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 Portal Hopping Pt 21 - 30 (post rp chat room creation)

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Erica Martins

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PostSubject: Portal Hopping Pt 21 - 30 (post rp chat room creation)   Tue Aug 16, 2016 9:02 am

pt 21.

Angel: hehehe my lil cousins so on a Pitch Perfect fix right now Razz

Espionata: lol

Angel: only they dont call it Pitch Perfect they all shout - lets watch FatAmy!

Angel: yeah it's sooo cute Very Happy

Angel: it's lets watch FatAmy!

Angel: Mikey: *was ot he way to the loo - but gets beaten by Erica* Hey!

Espionata: Mel: She needs to go a lot more Mikey

Donatello: lol! That might be debatable. Razz

Angel: Mikey:... yeaaaaaah but hey!

Angel: Erica: *ignores - the sickness back with a vengeance right now!*

Espionata: Mel: Erica?

Angel: Mikey: .... only gotta pee I can go find a wall outside the lair... *goes to do so*

Espionata: Mel: Eww

Angel: Mikey: *struts back in relieved*

Angel: Erica: *hugs the bowl busy here!*

Donatello: Well, it IS a sewer. Razz

Espionata: Mel: Still gross >​>​

Angel: Mikey: is not! I took it far away from the dooor

Angel *still at her place sleeping off celebrational activities*

Espionata: Mel: It's gross to me >​>​

Espionata: Mel: No Leo yet surprising >​>​

Donatello *sleeping next to Angel, worn out from the long but very satisfying night they had*

Angel *snugs snooozing*

Angel: Mikey: Very Happy - not yet.... *goes to bathroom and opens it - *you okay in there?

Espionata: Mel: Maybe the baby kicked her stomach Oo

Angel: Erica: *makes vague gesture, shivers*

Espionata: Mel: *Yawns*

Donatello *slowly wakes up, stirring a little*

Angel: Mikey: *helps her up*

Espionata: Mel: Didn't sleep well last night >​<

Angel: Erica: *exhausted.* me either - been up and down all night puking... and all day - seriously there is nothing in my guts to toss!

Angel: Mikey: nawwwwws

Espionata: Mel: Aww

Angel *mumbles - peeking at Donnie through one open eye*

Espionata: Mel: Mine was mostly nightmares

Angel: Mikey: Raph! * holds out sickies Erica* where you been bro?

Raphael O.o ..*snugs and gives her pepto.. cuz he doesn't know what else to do.. feels bad about that*

Espionata: Mel: Morning sickness came back with a vengence I guess

Angel: Erica: mmmm missed you Red *totally agrees*

Angel: Erica: *with Mel! - sickness back with vengeance! - snugs*

Angel: Mikey: I'm make some soup - chicken noodle! *hugs Mel*

Espionata: Mel: *Snuggles close* Not hungry Mikey haven't been all day stupid nightmares >​>​

Donatello *smiles at her*

Raphael Sad *scoops her up and carries her off to bed for some snugs and TLC. Gives Mike a quiet 'thanks' in passing* Maybe he'll pop out soon .. think he's usin' yer stomach as a punchin' bag.. O.o

Angel: Mikey: you will eat Wink *goes to the kitchedn*

Angel Wink mmmmm sooon to be daddy sleep well? *snogs*

Espionata: Mel: Why do you say that Mikey? *Follows*

Donatello *snogs back* I did. And I still can't believe it. It's so surreal that it's finally happened.

Angel: Erica: *smiiiiles - tickles spot * don't look so guilty Red - it's okay - guess R2 just dont like whatever I ate ...

Angel: Mikey: well you need food - nightmares should not stop that - and I gots to make some for my bros sickly
girl Very Happy will make mild flavored *had given his bog bro a wink in passing - sure no prob*

Angel: Erica: Wink we still have three months of baking time at least Very Happy *rubs bump, sure is starting to grow very round*

Donatello: bog bro? lol

Espionata: Mel: But I'm not hungry Mikey

Angel mmmm it is surreal! *squuuueeees and smoooches more* like did I just smoke that and what is it doing to me kind of surreal! only much better Razz

Raphael *snugs and rubs her tummy, nuzzing a soft kiss against her neck* Well hopefully he'll calm down soon... maybe that's his way of sayin' he wants outta there. You know, can't keep us 'Rs' confined Wink

Angel: Erica: *puuuuurs - nibbles a cheek* mmmmmm such feiry untamable beauties you are Wink *kiss kiss hand caressing his over their Lump* better tell him to be patient just a bit longer Wink

Angel: where the hell is autocorrect when you need it?

Angel: busy plaguing MS and turning his Cumming into Chumming

Espionata: lol

Donatello: lol! That was soooo funny!

Angel: ooooor crumbling!

Donatello: Or cruuuuuuuuuuubling! Razz

Donatello: lol Forgot the "m". Razz

Espionata: Mel: Besides Erica is more important than me Mikey

Donatello Heh...interesting analogy. *smooch*

Angel: Mikey: you girls all need feeding Razz

Angel: hehehehe clot!!

Espionata: Mel: Still not hungry Mikey *Tries to hide some new bruises* >​>​

Angel Very Happy *kissssing* welll I am high on happy thought it was appropriate Wink *snoooogs*

Donatello: Razz

Donatello *chuckles* Me, too. *nuzzles and snogs*

Angel mmmmm we'll have to share our own good news too soon huh? *cuddles - snogging*

Donatello Yeah. *snuggles* Although it was already pretty much implied a few days ago. *snooooogs*

Espionata: lol

Angel this is true - *chuckling into snooooging* guess we'll just be confirming it...

Donatello *nods* Yeah. *pulls her closer*

Angel they better still be excited or I will kick butts and take names Wink *shifts, closer, on him - resumes snogging*

Donatello *chuckles, nuzzling her and returns snogs* We're not going to get out of this bed today, are we?

Angel *cheeky smile* I had not planned on it no >:d *nibbles his jaw line*

Donatello *churrs, pulling her against him, getting turned on again*

Espionata: Mel: So Mikey still gonna make me eat?

Angel *mmmm! slowly straddles him - glad they had no inkling to dress at all - looooves the feel of nude againt his
sking and plastron - mooooans*

Angel: Mikey: yes you must try somehting Wink

Espionata: Mel: Why?

Donatello *looks up at her, smiling* I love you so much, Angel.

Raphael O.o Yeah, he better wait,,,um.. how much longer.. *still ruuubing her tummy, pressing soft kisses there*

Angel: Erica: a few months - *caresses Raph's head* wow.... just about half way .... should be able to feel him moving sometime soon

Angel *nuzzles that snout* love you immensely - you sexy dad to be - I love you too

Donatello *runs his fingertips down her arms, smiling*

Angel: Mikey: yes... because you can't live on air - and this tastes great Wink

Angel: Mikey: *made up a tray for his brothers sickly one - and takes it to the Spot -*

Donatello: Dawwwws Mikey is just adorable. ^^

Espionata: Mel: But Mikey I'm fine so I skip out on eating for today I did it all the time. *Doesn't have the weight that she can afford to lose*

Donatello: Mikko might have to come in here from now on to share her naughtiness. Razz

Angel *shivers lightly shifting so her inner thighs soft skin brushes the tops of his - grinning back - then with a giggle presses kisses all over his face*

Donatello *laughs, returning as many as he can*

Angel: lol!

Angel *growls playfully making a game of it - seeing how often he can catch her*

Espionata: Mel: Well Mikey can't force me to like he would take my crutches so I couldn't leave >​>​

Espionata: eat*

Angel: Mikey: *rolls eyes - girl is seriously complaining about food she didn't cook and doesnt have to wash up
after? - cause he is fussy about his kitchen and does dishes as he goes*

Espionata: Mel: *Sticks her tongue out at him now he knows how it feels to have a younger sibling*

Donatello *keeps trying*

Angel *chuckling, relents when he finally catachs her, kisses deeeeply*

Donatello *moans, stroking her neck and shoulders*

Angel: Mikey: *ignores - has nothing to do with that - girl wants to be sick and not eat fine with him... uses Shell to push open Spot door* here Erica, Raph Very Happy - try to eat this Wink *puts down the food* and yes you get a bowl too bro *points to huuuuge bowl - cause you know he and his brothers can eat like horses when hungry*

Angel *her own deeeep moooan shivers in delight*

Espionata: Mel: Part of being a little sister Mikey supposed to drive you nuts >​>​

Angel: Mikey: *ignores - busy making sure he places food safely on dresses... and sort of out of range should snugs go more than pg rated -* hehehe

Angel: Erica: thanks Mikey Wink *tickling her BigRed's spot*

Donatello *kissssses slipping a knee between her legs and ruuuuuubs*

Angel oooooooooooooooooo thats nice.... *rocks hips meeting that leg - excited, damp enough to leave a little moisture trail through rubs - shifts a hand down to stroke his tail - snoooogging*

Espionata: Mel: And your ignoring me >​>​

Angel: Mikey: *yes he is - must back out now after giving his bro a fist bump - rubbing that belly and leaving closing door behind him heading back to kitchen to cover soup so others can help themselves*

Raphael *churrrring happily, only vaguely aware that Mikey was there*

Donatello *moans, keeps rubbing, feeling her heat and wetness, getting haaaaaaaarrrrd*

Espionata: Mel: *Pouts* Stupid big brother >​<

Angel: Erica: *chuckling, knows - keeeeeps stroking*

Raphael: night *hugs*

Raphael left the chat

Angel: Mikey: hehe

Espionata: night

Espionata: Mel: What?

Donatello: Night *hugs belated*
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Erica Martins

Posts : 885
Join date : 2014-10-18
Age : 19
Location : solitary confinemnet

PostSubject: Re: Portal Hopping Pt 21 - 30 (post rp chat room creation)   Tue Aug 16, 2016 9:19 am

pt 22.

Leo *spanks Mel*

Espionata: Mel: Leo stop it!

Leo *pinches the bum*

Espionata: Mel: Bad enough I have the bruises from being strangled by you! *Smacks his hand*

Leo what? i didn't strangle you

Donatello *finally makes it back home*

Espionata: Mel: Then what the hell do you call this?! *Points the bruises on her neck shaped like his hands*

Leo looks like you and your boyfriend are getting rough

Espionata: Mel: No Leo that's not from Raidon he's smaller than you it's from you!

Leo no I think I would have remembered that

Espionata: Mel: I slapped your meds out of your hand then you attacked me!

Leo well see that was your first mistake. I say this is all on you. no fault of mine

Espionata: Mel: I thought they were street drugs! And that doesn't give you the right to almost kill

Leo I didn't almost kill you

Espionata: Mel: Then what do you call strangling?!

Leo erotic asphyxia

Espionata: Mel: No Leo strangling is not okay no matter what?!

Leo you didn't complain at the time

Espionata: Mel: Because I couldn't breath!

Leo yeah that's what they all say.

Espionata: Mel: Because it's the truth!

Leo if you say so. *slides over to Don* she's crazy...

Espionata: Mel: I'm not crazy

Espionata: Mel: And you better be glad my dad isn't here Leo

Leo you better be glad MY dad isn't here!

Espionata: Mel: Why he wouldn't be happy with you

Leo how dare you say such things!

Angel *finally followed Don -* OO

Espionata: Mel: You know it's true Leo he would be angry at you for strangling me

Leo IF I strangled you, which I didn't

Espionata: Mel: But you did I got the bruises from you!

Espionata: Mel: Mikko had to stop you!

Leo you have no proof

Espionata: Mel: Then how do you explain the bruises?!

Donatello *comes home to yelling* O.o

Angel *stays beside Don* what the heck guys?

Leo Don't blame me for marks your boyfriend left

Espionata: Mel: Big brother Leo isn't taking any responsibility for strangling me hell he says he
doesn't remember doing it!

Donatello Um, he probably doesn't remember it, Mel.

Espionata: Mel: Leo Raidon didn't do it! I wouldn't be with him if he did because that's abuse!

Leo erotic asphyxia

Espionata: Mel: So that doesn't excuse him! I bet he doesn't remember saying that he wanted the dark turtles to kill and eat me either

Leo what? no one did that

Espionata: Mel: You admitted it to Me Leo

Leo I know, now that I think of it. having you eaten wouldn't be a bad idea

Espionata: Mel: What?!

Leo well yeah, you talk about it so much you must want it

Espionata: Mel: No I don't Leo

Leo *nod nod* same with the strangling. you don't have to be embarassed to like that stuff

Donatello *groans, rubbing his temples to ward off an impending headache* -_-

Angel *frowns at Mel* you just making it worse - *rubs backof Donnie's neck*

Espionata: Mel: I'm so out of here Leo! And you better stay away from me because you're insane! *Leaves the lair and into the city*

Leo I'm going to stalk her. *does so*

Angel oooy vie

Angel *feels a head ache herself* not exactly thed way we wished to confirm good news...

Donatello Great. >​.<

Espionata: Mel: *Doesn't notice as she goes to her old haunts in the run down parts of the city*


Espionata: Mel: I said leave me alone Leo! I know this area and where they hang out! *Keeps

Donatello I know. *sighs* At least we can track her.

Leo no I mean like real dragons.

Espionata: Mel: *Ignores Leo*

Leo *jumps on her shoulders*

Espionata: Mel: *Falls to the ground* Leo get off!

Leo no I must protect the child!

Espionata: Mel: Leo get off! You're to heavy and big!

Leo are you calling me fat? *gets up*

Angel: guRaidon: *was portalling - minding his own busines.... now kicks the bigger turtle off - drawing his battle axes* whats going on!?

Espionata: Mel: *Gets up* Raidon!

Espionata: Mel: Apparently Leo doesn't remember anything

Leo she was going to get eaten by dragons! I of course was there to protect her

Angel yeah - *worried for their blue clad 'leader' *

Espionata: Mel: There are no dragons!

Angel: guRaidon: *frowns.... and draws Mel to him...* go... go to the base

Angel: guRaidon: *twirls his axes*

Leo she thinks there are no dragons, she's in real big trouble.

Espionata: Mel: Raidon?

Leo: *dragon flies by*

Espionata: Mel: Seriously what the fuck Oo

Leo told ya

Leo: *dragon sets everything on fire*

Espionata: Mel: Seriously?!

Leo: *dragon swoops down on Mel*

Angel: guRaidon: fuck! - *grabs Mel and heads for portal throwing on axe hard enough to bury itself in the dragnons left eye* go!! Leo... come on! *dude is crazy and dangerous but can't leave this worlds version of his uncle out here*

Leo * skips after them*

Espionata: Mel: *Clings to Raidon* Woah!

Angel: guRaidon: *guides them through portal to home base* what the frack!? there is actual dragons in your world?

Angel: guRaidon: their extinct here - though there is speculation dragon dna was used in the process to creat the dark clones... our rulers

Espionata: Mel: There shouldn't be

Angel: lol boy is confused

Espionata: lol

Leo yep yep.....

Angel: guRaidon: oh - then what the hell? you both okay?

Espionata: Mel: I'm fine I think even though Leo is pissing me off

Leo don't be angry with me, they're your little kinks

Espionata: Mel: No they're not

Leo yes they are

Espionata: Mel: Leo why would they be my kinks?

Leo no idea. everyone is into something

Angel: guRaidon:.... right.... um come on then

Angel: guRaidon: *leading into the base*

Espionata: Mel: *Follows* Well I don't Leo

Leo well I don't leo. *mocks*

Espionata: Mel: Are you to piss me off even more Leo?

Leo that is the intention

Espionata: Mel: Why?

Leo to prove a point

Espionata: Mel: What point?

Leo that you love me

Espionata: Mel: I don't love you and this isn't one those animes!

Raphael joined the chat 10 seconds ago


Espionata: Mel: No not when you're phsyco!

Leo don't make me suck all the filling out of your doughnuts

Espionata: Mel: What?


Raphael -.-

Donatello: O.o

Espionata: Mel: Leo I want you to stay away from me!

Leo: lol

Leo and I want a pony we can't all have what we want

Espionata: Mel: Leave me alone!

Leo fiiiiiiiiiine *hops away back to his own world and sits in the lair alone*

Espionata: Mel: *Falls to the ground panting* I don't get it Raidon

Angel: guRaidon: why don't you just ignore him - you know reacting makes it worse

Angel: Erica: *tooo tired - and a little sickly still - sooooooooo not getting caught up in that mess - staying in Spot bed*

Espionata: Mel: I left the lair to get away from him but he followed me

Angel *looks at Don -*

Donatello *looks back at Angel, shrugs and shakes his head*

Espionata: Mel: I can't take it Raidon with Leo I can barely eat and sleep and the nightmares don't

Raphael *stayin' in spot with Erica cuz he's barely left her side. -snugs-*

Leo *stares at blank tv screen*

Angel well um... *hugs Don*

Raphael: Vic: *slips up behind Leo and snugs* ^^

Angel: nawwwww Wink cute Raph Razz )

Espionata: aww

Leo *lights up and turns around and snogs*

Angel: Erica: *cuddles - maybe unwell but snugs is good -*

Angel: R2 is being mean Razz )

Espionata: lol

Donatello *hugs Angel back* Are you okay?

Angel *smiles* I am alright - come on *tugs him towards Spot - got to avoid the crazy*

Angel: Mikey: *finds his Ally and runs away to Spot too*

Angel: lol

Angel: invasion!

Raphael: Ally: ^^ Heck yeah!

Donatello: lol

Raphael: Vic: *snogs like whoa.. her baby bump has grown considerable-- may beat Erica at this point.. vamp secret* I missed you!

Donatello *goes with Angel* Smile

Raphael *Yeah.. can't help but be worried. Rubs her tummy as he nuzzles a kiss against her cheek* You okay?

Angel: Mikey: *snugs Ally -* Hey Raph - hey Erica *yep all hiding in here*

Angel: lol they are too

Espionata: Mel: *Tries to get up but gets dizzy*

Espionata: lol

Leo I missed you too! everyone was being so mean to me! *pulls her onto his lap and rubs her belly* are you getting all the nutriants you need?

Angel: Erica: mmmm hmmm - *kisses - waves vaguely at the others -*

Angel *smiles and kisses Don's cheek - chuckles* yeah we all taking refuge in here - sorry RedT Wink hows girlfriend doing?

Raphael: Vic: How dare them. Sad *but a lil distracted when he asks about the little one* ^^ Yeah, I think so...but may have to eat someone soon O.o ..who's your least favorite brother? >Smile

Donatello: O.o

Angel: lol

Leo uuuuh. well I think that Raidon guy will do

Angel: Mikey: OO *locks Spot door*

Angel: guRaidon: what?! *scoops up Mel and runs for it*

Raphael Raph: *not too thrilled with the company* -.- *still, waves* She's.. sick. R2 is bein' a lil devil.

Espionata: Mel: *Holds on* See what I mean Raidon?

Donatello Did you want me to look her over, Raph?

Angel *smiles - and rubs his head*

Angel: Mikey: sorry bro wont hog your space too long Wink *snugs his bugaboo*

Leo: lol bugaboo

Leo: I'm heading off. night all *hugs*))

Donatello: NIght *hugs*

Leo left the chat

Angel: Erica: *mumbles - tired* immune system is surpressed.... during pregnancy - ... *rubs her mates head* just a cold....

Angel: Mikey: Very Happy *peeks out door - it is clear!*

Espionata: night

Raphael: lol, poor Leo is like the plague these days Razz)

Angel: lol!

Espionata: That he is

Angel: yeah

Espionata: Mel seems to have taking Raph's role with him lol

Espionata: *taken

Espionata: Mel: Raidon I feel dizzy

Raphael *gives his brainy bro a stern look. Would say 'no' because Erica used to be with Donnie,
too.. but he trusts her and knows that things have been different after she chose.. and... he's reeeeeally worried about her* >​.< ...Yeah. Sad If she's okay with it..

