[Bookmark] Mikko: no problem!

[Bookmark] Rogue joined the chat 13 days ago

[Bookmark] Mikko: hihi

[Bookmark] Rogue: hiyas

[Bookmark] Mikko: *grabs Rogue's face and smooooches*

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Kitteh: hiyas

[Bookmark] Kitteh: How's Grandpa?

[Bookmark] Rogue: he's stillsick, but better than last night ^^

[Bookmark] Mikko: that's good. hope he gets alllll better soon!

[Bookmark] Mikko: so much yelling

[Bookmark] Rogue: ^^

[Bookmark] Mikko: was so peaceful here alone

[Bookmark] Rogue: I have a really bad migraine that'smaking me sick. ;( gonna head off here and lay down. may be on messenger for a lil while longer.. just can't stare at the computer any more

[Bookmark] Rogue: night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Rogue left the chat 13 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Mikko: night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: *nnugs* [frown]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: snugs*

[Bookmark] Mikko: I AM THE BATMAN!

[Bookmark] Mikko
otaku RABBIT reads the MANGOYouTube · · 31K · 89%Official Facebook Page: Patreon: Disclaimer: I do NOT own YES or any of their tracks. [Click to hide video thumbnail]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: [smile]

[Bookmark] Espionata: Beat Tales of Xilla Milla's side [big grin]

[Bookmark] Mikko: yaaaay

[Bookmark] Espionata: It was fun

[Bookmark] Mikko: *runs around then leaps on Mel*

[Bookmark] Candy joined the chat 13 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata: ROH Mel: Oo

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Mikko: hihihihi

[Bookmark] Candy: Hi

[Bookmark] Mikko: Negan has arrived! carl is being all bad ass protecting his girl!

[Bookmark] Candy: Oh - man

[Bookmark] Mikko: Carl's got everything under control

[Bookmark] Mikko: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: also I wanted to ask!!

[Bookmark] Mikko: wasn't something on Origins going to be happening? I was checking it today to see if a new game popped up but didn't see anything

[Bookmark] Candy joined the chat 13 days ago

[Bookmark] Mikko: wb

[Bookmark] Candy: Urgh yah hated my first post

[Bookmark] Espionata: wb

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Candy: So trying again

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Hi

[Bookmark] Mikko: oooh ok

[Bookmark] Candy: Hi

[Bookmark] Candy: [smile] will try again

[Bookmark] Mikko: woooo!

[Bookmark] Mikko: and I know I'm days behind in MM on the farm.

[Bookmark] Mikko: need to get to that

[Bookmark] Candy: Replaced Hank with the Japanese men for

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: *smooooches Hank*

[Bookmark] Candy: Yeah when MS mm posts have to poke Raphs/Mikes/Alcard/Shred​s and Don

[Bookmark] Mikko: MMLove: nah don't poke Shredder, I'll just pounce and eat em!

[Bookmark] Candy: [smile]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Posting might not happen for me until after my semester is over. I've fallen a bit behind this weekend.

[Bookmark] Kitteh: And finals are this week.

[Bookmark] Mikko: oooooh

[Bookmark] Candy: Kk

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Candy: Gonna go [smile] see yous *hug hu hug*

[Bookmark] Mikko: *hug hug*

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: DANCE WITH ME!

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko*grabs ODon* DANCE!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: *tosses oDon to Mikko*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: YAY! *dances all seductively*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: I think I might head off here, though. Netbook his being a pain, and I'm trying to get some work done before bed. *hugs* Take care of Donnie for me. [tongue] Night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Mikko: will do night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: [wink]

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: *makes out with DOn because there is no one to stop her!*

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Kitteh left the chat 13 days ago

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: *moves over and makes out with Mel*

[Bookmark] Espionata: ROH Mel: *Pushes Mikko off*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: I just want a little smooch!

[Bookmark] Espionata: ROH Mel: Well you're not getting one

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: can I get a hug?

[Bookmark] Espionata: ROH Mel: I guess

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: *bear hugs*

[Bookmark] Espionata: ROH Mel: OO

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: *lets go and smiles*

[Bookmark] Espionata: ROH Mel: Oo

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: you ok?

[Bookmark] Espionata: ROH Mel: Yeah >​>​

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: great! *spanks*

[Bookmark] Espionata: ROH Mel: OO

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: *puts on superman's cape and runs around* SWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSH!

[Bookmark] Espionata: ROH Mel: Oo

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: *stops and hands Mel Batman's cape* Come swoosh with me!

[Bookmark] Espionata: ROH Mel: No thanks >​>​

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: I risked my life to steal this!

[Bookmark] Espionata: ROH Mel: You did?

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: yeah. You know how hard it was to drug batman then take the cape off of him? I don't think the joker has even done that. HA! I'm awesome.

[Bookmark] Espionata: ROH Mel: Which means you will end hanging from a ledge >​>​

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: upside down.

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: or not. Supes and I are good friends. he'll protect me!

[Bookmark] Espionata: ROH Mel: So are Batman and Superman >​>​

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: I heard they broke up.

[Bookmark] Espionata: ROH Mel: They're friends

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: close friends? Maybe...loooovers?

[Bookmark] Espionata: ROH Mel: Not lovers Batman loves Catwoman

[Bookmark] Mikko: Batman: That's a damn lie!
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PostSubject: Re: Random Chatty Pt. 31 - 40 (Blaze arm fractured/ healed - learned to walk/talk))   Fri Aug 12, 2016 2:01 am

pt 46.

Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko:Fuck. Fuck. Fuck Mother mother fuck. Mother mother fuck fuck. Mother fuck mother fuck Noise noise noise 1 2 1 2 3 4 Noise noise noise Smokin weed, smokin weed Doin' coke, drinkin beers Drinkin beers, beers beers Rollin' fatties, smokin blunts Who smokes the blunts? We smoke the blunts Rollin' blunts and smokin um' 15 bucks, little man, put that shit in my hand If that money doesn't show then you owe me owe me owe My jungle love Oh e oh e oh I think I wanna know ya know ya ... yeah, what

[Bookmark] Candy: OEe: >​< *scoops up Blaze - ninja vanish*

[Bookmark] Candy: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: last thing we need is his first word being Fuck

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: what!? that's a classic!

[Bookmark] Candy: [tongue] Mikey's trying to get him to say Mikey first

[Bookmark] Mikko: dawwww

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: yep [wink]

[Bookmark] Espionata: ROH Mel: Mikko you should never be a mom

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: For once! You are right about something!

[Bookmark] Espionata: ROH Mel: For once? None of my chocolate for you then

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: I don't even like chocolate! I crave human flesh!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: O.o

[Bookmark] Candy: well now OEe definitely glad she and Blaze vanished

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: ROH Mel: Yeah you're getting locked up *Puts Mikko in a cage and locks it*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Gambit: ok Wade. go tell your boy to hurry up.

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: ooooooh pretty cage! *dances*

[Bookmark] Espionata: ROH Mel: And you're staying in there

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: is someone gonna feeeeeed meeeeee?

[Bookmark] Candy: Cyan: *blinks - throws half a dead mouse in cage too*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: uh. thank you small turtle boy. you are very kind. but I need something bigger. throw Mel in here.

[Bookmark] Espionata: ROH Mel: No Mikko besides I'm just skin and bones

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: you have some brains in there I can slurp up!

[Bookmark] Candy: Cyan: *tries to shove Mel in - but not strong enough

[Bookmark] Mikko: dawwwww

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: awwww you might have to chop her up first

[Bookmark] Candy: stronge yes but not that strong

[Bookmark] Espionata: ROH Mel: Yeah no you can deal with dead mice

[Bookmark] Candy: Cyan: *pouts - not sure what that means... licks Mel*

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: why don't you come in here and keep me company, Cyan!

[Bookmark] Espionata: ROH Mel: *Gives Cyan chocolate*

[Bookmark] Candy: Cyan: *chocolate! and cuddle offers! - goes to get in*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: *pulls him in and cuddles*

[Bookmark] Candy: Cyan: *shares chocolate*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: *nibbles it not really liking it and smiles* thank you kind sir!

[Bookmark] Espionata: ROH Mel: You try to bite him and you're dead

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: I'm already dead!

[Bookmark] Espionata: ROH Mel: Well deader

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: Cyan: *withdraws into his shell with a pop!*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: O.O

[Bookmark] Candy: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: ROH Mel: Didn't know he could do that Oo

[Bookmark] Mikko: sunshine? is that gonna be Daryl's name for Bruce from now on?

[Bookmark] Candy: Gold: me too! *Pop!*

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol, possibly [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: Clark: *smirks*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Batz: don't get any ideas, Clark!

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: oMikey: *skips through - collecting mm lil clones - ninja vanish too*

[Bookmark] Rogue: Clark: Hey. I was thinking 'Smiley'... but that works too. [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: lool

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bruce posted

[Bookmark] Mikko: I think when the others do arrive at the mall, assume Bruce is there. he's going to let Clark in (through the back so no one freaks out) but it'll take some convincing for him to let Mikko in

[Bookmark] Espionata: Like keeping her locked up

[Bookmark] Espionata: ROH Mel: At least he gets it >​>​

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: can I be locked up in one of the suites with Wade?

[Bookmark] Rogue: Clark: ... no need to lock me up......we're friends, right? [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: Clark: *can just break out anyway..*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bruce: nah just gonna let you sleep it off in a room

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bruce: do NOT come out the room

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bruce: you'll be fine, man. the girl has to be humanly put down.

[Bookmark] Mikko: if Daryl finds out Maggie is in the mall then I will seriously have to speed up on that profile

[Bookmark] Espionata: ROH Mel: That's to bad >​>​

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: uuuuuh I'm kryptonian too! I'll be fine!

[Bookmark] Espionata: ROH Mel: Nope you wouldn't have almost gotten killed by Superman

[Bookmark] Rogue: dun dun duuun

[Bookmark] Rogue: posted for daryl, and sadly I have to head off. [frown] have a long drive ahead tomorrow

[Bookmark] Mikko: awww have fun!

[Bookmark] Rogue: ninight *hugs*

[Bookmark] Mikko: night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Rogue: thanks ^^

[Bookmark] Rogue left the chat 11 days ago

[Bookmark] Kitteh: [big grin]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: I think I'm gonna head off here. *hugs*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Night

[Bookmark] Mikko: ngiht *hugs*

[Bookmark] Kitteh left the chat 11 days ago

[Bookmark] Mikko: I'm off too! night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Mikko left the chat 11 days ago

[Bookmark] Candy joined the chat 11 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata joined the chat 10 days ago

[Bookmark] Mikko joined the chat 10 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Espionata: Ugh taking apart and putting back together a laptop is beyond time consuming

[Bookmark] Mikko: hihi

[Bookmark] Mikko: awwwww

[Bookmark] Espionata: Yeah but on the bright side it's charging again

[Bookmark] Mikko: yaaaaay!

[Bookmark] Espionata: Yeah but I need a new laptop soon >​>​

[Bookmark] Mikko: go get you one!

[Bookmark] Espionata: no money

[Bookmark] Mikko: go steal you one!

