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 Portal Hopping Pt 31 - 40 (post rp chat room creation - guCyan&guCrimson deaths, Neo's birth)

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PostSubject: Portal Hopping Pt 31 - 40 (post rp chat room creation - guCyan&guCrimson deaths, Neo's birth)   Wed Aug 17, 2016 2:19 am

pt 31.

Espionata: Mel: *Yaws stretching in the base's infirmary*

Shaya: ((The girls got rescued While I was gone?))

Shaya: Shaya , thanks to her job, had to have a keen senses... sadly, man smell even reptile man smell is off putting. Think of a gym lockerroom thatr hasn't been clean in a while... I

Espionata: Mel: Sore and tired and Raphie is hurt

Leo *dances around*

Angel: KnLH says even more so to the strong senses of himself and other mutants Razz

Espionata: Mel: Leo what are you doing out?

Leo dancing

Espionata: Mel: Why? Raphie is hurt real bad

Leo why is Raph hurt? I haven't been on. i don't even know how I got here

Espionata: Mel: The two dark turtles that were left got killed last night in order to rescue Erica, me, Angel, Ally, and Vic

Espionata: Mel: And the others got hurt

Leo wait....I was there to fight the dark turtles. where's Vic!? WERE AM I!? how did i get here!?

Espionata: Mel: You didn't fight and she's safe here in the gubase and it was because you and Raphie were fighting
that you ended up here

Leo yeah well that was Raph's fault. He fliped his shit for no reason

Donatello O.o HE flipped his lid? Leo! YOU attacked him!

Espionata: Mel: No it's because you're crazy

Leo no no no. I was giving Erica a massage and he flipped out!

Espionata: Mel: Instincts Leo Erica is his mate!

Leo Erica is everyone mate

Angel: Mikey: bah you know Raph was always protective of his toys Razz

Angel: Mikey: .... not no more Wink

Espionata: Mel: Not anymore she's engaged to him

Donatello Not anymore, Leo. :/

Leo well clearly things are going on without my knowing it. you people don't need me around! *grabs Vic and leaves*

Donatello Leo!

Espionata: Mel: Leo quit being a drama queen! *Follows*

Leo yer in charge now, Don

Espionata: Mel: Leo knock it off!

Donatello >​.< I HAVE been in charge, Leo...for MONTHS!

Angel: Mikey: and you have been here, true been away at some points but you have been here long enough to know by now Erica has been Raph's and only his months

Leo I have a headache. *passes out*

Espionata: Mel: Oh brother >​>​

Leo *can only be awaken by true loves kiss*

Espionata: Mel: Leo stop being dramatic!

Shaya Is he breathing? *Concerned bystander*

Angel: Mikey: *was retirveing food from the guBase Mess Hall - continues on his way*

Donatello >​ : ( *grabs Leo and takes him to the lab, strapping him to the table*

Espionata: Mel: Big brother?

Donatello What? *testily*

Leo *no need for straps only love will set him free*

Espionata: Mel: Is Leo gonna be okay even though he's a dramatic asshole

Donatello I don't even know anymore, Mel. -_-

Espionata: Mel: No one does he's just being an asshole at this point right now Raphie needs us more than Leo

Donatello *nods* I know. *sighs heavily* I hate to say it, but this is pretty much Leo's fault. Sad

Leo *nothing is leo's fault*

Espionata: Mel: It is if he wasn't fighting Raphie then the others wouldn't have gotten kidnapped with only me trying to save them and failing big time

Donatello You're right, Mel.

Espionata: Mel: All of us were lucky that nothing bad happened during the time you guys were planning our rescue.

Donatello *nods*

Espionata: Mel: Erica was allowed to roam for the most part not sure about the others. While I was trapped in a cell waiting for one of those creeps' sons to put me in their harem not being fed and I didn't sleep much

Leo *Mel complains too much*

Donatello I figured.

Angel: Mikey: *back with foooood!* that cause they were keeping her to replace their Erica - *waves trays - wafting food smell everywhere*

Espionata: Mel: We're lucky that Raphie is even alive from the rescue

Donatello Yeah. I know. I'm very thankful to Erica for helping him as quickly as she did.

Espionata: Mel: Yet Leo didn't give a shit

Leo *Leo still has no idea what the hell is going on*

Espionata: Mel: Leo wake up you asshole!

Angel: Mikey: thats not true Mel - just not himself >​,>​ *gives her some food*

Shaya I know I just portalled here but... what did I miss when you boys went through?

Donatello We took down the evil clones. *to Shaya*

Espionata: Mel: Mikey face facts Leo caused a lot of problems and is still causing them *Eats a little food*

Angel: Mikey: >​< and still our brother - stop being so dismissive

Espionata: Mel: Yet he fought Raphie for no reason

Donatello Yes, but Raph did start that one a little himself.

Angel: Mikey: yeah... though Leo normally would have not carried it on... still he is our bro and all

Donatello He was too protective of Erica...things got out of hand. But Leo was the one that kept fighting. >​.<

Espionata: Mel: Fighting when people were being kidnapped

Donatello *nod*

Donatello They were waiting for us to let our guard down.

Espionata: Mel: I just can't forgive Leo anytime soon

Angel: Mikey: meh dude is allowed - especially as the lump grow bigger Razz

Angel: Mikey: and fine but dont be so crude about it - as said still our bro

Espionata: Mel: Yeah they were and it feels like I could've prevented it somehow if I had been allowed to see what the hell was going on

Donatello How, Mel?

Espionata: Mel: I don't know scouting spying something at least. And tell that to Raphie Mikey when he wakes up

Angel: Mikey: *frowns at Mel - takes his horde of food to offer some to Donnie - will tempt his own AngelCake and Angel with some shortly*

Espionata: Mel: *Fighting back tears and looks away*

Donatello *takes a little of the offered food from Mikey* Thanks.

Angel: guKim: *sneaking past to check on Raph*

Raphael *still completely out of it*

Espionata: Mel: *Gets up to leave*

Angel: lol so is Erica - Kim had to sedate her to sleep Razz

Angel: she fimally passed out in the chair so all good Razz

Espionata: lol

Donatello: Awwwww

Angel: finally* still cant spell Razz

Angel *and good thing too girl was annoying her! wouldn't eat or stop pacing!... is hungry...* Mikey can you bring some of that here? *smiles over at Don*

Raphael: Vic: *goes to find wherever they took Leo*

Donatello *moves over to Angel*

Angel: Mikey: *takes her some food*

Angel *pats spot beside her smiling at Stretch and choosing a bread roll of some meat and salad stuffs to munch* mmmm how are you guys? *only sort of just woke up(

Leo *leo is sleeping in bed*

Espionata: Mel: *Leaves the infirmary*

Angel: guKim: *checks on the girl and leaves them to resting*

Espionata: Mel: *Heading for the workout room*

Raphael: Vic: *watches him sleeping for a moment, still worried about him and everything that happened. Leans in and presses a kiss against his lips*

Leo *wakes up and smiles* hello love. *reaches up and pulls her down for a hug*

Raphael: Ally: *loooong night. Sleeping somewhere, waiting for her Mikey candy*

Leo: mikey candy sounds yummy)

Angel: Mikey: *placed down the food trays - still plenty there.... crawls over pillow pile to find his Ally and nuzzle nuzzle her awake... girl gotta eat!*

Angel: oh it is says my big headed turtle Razz )

Raphael: Ally: Oh, it is. *brow wiggle*)

Donatello: lol

Angel: Mikey: *head inflates in size..... both of them* )

Angel: oy vie )

Raphael: Ally: *and it doesn't take much! Wakes and throws her arms around him*

Raphael: bahahaha

Donatello: lol

Raphael: Vic: ^^ *crawls onto the bed with him, resting her head against his plastron, just above his heart. Lulled and comforted by its rhythmic beating* How's your head?

Donatello The usual, Angel. *a bit frustrated with a certain brother in blue*

Angel: Mikey: MMMM! *snogglies and snugglies and all things good - nips her gently* beloved! how be you *nuzzles nuzzles, being obnoxiously loud on purpose*

Espionata: Mel: *Reaches the work out room and heads for the punching bag*

Leo foggy. *wraps an arm around her and gives her a squeeze* how's your belly?

Raphael: Ally: *giggles and scratches his spot* Aw, I'm good. A lil sore, but I've been worse. ^^ How's Raph?

Raphael: Vic: *rubs her tummy as she nuzzles him* You mean, your son? Razz He's fine.. though, a lil fussy and I'm sure it's because he's concerned for his daddy.

Leo or he's hungry. You have ate, right?

Angel: Mikey: *CHUUUUUUUURRRRRRRRRRS and KA FLOPS in pillows pile tail wagging* huh thats good, though not good no sores! where is it sore - Mikey kiss it better?

Angel oooh I'm sorry *rubs Don's head snuggling into him*

Donatello *holds her close* How about you?:

Angel: Mikey: and guKim says he's okay just needs to rest and all Razz

Raphael: Vic: Yeah. I ate food in front of everyone else because they need to think I'm normal. But...I... fed on one of the Clones. Cyan.. the one Raph killed.

Espionata: Mel: *Beating on a punching bag*

Leo ok good. *smooches her* I hear Raph's in bad shape. no idea what happen. All i remember is fighting with Raph.

Espionata: Mel: *Keeps beating on the punching bag*

Raphael: Vic: Oh, no one told you? You guys fought, the Clones came through and kidnapped us females. You guys came through, but you probably don't remember much because they brought you here. A smaller Donatello gave us a clue that you may have a brain worm, so the staff here worked on you.. so.. hopefully you're better.. *and hopes that his decision to be with her was actually him and not the worm Sad ) And yes, your brother almost died. Cyan slit his throat, but Erica and the staff saved him. Though, he hasn't woken since.

Raphael: Ally: ^^ That's good. Things should be alright soon.. *snugs him and nibbles on her fod* Mmmm... soooooo... gooooooood

Leo wow a lot happen. Hope Raph's going to be ok. So are the clones all dead now?

Raphael: Vic: *nods and traces little patterns on his plastron with her finger* Yes. Except the Purple one. He's stil la normal turtle thanks to the retromutagen that Metalhead barfed on him. That little kid.. Jake? Probably still has him, if he hasn't flushed him down the toilet by now...

Angel feel okay - the bruise is fading *points to her bruised cheek* :*

Leo I hope not, turtles can clog toilets. and I doubt Don wants to deal with that

Donatello *has a few scratches on his own from where Crimson tried clawing him* Good. *smooches that cheek lightly*

Angel *traces these scratches gently* Kim have a look over these?

Donatello *nods* Yeah. *smiles* They'll heal.

Espionata: Mel: *Stops panting lets out a loud yell hitting the bag one more time falling to the ground crying*

Angel: Mikey: yes... better be soon - *proud to show off his collection of minor owies to Ally - even prouder she's eating, nuzzles a shoulder big doopey grin and all* you bet it is the me that used to be here taught the kitchen
crew all he knew Razz

Angel: yeah sorry Mel most of the teens still in the Clones citedal

Espionata: Aww

Raphael: Ally: *giggles and nuzzles, offering him a bite of her grub, then fusses over his owies* My man is sooo brave. ^^And yeah, certainly. Too bad he isn't still around.. would be nice to meet him. But at least they won't have to worry about the clones anymore, thanks to you guys.

Espionata: Mel: *Continues to cry on the ground*

Raphael: Vic: O.o I'm sure they can. Maybe when we get back home.. we should find the little boy and takr Purple from him. I mean, even though the guy was a dick, his turtle self can't help it. *snugs* And when your brain is better, you should go see Raph. You guys can't leave things like this.

Leo yeah. even though if he hadn't snapped on me just because I was giving a friend a massage none of this would have happen.

Raphael: Vic: *nods* Perhaps. *though, can see this from both sides of the fence* But.. what if I had been everyones at one point before choosing you? What if.. one day you came in to see one of my former lovers with his hands on me? Would you react differently?

Leo *thinks on that* yes I would have. I would have calmly asked what was going on, expecially if it was one of my brothers. Then after getting info I would then react.

Angel: hehehe Leo knows Raph don't work like dat! )

Angel: he smacks and asks questions later Razz )

Espionata: Mel: *Shakes her head as she cries harder*

Angel *kisses them anyways* don't think I'd seen anything as brave as you and Mikey and Raph taking those bastards on *snuggles*

Donatello *smiles* Really?

Angel: Mikey: *churring and unlike if it was his brothers offering a bite of their food he did not take a huge chunk, just a light nip munching happily* me too us Mikey's are cool dudes Very Happy *churrs churss so happy*

Angel yes Smile so brave *kisses all over his face cause she can and he def deserves them*

Donatello *smiles* I was just doing what I needed to to help my family.

Angel you always do - *smoooches*

Raphael: Vic: *nods* Well, unlike you.. Raph has a short fuse. *snugs*

Raphael: Ally: That you are! ^^ *nuzzles and smooches between bites* Gah... so hungry! I swear this baby is gonna be as big as an elephant!

Leo yes I know. He needs to control that. *snugs back*

Donatello *smooches her back* Thanks. *hugs her gently* So our little one is still doing fine?

Angel: Mikey: dawwww you and they will be the prettiest little cuties anywhere HoneyBum *nuzzles nuzzles*
Angel *hugs him tightly, needs the closeness after the crazy of being away* much better now back with you Wink swear I was sicker away

Espionata: Mel: *Curls up against the wall crying trying to keep thoughts that invaded her mind constantly as she grew and being hormonal isn't helping*

Donatello *nuzzles her gently* I'm so sorry this happened to you. To all of you.

Angel don't be - nothing serious happened, I spent some time with Crimsons harem... those poor girls... about my age... all frightened and various stages of pregnancy and their male carers... all bruised and sore and not sure what it was like in Cyan's harem... and Erica had us all brought to her after a while in any case to have us close. *nuzzles back, content and nice and full now*

Donatello *frowns* Oh. I wonder what will happen now that their hosts are gone?

Raphael: Vic: *just nods and snugs and smoochsmooches*

Leo *smooches back and cuddles*

Raphael: Ally: Very Happy Hehe.. they? You think I'm gonnah ave more than one? Oo

Angel: guKim: *over hears, is back to check* my neice Sam, is being left in charge with her cousins and silbings as enforces as they begin the clean up - she will lead them right... so much like her father

Donatello *smiles at guKim*

Angel OO really thinks she's ready to run a broken kingdom?

Angel: guKim: oh she is - *nods and smiles* sides as my hubby pointed out last night if he or Don took over all that the people of this world would see another turtle male having wrested power from the fallen ... better some on young and and new take over

Angel: guDon: *finds Mel and hugs*

Espionata: Mel: *Clings to guDon crying*

Espionata: Mel: Don I know I shouldn't feel this way but I feel less important compared to everyone else even though the girls are pregnant it feels like I'm invisable and all alone at times like when I was younger

Angel: guDon: *nods nods and pats back, rubbies*

Espionata: Mel: It just hurts I was trapped there like the other girls and other than younger Donnie and being rescued by Raidon I feel ignored and I hate that

Angel: guDon: *rubs rubs and smiles - she should go back to the others if needs them, they are staying close to their ill brothers after all*

Espionata: Mel: I don't know what to do anymore Don

Donatello *smiles again* That's comforting. If she's anything like her father, she'll do a great job. *at least assumes this Leo is a lot like his Leo used to be like -- keyword: USED to be*

Angel *smiles and nods, finally understanding it and then blinks*

Angel huh does that make her sort of... queen?

Angel: guKim: *assured both Angel and Don seem in good health and Mikey and Ally* yeah she is now Wink

Espionata: Mel: What can I do?

Angel: guDon: *write on paper as usual 'go back to them' *

Espionata: Mel: Go back to them why?

Donatello Then congratulations to her.

Angel wow big thing for a teen girl - *snugs and kisses Don's cheek* everything so quiet

Angel: Mikey: *snooooozing with Ally*

Angel: Erica: *still sedated*

Donatello Yeah. I suppose that is a good thing.

Espionata: Mel: You really think I should go back to them?

Angel: guDon: *nods nods*

Espionata: Mel: Okay Don *Gets up and heads back to the infirmary and enters eyes are red from crying and the
tears haven't quite stopped*

Angel hey Mel

Espionata: Mel: Hey Angel

Angel hello Wink

Angel: guKim: *smile sand pats girls shoulder and hugs, then moves to check Raph - poking see if he might wake a little*

Espionata: Mel: What are you guys doing?

Angel we are relaxing

Espionata: Mel: Oh okay

Angel there is no need to rush, Raph it recovering, and we have some boo boos to heal and all

Espionata: Mel: Yeah *Rubs her from her tears*

Raphael *grooooans, growls and snorts.. weakly tries to swat intrusive hand away*

Angel: guKim: *hah! is a Raph wife! dodges and continues to poke and prod* come on time to wake up tough guy

Angel: lol

Raphael: lol

Espionata: lol

Angel: yeah she's had like fifteen years ? Razz

Raphael *one eye half pops open, bloodshot and irritated.. fucking lights!* What'do'ya'want?!

Espionata: lol

Espionata: Mel: *Sighs*

Angel: guKim: Smile hey - *hah he's awake, dims the lights*

Angel: guKim: how ya feeling? *amused... Raphs are def not happy wakers

Angel joined the chat 23 seconds ago

Raphael *groand and closes eyes. Even with them dim, seems to damn bright* Feel shit ran over twice.. *tells her hoarsely* Did I kill 'im?

Raphael: wb

Angel: Ty

Espionata joined the chat 10 seconds ago

Angel: lol shit ran over twice Razz

Espionata: Mel: Why did I come back in here?

Raphael: bahahaha

Angel because we are here as support, just relax Mel

Espionata: Mel: If you say so

Angel: guKim: uh huh, just like my you, so blunt.. Love it patients usually try playing it down... *checks him over and reaches to begin rousing his mate* and yes you did he is dead Smile thank you

Raphael *glad the asshole is dead* No problem.. s'what I do.. *shifts his gaze over to Erica* She okay?

Angel: guKim: *chuckles and rubs his head fondly* my you and Don disappeared last night to celebrate Very Happy busy today though... And she's fine.. Just we had to sedate her

Angel I say so, stop looking down, we did it... The clones are gone

Espionata: Mel: It's not that

Raphael *Feels bad that Erica had to be sedated. Must have worried her* Sad

Angel: guKim: she kept trying to doctor you and getting under my feet and of course worrying and that's not good
for her or him so I knocked her out a bit... If anything just to get her to sleep*

Raphael *frowns, trying to shift enough to see her, but quickly regrets moving. Damn neck is so sore!!* Sad

Angel and refused to eat and paced about.. Razz drove us all nuts *hugs Mel*

Angel: guKim: *chuckles and uses the bed buttons to help him sit up so he can see still tying to rouse her*

Espionata: Mel: *Hugs her back* I don't feel as important as you guys Angel all because you all have mates and are pregnant and I feel left alone

Raphael *winces a little, but thankful he can now see her. Tugs his hand out from beneath the blankets, not really noticing all of the wiring and IVs.. reached out to caress her cheek*

Angel *snugs* you'll have your own some day Wink

Angel: guKim: *smiles and gets out of his way* she should be coming around

Espionata: Mel: I just wanna feel important you know. I was the only still locked up while all of you were together

Angel: Erica: *isss sloooooowly... Sedatory haze over her mind and eyes, blinks and smiiiiiiiles though*

Raphael *manages a grin, wishing he could hug the snot out of her* Hey you.

Angel yes well be glad you were to those bastards a less of a prize of sorts ...

Angel: guKim: *fixes a if to the girl, cause you know sedation might take a lot out of her*

Angel: Erica: *of course tries to avoid it, she can do it herself thanks!! But manages to find her voice* hhhheeeeeey *okay so it's more of a whisper*

Espionata: Mel: That's not what I mean if it wasn't for Raidon I would still be there because you and the other girls are all that matter now. I don't matter probably never did *Cries hard a lot of feelings and thoughts coming from her childhood and hormones*

Raphael *Fuckin' tubes and shit!! >​.< Tugs them and tries to scoot closer to her.. gah, why does everything hurt so much?! Oh, right. He got shredded* How you feelin'?

Angel *hugs*

Angel: Erica: *waits until Kim is not looking and forces a still sedated body to flop in elegantly from the seat and onto the bed... Carefully... Slowly so not to tangle their tubes.. Or hurt him, slides slowly up beside him*

Angel: guKim: *rolls eyes... It's like the teens forget she has mum sense!

Espionata: lol

Espionata: Mel: I really feel like that

Raphael *And carefully slides closer to her, taking her into his arms. Contented, weak churrs that hurt his throat, but too happy to care* Love you. *nuzzles*

Angel: Lol

Angel *snugs and nawwwws hugs Don too*

Angel: Erica: *nuzzles and snuggs* love you too Red...

Espionata: Mel: *Snuggles close* I want to feel like I matter

Donatello *hugs back* You're young, Mel. You have plenty of time.

