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 Terror with a side of Horror

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Mikko McKinnon
Original Character

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PostSubject: Terror with a side of Horror   Sun Oct 26, 2014 10:24 pm

((It's Halloween night, around five in the afternoon. Kids are starting to dress up and go out, adults have parties to attend and mutants are coming out of hiding. The air is chilly but not cold. [Lexi can wear that slutty cat costume] it's the perfect evening no one suspects the zombie invasion....))

Mikko was already in costume, with the weather being unseasonably warm she was able to wear her Harley Quinn costume. The one with the small corset and short skirt. She had died her hair red and blue and put them in pig tails, slipped on some platform shoes and headed out to get drunk, high, maybe even laid. Of course it all depended on Shredder not calling her to come in this night. And why would he? It was Halloween! A holiday! He wouldn't make her work on Christmas....Maybe. The city was alive with all sorts of going ons. parties, bars making special Halloween beer, The goth crowd chanting their strange prayers in the grave yards. The sun wasn't fully down yet, but the faint outline of the full moon could already be seen.

Mikko was adjusting her skirt when she ran into someone. She looked up and saw some guy with amazing zombie make up on. He was bleeding everywhere, missing an eye, his cloths were torn and smelled horrible. Maybe it was just some homeless man, she thought to herself. But nah, it was totally a kick ass costume. Nice zombie costume, man. Where you headed? I'm looking to party tonight but my only friend rather stay in and hand out candy. She said and rolled her eyes. I got some dope I can bring.

The guy seemed to look through her not at her. And he didn't answer her, just moaned something. He guy took a step towards Mikko and grabbed her shoulders. Not having any of that. Mikko pushed him away. This only seemed to irritate the man who growled and went at her again. Dude! What the fuck is your problem? I know I'm hot and all but shit hands off!

It seemed this man was not listening. A few people passing glanced in their direction but no one bothered to help the woman in distress. Not that she needed help, she was trying to play this off nicely she didn't want to have to kick some poor dude's ass in front of everybody. But things quickly went down hill. The zombie man became angry, he hissed and reached out for her again. this time he came dangerously close to her face. His teeth clicking together as he tried to bite her. That was enough! Mikko grabbed his arm to toss him on the floor, but that didn't happen. Not because she wasn't strong enough. But his arm fell off in her hand. She let out a scream and jumped back. This guy really got into his costumes. At this point she had gathered the attention of a couple people.

the the screaming was heard. It was coming from the next street over. Mikko wasn't too concerned not with this mad man in front of her. She went to walk around him not wanting to draw any more attention to herself but this man was determend! Finally having enough, Mikko round house kicked the guy in the head sending him falling to the ground. There was blood and bits of bone left on her platform shoe from where she kicked. That's sick man. She scrapped her shoe on the sidewalk and hurried away from the scene, she wasn't about to wait for this guy to get up and attack her again!

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Mizune Junko
Foot Clan

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PostSubject: Re: Terror with a side of Horror   Mon Oct 27, 2014 7:09 am

Halloween. This wasn't a holiday that is common in Japan. Then again it didn't become a thing until recently. Japan has been known to embrace western traditions just as much as the US had embraced eastern tradition. So of course it wasn't a surprise to see the occasional cosplayer walking along the streets or trying to scare the living daylights out of you. Of course, such past times is considered silly and childish, or so the kunoichi think.

Picking a costume wasn't easy. A part of her didn't want to celebrate this holiday at all. People scaring themselves silly, showing off their costumes, indulging themselves on candy until they stuff themselves silly is just kid's stuff, or so the grouchy kunoichi thought. The only thing good about it is the horror movie marathons, something that she would never miss for the world. Too bad she is watching them all by herself. It is a good thing the trick or treaters won't come by their house to interrupt the gore fest. Besides, there were no candy around, with the exception of the usual junk food that surrounded the bean bag that served as a chair.

Somehow, the kunoichi managed to talk herself into wearing a costume after all. Junko checked herself in the mirror, admiring the costume. This year she was definitely going as a geisha, but want to give it a twist, yet still be familiar and traditional. A geisha warrior sounded promising, so she went with it. Ghostly white makeup, hair twisted and coiled up in tight bun on the back, letting down a few strands of hair complete with kimono.

Most adults would go to the local costume parties, but it wasn't as though they are going to quickly invite her. Then again, she doesn't have a date. Its not like the Shredder is going to call her any time soon. That meeting didn't go well as she hoped.

A horror movie is playing on the television. She wasn't so sure what title it was. It looked like the Evil Dead. Most of the characters on the film were already suffering from demonic possession and are already slaughtering each other.

The kunoichi is nice and safe in her apartment, not knowing of the terror that is growing outside of the building.
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April O'Neil

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PostSubject: Re: Terror with a side of Horror   Wed Oct 29, 2014 11:06 pm

It was 5 PM and it seemed that Halloween was kicking off to an early start. April had the night off and decided that maybe this year she would do something a little different for Halloween. The young red-head had no reason to celebrate over the last several years, what, with working and no children in the immediate family. There was little time for giving out candy, or do what some young adults do and hit haunted houses or head to the clubs. Not that April was ever into that kind of scene. Work usually took first priority, hence, why she never had many friends up until a few months ago. That's when she had met the guys. This would also be the first Halloween in her existence since meeting her best friend, Irma. And then there was Casey Jones. Well, she really wasn't sure what to consider the guy at this point. It was certainly complicated.

April had made a trip to the store an hour before, picking up enough candy, punch and cake mix to rot the teeth of every child in the city. But this wasn't stuff that she intended to give out. No. April had decided to throw her very first Halloween party! To say that she was excited would have been an understatement. During her trip, the red-head had seen several people with impressive zombie make-up, but she thought nothing about it. It was Halloween, after all! Everyone was getting into the spirit. Some were just more creative than others. Their moans had sent shivers up her neck, however. Those people were good and could certainly earn a place in some zombie movie. Little did she know, those were the real deal.

Pulling the items out of the over-stuffed brown paper bags, April began laying everything out on the table. It made her feel good that she could treat the guys to a Halloween celebration, and it would be fun to have Irma around, too. Finally. A chance to have her friends all in the same room without raising any suspicions.

First things first, she would need to decorate. Her thoughts immediately went to Michelangelo, the party expert. With the young Turtle's help, she could have this place looking spooky in no time! Pulling her phone from her handbag, April sent the orange-clad Turtle a text.

'Hey Mikey! I was wondering if you could come over? I need some help with something. I think you will like it! Smile'
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Michelangelo Hamato

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PostSubject: Re: Terror with a side of Horror   Wed Oct 29, 2014 11:38 pm

At the sewers, Michelangelo is bouncing around his room, putting the finishing touches on his Halloween decorations. Orange and black streamers wound here and there, across the ceiling. Ghosts and spiders clung the walls. And of course, Raphael's favorite critters, spiders stick to their webs. They were fake, but to Raph, they were as real as they could be. Raph always hated spiders.

On his stereo, the Nightmare Before Christmas soundtrack blarred. He was having his own Halloween marathon which consists of Beetlejuice, Friday the 13th, the Rocky Horror Picture Show and other movies he forgot to list on top of his head.

Just then his Iphone started buzzing. It looked like a text from April asking him to come over. Okay, he wouldn't mind hanging out with April for awhile. He wondered what she wanted. It looked like he is taking a trip to April's. First things first, he needed his costume. Of course there is no reason to dress up. He can go as himself and no one would be any the wiser.
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PostSubject: Re: Terror with a side of Horror   

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Terror with a side of Horror
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