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl joined the chat 10 days ago

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: Hello

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: just got car done but can't pick it up till tomorrow morning

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: grand theft auto V

[Bookmark] Mikko: hihihi

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: what's up

[Bookmark] Mikko: the hunger

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Mikko: indeed! I need to find dinner

[Bookmark] Espionata: kay

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: *pats* ive got hot dog and beans

[Bookmark] Mikko: ok I'm warming up some TV dinner. like we did back in the day.

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: cool

[Bookmark] Mikko: I AM THE WARRIOR!!!!

[Bookmark] Alysson joined the chat 10 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: Hello

[Bookmark] Mikko: hihihihihihih

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Erica Martins

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PostSubject: Re: Random Chatty Pt. 31 - 40 (Blaze arm fractured/ healed - learned to walk/talk))   Fri Aug 12, 2016 2:06 am

pt 47.

[Bookmark] Espionata: ROH Mel: How about no? And how about you take responsibility

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Candy: ji

[Bookmark] Candy: hi

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Hello

[Bookmark] Candy: hi [smile]

[Bookmark] Mikko: hihhihi

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: I have. I am going to be responsable for your death!

[Bookmark] Espionata: ROH Mel: No you won't

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: I will dance my way into your heart

[Bookmark] Espionata: ROH Mel: Oo

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebop: None of you can come to the shelter! shoo!

[Bookmark] Espionata: ROH Mel: Why?

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebop: too much arguing. plus I do NOT want to see the turtles.

[Bookmark] Espionata: ROH Mel: Everyone argues at some point

[Bookmark] Candy: Mikey: *jumps out of no where at Bebop* BOOOO

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebop: *punches* O.O

[Bookmark] Candy: Mikey: duuuude *rubs snout and punch back*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebop: well don't DO that!

[Bookmark] Espionata: ROH Mel: Mikey you deserved that

[Bookmark] Candy: Mikey: did not [tongue] *holds out squirming Blaze to Bebop* here

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebop: *takes and snuggles*

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *squeals happily - snugs*

[Bookmark] Candy: Mikey: lil dude likes you

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebop: it's cuz I'm awesome. *hugs him close* but not as awesome as little dude!

[Bookmark] Candy: Mikey: yeah he awesome [smile]

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *hands grab for Bebops tusks*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebop: *let him and gives a snort*

[Bookmark] Candy: Mikey: he been moody til spotted you [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: ROH Mel: Cute >​>​

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *yay! - happy sucks on snorty snout*

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebop: O.o uh...^_^ *plops green mohawk wig on Blaze's head*

[Bookmark] Candy: Mikey: lol if we grew hair that could be a good look for him - but it should be orange [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *happy happy cast is all olored and scribbled on*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebop: Orange? nah. he would look like a carrot!

[Bookmark] Candy: Mikey: an awesome carrot - hhheeeeeeey you saying I look like a carrot?

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebop: a rotten carrot

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebop: *boops Blaze's snout with his snout*

[Bookmark] Candy: Mikey: pfffft never - like cheese ball [tongue] awesome cheese ball

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *giggles - snout rubbies!*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebop: *rub ruuuub and tickles*

[Bookmark] Candy: Mikey: awwwwww

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *cackle, squirms*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebop: *puts on some music and dances with Blaze in his arms*

[Bookmark] Candy: OEe: awwwww playing with Mr. Bebop? [smile]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: [smile]

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: * 'dancing' sort of - foot wriggling counts *

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebop: I think Erica would like to dance with us.

[Bookmark] Espionata: ROH Mel: Oh brother >​>​

[Bookmark] Candy: OEe: no thanks Bebop - just watching - eight out of ten for foot work guys

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebop: oh yeah we're good. *dances around and wiggles the butt*

[Bookmark] Candy: hehehe

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *both feet!!*

[Bookmark] Candy: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: OEe: *chuckles* yes twinkle toes both of you [wink]

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebop: *grins* work it little thug! wiggle it!

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *waves arm, cast annnnnd feet!!*

[Bookmark] Candy: Mikey: hehehe guess the dying wilderbeest move is heriditary

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebop: once he can stand and walk then he can really dance!

[Bookmark] Candy: Mikey: he'sbeen trying - [wink]

[Bookmark] Candy: got tphone handy to catch it cause bro will miss it otherwise

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: OEe: that will be soon - seems determined to be mobile and with arm all wrapped up he has been standing more [smile]

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *humm hum*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebop: oh. *sets Blaze down on his feet, but keeps a hold on him*

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *bobs on spot - having a blast -*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebop: *bobs with him*

[Bookmark] Candy: Mikey: *tphone comes out*

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: OEe: hehehe got to strengthen his legs some how -

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: ba ba ab baaaa baaaahhh *bob bobby bob bob*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebop: I agree! we should take out the government!

[Bookmark] Candy: Mikey: no no he said we need ice cream! *goes to get some - leaves tphone with other Mikey*

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *actually just 'singing' - but grins at Bebop and * BAH BABABABABAAAAAAAAAAAA! *louder! bobbit bobbing like a pro!*

[Bookmark] Candy: OEe: *grins*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebop: no that's the music of someone who will make change! maybe take over the foot!

[Bookmark] Candy: OEe: *eye brow raise* big plans for such a little guy [wink]

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *shakes that batman diaper covered backside*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebop: well yes. but if whatever he wishes to do I shall support him! unless he works in law enforcment. I'll have to but a stop to that. yeeeeeah shake it *shakes it*

[Bookmark] Candy: Mikey: he'll be a crime fighting vigilante like his dad [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: OEe: I like the option of him being what he want [wink]

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *bobs shaking it - louder 'singing'*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebop: *wiggles with him*

[Bookmark] Candy: Mikeys: *snigger - soooo saving this vid!*

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: woooooooooo! bla babababababaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaw! *big yawns among bobs*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebop: someone is getting tired *scoops him up*

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *yawns and stretches!*

[Bookmark] Candy: OEe: all that dancing is exhausting [big grin]

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebop: *holds him close and rocks him softly*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Dawww

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *snuggles, all curled up - sucks on cast - goes sleepies*

[Bookmark] Candy: OEe: [smile] awww

[Bookmark] Candy: Mikey: *clicky the pictures!!*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebop: *sits down and leans back against a wall and lets Blaze sleep*

[Bookmark] Candy: OEe: *sits with them*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebop: *lays his head on Ee's shoulder*

[Bookmark] Candy: Mikeys: don't drop the head any lower dude [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: ROH Mel: I swear DX

[Bookmark] Candy: Lilo: swear what?

[Bookmark] Espionata: ROH Mel: Just Bebop hitting on Erica >​>​

[Bookmark] Candy: Lilo: if I were into girls - I probably would too *sits on Bebops other side*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebop: I'm not hitting her.

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: I'm into girls! Guys! I'm not picky! I'm into everything!

[Bookmark] Espionata: ROH Mel: It means you love her Bebop

[Bookmark] Candy: Lilo: oooh - thats nice.... any preferences at all?

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebop: how do you know how I feel?

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: uuuuh yes! yes! I like em crazy!

[Bookmark] Candy: Stitch: only Poochie Poo!

[Bookmark] Espionata: ROH Mel: The way you act [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: Mel thinks she's all knowing.

[Bookmark] Candy: OEe: be a bad idea to loves me anyways [wink] *one arm about Bebop's shoulders*

[Bookmark] Candy: Lilo: okay - if I know anyone I will point them your way [smile]

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: oh! I have someone! but thanks!

[Bookmark] Espionata: ROH Mel: No I don't Mikko

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebop: what? naaaaaaaah *boops her cheek with his snout*

Candy: Lilo: noted [wink] and your welcome -

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: ^_^

[Bookmark] Candy: OEe: *blushes, avoids gaze by nuzzling sleeping Blaze.* yes bad idea - very bad

[Bookmark] Espionata: ROH Mel: Yeah Raph would flatten you

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebop: *gives Ee a squeeze* well maybe it would be a bad Idea for you to get with me, I'm a messy eater

[Bookmark] Candy: OEe: *nods* maybe

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebop: but I do make up for it with really good back massages.

[Bookmark] Candy: OEe: [smile] thats good make a very naughty girl happy one day *sighs*... me... meh I'm just... a bad idea - loyal though for what it's worth *dislodges cast from Blaze mouth*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebop: Who said I need a naughty girl? Making good girls naughty more fun. *grins*

[Bookmark] Candy: Mikey: mischief managed [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: OEe: *sniggers*

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: Angel: suppose it could be [big grin]

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebop: *smooooooooches alllllllll over Ee*

[Bookmark] Candy: OEe: *ducks away-* no smoochies

[Bookmark] Candy: Stitch: *gets in way - smoochies!*

[Bookmark] Candy: watch out for fur balls

[Bookmark] Espionata: ROH Mel: You're playing with fire

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebop: O.O pfffffffffft blah!

[Bookmark] Candy: Stitch: * 'evil' giggles -*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebop: *stands up and walks off with Blaze*

[Bookmark] Candy: OEe: *has to follow - he has Blaze*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebop: no. don't follow. *walks in bedroom closes door and locks it*

[Bookmark] Candy: OEe: ... *worries*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebop: *lays Blaze in bed and covers him up, tucks him in with stuffed bunny then sits in a chair and starts drinking*

[Bookmark] Candy: Mikeys: *break in - * drinks! don't forget the rum! *brought the rum!*

[Bookmark] Candy: some where a Jack Sparrow is cursing them [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebop: *throws beer can at Mike* shhhhhh baby is sleeping

[Bookmark] Candy: Mikey: *bounces off roh to O's heads - both shrug* he's like his dad and can sleep through a thunder storm - listen even snores like him [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebop: shhhh anyway

[Bookmark] Candy: Mikeys: fine fine [smile] *quiet sharing of the drinks*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebop: *drinks*^^

[Bookmark] Candy: Stitch: *shushs worried sitting by door OEe - sneaks in - curls up with Blaze and snoozes too*

[Bookmark] Candy: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: snores as bad [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: and now must go

[Bookmark] Candy: *hugs hugs hugs*

[Bookmark] Candy left the chat 10 days ago

[Bookmark] Mikko: *hug hug*

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Kitteh: *grumbles*

[Bookmark] Mikko: *pets*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: My instructor screwed me. -_-

[Bookmark] Mikko: whhhhhat? what he do?

[Bookmark] Kitteh: He told me he was still accepting assignments until tomorrow morning. Well, he graded one that I hadn't turned in and I've been working for freaking HOURS to get it finished. > [frown]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: The end of the semester isn't over until Saturday!

[Bookmark] Mikko: punch him in the dick!

[Bookmark] Mikko: maybe he'll still take yours

[Bookmark] Kitteh: I have been spending ALL this time working on it and here I have ANOTHER class with work that needs to be done yet. >​.<

[Bookmark] Kitteh: I hope so.

[Bookmark] Mikko: too much work!!!!!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Tell me about it.

[Bookmark] Mikko: *snugs*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: *snugs*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: I have struggled this whole damn semester to balance between the two classes. And...I failed miserably. -_-

[Bookmark] Mikko: you will not fail!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: No, I don't think I'll fail the class. Just my time-management skills with two classes that each demand a ton of attention.

[Bookmark] Mikko: VICTORY!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: [smile]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: I'm gonna head off here. I'll still be on Messenger, though.