Angel *gives Raph a wink -*

Angel: guRaidon: mmmm *takes her to his mother*

Espionata: Mel: I don't know if it's from the stress or what *Holds on*

Angel: Erica: *nods sleepily - fingers rub his spot*

Angel: Erica: *would normally have figured out whats wrong herself by now - but headachey*

Espionata: Mel: Think your mom will know Raidon?

Raphael Raph: *still snuggling and hugging and doing his best to 'calm' their unborn hellion*

Angel: hehehe R2 is making mummy anemic - stealing all the iron for himself Razz

Raphael: dawwwws

Raphael: see you guys tonight *hugs*

Angel: hehehe lil hog Razz

Angel: night night Wink

Angel: *hugs*

Raphael left the chat 5 seconds ago

Donatello: *belated hugs*

Donatello *moves closer to Erica after getting Raph's approval*

Angel *goes with knowing chuckling* hehehe big brother make you nervous Stretch? *rubs his head
sitting beside Erica on the bed*

Angel: Erica: *breaths are short, smiles at him and Angel very pale - more so than normal... seems even more so snugged to her big red turtles sleeping side*

Espionata: lol

Donatello I won't lie: he can be pretty intimidating.

Donatello *checks Erica's vitals but will need to do more tests in his lab*

Angel Wink especially being all protective of his pregnant mate - hey girlfriend Wink

Angel do we need to take her to lab - ?

Angel: Erica: *smiles at Don* hi PrettyEyes... *fingers cold as they stroke his cheek*

Donatello *nods* Yeah. Erica, you need to come with us to my lab. I need to run more tests.

Angel: guRaidon: of course - mum has like fifteen years experience Wink *carrying*

Angel: Erica: oookay *tries to sit up but is dizzy and her sleeping mates heavy arm does not help*

Angel whoa... hold on - *grunts and shifts arm* hehe aright now let Stretch carry you Wink

Donatello *helps her as much as he can, will deal with his shoulder later and picks her up* Yeah. Save your strength. We'll find out what is going on with you. *takes her to his lab*

Espionata: Mel: Okay Raidon and Mikey has been getting on my case about not eating

Angel *follows* hehe was sure RedT would strike out - dude has a habit of coming awake with a swing... *rubs her loves shoulder - worried her firend is sooo weak*

Angel: guRaidon: and so he should! you need to eat

Donatello *gently lays her on his lab table, doing a few more tests*

Espionata: Mel: I know but lately with Leo and the nightmares has just sapped everything and it's showing now kept up a guise

Angel: Erica: *drifts off to sleep - restless... hand on bump*

Angel *watches over girlfriend whilst Donie works*

Donatello *checks the baby thoroughly much as he can with his equipment anyway*

Angel: hehehe R2 is healthy as a horse Razz and groooowing )

Angel *rubs bump* hows he doing Uncle D?

Angel: guRaidon: well that would be the problem, you need food and to destress. you may need to stay here for bit

Donatello He's fine. *is surprised by that but also grateful* And Erica's iron levels are extremely low.

Espionata: Mel: I might?

Donatello: Okay, would an IV give her iron? I have no idea if there is a quick fix for that.

Angel *hehe can hardly wait for her own bump to grow* oooh really? Smile dawww *whispers to bump* Uncle Don says you got to share lil dude - Mummy can't grow you if you sap it all Razz

Angel: bwhahaha big bad Angel talking to a bump - Razz uh just normal fluids I think... she should have iron tablets on an empty stomach Wink )

Donatello: On an empty stomach? That makes me sick.

Donatello: I'm very familiar with the iron tablets. I take them myself. I have to have the slow-release ones, though.

Angel: yep it wil increase rate of absorption - though yes if they make her more sick she'll have to do meals Wink

Angel: ah Very Happy

Angel: I take Vit B 12 to ensure I get my iron absorbed Very Happy

Angel: only on and off though not all the time Very Happy

Donatello *nods, smiling* She'll have to get some iron tablets to help with that.

Donatello Other than that, I think she's fine.

Espionata: Mel: Why would I need to stay here Raidon?

Angel *smiiiiles and kisses his cheek* nawww indeed Dr Don - *rubs her flat belly - then bump
again* he he just past two months and look at this lump... he's going to be a big boy Wink *one arm
hugs Don* do we wake her and get some in her now?

Angel: guRaidon: away from stress, eat good food Wink get good rest -that kin dof thing Very Happy

Donatello *nods* The sooner the better. *nuzzles and kisses Angel's cheek*

Espionata: Mel: Okay Raidon

Angel I love you Stretch Wink *nuzzles back, reaching to grasp girls shoulders and squeeze, shake carefully* Erica... wake up -

Donatello *smiles* I love you, too.

Espionata: Mel: But right now I feel so dizzy

Angel: guRaidon: yes come lets get something into your belly and try realxing for a bit

Angel: Erica: *reluctantly wakes, gazes at them - smiles*

Espionata: Mel: Okay Raidon

Angel *grins back... looks down* hey girl you need to have some medication - is she staying here
until you say Dr.? *smooches cheek*

Angel: Erica: ... *nods - licks her lips, her tongue feels sore...* is there any ice?

Donatello *smiles at Angel* Would you mind getting some ice for her, please?

Donatello And she can go back with Raph if she keeps going with her doses of iron.

Angel: Erica: *barely makes sense of the words... blinks... registers* oooh iron deficiency... *mumbles* thank you PrettyEyes...

Angel *nods and retrieves a cup of ice-* here... Very Happy

Donatello *smiles at Erica* You're welcome.

Donatello It looks like your son is collecting it all for himself.

Angel: Erica: mmm *smiles and rubs bump* that is okay - he *sucks a bit of ice* grows.... and what of ... *sucks* you two?...

Angel *smiiiiiiiiles bringing over a little water and the iron tablets* uh how many should she have? ... and we... we have good news Wink

Angel: Erica: oooh?

Espionata: Mel: *Snuggles close to Raidon* So what will I be eating?

Angel: guRaidon: *had been thinking on that himself* soup Very Happy

Angel *grins and nods for Don to share - after all he and Erica had been close, now very gooood friends -* indeed Wink

Espionata: Mel: Soup?

Angel: guRaidon: yes soup - filling and full of goodness and not much chewing needed on your behalf Very Happy

Donatello *smiles proudly* Angel and I are expecting.

Espionata: Mel: Thanks Raidon because I don't think I can do much

Angel *giggles at his pride - her own also all over her face*

Angel: Erica: OO - ooooh! *squuuues softly through the ice chip she just sucked in* really!? oooh Don - Angel... PrettyEyes - thats awesome! *offers arms for a hug to Don - would sit up but not exactly strong enough right now*

Donatello *leans down and hugs her, chuckling* I know. I still can't believe it.

Angel: Erica: *giggles and snugs gently - kissing his forehead - still loves him, just differently.* oooh soooo happy for yous - would do jig but can't Wink

Angel *chuckles and hugs them both* yes we know - but thank you - R2 will need as many cousins as he can get to play with Wink *rubs R2 bump*

Donatello *chuckles again* It's okay. *nods to Angel* It's hard to believe all of my brothers and myself will be fathers in a few short months.

Espionata: Mel: *Snuggles closer* At least Mikey isn't here to do one of those I told ya sos >​>​

Angel: guRaidon: *lifts his tphone and shows her new message and the mini mikey on screen doing his I told you so jig * uh huh

Angel its fantastic Very Happy

Angel: Erica: *giggles and draws back from them smiling* yes and good fathers too - *even if she worries still for Leo - manages to swallow the iron tablets*

Espionata: Mel: How does he know?

Angel: guRaidon: I have no idea *shrugs*

Espionata: Mel: Must be a brother thing but Leo seems to have forgotten about strangling me seems to think you did it

Angel: guRaidon: I woul dnever Very Happy bite you yes - and will learn to be more gentle Wink

Espionata: Mel: But he's getting more dangerous Raidon and I can't take it

Angel: guRaidon: then avoid him Wink

Espionata: Mel: I will but if he touches me I will hurt him

Angel: guRaidon: how? you are not a turtle, we are very rugged and strong you wont hurt us much

Espionata: Mel: You have skin that can be stabbed at least

Donatello *nods, smiling*

Angel: Erica: *hugs again briefly - sooo tired* I am happy for yous... love yous boooo oooth.hhh *mumbles goes back to sleep*

Angel nawwww love you too girlfriend Wink *snugs nd pecks her forehead* should take her back before a big red wering worried turtle goes looking Wink ... I'mmm massgae your shoulderafter Wink *yeah she noted*

Donatello *smiles* Sleep well, Erica. *then blushes at Angel* You noticed, huh?

Espionata: Mel: Right now I need food

Angel of course - and I will make sure it's okay - *smooches* come lets take her back and leave
them to rest - don't see him leaving her right now Wink

Angel: guRadion: *is getting soup*

Espionata: Mel: *Holds on looks exhausted*

Angel: guRaidon: *brings it over* here only half a bowl, more later Wink

Espionata: Mel: Okay Raidon *Eats some of the soup but not much stress and nightmares took their
toll on her*

Donatello *smiles and takes her back to the Spot, laying her down next to Raph*

Angel *follows quietly and puts girl back where they took her from - under an arm and snugged in close* hehe they are sweet together - she actually tamed your brother Razz

Angel: guRaidon: *does not rush her - and takes her back to his families rooms to rest afterwards*

Espionata: Mel: *Holds on* Thanks Raidon dizziness isn't as bad

Donatello *nods, smiling* Yeah. *turns to leave, taking her hand*

Angel *smoooches and heads out with him closing door* well at least things are nice and quiet again - *heading for his room*

Angel *has a shoulder rub to make good on*

Donatello Yeah. *smiles, giving her hand a squeeze*

Espionata: Mel: Still don't know why Leo is getting to me

Angel: guRaidon: don't know either - a smart girl would try avoiding him at the moment and ignoring

Angel *squeezes back* Very Happy come on Dr - Nurse Angel will give that shoulder a good rubbing

Espionata: Mel: Yeah I know Raidon not only does he piss me off he scares me

Donatello *chuckles* Okay. *goes with her*
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PostSubject: Re: Portal Hopping Pt 21 - 30 (post rp chat room creation)   Tue Aug 16, 2016 7:03 pm

pt 23.

Espionata: Mel: *Yawns pretty much just slept all day*

Angel *been up and busy*

Espionata: Mel: Hey Angel

Angel hello, Wink what you doing?

Espionata: Mel: Been sleeping all day and night apparently. Oh last night saw dragons in the city and I don't mean the gang

Angel ... Huh well weirder things have happened... *filling fridge and cupboards with iron rich foods*

Espionata: Mel: No kidding it was weird

Angel Wink well what else you get up to

Espionata: Mel: Not much really

Donatello *is in his usual* Razz

Angel huh well good, maybe not exciting but good... Stretch! Coffee!

Espionata: Mel: Still on crutches Razz

Angel: Mikey: *reading recipe books Angel got him*

Donatello *pokes his head out* Yes?

Espionata: Mel: Hi Mikey

Angel *shakes her ass enticingly* coffee smexy bean Wink

Espionata: Mel: Hi big brother

Angel: Mikey: *grunts from behind book*

Angel: Oh look reading something other than comics Razz

Espionata: lol

Espionata: Mel: What are you planning on making?

Angel no I told him to study them, Erica's iron deficiency made it clear we need someone to ensure we get nutrient rich foods for those pregnant and not a mutant vampire - *pats Mikey's shell* so he's up Wink

Espionata: Mel: Oh

Espionata: Mel: Well I'm good Razz

Angel: Mikey: no you need to build up too a little Wink *from book*

Espionata: Mel: I do?

Donatello *smiles and heads over to Angel*

Angel *winks and give him his coffee* how is your arm today Stretch? *snout smooch*

Angel: Mikey: yes Mel you do Wink

Espionata: Mel: How come?

Angel: Mikey: you openly admit your under sized and you still ask that? *slowly flicks pages*

Espionata: Mel: True but I'm not gonna grow anymore Mikey

Angel: Mikey: *rolls eyes* don't mean you can't be healthy

Donatello *smooches back, taking the coffee from her* It's much better. Smile

Espionata: Mel: I know Mikey considering I was dizzy last night and that didn't stop until I slept for the past 18 hours >​>​

Angel glad to hear it beautiful, thought I'd get Mikey to be our nutritionist Wink

Angel: hello Shaya!!

Donatello Oh?

Angel yeah Wink - I know he ain't the most serious but surely he'll take this serious seeing as his mate is expecting - oooh watch out Gator coming... *gently tugs him aside*

Espionata: Mel: As it is I still have the bruises from Leo

Angel: LH: *indeed thunders past and skids to a halt in front of Shaya big gator grin in place*

Donatello *chuckles, watching the exchange* Hello, Shaya.

Angel dude looks terrifying, but is a big old soft Wink

Shaya I'm BAAACK~ *Hopes no one gets run over by LH. Very excited to see him again*

Espionata: Mel: Hi Shaya

Angel: Mikey: *looks up* hey Shaya !!

Angel: LH: *happpppy rumbles and nuzzles nuzzles nuzzles*

Donatello *nods* Yeah.

Angel *chuckles and kisses his cheek*

Shaya I'm glad to be back *Excited giggles and nuzzles back* I think I've been missed or ssumthin'

Espionata: Mel: At least you missed Leo's crazy

Angel: LH: yes... Yes you were *hugs hugs* very much

Shaya Crazy? This group? never.

Shaya *hugs and cuddles* Missed you too.

Espionata: Mel: Leo is got the bruises on my neck

Angel: Mikey: *grins* even more than usual Wink

Angel: oh Shay Shay check you origins pm Wink

Espionata: Mel: *Hugs Mikey* ^^

Espionata: Mel: Love you Mikey ^^

Donatello *slips his arm around Erica, pulling her close*

Angel: Lol

Angel: Erica: *hugs*

Angel *giggles and hugs too*

Espionata: Mel: *Snuggles close to Mikey* ^^

Angel: Mikey: *hugs*

Espionata: Mel: You're a good big brother ^^

Angel what are you doing out of bed Erica?

Angel: ty Very Happy

Angel: Erica: *lets em go and chuckles* loo

Espionata: Mel: *Stifles yawn*

Donatello *smiles* Feeling better?

Angel: Erica: less weak yes... And not so head achey - thank you ... Very Happy

Angel Mikey will make sure we are fed right Wink

Angel: Mikey: *hugging Mel, reading still* yeah

Espionata: Mel: So what are we gonna end up eating?

Angel: Mikey: something yummy why?

Espionata: Mel: Because healthy food doesn't taste good at times

Angel: Mikey: toooo bad Mel

Espionata: Mel: Why to bad?

Angel: Mikey: Very Happy cause ya gotta eat

Espionata: Mel: At least you make food taste good but it's so stupid with how the junk food tastes good but healthy stuff doesn't at times

Angel usually - but I am THE Naked Chef - *doesnt even have on his bandana*

Angel: oooops

Angel: was NOT meant to be colored

Angel: Mikey: usually - but I am THE Naked Chef - *doesnt even have on his bandana* *

Espionata: Mel: That you are Mikey *Kisses his cheek*

Angel: Mikey: Very Happy yes *nuzzles hair and draws away to make something good for the girls so all can get rest.

Espionata: Mel: So what are you making?

Angel: Mikey: uh tomato methi rice - why?

Espionata: Mel: Never had that before

Angel: Mikey: *grins* it's yummy rice

Espionata: Mel: Hope so I'm hungry

Donatello *smiles at his brother*

Angel: Mikey: Very Happy yeah I know - and good Very Happy *is cooking up a storm - it all smells great!*

Espionata: Mel: I know that sleep helped

Angel *sniffs and pulls out a chair for Don - will join him once comfortable* Wink

Espionata: Mel: *Goes to sit at the table*

Angel: Erica: *sits - ready to have another iron tablet... still somewhat not quiet balanced, nearly misses seat - but finds it slowly*

Espionata: Mel: Your baby not behaving?

Angel: Erica: he is - just not up to normal yet... boy listened to his father I guess, haven't been sick as least and managed some sleep Wink

Espionata: Mel: That's good *Stifles yawn*

Donatello Yes, that's very good.

Donatello *sits down*

Angel *slips gently onto his lap* indeed Wink

Donatello *wraps his arms around her, smooching her shoulder*

Angel: Mikey: *dishes up the rice dish for his table guests - others he will take it to them later*
very good - well I am in charge of nutrition so expect good food Wink

Angel *kisses his temple* very good, so it's been two months - your a month off the almost half way - you nervous?

Espionata: Mel: Thanks Mikey

Angel: Erica: a little - but mostly excited - I mean sooon we will be able to feel him moving! *squeees around a first mouthful of this rice dish - mooooans half way through squuuueeee - chewing*

Espionata: Mel: *Tastes the rice dish a little bit cautiously but starts to eat it faster* ^^

Angel soooo spoke to Raph about the Delivery? *tasted her rice - moans and taps Don's plate* it's good - knew letting Mikey take care of our nutrition is a good idea Very Happy

Angel: Erica: *shakes head* not yet - he's always been as worried as he is excited and after the first scan he's more excited than worried - I don't want to worry him just yet, whe we get past the
four months and were done to two or three left I'll talk to him about it....

Angel: Mikey: Very Happy *oves watching others enjoy his cooking*

Espionata: Mel: This is good Mikey ^^

Angel: Mikey: yep so eat it up ladies - especially you Erica and you Angel. I will take my mate hers Wink

Espionata: Mel: Kay *Eats most of hers*

Angel: Mikey: see a full belly feeling is good huh? Wink

Espionata: Mel: It is Mikey *Yawns*

Donatello *smiles at all of them* I'm proud of you, Mel.

Espionata: Mel: Why big brother?

Angel: Mikey: Wink

Angel *eaten, napping lightly against his shoulder*

Angel: Erica: *face planted on her plate after finishing* ZZZZZZZZZ

Angel: lol

Donatello Because you're actually eating.

Angel: Mikey: *chuckles and moves to scoop he up and take her back to bed* yep... *carefully carries her away*

Espionata: Mel: I do eat big brother just not much the past few days

Donatello *nods* So this is a big improvement. *holds his mate in his arms, eating with one hand*

Espionata: Mel: Yeah it is *Yawns laying her head on the table*

Angel *mumbles - 'good girl' from the shoulder pillow*

Espionata: Mel: Sheesh I may be aged up here but you guys treat me like a kid >​>​

Donatello *wonders if Mike will be returning, still can't...or at least shouldn't lift much yet to get Mel to bed*

Angel: Mikey: *is back* hheehe Raph missed me by a millimeter - hehe didnt even wake, stole her from me as I put her down and took a swing! Smile

Donatello *smiles* You still are, Mel. But you're getting there.

Angel: Mikey: well you act like it sometimes still Razz

Espionata: Mel: Probably because I didn't have the best childhood don't wanna grow up at times because I really didn't get to be an actual kid *Yawns*

Angel those darn kids! *wakes with a start and random short sentence, blinking*

Espionata: Mel: *Giggles but yawns* To tired to get up

Angel: Mikey: ine but you owe me a soda *scoops her up*

Espionata: Mel: *Holds on* Okay Mikey*

Angel *takes her to her room and bed*

Espionata: Mel: *Clings to him* Stay *Falls asleep*

Angel: Mikey: *for a bit but must return to his own mate with her food*

Angel: Mikey: *slips away going to the kitchen to gather a plate for his mate grinning at Donnie* this is sooo coool huh?

Angel *still not quiet awake, getting there*

Donatello Hmm?

Angel: Mikey: us all... being dads - Very Happy it's coooooooool

Donatello *chuckles* Yes, it is. *smiles*

Angel: Mikey: Very Happy hehehe livin my dream ... hehe dads super pleased - never seen the guy so excited

Donatello Who told you, anyway?

Angel: Mikey: no one - I eavesdropped Very Happy

Donatello *blinks then sighs, shaking his head, amused* Typical Mikey.

Donatello We haven't had a chance to tell everyone yet.