Raphael *Happy churrs become louder. Snugs and closes his eyes, content and happy.. forgetting all about his near death experience or how bad things are between him and Leo. Right now, this is what matters, being close to her*

Espionata: Mel: Big brother I mean also not to be ignored when something bad happens to us because at times I feel like I am in favor of your mates I don't have my dad or Raidon all the time like you have your mates.

Angel it will come about...

Angel: Erica: *can relax finally and let the iv fluids do what they gotta.. Even if she can't help checking his... Purrrrs in content...*

Espionata: Mel: It will?

Angel yes of course

Espionata: Mel: Doesn't feel like it though

Donatello Mm-hmm.

Espionata: Mel: I know it's stupid to feel this way

Raphael *With the love of his life in his arms, drifts back off to sleep*

Donatello: Dawwww

Angel *watches them with a grin* dawwwwwwwwwwwwww

Angel: Erica: *okay he seems fine... lets herself actually go to sleep too all snugged up*

Donatello *smiles, slipping his arm around Angel* They'll be just fine.

Angel *snuggles* as will we oh smexy one of mine *kisses kisses*

Donatello *snogs, heading to one of the spare rooms close by*

Donatello *leading Angel there*

Angel mmmmmmmmm! *eagerly follows* think things will go back to normal between your brothers now? *mumbling and kissing*

Donatello I sure hope so. *smooch smooch snoooooogs*

Angel *tugging off his gear as they find a room...* mmm hmmmm mee tooo - hate... *kiss kiss kiss* seeing you so ... worried *snogs*

Donatello Yeah. *helps to remove her own clothing once they enter the room, shutting the door behind them*

Angel mmmm *has little time for usual foreplay... tugs his tail, needs him now! - snogs* gotta try keeping you relaxed until we know..

Donatello Know what?

Donatello *chuuuuuuuurrs, snogging and groping*

Angel that *moans and draws him with her to the bed in here, slowly sliding onto it * if things are... normal.... *snogs drawing him with her*

Donatello *moans with her, running his hands along her upper body, straddles her and leans down to kiss her*

Angel groans... ooooh his touch is good* mmm yes Donnie... *meets that kiss stroking that tail again*

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PostSubject: Re: Portal Hopping Pt 31 - 40 (post rp chat room creation - guCyan&guCrimson deaths, Neo's birth)   Wed Aug 17, 2016 2:54 am

pt 32.

Espionata: Mel: Man I lost it last night

Angel: Mikey: *from his Ally cuddled position...* we all do now and then

Espionata: Mel: Yeah but was it out of selfishness?

Angel: Mikey: I don't know.. Was it? *churrs churrs*

Espionata: Mel: I don't know Mikey

Angel *sleeping off a good night*

Angel: Mikey: well your the only one that can answer that cutie Razz *stretches* but we all have our moments so don't worry

Espionata: Mel: Yeah I know Mikey

Donatello *snuggled up with Angel*

Angel: Mikey: and you should be in fact thanking your lucky stars for a time you were left alone... I mean you know what would have happened if not right?

Angel *not sure whose room they took, not apologetic*

Espionata: Mel: I know Mikey *Looks at the ground*

Angel: PMikey: *tosses arm about her, she is pulled against Ally in his hold* exactly, you focus too much on the negative, think of the the good,you were not raped or eaten *nuzzles nuzzles*

Espionata: Mel: I know but at times it feels like being ignored feels worse

Angel: Mikey: no its not and you know it

Espionata: Mel: Mikey it's probably just childhood stuff talking

Angel: Mikey: *churring* indeed Wink and you gotta try not letting it talk... Hank had to stay behind to watch our lair with Leatherhead and you boy is prob busy trying to help his cousin run recovery efforts

Espionata: Mel: I know but for some reason it was brought out

Angel: Mikey: cause you had too much time to think about things Wink enough now, relax... We all trying to recover man... Never fought anything so violent or with a lust for pain like him... Glad I could help Donnie*

Espionata: Mel: I guess so Mikey

Espionata: Mel: Is Raphie awake?

Raphael: Hes in and out.

Espionata: aww

Espionata: Mel: *Peeks into the room where Erica and Raph are*

Angel: Erica is not, she's catching some serious zzzzzs all that panicking and fretting and not eating and R2 putting on the growing act again made her tired lol

Espionata: Mel: They look like they're asleep

Angel: What ? She was stretching and somehow is now belly up, head and shoulders on the floor heheh Wink

Espionata: lol

Angel: Mikey: *sniggers*

Raphael: bahahaha

Espionata: Mel: *Cuddles with Mikey everything still bugging her* Stupid memories plus stupid hormones >​<

Angel: guKim: o,O *carefully straightens the girl-8

Espionata: Mel: Erica always sleeps like that Kim

Donatello: Razz

Angel: guKim: hehehe uh I see ... *tucks her back in*

Espionata: Mel: Yeah I'm used to it sometimes she sleeps on the back of the couch

Angel: guKim: mmmm I should wake em both, he needs food and so does she *starts poking*

Espionata: Mel: Yeah

Raphael >​.< *swats!!*

Donatello: lol

Donatello: Never wake up a grumpy Raph. Your liable to lose an eye.

Espionata: lol

Raphael: Razz Or your head!

Donatello: Yeah, the eye would be mild. Razz

Shaya joined the chat

Espionata: Mel: Raphie hates being woken up Oo

Angel: Lol

Espionata: Mel: *Sighs and cuddles with Mikey hasn't been in the mood to get food*

Angel: guKim: *whoa! So close! - but has had fifteen years to develop excellent reflexes!* heheh
*pokes pokes pokes... Pokes Erica*

Angel: Erica: *makes a squeaky noise, but otherwise ignores*

Angel: Mikey: *snuggling Ally and Mel, super warm turtle right now!!*

Espionata: Mel: Thanks Mikey

Angel: guKim: oO... >Smile *pokes the girl some more... By feeling around the bump*

Angel: Erica: meh! *yep not appreciating that! Rolls and snugs into Raph, hah! Try doing it now!*

Angel: Lol

Espionata: lol

Angel *soooo not moving! ignores the knocking on the door*

Raphael: lol

Raphael *snuuuuugs* zzzZZZzzzZZZzzz...

Angel joined the chat 11 seconds ago

Espionata: Mel: *Keeps close to Mikey trying to ignore her stomach growling*

Donatello *snuuuuuuuuuuuugs*

Angel: guKim: oh for the love of Raph's everywhere! *snorting with giggles - this might be a losing
battle! but she wont surrender! - pinches the girls backside and jumps back - just encase*

Angel: Erica: Ow - hey! *well that woke her! -*

Donatello: lol

Angel: Mikey: *heaving with sniggers himself over here - quiet enjoying the show!*

Angel: Mikey: *snuggles snuggles*

Espionata: lol

Angel ^____________^ *snugglies sooo gooood!*

Espionata: Mel: Well that woke her up Oo

Raphael: Ally: ^^ *snuuuuugs*

Angel: Mikey: this is so funneh Al - it's not me annoying people awake right now Razz *snugs the girls and nuzzles*

Angel: guKim: *grins* hey... think you could wake your Raph? - you both need a check over and some food

Espionata: Mel: Yeah which is surprising

Angel: Erica: *about to complain.... but the older woman is probably right... nods to her and rubs her turtles head, kinda snugged in tight so her options for prodding him awake are limited*

Donatello *sleeping peacefully next to Angel, arm draped over her*

Angel: bwhahhaa might be harder to wake those two Razz

Espionata: lol

Raphael *knows it her this time, judging by the scent ..snugs, sighing inwardly.. just wants to sleep!! But slowly cracks an eye open*

Espionata: Mel: *Tries not to shiver feeling a chill go right through her* >​>​

Angel: Mikey: Mel I am gonna call for someone to feed Ally - and me... and you Razz

Espionata: Mel: Why?

Angel: guKim: *giggling still and waits*

Angel: Erica: *sees one eye is open and smiiiiiiiiiles smooching that snout* wakey wakey BigRed

Shaya: Back))

Raphael *groans* Do I have'ta?

Angel *aint in a hurry to break it up - snuggles closer and smooochies*

Angel: Erica: *gives a nod nod whilst nuzzling smooched spot* yes... but only for a little while... promise

Shaya *in an archway reading a novel set in the past*

Angel: LH: *finally dragging himself about the place - sending some people running in terror.... shyly
hides behind Shaya - well what he can of his bulk* hi

Espionata: Mel: Guess my dad won't come here

Angel: Hank: *in a random hallway in his box*

Espionata: Mel: I miss him

Shaya BigGuy! *hugs him, she missed him terribly!* It's so good to see you.

Angel: LH: hey hey! *hugs back tucking his head along her back and purrrrrrrrrrrrring - tail tip flopping and tripping guRaph*

Angel: guRaph: *rolls into a closet with a crash - swearing the entire way*

Espionata: Mel: There goes Raph

Shaya Where have you been? *winces at the sound of a thundering GURaph* maybe we should reconnect somewhere else.

Angel: LH: *hadn't even noticed - hugs hugs and nuzzles* mmmmmmmm waiting for news on edge - you Lovely? what have you been up too?

Donatello *pulls her closer*

Shaya Truthfully? A Bit worried. I only guessed at the portal frequency last time. I was out of contact ever since they guys left. I came here to see how everyone was. *holds on to him*

Raphael *siiiighs* Well, only because yer awake.. *snugs*

Angel: LH: *nods nods* I too was worried and carefully scoops her up heading down the hall - still unawares he tripped a Raph*

Espionata: Mel: I'm not hungry Mikey

Angel *heard a crash and it startled her enough to wake her sort of - but heh still sooo snugged... smoochies*

Angel: Erica: mmm *smiiiiiles and kisses those lips* thank you

Donatello *is awake but not moving...yet*

Angel: guKim: oy vie - lucky I am not a diabetic - I'd be in serious trouble right now!

Espionata: lol

Angel: Mikey: you are eating something MEl.... and so are you smexy Al *nuzzles both, smoooches

Espionata: Mel: Why?

Angel *chuckles a little and nuzzles* to comfy to move?

Raphael *snogs, and finally looks up at Kim* Why, you eat all of our desserts? -.-

Angel: guKim: *shows off her tight figure in her white coat* bah as if I would do that Wink no but you two being so sweet and all... Razz

Donatello Mmm. *nods, smiling*

Angel: Erica: *sniggers - hopes she looks that good in fifteen years ... and after kids* thanks *kisses him and slowly disentangles herself to stand up*

Angel me too - hehehe I sooo am not sorry we hogged this room *snogs*

Espionata: Mel: So what am I supposed to do?

Donatello *chuckles, snogging and nuzzling her* Yeah.

Angel: Mikey: ummmm eat? *finally got food for him and Ally and Mel - more for the girls, nuzzles them again* come on eat eat

Espionata: Mel: *Doesn't eat much* Not really hungry Mikey

Angel mmmmm so have not lost your magic touch Stretch Wink

Donatello *chuckles lightly* That's definitely good to know. *smoooooooch*

Angel: guKim: I have a feeling you will only do the six months Wink and he going to be a big one *rubs bump then gives Erica a quick look over before encouraging her towards soup and bread* eat... *turns to the big Raph to check him over too*

Raphael *tries to get up too, but quickly regrets it. >​.< SIIIIGHS.* Fuckin' clones.

Espionata: Mel: *Snuggles close to Mikey didn't really eat much*

Angel: guRaph: *finally there - covered in random bits of toilet paper* uh looks like ya need a hand... *goes over to help the younger him stand*
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PostSubject: Re: Portal Hopping Pt 31 - 40 (post rp chat room creation - guCyan&guCrimson deaths, Neo's birth)   Wed Aug 17, 2016 8:25 am

pt 33.

Angel: Mikey: *sighs but eats himself what the girls dont*

Espionata: Mel: You can never resist food

Raphael: Ally: *not at all shy about eating! nomnomnoms!*

Raphael Raph: *A bit reluctant to accept help.. blinks at the smaller him* O.o why you wearin' toilet paper?

Angel: Mikey: *watches Ally proudly slowing down so she can have some of his too if still hungry* nope I can't Mel Very Happy

Espionata: Mel: Even if you're sick?

Angel: guRaph: *stubbornly - hah! - helps anyways - growls* some gater tripped me in the hall way and all the tp supplies went all over me... not the fashion statement I ever planned on giving

Angel: guKim: *grins at her hubby - and sniggers plucking a bit off his head* well you wear it well dear....

Angel: Erica: *giggling*

Angel: Mikey: *tphone moment! - grins at Mel* especially when sick!*

Espionata: Mel: When I'm sick I avoid food Oo

Angel: Mikey: *disappears for a few moments*

Espionata: Mel: Mikey?

Angel: Mikey: *fades back in* what the heck?

Espionata: Mel: What was that?!

Raphael: Ally: *still eating..* O.o Did you just teleport?

Raphael: Ally: Or is there something in my food?

Raphael *grumbles at the help, but smirks* You could start a trend.

Angel: Mikey: ... I am not sure... I swear I saw the small Leo and boobies - and was singing.... *shrugs*

Angel: guRaph: *total fake glare at his wife and Erica - smirks a little at that though* well we Raph's are trend setters, even make tp look badass

Espionata: Mel: Weird Oo

Angel: guKim: *soooo not faze - pokes her tongue out at him still amused* alright just hold still and I'll make this quick *thoroughly checks bigger Raph over*

Angel: Mikey: *nods in agreement*

Espionata: Mel: Hopefully no more evil turtles *Snuggles closer*

Angel: Erica: he's okay - the wound looks good *but can't help fussing herself and checking over
Kim's work and shoulder*

Angel: Mikey: no... I saw the lil clones but no no big evil ones Very Happy

Espionata: Mel: Good *Groans from the cramps*

Raphael Yeah.. I'm good... *but gah, standing is not his friend right now* You done? >​.<

Angel: guKim: *used to this* will be annnnnnnd done - help him back down love - they both need food *glares at the younger woman...had given her soup*

Angel: guRaph: *nods - tough guy is such a push over for his misses - he knows it ... helps the bigger Raph back down*

Angel: Erica: *meeeps at the motherly glaring and sits down ti hurriedly have her soup - anything to stop the mum glare!*

Raphael: okies, gotta head off. Night guys *hugs*

Angel: Night night *hugs*

Raphael: daws. good girl Razz

Raphael left the chat 9 hours ago

Espionata: night

Espionata: Mel: Erica listens to Kim

Angel: lol!

Angel: *whispers* its the Mum glare Razz

Angel: you don't fight the Mum glare


Espionata: Mel: Guess my dad won't come here

Angel: Hank: *in a random hallway in his box*

Espionata: Mel: I miss him

Espionata: Mel: *Yawns*

Donatello: Hi

Angel: Yoyo

Espionata: Mel: Quiet day

Angel: it is at the moment yep Razz

Espionata: lol

Angel: hehehe I have not awoken any of mine Razz

Espionata: lol

Espionata: wake them up lol

Espionata: Mel: *Stretches and yawns still tired*

Angel: Angel probably woke Don for more rocking room hogging sex - not like any one will need the space any time soon Razz

Espionata: lol

Angel: Mikey playing with community kids on and off to come back and snug Ally - and Mel

Donatello: lol

Espionata: aww

Angel: Anf the box Hank sleeps in cause the dude creeped in Wink

Angel: and*

Espionata: lol

Espionata: Mel: *Sees the box* Daddy?

Angel: LH took Shaya to the Base Library - not sure what they got up to Razz

Espionata: lol

Angel: Raidon too snuck back so he's a part of the Mikey Hankbox Ally Mel group snug Razz

Espionata: lol

Angel: guKimandguRaph snuck off to do naughty things Razz

Espionata: lol

Angel: Erica's sleep of course. She's been up and down enough to have some food and iron tablets but for the most part be attached to Raph's side and slept. Razz

Espionata: Mel: Raidon ^^

Espionata: Figures lol

Angel: yep R2 is like yeah the beginning of the third month - lets grow!

Angel: Razz

Espionata: lol

Espionata: Mel: *Snuggles close to Raidon*

Espionata: Mel: *Tries not to shiver*

Donatello: lol

Angel: Wink

Angel: guRaidon: *sleeeeeeeeeeeeping - snugs, had a looooooooooooooong day*

Espionata: Mel: Sleepy Raidon

Angel *is awake watching* Wink

Espionata: Mel: Hey Angel

Shaya joined the chat

Espionata: hi

Angel: oO hehhee they aint with you and Raidon and Mikey and HankBox Mel Razz

Angel: they in a room they stole

Espionata: Oh lol

Espionata: Mel: *Stifles a yawn*

Donatello *sleeeeeeeeps, been getting some good sleep lately*

Raphael joined the chat 5 seconds ago

Angel: lol! a turtle needs his rest Very Happy

Espionata: lol

Angel: hehehe Erica is ass up today Razz

Angel: Erica: *cute little short snore - yep butt in air all snugged about a Raph leg - don't ask how
she got there she don't know* ZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Raphael: lol, daw

Espionata: lol

Angel: Razz

Angel *watching him sleep - smiiiiiiiiiiles*

Donatello *snuggles up to her*

Espionata: Mel: Mikey isn't awake Oo

Angel: he was!

Angel: but chasing around the guworlds dead Leo's youngest kids wore him out Razz

Espionata: lol

Espionata: They wore him out so they gave him a run for his money Razz

Angel: oh yes the guLeo's youngest where infants when he passed away - so their like five and six Razz totally ran circles around Mikey Very Happy

Espionata: lol

Angel: hehehe and BigRed thinks his gucounterpart was a busy turtle Razz guLeo had eight little ones all up Sam Razz

Angel: the eldest

Espionata: Wow

Angel: *waggles eyebrows* he never did anything half way huh? Razz

Espionata: Nope lol

Espionata: Mel: *Tries to get up*

Angel: Sams the eldest of three other girls and four other boys Razz

Espionata: wow

Angel: yeah guLeo and his girl certainly tried to create their own clan Razz

Espionata: lol

Angel: Mikey: *farts*

Espionata: Mel: *Gags on the smell*

Angel: Hank: *in his box.... is gassed out*

Angel *chuckles kissing all over that snout*

Espionata: Mel: *Races into the bathroom losing the battle with her stomach because of the smell*

Angel: everyone stay low!

Angel: hot air rises Razz

Raphael: lol

Raphael: Ally: X.X

Espionata: lol

Angel: guRaidon: oh chirst what did you eat man - *revives Ally*

Espionata: Mel: *Finishes getting sick in the bathroom and just lays on the cool floor*

Raphael: Ally: *back from the dead* Phew!

Angel: Mikey: oooops sorry ya'll

Angel: Mikey: *grabs cushon to wave away smell*

Donatello: What is it with his gas that's so toxic? Razz

Angel: Erica: *smell is spreading* >​< *does not wake but boy does she half bury her head up the leg she's using as a pillow and stays low!*

Donatello *is glad he's FAR away from Mikey, slowly opens his eyes, smiling*

Angel: hehehe yes he and Angel are safe!

Espionata: Mel: *Groans* I hate you Mikey! *Was alreadly feeling like crap and the smell added onto it*

Angel: Razz

Angel hello sleepyhead *smoooches*

Donatello Hi. *smiles and smooches back*

Angel mmmmm you needed that deep snooooze huh?

Donatello Yeah. *smiles* I guess I did.

Angel *chuckling and snogs* no sickness today for me Very Happy

Angel: though Mel is making up for it Very Happy

Espionata: Yep not by choice lol

Angel: guRaidon: *finally the smell has lifted, he crawls over to join Mel* feel any better?

Espionata: Mel: Nope DX

Donatello *smiles, smooching her* That's great. And how is our little one? *slips a hand down to her belly, resting his hand on it*

Angel well I think it atually looks a little puffy down there... *so does - the very beginnings of the bump*

Donatello *smiles* Yeah. It's growing. *smooches again*

Espionata: Mel: My stomach isn't happy

Angel: guRaidon: obviously not Wink why - you got a cold?

Espionata: Mel: I hope not along with my first cycle that's torture but I was with other prisoners and those cells weren't clean in the least the sewers back home are cleaner

Angel eeee! yes look at that... a little puffy Razz oooooooh man thats exciting *grins meeting the smooochies*

Donatello *grins, smooching her some more*

Angel: guRaidon: mmmmm maybe Mum should check you over again?

Espionata: Mel: Fine >​>​

Angel *grins - and cant help breaking smooochies to kiss all over his proud face*

Donatello *lets her and returns as many as he can, couldn't be happier now*

Angel Wink you've been thinking about this since you meet Damien huh? *smooochies chuckling - enjoying just lazying about celebrating

Donatello *nods* Yeah. But, before that, too. Seeing Erica pregnant with Raph's baby kind of made me change my mind about waiting. *smooch, nuzzles* What about you?