[Bookmark] Kitteh: *hugs*

[Bookmark] Mikko: ok *hugs*

[Bookmark] Mikko left the chat 10 days ago

[Bookmark] Kitteh left the chat 10 days ago

[Bookmark] Candy joined the chat 10 days ago

[Bookmark] Candy left the chat 10 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata joined the chat 9 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata: [tongue]

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl joined the chat 9 days ago

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: Hello

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: finishing dinner gonna clean up dinner

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: br back in a few

[Bookmark] Espionata: kay

[Bookmark] Mikko joined the chat 9 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Mikko: hihihi

[Bookmark] Espionata: What's up?

[Bookmark] Mikko: I am!

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: hello

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: still downloading grand theft auto

[Bookmark] Mikko: wpp!

[Bookmark] Mikko: woo!

[Bookmark] Espionata: cool

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: its a large game

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: did Leo post yet?

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: i haven't looked

[Bookmark] Mikko: Leo has not because his player has finals and is super busy with loooong test and essays

[Bookmark] Mikko: but Kitteh will post as soon she can.

[Bookmark] Espionata: yeah

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: yah do know that. same with my sister. she's finishing up her boards for nursing school and tests as well

[Bookmark] Mikko: ooooh

[Bookmark] Alysson joined the chat 9 days ago

[Bookmark] Mikko: hihihihihihi

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: howdy

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: what's up

[Bookmark] Alysson: Hiiiii!

[Bookmark] Alysson: I'm going to go on a tour of a college tomorrow!! [big grin]

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: oh I did buy some early christmas gifts for Rogue, Mikko and Kitteh... [big grin] wasn't sure who all to buy for other than those people so far

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: cool

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: was it fun

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: or I hope its fun

[Bookmark] Mikko: oooooh! awesomne!

[Bookmark] Mikko: yay gifts!

[Bookmark] Mikko: yay college!

[Bookmark] Mikko: yaaaaaaaay!

[Bookmark] Alysson: I miiiight try to vlog a bit! Not during the actual tour of course, but before and after n stuffs. :3

[Bookmark] Mikko: ooooh fun! I hope you do!

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Mikko: *makes out with everyone*

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: *dances*

[Bookmark] Alysson: I think I'm going to go to bed early tonight. Night night~ *hugs*

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: game still has 15hours to download

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: aw night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Alysson left the chat 9 days ago

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: I maybe as well my day starts at 8:30a.m. tomorrow morning work at 10a.m. so not sure how late I'll be up yet

[Bookmark] Mikko: night 8hugs*

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Kitteh joined the chat 9 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: Hello

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Hi

[Bookmark] Mikko: hihihihi

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: what's up

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Meh...

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: that doesn't sound promising *pats*

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: well hoping my last car repair i had on wedneday will be the last it was 400 dollars

[Bookmark] Mikko: nuuuuuuuuuuu and nuuuuuuuuuuuuuu what's wrong Kitteh?

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Eh...Networking shit.

[Bookmark] Kitteh: I'm STILL doing homework tonight.

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: aws *pats* when is your final in that class?

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Kitteh: It was today. And that's a whole 'nother story. :/

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Espionata: Networking sounds like it sucks

[Bookmark] Mikko: it's almost over!

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: o.os *hugs*

[Bookmark] Mikko: *hands out watermelon*

[Bookmark] Rogue joined the chat 9 days ago

[Bookmark] Kitteh: I liked it last semester, but this was a sixteen-week one condensed into eight weeks, it was all online and getting a hold of my instructor was very difficult in a timely manner, it was a harder class, there is SO much to remember and on the final I couldn't have notes. This is on top of another 8-week class that was very time-consuming on its own. Add that to the networking class I had where it took me DAYS to get all of my assignments done for the week, it caused me to fall behind in my other class by WEEKS!

[Bookmark] Mikko: hihihihihihi

[Bookmark] Mikko: *hugs*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: I have been up until 6 am on a nightly basis for...four nights and counting. I'm just freaking exhausted!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Hello

[Bookmark] Kitteh: *hugs*

[Bookmark] Mikko: *passes tiny Kurt around for cuddling*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: *snugs* He's cute. ^^

[Bookmark] Mikko: ^^

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: you sound like my sister studying for boards on top of tests

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: *huggles*

[Bookmark] Mikko: pffff My mom is like. what it is it. I said it's nightcrawler! from X-Men! she's like oh! I remember him the poof guy!

[Bookmark] Mikko: I'm like yeah, it's Bamf but close enough

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: lol sounds like what my friend would call him

[Bookmark] Rogue: I here?

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Mikko: you sure are!

[Bookmark] Espionata: you are

[Bookmark] Rogue: [big grin]

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: Hello

[Bookmark] Mikko: I moved Deadpool to put nightcrawler next to Harley.

[Bookmark] Rogue: DP: NUUUUUUU!

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol I posted a pic of them on FB

[Bookmark] Rogue: *goes to see*

[Bookmark] Mikko: I wish I had one of those posable deadpools and I could have him be all dramatic

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Ugh! My boyfriend is whining that I'm not spending much time with him lately. HELLO! I've been been over my head with homework for the past 8 weeks! Give me a freaking break! >​.<

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: he should understand your working hard

[Bookmark] Mikko: ugh! men!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: He really thinks that HE'S the victim here. -_-

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Mikko: when you dump his ass then he'll really think he's a victim

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: my sister and her husband went through that a lot. but got through that rough part so he will don't worry

[Bookmark] Kitteh: I snapped at him tonight before I burst into tears. [frown] I have been under SO much pressure over the last few days. I did not need that!

[Bookmark] Mikko: awwwww *snugs*

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: *hugs* he'll get over it once your hard work is all done he'll understand

[Bookmark] Kitteh: I haven't been able to hang out with you guys for a whole week and it's been even longer with my local friends.

[Bookmark] Kitteh: *hugs* [frown]

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: i felt the same doing third shift

[Bookmark] Kitteh: I hang out with some girl friends on Friday nights. I have been so busy between trips and school that I have only made THREE Fridays in the past almost-four MONTHS!

[Bookmark] Candy joined the chat 9 days ago

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Hello

[Bookmark] Mikko: hihihihihihi

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: its been super hard for my sister to do that as well. with two girls one and three with school and work yah its busy she feels the same not enough time

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: *hugs*

[Bookmark] Mikko: *sits on Rogue's shoulders*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: *hugs*

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: parents will be leaving in three weeks for their month and a half trip over seas

[Bookmark] Candy: hi

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Oooh, where are they going?

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: sister maybe moving back home with her daughters due to other things her husband isn't suppose to be doing

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: Ireland

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: Europe

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: Pairs

[Bookmark] Mikko: I wanna go to Ireland! I'm Irish!

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: Venus

[Bookmark] Mikko: oh I'm also French!

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Mikko: Venus?

[Bookmark] Mikko: the planet?

[Bookmark] Mikko: never been there!

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: nope not the planet though that wouldbe cool

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Oh, I forgot to mention the most important thing about the tremendous stress I have been under. Try having yet another semester where you're playing constant catch-up and DON'T have time to study for finals because of it. -_-

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: venus europe

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Did you mean Venice?

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: yah

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: you need an easier semester

[Bookmark] Kitteh: I had one last semester. I REALLY hope next semester will be.

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: *pats* me to

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Friggin' night classes again, though.

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Monday nights.

ScoopGirl: after my sister is done with all her testing she'll be getting a job finally

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: doesn't sound too bad

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: my one friend has to move to possibly grand rapids for grand valley graphic design major there to finish a four year

[Bookmark] Kitteh: As long as I don't get a ton of schoolwork piled up on me.

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: she's not sure where she wants to go yet

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: lets hope you'll get a break

[Bookmark] Kitteh: I'm done for three weeks now. Or at least I will be after I get this infernal networking stuff done.

[Bookmark] Kitteh: I'm gonna continue the TMNT tour on Origins - I have had absolutely NO time to do anything with that during these 8 weeks.

[Bookmark] Espionata: You need a break

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: that you do

[Bookmark] Candy: yep

[Bookmark] Rogue: chatzy keeps telling me that I'm not here [frown]

[Bookmark] Mikko: you are here

[Bookmark] Mikko: ^_^

[Bookmark] Rogue: ^^

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: i was bad i had four candy bars tonight but i'm the monthly thing that i had to have four so ate all four

[Bookmark] Rogue: posted for Clark in naughty places [tongue]

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: mine does that once in a while to

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: yay [smile]

[Bookmark] Rogue: gonna try to do one or two more before I have to go to bed

[Bookmark] Espionata: I have Reeses in the fridge >​>​

[Bookmark] Rogue: awesome 13 hour shift tomorrow. Woot!

[Bookmark] Mikko: oooooh!

[Bookmark] Rogue: shit, forgot to take sleepy meds.. brb

[Bookmark] Mikko: ok

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: yay reeses

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: *pats*

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: i should have used those sleepy pills the other last two nights but i didn't take them

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Espionata: It's been to hot to cook DX

[Bookmark] Espionata: I want pork chops off the grill but none of them are marinated DX

[Bookmark] Rogue: Pete: *starstruck!!* I'm in the naughty section with Superman!!!

[Bookmark] Rogue: Pete: O.o ...not like THAT!

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebop is insulated that you would eat such things.

[Bookmark] Rogue: Wade: ....suuuuuuuure

[Bookmark] Mikko: LOL

[Bookmark] Mikko: Wade is just jelly because he's not getting action in the naughty section

[Bookmark] Kitteh: ...yet. [wink]

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: [wink]

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: gonna have to leave my computer on pretty much all night to download this game 10 more hours of download time

[Bookmark] Mikko: well I DO have a scene in my head for when Mikko wakes up. buuuuuut don't know how DP will react to things

[Bookmark] Candy: gotta go *hug hug hug hug hug*

[Bookmark] Candy left the chat 9 days ago

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: ah night Candy *hugs*

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: I will post tomorrow in naughty section [smile] gonna head off to bed as well

[Bookmark] Mikko: *hug hugs*

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: remind me though [smile] will have to wait on HH section

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: night all *hugs*

[Bookmark] Mikko: night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Rogue: *belated hugs*

[Bookmark] Rogue: ooooh, a scene eh?

[Bookmark] Mikko: yes!

[Bookmark] Mikko: it's all in mah head!

[Bookmark] Rogue: is it a suprise?

[Bookmark] Mikko: well not really. you know most of it.

[Bookmark] Mikko: i've just got the details smoothed out

[Bookmark] Rogue: ^^]

[Bookmark] Rogue: Clark says please don't bite him [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: she will not bite anyone [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: unless they ask nicely

[Bookmark] Rogue: pete posted in naughty. sorry gwen!

[Bookmark] Rogue: it's the boy's first time.. had to make it awkward [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol *goes to read*

[Bookmark] Mikko: awwwww poor Pete

[Bookmark] Rogue: Pete: [frown]

[Bookmark] Rogue: you have the magic touch, gwen

[Bookmark] Mikko: Gwen: ^_^

[Bookmark] Rogue: I'll do BB posts tomorrow night. gonna try to reread while at work so I can be prepared when I get home at 10 PM tomorrow night

[Bookmark] Rogue: and have to work a double Saturday too... *dies*

[Bookmark] Mikko: awwwwwwww

[Bookmark] Mikko: Gwen is channeling her freaky side

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol, dang gwen [tongue]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: [smile]

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko posted!