Angel: Mikey: ^__________^ waaaaaaaaaat I was.... excited.... Very Happy and been hoping all my bros would be in on this wild adventure together... - yeah not yet

Angel: Mikey: but you will - I wont say nothing Very Happy

Donatello *gives him a look* Really? You won't blab to everyone about it?

Donatello *doesn't quite believe that*

Angel: Mikey: *shakes head madly* no no - come on dude I am a nut case and all but this is special - for you and Angel Wink

Donatello *slowly smiles* I appreciate that, little brother. Thanks. *finishes eating*

Angel: Mikey: Very Happy no worries... I get it - I do.... *mostly a goof ball but hey can be serious*

Angel: Mikey: *sometimes*

Donatello Thank you for the meal. It was very good.

Angel: Mikey: [wink] I'll make sure the girls get proper eatens now - I got to get this to my mate [wink] *salutes and grabs up the plate* night Donnie*

Donatello Goodnight, Mikey. Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Portal Hopping Pt 21 - 30 (post rp chat room creation)   Tue Aug 16, 2016 7:28 pm

pt 24.

Espionata: Mel: *Raiding the fridge* >​>​

Shaya Any Bread or cheese in there Mel?

Espionata: Mel: Nope


Espionata: Mel: *Ignores Leo even though it's hard to*

Shaya *snort* Clearly someone found a new favourite TV show.

Espionata: Mel: Yep

Leo oh yes! i seen my first episode today! but sadly it's not on netflix

Angel: Erica: *still not quiet up to normal health - sort of skirts around Leo with a smile* thats nice

Angel OO what do you mean no cheese I stock the dang fridge yesturday

Leo Erica! *grabs and hugs* how is the little monster spawn?

Shaya OHh?

Espionata: Mel: There's no cheese other than cheese for pizza

Angel: Erica: *chuckles and hugs back* R2 grows well, look *shows of slightly bigger bump*

Angel there is so Mel - *opens fridge* there is philly cheese and a chedder log and slices there - *points*

Leo *lets her go and rub rubs belly* well Raph was a bit kid. so I bet this little runt is going to be huge!

Espionata: Mel: Oh

Shaya Don't scare the lass Leo.

Angel: Erica: *chuckles and nods* even as a toddler? *smiles at Shaya* hello you - now I know why Jaws was so happy Wink

Leo my monster is growing well too. well not in me, but yeah. though I worry both baby and mother will need blood...

Shaya I'm guessing Big Guy wasn't so happy lately?

Angel: Erica: Jaws has been sleeping most the time - waiting for you Wink

Angel: Erica: that is good Leo - and yes Leatherhead has a few baggies for her

Angel see plenty Very Happy

Espionata: Mel: Erica can I take the brace off yet?

Espionata: Mel: I noticed >​>​

Shaya ... Baggies?

Shaya What have I missed since I've been away?

Angel: Erica: blood - Leo's mate is a mutant vampire, LH gives her his blood on occassion - he can't supply her all the time of course but he has a few for her to have Smile

Angel: Erica: Very Happy well check out mine and Raphael's Lump *shows off bump to Shaya now* ^_^

Leo wonderful! *goes back to singing*

Shaya How are you feeling hon? your bump has grown.... may I touch your tummy?

Angel: Erica: yes you can touch - yes it has... the gestation will be a little shorter, I'm two months into what may be six to seven months - *offers bump* yeah it's a good sized lump Very Happy

Angel *watches Leo amused -*

Donatello *enters the kitchen, in need of a coffee refill*

Espionata: Mel: Hi big brother

Donatello Hello, everyone. What's going on. *makes a beeline for the coffeemaker*

Donatello: on?*

Espionata: Mel: The usual

Donatello Oh?

Espionata: Mel: Leo being crazy >​>​

Donatello *pours some coffee in his mug* I see.

Angel hello Stretch Wink *having a tea herself - though that coffee smells fantastic!*

Leo I think I am being very sane

Donatello *smiles at Angel, going over to her* Hi, sweetie. *smooches her cheek* How are you feeling today?

Espionata: Mel: While I want this brace off

Shaya *warm maternal smile while lightly laying her hand on her friend's tummy* Wonderful to hear. You still didn't answer the first question though... How are you feeling?

Angel *grins and nods at Leo* you are yes Wink *chuckles and strokes that snout - smooching back* great I feel great - you?

Angel: Erica: ooooh - um I am okay... still have not quiet come back from being anemic - but the iron tablets are helping - but I am so very very happy *grins and whispers to Shaya* it's a boy Wink

Donatello I'm perfect. *slips a hand down and rubs her flat belly, smooching her cheek again*

Shaya Oh... *presses her lips together to hold the secret in and also to not smile- a smile could turn into a squeal of enthusiasm for her friend*

Angel *snuggles - nuzzles back* ahhhh so the shoulder rubs been working Wink

Donatello Mm-hmm.

Angel: Erica: *chuckles* sorry everyone knows - I just... felt weird sharing it to you without Raph here too - but should be able to feel him moving towards the end of this month Very Happy *squeeees*

Shaya *stands to openly hug Erica* That is great to hear. If you need a gal to talk to. I'm free to.

Angel: Erica: *snugs* thank you - I think your Dragon went out early to hunt, he will be here

Angel *waggles eye brows and nuzzles* awesome

Shaya He will? I feel bad that last night I was so tired I had to go home early.

Angel: Erica: don't be - big guy is just happy your home - and of course Very Happy your here he wont be far behind Wink

Angel: April: *pops out of no where and playfully flicks Leo's snout* tell you a secret - I like watching Steven Universe too Wink

Leo ^^ yay! *snugs April*

Donatello *hugs Angel* Yeah.

Espionata: Mel: Erica can I please take this brace off?

Angel: April: hehhee Wink got all the eps saved on my hd drive - so help yourself to them Chief

Angel: April: *and snugs*

Leo *goes to watch them*

Donatello: lol

Angel hehe *makes a face as she sips tea* what have you been working on Stretch

Shaya: tee hee hee

Angel: April:... hey! I'm coming with ! *grins and waves at Shaya - takes popcorn along*

Leo *sings along to theme song*

Shaya Bye

Shaya *waves back at the teens*

Angel: Erica: *chuckling* nice to see him normal Smile *looks at Mel* okay but your still to take it easy

Espionata: Mel: I know Erica *Takes off the brace* Freedom *Tries to walk without crutches and loses her balance* Woah Oo

Shaya How has it been healing you two?

Espionata: Mel: Finally free of the brace ^^

Angel *smiles at Shaya and nuzzles Don's cheek* Stretch has been doing well

Shaya With you keeping care of him, I would only guess he would get better.

Shaya Having a personal nurse must have helped him by the loads. Wink

Angel: Erica: *giggles at that -* ooooh it definitely did

Angel *chuckles herself at that poking her tongue at Erica* yes it did - and good Mel

Espionata: Mel: Yeah need to get used to walking again Razz

Donatello *smiles* Yeah.

Angel you will Mel *kisses her lovers cheek dropping a hand down to join his on the flat belly* Wink soon a bump will grow

Espionata: Mel: Yeah I will and avoid Leo


Angel: April: *startled, popcorn goes flying* OO

Espionata: Mel: Whatever Leo

Leo *gets up and goes over to Mel, scoops her up and heads back over to April* you will love me!

Espionata: Mel: *Struggles* Leo let go!

Leo *sits Mel down* hush you! now, lets watch the crystal gems

Espionata: Mel: No *Gets up*

Leo *pulls her back down* yes

Espionata: Mel: No Leo *Gets up to leave*

Angel: April: gently Chief she only just got off those crutches

Leo oh right. *gently pulls Mel back down*

Espionata: Mel: Leo I want to stay away from you the stress you give me isn't good *Gets up*

Leo well it wouldn't be stressful if you listened to me

Espionata: Mel: What? The stress you give me makes it hard to get any sleep or eat

Leo now you are just over reacting

Espionata: Mel: It's true Leo *Gets up*

Leo *holds her down* well you will stay here till you love me

Espionata: Mel: No Leo!

Leo stop yelling. no wonder you are stressed. you need to calm down

Espionata: Mel: *Struggles* You need to leave me alone

Leo you need to chill out.

Espionata: Mel: No you need to let me go and leave me alone

Leo as soon as you admit you love me

Espionata: Mel: I don't love you Leo

Leo that is hurtful. you are a mean person. and must be punished. *picks Mel up and walks her over
to a chair*

Espionata: Mel: What?! *Struggles* Let me go Leo!

Leo *sits her in chair and ties her up* now I will pour the mutagen on you. Don! where's the mutagen?

Donatello *blinks* Leo, no. >​.<

Angel: April: Chief - what?!

Leo Leo yes!

Leo one of us! one of us! one of us!

Espionata: Mel: *Struggles* Leo I hate you!

Leo see this is the attitude you need to change

Espionata: Mel: What?!

Leo *goes off to find mutagen*

Angel: April: *unties Mel* go, portal Raidon now

Espionata: Mel: *Opens the portal to the guworld*

Leo it's in here somewhere! Don't worry Mel, you'll be beautiful!

Espionata: Mel: *Quickly goes through* Raidon!

Leo *comes back out* found it! awwwww she's gone...

Angel: April: *looks all innocent*

Leo well can't waste this stuff. April! come here!

Angel: April: *tosses popcorn at him and runs*

Angel: lol bowl over her head as a helmet

Espionata: Mel: Raidon! *Looks for him*

Leo ooookay. *sets stuff down and glues a gem to his stomach* We! are the crystal gems!

Angel: lol

Angel: guRaidon: oh hey Mel Very Happy

Espionata: Mel: Raidon Leo tried to mutate me as punishment because I don't love him and he wont leave me alone

Espionata: Mel: I try to avoid him and he won't leave me alone

Angel: guRaidon: at least your not hurt *hugs*

Raphael joined the chat 9 seconds ago

Leo *sticks gem on Raph's forehead*

Angel: April: OO

Raphael O.O ...WTF. -.-

Espionata: Mel: Yeah *Hugs him back* Can't you do anything?

Leo we're the crystal gems

Shaya: ((Raph as Pearl. Tee hee hee heee))

Espionata: lol

Donatello: Razz

Espionata: Mel: I think it's safe to head back hopefully

Angel: Erica: *hurries over* you'd be a sexy pearl Wink *hugs*

Espionata: Mel: Wanna come with me Raidon?

Raphael *hugs and nuzzles, not really bothering with the gem right now* You feelin' better?

Angel: Erica: *nods - still a bit weak and tired and pale but much better* yes *nuzzles back eyes closing in happy* had mild anemia

Raphael Sad That ain't good. Anything we can do to fix it?

Angel *from Don's side - grins* of course RedT Don has her on iron supplements and I put Mikey in charge of overseeing all the nutritional needs of the preggo human gals... she's already improving - up and moving about Very Happy

Angel: Erica: awwwws *kisses that frownie* it's okay BigRed - it happens sometimes during pregnancy - and Angel's right... already a little better *kiss kiss kiss*

Espionata: Mel: Raidon?

Angel: guRaidon: no - its up to his brothers Mel

Angel: guRaidon: and him

Espionata: Mel: Yeah wanna head back with me or explore portals I'm off of crutches and out of that brace

Angel: guRaidon: you are not exploring portals - no doubt you have been told to take it easy on the leg

Espionata: Mel: I was Raidon but some of them are safe

Angel: guRaidon: some but we can't tell which so no Mel, you will take it easy ont hat leg, we could hike it back to the base, its not far and it will give that leg exercise

Raphael *snugs* As long as yer okay. Prolly a good thing to have Mike in charge of food. He knows what he's doin' in that department.

Angel: Erica: Wink he does - I even kept the rice down - R2 *is snuggles, kiss kisses* has been doing as you told him Wink leaving the stomach alone *giggles - smoooches*

Espionata: Mel: Okay Raidon

Espionata: Mel: Feels good to be walking again

Raphael: Vic: *searching for her Leo*

Donatello: Might wanna poke Leo's player in the other chat. Wink

Leo *snugs Vic*

Angel: lol

Espionata: lol

Espionata: Mel: Mikey is making healthy foods now Raidon

Angel: guRaidon: oh thats good - so you'll be getting a full meal then?

Espionata: Mel: I am Mikey makes sure of that >​>​

Raphael: Vic: *snuuuuuugs* I missed my pretty blueberry Very Happy

Raphael *hugs* That's good, babe. We gotta keep you healthy

Espionata: Mel: Surprised there has been no attacks

Leo I missed you too! *smooches*

Angel: Erica: *steps up on tiptoe so she can slip arms about his shoulders grinning* between all your care beloved and the others ensuring I eat, get supplements... I will be Wink *smoooches* mmmm love you

Angel: guRaidon: ah there will be - I think their waiting for something...

Espionata: Mel: Like what?

Donatello *gives Angel a squeeze with his arm around her*

Angel: guRaidon: for the guard to be down? - am not sure... dad just says their waiting for a
opportune moment

Shaya *still around*

Espionata: Mel: You would think with us just here would be a good time to attack and me and
Donnie are still out and Leo is questionable

Angel: LH: *finally caught something! - has eaten most of it - and is just swallowing the last bloodied chuck as he makes it back - shaking the water off*

Shaya Big Guy! You're back!

Angel: LH: *big growl of joy* yesth! *rumbles over* and happy to see you - *goes to nuzzle then realises his snout is bloody*

Angel *again gently draws her and Don out of the firing line of a happy gator plow and grins at RedT - glancing at Don - do they tell him their news?*

Espionata: Mel: Still I don't like it Raidon if I was completely better and trained I would spy on those creeps

Angel: guRaidon: you not though - *smiles at least she looks like to have the hang of walking again*

Espionata: Mel: I know I'm not *Continues to walk* And it's taking all of my willpower so I won't just end up doing it

Donatello *nods to Angel, wishes his father was here though*

Angel *whispers* we can wait if you like until Sensei joins us Wink

Espionata: Mel: *Tries not to limp from her knee still being a bit weak from not being used*

Leo: night all *hugs*)

Leo left the chat 5 seconds ago

Espionata: night

Donatello *smiles, nodding*

Angel alright Stretch - we'll share properly then Wink *smoooches*

Raphael *snugs and smooches* Love you, too. And yeah.. we're gonna keep you healthy.

Donatello *smooches back*

Angel: Erica: *smooche smooochies all over his face* I have no doubt... *kiss kiss kiss* sorry I worried you beloved

Raphael *whisks her away to their spot for cuddles and pampering*

Angel: Erica: *giggles waving bye bye to all - totally recovered enough to be the cuddled and pampered*

Angel *chuckles into snoggies waving them away - resumes smoooooooooooooooooching*

Espionata: Mel: *Loses here balance*

Master Splinter *wonders how his eldest has been today?*

Donatello *smooches, seeing he won't be able to tell everyone the news this time either...but his father is there* Hi, Sensei.

Espionata: Mel: Raidon?

Master Splinter ah Donatello how are you? Angel my dear Wink

Donatello Good, Master Splinter. Um...we have something to tell you.

Angel *griiiiiiiiiins* hey Sensei Wink *gives her beloved a nudge to spill - barely holding back a squeeeeeee*

Espionata: Mel: Raidon you okay?

Angel: guRaidon: no lost in thoughts... and worried

Espionata: Mel: About what?

Master Splinter *great excitement rolling off these two - hopeful himself - * what is it my son?

Donatello *smiles, taking Angel's hand and giving it a squeeze* You're about to become a grandfather again.

Angel: guRaidon: well the best time for an attack would be after enough time has passed that no one expects it and with infants, pregnant bellies about - thinks it's going to be a hell of a fight

Angel *barely holding a squuuuueeeeeeeee - squueze squeeeze that hand*

Espionata: Mel: Yeah it is and I will be fighting

Master Splinter aAaaaaah! *pounces and hugs them both* yes! Yes!! Hoping you would follow your brothers!! *hugs*

Donatello *chuckles, patting his father's back, being very squished in a fatherly hug* Me, too.

Angel *squuuuuuuuuuuuuueeees finally hugging him back* hahahaa yes more cousins for them to play with mooore grandkids for you to spoil rotten Razz

Master Splinter ha yes yes!!! Well you have Donatello - oh look I am happy tears *wipes them*

Donatello *smiling proudly*

Angel *giggles and wipes them tears - and kisses Don's proud cheek*

Raphael *Hears the news from their spot- smile* Looks like R2 is gonna have another cousin to torture.

Angel *giggling* another - or more... one of us has got to have the twins I just know it *rubs the Lump lovingly - smooooches that snout - totally pampered right now*

Espionata: Mel: *Hugs Raidon*

Angel: ooops did that all yesturday too not supposed to be color Very Happy

Angel: Erica: *giggling* another - or more... one of us has got to have the twins I just know it *rubs the Lump lovingly - smooooches that snout - totally pampered right now* *

Angel: there fixies again Very Happy

Raphael: lool.. well, twins run in Ally's family Wink

Master Splinter: Lol Very Happy

Angel: see she knew it!

Angel: Very Happy

Angel: or Mikey did he's always been refering to them in plural Razz

Raphael Twins, eh.. O.o *sooo glad he didn't hit that lotto right off* Yeah, gotta practive with this one... and.. I'm sure one of us will do that...

Raphael: lol, daww

Raphael: Ally: Very Happy

Raphael: but, ally has no idea that Spike has a twin brother or that it runs in the family... dun dun duuuun

Angel: Erica: *giggling some more raises eyebrow* oooh practice huh, you planning on siblings for R2 huh? *tickles snout*

Espionata: Mel: Everything will be okay Raidon nothing bad will happen

Master Splinter *hears that and lets go to burst in briefly!* yes Siblings ! Must have siblings! *hugs Erica - runs off to hug Angel... Then Vic ... And finally Ally!!*

Raphael: Ally: Very Happy *huuuugs*

Raphael: Vic: *oooh, must not sink teeth into father-in-fur's jugular..huugs*

Angel: guRaidon: perhaps - but I want you to give your mob hoppers - all of them - first sign of an attack and get them to us... especially those pregnant *leading slowly towards the Lab, arm about her *

Raphael O.o Um.. sometime down the line, yeah.. *nuzzles her hand*

Espionata: Mel: Good idea it will give them a chance to escape

Espionata: Mel: *Goes to the lab with him*

Angel: Erica: *chuckles* I'm holding reservations until after R2's birth *okay so maybe there is some nerves about that! - sniggers and gently pinches snout before letting go - getting rat hugged * OO *and nuzzling the nose with her own amused, giggling*

Master Splinter *happy rat dance*

Master Splinter: Heh you's made his night - I must go *hugs hugs*

Angel: Erica: *devious grin, licks snout*

Espionata: Mel: You know I'm gonna fight Raidon

Angel: guRaidon: not if your still healing, or wise yes

Espionata: Mel: I know Raidon

Espionata: Mel: Don't worry I won't push myself not with my family

ngel *sides hurt from happy giggles, wipes her cheeks* your dad is sooo funneh all excited Wink *kisses*

Donatello Mm-hmm. *smooches* And why shouldn't he be? Wink

Angel *hugs him about his shoulders*

Angel still oh serious Master Splinter as giddy as a school girl *smooooooooooching*

Donatello *snooooogs*

Espionata: Mel: *Yawns*

Angel *snogging*

Angel: guRaidon: *scoops her up*

Espionata: Mel: Sleepy Raidon *Snuggles close*

Angel sooo you too for snugs? *kiss kiss*

Angel: GuRaidon: *goes to his family room*

Espionata: Mel: Love you

Angel: guRaidon: *grins and smoochs* love you too

Espionata: Mel: *Kisses back*

Angel: guRaidon: glad you leg is better, we should walk it more tomorrow Wink *more kisses-8

Espionata: Mel: Yeah *Falls asleep*
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PostSubject: Re: Portal Hopping Pt 21 - 30 (post rp chat room creation)   Tue Aug 16, 2016 7:56 pm

pt 25.