Angel Wink well always thought I'd be a kick ass mother - and to be honest seeing how it affected Erica frightened the crap out of me... she had no control over emotions and sick... and it still scares me now - but in a good way, now I feel excited too *smooch*

Donatello I will still do whatever you need me to. *nuzzle-smooch!*

Angel: Erica: *still has the emotional outburst some times - like some time during the previous night waking a sobbing wreck freaking out over the d day and being a mother... partly why so wiped out now*

Raphael: daww

Angel: lol

Espionata: aww

Espionata: Mel: Stupid stomach DX

Angel: poor Raph - awoken by a sobbing wreck one moment - now being legged pillow hugged Razz

Shaya joined the chat 12 seconds ago

Espionata: lol

Raphael: hehe

Angel I know - as I will for you Stretch - ahhh oooh our lil ones be beautiful and smart Wink *smooch

Angel: hello Haya

Angel: ... Shaya!

Raphael: he's still scared, too

Raphael: but hiding it for her

Shaya: hey

Angel: not too well - she knooooooooooooows

Raphael: daw

Angel: Wink what she watches him alot Razz

Angel: she knoooooooooows *spooky voice*

Raphael: hehe

Angel: hehehe can't decide if she'll prod him until he opens up - or poke guRaph to talk about it - after all he's alredy been there... twice!*

Angel: she thinks he might be a weeeeeeeeee bit more comfy first with another dude over it Wink

Angel: and guRaph will probably give him horror stories Razz

Angel: he was there through all his own and his neices and nephews deliveries Razz .... he's seen things

Espionata: Mel: *Tries to get up but stomach says no*

Donatello *smiles* Of course it will. The best qualities of both of us.

Raphael: lol... yeah, that totally won't help Razz

Raphael: the horror stories, I mean

Angel: oh that wont come immediately - only if the younger Raph does the silly thing of asking whats it like ...

Angel: lol

Donatello: April's in MM. Wink Looking for a certain tech-y turtle. Razz

Espionata: lol

Angel: and Erica really needs a bit of guKim time too some time -

Angel as long as those beautiful eyes of yours are there Wink *tight snuggles - this is good*

Angel: and Ally

Angel: and Angel and Vic come to think of it Razz

Angel: girls need to sneak off and have some girl time

Angel: hehehe Mel too Very Happy

Espionata: lol

Espionata: After being held captive lol

Angel: be helpful if the brothers had some boy time - no doubt a catch with a dad whose been there - but also just time with each other

Angel: Mikey's all down for that Razz

Donatello: lol

Raphael: yyyyeah, needs to be more bro time for sure

Angel: Wink when ever the bigred boy is awake Razz

Angel: and Don feels he can peel himself away

Donatello: Did we lose Raph? O.o

Espionata: Mel: I don't wanna move Raidon

Angel: Erica: *from knee that is her pillow* shhhhhhhh he sleeping

Angel: guRaidon: *had been waiting for her too - scoops her up* is it just the monthly?

Donatello Mmm, and your beautiful smile. *nuzzles*

Espionata: Mel: I don't know anymore my stomach was bugging me all day and night then Mikey
pushed it over the edge DX

Angel: guRaidon: mum!

Angel: guKim: *from a random office - cloths all haphazard* yes Raidon?

Angel: guRaph: wanna come back another time? *grumpy*

Espionata: Mel: Your dad sounds mad

Angel: guRaidon: ... no *smirk*

Angel: guRaidon: hehehe borrowing mum - love you

Espionata: Mel: He doesn't?

Angel: guRaph: *rude gesture no one sees* yeah ya lucky I love you too

Espionata: Mel: Sorry Raph

Angel: guKim: *giggles* oh honey go talk to the other you - see you in my office later Wink hehhee ah ignore him Wink come this way - you look all crampy Mel - hows that going?

Espionata: Mel: Hurts and just feel like crap DX

Angel: guKim: thats normal, Raidon come - put her in the steam baths room with me, then I want to you go retireve Ally, Angel, Erica and that vampire chick Victoria - Wink bring them here

Espionata: Mel: Why?

Angel *nuzzles back grinning widely* ooommm beuaitful smil and eyes, we'll be doomed wheverever the puppy eyes come out in force Razz

Donatello *chuckles* Yeah. I'm sort of immune to it because my brother shares the same look. And it took a while to say "no" to that face. *though is pretty sure his son or daughter will get him to cave nearly every time anyway*

Angel I like to think I would be immune... but I think we're going to be wrapped about little fingers fromt he get go *and could not be happier to be doomed*

Angel: guRaidon: *sets Mel down in this heated deep bath room and nods at his mother* cause the warmth should help ease the owies *yeah has girl cousins and knows okay?* hehe yes Ma *kisses her cheek and rushes off to do as told*

Angel: guKim: daw he's such a good boy ; come Mel layon your back on the smooth flooring near the ground pool here - it will help ease the cramping

Espionata: Mel: This does feels nicer *Does what guKim tells her* Although I'm sure being in those cells didn't help

Angel: guRaidon: *probably brave as heck to do this but sneaks over and scoops up Vic first - runs for the bath room again*

Donatello *nods* Yeah, you're probably right. *nuzzles*

Angel: guKim: Hello Victoria - and thanks Raidon, get the others... and yes of course it helps... - just relax

Espionata: Mel: As long as Mikey doesn't fart again >​>​

Angel: guRaidon: *grins and rushes off to find Angel - finds... and skips in scooping her up* Hey otherDonnie, gonna borrow her for a bit. Mums orders Wink

Angel OO what? hey! *wriggles enough to kiss Don's cheek* why?! I am so comfy...

Donatello *blinks* Okay.

Angel: guRaidon: not sure Very Happy *probably gonna get his tail kicked for this but grins at Don and runs away with his mate* and mu says you need to go to your brother!!!

Raphael: Vic: O.o, Hi?

Angel I am going to kick your taiiiiiiiil

Angel: guKim: Very Happy hey hey - you look about ready to pop, come sink into this bath with me... the other girls should be here soon oh look theres Angel

Angel: guRaidon: eeeeeeeeeeeeeep! *places this fiesty one down carefully and runs off again - tail intact thank you very much! goes to scopp up Ally next - okay working up his courage for the last one!*

Donatello: lol

Angel: Mikey: *turns tail threateningly to thee Ally thief!!!*

Angel: guRaidon: OO *wonders if he is more worried about being stunk out or about his mothers possible wrath.... decides his mother is slightly more scarey - slighty and takes a deeeeeep breath, holds it and grabs Ally - runs!*

Espionata: lol

Espionata: Mel: *Sneezes*

Raphael: Ally: O.o Where are you taking me?! RAPE!!!

Angel: hehehe anyone that can tell a Raph what to do is a scary person Razz

Angel: guRaidon: whaaaaat? no no nothing like that Ally - Mum just wants to see you

Angel: guRaidon: I would never dishonor a woman that way - ever Wink *gently places her down beside Angel, kisses Mel's cheek and runs off again*

Angel: boy is getting exercise Razz

Raphael: Ally: You folks have a weird way of asking things...

Espionata: lol

Raphael: lol

Angel: guKim: why ask? best just do it - come on sink your tosh in here with us Wink

Espionata: Mel: I don't know either Ally

Angel: .... she's been married to a Raph for too long - screw the small talk - just do it Razz

Raphael: Vic: *is definitely about to pop.. whew!* ^^ I can't wait to have this thing out of me. He's broken my ribs three times already.. sure hetore something.. but you know, glad I can heal and carry on ^^

Angel: guRaidon: *sneaks over this time - gingerly unkooking the iv from sleeping Erica*

Raphael Raph: *eye pops open, detecting the movement... GROWWWWLS*

Espionata: uhoh lol

Angel: guKim: OO wow - I had three and none of them did that - though they were capable, a little stronger than human fetuses... guess yours is even stronger huh?

Donatello: lol

Espionata: Mel: I don't think Raphie will be happy Kim

Angel: guRaidon:... ummmm hey *okay wants to drop on the floor and stay there!* Mum wants to see her - *sloooooooowly hanging the iv up

Angel: guKim: probably not - Wink come on ladies get in here

Angel: Mikey: *pouts*

Angel: lol

Espionata: lol

Espionata: Mel: *Gets into the water*

Angel: Erica: *hugs knee tighter - mumbles ... lil snore and keep right on snooozing*

Angel: guRaidon: *totally moving as though through molasses here! soooooooo slowly*

Espionata: Mel: Kim think Raidon will become my mate?

Angel: as long as he survives taking Erica

Espionata: lol

Raphael Raph: ...If she wants to go, okay.. otherwise... hands off!

Raphael: Vic: Yeah. Well, he's part vampire.. I think, anyway O.o Kid's gonna have a punch

Angel: guRaidon: *low churr and a nod - the kind of 'please don't kick my ass' churr*

Angel: guRaidon: *pokes her awake carefully*

Angel: Erica: *swats at pokies* I'm up! *is half awake*

Angel: guRaidon: *smiles* Mum wants to see you - huh please?

Angel: Erica: *bliiiiiiiiiiiiiiinks - brain is not on, shrugs and looks at Raph - smiles and leans over to smoooch his snout* must be a check up.. how are you?

Espionata: Erica's brain has an on switch lol

Angel: yes Razz

Raphael * Low churr and snooogs* M'okay, you?

Angel: it's usually coffee

Espionata: Mel: The water feels so nice

Angel: or Raph Razz

Angel: which ever

Angel: or morning sickness Wink

Angel: Erica: I feel like I have been *purrrrs... * sleeping forever and still *smooooooch* sleepy ... *nuzzles hands check his wound and covering and iv*

Espionata: How about a nice hot bath Razz

Espionata: Mel: So having fun Angel?

Angel: well R2 has decided to put on the growth until he's big enough to be felt whilst moving about - stubborn lil bugger Razz

Angel: guRaidon: *waits patiently -*

Espionata: lol

Angel: Mikey: Hey Donnie Very Happy *trusts his girl is safe here*

Angel *grumbled all the way into the bath - moaaaaaaaaans* okay not as good as Stretch sex, snogs or snugs but pretty dang close

Donatello: lol

Donatello: That just makes Don's head swell with pride. Razz

Donatello: Maybe even both heads. Wink

Espionata: lol

Angel: hehehhe

Angel: He'll either float back to his brothers or faint from all the blood going down stairs Razz

Espionata: Mel: Better than a cycle and maybe a stomach bug for me Razz

Donatello: LOL

Donatello: Don: :">​ *slinks away in embarrassment*

Angel: Wink

Angel: Mikey: come join us bro Very Happy

Donatello Doing what, Mikey?

Angel: Mikey: well at the moment watching Raidon trying to take Erica Wink boy almost shat himself when Raph growled... Hehehehe

Donatello: lol

Donatello *blinks* Huh. He took Angel, too. He said his mother wanted to see her.

Angel: Mikey: brave man... Brave.... He took Ally too despite my tail warning

Espionata: lol

Espionata: Mel: Where is Raidon?

Donatello Tail warning?

Angel: Mikey: I turned it his way with warnings of unleashing a noxious cloud... He hesitated then grabbed her and ran for it Razz

Angel: guRaidon: *opens arms to take Erica*

Donatello -_- *he had to ask...*

Angel he'll be back, Raph probably being a tough customer*

Angel: Mikey: hehe hey I didn't do it Wink I was tempted... Boy stealing my woman and all... But know their safe here...

Angel: Erica: *siiiiighs and smoooches Raph and sits up nodding, allowing the boy to take her*

Espionata: Mel: Yeah Raphie is protective

Raphael -.- *mumbles*

Angel: guRaidon: she'll be back *scoops and like the others, runs away*

Angel: Mikey: hehehe don't worry bro, she's with Angel and Ally... And probably Vic too

Angel: lol runs fast hehehe he'll do a hiccup and faint after he's delivered her to the baths

Espionata: lol

Espionata: Mel: *Waits for Raidon and Erica*

Angel: guRaph: looks like you boys are all mine for the night *smiiiiiirk*

Angel: Mikey: *nervous chuckle* cool... Where's Leo?

Angel: guRaph: bah he'll be here in the morn, I think Kim is pampering the girls... *grins of course loves that woman*

Angel: guRaph: *plonks himself down beside Donnie - gets comfy*

Raphael joined the chat 6 seconds ago

Espionata: Mel: Raidon?

Angel: wb

Raphael: ty

Angel: guRaidon: *puts this one down carefully to* phew hey babe Very Happy what now Mummy? *blushes... He just said that out loud!*

Espionata: Mel: *Giggles* You are my mate Raidon ^^

Angel: guKim: Wink thank you baby, go alert the kitchen to us being here, tell them of Vic's needs and then your in charger of your siblings and cousins... send your uncle to join the brothers please... *kisses his cheek*

Angel: guRaidon: *nods and smooches Mel, then goes to do as told

Espionata: Mel: Food? My stomach doesn't want food D

Espionata: *DX

Angel: guKim: tooo bad Mel, sides Raidon knows to get chocolate too d=

Espionata: Mel: Tell that to my stomach

Angel: Mwhahaha there the bros and gals all just chill ing on out Razz hopefully a semi normal Leo joins them soon Razz

Espionata: lol

Raphael: lol, hopefully

Angel: Erica: *agrees with Angel here... Winking into the bath feels good... But much rathers being with her turtle. Still... relented and relaxes rubbing bump *

Angel: guKim: we have a while gals, relax... Chill... got any plans about the birth Vic? *since she will go first no doubt*

Espionata: Mel: *Yawns*

Raphael: Vic: Plans? Um.. my number one plan is to have restraint and not eat him. ^^ But.. yeah, kinda worried about HOW he'll come out... >​.<

Raphael: Ally: O.o *sliiides away from Vic*

Espionata: Mel: Sleepy

Angel *hugs Mel*

Angel: guDon: *joins the guys... Deliberately trips and lands on guRaph*

Angel: GuRaph: urgh! *wrestles*

Espionata: Mel: *Snuggles close*

Angel: guKim: oh? Well will it help if you have blood on hand? Something to sink your teeth into?

Raphael: Vic: Most likely, yeah. ^^

Angel: Erica: *hugs Ally*

Angel: guKim: well I delivered my first alone

Raphael: Ally: *huuugs*

Raphael: Vic: O.o Really, why? Why wasn't your husband with you?

Espionata: Mel: *Is falling asleep*

Angel: guKim: Of course... He and I I meant where alone...

Raphael: daws

Angel: guDon&Raph: *head lock each other out*
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PostSubject: Re: Portal Hopping Pt 31 - 40 (post rp chat room creation - guCyan&guCrimson deaths, Neo's birth)   Wed Aug 17, 2016 8:38 am

pt 34.

Espionata: Mel: *Stretches and yawns*

Angel: bwhahaha I think she and the girls still lounging about the baths - bunch a sloths Razz

Espionata: lol

Espionata: Well you get to be a sloth when you

Espionata: you're pregnant or feel like crap lol*

Angel: with Raidon at their beck and call - boy is currently catching zzzzs out side the baths room Razz

Angel: hehhee hey Raph Razz

Espionata: Mel: Why are we still in here?

Angel: guKim: letting the bros bond - from what I hear they've had a rough time of late - bros need to bond and all

Espionata: Mel: Tell that to Leo

Angel: guKim: I will do no such thing, he should make the effort to patch things up with his brothers Wink

Espionata: Mel: Both him and Raphie are mad at each other

Angel: guKim: all the more reason why we should leave them alone to ... you know do what they got to do and make it right. Sides as their all expecting they need a chance to speak to turtles whom have been there before Wink

Angel: Mikey: *decorating Raph's bandages with smiley faces - don't ask where he found the texters he wont tell* Smile

Espionata: Mel: I guess so Kim

Angel: Mikey: *adds a pretty flower or two here and there.... butterflies*

Angel: all your brothers are in Raph's private infirmary room Leo -

Angel: *points helpfully*

Angel: with the guDon and guRaph Razz

Raphael They are? O.o.. glad I ain't nekkid or anythin'... Razz

Leo *still cuddling with Vic*

Espionata: Mel: Leo get out of the baths all of us girls are in here >​<

Raphael: Vic: *pssst* Sorry, Love. no boys allowed in the hot-tub right now. Razz Go see your brother. Razz

Leo *is pretty sure he's still in his bed*

Leo: Leo: /me .....what's going on!? Where am I? *goes to see Raph*

Leo wow I need to stop the drugs

Leo: wait that wasn't susppose to be Leo talking that ws me lol)

Leo: Leo is not on drugs)

Angel: Erica: brothers Wink *seriously a lazy lizard right now * tell BigRed I said hi! *waves him off*

Espionata: Mel: Yes you do Leo

Angel hehhee that was cute - *also very lazy*

Leo *goes to Raph* heeeeeeey you. heard that you got your ass kicked.

Angel: Mikey: Oo well thats a nice how do you do

Raphael -.- Fuck you, Leo. At least I wasn't useless like you.

Leo I wasn't useless. I think I blacked out. Not sure what happen.

Espionata: Mel: This water does feel nice

Angel: Mikey: *sighs and goes back to sit in amongst the bean bags with guRaph and gu Don and his Don* yeah you were a little out of it bro - missed the take down of the remaining dark clones... Don and I took out the big red one - ... Raph the big blue one

Espionata: Mel: Maybe Leo is finally back to his old self don't hear any fighting

Angel: gu/kim: of course it does - natural springs feed into these so enjoy - and we are too far away to here them... they could be tearing my infirmary apart and we'd not hear it Wink

Angel changed name to Mikey

Espionata: Mel: Oh they're gonna be in trouble if they do that

Donatello: Smile

Mikey: guKim: oh yes - you do not want to cross me Wink

Mikey: Erica: *giggles*

Espionata: Mel: Well you did marry a Raph Razz

Mikey *pokes Donnie - just cause*

Mikey: guKim: *grins* even he doesn't cross me Razz

Espionata: Mel: Not surprised although Raidon doesn't seem to have a temper

Mikey: guKim: he doesn't no - but you should see his twin siblings - they both have a temper... and christ they can fight Razz

Raphael *stil la lot of tension and hurt and anger regarding Leo.. for his comment and... what set him off before all this. What the hell is he supposed to say to him?!* .. yeah, whatever. Yeah, maybe I got a lil scratched up, but I did somethin useful. I took down a clone. Saved your girl. Yer welcome.-.-

Espionata: Mel: While I have a temper Razz

Leo *folds his arms* thank you. I'm glad that you are ok. Though, you could lose the attitude.

Mikey *watches his older brothers*

Espionata: Bad move Leo >​>​

Raphael *Quirks a brow in disbelief* That's rich, fearless. You have yer hands all over my girl, then come in here with yer insults and I'm supposed to be a ray of sunshine about it all?

Leo I did not have my hands all over your girl. I was giving her a massage. Not like I put my dick in her. You need to chill out.

Mikey *should he pipe up and say it was only her left calf? girl was sore.... nah probably best to shut up -* OO *OMG he is being quiet and still for a change*

Raphael *Knows Leo will never see this from his point of view. Yeah, maybe he is over protective, but that's just him. Maybe Leo would be a better leader if he too was over protective, but here lately he's been falling short. Besides, Leo had been with her before they became official, so there's always gong to be that hanging over his head, taunting and yeasing* Whatever. -.- Did you jus' come in here to irritate me, or to see for yerself that Cyan nearly did to me what you wanted to do? *yeah, don't think he forgot about Leo pressing the sai to his throat*

Mikey: guKim: nothing wrong with that girl.... just learn to reign it in - or let it go Wink

Leo just wanted to check in on you. And I see you are still an ass. glad nothing has changed.

Espionata: Mel: And I let it go a lot mainly at Leo lately

Mikey *awwwwwwwwwwwkward*

Raphael -.- *middle finger salute*

Leo You know what? I think I'm going to join the girls in the hot tub. You just stay here and simmer in your anger with the world. *walks out*

Espionata: Mel: And lately with my first cycle my emotions are all over the place DX

Raphael *And if Leo is trying to get under his shell, mission accomplished!! Grabs metal piss pan and tosses it at Leo's head!*

Raphael: so much for the brotherly feels Razz

Leo *dodges it* practice your aim. Or I'll always be better then you.

Mikey: guRaph: *locks them all in there -* >Smile nah my wife wants to chat to the girls about the deliveries and all - you are staying here with us

Mikey Guuuuuuuuuys *so not the time for a pissing contest!*

Mikey: yesh and guRaph has horror stories for the guys too - when tempers settle.... no matter how long it takes Razz

Mikey: guDon: *lounging in cushions - this takes him back to when his Leo and Raph used to fight -*

Raphael *Makes an attempt to get out of bed in order to THROW it at him. Luckily for Leo, still too weak*

Mikey: guDon: *makes gestures and hurries to stop Raph - he should not strain himself!*

Leo *sits down since he can't leave!* Why do I have to stay here?

Espionata: Mel: So you girls excited to be mom's? Probably a good thing I can't get pregnant right now Razz

Mikey: guKim: yeah you can actually

Mikey: guKim: and yes come on ladies are you not excited Very Happy

Espionata: Mel: I might have my cycles doesn't mean I can Oo

Mikey: guRaph: *slides down the door he's guarding to sit beside him* well let me put it this way - my Leo and I used to fight to - went as far as some serious injuries with our blades.... our last fight we never really got a chance to be brothers again, he was killed.