[Bookmark] Mikko: poor Wade

[Bookmark] Mikko: yeah Gwen is getting into it. that and she's trying to get Pete to relax

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mel's gonna be screaming I told ya we should have kill Mikko

[Bookmark] Espionata: Pretty much

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: ROH Mel: No one better blame me for this

[Bookmark] Rogue: posted for CORL

[Bookmark] Mikko: dun dun duuuuuuuuun

[Bookmark] Rogue: now for Daryl, then I gotta head off [frown]

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko wonders if she's going to get a new nick name now from DP. like crazy eyes.

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol, awww. poor mikko

[Bookmark] Rogue: Wade: so we have CE1 and CE2... I'll just call youguys Thing1 and Thing2

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: *SOBS*

[Bookmark] Rogue: DP: O.o was it something I said? *HUGS*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: *HUUUGS*

[Bookmark] Espionata: ROH Mel: It could be anything to make her cry

[Bookmark] Mikko: well she did almost try to eat her boyfriend. I think that is reason for her to be upset

[Bookmark] Mikko: now I have to wait for the next episode to see how he reacts!

[Bookmark] Espionata: I find it funny that I ended up with Siamese mixes the female doesn't have the looks but her brother does

[Bookmark] Mikko: we aree siamese if you please

[Bookmark] Rogue: pooosted for Daryl

[Bookmark] Rogue: now I has to go. [frown]

[Bookmark] Rogue: see you guys tonight *hugs*

[Bookmark] Espionata: They're really playful and affectionate but they don't have that awful meow

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Rogue left the chat 9 days ago

[Bookmark] Mikko: night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Espionata: If you have ever heard a Siamese meow then ugh DX

[Bookmark] Mikko: I have not. I have not been around many cats

[Bookmark] Espionata: Well a Siamese is known for a horrible meow and they never shut up lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: dawwwww

[Bookmark] Espionata
Siamese Cat Meowing Very LoudlyYouTube · · 12K · 97%Every day our Siamese cat Jerry Meows about 30-40 times very loudly at the same spot in the living room where we watch TV. In this shot I captured only a medium decibel meow, but still its super annoying. Jerry is a Siamese Cat born mentally and physically retarded, The doctors told us he's born this way, because Jerry's parents are mother and child (incest). Jerry has got crossed eyes, a broken tail, one ball, his teeth are too long and stick out his mouth, and he has super long nails, but we all still love him very very much. We can only pet him next to the telephone, everywhere else he is super paranoid and scared. He is about 7 years old and still is scared of us, only where he is in the video spot, he is not scared. But it is also a trait known that Siamese cats have a loud meow. Anyways, hope you guys like this video and thumbs up for Jerry Smile Keywords: Siamese Cat meowing siamese cat talking Siamese Cat Siamese Cat Song Siamese Cats shower Siamese Cats Funny Cats Funny Cats Annoying Cats Annoying Cats siamese cat breeders siamese cat rescue siamese kittens cat siamese [Click to hide video thumbnail]

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mine only meow if I go near them to pet them

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol that confused Arthas

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: got to go to cardio therapy tomorrow! day two!

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww night

[Bookmark] Mikko: I'm not leaving now

[Bookmark] Mikko: I mean i could

[Bookmark] Mikko: nothing seems to be happening

[Bookmark] Espionata: oh

[Bookmark] Espionata: yeah

[Bookmark] Mikko: yeeeah I'ma head off. ok niiiight *hug hug*

[Bookmark] Mikko left the chat 9 days ago

[Bookmark] Kitteh: I keep falling asleep. Gonna head off. Night.

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Kitteh left the chat 9 days ago

[Bookmark] Candy joined the chat 8 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata joined the chat 8 days ago

[Bookmark] Mikko joined the chat 8 days ago

[Bookmark] Mikko: hellooooooo

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl joined the chat 8 days ago

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: Hello

[Bookmark] Mikko: helloooooooooooooooooo

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: we'll see how i do through tonight its one of those womenly days

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: got home after seven and took a nap didn't even eat dinner till now

[Bookmark] Mikko: awwwwwww

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: finishing dinner then gonna take a bath

[Bookmark] Mikko: ok

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Mikko: hihihiihi

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: shouldn't of had tomato soup and grill cheese but it always sounds good when it rains

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: game is almost done installding took two days but who cares [smile]

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: be back in a few

[Bookmark] Espionata: kay

[Bookmark] Mikko: *spanks*

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: GOTTA CATCH EM ALL!

[Bookmark] Kitteh joined the chat 8 days ago

[Bookmark] Mikko: hihihihihi

[Bookmark] Espionata joined the chat 8 days ago

[Bookmark] Mikko: wb

[Bookmark] Espionata: ty

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Hello

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Espionata: Guess who needs to put in a new hard drive me but meh I have one that I can use [tongue]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: I'm done, I'm done, I'm DONE!!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: *dances*

[Bookmark] Mikko: *dances with you!*

[Bookmark] Candy joined the chat 8 days ago

[Bookmark] Mikko: hihihihihihi

[Bookmark] Kitteh: hello

[Bookmark] Candy: Hi

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Mikko: *licks Candy*

[Bookmark] Mikko: yummy yummy in my tummy

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: im back

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: now getting a headache

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: can't win today

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Mikko: wb and *rubs head*

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: *takes the massage*

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl
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[Bookmark] ScoopGirl
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[Bookmark] ScoopGirl
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[Bookmark] Mikko: those are alllll goooood

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: yep [big grin]

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee​eeeeeeeeee*crashes*

[Bookmark] Mikko: so tired!

[Bookmark] Mikko: first gym. then ran around allllll day catching pokemon.

[Bookmark] Candy: [smile]

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: then I ran out of balls!

[Bookmark] Mikko: I HAD NO BALLS!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Dawwww

[Bookmark] Mikko: yeah. and I am sooooo tired!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: *offers pillow*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Meeeee too.

[Bookmark] Mikko: *snores*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Five consecutive nights of being up until 6 am or later -- it's getting to me. I'm NOT doing that tonight.

[Bookmark] Mikko: damn right!

[Bookmark] Espionata: Oh yeah sleep till noon lol

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: don't blame you

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: i'll be going to bed soon myself not feeling so hot and headache isn't going away

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: may take an flma tomorrow

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: fmla i mean

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: gonna head off guys

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: night all *hugs*

[Bookmark] Mikko: night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Mikko: I'm heading off here. night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Mikko left the chat 8 days ago

[Bookmark] Kitteh: *snugs* I might head off, too. Falling asleep. Posting might not happen until tomorrow night.

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Kitteh left the chat 8 days ago

[Bookmark] Candy joined the chat 8 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata joined the chat 7 days ago

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl joined the chat 7 days ago

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: Hey there

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: won't be online much will try to make posts but stayed home from work today wasn't feeling all that great

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: you guys have to bother Leo into posting since I may not be online late tonight

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: taking medication then heading to bed after 11:30

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: even though I know the person is buys

[Bookmark] Espionata: Yeah

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: posted in naughty section

[Bookmark] Espionata: cool

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: trying my new game may not play it long with how i feel right now but trying to get through the prologue

[Bookmark] Espionata: cool
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Erica Martins

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PostSubject: Re: Random Chatty Pt. 31 - 40 (Blaze arm fractured/ healed - learned to walk/talk))   Mon Aug 22, 2016 2:20 pm

pt 38.

Mikko joined the chat 7 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Mikko: hihihihi

[Bookmark] Espionata: What's up?

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: hello trying to get through the prologue of grand theft auto and my netflix stopped working on my desktop

[Bookmark] Mikko: hihihi

[Bookmark] Mikko: I am up. I just woke up

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: I'm watching Kill La Kill

[Bookmark] Mikko: woooo!

[Bookmark] Espionata: It's insane

[Bookmark] Espionata: I need to watch the orignal Berserk and read some of the manga so I can see the new anime of that

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: i've been sleeping on and off all day called into work early at like 7:30a.m. my dysmenorrrhea was acting up along with a pressure headache due to the weather that wasn't going away

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: so if i don't reply its cause i'm playing my game or trying to figure it out with an xbox controller for my desktop

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: but i posted in naughtyville

[Bookmark] Espionata: If I play the old Tomb Raiders I prefer the pc ports the controls are much better

[Bookmark] Mikko: yay!

[Bookmark] Espionata: Tank controls suck [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: mind controls!

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh joined the chat 7 days ago

[Bookmark] Mikko: hihihihih

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Hello

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Kitteh: What's up?

[Bookmark] Espionata: Nothing

[Bookmark] Kitteh: brb

[Bookmark] Espionata: kay

[Bookmark] Mikko: also brb

[Bookmark] Espionata: kay

[Bookmark] Rogue joined the chat 7 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Rogue: hiyas

[Bookmark] Espionata: What's up?

[Bookmark] Mikko: hihhii

[Bookmark] Mikko: *latches on to Rogue*

[Bookmark] Rogue: *snugs* sooo sleepy

[Bookmark] Mikko: dawwwwww

[Bookmark] Mikko: *rocks you to sleep*

[Bookmark] Rogue: ^^

[Bookmark] Mikko: Crystal slipped ORaph some beer. calm him down some.

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: she knows how to impress a man lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: now that I have shown off her inhuman abylities, I guess I have to make an account for her

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Hiyas

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: hello

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: still haven't made it through intro on game but will later need to go to bed soon

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: oh rogue i posted in naughtyvill

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Mikko: naughty days sweeping the clouds away!

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: yep

[Bookmark] Rogue: niiiice post [wink] they are gonnabreak that lake and flood the earth [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: flood the earth with a lake? that's one biblical lak

[Bookmark] Mikko: lake

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol, yup

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: Clark should only have sex in NASA approved rooms made just for him for that kinda thing.

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: [smile]

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: still stuck in HH for now

[Bookmark] Mikko: Lois can start making out with Leo

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Not much longer. [wink]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: HHLeo: O.o Excuse me?

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: Don't think that'd be good

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: maybe if you kiss all the turtles, one of them will turn into a handsome prince!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: HHLeo: -_- *not amused*

[Bookmark] Rogue: Clark: [frown]

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: *introduces Clark to Wonder woman*

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: again nope. Leo may have to go for batgirl since they've done that crossover with batman just not superman yet

[Bookmark] Candy joined the chat 7 days ago

[Bookmark] Mikko: Leo and batgirl? lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: hihihi

[Bookmark] Mikko: Caaaaaaaaaandy!

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: Hello, and yep Leo and Batgirl

[Bookmark] Candy: Hi



[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Mikko: *liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiicks*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Hi

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: I'm heading off though see you all tomorrow night

[Bookmark] Mikko: night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Mikko: I think Raph would go after Batgirl. only because he wants to fuck Batman but doesn't want to seem gay.

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: left you a message on facebook kitteh [smile]

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: night all *hugs*

[Bookmark] Rogue: *belated hugs*

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: Batman: The Batman worries about his fan base

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol. When Raph meets him... should be interesting. Of course he won't know Bruce is Batzunless he discovers the suits

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: *belated hugs*

[Bookmark] Mikko: and can the suits are in the basement. not hidden. Bruce stopped caring about hiding his identity. he doesn't come out and announce that he's batman. but he wont deny it if someone ask.