Shaya *slept on the couch exhaustion* Morning~

Master Splinter Very Happy hello *still happy - pounces on and hugs Donatello*

Master Splinter: Hello hello how be you's ? Wink

Espionata: Mel: Splinter is happy

Donatello *chuckles and hugs his father*

Donatello: Hello

Espionata: Mel: Hi big brother ^^

Master Splinter *happy rat* how are you Donatello? Melissa? Shaya? Smile

Espionata: Mel: Fine off the crutches and out of the brace

Espionata: Mel: Big brother did you hide that mutatgen that Leo was trying to use on me

Shaya sleepy like my player

Donatello I'm good., I didn't Mel. O.o

Espionata: Mel: Well you need to he wanted to mutate me DX

Leo I dream of a future where everyone is mutated

Donatello I don't know where it went.

Espionata: Mel: And he's here >​>​

Leo here with a vengence

Espionata: Mel: What?

Master Splinter hello Leonardo

Leo do you really want to hurt meeeeee? do you really want to make me cry?

Leo Hello daddy

Espionata: Mel: I will if you won't leave me alone or try to hurt me

Master Splinter how have you been my son?

Leo I've been good, good. I'm thinking of opening up a cafe

Espionata: Mel: Okay then Oo

Master Splinter oO oh? What kind of cafe?

Leo I'm thinking something with cupcakes. calling it. the Da Vinci cupcakes. after Leonardo Da Vinci. but with cupcakes and less paintings.

Master Splinter: Bwhaha ha Erica cheeky response to Leo in Dude above you game heh heh Very Happy

Master Splinter I see... You be taking baking lessons with Mikey or Erica then?

Espionata: Mel: That's a cupcake shop >​>​

Master Splinter: Oh - if I vanish - iPhone died Wink

Espionata: Mel: And hopefuly you've forgotten about mutating me >​>​

Leo Erica showed me some things. *looks at Mel* thats the secret ingredient! mutation! everyone in the city a mutant, then we wouldn't be freaks anymore we would be like everyone else!

Espionata: Mel: Leo there's a huge problem with that the scientists would experiment on everyone then

Master Splinter are you complaining Mel thought you'd be glad? - oooh what things Leonardo has

Erica showed you?

Espionata: Mel: It's people outside the city and it wouldn't end well

Leo no, because the scientist would be mutants too. and I learned to make cake batter and frosting. i also learned to make frosting flowers

Leo you may be right....I would need to put the mutagin in the water!

Espionata: Mel: And I can see the mass panic that will cause don't you watch movies

Espionata: ?*

Leo TV is for a weak mind

Espionata: Mel: No it's not >​>​

Leo do you watch it?

Master Splinter that's nice of her, hope you thanked her for that Leonardo Wink - *hopes Donatello has locked up all his mutagen supply*

Espionata: Mel: Yes I do

Espionata: Mel: And I don't have a weak mind

Leo maybe you could have a stronger mind if you didn't want tv. *wont bring up the fact that he watches steven universe and my little pony*

Donatello *thought he already did*

Master Splinter joined the chat

Leo *secret is out, must form plan B!*

Espionata: Mel: What?

Leo come Mel! we must save the world!

Espionata: Mel: No

Leo I didn't ask

Espionata: Mel: So? The answer is still no

Leo so that's a yes? great! *grabs Mel and flies off*

Espionata: Mel: Leo let go! *Struggles*

Leo no. see how it feels? I'll tell you no!

Espionata: Mel: But I said no to you! *Struggles* I hate you!

Leo you don't hate me

Espionata: Mel: Yes I do!

Leo well we'll have to change that

Espionata: Mel: Oh yeah? How?!

Leo by making you hang out with me til you like me

Espionata: Mel: No! Now let me go you asshole!

Leo no! I will show you the world! Shining, shimmering, splendid! Tell me, princess, now when did
You last let your heart decide?

Espionata: Mel: *Hits Leo* Let go!


Espionata: Mel: I said let go! *Hits him more*

Leo your fighting only makes my cock harder!

Espionata: Mel: Leo I have a boyfriend!

Leo I have a future wife, what's your point?

Espionata: Mel: So you're not supposed to do that!

Leo do what? kidnap women and take them to secret bases for unsolicitated sex?

Espionata: Mel: Yes! That's rape!

Leo you say tomato I say tamato

Donatello: O.o

Espionata: Mel: That's not even remotely the same thing! *Struggles more* Help!
Leo HELP! I need somebody! HELP! not just anybody! *sings* no can hear you scream in the turtle cave.

Espionata: Mel: Leo let me go! *Struggles hitting him*

Leo *plops her down in a chair and straps her in* there, now for the make up!

Espionata: Mel: *Struggles* Leo stop!

Leo I know you, i walked with you once upon a dream. *grabs make up bag and goes to Mel* you are going to be so pretty!

Espionata: Mel: *Struggles more* Leo I hate make up!

Leo well just like me, it longs to be, close to yoooooou! *starts painting Mel's face*

Espionata: Mel: *Struggles* Stop!

Leo stop moving so much. you know Mel, a little advice. if you are quiet and still I can do this faster, then I can set you free faster.

Espionata: Mel: No!

Leo well then you will just be here longer

Espionata: Mel: *Tries to kick him*

Leo ties legs up too*

Espionata: Mel: Let me go!

Leo *lights up* Let me gooooooooooooooooo! let me goooooooooooooooo! don't want to wear your make up on my faaaaace! let me gooooooooooooo! let me goooooooooo! *starts with eye shadow*

Espionata: Mel: *Growls at him trying to find a way to bite him*

Leo sooooo pretty. no biting! you wild animal!

Espionata: Mel: I can and will bite you! *Tries to bite him*

Leo I can and will pull all your teeth out one by one

Espionata: Mel: No you can't my boyfriend and dad wouldn't let you and if you did you would be in trouble!

Leo they would never find your body. *adds some blush*

Espionata: Mel: What?! *Tries to struggle and bite*

Leo *puts on the lipstick* there all done. now for an outfit.

Espionata: Mel: Leo no!

Espionata: Hi

Leo *starts looking for a nice dress*

Espionata: Mel: *Struggles in her binds*

Leo *comes back with a nice blue dress* now. are you going to put this on, or do i have to knock you out?

Espionata: Mel: I won't put anything on!

Leo ok. *set the dress down and picks up the large hammer*

Angel: Mikey: *trips Leo*

Espionata: Mel: Mikey!

Angel: Mikey: *grabs Mel and runs... Chair and all* Hi!!

Leo how did you find my turtle cave!?

Espionata: Mel: Leo is crazy Mikey!

Raphael joined the chat

Angel: Mikey: MetalHead ! *still running*

Leo pfffft, now what am i going to do? *dances to the oldies*

Donatello: Razz

Espionata: Mel: Now can you get me loose Mikey

Angel: Mikey: *hides behind Raph, unites Mel*

Raphael O.o WTF. -.-

Espionata: Mel: Thanks Mikey *Gets the make up off* Leo grabbed me Raphie seems to think I'm a great target to torture

Leo *packs up his weapons and heads out*

Angel: Mikey: Very Happy welcome... Leo's crazy today Raph Razz

Espionata: Mel: No idea what he's up to now. By the way here *Gives Raph and Mikey portal hoppers* So that Erica and Ally can escape if the dark turtles attack here again

Espionata: Mel: Need to give Angel and Vic each one too

Espionata: Mel: Hopefully Leo is done with being crazy

Raphael Raph: *siiiighs* Leo's crazy everyday. And now... I actually mean it. *would give anything to have old Leo back* Sad

Espionata: Mel: I know * Hugs Raph*

Donatello *would also*

Raphael: MMDonnie: *pokes head in long enough to whisper BRAIN-WORM!! Then back through the portal for his regularly scheduled depression*

Raphael O.o

Espionata: Mel: Okay then Oo

Espionata: Mel: *Snuggles close to Raph*

Raphael: Well.. mind worm.. leace it to Donnie to be more.. proper Razz

Leo worms in my brain!!!!!

Espionata: lol

Donatello: Brain worm. Wink

Raphael Well then we need to do somethin' about it....

Angel: Lol! Brain worm!

Raphael Where did lil twerp go.. he seems to know somethin' about 'em...

Espionata: Mel: We do because Leo is acting nuts

Espionata: Mel: No idea

Leo *comes running in* WORMS IN MY VAGINA!!!!!!

Angel: Erica: *tired, managed to get some 'human stuff' done... Nearly jumps out of her skin at Leo's shout* !!!O,O!!!

Raphael: Vic: O.O ...You have a vagina?? How did we spawn??

Angel: Lol nice welcome home after long day - WORMS IN MY VAGINA!!

Donatello: lol

Espionata: lol

Leo .....Princess! *stops and smoochy smoochy Vic*

Espionata: Mel: Leo be quiet!

Leo: there we go, it wouldn't post for some reason)

Donatello: One of my favorite Donnie moments in that latest episode is when Don goes chasing the 'squirrel'. "Squiiiiiiiiiirrelllllll​!" Razz

Angel: Lol!

Leo: I need to watch that )

Donatello: Talk about mind being all over the place. lol

Angel: I like the part where he steals Raphs and Leo's bandanas and they chase him lol Very Happy

Donatello: The squirrel was actually a rat. Razz

Espionata: Mel: Surprised I didn't bruise or hurt Leo with all the hitting and struggling I did to try to escape him

Espionata: lol

Angel: Erica: OO.... *sidles over to Raph to kiss his snout*

Espionata: Mel: Here Erica *Gives her a hopper*

Espionata: Mel: If the dark turtles attack you will be able to escape to the base

Raphael: bwhahahaha! Yeah, I laughed so hard at that

Raphael: that whole dang episode was epic

Espionata: lol

Angel: Me too and the cousins laughed so hard Very Happy

Angel: Erica: oooh... Thank you Mel

Espionata: Mel: You're welcome Raidon says the Dark turtles are planning something and I'm fighting the urge to find out what

Raphael *snugs and smooches* ^^

Angel: Erica: mmmmm *smoooch!* funny two seconds ago I was exhausted, a snug and I feel revived already *tickles spot*

Espionata: Mel: Why is it that I'm not trained enough to spy on those creeps >​<

Raphael Well, you know what they say about Kappa... e're magical and shit. Wink

Raphael: we're*

Angel *hurries in to pounce on Donnie*

Donatello Very Happy *hugs and spins around*

Espionata: lol

Espionata: Mel: Angel here *Gives her a hopper*

Angel: Lol!

Angel: Erica: *giggles and nips a cheek* uh huh definitly enchanting Wink *snogs*

Angel *laughs snugging, snogs*

Espionata: Mel: *Stretches* Surprised the dark turtles haven't attacked

Donatello *takes the hopper from Mel and nuzzles Angel, handing it to her*

Espionata: Mel: I wonder where my dad is

Angel: Mikey: *making food*

Angel: Angel: oooh *mid hugs and nuzzling smoooches, takes it* thanks Mel*

Espionata: Mel: Mikey what are you making?

Leo *dances with Vic*

Raphael: Vic; ^^ *dances* When did you get a vag? O.o

Raphael Mmhmm.. Wink *happy churrs and gently nips her neck*

Leo I don't know. i also don't know how I got worms.

Raphael: lol.. don't think Donnie would be too happy about this Razz)

Leo: wow he went right through the shorts and all. lol poor april)

Angel: Erica: *delighted shiver - whimper* mmmmmm! *continues her own playing lil nips til she finds his ear hole and whispers* I have a question for you my love

Donatello: O.O

Angel: ty ty

Angel: lol! Bot lovins Razz

Espionata: Mel: Erica when will our dad be back?

Angel: Hank: I am here! *pops out of freshly delivered box*

Espionata: Mel: Hi Daddy ^^ *Still has the bruises on her neck and shoulder they're fading*

Leo *smooches Vic* I wanted to turn the population into mutants so you would have lots to eat, and the baby too.

Raphael: O.O

Raphael: Vic: ^^

Raphael *Trying to get the churrs under control* ..oh?

Leo anything for you ^^

Angel: Erica: *nods nods nose tip nuzzling just under his ear hole - yes more churrs! loves those churrs!* I do... *breathy giggle maybe teasing a little* want to hear it?

Angel: hehehe teasing a little? Razz

Espionata: Mel: *Hugs Hank*

Raphael: lol, naughty

Raphael *Never been the patient type..but churrs at her attentions* Well duh!

Angel: Hank: *hugs* Smile how have you been*

Angel: ? *

Espionata: Mel: Okay except for Leo strangling me >​>​

Angel: Erica: *more silent giggles - nips back to snout - wont torture him any longer with
suspense!* Marry Me?

Raphael: Dawwww

Espionata: aww

Angel: hehehe guRaphandKim gave her the idea -

Angel: Razz

Raphael *Was NOT expecting that! O.O Did he hear her correctly?? Did she just ask him to marry her?? Was she seriously willing to give up all of the perks of being human to be his forever? Deep down, he already knows the answer to that. She chose him, and now they have created a life together... why not spend the rest of theirs with each other?* ..*Okay, total sap Turtle.. gets a lil misty eyed-nuzzles and kisses softly* ..Well, duh! *of course he has to be a smart ass to keep from crying! But now, a lil more sincere* Of course I will.. *snogs*

Angel *still been snuggling Donnie - looks over and dawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwws*

Angel: Hank: Oo

Espionata: Mel: Wow *Snuggles closer to Hank*

Espionata: Mel: And Daddy you're really calm about this

Angel: Mikey: *making yummy steak and green vege and cheese sauces for eatins and now hollers out a cheer* wooooooooooot!

Angel: Hank: *falls over - fainted* ++

Angel: lol

Espionata: Mel: Erica you broke Daddy >​>​

Angel: Erica: *couldn't have kept the cheesy grin off her face no matter how hard she so did NOT try - giggles at the smarty pants reply - then* YEeeeeeeees! *yep cheers - and snogs bugger it happy tears a rolling down cheeks*

Angel: Hank: *twitch*

Espionata: Mel: *Pokes him* Raidon gave me a love bite

Espionata: Mel: He is out and didn't go nuts when I told him Leo strangled me OO

Espionata: *Oo

Angel he fainted.... hah! *drags Donnie over* ahhhhhhhhhh your engaged! hehhee *does happy jig* come on lemme hug someone! *grabs Erica and hugs her*

Angel: lol

Angel: Mikey: *puts the dished up, covered plates in the oven to keep warms for peoples to help themselves - washes hands and hurries over to punch Raph's shoulder* heh congrats bro Razz

Raphael *wipes at her happy tears. Snugs and kisses, just flashes a grin at the congrats and gives a quiet 'thanks'. Never thought he would be the first to be engaged.*

Angel: Hank: *revives and staggers to his feet -* ooooooo did I just hear what I thought I heard? *looks at Mel - blinks* we'll discuss your bruises soon

Angel: Mikey: *laughs and cheers*

Espionata: Mel: Yes Daddy

Espionata: Mel: And you did

Donatello O.O *oh, snap!*

Leo I think Vic keeps running from me

Raphael: Vic: I'm here, my beloved ^^

Leo good. *snuggles and smooches*

Angel: Mikey: hehhehe here that Don - Leo *points at Raph and Erica - excited - okay very excited, grins and looks for his Ally - must share news and feed her! and snug her! and pamper her!*

Angel: hear*

Raphael: Vic: *niiiibbles* ^^

Espionata: lol

Angel: Erica: *happy sniffs, kissing that hand wiping at her tears - many kisses! - and snugs!... then Angel tugs her away to hug - hugs back*

Leo *picks up and runs off to sex her up*

Raphael: Vic: Very Happy *totallyrocks his world!*

Leo *alllll night long!*

Espionata: Mel: *Snuggles close to Hank and drags him over to the food*

Angel: Hank: steals Erica from Angel*

Espionata: Mel: Daddy?

Angel: Hank: *makes a 'one moment' gesture at Mel - looks up at Raph... then at his eldest daughter* honey?.... you sure? *another of those stare downs*

Raphael *was hoping by now Hank would accept him.. obviously gonna take more work*

Angel: Erica: *meets those eyes* I am. *reaches to take one of Raph's hands...*

Raphael *takes her hand and give it a squeeze, conveying his support*

Angel: Hank: * looks away - she is sure... back up to her tur - fiance now* well then... huh... congratualtions Very Happy *and cheers hugging them both*

Espionata: Mel: *Giggles*

Angel: Erica: *gave Raph's hand a squeeze in return - her support, knows its hard for her dad to accept, but he is trying... now laughs and rubs her chin on his cheek stubble* thanks Dad....

Angel *might be the hormones - but happy tears too! buries them on Don's shoulder with a* aaaaaaaawwww it's just so sweeeet!

Angel: Razz

Raphael *was NOT expecting that! Not the 'huggy' type, but Hank is trying, so he will too.. awkwardly returns it* Thanks ..'dad'

Leo: night all *hugs*)

Angel: Hank: *aaaaaaawwwwkward somewhat - but hey their trying* Wink I trust you wont make her regret it *yeah okay he trusts him*

Angel: Night night! *hugs*

Leo left the chat

Espionata: night

Angel: nawwwwwwwww

Espionata: Mel: Daddy Raphie is good

Angel: Erica: Never... *kisses one of Raph's cheeks*

Raphael Of course I won't. And.. *shuffles feet, still feeling a lil ..okay A LOT awkward* And.. I primise I'll take care of her and protect her.

Angel: Hank: *nods - and maybe has a gleam of respect for the turtle in his eye as he backs up - yeah both of them awwwwkward....*

Angel: lol

Espionata: Mel: Still busy Daddy?

Angel: Hank: I am always busy - and my bossy better never hear of this

Angel: Hank: though some one better tell GranGran Smile

Angel: Razz

Espionata: Mel: Yeah *Giggles* Still at least that's the good news bad news is Leo is still crazy

Angel: Erica: .... Very Happy * cheeers and hugs Raph about his shoulders - with a little hop to reach of course* :* :* :* :* :* *all over his face*

Raphael *returns it wholeheartedly*

Angel: Erica: *snogs - breaking it to cheer again - cause hey she's happy! - resumes snogging*

Espionata: Mel: *Tugs on Hank pouting*

Angel: Hank: *blinks* huh you alright Mel? *hugs her*

Espionata: Mel: Just missed you *Snuggles close*

Donatello *holds Angel close, also happy for his brother and Erica*

Angel: lol whilst Angel covering him in maybe slightly hormonal happy tears Razz

Angel *still happy sniffles - but grins and smoooches Don's cheek*

Donatello *smiles, nuzzling her*

Angel: Hank: *cuddles and rubs her back* missed you both too - now tell me about these bruises...

Espionata: Mel: Well Leo strangled me and Raidon only gave me a love bite

Angel *grins and wipes cheeks - kisses him*

Raphael *snogs and tugs her away to their spot*

Angel: Erica: *goes happily - hangs dew rag on the door knob of course - celebrating after all!*

Angel: Mikey: *skipping off to take his love food and more Mikey pampers!*

Angel: Hank: OO.... >​< those boys....

Espionata: Mel: I guess I deserved to be strangled because I thought I was knocking street drugs out of Leo's hand when they turned out to be meds

Espionata: Mel: Well me and Raidon both kinda got carried away

Angel: Hank: not exactly deserved it, but should have been careful yes - oh really?

Espionata: Mel: Don't worry Daddy I'm still a virgin

Espionata: Mel: And since then Leo keeps targetting tying me up in chairs to do stuff to me

Angel: Hank: is the boy going to be more careful? OO well thats alarming

Espionata: Mel: Yes he is Daddy he didn't mean to do it. It is because I can't escape and for few days wasn't really eating or sleeping

Angel: Hank: mmmmm *looks at Don* your brother in the blue bandana has some troubling behaviour

Espionata: Mel: I don't like it Daddy it makes me relive a lot of stuff when I can't escape him

Angel: Hank: *sighs*

Angel *sighs too - snugs and snogs Don* yes it is troubling... *especially weighs heavy of her Stretch* come on Don - *tugs him away to his room*

Espionata: Mel: *Snuggles closer*

Espionata: Mel: What can we do Daddy?