Mikey: guDon: *helping Raph back down carefully and making gestures as he does so*

Mikey: guRaph: oh yeah and we're here to share some turtle dad knowledge and shit - Very Happy

Raphael: Ally: I'm super excited!! ^^

Leo I feel you are trying to teach me some lesson. And I'm sorry about your brother. But this is different. Raph needs to learn to control himself.

Raphael: Vic: I will be if I'm not ripped open...

Raphael *siiiiighs in defeat and eases back down. Hates this! Why does he have to be in the same room.. with HIM!* Oh, an' yer all innocent in this, huh? Yer so full of shit, Leo.

Mikey *siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiighs himself - goes back to staring at the ceiling*

Mikey: guKim: *grins at Ally and Victoria -* I bet yous are... ask me some questions about it - tell me about you plans ... and I hope not Victoria... though you should heal up pretty quick yes? *smiles*

Leo I never said I was innocent. I messed up too. But the difference is I'm not throwing a tantrum about it

Raphael *glares* No. You jus' come in here throwin' insults.. not givin' a fuck that I nearly died tryin' to protect the girls and our brothers and... YOU! *grabs the nearest thing he can... cup of wather and -chunks at Leo's head!-*

Raphael: water*

Espionata: Mel: You Angel?

Mikey: Angel: mmmm of course Very Happy - though far too early yet for me to think much about the Delivery Day...

Leo *blocks the water cup* I came in here to make sure you were ok. I didn't know what happen!
Vic had to fill me in. I care. What I don't care for is you bitching at me. I'm thankful for what you did, Raph. Really. Now stop throwing things at me! Can't you have a single discusion without flipping out?

Mikey *is splashed and cup lands on his head - like a little party hat*

Raphael: lol

Leo: lol)

Raphael Can YOU???

Leo I'm being calm. you are the one screaming and throwing things.

Mikey: Wink

Mikey: Mikey got cooled off and he don't need it Razz

Espionata: lol

Espionata: Mel: I don't know if I should get pregnant yet

Mikey: guKim: probably not- sounds like you have emotional issues to work on first before taking such a huge step... after all pregnancy is a highly emotional time.

Raphael: Ally: Plans? Um...pop it out my cooch? Razz Or, them....

Raphael: Vic: Yep ^^ Though, I have no interest in seeing my insides..

Espionata: Mel: Yeah with the childhood I had not a good idea

Raphael -.- I'm not screamin'. Maybe I'm bein' loud, but it's the only way to get through to you.

Mikey: guKim: hehehe oh... well thats one way to look at it Ally - but not quiet what I meant.... Wink and yeahI guess that would be.. unnerving Victoria

Mikey: Angel: *chuckles* cooch Razz

Mikey: Erica: I am not doing it on my back Razz

Leo you can get through to me just fine without losing your temper. You have to calm down. Your blood pressure is going to go through the roof.

Mikey *still has a cup on his head - looks from brother to brother*

Raphael *siiiiiiiiighs-trying to cool down. Why does Leo do this? Get him all riled up then blames him for losing his cool?* ...You know I struggle with it, Leo.

Leo I know. but it's nothing you can't get a hold of with a little work.

Donatello: I'm good. Smile

Espionata: Mel: So Raidon working?

Mikey: Very Happy

Mikey: guRaph: meh nothing a good woman won't help with Wink

Mikey: guRaph: I'm still working on it ... but improved a lot Razz

Mikey: guKim: no I believe he is sleeping outside the bath house door - encase we need him again Razz such a good boy

Mikey *still not troubled by the cup on his head*

Espionata: Mel: And he doesn't want to make you mad Razz

Raphael: Donnie sure is quiet Razz is he in the same room?)

Mikey: guKim: he's a smart fellow *nods*

Mikey: hehhee yep Razz

Mikey: must be listening like Mikey

Mikey: .... whose being quiet I may add - be shocked!

Mikey: Razz

Raphael: finally get bro time and he's awol..don't miss the op don! you know it won't happen again cuz of girls up their tails Razz)

Espionata: lol

Espionata: Mel: While I will cause trouble for my dad Razz

Mikey: bwhahahaha Ee so wants to say she aint all up Raph's tail... unless he wants her there Razz

Raphael: lol Razz

Mikey: hehehe thats alright no rush guys

Raphael Yeah...but, shit like that takes support. Don't feel like I have it from you.

Mikey: guKim: hehehe not too much trouble?

Espionata: Mel: No not a lot of trouble but enough to let him know I'm not Erica Razz

Mikey: guKim: Oo I think he'd be aware of that girl, you don't need to be trouble for him to know that

Espionata: Mel: I know but still part of keeping him on his toes Razz

Espionata: Mel: *Stomach growls*

Mikey: Erica: maybe, sometimes might be just annoying though lilsis - hah eat - Raidon brought heaps of food in *missing her Raph... sighs steals Ape's t phone to send a 'Love you - Ee' to his t phone -*

Espionata: Mel: Hey we're all different and part of it was to see if he would give up on me like the foster homes did. *Eats some food*

Raphael *siiiiighs. Yeah, a lotta good whatever this is supposed to be about is doin. :/ Pulls out phone and responds with a 'Love you, too.'*

Mikey: Erica: >​,>​ he aint giving up Razz *nibbles an apple - belly growls* shhhh Blaze I will eat some meat in a moment! *grins and hugs April's t phone*

Mikey: April: oy thats mine Razz

Mikey: Erica: not at the moment Wink

Espionata: Mel: No he's not but it really messes with your perception with people that give on the slightest of problems or they're abusive it's a wonder how I'm not anymore messed up than I am right now

Mikey: Angel: yeah to that girl *eating*

Espionata: Mel: The issues I do have suck though

Mikey: guRaph: *grins at his younger bigger counter part* it may not be rainbows and cookies but at least some of the dirty laundry is hung out so to speak huh? Razz

Raphael Dirty laundry, eh? you handin' Leo out by his toes?

Mikey: guRaph: lol amusing thought Very Happy

Mikey: guRaph: certainly times I tried doing that to my Leo

Raphael ... you can do anything you put yer mind to.. or so Sensei says....

Mikey: guRaph: yes.... sound like something our Sensei would have said too - *smiles* girls wants to come back huh?

Raphael *nods* Yeah. Guess they're turnin' into prunes.

Espionata: Mel: *Continues to eat the food*

Mikey: guRaph: my wife stole them to... give them an older mother .... and midwife to almost half the deliveries ever done here.... walk through of the birth and stuff Very Happy

Mikey: guRaph: probably

Mikey: guDon: *makes a few gestures*

Espionata: Why she stole Mel no idea Razz

Mikey: guRaph: yeeeaaaaah and we were sent here to do the same for you guys.... I mean if you are anything like I was around the first pregnancy... your terrified on the inside - I know I was

Raphael *nods* Yeah.. I am.

Mikey: guRaph: yeah your mate knows - she asked... not so subtly if I ever had been .... when Kim was pregnant with Raidon and my wife gleefully said I was probably more terrified than her

Mikey: lol!

Espionata: lol

Donatello: L(

Donatello: Smile

Espionata: Mel: *Tries to get up*

Mikey *listens - amused by that - Kim was badass*

Mikey: hehehe Donnie napping? *hugs*

Espionata: Mel: Think I will ever be normal?

Mikey: Erica: no - but none of us are normal so you fit in Very Happy

Espionata: Mel: True just you know with less issues?

Mikey: Erica: maybe less issues yeah...

Espionata: Mel: Hopefully because if I'm like this from being held captive and with my cycles I don't wanna know how they could be worse Oo

Mikey: Erica: meh we'll see what it's like during a normal less stress ful time ;P

Espionata: Mel: Yeah right now I just want to be Raidon's mate ^^

Mikey: Erica: Wink

Espionata: Mel: He's the one Erica

Mikey: Angel: I know that feeling Wink

Mikey: Erica: yeeeeeeeaaaaah ^_^

Espionata: Mel: I never thought I would find that

Donatello: :0

Donatello: Smile

Mikey: Erica: me either - but it happened Razz

Mikey: Angel: it did for sure Wink

Espionata: Mel: So you think they killed each other yet?

Mikey: guKim: of course not - my husband and brother in law wont allow that to happen

Espionata: Mel: That's good don't want any of them to die

Espionata: Mel: Think Raidon will make his mate?

Mikey: Erica: lord your pushy - he will when he is ready - and more importantly feels he can control himself... Donnie never struggled with that... I know Mikey says he has a little - Leo no.... my BigRed has though

Espionata: Mel: I just wanna know he's doing the whole courting thing though

Mikey: guKim: Wink you'll know when he is - come ladies, we are pruny and pores are all open, lets go enjoy more girl time Very Happy

Espionata: Mel: Doing what?

Donatello: Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Portal Hopping Pt 31 - 40 (post rp chat room creation - guCyan&guCrimson deaths, Neo's birth)   Wed Aug 17, 2016 8:50 am

pt 35.

Espionata: Mel: *Yawns and stretches*

Leo *dances8

Espionata: Mel: Hi Leo >​>​

Leo hello, child.

Espionata: Mel: You're not that much older than me Leo Oo

Leo I am ageless. I have lived many lives.

Espionata: Mel: And you're crazy again >​>​

Leo no i'm not. Do you not believe in past lives?

Espionata: Mel: Past lives?

Leo yes. the belief that we have lived many lives. And that we will continue to live lives until we become enlightened and finally our spirit gets to travel to the spirit world

Espionata: Mel: Well that's what I get for dropping out of school >​>​

Leo they don't teach this stuff in school. It's a buddhist thing.

Espionata: Mel: Oh okay Oo

Leo I like to think that I was human in a past life

Espionata: Mel: Okay then. So no so called brain worms or slugs in your head?

Leo I don't know. There might be O.o

Espionata: Mel: Well you're not acting insane

Leo My player is WAY too drunk to be creative enoough to play me insane

Espionata: Mel: Not surprised >​>​

Leo She's also been listening to Eminem all day and running around shooting the dogs with nerf guns

Shaya joined the chat

Leo: hello)

Shaya: I've been staring at the entry log in for 20 mins :">​ oops))

Leo: dawwwww)

Espionata: Mel: Okay then Oo

Leo *starts singing*

Espionata: Mel: So fought with Raphie?

Leo no, well yes. But...He's very hard to talk to when upset.

Espionata: Mel: Do you know why he's upset?

Leo yes

Espionata: Mel: Why is that?

Leo because I was not there for the family. and I touched his woman.

Shaya Yes you did.

Espionata: Mel: Yeah so he's a bit ticked at you. Can you blame him Leo?

Shaya ... Still didn't get a back message either. *Not \

Shaya *Not like it was important at the time*

Leo I do not blame him for being upset with my...crazyness. I do however think it was wrong for him to act the way he did for me simply massaging a leg.

Leo *gives Shaya her massage*

Master Splinter joined the chat 11 seconds ago

Espionata: Mel: Think of it this way in the animal world when they find a mate they won't anyone near that mate without a fight to the death

Shaya Oh hun. it was a leg, not a back or a hand. A leg can lead someone on...

Leo I am just as much a turtle as he is. And i wouldn't have acted like that

Espionata: Mel: Raphie is closer to his animal side plus he's going into protective parent mode with the human part of him

Shaya No shoulders. Spine please *content just feeling the massage*

Master Splinter not even if such a fine little female was your mate? Wink hello everyone

Espionata: Mel: Hi Splinter

Leo *massages spine*

Espionata: Mel: Think about it Leo what if you saw the same thing with Vic?

Leo if i seen Raph touching Vic I would simply ask what was going on. I know that I would have more trust in my brother to know he wouldn't do anything with my woman.

Espionata: Mel: Problem is Leo you need to look at from Raphie's point of view

Espionata: *it

Leo I am. and he was being unreasonable

Espionata: Mel: And I'm saying he wasn't Leo his animal side is stronger than you think it is
Leo and that is something we will have to work on controling

Espionata: Mel: Well in order to do that you need to stop antagonizing him

Master Splinter its in the past, you need look to the present and future and win back your brothers trusts, your... behaviour of late sought of has made your brothers wary of you more than anything.

Espionata: Mel: And you were getting dangerous with me

Leo yes well...brain worm and all. I'm better now

Shaya What happened with that? *looks over shoulder*

Leo I think Don took it out?

Espionata: Mel: Still you could've really hurt or killed me

Master Splinter that is probably a part of why your brother lost it, thinking you would snap and hurt her or their unborn one... your brothers should be able to trust you... *gets comfy

Leo I do not kill, I only maim

Espionata: Mel: Well and if you did that to Erica you would six feet under

Master Splinter I said hurt... not kill

Leo I wouldn't have hurt Erica. I am upset that Raph didn't trust me

Espionata: Mel: Well can you blame them?

Leo I blame them all!

Shaya Gee thanks Leo.

Espionata: Mel: Leo you're not helping it's not our fault it's yours

Leo I don't blame you girls.

Espionata: Mel: Even though I was one of the ones that was harder on you?

Leo I don't blame you. my only problem with you is that you cry too much.

Donatello: O.o

Espionata: Mel: What?!

Leo yes. you need to toughen up

Espionata: Mel: Toughen up?!

Shaya Care to teach that?

Leo yes I will teach that. you have to hide your emotions. You can't let your enimies know you are upset

Espionata: Mel: Leo I don't need to toughen up! I'm sick and tired of being tough!

Leo being tough is not a bad thing. it's a way to protect yourself. you have to be emotionally strong.

Espionata: Mel: And look at where being tough got me Leo through so many foster homes that I can't remember them all and the streets stealing getting into trouble and fighting

Leo there's a difference between being tough and being a thug

Master Splinter you have been unwell Leonardo, and it has caused your brothers to loose faith and trust in you as leader, and yes being 'tough' can be a Dr

Master Splinter: draw back too... hello Shay Smile

Espionata: Mel: Leo I was a lost and scared kid and had no what to do or who to trust or go to!

Leo but you are alive. You made it. why? because you had to be tough

Espionata: Mel: I shouldn't have to been tough Leo and know how to survive the way I did. That wasn't a good childhood and I have problems because of it

Leo that which does not kill you makes you stronger

Shaya: Hello MS. Nice to have you around again.))

Espionata: Mel: Really my childhood almost did kill me Leo

Leo i don't think you are getting the point.

Master Splinter: It is nice to be about Very Happy been so busy.

Espionata: Mel: Leo you weren't there when my sperm donor tried to kill me after he killed my sister by throwing her off a bridge

Shaya *mutters* ...I think you are both running circles.

Leo no I wasn't there. If I had been then that wouldn't have happen

Leo Mike. I'm trying to get through to Mel.

Mikey *eyes his brother cautiously* yeah?... with what?

Leo I'm trying to tell her she needs to be emotionally strong

Shaya: hey hon

Espionata: Mel: Leo please just stop I'm tired of being strong and tough all the time

Shaya You don't have to be strong around me Honey. Okay.

Shaya *offers open arms*

Espionata: Mel: Thanks Shay *Hugs her*

Mikey *raises eyeridges at his brother*

Leo just trying to help

Mikey *pats his brothers shoulder* thats nice Leo - hey Dad! *hugs*

Master Splinter ask!

Master Splinter: Lol was supposed to be ACK

Espionata: lol

Espionata: Mel: Well you're not helping Leo

Shaya *holds Mel* Shh now. *pats her back*

Espionata: Mel: Thanks

Leo yes I am nice.

Shaya Leo. is it alright if

Espionata joined the chat 10 seconds ago

Shaya I ask you to make some tea for me?

Leo sure. coming right up *runs off*

Espionata: Mel: *Glomps Mikey* XD

Mikey Very Happy hey Mel - you girls have a great time with guKim? *hugs*

Espionata: Mel: Yeah relaxed mostly talked about girl stuff ^^ *Snuggles close*

Shaya I missed out on girl time?

Espionata: Mel: Yeah not sure where you were Oo

Mikey yeah - but I am sure there will be more Wink

Shaya Covering the boys at home. I portaled when I got an okay from GUFamily.

Leo *comes back with tea and hands it to Shaya*

Shaya Thanks. *takes it to blow some steam off*

Shaya I played portal guardian for a bit was all ^.^

Espionata: Mel: Yeah there will be more

Mikey *sniffs at the tea steam* mmm what flavor? Smile

Leo tea flavor!

Espionata: Mel: So you cooking Mikey?

Mikey yes sure Wink

Espionata: Mel: Good got my appetite back ^^

Shaya Normal Orange Pekeo tea.

Leo yes

Mikey ah *so thats what the smell was?* nice

Shaya ... Heh, heh ,heh... maybe.

Mikey *nods and ... sloooooowly moves away to make some food* what's everyone want?

Espionata: Mel: Pizza!

Leo I would like smoke salmon

Shaya Whatever your passion for food takes you.

Mikey Wink ooooooh ohhhhh unleashed! *attacks the kitchen - in a good I am cooking way!*

Espionata: Mel: *Giggles*

Raphael joined the chat

Leo lightly smoked salmon

Leo I'm watching my weight

Espionata: Mel: When you're all armor and muscle Oo

Mikey Oo *poked head out of kitchen with it's wobbly chef hat* seriously? Whadda you want Raph?

Leo my face is getting a little chubby

Raphael *grumbles and buries himself deep neneath blankies.. mainly because player had no idea where everyone is* Razz

Espionata: At home lol

Leo *goes to Raph and pulls the blankets off him* what do you want to eat?

Espionata: Mel: Bad idea Leo

Mikey: ummmmm in the guRaph/Kim rooms - Very Happy

Donatello: And I have no idea.

Espionata: Or there lol

Shaya: lol))

Mikey: Razz

Mikey: hehehe a last stop before home Wink

Espionata: Mel: *Goes into the kitchen* So what kind of pizza are you making?

Mikey: bwhhahaahah

Mikey: Erica: *had been helping Kim - skips into the rooms - over to the bed and takes the blankets from Leo* thanks Blue! *hides underneath them too with BigRed*

Mikey: Razz

Mikey: oh yeah that helped get him out of bed - totally Razz

Espionata: lol

Leo O.O *walks out before things get too naughty*

Mikey just pizza Wink

Espionata: Mel: With what toppings? Bacon, pepperoni, or something else?

Raphael: Razz

Leo vic! princess! where are you?

Mikey *bringing out trays balanced all over his arms and head with steaming hot pizzas* Have BBQ
meatloves and a Supreme and lightly smoked Salmon pizza's come grub is up guys Very Happy

Raphael: Vic: *nibbles on Leo* ^^

Leo *HUGS*

Espionata: Mel: Thanks Mikey *Starts to eat pizza happily*

Donatello *joins the others* Hello, everyone.

Mikey hey Donnie come eat bro Smile

Mikey: Angel: oh I am down for that - I swear I lost kilos in those steam baths... ! *kisses Don's cheek*

Mikey: Erica: *giggles under blankies - pecks Raph's snout*

Raphael *snuuug-nuzzle-churrs*

Espionata: Mel: And I didn't need to lose weight *Giggles*

Mikey: Erica: the guRaph and Kim gave us their family rooms here whilst you recover lover Wink *snugs, nuzzles - kiss kiss kiss*

Shaya *digs into a slice, with a fork and knife with her plate in her lap*

Espionata: Mel: *Eating hers with her hands*

Espionata: The only time I use a knife and a fork with a pizza it it was a deep dish pizza lol

Shaya: I want pizza now))

Donatello *smiles at Angel* So that's where you ended up, huh? *to Angel as he helps himself to the pizza*

Donatello: lol

Espionata: Mel: It felt good on my stomach

Mikey: Angel: yes - been literally soaking ... feel like I have barely any bones Razz and Kim gave us some pretty gruesome birth truths Razz

Mikey: Erica: *yeah going to have nightmares about those!!!*

Espionata: Mel: *Giggles* And just good old mom advice

Donatello Heh...oh? *doesn't know if he wants to know though*

Mikey: Angel: yep - I mean there is the stuff you see in movies and tv... but this was unrated documentary stuff Razz

Mikey: Angel: *smoooches snout*

Espionata: Mel: *Managed to eat half of a pizza* Yum ^^

Mikey: Erica: *from blankets* Mikey can you swing some of those this way?! *okay is hungry and enthused - rubs bump*

Mikey *chuckling* good on you Mel Very Happy - okay! *takes those hiding in bed still their own pizza - knows what his brother likes* Razz

Espionata: Mel: Thanks Mikey ^^

Mikey your welcome - now to feed my princess Very Happy *goes to do so*

Espionata: Mel: *Giggles*

Raphael: Grim: *Young T-rex thunders through the portal, crashing into things.. hunting.. stalking...sniff-sniffin​g all the Turtles here. Snout-nuzzles Donnie, nearly taking him off his feet. Snorts, dejected- keeps on a going, clumsily taking out things as he goes*

Raphael: there.. my randomness for the night Razz

Espionata: Mel: Okay then Oo

Raphael: I should be back up to speed Sat. night.. doubles make things hard >​.<

Master Splinter * peeks in room where bed and blank hides are hiding... smiles and pulls door closed to give them their space *

Espionata: Aww

Donatello *grins, smooching* Mmmm...