[Bookmark] Rogue: oooh

[Bookmark] Rogue: Raph: *steals a mask*

[Bookmark] Mikko joined the chat 7 days ago

[Bookmark] Mikko: ^_^

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bruce: well I did say nothing was off limits. sooooooo *lets the turtle have the mask*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: dawwwww

[Bookmark] Candy left the chat 7 days ago

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bruce: just don't touch the bike

[Bookmark] Rogue: Raph: ...*no promises*

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: *is at the moment trying to figure out DP's belt and how it comes off*

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: And then the censor bar shows up lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

[Bookmark] Mikko: anyone posting tonight?

[Bookmark] Espionata: I don't know

[Bookmark] Kitteh: I will be.

[Bookmark] Mikko: yaaaay!

[Bookmark] Espionata: yay

[Bookmark] Mikko: OLeo: *jumps out and dances*

[Bookmark] Mikko: OLeo: *booty bumps Rogue*

[Bookmark] Rogue: I keep falling asleep. Been up since 3:30 AM

[Bookmark] Rogue: O.o *thumps Leo*

[Bookmark] Mikko: dawwwwww

[Bookmark] Rogue: gonna head off, but will post tomorrow

[Bookmark] Rogue: night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Mikko: night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Rogue left the chat 7 days ago

[Bookmark] Mikko: I'm heading off here too. night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Mikko left the chat 7 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata: moght

[Bookmark] Candy joined the chat 7 days ago

[Bookmark] Candy left the chat 7 days ago

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Fell asleep. Gonna head off here but I'll get a post out of the way before heading off to bed. Night.

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Kitteh left the chat 7 days ago

[Bookmark] Candy joined the chat 7 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata joined the chat 6 days ago

[Bookmark] Mikko joined the chat 6 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Mikko: hihihihihihi

[Bookmark] Espionata: What's up?

[Bookmark] Mikko: nothing much

[Bookmark] Espionata: cool

[Bookmark] Espionata: Had so much spaghetti

[Bookmark] Mikko
Pokemon GO Song by JT Machinima - "We All Evolve"YouTube · 4:6 · 211K · 97%Pokemon GO has taken the world by storm and we're here to add a soundtrack to the phenomenon. What's your best Pokemon?! SONG DOWNLOAD LINKS: iTunes ► Spotify ► Google Play ► Amazon MP3 ► *********************************************** iTunes page 126qwFA Subreddit: Facebook page Twitter Website Want to use our music? Read this first: Pokemon GO Song by JT Machinima - "We All Evolve" [Click to hide video thumbnail]

[Bookmark] Mikko: did papyrus make it?

[Bookmark] Espionata: No [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: awwwww

[Bookmark] Espionata: Man even without sidequests Milla's side of the story still took over 20 hours lol\

[Bookmark] Espionata: And I watched every skit that I got

[Bookmark] Espionata: And I didn't level grind and still ended up with characters in the high 50's low 60's and no game overs

[Bookmark] Mikko: yaaaay

[Bookmark] Espionata: I love the battle system and pretty much everything from the Tale's series

[Bookmark] Mikko: me tooooo!

[Bookmark] Espionata: At the moment I like it better than Final Fantasy

[Bookmark] Mikko: yes

[Bookmark] Espionata: Final Fantasy XIII is horrible it's like they tried to give a Tales feel but failed

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl joined the chat 6 days ago

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: Hello

[Bookmark] Mikko: hhhihi

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: Finally made it to online mode of the grand theft auto game

[Bookmark] Espionata: yay

[Bookmark] Espionata: And you can post [big grin]

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: yay [big grin]

[Bookmark] Espionata: Last night I caught a huge moth it had fur [big grin]

[Bookmark] Mikko: cute!

[Bookmark] Espionata: yep

[Bookmark] Mikko: the turtles and everyone in the turtle van are at the mall

[Bookmark] Mikko: Leo had them leave the others

[Bookmark] Espionata: yay

[Bookmark] Mikko: a guy name Robbin is talking to them at the van before tey are allowed inside the mall

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: Same as in Robin making sure either way my guess Lois would know him

[Bookmark] Mikko: Lois will not

[Bookmark] Mikko: this is not batman's robbin

[Bookmark] Mikko: this is just a guy named robbin

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: gotcha making sure

[Bookmark] Mikko: But when Bruce comes back he's gonna be so happy to see Lois!

[Bookmark] Espionata: Will post after Lois [big grin]

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: posted

[Bookmark] Espionata: yay

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: [smile]

[Bookmark] Espionata: While Mel is her own person lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh joined the chat 6 days ago

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: Hello

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: [smile]

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: brb

[Bookmark] Mikko: hihihi

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: back

[Bookmark] Mikko: wb

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Espionata: wb

[Bookmark] Espionata: posted

[Bookmark] Mikko: yay!

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: sent you a facebook message kitteh [smile]

[Bookmark] Mikko: bang bang into my room! I wanna bang bang all over you!

[Bookmark] Candy joined the chat 6 days ago

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Hihi

[Bookmark] Mikko: hihihihi

[Bookmark] Candy: Hi hi

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Mikko: Kurt is not have holy thoughts in BB right now. he's gonna have to add another tattoo to his face!

[Bookmark] Candy: Aww

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: Hello all [big grin]

[Bookmark] Mikko: *dances about*

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: *dances with*

[Bookmark] Rogue joined the chat 6 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Candy: Hi

[Bookmark] Rogue: hiyas

[Bookmark] Rogue: trying to get Bruce and Clark settled, then will work on posts. ^^

[Bookmark] Rogue: Bruce is being a lil asshole [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: already living up to the name

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Alysson joined the chat 6 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Hi!

[Bookmark] Alysson: Hiiiii!

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: Hello

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: cool [big grin]

[Bookmark] Mikko: hihihihi

[Bookmark] Mikko: LOL

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bruce: hey!

[Bookmark] Rogue: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: Admit it, rich boy. Yer an asshole. [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bruce: it's part of the charm

[Bookmark] Mikko: robbin posted

[Bookmark] Rogue: Clark:'re charming?

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bruce: it's why I get all the ladies

[Bookmark] Rogue: Clark: Mmmhmm. That must be why Diana snubbed you. [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: yay

[Bookmark] Rogue: Clark: Andyou don't need 'all the ladies'. You just need one.

[Bookmark] Rogue: RoH'Raph: BATMAN IS CHARMIN'!!

Rogue: and then he realizes that he went all fangirl and poofies [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: lool

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bruce: maybe I just need that turtle

[Bookmark] Rogue: bahahaha

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bruce: I think I found my new Robin!

[Bookmark] Rogue: Raph could be the next Robin [tongue]

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: Bruce may want to chat with Lois not sure. since they know each other

[Bookmark] Espionata: He is green and wears red lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol, yep!

[Bookmark] Rogue: I owould LOVE to see a Bruce and Lois scene! Once he gets back

[Bookmark] Rogue: I'm sure Lois will recognize that name

[Bookmark] Mikko: yes!

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bruce is totally going to chat with Lois!

[Bookmark] Rogue: working on posties

[Bookmark] Alysson: Lydia has posted!!

[Bookmark] Mikko: yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: [smile]

[Bookmark] Espionata: yay

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebop is like please don't be sick!

[Bookmark] Candy joined the chat 6 days ago

[Bookmark] Alysson: Hi!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: wb

[Bookmark] Mikko: wb

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Raph would be known at Tortoise Boy. [tongue]

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: yay will post in a bit after others are done

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Or...Maggot Boy? [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: maggot boy?

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Yeah. That was Turflytle's sidekick's name. [tongue]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Loved Raph's reaction to that name. lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: oooooh

[Bookmark] Alysson: Hm....I kinda really want Lydia to meet Mel! X3 What is Melmel going to be up to now that she's distancing herself from the group?

[Bookmark] Espionata: Exploring the mall [big grin]

[Bookmark] Espionata: Posted Mel is impatient lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: Robbin posted

[Bookmark] Espionata: posted

[Bookmark] Candy: oMikey: well go with a more bat theme - Not Turflytle... Maybe Whelpling? [smile]

[Bookmark] Candy: rohMikey: Batpup

[Bookmark] Candy: Mikeys: Guanotamo!!

[Bookmark] Candy: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: wait to Mel sees her room! I would guess if the world didn't end, one hotel room would run....2500 a night? give or take depending on the room.

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: Well if Lydia wants to meet Mel she's in the lobby

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *between the Mikeys* mo mo mo ooooooooo!

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebop: BLAZE! MY LITTLE THUG!

[Bookmark] Alysson: Lydia posted! And I thiiiink I'm gonna do an Ezra post too, before it gets too too late and I go to bed. :3

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *stole both orange bandana - waves them in Bebops direction*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebop posted

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebop *scoops up Blaze and snugs*

[Bookmark] Alysson: Idea idea~ Making a post! :3

[Bookmark] Mikko: Gambit: *wraps Raph in lots of blankets and snuggles with him while saying romantic things to the turtle in French*

[Bookmark] Candy: oMikey: ... Pffft hahaha or may the side kick name is Snugglebunny

[Bookmark] Candy: rohMikey: *piccies!*

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *telling Bebop in baby babbling all about his capture of the orange cloths, waving them about, snugs*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebop: that's my little thug. you kick all the asses!

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *happy growls, chews on his cast -*

[Bookmark] Espionata: posted

[Bookmark] Kitteh: lol Dawww

[Bookmark] Candy: rohMikey: FooFooCuddlyPoops?

[Bookmark] Candy: oMikey: *snigger - more Mikarazzi!*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Gambit posted

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebop: *stops him from chewing. hands him squeaky toy instead*

[Bookmark] Candy joined the chat 6 days ago

[Bookmark] Mikko: wb

[Bookmark] Candy: Blaze: *happy mumbling still chit chatting to Bebop, and going to toooown on squeak toy*

[Bookmark] Candy: Ty

[Bookmark] Espionata: wb

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Alysson: Okie a new postie from Ezra (and tiny part Lydia)

[Bookmark] Candy

rohEe: ♪Oh mon amour, mon âme sœur
Je compte les jours je compte les heures
Je voudrais te dessiner dans un désert
Le désert de mon cœur
Oh mon amour, ton grain de voix
Fait mon bonheur à chaque pas
Laisse-moi te dessiner dans un désert
Le désert de mon cœur - *oh yeah a french tune!*

[Bookmark] Espionata: yay

[Bookmark] Mikko: Gambit: my kinda girl!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: [big grin]

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: im still here

[Bookmark] Candy: [wink]

[Bookmark] Mikko: still here, still queer!

[Bookmark] Candy joined the chat 6 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata: posted

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebop: oh man another crazy girl!

[Bookmark] Alysson: Posted, and boy is it late already!!

[Bookmark] Mikko: late? naaaaah

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Alysson: I'm going to stay up just a feeeeew more minutes, then right to bed. :3

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Alysson: So far Lydia hasn't had a 'crybaby' moment yet! So I fixed things. XD

[Bookmark] Candy joined the chat 6 days ago

[Bookmark] Mikko: bebop posted

[Bookmark] Mikko: wb

[Bookmark] Alysson: I'm going to bed now, night night! *hugs*

[Bookmark] Mikko: night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Espionata: posted

[Bookmark] Mikko: posted

[Bookmark] Espionata: posted

[Bookmark] Rogue joined the chat 6 days ago

[Bookmark] Mikko: wb!