Angel: Hank: I have no idea... Sad

Espionata: Mel: And I'm not strong enough to get out of his grip he wants me to love him but I hate him

Donatello *goes with her*

Angel *hangs his bandana on the door know - you know just encase -*

Donatello *grins and smooches her, closing the door behind them*

Angel: bwhahahaa naughty Razz

Angel: in a good way

Donatello: And that will be a true fade-to-black. Wink

Espionata: lol

Angel: yeah Very Happy so much excitement today

Espionata: Mel: I try to ignore him but he won't leave me it's so frustrating and stressful

Angel: Hank: *nods and sighs taking them both to the couch to hug*

Donatello: Okay, winding down this room for the night. Need to head to bed really soon. *hugs* Night.
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PostSubject: Re: Portal Hopping Pt 21 - 30 (post rp chat room creation)   Tue Aug 16, 2016 8:20 pm

pt 26.

Espionata: Mel: *Stifles yawn*

Espionata: Mel: Hi Raphie

Raphael: hiyas

Espionata: Mel: Excited about your baby Raphie?

Raphael Yeah, I am. Still dunno what to think about diapers.. but gotta take the good with the stinky, I guess..

Raphael Besides, the small can't be any worse than Mikey. Razz

Espionata: Mel: Yeah along with all the other stuff all I know about babies is that they sleep a lot, get stinky, cry alot and do that gross spitting up stuff

Angel: Erica: *sleeeeeeeeeeping!*

Angel: Erica: *half off the bed but sleeeeping*

Espionata: Mel: *Stifles yawn* Where's my dad?

Donatello: lol Raph, you better help your girl get back on the bed. Wink

Angel: Bah she sleeps anywhere Razz

Donatello: And any position. Razz

Raphael Raph: O.O *quickly goes to help with that*

Raphael: hehe.. raph loooves when she does the 'ass in the air' thing Razz

Espionata: lol

Angel: Well... It's in the air, the top half is just off the bed

Angel: lol

Angel: yes any position Razz

Angel: mmErica no dif Very Happy

Angel: Erica: zzzzzzzzz *sleep snugs -*

Donatello: lol

Espionata: lol

Raphael *sliiides into bed with her and snugs- will stay by her side*

Donatello: Dawwww

Espionata: aww

Espionata: Mel: Raphie the softie

Angel: Erica: *all snugged...*

Angel: Lol

Angel: Hehe

Angel oooh we all knew it Very Happy dude not as good at hiding it as he thinks Razz... Sssssh don't tell him that

Angel: April: *sniggers*

Espionata: Mel: Yeah I bet my dad is at work again

Shaya *snorts*

Donatello: Razz

Angel: Lol

Angel: Hank: I am eating food in the kitchen! *

Shaya Anything good to eat?

Espionata: Mel: Oh okay Daddy *Not even remotely hungry had for her a big lunch*

Angel: Mikey: *its all good!! -staying with his own gal! Snugging*

Angel: Hank: yes... Come have some guys

Angel *chuckles and goes that way*

Espionata: Mel: No thanks Daddy

Shaya *walks to the kitchen, smells the air* What is it?

Angel: Hank: eat Mel... and huh some really nicely done and sliced streak and very green salads Very Happy

Espionata: Mel: Not hungry Daddy had a big lunch

Angel: Hank: oooh not even for this salad? it's very good

Donatello: Smile

Espionata: Mel: No Daddy my stomach wants no mention of food anyway

Shaya *takes a bowl of salad for herself, watching the adoptive family*

Angel: Hank: Smile okay but it's yuumy !

Espionata: Mel: I bet it is Daddy but my belly isn't happy as it is >​>​

Angel *winks at Mel and Hank, takes Raph and Erica a plate each - cause girl has to keep her iron up Razz and heads back out to join them again*

Espionata: Mel: I think I ate way to much today >​>​

Angel: Hank: you might have Smile but at least you ate.

Espionata: Mel: Yeah I did it was a good bacan and pepperoni pizza Razz

Espionata: *bacon

Angel *homer simspon like drool for a moment* mmmmmmmm bacon

Espionata: Mel: Yeah there was a frozen pizza in the freezer I somehow managed to use the oven and not set the place on fire

Angel: yeaaaaaaaaah Mikey says thanks for that! - he LOVES his kitchen - not as much as Ally but nearly Razz

Espionata: Mel: I can read >​>​

Raphael: Ally: *tackles Mikey!!!* ^^ *Wherever he is!*

Angel: Erica: *smell of food has nothing on Raph's smell and snugs and snores - tooooo snugged up to wake for eating -* zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz​zzz

Espionata: Mel: But right now my stomach wants to rebel >​>​

Angel: Mikey: *happily tackled* My love!!!!!!

Angel: Mikey: *snogs* where'd you go - thought I was here snugging you - turned ut to be my pillows >​,>​ *snugs the real one this time*

Raphael: Ally: *snooooogs* I missed your face!

Raphael: Ally: *giggles* Oh, you know.. around like meh belly Razz

Angel: Mikey: OO *looks at belly -* nah beloved barely a puffy look to it..... OO.... puffy! *lifts her up to nuzzle the very slight puffiness* mwha mwah! *brings her back down to smoooch more*

Raphael: Ally: ^^ *giggles at belly make-out session, then snogs like whoa*

Angel: Mikey: how have you been princess? *nuzzly smoooching* been learnign to cook good to keep you ladies healthy*

Espionata: Mel: *Groans and curls up on couch* DX

Angel: Hank: *comes out of kitchen to join her*

Espionata: Mel: Hi Daddy >​>​

Angel *two more plates and coffees, skirts around Ally and Mikey giggling at them and winking, shuffling back to Don's room*

Angel: Mikey: *TAKES his Ally to bed - snugs up with her happily - and not pillows this time!!*

Espionata: Mel: *Snuggles close to Hank*

Angel: Hank: hello - why so glum sugar?

Espionata: Mel: Not sad >​>​

Angel: Hank: still a slight frowny going on - something up?

Espionata: Mel: Just my stomach not happy with me >​>​

Angel: Hank: ah yes, well just relax it will pass...

Espionata: Mel: I know Daddy just ate way to much >​>​

Angel: Hank: *chuckles and hugs*

Espionata: Mel: *Hugs him back* See why I don't eat a lot Razz

Angel: well Angel's feeding her boy Razz

Angel: so all good

Donatello: Wink Sorry he didn't come out to play tonight. He'll be back tomorrow. Wink

Angel: thats alright - not many of them did Very Happy

Angel: Erica was sleeping - weirdly

Angel: and Angel just out to get them food

Angel: Very Happy

Angel: Hank too to eat Very Happy

Espionata: lol

Espionata: Mel: *Stifles yawn*
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PostSubject: Re: Portal Hopping Pt 21 - 30 (post rp chat room creation)   Tue Aug 16, 2016 8:36 pm

pt 27.

Donatello *in his lab*

Espionata: Mel: *Peeks in* Hey busy?

Donatello Sort of. *looks up at her* What do you need?

Espionata: Mel: Nothing just wanted to see you

Donatello *smiles* Okay.

Espionata: Mel: So excited to be a dad?

Donatello *smiles* Yeah. *nods* I really am.

Espionata: Mel: You're gonna be a great dad

Shaya: hey\

Espionata: What's up?

Donatello *smiles even more* Thanks, Mel.

Espionata: Mel: Well you're already a good big brother so anyone would think that ^^

Espionata: Mel: Hi Raphie

Raphael Hey you.

Espionata: Mel: Erica still sleeping?

Raphael I guess so. :/

Donatello ^__________^

Donatello She needs her rest, Raph.

Espionata: Mel: It takes a lot to grow a baby I guess

Espionata: Mel: *Hugs Raph*

Raphael *hugs*

Espionata: Mel: It won't be forever then you get to chase your kid all over the place

Raphael Yeah. That's what I keep hearin'.

Espionata: Mel: And apparently you will be a good dad look at Raidon ^^

Angel oh RedT will be Wink

Angel: Erica: *hey is dragging self out of bed alright?! - def needs a shower... smiles at them all, hair a wild mess* hi

Angel: lol

Espionata: Mel: Now I know what a good dad is ^^

Donatello *smiles at Erica* Hello.

Espionata: Mel; As for a mom I don't really remember that part of my childhood

Angel *giggles* had a fight with the pillows wild girl?

Angel: Erica: *grins at Raph - and Don* hey Donnie, he he he like you wouldn't believe - they held me prisoner - ninja sneaking was my only option... ooooh need to pee! *kisses Raph cheek on way past*

Donatello *gets up and slips an arm around Angel* Hello, there. *in a deep, sexy voice*

Raphael *Follows like lost puppy, but stops short at the bathroom door when she informed that she needs to pee* ..*waits none too patiently*

Espionata: Mel: Raphie you're a big softy like one of those tough looking bikers that love kittens

Angel *purrrrrrs and uses best 'sexy voice'* hello handsome Dad to be *smoooch*

Angel: Erica: *opens door once done to let her poor impatiently waiting turtle in - can't deprive him a hot shower with her Wink

Espionata: Mel: *Goes into the kitchen* Maybe there's chocolate in here

Donatello *smooches back*

Angel *giggles* mmmmmm tasty Very Happy

Raphael *slips in and instantly starts stripping out of gear* >Smile

Donatello *nuzzles* How is my sweet mother-to-be?

Espionata: Mel: *Raiding the fridge*

Angel: Mikey stole the chocolate stash for Ally Razz

Angel: before his brothers could for their gals Razz

Angel: he says nah nah nahnah nah!

Raphael: daws, how romantic Razz

Angel she is feeling great - though like many coffee addicts having serious withdrawals *snogs*

Raphael: Vic: *pouts* But I love chocolate! Especially the chocolate covered cherries.. because when I sink my fangs into them, it's almost like puncturing a jugular ^^

Espionata: Mel: *Growls in anger* I need chocolate too!

Angel: Erica: *chuckles and eagerly participates in stripping him - she only has a night shirt on not many layers to get through Razz *

Donatello You can have decaf. *snogs back*

Espionata: Mel: Mikey!

Angel mmmmm not as good but yes... please that *kiss kiss kiss* sounds good*

Angel: Mikey: *from room all snugged up with his mate* Na na nana na!!

Donatello *smiles, nuzzles* We might have some in the cupboard. I'll go check.

Espionata: Mel: Mikey you took all the chocolate!

Angel *nods enjoying those nuzzles, follows him* mmmm

Donatello *takes her hand and leads her to the kitchen*

Angel: Mikey: yes I did! *and proud of it too!*

Raphael: Ally: *snugs as a bug in a rug, yo* ^^ *smoochsmooches and enjoying her lifetime supply of chocolate*

Espionata: Mel: *Starts to cry* But I need it too!

Raphael *and with ninja stealth, striiiips her out of that night shirt*

Angel: Erica: *had just been putting that dew rag ont he door-* OO *blink, blinkies.... sniggers* move over Consentino aint got nothing on a ninja Wink *kisses*

Espionata: lol

Angel: Mikey: *nuzzles nuzzles, smooochies and snogs - totally feeling her up!*

Angel *gives Mel her chocy frog*

Angel *kissing Don's cheek as he searches*

Espionata: Mel: Thanks Angel *Eats chocolate frog*

Angel: hehe working on a Mikey post and will drop a quick zombie Erica Razz hehhee

Espionata: lol

Espionata: Mel: Been feeling off all day DX

Raphael: working on a rocky post for MM. long overdue in FtL

Raphael *snooogs, one hand reaching around to prepare the shower.. making it all nice and warm..*

Raphael: don't have long, tho >​.< stupid doubles

Espionata: aww

Angel: mwhahahaha posted

Angel: nawwww Wink

Espionata: Mel: And where is my dad?

Angel: hehehe going to stop the bleeding the way I sometimes have to when out bush and get
owies - myself or my horse Razz

Espionata: lol

Angel: Erica: mmmmm *smiles fingers teeeeeeease the edge of his plastron, he always sets the
water perfectly to how she likes it ... draws him in with her... still snogging*

Raphael: oh? Raph says if a tampon comes anywhere near him, he's gonna run! Razz

Angel: HAnk: here! went to go get more chocolate once I realised it was all gone

Espionata: lol

Espionata: Mel: Yeah Mikey took it all!

Angel: iZErica: yeah right tough guy - and it aint tampons Razz

Raphael *slips beneath the showehead with her, lips never leaving hers. Slids his hands down her back, giving her ass a good squeeze*

Angel: iZErica: though the basic product is for the same use, stopping blood Wink

Angel: lol

Raphael: lool.. oh gawd. good thing MG isn't in that game Razz

Espionata: lol

Angel: Erica: *tugs on his tail at butt squeezing - chuckling*

Angel: ... hope no one else needs the hot water Razz

Angel: hehehe yeah and he aint goign no where, she's gonna sit on that leg if he tries to move Razz

Angel: girl is pushy when she wants to be Wink

Raphael: lol, daw

Espionata: Mel: Daddy I've been feeling weird all day

Raphael *Churrrrrs and.. drops it like it's hawt* >Smile

Angel: Erica: >Smile keen are we? *two handed strooooooooooooke*

Angel: Hank: oh... like how weird?

Espionata: Mel: Like craving chocolate all the time being all crampy in the belly it's annoying >​<

Donatello *finds it and makes her some*

Angel: Hank: oh might be getting your first period then ... need some girly things?

Angel *watching Donnie with a grin... giggles at Hank's words*

Angel *why to pads and stuff usually make guys so uneasy?!*

Espionata: Mel: *Face goes red as a tomato* Maybe OO

Raphael FUCK! *Moans and chuuuurs!! Trying to restrain himself and not pin her to the wall... focus... focus...don't hulk out!*

Angel: Erica: *steps closer - nuzzles nose tip under chin to stroke his spot, fingers teaaaaaaaaaasing back down tapping along it here and there*

Raphael *annd fortunately, it's enough to keep him grounded. Nuzzles back, thick fingers sliding between her thighs and teasing, toying, preparing before slooowly sliding a thick digit inside of her need*

Angel: Erica: *keeps nuzzling... purrrrrrrrs - certainly excited - shifts hips towards that teasing filling finger... her own fingers teasing around the head of his length*

Angel: hehhee tease

Espionata: Mel: *Groans and curls up in a ball on the floor not used to the evil monthly cramps* DX

Angel: Hank: .... um relax.. it happens - I'll go get things... *alright he knows what to get*

Espionata: Mel: Not used to it and it hurts DX

Raphael *and all of this teasing has him extremely worked up!! Would go for some foreplay, but really had in the shower and with her in her condition.Wraps one of her arms around his neck for support, one of his own slipping underneath one of her thighs, then the other until she's wrapped around his 'hips' and sloooowly enters...*

Angel: Hank: yeah I know *heads out - wont be long*

Angel: dude knows what he is doin g:P

Espionata: That he does lol

Espionata: Mel: *Whimpers from the pain*

Angel: Erica: *slowly let go - slips both arms about his shoulders, nibbles spot before her fingers take over - capturing his lips to muffle her drawn out mooooooan... it might have been his name... maybe*

Angel: ooooooooor something close to it in excited muffled state Razz


Espionata: Mel: Stupid girl stuff hurts DX

Espionata: Mel: Erica girl stuff sucks

Angel: Erica: *is currently being quiet fucked in the bathroom - doesn't hear Mel let alone can form sentences to answer!*

Angel: lol

Angel: Hank: *is back!*

Espionata: lol

Espionata: Mel: Daddy?

Angel: Hank: why are you outside the bathroom door... *frowns.... sooooo wishes those two would keep noise down!*

Espionata: Mel: Hurts that's why DX

Angel: Hank: still does not explain why your waiting outside the door where your sister is currently ... well *okay sometimes still wants to shoot the big red wearing turtle - every now and then* come on *picks Mel up*

Espionata: Mel: *Holds on* Where are we going?

Angel: Hank: no where, your going to have this until your reproductive years are over, learn to live with it. *stands her up once their away from the bathroom*

Espionata: Mel: But it sucks Daddy and it hurts DX

Angel: Hank: again your going to have to live with it

Espionata: Mel: Well I don't wanna it hurts! *Cries not used to the monthly making her emotions go nuts either*

Donatello Smile You're welcome

Angel: Hank: *ignores, anythign his says will just make emotional outbursts worst... well aside from* here some pain relief specified for this... and pads... you may have to use the other bathroom - and the directions are on the packaging*

Angel hehhee I am so pampared Wink *enjoying the sight too*

Espionata: Mel: *Clings to Hank crying only wants him*

Donatello *hands her a fresh cup of coffee* Here. Smile

Angel: Hank: I can't put this one for you Mel you must do it - go... *encouraging her to other bathroom*

Angel thank you Stretch, such a sexy man is you... mmmm you having one with me? *sips sighing, the flavour is good*

Espionata: Mel: No not bleeding yet just want you

Espionata: I'm one of the ones that feels the pain long before the blood comes lol

Donatello Smile Yes. *holds his own up*

Angel *grins and pats a seat next to her* mmmmmm good - *smooches his cheek* hehe any luck with the improvements to MetalHead?

Donatello No. *sighs*

Donatello *sits down next to her*

Espionata: Mel: *Snuggles close to Hank despite what she went through is a daddy's girl at heart*

Angel oh...thats no good. *shiftrs her seat closer and slips a knee over his and arm about his shoulders*

Donatello *smiles at her then smooches her*

Angel *meets the smoooch deepening it and smiling* you will get there Wink *smooch smooch*

Angel: Hank: *sighs and hugs*

Espionata: Mel: I'm sure you went through the same thing with Erica

Angel: Hank: no your sister may have been half bent in agony and yet she still went about her day as normal... as she could... though she did cry and things too Very Happy

Espionata: Mel: Well I'm not her

Donatello Thanks. *nuzzles her*

Angel: Hank: nope - Wink you'll both handle things your own ways *hugs hugs*

Angel *purrrrrrrrrs and playing nips loving the warmth and coffee and closeness* ran any ideas by
the gator? Wink

Espionata: Mel: Yep like you and my stupid sperm donar

Donatello Not yet.

Angel: Hank: exactly, he went the wrong way - I live with my grief without trying to destroy all evidence my wife was mine and here and loved me... especially Erica.

Angel oh should corner him and give it a go - you both so brainy I bet you both will enjoy the challenge and chance to speak with one another Very Happy *nestles against him smiling*

Espionata: Mel: Going the wrong way is putting it mildly and I don't remember my mom very well

Donatello *chuckles* Alright. I will. *smiles, sipping his coffee*

Espionata: Mel: *Yawns*

Angel: Hank: yes it is a polite way to say what he did. *hugs hugs*

Espionata: Mel: Don't need to be polite with him *Snuggles close yawning*

Angel *giggles and kisses his cheek some more moving to his lips slowly* it will be fun Very Happy and give the big guy distraction from missing his blond bombshell Razz

Donatello *chuckles again, smooching her*

Donatello: I think I'm gonna head off here for the night. Gotta get to bed soon.
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PostSubject: Re: Portal Hopping Pt 21 - 30 (post rp chat room creation)   Tue Aug 16, 2016 8:58 pm

pt 28.

Espionata: Mel: *Stretches*


Espionata: Mel: *Squirms* Leo stop!

Leo I am the tickle monster!

Espionata: Mel: *Growls* Not in the mood Leo

Leo everyone is in the mood for tickle torture

Espionata: Mel: Not me about to enter my first monthly *Growls more*

Leo ooooooh and the red river flows! we all float down here.

Espionata: Mel: Leo!

Leo what?

Espionata: Mel: Don't say stuff like that!

Leo I was trying to be supportive

Espionata: Mel: Well you're not helping!

Leo *hands her ice cream and heating pad for her tummy*

Espionata: Mel: Thanks Leo *Eats ice cream*

Leo see I can be helpful. need anything else?