Donatello O.o What the--?!

Espionata: Mel: Random dinosaur Oo

Shaya Hey Big Dino * Ducks under the tail*

Mikey: lol

Mikey: dawwww Razz

Mikey: thats alright the bed buddies can stay in bed until then Razz

Mikey: bwhahahahaa

Mikey: Grim looking for HIS Donnie Razz

Mikey: Angel: *had thought the worst when the Dino come over - blinks at Don* oooh kay then

Raphael: hehe. Well MM lair is big enough for a dino now thanks to MH and RS Razz

Mikey *looks about the rooms* ooooh guRaph wont be happy.... *goes to clean it up*

Mikey: and house elves Razz

Raphael: Grim: *sniiiiiiiiiiffs Shaya and gives a sad sort of growl that shakes the earth around them...annnnd... flops over for belly rubs!*

Raphael: MMDonnie ruined him Razz

Raphael: lol, yesh.. elves!

Espionata: Mel: No kidding *Helps clean up* That dinosaur is tame

Raphael *snuuugs and returns all the kisses and nuzzles... feels the earth shake O.o* Do I wanna know?

Mikey: Erica: *takes no notice - munching a bit of pizza Mikey brought over-* hmmm?... *finally noticed through happy snug kissed and nuzzled haze* ummmm no? *just a guess - over him the pizza*

Mikey: Razz

Mikey: offers*

Master Splinter: Daww

Espionata: Mel: Think Raidon is busy?

Mikey Of course he is - boy has duties here and in the citadel helping his cousin Sam get through the clean up over there... girl is so a Leo spaen Smile

Espionata: Mel: *Sighs* Yeah

Shaya *Rubs Grims belly* Good boy. Where is your daddy?

Raphael: Grim: *sad snorts and looks around as if he expects him to come through that glowing hole in the sky at any moment...but... nothing. Sad -liiiicks- nearly her entire body in one go of affection- tail wags, taking out anyone unfortunate enough to be behind him*
Mikey *is swatted into a cupboard*

Espionata: Mel: Woah! *Is knocked away*

Donatello *is standing far enough away to not get hit by the tail*

Mikey: Angel: *steps behind Don carefully - so does not want to be knocked on her butt*

Espionata: Mel: *Groans from the ground* Strong tail >​>​

Shaya *laughing at the situation* Geez *Stuck to his snout from his lick*

Mikey *cleaned up the cupboard and now helps Shaya down* Very Happy you alright? Wink

Espionata: Mel: *Gets up* Ow DX

Shaya I need to change and have a shower. Dino drool.

Master Splinter is there a bath in here Mikey?

Mikey yes of course - *gestures to Shaya - picking Mel up straighter and hugs her* in here
Shaya.... past Raph and Erica - but I think their asleep now so all good Very Happy

Espionata: Mel: Thanks Mikey

Shaya Past the sleeping fools to the Bathroom. I got my mission goals =

Mikey Very Happy easy these two sleep like the dead when really asleep - unless you touch her - then he comes awake like a bear from hybernation Razz

Master Splinter: Lol

Shaya Exactly why I'm nervous. ... With drying should be exstint droll on me. *sighs before taking a breathe* Here goes

Espionata: Mel: Raphie doesn't bite

Mikey oh he so will if you disturb her Wink hehehe should have seen your Raidon sweating bullets when he tried to take her Razz

Mikey he even made the youngsters churr in a bid not to be shown whose boss hehehe

Shaya You saw that huh?

Shaya *Ducks away for a shower*

Espionata: Mel: Poor Raidon

Mikey: Angel: hehehe so did my sweet kind Stretch when he had to take her for an examination Razz -

Espionata: Mel: Raphie is protective

Donatello Heh...that's the understatment of the year.

Mikey: Angel: *grins and hugs her Don* daw yous all are Wink *smooches his cheek*

Espionata: Mel: Yeah you all are protective

Mikey hehehe indeed *waits for Shaya - he had been dashing baout cleanign up the Dino's mess...*

Shaya: *shewill be a bit*

Mikey somehow I do not think guKim and guRaph will appreciate a messy home Very Happy

Espionata: Mel: Well you can blame the dinosaur Razz

Mikey: Angel: so what things did guRaph and guDon tell you about D Day Mikey - have they spoken to you yet Stretch?... and Raph?

Mikey not Raph guess he been sleeping... and not Don yet ... and *shivers* yeah they gave me the talking too

Espionata: Mel: Sounds like fun Razz

Mikey the first thing they both told me... well guDon gestured was to -

Mikey: guRaph: Calm down of course... after all the entire situation will be stressful enough for her - and she's doing all the work so don't go making it harder... do not panic Wink

Espionata: Mel: Hi Raph ^^ *Glomps guRaph*

Mikey: Angel: *giggles and smiles*

Mikey: guRaph: hey girl - Raidon sent these over *hands her a small flower bunch* he and Damien and Danielle and Mia and Miya all have their hands full with Sam getting the clean up and establishing themselves as the new leaders under Sam at the moment Razz

Espionata: Mel: Thanks *Puts the flowers in some water* So he will be a leader too?

Mikey: guRaph: a leader sure... but Sam is our overall new queen... my neice is all grown up Wink

Espionata: Mel: Yeah she is

Shaya *dials Mikey's T-cell*

Mikey *buzzzs and vibrates.... blinks and hurries back tot bathroom with towel - bandana covering eyes* Shaya?

Mikey: Angel: oooh are you here to talk to Stretch about it? Very Happy

Mikey: guRaph: if he wants to ask me questions sure... after all we dads need aiming too with as much knowledge as we can Wink

Shaya Thank you! *Grab towel* Can you find me something NOT covered in drool to wear?

Mikey *nods nods and feels way back out carefully to go raid guKim's cloths - quietly as to not disturb Erica or Raph - rejoins Shaya with a pair of pants and top and undergarments* these do?

Espionata: Mel: So Raidon is gonna be busy for awhile Sad

Mikey: guRaph: for today at least yes - Sam know he has things to do here she sends him and the other oldest cousins home alternatively

Espionata: Mel: Okay Raph

Shaya Thanks Mikey. I wasn't sure who is out there anymore. *Closes the door soon as he leaves to go change*

Mikey your gator is swimming about the base tunnels where the water is doing a few odd jobs for the gu's Wink having the guys big lungs is useful

Espionata: Mel: You know Raph you're not scary not much of a temper Razz

Mikey: guRaph: *shrugs* I've had fifteen years to get good at smothering it

Espionata: Mel: I need to learn how to do that

Mikey: guRaph: practice - we ll find our own ways to do it - Wink

Espionata: Mel: Hope so don't need to lose it whenever someone drives me nuts

Shaya Mikey, you have to atop reading my mind... or my under current of my sentences.
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PostSubject: Re: Portal Hopping Pt 31 - 40 (post rp chat room creation - guCyan&guCrimson deaths, Neo's birth)   Wed Aug 17, 2016 9:06 am

pt 36.

Espionata: Mel: *Stretching a bit*

Leo tickle attack!!!!

Espionata: Mel: Leo no!

Leo Leo yes

Espionata: Mel: No way! *Hides*

Leo I will find you! I am a ninja!

Espionata: Mel: >​>​ *Remains hidden is small so can find a lot of hiding places*

Leo when I find you. I will tickle you till you pee yourself

Espionata: Mel: *Is in the air vents*

Leo I smell you. you have a fine musk. A mix of sweat and roses.

Espionata: Mel: Oo *Leo is creeping her out*

Leo I just want a hug!

Master Splinter joined the chat 33 minutes ago

Espionata: Mel: *Whispers* Doubt that Leo >​>​

Leo Master Splinter! i think Mel is stuck in the air vents!

Master Splinter oo

Leo it's probably because she has a large butt.

Espionata: Mel: More like I can move in and out of them. And how do I have a large butt?

Leo I'm comparing your butt to your chest, and there for you have a large butt

Espionata: Mel: Leo I'm tiny in all areas

Leo are you still in the vents?

Leo she is talking to me from the heavens

Espionata: Mel: I'm still in the vents

Leo you should get out of there, there are spiders in there

Espionata: Mel: No there isn't

Leo yes there is! when was the last time you seen a clean air vent?

Espionata: Mel: These ones

Master Splinter what ?... are you ill again Leonardo? Melissa what are you doing?

Espionata: Mel: Hiding from Leo

Master Splinter I see

Leo I was trying to playing around with her. Then she ran away

Espionata: Mel: Your play isn't that nice >​>​

Leo I didn't think I was being mean

Espionata: Mel: It's not the tickling it's the trying to knock me out when you try to give me a makeover!

Leo did I say I was going to give you a make over?

Espionata: Mel: No but knowing what you do you just might

Master Splinter *sighs a little, Leo seems okay today*

Espionata: Mel: *Peeks out from the air vent* >​>​

Leo would you just come out of there!

Espionata: Mel: No Razz

Leo ok ok. fine. stay in there. *turns on the air really

Leo: my computer did all those 8s on it's own...))

Leo: spooky)

Espionata: lol

Espionata: Mel: Woah! *Falls out*

Leo there she is!

Espionata: Mel: >​<

Leo: brb)

Leo *hugs Mel*

Espionata: Mel: *Is hugged* Hi Leo >​>​

Master Splinter *keeps an eye on them*

Leo hi Mel. *lets her go* so i was thinking you should be my child's godmother.

Espionata: Mel: Why me Leo?

Leo because I trust you to take care of my vampire baby if I die

Espionata: Mel: Why trust me? With the issues I have?

Master Splinter indeed best to appoint your brothers to such a task my son

Leo well Don is going to be the godfather. You all have no faith. Mel would be perfectly capable

Espionata: Mel: No I wouldn't be Leo not with my childhood

Leo you have to stop blaming your childhood on everything! You had a rough life. I get that. But don't let that define you.

Master Splinter with good reason my son... you know that

Master Splinter: Hello Don Wink

Espionata: Mel: Leo I'm telling you that I have no idea what I would do when stressed because of what my sperm donar was that defines who i might become

Donatello: Hello

Leo you are not your father. You make your own path. You are a good person, and I trust you

Donatello: Wow, Leo's actually making a lot of sense tonight. Smile

Espionata: Mel: Leo I can't do it I've barely even started to deal with my issues

Leo: it happens)

Leo ok. maybe you are not ready for the responsiblity. I can respect that. You don't have to be godmother. but you do have to find yourself.

Espionata: Mel: And I will it will just take a lot of time

Leo *nods* And I'm sure your boyfriend will help with that

Espionata: Mel: He will Leo

Master Splinter mmm yes

Espionata: Mel: It's just gonna take a lot of time

Leo: Bones: *runs in and grabs Mel* WE DON'T HAVE TIME!

Espionata: Mel: *Struggles* Let go!

Leo: Bones: *runs off with Mel* don't ask questions. we have to get to the rape cave!

Espionata: Mel: Let me go! *Struggles more*

Leo: Bones: no can do! I have to get you to the cave!

Master Splinter *chases - kicks the mans ass and takes Mel*

Leo: Bones: nooooooooo

Espionata: Mel: That guy won't leave me alone!

Leo maybe he loves you

Master Splinter *grins and winks a furry eye brow * want to try? I'll happily kick your butt some more

Leo: Bones: I'm good

Espionata: Mel: Yeah because you would get your ass kicked >​>​

Master Splinter that is not love Leonardo, go to Donatello Melissa... I'd say Michelangelo but he ain't here Wink

Leo I don't think Don is really here either

Espionata: Mel: *Goes to Donnie* No kidding he's a rapist

Leo Donis not!

Master Splinter * bows sort of respectfully to the thin rather femine dude and nods, fair point, stays with Melhimself*

Espionata: Mel: No not big brother but that Bones guy

Espionata: sure is*

Mikey joined the chat

Leo I notice that Don did not say he wasn't a rapist.

Espionata: Mel: I know he's not Leo

Mikey o,O yeah can't image gentle Donnie being anything but a gentle man in the sack dude... Ain't that right Angel?

Mikey: Angel: immensely - Wink

Espionata: Mel: Bones showed up and grabbed me again DX

Leo I need not know these things

Mikey Erica?

Mikey: Erica: *thumbs up from behind book she is reading*

Espionata: Mel: And Leo decided to ask me to be a god mother talked him out of that one Oo

Mikey: April: ooooh! We all know I am the Aunty all babes go to if parents are no longer around!

Leo i shall give you all the sounded wrong.

Espionata: Mel: That it did Razz

Mikey: April:... Yeah only Casey is fathering my babies when I choose to have them of course... Smile
*but hugs Leo* happy to see you as you Chief Wink been a while

Espionata: Mel: Besides I'm not god mother material Razz

Leo I've always been me.

Espionata: Mel: For awhile you weren't >​>​

Mikey: April: no for a while you were... Not you... mmmmm

Leo it was the singing wasn't it. I wanted to try out for american idol

Espionata: Mel: No it was you being insane like wanting the dark turtles to catch me and eat me

Leo Now i think you are making things up

Espionata: Mel: No I'm not Leo

Leo ok fine. we lost Don

Espionata: Mel: Did we?

Leo I didn't see him on the list

Mikey ... Then go find him, he'll prob be in his lab... Since the Gu's had us all brought home Smile its cool

Espionata: Mel: Yeah he should be here

Master Splinter good to be home. Smile

Espionata: Mel: Yeah

Leo Oh look it's mr grumpy

Espionata: Mel: Leo don't start

Mikey Razz hehe Hey Raph

Espionata: Mel: So is Daddy working again?

Leo you shouldn't call your boyfriend that, Mel. it's strange

Espionata: Mel: Hank is my adoptive dad Leo

Leo I want an adoptive mother.

Mikey Yeah dad when are you getting back in the dating game?

Donatello: Hello

Master Splinter .... oO what?

Leo I think it's time for you to meet a nice woman.

Espionata: Mel: Like who?

Mikey mmmmm just think on it dad, some one to brush your furr... And ... other stuff

Espionata: Mel: *Hugs Raph because he needs one*

Leo oh I see, hug Raph but hide from me.

Raphael *All loopy from the pain meds and half asleep, throws an arm around Mel.. because he's out of it and thinks it's Erica...CHURRRRRRS in her ear, nuzzle-NIPS*

Espionata: Mel: Because Raphie isn't mean to me. Uh Raphie you got the wrong girl by accident Oo

Raphael Mmmm...honeybadger don't give a flyin' fuuuck.. zzzZZZzzzZZZzzz

Mikey: Erica: *giggles and tickles snout*

Espionata: Mel: A little help Erica don't wanna make him go nuts by accident

Mikey dawwww jealous bro? .... he hugged me once thinking it was her... I drew on his face... still got the pics here somewhere

Leo *hugs Raph too*

Mikey: Erica: Wink he wont hurt you or I

Mikey: lol!

Mikey yay! group hug! *pounces on his brothers!*

Espionata: Mel: He won't good >​>​

Mikey: Angel: Oo *helps Erica pull Mel free - cause three big turtles could squish Mel!*

Mikey: Erica: OO *indeed!*

Espionata: Mel: Thanks DX

Raphael: lool.. three turtles, one girl.. sounds smexy Razz

Leo: lol

Espionata: To Mel it doesn't lol

Donatello: Razz

Raphael: Rayne: *would love to be the meat in that big mac*

Mikey: lol!

Espionata: Mel: Couldn't get loose >​>​

Leo: lol

Mikey *from hugs - helping Mel out* sorry Rayne if I did that my Ally would kick my tail ! *has no problem freeing the Mel from the big bad Raph Wink * there Very Happy better?

Mikey: Erica: thanks Mikey Wink

Mikey: Angel: hehehe *hugs Mel* you still in one piece?

Mikey yo Donnie! all thats missing from this turtle pile is you dude Razz

Espionata: Mel: Yeah in one piece although Raphie thought I was Erica Razz

Raphael *snugs his bros.. cuz you know, druuuugs.. and snuggle nuzzles Erica all lovey dovey*

Mikey: Angel: well we'll just move back here so we don't get grabbed *drags Mel a few feet away with her*

Mikey: Razz

Espionata: Mel: Why don't like cuddles Razz

Mikey ..... we should probably leave this turtle pile Leo

Leo *hops up* I need to find my woman! She could be giving birth any moment!

Mikey: Angel: normally I love hugs - but three big turtles with arms like boa constrictors is
dangerous.... um... yeah you should Leo

Espionata: Mel: Fast pregnancy Oo

Mikey *and Leo is up - he too begins to wriggle away*

Mikey *and is up! lightly shove - trips Erica onto bed - that should fix that! and dashes away to find Ally*

Mikey: bwhahaha lite a fire under his tail Razz

Espionata: lol

Espionata: Mel: Having fun Erica?

Mikey: Erica: *chuckles* always Razz

Raphael: Vic: *Seriously about to pop. Yeah, fast prenancy is... fast. One of the perks, or curses of being a vampire. No time to fully prepare for the 'life' that's growing inside of you... and... is the baby even 'alive'? Will it be a bloodsucker? Something's definitely up- kiddo has already broken her bones* >​.<

Espionata: Mel: Think he will remember that he snuggled me thinking I was you?

Leo O.O *carries vic around*

Mikey: Erica: *shrugs* maybe ... *tickles spot*

Espionata: Mel: Oh well he won't hurt me

Leo when the child is born we will feed Mel to him.

Espionata: Mel: Why me?

Mikey Oo

Leo you are the smallest

Espionata: Mel: Because I'm small? Leo are you nuts?

Leo some would say yes. I say I'm just trying to be a caring father.

Espionata: Mel: Leo I'm not food

Mikey: Erica: *maybe Leo aint all better - sits on edge of bed watching the exchange*

Mikey >​,>​

Espionata: Mel: Seriously if it's not Bones targeting me it's Leo

Leo no no I'm good. I was only kidding.

Espionata: Mel: *Growls* So not funny Leo!

Leo if the child does need blood it'll probably be like Vic and need mutant blood, as the father I shall provide for my child.

Espionata: Mel: Just don't joke about that stuff again

Leo you are really getting too comfortable with telling me what to do

Mikey ooooooooooooo

Espionata: Mel: By telling you what that those kinds of jokes aren't funny?

Leo there have been other moments

Espionata: Mel: Like what?

Leo I can't think of any right now. but I know there have been times.

Espionata: Mel: Yeah sure because it's me telling to stop doing something like harming me

Leo always! I think you are forgetting who the law is around here

Mikey *looks away - oh no not the Law again*

Mikey: lol

Espionata: Mel: You're not the law with me Leo

Mikey: Erica: * leans carefully against sleeping BigRed, returns to reading book, places note book on knee - writes as she reads... finishing up some papers*

Mikey: Angel: meh *sidles away to the lab and Don*

Leo i'm the law of everyone. except Vic. She's the law.

Espionata: Mel: How are you the law of me?

Leo you live under my roof

Espionata: Mel: And do I do anything bad here?

Donatello *looks up at Angel as she enters* Oh, hello.

Leo probably.

Master Splinter ....

Shaya joined the chat

Espionata: Mel: Name them then

Mikey: Angel: hey Stretch - my sexy man - what you working on? *slips up to him and hugs*

Mikey: hello Shaya!

Leo see there you go telling me what to do again

Leo *still carring Vic but she's getting a little heavy*

Espionata: Mel: By asking you to name the bad things I do here?

Leo you have an attitude problem young lady

Mikey *rolls eyes - found his smexy lil Fox, snugs her* let it go Mel

Raphael: Ally: Very Happy *snugs*

Espionata: Mel: Fine Mikey *Rolls her eyes at Leo*

Leo *carries Vic to a bedroom*

Mikey: Erica: *agrees with Mikey there - reaches out a foot and closers the Spot door - glad to be
home at least*

Mikey: hehehee

Mikey *CHURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRs* Very Happy hey gorgous - back to pampering you! *nuzzle nuzzles*

Espionata: Mel: *Sighs*

Master Splinter Wink better than arguing around in circles

Espionata: Mel: Yeah I know

Master Splinter then why did you continue ? Should have just ignored dear...* excited, yay one
grandbaby be here soon!*

Espionata: Mel: Because he drives me nuts

Espionata: Mel: *Stretches* Well at least he's semi normal now

Donatello *smiles* Nothing important. *snugs* How are you?

Mikey: Angel: feel great - it's soooooooo good to be home! *nestles into snugs kissing that snout and cheeks and forehead*

Donatello *smiles* Mm-hmm. *snogs*

Espionata: Mel: Mikey I'm bored

Mikey *snugging Ally* go find you dad... thought I saw the box around somewhere

Espionata: Mel: Kay *Looks for the box*

Mikey: lol!