[Bookmark] Mikko: awwwwww DP!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: wb

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: *pouts*

[Bookmark] Espionata: wb

[Bookmark] Mikko: p

[Bookmark] Mikko: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: Wade: Trust me, sweet-tits. Iwanna bone you like tomorrow's chicken dinner, but I don't wanna be caught off guard when CrazyEyes decides to BBQ everyone in the van

[Bookmark] Mikko: lool

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: that is the sweetiest thing anyone has ever said to me.

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: ;p;

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: Wade: I tell you. I'm more romantic than a Nicholas Sparks novel

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: posted for Mikko and the Bebop

[Bookmark] Rogue: annnd hopefully they make it to the mal soon. because when 'CrazyEyes' wakes, hes gonna want his Lo and no one else and be comfused and possibly break the van apart trying to find her

[Bookmark] Rogue: Wade:...I have those glowing snot rocks in my Hello Kitty bag!

[Bookmark] Mikko: Gambit: noted! *grabs bag*

[Bookmark] Rogue: Clark: :/

[Bookmark] Mikko: Gambit: hey I don't want to use them on you. I have mad respect for you. yer like my childhood hero! but we can't have you breaking shit.

[Bookmark] Espionata: postede

[Bookmark] Rogue: daw

[Bookmark] Rogue: Clark: I...don't wantto break anything. [frown] Or anyone.

[Bookmark] Mikko: dawwwwwww

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko will just hug him to calm him down

[Bookmark] Rogue: dawww

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebop will post after Lydia makes another post. but hearing about an infected coming has him worried.

[Bookmark] Espionata: ROH Mel: And that's not the only one

[Bookmark] Rogue: and Carl just wants his dad. but he's dead. [frown]

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: I'm not infected. I'm AFFECTED. affected by this sick beat! *dances*

[Bookmark] Mikko: awwwwww

[Bookmark] Rogue: reeeeeally need Michonne to keep him together

[Bookmark] Rogue: I need to hurry up and get Glenn finished

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Mikko: I need to do Maggie

[Bookmark] Rogue: and in the show.. omg...I have a feeling it's gonna be Michonne that gets iced. [frown]

[Bookmark] Rogue: because she's working on Black Panther

[Bookmark] Mikko: yeah probably

[Bookmark] Rogue: I hope it'snot. I love her!

[Bookmark] Rogue: but, I don'twant it to be Daryl

[Bookmark] Rogue: anyone but daryl

[Bookmark] Rogue: and carl

[Bookmark] Rogue: I've gotten attached to that lil asshole [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: dawwwww

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko is like, ok no sex right now, we'll just make out all hot and heavy until your balls explode

[Bookmark] Rogue: He won me over durin g that episode when his dad lost consciousness,and he got all emo... then when he thought rick was dead, he told him to bite him, because he couldn't do it alone... and that episode when he tells Michonne that he'sjust another monster.. omg. you realize that yes, he's just a kid that never got to be one

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: Wade: daymn woman

[Bookmark] Mikko: awwww

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: what?

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: I'm bored, play with me.

[Bookmark] Rogue: Wade: I'llfinge you like a fucking playstation controller... but first, we need to get CrazyEyes n a cage and... wait for Pete to get his cherry popped

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: RoH'Raph: FUCKIN'GURRY'THEFUCKUP!

[Bookmark] Mikko: Gambit: Raph. you have control here. you have the keys, you are behind the wheel. just drive, man.

[Bookmark] Rogue: Pete: Don't rush me!!!

[Bookmark] Mikko: dawwwwww

[Bookmark] Rogue: he probably weill. [tongue] Because Raphdoesn't know Pete and doesn't give two shits about his virginity [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: dawwwww

[Bookmark] Rogue: next post he does, he will crank up and leave. And DP will lose his shit

[Bookmark] Mikko: oh man

[Bookmark] Mikko: *pushes you in the forum to go make that post*

[Bookmark] Mikko: it's the only way Mikko will stop trying to get in DP's pants

[Bookmark] Rogue: oooh

[Bookmark] Rogue: did gambino post?

[Bookmark] Mikko: yes

[Bookmark] Rogue: *goes tosee!*

[Bookmark] Mikko: ^^

[Bookmark] Mikko: it's waaaaay up there lost in the bebop and kids post

[Bookmark] Rogue: ooh

[Bookmark] Rogue: Ithink confused Supes about to post and try to find his girl. that will kick raph into gear because he doesn'twant the dude killed and DP isgonna be all 'gotta take his head!!'

[Bookmark] Rogue: and supes just wants his girl

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Mikko: dawwwwwww

[Bookmark] Rogue: Supes: [frown]

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: *hugs Supes*

[Bookmark] Rogue: Supes: *huuugs*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: it'll be ok! we'll both get laid soon!

[Bookmark] Rogue: lool

[Bookmark] Rogue: Supes: *Just wants his girl. She's the only one that truly undersands him. Getting laid is justa bonus*

[Bookmark] Rogue: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: I just wanna be in a hot shower and get this ick off me! Wade can join me in said shower ^^

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: so see! Mikko understands, they both want the same thing. to be not infected, safe with their loves.

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: [smile]

[Bookmark] Rogue: daw

[Bookmark] Rogue: *so in love with Jasmine Tompson's version of 'like I'm gonna lose you'*

[Bookmark] Rogue: <3

[Bookmark] Mikko: she is sooooo good!

[Bookmark] Rogue: yeah she is, omg! she gives me chills!

[Bookmark] Mikko: I've been obbsessing over...yeah I don't remember. Mikko posted it on the music thread tho!

[Bookmark] Mikko: yes the music thread. post your music so we can all share!

[Bookmark] Rogue: ^^

[Bookmark] Rogue: now my baby's dancin'.. .but she's dancin' with another man

[Bookmark] Mikko: serial killer! that's the song that's been in my head

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mikko: *sings* Baby, I'm a sociopath, Sweet serial killer. On the warpath, 'Cause I love you Just a little too much. I love you just A little too much.

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Gonna head off here. Need to get to bed soon. *hugs* Night.

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Mikko: night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Kitteh left the chat 6 days ago

[Bookmark] Mikko: yeah I need to head off too. getting late and I have to work out today! *flexes*

[Bookmark] Mikko: night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Mikko left the chat 6 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Candy joined the chat 6 days ago

[Bookmark] Candy left the chat 6 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata joined the chat 5 days ago

[Bookmark] Mikko joined the chat 5 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Mikko: hihi

[Bookmark] Espionata: What's up?

[Bookmark] Mikko: hungry

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Mikko: making Ramen

[Bookmark] Espionata: yum

Mikko: yes!

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: om nom nom

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl joined the chat 5 days ago

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: Hello *waves*

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: saying hello since I can't be online late tonight I work early but I'll be online late tomorrow and Wednesday night

[Bookmark] Mikko: hihihihi

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: Should I just have Lois wait in the lobby then and wait their for the others or wait for someone else to reply first

[Bookmark] Mikko: if you want Lois to wait in the lobby that's fine

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: k

[Bookmark] Alysson joined the chat 5 days ago

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: posted

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: Hello

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Mikko: hihhhii

[Bookmark] Alysson: Hiiiii!

[Bookmark] Espionata: And Lydia posted lol

[Bookmark] Alysson: [smile]

[Bookmark] Mikko: yaaaay!

[Bookmark] Mikko: bebop posted

[Bookmark] Espionata: posted when will Toad show up [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: I do not know

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh joined the chat 5 days ago

[Bookmark] Mikko: hihihih

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebop says he doesn't know what yer talking about! He loves bubble baths!

[Bookmark] Mikko: it's not girly!

[Bookmark] Mikko: manly bubble baths

[Bookmark] Alysson: Hi!

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Kitteh: hi

[Bookmark] Rogue joined the chat 5 days ago

[Bookmark] Alysson: Hi!

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Mikko: how was your egg?

[Bookmark] Rogue: it was nummy ^^

[Bookmark] Rogue: and hiyas

[Bookmark] Mikko: ^_^

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: Hello

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: have no idea what i'm doing yet on grand theft auto other than i've died twice cause I suck right now

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: batmannerd01 wanted to beat me up

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol awwww

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: i need to learn how to play cause i'm a newbe and have no idea what i'm doing on that game

[Bookmark] Mikko: you steal cars and pick up hookers! then you kill the hookers and take your money back!

[Bookmark] Espionata: Pretty much there is a story in there though lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bebop posted

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Hiyas!

[Bookmark] Espionata: I don't play it though open sandbox games are boring me to lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: I'm free!

[Bookmark] Mikko: yaaaaaaaaaay!

[Bookmark] Espionata: yay

[Bookmark] Alysson: I'm going to bed, night night~ *hugs*

[Bookmark] Mikko: night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Rogue: night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Alysson left the chat 5 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Espionata: posted

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: yah still learning though

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: *night Alysson*

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: posted in HH though

[Bookmark] Mikko: Mel needs a chill pill

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: my sister will be starting to move back in with her kids within the month. things are going well between her and husband so my mom and dad are helping as much as they can till they go on their trip. she's got one more semester of school before she's fully done

[Bookmark] Espionata: Mel wants to get clean and eat food lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: ok Bruce is at the mall

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: yay

[Bookmark] Espionata: yay

[Bookmark] Rogue: Clark: ....don't mack on my girl.

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: Lois is just worried about Clark more than anything that's all that's on her mind now

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bruce: that's all on her

[Bookmark] Espionata: ROH Mel: Oh brother >​>​

[Bookmark] Candy joined the chat 5 days ago

[Bookmark] Mikko: hihihih

[Bookmark] Candy: hi

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: Hello

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: posted in naughtyville

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Mikko: the van Clark is in isn't at the mall yet

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: will rewrite that she's waiting for them to arrive impatiently

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: let me know how it is repostes

[Bookmark] Mikko: ok

[Bookmark] Mikko: looks good

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: thanks [big grin]

[Bookmark] Mikko: *sits on Candy's choulders*

[Bookmark] Mikko: choulders are that new body part

[Bookmark] Mikko: body upgrade 2.0

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: [smile]

[Bookmark] Mikko: really if Mel is going to hang with the Be she doesn't have to wait for anyone. she only had to wait so that she could get a room key and a map of the place and stuff. Be can show her all that

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol, frenemy, eh Brucey [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol yes

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Kitteh: [smile]

[Bookmark] Rogue: Clark is really bummed that Lois isn't at the beach. But he's all like 'sooooo, where's Diana' [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: lool

[Bookmark] Rogue: Clark: ...It's not like that. She's my friend.

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bruce: with benefits

[Bookmark] Rogue: it's okay Clark. you can be in love and crush on someone else

[Bookmark] Rogue: Clark:.... that's your bag, Bruce.

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: Oh boy

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bruce: how dare you! I only have one love!

[Bookmark] Rogue: Clark: Robin?

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bruce:....two loves!

[Bookmark] Rogue: Clark:.....Robin's...

[Bookmark] Mikko: lool

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bruce: *pulls Raph over* meet Turtle Robin!

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: Selina Kyle

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: Raph: *huuuuuge ass grin!*

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Rogue: Clark: Selina is still upset about that pETsMART GIFT CARD. bAD MOVE, bRUCE.

