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 Irma Langistein

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Irma Langinstein

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PostSubject: Irma Langistein   Mon Oct 20, 2014 6:46 am

Name: Irma Langistein
Age: 23
Nicknames: None that she wants to repeat
Affiliates: April O' Neil

Physical Appearance: Irma is the kind of person whom you would walk past by in the crowd since she never is the sort of person who tries to make herself stand out. Scrawny, petite, and passive, it is easy to walk all over her. Unlike most girls, she's not fashionable or interested in the latest trends. Most of her style consist of plain, ordinary sweaters, skirts, her mousy brown hair tied back in ponytail. Sometimes she will just leave her hair down, depending on her mood.

Personality: Just because she looks like a push over, doesn't mean she is one. Irma is quite capable of being assertive and knows how to fight back against their snide comments with some of her own. Her comments usually are sharp and quick witted. She has been the butt of cruelty throughout her whole life and has grown used of it. Since high school, she swore to herself that she wouldn't be a wallflower for the rest of her life. That doesn't mean Irma isn't a nerd/geek. She is one and is quite proud of it.

Irma does have a bad habit of spouting random facts and figures, acting like a walking encyclopedia. She's not trying to be a know it all...okay, so she can be a bit of a know it all. What part of being a straight A student if you can't know it all? She does enjoy a healthy debate, but it can be rather infuriating whenever she starts  becoming opinionated on a certain topic.

Irma is a proud non conformist who embraces her outcast status, seeing it as a badge of honor. In high schoool, she wasn't as socially confident as she used to be. She appreciates those who rebels against the status quo.

Despite her confidence, Irma is a huge romantic and is really determined to find her prince charming. Her attempts to score a guy is usually quite comical, even  ludicrous. Most of her potential suitors wind up rejecting her unwanted advances. No matter. Like Pepe LePew, she bounces right back and starts the chase all over again.


Her story is nothing spectacular. She grew up in New York City alongside with her parents and was raised in an all Jewish family. The Langsteins had immigrated from  Amsterdam. The Langsteins are bounded by tradition, her grandmother being the one who brought up the whole 'you've got to marry a young man' tirade. Irma didn't make any friends growing up since she was more preoccupied with her schoolwork then interacting with her peers. This has caused her to be the butt of may pranks, teasing and bullying. It was her grandfather who taught her to stand up for herself and to stick with her guns.

After Irma finnished high school, she decided to take an interest in journalism. While she wasn't interested in the thrill seeking adventures of conspiracy theories like April does, Irma was more focused on raising awareness for the Jewish community. There were no positions available other then secretary. Since Irma needed to pay her way through college, she took the job anyway. It may not be glamorous but at least tit helped paid the rent.

The only thing that made her life easier is her growing friendship with April O' Neil. April had always been going on and on about getting the juciest scoop. Irma had never been the type to be adventurous, preferring to stay snug under her blankets with nothing but a good book and a hot cup of chocolate. The moment April  got a lead on a story around Baxter Stockman, Irma knew that her friend would wind up in some serious hot water one of these days. Those who are adventurous often do.

Irma has been aware of the mysterious goings on in New York City. Of course, this is New York, strange things happen every single day. With the mysterious Foot Clan and a group of even more mysterious vigilantes defending the city, it is enough to keep this girl's mind distracted from the danger that her friend is exposing herself to. Deep down, April knows something she doesn't and for some odd reason, has been keeping it a secret. Only time will tell when April would decide to reveal this secret to her. For the time being, she will preoccupy her mind with the mundane life of a secretary.

Special Abilities: Has none. Although she can scream, punch, kick and try to gouge someone's eyes out if anyone dare try to assault her. Usually she is armed with pepper spray.


Romance Novels--She's a sucker for a good romantic story. Usually she images herself as the heroine. Although she won't admit it out loud, she does enjoy Twilight and 50 Shades of Grey.

Soap Operas--The more cheesier, the better. Some of the actors are pretty hot.

Yaoi--So bad, but so hot.

Writing-One of her goals  in life is to publish her own romance novel. Sadly, her attempts are laughable since the main character is usually herself.

Science-Anything that focuses on facts and figures makes this girl really happy.

Puzzles-Riddles, video games, to even math problems, she loves wracking her brain and solving the problem.


Violence-The sight of blood makes her very queasy.

Jerks-This includes her coworkers, bimbos who give her a hard time for the way she looks, or anyone who insults her in general.

Bimbos-Yes, she has a habit of slut shaming women who look better then she does.

Porn-Considers them to be distasteful, sexist and very boring.

Sample Post:

Channel 6 news is buzzling with people running around, going and back forth, trying to get everything ready for the evening news. Irma sat at her desk, the sounds of the click clacking of the keyboards on her ears as she organized file after file, her half eaten lunch sat next to the keyboard. She made sure that the coke is far away from her keyboard. One spill and its not the keyboard who will be suffering damages, her paycheck will get hurt, too. Co workers had been known to play pranks on her such as putting fake spiders in her sandwich. This time, her sandwich is spider free. If she had caught a spider in her sandwich, that unfortunate prankster would've gotten a serious tongue lashing.

Honestly, some of her co workers hadn't grown up. You think adults would mature when they age. Guess maturity is an eye of the beholder, Irma thought. The only person she tolerated in this place is April O Neil. At least April never laughed at her or put fake spiders in her sandwich. April would come over to her desk to vent and sometimes just to talk.

Once again, the New York Times latest header is centered on the mysterious Foot Clan. The Foot Clan caused quite a commotion and plenty of headaches for the police. All the information they got were from former members who refuse to talk. The only thing they could get out of them is a mysterious figure who calls himself 'the Shredder'. The police would scoff, dismissing it as a myth.  

Irma hadn't paid too much attention to the newspaper. It wasn't as though this myth had gone unheard of in her community before. She usually doesn't pay attention to the  news, if at all. The news is too depressing to watch.

Someone came in with more folders that needed filing. With a huge sigh, Irma decided it was time to get back to work and save the daydreaming for lunch time.
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PostSubject: Re: Irma Langistein   Mon Oct 20, 2014 7:18 am

Yay!! We have an Irma! ^^
Such an underrated Canon so it makes me happy that someone took an interest in her! ^^ I've always thought she had such great potential and besides, you've gotta love nerds!

The profile looks great! I think you did a fantastic job of capturing her personality and the little quirks that make us love Irma so much. I can't wait to see what kind of trouble April can drag her into, lol.

Profile approved! Now go get your geek on! Smile

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Irma Langistein
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