Mikey: be the one with the man feet sticking out the bottom Razz

Espionata: Mel: *Spots the box* Daddy ^^

Mikey: Hank: pokes head from box* hello

Espionata: Mel: *Glomps him*

Mikey: HAnk: *hugs*

Espionata: Mel: Love you ^^

Mikey: Hank: daw love you too

Angel mmm hmmm indeed * meets snogging eagerly - fingers tug on bandana tails gently*

Donatello *pulls her close* I love you. *snogs*

Angel I love you beautiful Donatello *purrrrrrs his name nuzzle kisssing*

Donatello Mmm... *nuzzles her, smiling* What would you like to do?

Angel *playing nibbles in her return nuzzles shifts closer* mmmmm well whats on your mind? you have been happily working so very hard in here...

Donatello *chuckles* I could use a break. *snog* With you.

Angel mmmm with me? *giggling, hands move to shift items off him, fingers massages shoulders as they work* I like the sound of that - any particular break activity in mind? *kiss kiss kisssssssssssssing*

Donatello You... *smooch*...and me... *smooch* ...being horizontal. *smooch smooch!*

Angel mmm! *likes the sound of that!! Kiss.... fingers rub those shoulder then slid down his sides just as he likes it* mmmm do I ride on this horizontal dance... or you? *purrrrrs this kissing... nibbling those lips... starts heading to lab bed - prob aint going to make it to his room!*

Donatello *smiles* Whichever you would like to do. *snooooogs*

Angel *smiles and teases his tail* mmmmm riding you sounds like a great time - *snoggies gently encouraging him back towards his lab bed* though you always do make any time great Wink *smoooochies*

(( Naughties continued here: ))
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PostSubject: Re: Portal Hopping Pt 31 - 40 (post rp chat room creation - guCyan&guCrimson deaths, Neo's birth)   Wed Aug 17, 2016 9:17 am

pt 37.

Espionata: Mel: *Yawns*

Angel: Erica: *races to loo*

Espionata: Mel: There goes Erica >​>​

Espionata: Mel: *Goes to get ice cream*

Angel: Ice cream!

Angel *hurries to join Erica*

Espionata: Mel: And there goes Angel hello morning sickness Razz *Eating ice cream after saying hi to ice cream kitty*

Espionata: Mel: Hi Raphie want ice cream?

Angel: Erica: urrrgh! Some in your hair!

Angel so? I scored on your shoulder!

Espionata: Mel: Sounds like they will need showers >​>​

Angel: Wink

Angel: Yeah the fight over loo space just got gross Razz

Espionata: lol

Espionata: Mel: You two are cleaning that mess up!

Donatello: lol!

Angel oh you did NOT just do that!

Angel: Erica: maybe..... >Smile and what are you going to do about it?

Angel: Mikey:.... Do we even want to know?

Espionata: Mel: No we don't Mikey two pregnant girls getting sick at the same time so you can just imagine Razz

Angel: Mikey: *so glad Ally ain't in there*

Espionata: Mel: Yeah they're cleaning up that mess

Angel: Mikey: ... My brothers are staying out of the firing line Very Happy

Espionata: Mel: Well they're smart too

Angel: Mikey: *looks at Donnie - they can still hear the girls arguing*

Espionata: Mel: *Eating ice cream*

Angel just get in the shower! I've seen your boobs before

Donatello *sighs, shaking his head*

Angel: Erica: okay - geeeez!

Espionata: Mel: Believe it or not this is mild Razz

Angel: Mikey: Very Happy hehe pregnant girls huh?

Espionata: Mel: Girls in general Mikey

Angel: Mikey: yeah... *grins - looks around to make sure no girls but Mel heard him agree to that!*

Angel: April: *lightly smacks him up side the head*

Espionata: Mel: Got smacked by April Razz

Angel *strutts out of shower, squeaky clean* Tada! *wearing towel* hey Stretch Wink

Espionata: Mel: Clean that mess?

Angel *nods* we mostly got each other rather than the bathroom Wink

Espionata: Mel: We need more bathrooms here Razz

Angel: Erica: *wearing a towel* agreed

Raphael *still on killer pain meds.. lazing about, wondering where the heck Erica got off to*

Espionata: Mel: *Goes to Raph to give him ice cream* Hi Raphie ^^

Angel: Erica: *retrieves a bottle of water, and ice as its the only thing she and R2 agree on right now... Heads back to Spot* Mel what are you doing? *leans down to smooch snout*

Angel *sidles up to Don chuckling* sorry about that Wink

Espionata: Mel: Giving Raphie some ice cream that makes anyone feel good ^^

Raphael *throat still hella achy, not so sure he wants anything cold* Eh.. thanks, but gonna pass...*slips an arm around Erica and pulls her doooown*

Angel: Erica: meh R2 doesn't even want that right now... tried a fruit salad this morn, nope... Chicken Cesar wrap... Nope... french fries... Nope - ack! Hehe! *snugs chewing on a bit of ice* ice cream... Nope...

Angel: Hehe

Espionata: Mel: Okay Raphie you know while looped up on meds you snuggled me thinking I was Erica

Raphael O.o Nuh uh. *Snugs Erica and rubs her tummy.* He's bein' naughty, huh?

Espionata: Mel: Yes you did it was cute ^^

Angel: Erica: yeah... *chuckles and smooches caressing his big fingers over the bump* we are arguing over food

Raphael *smooches sleepily* Mmm? Who's winnin'? Wink

Espionata: Mel: Considering the fight in the bathroom the baby won Razz

Angel: Erica: the scores is R2 five, Mum zero *snugs - smoochies back*

Angel: Boy is kicking ass Razz

Espionata: lol

Espionata: Mel: *Giggles and gives Mikey ice cream*

Angel: Erica: *munches ice*

Angel: ... Frozen water not the drug ! Razz

Raphael: lol.. suuure Razz

Angel: Lol

Raphael *snugs and nuzzled and gently ruuubs her tummy* Ass kicker, eh? Dunno where he got that from .. Wink

Angel: its the only thing R2 and mum agree on right now

Raphael: lol, daw

Donatello: lol

Angel: Erica: *sniggers, playing nip over snout* oooh that's a total mystery Razz

Espionata: Mel: *Stretches a bit*

Angel: Mikey: *took ice cream to Ally*

Raphael: Ally: Ooooh, ice cream and my creamy turtle! I'm in heaven! ^^ *snugs and devours... the ice cream that is!* Razz

Angel: Erica: oooh! *feeeeels a 'fluttering' sort of sensation beneath Raphs rubbing hand -*

Angel: Hehe the beginnings of feeling movements Wink

Espionata: lol

Angel: Mikey: >Smile so full of cream!

Donatello: lol!

Raphael: bahaahaha

Raphael: and awwwws

Raphael O.O *totallt felt that, or he's trippin' hardcore..* Did he jus'... fart?

Espionata: Mel: Gross Mikey >​>​

Raphael: Ally: ^^ Yesh you are! *smoochies*

Donatello: LOL

Angel: Lol!!

Angel: Mikey: Very Happy is not, is full of nutrients... For Ally! *snogs*

Angel: Erica: oO.... *giggles madly and soft... Feeling the continued 'fluttering motions' beneath Raphs fingers*

Angel ... To much information Mikey Smile

Espionata: Mel: Did not need to hear that DX

Raphael: Ally: ^^ I love my 'nutrients' >Smile I think i'm overdue for a dose of healthy... O:-)

Raphael So that's a yes? Or.. maybe he;s growlin.. ^^

Angel: Mikey: oO... Better fix that then huh? *scoops her and ice cream, heads for room to give her the Mikey Special Creme*

Raphael: lol

Raphael: Ally: Hellz yeah!

Angel: Erica: eeeh hehe probably growling Wink - *still giggling and slipping fingers between his to also feel the odd movements...* man that is an odd sensation

Espionata: Mel: Okay then >​>​

Angel: Lol!

Espionata: Mel: *Stretches* Where are the others?

Angel: Yes he growling Razz wants red meat - gonna make mummy sick until she eats some Razz

Espionata: lol

Espionata: He's gonna be trouble lol

Angel: Yes Wink

Raphael: lol, for sure Razz it's in his DNA

Angel: Yes, a big boy bundle of total mischief... And big cute eyes to get out of it Razz

Raphael: heheh

Angel: Mike's gonna teach all them the importants of the 'puppy eyes'

Espionata: lol

Donatello: lol

Espionata: Mel has them too lol

Angel: Razz big boy, hehe about three months left, he's putting on the growth now Wink

Espionata: How big is he gonna be?

Angel: Mmm not sure in the eight to ten pound range probably... poor Erica Razz

Espionata: Ouch

Espionata: Mel: *Looks for Hank's box*

Angel: Razz yep ouch!

Angel: Hehe

Espionata: My mom had to have a c-section with my brother he got stuck he was 8 pounds 8 ounces and another one with me because she was in labor for over 30 hours lol

Donatello: O.o 30 HOURS?? Poor Mommy.

Espionata: During a heat wave at that

Raphael: wow

Donatello: Ugh...not fun.

Angel: Razz mum says I was pushing with her during the labor... Planted my feet against her rib and shoved.. Keen to come out Razz

Donatello: It SNOWED on the day I was born. Razz

Espionata: Yeah she wasn't able to give birth normally wasn't built for it or something on top of her horrible pregnancies

Angel: Very Happy

Donatello: Awwww

Donatello: It was Good Friday and it snowed -- on April 1st. lol

Angel: daww

Espionata: lol

Espionata: I think my mom was happy to get me out I was a week late Razz

Angel: yeah my oc gonna be cursing me come birth time, hehe he gonna be a big boy Razz

Angel: Like Havanah!

Raphael: dun dun duuuun

Angel: whooping ten pounds, but funny enough his birth was the quickest

Raphael: well, she'll have Raph's hand to crush Razz

Espionata: lol

Espionata: I just didn't want to leave Razz

Angel: my Aunt literally had no signs of labour.. She describes it as suddenly a 'thumping' sensation in her pelvis

Angel: and an hour on he was born

Espionata: wow

Angel: hehe sorry Raph Maybe your shoulders, girl is determined not to be one her back, be a squatting, hehe he may need hands to catch!

Espionata: All births are different

Raphael O.O

Espionata: Mel: Aww Daddy isn't here >​>​

Angel: Lol

Angel: hehe

Angel: Erica: well in a squatted position gravity helps annnnnd it opens the pelvic floor

Angel: Hehehe better be a good catch

Raphael: lol, no pressure, eh Raph? Razz

Angel: Razz

Espionata: poor Raphie

Donatello: Razz

Angel: yeah something about the idea being flat on her back and in labour freaks Erica out to no end ... so she's gonna avoid that at all costs

Angel: Hank: am too! Just went for a jog -

Espionata: Mel: Hi Daddy ^^ *Glomps him*

Angel: Wink actually question it myself really

Angel: Erica: OO... *to body* we are doing this squatting you understand?

Angel: Erica: it will not! *rubs Bump*

Angel mmmm *trying not to thinkI that far ahead actually!*

Angel: Erica: shhhh! Don't tell it that! Give it no ideas! *snuggles... Still rubbing bump, still can feel the fluttering* uh pretty active in there o,O

Espionata: Mel: *Hugging Hank* ^^

Angel: mwhahaha it's just light sensations for now, he ain't quiet big enough to do that... Yet Razz

Angel: R2 is gonna object to his 'room' getting smaller! Lol

Raphael: he's gonna use her organs as punching bags Razz

Angel: yep - poor Mummy Razz

Raphael: Vic: better to use them as pnching bags and lot a teething ring O.O

Angel: OO

Espionata: Oo

Angel *giggling* soooooooo RedT has to catch huh?... ooooh yeah ouch - D2 better not think of doing such things... *glares at the very still bump she has* yeah you have been warned

Angel: yep R2 be large and in charge Razz

Angel: .... toooooooooootally don't know where he gets it from Razz

Espionata: lol

Angel: Erica: *nods nods* yes... he'll do fine *smoooches snout - still rubbing that bump giggling as doing so makes R2 move*

Donatello: Razz

Angel: D2 has been forewarned - behave Razz

Espionata: Mel: Had ice cream for dinner and said hi to ice cream kitty Daddy Very Happy

Angel: Hank: uh huh - dawww.... yeah that frozen cat... is a little strange even for me oO

Espionata: Mel: She's sweet Daddy

Angel: Hank: yes - sweet.... *hugged Mel, caried her to the Spot - grins and lets go to go hug his eldest daughter - not caring if in doing so sort of hugs a Raph arm too* hey darlin

Espionata: Mel: *Giggles*

Angel: Erica: hey dad - *hugs back*

Espionata: Mel: Got into a fight with Angel Razz

Raphael *in pain med haze.. not really carin' if his arm gets man-hugged*

Espionata: Mel: *Hugs Raph*

Angel: Erica: hey dad - *hugs back*

Angel: Erica: hey Mel... Dad... hehe feel this... *shifts Raph's hand just a little and gestures them forward* come on

Angel: Hank: *smiles, remembers these days* ah lil bugger moving huh? *lightly rubs and feels*

Angel: Hank: OO is too - okay it's been sooooo long but thats still one of the coolest and weirdest things I ever felt *withdraws hand chuckling*

Donatello Smile

Espionata: Mel: Oo

Raphael *still amazed, relieved and happy.. mostly for Erica's sake.. that Hank, the mutant hater, has come to accept that his grandchild will be what he used to hate*

Angel *hugs Donnie* Wink a few months and we'll be able to feel ours too Wink

Angel: Erica: *smiles and moves Raph's hand back to where it was* thanks dad

Angel: Hank: little guy seems very .... busy in there Oo

Donatello *smiles, hugging her back and nuzzling her* I know.

Angel: Erica: probably waiting to argue more over food - I am soooooooo hungry but anything I have tried today I'd thrown back up *poooooooooouts*

Angel: lol

Raphael: night *hugs*

Espionata: Mel: Maybe you need meat Very Happy

Angel *purrrrrrrs and nuzzles*

Angel: Erica: *sighs... and nods* probably - boy seems to be a meat eater Razz though he didn't like the chicken

Donatello: NIght *hugs*

Espionata: Mel: Has to be beef Razz

Angel: Erica: *yawns...* maybe - but I'll try again tomorrow - for now... *waves at Mel and Hank sleepily - snugs into Raph and drifts off - belly a rumbling and all!*

Angel: Hank: *chuckles and leaves them* come on Mel Wink

Espionata: Mel: *Follows her dad* That baby is all Raphie Very Happy

Angel Wink no arguments there - makes her rather Raphie at times too Razz

Angel *tickles Don's spot*

Espionata: Mel: Yep *Yawns*

Donatello *churrrrrrrs*

Angel Wink *kiss kisses* mmmmm

Donatello *smiles* Hi.

Angel Wink helloooo smexy -

Espionata: Mel: Tired DX

Angel: Hank: then go rest Very Happy

Espionata: Mel: Kay *Falls asleep on the couch*

Angel: lol

Espionata: yep lol

Donatello *nuzzles* Feeling better now?

Angel much better - had to fight for porcelain space but in the end got there Wink

Angel *smooooches*

Donatello: Shall we head off this chat for the night or did you want to continue?

Angel: we'll leave those to to go snoggies and smoochies and.... stuff in Don's room Razz

Angel: two Very Happy

Donatello: OKay. See ya Wink

Angel: my signal is having issues with more than one room Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Portal Hopping Pt 31 - 40 (post rp chat room creation - guCyan&guCrimson deaths, Neo's birth)   Wed Aug 17, 2016 9:35 am

pt 38.

Espionata: Mel: *Hiding something she found* >​>​

Leo what ya got there?

Espionata: Mel: Nothing >​>​

Leo don't look like nothing

Espionata: Mel: It's really nothing Leo ^^

Leo I will assume it's drugs then

Espionata: Mel: No it's not

Leo then what is it?

Espionata: Mel: It's just a stupid make up kit >​>​

Leo make up! well lets see it! I'll make you up!

Espionata: Mel: No Leo I'm not a make up type of girl maybe the others are

Leo don't you want to attract a mate?

Espionata: Mel: Raidon will be my mate Leo

Leo yes so you have to get pretty for him

Espionata: Mel: No he likes me for the way I am not by my looks

Leo ok! you can make me up then!

Espionata: Mel: What?

Leo yeah! you can make me up. then we can surprise Vic

Espionata: Mel: Leo I know nothing about that stuff

Leo so? I don't either. it'll be fun. it doesn't have to look good. just go crazy

Espionata: Mel: Okay *Smiles mischievously and does just that giving Leo a crazy make up job*

Leo I'm so pretty!

Espionata: Mel: If you say so Razz

Espionata: Mel: *Covered his face in kanji has no idea what any of it means*

Leo Mike! I'm beautiful! kiss me!

Leo what? you didn't even try to put the make up on like make up?

Mikey no way dude we're brothers we don't kiss - save on the cheek but that has 'Squirrels rapid posturing' written on it....

Leo O.O MEL! do it right!

Espionata: Mel: Of course not you asked the wrong person to do it Very Happy

Mikey *looks closer* aaaaannnnd that says.... Pinkie Winkie

Espionata: Mel: There's more Mikey and no Leo *Continues to cover Leo in kanji*

Mikey most of it is jibberish Mel - you can't read or write that obviously - but there is some words here and there... like 'your monkey sleeps in my stomach!'

Leo there better not be monkeys in my stomach

Espionata: Mel: No I can't but it's a good way to get back at Leo for now

Leo *washes his face off*

Mikey: Angel: *exited Donnie's room - blinks* ooooh whose doing make up? Very Happy

Espionata: Mel: Leo asked me to and it was a bad idea Very Happy

Leo Angel! let me do your make up.

Mikey: Angel: ooooooooh okay - as long as I get to redo yous BlueBell Razz *sits near Mel and Leo*

Mikey hows the morning sickness today Angel?

Mikey: Angel: fine fine Wink

Leo ok! *grabs make up and starts carefully applying it to Angel*

Espionata: Mel: I told Leo I knew nothing about make up and he didn't listen *Glomps Mikey*

Mikey: Angel: Leo... can I ask where you learned to do this? *patiently waits*

Leo Ru paul's drag race. *puts on the eye shadow all fancy like*

Mikey: Angel: niiiiiice -

Mikey: Erica: *sliiiiiiiiiides past to go loo*

Leo *winged eye liner then to the lips!*

Espionata: Mel: There goes Erica

Mikey: Angel: R2 and she are not getting along at the moment *tries to stay still as possible*

Leo Vic isn't doing too good either. *finsihes make up* you look sexy

Mikey: Angel: Wink don't I usually look sexy Bluey? *plants a kiss on his cheek* thanks - feel all pampered Smile oooh? Vic should be ready to birth any day now - you excited?

Leo yes, but also worried

Leo *brings Don to Angel* I did her make up. isn't she pretty?

Mikey: Angel: *chuckles* hey handsome Wink

Donatello Smile Hi.

Espionata: Mel: While I covered Leo in gibberish Razz

Mikey: Angel: mmmm *tugs those purple bandana tails to draw him in for a hot kiss* Wink

Donatello *gladly accepts and returns!*

Mikey *cooking food for girlies*

Espionata: Mel: What are you making Mikey?

Mikey: Angel: *snogging*

Leo Raph your girl is dying in the bathroom, might want to check on her.

Mikey beef something something

Espionata: Mel: Okay Mikey

Raphael Sad *heads in that direction*

Leo hopes his girl isn't dying*

Espionata: Mel: She will be fine Raphie just your kid being mean again

Mikey: Erica: *praying to the poreclain good on all fours!*

Leo not even born and already like his father

Mikey hehehe he wants real food not rabbit stuff Razz - *cooking!*

Espionata: Mel: That he does

Raphael Sad *slides into the bathroom and.. holds her hair back. Yeah, feels like shit because his son is already being so bad*

Leo It's to bad the girls can't see a real doctor.

Mikey: Erica: *from the bowl -* hey there... thanks Red.... are you alright? *totally has nothing but bile to toss*

Mikey: Angel: *unplugs from snogs* mmmm Don is real enough as any Doc and Leatherhead Wink

Espionata: Mel: There's Kim Leo

Leo kim? Have I met this Kim?

Espionata: Mel: My boyfriend's mom in the GUworld who is also the mate of that world's Raph

Raphael O.o Me? Don't ask abouut me when yer pukin' yer guts out. Sad Are YOU okay?

Leo ah. ok. *goes to look for Vic*

Espionata: Mel: Food almost done Mikey?

Mikey: Erica: *cleans self up - nods... reaching for the button to flush away the empty tummy bile and acid she just tossed and the itty spots of blood* yeah, yeah... I'm okay *slowly stands up* I am okay...

Mikey nah Mel I'll sing out when it is

Raphael: Vic: *curled up someplace, in incredible pain! L2 has once again smashed her ribs and now chewing on things he shuld be!*

Raphael: shouldn't*)

Espionata: Mel: Kay *Tugs on sleeves to hide some new bruises*

Leo *finds her and rushes to her* are you ok? *panic* should we...uh....I think you need a doctor.

Mikey: Angel: *wonders if Don and Leatherhead and probably Erica should be over there helping Vic*

Leo we are SO not having another kid ever.