Espionata: Mel: That you can be. Act less crazy

Leo I'm not crazy. I'm...different

Espionata: Mel: Different?

Leo yes. I'm wired different. I need an outlet

Espionata: Mel: Like what?

Leo ummmm...i think I have a brain slug in my head.

Espionata: Mel: Brain slug?

Donatello You mean "brain worm", Leo?

Leo it's not a worm! it's a slug!

Espionata: Mel: Okay then Oo

Leo yes anyway! it's eating my brain. slowly. so i get a little crazy

Espionata: Mel: You do?

Leo yes. I will die a horrible death! and all you do is hit me!

Espionata: Mel: Because you either try to mutate me or hurt me!

Leo *isn't dying at all. has brain worm that is just chilling*

Leo I do no such things

Espionata: Mel: Yes you do like trying to injure my knee more when it was healing

Leo I can kiss it and make it better

Espionata: Mel: My knee is fine now

Leo good good. I need to go pop some pills now

Espionata: Mel: Oh brother >​>​

Leo hey, I have to try and slow the death process down

Espionata: Mel: You're not dying

Leo how do you know? can you see in my brain?

Espionata: Mel: Because brain slugs or whatever don't exist

Espionata: *exsist

Leo yes they do

Espionata: Mel: How do they exsist?

Leo DONNIE! don't brain slugs exist?

Espionata: Mel: He will just say no Leo


Espionata: Mel: *Groans*

Donatello No.

Espionata: Mel: Told ya Leo

Leo yes!

Leo ok so it's a worm

Leo I know what I', talking about

Espionata: Mel: No you don

Espionata: don't*

Leo DON! yer suppose to be backing me up! I'm dying! worms are eating my brain!

Leo shaya! you believe the brain worms right?

Espionata: Mel: No one does Leo besides if you were insane you would be attacking me again

Leo the worm is sleeping?

Espionata: Mel: No it's because you know what you're doing

Shaya Uhh? Excuse me? Like Your TV show?

Leo I have a tv show?

Shaya Most people do...

Leo ANGEL! tell Mel about the brain worms!

Espionata: Mel: They don't exsist

Angel *growls - so not in the mood ... rubs her aching temples* oh there are certainly worms that can living inyour brain Mel >​,>​ and eat it too...

Espionata: Mel: Don't encourge Leo Angel >​>​

Leo nope she is right, I am right, argument over. *pats Mel's head*

Donatello Yes, they're known as parasites.

Espionata: Mel: *Growls* Whatever*

Leo IN YOUR BRAIN! *walks off*

Angel *growls again - okay was up far too early to puke - so not in the mood - glad when he shuffles off*

Angel: Erica: *maybe walking a little odd - tiny bit of a well earned limp... has no idea whats going on* Hi hi hi Smile

Donatello *follows Angel* Angel?

Espionata: Mel: Bad enough I had to deal with him while I'm not dealing with girl stuff now I get to add girl stuff to it!

Donatello *waves to Erica* Smile

Shaya *smiles at Erica, tea in hand*

Leo *notices limp* Erica, is Raph beating you again?

Angel mmmm? *first smile all day* how are you stretch?

Espionata: Mel: Leo she's fine!

Donatello I'm fine, but I don't I could say the same about you. *smooches cheek* Morning sickness?

Angel: Erica: OO what? oh no no, BigRed would never do such a thing - just had a cramp is all and it's left the muscle sore Smile how are you ? *grins at Shaya*

Angel yeah just had my first real bout this morning ... way too early Razz *glad she brushed her teeth, smooches back*

Leo I can massage that out for you

Espionata: Mel: Stupid Leo >​>​

Donatello *slips his arm around her*

Shaya I'm fine Sweetie. I have been rather alone for the last while. I do tend to wonder if I look engrossed in my reading?

Angel: Erica: *not going to argue, calf is sore* okay - thank you... Smile *sits and offers left calf*
soooo hows things with Vic Smile

Leo *gets to work on that massage* things are great! she's great! I'm great!

Angel: Erica: *to Shaya* oooh what engrossing thing you been reading Very Happy

Shaya If massages are offered, I'd like one for my back.

Leo *yay get to touch all the ladies*

Donatello: lol

Angel: Erica: *giggles - and pats Leo's head in thanks* looks like you have a line up for magic hands Leo Razz ... you don't mind?

Donatello: Behave yourself, Leo. Wink

Angel: bwhahaha Razz

Donatello: Raph's gonna go all "Rogue" on you. Razz

Shaya a cozy mystery.

Leo *rub rub ruuuuuubs*

Leo I don't mind at all

Angel *hugs back and relaxes* mmmmm just not a morning person and that was far too early *smooch smooch, hugging*

Espionata: Mel: Leo you better behave

Angel: Erica: *chuckles and again rubs his head* well thank you - it does feel much better already

Donatello *smiles, smooches and hugs back* Well, if you need anything, don't hesitate to ask.

Angel Wink I should probably try to refill my belly - should we see what Mikey has made? and a coffee you made that decaf perfectly, actually enjoyed it Very Happy *nuzzles*

Angel: Erica: really? *grins at Shaya and nods* have not been able to read much lately but university applications - Wink

Raphael: O.o my guys all wanna use black tonight for some reason... )

Donatello: lol

Donatello: They've gone over to the dark side? Wink

Raphael: apparently Razz

Espionata: Mel: Hi Raphie

Shaya Need any help with applying Erica? *smiles at Leo* I'm next.

Angel: hehhee they in ninja garb Razz

Leo hey Raph. *feeling up Erica and next will be Shaya*

Raphael *psychotic eye twitch seeing Leo's hands on... HIS GIRL!!* X-( *bulldozes into him and shoves him HARD into the wall, causing it to crumble*

Espionata: Mel: Uhoh Raphie Leo stop!

Leo *girly scream*

Angel: Erica: *been about to answer Shaya - has had plans to apply for a uni in another country that would allow her to do it entirely online... eeps in shock and scrambles to her feet stubbing her toe - yelping her turtles name as she meant to call hi attention as her toe meet chair*

Angel: hehehe quick she owies!

Espionata: lol

Leo Yer going to piss off the brain worm!

Espionata: Mel: Raphie!

Shaya *up and out of chair with book in hand away from burly turtles clashing*

Espionata: Mel: *Doesn't go between* Knock it off you two!

Angel: Erica: *hopping a little - does move to get between them* Raph?

Angel *staying out of that one - and keeping Donnie out of it too*

Espionata: Mel: *Pulls Erica back* Erica no!

Espionata: Mel: They could hurt you by accident!

Angel: Hank: *agrees - hugs both girls -*

Donatello O.o ... >​.<

Leo *BITES Raph*

Espionata: Mel: Daddy?

Angel: Hank: *drawing girls back* hi

Raphael: The world may as well be a million miles away. Nictating eyelids casting his gaze in a haunting 'fog', much like his anger-poisoned mind! Breathing heavy, growling with rage, shoves Leo harder into the debris. A punch aimed hard at his snout!*

Espionata: Mel: They're not stoping Daddy!

Angel *looks at Donnie - should she let go and let him deal with his brothers?* ummmm let them go for it or break it up somehow?

Leo AHHHHHH! *pushes back and throws a punch at Raph's face after being hit*

Angel: Mikey: *awakened from pampering his princes... watches* what the heck happened?

Angel: princess* pretty sure she is a girl laptop Razz

Donatello Uh-oh... O.O *decides he better step in* Enough! *stands between them*

Espionata: lol

Raphael: lol)

Raphael: Ally: I definitely have a vagina! ^^)

Espionata: Mel: Leo touched Erica and Raph saw Oo

Angel: Mikey: yes you do >Smile *nuzzles her and joins Donnie - pushing between the bigger brothers* dudes!

Angel *watches anxiously*

Angel: Erica: *equally as anxious - and feels very guilty*

Espionata: Mel: Think they will stop?

Raphael *shoves through his well intentioned brothers and grasps Leo by his katana straps and -SLAMS- into another wall, another punch aligning with his face!*

Angel: Hank: uh nope?

Espionata: Mel: This won't end well! Daddy we gotta stop them!

Donatello *growls!* I said STOP!!

Donatello *yanks Raph back with all his strength*

Leo *dodges that punch grabs Raph's sai and holds it against Raph's throat*

Angel: Mikey: *shoved into Donnie* ooooooaf - ah come on guys... OO hey! *brings his chuck between flesh and sai -* come on Leo!

Angel: hehe the BTeam!

Angel: ... wait no A- Team

Espionata: Mel: They're gonna kill each other!

Angel: Hank: *dragging Mel away - Erica pulled free*

Raphael *Suddenly yanked back by Donnie and has a sai at his throat. Fuming, glares at him* Jus' fuckin' DO IT!


Donatello STOP IT!!

Raphael: lol, B-Team ftw Razz)

Angel: Mikey: you wont Leo!

Leo: lol)

Espionata: Mel: *Struggles from her dad* Gotta stop them Daddy!

Angel: Daddy: you can't do anything

Raphael *Eyes locked with his brother's.. hurt that he would make a move on his girl and now THIS?!* The Leo I knew.. no.. but YOU.. whatever the FUCK you've become... I dunno... I DON'T KNOW YOU!!!

Espionata: Mel: Yes we can!

Leo *glares and drops the weapon then walks away*

Espionata: Mel: Leo stopped

Donatello *is standing guard in case things flare up again*

Angel: Mikey: *trembles a little, scoops it up to give it back to Raph - adrenaline rush!*

Raphael *takes, also shaking from the adrenaline and hurt and rage and BULLSHIT! Takes the sai and sends it hurling in Leo's direction, not to hit him, but to come damn close! Snags his bandanna tails and daggers them to the wall*

Angel: Erica: *very troubled... she really does not see herself as worth fighting over - especially not for helping -* Raph?

Espionata: Mel: But Raphie didn't! *Struggles more* Daddy let go!

Leo AH! fucker! What the hell are you doing!?

Donatello *wishes Master Splinter was around right now* >​.<

Angel: yeah seriously need some of that pressure pointing right about now Razz

Angel: Mikey: Dudes - stop it! *pulls sai free of the wall to let Leo go*

Espionata: lol

Shaya *Anxious huff, worried for her friend* Use your words! Express those feelings. *Comes over to Erica's family to hold Erica*

Leo AHHHHHH! *rushes and tackles Raph*

Espionata: Mel: *Struggles in her dad's grasp* Leo! Raphie stop fighting!

Angel: Erica: *smiles at Shaya - had been making her way over to Raph - gasps*

Raphael *Was about to walk away when Leo suddenly rushes him! Quickly shifts, a foot planting against his brother's plastron and he grabs his shoulders as he drops, tossing the psycho over him and into another wall*

Leo *gets up, weapons out* Fight me coward!

Angel: Erica: NOOOOO! *pulling against Shaya*

Espionata: Mel: *Struggles* Erica you wanna risk that baby?! Don't go near them!

Shaya *Hold Erica* No way you are going in there.

Angel: Erica: they have to stop - It... I - *definitely upset - wriggles* let go Shaya

Angel: Erica: VIC where the hell are you? help!! *pulls free of Shaya finally!*

Espionata: Mel: Erica you will lose the baby! *Gets free and grabs her*

Espionata: Mel: Erica do you want to get yourself killed?! They can't be reasoned like this!

Raphael *Body heaving with each angered breath, sai at the ready and the taunting has the desired effect. A loud growl cuts through and above any other noise as he charges his brother*

Leo *gets ready to block the attack and counter attack, moving swiftly, feet planted firmly on the ground*

Raphael: Vic: Finally wakes from her slumber and having no idea what's going on, incredibly confused and upset!* STOP!! Sad

Angel *hangs back, much as she'd like to do more*

Angel: guRandal: *perfect time to strike - has already stolen Ally from her bed >Very Happy *

Angel: bwahahaha - asshole Razz

Espionata: Oh no

Leo: lool)

Espionata: And Mel is in "heat" lol

Raphael: Phin: *siiiiighs! Must the younger generation have all the brains, gah! And it seems these two beasts of turtles aren't using theirs so.. no big deal if his powers kill a few of their braincells. Focuses hard and sends out a telepathic wave that will give both clashing Turtles a debilitating headache*

Raphael: Ally: O.o Well shit.

Angel: guRandal: *dumped the blond and went back - grinning grabbing up Angel and the female vampire*

Espionata: Mel: *Still holding onto Erica with all of her strength*

Angel: guRandal: *dumps them and goes back for Erica - snatching her from Mel, giving the girl a nip over her shoulder*

Espionata: Mel: Erica! *Chases despite the pain*

Angel: Mikey: HEY! *charges at the great big Red turtle not aware yet his Ally is already gone!* put her down!

Angel: guRandal: *laughs and leaves*

Espionata: Mel: *Gives chase*

Leo *gets headache, turns to the cause of it and throws ninja star at Phin's head*

Angel: Hank: *also chasing*

Angel: Erica: *trying to get at Randal's spot*

Donatello *uses his bo to knock Leo off his feet* Snap out of it, Leo!

Angel: guRandal: *sees her fingers coming and bites that hand - hard*

Espionata: Mel: *Is quick for her small size and jumps onto his shell* Let her go! *Stabs him*

Raphael: Phin: O.O *focuses harder, which causes his snout and eyes to bleed. The throwing star stops dead in the air, as if it has hit a force field. The little Turtle could have sent it hurling in Leo's direction, but much too passive for that. It drops to the ground and the almost ghostly colored turtle stares at him with pitch black eyes*

Angel: guRandal: *kicks aside Mikey - grabs at the girl on his shell and throws her at Hank - grins and Roooooooooooooooooars his triumph lwaving through a portal*

Leo ..............*passes out*

Espionata: Mel: *Hits Hank* That does it! *Uses the hopper to chase after him*

Angel: Erica: *had screamed but the noise is lost in the chaos*

Angel: Mikey: *winded* ....... *notes lack of Angel... Erica... heart thuds and runs to his room -* AHHHHHHHHHHHHH! *yes girly scream*

Raphael *Disoriented by whatever the hell that White turtle did to him, notices that Lame-o-nardo is finally down for the count and.. there's no sign of Erica! Calls out for her and frantically searches*

Donatello *kneels down and checks Leo's vitals*

Shaya *Stunned for a moment before dashing to her bag on The other side. Runs past creautres and beings, got to get there quick.* Almost *Dives into her bag too late... the untested portal dis-stabilizer useless.* SHIT!

Angel: guRandal: you are stupid girl *snorts at Mel and tosses her in with Ally, Vic, Angel and Erica*

Espionata: Mel: *Growls at him* Fuck you!

Angel: guRandal; no - by the smell of it - it'd be fuck you.... Cyan! I got them

Leo *wakes, eyes wide open and throws a punch at Don thinking it's Raph*

Shaya *grabs the grey block and presses the button. Pray to high heaven is stops him from jumping back*

Angel: guCyan:.... that was easy.... Oo

Espionata: Mel: *Growls* We will escape and kill you assholes!

Donatello *grunts, not being able to react in time and stumbles back, holding his snout* Leo! *glares* What was that for?!

Leo *sits up and rubs his head* sorry, thought you were Raph. Where is he!? this isn't finished. He attacked me for no reason! I want blood!

Donatello Stop, Leo. It's over. *rubs his snout*

Angel: Mikey: Donnnnnnnnnie! *yes frantic hollering dashes out tripping over a frantic Raph, scrambles up and runs on* Don!? Ally's gone!

Leo *looks over at Mike* maybe she went out for some milk.

Donatello *turns to Mike* What?

Donatello *gets to his feet again*

Angel: Mikey: >​< Angel did our shopping! there is plenty of milk... *looks at Don and helps him and Leo up* she's gone !

Shaya We also have another problem.... * Nervous and guilty*

Espionata: Mel: Guys we need to get out of here

Leo *stands and puts his weapons away* don't panic. I'm sure she just stepped out.

Shaya I am have closed the portal for an hour... on our side.

Donatello *notices all the girls are missing* They might have just taken cover.

Angel: Hank: *finally picking himself up* no a giant red turtle was here... he took Angel

Donatello O.O What?!

Leo took them where?

Angel: Hank: and the vamp girl

Angel: Hank: and.... Erica

Leo *girly scream* PRINCESS!

Donatello Where did he take them!?

Angel: Mikey: *all sorts of scenarios in his head - looks at Shaya* we can't move for an hour?

Espionata: Mel: *Looks around for a way to escape* We can't just hop out of here the portal hopper isn't working

Angel: Hank: *shrugs* I have no idea - he portalled out once he had them*

Shaya Not to the same frequency. location as he taken them would be barred for an hour. Sorry.

Angel: guCyan: *comes into the cage, not afraid of them, the vampire is strong but not as strong as them... he grabs Mel and tears her cloths a bit removing anything from her that could be a weapon or a tool -* she can go to one of your sons Randal... check the others*

Donatello >​.< There has got to be a way to override it.

Angel: guRandal: *grabs Ally and treats her tot he same rough bruising treatment* then what?

Shaya I need your lab. ... Part of the reason

Espionata: Mel: Let go! *Struggles*

Shaya Of why I was gone so long.

Donatello Then let's go. *heads that way*

Leo *follows*

Shaya *Grabs her bag, device, and her emotions to keep in check*

Angel: guCyan: *puts Mel outside the cage and checks Erica - maybe a tad more gentle, after all she does remind them of their own* Then we leave here before the wormhole is tracked - hehehe they took our brothers, we take their mates

Angel: guRandal: *dumps Ally and roughly checks Vic -* their clear

Donatello *checks the settings on his own hopper* Come on...

Donatello *is very desperate to get it to work*

Espionata: Mel: *Can't escape without her friends and sister* You guys will die and I'm not some sex toy!

Shaya Don, we need a Wormhole frequncy check and a neutralizer for the pulse.

Angel: Angel: *angry as hell - swearing and kicking - biting*

Donatello On it. *checks everything that needs to be checked*

Leo *paces* I mean...maybe Vic will eat them?

Shaya Leo, get me a coffee and a bucket.

Angel: Mikey: we can hope - Raph you coming?

Angel: guCyan: *growls and back hands the dark girl - checks her as he did the others.* Right lets clear out. *leads his brother, taking their treasures away*

Leo right! *runs off and gets the things then runs back and hands them over* what's the bucket for?

Shaya Don, can you pinpoint the frequncy? I'll work on neutralizing my wormhole pulse disruption.

Espionata: Mel: Angel!

Espionata: Mel:*Struggles* Let you asshole!

Donatello I think I almost got it.

Shaya Leo fill it half way with water.

Angel: Erica: *doing some first aid here on self - finally has busted and bitten hand slinged over chest*

Shaya *busy in her work... also giving them work to do*

Angel: Angel: *dizzy from backhand*

Donatello *works his magic* Got it!

Shaya ... So close.*Hunched over her grey box form her purse*

Raphael *shoves past EVERYONE and goes through first*

Shaya GO!

Angel: guRandal: *follows his brother - they leave the area with some of the girls blood here and there and lingering smells*

Leo *fills bucket with water* ok now what?

Espionata: aww

Espionata: Mel: *Struggles* We will kill you!

Shaya Go get your girl. I get to play with portal hoppers.

Donatello *heads through* Thanks!

Leo *goes through to save his princess!*

Donatello *steps through the portal into the GU world* Angel!

Angel: Mikey: *squeeezes through with his brothers* Ally!!!? *but his voice is all that echoes back to him* AngelCake? *searches the caves*

Angel: Mikey: *frantic searching, blood here and there.... but by the scents closes to the blood splatter and drops in places one was Erica's the other Angel's*

Espionata: Mel: We're not toys dark turtle asshole!

Donatello *also frantically searching* Erica!! Angel!! Ally!! MEL!

Donatello Victoria!!

Espionata: Mel: *Keeps struggling*

Angel: guCyan: no your prisoners - >Smile

Espionata: Mel: We shouldn't even be that! If I could I would slit your throat!