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: lol oh my

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: bad gift choice

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: did he forget she likes buying property to help the wildlife animals

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bruce: look. Ivy didn't mind the garden center gift card soooo I figured I had a theme going.

[Bookmark] Rogue: Clark: Are you seriously comparing Selina to Ivy? O.o Mistake number two.

[Bookmark] Mikko: lool

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: bad influence on Ivy for sending her that

[Bookmark] Candy: rohMikey: no it's Welpling!

[Bookmark] Mikko: he needs dating advice

[Bookmark] Espionata: posted

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol, yesh he does!

[Bookmark] Mikko: advice number one. don't date your enemies!

[Bookmark] Rogue: lol

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: i mean sure he had a fling with Lois but it wasn't long from what I recall

[Bookmark] Rogue: Harley: *sliiiiiiides up next to Batzy* Hi. ^^

[Bookmark] Rogue: Clark: If he flings with my girl... I will 'fling' him....

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: its funny though Harley and Bat do get along in the animated series pretty well

[Bookmark] Rogue: if I ever get HQ doneand no one pops in and wants to play her...she will pop up at the mall [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: yeah they do

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bruce: *turns to Quinn and lets out a girly scream*

[Bookmark] Mikko: ooooh

[Bookmark] Rogue: HQ: O.o *pinches his cheek* I miss my Puddin'. So, until he comes back to me.. *drags Bruce off to give him a Joker makeover* ^^

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bruce: help...meeeeee

[Bookmark] Candy: Stitch: *waves*

[Bookmark] Rogue: Clark: *snorts* Good luck with that. [tongue]

[Bookmark] Rogue: HQ: O.O Oh my gawd! Lil blue fuzzy thing! *releases Bruce and snugs the alien*

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol dawwwwww

[Bookmark] Candy: Stitch: Oo - ^_____________^

[Bookmark] Mikko: if quinn comes in. I say forget Joker! I'll bring in Ivy and have a hot lesbian couple! it's canon!

[Bookmark] Candy: rohMikey: Oo *runs away to bathroom*

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: hehehe just what overactive teen boy brain needs to hear [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: yes!

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: I love when Zathura gets Bruce to sing in the justice league she's also in Smallville to

[Bookmark] Mikko: Batman: the batman does not sing. the batman hums.

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: depending on what you go by I'm pretty sure Bruce dated League of Assassinates daughter at some point Ra's al Ghul also wanted to marry his daughter

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl
Batman (Bruce Wayne ) Sings - Am I Blue.aviYouTube · 1:22 · 601K · 99%Batman (Bruce Wayne ) Sings - Am I Blue.avi [Click to hide video thumbnail]

[Bookmark] Mikko: that was beautiful

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: brb have to get laundry but will be heading off soon

[Bookmark] Rogue: Bruce.... has had a lot of women [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: yes and most want to kill him

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: dude lives dangerously

[Bookmark] Mikko: indeed

[Bookmark] Mikko: if a woman isn't trying to kill him he isn't interested

[Bookmark] Rogue: Clark: You should make Alfred proud. Settle for one. ONE, Bruce.

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bruce: fine. *grabs Candy and runs away with her*

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: Bruce did have more flings than Clark.

[Bookmark] Rogue: Clark: O.o She's underage!

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: but I'm heading off to bed guys. See you all tomorrow thankfully I can be up later tomorrow just not today

[Bookmark] Rogue: Clark: ...*Just... gives up. Enjoy jail time, frenemy*

[Bookmark] ScoopGirl: *hugs all*

[Bookmark] Mikko: Bruce: is legal somewhere!

[Bookmark] Rogue: aw, night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Mikko: night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Candy: lol hey by Aussie standards I'm of age - [big grin]

[Bookmark] Mikko: see!?

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Candy: but must not look it - I go into buy a bottle of moscato to share and I get asked for my drivers licence -

[Bookmark] Candy: without fail every single time!

[Bookmark] Candy: even if the same servers have seen me before - [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: I get carded still too. I use to like it. now it's just annoying. like look. I'm old. gimmie my damn booze!

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: Look at this way you will age gracefully lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol not if I keep drinking

[Bookmark] Candy: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: need to intake more water!

[Bookmark] Candy: hehehe okay kay I poked and posted... some - onto Mikey!

[Bookmark] Kitteh: [big grin]

[Bookmark] Candy: wait no Kitty - M comes after K and L [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: *dances*

[Bookmark] Candy: hehehe

[Bookmark] Mikko: I wish I had some kinda snack

[Bookmark] Espionata: aww

[Bookmark] Rogue: Igotta head off here. dang headache is comingback. [frown] will be on FB mesenger for a lil longer and will do more posts later *snugs*

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Rogue: ninight *snugsall and poofs*

[Bookmark] Rogue left the chat 5 days ago

[Bookmark] Candy: night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Mikko: night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Kitteh: *snugs* Feel better!

[Bookmark] Mikko: cha cha real smooth yo

[Bookmark] Candy: bwhahaha

[Bookmark] Candy: *cha chas*

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Mikko: lol

[Bookmark] Candy: [big grin]

[Bookmark] Kitteh: [tongue]

[Bookmark] Mikko: I'm heading off of here. night all *hugs*

[Bookmark] Mikko left the chat 5 days ago

[Bookmark] Candy: night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Candy: well... might as well head out too yeah? [smile] *hugs hugs* night

[Bookmark] Espionata: night

[Bookmark] Kitteh: Night *hugs*

[Bookmark] Kitteh left the chat 5 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata joined the chat 4 days ago

[Bookmark] Mikko joined the chat 4 days ago

[Bookmark] Espionata: hi

[Bookmark] Mikko: hihihi

[Bookmark] Espionata: What's up?

[Bookmark] Mikko: THE FINALE COUNT DOWN!

[Bookmark] Espionata: lol

[Bookmark] Espionata: In the new Pokemon Sun and Moon there's a new form for Vulpix and Ninetales making them an ice type and an ice/fairy type ^^

[Bookmark] Mikko: I seen! it's soooo pretty

[Bookmark] Mikko: but they're suppose to be in a tropical island. where the ice come from?

[Bookmark] Espionata: It is makes you wonder what other forms are out there
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PostSubject: Re: Random Chatty Pt. 31 - 40 (Blaze arm fractured/ healed - learned to walk/talk))   Thu Sep 08, 2016 5:30 pm

pt. 39

Bebop: I don't lie! I tell untruths

Espionata: If Bebop does it right Mel will never doubt him

Mikko: I just have a feeling that something is going to happen that will cause Bee to have to admit that the turtles aren't killers and rapiest

Espionata: Yep, And right now Mel trusts him completely

Mikko: Negan is heading to the mall so that'll be fun

ROHMel: Who's Negan?

hhEe: sounds like the one I did not get to shoot arrows at.

Mikko: well you will get your chance again!

ROHMel: Doesn't sound to tough

hhEe: some one knows how to make a girl happy

ROHMel: I can take them on

Bebop: *pats Mel's head* so cute

ROHMel: I've killed people before Bebop

Bebop: and you were adorable

ROHMel: Adorable?

Bebop: yes

ROHMel: Not sure you get that me killing people is adorable

color=#DEB887]Bebop: is[/color]

ROHMel: Okay then ^^

rohMikey: nu huh I... am adorable

Mikko: only when yer sleeping

ROHMel: No I am and you're crazy

rohMikey: oh come on look at all this *poses gesturing -*

RohLeo: *just rolls his eyes*

ROHMel: Bebop says you all put on an act

rohMikey: Roooomie! *makes like gonna glomp Leo - but lifts a Blaze off his shell and holds the boy out to him* for the Don that is about here some times, lil dude has a pressie for him [tongue] - *looks at Mel* oh no way this... is all Mikey - nooo act necessary

rohMikey: [eyelashes]

RohLeo: *blinks and takes the child* ...okay.

ROHMel: I don't trust that

RohLeo: Who are you getting your information from?

ROHMel: Bebop

RohLeo: *snorts* Figures.

Blaze: *waving his - 'gift' - about... or actually his cast... which is now off. Points no where in particular* Doh!

rohMikey: he's as trusty as a rusty nail [tongue]

Bebop: *rushes in and swoops Blaze up*

rohMikey: then again I am likely to put a whoopee cushion on ya seat so he might have a point.

ROHMel: What's wrong with Bebop? He's nice to me and protects me

Blaze: *bllliiiiink - waves his cast at Bebop - and points again in no direction* Doh!!

Bebop: Doh? You don't say? *hands him sucker*

Blaze: *excited* Doh Doh Doh!!! *points points points - with the pacifier in hand*

Don: I'm here.

Bebop: ooooooh no more cast? look at that. perfect new arm! *smooches arm*

rohMikey: [big grin] dawwww

Don: What do you want, Bebop?

Blaze: *beams and happy grins at Bebop - nuzzles... then spies -* Doh!!! *holds cast out, still waving his pacifier - actually has no idea what it is as his sucker has always been mums boobs*

]rohMikey: my O me gave him to me - said I was to bring him here for a visit [smile]

Bebop: I want a beer. *pops pacifer in Blaze's mouth*

Blaze: *chews - then spits it out - bounces of Mikey's head of course - more energetic waving at Don* Doh doh Doh!!!

Don: Not going to happen. What are you doing with my nephew?

Bebop: *puts strawberry flavored sucker in Blaze's mouth*

rohMikey: catches the drool covered pacifer - blinks*

[color=#DEB887]Bebop: feeding him sugar then going to give him back to you. *grins*

Blaze: *oooh likes this one, chews hard! still making motions to Don with the cast*

ROH Mel: *Giggles*

rohMikey: hehehe yous have got to see .... go stand back a bit Donnie and you put the little guy down [wink]

Bebop: *sets Blaze down*

Candy: hehehe boy could do with some sugar, his mother been keeping him on a very healthy diet

Blaze: *sits for a moment, then recalling what he was doing and - Don still there beams and shifts, climbing to his feet, wobbling a bit, then shambling towards Don -*

Don: *leans down and scoops up his nephew* Hi, Blaze. [big grin]

rohMikey: *squuuuuueeeeeeeeeee*

ROHMel: That's cute I guess

rohMikey: he's growing up [tongue] it's sooooo cute

Bebop: he's walking!

Don: *grins* You have been busy since I last saw you.

Blaze: *feet waggled in air as he was lifted - he cackles and holds out the highly decorated cast* Doh! Unlel Doh!

Don: And you're...talking!

rohMikey: that is not all - anyone here know how to sing 'Sing a Rainbow?' oMikey said to try it out *beams*

Blaze: *waves at Bebop hearing his words* Beee *nuzzles Don - still waving cast at him* Unlel Doh!

ROHMel: Nope I learned cool things like wrestling boys [tongue]

Don: *smiles and checks his arm*

rohEe: waaaat singing is cool! and so is languages! I know it [big grin]

Blaze: *points at his all healed arm* Am! *giggles*

Angel: ..... he's not a babe no more - he's a tot [tongue] *squeeeeeee*

Don: He sure has grown.

rohMikey: *now can glomp his Leo* Rooomie! *tackle glomps*

RohLeo: *grunts, patting his brother's shell*

Angel: yeah he has - looks healthy hopefully means mum is healthy too

rohMikey: *to Bebop* do you know the sing a rainbow song?