Raphael: Vic: *grabs his hand and squeeeeezes it!!* >​.< No.. no doctor. I'm a vampire.. remember? They won't help me.. *another pained cry as her freshly healed ribs are broken once again!* ...I think he's coming, Leo..


Raphael *helps Erica to her feet* You don't look okay. Sad *snugs*

Mikey: Angel: *smiles and lets go of Don's bandana tails* your brother and Vic needs you Wink

Mikey: Erica: dawwww - *snuggles, and glad for it - is a bit shivery and legs aint quiet holding her up* do I look that bad? Wink *has to stand right up on tip toe to slide an arm about his shoulders careful to avoid the neck injury - and can have a good look at it here too* but I promise I am okay

Espionata: Mel: *Looks at Leo and Vic* What's going on OO

Leo Vic is about to have the baby and I have no idea what to do. Where's Don?

Espionata: Mel: I don't know Leo

Leo go find him!

Donatello Hmm?

Mikey: Angel: *gives her Stretch and little push towards where Leo went* your brother needs you

Leo: Don would is not good in emergencies)

Espionata: Mel: *Looks* Yes he does big brother Oo

Donatello Leo, what going on?

Leo the baby is coming!

Donatello O.o Okay. Where is she now?

Leo behind me laying down...maybe you're not the man for the job....

Espionata: Mel: Leo don't start

Donatello: O.o She was?

Mikey: Leatherhead: shhhhh he will do fine Leonardo

Donatello -_- Bring her to my lab, Leo.

Leo I don't think she should be moved

Mikey: Leatherhead: and if she needs a c section Erica has done a few *one stray animals - but not the point*

Donatello *isn't aware of her ribs being broken again, siiiiighs and goes over to her*

Espionata: Mel: I don't think Erica can LH

Donatello *checks Vic over* I need lots of clean towels and a bucket of warm water. *guesses it will have to be done here...has done some research about how to do this*

Leo *runs and gets all the things needed then returns*

Raphael: Vic: *and while Leo's busy arguing the baby shifts and godzilla contractions push him further down. Another blood curling scream as she tries to position her hip... had serious had NO TIME to learn the proper way to do any of this! Relieved to see Donnie.. he can fix this, right?! Eyes glowing red as she practically rips her underwear off. At least she's wearing a dress, so the rest can stay... for now!* I'm.. not ready for this! *cries, locking eyes with Don as another contraction hits.*

Mikey: oh right Razz

Mikey: Correction !

Raphael O.o *has nooo idea what's going on or why Vic is making such a fuss... until he see's her..* O.O What the fuck.. how can she be havin' iit now?!

Mikey: Angel: hovers where ever they are*

Mikey: Razz

Donatello *tries to keep her calm* Just this. *shows her, moving everything out of the way so he can see between her legs*

Donatello: How far along is she?

Leo haven't you watched twilight? this is how vampires work! *holds Vic's hand*

Espionata: Mel: I think it's because she's a vampire Raphie Oo *Sticks close to Raph*

Mikey: Erica: *still shaking like a leaf... but sees Vic - and looks at Leatherhead* she may need some blood Jaws

Raphael: I'm guessing close to four months

Donatello: Actually I meant in labor. Wink

Mikey: Leatherhead: *nods and heads off to find his stash of blood baggies - his blood...*

Donatello: Is the head visible yet? Or will it not be able to be born the natural way?

Donatello: lol Hi

Mikey: bwhahaha hi Shaya wb!

Raphael: She's crowning, and he'll come naturally Wink

Raphael: gonna be a bit on the small side

Donatello: Dawwww

Mikey: Wink

Espionata: aww

Mikey: Leatherhead: *is back with baggies - waits patiently*

Donatello Leo, try to keep her calm.

Espionata: Mel: Oo

Donatello: Uh-oh. I think we lost Mikko.

Leo: you did. computer shut down on me)

Espionata: nevermind lol

Raphael: Vic: 8squeeeeeeze-crushes Leo's hand as the baby crowns, another deafening scream -pushes!- Shoulders cleared...*

Raphael: daw. wb

Leo *squeezes back, though she's really strong and will probably not be able to use his hand for a while*

Espionata: Mel: *Eyes widen* Yikes

Donatello *carefully guides the baby as he lets him come out at his own pace* You're doing great.

Shaya ...*blinks*

Leo you're almost done. *pets her hair*

Mikey: Erica: Ahhh! oh my lord I thought I'd seen it all by now! *is not needed right now in this sooo sort of hangs back with Raph - still a shivering*

Espionata: Mel: I know it's kinda scary Erica OO

Raphael *scoops Erica up so she doesn't have to stand.. wonders if she should be watching this? He sure as hell ain't!*

Mikey: Erica: *hugs Raph - but looks on - totally fascinated!!*

Espionata: Mel: *Grabs onto Raph because he's closet* This is so creepy

Shaya *walks out of the room* Nope. *Not going to want kids if she keeps watching, even just Vic's face*

Donatello: Dawwww

Mikey: Leatherhead: hello Lovely - *places down the baggies and follows Shaya* you alright?

Mikey OO *been frozen in spot for some time*

Shaya I'm fine. i just walk to find the group watching Vic be... birthing. *shivers*

Espionata: It's like a trainwreck you can't look away

Mikey: Razz

Raphael: Vic: *Another hard push and the little rib smasher is out! Even through the blood and other bits of her own organs that cover him, can see how dark the little turtle baby is. Aside from the darker shade of green, almost an exact smaller replica of his father- no visible traits of his vampire mother can be seen... yet*

Donatello *is all sorts of nervousness right now but trying to act like he knows exactly what he's doing*

Raphael: will be a different story when he opens his eyes and cries for the first time Razz)

Donatello: So he's not crying yet?

Leo awwwwww he's a bloody mess kind of way. you did great, love.

Espionata: Mel: The baby is born OO

Mikey: Erica: *cheers - yes watched the whole thing from safe cuddled spot*

Mikey: Angel: *may have had to follow Shaya out*

Mikey: Leatherhead: Wink my admiration for females in general has increased tenfold

Espionata: Mel: *Leans against Raph trying not to pass out when seeing all the blood and stuff hits her*

Raphael: Not yet. Need to clear the airways.. full of mommy derp Razz ..and pureed guts )

Leo: ewwwww)

Mikey: mummy derp Razz

Mikey glad I aint got that on my chucks! ))

Raphael: bahahaha!)

Donatello: do you clear the airway exactly?

Leo: turn the kid over and shake him?)

Donatello: O.o

Donatello: No.

Raphael: O.o ..nono.. suction Razz)

Donatello: Wait...what?

Leo: clearly we can never be parents)

Espionata: You have to use those suction things to clear the air ways

Shaya: Turkey baster to suck up the snot and kunk in their airway))

Donatello: Oh. I forgot about that part. I have heard of it, though.

Leo: the baby is sufficating!)

Donatello: Let's just say Don knew that and already has it in the stuff Leo brought back to him.

Raphael: Wink

Mikey: lol! usually the mummy beasties I have helped do that bit - you know licking at stuff and for the human ones I have been at and or even been a little hands on with .... the suctiony thingy...))

Shaya: okay #:-S )

Mikey: Don knows everything Razz

Espionata: lol

Donatello: Don: I have to make sure I know that I'm doing. -_-

Raphael: everything, except how to talk to a girl Razz

Leo: lol)

Donatello *carefully takes the baby and wraps him in one of the clean towels, grabs the turkey baster and sucks out the fluids*

Donatello: To be brief. Razz

Espionata: lol

Mikey: Erica: *holding breath - waiting for the cry - should probably be horrified seeing as she's half way to her own d day - but is so excited!*

Mikey: lol

Leo *watches Don but become worried when Vic is being so quiet.* Vic? How you doing?

Espionata: Mel: Oo *Goes pale*

Raphael: *And that does the trick! Now all clean and airways freed of the gunk he had been feeding on over the last week, his little eyes flutter open, piercing red like his mother's, and his little mouth opens to expose the very tiny, but very sharp pair of fangs that will one day rip open jugulars. For something so small, his cries seem to echo from the walls*

Raphael: Vic: *In extreme pain, but body beginning to heal. Her gaze travels in the direction of Don and her baby, reaching out, eager to hold him* I'm okay..

Donatello *breathes out a sigh of relief when he hears the baby cry, cleans him with the towel then wraps him in a clean one before handing him to Vic* Here he is. *smiles*

Leo *smiles and lets go of her hand then looks at Don* uh...hand her the baby then come look at my hand, Don.

Espionata: Mel: *Passes out when everything is said and done the birth and all the over stuff was a bit much*

Mikey: Erica: *squuuuuuuueeees and nuzzles nose tip to Raph's snout* come on lets go see our nephew!

Mikey: Hank: *remembers doing that - scoops Mel up and takes her out*

Espionata: Mel: *Is out like a light*

Mikey: Very Happy

Raphael: Vic: *snugs the little one in her arms. Thinks he's the most beautiful lil thing she's ever seen! Wonders what Leo thinks.. he's been kinda quiet..then hears him as Donnie to look at his
hand* Sad

Leo MY BABY IS BEAUTIFUL! Just like his mother. *smiles*

Mikey: nawwww night ngiht *hugs*

Shaya: night

Donatello *stands up* Just give me a moment. *goes to wash up then returns to look at his brother's hand*

Mikey: Erica: *yes she still shivery from puking, yes she tired and soooo hungry - buuuuuuut - Smoooches Raph and hops lightly out of hold to scurry over to Vic* oooooo congratulations! *soft soft squueeeeeeeeeeeeee*

Raphael *finally looks up.. glad the bloody part is over. Nods to Erica and moves closer with her. Watches the little thing in her arms. Okay, he's cute for a little vapire/turtle hybrid.* He's cute... surprisin', since he's Leo's. Takes after his mom. *yeah, gotta rag Leo a little*

Mikey: Razz

Donatello: lol

Mikey: Erica: sooooooo adorable!

Donatello *tells Leo what do to for his hand then returns to the others*

Mikey: Angel: *never mind she hid too* how are you going to go at your own sons birth RedT Razz *sidles over talking softly* ooooh he is beautiful Wink

Espionata: Mel: *Starts to come to* DX

Raphael: Vic: *smiles proudly at the compliments. Figures the little one is hungry, a bit shyly pops out a boob and yelps when the little one latches on. Wasn;t sure that he would.. but then notices that she;s secreting a mixture of milk and blood* O.o Wow...had no idea I could do that! ^^

Raphael *sticks his tongue out at Angel* I'll manage.. *and covers his eyes when Vic exposes
herself.. awkward!*

Espionata: Mel: I pased out >​<

Espionata: passed*

Mikey: Erica: dawww *kisses Vic's forehead* well congrats come LH brought you some food new mummy *nods to the baggies* he's got good strong gator blood - so eat up... *smiles up at her turtle... giggles and kisses his hand*

Mikey: Angel: you sure? you'll be catching him Razz *only slightly teasing - smiles at Donnie and kisses his cheek* well done Doctor D.

Raphael: Vic: O.O ..aww, you bled for me? *smiles sweetly at the gator and sinks her teeth into one of the bags, cooling the burning thirst*'re too sweet! ^^ And eh..not just your blood. Wink

Donatello *smiles* Thanks. *takes Angel's hand*

Shaya Congrats you two!

Mikey: Leatherhead: Wink of course, must take care of the new mothers *nuzzles, nuzzles the little infant - VERY carefully* congratulations *smiles and winks at Shaya*

Mikey *big blue watery eyes - smells like cooking - carries Allie over* awwwwwwwww hello lil dude Very Happy *grins* good on ya Vic Wink

Mikey: Angel: your welcome - and well earned, you did very well Wink *hugs smiling watching the well wishes* yes Vic he is beautiful ...

Mikey: April: *races over wailing happily and snugs Vic and the boy carefully* ooooooooh I'm an Aunty! *happy wails*

Mikey: Razz

Shaya April. Apes' Let them breathe. *taps her friends shoulder*

Donatello *smiles, wondering if the others thought so, too -- hasn't received a thank you or anything from the others* I just did what I had to. *nuzzles her* I've been trying to do some reading up in preparation for our own baby. Smile

Mikey: Erica: *giggles and looks at Donnie - oh yeah she was getting there !! * you did indeed Doctor Wink *hugs* so good PrettyEyes

Mikey totally - know we have a good Doc for ours Razz *hugs Ally*

Espionata: Mel: *Looks at Vic and the baby*

Shaya *Smiles up at LH - a wonderful protective papa he would make*

Donatello *smiles* Thanks, guys. *hugs Erica back* At least the others should be a bit more...normal.

Mikey: Erica: Very Happy as normal as such a vulnerable time of can be yes - ooooh! *and with a squeeze and a peck to her mates snout has to draw back to race off for Loo again!*

Mikey: Angel: hehehe Wink *still one armed hugging*

Mikey: Leatherhead: *winks slowly at Shaya* the hybrid looks healthy.

Raphael: Ally: *completely meeeeeelts over the sight of the little one. Makes her even more excited about the lil bun cooking in her own easy bake oven!* Does he have a name?? *snug-smooches Mike*

Raphael: Vic: *blinks* You know, I havn't had time to think of any... O.O And Leo hasn't made any suggestions... *and spares a glance in Don's direction* Thank you. ^^

Espionata: Mel: Please tell me Leo wasn't serious about making me food for your baby

Mikey: April: *still sobb face, grin and backs off* dawwww well just bond for now - you an dLeo can throw about ideas for his name soon Smile sooooooo cute

Donatello *smiles, waving to Vic* You're welcome.

Raphael: Vic: **smiles at April and all ofthe girls swooning over the little one.. trying to push down the uncertainties... is.. this what Leo really wanted? He seemed more concerned for his hand than wanting to see his son... maybe she's just being emotional*

Espionata: Mel: THe baby is cute at least

Mikey: Angel: *kisses Don's cheek*

Mikey: Hank: yeah.... it is - good work ... uh Victoria *wonders if she recognises him? -* come Mel we should all start backing off so mum and bub can bond *smiles at her and takes Mel's hand to back her away*

Mikey: April: *agree and hugs them again* oooh sing out if you need us Vic Wink *backs off with Hank and Mel*

Espionata: Mel: Yes Daddy *Goes with her dad and April*

Mikey: Leatherhead: I have some other blood baggies for you Vic - *dont sk how he got TC's... and Splinter Donated.* so eat as much as you like Wink *another gentle nuzzle and turns to head out with Shaya smiiiiiiiiling*

Raphael: lol.. yum, TC blooood! Razz

Mikey: Very Happy

Mikey: yep Very Happy

Espionata: lol

Raphael: Vic: *does recognize Hank, but...lets it go for now. She's happy.. for the most part...and Hank was only following her father's orders..* ..*thanks LH for the food bags and places them nearby. Will surely need them soon*

Mikey *grins and snoggles kisses Ally - leans in to smooch Vic's forehead and nuzzle the little hybrid - of course gently, churr churrs... begins to back off - gesturing for Ally to follow*

Espionata: Mel; *Hugs her dad*

Raphael: Vic: *grins at the last two and watches as they go. Now it's just her and the little one. Must have really messed Leo's hand up. Sad Wishes he could come meet his son*

Mikey: Erica: Oo soooorrrry *had used lab loo - sneaks past Vic... stops at her face* everything okay?

Espionata: Mel: *Tugs her sleeves to hide bruising* >​>​

Raphael: Vic: *startled from her thoughts, manages a small smile at Erica* Yeah, just tired. And... wish leo could be here..

Mikey: Erica: oooh... *smiles and hugs* he will be Vic... he will be *if he's gone back to the Leo she used to know...* you healing okay? *glances aroudn to see where her big Raph went*

Mikey: Angel: *had dragged Don out with her for a little bit - and to smother in in smoooches - he did great work after all*

Mikey: Hank: and what have you been up to to be so bruised up?

Espionata: Mel: Nothing Daddy ^^

Donatello *heavy makeout session with Angel* ^^

Raphael: Vic: Yeah.. one of the good things about being a vamp I suppose. ^^

Mikey: bwhahahaa celebration!

Espionata: lol

Raphael aph: *giving them privacy, waiting outside the room for Erica*

Espionata: Mel: Okay so some guy tried to mug me but I got away know all the escape routes

Mikey: Erica: *tucks her hair behind her ear* thank goodness huh? *touches the little hybrid gently by stroking his cheek* did you want me to weigh him before I go?

Mikey: Hank: and you were out why?

Mikey: Angel: *oooooooooooh yeah! moooooooans and smoooooooooooches*

Mikey foods ready! *dished up some to Ally already - yummy beef cooked just perfect and vegies - high in iron*

Espionata: Mel: Just wanted to be out in the city Daddy

Donatello *smooch smooch...gropes!*

Mikey: Angel: *smoooooooooching back, hand tease him* I think... *kiss kiss kiss* we should do this *kiss kiss* in your room *smooooooooooch*

Mikey: bwhahaha she'll have to eat late

Mikey: later*

Donatello: At least eat FOOD later. Razz

Donatello *nods and takes her hand, pulling her to his room*

Mikey: Erica: *smiles... has guessed where her BigRed is... looks back at Vic*

Mikey: lol!

Mikey: plenty of protein in the meantime? Razz

Donatello: lol

Donatello: Good for the baby. Razz

Espionata: lol

Mikey: Angel: mmmm hmmm! *agrees with that! closes the door behind her - tugs Donnie close to snog snog hands removing gear and cloths*

Donatello *helps her, groping her some more between snogs*

Espionata: Mel: And I'm fine you should see the other guy Very Happy

Mikey: Angel: * smiles into snogs, tickles, caresses where ever skin becomes bared*

Mikey: Hank: *takes her to kitchen to eat*

Espionata: Mel: Food ^^ *Goes to eat some*

Mikey: now Vic hurry up and let Erica weigh the boy so she can go back to her BigRed turtle - we know he aint the most patient type Razz

Raphael: Vic: *a bit reluctant to hand him over, but finally nods* Sure

Mikey: Erica: Smile oooh he's so light... shhhh L2 Aunty just borrowing you for a moment - you can go back to Mum very soon *carefully un wraps so she can weigh him, caaaaaaaaaareful*

Mikey: Razz so how heavy is he?

Raphael: 5 1/2 lbs

Mikey: nawwwww

Raphael: L2: O.O *strange lady has him... screams bloody murder!*

Mikey: geez and his cousin is trying to build himself up to being almost twice his weight

Raphael: lol, yup

Mikey: Erica: dawww shhhh shhhh *wriste his weight down and giggles scooping him back up once wrapped and brings him back to Vic* seee there there, Mummy's here - *hands him back* five and a half pounds Vic, that is good *kisses her forehead*

Mikey: hehehe yeah he def gonna want out Razz be all squished Razz

Espionata: Mel: *Doesn't eat much of her dinner*

Espionata: Can't blame him

Raphael: Vic: *takes and snugs and tried to calm him. Any doubt that she wouldn't feel any maternal instinct long gone* ^^Thanks. ...I think I broke Leo's hand. Sad

Mikey: Erica: And the mutagen will help it help - don't worry Wink *snugs her again* Leatherhead is staying outside the door if you need him okay? *rubs the protesting little hybrid* sorry nephew ... *winks and backs up towards door - and out... smiles at Raph* he's five and a half pounds!

Mikey: Heal*

Mikey: Leatherhead: *indeed on the other side of the door grins at his best bud as she exits* thats great *nuzzles her and nudges her closer to Raph*

Raphael: Vic: *nods and sighs. could help him heal if he would just come back* Sad(

Raphael O.o He's a runt. better do some growin' if he's gona survive R2.

Donatello: Awwwwww

Espionata: aww

Mikey: LH: * goes inside to be a good gator* you alright?

Raphael: Vic: *smiles at LH* Yeah, just wishing Leo was here. Sad Thanks again for the blood. ^^

Espionata: Mel: Not that hungry >​>​

Mikey: Erica: Wink indeed look at this impressive bump and we only half way! *shows off bump*

Mikey: Angel: mmm hmmm! *shifts hips up so her core brushes his tail, is slick and excited* can't you tell? Wink

Mikey: LH: * goes closer* your welcome, been ... milking myself for years encase we need it so eat your fill Wink how do you feel?

Mikey: Hehe year girl all pus, but R2 has not yet made þbump huge as he's going too Razz

Mikey mmm Ralph bring her here, lets see if R2 will let her have good vegetables and beefy steak Wink

Raphael: lol, aw

Espionata: lol

Raphael *tugs Erica along for food*

Raphael: Vic: Still a little achy, but I feel okay. *tries to reassure him* Though, it sucks having your ribs broken a million time.. *snugs the culprit * But at least I don't have to worry about that anymore. And.. sounded like Leo doesn't want any more after this.. Sad

Mikey: Erica: *reluctant... as her throat very sore... from throwinup ... but goes with* ooh so exciting we hava nephew!