Angel: guRandal: you... are a mouse, you cannot fight us - *drags Mel off to join workers quarters, one of his sons may take an interest*

Angel: Mikey: there not here Don.... Sad

Espionata: Mel: Guys! *Struggles* You guys need to escape!

Espionata: Mel: I'm not scared! *Is very much scared but is putting up a tough front*

Angel: guCyan: shut up girl... or your vocal cords will be ripped out! *watches her go with Randal, then turns back to his prisoners, time to separate them. takes Ally and Vic away first*

Espionata: Mel: *Struggles more in guRandal's grasp doing whatever to she can to either escape or hurt him*

Donatello *looks at the hopper still in his hand* No...

Angel: Mikey: *still searching as if he keeps looking she might appear* why did they want our girls?

Donatello I...don't know, little brother. Sad But we have to keep looking for them. Come on. *heads deeper into the cave*

Espionata: Mel: *Lets out an ear piercing scream to see if that would work

Angel: Mikey: Sad - Raph? coming?

Angel: guCyan: *taken Vic to the labs to be quarantined and Ally to his harem females to be watched over by head female. Takes Angel to Randal's. Erica too much like their own, leaves her in her own locked room*

Angel: guRandal: *nope heard worse screams, locks Mel in with the other ... slaves' * hehe see you around girl Razz

Raphael *Not giving a FUCK about his own life right now, busts through wherever the hell these fucktards are and goes full blown PSYCHO on them!*

Espionata: Mel: Think I'm not gonna find a way out? They have another thing coming *Looks for a way to escape the room and maybe set the other slaves free* I won't be broken that easily

Angel: Mikey: *watches Raph.... sadly* dude their not here...

Angel: Mikey: *though rather impressive Raph is taking apart the cages*

Espionata: Mel: Are you guys just gonna sit there or help me? Have those creeps broken you to the point where you don't value your lives?

Raphael *Anguished growls and screams and curses as he tears shit apart, shredding his hands in the process, but doesn't give a shit. Blames himself... and fucking LEO! Or.. the turtle that USED to be his fucking brother!*

Donatello: Poor Raph. Sad

Angel: Mikey: *frantic himself... but pacing a bit beside Don not sure what they should do now -* what do we do? go to the base? maybe they can help...

Donatello Yeah. *feels pretty defeated himself*

Angel: Mikey: RAPH! *hurries over and taps his shoulder, ready to be swung at, ready to glomp him*

Espionata: Mel: *Keeps looking for a way to escape*

Raphael *Caught up in his rage and heartache and self-blame- not fully realizing that it is his little brother, vilently shifts and swings a forceful punch at him*

Angel: Mikey: *whoa! felt the breeze!!!! - throws arms about Raph narrowly dodging* hey dude its us! me and Don! *hugs*

Donatello *moves over to Raph, quickly* We'll find them! We have to.

Raphael *Would fight or shove or pull away or.. KILL.. but, knows it's his little brother and needs this comfort, though, would never admit it. Just.. kinda melts into it for a moment* Sad

Espionata: Mel: There has to be a way out *Keeps looking for a vent or something*

Angel: Mikey: *smiles at Don, finally! - rubs his brother's shell* yeah we'll find them

Espionata: Mel: *Looks at the door and kicks it growling*

Angel: Mikey: *looks at Donnie* kinds scary seeing the big bros fight like that ...

Donatello You have no idea. *nods in agreement*

Angel: Mikey: he's very territorial .... can the hopper get us to the base?

Espionata: Mel: Let me out you assholes!

Espionata: Mel: *Keeps trying to find a way out and checks the windows*

Donatello Yeah. *sets the 'coordinates' then the hopper zaps them to the base*

Angel: Mikey: OO *blinks... looks around*

Angel: guDon: *blinks, two big sleeping beaten turtles, Leo and Raph, and his other self and

Mikey?* ... *gestures at the younger Donnie clearly asking what they were doing here*

Espionata: Mel: *Growls when she sees no escape* This is so not good

Donatello We have a problem.

Donatello The evil clones of this world have taken our girl team members.

Angel: guDon: *eyes widen a little finds a note pad and writes 'taken you say? thats no good, they'll probably add them to their harems... and breed them' *

Angel: Mikey: OO

Espionata: Mel: *Wonders when guRandel's kid will come won't make it easy for him*

Angel: Razz not for a while - boy actually has his own small harem and is busy Razz

Angel: Mikey: *reads and goes pale*

Angel: Mikey: but these mates are already pregnant

Donatello O.O

Donatello Do you know where they are?

Angel: guDon: *nods and leads the two to a map he'd been working on of their rulers necropolis - points and writes as he does 'Yes from intelligence gathered the harems are keep into the central keep. If the girls are already pregnant it is possible they will be... made to loose it*

Angel: Mikey: *listening and reading along* OO

Espionata: Mel: *Tries the door this time hoping it's unlocked*

Donatello No... *shakes his head* We need to get them out of

Angel: guDon: *frowns a little. 'Without their Violet this may not happen straight away - we have time' *

Donatello We do? How much time?

Angel: guDon: * 'not much... uh your brothers look hurt were they attacked?' nods to Leo and Raph 'we should have them patch and if you give me tonight to rally the MetalHeads we have left and the older teens and our fighters we may be able to organize a distraction so you and your brothers can sneak in to retrieve the girls - maybe take out Randal or Cyan whilst at it ?' is writing without looking at his paper*

Angel: Mikey: *reads around Donnie's arm*

Donatello *nods* Anything it takes to get them back.

Espionata: Mel: *Curls up near the door* >​<

Angel: guDon: *smiles sadly 'can't guarantee they'll be okay, but we have been planning an attack for some time - this seems as any a good time to make a last ditch attempt to rid our world of them' *

Angel: Mikey: >​,< oh our Raph if furious - you'll be rid of them Razz

Espionata: Mel: Raidon Daddy Erica need to get out

Donatello *nods* Yeah. He really did a number on those cages.

Angel: guDon:... Very Happy * 'well no wonder his hands are a mess - Kim will treat him and your Leo tonight hopefully they will be ready to fight tomorrow - are you two hurt?*

Espionata: Mel: *Hits the door pissed off*

Angel: hehehe she's stuck Razz

Angel: and I should go - watching The Gods Must Be Crazy 2 - freaking funny as Very Happy

Espionata: Yeah she's not happy

Master Splinter joined the chat 24 seconds ago

Espionata: hi

Master Splinter: Hello hello - wont be long just reading up Smile

Donatello: Hello!

Donatello: Lots of action tonight.

Espionata: Yeah like most of the girls getting captured

Master Splinter: Smile yes! Thought I'd read so MS can help Timmons Razz

Master Splinter: tomoreow Razz

Master Splinter: ... Fricking oath!!

Master Splinter: tomorrow Razz
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PostSubject: Re: Portal Hopping Pt 21 - 30 (post rp chat room creation)   Wed Aug 17, 2016 1:27 am

pt 29.

Espionata: Mel is trapped in guRandal's harem room until his son goes to see if he wants her she's not happy about that lol

Donatello: Smile

Espionata: She's been trying to escape with no way out girl doesn't want to sit there and do nothing lol

Master Splinter: Hello hello how be everyone?

Master Splinter: Tired to was up late.. Early Very Happy

Master Splinter *found his son - more specifically Donatello*

Donatello: Awwwww night *hugs*

Donatello Sensei, what are you doing here?

Master Splinter I was told by a young white turtle and frantic April what happened and came along Very Happy to help

Master Splinter reclaim my daughters and their precious cargo Wink

Espionata: Mel: *Is sleeping on and off where she's trapped trying to keep her energy up*

Donatello *sighs* Yeah.

Espionata: Mel: *Wakes up and looks around* So creepo hasn't showed up yet

Master Splinter that is terrible my son Sad

Espionata: Mel: Erica, Angel, Vic, Ally they're trapped in other parts of this damn place and I can't do a damn thing for them!

Angel: Erica: *sneaks away from thrones room - does not have too, she is allowed to come and go as she pleases as long as it's inside the keep... barely dressed, small round belly still in place - has body paint on. Goes to the prison cells* Mel... Mel?

Espionata: Mel: *Goes to the prison door* Erica! *Sounds a bit tired*

Angel: Erica: shhhh! *hushes and looks about* quiet...

Espionata: Mel: Okay? Can you get out of here or let me out the big red asshole wants his son to have me

Angel: Erica: *looks about again and slips Mel her portal hopper - it had been.... hidden when Cyan searched her* you get out first... some has has to tell our no doubt worried turtles we are for the moment okay, our captors have made no moves to beat or rape or have us loose our pregnancies

Espionata: Mel: I don't think so Erica you need to escape with the others now. We can't rely on the turtles all the time for rescue we can do this on our own if we have to. And I refuse to leave you

Angel: Erica: >​< I am for the moment allowed to roam of my free will Mel, if they catch me trying to get yous out...

Donatello Tell me about it.

Donatello: Is GU Don still talking to them?

Espionata: Mel: Then you escape Erica I know how to survive and you know the layout of the place

Angel: Erica: actually it's my first exploration of the place.... wait! I have an idea.... I will keep the hopper - *blows a kiss to Mel and hurries away - back to the throne room, affecting the biggest slouchy pouty sad face she could manage *

Espionata: Mel: *Can only wait* Hopefully before creepo shows up

Angel: and yep guDon still there - plotting an attack Razz

Angel: hehhee

Angel: and staring at this worlds Splinter in a mix of longing and regret seeing as his father is long

Espionata: aww

Angel: guCyan: *looks over the Erica they stole to replace their own - she whom was like a mother and sister to them as tots and children... before* what it is?

Angel: guRandal: *sleeping - ignores*

Espionata: Mel: *Hits the door*

Angel: Erica: *sniffles* I just... miss my female companions - those you also took last night... wish we did not have to be separated... for just a few seconds it's be nice to catch up with them... *rubs belly and gazes at the huge blue turtle pleadingly* please?

Master Splinter can't help but notice the other older Don staring at him* uh... Introduce me Donatello?

Espionata: Mel: I want out *Growls*

Angel: ahhhh Don - Donatello will recieve a pm in origins with the text message he got from Angel in the thread AFA that way if you wish to quote it in a post you can or just reference it Very Happy ))

Donatello: ty Smile

Angel: in a moment just signing it Very Happy

Angel: slooooooooooow

Angel: okay finally sended I thinkies Very Happy

Espionata: lol

Donatello: ty Smile Did you send loggies yet? I haven't checked my KittyGrl account yet.

Donatello Oh, um, Sensei, this is this world's Donatello. *smiles*

Angel: yep it said it went through - let me know if it lied Razz

Donatello: Which account did you send it to? I got the text message one.

Angel: guDon: *smiles shyly at this rat man*

Angel: um KittyGrl Very Happy

Espionata: Mel: *Shakes the bars*

Master Splinter ahh hello Donatello of another world. *smiles at him*

Donatello: Got 'em both. ^^ Thanks! Very Happy

Angel: guCyan: *had been deliberately makign the girl squirm waitin gfor his reply - nods to her to resume her own throne seat* rest Erica... I thnk I can organise the opportunity for you girls to see each other one last time... tomorrow. *said firmly watching her face carefully*

Espionata: Mel: Let me out of here!

Angel: Erica: *wipes tears and sniffles and best watery smile - looks at the throne that is hers... so small in the center of those that belong to Cyan and Randal... and their brothers empty seats.* may - may I goto my new chambers to sleep?

Angel: guCyan: *nods and dismisses her* okay, you will be fed later. *nuzzles and lets her go on her way*

Angel: and your welcome Very Happy )

Espionata: Mel: If I had a something to pick the damn lock I wouldn't be in here >​<

Donatello *smiles at GUDon* Unfortunately, he doesn't have his voice anymore, Master Splinter. *then he goes over to GUDon* Have you found out anything?

Angel: guDon: *lifts his chin so show the hollow and scarring where his voice box was ripped out -
then nods at Don and writes 'yes I think if the teen squads and MH's go for a arieal assault on the
hover boards and the main force at the gates we may be able to keep the great force occupied whilst you and your brothers take the main keep and get your girls... take those bastards out for good' *

Master Splinter: lol

Master Splinter *nods in understanding and some horror - staying beside Donatello, his one!* they have suffered *he whispers to him*

Donatello Really? How so can we head out?

Donatello *nods to Splinter solemnly, will explain more later*

Espionata: Mel: *Hits the door* Seems like these guys think torture is boredom >​<

Donatello: How soon*

Angel: lol!

Espionata: Mel: I don't think that son is coming which I so don't mind

Angel: guDon *nods to the note about the younger Don's two brothers Raphael and Leo still sleeping off their fight in the infirmary and writes 'As soon as they are ready to move' *

Master Splinter *nods back to Donatello understanding that and reading the paper as guDon writes*

Donatello *nods* Okay. Thank you, Don. *feels strange calling someone else his own name*

Angel: guDon: *grins nostalgically 'I kinda miss the fights our Leo and Raph had... though at the time I never enjoyed watching it - often tried to placate... with our Mikey... got my tail kicked a few times.... I don't midd it - but do at the same time' smiles*

Espionata: Mel: I wonder if Raidon knows I'm in here with the other girls

Angel: hehe he does but he's preparing for battle like his cousins Razz

Espionata: Aww

Espionata: Mel: Hey assholes let me out!

Espionata: Mel: All you're doing is making me bored!

Donatello: lol

Donatello: Okay, now who isn't around anymore? Leo and Mikey?

Donatello: And anyone else? I can't remember Splinter, Casey or April.

Espionata: I know Leo and Mikey of that world are gone my memory is pretty good so lol

Angel: all them

Angel: the only ones reallys till standing of the originals in the gu world are Raph and Don Razz

Espionata: Mel: *Growls and searches for something to pick the lock*

Donatello: Awwwww

Donatello *smiles softly at GUDon

Angel: yep awwww the Don and Raph of the GUs almost alone Razz - they have their own families after all and their brothers kids too Razz

Donatello: Dawwww

Angel: guDon: *grins back 'we wont let yous loose them too - or your mates' he assures 'at least not without fighting for them' - treats them like his own brothers*

Donatello *smiles* Thanks.

Espionata: Mel: Figures I'm forgotten about by those creeps haven't been fed yet >​>​

Angel: hehhee she's a prisoner - no food Razz

Angel: jerks Razz

Espionata: lol

Angel: guDon: * nods 'you guys are brothers from another word maybe, but still brothers' nods to Splinter*

Espionata: Mel: *Looks around and finds a thing piece of metal* Worth a shot *Tries to pick the lock with it*

Master Splinter *pars this older Dons shoulder* thank you's

Angel: hehehe

Espionata: Mel: *Still picking the lock* Come on >​<

Espionata: Mel: *Hears the click* Gotcha

Angel: lol

Espionata: Mel: *Slowly opens the cell door peeking out*

Angel: just one cell out of hundreds there Razz

Espionata: Yep

Espionata: Mel: *Slips out closing the cell door and locking before looking around sticking to the shadows hoping beyond hope she won't get caught*

Master Splinter: Random Guards just glare at girl : she ain't getting out.. But fun to watch her

Espionata: Mel: *Looks around the area hoping to spot Angel at least*

Master Splinter: No no other girls elsewhere Razz

Espionata: Mel: *Keeps looking hoping she won't bump into anyone*

Angel: RandomGuard: *mwhahha like that Very Happy*... *shove her into new cell* stay prisoner

Espionata: Mel: Not likey asshole! You can't keep me in a cell escaped one already!

Angel: RandomGuard: and got like two cells away - face it girl you stay until summoned.*

Espionata: Mel: Then summon me already I'm just dying from boredom *Glares*
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PostSubject: Re: Portal Hopping Pt 21 - 30 (post rp chat room creation)   Wed Aug 17, 2016 1:56 am

pt 30.

Angel: hows Raph today? Hehe he ended up in Kim's care the last couple of days Very Happy

Raphael *grumbles* -.-

Espionata: Mel: *Hits the cell door* I'm being tortured by boredom this is just sad

Angel: Mikey: *grins and pokes his snout* hey bro! *pokes pokes pokes*

Donatello *is anxiously waiting for them to be able to move to rescue the girls*

Raphael *snaps at Mike's fingers!* What, what are we waitin' for? Why thefuck ain't we recued them yet?! *shoves himself off the bed or wherever the hell he ended up at*

Angel: Mikey: * gets them out of the way just in time* ahhhh!

Espionata: Mel: *Growls* You assholes are gonna get your asses killed when the boys show up!

Angel: guDon: *makes placating gesture to this much bigger Raph and scribbles on paper 'we should be ready to head out in a moment, your brother Leo has been taken to the psych ward for care. We were waiting for you to be good enough to go,' hands this to bigRaph*

Raphael *Just gives a nod at this world's Don... still dunno why the guy can't talk but figures its not something you ask.. figures it has something to do with those fucking clones* I'm good to go...was the moment I got here. *yeah, because no injury is gonna stop him from rescuing his girl* And GOOD! Leo needs to be there until that shit is outta his head. Midget Donnie said somethin' about brain worms...

Raphael: MMDonnie: -.-)

Donatello I'm ready, too.

Angel: Lol! Midget Donnie! Lol ... Wonder what he thinks of the 80's mob then? Lol

Donatello: LOL! Mini-midget mob. Razz

Raphael: MMDonnie: Oh, forgive me for not being BAY'ED and pumped full of steroids!)

Donatello: Didn't Raph in TF mention them as the "chubby ones"?

Donatello: Someone did in that, anyway. Razz

Angel: guDon: *like he had showed their Splinter lifts his throat so this big big Raph could see the scars and the hollow in flesh where his voice box had been ripped out... and to stretch as he leads Mikey, Raph and Donn to his own Raph, lightly bumping his brothers shoulder.*

Raphael: daws. GUDonnie and Phin have something in common))

Donatello: Yep

Angel: guRaph: hey, glad to see you up and moving ... *looks at his eldest son, his deceased Mikey's twin girls, his Don's eldest Damien and Danielle, and his Leo's eldest children, Sam the oldest of these. His eyes travell to Sam.* lead them well, remember set the prisoners free, cause trouble but don't get tied down into a battle, survive. *gives her her hopper to lead her team away*

Angel: guSam: *serious look, nods, bows and heads off with her troop*

Espionata: Mel: *Hits the cell door*

Raphael *Wonders why this girl was left in charge.. but whatever! All that matters is finding Erica.. um. the girls and ripping those fucking clones to shreds*

Angel: guRaph: *watches them go... Looks at the other Mikey, Raph, Donnie* the teens will be a part of keepin the main forces of our rulers distracted, my Don and I will lead our force to the main gates of the necropolis to provide further distraction... You guys get your girls and take those bastards out. *looks at his Don* time to end this bro... *leads away*

Angel: guDon: *nods and pats his young counter parts shoulder giving him a new hopper and writing on the paper 'good luck' hurries off with his Raph*

Angel: Mikey: *watches them go... Looks at his brothers* let's go get our gals Very Happy *nervous excited...*

Donatello *activates the hopper and leads his brothers to the girls*

Espionata: Mel: *Picks the lock when no one answers her* >​>​

Angel: Lol of course not she's a prisoner Razz

Angel: *hopper opens to where the girls are, currently with Erica in the throne room*

Espionata: lol

Espionata: Mel: *Breaks the lock and slips out* They don't learn

Angel: Angel: *has a few scratches and a bite from guRandal... and a bruised face, scrambles to her feet despite the chains on her wrists when a portal opens... Ready to fight encase its Crimson and Cyan ...*

Espionata: Mel: *Races through the prison area*

Angel: Erica: *not what she had meant when she begged Cyan to see Ally, Vic, Angel and Mel the next day... To be all chained to the floor... and she in her 'throne' seat...Mel had not be brought up for some reason*

Angel: Lol only to find it still locked hehehe

Espionata: lol

Espionata: Mel: Sheesh where are they?