Bebop: I do not

Don: I sure hope so. I haven't seen her in a while.

rohMikey: *still holing his brother like a velcro annoyance* she was not ith oMikey when he came to me. [wink] awwww... I don't know it either

Angel: *awwws, knows her Don worries.* hopefully she'll heal enough to see us sometime.

rohEe: I know the song... can I have the Blaze? *holds out hands - sings 'sing a rainbow' making the sign language motions -*

Mikko: *sings phantom of the opera*

rohEe: *blinks* I dont think he knows that one

Blaze: *nope totally lost*

Don: *holds Blaze out to RohEe* [smile]

Mikko: awwwwww *sings the pokemon theme song*

rohEe: Thanks Don *waves at Mikko* no no loook - *sings the 'sing a rainbow song again - slower -* Red and yellow and Pink and Green Purple and orange and blue...

Blaze: *ooooh likes this one indeed - does not need rohEe to make the signals for him, he eagerly 'sings' along making some of the signs - some he missed or did very clumsily but still not bad*

Mikko: colors are fine and dandy but how will he ever learn all 700 pokemon?

rohEe: eeeeeeeeee so clever! *glomps*

Blade: *flails*

rohMikey: probably after he's learned at least one swear word [tongue]

Blaze: *just goes with the snugging with mum not mum and goes back to happily singing on her lap - waving arms back towards Don*

rohEe: *gives him back to his uncle*

Don: *takes Blaze back* You didn't have to give him back, Erica.

rohEe: I do - otherwise I'll try keeping him

[b]Don: *chuckles and nuzzles his nephew* You're getting so big, Blaze.

[color=#00008BRohLeo: *slips his arm around RohEe*

Blaze: *happy chattering - some words, nuzzles Don taps snout* Unlel Doh! *certainly got a little longer [tongue] *

Candy: and heavier

rohEe: *giggles - snugs* did you see that he knows some sign words ! *squeeee -*

Don: I see that. *grins, very proud uncle*

Blaze: *nuzzle nuzzle - does not churr - has not churred for a long time, but a very happy little fellow - points at the cast, patting Don's cheek to bring his attention to the dropped bits* Doh!*

rohMikey: *to Bebop* sooooo what swear word the little thug gonna learn first? [wink]

Bebop: I'll start him off slow. he's gonna need to learn the phrase, Where's my money, bitch? First.

rohMikey: suppose so - where's my money b - *notes his Leo still there and the other don and decides he doesnt wnt to say bitch* Bunneh *picks up the cast and gives it to Don*

RohLeo: *gives Mikey a stern look*

Don: *sighs* How did you...? I suppose you don't need it anymore, though. *removes the cast pieces from Blaze's arm* Is that better?

rohMikey: how did I what? [big grin] *tries to give his big brother an innocent look*

Blaze: *points at cast happily it was cut into two halves and the insides also decorated, some binary coding along the edges* Maaaam *cause he had seen mum playing with it*

Don: *checks out what the inside of the cast says* I understand.

rohMikey: glad you do I ave no idea whats going on half the time

Blaze: *still gabbling away - very chatty - pointing at the other cast sketches, remembers where Bebop had drawn and points at it then Bebop* Beee beeeee - *goes back to vague baby vowels and stuttering*

Bebop: *plops down by Blaze*

Blaze: *garbles and points at Bebop* Beeee beee *grins - has grown a tooth since last seeing them all*

Bebop: *puts Blaze on his lap* oh snap! you gonna be chewing up everything.

Angel: ha he might need a tooth pick like dad some time - *hugs Don* so what did you understand? [wink]

Blaze: *and babbles on - nod nodding clumsily not sure what Bebop said but it needed a nod right?

Bebop: *nods back* I agree! You just ccan't trust turkeys in this day'a age.

Candy: pfffft lol close enough

Blaze: *gabbles excitedly at that! points at don* Doh! *and at Mikey* Mimi - E oo *Leo - more gobbledegook and happy sounds*

rohMikey: *snorts* until you give em a good stuffin yeah? [big grin] *cackles at own joke*

Bebop: and so they shall forever be named! Doh is my favorite.

rohMikey: hehhee Mimi - perfect

Don: O.o

Angel: *giggles at expression* quiet a story - Doh [wink]

Bebop: never tell jokes as bad as Mike. ok. *tells Blaze*

rohMikey: waaaaaaaa - turkeys being stuffed was a classic dude [tongue]

Blaze: *claps hands*

Kitteh: Posted in Lost. Leo's feeling a bit...uncomfortable with this touchy-feely Bebop [tongue]

Candy: [tongue]

Mikko: lol

Mikko: MMBebop: so you leave me!? ALONE! WITH MY THOUGHTS!

Candy: bwhahaha could always follow and continue the talk [tongue]

Mikko: dun dun duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun

Candy: unnnnnnnnnn!

rohMikey: okay I better get him back - *scoops up the Blaze* say bye bye! *dramatic waving to share his point - blowing kisses!*

Blaze: - *oh knows the waving - but never seen the blown kiss before - tries to mimic and of cause just makes kisses faces and raspberries*

rohMikey: yeah like that! *still showing - ninja vanishes*

Bebop: nuuuuuuuuuuuu

Candy: [wink] he'll be back some time

Bebop: *sings sweet child o mine*

rohEe: *ruffles piggys mohawk* like the kid huh?

Bebop: yes! he's a cool little thug

rohEe: yeah - so cute too [smile]

Angel: [big grin] wait til you see our twins - sleeping now no seeing!
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PostSubject: Re: Random Chatty Pt. 31 - 40 (Blaze arm fractured/ healed - learned to walk/talk))   Fri Sep 16, 2016 4:03 am

pt. 40

Mikko: a tiger that they eat!

Espionata: Poor tiger

Mikko: lol I have no idea if that happens

Espionata: I do DX

Mikko: oh noooooo

Espionata: Maybe the show changes that please won't be able to watch the tiger get eaten by walkers DX

Angel: can't be any more gross than watching Mikey eat a cheese pizza

Candy: [tongue]

Espionata: When I watched Alien I hoped that the cat would survive people didn't care much about lol

Mikko: lol

Candy: three slices at once anybody? [wink]

Espionata: Gross lol Love the new movie though Bebop and Rocksteady were the best part lol And Tyler Perry had a lot of fun playing Stockman lol

Candy: he sure did

TheMikey's: Heeeeeeeeeey!

rohMikey: I am the face of fine dining manners and -

ROH Mel: No you're not >​>​

oMikey: table etiquette !

TheMikey's: Are so!

RohLeo: .......suuuuuure you are, Mikey. *rolls his eyes*

TheMikey's: see Leo agrees! *both point at the Leo*

oMikey: the not crazy Leo

ROH Mel: He's being sarcastic >​>​

Bebop: *struts in*

rohMikey: - nah totally wasnt - gonna have soe cheese and maple syrup sauce pizza bro?

ROH Mel: What happened to normal pizza Oo

Bebop: *takes the pizza and eats*

oMikey: noral pizza is so mundane

rohMikey: the normal cheese is just for the little kiddies *which are all under the table stuffing their faces*

ROH Mel: I like bacon and pepperoni on mine >​>​

TheMikey's: mmmmmmmmmm pepperoni

RohLeo: No thanks, little brother.

Cyan: *pokes head out from under table - points cheese stuffed crust at rohLeo - ducks back under*

Candy: [tongue]

Kitteh: lol

Candy: whatever the kid said was lost in the cheese

TheMikey's: *stole ALL the kids - Elena, Clones, Blaze, lilShen... and oDon's twins*

Candy: [tongue] only the twins are NOT under the table with the rest and they have no idea where Neo is kept so couldn't steal him

Espionata: aww

Bebop: *drags in a bouncy castle*

Elena: YAY! *races out and BOUNCES* this... is.... awesome!.... *bounce bounce bounce*

Laz: *tosses Rogue in the bouncy castle*

Clones: *All follow but just sstare at the bounce house*

Mikko: *helps the other little turtles in the castle*

Clones: *getting bounce about by Elena*

ROH Mel: Have fun in that thing >​>​

Blaze: *totters over but too short to climb in - doesn't stop him from trying though*

Bebop: *helps in him*

Blaze: *yays! and bounces - clumsily - has not yet got the full scoop of walking yet - let alone bouncing!*

Clones: *all hang on to bits of the house totally not sure of this thing!

Mikko: lol I'm pictureing just little turtles being tossed everywhere and not really jumping themseves

Candy: lol pretty much - except Blaze... he's trying

Mikko: all fun and games until Spike comes along and tosses spiders in there with the kids

Espionata: Jerk

Crimson: *Elena bounces next to him - makes him fly up and land on Cyan - bounce wrestle ensues - clones forget their scared and -*

Candy: lol well three of four boys will eat spiders

Kitteh: lol

Espionata: lol

Candy: Blaze, Crimson and Elena might squeal

Candy: ... a lot

Candy: Cyan - Gold and Violet, eat em

ROH Mel: Eww gross

Candy: [wink]

Mikko: lool

BounceHouse: *literally bouncing about a little with enthusiastic bouncers inside*

Kitteh: lol

Mikko: they are having some pokemon thing at our zoo friday. was going to go as it's only 10 dollars to get in which is cheap to get in the zoo! but then I found out it's at night and the animals will be put away. so I was like nah.

Espionata: aww

oMikey: uuuuh excuse me and Blaze for a bit *reaches in and takes like ten tries to catch the bouncing little maniac - ninja vanishes once he has him*

Espionata: lol

Bebop: heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee​y! come back here with my kid!

Candy: hehehe

lilShen: *still under table eating cheesy crusts and sitting between rohMikey's feet*

Elena&Clones: *random wooo hooos and yays and cheers and - bounce bounce bounce!*

ROH Mel: *Giggles* Why wanna be a dad Bebop

Bebop: I AM! kinda.

ROH Mel: Kinda?

rohMikey: I def don't wanna - lucky me I can give all these back *lifts a lilShen onto the table so he can see her and all those playing in the bounce house*

Bebop: depends on the game i'm in.

Kitteh: [wink]

ROH Mel: Yeah it does like the one we're in

rohMikey: yeah

rohMikey: which reminds me *gives oAngel back hers* so adorable by the way! *puts lilShen on his shoulders - makes sure she hanging onto bandana tails - and hitting his head with them - grabs the bounce house and carries it away-* I should get these back to the mm! *ninja vanish!*

Candy: annnnd I gotta go *hugs hugs hugs hugs hugs*

Mikko: *huuuugs*

Espionata: night

Espionata: aww

ROH Mel: *Glomps Bebop* XD

Bebop: *reflexes too slow, doesn't catch her and watches her bounce off his stomach* O.o you ok?

ROH Mel: I'm fine used to jump out of trees [tongue]

Bebop: *puts her on his shoulders*

ROH Mel: You are so cool Bebop ^^ *Holds on*

Mikko: she needs to stop comlimenting him

Espionata: Why giving him an ego [tongue]

Mikko: he had that already shes making it bigger.
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PostSubject: Re: Random Chatty Pt. 31 - 40 (Blaze arm fractured/ healed - learned to walk/talk))   

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Random Chatty Pt. 31 - 40 (Blaze arm fractured/ healed - learned to walk/talk))
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