Mikey: LH: his mind may change yet don't fret, sure he was just frightened for you, *gentle snout nuzzle to them* and good to hear you are healing, even R2 and D2 may be strong enough to do that too... not to that extent though, maybe fracturing

Espionata: Mel: Hey Erica *Didn't eat nearly as much as she should* ^^

Mikey *winks at his big brother, gives Erica her iron tablets to take and a plate of food* eat girl Wink

Mikey: Erica: *makes sure Mikey gets Ralph food too!* I will... hey Mel
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PostSubject: Re: Portal Hopping Pt 31 - 40 (post rp chat room creation - guCyan&guCrimson deaths, Neo's birth)   Wed Aug 17, 2016 9:48 am

pt 39.

Leo ALLLLLLL by myself!!!!!! Don't wanna be, ALLLLLLLL by myself, ANYMORE!!!!!

Espionata: Mel: Forget you have a baby?

Leo no? I'm singing to the baby!

Espionata: Mel: That's not what you sing to babies unless you want to scare them

Leo the baby's name is Lestat, and what do you know about babies?

Espionata: Mel: Enough to know that they get loud when scared I was in foster homes Leo

Leo yes. yes you were and you will never let me forget that

Espionata: Mel: Then don't ask me how I know this stuff

Leo about you just let the past go.

Espionata: Mel: Even when it's a past that's still pretty recent?

Leo you know. you should talk to Mikko. She was also bounced around foster homes and abused in almost all of them, she ran away at 12 and lived on the streets for a while. You two can share stories.

Espionata: Mel: She's also a druggie and more unstable than I am yeah great person to talk to >​>​

Leo actually, even though she does take drugs, she's not that unstable. and she unlike you, who has been able to stay away from drugs and liquor, she uses that stuff to try and forget her past. You can't judge her for trying to emotionally survive.

Espionata: Mel: Leo doing drugs and drinking are the complete opposite of what someone should do

Leo I agree. totally. maybe someone like you can help her. Just a thought. I mean the way you bring up your past you obviously need to talk about it to someone. why not someone who's been there?

Espionata: Mel: I don't know Leo

Leo think about it. I'll be over here singing pop songs to my son

Espionata: Mel: Besides Mikko isn't here anyway

Leo she can be!

Espionata: Mel: She can be?

Mikko I'm here bitches!

Espionata: Mel: Hi Mikko >​>​

Mikko hello! *wraps arm around Mel* Leo says you are having issues.

Espionata: Mel: Me having issues more like you druggie

Mikko Leo didn't tell me you were such a bitch.

Espionata: Mel: I'm not a bitch just calling it like I see it

Mikko yeah so am I. maybe you need a chill pill.

Espionata: Mel: For what?

Mikko for that shitty attitude you have

Espionata: Mel: I don't have a bad attitude

Mikko you called me a druggie when we first met! I would say that's a bad attitide. I came in here to talk about our past and all you see is someone who found a different way tp cope then you.

Espionata: Mel: No what I see what my future could've been if I didn't change it

Mikko you keep putting me down, you ain't gonna have a future.

Espionata: Mel: While what you're doing is just gonna cause your death much faster and I'm not gonna do that I have a lot more to live for than that

Mikko you are hopeless. and annoying. good day!

Leo you chased her off. why you do that?

Espionata: Mel: We're way to different Leo and she knows I have a much better future than she does

Leo she has a high paying job, her own place, a good boyfriend, a very nice car that she built herself, and she's planing on going back to school. She's not doing too bad.

Espionata: Mel: And she's with the Purple Dragon's and Foot not good choices there

Leo actually she's not anymore. she turned her back on them, it's why they want her dead

Espionata: Mel: Really?

Leo yes, really. maybe you would have known that if you talked to her. you are very bad with people. you need to work on that. *goes back to his baby*

Espionata: Mel: Like that's a shock >​>​

Leo *sings pop songs to Lestat*

Donatello: Is Lestat a vampire-y name?

Espionata: Mel: DX

Leo: Lestat is THE vampire from Ann Rices books, interview with the vampire, queen of the damned and others)

Leo *still singing* you have to fight, for your right, to paaaaaarty

Espionata: Mel: If that baby isn't crying to Leo's horrible singing I don't know what will make him cry >​>​

Leo baby hit me one more time! actually that's a horrible thing to tell a baby, scratch that one.

Raphael: lol

Victoria joined the chat 8 seconds ago

Donatello: lol

Leo and i think I must clear things up with my princess. It's not that I don't want more children, I just don't want you to have to go through this again.

Espionata: Mel: Raphie Leo's singing is horrible DX

Victoria ^^ *Happy tears*

Leo *smooches Vic's face* so what does little Lestat eat? Or drink? Milk? blood? Mel we might need your arm.

Espionata: Mel: Leo don't start!

Victoria ^^ *smooches back* Um.. Lestat? Babe, I think we need to think of more names. That's like.. a dead give away that he's a vampire...And...blood-milk! Apparently my body is one step ahead of the game. I produce this healthy mixture of the two. It's.. weird.. O.o

Leo that is weird. You are weird. But I like weird. A different name? Ok, You have any in mind?

Espionata: Mel: So I won't be food

Victoria And you're not weird at all. Razz Um.. still thinking.. *rocking the little one in her arms* Wanna hold him?

Leo yes. *carefully takes the little one in his arms* We make adorable babies.

Victoria: *and here I am researching vampire names Razz So much effort put into a 'chat' baby

Espionata: lol

Leo: lol

Victoria Yeah, we do! ^^ I'm just a little concerned, tho. I mean, will he be immortal? At what point will he stop aging? And if he's immortal, that means he will outlive his cousins... he's in for a future of angst. Sad

Leo Alucard! *nods* yes this is true. But we will cross that bridge when we get to it.

Espionata: Mel: That's a vampire name from Castlevania

Leo wrong! that's a vampire name from an anime called Helsing

Leo it's Dracula, spelled backwards

Leo: actually it could also be from caslvania, never played it)

Espionata: Mel: Still a vampire name and look up Castlevania

Espionata: It is

Leo if he's going to have a vampire name, why not the name of the lord of all vampires. because my son will grow up to be the law!

Victoria: lol.. oh boy

Victoria: hiyas ^^

Leo: hello!)

Mikey: Hello Razz

Mikey: cant stay on long Very Happy

Espionata: hi

Victoria *flipping through her vampire name book while 'daddy' has his little one* Hmm.. what about Orpheus.. it means'the darkness of the night' ^^

Espionata: Mel: *Glomps Mikey*

Mikey: Mikey: zzzzzzzzz

Leo wasn't that the guy in the matrix? *rocks baby*

Mikey: lol

Espionata: Mel: Mikey is asleep

Donatello: Hi Smile

Mikey: Erica: zzzzZzzzzzzZzzzzzz

Mikey: hi hi Razz

Leo: well at least she isn't throwing up)

Espionata: lol

Raphael *passes by from getting a soda.. Mikey's last Orange Crush* >Smile *overhears the new parents* That sounds too much like orifice..*shrugs* Not to discourage... *keeps on a goin'

Leo: lol

Mikey: Hehehe nope she's eaten hearty beef and vege thanks to Mikey and now catching some zzzzs Razz

Leo: Mikko: *walks back in arms filled with things* I got presents! *walks up to the parents* I got a baby blanket. *lays it over Vic* and a stuffed turtle toy *lays it on Vic* and a muzzle!

Espionata: Mel: Seriously what happened to normal names like Jake or something

Leo a muzzle?

Leo: Mikko: in case he gets bitty

Espionata: Mel: And there's Mikko again >​>​

Leo: bittey

Leo: is that a word?)

Leo: Mikko: nothing for Mel, I only wish her pain and death

Victoria *wrinkles her nose at Raph. Still likes the name.. but maybe he's right.* Sad No, I think the Matrix guy starts with an M.. but... Matrix, what about Neo? ^^ *and smiles at the new girl and the presents* Aww, thanks... whoever you are ^^

Leo: Mikko: I'm mikko and always ready to babysit!

Espionata: Mel: Why Mikko?

Victoria Hamato Neo.....*trying to drive it home* Razz Sounds smexy, huh? *and spares a toothy grin at Mikko* Okay ^^

Leo that does flow

Leo: Mikko: woo! *looks at Mel* because you are a horrible human. one of the worse.

Leo Neo it is! *bounces Neo*

Espionata: Mel: Me I'm horrible?

Leo: Mikko: very.

Espionata: Mel: How am I horrible?

Leo: Mikko: you were mean to me, and anyone who is mean to me is horrible

Espionata: Mel: Oh brother *Rolls her eyes*

Leo you two go fight somewhere else. you are sending bad vibes to the baby.

Espionata: Mel: Not fighting Leo

Leo not yet, but both you girls are crazy.

Espionata: Mel: I'm not crazy

Leo: Mikko: *Sits next to Vic, bored with Mel* Sooooo Vic, yer a vampire for reals? Like in the movies? that's so cool!

Victoria *Nods* Yeah, I am. ^^ The only drawback is.. the sun can kill me. *and that's going to suck for Neo, if he has the same problem.. because Turtles are supposed to love sun, right?*

Leo: Mikko: oooooooh. maybe Don can make a special sun screen for you, like in Blade.

Victoria ^^

Leo that's not a bad idea. too bad Don's never around.

Espionata: Mel: Unlike you Leo >​<

Victoria Blade! Wow.. maybe we should name him Neo Blade.. or Blade Neo...Or have a second son so we can use both Razz

Leo shut up Mel no one asked you.

Leo but what if we have a girl?

Donatello ...I'm here.

Leo: Mikko: if you have a girl name her Mikko!

Espionata: Mel: Hey aren't I your sister or at least sister in law thanks to Erica

Espionata: Mel: And big brother is here

Leo ....Mel, you want to hold Neo?

Espionata: Mel: I don't know

Leo it'll be fine.

Espionata: Mel: Will it?

Leo i think so.

Espionata: Mel: Okay

Leo *hands the baby over to Mel*

Espionata: Mel: *Holds the baby awkwardly never held one before* OO

Victoria *reeeeally uncomfortable with her baby being passed around! Gives the girl a warning kinda liik -drop him and die!-*

Victoria: look*

Espionata: Mel: *Freezes even more* OO

Leo *totally fine with baby being passed around, wants to show him off! because his baby is best baby!*

Espionata: Mel: *Looks at the baby* OO

Leo *looks at Vic. looks at Mel....Takes baby back*

Espionata: Mel: Thanks Leo *Shaking from nervousness*

Victoria *tension slowly easing off some. Over-protective Vam mommy who would eat someone's soul if they accidentally hurt her little one*

Leo would you like him back? *ask Vic*

Victoria You can hold him if you want.. just.. dunno if I'm okay with strangers just yet..

Leo oh ok. *snugs the little one*

Espionata: Mel: Yeah I so don't wanna be killed or eaten

Leo: Mikko: most girls like to be eaten.

Espionata: Mel: I don't Mikko

Leo: Mikko: you just ain't been ate right. guess your boytoy don't know how to do it.

Espionata: Mel: More like he wants to take his time and do things right a relationship is more than just sex

Leo: Mikko: nah he probably don't have a dick.

Leo ok! lets not talk about sex around the baby.

Espionata: Mel: Seriously Mikko? There's love and all sorts of other stuff that couples have with their mates

Leo: Mikko: it's so easy to get you all riled up.

Leo Mel let it go. Mikko's boyfriend is in a wheelchair, she knows there is more then sex to a relationship, stop letting people get to you.

Leo *starts singing let it go to Neo*

Victoria: daws

Espionata: Mel: Then she shouldn't insult my boyfriend then

Victoria: Neo: *stares and.. reaches for his daddy's snout*

Leo: Mikko: *gets up and moves away from the couple.* well he might be in a wheelchair, but he can still work it!

Leo *smiles and leans down to his son*

Espionata: Mel: Quit insulting my boyfriend Mikko you don't know him *Growls*

Leo: Mikko: if I wasn't with someone, I would get to know him, all night long.

Espionata: Mel: Mikko he's not like that by a long shot and you won't touch him! *Growls*

Leo: Mikko: he's only 'not like that' because he hasn't had a real woman.

Espionata: Mel: What?! Mikko don't you dare call me that!

Leo: Mikko: I didn't call you anything

Espionata: Mel: Oh really? Because I could've sworn you said he didn't have a real women and that one is me

Leo: Mikko: well it's true.

Leo *sighs and crawls into the bed with Vic and lays their son on her chest*

Espionata: Mel: How the hell is that true?! *Goes to Mikko*

Leo: Mikko: by now he would have sealed the deal. maybe he likes women with more curves.

Espionata: Mel: That's not true we're going through a courtship and really getting to know each other emotionally before doing that

Leo: Mikko: sure sure. don't come crying to me when he dumps you.

Espionata: Mel: You don't know him and our relationship Mikko! So just be quiet!

Leo: Mikko: I mean. Do you do AnYTHING for the boy?

Espionata: Mel: Like what?

Leo: Mikko: cook? clean? blow job?

Espionata: Mel: We don't live together Mikko and when I'm with him I do help him but nothing sex related!

Leo Vic? Vic you awake?

Victoria ^^ *snugs Leo and her lil one, one happy Vamp at the moment* Mmhmm.

Leo ^^ *snuggle and cuddles and smooches*

Leo: Mikko: *runs off to go be with her man who WILL get a blow job*

Espionata: Mel: What a bitch and she wonders why I don't like her >​>​

Victoria: Gabe: ^^

Leo: lol

Mikey joined the chat 10 seconds ago

Mikey: Back!

Leo: wb

Espionata: wb

Espionata: Mel is pissed at Mikko for insulting her and guRaidon and their relationship lol

Mikey: Razz

Mikey: ty

Leo *wraps his arm around them both*

Raphael *snuggin' his girl*

Victoria ^^ Leatherhead gave me some of his blood.

Espionata: Mel: Raphie why is Mikko allowed to be here?

Leo that's nice of him. *kisses her cheek* We'll have to get him some cheetos as thanks

Raphael *gives Mel a stern look and places finger to his lips. Erica is sleepin' -don't wake her up!*

Victoria: lol

Mikey: LH: *snoooooooozing*

Leo: lol)

Mikey: R2: *not sleeping! *wiggling away in his personal bubble*

Espionata: Mel: I won't wake her up Raphie

Leo: ewwwwwww)

Mikey: Yes many Cheetos... He loves cheetos*

Mikey: LOL! Yep he swimming... Doing laps Razz

Espionata: lol

Espionata: Mel: *Cuddles with Raph and Erica*

Leo: Mel just invites herself into peoples beds lol)

Espionata: lol

Raphael -.- ....*inwardly cursing. Is NOTHING private around here!!! >​.<*

Mikey: Erica: *sleeping... Snugged... Plants foot on Mel's but and shoves*

Mikey: Lol!

Donatello: lol

Leo: lol

Donatello: Don't forget COLD feet. Wink

Victoria Very Happy Maybe we can give him a yorkie, too. You know, Gtors love yorkies...

Espionata: lol

Victoria: gators*

Leo uh....maybe....but I think he would rather cheetos

Espionata: Mel: *Won't be moved that easily* DX

Donatello: Yes, they make excellent snacks for the gator. Wink

Leo: Mikko: I see you'll sleep with Raph and erica but wont sleep with your own boyfriend. rude! *runs off*

Mikey: Razz

Mikey: Erica: *shoves Mel off and gos star fish, half over Raph and bed*

Mikey: Bwhaha translation from zzzzz? 'Mine!'

Espionata: Mel: *Is shoved off the bed and chases Mikko* Get back here!

Leo: Mikko: *runs away from all the sleeping people so loud mouth Mel don't wake people up*

Espionata: Mel: Mikko I'm gonna hurt you! *Keeps chasing*

Leo: Mikko: no yer not! You are puny and weak

Mikey: Erica: *sleeping hardcore, triumph little snore...*

Mikey: Razz

Leo you should get some rest. you did a lot of work!

Espionata: Mel: Puny and weak?! *Keeps chasing is fast*

Leo: Mikko: *is ninja leaps up to highest point she can get to*

Mikey: Lol

Espionata: Mel: Get down here and face me cowardly bitch!

Leo: Mikko: I'm queen of the mountain! and you are a peasant

Espionata: Mel: No you just don't wanna face me!

Leo: Mikko: if yer so bored why don't you go hang out with your dickless boyfriend.

Espionata: Mel: Quit insulting him!

Leo: Mikko: it's not an insult if it's true.

Espionata: Mel: It's still an insult! *Throws a rock at Mikko*

Leo: Mikko: dodges it* it IS true! you just admitted it.

Espionata: Mel: No it doesn't matter if it's true or not that's still an insult! *Throws more rocks*

Leo: Mikko: I don't have to insult him, yer doing that for me. *throws rocks back*

Espionata: Mel: What?! *Keeps throwing rocks*

Leo: Mikko: stop throwing rocks at me! *throws knives at Mel*

Mikey: Lol

Espionata: Mel: *Tries to dodge knives but a few hit her* Then quit insulting me and my boyfriend!

Leo: Mikko: quit being so sensitive.

Espionata: Mel: Sensitive?! How would you like it if I insulted your boyfriend?! *Throws knife at Mikko*

Leo: Mikko: *catches knife* then he would come in and defend himself. unlike your boyfriend who has to hide behind his woman.

Espionata: Mel: He's not here to defend himself! You don't even know him!

Leo: Mikko: I know he's not here, and you are not there. it'll never work out if you can't even stand to be around each other.

Espionata: Mel: He's busy rebuilding his world!

Leo: Mikko: that's what he says, OR he's with a better girl.

Leo *starts singing again this time a nice soft song*

Espionata: Mel: I know it's the truth Mikko because the dark turtles are gone!

Leo: Mikko: *leaps down ontop of Mel*

Mikey: Lol

Espionata: Mel: *Struggles against Mikko*

Leo: Mikko: *strangles*

Espionata: Mel: *Continues to fight back*

Leo: Mikko: *continues to strangle*

Espionata: Mel: *Struggles but is starting to get weaker*

Leo: Mikko: victory will be mine! *tightens grip*

Leo: brb)

Espionata: Mel: *Tries to stab Mikko*

Espionata: kay

Victoria *hates to ruin the moment with the heavy.. but has to know. It's been pbothering her for awhile now* Leo? I've been wanting to ask you.... your family said that you haven't been yourself because of a brain worm... but this 'you' is the only one I know. Sad What if.. you wouldn't have been with me if not for your illness?

Donatello: Awwww

Leo: Mikko: *stranggles more even if she is getting stabbed*

Leo I would be with you no matter what. *kisses*

Espionata: Mel: *Keeps trying to stab her trying to gasp for air*

Leo: Mikko: yer gonna die first, bitch!

Victoria *hopes it's the truth, but if he's not well.. can it be? Decides to let it go for now and returns smooches*

Espionata: Mel: *Keeps stabbing aiming where it hurts the most fighting for her life*

Leo: have to go to bed. so sick! night *hugs*)

Leo: Mikko: *lets go of Mel and falls over dead*

Espionata: night

Leo left the chat 5 seconds ago

Espionata: Mel: *Coughs gasping for air but passes out*

Victoria left the chat 30 seconds ago

Donatello: *belated hugs*

Raphael was timed out

Espionata: Mel: *Comes to* She lost it

Mikey your no better, just ignore girl Razz and don't hop in bed with your sis and her mate Razz

Espionata: Mel: But she didn't try to kill me until I said that the dark turtles were gone *Rubs her throat and looks at the grazing wounds from the knives thrown at her*

Mikey then just ignore her girl Razz

Espionata: Mel: Hard to ignore her when she insults my boyfriend

Donatello: Sticks and stones... Razz

Espionata: yeah

Espionata: Hard for a girl who really doesn't have social skills lol

Mikey: Erica: but chainsssss *ZZZZ* and whipsssss excite meeeee... *ZZZ*

Espionata: lol

Mikey: Razz

Donatello: lol
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PostSubject: Re: Portal Hopping Pt 31 - 40 (post rp chat room creation - guCyan&guCrimson deaths, Neo's birth)   Wed Aug 17, 2016 9:51 am

pt 40.

Master Splinter *brewing tea*

Espionata: Mel: Hi Splinter

Shaya *slides into a chair, half asleep*

Espionata: Mel: Hi Shay

Shaya Hey

Espionata: Mel: Tired?

Shaya yeah * Hair in a shamble*

Espionata: Mel: Study all night or something?

Shaya On a call with family from Europe. Started at 11pm... phone passed around until the call ended at 4am

Espionata: Mel: Long phone call Oo

Shaya They think I am napping all day waiting for results or somethin'

Espionata: Mel: Why?

Shaya They think me as a lab assistant than a scientist myself

Espionata: Mel: Oh

Shaya Anything to drink here Mel?

Espionata: Hot chocolate and tea coffee

Shaya You having anything?

Espionata: Mel: No I'm good ^^

Master Splinter *having tea*

Master Splinter: Very Happy

Espionata: lol
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PostSubject: Re: Portal Hopping Pt 31 - 40 (post rp chat room creation - guCyan&guCrimson deaths, Neo's birth)   

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Portal Hopping Pt 31 - 40 (post rp chat room creation - guCyan&guCrimson deaths, Neo's birth)
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