Angel: Mikey: *may have been lead... But blinks around the large room once out and fights a happy yell...*Ally! *hurries to her*

Raphael ERICA!!! *instantly sees her and rushes offer, ripping the chains from the floor*

Raphael: Ally: *yeah, has a few cuts and bruises .. but a smile stretches across her lips when she sees her turtle!* Mikey!!

Espionata: Mel: *Keeps looking*

Donatello *runs to Angel!*

Angel: Erica: *a good thing too, she'd eagerly moved forward and been yanked back by the chains* Raph! ... Oh Red... *def glomps and squeezes, she's less hurt than the other girls, other than her hand which Crimson bit*

Angel Don! *kisses him as soon as he is close.. Moans asia causes her some Archie's in the bruised cheek*

Raphael *hugs and snugs and kisses, trying to be mindful of her injuries* How bad are you hurt... do you need anything... I'm gonna fuckin' kill 'em!

Angel: Mikey: *glompies and nuzzles, nuzzles, careful to avoid owies... Rubs belly* are you okay?

Angel: guCyan: *had just been coordinating the main force as the gates are attacked, come back intot he throne room... Snarrrrls lowly* oh really? Mind putting down those females we stole off you?

Espionata: Mel: *Is completely lost* Where am I in this stupid place?

Angel: guSam: *opening the outer prison doors -* get the prisoners out guys...

Raphael: Ally: *melts into his arms.* Yeah, a little banged up but I'm okay...

Raphael Raph: *GROWLS when he hears Cyan. Carefully pushes Erica behind his brothers and CHARGES!!!*

Angel: GuRaidon: *spots Mel and waves her over* hey there you are , come on help us free the others*

Angel: guCrimson: *hears the fight and rushes in... Knocks Donnie over* hey I claimed her!

Espionata: Mel: Raidon *Runs to him*

Angel: Mikey: *snugs... And kisses her forehead* good... Uh oh I better help Donnie *so unfair the giant red dude lunging for him!*

Angel: guCyan: *rooooars meeting the rush plastron to plastron, surprised at the youths
stretngth... But he does not have his age or weight... Grapples with him aiming teeth for his neck*

Donatello *holds her close, kissing her back* You're safe now. *then gets pushed to the ground* I don't think so! *glares, getting up and takes out his bo* She's leaving with me.

Raphael *aims a forceful punch at those snapping jaws, sai drown and aiming for Cyan's jugular*

Angel: Mikey: *tackles the heavy turtle off Donnie... Or tries to* grrrr! Off!

Angel: guRaidon: no time! *kisses her cheek* go and help us empty those prison cells*

Espionata: Mel: Okay! *Does so*

Angel: Cyan: *slowly forcing the younger turtle back let's the blow land slicing across his shoulder missing his throat catching the punch with a hand* when we win will have to decide whose girls we keep out of those we stole...*lying about Erica won't be adding her to any of their harems Razz *

Raphael *teeth gritted, snarling and fuming.. aims a kick at the demon's midsection* You ain't gonna take ANY of them... yer gonna DIE!!

Donatello *is bracing for a fight with guCrimson*

Angel: Erica: *Pulling her fellow girls behind the thrones to stay out of the way*

Angel: guCyan: >Smile really *coughs a little, winded*

Angel: guCyan: *trips and pins trying to rip out his throat*

Angel: guCrimson: *has two, grabs Mikey mid kick and throws him into Donnie*

Donatello *crashes to the ground again with the impact*

Espionata: Mel: *Keeps setting prisoners free but is utterly exhausted didn't sleep at all last night was alone in a cell*

Raphael *Hits the ground hard, but manages to to block the snapping jaws just inches before teeth meet his jugular. One hand freed, fingers digging into the larger Turtle's throat, attempting to damage his trachea

Angel: gyCyan: *struggles... Snapping... Growling... Roars talons find Raphs skin, tearing*

Angel: Erica: *picks up a Sai... Waiting for an opening*

Angel: guCrimson: *roars charging Don and Mikey slashing with battle axes*

Angel: Mikey: *scrambles to his feet deflecting the left axe kicking for the turtles face*

Donatello *jumps to his feet, shaking off the hit then slams his staff into the side of the evil turtle*

Espionata: Mel: *Can't keep up what she's doing for much longer*

Angel: guCrimson: *so large and strong he's a handful for both these younger turtles - is a little dizzied by the staff blow, but swings for Don's shell*

Donatello Whoa! *ducks just in time*

Angel: guRaidon: *fighting gaurds - chasing prisoners out of the tunnels*

Angel: Mikey: *aims for the big turtles left eye - with a shuriken*

Angel *gasps - had been sure that axe might have found it's mark*

Angel: guSam: Mel! *shoves her a little* you got to keep moving, here *gives her a wooden bat* fight

Espionata: Mel: Kay *Tries to isn't as fast as she is normally*

Raphael *and those ripping talons shred his neck, though fortunately miss any vital structures.. still a nasty wound. Once again tries to shove his weapon into the creature's flesh, aiming for anything vital*

Angel: Erica: *really hesitates getting closer - but - so much blood! - she can't tell whose is whose... lunges aiming to bury the sai into his ear hole*

Angel: guCrimson: *laughs - swatting at the two with his tail*

Angel: Mikey: *looks at Donnie and flips over the bigger turtles shell his chuck chains catching in the turtles mouth and pulling his head up - exposing the throat - take it out Donnie!*

Angel: guCyan: *trying to dislodge the boys grip, both of them had gaping wounds a sai opening his own artery - blood spurting out... turning as a movement catches his eye - dodging his head enough to miss the sai burying itself into his eye but exposing his throat to the turtle beneath him completely*

Espionata: Mel: *Is getting a bit beat up and is exhausted* Raidon!

Donatello *throws a shiriken at the evil clone's jugular*

Donatello: ...That post really made me cringe, Erica. lol Mikey's post.

Angel: guRaidon: *puls her onto his shell - still battling*

Angel: sorrrrrrrrry Razz

Espionata: Mel: *Holds on exhausted*

Raphael *Not one to pass up an opportunity, pierces his sai deep into the fucker's jugular, pulling hard and ripping him open!*

Angel *peeks out from behind chairs*

Angel: guCrimson: *like a giant bloody sprinkler, blood spurts spraying the two smaller turtles as he reaches with talons to grab Donnie by his face -*

Donatello *tries breaking guCrimson's arm with his staff, nearly breaking the weapon in two*

Angel: lol going for the D face again!

Angel: Razz

Donatello: lol

Espionata: lol

Espionata: Mel: *Is panting*

Angel: Mikey: *flips slamming a chuck onto the big red turtles eye socket - is very bloody ! *

Angel: guCyan: *chokes.. tries to breath, in being drowned in his own blood... still fights to drag his own talons, to dig them into this turtles throat and returnt he favor... but vision darkens... mind is gone long before the body realises it's dead and quiets strangling Raph - now just lays on him, squishing him*

Raphael *and with the monster turtle's dying efforts, managed to return the favor, nicking Raph's jugular. The scene is a bloodbath and weakened from his own bloodloss, all struggles cease completely*

Donatello: Soooo where's guGold in all of this?

Raphael: isn't gold dead?

Espionata: Yeah he's dead

Raphael: raph and mikey killed him methinks

Espionata: Donnie and Erica disected him

Donatello: Oops. Yeah. Erica and Don dissected him.

Donatello: Jinx!

Angel: yep Gold is long dead... Violet a normal turtle Razz

Donatello: That I forgot.

Espionata: lol

Raphael: yeah. Jake still has Violet, lol

Donatello: So no more guClones.

Raphael: he named him Mr. swigglesworth Razz

Donatello: lol!

Espionata: Mel: *Passes out*

Angel: Erica: *hurries to patch Raph up before he bleeds to death - working easily even if covered in a slippery mess of his and the big dead blue turtles blood.* Stay with me Raph... *smooches his snout* you'll be okay -

Donatello: What happened to Crimson? He still alive?

Angel: guCrimson: *fights literally until his blood loss is so great he is a greyish red not the brilliant
crimson.... had just had the two slightly small turtles by their throats choking them... weakens... dying*

Angel: almost gone Razz

Donatello *struggling to breathe, drops his weapon*

Donatello *also weakening but really not losing that much of his own blood thankfully*

Angel: Mikey: *holds his breath like a turtle do dude! and tries to wriggle free... finally can when the big turtle drops to the floor on hands and knees*

Donatello: lol

Donatello *drops to the floor, coughing and gasping, reaches out for his weapon to finish the job*

Angel: had a mental image of them both dangling in the big turtles grip trying to get free wriggling like fish on hooks Razz

Angel *hurries over to push Donnie's weapon into his hands*

Raphael *struggling to stay awake as she works on him. Mind is slipping, fading.. but he knows this is bad.. this could be it.... damn it..* Love.. you.. *she has to know that, in case it's the last thing he ever says*

Espionata: Mel: *Is passed out*

Angel: Erica: *leans down to kiss those lips, never mind the blood* I love you... *but nearly cries -* but you fight it Raph... *still working...on him*

Donatello *grabs it and struggles to his feet, ready to break the other turtle's neck with one more blow*

Angel: Mikey: *retrieves his chuck and nods at Don - preparing to help his brother destroy this evil bastard*

Angel: guCrimson: *trying to struggle to his feet - to fight on*

Donatello *uses all his strength to bring his staff down on Crimson's head, the weapon breaking upon impact*

Angel: Mikey: *adds his own chuck -*

Angel: guCrimson: *was almost to his feet, ready to murder - then grunts at the double impact - is dead before he hits the floor*

Raphael: Ally: *been watching on in horror. Gaze shifting between the fight that her boyfriend is in, to the sad sight of Erica and Raph..omg, is he dying?!* Guys!! Your brother.. *and frantically gestures in that direction*

Angel: Mikey: ewwwwwwwwww I got evil clone derp on my chuck! *indeed skull and skin and brain all over his chuck end* it's gonna touch me and turn me evil!!... *drops it and races that way*

Raphael *Fighting, struggling to hold on.. manages to return that kiss before losing unconsciousness*

Raphael: lol, Mikey

Raphael: derrrrp Razz

Angel: guDon: *also in finally, bleeding, battled - followed by his brother... brings over a medic kit -*

Angel: Razz hehehe Mikey for ya Very Happy

Raphael: that eppie still makes me laugh hardcore

Espionata: lol

Angel: lol me too Razz

Angel: April Derp Very Happy

Espionata: Mel: *Is still on guRaidon's shell passed out*

Raphael: hehe. Donnie would love to be covered in April derp Razz

Angel: Erica: *half terrified, half crying and still working regardless - takes the kit - looks at Mikey and Donnie* Donnie, can yous two please prep to give blood? *is patching and stitching but unless he gets blood now...* and hurry!

Angel *finally lets go of Ally and Vic - hurries to join Don*

Donatello *looks at Erica, now realizing the state Raph is in, reaches for Angel then makes his way over to his fallen brother*

Angel: Erica: *smiles at Donnie even if its very forced and she's frightened...* and needs blood ... * finally pulling the last lacerations together and closing the stitching*

Angel *nods and looks at Donnie and Mikey*

Angel: Mikey: *had scooped up his Ally to snuggle the crap out of her and scent mark her with Mikiness and moves back to his brothers*

Espionata: Mel: *Stirs*

Raphael: Ally: *snuuugs, unable to supress the tears. Both happy and.. worried* Is.. your brother going to be okay? Sad

Donatello I'm ready, Erica.

Angel: Erica: *nods and connects the brothers... looks at Ally, it was far too early to tell.... can't let panic cloud her mind - must focus*

Angel: Mikey: *nuzzles Ally* he will be - he's Raph, dude is good at taking a licking and keep coming back kicking*

Espionata: Mel: Raidon?

Espionata: Mel: *Looks around just out of it*

Raphael: Ally: *snugs* Sad

Angel: guRaidon: *trying to organise the prisoners and captured guoffspring and civilians in the citedal... sighs and looks at Mel* you need to portal back to mum...

Espionata: Mel: I'm just exhausted I will be fine

Angel: guRaph: *finally on scene with his brother - oh no had they lost another? - hurries over*

Angel: guDon: *gestures, he and his brother tug Cyan off off Raph*

Donatello *eye contact with Erica* He will make it.

Espionata: Mel: So is everyone free? *Tries to get down*

Angel: Erica: *trembles... done all she could.... goes to nod back to Don finally seeing his blood moving through tubing to his brother... but covers her face with bloodied hands and cries... maybe some releif, mostly fear...*

Raphael: daww

Espionata: aww

Angel: Mikey: *churrs, lets his mate go so she could go hug her friend - helps the two gu's to shift Cyan* now what you guys?

Donatello *reaches his other hand out to Erica's shoulder, giving it a reassuring squeeze*

Angel: guRaph: .... there is a whole population of people here suddenly without a ruling body.... mmmm Don get them and their brother back to Kim as soon as possible *heads out to retrieve their teens*

Angel: guDon: *nods and prepares a portal pointing at Mikey to help him*

Espionata: Mel: *Tries not to groan in some pain and dizzy* Didn't sleep and almost hitting my first cycle is what drained me

Angel: guRaidon: Wink you'll be alright... *scoops her up* rest then...

Espionata: Mel: Yeah it's just a combination of things I was gonna be given to the red one's son

Angel *smiles and kisses her Don's cheek - bleugh blood! and shifts to embrace Erica* we got you girlfriend... it'll be okay, RedT will be okay

Espionata: Mel: So did the others win Raidon?

Angel: guRaidon: I ... think so... *hugs*

Espionata: Mel: *Hugs him back* Got lucky was tortured by boredom although I wasn't given food

Angel: guRaph: *joins the teens* take her back to Kim - help your mother she is about to become very busy, Mel you do as told when taken to Kim please. Sam you come with me

Espionata: Mel: Okay Raph

Angel: guDon: * scribbles on his bloodied paper some more 'that should be enough blood to keep him living for now - he will get more back at home - come help me and your brother carry him back to the base' hands it to younger taller Don as he unhooks the transfusion*

Espionata: Mel: Someone got hurt

Angel: guRaph: *looks at Mel and nods* a lot of people got hurt, both ours and civilians and theirs.... *he leads Sam away with Damien*

Espionata: Mel: My brothers

Angel: guRaidon: *takes Mel home, so he can be on hand to help his mother*

Espionata: Mel: *Holds on* Kim?

Angel: guKim: yes? * moving about already changing out of a very messy coat - preparing a private room for the big turtle*

Espionata: Mel: Who got hurt?

Angel: Mikey: *helping Don and guDon heft Raph through the portal* Come on Ally, make sure that Vic and Angel and Erica come with us!

Raphael: Ally: *nods, ad helps the other girls along, keeping extremely close to Erica during all of this, hoping she doesn't get too stressed out* They're right, you know. He's going to be okay. *squeezes* You okay, can I get you anything?

Angel: Mikey: *man! their Raph has got to cut back on the iron pumping! dude is heavy!*

Angel: and no we was not calling you fat Razz ))

Espionata: lol

Espionata: Mel: *Shakes her trying not to pass out*

Angel *smiles at Ally and follows her*

Raphael Raph: *will have to bap mikey anyway, though later.. Razz*)

Donatello: lol

Angel: guKim: *rather impressed with Raph's dressings and sets him up to recieve more blood once his brothers laid him down comfortably*

Espionata: Mel: Raphie

Donatello *is trying not to panic himself during all of this*

Angel: Erica: *looks at Ally... shakes head... really tired...*

Raphael: Ally: *snugs her.. because they BOTH need snugs right now. And her guy is busy helping with Raph*

Angel *sidles away to snug Vic - vamp has been very quiet*

Angel: Erica: *hugs -*

Angel: Mikey: *smiles at Don* how are you bro not too banged up?

Espionata: Mel: *Passes out to exhausted to stay awake any longer*

Raphael: Vic: Sad *snugs*

Angel: guKim: *smiles at the two brothers* his vitals look good - he will recover... you guys are all very strong beings *

Angel: Mikey: *heaves a deep sigh and goes to find pillows and blankies - soooo staying near his brother like they had when Don had been hurt* thats good Smile

Donatello I'm okay.

Donatello *will patch himself up later*

Angel: guKim: dawwww let me look at you... your brother is resting... *moves closer and smiles at him* so our rulers... their dead?

Donatello *allows her, nods* Yes. Or at least not a threat anymore.

Raphael: Sooo.. have a job for either erica or kitteh... could someone post the RP logs on the forum for the last couple of nights?

Raphael: I know there's things I've missed.. and others. Know you two usually catch everything Wink

Angel: mine are incomplete cause I been on and off the ipad Wink

Raphael: ah, well darn

Angel: but Kitteh usually got em all good Very Happy

Donatello: Yeah, I can do it. Smile You want OOC stuff, too?

Donatello: Annnnd where do you want them posted?

Raphael: in the chat RP log section. And ooc stuff is fine. I know its a pain to edit everything out

Raphael: and...maaaybe someone can be resonsible for posting up the nightly crazy? Wink I can for what little I catch, but I usually can't stay on as long as you guys through the week

Donatello: Nightly Crazy? lol

Angel: ooooh in the rp bit in origins?

Angel: chatzy rp bit Very Happy

Donatello: Sooooo you're saying you want all the RP action documented on the forum?

Raphael: mmhmm Wink

Raphael: yeah.. so for those who are here will know what the heck is going on when they're away.

Raphael: I feel clueless sometimes, lol

Donatello: Can do. ^^ far back do you want? Because I'm pretty sure I have everything from the start.

Raphael: lol.. omg

Raphael: the overly eager part of me wants to say 'from the start!!' Razz ..but I know that's time consuming

Donatello: Yep. I do my best to log EVERYTHING! Razz

Donatello: And Erica has been a big help when I can't stay very late. Smile

Angel: Very Happy

Angel: I try - a lot of mine is incomplete

Angel: but I can help out Very Happy

Donatello: If you want anything, Erica, just ask me. Smile I have everything dated. However, I know
you're what...14 hours ahead of me so our dates might be a bit different. Wink

Donatello: What time is it where you are now? Smile

Angel: 6:25 pm -

Angel: mwhahaha yes at times I so want to say greetings - from the futurrrrrre!

Donatello: O.o Wow...there's an extra half-hour stuck in there.

Donatello: Soooooo 14 1/2, I guess.

Angel: daw hehehe

Donatello: I didn't know there were half-hour differences in timezones.

Donatello: I thought it all went by whole hours.

Angel: urgh always got that bit wrong in school - I can barely tell you which parts of my country are ahead or behind by half an hour let alone the other side of the globe ... suppose I could us the
ipad world clocks to cheat in that regard Very Happy

Donatello: Nope -- 13 1/2 hours ahead of you. It's almost 5 am here.

Donatello: lol

Angel: OO should you not be sleeping *so guilty*

Donatello: lol I fell asleep sitting here earlier. Razz But probably in the next half-hour I'll have to scoot. Wink

Angel: always feel so bad you guys are up so late Very Happy

Angel: *hugs*

Donatello: Nah, don't be. *hugs* We want to be here. Smile

Angel: yay!

Angel: Very Happy I do it too hanging out in MM sometimes to see if the other two pop in Very Happy

Donatello: Yeah, that's when I need help logging for sure. During my daytime.

Donatello: Unfortunately it's the middle of the night for you. O.o

Donatello: I didn't realize that. *hugs* I'm sorry.

Angel: bah thats okay - Very Happy I am usually working the times I am up

Angel: so can sneak it in Very Happy

Donatello: Very Happy

Angel: well looks like the boys are all in gu infirmary, Raph's private room Razz

Angel: and girls I presume

Donatello: ...I don't get it.

Angel: me either *shrugs*

Angel: hehehe should go from this one *hugs* and yes I'll help get the rp crazy bit of the loggies all
up Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Portal Hopping Pt 21 - 30 (post rp chat room creation)   

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Portal Hopping Pt 21 - 30 (post rp chat room creation)
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